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Surviving the Mind  Episode 11


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Surviving the Mind Episode 11

"You're listening to the podcast detroit visit w._w._w. Dot odd tested troy dot com before information all right yeah with sub sub. Yasha grammy show welcome to episode. Was this eleven of surrounding the mind podcast. We i guess go. Yes this one hundred thousand. Oh you're really doing something all right. We got he nor mouse. Both mouse graham is miles world with two s.'s mouse with the wi fi fantasy. No all right so somebody's questions is like a pretty deep our no he bought the answer. Do you let well after i would do for somebody to d._o. People from charge watch this in your dice southie thank would you would you kick your kid out if they were addicted to crack yup god that gives you a rehab yet. That was dark. <hes> i don't have kids. I don't know <hes> i can't really answer that. Ah i actually experienced it because i feel like what i say. Now it'll contradict what actually happened not saying that my kids will be on crack but automo- mo- some rehab this this dr drew stars them as the rat still on. I'm still like they they liars yeah but but how do you have that conversation. Life is different different type of crack heads though like <hes> one of my closest family members <hes> you can be a functioning crackheads back in the you know crack epidemic era. <hes> you know say relatives. I is a real close person but you know dea crack went to work. The crack went to work so you got to all sparkling crackheads got those other types of crack heads like maybe strong out auto day. You know what i'm saying homeless and stuff so but the momentum out this was the functioning crackhead. It depends if you addicted to stuff like that to lake. I can smoke we which are really don't do often light i it. I guess it gives him have but i don't. I don't not relying on that like some people out here so it just depends by but if you find out your child like what is the what is the conversation only use no conversation you can help you know automatically but if you resistance a me help you then depends on my hope you are paving rehab after i'm not doing it to three or four times. I mean the think twice john. I'd say twice okay you twice after after the second not not trying to be well. I don't know but i feel like after twice the second time i'm not keeping you to go to rehab better sound. Oh kida functioning crackhead sometimes with crack heads to like you don't even know the on crack. Oh you know what i'm saying either catching on which are high school. She was graham. I didn't know he did it people people. I know that she knew she name no. Don't you start with like my my dad was or greg like when i was a cute and i didn't know i didn't know i mean because i was a kid and but he was i i think he got clean like i was like but they recently relaxed when my grandma passed. I didn't know that he relapsed until he was cleaning six years. I wait. I thought you got clean. When i was a kid and then i was like oh you realize i was like hey you know what for mushy oh she was. She will tell us because she just won't tell every single thing but she was like she didn't know that he was on drugs. He was on drugs and he was alcoholic. She she was like she didn't know she just figured he was a social drinker. Because that's the only time she'd see him drink. She was like i didn't know until one day got so bad where he took <hes>. That's up a two page on like all mirror in the bathroom like i'm on drugs. She was like she didn't see him for a while at that listen. I left the way he took into. I'm yeah so i was just i started cracking because i just laugh at anything like this but <hes> she was like right when he salgar he disappeared for that he came around and she was just like you can't be around. Kids like no issues as who else who else is like is your family on drudge and the family alcoholics issues. Oh yeah well and that's when we weren't really around my dad's side. We just be really not around malfa real but even with us being adults but she was just like yeah. No you told me also also saying has got up and it was just on the mirror in that was just how it was. I mean he would sell her like i'm i haven't done. I haven't done it but he was still doing that. Show like no machi itself. I'd get that big on a divorce somebody ex. How do you handle another race stan inward eight. Oh no not at all. I got white friends bloomfield hills and rochester hills area if i ever hear them say i that's it no. I probably wouldn't fight them beer. I'm on probation right now too but no no. I'm not even gonna pfizer shows that you're ignorant. You know i also like i had one who i used to work at this dealership. He said he liked piece out of my in. What and you know i'm in wall lake. I'm like no don't don't don't do nine. You know. Don't try go. Josh like you know what i say like. I quit like a couple of days after that much or not it was it was more than that but i don't like other races san network like yeah. You know it's so very derogatory term you know where come from his derogatory but it's like we as black people. We took that we turned it into something. That's like positive like if you know if i say whoa my you know what you know. Don't you know it's like just like white terms like white trailer. I don't say that <hes>. I don't feel like i have middle eastern friends. You know why people will cause them sand in negus and i'm like what like what is that the and i looked it up. Oh no. I don't say no tampa terms other races because i want to say you know unless i'm speaking about some educational like there's like a car by trailer trash sandy goes. You know i don't call nobody no immigrant and then like that because it was disrespectful. One is jus- this just shows hey so. I don't say you know. I don't know if s as you know a bad whatever what but. I don't say that you know rounding. I think people have kids know what to say. Though and i think some not just cognition but other racist <unk> around they wanna give us the sandwich and then we around somebody and you'd be like you work with a coworker said it's me i'm like bro no but chain doodads <music> abba. She was like my baby is my child is also it depends on how you carry yourself too i don't you i rarely say that word like unless i'm expressing something like a man. You know what i'm saying. I'm not gonna say that in front of my other white friends you know because that's gonna make them <hes> by. Even if i got you know that type of music on they don't say this. My sounds sounds so stupid but i've never experienced them. Santa singing the song but if it's a song like i don't know might say because you know you know what i'm saying. They might say which. I guess if it's a song okay you know. This sounds so crazy but you know you gotta think about gay slurs to that. Some some you know say but you know if <hes> what is it gonna you know. He wants all say too many too many bees. You know i just say so. I i guess i put myself in that situation too and you know as part of a song okay. I kind of feel a little better not better but more lenient. You know what i'm saying. You know. There's a song as catchy so myself. I said it like talking about other people insane at work in front of her. 'cause i let it be kesar to speak but then again i know some other people that are like that but that would never ever say but i had to learn just like not even saying that were around him or just leave it alone like i'm not even going. I'm not even going to say it how we're yeah. I know i say all the time because i don't curse saugus. That's so like out like my manager and he was like you like you out of mind that you say that but everyone is unlike me here so just be mindful and i was like i'm not offended. Nobody like <hes>. It's just me and one of the black person here she not offended. He's like that may be true true but he was. I don't want anyone uncomfortable that you're using the word i was just like okay whatever but when i not talk is refinance like all my assist or like when i was like oh disney gordon nigga. It's like bro. That's like says relative term for me is not like the diminish anybody or anything <music> but if i've never heard like any body that i know that's outside of my race. I've never heard them say it. We've never had a discussion about the do's and don'ts on the word i think i think a lot of people just know any must say that my work. I try but not saying i will get violent and try to like just straight. Go all your junkers. Maybe you were really main not know like for real and i think that's snapping. She was really like clueless like all like i didn't know this offended. You like i'm with you know all the time nobody said and so. I thought he was okay. Hey i'm like if you do that with them. That's fine but around me. I can't get hold so much power behind it that i just wait and be able to accept that some people just so people start stupid because i don't do rag and this was a little different. Do it was like a spandex vandamme cap so i don't have a tail on my windows. Tenants are rarely ride down with the windows ever like you know i haven't windows down this one day i mourn and i'm on stevenson and like twelve or thirteen mile and it it went down to one lane. You know i'm a courteous driver. I'm not a hole roland traffic. I don't know i don't believe testimony but you know this one lady. I could tell she was gonna cut over in front of you and i'm like no you know oh don't be rude about it. You know what i'm saying so i let her over because she she was speed and i'm like she's gonna cut in front of somebody i driving a little serious and and i didn't let her over so then when it went back to two lanes. She likes you fucking muslim. I might you stupid this do rag. This is not oh my god. This is not you know. This is not what they wear on the head. I don't you can't even say i'm a jewish person. Like what are you talking about about. You and usually i always say if i was faced with racism face to face i will go but i couldn't do nothing but laugh because the results back to people are just stupid. They don't know they are literally stupid. They don't know and people would turn it. Slow the and i think that's another education thing like i felt like the world is like touchy like is like we he used to say to f word about gay people back in the day down and watch any comedy show dan that they don't essay homeless it probably was only wanna say homosexual but even after a while he'll straight light just say whatever and i know how to take certain certain types of jokes like if a white person make like a black person joke. You better be very funny because i can take a joke like <hes>. I don't know who's who's made. Black joke like i watch a lot of comment off top but if you're going to be a different race than you make a joke about <hes> you know black. People were gay people you know i don't care long funny. That's really hard. I can't be like this nigger here. You know why you make like a stereotype type joke. I guess okay guy to be funny but like i'm not just say to f word and costs out of nowhere no i don't you know i just think duke if everybody just has to you have to get educated on some things but i like the end where you just like other races all just always shouldn't that one but like other words like the retard were like right here always say like you still saying. You're and i have to give back because i'm so used to saying in the my my parents. My dad say something like that and i just wanted to like go off his stuff right train behavior because we've said it for so long and it's like bra probably retire stuff like it ain't like we saying you dumb fool. Are you still think he's just a learned behavior that we all have to kind of be mindful over half the train. It changed the chain of thinking. I guess a different world police saw about political correctness. That's too so that's why. I couldn't be no run for governor in the night did her because i want to do that and i felt like i wanted to serve you can refrain from seeing search therapy now. I won't be up density yeah birmingham. I couldn't i'm i wouldn't be offense eight. I honestly i don't i don't think i could and they're gonna come. They found a tweet from twenty nine thousand nine whatever they no no no no okay. Let me challenge challenge a little bit so you like you care about more sought of your own business. You don't call customer. This nigga mega or this food is retarded. That's the same thing you got to be a professional if you're showing bisbee professional if you run for governor and be professional absolutely early but if if i if i on business i'm not going to be like a nigga with but i'm worried if we are kicking it at my house and i knew what a business you can cut that off at a certain time off the clock but like no but you're always on the clock like you've got to be happy and that's why i wouldn't i wouldn't they wanna do that. Yeah no i mean i'm pretty sure president barack obama. He may say something. That wasn't politically correct. You know i don't want the spotlight like all on me like every little you think i do like jay ostracized two thousand like i don't know how crazy this different story wow nikki. That's what that's what you see her own joplin pack. I don't know how to i don't know the whole thing but never did actually she the good the good artist but since when i don't pay attention that crazy stuff anyway no some good sauce when she was with the far-right right like she was the next time nikki was good art artist. She's a good artist but was the next turkey talk about me. I don't get into that type of talk like when they call them. Barbs and i don't know no i don't. I don't believe in a <music> naming where people are when people are in the spotlight. I think they they don't how can i put it like. I was just talking to somebody today like that's hard. When you have a million people watch watching you and commenting on your every move. I oh you'll makeup was bad or you might be attacker. All the time like your mother. You shouldn't be doing this. Will you expect her to ges was well. She came from like new york like she's extra special. Stop being a who ran overnight because she had a baby like i'm an and i see this. Initiative made a post like why are you on depending on me to be a role model for your kids like bianca's role model and after a while like at first people can take that but like every day. You can't tell me nothing was ever right like well to stop messing with. People don't do that because they charles. Enjoy that so that kiss. There's somebody <hes> do relationship. It's a lot of i mean. I don't think that's just like a one answer hansen. I just i just this. If you're going to lie to sound so stupid you go by the yeah. You know what i'm saying me. I always find stuff out like the bad live a bad lie like me finding out like i go above and beyond like i do background checks. I do stakeouts lag. If my intuition they right. I'm sitting on your block and watch for a day so he yeah i get. I like that because because when i know something is wrong. Oh it some wrong i know. I don't even know which story to start on. Let me see recently this year. I think yeah that that was last year. <hes> let me see a pro. I wanna say it was easter the weekend end of easter so i wanna say it was april twenty. I would just like maybe friday saturday and we actually just talking to be working it out and getting back together after we didn't have been cou for about four or five years and just like what what makes you hit me up and has been a year since we talked. What do you want like is. It's been exactly a year since we talked to. I'm like what do you want so you know so. We talk less. Get everything together. Less opener thing is size do so i just my intuition. Intuition is always is always right all right you know okay. We one poster hanging over the weekend but i'm like hey. Let's do something this weekend. I didn't get back till sunday day now. This is i found out something was going on. I just told me i was this person's day in southfield. I sat across the mcdonald's wait so they come out. See the car. Come on my okay. I think i got there around six. Then leave outs around like ten thirty so i sat there for four and a half idea. I sat there for four and a half hours. Doing i'm doing that. I'm i'm doing it. I'm doing that because i know no. I don't do this often but i have to make sure that everything i had to make sure that fumble come at trump coming at you right and i the evidence ten dirty. You know going down. Southfield row happened six ninety six. Dan going seventy five fuck it. Where are you going. You know get somewhere highland park in the ghetto seven mile john r crackheads all up and down the street houses have been an artist. All right you know i sit on the block is real dark. I i wouldn't scare you know. I was by myself by one scare you still with me so i said about forty five minutes down the block. I see somebody else. Come aside in the car. I'm like oh okay. This is how we plan so at this time. I wasn't driving dan. I was driving my car. Which car is fast but this car is <hes> speed car so is real fast so thank thank you but i couldn't keep up but because i i know how people play it on my already know what's happening i. I couldn't keep up when it got a two. Okay went to the bank on eight mile in like the coin. There's like a chase over. There knew that mcdonald's in that corner. I send me down <hes> parking lot <hes>. It's like a wall so i. I don't know if my truck was able to see a night so cars. E oman might well. Maybe you know maybe spiting me. I don't know nutty didn't so running rail lights. I'll run a real light to but that was like nah. I already know where they're going. Some just told him like saturday. Saturday is the day before easter going downtown which i go downtown at the time so you know why mile downtown you're gonna catch hey. I'm on my way downtown. Seventy five catch the car see it. I'm like okay steel driving. I'm doing like one team probably doing like one twenty-one any one thirty. They are so my okay. Maybe they don't know but this. This is how this person is deal with dr so they didn't notice somebody's trying to drag race. Now i mean people always speed on the freeway so not know how to keep a distance to outturns a certain part of my lights off like i'll turn the regular regular beams off the low beams on attorney low beams off or some so i get down. How i i go to downtown a lot so like a matinee terrorist del mar exodus. Whatever you know i see them. Get out the car. They go in the nikki's. Oh my oh no don wanna make a scene up here. I'm like no no no no so record sunday did i have. I have emails in this thing before he thanked for. We was going to really get back together. You get my phone number because no you don't need to contact like that so we was emailing so sunday. Come around to my blue. You know i own some. I didn't have my phone. You know and i don't have my phone ally and they don't have their phone a lot. Okay whatever sunday morning midday you know that's when that email was semi okay you know but i'm like <hes> i was downtown last night with a couple of i saw you you know with somebody else you know. I don't know if y'all got the situation going on. It's not my business and i don't really care. I said but i don't want no parts. I'm good you know we don't gotta be cool like we can be cool. Whatever but we're not going to be together so start talking. One thing leads to another. I'm like you know i'm probably get. It's a relationship anyway. I don't want this dragged into that because that's not you know see. I don't believe in being cool with joe ex and being a new relationship because no no no. It's not gonna happen now. It's like you know if i keep going on. That's bad karma you know be having relations which chew and then having relations with somebody else so easter. Sunday is easter sunday so row six seven meth family and honestly walking to sit on my mind like oh my god. You really tried to play me you sending me paragraphs and stuff highlight. Let's get right and let's get together all right the thing though i'm getting like what made me mad don't tell me one thing it in this another thing though like if i'm gonna let you i'm not gonna send you paragraphs in there i i want to be with you and you find me cheating stupid you can't you can't have your cake and eat. It too weren't together though when you saw her like. Y'all weren't officially a a couple no so she wasn't cheating on you. This is my thing note. How do you want to get back together. When if i go on instagram oh i'm sorry so <hes> as i was sitting outside forty-five minutes that night i was going through. I found addressing house looked it up. See who all live near thurston name on instagram found who the person was all back i went. It's like it's like it's like a whole bunch of pigs on that page like twenty. I'm fit in two thousand fifteen to two thousand sixteen. They was together posting pictures. I'm like oh you. You'll really jump because we were together twenty fifteen twenty sixteen so that's how you move. That's how you move on. I mean i was at that time to whatever whatever i can't be mad so that's how i knew. This was serious because is then i found instagram snapchat at the snapchat was due to snapchat is more stuff on snapchat than it is an instagram and i've been watching it on my ole so yard together together because y'all together like i know i know their family but they know the family you too so now i want to be family asked now because why why did they know your family too. I know them. They'd be at my face being fake so i'll man now but go back to sunday easter sunday like you know what i just got to do something like if i had to do some india i can be done with it. I can't just drop things. That's my problem now. So you need therapy. I go to therapy happy yeah but this night it just took off and i'm like you know what handle the post i one proud of of it and the i left it alone. <hes> went to like not a legal battle but was this right now. We had a p._p._o. Status so nepal's had contact. I teach this this goes back to lying in relationships. If you go lie you better make sure i don't find out i'm not proud of what i've done before and they don't know still to this day was not but she was not obligated to be. It was not wanna back with me pictures of that person you'll pay back with. I'm not back with not now. Even if you hear me much you wanna be me you wanna be me and then i found out with somebody else in saying oh ooh i wanna be with meeting that dump mo if i'm not if i'm not so girls you know mommy but don't i don't try to don't try and play me at the. I don't take an act like oh well. I ain't got the phone sunday or or whatever it is. No you you choose. Doing you saw my way to you was done with her and then you didn't you take no you're right. You're not obligated. I'm if i'm single. Eu single fell back. If if i think play me that's my point. Don't play in this saying if you're gonna lie. You better be a damn good liar because because she didn't allow no or did you ask. Don't make it seem like you want to get back out here. In another relationship says she wasn't downtown now town matter it don't matter it don't matter because when i when i give stuff i'd say i'd say pictures. No nobody with me. I'm not going to nikki's by myself. Uh no. I'm not doing that. Oh yeah okay yeah. Don't don't do that like no relationship. Is you know and it was it was. I had to learn like if i see someone of my own is is more. It's more easier for me to like. Get rid of it or you know not want to be bothered with that no more so today. I thank god every day like okay. I found out this is what it was as you know. I'm glad that i did this. Is that why you got so angry <hes> yeah but i don't like being played you the light you can be afraid to play me now like like that so no but i'm saying you would. Maybe i mean since i was eighteen. We've been that's rocket. Ah i don't believe in stuff like that but you know she's a i have you. Did you love her. I love everybody. I'm in the relationship but i don't really believe life. I love and like twenty years from now. We're going to be a contract. That's not gonna happen. No has been what they i love <music> where i'm just saying some people get a relationship and they'd be like i don't know. I don't know what i'm saying that she'd be like oh we knew each other for ten years though so but no forget that we not getting that cool cuz for ten years we not about to be back in a relationship no they don't mean nothin' even if it's toxic as toxic that's it. I think people go back to go back to the comfortable comfortable. Look stupid is come but as your mail you're different. You're sick as female like wing you in so you like you can keep going all negative. <hes> mike my point. I made on instagram. If a guy if you're in love with somebody in a guard cheats on you you're gonna forgive him at least on time period. I feel like everyone has gave him in at least one time for cheating. You're gonna forgive them but that second maybe but at third time it's a rat you know about the keep cheating like that's a deal breaker. The cheated on i never you know caught them in academic the grace of god because the holiday. I was watching fatal attraction last night if i go out of town in u._s. my in my bed that's the ultimate their suspect me. You know i come back in town. You know what i'm saying. I think part is going to the house with the white. No that's not no. I'm just saying when people would cheat and lie. Just gotta think like oh. This is what you don't like. You use both enough to cheat. Don't me you know they come back to me like unhappy. I respect. I respect if you cheat. Just tell me like i cheated then. What are you going to say. I'm i'm gonna be mad but i'm respect for told the truth more. Are you going with that person or your wife. Maybe or maybe not i mean it depends like like personnel was just dealing with after or this relationship. I was dealing with somebody for about two months these national phone no you want to go to. I don't care because i don't have nothing to high like. I'm glad i don't it but i'm saying though you wanna take my phone that's only you. I'm still sit here and act like manhattan because i don't have nothing to hide like if you ask them about some some iphone i will be one hundred percent percent which you like. Oh who was this straight up who it is your assets. No okay almost got okay. You know i don't i i will tell you the true. If you ask me like i don't mind telling the truth was i. I was thinking but then and i was listening to his story and i was like oh my god. I doubt he's a deal breaker for me. <music> <hes> it if you if you are if you're fine nine with being stagnant that's a deal breaker for me was like if you if you feel like you can't be better or you can't grow from when i first mentioned by the i i can't do not having ambition like go not not even just that but you as a person like when we twenty thou- twenty four i'll be twenty five next year. There is some things i'm not doing. My mindset is different from twenty four to sixteen like trying to grow up or flips. Eh when teenagers we only care about ourselves but later on dot online you begin to care about somebody else and start with net selfish us. You become less selfish. Just is like if you're not trying to be better all around like i be no stagnant person like you you stuck and i'm i'm up here. I can't do that. That's a dealbreaker and you can keep saying well. Try to now light. It was mansa year. I'll know you better you still saying i can't do breaker candidate. Somebody twenty years older. You sure can cause court keeps me day somebody twenty years older than dating it was. I'm scared like okay this light okay. Let me on no heart. She dated somebody. The thirty five years oded hirsch a he died on top of her what he was having safes while he's traumatized like just like day was marriage because one arthur sure but still like because he had a heart attack why they was having sex so i was just that's one is like that. I mean yeah but i'll i'll be traumatized. I'm twenty eight forty. What's wrong with that. I'm thinking daddy older awful ob even like i'm dating my dad i won't ever since i started dating since like veterans day. It's like seventeen. I've dated but it hasn't been like twenty years older like the last oldest guy i dated. I was way to inherit thirty six. He was thirty six. Will the mouse november. He'll be thirty eight and we still like cool like that's my dog out on like i in his vibe like i guess lately blair hold on kids. I gotta push danny wheelchair. Oh my gosh josh. I let the raw data older. I've i've dated older men like since i was done and now i have somebody mighty. That's the same age as me but i mean you'll definitely you'll definitely see the difference. If you're older dated that much older like you're older like i mean because you get you a list some bills pay <music> now gives listen. Oh thank you thank you like. I got some friends i would. Daddy's daddy find like yes is my friend dominykas. Daddy is fine and he's like fifty four. I will nate him. He is fine. I will be step mama. You had somebody twenty years older or wooden. Why what i'm i'm probably like more mature guy. Every time i asked my friends they'd be like i'm more mature to be a guy though i've always been told i like when i was a kid like i just mature sure because i got older six miles gossiping great jobs for go there. I thank you i have and is that a dealership. You jewelry restored twenty twenty twenty dilly shales eighteen dealerships. The jury story like that's great job for your age is just our i. I won't better for myself at a younger age so that's why i like doing what different people like. I don't have a lot of people from school still like i got a couple of friends yeah but <hes> another i don't i can't i can't hang on them because that's who but also coke you know but i just always been mature so i've always like more older things like even even when i had older friends like i was like thirteen going to to strip club i grow up real fast right exactly birthday so much faster. I'm going to vegas anybody. The biggest and i wanted to go last year. I think of my birthday either vegas or jamaica wis next talk. What's the deal to wrestler. Would this whole podcast and somebody said <hes>. Would you would your significant other child. Haven't they asked that before though you would you would you work your your girls has already axed too long story short. I mean when you marry somebody who married and kids too so it's like the kid insure so and marriage but i feel like if it's like i feel like i'm not about to touch you well. I'm not able nobody nobody cares but if like just as a scenario but the matt if i'd be curious i probably would've y'all want kidon some <hes> listen. You don't want keys either. I i don't my kids got all boys doc. I thought it was all you want. I don't want kids chose acuras. I want like six six seven six seven nine oh and like the sand like but i would just on you know what i'm saying. I won't won't boys have fun because like i i wouldn't know what to do like girls. I don't know what they do like. You're a woman. I still don't know what's the smart my heart. It's scare- i'm going. I mean man smack you but i want i want to especially depending on your daddy is the kid oh hourly believing hidden kids 'cause i got popped all the time when i was a kid and i'm still to this day so now what take i'm very professional but i will get cracking if need be winning wherever so extra marching gotcha african d._a._x. Watcher. She said she wanted us to come up there soda cool <hes> somebody wants wants to talk about the whole <hes> jay z. cap situation with the have a saiga's <hes> you know about it to me. He's taking the negative situation and turned into a positive. I mean people don't like the he's cooperating. I guess n._f._l. But to me you just take in some negative turn into kazu housing. Would i distinct their issue is while when he involved cap in the whole scenario since kept me you don't you you don't have to this is just fine on the deal came bait. You got a baby step school. Throw it on my j. I thought she was talking about donald j saana do you because the whole o.'neil anything that j._d. Should have included him like initial or maybe or maybe he acts on campus like no no because his girlfriend was captured had been lobbying <hes> lutheran nasa. She captured to be included because he started it off. Is it's like she be really threatening beginning alexa just say when you when you're doing what situation like that i mean. I'm not saying everybody n._f._l. Phillix racist but you got to take baby steps would you can't just come in and aggressive neyla. Hold on hold the n._f._l. Stuck in many ways like this is. Something big flooded n._f._l. Like this along so james the person do i mean within like rap culture who else who else who will people take a serious. Is jim rap out like no culture. I don't think i think people lost respect for kyw. Don't don't stuck ooh. I like an artist. I'm i'm talking about as far as like serious things i feel. I feel like some kayak on your messages. I agree with i think is just how he doesn't <unk> be like maybe you could awarded that differently or something like that but i get his message s. h. But i think as far as rap which i think jay would be the only person naked probably get it jay like within the business where i feel like he. He definitely definitely wanted to top rappers as really about his business. I mean you got rappers that be about the business but they really don't not like within the business industry more more. I guess is the best. I can explain nashville. I i get those vitamin here more with so. He don't really be his music like that. Now is more way business now. I guess he's just trying to get everything can carry but i don't. I don't know like he pretty serious. Whenever come down to business somebody asked like name name name represents. You could really be like politicians or or something like that. I'll say like or like advocates states like i think tip do a good job. I think jay could do something. I think there's probably other. I think that's probably it for me. Why not it is it to me. No the stick where you at to me. I'm not close minute but nobody really expressed behavior to where they can be like politics. I'm not saying like public being able to like start to i mean they can definitely do it considering it with who is in the white house. Now i mean my little cousin is too and he could be the president would agree with you. Saw me i don't would you consider running for office. I've always said that always say like i would probably be like a governor mayor or <hes> like run for president. I've always said the requirements for like being governor a mayor. I know i know president. I know president is thirty five up you can't go to you haven't been jailers. I mean i've i've started by being married detroit but i'm not a deterrent resonant which when obama first home i'll probably you probably wouldn't wanna live in detroit though so i mean yeah but was it was other require. You gotta leaving detroit widows. There's actually certain eighteen or over twenty five. One of them are can remember so wisconsin requirements. I know the i think the i liked wind requirement. I think detroit could be so much better. Our who is our who's who's the mayor detroit. I can't even tell you that's awful. I don't believe it's mike duggan anymore. Is it douglas dougie. Food sounds good to climb here. I coulda sworn it was the douglas i don't. I don't know that's pretty bad remember. That was pretty that that was pretty saying still mike duggan it is how does he or don't they don't really matter but the people hey how he's in his like fifty fifties or sixties and you're all right well. We've got a we've got like three anything gifts. I wanna say thank you all for coming. That was kind of click open relationships to kate nineteen nineteen what you want most everybody in being cheeky back together so that's really open relationship to me so i probably would be i would do you can be intimate you know socially and emotionally you but sexually it just don't work so i would do i i do. I'm saying it's like the whole year oprah relationships to nineteen to twenty. I'm i'm just saying like it's cheating on each other and get right back together. So i mean this happened agreement. Y'all will be way better do dave's and have a full. Both emails are not even like we just have sex with people that we want to wait to the last two men my my fire relationship. If we had understand that we could have been open relationship. I mean it was we were we were compatible sexually but otherwise i mean and i think people just like sex these days so if yo y'all are no we just don't have over relationship and if you don't wanna do that you can you. Can you call somebody wants to have like heaven came so you didn't get randomly saw the video and lake hallway to they. Don't cut that out. Let everybody to see the project haitian series.

detroit president nikki jay dan Daddy barack obama Josh graham saugus disney mike duggan tampa white house wall lake new york wi
Will Gunners Go Through?


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Will Gunners Go Through?

"Welcome into the studios for this Thursday edition of Shobra tabby with shock his lob. Steve Nicol, Paul manner. Sebastian with you in studios it is Thursday. That means Europa Lee. Here's a look at the scores arsenal to nil winners over Napoli don't be too excited. All. Chelsea get a late goal from Marcus Alonzo. Eighty six minutes at the victory over cloudy of product and tika. Thanks to you out any hat trick four to Frankford who these ten men for early. And then Balenciaga a couple late goals to say take a three one lead into their second leg against the this is the match we were all focused on arsenal to winners over Napoli. Aaron Ramsey was in early bowl fourteenth minute. And then about ten minutes after that Lucas Torrero with shot takes flex polo Bali rule his own goal. The possession stats there. Tell us one story. But I don't really think they tell the story of the game perhaps expected goals. Maybe more accurate of what we saw on the pitch Paul start with human arsenal dominant pretty much wire-to-wire. Right. The first position absolutely fantastic. The play SaaS football the going through the lies of was incredible one or two does not believe could not live with them. I it was just it was. Fortunate. The only on could get the two goals because it's it's still slightly open this. But if they bring it as tonight, the they'll get through I is quite remarkable with this with the team selection and be with the the different performance from the Evison game. We can't compare to tonight's is unrecognizable this. I why are they so? Yeah. That's my concern. This game should should be deaden. If it was four or five would still be sent as about right Ramsey comes in the fantastic goal. Missed the sittin second half, but it was an encouraging performance. But said that I thought Knopfler extremely pool you mentioned it during the match matter you Ramses, he's not coming back. Well, we've been buying the Drome this program for a long time. How how he wasn't resigned in eighteen months ago to two years ago, it it's quite remarkable. And they're gonna have to spend big to try and replace this guy because the present moment this this is a sign of the tree professional this guy is yes, he's going events this. But he's still putting the shift. Those very very important is extremely good talk box to box play. Sure, if you're the arsenal board you're looking around how many players on this team better than an Randy known. You know, he's he's actually the men then men player in the middle of the partner is fire is getting forward and contribution scoring goals and connecting so nice walk in the door. Three two for free. Disaster. However, it should only to know, Dan, as great as arsenal are home. There is by the way from home. And if I'm not really, I'm fine Kim, you look east is when we lost by two by also know that we could beat this team by to at least home show nominally absolutely will will will be thanking the Lookie styles said that they're still in this game. Like that Abang also on the starting lineup. Definitely went for their. Yeah. Absolutely. Giving hopeful awesome have been a we from whom think they've go to wins an competition since since the end of November Blackpool, you understand that if you if you are going to go through if you have to get the job done and give yourself a a good lead to defend here in the first leg. And I thought I thought you said that when I am in the team that he put out a team that dominated Napoli, and maybe should have had his four or five is. A home lineup only or do you think Emory can take this on the road? Shocker. Well, that's a challenge and from from an awesome perspective as we've all been seeing been show inconsistent sugar whom and yet to sue porn the road. And there's new religious explanation. As to exactly why is do I think he's gonna to go with with tool front from from the opening whistle against Napoli with a lead to defend give no pull the been Noah don't think you see. I am swapping between lack Zet and Obama young either. One starting coming off the bench and on changing things up as needed. I don't expect it to be as venturous to Sydney not start. But sitting have everybody any bench and unavailable. Whether is play us from the start away from whom as well as another question. Sure, he is a question. We were asking we'll watch again. The coast decided to take off Lucca sets, Sarah. And you know, if you'd have left them on the Phil we'll never know the answer this question if you wanna left them on the phone because they were rolling. There was still playing very very well could have got that third goal. Could you got fourth goal with those plays the planets that unit was performed very very well. And he changes, we know we've been in that position. You change the rhythm of the team because the place the it takes a little while to get up to speed anomaly did come in a couple of chances. So. Sometimes these guys go that till yo you need to know what the problem is from home. You know, he's he's sat there thinking, you know, what to know? I'll take two nil to go away in if he'd been thinking if we can get three and keep these players on the field, then then you can maybe kill with tie. So you know, he goes an defensive mode pussies players in a defensive mode, the the set by and the not that great at the bike should lose goals away from home every single thing you shop today when they were to up making the changes tells you exactly what has head that. And we'll the problem is on the other side of this thing. Post-match enchiladas come out. And he said he's totally confident heading back to Naples. She now moment you would be based on what we saw today. I mean, I I would think it's very difficult for anybody especially with Napoli to be confident going back. They were played off the part. But I don't know if arsenal were that good or Napoli that bad. Look will the whole point of tonight was to put this game to then. Opportunity at home to really kill this game of tuna. I don't go where you're going to new in a European tie. This is no over because anything can happen on European. You don't know what the about call the plays? Just don't perform bullets is too. I am to get his tactics and his selection spot on because everybody is going to be looking at it. You guys are all saying arsenal hasn't done enough. Do you actually think Napoli gets through our? Awesome. A our position this and I thought do yesterday made the point. Almost kind of stupidly stunned by this is a very good Napoli side. Despite what they recent results suggest comfortably in second place in in Syria. They don't want to catch Ventas did not want to be called. So maybe you understand no entre, LA, he has his eyes firmly focused on Europe league, this performance, which was simply awful, and if a mansion Lottie and see my side comfortably second in Syria. I'm put in this domain as a one off. I'm backing I'm back in my team to come back from from too. Don't you get the newly goal against us. Not with y'all crawl behind you you all of a sudden up freight and giving us as fruits he's on the road or we keep mentioning and I think a huge factor mentally for arsenal. Anenih relate. This is by far. This is not done at all if I'm on chill loyalty, I know the number one team cumbias Baden taking lake an inaugural can be as good. Because in the first half. Awesome fantastic. The Ramsey goal is an incredible goal from a from a team standpoint deposit the movement. The accuracy the finish you name it. So he's no shoop it. He knows also do that and utterly. He also knows his team's going to Belle are snow gets there win in the first like as does Chelsea though Chelsea really had to work for this. It wasn't until the eighty six minute Williamson's across in Marcus Alonzo somewhat on marked on the back post heads at home, and that's the difference for Chelsea as they pick up the victory on the road. I guess the big talking point here is really Moutier Saudis decisions in his starting eleven that's the eleven I'll just tell us on the bench hazard content Lewis, the one guy he still found a spot for in the starting eleven should be noted Virginia. Always they're always seem to suggest. Maybe I'm wrong. Correct. Me that that sorry is prioritizing now the top four chase over Europa league is. Is that the right decision syndicate? What is doing is? Julie's best live Leon. If I think that's a risk in itself. Isn't it? You know, risk games. The simplifies the Monterey is when we've seen the recent Chelsea sides, the deep selected in the primarily been on the front have been going forward. Haase's been reenergize. He's trying to show these young what brilliant players. I mean. Just look what he did in the weekend. It was incredible. What house, and that's the type of player that we know that he is. And I it's up to Sarah to realize that when he puts these young kids sooner Dr. Did you leave him home tonight? I believe yes. Yes. Cheek who in my opinion, much better player than Buckley? Is is something is comfortably can get through this tight. I don't think he's fairly confidence that in mind. Bilton Liverpool maybe draw with great draw from them the timing of of Gounon felt place having beaten west, I'm so no, the no the looking good for taught for a good draw against a team Slavia Prague who should be able to beat putting off out which he house done. If he looks was going to come up against them of the weekend and loop four those shakes that were taught won't be plant the front three. Definitely you short today will not play an either kovic a Barkley will play. So this is fallen for him the rate tight he can put shade. It did nosy gonna win the game. But also he's able to keep the Lakesha. For this begin coming up. I'm with Sarah into his team selection. He's generally made changes in Europe league on that team is Joni played a whole lot better than we've seen from from his his his legal it show Hudson. Doi who I think has to play no one at least prove accountable to house out on the right hand side and give defenses a hula motor think about on the poll. I think losses cheek niece have a bigger rule in in this in this Chelsea lineup. And you you get tied that allows you to do that allows you to make changes you do have to be at your best. Give the running. Yes, you're in. But you knew that the chasing pack of a game in hand. And can catch you as a lot that that show. See a lot of friends chessy continue continue to fight on on the truth of the Mattis. Give them this club. Given what's the expectation espec-, especially from the you you have to hedge your bets, you have to continue fighting on all fronts. I don't think you're in a position deprioritize not give know how itchy trigger finger county. Chelsea then with an eye on the weekend and Liverpool. We'll have an eye on that Chelsea Liverpool matches well on tomorrow show Stewart Robson to that one. Injury update for Harry significant ligament damage to his left ankle more tests to be done next week no timetable for a return the last time he engine this ankle miss more than forty days that would take us through the end of the Premier League season. Obviously, we gotta look at what's left now gentlemen, we were kind of looking at the run ins poor the four teams competing for the last two spots in the top four. I think we agree. Spurs run in his is pretty favorable. But then you throw in this Cain injury. And let's assume for the purposes of this segment that he is gone for the rest of the season. Even with that run in Paul can Spurs make top there's no, Harry and the rest of the way. They'll do the move sewn inside to the nine spot and Lucas moral commend. So you still pay so. With. On recently. It can put the ball the buck not you'll fight. When when Harry was I t was the guy that actually shown in school the goal for them. So when you when you put that in the mix on on the run as you say, I think, they're okay. What do you think Steve are with you Spurs chances without Cain while the Brady missing this year? Well, five wins seven. Too shabby and the teams are playing against I expect them to one whether how he can plan on other than the Manchester City games, you know. The only that we give upon from cities Boma th away and boom of absolutely almost on the beach right now, so fancied him to win the majority of those games, but slightly has home. I think that's the thing. They have enough points in the bag to allow themselves. If you want to call it out, the the loss of Manchester City don't damages chances of that. I think they run the board keep in mind, the number of games, they haven't whom as well. I thought the only question would be whole weather settled into their new home while we've seen so far absolutely seamless more we and then to finish up evident whom probably the only two tests but last game of the season to nothing not a whole lot play for. And at home expect booster win, not as well. He Harry Kane injury news, not good news for for Spurs. How we look at the odds here so favorites on screen underdogs right side of the screen from top to bottom. You've got your strongest favorite Liverpool one to forty after their to know win against Porto and man city. Now, the weakest of the favorites at eight to thirteen as they are the only one of the favorites. It's trailing heading into the second leg. Let's check out this quote from okay? Gone to Juan we were not brave enough in the game. And we made a lot of simple mistakes push referencing the loss against Spurs. I had the feeling we are nervous in important Champions League games. We always make the wrong decisions. He continued Henry scored from the penalty we'd have taken Tottenham apart. But instead we withdrew from the game that must not happen to a big team. That's why we're not there yet, Paul. Do you agree with what God one saying here that Manchester City are not there yet? Well, you can you can point the finger to the to. The selection to selection of major is tickle decisions. If it were scores the pen it could be different game. It didn't fiber from lorries. But I just think that when pet pussies is the right team just failed. They have the mental capacity to see games through is played in planning massive games. And yes, it does. It does affect certain plays and to the manager to work, which those plays offer this if they're gonna play machine light the coach wants them to play. He's left the Brian on the bench to eighty nine th minute Santa's well Stevie we didn't really criticize path after the show on Tuesday during the show on Tuesday. Should we've been a little bit more critical. I think we did, you know. You know, the passive. We were talking about the team. Are we talking about pets lineup choices? What you're saying that the players were passing. Remember, the when coche sends the message. And when he gives them the team that starts he's already given them a message that we're going to play this a little safer. Good to one the saying that, you know, the the became a little nervous when you navigate you start thinking about things too much when you don't play me. You're not sure flair and ability and evidence connecting then affects affects the team that was shittier at the best with the base team won't play. They don't care who the plan against. Yuliya Pepe sent that line. Absolutely. On the home team, and you can guarantee talk talk my sitting going. Game's not over after after tonight, and we're home instead sent the role message to has please by putting the wrong side and the wrong tactics. And then a one this one little passive shackle. We shoulda graphic yesterday. It's not the first time that in this situation. Pepe struggled. Yeah. You just wanted to if what happened to them Nassir against Liverpool at exactly the stage. Kind of maybe is what is shaping peps thinking in terms of in terms of the approach factory much remains that even last year. There were in my opinion, to course, against against Liverpool first leg, and then had it all to do in the second, and maybe could have gotten the job done, but for but for a couple of calls that went against them. I don't understand the caution by Dula in this situation. It's not what Manchester City of dome in the league Sydney show fighting in the tornament. He just wanted to a lack of experience in in going with this team now. Kind of affects what he's thinking on how they react to any little change that he does make if he doesn't send an attacking team. And then all of a sudden this team kind of box into their shallow. Tina? Would of expertise to play Debroy. Manado Silva pound. It wasn't quite right. But I'm sure you plan, and if he's fit when those guys on the field the movement around each other the way that they know reach other is Stevie said that don't really have to look look at it can just play it because that's the way that the they put in putting together it's going to be totally different game. It depends on who is as much as as much as you criticize much city here on team selection, all sorts this this this is this is by no means done dusted edgy, no one is an easy resulted to new, but if you play at your best, I think what's consenting as much as a city. Woo by their own sound standards against an opponent that the should know better. I think still favor, but look at the world's using passive cautious nervous things you share among city. No, no. So I okay. Going to one. Says they're not there yet A in the Champions League. Not there yet in the Premier Li either the race is on as we look at the top half of the table city plan palaces weekend force Liverpool Chelsea arsenal. Snow get what United against West Ham and Spurs. Welcome Huddersfield town. Now, messy bloodied and bruised against Manchester. United at the hands of shoulder of Chris small of test Thursday show. No serious injury. He will be available this weekend. They'll probably likely to rest as Barcelona pace west Cup. Somebody who won't be available this weekend. Diego cost eight match ban four matches for insulting or using offensive words towards an official and four for light violence towards an official courses semi from an incident in the match between not let it go Madrid Barcelona last weekend that really opened up a big gaffe atop the league table. In fact, the cost is absence really won't matter much to the title. Chase. Let go Madrid eleven points back of Barcelona. Really the only question Fred, let the will they be able to stay ahead of their city rivals down the dude Barcelona heading to a second straight title, potentially would be their fourth in five years from Spain to the top of the moon this league Byron Munich after their five nothing win in their classic are now point ahead of Bruce German. So. Logically. All things must be great for buyer Munich practices. Be very friendly now now. Okay. According to build Kingsley colon and Robert Levin body with fists in training today. Shula Tang and other players had to separate them didn't send them to the dressing room and both continued training which surprised the rest of the players Byron there see at the bottom of using to comment on the incident. So let's comment on ourselves. I think the first takeaways they didn't get sent to the showers. We've all said it, but on the on the training grant. And you know, things have gotten stories. Not not that. I can tell you. I think we're on a little surprised that that didn't sent to the dresser the normal procedures sentiment with a with a trainer all someone not. But we've all seen there is nothing. Good ones. I show one really good one. When I said westbound bicker rich in John Hartson, where John Hartson bad tackling big rich an intriguing out his on the floor and kinda lashes out with his hands at at hearts and catches him around the car or something and on just absolutely kicks out book which in the face, and and that was another situation. Where are you didn't didn't coal trading off? Just he kind of came in between them and start treating green again. But you could tell the players would with an quite clearly had had an issue on eventually to yet kinda stopped treating and move things on the fact that Cova captured and go in to me suggests that wasn't about. Stevia save your story for the book or extra time. Bailable are you to check it out and? Green tongue making an appearance. Meena Gavin Paolo back for the latest edition of the city. Awesome podcast focus on Ventas Nayak's in Champions League in this week's episode take it out on tunes or ESPN FC dot com. Speaking of you next where do we find them in shock power rankings? I say this every week, but this is one of the best. Ever done. I'll go with a Robichaud Betsy are benthic. Benfica themselves in after a convincing win against. Full shot the share. By six points of touch, right? Told you don't three buying smush Dortmund. So they're back in. I'm in love with it was only a draw performance at you. Spas. To the beaten. New buffoonery? Speaks for itself. No, doesn't your you. Boston. The road. All right. Good time for us. Thanks. All right heavy with. He liked to gotta. That son. Do I all right, then let's move right along. Be do. Bear. What do you think? The oh, this is for you think Paul. What do you think the partnership of Rinaldo in Ramsey is going to be like yourself? He's leaving your. We'll tell you what. Maybe fit. Let me say. And you can see what romo's doing the primary league. Me. I don't know. But that's what the funds to go. Hey. Not Robbo rum boat. Hey skate. Hey, all right. Very good. Yeah. Two. Whole she'll sit around all you knew. Stay. All right can arsenal. Make it to the Europa final. We think shot Osco, rob rob move over there. Well, if you invest me at halftime today said absolute then those fulltime to. Little bit. All right. These two. Next the Napoli. To the Valencia, right? Nice. Yeah. Yep. That's correct. I'm gonna go for new. Oh, rosa. She'll valencia. Like, Rommel BrahMos you into. Events is playing. Goni beaten -opoly, but he come be Melinda. You wanna? Maybe. They were gonna play next. More. Myself just like the next how you do need educate. Yeah. Tv. Scientists. Okay. Kobe wants to know is Chelsea finished shit. Very very sensitive. Now, you're paying attention. Who said that to me on time yesterday? I know you're paying attention said shut up. Let's move on. Robert wants no in honor of national pet day. Kobi's fit that we just talked about Chelsea fringe without has on without K. What do we think Chelsea that hazard hopeless? No, let's let's move on. Yes. Yes. Okay. Great analysis in honor of national pet day does any of the ESPN FC. Currently have a pet animal. You do name. Breed shit soup from the lake are either. Can you like anybody anthem? Two dogs on a cap, right? Two big dogs. Jay cutler. The dogs called Mani after Mr. poll modern. Mogo. Never know you guys are pulling my leg on this. Mommy. I call him Paul. Right. Didn't we'll sococo stuff daisy whose that named after they won't it shouldn't be cold dizzy as well. Don't call bow and cutting. You know, you touch on the body. Can you? Oh, so all the really coke. Laki blocked the. Pussy go. Go sydney. Sydney, a lady Lou. Do you have any pets? Don't I have a nine hundred square foot apartment. So we're not really built for pets. But my wife is always talking about getting a dog. So I'll probably lose that. Oh, yeah. Yeah. Yeah. A lot of bottles. Disappointing. Doesn't want to get one of these this. Who is not me rather not. Jacket. Yeah. To take back to go back to the show. That's true. Trash show lobe. All right. Final question from our good friend Craig Burley's beard. And Stevie who has the more refined? Palate. Even. Onto his. Thank you danger. I'm a meat into bed gate is. Yes. Couple of in for it. Yes. 'cause the group that you'll last. Late wall lake. On room without but. Little no, his lovely wife. Makes me botches beat Louis have result. A moment is beat beat roots. Simply red vinegar. She does. Mentone of goods. Yeah. It may sound terrible. Because she's a great cook. She be with me who's. Span SUV list of things she can make she can cook. She don't want. She's good knoll. She has she has no plan. She just clever. Is in the head. And she just. Here. You are limiting her. But holding the when does she bring him into the budget? This is all being in the next time. I'm here. I could try percent. Oh my palate. Testing great hanging out with you guys on this. We gotta go. Brexit time. I don't know who's back tomorrow. No, rob hall. Georgia. Go to the end good to the not news. Great.

