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"warburg hummy" Discussed on WCBM 680 AM

"Usa and if your new listener will welcome i hope you that you enjoy what we're going to talk about today we've got a fantastic show lined up for you because when today show we're going myth busting a retirement mythbusters anyway and discussing some of the bed decision for tyree he's often make when planning out their retirement income when they do their retirement income planning and how to avoid making those mistakes as well as what's of interest in today's markets an economy your recently ellen chang of the street came out with this article we're going to discuss a little bit today called the ten retirement myth it's debunked and in this article she basically had some financial professionals and advisors based on their personal experiences with their own clients what some of the most common retirement planning and financial planning myths are today i've been doing this for over forty years now than they didn't interview me for this article but uh but i think it's pretty interesting article up you know that like most commonly heard of financial rule of thumb that simply don't always work so today warburg hummy have time to go through i i won't be able to go through all ten of these but just to to address some of the major concerns and to elaborate on a few of the ones that we see and can cooperate the most that's right because everyone should be aware of some of the common myth that allan houston her article so we went to help you.

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