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Apple launch: Bigger! Faster! Pricier! Innovative?

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02:35 min | 5 years ago

Apple launch: Bigger! Faster! Pricier! Innovative?

"Tomorrow. Apple's expected to introduce several new iphones ipads, apple watches as the tech giant tries to become the first US company to reach a two trillion. Dollar market capitalization for a preview of what to expect Bloomberg's Tom Keene and Jonathan Farrow spoke with BT, I g analyst Walter Pijesak. Walter diode cell where are you right now on apple stock has been obviously been performing well as it typically does ahead of a an iphone launch. I guess warn people that the day of the launch itself, which I guess is expect tomorrow the announcement stock doesn't typically fair that well, but rather than being focused on the near term just looking at the long-term, or at least an intermediate term prospects of earnings rose said the company, that's the reason about this. Have you done a sum of the parts analysis of you ever have you actually tried to figure out what services slash itunes is? Is actually worth or the core franchise is worth. Or the peripheral is worth have you done a sum of the parts? We haven't done that yet, Tom. But, but it's it's interesting because it's so early stage if you look at the number of let's say active, I phone users that are out there. Creative strategies estimates that about eight hundred million eight hundred fifty million there's only three hundred million people today that are paying a regular subscription. So we're still early days in terms of number of customers paying regular service fees, and then no services themselves per customer, which in in in the service industry that's called. Our polls can probably go up on on new opportunities.

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