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Rolling Stones (Part One): Swinging London, a Prison Break, East End Gangsters and the Anti-Beatles


33:54 min | 5 months ago

Rolling Stones (Part One): Swinging London, a Prison Break, East End Gangsters and the Anti-Beatles

"Disgrace land is a production of iheartradio double Elvis Media Stories about the rolling stones swinging London days are insane. They drank and drugged with royals hung with east end gangsters in one, thousand, nine, hundred, Sixty, seven, both Mick Jagger and Keith Richards wound up in jail. Keith, with a one year sentence and mick with three months prior to that the rolling stones jockey their way up. The charts with the Beatles contrast has dangerous drug addled sex crazed black hats to her. Majesty's sanctioned lovable mop tops. In the mid sixties, rolling stones disrupted London's establish social order with their music, their attitude in their vast influence as popstars, they attracted into their orbit, not only fellow Bohemians in artists, but well heeled aristocrats and socialites, the appeal of the rolling stones was so powerful that it went both ways drawing not only British youth accustomed worshiping popstars, but also society's upper crust. To the establishment, this was highly disruptive threatening even. The Rolling Stones made powerful enemies, crooked headlines Seeking police surgeon, Scotland Yard, the press American acid kings and disgruntled chauffeur's and through it all. They also made great music. Throughout their career of more than fifty years in counting, the rolling stones have made some of the greatest music ever most of it almost never happened unlike the music at the top of the show that wasn't great music. That was a preset loop from my mellow tron. Call double. No, he didn't am. K. To I. Played You that loop because I can't afford the rights to I'm a believer by the monkees, and why would I play you that specific slice of unbelievable made for TV cheese could I afford it. because. That was the number one song in America on February Eleventh Nineteen Sixty seven and that was the day the police rated Keith Richards Redman's home, setting off a series of events threatened to destroy the ascendant careers of London's most dangerous ban. On this special two part episode drugged out royals East End Gangsters, crooked cops swinging London in the rolling stone. I'm Jay Brennan. Spray slant? Prisoner appeared de-block Card or window. It was a long way down a twenty foot drop. If he fell, his ankles could handle. It handled worse Korea before that Germany's invasion of Amsterdam, during the Second World War. That was cute. He and his Dutch cousin showed up the border on their bicycles to confront the Germans. The Germans showed mercy and a sense of humor relevant killing them onsite. The Dutch were thoroughly outmanned outgunned. The Germans took some as prisoners of war. Let us go and track their moves to learn more about the Dutch resistance, and they of course confiscated their bicycles melted them down, and then use the bike materials to make new bombs which they later used to Bob Rotterdam with. Sick, bastards Hitler's man. That was where we started a turn toward communism. His cousin Mark's made a lot of sense Hitler the allies, two sides of the same imperialist coin. The seeds were planted in Amsterdam during. World War Two and they fully bloomed during the Korean conflict by then the prisoner was an m. i.. Six officer stationed in Seoul the pre and people's army invaded. The South took him prisoner locked him up and gave them all the time. He needed to finish up those Karl. Marx readings. Soon KGB flipped and put them to work spy west. It was a fine arrangement until the Polish defector ratted him out to British authorities. The judge gave him forty two years in prison. Wormwood scrubs with its notorious rodent infestation. Hard timers. The prisoner thought about his past how he got here while contemplating is present, mainly his ankles. Amsterdam Korea those imprisonments were nothing compared to this forty two years. He wasn't going to die in the Shithole he was going to bust out. Twenty feet, that's how far down it was. If you slip while scaling down the side of the prison, second second-story, his ankles would need to withstand the impact, because after getting down the side of the prison to the yard, there was a sprint to the wall. His heart graced the hub of prisoners, enjoying there daily allotted free time filled walls of the old jail of the soundtrack from that night's picture show led out of the Common Screws barked in means grab ass. No more thinking five thirty free time on the block time to act. Now. Bashed Elbow through the Prison Carter Window, coughing lab the exact same time scare the sound of breaking glass. He pushed out the remaining glass from the window frame, hoisted himself up in squeezed himself head first out onto the concrete liquid, the exterior wall there he collected himself, and slid down the path, the ball before falling ten or so feet to the ground landing, unskilled ankles intact. He sprung to his feet in sprinted the fifty or so yards is the prison wall. It was the longest run of his life. It was quiet, neared no guards, barking, no prisoners thing just the sound of his heart racing in his own labored breaths, struggling to meet the demands of exploding long's. He was closing in on the wall. It was coming up fast if his man on the outside was worth. Half a yardbirds shit. The rope ladder would be. Ready for assent, and if it wasn't that, he'd be caught, but alas there. It was hanging right where it was supposed to smack DAB in the middle of the wall. The prisoner grab it and quickness. Go to the top another twenty out. Forty reached the top found that there was no way down no rope ladder on the reverse side. He wasted no time in leapt to his freedom landing, again of his ankles and tax put instead spraining his wrist. He tore up into the night. It was never again seen. Ariz.. He was a legend George Blake the escaped spy. Everyone in London, newest story, especially the prisoners in Wormwood scrubs prison. He escaped from less than a year prior. A repeat offender noticed the first time prisoner to right marveling at the wall in the yard. He nudged him. It's possible you know newbie asked the old pro not at at the wall lake over it. That was nine months prior, and this was the newbie prisoners first day. Her Majesty's Prison Service inmate number, one, two, one, two six dash, six six four last name. First Name Keith date of birth twelve, eighteen, forty, three convicted on charges of drug possession sentence twelve months occupation. Musician. Keith Richards I dave is one year prison sentence was typical, stripped, searched showered and sprayed down with Permethrin to kill whatever lice the dirty rock and roller might have been smuggling in then in issuing of his inmate close one sheet one blanket at one pillow for one tiny rat, infested cell mercifully soon after a trip to the yard to coolest jets with the other offices. Offices where he stood staring at the prison wall, visions of George, Blake making his great escape, and now the filthy trader, the spy was living free somewhere often Russia while Keith Richards the filthy musician. The rolling stone deemed too much of a threat too much of a disruptive corruptive forest by the British establishment was locked up for year with assorted bunch of hard characters. Not the Keith wasn't used to the hard boys. He was after all tight with Spanish Tony in Spanish Tony. It was believed at least by Keith was tied up somehow with the cray twins. He's heard the rumors about the create twins Ronnie and Reggie notorious Crime Lords from the east down. By the time, the early sixties camera they controlled most of London through a hard mix of murder, armed robbery, the protection rackets, and of course loan, sharking and gambling establishments. London's establishment thought they were doing themselves. A favor of legalizing gambling casinos and nineteen sixty cut down on arrests jammed up court dockets, overcrowded prisons that sort of thing, but the new casinos only brought more power to organize criminals like Ronnie and Reggie Kray and the excitement of the casinos with their rampant vice, the glamour of their gangsters and working girls began to attract the smart set musicians, famous photographers artists in Orissa with bold faced names, partaking gambling drinking, and who knows what else greater London followed suit, taking its cue from its famous at the exact same time, the early sixties when Britain found itself hungry to cast off the societal restrictions of post war austerity. Attitudes were changing dramatically. Art was becoming more innovative and fashion more far out, and rock and roll was taking the nation by storm, the Beatles the rolling stones in any in all rock and roll adjacent parts. Andy, Warhol, Salvador, Dali photographer, forgiving bill, painter Lucian Freud Granted Sigmund and film consultant David. Litt off among them were part of a new movement, a new generation that openly challenged the U.. K. establishments conservative way of life. The disruption polite society unlike anything London ever seen. With the Bourgeoisie Lord Effingham and others among them were happily seen cavorting with no rabble-rousers and scruffy go heathens, gambling establishments, owned and operated by now gangsters like the Kray twins, then what exactly in the name of Her Majesty was the country coming to? The craze weren't be crossed Spanish Tony told Keith all about David Live enough. It was at as Morell this barn. One of the craze casinos Litvinov got with Croupier in one of the back rooms, a croupier that Ron Kray who liked David liftoff was gay. Happen to be having an affair with. When cray found out, he was being two timed the gangsters. Vengeance was swift. To heavies help David knocked down. His screens were useless. Even if they were heard, there was no one brave enough outside the casinos backroom doors to do anything about it. The razor blade pierced the skin just below that business right here slowly, Ron Trade pressed into the flesh, ensure it down the neck, and the shape of a few stopping briefly at the Adam's apple, careful not to penetrate too far while angling the poll of the razor up the left side of that not snack toward his left ear. Scream ceased. It was shock David Litvinov is still alive, but properly maimed craze point made. He nodded to his heavies. They know what to do. They grabbed the blood and lived enough stripped naked bodies, arms and ankles with heavy rope and hung him outside of the second story. Window twenty feet above the sidewalk for all the see. Swinging. Just like the rest of London in the early sixties. Keith Richards remembered those days the early days when things first started to turn the square, the establishment, the authorities they knew little they were too busy trying to quell violent east end gangsters to concern themselves with scruffy art school dropouts who fancied black music and drugs were so new onto the scene. The coppers were oblivious. They had no clue Keith remembered walking down Oxford Street with a brick of Hash, the size of a small Acoustic Guitar under his arm right there out in the open. and. That was back in sixty five. My out things have changed. By the time nineteen sixty six rolled around. The Beatles were untouchable. The biggest stars on the planet. old-guard London bit their tongues held their snickers swallowed, their well established pride in celebrated the Fab four, as their greatest exports swell capitalism. All four. Beatles John Lennon Paul McCartney George Harrison and Ringo. Starr had recently been awarded membership in the most excellent order, British empire the British equivalent of the US Presidential Medal of freedom. This stirred great controversy among staunch Tories, and the Labour men in Her Majesty's Government, the Beatles were special, and now had the medals prove it, and they were introduced to the Queen as Nice boys even if they did sneak away the Cobb zero nurse with jazz cigarette forehand, no matter the Fab four now cultural ambassadors, so it was in the establishments best interest to keep the Beatles out of the papers. They were after all now part of establishment themselves. On the other hand, you had the stones who were cast by their manager, Andrew, Oldham as the complete opposite of the Beatles, dirty dangerous not to be left alone with your daughters. The Beatles were Pop. The parts of their musical lineage, the connected a Willie Dixon Motown, were ignored by the team crump. It's ground. Lennon and McCartney were Hugh, Abi it a little rough around the Liverpool edges, but steeped in the tradition of Tin Pan Alley and therefore allowed with a wink and a nod into the club, whereas the rolling stones by comparison or black a F-. From down the road of peace, singing about pork and beans. They mass none of the black. American Blues and forts jumped up chuck. Berry licks laid back. Jimmy, Reed. Bobby Womack last time Irma Thomas. Time is on my side and howling Wolf's version of Willie Dixon's Little Red Rooster, in old blues, a song about a fucking chicken at number one on the charts in November of nineteen, sixty four. White Kids Art. Students English kids with scruffy hair. Bad skin skin, tight trousers, singing about uniquely black, American experience in sitting at the top of the English charts, an increasingly rubbing shoulders with people from the top of England Social Class Not at Her Majesty's requests like the Beatles, but at social gatherings and in clubs owned by the notorious Kray twins. It was completely novel, and it made no sense who the hell worthy guys. This wasn't the way things are supposed to happen. It was totally disrupted the except way of how things were supposed to work and the perspective of the establishment, the Beatles were one thing okay, but to groups of long hairs of top of the charts competing for attention of young English. In influencing young boys, the establishment was just sick of it tired of fed up with it especially, when one of those groups was clearly unacceptable by any set of established societal norms, no doubt dangerous. Would you let your daughter marry a rolling stone? This was the question being posed by Lazy British. Journalists being spoon, fed by Stones Manager Andrew, Oldham who is eager to draw contrast between his group, and the Beatles, and the press of course did as expected the establishment clutch pearls guffawed, and long for the days of chastised belts crusades all. The rolling stones played the part old in the press cast them once they took to writing their own hits. Their singer Jagger's lyrics went dark play with fire I can't get no satisfaction. Part of Stone Pant Black took the deep-rooted darkness of the Blues in added a layer of anti establishment cynicism to the band's fast evolving modern production buzz sitars in an ever growing blended Keith. Richards deadly guitarist that went far beyond Willie Dixon Jimmy lead in the series Lennon and McCartney. The blending of guitars and the stones production technique was born out of necessity. He's came upon it by accident in an effort to compensate for his so called Van Meter Brian Jones derelict of duty. Brian Jones Dame go to his head. He was consumed by drugs. Increasingly LSD and alcohol and to his bandmates have become an insufferable asshole, not to mention on reliable. Brian bagged out of gigs and Keith had figure out how to play Brian's parts on top of his own parts Brian bagged out of recording sessions, always was content to mess around on the Marimba, or whatever the fuck he's was tasked with coming up with complementary guitar parts to zone, and then mixing them together into a seamless and consistent clap of thunder, a mix that would prove gear resistible teenage record buyers. In May of nineteen, sixty five, I can't get no satisfaction to number. One in the back keeps vicious guitar, playing no thanks. Brian Jones, who was busy fucking off with whoever would give the requisite amount of craven rockstar attention. And that someone was an enterprising undercover journalist from the notorious, British tabloid, the news of the world. We'll be right back after this word word were. June eleven nineteen, sixty, six, one thirty am. UK, pop star Donovan Stone. Linebacker his edgeware road flat, ignoring his guests, basking in the beauty of a boy, called Donovan the myth, making documentary about none other than his own beautiful Bohemian Brit self complete with all the requisite bullshit of time, hip, drugs and hip expirations on the concept of being modern in Oh. Yeah, some music, the Sunny Gooch Street track about. Of course so. There's a knock on the door at this hour. Gypsy Dave is concerned Life's party, right? Our clocks anyway times. A construct foisted upon those of us in the know by the establishment as a means to keep us constrained to the past and worried about the future, the present man moment no matter when it is all matters. Oh yeah, the door. Is a semi hit looking chick to the people gypsy Dave opens it of course. And behind the women come nine police officers from out of nowhere rushing into the apartment, busting up Donovan's Hippie Ham. They are led by head Nabi himself Norman, Pilcher, police sergeant, scourge, Swing Londoners everywhere. Pilcher in his boys locate Donovan's Hash and place him his girlfriend gypsy. Dave under arrest. Then celebrities slut. That is Pilcher as price scout Donovan for his autograph. McCartney and George Harrison pitch in Donovan. Hire a barrister to fight the case. Surgeon. Pilcher confirms what he's long suspected. Drugs are as weigh-in. Drugs are the hammer he can use to nail the disruptive anti-establishment threat posed by influential musicians corrupt the Britain's youth. He weeks the details Donovan raid to the news of the world, and they run with it. The Nation is enthralled by the details, a symbiotic relationship between the tabloid and the police form the headlines draw attention, drum up support for pilchards, 'cause give himself a little bit of celebrity. And why shouldn't he enjoyed and the raids and the arrests, the tabloid salacious content and ease these papers and the bigger, the star, the better. So the interest in the rolling stones from Sergeant Pilcher in the news, the world made sense for both self interested parties. Whereas, Brian Keith? have. You Seen Brian I know I haven't seen the brick in some time. What about you Charlie have you seen him? Charlie Watts said nothing. He just sat in the backseat of Brian Jones's Rolls, Royce suppressing a smile. Brian Sat in the driver's seat. He couldn't see. Charlie behind him. He couldn't see much ahead of him. Either above the steering wheel of the car was so huge. Ryan was not happy. He'd been enduring this joke. Since the beginning days of the band Mick didn't care. He sat next to him and kept at Keith where is Brian. I can't see him busy back there. Key smiled knowing full well, that makes comments were lighting Brian up with anger Nommik haven't seen him. He's a hard one to spot so little now. That was the long running joke. The Brian Jones was so short that even when he was standing or sitting amongst his bandmates that his diminutive stature made him so hard to see that mic Keith. In Brian's other bandmates were forced to repeatedly look for him to ask each other have the other seen him. It was vicious, cruel and justified. By nineteen, sixty seven Brian, Jones was fast becoming a one man, wrecking ball of narcissistic Rockstar, bullshit, and threatening to bring down the band he founded the rolling stones with is drugged out Napoleonic complex. Mick and Keith's words strong. Brian was silent, pissed mic didn't care. The little shit had a coming, because Brian gave that fucking interview to the news of the world, the one that started the whole mess with the police, the one that resulted in strange cars following mick and Keith around in stranger, still the clicks on the telephone lines whenever they'd ring each other up and of course, Brian's little shit interview kicked off the whole mess at Red Lance. The News of the world journalists sucked Brian in massage, his ego like an east end working girl for one of the craze casinos and Brian jumped all over it like the desperate little fame. Johnny was admitting to taking LSD for the first time on the stones tour of America with Bo, Diddley, so hip. The interview played Nice within the news of the world's regular editorial context that exploited the hard schism between the establishment and the dangerous dragging musicians and artists from swinging London storming the gates of Polite Society. Blew off newspaper stands totally salacious and totally true, except for one major to tell, the interview attributed Bryan's quotes about illegal drug use to Mick Jagger, which of course made matters for the rolling stones worse, because by nineteen, sixty seven mic was firmly established as the group's frontman, and was thus the bigger name than Brian, and as such a bigger shit show suit. The interview ran is part of a three part. Part series entitled popstars The truth that will shock you the series, not only covered mick, Jagger as Brian, Jones and his illegal lsd us, but it also detailed the drug habit. It's hard partying and corruptive ways of other artists like who the Moody Blues Cream's Ginger Baker and of course Donovan with unknown details from the night of his arrest could only have been supplied by head. Nov Himself Sergeant Norman Pilcher. The battle lines were cemented. It was pilcher and corrupt members of the press, heading up the fight for the establishment of full fledged war with the likes of disruptive. Rolling Stones was about to ensue. John, Paul Getty, junior son to one of the richest men in the world at the time John, punk senior was distracted. Telephone poll was attracting all kinds of attention at the party which he supposed would be the case she did wear the dress the when he dreaded the see through and as if that weren't in. Talladega wasn't wearing any underwear. Mick Jagger was impressed, so was his girlfriend Marianne Faithfull though mildly annoyed at the amount of attention was paid to John. Paul's wife Marianne was becoming a bit paranoid. The St was kicking in. Ole Allen, Ginsberg was not interested. He was sitting on the floor in the corner, bullshitting on an old concertina and being largely ignored, even though the party was being thrown in his honor. Hosted by swinging London's hippest antiques, dealer and style. Guru noted Wild Man Christopher Gibbs. Educated at Eton, Gibbs was the rolling stones gateway into the Class Mick Jagger was quoted as saying he looked upon Christopher gives to learn how to become a gentleman in gives noted bibliophile and sophisticated was was not above the subterranean adolescent antics of the growing drug culture. He sponsored wild LSD fueled trips to stonehenge with Mick Keith Marianne Princess. Margaret and keys chauffeured Bentley. He'd spinoff with the stones and other restores on a moment's notice. The horrific share drop tavern chase flying saucers. Gibbs was a serious chap, loved his drugs, and who knew how to handle them. He also knew how to share them at the party for Allen. Ginsberg gives Butler serve guests a batch of Hash Brownies on a silver tray. Princess Margaret indulged in quickly freaked the fuck out the hash in its over-concentrated edible form, knocked her sideways. She wound up in the emergency room supposedly from quote, unquote food poisoning. Perhaps Margaret felt the pull of peer pressure. She wasn't the only one. Home Brian. Jenkins most certainly felt pressured when it came to taking LSD. Keith I dropped acid on a west coast tour of America. They were turned on by Ken. Keyes freaks the day after the second kice famed acid tests the way Bryant saw, he had an image to uphold head of the head. Self proclaimed leader of the rolling stones far out multi instrumentalist, capable of ripping wicked. Elmore James Slide riffs in one moment in previously unimagined sitar pop structures at another, which of course was all true, but how much of that was due to Brian's LSD's inch versus his own in the genius is up for debate. Regardless the price of admission was costly because when Brian was on acid which was off, he was an even looser cannon when he was on the sauce, his moods calibrated by imaginary snakes slithering on the sidewalks. Cash moccasins, undiscovered colors rambling of his blonde Dutch boy locks previously unheard sounds it only he could hear because the rest of the world just wasn't his turned on as he was painting his inner monologue black. Brian Jones wasn't only on a trip. He was a trip onto himself. And Brian Jones and Princess Margaret were the only ones getting far out? It's hard to imagine now what Keith. Richards, himself felt pressured by the LSD culture being spun out by Ken Peasy and his Mary. PRANKSTER's the American hippie dictating that. If you are experimenting with acid, he couldn't possibly be turned on couldn't possibly be hit it helped, and unlike Princess Margaret and Brian Jones Keith could handle his drugs. Even when the trips turned bad, as often did one mini, chasing the hallowed loss cohort to repeal the wild horses, and the next you down a bad road dealing with demons. Your conscious has up to that. Boyd successfully kept dormant. Christopher Gibbs was helpful to have around in those moments. Gives it away a reassuring. Talking him down off the ledge, bringing back with good graces of his trip. And Christopher Gibbs wasn't the only one Keith Mick, Brian Marianne Faithfull the rest of the rolling stones and the London musicians they hung around with had numerous upper-class France Orissa's who's experienced, they could rely on steer them successfully up to the ranks side, and through the PSYCHEDELIC twists and turns drug culture. Christopher Gibbs, eating down the galleries, Robert Frasure with his double-breasted suits Bucatini MG's records center, growing taste for heroin, his tiffany lamps and Silver Tabet skulls, avant garde, exotic as formative influences. There ever was on young Keith. Richards Frazier gives were fearless, confident in gay in really could give a fuck canoe about it. They trucked with high-society princes, and these among them. LSD BLACK AMERICAN R&B EXOTIC ART. They searched out in sometimes stole horrid rare first editions they set. The trends chased flying saucers dose the Queen. Sister Schooled Rolling Stones fucked with brazen criminal minded charlatans like David Litvinov in his lot of east end gangsters the Kray twins included. They opened the rolling stones up to a whole other world, and in the process, introduced the spy into the ranks, making Keith's own George, Blake, a turncoat, a SNITCH, working double time for the establishment for Sergeant Pilcher the news of the world, a walking pharmacy. Really he could procure whatever you wanted. mandrakes dope grass, in of course acid, the good kind, strawberry fields and purple haze key was after all the acid King Aka Mr X. Aka David Schneiderman Aka David Britain Aka David Henry. The American. Very nearly bring national disgrace to what London's old guard had deemed the most disruptive challenge. The establishment had seen in years the most dangerous band on the planet the Rolling Stones. I'm Jacob Brennan. Disgrace. All Right People's. That's part one of the rolling stones in swinging London. Stay tuned for the next episode of disgrace lamb. We get into part to the culmination of the story Mick. Keith and more incredible music. Right. This episode of disgraced was brought to you in part by the twenty seven club podcast, a podcast I host on musicians who died at the age of twenty seven season, two featuring Jim Morrison is now available as season one with twelve episodes featuring Jimi Hendrix subscribe to the twenty seven club on Apple. PODCAST the I heart radio out. Every your podcast. This episode is also brought to you in part by the Newport. Festivals Foundation I'm sure many listeners know of the historic news and Jazz festivals and their importance in music history will. You may not know is that they're part of a nonprofit organization called Newport Festivals Foundation. The foundation's mission is to not only produce the festivals, but also expand their impact. Do programs that support musician students and educators in March. They announced their musician relief on which provides grants for musicians in the folk jazz communities impacted by nineteen, and although they had to cancel their festivals, this summer made donations on behalf of the artists on their festival lineups to music education programs across the country. To learn more visit, Newport festivals dot org and please consider making a donation to help continue their support of artists in music education all right this episode of disgrace land, its musical score in theme song were written by me Jay Brennan Writing Assistance by Tara. Benton disgraced and his mixed and engineered by Sean Halen, who also assists with musical scoring additional music and score elements by Ryan, spreaker, additional music services by brace cancer, our ABC? It was composed by the Kennedy Story and copy editing by PAT. He'll disgracing this produced by myself for double Elvis in partnership with iheartradio sources for this episode are available on my website as are the. The sources for all episodes. That's www dot, disgrace, land, pod, DOT, com. That's where you can find all info on disgracing, and if you like your here, please be sure to subscribe to disgrace on Apple. PODCAST iheartradio APP wherever you get your podcasts. If you'd like to win a free disgrace land poster, leave review for disgrace land on Apple podcasts or Hashtag subscribe to disgrace land on social media, and we will pick two winners unique. Announce them on the Elvis instagram page. That's double Elvis. You'RE GONNA. Want to give that. Follow talked me on instagram and twitter at disgrace slammed pod and find us at facebook. Dot Com slash Graceland PA. Rock and roll. Man.

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Dining In At Matsuricon - My Hero Academia Special

Anime Dine In Podcast

54:32 min | 1 year ago

Dining In At Matsuricon - My Hero Academia Special

"This is all for one and you're listening to animate dine in podcast. Enjoy it or else else a high listener welcome to enemy dinan and this is your host jeremy so this episode was one that was recorded at recon twenty nineteen since there were several voice actors there that have work in my hero academia. I decided to do an entire episode dedicated to the show so i hope you enjoy and if you did make a review and follow on apple podcast google play spotify spotify institure and always we're always looking for new guests to be on the show so if you'd like to be a guest please check out enemy dining dot com and check the contact page. Thanks okay so for today's episode what we are doing since we are at my recon and there is a bunch of actors from my hero academia what we're doing today is we we for today's episode and the other episode that will also be coming out with. We are going to be talking exclusively about my hero academia and what we're going to be doing today. Hey is we are going to be talking about our top heroes so today i am joined with my friends and i go to cons with all the time and i'm just gonna start with my right that you guys can see. I'm sure and beer and we're just gonna just say everyone's name and just so so you know who's talking when they talk and then we're just going to go right into it so if lamar erin kayla here and you guys already know me so that's all right well if you renew than my name is jerry and the host of anime dinan so thanks for listening all right so we're going through our top hop heroes and we're planning on doing top five each and just kind of go through and argue about why why do each other why we're wrong on our picks and array and talk over each other so you can't hear what we're doing actually exactly right so this is jump right into it. So what i wanna do is start with our so we're gonna do are so tough you r v one i yeah up to number one and then talk about who you picked for that hero around and then different reasons why and like i said the reasons could be literally anything. They could be super trivial to like something. That's super serious like it doesn't matter sadder here to have a good time and just personal discussion so i'll actually get started and just start with mine. Let me flip over in my hand do dandy notebook notebook and just go from there and so for me my number five is <hes> shinzo so shinzo. He is the character that was briefly introduced in the second season during the ace sports festival art and so why why i have him as part of my top five is because i think it's really cool. I mean we we saw that. He wanted to be a hero so from that kind of related to that because he because he's really just like all of the other students right so when we first meet him he's like the scary looking dude and they're setting him up to be like a bad guy or villain but we just is learned that he's just like everybody else just like all the people in class a it doesn't. He doesn't have this like flashy power so he doesn't get to be he doesn't get to have his time to shine like bach ago like the doria everybody else so that's why i kind of pretend like kind of related to that a little bit and and kind of like how he kind of just like finding like everybody else and needs really also his powers i think pretty to mind control is always awesome so with that with the way the his abilities work. It's kind of light. There's some of limited or not limited like unlimited potential cancel their with being able to control people and do that type of thing so yeah. That's my that's number number five yeah shinzo. I like that yeah. We seldom get to see like my control hated positively in any way shape performance on a hero he talks about how he gets prejudice because our right like a real bad guy by now. If i had your power especially people treat it. It definitely goes okay yeah. I actually could not a number five. It's between jiro and there's a a lot of really like her power. It's really you need air. We see it like echoed with president michel but it's still something that's uniquely hers especially with the giants and her being in the five people so i think it's just really cool and really excited to see them. I'm do a lot more mature and developer more especially since we did get to see your actually go up against president mike a little bit during that training and just because he's got great credibility but it was so much backlash he doesn't know how to control lou quite yet and yourself adventisthealth stupid great great so it's really nice to see him be aware of that so often heroes lead have that weakness and then they don't want to like talk talk about it. I guess but he's like actively working to make it better like he's like he knows he can't. He hasn't been developed that can make that can make it could be a sharpshooter as opposed to like say. I guess my favorite example is in my hero. It's from senator listened and it's eskin art like eskimo. Eskimo is only as nor for like twelve hours tops catch him in the morning. What are you going to do. He's got tired the best here escorts above everybody stand him so much. I will fight you right now <music> but yeah they're they're kind of like here's knx to see more aaron. What do you what do you got. I picked toko yami dark shadow for my fifth one early early like how he's off doing his own thing like everybody else gets caught up in their friendships and all this stuff and and he's just kind. They're doing his own thing battling his own internal battle. I guess i'm with with dr channel. I also think it's pretty impressive with that. They're like oh. He's dark shadows weaker in there's light out and so during the sports festival he's fighting in the broad daylight daylight with torches all around the thing and dark shadow was pretty powerful so it's like he's like the potential pretty stream of course in the forest shout goes crazy shot goes crazy so i think he's pretty he's pretty powerful in like his like inward the way that he has to look inward more than some other students. I guess so that's why put him in with put him. This is kind of silly. I would've put on a higher but i'm not so sure about dark. Shadow talking like that kind of threw me off when dark shadows talking mike personality. Maybe it'll grow on me so cool yeah yeah. He's he's really interesting character because like you sound like you have to work more internal work a lot harder to control the dark shadow l. civil actress destroy him and all his turning sessions were just like signs uh-huh nice. That's a good thing i'm kind of mad. I didn't put him on mine. Spoil owners yes. He is one of my favorites but i kind of cheated and did six so i'm just going to do five six. Yeah sure all right number six all might assume low warren. He's on mytalk defend why he so low i mean he's he's up there because of the hoist. I love <hes> because i am here. You know that whole i love that he's such a hero hero and the reason he so low is because of i'm gonna go harry potter nerd like yeah. I am to a dumbledore vibes. He doesn't give the whole situation too young midori potter and in here i must so sure but i think that he he leaves a lot out and it could have been a better teacher which as we see he does teaching for dummies any see that he has a lot of room to grow to being the number one hero also as line number six number five is recovery girl because she's awesome. I love it. She's funny but underrated. She's like where are you going to be like. Your start. Character is going to be number. One can't be healed with her kisses. Recovery girls pretty really powerful to pop revives from because people do. She spits you. Just gotta show up to like. I don't even want to know she says sassy you can you so that's where a lot of miami. She's great so much sas. She's yelling at the number one hero like he's nothing so she's she's hip to all the more they're too. She services bring ball form orm. What's going on yeah. She does everyone in everything. Where did you find out that lots for people all my secret. He's mike over now. No one is basically spiderman for these. These people and then by shows is our naptime. Yeah that seems to be on a spiritual love. Mostly because light arc kidnapping really shows. He really cares where students online it was. They're all being and then at the press conference when he was talking about konchesky like sam accusa. It'll be a true structure you could sell lots secede in and back inching through convention center. My number five is <hes> on. She is bad ass but really. I just want her past. It would be like the first thing create what would they will go to what situation they to a p._g. Situation hundred dollar bills creating money. You love or families so rich. Whoa we're uncovering. Secrets treated that whole major did ever talk shoes. You know what i didn't talk about it. We just figured out the reason. Why would you create created just off the top of your head pursing mcmansions looking for plus. She's like i just make so many stuffed. Damn good my friend. There probably crowd and the convention plus of course things secrets. That is the make that body pillow. Just simple understand the structure river because it's at chemicals ever hate so stat yeah as long as she's we'll get. I probably on somebody else's lists. Okay the art so cool so everyone's number five so if my counting skills skills are still sharp we are on our number four now so it's back to me and so my number four is going to be <hes> majoria so for that there are so obviously the dory's mike my favorite character but i wouldn't say he's like my top hero zero just because i think right now we're still watching him. Become a hero. He saw has a lot of growth a lot to learn with his quirk and <hes> and how to control his power his big superpower that he just got and i think there's like yes. That's mainly like he has. He definitely definitely has the heart for it. Obviously we've gone through all of his battles and stuff but <hes> he just has a lot of room to grow so that's probably that's why it's not the highest growth before. I actually put put him up. He's gonna be there eventually just like rice. You actually don't buy the crime goes like a big thing as watering your like oh i mean every time his eyes are watering mind due to all the yeah i mean a lot of people don't like the crimes. I think it makes perfect sense. What what he's he is fantastic with. The motion of a teenager who's like is all of a sudden got superpower fourteen years not being able to do anything ugly and yet if he gets the wind knocked out of a couple few few times he's gonna also he literally person who every time he fights breaking everyone's bodies so all right. It's you try breaking a finger shattering yeah yeah so yeah. I mean the crime percents again. Okay let me think so hoosiers lamar mind. It's gonna be ariel million okay. I put five or four. Oh boy records. You're catholic. Skills are sharp have suffered today. I could at my lesson for the same reasons that you could decorated noise jeremy because he's but he's like. They're like bats where i want to see why i want to see a deck. We'll get to that point where i can say things that i had to teach myself had to be this good and to us mike work and to make it's something that i could be viable at that. I can use to help people with and it's just for him to still be a student and for him to be like at that level where he can talk to. These people these other students who were lying now i want to do this. This is what i want to say. Do it just do the thing it was like you. Gotta wanna be better. You gotta make everything your own. You gotta push harder. Go farther and just be the best ettelaat with so. I can put a lot. He's he's only exporting solid spec. Okay so my number four was also majoria. W when i started <unk> is thinking. He put him almost number one or two but more i thought about it. He kept dropping on the list. We did five is it has nothing to do with <hes> with his abilities so i like gory of that he he's really good at obviously stunning heroes and his fellow students quirks and their palais fight and their abilities under potentials and all that but he kind of misses like he misses like the personal aspects of things so like he doesn't pick up on you know on like bach agha's issues he's. He doesn't pick up on <hes>. You know really bad. The names are not different. Show right raca rocket pick up on her kind of thing and you know meanwhile. Other classmates are picking up on it. The other classmates can kind kind of understand how to interact with with cauchon but majoria just doesn't seem to get in but he he does understand dan everything else about everyone so like i dropped down because i guess but he's he's probably one of my favorite characters so as well like i get pumped when he gets pumped this where he's at number four <hes> my number four is grande torino. Oh because he is such a baddie. I thought it was just hilarious at first so weird and he's just got that leg five and then just comes out of nowhere with a strong hits and he just cracks me up. I love it. He's like that older guys like. I still got it. The end this like mass mason schanche just so i love how he teaches with a microwave yeah those like those weirdest the most side ride. I like. Let's go here kind of lesson where i kind of figured it out as it was happening and i was like okay interesting instating actually expect to hear anyone say granting us number four is says endeavor i mean he is we all know that but the army the number one here like my mostly from all might said one for our union says himself he worked super hard to try data beat him he never could which he acknowledges that he can't be all might and all my children while you're the best rests lena's yeses downfalls appeared any now. He's still on his way up there. So i like oh cool so we're father ever buy grocery all right so my number four surprise as a but so he is the epitome of like my ideal professor sounds weird but he like identify them likes. That's how that's how i was asked. Wola sleeping bag out. We're the students women while you nafta those are other stories we can get into <hes> <hes> but he used that asshole who hairs like he's the one that while he has like this rough exterior he actually wants the students to succeed in wall lake. Some people get it in like shannon respect them. All of this is i do like other people looking in dome like during the against the other schools when the teacher was like you can't you don't care about kids hardly believe he clearly cares and he's just being. He's like why gotta be rough with them. I'm not going to kabul them so they know they gotta buck up and and that's how this is how shown so plus he also being a power like to be able to just raise people's powers despite by looking at them is insane. They also need like infinite eyedrops far. Please either so read so he could fiamma. Maybe just look. I mean turns into salt frail dude interesting. I don't know it could be right. It's all depend on league transit on like that's why it's so good that houston the other one of those heroes that could be villain so he's. I guess i'm surprised that he hasn't like went to like the tech department and got some like device that it keeps his eyes cyclops so we've seen how some of the tech department inventions. I don't know if you want them to like be like yeah. We're going to be in control of your entire power like you. You know look that's the kind of dangerous for the contractual such a sensitive part of the body but yeah because some of those craters are a little bit intense very strong personalities so we are at the re all right so my number three is showtime toward rookie. I see so okay so are you surprised that i had a mass number three or should he be higher. I was well. I need the reason why he's at my number. Well okay so you'll see why he's my number three but the reason why i could him in my top is surly because of his just raw power like everything about his every everything about him is just power. There's like it's just it's just it's power like you know it's unstoppable force three. You'll see why when i tell you my other to this okay the reason why he's number three is because the qualities of the other two. I think outrank in your show toes power. Give me some of the stories. Oh my god the number one. I need it the source i can stop saying but yeah that's probably why it just can superstar like you can't like he uh-huh powers almost probably has one strong power but he has to yes and then he learns to to use that uses it together around power <hes> ask he's he's definitely going to be. I think once like they all if we ever see them as like grown-ups in adults if they do the time skipper show us. He's going to be in the top top one two or three years for sure types. It depends on how they do. It depends to hugh although story. I wouldn't be mad if they did it with my academia because i don't know if i really wanna. I want to see the dory of become the top hero that he's says an intro. I don't wanna see four years of high school and then had you don't want to end the show over again like i'd like i'd wanna see see where he as likely young adult. Will dan still see him. Grow in play. You can do seem as a young adult in handling wrap up but like i think that you can do oh show his growth in showing growing more powerful as already havoc they sound like where he breaks his whole arm to play greg zinger rapid growth without skipping giving a huge chunk of time because i feel like there's a disconnect like i've distant from the characters of a point. I find it really hard to be like okay. Wait five years later so i'm still like the i was watching a month ago and now they've jumped five years too late. I don't feel miller growing with them. Aw it feels very jarred me whenever times get happen since they did it. I i hated that to respect it. Okay all right so you're number. Three was todorovic bomar minds three as ah one of the biggest mood all the nets giving sure everyone can relate to that fall asleep in this room here. We're good and then because he's again. He's such a good teacher. He knows that his class is <music> willing most days and able to like go out and be back at what they need to do. Which is why like at the exam. There is moving again and she's like do they know what's going to happen is like yeah what's going to happen. That happens every year. Everyone's going to go after you. Did you tell them that now they already know about what does he is and he's just so genuine and knows when to push all of the students to do and be the best they can be like even really early in the series when they're just throwing baseball and midori is like good work that you might not need to be here. Do you like yeah early. Broke one vote this time but i did the thing so he's just he's got that great sometimes n._p._c. energy where he just wants to nap and the like that put this up better kind of dumbledore energy edgy where he's like well. You can do it or you can leave. I can find somebody else to do it but i already know you can do it okay so my number three is john. He's awesome. He's awesome. He's got an explosion inquired. He lied damn near killed debt goo at the beginning but he knew he wasn't going to hurt him enough that he would finish the test the i think he's awesome and he got humbled very very very quickly did not take us asshole hughes a school then once he got into u._a. He quickly very quickly. He realized that he was not the top dog had he thought he was and he doesn't let anybody else know that so i like him i oh i think that he's raging internal battle and he just wants to keep fighting that battle get better and better and better and he doesn't care what he thinks thinks about him because it's his battle. He's five with himself who cares if somebody else thinks that he's being too cocky or or whatever's self-centered that's not his problem is problems with themselves so i i like him because he's fighting that insult you. I can't see it but i i think is our describes google really well because i was like he could be total total villain. He's going to be a villain. He could easily be a villain time and then i guess he wants to be a hero so hard but my number three as <music>. I moved some things around. Freebies is my number three because sue. I love her she so i i always go for the weird. Ones you see but like i she's like such a cute perfect hero. I love her voice in her powers are weird. She does what the best that she can with them and it's one of those like i don't really see it as a super super power like it's nine icy high but she still does amazing things and she's still digitally real training with superheroes and kicked bud so sounds dope yeah great. I like that. I was very it was two weeks ago. Maybe you from i hear from the x. Men should have been all my it is also one resupplies the use of <hes> again his a super power but he is also off again but also your teen years old still growing and learning true but everyone else is also i love you. You find ways to be bad. I mean like an ulcer ways not to be awesome. Ah garnered. Everyone allies him for his court. Lake like your workers so powerful you know so about probably got was headed south to so i mean it was the best works it gets what's happened trying to nuts where the last last episode still growing so learning i mean he doesn't mess of things in the past decade exclusively today take things you can't take back when i was just trying to be the hero look up to all my in their children all the time so and he doesn't want to be saved is and tackles him but again like the humble if he needs help him but again he still growing he is only child and see your your top. Favorite hero created deeply in front of you owns because you know. Have you know he hasn't ways which is why. I wasn't a three wow much surprise. I mean you can tell the next twist so my top how three are going to be near but i also go for the underdogs hidden like i don't like personally i do not idle is all night. He's sweet. He's amazing but i do not idolize him whatsoever. He's actually one of the bourne characters for the same reason that i find superman extremely boring because because they just like what's the point of everyone else if they're around so that's where i go in third army is gang orca. He is a seri- of mysterious person. We don't know his everything about it yet but like i have this feeling that he's just going to come in strong will you're on in like make moves and like also he just looks awesome way his whole costume everything valid for heroes easter tent. I'll look he's like the time as a ten ten number of tar town of top ten year billy. You haven't liked see ninety any seven six not do any any little doing one two and three like young team do anything in like he's just he's still top dead. He's not one but like i feel like there's some serious work. I'm just more along. The lines unexcited. Let's see what he can do is almost almost two okay. Yeah we're getting there. I'm getting a little tired myself host like birds. We're good all right so that to me you with our number two so we're doing so almost almost home stretch here almost done so for my number two. I actually have bach ago and the reason why i have to go is whistle for not i mean yeah he's a big jerk and like he especially toria and we can talk about that to the end of the world but the reason why i have him in my top two is because as in here like regardless of his personality. I do think he's a good hero. He's shown a number of times that he actually knows what he's doing when it comes to being a hero and in his battle sense and just his taste tactical sense and just his like sheer talent of what what he can do the different ways that he's figured out to manipulate and control as quirk and i mean he's definitely elite juergen like an asshole everybody but regardless of that that's why china of their because of his talent and he's actually really really smart. It just doesn't show behind all of that jerk face. Is your arisen. Get some more ladies in alabama. I think she's just she's got this fantastic. She's super smart because with her work you have to know how to make and super humble even the her families and even with like all that life behind her she still likes so reserved unlike unsure of everything capable of doing like she talked about like in heard. She was commercial that she did. She's just like i looked to clear that is not my kind of gabe and even like some urge school where where she's just like divided as this thing you can do that and it really goes back to like how it is all because he knows that she's so unsure and but that you can't do it so he pushes more she goes she doesn't she gets better and better and better yeah so that's cool. That's that's so my number. Two is a little strange. I think <hes> i picked cure. Shema ran riot he his quirks pretty cool as hardening pardoning hanging his his fight with the quick steel guy touch touch. It's pretty pretty great. Just hammering on each other had with attacking the arm wrestling matches pretty good while alive why chose him was because <hes> he's like though he makes friends of enemies so with the battle ottawa quickstart with touching with the battle with him they couldn't stand each because they are so similar then afterwards their best and so he made a friend of enemy there and then also he's the bridge between deco and koch on he's the one that brings those two not to friendship friendship but the closest they've become. He's you know hit. He was the convincing factor for saving koch on from a <hes> immediate doom. I suppose when they rescued him in their disguises it was it was secure. She called out for him so that's my joseph number two because he is he makes friends automated. I think that's pretty cool mobile a it's as we've already thrown out some words tits. She is the tissue she ate kills it because i love the how she she can't she she can be that a leader even though she has a lot of lately talking about some of that a lot of have room to grow she just needs become more sure results when she is hurt when her and and i see hot had work together then he was like he had reassured her like what's your plan and she's like okay. Let's go with it. She just needs that that little bit of push to in that she's so smart because she has to know everything to make all this stuff her power super cool love her she she would be my number one money else curious to see what all of our number ones are pretty obvious obvious to me from creating budgets zero to hear workless workless having pretty positive work <hes> we went through a lot and like the it down but he's still like you know what i'm gonna still be even in all my talking again kaczynski from the slime time villain all my yes essential in for a kid me brooks's bones all pre consigned unsigned but i mean but again he still learning brand new harvest work so i'm gonna crack mark maguire as his own in her mind number two is on nobody's lists which is ectoplasms. I think the he again he's super strong but like his power is just so interesting to me like i feel like he can do so much with it but he's just underutilized in a lot of the story line because like he can duplicate keyed himself like infinitely is insane. You know it's just he's such a cool person and he's very underrated and really we only gone in that test testing scenario of like full-on like look how can be that's my number two again potential. That's there that we have gotten to see excites me for what we haven't seen yet cool all right hurry for a number once <hes> <hes> who knows this is it. This is in then. I'll let everybody get back to whatever panels firing going to all right all right so for my number one granny i dunno thirteen and because thirteen creates black holes and like huge just get vaporized fucking black hole. That's it that's literally. It black holes <hes> <hes> yeah. That's my number one. You can't black hole. You just get sucked into vaporize. It's black hole rescue. Rescue missions construe thirteen could wanted to go on offensive. They could probably just another one of those sucked into their blackwell cole another one to go up against thirteen. Yeah yeah be so evil such in doing this show there so many heroes that could go either way and they talk about how gang books like the most superhero yeah gay or yeah yeah. That's okay. That's my number one. A major kirby like you can't be curbing. That's it. I'm sure you guys enjoyed that slurps out the investors in a universe of its own. No that's okay. That's thirteen all right right. She also made it onto my list and i hate that. I didn't put her on there. She's happy she's top ten. She's not but again. I've got like two people. I also who's your one is sure to total rotating c. c. character development. I love wouldn't get a lot of it really fast at the dragon out even more because they're still got things to do like so much of why i love the show is because we get to see from everybody that so infrequently is it done well like with compares the first season of era to the first season of naruto for the first hour toe you might as well call the show sucks ask because it's so so much about after the first lap and then comparatively you get to see he like growing and learning how to use this quarry and still tried not to kill him put but with that and you're still getting see all these pieces of everyone's backstory following in the place and being in line with the story instead moving forward and that one that he gets into that at that's worth festival just like with like all right you could use your place those are that your power it never ever worried about that so we get to see that much growth and for him to understand it and move forward for eight and have this amazing power that he finally understands his his own for like two days before he messes it up like an hour later when he goes to fight because endeavor can't shut up is really great. It's just something that we got to see so much. Growth whereas someone who you came in so established already it this great definitely my favorite we do that castle coop okay so my number one is happy girl. Yeah i zero number one. That's why i got her on my list. She okay so most of might have been while. I think i'm looking at it. All of mine have been kind of about relationships from it is probably the most observant student when it comes to how people are relating to one another <hes>. If if something is bothering them she seems to have is close to the answer. She brings up all the right when she asked a question is the right question to ask whether they're not. She goes more with the question that she's asking you know <hes>. I just think that she's the most observant also her are her ability to do pretty much anything for his pretty awesome. She got cut her tongue got cut and she's still going using her tongue jumping around around climate on stuff so she's. She's just awesome awesome. She's got some convictions that she you know she stuck to and she was telling and you know we. We shouldn't go to say save arpaio because we were told not to which is exactly what she learned. Her internship was to do what the captain and ended up benefiting her. They didn't work out next time but she's she's still stuck to those convictions and the things she learned her injured ship so i appreciate probably i think she's she's she's sir thomas alaso tichy religious. My number one is toro. I don't understand we're so so close in the twos and once occurred sue goes one of my favorites. I always loved that grudge payroll hand like you said like oh my gosh the scar ah he has the cool awesome powers. I think that he has the potential to be the number one hero even though we know what's happened because the injury but <hes> he can use his powers on a small scale and large scale now to the point lake where he was like using them very like he gets kind of freaked out like he he needs to have space for his powers for the most part and like that right but then he also he he can have more controlled. We see that during the tournament between the kids so i yeah pretty obvious only now ooh my personal opinion but i mean civil peace so he wants to do i mean against that is one from i'm a hero the number one hero he's b pillar hope for people that's what he told talk and even after his first fight with offer. You didn't let anybody know that he was like super super injury. He's still want to be that hope for people to the littoral vary ads touch now no-one all my all right so the last one so my number one is tucker yummy because i think he he is actually an excellent excellent symbol for real real life people. You know to show that lake like you can have this thing that makes you so strong. You know whatever it isn't like personality whatever but it can also be here biggest weakness overview and make you his dark shadow which i actually enjoyed the voice <music>. Here's a shocking everything that this character needed but the like it just is this idea that lake is a good model for life is like just because you look at someone like you idolize you know they have this strong the strong strength about them. It's also there could be their biggest weakness because it can also overtake them and like just not to put the long legged allen. It's just like is very very relatable owns a good message for everyone to follow this. Everyone has their thing but also very descriptive such adjectives so many attitude. The source is very badly needed. It says to next episode we all need it the source and the cool thing everybody here for sharing. I thought that was really cool. I think everyone's lips was really interesting and it didn't really go at all home. I expected and that's a good thing 'cause i thought like i mean i knew my top by number. One is going to be different from everybody else's boring if we were all the same yeah yeah. I think that was very cool. So i think that was awesome. Yeah yeah no because like cheated and compared notes. I was in the bathroom during mine so cut doc different but yeah okay. Thanks everybody sharing and i. I really appreciate that so for you. You guys listening at home did did you agree with our picks disagree or would you have picked something else. You can let me know on social media. You can follow me on twitter at nine pod and instagram and facebook at enemy dining podcasts so go ahead follow and let me know what you think and thanks gus ah.

