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"walter shrub" Discussed on X96

"You don't care about anyone but yourself. Come on. I take My birthday off from helping people and suddenly I don't care about anyone. Your birthday's not for three months. You lie about your birthday best take you about your birthday. Please don't drive me in the leg, babe. Why don't we just tell them it was my birthday? It actually is my birthday because I wanted them to sing to me. Follow bill already on Twitter at our FH bill, This is radio from hell on X 96. Okay, 7 21 Right now it is time for round one of your boner voting. Here we go. Three news stories. These are examples of bad, stupid or funny human behavior and you will decide with your votes of these three candidates, which one is the worst, which one deserves to go forward to Boehner fighting, possibly Become boner of the day Round two comes up at 8 20 this morning. We do this again with three more three different candidates. We get another winner there and we have two winners. We put them against each other at 9 20 this morning. That's when you'll decide Boner of the day for Real Z's. That's when Boehner fight happens right now pick one of these three to send forward to Boehner Dome. Two candidates now a third after the news. Once you've heard all three, then you will vote one of you lucky random boner voters will receive They can't buy. Gotta win it. Yes, you can pick it up radio from Hell Boner T shirt. We have office hours now from nine to noon at 50 West Broadway on the second floor. Boner candidate number one Well, Ted Cruz is now just openly corrupt. Senator Cruz made a threat. To woke CEO Zoe's on and he has his threat has been slammed as the most openly corrupt message ever received from the Senate. That's according to Walter Shrub. Former head of the government Office of Ethics in the Wall Street Journal column Last week, Cruise warned That CEOs opposing Republican threats to voting rights. Will be excluded from the Republican Party's pay to play legislative operation because they're no longer conservative enough. For the GOP, for example. Republicans will stop accepting donations in exchange for looking the other way when corporations and their big wigs, dodge taxes. Wow. On cruise wrote this any stunningly honest admission of his party. This isn't this good, E No, I thought it was to his way won't look here's what he said. Here's what he wrote. This time we won't look. The other way on Coca Cola is $12 billion in back taxes owed this time when Major League baseball lobbies to preserve its multi billion dollar antitrust exception will say no, thank you. This time when Boeing ask for billions of dollars in corporate welfare will simply let the Export import Bank expire. Now, Mr Shaab. Who served under both Barack Obama and Donald Trump, called Ted Cruz is threat. Ah, blatant admission that Republicans are selling corporate donors access the government. In a clear swipe, it cruises clueless self exposure. Shab noted that the most lawmakers have too much sense to say these things openly and Wow, Don't Ted Cruz is an idiot. He also tweeted this this week. That's the Republicans are not the party of Of, you know, common man way, he said. We are the party of the Common man. The blue collar worker were not the party of resort hotel people. Your boss is living in a resort hotel, then is like two days later pictures of him and his daughter at the Kentucky Derby in a suite. Yes, we're having a wonderful time in the Kentucky Derby. Boner candidate number one. Ted Cruz is openly corrupt on and perhaps we should add the word cluelessly corrupt Boner candidate number two You know, mannequins have already achieved herd immunity in half how in Halifax, Nova Scotia Police were called to a restaurant on report of a covert 19 lockdown violation discovered and they discovered that the alleged illegal customer seated at a table Was actually a mannequin. Mike Cormier, the owner of Ardmore Tea Room, and Halifax, said police visited his restaurant Thursday morning. After somebody called to report somebody was dining indoors at the facility of the shutdown in violation of shut down orders. The officer got out. Looking in the window and saw Well, a man Incan, Hey, said he went out and spoke to the office with the owner of the restaurant and spoke, spoke to the officer who admitted that the caller had mistaken the manic and seated at the table for a human customer. Halifax regional spokesman John Macleod confirmed officers were called to the restaurant on report of individuals not following help directives. It was a mannequin and you know, manikins have already achieved herd immunity. So it's okay. Boner. Candidate number two coming up in a moment. Boner candidate number three Need the crotch will teacher Owner candidate number three for this round one..

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