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"warhol impolitic" Discussed on The Box Of Oddities

"October vershow. We've done for a year and a half super excited we'll have all the details for you very soon but we did want to let you know. We have officially but alive show. Yeah yes yeah yes. It's in new york city. Say that first one we booked in new york city. So if you're in the new york city area we'll beginning details to your pretty soon. Probably shouldn't have even told you yet because we haven't signed the contract. But i think that we've we've come to an agreement that's going to work. That's right yeah there has been oral. Well i mean there has there's been confirmation and and head nodding on both sides don't forget also are looped show is coming up on the twenty seventh. That's of course anybody can watch it. Because it's on the interweb and tickets for that will go on sale sometime this week. Very excited about that as well. I am always jazzed about new inc sound. Yeah it's the you tattoo us show you what we're calling it and that's why you've been calling. I don't know what else to call it. You're going to choose our tattoo and we're gonna get it while we tell. The story live on the internet. So it'll be fun slash painful but mostly fun all right. You'd better get into your story before. My voice gives out okay so paris. Oh perez repair elite right. We've talked about you. Know maybe making paris a destination for maybe an upcoming anniversary or something make a special trip out of it. I'm super excited. It's francis capital. It's a major european city and a global center for art and fashion and culture. In of course you know that if you want to see incredible historic pieces of art. You want to go to paris course. There's the the national museum of modern art. Which houses pieces by picasso and matisse and warhol impolitic day or say which has impressionist and expressionist masterpieces by van gogh and day guy. There's the petite palace thirteen hundred pieces from artists. Like cezanne and monet. it's a magical place. you had me at louvre louvre. Louver that place with the big glass pyramid right. I always think about In the vinci code where the police officer says that. It's a scar on the face of paris. But i think it's pretty so you know whatever floats your boat i guess. Scattered about the city of paris are treasures of the world that inspire us and teach us about history and culture and ourselves including the paris sewer museum. But now there's no is not some sort of sterile white walled building with photos of your days. Shitter holes no now. This museum is the sewer. It's actually in the sewer sewer museum about sewers. And in the sewer. Do they have ninja turtle display because that would be awesome and your tour guide is splinter of course. It is some more specifically. The museum is in the sewers beneath the key. Dorsey on the left bank. And around the year twelve hundred. The first drains were built in the streets of paris. The streets have been paved and in thirteen seventy. The i covered sewer was built which ran into a stream in the city Before then the population would take the water directly from the river seine and once they had used it in whatever way they were using at They would throw it onto the unpaved of paris or whatever and much of it would run back into the seine. We've discussed how Sewage treatment back in the day was not great. That's when they had sewage-treatment oftentimes sewage treatment in those days was defined as just dumping it in the street. Yeah that's what i meant. That was their sewage treatment. It was just my butts done with this. Now it's yours. To behold during the first french empire covered sewage system was developed covering an area of eighteen miles in eighteen. Seventy eight a double water distribution network and a sewage system over three hundred. Seventy two miles long was introduced because it had been discovered that the filthy water that was released into the city center was causing illness in plague and therefore Gutters were placed in the streets as well as water pumps and other essential requirements which transformed the sewage system into a modern structure. So organiz tars of the sewers. Where i offered in eighteen eighty nine tours were available twice. Monthly and visitors were transported through the sewers on boats and wagons these days after going down the stairs from the ground ticket office. You enter a long gallery. The key dorsey that runs parallel to the seine. The museum details the history of the sewers and the role of sewer workers and methods of water treatment and such now. This museum does not smell great. All i wouldn't imagine it. It did now. it's under the city. It's humid everything is a little damp all the time. It's been soaked in feces for over a millennia right. So it's not. It's not doing great as far as a flu via you'll see pipes. Of course there's a flushing machine. That's used to clean the sewers which is like a really big toilet tank and flush valve which is funny to think of on a large scale and there's also a five ton flushing boat which ran through the main sewer line. In the days of your. You'll also pass a large basin that traps solid material from the wastewater. It says on the museum website that the sewers recover more than fifteen thousand cubic meters of. What's called grit. Okay so this sewer system is still in use. Yes parts of it. Oh my god right and people pay to go. Yup see it. Yeah sewer maintenance equipment from past and present including these huge wooden balls that are used to clean the tunnels so they're just ever so slightly smaller than the width of tunnel and they just jam through kind of like cleaning the the sides of your intestine. It's like sewer fiber. Wow yeah shaven the plaque off the inside of your heart artery that has got to be one sought after profession. There are mannequins of sewer workers in their underground gears. So you can see like what the history of sewer worker uniforms look like which is kinda cool and there's also a self directed video that you can watch talks about how There are watchmen. Who used to help you. If you dropped something in the sewer so like fancy parisian ladies could call and be like monsieur drama pepper hook in this deal and then they would go along my apologies to those of you. Who are french. listen don't apologize for me. That was great. That was a spot on french. Accent no was very peppy lip. You disagree anyway. So they have sewer boats they should turn it into a fluid ride. Bring your poncho. The museum is currently closed for renovations. They're making it more accessible. For people you renovate.

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