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Unreserved celebrates Rosanna Deerchild and welcomes new host Falen Johnson


41:23 min | 2 months ago

Unreserved celebrates Rosanna Deerchild and welcomes new host Falen Johnson

"Hi I'm Michelle Shepherd hauled of uncover. Sherman. Any from CBC PODCASTS in Nineteen Ninety Nine fifteen year old charmian on devel- disappeared on her way to a job that police believed in exist four months. Later, her remains were found in a wooded ravine I revisit the case that a stayed with me for over twenty years ever since I first covered it as a cub crime reporter for the Toronto Star you can find uncovered share meany on CBC. Listen on your favorite podcast. APP. This is a CBC podcast. Dot Say SAGO. I need booze you and welcome I'm Rosetta dear child I'm falen Johnson and this is unreserved. Well this is the seventh season of unreserved and the first time that I won't be sitting in the host chair. That's right. I'm heading offer the year to work on a different ABC project that will talk about in just a few minutes, and that's why failings here she's going to be taken over the showed the season. So we're GONNA, take some time to get to know each other a little bit better and your going to show me the ropes and share some of your favorite moments from the last six years of hosting the show. I bet it was hard to pick. So, hard to pick you know going over the six years that we've been. We've a team and putting the show together. We've met so many people we've been to so many nations and places it was it was almost impossible really but but I got a great memories to share today. Oh Sorry Rosanna I'm. From headquarters that we've got a transmission coming in please Can you just stand by for a minute and we'll see how it is. Okay Okay Great. Hailing, Captain Dear Child. Hailing Captain Rosanna. Dear Child of the starship unreserved. This is Jessie Wendy of the planet Amish Knob. I understand captain that you have a new mission on a new ship. A mission that will take you through the stories of the past from a new perspective and help us better understand our future. This is a good mission for you and for all of us and you are the right captain to take us there. I also understand that the unreserved will beginning a new captain. We look forward to their mission and supporting them as we have you. I trust they are familiar with the prime directive as you are. Mig Mitch Captain Dear Child For all that you have accomplished on the starship unreserved and I wish you a safe and successful journey. As our Volkan cousins often say live long and prosper. Wendy out. You guys. You snuck up on me Oh I expect that. Crazy so that That was of course, one of unreserved, very first columnist Jesse Wednesday. We'll have more well-wishers dropping in throughout the show today to surprise you. Oh, get out I. AM so surprised you're GonNa have me crying but look forward to hearing more people. Thank you. Oh Gosh. I've got the feels already. So. Fail first of all congratulations on. Becoming the new host I'm sure it's going to be a great season. You're going to have a great time make yours and I'm I'm so excited to be here. So let's get to know you a little bit better where are you from I'm from six nations of the Grand River territory in Southern Ontario I'm Mohawk contest Gura I'm bear clan Actually you know one of my favorite codes was the episode of unreserved where you went two six nations I. Mean I'm probably biased about that. But you know in my humble opinion, it was a great time up in six NAYS. The local cousins call it and that's very you. Know, can you tell me a little bit more about growing up in six nations? Yeah. I I love growing up on six nations my cousins and my siblings we all grew up very close and it was a time before there was cable or internet or any of that stuff. So we played outside all the time and you know I, think that's where my love of storytelling really comes from we had to make our own finding, our own worlds and. So it was kind of a magical time for me growing up I always think of it is like an indigenous Norman Rockwell painting. It was that would be an interesting painting. Clicking the corner some panic and there you're right some some tea some. Condensed milk. Deer hanging. A deer hanging in the garage. Anyway. So CBC podcast Fans, might recognize your voice and your personality one of the hosts of the secret life of Canada tell us a little bit about that podcast. Yes. So I co host a podcast rate here on CBC with my good friend Leah Simone Bowen we're currently in our third season and the show looks at things that may have been left out of Your High School History Textbook. You know we look at indigenous stories we look at Black Brown and queer stories and women's stories. You know all the things we need to hear more about and all the things that are you know left out all too often. So we we aren't historians. We'd like to put that out. There were just you know really curious about history. So we try to make the PODCAST approachable by mixing in humor and lots of pop culture references. Yes that's awesome. I've heard it. It's very cool podcast and you have a in theatre is that right? Yes, it is. So I'M A. History. NERD. That's an awesome combination. I played trumpet in High School Band as well. I was I share. And I promise unreserved listeners. It won't. It won't just be a nerd a thon. Center on but yes. To get back to your question I trained I trained as an actor and then I served transitioned into play rating and then podcasting and will now I'm here. You're seeped in the story. What kinds of stories are you interested in sharing this season on unreserved? We're in such an interesting time right now there's a a global pandemic and there's there's just a lot of unrest in the world as well but I think our people have been through this before times like this, and so I want to look at the history of indigenous people across this land and beyond celebrate you know how we have gone forward and how we will continue to go forward. So much of who we are as a people think is about connection and community and I'm curious about what that looks like now in this moment and so i WanNa share those stories and I want to look at how indigenous people are innovating and how they are thriving in this time. Absolutely, and that is a lot of story in there in itself and I'm very excited to listen to to the stories that you're going to bring this season Falen. Thank you. Rosanna. And I have to say it is my pleasure to sit behind your mic for this season. No but thank you. I'm failing Johnson. This is unreserved on CBC Radio One Sirius Xm One, sixty, nine and native voice. One With Me Is Rosanna dear child sharing some of her favorite moments on the show over the last six seasons. We're GONNA, find out more about your new project. Roseanna. But first I want you to take a listen to this. Cousin who are you going and what you're GONNA do can I come Hey. We're going I'm really happy for you. I look forward to whatever you're going to do next. So appreciated what you've done so far. And best of luck to carry on carry on strong because. See you later. Only, God girlf- Christie can come get in the canoe and two. Oh my gosh. That was legendary actor tend to cardinal sending? Well? wishes. Your. Way. Rosanna. I'm having moments. I know. No one can see your face. I have the luxury of seeing Roseanne his face right now and I'd just like to tell everyone she's very moved. There's a tear. I think I see it here. It's all happening right here on unreserved. Digits. And I know a lot of our listeners want to know more about what you'll be doing this season Rosanna. You're working on a very exciting new project a podcast with CBC books based on the graphic novel anthology. This place, one, hundred and fifty years retold. So for people who aren't familiar with the graphic novel, this place, what can you tell us about it? Well, the graphic novel came out last year at, say a young person's a young adult graphic novel It has stories from eleven, indigenous writers and is illustrated by ten indigenous artists, and these are stories that span one, hundred, fifty years of Canadian History Bots, the history from indigenous people. So these are stories that Um we indigenous people have been telling our communities around our. Around their campfires possibly handed from family member to family member. So these are stories that maybe we'd be familiar with but Canadians don't know and there's real hunger for these stories and for the knowledge that they have people are asking why did I know this before I need to know this and they're just really good stories, their creative and imaginative, and you'll get lost in them for sure and so what drew you to working on this project you knowing that you would step away for this show from a season seems like you know that is something what was so compelling about this project that you just had to do it. Yeah, you know unreserved is really important to me and is near and dear to my heart and remained. So of course, but knowing that that space is still going to be held by yourself and the team will still be behind you telling these amazing stories and continuing that indigenous Radio Space I felt as an indigenous story myself that it was my responsibility to create more space to tell more stories, let more indigenous storytellers in and I feel like the CBC has responsibility do that as as our national broadcaster So I feel like this was an ideal space to do it in and Severi exciting opportunity and I just can't even wait to get started. And so when will the podcast? Launch? We hope to that it'll be ready for for podcast listeners in sometime in the spring of twenty, twenty one, and then later on for our radio listeners. So your favorite cousin we back on the ear, don't you worry? Great. You know her best as the host of this show. Rosanna dear. Child is an author poet and the host of a new CBC podcast based on the novel this place one, hundred and fifty years retold. Rosanna. This is your brother from another mother, Wabi? Jacques Race. I. Want to wish you all the best on your new podcast. You will rocket just like everything else that you do. You will be missed however on unreserved you are like a cousin like an t agree matriarch too many of us rate across turtle islands a comforting voice in powerful presence on the radio weekend and week out. We will very much look forward to you taking a deeper look at this place in podcast form. So again, congratulations much love and respect you always in kate to see once again, the care. Oh. That was what Giza Grace Author of moon of the crusted snow. Rosanna. What is it like for you to hear all of these messages Oh it's crazy. I didn't even expect it. Oh, I should have expected I mean we've done sort similar shows we snuck up on snuck up some audio behind people like Bam have feelings so I guess you know turnabouts fair-play. Yes, it is wonderful to hear these messages. So. Wonderful. Thank you. This is unreserved on CBC Radio One, Sirius Xm one, sixty, nine and native voice one. I'm failing Johnson incoming host for unreserved with me today to teach me the ropes is your favorite cousin Rosanna dear. Child. So Rosanna. The listeners obviously know you as the host of this show, but you are also a poet. And both of these things aligned back in. May. Of Two thousand sixteen and created a very powerful moment on unreserved. You spoke about an experience with your mom that inspired your book calling down the sky. What do you remember about the peace with your mom that aired on the show? Well, I remember it was very difficult and part of hosting. This show is not just you know sharing indigenous story, but also sharing a lot of yourself even if that sometimes is uncomfortable or Sad. So my is residential school she went to for residential schools The book is about her experience there, and so he turned it into this beautiful audio piece Rosa, able to share what it was like a to to grow up as a you know a residential school survivors daughter. Let's take a listen to that segment this poetry as witness to. My Mom's E is seventy five but for most of our lives together, my mother was a stranger to me. She's a residential school survivor, a secret she carried with her till ten years ago. My name is says Nov Ricksen I were born -veloping dentistry. My mother was born in one, thousand, nine, hundred, forty, five she was raised in the north on the land with her parents and sisters but that would all be taken away from her? She, spent most of her childhood in three different residential schools after her dad died on the trap line and her mom died after getting sick with TB she was sent to her first school and she was just five years old. We went to the PAW. Haircut. Mole. Put the bone, your head. The are closer off with them in fire. Dead. Day. Said Bend your head. Cool island my hit. Then we had a cold shower. Wash. Only five years old. You don't didn't go to school. To learn. All you learn. To be mean. I. Didn't. Learn nothing. I didn't know how to read. Night Though Grey Day grap Herron Bang Bang on the floor. Store young though the fired from right so My mother was forbidden to speak cree the only language that she knew. Instead, the children forced to learn and speak only in English French and Latin. We know I never felt good English because. I never understand English. And that none said died I don what do I seen what? She Bang my head on the wall. I think they wanted me to. Stand straight in the wall. Lake. DISC I didn't understand English Steve I was seven years old. Better language is not the only thing my mother lost in residential school. There was no sense of safety encouragement. Or love. We used to go to class four times a day. Now warning. After. Dinner Supper before little bit. Dan Club last class Rita sat down for in what to do. So I ask Di di deeter. Can you for not for Non Short? You say I don't hear. I just want to hear what you're saying he said. Standing Connor. Standing, there for three hours though the clash less over. Knicks. Time we went to class listen to the teacher what is saying? To Nikki men hit me. My hands. To hit my head I didn't understand. Why Why me? I was stared July watch fourteen. After leaving residential school behind my mother tried to leave the memories behind to she locked away her experience for decades. She went back home to south Indian Lake raised by an abusive grandmother for her school and home were the same. Eventually, she had six children, but only repeated the cycle she had learned at school marrying my stepfather non indigenous man who moved us all to a small mining town far away from our family and can. We were forbidden to speak to each other in our own language. There was alcohol. There was abuse. And there was silence. My mother never told us that she loved us. She showed little physical affection and was quick to anger and depression. But she showed her love and other ways she kept the house clean. She kept US clean. We were fed she brushed and braided my hair every day in her bedroom while she hummed and sent me off to school with homemade lunches. It wasn't until high school that I learned my mother's secret. My native studies teacher was a native. On the first day he took attendance and stopped at my name. He looked up at me and said. I know your mother we went to residential school together. and. I had no idea what he was talking about. So I went home and asked her. And it did not go. Well, I keep everything to myself finding. WanNa talk about it. I thought before we laugh at me error. Tone make up a story. That's what they used to say when we went home after school. It didn't tell me. What happened at school? What the nuns were doing What the brace store. Doing. It took twenty more years before my mother shared her story with me. I was thirty seven years old she was sixty five. The Truth and Reconciliation Commission was traveling across Canada. Collecting the stories of survivors when they set up in Winnipeg I took a chance. I asked her to come with me just to see what would happen just to hear other survivors to know that she wasn't alone. And to my utter amazement she said, yes, we spent half a day listening to survivors share their stories. Then, she turned to me and said. Okay my girl. I'm ready. I'm ready to talk about it. So I asked if my mother could join one of the sharing circles, but I was told, there was no room for that day. To come back tomorrow. And that's when I decided that. She wouldn't wait one more day to tell her story. I told her that I would listen to her that I would tell her story and that she would never have to be quiet ever again when my daughter has really the first time. Been I right story. vol Cheer Lights. And I said No. Second. Time. Method No. Sir Time. I opened up. Our journey together would take five years five years of hesitant and careful conversations. Each story of her life residential school was like a break in our bones. Shards of a broken story that we put back together. A slow healing that took the shape of a book of poetry. Now Book, we named Calling Down The Sky Thal our. Start off. With my story. DIG It out of me. And Feeding Better Everythi when I thought about it. Yet I feel lighter. When I thought about my life It was so hard. Breath fell my life with. The more I heard of my mother's story the Morey understood her and the more of a person she became. Yes she has flaws and failings, but she's also really funny and silly brave and strong. My mother is no longer a stranger to me. In fact, two years ago she moved in with us. Every day we have coffee in the morning before I go to work she makes Hispanic and fries up Moose meat my girls love living with their grandma. Best of all. Every day she says. I Love You This is unreserved on CBC Radio One, Sirius Xm one sixty-nine and native voice. One. I'm Falen Johnson your host for this season of unreserved. I'm with Rosanna. Dear Child Who's my guest on the show today sharing some of her favorite memories of the last six seasons. Narrow Zana. I've often heard people say that you should never meet your heroes but after six seasons of doing this show, you've met a lot of them. So who was the most nerve wracking celebrity interview? Yeah. I've met a lot of them from. Gosh let's see there has been Thomas King. Thompson. Highway mentioned buffy earlier Cindy Blackstock Lake. So many people that are personal heroes to me. I've been so lucky that they. You know invited a sin to share so much of their their lives, but I'd have to say one of the most nerve wracking celebrity interviews that I've ever had was with the great the legendary, the the beginning of it, all Alan eastbound Swin of course she is the legendary filmmaker. She's made like an no sixty films or something which is extraordinary in itself. So to meet her was insane. I can even just being in the same room with Alan Niece Obam someone for me it was like a A. Case Speak Roseanne. Let's come out. So we got to meet her on a blustery day in Montreal in the NFC be offices and she had been in that in that for some time because there is like books everywhere and film and Film Canisters Awards and posters, and you know little pieces of paper everywhere it was. You know it was very lived in loved office. but I was nervous and so I was really sweaty and Kinda you know shaky and like my gosh and now she's can come walk into the store. Hello Aglianese. So wonderful to see again, oh God. So you're in my I'm in your space. Marveling at all the wonders in here is Pomona Office looks like my house. I've been working here all these years. And I keep things in Oh. I one time somebody through some of my stuff in the garbage and I went to pick it up in the garbage brought back in you. Can See the mess. It's the mess of a busy person I would say. I don't love. Let's talk about when you started making film and the discovery of Film and the love for film. When did you discover film and why Di will love it so much? Wasn't not my idea I. I was singing mostly at the time and talking to children in the classroom all over the country I was doing a lot of tours. Mainly because I was revolting against this the educational system especially concerning the history of this country. And this this was my reason that's how I started to. Work in education and in one thousand, nine, hundred, sixty, sixty, one, sixty, two, I was campaigning to Bill Swimming Pool on my reserve someone made a film about what I was doing. And from there some people at the film board saw it and invited me to come here and they said Della stories like you do in the classrooms with easy. Did you realize or understand that you were probably one of the only indigenous filmmakers in Canada Yeah and how did you feel about being one of the very few indigenous storytellers telling stories in this way? It was a very difficult time because first of all, you have to think at that time, it was really a man's world. There was not many women period making films I was at the bottom of the line. Really. Since then there's been so much change and I think there's an ear for from all Canadians to really listen to. To us. That was filmmaker Allen E so Suan in conversation with Rosanna. Dear Child at the NFC offices in Montreal. So Rosanna I have another message to share with you. Let's take a listen. This is the Nissan calling from a house in Montreal. I hear you are moving onto another very interesting project. I wish you lots of luck I. Guess they're going to miss you where you are now. But it'll be interesting just not just for you but for all of us will be watching have a wonderful time and by. K Now I'm crying you guys. That's that was not cool. Yeah So that was obviously the one and the only Allah, knee. So Bob in that is wonderful. Thank you so much. I just I can't tell you how touched I am by hearing messages it's just Wow. Thank you. You should really revel in this because if we were allowed to be out in the world, you would be lauded and celebrated you know in a in a public place and we would all have a chance to raise a glass to you. But because we're in this, you know pandemic situation. I'm just glad that we got to bring these offerings to you so that you could hear and get to feel a sense of your impact you know for so many people. In Indian country and beyond. So congratulations. Thank you. Thank you so much. I'm really touched. Thank you. I'm failing Johnson here with Rosanna. Dear child watching her maybe shed a tear to as we listened to some of her favorite moments from the last six years on the show, and before she heads off for her new project podcast with CBC books, we wanted to get some more of her reflections. Rosanna one thing to show did a lot before the pandemic in the lockdown began was travel. You went to different cities and communities across the country, and so what were some of your memorable trips? Some of your favorite moments? Yeah. We have been everywhere and. Eight as far west is high Guay where everything about that place was unforgettable we've been to how a fax Victoria six nations you mentioned earlier. So we've covered lot of territory. We've covered a lot of stories you know we've been welcomed by many nations and honored to to be allowed to tell those stories. But one really memorable moment for me wasn't that far from home, which is Winnipeg currently We hopped in a van and headed to Sandy Bay would you wait first nation for their annual powwow and I told you earlier how much I love going to powwows? The smells the sounds the you know just camping. All of it is just is just beautiful experience and so to me this was sort of like going home you know and that's where I got to fulfil. For me my life long ambition. My name is Michael. `squash senior, and I'm originally from Swan Lake First. Nation is this guy. Son. Lane Lane. Lane like share with Prince. Now, Michael I'm pretty I'm pretty comfortable with the microphone as you can clearly see. But it has been my lifelong dream to be a Paulo Mc. Can you give me some tips. Top four tips to be a good MC. Confidence not clear voice. At just give her. Just give her that's three. What is the last secret? All the secret rack there's no secret to. Enjoying talking you know enjoying yourself and be be happy what you do right I mean for me I I enjoy emceeing because I get to try and get people hyped up livened up and have a good time and other serious moments and then there's happy moments. There's a lot of fun involved when you're emcee but you're trying to keep the momentum going and make sure that everybody knows what's happening. That's what it's about I feel really ready can I can I can do or you're gonNA come up there with me and would never Let's do this then. scored. Special. Up there introduce you go, we'll get you right in there. So this call you right up. gave us one mom. Mc groove on going to MC. Nervous It See Here. Jews and. So, what you're saying is really good. For intertribal. To. Who? So there you have it me realizing my lifelong dream of emceeing at a powwow. As you know, there's not many women MC's and and for me I was like, yes, finally I've reached the top of the. and. So it was very exciting. Perhaps, it'll be my next career. Is, unreserved on CBC Radio One Sirius Xm One, sixty, nine and native voice one I'm Rosanna. Dear Child here for the last time with you on the show I'm heading off to work on a new project with CBC books this season but I'm leaving you in the very capable hands. A falen Johnson who's already made me cry three times today. I promise I won't make listeners cry so much. So one thing. I. Really Love about the show is all the laughter. We hear it just about every week lots and lots of laughter from you from the guests, and so I'm going to put you on the spot and I'm going to ask you about the most fun show that you've ever recorded one that still makes you laugh when you hear it, there has been a lot of. Laughter. You say on one of the most fun remotes we call them that I've had was was that portage place mall in Winnipeg, which many indigenous people here affectionately call portage place first nation of course, because lots of nations and beat their sort of the meeting place we go for coffee and stuff. So we did a show from their for Valentine's Day was called. Let's talk about sex. and we had so much fun doing a little interview hits from there and talking to people about sex and love and dating advice we had Dunkin mccue Aka Dunkin Makuuchi doing our ID's and it was just a lot of fun. So this is this is some of of that. Some good looking young men over here I'm GONNA go harass. Hopefully they say, yes talking to me. Hey guys don't turn me down. My team has taken a big hit today. What's your name? Stacey Stacey Hulo? Stacey. Once your name Barra so I take it. You guys are a couple. Yes. We're for four years now. Wonderful wonderful and how did you meet we met we met here actually place in the food court while the first day I didn't I didn't talk to her that she approached me the second day and then you just took it from there stated since. When I first saw her I couldn't I couldn't I couldn't look at it. So I just put my head down and I was talking to my nephews. I was pushing at the moment I was like I was shocked said, and the I'll stock even the second damage come into post me. And hit it off I. Guess Up Sarah What made you want to talk to this young man over here. Track to him he was cute I. discovered was in jail for six months. He. Helped me straighten on my life and get my kids out of CFS. Yeah well, my son in and yeah. That's a lovely. I. Love Love Stories. I noticed like the hickeys. What is it with Hickeys and indigenous people? Why do you? Why did you give me? I don't know it's just normal. I don't know his. Making What is it about you like both the hickeys? OUGHTA. Indians know that you took. Took in. Keeps moving. noted. I laughed so hard I knocked down part of my blanket for. It tells people you're took it. took. So that was one of Rosanna dear child most memorable moments from hosting unreserved for the last six years chatting about dating with strangers at Portage Place Mall. Yes. So Rosanna. You will, of course, be back when there's the launch date of your podcast when that all comes a bit closer. But in the meantime are there Any final words of wisdom for me as incoming host of the show who that's such a big big question. Well, I'm sure you're going to be amazing. Anyway you have the curiosity you have the talent And you have that that hunger to to tell indigenous story. So that is, of course, the best kind of start you can have, but I would also. Tell. Tell you to listen you know listen to your guests. Listen to your audience. Listen to your community. listen to your producers keenum. You don't WanNa mad producer. Last thing you want So so listen is number one rule and then. Secondly present, just missed be present in the moment like how many times are you GonNa meet your heroes the first time? How many times are you going to be in that community? How many times can be a to have an opportunity to tell that story? So just be present and know that that's a gift. So it's called present. That's a really good way of Moore remembering it. is to. You need to give it away. third I would say always be humble. Never consider yourself above other people or or other guests or anybody you're there. You're there to tell story and know that that you're there for the people you're not there for corporation. You're not there for a job you're not there. For. Anything. But to to share that space with the people and that's really sacred and really important. And finally when in doubt, go back to rule number one listen. At, some very sage advice resented. Thank you. You're welcome. So before I, let you head back to the PODCAST, Rosanna one final message to share with you. Let's see who it's from. Hi Sheila Rogers from the next chapter row. I'll never forget meeting you at the Manitoba Book Awards back in two thousand and nine. When you on the poetry prize for this is a small northern town and your name was announced and you took to the stage in red shoes with five inch heels and you're just own did I've always loved how you live up to. The title of the program and specifically I remember the episode that you hosted from the Megaphone Festival and Ottawa and you were sitting in between two indigenous trailblazers, Alan, Isa Bombs Awin Dr Duke Redbird, and they were talking about how they sang and danced their way to making changes in the journey to tell indigenous stories. They teased each other they were flirting with each other. She called him the old man he called her my grandmother over there. You caught the love between Duke and Alanine, and you said, do I need to move out of the way here? Perfect. Just perfect and so funny. Also never forget your compassion when you interviewed me about Richard Ouaga amies not long after he died you allowed for for for my sorrow you allowed for my silence and you really saved me. You're always. So in the moment, there hasn't been an episode of unreserved when I haven't learned something about listening or hosting from you. I Love Your Voice whether it's poetry national radio or like now podcasting and I know one hundred and fifty years is going to be amazing because you are welcome to CBC Books Dear Nehisi. We're thrilled out of our heads to have you with us. Much love from Anti Chichi. Anti she. She's the best. She's been such a guide for me. You know. She's been such an amazing guide for me and inspiration was just an honor to know her. To breathe the same broadcast airs Sheila Rogers. That's pretty amazing. She she really echoed a lot of the advice that you've just given me. Which I think is is quite nice. Yeah. Very serendipitous. So. That was Sheila Rogers, and and from all of us at Unreserved Rosanna wish. We wish you well and we can't wait for you to come back and tell us more about the podcast before it launches. Well, thank you for having me fail and I hand over the glittery Mike for you. All the best T- Falin thank you Rosanna. That's it for this week's episode of unreserved unreserved is produced by Zoe. Tenant Carl Musica, Stephanie Cram an analyst Hausky. I'm failing Johnson. Thanks. For listening. For more CBC PODCASTS GO TO CBC DOT CA. Slash. PODCASTS.

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No conspiracy theories, people. Its just the rules.

Misfit Stars

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No conspiracy theories, people. Its just the rules.

"Welcome to the misfit stars podcast. I'm Shannon Curtis. I'm Jamie Hill. I everyone hi Shannon. Hello are you know. I'm really good? I'm like I feel like I've just worked out but I haven't worked But maybe I maybe because they feel like I worked out. I've actually burn calories as if I worked out so interesting. Theory I dunno species I think the term for your theories it specious it science mcnutt shares. The same letters very different word hate people. Welcome to the misfit stars podcast. It's lovely to have you with us. WE'RE RECORDING THIS ON. Tuesday may fifth twenty twenty. You'll hear it on. May Six or later This fundraiser season for us. We just about two hours ago. Did our very first of twenty three days of what? We're calling a sustainability fundraiser. Meaning that you're getting a short podcast. Yes during fundraiser season. We only have a certain amount of bandwidth to to talk with each other now mouth width. Because every night we're doing facebook live broadcasts and so are podcasts. Are going to be short for the next three weeks. Thank you for understanding. If you miss us you can just go. Replay the latest. Facebook live broadcast or comes. Here's live June join US. We are doing a facebook live broadcast every goddamn night. Seven THIRTY PM west coast time ten thirty. Pm East Coast. That's right and my personal profile. Which is Shannon Kay Curtis facebook DOT COM Slash Shannon? Kay Curtis or follow me there and then you'll be notified that we go live there there about an hour long every single night and we're doing the whole mix of stuff. It's like a weird little variety show. We've set up a piano in the kitchen because as normal behavior why you might ask doing this in the kitchen was because that's where the best latest the lighting off anymore stupid questions. All right moving on we set up the piano And I'm playing piano accompanying Shannon. The songs are being chosen by people who donate twenty dollars or more to our fundraiser. We're doing a different kind of fundraiser. This year yeah. We're doing a fundraiser. Through our misfit stars Patriarchy which is what drives this podcast. I mean this podcast is where that started us through. This is really where started right. And it was just such a neat way to engage with people and let them be sort of a recurring support of what we're doing that. We expanded it and letting that be the engine for this fundraiser. So because of that there are probably a lot of you listeners. Today because we have a bunch of new misfit stars supporters as of today. Yeah so welcome to those new listeners. My Gosh so much And you know a. We appreciate all of you so much listeners. You've been with us since day. One a lot of you since day. One hundred ten. I don't know you've been with us. It's great new listeners. Thank you for joining us and going on this adventure with us Hope we bring a lot of value to your world. That's the goal And we'd like to thank all of our new supporters New supporters new. Listen to be a the ven diagram of those are going to be about a right. Yeah but I'm sure we also have some new listeners who supporters. You're just tuning in if you are not a brand new fundraiser supporter. And you're just here because you hear. Please do consider supporting our fundraiser Shannon. I are doing what. We're terming a sustainability fundraiser. And unlike regular fundraisers where you try to raise You know sort of in a single time a big chunk of money like a pot of money instead. What we're doing is we're asking people to make a recurring monthly contributions but much smaller dollar amounts and we're not even counting the number of were raising. Nope we're counting the number of humans because we feel very strongly that if we can get abroad face of support from our incredible community the money will work itself out. Let's say and so we have like five dollars a month ten dollars a month. Twenty thirty one fifty and one hundred. That's it it's only six levels. Yeah therefore people who are doing very well. That's one hundred dollars a month and people who can just afford a little bit but one a pitch. That's five dollars a month And if you know basically if you want to support first of all if you can't support that's okay just stick with US keep listening. We need to very important. Yeah but if you can if you have a a good income in this time like your job didn't go away because of the pandemic And you're doing okay financially. Please consider supporting you. Just go to Shannon Curtis Dot net. It's on the front page. It's all laid out there very easily. Very clearly employees. Just give as much as you can if you Are Choosing between ten and twenty. And you're like well would I? Miss Twenty. No. Please do twenty. We'd appreciate it. Yes and you know. We're calling this a sustainability fundraiser. Partly because this will be one of the ways in which Jamie and I are able to sustain our lives and our work during this weird time that we're all living in Since we're unable to tour and earned income the way we normally do but the other thing about being a sustainability fundraiser. Is that we really want you to participate in this in a way. That feels sustainable to you. You know we don't want you to like we love it if you get excited like yeah. We'll support Shannon Jamie and I'm GonNa give you know I'm fifty bucks a month but then next month you're like I can't afford that. No don't do that. Just just Jamie's got a great way of asking the question like. Hey what's a dollar amount that you wouldn't miss each month of it came our way instead of state in your bank account? Is that five dollars at ten dollars. You know that would be the amount we want you to do. If you're able to so and again those who can't because so. Many people are in a position right now where their financial lives have been turned upside down just tune in listen guests enjoy from this time together. We want you part of our lives. We want you part of our community And don't worry about becoming a member. Just do you totally true one way. You can help us for free as you go onto apple podcasts. On the Internet you could leave a review so you click on the five stars out of five and you leave a glowing review. That would be nice. We mentioned this every week. Do people do it not so much? It seems like maybe it's just hard to get on the Internet now. It's hard I know I. I'm not sure busy. Yeah PEOPLE GET TO BE. Podcast would feel weird like cheating. The best podcast like when you go to see like your in town. You haven't been in before and you are looking at restaurants and there's all these restaurants that only have like one review and it's a five star review and it's like this is the best food I've ever eaten in my life. My mom I mean owner totally. So that's the way it can be supportive of as well. So thank you very much So welcoming listeners. Welcome new supporters We're so glad you all are here so glad so feeling. How're you doing baby? I'm okay I'm I'm really okay. You know that question is tricky for me these days because I feel like there's the answer of Blake. How am I am my own little private world here in the four walls of our house or and then there's the question of how am I these Avi outdoors of the world? And how am I feeling about that? And those answers are often very different in terms of cows. How am I inside the walls of his house? I'm good you know a we're doing good. We're getting along. Well we just put a little up light on our new birch tree and it makes me so freaking tonight time. You can see the tree these things for Lake ridiculously twenty five dollars for a two pack on Costco. And it's like a ten thousand dollars worth of joy so so this is when we mostly look out our windows right now new lights so I'm doing great. I feel I feel supremely lifted by the first day of our fundraiser. Today well people have really shown up for US already. And that's wonderful aside from that you know I'm I'm excited I'm I'm really into the work that we're doing right now. You know the album that we're making. I'm just genuinely excited about it. I was having dreams about the live. Show the other night like it involves synthesizers field. If I recall well yes there was a field but I won't get into all those details. Want to say though. Is that in my dream I was. I was dreaming about specific songs that we were working out working up the arrangements for and just like you know when you have those dreams were you just feel really happy in your dream like they don't have it all it off very but like I had that it was really great. I woke up with the sense of joy. It's really lovely up wonderful. Been working through. You know what the live show is. GonNa be like when we do our virtual house concerts and I'm feeling really just genuinely excited about what we have to bring folks this year too. I'm feeling good. Good how about you also good same kind of duality stuff that you and I are engaged in is like we're really really busy like I don't have that much time to worry which is really helpful. It's helpful But I I am still doing a little bit of worrying just because it's impossible for an impasse. Not In this time. I think like the whole really. Just insane okay. The country's open again back to work started this and in some states in some states And we all know the ones you know the ones where the people in charge don't really care as much about the people in their state. Well here's the here's how that breaks down right like if the if the state is mandating that places stay close that are not essential businesses. Then those workers who are out of work because of those closed businesses can apply for unemployment relief including a big extra chunk from the government sustainable. Yes so so. So Great. But as soon as the state no longer has a requirement for those businesses too close then at the businesses themselves open up and require their employees to come back those employees if they don't feel safe to return to work because they don't have the right protective gear maybe Risk Factor. Maybe they have or loved. One with a risk factor. Because maybe they live with their grandma. She's eighty years old or yeah there's any number of reasons if they don't feel safe to go back and they don't go to work and they lose their job. They're no longer eligible for assistance. Unemployment and so people are literally being in being put in the position to either go back to work and unsafe conditions. Were your family's life risk your family's life or lose your job and starve with no help being starved out. Like when you say like we're GONNA start from out. That's what the this is what that means yeah. It's just unbelievably cruel. It's unbelievable it really is absolutely no reason to do this. Other than pure ideology right because there's a faction of people in this country who believe fundamentally as a bed rock ideological belief that people should not have unemployment right that there shouldn't be a safety net. Understand how you arrive at that belief but that you're right there are people who who believed and I I don't get it. I've been trying to think like you know and I'm sure that there are people listening. Who who've observed this thing that we're describing and have probably also felt frustrated or are experiencing it firsthand that too and one thing to talk about it like. Yeah it's terrible Hino so my my my next always like what can we do about it? And I've been giving some thought to that like we're really fortunate to live in Washington state where our state really is taking the lives of people seriously like the lives of workers and at an detailing a reopening plan that that puts public health and safety. I and is dictated by science and rushed. Yes and total side. Note what you're saying but like the reason we moved here right when you and I were considering where would we like to move to buy a house? We realized really quickly that we couldn't move to a place that didn't support obamacare. Because you and I get. Our healthcare through Obamacare self-employed. Well it turns out. There's a direct one to one correlation between states that supported obamacare and the versus states. That for ideological reasons didn't support Obamacare and states. That are now doing right by their people in this time and policing their health may over everything else and their safety and their personal well-being. Yeah and so. We're fortunate to live in a state that's like that but like the decision was already kind of made for us because we were forced to live in a state like this are healthcare anyway. And it's like this like self-reinforcing thing right lake. There are just states that do better and better and better for the people that live inside of them and then there are states that do worse and worse and worse for the people to live inside of them and it's not lake states like where we live like you know they're taxing span liberals and everyone's going broke. Give me a break man. We live in Washington state. We have Amazon. We have Boeing. We have KOSCO we have. We have hundreds magazine. Oh Yeah Oh yeah. Our state is doing unbelievably well financially. It's just an ideological decision. Do you want to take care of Abel or do not WanNa take care of your people and there are places that are like now screw you. Yeah so then thinking about like what can we do to? What can we do and like? I mean we can call our Congress people but I've actually been thinking about this like I think I think I'll make a call to our Congress person tomorrow like as far as our Congress concerned like Washington state are people are being taken care of because of our government is doing a good job for us right but like I want. Our Congress person to be advocating in the next stimulus bill that the congress passes I want our Congress person to represent the notion that not that people in states. That aren't handling this with the public in mind. I should be protected in the next like we should be using. I want our congressperson to use whatever power. He has to influence the bill so that people are taking care of like maybe the federal government. Yeah the be people who you know. Who's WHO's jobs are asking them to come back to work. But they feel unsafe could could qualify for the unemployment benefits. Maybe that could be part of it. You Know I. I'm not sure exactly what looks like but like the rest of us those of us who live in places that are privileged enough to to beat to be in a place where we're science and experts and public health are leading the way. I would like to see us. Come to the aid of the people who are living in places where that's not the case. I'm on board. Yeah preach baby stressful to think about that. I I get news alerts on my phone for better. Or worse with my. I don't have the sound. The sound turned on my phone so I don't get an millennial wife any sounds but I see the screen light up. And I'm like before I look like is it bad. Is it good. It's bad but I saw two two headlines backed booth from NPR. Today on my on my phone and one was. I took a picture. Because it was just so like the first one says an ousted scientist says in a whistleblower complaint that trump officials opposed his early calls for current events preparedness and the second one right below it says the White House Corona Virus Times floors will wind down. Its work around Memorial Day according to Vice President Pence. And I'm like okay. This is lake not suiting up for the game and then bailing in the second inning. Not showing up the way you need to be prepared to meet this challenge at all and and then bailing like because they want to be done. They're going to disband the like the feeling anywhere. I wouldn't say I've been missing work. Bob Yeah I just. I'm left kind of speechless. Like your plan is just to quote unquote reopen the country. To just let people die because they don't care about that and then surely the third part of that plan would then be to make sure that testing doesn't happen. Make sure that there's not enough test to go around. So they can't count so they can't remember people and can't report on the people who are dead. Although there in their own internal predictions right now are estimating that by June which is like one month away slightly less than one month away right now. The number of deaths per day on average nationwide is going to double from where it's at right now around fifteen hundred to over three thousand deaths per day. That's a nine eleven every every fucking day and and we're okay with that. Apparently I'm not okay with that. I'm not okay with that either. It's just wild to me. It's wild to me. The people could think that that's an acceptable way to live your life as a human being. You know I've been seeing the fringe ear. Parts of my connections on social media posting some disturbing things lately too with these like quote unquote protests about you know their astroturf protests about what about reopening states? You know people that are showing up with their guns on state capitals roots protests. If you don't know people with the term astroturf means it means it's like fake grassroots right because like fake pastor so the idea is that like it's not genuinely lake all these good right wing people coming together for a common cause. These are being funded by extraordinarily rich people and are being organized centrally by a couple of people like single website there was there was a certain format of website a couple of weeks ago when I came out it was like like Minnesota stay home. Protest DOT COM and it will be Florida in Vermont Alabama. They were all registered by the same person in Florida. And then he basically just like. He's seated them all over the place. You just doing posts on social media like hey do you want to do a franchise of this. I've got everything set up. Here's what you say. Here's how you do. Yeah like their posters are printed out there the same lake and yeah it's just yes so it's not it's not like it's anything real but with the protests that I've seen these people posting things about like just conspiracy theory off the wall lake the viruses some owning allowed shiner and Bill Gates is going to use it to microchip you with a vaccine accolade that kind of B. S. and like I've seen it proper pop up from time to time. I do my best to try to report all those posts fake news on facebook. I don't know if it doesn't good or not Ernest Way. Ladies and gentleman but you know I think it's something to be aware of like. Yeah look look I understand. I understand a friend. Sent me one of these conspiracy directly sent me a conspiracy person yet so had to figure out how to Lake respond kind and Compassionate Way and so I had to really spend some time with this today to talk to my friend about this and look. I understand that this is a this. This thing that we're all going through is a big effing deal. It's a big trauma. It is bigger than anything. Any of US alive has experienced unsure people and surely people wanted to go away. They want to figure out an explanation. It feels so uncertain. Nobody can see into the future about how it's GonNa end like so much of it is so it is out of our control you know and so. I understand the impulse. I really genuinely understand the impulse to want to try to find the behind the curtains. You know secret reason for all of it. The T to have an answer. Yeah you know. I think it's the same kinds of reasons. Why a lot of people you know can can be can succumb to like really off the wallet. Cultist beliefs you know like yes. Life is weird and uncertain sacrificed and worship the moon. One thousand years ago trying to find something to to to feel like they're a little bit more certain about it in control and in more in control of it and look. We're not so I understand. The impulse don't sacrifice virgins by the way we saw the greatest. Matthey most sorry for this rabbit trail. We have to tell you. We've been doing movie nights once a week to give ourselves days off and we found this great little indie flick on Amazon. Like a south by southwest. Jury finalist. Or something like that Sundance. I think. Gosh what was it called? That was called extraordinary extraordinary. Here's from Ireland. Oh my gosh. It's about a woman who can Exercise Ghosts and also. She's very lonely in sweet. And and there's a. There's this washed up Lake rocker from the seventy S. Who's trying to have a comeback in the ways trying to have his comeback is through satanic rituals to gain dark power. And it's so sweet funny. Oh Yeah like I recommend it highly. Guess I know we just use the word satanic rituals in the same sentence as sweet and funny but there you got because the guy has to try to find a virgin sacrifice hit number one exactly. Just that's how you do that anyway. Go see extraordinary but yes I get I get. I get the impulse and I think that we're all going to have to. We're all going to have people in our lives that there are people in my life who are posting weird. Weird stuff that like you know. We're probably all going to have to deal with you know with how to how to confront those topics when they come up because we really don't. We don't need a whole swath of the population being unwilling to be vaccinated. When vaccine comes do or is ready because they are thinking it's going to be some ploy to get them under the control of global government. Chataway go global elite. We don't need that to happen. That's bad that's very very bad so it's funny like we have this friend one of my oldest friends. My best friend from childhood is still basically my best friend and he has worked in some capacity with or for the State Department for like twenty twenty five years now and his whole saint always. He's like man. You can't even like coordinate a lunch at the State Department. These people couldn't do a conspiracy if you gave them a trillion dollars and permission. That's fantastic. Yeah yeah so I do feel worried about that. And I'm working on figuring out how to compassionately communicate truth and reason amidst people's you know mad grappling for understanding in weird places. I understand that we feel like we. Need anchors people but they have to be actual anchors rooted in something tangible and solid. Yeah yes so you know. People conspiracy theories loud thule rules. Yeah Great Brad. Spread of the week was the single last Friday Y'All a lot of you. Listening here helped us make video for it and it came together just so much better than I could have imagined when we editor Shannon Curtis job but I think what I mean by came together better than I could have imagined was just seeing everybody's dreams and hopes put together very sweet and it just there was really powerful to see everybody. You know whispering their dreams allowed and in in in the aggregates and It was really cool if you haven't seen it yet You can go to your my facebook page through Shaming Curtis Dot net. It's all there. Go there to fundraisers there to did we mention. We're doing a fundraiser. People just tuning in Shannon Curtis Dot net. We could We could use the support. We're looking for people to sign up for monthly recurring contributions. It's inexpensive. It's very doable. We're looking for a mass of people to lake with everything else. We do in our lives or not asking a few people to do a lot. We're asking a bunch of people to do a little called crowdsourcing. Everything we do in our lives is based on the principle of crowd. Sourcing we try to do as much good in the world as we can for as many people as possible and we ask the people who find what we do to be valuable if they're in a position to do so to please support us to yes and it's like this wonderful circle. Yes so over. Speaking of well. Kind of your. You mentioned that we're asking for you. Know Lots people. The goal for this fundraiser is to get one hundred fifty people. During the fundraiser period to become supporting members of our misfit stars Patriot community goals a little bit. Because we have some goals. We have great with three goals. The first goal is fifty people for the goals are fifteen hundred hundred fifty. It's easy we're not even talking dollars. We're talking people women's fifty human so when we get fifty supporters during this fundraiser period. We will reach goal one. We do that that first of all I was just going to give us sort of like the basic foundational support to finish this record that we started before the pandemics came totally and entered to get that out in the world. And also sprinkles on tap what we're GONNA do When we reach that fifty fifty person threshold is it. Jamie and I are going to Then start doing monthly acoustic concerts. We're Jamie's going to play board. Yup and I'M GONNA Sing Shannon Curtis songs but you all are misfit. Stars community are GONNA be the people that select the songs for the playlist each month. So we're going to play the songs that she wanted to hear once a month. It'll be a concert. That is a live stream. Live streamed on facebook and open to the public and free for anybody who wants to come in and enjoy. So we're going to do that when we hit goal one which I think is GonNa be really fun and we're doing kind of kind of a little preview of what that's going to be like during our our live broadcasts with the piano in the kitchen. Yes like one do. We may not do the concerts in the kitchen. I mean the lighting still going to be there soon to do it in front of Jones painting just set up some lights. That'd be beautiful. It done done done. So how could even sit on a real chair? I'm bill Tuesday hairbrush chances singing into a hairbrush. It's so cute. It's a great goal to goal to goal to. Oh my gosh cool twos. The threshold is one hundred humans. So once we get to a hundred supporters in our fundraiser Again your respective Dollar amount contributed. When you support you come in at five bucks a month you come in one hundred bucks a month. We've already had people at both ends of that spectrum just today so really anywhere you can come in Please do hundred amazing. If you've got it like that we could use it. Thanks Great There's a wonderful level called a buck day. It's thirty one dollars so it looks weird when you see because thirty one a month. I was like why they do thirty one. It's a dollar a day. The idea is do you have a dollar a day and in June we get dollars one of the days because it's thirty amount seamer really November. There's there's there's a little rhyme point let me get two hundred supporters. What we're going to do is we're going to commit to making a second in twenty twenty four lengths studio album. We usually do one full length studio album middle of June in there. We're also going to a second full length studio album full production big album and that's GONNA BE. It's we're calling it for now the pandemic album and it's going to be about disappearance we're all having and we're going to be soliciting experiences stories from our support of community that's you. That's you listening right now. So basically like the first step in making this album is going beat well first of all funding getting to that hundred supporter level But the first step will be research and the research will involve US asking you all asking the people in our community about specific experiences and we will. We will figure out how to How to how to gather those stories from you how to gather those emotions from you so doing the research will essentially. I'm imagining that. That will end up with a pile of stories experiences. You know from lots of different people that will then comb through and find the threads of commonality and write songs and put together album based on on that which is pretty cool like that like we were saying earlier. This is a big deal that we're living through there many nights. I go to bed and for some reason when my head hits the pillow. I had this moment of realization a realization where I'm like we're living in a global pandemic. How weird you know like. It's just one of those. It's a moment in the day where I had that realization. It's a big deal and and I feel is really important to us as artists to make a record to honor that honor the experience that we're all having and to make a record of what are experiencing this time. Is You know kind of document the kind of record that we make literally record. It's true you were talking more about a documentation documentation. Yes to make a mark. You know a mark of like we were here. And it's like the scratching your name and do a urinal of Shannon was here. I was thinking more of like lovers on a tree. So that's the goal to. I hope we reach it. Because I'm I'm really eager to explore that possibility and then goal three goal. Three is going to be amazing. So full three is if we can get you know what? Let's not say if let's say win. Okay when when we reach one hundred and fifty supporters. We're imagining. We're hoping that the amount of monthly support we will have crewed by then from those one hundred fifty supporters for playing the averages. Were hoping in assuming that it will have reached a level where there will be less stress on us to forage for our daily subsistence meaning. Hopefully that we'll have more time than we can use to turn around and help other people and specifically the way that we want to do this is I have particular skills as a mix engineer. Mastering Engineer For for making albums with four people and something that will be able to do. Hopefully starting this summer is to just donate my time to other working musicians. Other people like us who have had their incomes devastated by this pandemic by the fact they can no longer go out. Do do shows tour make their income. The way they need to make if I could help people like that make recordings. Yep You know mix it for them so it sounds amazing master. If they've already made it themselves do both they need me whatever to give them a world class. Something Product Evan. They can take back out into the world to their people to give them something to sell to make money to keep telling their story to generate income. Yup and that could be just an absolutely amazing way to pay forward. Yes the generosity showing us in this time by supporting our fundraiser. Yes Shannon Curtis Dot net job to add at the Santa. Live that yeah. I'm excited about that. And I really you know our community funded a pay it forward level last year which we're still working on your still. We're still working on With the artists that we chose yeah and to be able to do a whole lot more of that too ticket to spend however many months we are all social distancing and not able to leave our houses and all that kind of stuff to be able to spend that time not just like twiddling their thumbs but to actually be able to invest our time and your talents in helping other people move forward with their own creative work. Wow that'd be so cool would be amazing and those of you who are supporting us supporting me and Jamie. You're helping make that happen coolest thing. That's the ultimate goal. Yeah so that's neat. I thank you those of you. Who helped make the first day Really awesome because it was really awesome because it was. We did a Lotta Jamie broadcast with US people. If you're not on tune in on the facebook seven thirty PM west coast time. Ten Thirty PM east It's on facebook dot com slash Shannon. Kay Curtis at Shannon's personal profile. And we do this thing Jamie. Okay where while we're on the broadcast anyone who contributes at a ten dollar a month or higher level you get to pick a song from the eighties preferably and if I'm assuming I know it I'll look lyrics online. As long as I know what the Melody to sing a look lyrics and I will sing one verse and one chorus. I'm not the singer in the family. Enthusiastic Hell Oh. You pulled off trance-like like a bad ass today. Thanks you really did. Did thanks appreciate that. Yes John to an end some. Mj It's true is all really good. That's ten dollars twenty bucks a month or more And you get to recruit and you'll get to request a Shannon Curtis Song Special request which we will rehearse and perform for Yvonne the following nights broad. Because I've got to learn the piano part that's right. That's not a spur of the moment. Kind of thing And that could be there are some. Maybe they could be simple. See You know. I want to mention that. There are some people listening who were early supporters. Twenty dollars a month or higher. Just because you're not coming in on that during our fundraiser period. I don't want you to left out so if you want to request a song we want to play your song guests on the live broadcast and let us know or someone of us an email and we'll figure it out. We're not going to play it if you're not on the broadcast because if you want to do it get broadcast and join US often. Yes that's right that's right. So what do you think well you know. We talked a lot today. I'm just about done talking. Yeah yeah real quiet around the rest of the night. Yeah this is going to go to our respective rooms. I'm GONNA edit a podcast with my head on pro tools. I'll be okay. You all thank you very much for spending some time with us today And for new listeners. By the way say that you're listening for the first time because you just joined up today and you got the email yeah This is not exactly the normal podcast you know. Sometimes we have structure. Sometimes we have like actual topics dive deep into. Don't expect that for the rest of this month though yes fundraiser. Time is different but we will get back to our regularly. Scheduled deep thoughts after fundraiser is over But you all thank you for giving us your ears and your time and I hope that you have a great week. Take good care of yourselves. Very much and Please come join us on live. Broadcast love the company. We'll see you guys spy but.

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Jeffrey Dahmer Special Pt. 1


38:20 min | 1 year ago

Jeffrey Dahmer Special Pt. 1

"PODCAST listeners get ready to feast your ears on this. You know the name but the you we know the whole story join us for an exclusive three parts special event dissecting the true tale of one of America's most heinous serial killers. Jeffrey Dahmer Dahmer. All three episodes are hosted by Greg in Vanessa from serial killers and colts and can now be heard within any of podcasts. True crime related shows so. put down the Ham past the figgy pudding and make some room for Dahmer. Due to the graphic nature of this killer's alerts crimes listener discretion is advised. This episode includes discussions of murder assault sexual situations and animal cruelty that some people may find offensive. We advise extreme caution for children under thirteen. I would like to say to Jeffrey Down with that. He don't know the pain the hurry loss and the mental state that he put the family. You took my seventeen year old son away from me. I'll never get a chasse jumping. Have Chess Challenge that I love and the last time I saw which took me a year tomorrow and I just wanted to know you know. Just y you know why would it be and so this. Is You ever see my mother again. Jeffrey and those were the families of Jeffrey Dahmer Victims Coming Face to face with the killer during a sentencing hearing throughout the two week televised is trial. A paraded. Psychiatrists took the stand trying to answer the question on everyone's tongues why the experts described described Dahmer with a litany of diagnoses paraphernalia borderline personality skits typo sexual sadist. The media pride into his family history trying to pinpoint the trauma that turned a normal boy into a cold blooded killer but is there any way to explain how Dahmer could drug kill mutilate and cannibalize seventeen young men or was he. He just born evil was he. Simply as one victim sister called him the pure devil that walks streets. Hi I'm Greg Olsen and I'm Vanessa. Richardson every Monday. Vincent I co host serial killers apar- cast original this week. podcast asked his giving our listeners. A holiday gift of three episodes special on Jeffrey Dahmer. The Milwaukee accountable many of you have asked for this and for good the reason Dahmer is one of the most infamous serial killers in recent history between nineteen seventy eight and nineteen ninety-one. He killed seventeen seventeen young men and turned his Milwaukee apartment into a shrine of human remains all while remaining totally undetected dead by the police. At podcast we're grateful for you. Our listeners you allow us to do what we love. Let us know how we're doing reach out on facebook and Instagram at podcast and twitter at podcast network. And if you enjoyed today's episode the best way to help us to leave a five star review wherever you're listening it really does help in this episode. We're looking at Dahmer's origins. The psychological and cultural factors that led to his first murder will try to understand how a child from a normal loving midwestern family became a compulsive killer. Next in part to. We'll we'll tackle the question of how he kept killing for over a decade without getting caught. We'll explore his many failed attempts to stop himself. And the red flags eggs that wedding word by his family psychiatrists neighbors and the Milwaukee police in part three will discuss the downward spiral that finally led to Dahmer's arrest will also look at his place in the cultural consciousness and why he became such a source of fascination for true true crime fans like us like all serial killers. Jeffrey Jeffrey Dahmer was at least partially a product of his environment. But unlike many of those other killers his childhood was relatively normal and free of trauma drama. He was born into a middle-class Midwestern family with two parents who loved him despite a few unproven rumors that swirled after his arrest. Dahmer maintains that he was never abused in any way. The factors that shape this man into a monster or wider than his own individual circumstances. They were rooted in Racism Homophobia police misconduct and a host of other social issues. That can be difficult to confront so in searching searching for the root of Dahmer's Behavior Society was forced into a deeply uncomfortable self-reflection Dahmer's crimes displayed the failings of the the culture. He lived in and how dangerous those failings can be if left unaddressed but to understand where all those cultural factors come went to play. We have to start at the very beginning. Jeffrey Dahmer Childhood was not perfect but it was perfectly ordinary after after his birth in May nineteen sixty his mother Joyce recorded all his milestones in a baby's scrapbook for his first few years he was a healthy healthy happy toddler. Joyce on the other hand had a hard time coping as a new mother. She had a history of anxiety and depression and the stress. Raising a child didn't help she and Jeff's father Lionel argued incessantly from the moment the baby was born. Lionel a chemist was working being toward his PhD. He spent nearly all of his time at the lab to avoid dealing with Joyce's unstable moods so jeff was mostly left alone with his mother who was sometimes so depressed. She couldn't even get out of bed to make matters worse. The Dahmer family was constantly up rooted due to Lionel's research not long. After Jeff was born. The family moved from Milwaukee to Ames Iowa then to Doylestown Ohio then again to the rural bath township all in the span of eight years the frequent moves did not help him socially as early as first grade. His teacher noted that he was withdrawn uncommunicative and seemed deeply unhappy. He never engaged in conversation with the other children and during recess he just walked around the playground by himself. In fact Lionel Dahmer had already noticed these problems. Jeff often sat motionless for long periods of time and spoke without any facial expression even as a toddler. He didn't enjoy playing games with others instead he preferred games. Whose rules were highly defined and non-confrontational Games Games full of repetitious actions like hide-and-seek Lionel didn't think much of it? He assumed jeff was just shy and he would grow out of it eventually. However these behaviors might have been early signs of developmental or personality disorder? Vanessa is going to take over on the psychology here and Anthony the episode. Please note Vanessa is not a licenced psychiatrist or psychologist but she has done a lot of research for the show. Thanks Greg as has an adult dahmer was diagnosed with a combination of schizoid Schizo Typo and antisocial personality disorders the most prominent of these he's was schizoid. According to the DSM five this disorder is marked by a pattern of detachment from social relationships and a restricted did range of emotional expression someone with schizoid personality. Disorder will be uninterested in forming close relationships prefers spending time signed by themselves and have difficulty expressing their emotions either verbally or through body language Dahmer's flat expression and unwillingness willingness to socialize fit these criteria perfectly. But there's also another possibility worth mentioning schizoid personality. Disorder is incredibly difficult fickle to distinguish from autism spectrum disorder formerly known as Asperger's Syndrome in fact adults with autism spectrum disorder or A. ISD are often misdiagnosed with personality. Disorders because the symptoms can appear nearly identical according to psychiatrist j Arturo Silva A DIAGNOSIS OF A. ISD would fit dahmer because his social problems were rooted in an inability to participate in the interests of others or reciprocate societal behavior people with a ISD tend to have very intense and restricted interests which often involve mechanical tasks rigid rules and structures and repetitive actions. Just like the kind of games. The young Dahmer preferred in many cases the intense interest of people with with a ast can be normal mundane hobbies like stamp collecting or computer programming for Dahmer. It was collecting bones throughout his childhood. Jeff's father tried to get him interested in everything from playing tennis to join the boy scouts but after briefly humoring humoring Lionel's requests. Jeff always abandoned these hobbies. The only thing he seemed interested in was dissecting dead animals lytle who of course was as a chemist didn't see anything wrong with this. He took it as a sign. That jet was interested in science one evening during dinner. Ten Year Old Jeff asked his father. Father what would happen if they took the chicken bones and put them in bleach. Lionel jumped on this as an opportunity to connect with his son. After dinner he collected the scraps and showed Jeff how to put them in a bleach solution to separate the bones from the flesh. It was a lesson Jeff Jeff would keep with him for the rest of his life. Happy moments like this. Were increasingly rare in the Dahmer household. Joyce was taking king massive doses of sedatives to cope with anxiety often. When Jeff came home from school in the afternoons she would still be asleep in bed when she was awake doc she and Lionel were having screaming matches throwing objects at each other and musing about a divorce? The tension reached a breaking point in July nineteen seventy eighty when Joyce was hospitalized in a mental ward for a month. Jeffrey called. It made me feel on edge unsure of the solidity of the family. I decided early on that. I wasn't ever going to get married. 'cause I never wanted to go through anything like that. Jeff blamed himself for his mother's emotional problems problems. He knew that she'd been depressed. Ever since he was born so he concluded that his birth was the cause of distress family mediator. Kathleen O'CONNELL Corcoran says that because so much marital conflict may be related to the stress of parenting. Children often feel that somehow l.. Their behavior contributed to it so instead of sharing his troubles with his family and causing even more attention he retreated further into his own private world. He invented solitary game called infinity. Land it involved marching little stick figurines around a black hole represented by tightly drawn spiral if the figures touched each other they would be swallowed up by the black hole and obliterated we should be careful not to draw too many conclusions from ten year olds imaginary game but in hindsight the implications here seem obvious in infinity land. Any kind of closeness or contact would result in total destruction as a child. Jeff solution to this feeling when was to keep himself as far away from others as possible but human interaction can't be avoided forever and as he entered his teenage years that mutual destruction started to seem inevitable up next. We'll look at Dahmer's ill-fated high high school years and his first taste of violence now back to the story by the time Jeffrey Dahmer Started High School. All in one thousand. Nine hundred seventy four. He'd figured out how to keep anyone from getting too close. He rolled into school wearing army fatigues and generally kept to himself except in moments of bizarre class clown ary bleeding like a goat drink class pretending to have epileptic seizures the kind of stupid pranks classmates mate's referred to as doing dahmer. As we mentioned earlier Dahmer's strange behavior could be a sign of any of the several personality disorders. He was is diagnosed with or possibly autism spectrum disorder in any case he clearly had no regard for social conventions. It certainly didn't help. Petty started drinking at age fourteen than before long he was downing a pint of liquor a day. He kept a bottle of GIN and his locker than filled up a Styrofoam Cup to disip on during class of the rare occasion. When anyone asked what he was drinking he simply replied my medicine while most teenagers would think? Think of alcohol as a social lubricant for Dahmer. It was a way to disconnect even further from the world around him biographer. Brian Masters wrote that. By this this point he had given up on the idea of contact and already secretive himself from the world. The new character he now displayed to the world. That of the unpredictable prankster was an invention manufactured to conceal and submerge his real self beyond detection and Dan concealing his real self was an urgent matter at around the same time he started drinking. Dahmer also realized he was gay being gay he was not really an option in nineteen seventies Ohio. In dumbers words it was something that was to be kept hush hush not talked about not even even thought about so. He kept it secret constructing yet another barrier between himself and the rest of the world. This was irrational choice. Choice to avoid discrimination and violence but it didn't mean he was free from psychological stress according to Alon h Meyer and Laura Dean at the Columbia. Be a school of public health. Queer individuals can be affected by internalized homophobia the direction of negative social attitudes toward the Self Alf leading to internal conflicts and poor self regard hiding one sexuality can protect against discrimination but those negative of social attitudes can become self generating and persist even when individuals are not experiencing direct external evaluation in fact psychologist Joanne Placido notes that self concealment is related to increase physical and psychological symptoms of stress us and negative attitudes and feelings towards same sex attraction in oneself have been linked to depression alcoholism and other substance abuse for the fourteen year. Old Jeff Dahmer. It also led him deeper into its favorite hobby dissecting dead animals. He started collecting road. Kill Bill and taking the animals back to the shed behind the family house where he would cut them open and separate the bones from the flesh just like his father had shown him notably. Dahmer never killed animals himself or hurt them while they were alive. He was apparently driven by curiosity not cruelty in his own words. I wanted to see what the insides looked like so I cut it open if all had gone well. Dahmer would've made an excellent taxidermist but before long he was wondering what it would take to cut open a person now that he had his daydreams about dissecting dead dead man on one hand and his daydreams about sleeping with a living man on the other. It was only a matter of time before the wires got crossed eventually dead bodies. These started to crop up in his sexual fantasies. These urges would be classified as NECROPHILIA. A sexual interest in deceased bodies or body body parts. What causes necrophilia isn't exactly known? But it's often related to a need for control psychiatrists. Jonathan P rosman awesome and Philip J resnick found that among the one hundred twenty two cases they studied the most common motive was to possess an unresisted assisting and on rejecting partner. This makes sense for Dahmer whose home life was spiralling out of control and who social life was nearly nonexistent stant. According to psychiatrist William H J Martins and George B Palermo Dahmer's social isolation led to extreme loneliness along along with sentiments of failure. Shame low self esteem feelings of rejection and of not being good enough for others because he he felt unwanted and incapable of relating to others. He fantasized about situations where he wouldn't have to be wanted and where he would have have complete control over his partner at age. Sixteen in Nineteen seventy-six. Dahmer found the perfect target for these violent fantasies. He's there was a Jogger who ran past his house every day like clockwork. Dahmer didn't have any designs on killing or mutilating soccer. All he wanted to do was lying next to him and cuddle really but the only foreseeable way that would happen as he knocked the man unconscious so once that idea had taken root. It blossomed into a fully-fledged fantasy. How would he do it? Hit The jogger over the head drag him into the woods lie there with him until he woke up only minimal harm done. Of course. Dahmer wasn't actually going to do this every time he thought about putting his plan into action he chicken out but he had an eye for patterns. Wendy couldn't ignore that the jogger kept running by day after day until after a few weeks jeff finally worked worked up the nerve by this point. Dahmer Strategy was already planned out to the detail right before the jogger was due to make his rounds he concealed himself behind the bushes with a baseball bat and waited and waited but the jogger never showed for the first time in weeks he had taken a rest day. Dahmer was so thrown off by the change in routine. He just went home. His first attempt at a violent assault had been thwarted but it was only a matter of time until things boiled over during his final years of high school. His life spiraled even further out of Control Lionel and Joyce finally pulled the trigger on a divorce in nineteen seventy eight and Lionel moved out while they're lawyers fought over. Who would keep the house? Jeff had turned eighteen by this point but the parents parents battled viciously for custody of his twelve year. Old Brother David. Jeff had never been especially tied to the world around him but during the divorce proceedings. He disconnected entirely what his parents were fighting. He went out into the backyard and hit sticks against the trees until they broke at school school. He was usually too drunk. Steak parent let alone finish his work and none of the teachers even seem to care. There were still occasional flashes rushes of his old prankster self during a class trip to Washington. DC He called the office of Vice President. Walter Mondale and somehow arranged a private tour of the White House for himself and a few of his friends he even went to Prom although he ditched his date disappeared for an hour and came back drunk explaining that he went to McDonald's to get a cheeseburger but for the most part during senior year just classmates described him as hollow. Hello removed when he wasn't around they gossip about how he'd eventually snapped and either kill himself or kill someone else they. They weren't wrong. According to Martin's and Palermo loneliness is a significant trigger for violent behavior and Dahmer was showing most of the warning signs depression. Social withdrawal a chaotic family life and substance abuse if those signs are recognized early children and adolescents can be helped before they grow into violent adults. Unfortunately Dahmer's parents and teachers were sorely unfit for the task. A few weeks before graduation in the spring of Nineteen seventy eight a teacher mistress Mesko was walking walking out to his car after school. He saw Jeff Dahmer sitting alone on the grass working his way through a twelve pack of beer three cans were already empty but but he did not look like he was having a good time. Mr Semes- Co told Jeff. Four years too late that he shouldn't be bringing alcohol to school he'd He'd have to report it to the guidance counselor. Jeff responded he was having a lot of problems and he'd already told the guidance counselor about it mistress amezcua reasonably reasonably assume. The problems were related to Jeff's parents divorce so he didn't bother to pry any further he left and let Jeff continue his solitary solitary picnic. It seems inconceivable that this kind of behavior could go ignored for so long. Multiple Teachers had seen Jeff drinking liquor liquor during class which was not only dangerous but illegal even the school librarian had voiced concerns about Jeff's lack of social adhesion and and yet nothing was done it. The school counselor had bothered to intervene. Dahmer could have been helped before he became a danger to himself and others according to the American Counseling Association. While counselors typically aren't licensed psychiatrists. They can teach coping skills to help students avoid internalizing their negative emotions before their inner turmoil turns into aggression a study by the University of Chicago. How go found that counseling programs that focused on self-regulation impulse control and taking personal responsibility for behavior significantly? McKinley helped to reduce violence within schools. But in the nineteen seventies in rural Ohio. There was a lot less awareness about mental health and its connection to violence. One of Dahmer's classmates compared their town to the movie. The STEPFORD wives they were pretending that everything was wonderful and life was perfect. But that wasn't wasn't the truth of what was going on. Beneath aside problems like drug abuse and suicide were commonplace but went totally ignored as one example. The School Faculty address the problem of students smoking cigarettes and marijuana during class by creating a designated smoking area outside and despite the gossip about when Dahmer would finally snap no one really believed he was dangerous. One high school friend later recalled he was obviously obviously pretty damaged. From the get-go there was strange behavior going on but he was a smart guy and he just made us laugh he continued on it. It didn't surprise me that he became a serial killer but he wasn't my first choice from our class when I heard the news that classmate was accused of being a serial killer. Dahmer was my second guess. We can only hope that the first pick got the help that Dahmer didn't. We tend to talk about students like Dahmer slipping clipping through the cracks. As long as they keep to themselves and don't cause any serious trouble teachers will turn a blind eye to their behavior problems mental health. or we're learning disabilities but in this case there weren't really any cracks to slip through. There was no system in place at all to handle troublesome awesome behavior before it got out of hand. When the school year ended in May of Nineteen seventy-eight Jeff barely slid by and graduated over the summer summer while Lionel enjoys were finalizing their divorce? Joyce took young David and moved to Wisconsin line was still living on his own at a motel about ten miles away which meant Jeff had the house to himself now literally abandoned by his entire family. Dahmer's sense of rejection kicked into overdrive. He later recalled. It was at this time that he remembers having strong desires of not wanting to have people leave him and he began hating to sleep alone at night with nothing else to occupy. His time. Jeff's mind was haunted by fantasies about that. Jogger he'd come so close to attacking his desire for closeness with another person was growing stronger until it consumed almost every moment of his day and with those innocent thoughts the darker urges to kill and dismember were never are far behind. He tried to push the violent thoughts down by drinking. This became a self perpetuating cycle. The the more he drank the deeper he was drawn into his inner world and there was no one around to pull him out at this point he'd lost nearly really all hope for a sexual outlet that didn't involve hurting killing or otherwise incapacitating people but he thought but if he somehow stumbled doubled upon a willing partner. Say a handsome hitchhiker from out of town. He could handle that without any violence. He could just pick the hitchhiker up. Invite him back to his place for a few beers and there were a few different ways. Things could go from there but at least a few of them didn't end with any casualties. This was a pretty tame fantasy compared to the rest and it would have been fairly realistic if there were more gay hitchhikers in rural Ohio but as it stood. Dahmer resigned himself to the fact that his dreams would never become reality for the first few weeks after graduation. Jeff fell into a steady and solitary routine waking up drinking himself into a stupor and falling asleep. One afternoon in the middle of June he decided to live and things up by driving to a theater to see a movie and as he was driving home at about five o'clock that evening he saw aw alone figure in the evening Sun Walking along the side of the road. A young hitchhiker shirtless in the summer heat. Jeff Jeff couldn't believe it dreams. Do come true coming up. Jeffrey Dahmer's fantasy turns into a nightmare. Now back to the story. Nineteen year old. Stephen Mark Hicks was on his way to Chippewa Hip Wall Lake Ohio. For a rock concert. It was thirty miles west from his home in Coventry Township. Too Far to walk but not too far to Hitchhike by five PM. He had made to bath township which was sixteen miles. North Not West in finding another ride in the right direction was proving difficult difficult. He stuck out his thumb as another car passed. Miraculously it stopped and circled back. The driver was a young man about his age. He told Steve to hop in he didn't have anywhere to be so he could drive him all the way to Chippewa Lake actually. They had some time before the concert. Why didn't they go back to his house and have some beers before getting back on the road? His parents were out of town and he had the place to himself. Stephen accepted the driver introduced himself as Jeff Dahmer at the Dumber House Jeff Steven grabbed a few beers from the fridge which was otherwise empty than took them up to jeff spectrum as it turned turned out but two of them had both graduated from high school. Earlier that month Stephen had just turned nineteen he'd liked rock music and he was on his way to meet up with with his girlfriend just like that. Dahmer's hopes came crashing down. This was the perfect chance encounter. He'd been dreaming of for months a good-looking hitchhiker from the next town. Over right around his age they get along. Well they're alone together her having a good time and it would only end in rejection. Steven had his girlfriend and Jeff would be alone forever. After a couple of hours. The Sky was getting dark and Stevens. said he'd better get back on the road that that was when Jeff snapped. He couldn't let him leave. He couldn't bear another rejection so he grabbed a bar rebel and hit Stephen. In the back of the head. Stephen was still conscious. He started fighting back and Jeff panicked. He knocked Stephen over the head again. Then pressed the bar bell against his throat strangling him until he stopped breathing two hours ago. Jeff thought he'd met the love of his life now. He was standing over a dead body in his parents house else. This was a disaster. But maybe things weren't all bad at least Steven didn't leave. He was still here. Andy wasn't going anywhere. Jeff hadn't planned to kill Stephen. He claimed that something just came over him. But even if the murder wasn't totally premeditated it was alarmingly similar to the fantasies. He'd been hiding for years and now that he's done it he was going to make make the most of the situation wants his panic subsided. Jeff laid down next to Steven's body and ran a hand over his lifeless chest just after a while he stood up and masturbated onto the court when he was done he had to confront reality. He'd killed killed a man. There was no way to undo it now. All he could do was dispose of the evidence as soon as it was dark dark he dragged Stevens body outside and stashed it in the crawlspace beneath the house until they could figure out what to do with it. He didn't sleep at all. Correct with panic over what he'd done he later recalled. I was out of my mind with fear that night. I didn't know what to do. I had gone on to such an extreme. The next morning he went down into the crawlspace with a knife he hunched over and set to work dismembering in Stephen Hicks exactly as he done to dozens of animals. Before this I the arms and legs then the head then then he slid open the torso and looked inside when everything was cut up into. Manageable pieces the body parts were tossed into triple so line garbage bags jeff took the clothes and ID out into the yard and burned them in a trash barrel. So they'd never found later that night he would dump the body in the ravine about ten miles away. No one would see him and even at the body was found they never suspect him. Jeff Dahmer the quiet kid on the other side of town. After a few beers for strength he loaded the garbage bags eggs into his car at about three. AM He'd only made it a few miles down the empty rural road when he saw flashing lights in the rear view mirror error police. Jeff pulled over the cop told him he was swerving onto the wrong side of the road. Had he been drinking soon on another police car was pulling up on the shoulder. The officer had called for backup. Jeff tried to remain calm as if there wasn't a dismembered body in the back seat. Luckily he was lucid enough to ace the sobriety test. He got out of the car. Walk the line put his finger on his nose and the cops were satisfied. He was free to go then. One of the officers sniffed the air and asked what's that smell so he shined his flashlight into the back seat and the beam reflected off the black plastic bags. The officer asked what was in the trash bags bags in a stroke of inspiration. Jeff replied trash. He explained that his parents were going through a rough divorce. And they're screaming was keeping him awake. He needed to get out of the house and his mom asked him to take the trash to the earlier that afternoon so he figured he might as well use that as an excuse to take drive it. It was an impressive story. Perfectly designed to paint himself as harmless and sympathetic. The strategy worked and it would continue. Continue to keep him out of prison for thirteen years. The Cop told him the dump was closed at that hour so he'd better go back home a ticket and they were on their way if the police had bothered to look in the bags. The story of Jeffrey Dahmer would have ended. Did there instead. This same failure to intervene would repeat itself over and over in the coming years as the body count rose from one to to a dozen and more dumber recalled that night in Ohio that won impulsive night. Nothing's been normal since then. It taints your whole life after it happened. I thought that I'd just try to live as normally as possible muscle and bury it but things like that. Don't stay buried once it happens the first time it just seemed like it had control control of my life from there on in in our next episode. We'll look Dahmer's desperate attempts to keep himself from killing coming again and the moment when he finally gave in from there. His violence spiraled out of control while police social workers family and the community at large ignored. All the clues that there was a serial killer on the loose. Thanks for listening if you enjoyed this episode. So check out our podcast serial killers which you can listen to for free on spotify or wherever you listen to podcasts to stream serial killers for free on spotify. Just open the APP and type serial killers in the search bar and don't forget to follow us on facebook and Instagram at podcast and twitter at parkhouse network. We'll see next time. Dahmer is a special park has studios original episode created by Max Cutler it is executive produced used Max Cutler sound designed by Russell Mash with production assistance by Ron Shapiro Carly Madden Freddie Beckley and Joel Stein. This episode was was written by Kate. Gallagher with writing assistance by drew coal and stars. Greg Poulsen and Vanessa Richardson.

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Drought areas receiving much need precipitation

The Big Show

33:04 min | 4 months ago

Drought areas receiving much need precipitation

"It, Is the big show talking modern food, fuel and fiber production from parts of western Colorado on through the Upper Midwest down at Eastern Kentucky Eighty Peterson show today win. Away from the big show microphones spending time at the farm and get an Bob a little bit earlier. He says today's at the farm. And two days worth of rain. Don't know if I should be mad or schedule more days here, so maybe not getting much done as what he'd hoped for A. Rain in the areas of the state that desperately need it gorgeous pollination whether for the crop that is. Intended to progress across. The. Upper Midwest Nathan Fisher is here. He's got our market and weather information scheduled to visit here with them. With Kevin Ross, who is a actually winding down terms amazing? How quickly these things go as president of the National Corn Growers Association. He is out at the county. Fair today so good to hear. Some of these county fairs are going on in fact my. Home County of Jones County They're doing their modified version of the fair this week to and a lot of it virtually. It's been kind of fun to follow along with that. I mentioned. The crop continues to progress across. Not only the state of Iowa Been Nationally. We'll have some progress numbers for you, but really pretty much in line with What the trade had expected, which was a little weaker. I mean the level still nine percent. We were too good to excellent nationally. That's fallen a little bit in an Iowa. We were at eighty three percent. Numbers very, very high. In fact, the highest they've been in nearly a decade at this point in the season so. We'll get. We'll get Kevin Rogers perspective on that course. He's in the area of the state that needs the rain or needed rain as much as anything. Down there in the southwestern corner of Iowa, so we certainly look forward to that Kenny Walder's will be here. The Jones County boys are teaming up. We're GONNA talk some fuel, availability and LP availability come fall and drying season. Hopefully we won't need nearly as much of it from a farmer's perspective of course last year late, drying down and a lot more demand Kinda, put a pinch on things and caused a lot of headaches I would imagine have been upgrades. So Kenny will be here with. Jeff S to kind of fill us in on all of that, and then I, mentioned county fairs going on. We talked to Tim with the Steph Group yesterday. They were doing a livestock auction. Katie case sales is doing. What are those in Washington County course those folks were generous tractor. Kate hosts from a couple years ago, so all of that during a very busy big show today, market, wise corn, and soybeans little lower, basically started out that way and the overnight. Overnight trade last night, and have continued that way throughout the course of the day and Garett toy will be here to kind of explain to us. What's up with that? Throughout the course of the big show as well, but right now at eleven eleven on the big show clock time for us to tell you the three big things you need to know. Scaring relief as Congress continues to debate the stimulus package Collingwood CEO. The National Cattlemen's Beef Association says that they want to change a the April fifteenth cutoff for the marketed cattle that severely limited payouts and get an extension. Congress is looking at their covert stimulus. Four package than one of our requests remains that we need to extend that April fifteenth date well into June in order to try to help cover as many losses as possible, and we also hope that they'll be some more funding. That's included four. Men ordered to help fund additional payments. Now you keep in mind. That C-PAP was nineteen million dollars or so American farm bureau has asked for sixty eight billion dollars. This time around would all. Says that. Improving. The meats processing system is also on the agenda. Huge losses as as we're talking about that. In the hog industry as well, and in fact, Av Roth good friend to the big show. The National Pork Producers Council. President says that this is by far the worst financial disaster ever for American hog farmers, adding many US Har- hog farmers quote will not survive the crisis going on Congress to pass the relief for Producers Act, which provides compensation for. For farmers who are forced to euthanize or donate animals that can't be processed into the food, supplies the result of Covid, nineteen and Alice and analysis rather by economist Steve Meyer for the National Pork Producers Council shows an estimated two million hogs still backed up on the farm and he says that could mean a nearly five billion dollar disaster for the industry. Graph. Coming out from USDA NASA the weekly report, Corn Silk, or beyond reaching sixty nine percent. That's nine days ahead of last year three days ahead of the average force, the condition rating actually dropped three percent from eighty three to eighty, good excellent this week so I mean looming reach seventy four percent two weeks ahead of last year and five days ahead of the average setting pods. Pods twenty nine percent again. That's four days ahead of average conditioned rating, dropping three four percent, rather eighty three percent to seventy nine percent. Good to excellent, you can see all of the numbers out on the big show website eleven thirteen reads the big show clock, and those are the three things you need to know. In these times of uncertainty, a teen challenge of the Midlands. Much need vehicles. If you donate one, they can arrange pickup wherever you are whether you want to meet or not. All adult and Teen Challenge of the Midlands at five one five to eight eight eleven, sixty, five, or go to t C. M I D dot Org to learn more. Wealth whether time now on the big show service of our friends at the coalition to support Iowa's farmers, these folks are the foremost experts on the rules and regulations requirements on citing new barns across the state, and also being good neighbours. Say Hi to. Brian Kent Gabby and the gang at the coalition to support Iras Farmers Nathan Fisher. We say good morning to you for the first time. Let's take a look at some worldwide cropping conditions absolutely good morning Andy so look in South America harvest season for the South American countries of Brazil and Argentina should be dry for the next few days. All the way through Thursday across harvesting country there could see. Some scattered showers on Friday into early Saturday mostly in far southern areas of Brazil, but for the most part dry, otherwise temperatures there near to above normal all the way into the weekend. is not includes Argentina which had seen temperatures dipping below the freezing mark for the last couple weeks, but have begun warming up and receiving a little bit of rain after having many many weeks, with very little precipitation in central and southern areas of Argentina. Wide Weather here on the big show brought to you by the coalition to support Iowa's farmers Bob Quinn here for the coalition support Iowa's fleshing provides their services at no cost and completely confidential to help farmers successfully and responsibly manage changes on their livestock farms visit support farmers dot com to find out more. The coalition to support I was farmers. Your farm, your family their focus. And certainly hope to get back out on the road as soon as possible with those folks in recognize some good farm neighbor award winner S- across the state of Iowa. Always enjoy those presentations. I mentioned drops in the crop. Condition Rating. Sixty nine percent. Here are the specifics for you nationally at least which we can talk a little bit about this coming up. Don't seem to have. have influenced the market much of anything. It's the weather during pollination that everything is looking at at this point you know kind of. saw that last year, too, when conditioned ratings were low, not driving the market up like we thought it should. Despite those record planting delays once we got past the end of. June and the acreage number was out there if you remember. That from a year ago, anyway sixty nine percent of the corn a week ago, nationally was considered good excellent. That has dropped to fifty seven percent. there. There was a Dropped from fifty two to forty, seven percent good and from seventeen to ten percent excellent so. The, excellent category falling, but the good category falling to which means some of the good ones fair, you know dominos fall on down the line, but anyway yeah, we're at fifty seven percent nationally. Good excellent. So twelve percentage points lower. Than a week ago and as far as the silly beans go fifty four percent considered in good to excellent category nationally, that compares to sixty eight percent a week ago so. Again a significant drop of about fourteen percentage points there so I've been conditioned excellent nationally. Over the course of the past week, and I would imagine dry weather particularly in Indiana. The drought monitor came out, and it showed basically the entire State Indiana. Is Dry in fact is far as major producing states. Nine percent of the soybeans in Indiana are considered to be excellent to still quite a few in the good category, but that's a few bushels out there. That were concerned about however soybean crop wise of course. Largely dependent upon rains in August and September, so still some time to make that of corn though in Indiana. Not a whole lot better shape nine percent in the excellent category. Fifty percent is good so. Certainly killing oil only has fifteen percent excellent corn, some concern there as well. This segment of the big show has been brought to you by our friends. AT WEST COMMODITIES GO WEST DOT COM, you find fall. Matt knows folks to help you navigate during these uncertain market times and tight margin, certainly, if you need help marketing probably now more than ever go address dot com Kevin Iraq is with us in just a moment. We saved a seat for. Today's top stories in agriculture and the analysis you trust, this is the big Joe. Well our eyeballs out in the field boots on the ground. Today is Actually County Fair. Perspective that was very empathy there in pot water county hosts the site for the Great Attractor Writing Twenty nineteen. We were there little over a year ago. This guy sent me a picture actually driving in on Sunday in the rain and I would imagine he would. would repeat that performance at a heartbeat Kevin Rosca buddy president national corn. Growers Association. What's going on Kevin, May Andy thanks for having me on today. We are down at down at West Bear. here in West Baltimore County just outside counsel plus the yeah. Home, Home fairgrounds for me and I got my oldest boy showing. In the Bucket Bala Calf Day, and and just a great great chance to beat out or grounds it's. Just a tough stuff when you got. A lot of county had to be cancelled and things like that, but we a lot of a lot of folks down here that put in a lot of hard work to try to make this happen like kids get a chance to show their. Show their animals and things like that and I know that's happening across the entire state, a lot of different places that everybody's trying their best this thing so shouts all extension and pair boards, and all those folks that working hard to give give folks a chance to do these projects. And do so in a safe manner as you mentioned because these projects, obviously our year long and sometimes longer than that efforts before anybody knew cove nineteen was so. With that being said Kevin you. You're in this pocket of the state. That really needs a rain as I understand it. I tell you what we are. We've been We've got just a little bit yesterday morning. thirty, five hundred and talking to Phillip. Nebraska yesterday and I said when I'm starting to count rain hundred. So, I tell Ya, it's been It's been a real bad You know just a real rough spring when it comes to moisture down here for us and we're GONNA spot. You're just nice, just northeast of. The council area and in the hills here and man. We've We eat messing the most you know we would get was maybe a tenth, but there's a long stretch here where we haven't had much of anything at all. And and I think the numbers I've seen. You know from from Oakland, or Glenn what area you know places surrounding us. here a few weeks ago, we were four and a half to five inches below. What was normal and I can guarantee at my house. We were that more, so it's been been awful dry. anything that we've been getting here of any type of moisture is just you know felt like felt like you're. You're really lucky, but I know we're not the only ones and and we'll work through it and hopefully hopefully get a decent crop out of this thing at the end, but we'll see. We're crossing our fingers you. Yeah hundreds is one thing. If you start counting by the drop Kevin, then you know you're really desperate. We're getting. What we get going. Well. This is an area to Kevin last year. A lot of it got flooded, so it's one extreme to the other. Yeah you don't absolutely the guys that are down the Missouri. River bottom this year. you know, and that will dry out quick down there to some sandy spots so they didn't have a chance to get almost all of that stuff planet again this year. which is fantastic. There's been a couple of years. Those guys rough couple couple runs there, but a lot of folks down there real happy to see dry weather, going into spring and got a lot of that, but it all you gotTa, have the moisture throughout to sustain this deal. We're just. We're certain in that area right now, but you know you get with bat, and sometimes it's your turn. Yeah you can't control mother nature, and that's exactly the the point is as much work as everybody puts into it to try and be as precise as possible to do the right thing. Get things done on time. Other nature still holds the trump card so to speak and. I wanted to ask you to Kevin with what's going on in Congress. The the debates on the the final stimulus bill, or what they say is the final stimulus bill I'm sure you've had some input. National Corridors Association of had some input. Would you like to see come out of that? What's what? What are the needs of corn farmers here across Iowa in the country? Appreciate that question. We've you know we've been working hard and on all these different packages make sure that you know. Corn farmers are. Taking care of his best, we can I can tell you that this next package you know there are a long ways apart in the Senate and the House a couple. Million Dollars was was the last I heard on that from three to one, and then on which side of that that building you sit on, but I can tell you that we've been working hard with industry and make sure that there. Some provisions in both of these bills that would would help out. That industry is it's been hit really hard with the reduction. and. Try and make sure that we got the. Kevin you still there. It sounds like we might have any. That Yup now now I got. You sounds like almost went on nutrition. Anyway the the the other one industry we can work on getting them some dollars out there. This package and hopefully you know that'll keep those guys healthy and keep these plans grinding corn. Going into fall is your things that that desperately need to have a have these markets open and another. You know real close to me, they're they're still shut down and We gotTA GET STANTON, doors open, going into fall for sure. Well and one of the many hats you wear I. Think is a board member of one of those coops or one of those plans so. Are we making progress. Do you think towards getting those stokes back up and running again? Yeah I think so so the my plants biodiesel plants Third Wall Lake West Nile Energy and I. Tell Ya Yeah, we're making progress you know we're. We're still producing bodies up there and that industries you know been I'd say a little bit better off than than the ethanol industry is. We've gone forward here because the tax credit, but you know everybody's struggling in bio fuels right now and want to make sure we've got these markets back up. Well absolutely, and we certainly appreciate all your hard work on our behalf Kevin will let you get back to get the bucket bottle calf ready, and we'll chat again soon. How's that sound? Hey thank for. Me Off. Have, off President, National Corn Growers Association with US Today on the big show. Garrett toy takes a look. The markets coming up. Oh Man, the big show clock reads eleven thirty, five eighty Peterson at the big show today Bob Quinn away from the microphones down at the farm, getting some work done Nathan Fisher. It's year taking care of markets and weather, and the chief technician and caretaker of that pristine time piece known as the big shot clock in Bob's absence, so I imagine that thing is very very well taken care of keeping the. Polished yeah that'd be that's. That's a safe assumption than on my part. You're saying of course. Awesome Hey Garrett toys coming up here. We're GONNA talk. some markets as the crop condition ratings took a tumble nationwide. It was expected that maybe not quite as much as what actually happened yet. The market doesn't seem to react to that in just a moment, but. At. Twelve oh five today, mark your calendars. We will give you a shot to win. A thousand bucks to help. Pay Your bills and you could be a winner. Just like Brad Huff who won by listening in Solan. Oh my God. Awesome! Awesome! That's incredible well. My family and I are hanging in there It's been a little slow. I've got a business I'm trying to support the reason I'm participated in. The contest is I've heard it several times on the radio and I thought I'd just give it a shot well. I'll use a partially to help. Keep the business afloat. Hi, I'm Brad from Sola Iowa and I just WANNA. Thousand Dollars to help pay my bills just for listening to iheartradio. And that could be you hear about forty minutes from now simply by listening to the big show service that we're proud to provide helping pay your bills toy trader. Talk is here as we try taste and bills in the market place and. Boy Garrett, national lean corn and soybean ratings. Good to excellent, took a tumble, but I suppose it's all about positive pollination weather here Favorable weather, it seems like every day every morning we wake up and look at the radar in somebody's getting rain somewhere. I know stain of Iowa. The central district of West Central District in the northwestern district are on one of the drier July on record, but you know the the the areas of soft Iowa, and even some skirting into southern south central Iowa s seeing some rain this week. l.. The conditions were interesting. I think the market's trading more technical, and and they'll deal the completely. Take the heat out the phones of covered a big chunk in here. You Know I. On a daily chart that these corns a little bit overdone to the downside in here, but as we speak, you know I I was on vacation last week and we rallied and this week. I'm back in the market or down so I'll take. Me Or something. They cut me back on vacation, but As we speak, you know. We just took out last week lows here in front month corn. You Know I. Don't know if we're going to press the three twenty two area much i. Technically, it's a little bit overdone in here, but with harvest coming the clock ticking towards hires pollination, going to be over in a week to ten days two weeks yellow, and we're going to get into Phil, Phil Period I. Don't know what the catalyst is to. You'll really causes the balancing here is that you know as the the growing season? Is You know entering the? Mid to search for your mid third fourth quarter here so. Well Yeah, the USDA to this point. Garrett is US trendline yields and. The condition rating suggested more than that so in a way. Maybe they're just Kinda. Come back in line here a little bit. Well actually USDA is is forecasting trend plus five, so you know with the the the above heat heat. We had an early July. You know there was some people that were. They were scaling back Gilgal with. It's Seventy, eight, seventy nine. That's trends plus five people were were saying maybe trend plus three something like that, but you know drive? Occasion. In Iowa we saw a lot of good porn y'all in in the eastern eastern, half the state and got through pollination, and and things look good so I think the big. I think big picture is. Is You know we're getting in the end of the copier? We have to September contract. You gotTA. Lotta basis contracts. The price got a lot of contracts. The price here you know as we get into August as the first of September guys painting bins that sort of thing, y'all and I still think there's some underlying concerns about you know I'm. I'm really surprised I. Mean I think they're focusing on? Apply because you'll ever. Ever worried about demand and worried about covert and shutdown stuff like that. They'll cruise up box. You know a dollar, forty two or forty one seventy four year today you think it'd be. You'll end the little bit of support foreign, but that's whatnot but it's not so I. Mean I, think we're trading. We're trading rather trading supply right now, and we're not really you know even with the Big Horn Sale China last week. you know it really didn't move the needle that much so you'll we get this cop and the band than we? Can you put in a seasonal harvest low, or and you're at some point and and and go from there. Somebody told me. The get over into parts of Illinois. Basis levels are pretty strong positive, and in some cases double digits. Is that what you're hearing to? Oh absolutely, and that's function you. L. Taylor to corn belts. You know what I mean. Even though conditions according to actions were unchanged yesterday. There's a lot of moving parts, and and and you know Indiana. Ohio or not much gray and they had they had to prevent plant issue last year so strong basis that you're seeing. Illinois is largely a function of last year in the lack of Foreign Indiana and. And you know you saw Ohio conditions down four percent yesterday Indiana I think Actually Indiana was steady at fifty nine percent, but those markets. Are you know they're dry? They're not getting rained and they're. Starting to firm up again, what she'll kinda compound. The issue with lectures issues and that's funding support Illinois basis. Yeah, absolutely right, and that's going gonNA be a camel to point bells in you know the eastern Corbeau. They dinning on how this yields without lack rain in the dryness, you know is going to have issues again in the western ball is is is going to have plenty of point. I think South Dakota Eighty four was up. Two percent has to eighty four percent. That's the highest competition rating for South Dakota since something like two thousand four or something like that it's. It's been a while since they've been that high. Yeah and And they despite what a lot of people were talking about, they ended up getting most of their corn planet. Didn't they guarant-? the but we they got most of the corn planted. It was as much as what they thought it was going to be, but you know they. They had some prevent plan up there, but the corners in well, according to observers looks looks good. Yeah. We're GONNA talk some livestock markets to before. We're all done. We'll do that in about an hour and ten minutes in the meantime Garrett. How do we continue the conversation directly? Up For free trial at at twitter DOT DOT COM. There goes Garrett Toy our market expert here on the big show on Tuesday at trader. Talk as we see numbers. The date will bring to you here in a little bit to continuing in the red for the most part, grains livestock. Maybe a little bit different story, but again natal have those numbers coming up right now. Eleven three reads the big show clock. Three things you need to know courtesy of your. I was being farmer funded by the soybean checkoff. Making the case for a Part of that stimulus bill what it bought a and what needs to be fixed in order to help out producers Colin Woodall CEO The national cattlemen's beef association. They don't like the April fifteen cutoff for marketed cattle in the coronavirus assistance program he's. He says that isn't representative of the total damage and severely limits the payments that are going out. Congress is looking at their covert stimulus. Four package in one of our requests remains that we need to extend that April fifteenth date well into June in order to try to help cover as many losses as possible, and we also hope that they'll be more funding. That's included four. In order to help fund additional payments, yeah, so he says it's important. not only for the payment to aspect, but they're also looking at trying to. Maybe. Improve the meat processing system in order to be more reliable in the future. CHANGES USDA announcing changes to the livestock, gross margin insurance program for cattle and swine starting in twenty twenty one quitting adding premium subsidies to assist producers moving premium due dates back to the end of the endorsement period for kettle, the Risk Management Agency Administrator Morton Barbie says the changes build upon our. Continued effort to make livestock policies, more affordable accessible for livestock producers, he says the agency is working to ensure the changes can be implemented by the July thirty for sales period in order. To take effect in twenty twenty one in that marketing, year. Both the good excellent ratings for corn and soybeans in Iowa taking a bit of a tumble this morning, the dose stage reached six percent eight days ahead of the previous year and four days ahead of the five year average card condition rated eighty percent good to excellent. As data system, statistician Melissa couch the weekly report. Says that sightings. seventy-nine percent excellent. That's about four percent lower than we could go case. You're wondering Alfalfa Hay second cutting at seventy six percent complete. That's nine days ahead of last year, but she also notes dry conditions in part of the state. In fact, we talked with Kevin Arash. Good big show, buddy, president of the National Corridors Association in South, Western Iowa here a little bit ago, and he says their crops probably look as. As bad as they have since twenty twelve, and of course, we all remember what that was like. Eleven forty five reads the big show clock in those are the things you need to know. Connecting the ninety eight percent of Iowans who armed with the two percent who do that's the Iowa Food and family project when trust in modern agriculture grows, Iowa grows to find out more at Iowa. Food and family DOT COM. You Bet Brenton seven. Those guys do such a wonderful job. Champion seed and We'll look forward to seeing. The Rain Gauges that we sent out to a couple of folks Mike and Rick. Awfully being put to good work or good use in the next few days that brings us to Midwest cropping condition whether Nathan Fisher still pretty wet in the next few days forecast yeah! Chances of rain we're already seeing rain across southern and in eastern Iowa today. could see more here later into the the afternoon early afternoon hours more chance for rain on Thursday in the state of Iowa before becoming dry and hot for this weekend going back into temperatures in the nineties, heat indexes could reach a triple digits again just like they did last weekend Andy. Okay Nice job there appreciate that. and. Certainly some beneficial rains have fallen. Kurtz of the corn producing area would Kevin say. Hundreds of an inch, maybe not as much as they need or is necessary, but it's certainly start with more chances on way. Hey, we've got a special opportunity to support some of our four H. in FFA. Talk about that coming up. On the big ship. Ought to the minute commodity prices and market analysis that makes sense. This is the big Joe. We'll check in into. Pioneer seats text line, five, one, five, nine, nine, nine, fifty, four, ninety, one always enjoy following along with your operations, and what's going on in your neck of the woods? When you submit pictures and videos and comments, five, one, five, nine, nine, nine, fifty, four, ninety, one landed, says he's feeling very worried about corn, being blown over this happens to be northeastern Warren County, and you can certainly see a picture there. Looks like partially route lodge, and in fact as some bracelets that got ripped right out of the ground, as it starts to maybe goose neck back and interestingly enough. I did get an update here from got big show buddy. tried Meyer pining agronomist in northeastern Iowa when he had I. think quite a bit of this and his territory as well but. Just to kind of pass along. They're seeing. That is that the corn is re recovering well, he says most are pollinating normally. So. Don't give up on these fields and skip fungicide applications. If you planned on, them will be a huge aid in harvest ability. Also, he says grey leaf spot is increasing with humid weather, and in fact has a couple of years that. He is on host and UNSELD that look like they're one hundred percent pollinated so good news from that perspective. On Dome when damaged corn in how big of an area this is traditionally, the market doesn't react a winter hail image. Depends on who you talk to. It's a matter of debate. In fact, there are some folks that will tell you. Maybe we should talk to Alkalis tomorrow as our expert market analysts, but there are some folks that will tell you. This white area than most people are taking into account stretching clear on up into parts of Minnesota where the crop progress report continues to be very. Very strong and down through some pretty high producing areas of Iowa Northern Iowa east central island and into southern Iowa was interesting. You heard in case you didn't hear Garrett. Toy! Our expert market analysts today pointed out that South Dakota corn. It good excellent wise. You're looking at fifty six I'm sorry you're looking at sixty two percent good and twenty two percent excellent. So you're in the eighty four percentile range now again acres wiser, certainly not one of the biggest a yield wise, it's not one of the highest, but they kind of jump off the page. In terms of where the corn crop. Looks about the best. It's probably South Dakota. At this point, Minnesota hanging right in there to. there at about eighty three percent, good excellent, Iowa, of course, backing off a little bit. This week down to seventy nine percent from eighty three percent. Good excellent so. A little bit weaker, some of that probably storm damage some of that. Certainly, the dry weather's Kevin Ross is pointing out earlier driest. It's been demanding South Western Iowa and forest crop conditions. His reference here was twenty twelve. Which is Kinda scary when you think about what happened that year, but anyway we continue to cover the development mother. Nature always seems to throw things at US other growing season's different. Can we continue to stay on the cutting edge for you each and every day on the big show, and appreciate all the comments of the pioneer seat tax line talking about a special opportunity to support. Are you coming up on the big show?

Iowa president Nathan Fisher Boy Garrett Kevin Bob Quinn Congress Indiana National Corn Growers Associat Kevin Ross South Dakota Andy Jones County Washington County Beef Association Argentina USDA Steve Meyer Kevin Rogers US
087  Get a Dose of Support with Dr Vanessa Kasper


1:04:48 hr | Last month

087 Get a Dose of Support with Dr Vanessa Kasper

"Hey Hey gone. We Vanessa. Kaspan. This episode, who is the founder and host of the dose of support podcast. To come in and talk to us about self as a health professional something. That is a hot topic in mayor knee many many areas at the moment things like burn out. The fact that Promo fact of actually working in healthcare, etc. So we went into that and explore that and came up with a few things that may help you better manage your own self care when working in a health setting. So Let's kick off the intro. Get. A. Brock and welcome to occupied in this podcast where aiming to put the occupation in occupational therapy, we explore the people, topics, theories, and underpinnings. The make this profession sewing credible. Here you can find all that previous episodes and resources at occupied podcast dot com but for now, let's Rowley episode. First off. What is a nurse practitioner? So for that, I have to give a little bit of background. So in the states most. A lot of nurses are nurse assistance I. so they do a lot of personal care like literally helping people brush their teeth and eat their food and like very personal intimate care and you can listen to my podcast episode three. We have a nursing assistant that comes on and explains at work. So I did that for four years to really learn if I liked nursing like an I was in college at that time and so. Then I went into nursing school and I got my it was a two year registered nurse stitchery and here in the states that is kind of one of the lower degrees that you can get. You can start working after just two years in school, and so you take a board exam called the end clicks, and then you're a registered nurse, and so I worked while I obtained my bachelor's degree. And then so. There is no difference. There is no new licensor anything. It was just like a completion of more education. some people just go straight for the bachelor's degree and so then. And so everyone I. Think. For the most part knows what a registered nurse is, but we work in all facets of healthcare, right and most of my work was in intensive care. So if anyone knows ICU environments I was at a level, one trauma center gunshots, stabbings like the worst things in humanity that you see drunk driving I literally like one of the first times I did CPR. she was like maybe twenty one and we all had to be like basically in covid gear although this was like ten years ago like we were literally geared up from head to toe because while we were doing comparisons, her guts were spewing out of her abdomen and select. That's a little like Raunchy I know. But like like think about like the worst trauma stuff that you would see and that's what I did for years and years and years and. You know a lot of the stuff you see in the hospital I'm sure a lot of your ot listeners can really. Relate to this a lot of the stuff that you see. Is Preventable. You know when people go into heart failure like that's a lot of time, but that's preventable. So So all of the primary care stuff that I saw people not getting. really inspired me to go back to school. So in the states, a registered nurse can go back for a graduate level training to become an advanced practice registered nurse, and so there's lots of different types of a PRN's. And I am a nurse practitioner and so basically I assess I diagnose I can interpret testing I can prescribed medications. I can prescribe therapies I can consult ot pt so I can consult all of the specialties around me and I. I do a lot of. A lot of education with patients, which is a big difference between what a nurse Practitioner and physician does I. Think a lot of good physicians sit there and take the time and and do the education. But nurses are so accustomed to talking to people and being straight with people, and like they have that experience behind them as nurses at the bedside that they really just offer a different approach to someone's health. So nurse nurse practitioners work in all facets of healthcare they independently work we are not under physicians. Ever, in fact, Supreme Court in the US has said that. a physician cannot testify on a nursing Task or a nursing scope because. We're never in the states we are. We are managed by nurses and nursing boards so I that's kind of a roundabout way a really long explanation. So if you want more clarity. Lease. please. More clarity I I I have a doctorate degree I prescribe medications, ignores people I am their primary care provider and I don't work under physician. So but I do need physicians like I even perform minor surgeries like office procedures. But I. Certainly Need my physician colleagues and so one of the reasons dose of support came up is because I noticed that we all work in our little bubbles in our silos and we never expand and learn about each other and what each other can offer. and. So I'm years into my an P. practice and I felt like this was an opportunity here I am ten episodes in. A half the hostages. that the ICU stuff the trauma center stuff just to me. That's a big note from me. I could will have the stomach for it. That's one of the reasons why I'm not an s and probably one of the other reasons why even within not that I went to mental health because there's a distinct lack of bodily fluids. Compared to some other other? Thrown at you. But even then that's That's that's that's a lot rarer than you would see stuff in a trauma center. Why? What does that appeal to you? Worried. So I wanted to be a bad ass. I wanted to be. The most highly skilled nurse I wanted to I mean you and I have talked in the past. about doing something a thousand percent doing it. And I I strongly feel even still that. When people graduate from nursing school they need to. Develop their skills and be experts at what they're doing before they move onto the next thing. And so I felt like I needed to go to a place where I could get as much skill and critical thinking and the training to be at the top of my game in my profession and And then I got there and I was like. Wow 'cause you're an it's it's it's no joke right? It is really hard and if any of your listeners are interested in what that story is about. and what I've been through even more around that listened to episode zero of Joseph Support. But in in short I did develop. PTSD. And I am not ashamed of that. It's really hard. To see things and do things, and basically your people at the end of their lives. and. It doesn't. It's not necessary. In a lot of cases that I feel like we. You know we shouldn't be coating a ninety year old man. You know we should be allowing him to pass on peacefully but because he's a full code because his primary care physician never had that talk with him and his family. Here, we are, and so I found myself in these situations all the time, and so became highly skilled I've reached that goal of being a top of my profession but then It was. It came at a cost. Is. That is that a personality trait that you've had your whole life If you're playing sport and if you plays. But what if you apply your sport, you had to be the best if you're. Trying to learn something you had to be the. Yeah. And I've been an anxious person, my whole life too and so I think they really go together a lot. I mean PTSD is partially an anxiety disorder but It's interesting because I remember growing up and having fear and having and being anxiety anxious about. You know stuff that really doesn't matter. But at the time it really mattered and I was an athlete in high school and I was I wouldn't say a professional dancer but I was like Semi Competitive Dancer JAZZ TAP LA, hip hop all the things, and so I was very Competitive in that way to. I put lot of pressure on myself and so in my nursing career I I did the same where I I wanted to be the best and I wanted to do the best things at the best places and Another component of. Me Working. In intensive care is some of that work was done very far from my home. So I moved across the United. States to a different state and I was a thousand miles from home, and so I didn't have my support network with me and I had at that time my boyfriend who's now my husband I had him and he I I mean I'm not even sure I would be here today. Without him as my support because. It, it was so bad at one point I. I it's a it's a blur even. but I know I, know he was there I know this is various serial sounding but. Yeah. So I didn't have the support system that you would have if you were living in working close to your family or close to High Your Support System So. Yeah. I've always been Kinda like that. Did. So Going, through these times I guess what I'm working towards is obviously have a podcast. It's very much about self care. When did you sort of make that connection that white out what I'm doing and the even if you were doing something self-care, it just wasn't. Enough to compensate for the stuff you're going through when did you make that connection that something has to change like I I'm not dealing with this as foucault as well as coming in Ghana thing. Yeah. Well at that time I knew. Some of the things that I that I saw. Co, workers that would come in after a car accident and then I'd have to we'd have to take care of them and were. In the Car Accident Ya? Oh Mike. So we knew. We would be caring for people that we knew and because we were the only trauma center, nearby and so. People would be helicoptered in and we would know who they are and you you your brain. You have to take care of that person you go into into mode and you do what you gotTa do Yeah and so. The whole time I worked that job I on and off saw a therapist I was on medication. Not help that I was. Twelve hour night shifts because when you take medication, you know certain Sri type drugs certain drugs are better taken before you go to bed but my bed time was flipped because I would go to bed at like nine am and then go to work it. You know six PM or and so I really had a lot of things against me and so even though I had sought out therapy and I had worked friends I could talk to and I had been on medication. It. Wasn't enough. It wasn't enough I don't know when. I don't know when I pulled the trigger. I remember my last day at that particular job. I punched out. I. Knew it was my last day because I was moving home and I punched out and I cried on the unit in front of everyone and there's there's a real culture in intensive care I don't know if this exists in the OT world. But if you are showing that emotion that year not handling something, then you're not as good of a nurse does. That make sense yeah I. Mean I've seen that culture in other areas a diet if it is in arty dining, be very specific areas like it's not a global sort of thing if anything I think I. T's probably share emotions too much not too much but a lot more than other professions because that's especially in mental health and that's that's a jam kind of thing but. I dare say it would be specific workplaces rather than like not culture thing but I've seen heard of lake horizontal violence or lateral violence. I've heard the term but I'm not super familiar with it. So it really is kind of like that hazing that happens or that passive aggressive you better get your shit together at a lot of that happens there's a lot of bullying in nursing. There's a lot of. Really. Dysfunctional relationships in nursing where when I think I think that when people show emotion. When nurses show emotion, it should be celebrated I. I think when anyone in health care Shows emotion because it's hard. That needs to be okay and that needs to be normalized and it's not. It's seen as a weakness at least here in the states not I've I've seen very similar within nurses here. As I don't think that's a just the states kind of issue. I think it happened a lot of places and I have often wanted to think I'm sure of talked about on podcast with someone before briefly, but I'll often wondered why. That would be so prevalent in one profession and not. Say another profession that. Might be working fairly closely in similar situations. And the only thing that I could really sort of think Alvin feel free to if you think why off the mock is literally the environment the I guess the. The systemic environment that nurses operate in that quite often you guys are doing the the long shifts, the overnight shifts whereas a lot of the other professions just do they might do a late shift, but it's not an overnight shift, which is a big difference on times of your body and how you. Function. You will say. The. Ot's like say for example in the trauma. Center MART I. If, it's different in the states but. Ot as a profession probably isn't well suited to that I like that just coming in the door will time we will mainly, Lincoln? Lincoln. Off Things stabilize and. People going to look like they call me through it and how we can support them to get out of there and on the move onto the next war get out of the hospital kind of thing. I think we're kind of. Stepped back from that immediate trauma. So the time. which would be another reason and that's not just in trauma center, any sort of emergency department whether it's. Severe, all I know a lot of emergency and I'm shoeing it's probably semester version of there, but a lot of emergency Woods here. This. Motion when people come in even if the injuries themselves aren't. Life threatening the fact that sometimes people will have to sit and wait for hours to be seen or. The not getting as regular updates as they'd locked about their loved one who might be out of the back getting it turns into like a high stress situation for everyone involved and you can feel that tension. When you walk in one of those awards, we used to have to go in there fairly regularly in mental health not for usually anything specific but. People in mental health crisis would present and we would get the coal we'd gone have a chat with him. That was a special sort of mental health area that we could sit down quite room have a conversation and assess people see how that doing and that kind of thing. So he even. Even. Though I wasn't doing anything at all to do with the TRAUMAS, or the accidents or anything else that was coming into that. Just being in there was like a completely different feeling different environment. You can feel that tension everything especially if it's busy. Or they're understaffed or something's happened like you can feel it as soon as you walk in there and I can only imagine that to be. Not, only I mean we see the effects more on I guess the clients or the people that are coming in there with the injuries will family members and that sort of stuff but. I feel the stuff in there. Even though. To a degree, some a lot. Some a little are often desensitized to that a little bit just being exposed to that for such long periods of time is GonNa have an impact on you like. Yeah. If you doesn't you know human it has to. Well actually I wanted to bring that up because I think a lot of your ot listeners could relate to. something. Called Secondary Traumatic stress. So we all see traumatic things. It doesn't have to be a car accident. It might be just like somebody fell and like cracked their skull or somebody attempted suicide or whatever comes in and you're treating that patient even though the trauma didn't happen to you or whatever whatever happened to them didn't happen to you. You're being exposed to it. So Secondary Traumatic Stress Syndrome is kind of like a type of PTSD. and so it really happens what they they say that it has happened to a lot of famous. Like Florence Nightingale, they said that she had this type of PTSD from the stuff. She saw when she was nursing folks in the war of Crimea and so a secondary traumatic stress is something that any healthcare worker could come into contact with especially now, during co bid because they're seeing hard things, there's stuff happening. And it's just hard wears on you and even though it's not happening to you. You're you're exposed to it and so if you. You're right. There is some level of desensitization that we all have were not immune to it, but there is a level of acceptance that we all have that bad stuff happens to good people. It's almost a shock value is off like when you first see something, it's like Oh my God but then if you see a few times, yes, it's still discussing it still grows store whatever it is. Yeah, some sort of interaction or whatever it is. But if you've seen it a few times you like, okay. Now, I know what to do with this. I know what to expect when I hear such as such is coming in with. Say some sort of infection. I know what that looks like I know what to expect I. It's GonNa Smell like this i. know it's going to look like this I. Know It's going to hurt them I know I have to do this etc I. Think you just get more prepared. So it's it loses its shock value I guess when you Compared to when you first start seeing some of that, some of that So when you talk about burnout. A lot of definitions of burnout. Include something called patient De personalization. So burnout can include feelings of like negative attitudes towards towards patients and diminished feelings of productivity and not feeling good about your work accomplishments and emotional exhaustion things that but that patient de personalization part where you're kind of disconnecting from the situation because you're so burnt out. So that is actually what a lot of burnout definitions include and so if anyone out, there is listening to this and you're feeling any of those things that is burn out and maybe a reevaluation of her situation. Time for a check in but there are also things like if you heard of like compassion fatigue. You've heard that. Okay. So. Yeah. So that's not it's not burn out. It's just like you're just tired. Like you just you ran out of steam and it causes it also causes like a disconnection, but it it isn't as. What we worry about with burnout in particular is. Burnt out has been shown to affect patient mortality. So, if you are working with patients and you're burning out, it could it could lead to adverse outcomes for people, and so that's why you want to address it. Yeah I wasn't aware of the stat, but it makes sense if you died. Similar to if you desensitized to anything, then you're not gonNA, take it seriously as it might need to be, and if you're desensitized to the fact that I, this injury is actually a human being than actually you're not going to treat them as a human being and that's when stuff gets missed or stuff gets forgotten or stuff gets ignored and that's when mistakes happen. It's Part of it. I think. In a West is health system, which we both fit into is the way that health systems designed. I think that also some isn't designed. It wasn't designed for the level of things that we're actually seeing come through that health system. Now, it was designed however many hundreds of years ago hundred, two, hundred years ago whatever when. One people didn't live as long and it didn't see the variety of things I didn't see. Gunshot wounds in car accidents and all sorts of things that you were describing buffet. So the health system isn't designed to support the heck as as a whole isn't designed to support the people that are actually Supporting those that need help like it's not designed for the work is designed to. Try and mitigate symptoms, which is pretty much all it is at the moment. Ask What? Exactly, which is why I think. An seems to be like the whole I guess purpose of your podcast is if the system isn't gonNA help us look after us. We can't just ignore it. We have to look after us. So we have to find ways to look after ourselves. Look after each other are etc. that is a huge part of what we do at dose of support and. To, go. Back to that that story, I was telling about that time I did CPR never guts going everywhere So that. Patient passed and. it was one of those situations where like we did everything we could and her parents. Were right there. As she died and as we were working on her. And you know screaming sobbing in the background. and. What sucks about that is. You know we obviously the the parents went in their time with with her and. The nurse, who was the primary nurse stayed with a patient I was just part of the team. So I'm part of the responding team. I had to go back and take care of my to critically ill patients like it was nothing I had to flip on a dime go back to these people that are on ventilators lifesaving drugs if that IV bag runs dry their blood pressure drops and they die like that's the. Pressure I was working under but I had just been through this entirely traumatic thing and there is nothing there is nothing for staff they're like let me say it louder for the administrators in the back there is nothing that helps healthcare workers get through shit like that and we're just expected to pick back up and move on and I get that some people have the constitution to do that but after years of doing it It affected me more than. More than at I, don't know maybe I. I'm I am more sensitive person but like you cannot do that over and over and not deal with it. And I tried to deal with it in therapy and I tried to take medication and. It wasn't enough and that's that is how PTSD formed in me I had I had the symptoms of burn out I had compassion fatigue and I definitely could see some secondary traumatic stress but other situations happened in my life that really. Bumped it all the way into PT Asti. And I think that's one of the things too. That people need to take into account is. Just because. A lot of this stuff burnout PD, anxiety stress. All of that stuff isn't just from work. It's comet so like just because you go to work and. To be able to deal with these highly stressful situations, and for example, like ninety percent of the time might be no issue you can deal with it, process it. No worries you can keep going you wack. You've got enough coping mechanisms, etc. But every now and then there's GonNa be. Situations where you know yes it might be a really rough day at work which normally you could manage you could cut with bought. It just happened that. Day, on that day something else has happened at higher as well. So it's then that sort of stuff those things almost like a perfect storm with things sort of. Perfect shit stole maybe. Things. Come together that joss tip it over the edge of what you could normally manage quite easily. What you can city could manage quite easily to Joss, tip you over the edge to that point of breakdown meltdown whatever how the your personality reacts to whatever it is. But. It's those things that you'd generally you can't see coming and I. think that's part of the shoes y generally things like that will have a bigger impact if you can't see them coming because it's usually that arm wasn't ready, I wasn't prepared. But I don't know like you said I. Don't know if there's any way we can. Not Prevent, but I guess put some. Proactive strategies in place to deal with those days all whether we are still stuck with what we've got now, which is reactive and trying to not completely fall apart but put the pieces back together after each time that happens because it's going to happen life doesn't stop when your work life is. Life is stressful on its own little. Yeah. Everything that we add to it by doing the work that we do. So I think there's an expectation among at least the American healthcare workforce at Lake you have to fix yourself you have to manage yourself, and of course there is. That like of course, you have to have personal responsibility for your own mental health. But when you are so deep dark into that place you you can't do it alone and so when I say that there is nothing I I really felt like that and I I know some of your listeners might be like I've never felt like that. So I just WanNa like throw some data at you for a second I. came prepared. So. If there's any physicians, Miss that are that are listening forty two percent of physicians in a really large midday analysis. Reported symptoms of burnout. and in the OT world I I, read a study out of Ontario that showed about thirty five percent of Ot's that were practising had emotional exhaustion says just like one symptom but forty three percent had like just straight up cynicism. And and then other other data shows that people that even have a couple of these symptoms. They're just like less productive citizens then. So then you're behind on your work and then you get more stressed out because you just can't function as well as you would. So and it's as high as like forty three percent of nurses in America. So there's just like it is really prevalent even if you're listening and you're like, that's never happened to me or I've never seen stuff that that's that bad. But maybe like maybe you've had some of these feelings before or you can relate a little bit. I think it's. I think the one point that I really want people to to get at is it's not. One incident that does this to someone? It's an accumulation of. A. Weeks months could be day. But it's an accumulation of things like if you've ever had one of those days that you. Just shouldn't I go to bed everything's going wrong and if you actually sit and think about what's actually going wrong in that day I, guarantee most of the things are just little things but it's the fact that fifteen little things went wrong. Consecutively, that I is, what puts you in that mindset of stuff is daily. This is ridiculous like what on anything have wrought? It's can you speak to like what is the in the OT world? So in the nursing world, it's like work work work work work pulled double chefs, work work work work work like. I think that's an America thing to wear like we just like work ourselves to death and we don't take our PTO and like we just we literally are plugged in and working and There isn't a whole lot of lake. Personal Time because you should be working. and. So what's the culture in the OT? World. I. Think, it would be different in different practice areas. I think for the most part. Ot's of pretty good at trying to keep a bit of balance for the most part. And I think mainly because. The way lot of the models and stuff that I t's used to practice often breaks because obviously we're looking at the activities that people do all the time, but it breaks down into things like. Leisure. Rests like the things that we look at with that client? So it's Kinda like front of mind that's part of my job is to look at those things. I think full. It's kind of a blessing I guess because that stuff remains front of mind like. I said like we we spoke earlier when I was sort of telling my story. Recognize an issue a new what to do because I broke in that stuff down a thousand times before my career like a new that I. Yes. Okay. Works important. But also need to have leisure activities also need to make sure that my rest is being effective. I need to have this sort of balance of all these different things. In order to maintain my wellbeing so I think in a way, OTC. In, my experience anyway with the Ot's there I know. Usually pretty good is perfect I mean. Perfect example of not being perfect but I think the benefit of the profession looking at what looks at it has a positive impact on us as people who are working within that profession as well which is good. Yeah Yeah. I do think nurses I. Possibly more affected by things like compassion fatigue because a lot of your morals are care models like they're designed. That way like pretty sure you've got models that are actually cold like care in the name. I'm sure have seen that someone. Yeah I mean there's there's not a lot of help or hurt I guess the way that we practice is you are the patient advocate. It's all about the patient and we use an acronym called Ad Pie. So assess diagnose. Anyway. So we evaluate the patient, etc intervention ends like. So it's always all about the patient and there's never this like disconnect and take a lunch break my like nurses skip their breaks is like common knowledge that nurses don't take a bathroom break and so like we're already in this culture of. Alike, work yourself to death in America and then. Even when you're on duty like you literally can't take a fucking lunch break like and it's it's wrong like first of all for the people in the back. That's not okay him like still I'm still over here like if you have to pay I. I was I was literally working in that and saying it was okay and like a lot of people still are because that's the culture that we allow. But what we allow is what will continue So I think that's a lot of people go with it and I do see that probably on a small scale within it a lot of people. Particularly on new grads school go along with things just because they don't know any different cy like if you come out of nursing school, you start your first job and the culture that you're walking into is Darnley the flow for any reason cared if you need to go the bathroom, hold it because you need to get this one done. Then that's what you can do whether you like it or not. Right. Generally people especially like the first jobs and that kind of stuff they just. WanNa do a good job. Goes into a health profession because they. Don't give a shit about other people like we go. Then because we want to help people and when you first hit the floor, it's of like when you go on placement when you're at UNI, day, you'll do whatever is supervisor says because they're the ones you need to impress like you. WanNa. Make a good impression when you first start Working like you wanting to what they're doing and do it well and learn off them and whatever else with good bad ugly or otherwise and. Quite. Often it's just that you don't know any different. When you first start out and then by the time that you work it out, sometimes, you're already indoctrinated into that culture yourself and perpetuating it to the next set of graduates the next wave of nurses or it's whoever it is. Right it just becomes this whole. You've said that you've been in academia and I also taught academia -demia for about five years and something that I really pushed at the students when I was teaching was was self care and Had, how to break that? You gotTA break the culture before they even get on a school you gotta like teach them different way before they even get out of school and From my experience that I. That I decided to approach teaching that way. and so I did that that was just like a fun side Gig I was actually still working as a nurse. While I was going through school and. At. One point and had like three jobs like because you know you work yourself. You don't like crazy here. Right like this, this was before I was a mom and had like literally other things to fill my time but I and I had there's tons of student loan debt here in the states like there's tons of. stressors that he had way in me down to so. Yeah. It's shaking your head years like no laws. Must Suck to be American. I would not. Only Think. It sucks the American but sometimes I'm glad that I'm a striking. Yup offramp. Affirmative. Really Right now, we should all be like you know New Zealand's looking pretty good. That's. Right right? I mean like I've never been like, oh New Zealand but like I think they have maybe like a hundred krona virus cases and When when they had that mass shooting like Bam assault rifles band in a week like they were just on it and I'm like what the fuck is America doing. Now we did nothing. Right right. Like ninety two was only. So basically everyone else has their shit together. Except for trump. And we're back. And we're back and we're back. Trump and his tiny little hands. You know what? Tiny hands means little gloves. Yeah. Exactly. Exactly and apparently chair. was. Just was. Something you said the other day Osborne I don't really know how to we then in. Actually we go. We'll continue along this track actually because I want to know what? I guess we've Ferry Congress identified. There's an issue but what Kenya average practitioner do about it at the moment. I have that for you too. I thought you well, Yep so obviously dose of support we talk about self care it really is in a really informal way I ask guests what do you do? What do you take care of yourself and some people have a really good regimen and other people are like I talked to my mom. You know. So there's everyone is using different methods and I always find that interesting that for some people they just like make sure that they get seven hours of sleep and for other people, they literally just pack lunches that is all they need to do in their life and they feel great and I'm over here like God I could do all the things I still need a month vacation and so I think it is personality based but there is some research that shows that work environment plays a huge role in burn out So if you are working in a in an environment that is wearing you down and brock, you've talked about this If, it's the environment, the people you're working with the system you're working in if that environment is not providing ways to empower you. So what the research really has shown is that when employees feel empowered. So if they feel like they have tools at their disposal, they have resources to reach out to. You know they're not alone they feel empowered and powerful in their role that it reduces burnout. So maybe it's it would require a unit culture shift or a systemic change or maybe you need to change your job like maybe that's just. What you need to do is get an completely different environment. So that's what that's one thing that research is showing that environment plays a huge factor. So that's work environment. Another thing that a lot of people have their research is ongoing in this area but mindfulness training or mindfulness based stress, reduction training and BS are there is some data showing that that is helpful but nurses in particular that the literature I've read that data shows like. Have like attend a class and get training and beyond a program. In order for them to see a good effect in in their burnout in their compassion fatigue. So. I just described to you like this terrible culture we have here of work work work work work don't take a lunch break. So like how are you going to get people to take a class on their off time that they're not getting paid for that they may have to pay for the class I mean. So there really needs to be incentives on employer ends to take care of their workforce and I feel like it's definitely lacking here a lot of employers have Like. What is what is mind called? I think it's just called the employee Wellness Program Yeah An employee assistance program. But. It's not readily available sometimes workers. Jump Right? Right. It's just not made easy like really the the resource needs to go to the employees So these programs really need to be more accessible. And I'm I'm talking from a very privileged place I'm a white lady in America that grew up in a middle class neighborhood. I had excellent education like I know what to do but I still think that it's not very accessible. So, if I'm coming coming from this place of privilege I can't imagine what someone who is struggling how they're going to access these resources so Even though NBS are this mindfulness training has shown some really good success with treating burn out I, don't know how we're going to deploy it in practice. So if anyone out hit out, there is listening and they've taken a course if they have a free course Sunday at my way, I'm I'm all about getting that stuff out there to people There's there's some really good youtube courses that I just short like yoga mindfulness type videos that I like. But of course, there isn't like research tobacco's out there. There isn't like a class or you know back that up. And then I would also go see A therapist target your particular signs and symptoms. So rock you and I talked earlier like the depression. You not wanting to get out of bed. So that's that's like that low energy I just don't have it in me. That's a symptom and like I had night terrors. So that's an example of. A part of my PTSD is flashbacks and night terrors so I would be doing CPR or I would be dissociating. during during the day daydreaming almost that I was back that I was back in that moment. with blood going everywhere I've seen brains on a wall lake I like the things that you relive right and so I actually got hypnotized because I was I was desperate to find something that. Would help, and so I went to therapy I tried to get on these medications. I've tried yoga and mindfulness, and you really have to find the right medication to like you have to have one that treats your symptoms but I also was like there are other options out there and I did try hypnotherapy I think twice. In total and I found it relaxing in the moment I have worked with acupuncturists But again, there's not a lot of research to back that up. So. But what I would what I would say is that when people identify what they're experiencing like a symptom Then go down the rabbit hole of how to treat that symptom. Via medical care. Or other alternative care 'cause there are things out there that can manage those symptoms. It's interesting what you were saying before about changing the environment. That's very. Rt.. Thing. So a lot of. A lot of our models look at the interaction between the person's. Their personal attributes skill sets their capacities, their resilience that kind of thing, the occupation or the activity itself and the environment. So those three things elected triangle that we look at how each of those looks interacts. And I was when I when I tell us I usually explain if if I'm talking to. Try to explain it or not way in that. Like I. When I was in that moment, like I tapped out everything that I could with regards to try to increase my resilience deal with stress all of that sort of personal stuff. I tried to modify the why I did things. Occupation itself and when neither of those was sort of having the desired effect, the earning left to do was to change the environment. So it did. And that's that's where I found the relief in now academia change my job. But looking at three like that's obviously not something that every single person is going to have to do every time, you might be able to just. Find a way to either upskill increase your resilience increase coping mechanisms. Even just sometimes learning about what's actually happening to you can be a way of dealing with at Bethel. And that might be fun. That might be what you need to deal with it. It might be a way of. Spoken to a lot of people who work in private practice in a lot of their work related stresses come from I've just got so much to do so changing how they do things helps manage that. So might be putting in different processes and making I guess. A lot maybe. Some of that stuff. So they're not having to deal with it like changing how they actually do. That might be what they need to deal with that overall there they're occupational performance. And then again, like me some people, it's GONNA come down to change in the environment and whether that's true. All moving Ziesel et even just. Flipping you desk in your office, face the war whatever it is. It's one of those whatever issue it is I can guarantee that by adjusting one of those three things you're gonNA find common. It's just a matter of either getting assessed someone who knows that kind of stuff if that's not you if you know it all just trying things tribe rid of everything is going well, hopefully kill you but. Who knows you might find the other thing as a therapist disclaimer we are not doling out healthcare device. A device advice see I'm tired. So. I wanted to touch back on what you said about resilience. So like when you define resilience, what is it? It's like your ability to overcome your Belida Bounce back or get through something and persevere and how do you teach that to someone and so there is actually if anyone wants to look up research by Meredith Miller M. E. A. L. Er. She does a lot of resilience training research so like I'm going to take these. X.. Amount of healthcare workers and teach them resilience, and then I'm going to measure their burn out rate afterwards, and there is some research she has done. The has shown. If you teach someone how to be resilient. They don't burn out or they. They do so much better. They're more productive etcetera live a better life and isn't that what this is all about like isn't that what we're talking about here I wanNA give better care to my patients. I want to enjoy my life my work I want to have a good balance and I want to be happy. And when you look at that, if that's your goal and you're not getting their what's in your way. and so I don't have a particular moment where I realized what was happening to me because I had been trying so hard for so long to get better and feel better and. I did change I moved back across the country back home. I. worked in a different ICU. and then something happened in my personal life that. The the P TST had had gotten a lot better i. I was able to get off of medication and I was still working in the ICU and so I felt like I was. Really doing well and something happened that really. Night terrors my husband would wake me up he. He was a you or screaming in your screaming in your sleep. and. I I would have flashbacks on the job. and it became it became a point where like I did not feel safe. Doing my work. and I was I I was already in school at this point. Because after all the stuff you see in the ICU that's preventable like I was saying earlier there's so much stuff you see in the hospital. And I'm sure you'RE OT folks can can relate to this. You can prevent so much and so I was starting school to be a primary care provider at that time because I thought I want to get in front of this but then this tragedy in my personal life happened and I started to feel like I couldn't I couldn't work at. In Icu anymore because the symptoms came back and got really bad and. and. This time I felt better equipped to reach out for help and to get help And here I am. Gosh it's been. It's been four years since that tragedy and here I am. Working on this podcast and on this self care journey with everyone with any of my listeners and now with your listeners I. Am I'm on the journey to I'm figuring out self care in healthcare and how I can. How I can find strategies to cope when things get tough and so. Checkout dose of support if you're looking for that too. I think that's Going to call you at now because. Prior, to recording this, you said that you thought this podcast was rather clinical. and. I said like now it's not clinical. It's just two people having a conversation and I think that's what you've just said there is exactly. How I see this particular podcast as well in that Everything on a new anything in the grand scheme of things. But I like having conversations with people and I like letting those people and I love people that are. Passionate and interesting, and that kind of thing, and then I'll say the joy of just sharing those conversations with. Whoever wants to listen, really. So I think that for me now and I, we spoke about this earlier as well. For me one of my coping is a creative outlet and for the longest time much. Since I started this podcast is being one of those things that has sort of fed into that creative ellen. Yes. Now got a couple of other things that I'm. Doing that. Also of tapping that creative need with this podcast is it's been a consistent over the loss. What's been now? Was it September that's been almost two and a half years. Yeah this is kind of like group therapy. I tell my guests that sometimes it's it's like. The actual act of sharing your story like I've shared today. Sometimes. That's what's therapeutic Jan. so when I have somewhat non and they share their story and they share their experience. You know it's like you're validated you've been seen. And so I I see you. And a now people hopefully hear this and they can relate to it and an even like. I I'm so tired of the facade that I have to put on. So, tired of having to be everything for everybody when like I'm human and I You know I've had some hard things and we all do and I think it's not talking about it that. Creates part of this problem as wall. So normalizing that people go through stuff and they need help. That's important. I think reaching out. How to aware to reach out to some femmes one of the biggest issues that people have. Because I think once. Had experience with people who have opened up to me or come to me? Eventually, but it's like once that sort of floodgates open they're fine like it's just come pouring out of them but. For a long time, they're resistant whether it's G to black in your instance like the culture of nursing where you're working was very much against you sort of showing any signs of vulnerability or for some people it's Family pressure to similar thing like Donncha vulnerability might be you know societal values like I can't do that because what what people are GonNa think of me like it could be any one of a million reasons why people died it could be again like respect you about it could be just the stigma of Kay, what if? People. That want haven't seen a doctor UH. Who To me present as? Like classic depression but they want see doctor because if they're given that diagnosis that it's almost like shredding cat, you don't have depression than till. You get told you want there whether you give it a label not like it's just what are you GonNa do about it you just going to avoid it. Away, and that's that's so sad to me that people identify the problem. And they don't feel like there's a place to go for help. and. And then you you do get into a whole nother access issue. So here in the states, a lot of people may identify that they have a problem, but they don't have health insurance. Or they don't have. they don't WanNa pay the CO pay or deductible or whatever it is that that is really that holds people back from receiving appropriate care all the time here and and that's actually part of the personal tragedy that I went through. Is. The person that I lost didn't get what he needed. because he couldn't. And so so there's there's a lot of stories like that especially here where like even if you know what's wrong and you wanna go see somebody you use financial the financial barrier, the insurance barrier, the cultural barrier and that's another reason why dose of supporters. Up and running. 'cause we gotTA talk about it. Where can people find I support? Year. Okay I am kind of fabulous. Okay. So you're you're just gonna I'm kind of I'm just kind of a big deal. No. So, Y'all I launched my first episode on July first. So my account on Instagram is very new, but I am very active. So that's how I met Brock and I was able to. I'm able to post all the time about my upcoming episodes and just check me out on Instagram at Joseph. Support. I'm on facebook also in a private group. So it's facebook dot. com. Groups slash dose of. Support. and. Then I am like debating twitter. Zoellick don't make me do another platform Hashtag ammon elder millennial. I just can't Hey. I'm on twitter and I think I'm older than you. listen I just don't think I can do so many platforms is what I'm saying like I, have to I've done episodes on this you don't have to. Do. What you comfortable with. Stick with that and do that well. So. That's what I'm sticking to his facebook and instagram if anyone listening is like made of money. Congratulations to you, and if you would like to share that money. I do have a patriotic page and so when. People if you go to www dot patriotic on dot com slash dose of support, there's two packages there, and one is just a low five dollars a month. And one is a ten dollar, a month and. the varying packages you get direct access to show ideas you get to know who the guests are ahead of time you get to ask guests, questions, you get to have. A alive shout on the pod If you so wish So there's just there's some incentives on there. So if you want to support the show and support what I'm doing it's not for nothing of course, all of the proceeds from that go back into the show because like I'm working on a really old computer right now I don't have a sound booth. I. Don't have a production team I pay for my website I everything that I've got going on which my my website is www dot doses support dot com So I'm doing all this on with my own money So if anyone out, there is made of money like I said if you're just rolling in it. Help a girl out on Patriots on and. Then if anyone out, there is working in healthcare and listening to this and you WanNa tell your story I, it is really important to me that I highlight underrepresented stories and that means like mostly non physician So if you're a physician and you're listening to this and you have a story I, I am happy to listen to it. I just want to highlight people that are often underrepresented and so those are the stories that at all stories are welcome though and you can submit your story on my website in a couple different spots. So if you're listening to this and you're not and you WANNA share your ot story, you are so welcome Yeah. Awesome. Well, thanks for coming in having a chat. It's been fun. We've had a couple of chest today, but that's the secret and people find intimate in Atlanta but. Yeah it's been fun. If you liked this episode and want to check out more head over to occupied podcast dot com we'll search occupied podcast, your favorite podcast, APP. If you have thoughts or reflections on the top discuss today, please do get in contact. We love to hear from you, and lastly, if you got some that from this and you want to help us out like subscribe, share it with a friend. Remember be good to yourself. Be Good to others and always keep occupies. You're so funny you say, Eighteen at eight eight. Eighteen is eight. In. Eighteen. Okay, I. think There's a T. in there. There's not a d like. adding.

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Getting Curious with Jonathan Van Ness

50:29 min | 9 months ago

How Do Firefighters Fight Bushfires? With Fiona Macken

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Learn all about something that makes me curious on today's episode joined by community based Bushfire Management Coordinator and lieutenant the Diamond Creek fire brigade country. Pirates or D-. He oughta mackin where I asked. How does Australia respond? Bushfires welcome to getting curious as Jonathan Venice and so excited for this week's episode so just kind of set the stage for everyone. We are in Melbourne Australia and We're in this really very spacious. Getting Ready Room at the venue where I'm going to do my stand up. Show tonight in Melbourne. So thank you so much for field McIntyre coming to talk to us you are the lieutenant of the Diamond Creek Fire Brigade. This is a very major title. You also are a community based Bushfire Management Coordinator and your volunteer firefighter with the county fire authority so basically you are very well versed in being a. First Responder Firefighter. You've like been doing this for this. Is Your life his career well. It is at the moment but I've only been in the fire service for thirteen years so I'm still a baby a baby. Yeah thirteen years this major. That's a good maybe to outsiders but when we've got someone in our brigade he's about to hit sixty years with our brigade. I'm definitely a newcomer. Well in that comparison sense yes. But I think you're an incredibly well-suited person to come talk to us about and basically the question today is is. How has Australia combated? Bushfires how I I mean obviously this year has been a huge deal with bushfires Australia and your experience in coordinating bushfire. Relief in fighting fires. I think is really lends itself to being able to speak to this. I would love to get some background on to get to. Everyone can just kind of catch up with you. Know who you are so tell us. Tell US everything serpent beginning. Oh Wow okay. Well Irish which I read dot twenty something else. No so you're so you're from Ireland and then what happened there then. I finished school and I decided to do a bit of traveling and I came to Australia to decent ski instructing for Awhile and I fell in love with Australia so I went to uni in Scotland and I came backwards and forwards. Doing my summer holidays down here in Australia working as a ski instructor. So I did that for five summers or five winters And then I moved here permanently. So you didn't wasn't there some California near somewhere. There was so when I was a union decided to do the Student Exchange Program. I went to UC Davis for a year. So you have experience living in so you went to Union Ireland just Scotland. So but that's really interesting so you have experience of living in the United Kingdom working in Scotland than coming to the United States and then subsequently coming to Australia and it's very interesting you've lived in a lot of different places. When did you realize that you wanted to get into the field of being a first responder and of being a firefighter? Well actually. It was in America so when I was at UC Davis I decided to train as an EMT. So I did that and I fell in love with everything to do with first responding so when I came to Australia I I joined the SDS which is not the SAS very different. It's their state emergency service and SAS. Oh well as in you know historical military SAS AMERICANS. We don't know okay. Well let's focus on sem because that's probably a better thing to talk about so state. Emergency Service their first responders for flood and storm and also car crashes in some instances So when I was up in snowfields and that was awesome because training meant just who ran the snowfields. Snowmobile was great. Is that in Australia. Snowfields there was snow here. Everybody thinks that the beach and the sun and the hot weather. But yeah there's some great snowfields here in the north of the country. Though he's out here in Victoria there is D- what happens. There will next time you come back to Australia. You'll have to have a skein okay. No there was no together so when so you knew in America that was GONNA for new trained for it but like when you were a little where you like I think I might be into. I know clearly not really I love that. Yeah so then. When did you transition from being more? Because what I think. Emt that's more like ambulances hugh right so when did you make the transition from EMT to firefighting so? When I moved to the place that I live now here in Melbourne there was no sas unit nearby But there will see face. Cfa FOR US as the country fire authority. That's the fire service that I belong to And I thought hey why not give it a go? I've got some first response skills and it's something that appeals to me so yeah that was thirteen years ago and I haven't looked back since. And so you have been in Melvin that whole the for that duration and then I know that the black Saturday bushfires so I think it's hard for people that have never been in emergency. Services are firefighter. I responded to be able to really wrap their mind around what that sort of disaster would be like. It's something that we see on the news and you think like you know. I hope it's getting better. And then you look for that like thing on News earth-like yen it's all over like whatever the kind of disaster is but I think that for first responders and first survivors of these events. It's like such a different experience because you have lived in so I guess to to back up before that a little bit so you you come to to Melbourne in what is your experience of being the CFA. So what's your experience in that? You probably don't know what you're going to get. Yeah so we all carry a pager. Like nurses have pagers and basically when an emergency comes through our pager will go off And we get a brief little bit of Information Est. What we're going to. But of course you know who knows what's going to happen so everything's different every time. There's no typical day and because we're all volunteers in our brigade as most of CFA is We're probably off doing something really mundane in our ordinary life. And then the Patriot goes off. It might be two in the morning you might be fast asleep in your pyjamas and the pager goes off and you have to get up and look semi decent and get in the car and drive to the station and get your fire clothes on and get in the truck and you're supposed to all of that within four minutes so yes so. Does that mean like if you're a part of the or you're supposed to like or you. Mental live in a certain proximity to the station. So that that's like feasible exactly because we still have to obey the rolled road rules to get there so we can't speed on our way to the station so if you live too far away you're never going to make the truck and then it's I mean is it. Is it typical that like a Victoria? That's the stadium. Yeah that's like a pretty big saving melons like a gigantic city. Is it typical? There wouldn't be an SIS in such big city so within the inner part of Melbourne. The really sort of Residential Part. There's another far service cool the MFA and therefore metro so. They're like fulltime career firefighters. They'll be at the station when they're on shift so they don't have to worry about traveling to the station because they're getting dressed you know they're they are all the time it's so interesting others like so many different ways for people to become involved in these services like because. I think there's probably like I don't know about America exactly. Think there's probably some of the things that just caused like just to say that there's a lot of ways that you can get involved generally so before we go into the box Saturday buyers. I mean so you are your pronouns. I'm she her. Your name was obviously so you are a female firefighter which is amazing and we love that story but in my mind I would think that like it is a it is an Like an occupation. That is more male-dominated it's it is. It is male-dominated If you look at the numbers we've got about fifty five thousand volunteer members in CFA Of that by thirty thirty three thirty four thousand operational which means they're firefighters Not I don't know what proportion of them are female. But it's certainly a really good proportion but I think the thing that people forget about our fire service and probably a lot of fire services is that it's not just about getting a truck out the door. There's a lot of stuff that goes on in the background. You know we've got to get everybody fed. We've gotta get everyone accommodation when they go away. We've got to get fuel for trucks. We'VE GOTTA DO Communications. We've got to do education of the public. We've gotta do logistics planning and not everybody involved in a fire services a firefighter but they're the ones that are seen on the media. And that's what everybody thinks about but we would never be able to do what we do. Is Firefighters if it wasn't for the army of people doing an amazing job behind the scenes. Kinda reminds me of like what we get to do. I'm queer eye. Sometimes I mean obviously not fighting fires. We wouldn't get to help the people who get to help if it wasn't for a really large group of people on the crew. Helping all of these things happen so it takes a village to have a lot of these things happen lately because also it's like it seems the in that makes so much sense when you said because when you think of if there was like a fire at a home or there's been a massive fire in a car crash situations like next to you know for us or something would happen. Not only are you managing wall especially if it turns into like a bigger bushfire. It's like we're dealing with like losing houses and stuff like once the fire is out. There's a whole other contingency plans. Like helping people find resources helping and not only that he lost homes but also the firefighters who have maybe seen all sorts of different things which I think is a good place to segue into black Saturday. So you're minding your own business in Melbourne. This Day in two thousand and nine and what happens well? We were minding our business day but we were aware of the fact that it was going to be a really bad day. So we've got reasonably accurate forecasts sort of seven to ten days so we were expecting this day And we were really on standby so we had all our members down to the fire station. We had everybody ready to go and yes indeed it happened. We got the fires They were enormous. They were like nothing that anyone had ever experienced before and because we had come off ten years of drives the grand was so dry and the vegetation was so dry that the fire was very very intense very very quickly so as a result of that you know a lot of homes were lost very very quickly and unfortunately one hundred and seventy three people died that day And I guess as firefighters you know you train and you train and you train and you prepare but then something like this happens. And it's really a once in a lifetime event Even the fires that we've had this summer while they've been hugely extensive and you know they've resulted in a massive loss of homes and some lives and wildlife. They're very different to the two thousand nine fires. So you know these intense fires to happen. And they're really unfortunate but we do have the opportunity to forecast the weather and unprepared to some extent but the fires in two thousand nine at the time like were an unprecedented scope of fires in terms of severity and acuteness in the way that they came on so strong they shore are so my understanding. Is that the meteorologists that we're looking at the weather didn't actually believe that the the conditions could actually become not bad. They've never seen anything like it before. So when not so in in but the the fact that the state had experienced drought in two thousand nine that kind of set the conditions up to have the those particular fires about wasn't that also the case with these bushfire like there was kind of months of drought kind of set the stage for it to become so severe. Absolutely say the weather this summer coming into this summer has been dry the other thing. That was a factor in the fires this summer. Is that a lot of them. Were in really remote areas and so's very very difficult to get in and fight those fires so we can use aircraft to an extent but if dense canopy in in those bushy or forested areas. Then it's really difficult to put. Those fires is getting crews in on the ground. To walk in isn't necessarily feasible either and getting vehicles in can be really challenging if the terrain is is too steep to rocky. You know too dangerous so often. These large large fires get going and because of the remoteness of the terrain. It's just too difficult to fight them so back in two thousand nine on the Black Saturday fires. A hundred and seventy three people lost their lives. Like that's a pretty data like a large amount of people. So is that because it happened. In towns like around towns are like on roadways there is a combination of all of the above but certainly there were a few townships in particular that were hit really hard so because the fire came so fast and it was so hot I think people probably even if they felt like they were prepared. You really couldn't be prepared for a day like this. It was. It was just too dangerous so in that situation like once you get the page or call and it's like we gotta get to this area. Is it a matter of? I can't really even speculate. I've no idea like what happens like what happens. Yeah well so we got on the truck and what we're looking for is some additional information. So we've got a dispatcher. Who gives us some more information if they have it so then basically? We've got the person sitting in the front seat. They are the crew leader. It's up to them to determine what their crew does unless they become part of a bigger team in which case there will be a leader above them that will help to guide them and give them some instruction but often what happens on those days is we'll do our absolute best to set it all up in a really structured manner but sometimes the fire is just so fast and so intense and so chaotic that you know really We can often end up just going right well. This work needs to be done. We'll go and do it because we haven't been given any other particular task. Is that kind of what happened in two thousand and nine with the black because it was just like Sobek's was like everyone get everywhere sort of a thing it was a little bit like the US So my particular station you know. Normally we have three trucks and a couple of other vehicles that day. We had nothing left. The station will our vehicles were fighting the fires so fortunately for us nothing. 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The public often don't see is that it takes weeks and weeks and weeks of work by firefighters to to mop up to clean up to make sure there's no hot spots in the ground and then we have our colleagues with tree-felling expertise who come in and they removal the dangerous trees and you know. Make sure that the environment is safe before it's opened up to the public again. So sometimes it's difficult for the public to understand. Why road is closed for an extensive period of time or why they might not be allowed back onto their land but we don't want people to subsequently die of falling tree hitting them more another fire starting on the side of the road while they're driving down there so the cleaning up process can be really extensive and then what about the psychological resources for firefighters. Manet would imagine that there is a lot of like potential for post traumatic stress disorder. Here depend I mean ensure you would see a lot absolutely I mean. It's a really unfortunate part of the job but I think I can only speak for the fire service that I'm a part of but the CFO is really really good at providing psychological support to its members. So we've got a number of different layers of support. We've got peer support so their firefighters both volunteer career firefighters who are trained to provide support to their colleagues Shortly after the incident or even sometimes on the firebrand we've also got access to Chaplaincy to canceling into psychology so the CF is is really good at recognizing the fact that depression anxiety ptsd all the rates if those things and unfortunately suicide is higher in first responders compared to the general population and so they have all these structures in place to allow people to access support in. Your time. Isn't being a firefighter. In a first responder in the last thirteen years have you noticed kind of a a more of a willingness for the Organizations that you know are in charge of the first responders to talk about these things. I don't know if it's necessarily coming from the people in charge but it is certainly much more common for people to talk about mental health than ever used to be. I feel like in my short time in the organization the leaders have always been really good encouraging that but I think it's become much more a natural part of our lexicon now so you know we will As firefighters and those that support us we will much more readily talk about the fact that I really struggled with that job or you know I'm I'm dwelling on that job more than I should or that job brought something up for me. That wasn't really healthy for my mental state And we'll talk about it and we'll bring in support and we'll always encourage one another to seek support as required so people are much more willing to have those conversations. Can I ask what an example of that would be like if like if Like House lost losted pet. That reminded you of like. Is that like what someone would struggle with more? I'll give you an example from one that we went to a couple of years ago so we turned out to Hanging someone hood suicide by hanging and one of the people that I turned out with on the truck had lost a relative to that particular method of suicide and for him. That was quite triggering And he readily admitted it. He said this is how my brother died. And this for me is a a triggering episode And he was really open about going and seeking support. I think it's so important for us to be able to say like when we need help when something has been really traumatizing to us and that is very clearly something that would be traumatizing. But so but that brings up another question in examples. That like you know firefighters in this volunteer brigade or not only being called out to fires like it could be an incident of suicide. Could like is it kind of one of those things. Who's ever there? I like if the police don't get their first and you guys are dispatched. No it's less about WHO's available I. We've actually got a really distinct structure by which we run jobs. We've got a whole system that determines which agency is in charge so it could be the if it's a storm or flood it could be. The police could be the fire service it could be. You know the air air safety people could be the train people. It depends on what the incident is so all of that is already determined in a legal structure And then if if one of the other agencies in charge than we as firefighters might be a support agency God but if it's a fire then it's US got it so but that so to say the NS supportive capacity. There is a whole endless list of scenes that you may find herself on absolutely much in fact it is endless because the system that we work under states that if we have the resources or the skills or the people then we can be a support agency so there is actually no end to what we could support. It could be an alien invasion and we could support you have the people. Geez anything is it. What part you you've got to have fun. I think he notes in this sector if we'll probably will nuts anyway but you know you gotTa have fun. We absolutely have fun is that like is is what are like the fun. Parts of the job is like the commodity between everyone. Yeah the Camaraderie is amazing. They've really become your other family really and truly and then what would you say to like other little girls not only in Australia but like all over the world that are curious and interested in in becoming a first responder or going to school or getting further training in a look? Say there's a couple of things if it's something that they're interested in absolute pursue it. Because there's something there for everyone you know firefighting is not just about being macho. And you know you're being some burly bloke. There's so much more to it than that and the thing that I liked to really draw people's attention to is that when we go to an emergency it's an emergency generally because it's impacting on people. That's why we need to help. Okay now you're the person who's in an emergency situation and needs help. This could possibly be one of the worst days of your life. You've just had a bad car crash or you've just lost your home to fire so one of the things about emergencies is that. They're generally emergencies because they involve people so someone suffering something they need. Help with and the thing that I like to remind people is that when we're attending emergencies the people are the really important parse there. They're the part that needs looking after the most okay. We need to put the fire. We need to remove the crushed cars. Whatever it is but there's people at the center of all of this need caring for Not to say men can't do this but I think women bring a really strong element of caring and empathy to an emergency situation. You lots of men are fantastic this as well but what I see is women naturally gravitate towards helping the people that are suffering and they bring this whole other caring element into firefighting but perhaps the community doesn't traditionally think of and I know that we've been two incidents where we you know. Done an amazing job at looking after the people at the center of IT and they've come back to US afterwards with gifts and thank you cards. And they've just been so grateful because that hour or two hours of caring right in the middle of it when they've needed the most has really really helped them and then I just for whatever reason I had this intrusive thought in in when you were telling you got that. So if if that statement or that like anecdote makes like eighty percent of like girls or women who heard that yes the end of that but then there's like a twenty percent who is like fuck that I'm just as strong as if there's someone suffering they can get. I'll call you an ambulance bitch. Go move this fucking car because I want to show this dude that like I am actually going to just move bakery just as strong as you did. Is there ever any girls like that? Yeah like it. There's something for everyone. There's no one that's excluded. You might not for whatever reason whether it's a physical disability a learning disability or whatever you might not be able to jump on a truck but there's so many other things that you can do in a fire service so if people are interested in emergency services but they're for whatever reason not able to jump on a truck jump on an ambulance whatever just look into it anyway because as I said. We can't do what we do that. The army of people behind us. Oh become one of those special people. So nineteen thousand other questions. What with the box. Fires in two thousand nine was there any EU regulations or laws or anything like were not in place prior to that. They ended up getting instituted or anything that that you know. You're brigade learned about like in helping people become more prepared in the event of a bushfire. We're like in the states a wildfire. Yes Oh probably less around the law but more Iran's We had a bushfire royal commission which was like a huge investigation. Into all of the circumstances around the far and how we could potentially prevent all of those deaths again in the future and a lot of the recommendations that came out of that have been implemented since and one of the major things was around better communication with the community so we've brought in all sorts of different strategies. We've got a really great that allows people to know about emergency straight away. They can read it by information and warnings. So they're getting up today concise accurate information and that's been one of the most really pivotal changes. That's happened since that time. Because I know in the there is some buyers in California when I was doing hair in two thousand sixteen and Seventeen. I had one in particular who lost her home and she basically like a neighbor called her at ten thirty at night and like girl get out of the house like look out your window and she was like were fine like we're literally going to bed at sign and she looked out the window and there was like an orange wall lake literally coming down the hill like with she could visually see getting towards the house so they got out and like the nick of time but it like. I know that in instances where I've heard in the states it's like a communication issue because it's like in those emergency like he literally the heat of the moment like sometimes things don't happen so having seen all the things that you've seen like like if you're in an area that's like at all bushfire prone wildfire prone as someone who's been doing this for thirteen years. What like what APPS I mean. What do you think people need to do? Yeah it's a really good point Your friends experience with you. Know Opening the curtains. And there's a wall of fire that is a really common story that came out of two thousand and nine so like I said we now have a whole agency that's dedicated to overseeing the work of the fire services and also to issuing information warning so a mentioned an APP which is great but of course not only works if you're telecommunication systems are still working. Which they may or may not be But we've also got a system of emergency broadcasters using good old-fashioned radio. I'm so we always encourage people to have a battery operated radio A backup system so that if they can't access the APP they've still got information and the other thing that the community needs to remember is that we've got a whole system of fire danger ratings which tells us how bad day will be and we've got a four day forecast for that so if we know about day is coming. It's not like it's ten. Pm It's happening at six in the morning we've got four days notice and we're really really keen on helping people to understand that and so like if there is a like a warning to like have your back uation ready or like definitely be heating those absolutely yep hundred percent so we're GONNA be right back with more piano right after the break. I just lost my order for a new hellofresh box. And I can't wait till it's here give mouth-watering seasonal recipes and premeasured ingredients delivered. Right to your door with hellofresh. America's number one meal kit. They make cooking at home fun. Easy and affordable hellofresh cutouts to restful meal planning and prepping so you can enjoy cooking and get dinner on the table and just about thirty minutes or even twenty minutes with their quick recipe options. There's something for everyone including low Calorie Vegetarian and family friendly recipes every week. They've got more five recipes than any other meal kit. 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Jv and ten and use code JV and ten for ten free meals including free shipping. Walkabout getting curious Fiona Mac and so I'm that makes sense to me another question. Obviously there has been discussion. Australia's not only in Australia. All over the world about the relationship between more fires more intensive fires with global warming. And there's people at the highest levels of government that all have you know that are approaching this with varied levels of urgency. What is the feeling like? I mean? Obviously you're not like an official will maybe artificial spokesperson. I don't know but is there. Is that something that people care to talk about like within the community? Is that something like. Is there ever like global warming like like like as there? Anyone like. It's like no. It's not that and then other ones like that like is that like ever conversation within the community so. I'm not an official spokesperson on these things. So I'm not GonNa comment on my personal experience but I'm fortunate enough to sit within the Bush team in the CFA. When I where I work so I work My full time job for them as well and amongst us there's absolutely no diet that global warming and climate change a real absolutely no diet and amongst communities that I've worked in. It's the same. They're all convinced that climate change is real so I don't experience people that daish however I know there. They exist But my experience certainly has been that. There's no diet but it's like when you were saying that you know relatively newcomer into this and there's people that have you know that are in your brigade that they're approaching sixty years which means that when they came into the brigade there was probably firefighters that had been there for forty years fifty years and basically generation. Only we have not seen these these fires this this magnitude of Biz intensity so much together. Yeah there's certainly an incidence of the number of really bad fires but the other thing that we're seeing is a much longer fire season so traditionally in a in southeast Australia where we are January and February. Were the bad months and if we could make it through those two months and that was pretty much it the fires that we slow this summer started in September and except for all the rain. We've had. We actually originally expected them to be going into April or May which is like November for California. No it's crazy like it was like in the middle of the fall. You're the fire started here. That's really a hugely lungs. Yes we've gone like two months of really bad weather to focus on to all my six months so then I guess okay so then. That's that so then that brings us to these bushfires and so you were just saying that your fulltime job is also with the CFA which is country fire. Yes think acronyms aplenty. So my job's actually to run a community based Bushfire Management Project where we have project officers that go out to the community and basically say you're at risk. How do you want to deal with it? Sit Traditionally as agency personnel. We've stood up at the top of room in a uniform and we said to people right. You're at risk and this is what you're going to do and this is what you're going to do and we'll give you a brochure as well. This is totally turning it on. Its head and it's taking much more of a community development approach to it and sitting down with the community and saying okay. How do you guys want to reduce your risk? What would you like to do to stay safer? So how did that happen? So we have a whole program of work cool safer together. Which is a government funded program basically getting all of our agencies and stakeholders in bushfire to work better together and that includes putting community at the center of everything that we do All of safer together came about after a fire that escaped basically a plan. Burn that escaped And so our Our whole philosophy is by putting the community at the center of everything that we do and asking them how they'd like to reduce their own bushfire risk and they may or may not take an option or a route that agency particularly like But Agency also need to understand that this is what is important to the community and this is what matters to them when we give them the power to make the decisions about their own safety. They'll own it and they'll really run with it so when they're faced with a far they'll do the things that they had planned to do. And then when we've all planned Iran that together than it works much better so but basically I was where I was trying to get with. Like what your your fulltime in in coordinating and working in firefighting like all the time like. That's the working with communities south. Got My full time job. Which is like running a project nine to five Monday to Friday. Then I've got a casual job on the side which is running community meetings helping people to stay safer then. I've got my volunteer roles. And they're sort of squeezed in wherever they can be but like yes so you are slaying. The helping people fight fires and recover from fires. Game is what I'm trying to say. My is twenty four seven fire and my partner is also in the fiber gate and my dad lives with us. And he's also in the fire brigade a family of firefighters. That's Sochi well it's never gonNA break though sify signs. I would imagine what do you I mean. That's a really good point is like what do you do the responder for self care and for breaks like wind and if you ever get to have one. I'm obsessed with the gym so for me. It's about staying fit love it. So that's really gorgeous way just for self care so we love that story so when you talk about you know it takes a lot to run. It takes a lot to run like a volunteer organization that like sends out by trucks in coordinates fire trucks and helps people you know set up resources and I think one thing that came out of this we can one hundred percent not talk about this but I think it's we can edit the fuck out of it but I think it's important to note. Is that win like so when I was coming to Australia and realized that I got the opportunity to tour and then I realized that the bushfires were going on at the same time and obviously from America I saw you know. Just how much was a neat until as Barbara was doing such an incredible job with fundraising efforts? And so I wanted to help there. And I urge people to donate through separate and then after that I was like. Let me work with Are SPCA and the Australian Red Cross for donations to have it the show so we could send money from the state's anyone that comes here to help along and there's a lot of press around the ten percent that Australian Red Cross for its backlogs and I thought about that because I had so many people that were not Australian sending really intense? Dm's about that Basically because they had like read an article or two and it says that there's controversy on something which really all you ever need any more to start. Controversy is like one tweet and then like all of your good work was for nothing. And you're like a Shitty fucking person forever according to twitter which is fact so kidding but it's like when you're thinking about if someone's like well ten ten percent and they just got you know ten million dollars from for. House horrific are to me. It's like yeah that makes sense like it's a bigger more unprecedented fire than you've ever had which means you're probably working with more people than you've ever had in its more coordination than you've ever had and you need to get water firefighting resources food shelter. All of these things like that will cost more than ever so I guess. I am asking like that doesn't happen for free. You're exactly right yet and I think in. Cf I obviously. We're fortunate that the mass of our workforce is voluntary so that is for free essentially but when you donate to something like the Red Cross. They're not volunteers for the most part. You know they've got stuff that needs to be paid. And this is the career that these people have chosen and we can't expect them not to put a roof over their head or not to feed their children and not receive their salaries so I can't speak obviously on behalf of an organization such as that but I absolutely think they're justified in having certain proportion set aside for their own costs because otherwise it's going to be chaos and who's who who fills that void because there's so many governments all over the world that like don't fill that void and it is places like the Red Cross volunteer organization or Well they might be volunteer staff but they're still having to be working on is by CAREERSTEP. It's like you still have people have to the absence of them. You think someone else is GonNa do it for free help clay and CFA. Although it has lots of volunteers still cost the government. A lot of money you know we still got all of the stuff in the background doing all of the non firefighting work. I'M A staff employee. There's there's all of that stuff that has to go on to support the volunteer workforce so of course it costs a lot of money on so the other thing to bear in mind is outside of the charities like Red Cross. The Australia did not destroy. And the Victorian government itself has actually established a bushfire relief funds. And they're going to donate one hundred percent of the money's come into us to those that need us so rather than ten percent of that money going to cover the overheads associated with charitable causes. They are going to cover those overheads as government and they're going to give one hundred percent donated money to the community works. I guess if you're listening to this episode and you were particularly miffed about the ten percent that the Red Cross of Australia's taking hunting. The Victorian government is not so just going over to make your donation and yet the US. Yes so here's the other thing at the end of every episode. I'd like to do you said you were. An infant has ever been to a yoga class. I'm terrible yoga. Worst Hamstrings in the world. They would you know that there's no such thing as terrible at Yoga. The only way you can be terrible at it is like not to go. You haven't seen me no seriously has nothing to do with how you look on the outside like literally zero yoga literally means the definition is union or like to yoke. And it's meant to like bring together your movement with your breath so the only way you could actually like quote be bad at. Yoga is dead. 'cause you can't breathe like if you if you can breathe. It's not like you gotta go. But anyways appointed that stories that my favorite yoga class that I used to go to this teacher would say like okay. It's time for Yoga Recess. Which basically met like you came to yoga and you were really hoping that he was going to teach you how to do like forearms. Dan but like he didn't hit it that day. You're like he would give you two minutes to go to the wall and do whatever you wanted to do. Now here's the caveat. I want you to be able to say whatever you want to save. If there's anything we haven't touched on Comma I am just remembering that. I didn't ask you about the differences in the types of bushfires that there are just different fires which I think is kind of like interest so anything that you want us to be kind and if you could also just ask that question okay I can probably answer that question for you. So there's a few different types of fires that we think Ed's so when I think in America you guys refer to them as wildfires so therefore fires and we would probably use the word Bush far more but bushfire rarely talks about where the bush and the forest and things far but of course we can have grass fires as well so we have bushfires and grass Fars. We can scrub fires as well often down on the coast. We've got more scrubby vegetation on the beach. Yeah yeah that kind of thing And then their structure Fars and I suppose the one that most people would think about would be far but of course lots of other things can be structures as well. And then there's other non structure fire so a non structure fire might be car crash that resulted in a car. Fire so we've got lots of different classifications of fire. That just brought up another question. I'm sorry so how do you train follow those different kinds of fires it's module by module so the first training that you do is more of your sort of bushfire type firefighting skills so really basic stuff and then you build up from there. You learned do Some sort of we're talking structure fires but from the outside then you build up to talking a structure fire but actually going into a burning building and that includes learning to wear breathing apparatus on your back then you go on and you gain other skills you might gain driving skills or crew leadership skills you know. It goes on and on and on. There's no end really all that stuff. And you're like the lieutenant that's you're you're you're like you're all the way up There's a few that I don't have that I'd like to get So I would like to become a structure crew leader so I'm a crew leader but not in a structure fire situation. That's quite hard to find that course and I'd like to become a strike team leader. That's where you go out and you lead a group of trucks when there's a bushfire who strike team so you'll be the one that's like and then so basically would you like a map and you know we're all of like the fires when you bet. Take this highway. Because then we can get this triangulation. Yeah sort of but in with the rest of the highway unfortunately drive in the forest. Yeah really yeah you off road. Oh yeah absolutely. None OF ITS ON ROAD. Just were very little. Wow so With the how do you train for like? Is there like some big football field that you guys like get to light on daylight on fire and then it's like okay you five like Not so much a football field. But we've got some training grants where they've got simulation so they've got simulated petrels. What do you call him gas stations simulated building simulated cars? So those are awesome. We get to practice our skills in a really safe environment. The other thing that many Parts of Victoria do as they do plan burning so where they actually planned to do. Burn in a in a part of a forest for example as a way to reduce the vegetation. And that's really great training for people that are new as well for whatever reason. I just reminding you this story. That would be so hard to train for as a firefighter and my hometown. When I was growing up there was this massive fled and then this gas station. That was like submerged. Blew up and there is a fire on top of the river. Last Asia Up. Have you ever heard of that? I absolutely if it floats. And it's an IT's flammable. It'll go on fire. I have one more question than we can meet at unless you have another year. He says it wasn't focused. What is the most unusual? Fire that you've ever had to respond to. Oh goodness does that we fire can tell you about some other fun stuff. I've been to someone with your hand stuck in a toaster. That wasn't that long ago. Actually and you know what she was trying to do. She's trying to rescue. Gummy bear at the bottom of her toaster. Edible gummy bear. And it's hard to get in Australia so she was like bitch. I can't wait. It fell out of a cupboard and it landed in her toaster and rather than turn the toaster upside down. She shoved her hand inside. Got Stuck so we had to cut right. Alas we've been to A cat stuck in a tree. Yeah but the hose is really handy in a situation like. I'm sure it just went home. Did when you just sprayed the operation. The news got it to come down spring. That's smart. We went to someone who reported a scratching noise in their wool. And there was a bird stuck in there wolf cavity. Australian asks me. You know we've got a great snake hunter in the suburb where I live so we don't need to worry about snakes. We've got someone else. You can do that forest but often when we opened up the cover on a hydrant. Their smell narrow. How many with the most you've ever seen. Oh I've only seen one but we know like I know we tend to get tiger snakes. Where Yeah Whoa my or red box. Spiders there the other one show. Yeah they like hanging out and hydrants to Jeff. Brown recluses here. Those are very scary. Siders in the mid West honey. We've got plenty of scary things you got like the spades of the scary things industrial. I come from Ireland. There's nothing scary in. Your accent has really become like a beautiful little specimen. She's like a little Irish little Australian. It's like such a treaty. Koa per ruining so. Is there anything else? Is there for your Yogi resets where I want and indeed you with questions or anything you want to end up on? No I don't think so. I guess my parting message would be that just remember. There's something for everyone so you know. Don't be afraid to approach the fire services where the emergency services because we're all somewhere like another. Finally what did we think we so much abortions and the people who have them have been called a lot of things? But what is abortion actually? National Women's law center is launching a campaign to reframe the conversation on what abortion actually is about abortion actually is an act of love compassion healing and selflessness abortion. Actually something one in four people experience in their lifetimes it's healthcare and it's freedom. Abortion actually can be emotional or not abortion as a fact of life and many of us have either had one or know someone who has abortion actually is about taking care of ourselves our communities and the people we love I know many people who have had abortions and love them dearly. They are incredible people who no one an explanation if you've had an abortion. You're the only one who can speak to what abortion actually felt like to you and that's how it should be joined National Women's Law Center campaign today at N W Elsie Dot org slash abortion. Actually that's n w elsie dot org slash abortion. Actually joined national. Women's law center is campaign. Today you've been listening to getting serious with me. Jonathan Venice my guest. This week was mackin. You'll find links to her work and the episode description ever. You're listening to the show on if you need help. Managing trauma related to these issues. Lease see the description of the episode for resources. Our theme music is by Quin. Thank you so much for letting US use it. If you enjoyed our show introduce a friend and show them how to subscribe follow us on Instagram and twitter. Accurate with our social are running curated by Emily Bosick. Getting Curious is produced by Collin Anderson Duly Rio Chelsea Jacobson rails and meeting Jonathan Dennis.

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Episode 434: The Instagram Election

Abe Lincoln's Top Hat

54:46 min | 1 year ago

Episode 434: The Instagram Election

"Bring. Hey, guys. My name is Jackie Zabriskie. And my name is Molly NFL, and we are here to tell you about a little show on the last podcast network called page seven we give you the goings on. And who's the whatsits in pop culture and celebritydom every week. But let's be real we mostly talk about sexy celebrity daddy's and what we're excited about TV, and movie wise with Marcus the other hosts of the LPN network. It's a weekly sleepover without the fake hand make outs. So please check out page seven. It's like side stories but with late as that's absolutely not true. There's no true crime or aliens or serial killers. But it's rife with positivity and fun and celebrities and cats succumb have smile with us checkout page seven on the last podcast network. I think you might like it. The word go. Shame. Shame. It's Abe Lincoln's top hat hosted by Ben Kissel. Boom. We can't get fooled again. Hey, what's up everyone? I am Ben Kissel. And you know, this is Abe Lincoln's top at from the road where have we've had a great time. Thanks, everyone who came out to Nashville Tennessee that was our some and Cincinnati was amazing. Did not have the chili, but I will go back, and they will have the chili then. And now we were in Cleveland, aka believe land, and because we are here. I had a chance to run into an old buddy of mine, you might know who he is by name alone. His name is Travis Irvine Travis. Thanks so much for being here. Ben. It's so good to see. It's great to see you do Betty. So we had a great time last night, by the way for all. Those is today's episode going to be the most informational. No, no, no, this is on the road. Honestly, what are the biggest news stories of the week? So then of course, Travis Irvine we used to be roommates. He ran my campaign BK for B K got one point eight percent. And we convinced. Governor Cuomo to not shut down the L train. So we actually exceeded our goals in the L train running. We saved the ultra you save the we legitimately did you in the Reform Party. I mean that was a huge legendary campaign legendary campaign we're gonna documentary coming out when when when will that come out I wanna be moated out by we shouldn't say win. We'll get it done. Maybe July fourth maybe July July July fourth at nine AM. We don't want to be specific. Let's do nine eleven. Yes. Denver eleven never forget everybody. Never forget the BK for big camp. And we should crowd source the the name of the documentary because I have no idea what if it's called bigger, and I guess longer. I don't know bigger longer and more cut. I'm not sure BK for became more bigger and longer in on cut Beka there. It is. I like if it's cut though, everyone's like, oh, I like an uncut, but sometimes you need to add stuff. Sometimes you gotta cut it. Absolutely. Absolutely. So that's Travis Irvine. He also ran as the libertarian for governor right here in the beautiful state of. Oh, hi, ho. Oh, and I believe how how is that camping? You got one point eight percent as well. I got been Kissel numbers. Ben Kissel, not one point eight percent lovers, but you made an impact, and he got your ideas out there. And that's what matters the most. Because it's the small things that can create big change. Well, so congratulations. I'm putting your name in the ring and saying, you know, what I'm gonna do something active for our community. Doesn't matter. If you went as doesn't matter if you lose what matters is you are active you're out there. And you're spreading your message the best that you can. Absolutely. And you always have an impact, especially when you're you know, like us kind of younger independent. Absolutely. We're not ready. I mean, I completely agree when it comes to be gay for BKA at six thousand votes. Yeah. I completely agree with the numbers. We got it was like, yeah. I mean, thirty six year old podcast or running to be the president of the fifth largest city in the country. Right. Yes. One point eight percent make set this all those throws telling everyone when I was running like Henry was like Henry Zubrowka from last podcast on the left. He was like what? What if you win? I'm like what what? No, I am literally running. So the ultra doesn't shut down was our entire thing was just the L train. And of course, criminal Justice reform and a series of other things regarding regarding the unbelievable amount of government waste that happens in in New York City, but it was the L train, and that we we did it. And of course, the biggest outcome was that we got fifth place in a three way because the democrat was double endorsed w Republicans double doors. Yes. So I did want to be the conservative party. Not quite of course, they got bay ridge get more votes total than Bodine oil. I did for mayor for mayor. Bo bodal. Of course, he's actually in the movie that Henry was the B team all-star off wolf of Wall Street. Oh, actually makes a cameo in that movie. Yep. And for those that don't know he used to be the strong man for Rupert Murdoch. And Roger Ailes over at Fox News. So literally bow Deedles entire thing was he would stalk the women that said, I'm not happy with the way. Roger Ailes treated me, and he would make their lives more difficult. I'm just going to say he's a piece of human shit. That would be bowed needle. So we did get more than him. But he ran for mayor, which means, of course, he was up for nine million possible. I think he had to start his own party because he failed to get the Reform Party nominations. Right. And then so he started his own party. And his big thing. Of course, was just calling build a Blasio mayor big bird the whole cut his Mike in the win. Shut up. He was like me last night and making fun of this guy for a hat that said come boy on it. Even though he's not an actual Cumbrae. Not not. I know we're not going to rehash the controversy. So anyway, it is great to have you on. And welcome to Cleveland. It's beautiful. We we are in Travis Morningstar's room. We are on the twentieth. Floor of I think we're at the Hilton or something, and we have a beautiful view of the city. I'm gonna say this a lot of buildings lotta building beautiful lake the wonderful. Now, we are in Cleveland. Now, a lot of folks would say what's so special about Cleveland? And here's a boring fact that I was told by Joe a friend that Travis brought with him here to Travis Morningstar's hotel room who apparently didn't go to the bathroom at home. He went to the bathroom immediately. When he arrived in hotel random person. So tell room only frenzy the Combo's chick ice. Yeah. It's it's boys and crap Cleveland, what do you want? But it's it's the CC's. It's the come boys of crap boys. So that's Cleveland for you. And now Joe is making a he's doing a scratch off. You've got a lottery ticket. It's a big Powerball. He on he won nine dollars fantastic. All right. Not sure if it's a good for radio, but none the less. Interestingly enough what happens here in Cleveland, the lake effect. So you have lake effect snow and only nine percent. This is according to crap boy only nine percent of the places around the world have lake. Snow? That's right. So not a lot happens here. But it it does. It's like third party numbers. Nine percent lake effect is right here in Cleveland, and I will say one of my proudest moments of the entire governor campaign happened right here in Cleveland where I got in the Cleveland dot com. If we say, we're Cleveland one more time our audience is going to have a stroke where we are right now. We're in Cleveland drinking game, if you're not driving make how many times you've said the word Cleveland, go back rewind and make it a drinking game starting with the beginning. Because I think at this point you would be nine beers. Steve you'd be nine nine shots. The either way I said in on this meeting with Mike dewine, the Republican, okay? Rich Korea the democrat with Cleveland dot com, and it was a contentious meeting, and I didn't talk for about ninety minutes. Okay. And then at the very end they were arguing so much. I said you guys you've been arguing this whole time. I think you should just shake each other's hand and congratulate each other for all the great public service. You both have done they begrudgingly shake hands. I turned it at a toy aboard. And I say, no if I can do that magic can do in the state legislature. Boom, boom mic drop crowd. Erupts applause is the only thing I did write the whole campaign. That's perfect buddy. That is absolutely powerful. So I love Cleveland. No. But that is that's great. And that's of course, why Ohio is so significant obviously, we got an election coming up. Not even we do this shit way way too long out in Vance. But you know, Ohio is going to be a significant player in twenty twenty your state matters. You had a fellow? And I want to hear your thoughts on this dude shared Brown because shared was thinking about running it was dipping his toe in there a lot of folks. Like, yo, bro. Do it. We like you. You're cool guy. You're the antithesis to Donald Trump in that he is not a total asshole. And he is a little bit more. He's a little bit more reserved little classier, but also wears khakis and the looks kind of like doofus. Yeah. But I liked that when he. Said that he was not going to run. I believe he's not going to run. Because Biden got him Bernie is in. I think he was like what's the point of putting my family through a living hell that is running. Because for some reason in American politics to run for president or to run for office. You have to be like my life is going to be destroyed. I know in other countries, you can get murdered. But in some ways you get killed here slightly as well. Yeah. You know, when it comes to the total destruction of everything that you hold dear. So why do you think Sharad Brown decided not to run? I think you nailed it there. It's a crowded race already. He is a very popular Senator here in two thousand eighteen he was one of the only statewide democrat candidates to win. In fact, you got the Mahoning valley here just south of Cleveland, and it is essentially they voted for the Republican Mike dewine for governor. But they voted for the democrat shared Brown for Senate and then just Ohio. That's right. It's a swing state. They go with name wrecking recommendation. And yes shared Brown was in a very contentious Senate race there. You talked about bringing up old baggage. He hit a divorce back in the eighties before he got into public service. And there was a domestic domestic violence clown allegation. Essentially now, his ex wife has since come out and said that was just, you know, the nastiest part of the divorce is not fully true things just kind of happened in court proceedings, and she's still she actually supports them shields fundraisers for him when he runs for reelection. So as ugly as it got, I think shared Brown got a sense that the racist too crowded. He would be a great VP nam. He was one of the final three of Hillary Clinton in two thousand sixteen my honestly, yet could have given her the midwest boost because he like you just said he is he's a down to earth guy. Yup. You know, when he ran for the first time in two thousand six he knocked on ten thousand doors. He showed you know, like at rusher of his shoes that were just completely worn out. Yeah. He loves us. Stuff. And he's good at it. And that's why Republicans will be like, you know, I'm voting for shared Brown. Right. Ohio's best interest in mind. Right. So he may be you know, maybe through his name out there to kind of get feeling me. Like, he wasn't even throwing his name out there. Now, I'm sure that you know, he wasn't against the conversations happening necessarily. But it seemed like he was being more drafted. It seemed like a lot of people in party. I mean me specifically out of love to see a Brown. Get it. I liked the guy I like him quite a bit. So it was more of a desire. I think from the people to be like, yo, bro. Please do it. And that's what for me was an indicator of how good he is. It's a politician when the people are asking for you to run. Yeah. I think that's a good for consign. Yeah. That he's but in this field, I think that he probably did make the right choice. And it's might just not be the time to get, you know, around out by a bunch of people, but getting out there, and you know, he did just do his his dignity of work to there. For a little bit there. I think even just doing that put your name out there enough that whoever wins from this meal. A of what sixteen people now in the far nomination. Whoever it is that person should shared Brown further VP because I think it's going to be tough. We have a lot of candidates out there. The male candidates are like I will pick a female, which I think is a little bit like, okay. That's great. I have no problem with that. But just pick the female hit them if you're going to choose, you know, Kamala Harris or or high like Tulsi Gabbard, I don't know what happened to Tulsi she announced and then she like went away users. You're supposed to announce in that you like go away with that sort of what happened with her? So we'll see if there is room on the bottom of a ticket for someone like shared Brown. I also don't know if you would want to not be a Senator to be a VP. You never know if you win, you know, and I think again, you he gauges that maybe there are some he just he didn't like about the Clinton campaign at twice Ecksteen. But in well, here's I mean, Tim Caine was one of the worst EP choices of all time. But he spoke Spanish been kind of those spicy kind of spoke Spanish and also white guy Spanish the most boring human being on the face of the planet. I he he lost it to bait. Depends which blew my mind Pence is a when it comes to politics. Yeah. A robotic genius. He knows exactly what he's doing. When it comes to politics calculating, he is very calculating. And every Friday, as we know he cuts loose with a non alcoholic beer and a slice of pizza and he hangs out with his wife in his totally normal relationship, and he drinks his non alcoholic beer, and he eats pizza and his wife told the American people that story to humanize him. And then it's the most robotic like, I am not from earth story of humanization. I have ever heard of my. Ear life. I'm so the fact that he was that he lost to that, man. Yeah. We're not re-litigating two thousand sixteen brand would have won that Jerod Brown Brown in his heart. And that's why voice. He sounds like Tom waits, and I love Tom waits. And that's why I think Elizabeth Warren is actually going to do better than a lot of people think right now she's polling around ten percent. But once the thing starts going, I'm telling you, I don't know if this means anything, and I don't even like saying this word, I don't like to say the next sentence about to say, oh boy. But this is going to be the Instagram election two thousand sixteen was for Twitter. I think this is going to be Instagram because she is doing a good job on that platform showing herself meeting. The folks she's she knows her message. She is more exciting to me than Bernie Sanders. Ray she has a similar message, but minus the I haven't crapped in forty years sort of vibe that Bernie Sanders gives me he should come to Cleveland. Crap right away here all the time immediately soon as they get into a hotel room. And apparently, they're also come boys. I don't know where we are. But Elizabeth Warren, I think she is making some headway. And again, I think that's perhaps why shared Brown said the my voice is being covered. Yes. Right. What a stand forward. I stand for is being covered because he's very progressive. Very progressive record those union he pro union, which we need to get back. I'm not like, Mr. like, oh, the unions are all great. No unions can be exceptionally corrupt. But as we've seen in Wisconsin with what Scott Walker did that piece of human crepe once again to use that phrase when you bust up the teachers unions when you bust up the public sector unions, the private sector unions are whole 'nother thing the public unions when it comes to teachers rights when it comes to teachers equal pay when it comes to teachers not having to buy their own fricken pencils for the students unions are exceptionally beneficial. And so when it comes to though. Those types of unions. I'm one hundred percent in favor of them. When it comes to breaking up what Amazon has done we were talking about this in the car. Marcus Henry Travis and and our manager Ken is with us this week as well. But when it comes to Elizabeth Warren and her talking about insured, Brian has the same idea when it comes to breaking up Amazon, Amazon, we have to remember it was just a fricken book retailer it was books. And then what happened it destroyed Barnes and noble, it destroyed mom and pop bookshops it destroyed the entire book industry, and then it moves into toilet paper, and that it moved into. I don't know when you gotta get a colostomy bags. Yeah. You can get everything from Amazon it needs to be broken up in needs to be done away. With Jeff Bezos is I don't want. You know, me I try to love try to have the love in my heart unless a person wearing a hat. Does this come boy in the valley? I make fun of him for ninety minutes. And then I feel bad in the morning, two hours. It was like two ours. But anyway, Jeff Bezos, truly is. Not making the world better. And I know that it's great to get your stuff in three whatever three hours when when you when you need, it, whatever you get from Amazon, but Amazon is destroyed small businesses in this country, and those are some of the messages when it comes to Facebook, and you know, all these huge huge corporations that have far far too much power there just needs to be someone saying the free market, I'm with total capitalist. Everyone knows that. But when it comes to the free market. We also have to have a fair Plainfield and Amazon under the guise of free market has destroyed the entire market under the guise of like, well, we better let them do it. Because it's the free market is like no at this point. They have sucked up so much of our economy, and they're not it's not like it's going back to the people. There is none of this stuff. Trickle-down economics only works. If there are small businesses to trickle down those economics. It does not work with was talking to the manager Ken about this yesterday it trickled down economics. Does not work if there are no places for that money to trickle down. So when you have these huge corporations controlling everything the money just fucking sits there truly just sits there with. No, there's there's just no place for it to go. That's what you need small businesses. So that's why I think Amazon has to go and don't forget Amazon was playing games with cities all across the country. Oh my God. Each too. Yeah. I'll be picking a Long Island city, and then not real this is this is one of the things. So when it comes to Amazon in Long Island city now there are a lot of people who are like why would we see why for example, Ken going back to the conversations? I was having with him. He's pro Amazon come into like why not why why not sound right? There were two things that happened. First of all what happened in New York? Not to get too inside baseball with New York City. But it's a national story. I suppose the politicians did not tell anyone who was happening. They literally we read it in the paper that it was a done deal. And we're like shouldn't this be something that Utah? Talk with us about, you know, the folks who voted for you shouldn't this be like, oh, we're going to completely change the economy of one fifth of the city. We're gonna completely change the economy of full borough. We're just going to do that. So that was ridiculous. And of course, what would happen Amazon HQ roles in. Yes, there would be some job creation. But that job creation would not offset the amount of displacement that would have happened when it comes to people who live in those areas the trickle down effect the gentrification that would have occurred. It would spread out like a nuclear bomb. It would just spread out throughout the entire borough pushing the poor further and further out middle-class further and further out the wealthy would be able to get their little fricken. Beautiful beautiful places very near. So they can just walk to work, and that's great. But that's what would have happened. It would have destroyed so much of the small businesses like Amazon does I don't see them. They're not a job, creator automation is basically the the way that they're going when it comes to getting the products out and all those kinds of things that are going with automation there, they pay their employees like trash. I just don't think there's anything good to come from them. Anyway. So that's number one number two. I think Jeff Bezos realized if he comes to New York City his name is in the papers every single day, they're going to talk about his penis because they already frigate with not that I want to think about that bald weird super villains peanuts. I mean, but the morning talked about it, you looks like his own Venus. He looks like a penis. He does. So I think she realized if I roll over to NYC every day my life is going to be a living. Hell, so why would I even go here? Thirdly. I said there was only two. But now I have third one. That's all right. We're in believe land. And I believe I have a third one go to a place if you're Amazon go to a place that isn't done developing. It just go to Gary, Gary, Indiana, just because it was the saddest place ever drove through but go to a place like that. And just make your world you can save this country. You can save a portion of this country go to those places and help them out. And that's what they were doing when they're doing that big nationwide. Search for where do we put our H Q to Columbus, Ohio? My hometown was in the running. They're picking cities in Tennessee. And yeah, they're picking developing cities, and then they settled for New York and DC it's developed. Yes. Good. Burgeoning cities of DC and New York ridiculous. So I'm I'm actually happy that Amazon did not come. So I think there are a lot of good conversations happening right now when it comes to this election anything going back to share at Brown. His his ideas or being represented fairly well in the voice and the ideas of Elizabeth Warren. Yeah. And several other Democrats just just to kind of bring it full circle. You know, the the Amazon points a great point is about, you know, international corporations who come in. We're in Cleveland right now. And again, take another drink take him to the Jake, especially if you're driving. No, not if you're trying we got Lordstown here. Of course, the GM plant in Lordstown has been a big controversy. Shared Brown owns the first Chevy volt made from that plant when we opened it and revitalize the after the bailouts at twenty two thousand nine and and now we're dealing with it again. And that's just the power that these corporations hold. They can move to a city, and they can make or break it. And that's what happened with GM. And then it came back again. And now it went away again. And now Trump's like, you know, trying to save it. Because now the pressure's on in Cleveland says the great example of what happens when a, you know, a good company. Right. In theory comes here, everyone gets jobs. But then what happens after, you know, a few decades of lend the good times roll, you know, if they aren't truly invested in the community, they will leave they will pick up and leave. Absolutely. They absolutely will. So that's why we need a fine of fine balance of both free market cap. But the whole again, I don't want to hurt too much on this. But the whole term free market has been co opted by these huge corporate conglomerates that are actually anti-free-market you go back to the telecommunications act of Ninety-six what happened with radio we were driving again believe it or not folks I'm gonna say the word we're driving again, but dry just driving across this great country of ours from from Charlotte North Carolina for mcneely's wedding. Yes. Holding mcnealy did get married and the woman was sober. When it happened. She did make the decision not under duress, which is incredible. From from Charlotte to Nashville to cincy. Now, again, take a drink to Cleveland. We have been trying to listen to the radio the radio radio is debt because of clear channel under the guise of this is the free market. And it's not that is clear channel destroying radio. Right. And now, it's eight DJ's all from Florida all who apparently have asthma. I don't know what's wrong with them. They cannot talk. They are ridiculously ridiculously bad at their jobs. And that's what happens when you when you destroy when you actually destroy markets individual markets radio markets TV markets newspaper markets under the guise of free market. Absolutely. I mean, the local newspaper industry here in Ohio has been devastated. And I remember jiving I used to drive around America, and the fun things you put on AM, and you just hit the scan button until you find something. Yeah. Then you're listening to like a alien from. Out of space. Cool. It'd be jamming out to to church music and not realize it until like, oh, that's a Jesus. That's a hit the scan again. Thank you. Well, it's good. If it was good enough for you to get to the end, not bad. Absolutely. Not. A there. This episode is brought to you by Indochino. You guys know I love my suits. But so many off the rack suits don't fit properly or are uncomfortable. When you're wearing a suit that fits you properly. 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So you ran so you ran with the libertarian party this past this past cycle talk a little bit about that experience. And I know it was obviously again a dip. It's it's more than an uphill battle. There is basically no hill. There's like it's like, okay. We're just going to do this get the message out. What was your platform? What was your main focus, and how was that experience? Overall. How what was your gauge of the of the folks out here? Well, the Ohio electorate again, we are swing state. So we know those independent minded voters are out there. Ryan again as renting gets to very unpopular candidates, Mike dewine, who's a career politician in rich cordray who was the consumer financial protection bureau. Head of that appointment Obama. He quit the job to come back here and run for governor. But he was just too stiff, you know, you gotta have a shared Brown or Ted Strickland right to really run as a democrat here. And you know, I honestly I kind of harped on the same issues. We did for BK for BK. We have a. An awful opioid crisis here in Ohio the second worst in the country next to West Virginia. Wow. I didn't know that. Yeah. Of four thousand some folks died here in two thousand seventeen so more than nine eleven while. And so, you know, we have it's it's an emergency. And just did what we talked about in Brooklyn which was legalizing marijuana. We actually are supposed to have medical marijuana. The program has been botched by the bureau bureaucrats in the state house. And so we are just now starting to roll at our dispensaries. They're all supposed to open a year ago. Well, what's going on with that? Because I know is a state I maybe not the second state behind Colorado. But I know it was it was close to being legalized about two years ago. Was it three years ago? I wouldn't call it close. It was actually one of the more laughable legalisation campaigns where they rolled out is two thousand fifteen at the local election year. So for starters. Okay. You're already cutting your your vote in half, you know, more people show up for a presidential year. Of course. And they had the the. The comical mascot Bugsy. That's a we'd get for a head. That's. Fun. See? So that did not go as planned, but it did wake up the state legislature to make them pass legislation to get medical marijuana least rolling. But it was you know, is just basically sidelined every step of the way. What is the hold up when it comes to legalize it? I mean, don't they see the money that's been made. I again, you know, there was just a study that came out when it comes to marijuana. I don't wanna be like it's not a drug. It is a drug it will mess you up. That's why people take it. That's why like my little weed Vate, which I lost in Nashville. So if you see a we'd be on the ground and Nash, vans that was probably one can you deliver it back to me, please because I desperately wanted. I almost cried what I lost it. But you do have to be careful. I'm not saying go out there and smoke these joints and have shatter in them. That are rolled in kief. You will get stoned as hell if you wake up in the morning you immediately start smoking weed. That's like waking up in the morning and taking a shot of Jack Daniels. It's problem. It's a problem. But when it comes to the benefits of. Of mass incarceration when it comes to the economic benefits and what comes to down just to lifestyle benefits. I think the legalisation is a no brainer. Not. So what the hell is going on in Ohio wisn this thing moving along faster? It's mainly the I would say is the Republican politicians in the state house. Mike dewine, of course, is why wouldn't they do the money don't out Republicans opposed to see the money? That's what I use. That's what I was saying on the campaign trails Republicans seem to hate money unless it's yours, and they're taxing you for because now Mike dewine channel raise the gas tax in Ohio eighteen cents just legalize marriages legalize marijuana. You could pay for your roads, you can pay for your schools. I mean in a gas tax by eighteen cents. That's a hell of a lot of money. It's a lot. And I don't think the state legislature is gonna give it to them. I think they brought down to ten the house brand at ten and then the Senate brought it to six wow. But you know, these are the things that happened. And again, it's like, well, then how is she going to be running how well the Republican party in the of fiscal responsibility. As we've seen ever since two thousand has been complete and utter joke. Bill Clinton was the last president to have a balanced budget. And of course, you know, it was a it was a Republican congress the house and the Senate so they control the purse o- says to some degree the Republican party does deserve credit for that. But then that credit got spent when we went into Iraq and Afghanistan, Afghanistan, more plausible, more reasonable of a situation, Iraq, we're still paying the consequences for that to this day. How is they Republican party here or however, people who vote for the Republican party still believe in this fiscal conservative? Like, did you see that obviously being more of a libertarian minded candidate talking about? Why is the government both parties are screwing you over right? What was your? What was what was the reaction from the people when it comes to these idea that the Republican party is still fiscally conservative? At least the Democrats are like we're going to spend some cash. Yeah. Exactly. And that was the thing is rich cordray the democrat candidate at least came out and said, yeah, I want to pass a bond issue. So we can fix all the roads and bridges, and then Mike demise. Like, see he's going to raise your taxes, and then Mike dewine gets and mealy racist gas tax and buying away. We again, take a drink. We're in Cleveland, and we were driving in the bridges need to be fixed. Oh, yeah. It's was horrified. Travis MorningStar isn't mic'ed up, but he can attest to going over the bridges here, the the amount of rust that is on the bridge that you were looking at when you know, you're Audie Muir version of that bridge. I'm like this thing is going to go down any. Secondly, Minneapolis, what happened in Minneapolis. This thing can go down any second. That is so much more important than whatever. Then then that is making sure the bridges don't. Relapse is issue number one. Right. It's bigger than the environment in many ways because it's like you can't go if the environment when you're when you're car is in which is in is in the river with you inside of said car and your family is dead. Yeah. And that's honestly, that's what Mike dewine said in his pitchers. Like, look we have to do this or people are going to die. You're going to die. And you don't have a good infrastructure economy. If you don't take care of these things of people getting for point eight point b but look again, I went to all these tea party groups, you know, as the libertarian candidate. I was like I will talk about fiscal responsibility right about the opioid crisis. Those are I I would say to the biggest things I talked about. Yeah. But Ben, you wanna know what I got asked about when I was at tea party meeting. I do the wall immigrants. It was insane. Twenty eight was just the most bizarre term. It was actually the worst midterm election for third political parties as nineteen eighty two reason being after nineteen eighty people either firmly with Reagan or firmly against right. That's what we have in our first post, Trump midterm election with right, boy, either really for Trump or they're really against them. Right. And no one's going to vote for a little wraps galleon filmmaker libertarian guy Ryder how much sense we make or Reform Party kid. Eight who who talks about saving the L chain. You know, right. People are scared in. Sometimes it is is on stuff that does not matter in Ohio people asked me about immigration, the end the was the the caravan. I just at these people like I can build a wall Lake Erie. I'll make it a fun bouncy wall make candidate pay for it. What do you want? What are your nowhere near this other board? Honestly, I have been saying for a very long time. I wanna wall on the northern border. I'm very sick of these Canadians coming and taking all of our comedian jobs. But when it comes to immigration, I was just on Fox News last week talking to some Jag off the amount of distraction that our immigration conversation is when it comes to the wall is the single dumbest political conversation. The fact that it has been propped up to a significant issue the wall, it is the reason that Donald Trump mentioned the wall in the first place was that his handlers Roger stone who. You personally, I wanna talk about that in a second Roger stone Manafort, alright P, basically, basically. They were like how are we going to get this dumpy dumb shit to talk about a complex issue like immigration, and they're like tell them to build a wall. And that was all that they had to do build the wall three words to cover. Maybe the most complex issue facing our nation is being covered in in being covered in a bumper sticker build that wall build that wall. Build the wall build that wall. It is ridiculous to me how that has become our immigration conversation. The and the fact that these tea party people these supposedly independent thinking people, of course, everyone who thinks they're independent thinking, and then look around in there around a bunch of blue the same way that they do should probably realized maybe they're not. And I'm not even being like, oh, Ben, you hang out with people who maybe agree with you actually, a lot of people don't agree with me, specifically come boy who wore the hat that said Kumbo on it. We definitely did not agree with each other on on that fashion decision. But the whole immigration debate is such an unbelievable distraction. And it is so sad to see what previously. I think. Even if they were more conservative or Republican, at least they were rational, you look like Tucker Carlson, for example on Fox News. He is going down. He's just there. I'm not sure where they feed it and vice versa. I don't know if it's the people feeding them or they're feeding the people it's really hard to tell where who was creating the narrative, and who is picking up on what people are throwing down. Right. But it is so sad to see our immigration conversation. Be about the stupid fricken wall. And of course, the government was shut down for the longest shutdown in American history. Right over five billion dollars. Rich. I know it's a lot of money, but it's actually not when it's nineteen trillion dollar economy. Right. So it is the biggest issue politically facing our country is actually the least important issue facing our country. Absolutely. It's a complete distraction. And that's what blows my mind people. We are thousands of miles away from the southern or no one is coming. There's nine Cincinnati and Cleveland the jobs. Yeah. There's it's robots robots are taking your jobs. Yes. Absolutely. And you know, there could be a kid. Diane from opioids across the street in these people that have no idea like, oh, an immigrant that must be an immigration was killing that kid is like, no, he's visibly addicted Oxycontin. Yeah. It was given to him by Dr I adopted not all the doctors not Imigran either. Well, that's what drives me absolutely nuts. You know? I was talking. I did before I knew what a total and utter piece of shit Gavin. Mckenna says I did his radio show, and I did his and then for a drink with him afterwards and of. Of course, gambling's Canadian he's Canadian in the entire time. We're on his show. He's like immigration. This country is not a nation of immigrants. He's talking about how this country never win. And it was screaming QR code ADM, again build that wall on the northern northern order. Get rid of all get rid of these Canadians coming down here and destroyed our frigging country. That's what's happening. It's only being half facetious build the wall in the northern border. As far as I'm concerned. But of course, Gavin McInnes for anyone being like, it's the proud boys or just a male boy club like no ma'am from from from. The Al Bundy show. Oh, right. Yes. What's that called? I don't remember. You don't remember the name of this show? I remember married with children married with children yet talking. Okay. Oh, great. The Al Bundy show as I call them. Of course, it's snowing again, by the way, that's the nine percent of the lake there. It is really exciting. I'm so happy that the guy crapper. Joe was able to inform me all about the average. Oh, now, I stayed interesting weather could anyway, just to close this out with Gavin McInnes. So it's an Asian. He's like it's not a nation of immigrants on my year. Canadian urine emigrant, please get the hell out of here because you're horrible person. But he does go through anyone who's just like, oh, the proud boys are just a fun. No, ma'am group like for married with children. He broke down. Gavin did the racial intelligence chart with in his and of course, he does say the N word like a lot in private conversation. None. You might say it on the radio as well. He is very transparent in the fact that he's a total fucking piece of shit. But he does believe Asians or the smartest weizer the middle blacks of the dumbest. And then Hispanics are in there somewhere? I have no it, and it was like dude first of all you're wrong. And second of all you are so much worse than people even think you are. And when it comes to. Them being the megaphone voice that a lot of these people are listening to that's where the problems are all starting right? Because if you're messengers total for moron and also wants to be your leader with and you allow that to happen lookout now build the wall is officially the biggest political issue in this country. And if I may because you mentioned Roger and here we are in Cleveland, which by the way, they could drink take drink, especially if you're driving not if you're driving on and this is where it all happen. The RNC has actually staying with my buddy crappy Joe and the RNC was here in twenty sixteen. And that was when I got the insight. I remember Roger explained it to me that with Donald Trump when they pick that issue they specifically picked illegal immigration because illegal immigration is technically a crime and you can harp on that. But they didn't wanna go for any of the evangelical stuff, you know, they didn't want to go after gay marriage. They didn't want to go after abortion. They try to void this, obviously. When. They came up to Donald Trump. He'd have to say, you know, I stand this way. And that's why they got Pence to even out the to even out the take. Absolutely. But that was the various specific strategic. The the one thing that they could still scare people with without having you know, turning other people away. I remember Peter Thiel spoke here at the q the RNC convention the night that Trump was anointed. So when it comes to Roger stone. How what are you? What's his life because you actually, you know, him personally endorse me for governor of Ohio. He was great time to get endorsed. Maybe you should should've asked him to publicly denounce you. And you could have gotten. Way. That's do. Look what isn't endorsement Travis Ray man who was currently under federal indictment alleges excited might be one of his last political endorsements. Yeah. You the last of the last one little tidbit? Wow. Have the how the mighty have ascended share you know, for from getting ragging in office? All the way to Travis Irv. Eighty thousand votes. They did get eighty thousand. Honestly, that's great. That's nothing. That's nothing to laugh at those votes. Really means something, but it comes to rot when it comes to Roger stone. Yeah. What's going on with his life right now? What's he looking at? I mean, he must be when I watched the FBI go in rate US House get his ass out of there looking like, El Chapo whenever you get raided. It's never noon. It's always like when can we get him? The most tired six AM is perfect time. Ninety percent ninety nine percent chance your sleep. Even if you partied that night. Yeah. You know, you're still like two AM. You come at me at two AM. I'm feisty. I wanted to go FBI six AM. I'm finally sleeping for two hours. The FBI raided your house wearing Kumbo hats. You would not go every single one of them out. I don't even understand. I don't I would rather we are crappy Joe hat because I crap. Anyway, so stone getting getting busted federal indictment looking at significant significant time, where do you think his head is at right now have you had a chance to communicate with him at all? No, he's not allowed to communicate. He's a he's gagged a believe by court order. So look like everyone else I woke up a date and saw the news also up to like eighteen texts people being like your Boeing at gap. Your boy got got. And it was just very surreal until I saw him come out of that courtroom about noon or one after win the Richard native thing as I go. He's loving this. He is loved that. He was on top of every newspaper for that whole weekend. And that he is he loves it. Despite the fact, he may go away for the rest of his life, unless he gets a pardon from his buddy, which you gotta think he was on the news that night. He did Chris. Chris Cuomo showy did Tucker Carlson show, everything he did everything he was on Instagram his death threat out probably not a smart idea. Okay. Well that. That and you know that that stuff is questionable. If I was still in Rogers, you know, social media team. I'd be like, let's not do that. Don't do the next to the judge. That is a case. He is you know, that's Roger he's a provocateur. And I think yes, I think as loving the media attention be there's a very strong possibility of him getting a pardon. Okay. But now he can only get a pardon from Donald Trump for the federal crimes. Yeah. It is very possible districts with more stuff if he gets tired with from the southern district of New York or Lord or Florida. Yeah. Then Donald Trump doesn't have the pardon is in really important thing for people to remember, even when it comes to Manafort. That's happened. Yeah. Exactly. What happened? You guys ends four more years in New York, exacts it. So he will be definitely at least going to prison for four years. Yes. With Rogers case again, you know, the seven charges against Roger five of them were counts of lying to congress. Right. Which those of course, can be debated shorting Rogers. Own has the ability to tell the truth. I mean that seriously does he have the ability to not lie because you create your own reality. We all create our own does he think? And then when I say does he have the ability to tell the truth does he think that he's lying like does. He think that he lied to congress. That is a great. I don't think he I don't think he thinks that he lied to congress when he had lied to congress. According to the records. Yes, he did because his testimony after those when they charge it was after they got his testimony, and then they took all his Texan emails and phone calls and laid it all out. But here's the thing that I that I thought was unusual about the stone charges again, a nothing was Russian collusion. The the thing that they're getting to hear right as we inch closer to the Muller investigation. Sick of the day. Now, it's going to any day. It's going to drop like a Jordan Peele movie going fun. I hate the conversation around it. But yes, continue, you know, I think the. Piece of that they're going to try to get Roger on on in terms of collusion was this idea that Roger was talking to Julian Assange, as we know from watching get me Roger stone documentary. He wasn't Julian Assange says no, that's what Roger does. He's a provocateur. He just says these things we had no contact with them. But now, but what about that? There was some DM's from USA for two point which Roger head released publicly already. And that's the thing wasn't that. That was Assange. No that that's we don't know that yet. We don't know anybody that was WikiLeaks. No, that's what Roger had said publicly was that. I am in touch with Julian Assange, and then we find out that that in fact is no. So Roger stone saying that he is in touch with drilling Assange. We're not. So this is what's so tricky about it. And it's very not supposed to believe that he is in touch with with Julian Assange. No, he he is set it yet public. What we're supposed to believe that he just said that to be a provocateur. Provocateur right into scare Hillary Clinton's people and everything. And that's what see Berg see him number a number the greatest the greatest day in television news history. I wish you could all go back. I just I would almost relive that daily groundhog's day. They Sam numbers mental breakdown on television news starting at nine AM all the way until eight PM when Brooke Baldwin on on comedy central is about the call. CNN savings. Honestly, it's a bunch of crap. But as soon as he was called for being drunk on CNN was nine AM to eight PM. And he definitely was slamming whiskies in the back of that frigging Uber that he was taking from show show that was one of the greatest television meltdowns ever, right? And he was he was doing appearances with some other stone associates. I mean Jerome Corsi was there. None burg. Couple of other guys are on MSNBC. It was a great game. He's another guy that said that he met which arts spoke with join us on signs. Yeah. All these dumpy assholes or just lying there. Just lying sound more credible, which makes them sound less credible thing, and all of this is going to get back to what mothers point in what you know, seventeen intelligence agencies of said from our government, and that is Wiki leaks got those DNC emails from Russia or from a Russian agent. And that's where that's where it's all going to. So if the Trump campaign through stone or Donald junior wasn't touch with WikiLeaks. And they knew at that time that we had gotten those emails debatably from the Russians from the Russians, according to seventeen intelligence agencies that is your collusion case. Okay. Well, it's the biggest collusion that no one talks about is with the NRA funneling money from the Russians to the Republican party. If you wanna talk about Russian collusion, not totally jump over. What we just discuss there with Roger stone. So, but you just well, let's let's put a button on the stone covers Asian what do you think? How much time? Do you think he's going to get do you still think he's loving it? And is this is he done now careerwise politically, professionally officially, I I don't see why he would work in any other campaigns. Right. Think he's going to get a pardon. If he's charged with anything, right? He will not turn charged. If he's if he's found guilty if he's found guilty, right? Yeah. He will not turn on the president. He has said that. So he's not looking for a plea deal. So I think this goes to I think this goes to either guilty or not guilty. If he's guilty gets a pardon. And after that, I don't see why we would hear from him in a political sense. But my God he will keep pumping out the books. He will be enforced shows. He will continue to be provocateur Roger stone. That's just what the guy does. Yeah. I know he he has he has the bug. He's got that Nixon tattoo, which of course for him means when you get knocked down you get back up. Yeah. Of course, when it comes to the Russian collusion conversation. I do think that we should talk about the nineteen. I believe it was nineteen million dollars total given to the NRA by the risks by the Russians. And then inevitably the NRA has been able to use that money to give to Republican candidates. Mostly Republican candidates that to me is Russian collusion that to me is the Russian influence far more than than Roger stone talking to Julian Assange and mitigating some fricken emails. I don't know. But that to me, I think is almost a bigger story that I haven't really heard talked about at all. And then the thing there are so many legitimate ways. I mean, they just found out Jeb Bush pack on big trouble because they took a bunch of Chinese money from the Chinese company. I mean, and and of course, the Saudis are have money all over town DC, Israel, so much money all over town in DC. So it's like there's so many other ways that foreign entities. Corporations governments everything influence our elections. And yeah, we are literally talking about a a Twitter conversation between one guy who lies all the time and another guy who likes. Yeah. So although WikiLeaks does have one hundred percent accuracy, still on everything. They've really Wiki leaks. Well, first of all when WikiLeaks first came out during the Iraq war. I thought that they were extremely important, of course. Yeah, they were great at exposing a lot of the atrocities that were that were occurring in that war. I don't think we have the Abu Ghraib scandal without WikiLeaks. They were huge in disseminating information that we were not being told. But now Wiki leaks is behold into foreign powers because Julian Assange screwed, and he knows if he turns on the Russians he's done. He's done this Alaska the last awkward or. For him in the broom closet there for yes. He's imprisoned. Basically if all ready the slightly better. He's still gets to have sex. I think would Pamela Anderson or something like that. That's fun. Once a year once a year or something I don't know what get still the thirteen year olds fantasy there. But he no longer WikiLeaks to me is no longer the most credible source because they are beholden to foreign entities. And they are now being used by people like Alex Jones, as you know, as tools, basically, there's another tool to make everything seem like Donald Trump is totally normal. Totally reasonable totally rational and this country is headed in the right direction. Right. Well, then I remember toys exceed the big deal about them releases. DNC emails was the fact that, you know, up until that point we thought that it Hillary's campaign kept saying, oh, there's there's no we're not, you know, arranging anything with the DNC. There's no favorability right to right handers and the Hillary and the DNC we're completely neutral. And then when they. Release those emails they found out. Oh that is not true right down in Brazil released. Her finds later on and Donna Brazile, you can watch Ron Fox News because they just hired her. That's right. Taken on next week. Donna Brazile, yo, she probably she took my jab. I do not want. I do not want that. Do you think Alex Jones is dead? You think he's gone? I mean, physically he was on the Joe Rogan show for four and a half hour that Cisco when I'm back on there. But yeah, you know, it's funny. I have not since wait sixteen. I don't see any of that info were stuff in my Twitter. Facebook's right. And so I don't know if they exist play think they do somewhere. Well, help that. I I hope that he has been defiant and deep Howard. And I think that he has with the sandy hook. And you seem to really be remorseful on the Joe Rogan show for all the things he did wrong. I don't know if that's true. I don't know if that's true is remorseful that he got. He minutes into it. And then I turned it. It's actually an insufferable insufferable. It's four. It's it's useless. He's a total more. Thank you so much for being here, buddy. Welcome to Cleveland, drink again, if you're not if you're driving, especially if you thank you so much man, I love you. And do you wanna plug anything? We got the documentary that we're going to be making coming out at some. If you guys want to crowd source the title for Ben's documentary, but as campaign, I'm all for it. We want to beat it out. It's going to be mean sp- they're going to be the sasquatch takes a run for office. That's it. I love it. It's the. All right, everyone. Thank you all so much for listening. Travis Irvine love you, my friend. We shall talk to you, very soon hail yourselves. This show is made possible by listeners like you. Thanks to our ad sponsors, you can support our shows by supporting them for more shows like the one you just listen to go to last podcast network dot com.

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Historically Off The Rails

The Daily Beans

54:36 min | 8 months ago

Historically Off The Rails

"Starlings thank you for listening to the Star Lebron's audio podcast network. We have so many great comedy shows to add to your playlist just last week on stubborn audio. On profiles an accenture city we discovered the tale of one behold Garcia a double agent Duke the Nazis with twenty seven faked spies gated all reporting mixture of truth and lies on new player has joined keeping just discussed grand theft auto five and continue to release daily updates from quarantine. On y'all ever Dave Ross in Hampton young discussed the temptations of dating and Breaking Warranty Search Star Burns audio on apple podcasts spotify or any podcast platform for full list of our shows with host including Quincy Brunson Jackie Johnson and many others. Don't forget to follow us on instagram and twitter at star Burns audio. Enjoy the show and remember stay safe. Stay healthy and keep laughing instant. Hello and welcome to the daily beans for Tuesday April thirteenth. Today we go over packs of states on the East and west coast coming together. In order to work together to lift restrictions related to co vid nineteen trump tweets speculation. He could fire foudy. Trump goes crazy in a press conference and more good news. After that I'm your host Jordan Coburn and with me today is Amanda Reader. Hanau no I forgot you. Don't say your own name doing great. We're off to a green start. Yes we hopefully. We sound okay. It's first time trying this setup with the two of us so hopefully goes all right. We will have a pretty quick show for you today at just the two of US and Yeah tonight's I haven't been on the show. I think for a week or so unless you are a Patriot and in which case you have seen my face at our weekly video lifestyle. Yeah so it's been fun hanging out patrons their I've been doing mostly behind the scenes work for the last few weeks I've gotten a few tweets people being like manual and I am okay. My hips are not due to the amount of corn carbs. I've been eating but in general I am okay. I know we love my body but yeah yeah one hundred percent now. It's just been really nice to support local businesses in businesses be pizzas establishment. Exactly all right right now. We are so much pizza. I how are you other than everything you already just said? Yeah I'm good. I'm just you know it's kind of one data time kind of vibe right now. Keep trying to keep busy on the days that I have the energy for that and on the days that I feel really crappy just to kind of leaning into that and letting myself feel crappy and crying in the shower if I need to It's a hard time for extroverts. Out here man definitely. I'm everyone it is for everyone but yes definitely I feel like today though. We started our first glimmer of hope at least in terms of there being talk of potentially coming up with plans to reopen things so I think that's that's uplifting and let's it is promising. Yeah let's get into that with hot nuts hot notes so a man and I are just GonNa Kinda bounced back and forth. Bring Y'all some headlines. I will go ahead and start So it was once. It was announced today in a joint presser that governors of six East Coast states are planning on cooperating with one another to make plans for reopening the region. The States Are New York New Jersey Connecticut Pennsylvania Rhode Island in Delaware. And like I said they also. They're going to work together to reopen state economies schools and other important elements as sixty eight together have recorded over three hundred thousand confirmed virus cases. That's more than half of the US. Total in nearly fourteen thousand deaths which makes up around sixty percent of the country's total so these are some pretty key states when we're talking about the epicenter. Irish right now in the US and Governor Tom Wolfe of Pennsylvania. Said the sequence is you've got to get people healthy first and then you can reopen the economy. So they're really making sure to make very clear. Don't take this news of US starting to talk about this as okay. Everyone getting out of your house is right around the corner and Start getting lax on all of the things because everything's Okay. That's by no means what's happening. They just know now. The crisis level is more managed just in terms of having you know The levels plateauing for example of new cases So that's that's something that's now allowing them to potentially get. There is shifting a little bit more towards the future but still first and foremost priority obviously is to get everybody as healthiest profitable uncover the public health crisis aspect of it. First and foremost. Yeah on correct me if I'm wrong I know we're GONNA go over this in the next segment here but He didn't get super into detail. What that would look like. I watched the Gavin newsom version of that talking about how California Oregon and Washington on the West Coast states are GonNa join together to have a similar collaboration lifting restrictions in moving forward. But at this time it's still pretty vague as to what that means or you know what looks was. He was he more specific. Yes yes so cuomo specifically or these these was Cuomo more specific because from what we have from new some so far. It's not. There's nothing you know. It's still vague. And it's still just like will announce stuff you know tomorrow and the next day Donald. Yes I got a similar sense from the briefing from the East Coast. Pack as well they kind of do like a joint press conference where they had. All the governor's pop on you know. They're kind of just saying their piece in terms of what they wanted to communicate as to what this means moving forward but a lot of details at also really similar to the west coast packed which is between California Oregon. Washington mind you. Both of these pacts have all democratic leaders in them. Yup which some people are questioning if this is a direct response to trump tweeting that he not the governors will decide when to open up states again. So That's interesting about. I think it's one of those things though where it's like. And they were asked about this directly in various cases in the responses. Of course we're not politicizing health. That is the whole point of everything that we've been trying to do and the principles we've trying to live by We're just trying to do what we know. And our most equipped to do you know is likely they know what's best for their state governors right so I I don't think it's I don't believe that they just all of a sudden scrambled together. Come up with this pack to come. Out against trump. I certainly do not believe that. I do think it's possible though that they're being proactive. In ways that are necessary into trump that reads like an assault on him because he's the antithesis of preparedness. Yes speaking of which we will get into his press briefing later or now. I'M GONNA go. I squeezed it in later yet. Just after the story. If you WANNA talk men yeah. That sounds great it was. I didn't watch much of it. And maybe ten minutes or so but and I haven't watched his daily press briefings lately. I've just been watching Gavin newsome's but wow holy shit today I was off the rails or it's Monday afternoon our time so for folks who are listening. It's going to be Tuesday the fourteenth so this the Monday briefing is the one we're talking about. Yes it was fucking will totally get into that I to only may I think I made it like twenty minutes. That's why I was late for starting to record is just. You know very very trainwreck. Gazing yes and going back to the East Coast Steph. Some New York. Cuomo did say that. He thinks the worst part of the covert outbreak. Looks like it may be over. He said I believe the worst is over. If we continue to be smart. I believe we can start on the path to normalcy. Even if the Outbreak had reached its apex. Cuomo said there would still be weeks of suffering to come and he noted how many people are still going to dive virus. Any said that the number of deaths while basically flat of know when he said when you say basically flat it's basically flat as a horrific level. It's a bunch of pain. Grief and sorrow this is not a positive metric by any means outside of the fact that it's not increasing. The re itself is not increasing. Yeah but Hinson those words though. I think you know I know. We have a lot of New Yorkers that listen and I know when I hear that across the country I breathe a sigh of relief just from hearing something you know other. Dan Cases are increasing at a drastic. And I hope that that's what some people are feeling in New York. Although they are in the epicenter of this and they're still death quite frankly all around them so. I know that's terrifying. It is but we have to. I think focus on these slivers of Hogan and evidence that the curve is flattening to help our mental health. So I think it's I think it's good to to To be optimistic but yeah I at my heart really does to New Yorkers it's rough I mean the very least they have They have a leader who seems to have a human decent amount of empathy for the people who live in his State That's one of the most challenging things watching trump and it's been challenging this whole time having a leader without much sympathy but in a time of such in the levels of death that we're seeing in the level of grief hidden and and frustration by people. His lack of empathy is almost more evident right now than any other time during his presidency. Definitely because it's so on display at so under a microscope right now because of his response to this and the way that he talks about deaths and the numbers of deaths without any emotion without any human emotion. You know so anyway really we I. I feel like what does that Encyclopedia of mental I forget. What the it's it's like essentially for all mental illnesses. They have a diagnostic. What the fuck is I think called. It's like we're psychiatrists and psychologist like right. I know what you're talking mountain. Yeah I don't remember and I don't know and I also what I'm thinking. Though is his he absolutely you know the word. Narcissism gets thrown around pretty haphazardly. Nowadays I think yeah just of having narcissistic tendencies versus truly being narcissists like malignant narcissist He he has. Npd So bad yes. He's a psychopath so I wish there was some sort of like health authority you know. We talk about invoking the twenty Fifth Amendment right in just today's split. Yeah I keep inching towards tackle repre press conference because it was such A. Yeah you know. Yeah so it's he's so fucking awful and he makes everything about him. It's fucking it blows my God damn mind just another day in paradise yes Add to the west coast pack given some said or they all put out a joint statement. They laid out four shared goals. Control the virus including number one. Protecting vulnerable populations number to ensuring the states have enough equipment and hospital workers to provide adequate care number three mitigating non-direct health effects on disadvantaged communities and number four developing strategy to test track isolate cases. So they laid out a little bit more of a game plan than what I saw was laid out east coast. But I haven't had a chance to watch the entire East Coast press conference with police. Correct me if I'm wrong but I know I know that. It is essential right now that they're including plans to invest and appropriately address in mitigate the disproportionate amount of damage and harm. That is happening right now to people of color people who are already Willna rable. Also here Gavin. Newsom talk specifically about Children who are in foster care or kids. Who are you know quote unquote in this system? I had the level of detail that he goes into. I mean I didn't hear a lot of detail about his his his Collaboration with the other West Coast states as of yet. But some of the deal gone into about specifically what's happening here in California has been impressive. He's trying to work on allowing children who age out of the system and become emancipated to stay in it for longer so they can continue to have a home in have care and have food and a roof over their heads. They're trying to get more money out to these to these families as well and Marginalized people in so. I was impressed to hear that specifically lake. You know. We're trying to allow for foster kids who are aging out of the system to be able to stay with their their caregivers for the time being or to support those people stay with their caregivers for the for the for the time being during the pandemic so that two hundred kids a month age out of the system so yeah those really impressive to hear to hear him get into that level of granular detail about protecting certain vulnerable segments of the population so I felt really comforted by him. I was watching the trump press briefing. Which again we'll go into more later. But I had to turn it off and switch to Gavin newsom as updates because I couldn't listen to trump for more than twelve minutes. Yeah talking about CIS. Talking about affected populations that are going through truly unrecognized by the leadership under trump You treatment detainees in detention camps. Right now is guess light worse than it was. Yeah it's it's so like the pictures. Have you seen any of the pictures right now? I haven't no. I haven't seen any pictures recently. You're you're you're very empathetic but unless you're depends on the day I mean not that. I'm not always empathetic but it depends on the day in terms of how much how disassociated I am that day. Sometimes that can handle horrible news and other times. It's super difficult but But Yeah I. I worked for Amnesty. International a couple of years ago and the treatment of migrants and and people and asylum seekers all over. The world is fucking disgraceful and shameful but haven't looked into specifically how much worse it's gotten right now but I'm sure it's bad yes and I. I Have Seraphine from college. He posted on his grim story today. some stuff that. I WANNA share. Yeah please shared ice received two billion dollars in the nineteen stimulus package and he shared that with. Images of detainees detainees in these rooms. They're still literally. They're packed like sardines wearing these matt. Fucking awful he also put out a call to go to five calls dot Org in L. U. who your representative is based on your location and Then he posted a script on his instagram story. to read when you call them that addresses this issue I want to read the message. Says Hi my name is. Blake from blink. I'm outraged and appalled by the reports of abuses of detained immigrants for massive overcrowding denial if necessary medical care to children and the lack of measures to protect detained immigrants from Cova nineteen. I urge blank. Random Investigation of immigration enforcement practices in detention conditions deny additional funding to ice and allocate adequate funding to immigration courts to ensure timely processing asylum applications. So if you have the time To call to call your rep if that's an issue that you're comfortable advocating for call. Yeah absolutely and and on that same kind of know in terms of mistreatment of people and people unable to practice physical distancing. The same thing is happening in prisons Yeah so yeah. Thank you for bringing that up. That's a really good point so if you you would if you have the energy or the time to call your representative or send a letter to representative regarding ice and people at the border please do. So what what was the website again? Jordan? Yes dot org easiest most effective way for citizens to make an impact national local politics feet so basically. Yeah so it's a general resource this page the script that he posted on his story. I can I if if people are interested in reading. Let me double check with him. That that wasn't That he's comfortable sharing that if for any reason that's something that he wrote. I can't imagine he wouldn't be. But yet we can definitely follow up on our Facebook instagram twitter. Liber makes sense for that. I will also try to down in originator of that campaign of which I know fair. Many groups that are working on that seat yes Okay moving on from the West Coast East Coast pack stuff. Did you have any other World Cova? I do have a couple of things here. Actually I was doing some research to start a cova news from around the world and this is from the Guardian and this is about the Brazilian President Boston. Ro WHO's Kinda Trumpy Dude? And surprise surprise he is defying his health. Minister and Brazil's health minister has publicly defied the president over Corona virus accusing him of sowing doubt and Brazilian minds. Over the need for physical distancing in Sunday interview with Brazil's most watched TV network. Luis Mendieta signaled that ball scenarios. Insistence on snubbing. The Health Ministry's distancing recommendations was confusing the country's two hundred ten million citizens whether to listen to the health minister to the president and he urged ball scenarios administration to present a single united line and how to tackle the pandemic than how to practice physical distancing so the health minister of Brazil's going on TV essentially like begging the president to Listen so that's cool really scary. This a new set of Spain in Spain is handing out millions of masks to their citizen citizens Police in Spain on Monday handed out. Approximately ten million masks to commuters as the country started to slowly ease. Its Corona virus lockdown allowing some businesses to reopen so construction manufacturing businesses were allowed to reopen while retail remained closed. Office workers were encouraged to keep working from home but The police force in Spain handed out. You know millions and millions of masks to to people who are commuting to work so Which is essentially European countries where people rely on transit more than they do in the. Us Supreme Worn this is from the UN and the UN says that disinformation is also killing people during the current virus The the the United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization. Unesco says that unreliable and false information is spreading around the world to such an extent that some commentators are now referring to the new avalanche of misinformation as disinfection and fears are growing that this phenomenon is putting lives at risk so because of the scale this problem the World Health Organization which is leading the UN's response to the pandemic has added a mythbusters section to its online corona virus advice pages it refutes a staggering array of myths from around the world including claims that drinking potent alcoholic drinks exposure to high temperatures or conversely very cold temperatures can kill the virus so The world the UN and the and the WHO has mythbusters section that. They're collaborating on to give people the facts. Couple more little things here Vietnam which I don't often think about the US Vietnam relationship the the the modern one at least but Vietnam has expedited the shipment of four hundred and fifty thousand almost half a million protective suits to the US to help healthcare professionals. The current virus So yeah they they've they're sending a half a million A. P. P. E. outfits for for frontline healthcare professionals and fucking amazing so. Thank you Vietnam. Amazing inning contradict trump said in his fucking press conference that everybody's great has all the equipment that they need a couple other really rapid fire things here. France the Prime Minister of France. Or sorry the president of France were about Ordered another month of lockdown This is out of my home country. The Great White North in Canada polling conducted by IPSOS exclusively for Global News in Canada. Found that only sixteen percent of Canadians approved of trump's response to the Kobe crisis. At Jeez so so yeah. It's it's yeah that's bad move small. It is great. I can only imagine. Trump's response it good. Nobody asks you so. Eighty four percent of Canadians. Think trump's doing a bad job but that's probably not much of a surprise Yup and then this one little last bit here. They're also talking river but you were there getting to grid a month right. Some people are correct. Most people not everybody. There's been some There has been some. I think frustration that if you and this could be getting this wrong so I apologize This is just second information. I'm getting from members of my family if you owe the government money in any way so if you have if you owe them taxes if you owe them. I think missed student loan payments if you owe them child support anything like that you don't get the money God that's fucked up the same thing here. Yeah Yeah and and You know if you are already struggling to pay your child. Support you probably. Are you know like people should get this money regardless of whether or not they owe the government money? Because that's how we help people not to starve but anything yet I actually. I need to corroborate what I just said but I'm I'm pretty sure that it's the same thing in the US where the people that Oh money are going to get it like they. Yeah they won't receive a checks if they hadn't got if they were supposed to pay taxes here basically right. Yeah or bill. Calculate like we're GONNA go out to the people that already paid or were odor refunder something and then and then they'll get around to the other people. I guess but at this point it's like unemployment offices around the nation are apparently just not even picking up their phones so yeah at the Federal Government the Oh my God. So there's that here's a last win in terms of World News Mrs just across the border from us in Baja California governor Mexico the Governor Baja California Jamie Baena has ordered the closure of factory run by an American healthcare firm for refusing to sell ventilators to Mexican hospitals treating patients. So Jimmy Baena said he close these Smith's medical facility because it was not providing an essential service Mexicans which is a requirement for factories to stay open during the pandemic He said if you want us to consider you essential you have to provide some benefit to the people of California by selling us ventilators there because we need them and the company said no they were only gonNA solve the US so he shut them down. Well that's fair to me. I don't know a lot about the disease of trade policy or whatnot are like operating off of you know someone else's land essentially because it's cheaper but that seems pretty fair to me. I mean a lot of a lot of American healthcare. Come out of America not just help. Your companies but a lot of American manufacturing and factories have moved to Mexico to people to get cheaper labor. Like okay you want to use our labor you have to sell some ventilators to us and they are saying no. I'm saying well then you're not essential business for us right now you know there were groups at UC San Diego. Actually that used to do macura towers basically and they would take you down to go look at those factories that were exploiting people for cheap labor. Basically it's like literally right on the other side like half an hour away from us right now exactly really close by. So so yeah. Those are my world updates bank you so much that was very comprehensive in appreciate you doing that okay. I move on to some FAO cheesy drama so. I don't know if you all saw this but yesterday Sunday February apparently confirmed evidence that was presented in a report that was really bad for trump and trump administration's response to the outbreak and it led to tweets re tweets. I should say from Donald Trump. That's included language saying that fancy should be fired and he just re tweeted that and then a whole flurry of people came about speculating that Fao she was going to be ousted soon. And then what happened? Next was today at the press conference which we could totally give ourselves a green light. I think started talking about the seems like he finds a great trump brought up foul cheesy essentially to explain himself in say that in very in the most cryptic terms possible trump. Didn't do a bad job. Essentially sorry I said what I said in that. It sounded like I was criticizing the president. That's basically what the point of his message was he talked for. Maybe like two minutes. It was pretty brief. A reporter asked him. Are you saying this voluntarily? In fact she got visibly pissed. Actually he was like. Why would you even suggest that? And gave him a stair in like neither of them talked for a second. It was kind of intense. So that's that's what started the press conference today And then it in to be craziest propaganda session I have seen. Come out of that office yet yet. A or do you want to describe while I only saw part of it because CNN actually cut away from it but oh yes CNN actually like cut away from the propaganda video and back to their own commentators and then they went back to the briefing room after he finished playing the video. But from what I saw it was it looked like A powerpoint presentation done by Seventeen year old in the nineties and no legs like high school level production but like not even not even like modern highschoolers like high schoolers fifty years ago it was rough and it was a basically just it was. It was a propaganda video where he was strung together. A bits of media praise for himself and crafting narratives that he had that the Democrat that the media was to blame for this and the Democrats were to blame for this and he took action early and it was just terrifying. But yet you see there afterwards. Who Like wasn't having it and was like what did you do for the entire month? February did you see gray oil yet. He called her. He called her a disgrace. He called her shameful because she was pressing him on his Bullshit. But Yeah what is your perspective on the video that he showed era? Also what what? How once Foudy got off. Trump starts talking about the timeline. Saying you know everybody wants to say I didn't do anything and luckily I write dates down because the fake news is always lying so I took note of these because I'm so smart and he literally said that and he was like you know January blank blank. January blanketed this and he just tries to make a case for himself using time. Line trying to illustrate that he adequately responded to things and that as soon as she in officials came to him he took action the action the only action that he's even able to reference being closing borders essentially and then he goes on a rant about how he was called racist and xenophobic because of that and then he plugs in the video so then he puts on this video which exactly like you said is total propaganda video starting with clips from so he. This was crazy. If I saw this correctly I only watched it once. Please correct me if I'm wrong. You're anybody but he. He starts out blaming media in throws in Fox News into it saying that the media was downplaying the severity of the virus in that it was actually him who is taking it seriously and that every yes in. That was that was crazy. I really need to wash against. I almost can't believe I'm saying that. He put Fox in that camp He so he's just incredibly desperate right now and he's taking up an entire press briefing to do his own. Pr Campaign strictly for himself. Nothing about Howard moving forward with dealing with this as a nation. None of that stuff. He's literally it was like well. He doesn't get his rallies anymore. He doesn't get all of the praise cheering and he doesn't get the ability to riff off of the all. The Maga people usually does whenever he's feeling bad about himself he's like you know. I'M NOT GONNA rally people to scream praise at me. It was like last week when he in one of the press briefings when he was like can't wait til this room full of people who liked me again or whatever the fuck he said yeah it was really it was. I don't know how many times I've set this in the last four years but it was just another new level of shock. My jaw dropped to the floor when he started playing this video. I mean it was. Yeah Yeah just like you said it looks like a like a ten year old made it to him. He admitted that he admitted his staff made in under two hours. But it's like the whole point of it essentially was to just try to make the argument that he did everything right exactly when he was supposed to do it. And he's like using you know he's just throwing shit at all sides. It's not sympathetic to the left or to. The right is purely sympathetic himself. That is the only purpose of this video and it was the most narcissistic truly display. I have ever seen him do so far. Yeah could've just been that like that. That the Clippers Bart Simpson when he has the pots and pans. And he's like I am so great I am so great. That is just what it was. It was just that yes and he got really aggressive like more. So than I've I mean. He's always been aggressive. I think the thing is is a lot of his like more extreme aggression is in his rallies or in his freestyle moments. When I tend to try to not watch or lately anyway like if I if I have to watch him. It's during some official breathing right much of his more aggressive stuff. I've kind of shielded myself from for my own sanity. But he got really aggressive in the briefing room and you know and just fighting with he you know he was. He was just having a meltdown. Oh Yeah and then of course only you know he was. He's taking questions for Owen and the people that are said to him just taking questions head on and then with these other people granted they are. They are being antagonistic. Because there is a flat out war right now between the president in between reporters. That is just like what is happening in less. It is a far right organisation conspiracy believing you know like Shell Company funded organization. He hates you in. It's so crazy right now. What a brawl happens in those rooms? It is like it is fucking crazy in. I think the craziest part for me when he was playing that video is watching him off to the side as he's looking at the screen and then turning back and making gestures with his arms like see. See any smirking any smiling and shit like it's it is so it is so cringe as fuck dude. It's so bad cringes fuck. It is so fucking crazy. He seems like a person you know. I don't know you know like an elementary school or something when you made a lie about where the last ice cream bar went or something and then like power able to gather enough allies to lie for you and then you're all proud when you're like gnome. See Listen listen and then you get your fucking little brother. 'cause you like threatened fourteen wedgies against them and so he's sitting there like telling your Bob Didn't do it and then he's like. Yeah Yeah be sitting there all fucking proud of themselves. That's what he looked like. It was so weird it was so it was yet another disturbing display by our dear leader. I don't even know what else to say about it. I I don't recommend most people watch anything. Trump does because you have us to do that for you but if you are at all interested in what the factor I've just been talking about. Please go and watch for yourself and tweet at us with your feelings on that. 'cause we would love to know Or if you scream at us about how frustrated you are. That's cool too but ideally it is. I don't recommend most things but this was just fucking off the rails and it's probably worth for the yes. It's one for the history books I agree. It's a it was particularly intense right wall lake. Watch go ahead go ahead. Yes I anticipate you're saying. Would you like to shift into something else? Would you like some good news to bring down your blood pressure? Yes of but I think just a final thought for me on this. He he truly like a sick child and I had feelings for him that I have had for. Yeah like fucking youth that are committing. You know kids that go to Juvie Shit Just Shit. That's like except they at least probably avid excused because you know sometimes come under resource areas whereas trump is a complete narcissistic piece of shit. But he truly just looks like a troubled. He has such troubled kid energy in these things. Where it's like my God. Your parents really fucked up dude. This is like fucked up watching how he acts. Yup It's but that's how I feel. No that's cool man doesn't always have to be it is up. Don't don't juvie analogy sinking. I know that doesn't check out. And kids are dope and need to be loved and rehabilitated into loving themselves. Trump is yeah just a piece of shit so please don't tweet me about that but roughly if I ever need for some good news there was one. More story The Virginia Governor Story. I think that's a good news. I think that's a good news story. We can kick off the good news with with that. Story WON'T RALPH. Northam our friend a friend Ralph Northam announced on Sunday so yesterday during the time of recording that he has signed into law a new series of measures aimed at expanding access to voting in his State. So the new legislation will establish election day as a holiday and also removed the requirement that showing that voters show a photo. Id prior to casting a ballot and expand fan early voting to be allowed forty five days before an election without a stated reason and the state previously required absentee voters to provide the state with a reason from an approved list so He said voting is a fundamental right and these new laws strengthened democracy by making it easier to cast a ballot not harder. No matter where you are or where you live in. Virginia your voices to be heard. So Fuck Ya governor Expanding access to voting in his State. We love that shit definitely. Sorry also I missed. I said the Virginia Governor. Sorry wait no not the governor in here to correct and say yes the governor which you've already done all right Invest Thank you Couple quick little good news to bits and quarantine confessions from our listeners. This is from Lanna or Lana. I'm not sure how to pronounce your name. But she says I brought my eighty one year old mother to our house and out of assistant living to stay with us during the pandemic. I could not live with myself if she died alone I'm very OCD. About this. Covert nineteen as militia wrote and the daily beans have been warning for a while and my husband is a saint My mom is a Fox News guppy so I blocked the TV. I blocked the channel on TV. And I'm calling it her D. Fox vacation. Thank you all so much so Timothy says some more good news governor bullock has issued in order in conjunction with all fifty six counties in Montana to our primary election completely. Mail-in there will also be a thirty day early voting period where we can submit our ballots to our local election offices if we choose voting closed. June. So there's plenty of time to become informed register if you still need to vote. This'll be good practice for November. So halley Emlyn Tanna. Vote Mail for your primary election. This is from Dan. He said good news story. Here I am in New York City Community. That has been completely slammed. I live in a huge cop complex. neighbors are worried. Businesses lining. Our streets are suffering massively yet. Our halls are clean. Security desks are attended and the hard work Conducted by our our seventy member. Staff goes on neighbors are profoundly grateful to express our gratitude to our staff. We have established a gratitude fund. All of our neighbors have arranged special man us with our local suffering restaurants so that their staff to get hot meals every day our community has come to their massively. President will be able to keep this funding for at least a month so I love that. That's fantastic yeah. It's nice seeing people just like come together and take care of each other the best ways that we can right now. Couple level CORENTIN. Confessions this is from this. One is funny. This is from alley. And she says Corentin Confession. I'm mad at my husband so today I ate an aggressive amount of Broccoli for dinner. I know that's also speaking of Lake smelly bodily functions how this is gross. But I'm wondering if it's true for you because I've seen if he tweets about this. Have you noticed that your hits like extra stink right now? I don't notice that but I don't know really okay. I saw someone tweet that like their pits or like extra smelly right now. I'm they wonder it's from like fear. Hormones anxiety and stress hormone. It was like I'm not alone interesting. I know yeah right. So you're a pitcher extra stinky. You are not alone that's who funny Detroit Native Literate Discount Code Which I don't remember off the top of my head so sorry. This ad was paid for anyway but I feel like You know when you go on an airplane and for some reason. There's something about going into an airplane which is just like a flying sewer tube. That just makes you come out the other end so fucking disgusted. You feel that. Oh my God yeah. I liked smells times ten when I exit a plane. You know I've walked very little an sat the whole time. Maybe that's the problem but I feel like that's kind of the same effect that's happening here with odors but like as the few people on twitter who tweeted this have said so anyway stinky pits. What a lucky I have anyway. You're welcome listeners. This is from Head Dari she says corentin confession. I looked at the five days worth of dirty dishes in and around my sink before going to the cupboards to see if I could go to other day or two and I've done this more than once feel. There's something about doing mad. That just seems easier right where you're like most two plates left so yeah. I Yeah I feel. This is from Kimberly last one here. She says the earliest. I've had a shot of Whiskey is seven. Am and it's because of just damn quarantine both been taking lots of baths. Yes if wealth. thing yeah whiskey bath with. Us I I. I haven't been drinking very much. But yesterday Easter Sunday I woke up and I play a big quiz quiz on a team with a bunch of my former flatmates. White lived in London with and it was the evening for them so they were all you know tipsy from having so. I put a Colusa in my morning coffee yesterday. Felt translating quarantining for a couple of hours. Yes sounds fun. I totally didn't know Easter things. I'm glad that you did Did you did you have brunch together or something? Yeah knows a nightmare for them but yeah afterwards. I made my Moses for the Wi fi nine. We made some yummy food. Yeah how was your weekend owes? Good talk to my grandpa for little bit In Vegas Him. My grandma talk to my mom for like a couple of hours on the phone. That was Nice Nice And then talk to my dad and my sister From in the Hoya I want I need to watch here. Comes Peter Cotton Tail? That was my favorite fucking movie as a kid. Did you ever see that I feel like I have? But it's been a long maybe as Howard's Lakers complaint. It's like a stop motion. It's one of those movies where you'll put. It ought to be like. Oh God yes I have seen. This is kind of traumatizing. Some Eagle in and do you ever watched kids content like kid and you watch it down. You're like Jesus fucking Christ no wonder. I had nightmares Air Salou Legal Coward Doug which is courage the cowardly dog. Did you ever watch that? Roy didn't it was terrifying. It would have made like Rod serling out. It was the creepiest second. Messed up scenarios in it. Was this little tiny dog that lived with these completely like more or less you know unavailable grandparents essentially and it was his tiny scared dog that always had to. They just lived in this cabin completely alone like a desolate desert area and it was just spooky as shit and they were like haunted constantly in this poor little dog who is constantly terrified just had to like feel ball of the evil himself crazy. Now is it yeah. I've been enjoying watching like the old old movies on Disney like a bet broomsticks and a ski mountain. I also really really really really love Mary poppins which Nursing Creepy fucking characters in Mary. Poppins I gotta say yeah this lady but yeah any any final thoughts for today may beautiful. Ginger Pal There was A. There's a couple of big headlines on. I'm sure you noticed we didn't cover we're GONNA wait for AJ to cover those tomorrow when she comes back by the way A. G. is doing totally fine Were just Covering for here today. And she's she's taken Chile which he very very very much deserves. Yeah so everybody. Send Center your love and thank you for tuning in to the the Mandy Jordan. Show the Mandy and Jordan show us any final thoughts from me And I genuinely hope that you were all taking care of your mental health. I I really. I know we say that every time but a really mean that I mean I. I think we've all had a real roller coaster of a time. I certainly have. I've been struggling more with mying Zaidi and my depression the last few weeks and I haven't awhile and I. It is a struggle all some days to do the things they need to do to Be Functional to to encourage myself to to you know. Get things done and not and not completely apart Please know that if you have days where you're completely falling apart. That's totally valid in finance a hard time. But I'm here to encourage you if you are having a hard time to try it very best to do those little things that you know make you feel good. You needed someone to remind you to do those things today to move your body a little bit or to Right near Journal or to reach out to a loved one or to eat a vegetable to meditate whatever it is whatever whatever little things you know that you can do to put a little. Serotonin in your brain This is your reminder. I know that so many people's mental health the struggling in this pandemic and We have we have a little bit more to go. We have a while mortar. Go before things are anywhere near normal again so just make sure that you are trying to things you can for your mental health when you have the energy to so here's your reminder Yeah thank you. Yeah just a little bit of love it southern California hippie friends. Yes yeah all right well. I think that was fantastic and Thank you Amanda. Yeah we are going to throw edgy. We'll be back and other than that are. Actually I ask if you have any quarantine confessions or good news. Please please please on those in To Emmanuel assured if you wanNA email them or tweet them at daily beans pod And also please if you are not a patron and he would like to join us for our weekly video. Cuban a livestream happy hours which were doing every Friday. It's super easy. Become a patron in diesel Patriot. Dot Com slash Beans three bucks a month is the best and you can join our superfund happy hours. We have so much fun. We've we have hundreds people join us every time and a theme every week and it's it's a fun time if you are bored as fuck and you WANNA come hang out with us yet. It is very fun. We feel like. It's a nice respite from the political. Talk to most of the time we're just like spewing personal stories in bullshitting Stephan. It's fun yeah for sure. Yes and he gets to see us. All get drunk progressively over the course of two hours the ad so fun. I'm also I'm GonNa Plug my other podcasts. It's called I disagree. It is out. Now we have four episodes out Will yes. We're releasing our fourth episode Tuesday so tomorrow or today or yesterday I guess depending on when you're listening to this point is new podcast and we disagree about things we have comics on. And it's it's a good time or for the road. We're GONNA talk about crony virus stuff and yeah thank you for listening to that and giving giving my voice another shot in another avenue fun little side project. That's all I got an Amanda. You have new podcast that you're working on two right I do. I do actually no name as of yet but I'm working on. It's it's a mindfulness. And Meditation themed podcast and and more details will be announced shortly if you are interested in his not political at all something to your soul we're gonNA be befall us so they can get updates on the project. Concern can follow me at Mandy Reader Mandy underscored reader on twitter and I will announce other Podcast related things when they are ready to be announced I cut you are are you saying something and I was just saying. It's a all more when it's ready to be announced but it's a when I'm not getting angry about politics. I'm trying to meditate away. The anger from politics so Hopefully some of the things that I've learned or some of the things that I'm I'm creating will help some people out in a very anxious time. So Yeah I love it. I would listen. Everyone say I'm great show and And and if you are missing me come a patron I hang out on the livestream every Friday but otherwise seawall on twitter and I am a maybe be on the show again next week bye. Yeah it was it was a is great hearing your voice Jordan. Yes you to miss you of. We will have more house party sessions with heads up games. Yes Oh yes we Jordan and I had a fun if you have the House party app you complete like heads up Trivia Games and stuff on there and we had a a happy hour drink and played house party with our show editor. So she she is. She's fucking awesome. Thank you Mackenzie. We love you. Senator Ish okay. Cool will everybody take care of yourselves to care for each other? Take every mental health. Take care of the planet. I don't know the Right Order. But that was all the things Thank you for tuning. I have joining Coburn. I've been Amanda Reader and then the beans the daily beans is executive produced and directed by AG and Jordan Coburn and engineered edited by Mackenzie Mozelle and starbucks. Industries Are Marketing Manager Executive Assistant Production Social Media Direction as Amanda Reader. Fact checking research by a G Jordan Coburn and Amanda Reader. Our music is written and performed by. They might be giants. Are Web design and branding by Joel reader with moxy design studios and our website is daily beans pod dot com.

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Below Deck Med: Ponzu Scheme

Watch What Crappens

56:13 min | 4 months ago

Below Deck Med: Ponzu Scheme

"Take. Off. So. Too, Much. Well hello and welcome to watch. What corrupt! The podcast for all that crap. Leeches love to talk about on Job Roth's. It's me Ronnie. That's been over there. Hello Bean! Hi, are you good baby? Everybody got check out our other shows i. do the Rose Price Bachelor Roast, which you can find anywhere you listen to podcasts and Ben Does the game brain podcast and he does. A cartoon called the real housewares of kitchen island on Youtube. sagoes subscribed to that masterpiece. We're also selling a bunch of masks. Right? Bow some really really funny and masks and Carl Mass from Summer House, we just added Lisa Rented Lips You can find those at crap and SMERCH DOT COM portion of the proceeds go to med share and. We are doing a live show this Friday night. We're GONNA. Do are real housewives of New York recap live at six thirty PM. Pacific Time Nine thirty eastern on our crap on demand channel on patron. We'll do a little pre show before that at six PM. Pacific time on Instagram so come check that out and. It's time for below deck Mediterranean. Yes, but first let's do some small business shoutouts. I got one. This is a this is. This is great, because it's a small black female shout, so we love that we are trying to lift everyone up as much as possible. This one comes from Diane, who wants to give a shout out to a small black female owned business in Metro. Detroit called Lush Yummies Pies Company and they are on Instagram at. Lush Yummies Pie Company and she says they have the most delicious lemon butter pies, so go check them out at lush. Yummy pies dot co slash shop Let me double check of Dot Co and not a TYPO DOT CO DOT COM. And by the way. Yummy is spelled. It's why U M M i. e not with a wise so lush, Yummy Lush Yummies, par dot co slash shop and get yourself a delicious lemon butter pie, everyone and next up. This is from carly. See a blah blah blah. Okay. She does custom drawings, paintings and ornaments in the whimsical style. One time she did group watercolor of the real housewives of Orange County and Kelly commented and called her talented. She died. She's not sure if we're still taking submissions we are. She has a creep croup on. I'm so sorry, everybody. She has a coupon code for us. It's crap INS. Use that, and you'll get twenty percent off anything and she always ships priority mail for Free K. so to find this. She's on Instagram at sea at poppy and bird. That's Peo- P.. P., Y. Poppy and bird and go get your artwork k. Yeah. Go Get your art work. There was another one I was GONNA. Give a shout out to a business that like my friend had and I can't remember what it is killing actually I've got one. You can save that one for later. Because I've got another one we can do because the shouts out dome. Your man She says that her five year old took one of domes Broadway classes online, and she's been playing the spoons to old town road ever since that's adorable. Yeah, dom my boyfriend dominique is a choreographer and he occasionally does virtual dance classes. So I'll try to. Keep that I'll try to like. Everyone wants coming up because you can just go onto zoom and I've also been talking with him about the idea of doing a crap ends dance class, so we just have to figure out. Why not like why not? We have a lot of listeners who loved to dance or just bored and just want to learn to dance a little bit and so I'm trying to figure out a time that works with him with his schedule, and then I'll let everyone know, and then people can sign up and do that because I think that'd be really really fun. Why not? Yeah? Why not? All right everybody will thanks for those go support your small businesses. We hope everybody is taking care of each other out there. Take care of yourself and each other like Jerry. Springer used to say. Let's tough time out there, so let's laugh for a little while she a. yeah, let's do it. Let's. Let's take our mind off the stress of a pandemic and put it into the stress of a yacht with awful guests. Yes, please I need to get away from this goddamn world. I made the mistake I woke up and I was like you know what I'm GonNa. Do I haven't read the news and so long. Lay in bed, just read. It's going to be so peaceful Oh my God. I came out of that Shell. Shock is like Oh, no, never let me read the news again, please. Never! It's horrifying. It's horrifying. Horrifying horrifying just gets worse and worse and worse. Thank God for TV. Reality. TV Food I added that that was my embellishment. Okay, so for those of you who weren't caught up on below deck? Here's a previously. Oh my God. There's twelve guests. Finger I. Just need someone who can work. You're no longer delete deckhand and considering leaving you at the dock. Bernardo's put together. Miami's elite, most elite is not really my style to cook for Vegan again this is the worst day of my life. Okay, we're cut up. Yeah basically what it all comes down to is a really demanding Vegan, okay, so guess what the guests were just surf. And they're still hungry and they want more courses so until they get their food. There's GonNa. Jangle their jewelry and be like more and more and more and more and more. You swallow me about fucking bracelet jingle that shit at me. I'll tell you that right now. I know so Hannah she comes down to the Gal I was like Hi. We need to work on portion size, high or on this. Kiko having worse day of us live. No I also love seeing this new version of honey, because it's like it's so kind. It's like Orrick I. That was let a whole night hog or on. It was version upon I. Hope you enjoyed that. Yeah kind I mean I think something is is off with Hannah the season because we have never seen a kind honey before. I. It was our first kind on I in the wild. Yeah I feel like I, feel like Lara put a hex on. Hannah, and it's like slowly working its way through her system. It's like I never saw that movie that was like. The drag me to hell but I know it's about a woman who gets a spell. Put honor. Over the course of movie things just get worse and worse and worse for her. I feel like era put. A hex like drag me to hell. hacks on Hannah and Hannah's slowly going from Haneda. Drake me to Hon. I on back on A. Path honor so robin believe we're talking in the wheelhouse and he's like. How do you feel about unit and he's demoted. And? She's like well. You know I've decided to put him on late because he'll be away from females, but also he'll have time to realize that he's just creeping out the whole crew, and while she's talking, it just keeps cutting to unit in bed. Just rubbing his boobs. He's like. Yeah Yeah. I'm dreaming the Battle Me Bay Yeah. Rob Me Malls like. What did you have to yo? That's me. I would appreciate if you gave that to me a different energy. Thank you. So the guests now they've had their foods. They go up to the Jacuzzi Party time party time time and Hannah has decided not to stay up late S- she is now assigned that to bugsy, so she's going to sleep, and we see the first of several shots of Hannah taking pills this episode. So this is the new. This is like a new new element normal. We get hand, smoking cigarettes and sleeping in bed, but this season we're getting a lot of pills and we did get that one self help. Thing that someone said was Anna Wintour? She's listening to self help by Anna wintour. Was Apparently Anna Wintour masterclass, according to one of our listeners am I. Don't know if you guys have heard and it would tour. Not had the best year K. Pretty much canceled this year. So been the wrong thing to listen to. Also I just don't know if I want anyone toward. Talk me neither. How about that? How about? How about here's my pet? Could Hawk winter your hair stupid gay? You've had your hair longer than Serena. Get a haircut. And tour. What do I feel like? If I were to eat your head, I would double in size and be able to stomp on. Yeah this anti with pills. Thing I mean. We saw a couple of weeks ago. They show Hannah in the dark, taking a pill and stop the music at that point and I thought well. That's weird. Why would they? Why would they make such a big deal out of taking a pill? But this time it's on. Stops in both stops rocking. It's like what she. Made Heroin pills. Like what is she taking over there? That's causing this much of a Ruckus and can I get some? Please all the fish in the siege of stops swimming for a moment like a shark. Bite. Grouper shocker like wait a sec. They both like look up the. Disney movie. Stops brushing her hair with a fork. Totally. So. Anyway, if three forty five am and we see Pete Waking Up for Anchor Watch I think this is the official beginning of pete being minimized out of the show because he doesn't have a confessional and he's really not very much. They really give them very little except for like lying in bed or walking up a staircase. Yeah, they're like cat everything except the part rubbing boobs because that's gold. Yeah else got the good stuff. So. He shows up, anchor. Watch I was afraid. This was going to turn into a thing, but it wasn't. He just went to Keratin. So the next morning justice, trying to open a cabinet impotent finger hurts. So there's that and then in the kitchen. Captain comes down to Kiko and she's like saw. How did they like dinner last Night Kiko? He's like they like it. I don't like it I was not happy with the inner last night. She's like well. You know what we're GONNA. Figure this out. You'RE GONNA. figure out your pleats but I. He got to figure out the plate. You'RE GONNA put him on. And then you figure out what ingredients you're gonNA use, and then you prep all those ingredients. Okay, you chop them into little bowls. Then you line them all up, then start putting them together and then use a thing called fire oak fire. In your cooking if that's how every chef has done it. Every chef has done it since I've been working with them. That's how they've done. That's how you get out of the kitchen. Hey! You know it's okay. You're just fine. Tuning your machine. Okay, and let me tell you something. Here's how you find. Tune your machine. It starts with you got it. It's a bring it in Kiko. Come on bringing in right here all right all right. Let this hug organize your emotions. There you go, be guy, so of course justice taking breakfast orders actually can I get you some breakfast, and it goes like yes. I would like some avocado toast with. Guess what it's going to be. Is it going to be? Is it going to be snails? No, is it going to be kind of? Let us know my rooms? That's right. Get me some mushrooms and gluten-free bread. Don't leave out the best part. Gluten prison gates just in case it can be any more of a high maintenance meal. Man Back I just loved his mushrooms. He's obsessed with the mushrooms. I feel like he's probably not on. Maybe he's on Kito because like. Mushrooms are big on Kito so. So then Hana's like talking to the guests arrive. Hana is today. We're GONNA go. Take the boat out on the water. They were GONNA have the tours, and then we'll have a fifteen minute break. You complain about things, and then after that will have offer you some food with very minimal options, and we'll let that go in the corner and get all mad and we'll get some mushrooms for him, and then after that it's extra honey time we all go downstairs and tell everyone hunting in a nas way, and I'll be weird, and then won't take your chatter or enjoy media, and then the guy's like all good. What a good day for my birthday! Oh, it's your birthday Hanae I years thirty six. I'm getting so old like yeah. Your thirties yeah. I'm thirty six two. Yeah. Old Your attitudes. Sir, I wish I. Just hope they give him some European juice and call today. So yes, everyone's doing this morning activities you know, let's get those ropes up me and Alex or working with ropes, can the ropes up and your comes the anchor and here comes buzzy. Where's Bugsy here in my notes? I'm scrolling over where you needed to be. Just as for the sound of. A Bully bugs in front of the boat pulling it like I've gone back. Should they. Be sitting on it stirring some cookies. Harvesting mushrooms guests. We had a mushroom shortage so I put some down under the boat, and now I got thunder mushrooms. And then we cut to the lady. One of the ladies one of the lady clients and she's just sitting. There was some weird lip mask on what is that? She looked like she was trying to be like Lisa arena. But what does that thing to do I need that? It was alarming to me. It was very strange, and then we jess. She's like she has some surface cleaner. She Sprang it and but she's also got her cast up and she's trying to hide her face from the spray of it she's. Just turn the nozzle around aimed at the table, not your face. It's a struggle, but I have to show them. I'm fine I'm mike equivalent to someone with a really bad hangover whatever? That's not good by the way. Have, you seen this show before. People really bad hangovers. Get in trouble all the time. Yeah, so then. They're toys out and stuff and rob tells me run to yesterday like the whole inside bombing nail and she's like grouse So then inside goes I today. I'm GonNa Short on what they can do. I'm going to make Sushi I'm GonNa make lots and lots of Sushi, so he goes and tells the primary. She and this Guy Bernardo is his name I guess he's like okay. Do you have puppy sauce and Ky-ko's like I'm not sure what that is I'll google for you so like Oh. Gosh. Please don't let Ponzi sauce. Play a pivotal role in this episode. Because that's just so below deck. Yeah, so then Hannah. An me. dictate teen headed tools water sports. Emily is like We few minutes here more to monitor. We always. We have to ours book too toys but mart. Rob Rob me. How are you on that tear? down. I I'll have to examine the two, and then I have to touch the to then give crude energy, Hey! What did the literature say to the Big Toe? White Rob? Why are you so much bigger proportionate than I am? HA, ha! Ha or maybe one two down, but that doesn't mean I have to be to up. Get it. So Me Sends Alex Select for some manual. She's like okay in the white box. Alex okay. It's an a white box down there. He's like all right. I'm going to book the manual, so he goes down and he's like Melita Malaysia. Demand was not here. Yeah and she's like. She's like. Just keep looking or whatever and then Rob Rob is now done with his job. He's now kissing jess in the laundry room. Of course, so she's Melas telling everyone to hurry up. Because everyone's being really slow and then Alex comes back. It's like yeah, found you wicked awesome battle here, but it wasn't what you said. It would be okay. It wasn't there. She's like okay. Yeah, it wasn't. It wasn't where you remember. Remember how you said it was being white box. Wasn't there wasn't there? She's like okay. Great. Dick Dick Cream pokes some rubbish. Can I leave it somewhere Ragas? What did she say? I love that Robert so supportive of Jesse's going to pretend. He can't understand bugs his accent. Yeah, okay, rob. has from the same country so then. Are They I think he South African wears punch she from. She, South African well the. Yeah maybe like one of them's from Soweto which is technically a country within South Africa what. Rob Is like back and he tells me he's like most would be to. Though seems to be some tension. Little too big to. You have to understand that the gas are the first priority here. Okay, he's like puts transferring that energy across now because people are sensitive and I'm just being mindful of energy. Up. Camera! Cry About it. Seriously she's like rob. Your boss is GonNa ask you to hurry. Sometimes, it's what it is. I'm just going to keep quiet today. Oh, so I- I-. Rob I'm devastated, but you won't be sharing your sparkling personality with us all day. I'm so devastated. It's like you don't have to take things so personal every single time, robb. He's like. Oh said on going to WANNA total. That's the opposite of keeping quiet as saying the same thing to us. He's like you're holding space for negative energy I'll. You literally have like a bleeding Tony just wrap it up. She said hurry up. She was so nice about it, too. She's like I. Just need you to hurry up. Okay like it was so like so nice. Just one measure over another sensitive male model. Who used to get drug runner, so Molina's like I. Don't give a fuck about your energies right now. When you tell your when your boss the you'd pick up the pace right, everyone. In. Yeah, she's like pace needs to be paced. No matter what people are feeling a so so then the girl with the big lip stuff on his taking selfies and water with just all we really see them. Do whenever it to them to look at us in hot tub. Look at US standing at. The fascinating instagram. Exact need to follow these people fast. So ky-ko's working on Sushi and bugsy and Hanauer doing the table escape, and then there's some sort of weird slide drama because I guess the slides sort of like an twisted itself up a little bit inverted, so rob is like down on the tender. He asked to on on tangle, and it was like okay just. Just, take that cable and just like go with it, and then they'll be like. I'm going to told him now. You don't have time, not just. A toy the north. You don't you don't have to wait. Please tell me this isn't a marriage joke. Joke about something so serious okay, so then don't touch the not. Making a not, she's like okay. Lee's I'm going I'm divorcing there, you happy? Trying. He's like making me stressed out like Jesus Karai raised. She's the world doesn't revolve around your fucking feelings I. Know just do what she said. You don't have to tie the knot wherever I don't even know what the not meant. Just don't do it, don't do you? So then we go to bugs chess. PLEXUS calling us on the radio. bulldogs this book. Could you bring me some glasses? She's like the mixers. What one glass is fine assis? Thank you. That was really mainly just sad. Mung beans. is also justice also trying to open up trash bag and she just? It's like she's got it in her mouth and our hand. She's like a tow and there. She just can't. She just can't do it so. Both is like. Did you copy there? I can't I can't ever understand you. Glass. What are you talking about? Wine glasses. See what happens when you enunciate. She's IRC. On the Queen of. MODEL, she goes okay back to not being able to understand you. Although hilariously model is actually not enunciating very well by the purchase of it, and it's like literally this posture. So. So yeah, so justice like rolling her eyes, and she also probably has. The garbage bag wrapped around her like at this point so now it's lunchtime and the Hannah's on her phone and Bugsy is serving Sushi a go. and. The main Guy Bernardo's like. Is there promptly sauce? It's just like Posey sauce cake. They would love some pounds. Does. He's A. vegan roles vegan rolls of their mushrooms are there. One guest. Marsh rims owner four. Can you an ice sculpture? Molly takes the crew aside while this is all going on, and she's like. Listen guys I know that sometimes things are stressed, but things have to happen K. and I have to say things, and sometimes they're going to hurt your feelings. Okay, so why don't we just go? Eat and stop being angry K. and rob. Yes, I do see that you found a dandelion and tied in. It's damned. That's very nice, very nice. Not what I need right now, but it's beautiful. You excuse me the Kiko still working on the palms new. Offer you a little bit of? Because I can bring that. Kiko can get some to eating fairy quickly berry. He's like. The mushrooms, the marsh rooms, and then the guest here is like I'm not full, not full well. That's because you all eaters, mushrooms and gluten-free bread push. You'RE NOT GONNA be fall. So. Hannah talking to you hear the gas. Oh yes. Oh, hey, hey, going. You know this is what my stewardesses get a normal fucking day on taking so you know what I've done this shit a long time I deserve day. I'm not getting fucking bullied anymore. Key. Temple. I cannot out to her. He's giving so frustrated. I'm fucking McDonalds okay, economic do things like that fast all the time. I'm Ki Call. They are making like a million demands. I think at some point I mean I. Don't know I. Don't know what the role is, but. I feel like bugsy is supposed to maybe like. Manage this like had like an onslaught on poor Kiko who has to make homemade puns zoo and sliced mushrooms or whatever like? There's gotta be some way to control the flow of information. That's going to them right or maybe or is he just disorganized I think he is because the guy asked him for you this morning, and he still has trade it and he knows that they're always going to eat more than they order. So you didn't do that, and then. What was the other thing? that. fucking mushrooms out. The guys had mushrooms every five minutes. Geico the guys mushrooms. Yeah, so by the way it's now like three o'clock it's been an hour I actually feel a little bit for gas. Because the service has not been great in terms of how long they have to wait just to get their food, they get. They had like whatever the rules were at two o'clock, and now it's three fifteen and they had their Tim Pura and all this and they're just going. They're just basically going bonkers. And bugs is doing coffees, but just well bus tell now. They want to tells just how to do copies, but she's not doing them. And now they like some guests want dessert now. They all want different types of coffees. Walmart's oatmeal one wants almond milk. One wants this and that and then the Vegan. Vegan roles. Just. They want everything all at one job cluster, fuck and bugs is really stressing out, and so she was like jas cheese coffees. Focused can multitask not while you're talking lady who speaks like she's underwater. Have Halfon. Far you trying to clear hair and you're still talking. I just need to know how far you are I don't know about six feet away from you know distance. Do you know how to use Myers from scoop just sort of plunged into the ice cream, and and pull it out and put it in a bowl. Is that a little too hard for you? And Bugsy is like I cannot not be a control free by working with others. Showing me how to go look at me right now, letting. Like freaking out. Meanwhile it's three thirty eight. PM and the temperature is finally ready. The ordered like forty five minutes ago. I would be going bonkers to be honest. Yeah, so then just supposed bug society. She's like buns. Could Jimmy a favor. Could you maybe speak clearer? I can't talk house. I can't. I can't change how bone or I I was born with these things in my hair and I was born. This. Slightly says I was born. This way I mean that'd be like me saying to you. Hey, just. Could you just be smart for one day? Just doesn't happen. Actually. Yes, hold on, let me get that book. Holding it upside down and I'm pretty sure that's just a shoe. I can read sees upside down now. WHO's stupid stupid? Bugs. It's like okay, then old help clearer than. I mean whether you think I don't want to understand you on purpose like. Is that what you think? It was like okay. I would try to be more clear and if that's what you want and sandy and Hannah have both walk through this with. They're on opposite sides of them. Just kind of watching what's going? And, just as an by the third time like finally, I can understand you finally. Hey! Can I finish what I'm saying. No, we are done here. Because she was like. Can I finish because this is the part that I finished about to say this is this is like my really good point that gearing up like no, no, you can't, and she's like Chico can't understand you either, neither can Malia. Both just like folk. These pitch at Captain Tells Hannah. We're going to have a little less now. The radio later, so they can all understand bugsy. Please that I would love. That scene are eight everybody, Bugsy. Go ahead and say you need something tempera. With that was. For a mattress! Tempur pedic. She has a point this. Jess multiple choice wetted bugsy say. So so hand bugs. You're upstairs and. Bugsy just telling Hannah. She's losing her mind. Because just keeps saying I can understand. I can't understand. So. Sandy goes up to jazz. It's like okay, okay, little one. Okay. Take that garbage bag out of your mouth. Okay, Great Listen! I think we train our ears to hear how people talk in the industry I mean has different dialects and different accents and Did you just close the door on. Your other hand didn't okay, you thought I, said walk into the door. Didn't you okay? Maybe two young issue? We've got to learn to with just our ears to their communication. Okay, I'm trying to go I get that. You're tired, okay? We're GONNA. Figure it out. We're going to figure it out. Look at me. Lincoln I'm GonNa get you a few times to stand there and take it off your being washed over with winks yep, Yep like that and then okay. Have we done you about five times? Now. Maybe it's time for you to catch those wings. In bed NAPTIME, young lady, you're tired, so bugsy is talking to Hanna still and she's like when you're away taking your much speed, it raced. I'm trying to make the interior could fee- you on, not the chief St so I can't strucks everything moist there. So then she goes on break and Sandy Bay talking to Hanna about Kiko being just. Saying that he just really disorganized and wants Hannah to help Kiko. Keep his together. Yeah, and so Hannah Hannah's way of doing that. She goes into the kitchen and she s or Keith in. DNA has to be. Because I have Mary up to you being coming in. Tommy has to be perfect. Got It great good talk? Surely by me getting more pressure onto you dash. She gets you organized great. Okay so then. bugsy sees Alex. She's like hey. Alex and he's like I. Love your smile, Sake well, thank you. I love to smile a we flirt and right now. I don't know because apparently no one could hear what I say. It's time for commercial. It's time for our. Show. Watch what CRAP INS would like to get premium sponsor saint thing like Alison King Ashley Shabani she don't take no baloney. She's not just Sheila she's a Danielle. Rituals. Let's rents Americans with Emily Aaron Aaron. Nicholas she don't Miss No. Trick. Lists of undergill Awebber Jamie. She has no less Namie Zip some Scots with Jessica tracks just saying okay early Barlow when she goes barlow, we go. Hi, Lo higher than Hi. Rez, she's Lauren Peres Megan Berg you can't have. Have a burger without the bird. You don't touch the Nikki Morgan Lettuce. Wedneday Rachel's in the next day. You're out IMAX. Que- Richie de Jannine better than Kyle Richards. The Bay area batches, batches, and are super premium sponsors Nancy's season. Desisto let's have our pistons. For Amanda and Kristen better than to bully, it's and Julie. Let's give them a kiss I. It's Austin and Maria saw somebody. Get US Tennessee season. Betsy, MD, we're taking the gold with Brenda Silva oops. Did it again. It's Brittany Montano simple as rocket science. It's Dana Evenly Erica five hundred days of summers. We will. We will rock you. The incredible Edible Matthew Sisters Wyndham beneath our wings. It's Joe Wyndham. Let's go on a bender with Lauren fender. She is really. Oh, it's Lindsey radio. Nord is the Lord of the Rings Meena Coochie Coochie. Give them, Hell Miss. Noel Shannon Cannon Anthony Let's get racy with Miss Stacy. Let's take off with Tamla plane gene, no shrinking violet coots are we love you guys? So the captain is going to do a cruise around tonight while the guests are sleeping, so they're going to wake up to a whole different experience and one of the guy goes. Yes, this is what we've been wanting. Everyone hanging applause. Wow. The yacht is going to move someplace and by the way because they're now. They're all sitting at the table. The primary history just like I, think between all eight of these people. There are maybe three buns that are button to collect a totally. Yeah. So the Mariachi band comes and. They're singing on the boat. They sing like on their little tender, and all the way up the boat and that's enough. For me now those guys are very talented. But I love going to compile Trae, but Godwin those Mariuchi guys come. It's like I'm try-. I was in the middle of something, and of course you have been, Mel. Do you have been Mo- okay? Yeah do does Mary. Archie. Does that have roots in Spain may Orca or is that just purely as purely a Mexican art form I've just curious I don't know on ignorant on this point our on, we'll belittle listeners. Inform us so then. The so now the first course is being served. Kiko is of course going nuts Kazan. He's just hovering over his shoulder, and so he serves this first course and they. It seems to go well. The lady says it's perfect. It's perfect. I'm so perfect. I'm going to put the mask on my lips. Oh, they're even more perfect now. Oh, yes, A. Cleaning cleaning, cleaning and bugs comes down. They love your food is like. Happy Unhappy Happy ky-ko's take on a surf and turf and gluten free pasta with some vegetables, so she delivers that and one of the guys just like how I don't get any pasta. You Got Pasta. It's like Oh God and then of course Vegan guy. He's upset. He's like. I don't want any pasta which I'm not sure if we heard him say that I don't seem to remember hearing him. Say that it wasn't caught on camera. I think a work on camera. They would have shown that and also like. What are the odds of? This guy did not pay for any of this trip right this. This guy is totally reading the classic below deck guests who didn't pay for any of the trip, but complains the most yeah, and so One of the guys tells them bubble. You're not liking anything right, and it's like what he can't eat the pasta because it's cold, it's cold. Oh, Amanpour! Kiko I! Like Kiko not looking good for Kiko at this point. Yeah, and then the problems are also too soft, so they don't have good texture, so people aren't eating. And then Hannah's lock highlighting. Do you WanNa have a piece of fish of fish hallway model, real piece of fish now now, no fish, no, now no! No fish for you. Yes, Akiko Super Depr- depressed about it. And then they deliver the cake and the guys like. I'm already the luckiest guy in or. Even wish for and then another guys like. Is this cake Vegan Note? For Dessert for your friend. skanky isn't Vegan or dairy free right key cow. Yeah. He goes like Nope, she well. What do we have for the beacon, east? Like well all I. Have is a scoop of ice cream. I'm like I. Don't know if that qualifies for Vegan or dairy free, either, but unless it's. Dairy free ice cream. Yeah, so that guy is the Vegan guy has really pissed off despite the fact. I mean listen he has he has a right to have. Spending will they're spending a lot of money whether he spent it or not, and if he says he's a Vegan. He has a right to. Get. Like a piece of desert. Yeah, at least send him a fucking fruit bowl I mean yeah have dairy, free ice cream, or whatever, but that was. Or something much true candied mushroom. Yeah. Come on Kiko so the captain comes up and she's like. How was your dinner? And he's like for us good, but for some people and the biggest for this kind of yacht is average. I am not happy and I'm GONNA show that by myself right now. Lincoln at Your Five Tames Tournament a circle ponytail down key. Are we happier now? No I'll yell. Akiko be right back. She goes. You know what it's my goal to have your experience. Be The best. It could possibly be. You know what I'm. GonNa. Do the the engines get smokey? You'RE GONNA. Flood them with exhaust. My job is my Davidge. Make this your best experience and they're great. Then she failed. What are you applauding her for? Ya So. Now after all this mass. They're like at the hot tub now our. Are and so everyone else's cleaning up. They're cleaning up the table and everything and miliion Alex Azar and the bridge talking about. I don't know. Boats radars. Fade that manual was. Done what they talked about. The guys are partying and talking to bugs and. Guys like Kelly. We need boys. Can we like call for boys and the ladies like anyone k. on this boat, anyone Peter About Peter guys like no, he's mine and so. This. This is where the begin guy by the way. This is where he where he. I was giving him some credit. He has a right to have his own desert, but then when he says that he he reserves Peter for himself. No, you don't get your dessert anymore. You have no taste you've proven. You have no taste. You not deserve anymore. Yeah, that didn't AIDS well with that guy for sure. No. Yeah. So then. Yes, then the guests asked Bugsy who she would shag Marian kill and she's like. I would shag the Funda-. Barry's a thunder and kill the. They're like bulbs. E Bugsy Bugsy, so where we are with these guys, so then in the mass KY-KO's like so tired. Some ably shower me. Please just clean me and Hennessy's. Jess dress just normally in her casual clothes and she's like Oh. We're lucky address. Jess and she's like. Thank you. It makes me feel like I'm not on a boat like I'm not even working and handing us. Oh, yeah, sudas Valium! Tonton. all the fish. Stop again! Second. So I did so Alex Bugsy Flirt some more with their little flirty. She wanted him to taste something right. She was locked. Would you taste this and he's like? Would you accept me how I am and other was? I won't taste it or something because she says. Hey, you WANNA. You WanNa piece that brand and he's like I'm done eating bread for tonight. And she called yourself a rear man eight that play Ed and he says when you accept me for who I am above me I will just like now. That sound except you. So then. Hannah popping pills again. Just sequels job, so music stops close up of Hannah taking a pill and not trying to hide it at all I mean. She's taking it right in front of close up cam in her room, so that's why I'm so confused about this. Sam, then and then I guess are up there. Saying talking about how like Hannah, but bugsy bugs better, STU, they just love bugsy, et, Cetera and then they start hugging her and good night. They like they just like love her and she's hugging them all night and then the falls down the stairs great. So the next morning five fifty, a Kiko tells US distress of this bug makes me depressed now I mean my. Feeling and if I'm stressed, my food is not the same. What is it with every fucking on the show? Their feelings I don't care about your feelings. Do Your Job Okay? Exactly exactly even go who I love, but Jesus Christ. So this whole segment from this point to pray. For the next this whole next segment does brecca segment was extremely stressful for me like I was just cringing during this entire thing, so the guests wake up. It's eight thirty eight am. And I think it was Giancarlo. He says they're going to be ready by nine. Am for breakfast so. You know they say breakfast at nine. Okay, nine, zero three. They're all sitting at the table. And for whatever reason Hannah's doing laundry and justice just vacuuming. Yeah. And then the slides. Once they're right melons, helping them. They're pouring themselves. They're on water and. Info on this show and I thought they said mine thirty, but I can't be sure so then just is talking to Hanna and she's like on. There's something wrong without vacuum. Is Vacuum bag full. She has I. Don't know how to do that and she's like seventy is. Trying to figure out what kind of Hundley I'm gonNA give Jeez I mean the whole new rules of hunting as I'm going to give a maybe a double. Nunu about how about just a arm resigned to my lot in life honey? Okay, that's good IRA guests now. How's everything goal in with? Nettie Nice ride overnight house accrue taking care of Ya and they're like. Oh, they haven't been here yet. She's like no one has been out here. And then she gets passed, and so she's on the radio like where the frick infraction is everybody yet here? Gosh! Dang, it I am not gonNA. Have this humbling dumpling somebody better here? So then Hannah is like she comes up from the laundry and she's like well. Jess was supposed to radio me which I don't maybe I. missed that detail I don't seemed. Remember hearing that that was something that she supposed to do. With you. So how could she be? How could she yeah? That's the other thing. That's the other thing so sandy is just she's. Furious right now. Yeah, and she's like this is what I'm waking bugs up. This is ridiculous, so she's like she does. She wakes up and she's like. It's already in nightmare Chris, getting out now. Get that crisan out now. Just, take that back in bag off your head I need you on. Duty Right now. Kiko they've been waiting for an hour. He's like I didn't know that the house of nine now sick, you should have stuff prepared. There's nothing out but fruit like what the Hell I'm you. The chiefs played I. Need some me. So. Then sandy goes upstairs. She was like Hey, guys so sorry about that. He got to take a little micro nap was makes me feel better, so you guys want eggs or anything like yeah, Okay Great Hannah taken your order yet like she's like. Okay. What's my okay? Okay are I going to take an anti map right now. Downstairs take an anti nap. sick I. Don't think they'd. Hannah is leading right now feels like she just desert care. So then slide drama Alex does actually slight enter. Drama is like the. Alex's done with the slide and Hannah's super happy that he's always stepping up to the plate and now back to Ed drama. So Hannah again is blaming Jasper. Not taking an order she's like. Did you take that Aguado yet now? Okay, you dummy also that vacuum cleaner vacuum cleaner. You have your knee all good look, so and then there's like confusion between the the Oak Coffee and the almond. Things going. So far wrong. Yes, and Hamid doesn't come to the table with that like Oh. Hey, I'm so sore, you awaiting. There was some confusion in the whatever she's just like or I. There's so he won't say. I mean. I can make a new one. If you want all right. The go to you want some eggs and she sent away like old. Fuck, you guys. Yeah! She seems really really rattled and annoyed and like maybe she had just been crying or something, so then Sandy's down on the Galley and you know she just told Kiko to get some stuff prepared, so he has taken a whole bunch of slices of cheese, and just like layer them. Like a like a stack of documents on a plate. The cheese, I mean I'm getting meal of Flashbacks Oh my guy, you know what? To these not good for me, this whole breakfast I'm not I've not happy. I'm serious. I'm not happy at all I. I am still going to hug you. Though 'cause I love a hug, but I'm not happy. It's not a happy hug like where is Hannah? And then she looks over in Hannah's just writing them tests. Hannah is like Blair witching in the corner. She's just standing up against the wall. Lake. Possessed by some other entity, Oh God, so now Hannah's delivering the eggs bitterly, and it's ten twelve ten twelve hour and ten minutes later for some eggs I would be. Beside myself and the thing is is that they are they like? They're supposed to allot time for them to play with the toys because at eleven am. They've got to pack everything up. Yeah and they're fine. They finally get to go play in the water and Ky-ko's like I don't WanNa. Go out tonight. I'm very tired, and just as I if you're happy and you know it clapping soiling. So then like toys, come out then the toys R. Bring Back in, and rob gets knocked over by the slide with sure. He took very harshly. Listen to him listening to slide. Don't log your energy. Slide Joe Holding space for negative gravity. Don't long thought I feel like no. No matter half falls divine with you slot. You're always going down. Get it. Har Har. You know what it is with US Lord. It's very slippery slope Bugsy is taking orders and guys like I'd like a little coconut water like. Today. We don't have coconut water saw. My goodness so Yeah, so then sandy is like you can't make me feel better the old classic. Teach my sixteen year old how to drive me. Get yourself up here. You'RE GONNA drive out of his anchorage. And I think she's trying to make me into a mini her and that's great I'm pretty happy about it. Now I like Brandon Oh, I've been hugging more people and I'm really obsessed with toasts. So Let's see here parking time parking the boat time, so all the guests are getting ready to go, and let's just send him off. So they're taking house with all the guests and Bernardo's like well. We want to start by saying. We've chartered yacht, so we have chartered SOM- yachts and our air. But this was amazing now. Some people were not crazy about the food. Okay, this should have incredible food. Okay, Kiko, you suck I. Hope to die in a fire, okay? Got The Sandy. Your shirt looks very wrinkled. Almost as if you have a student who refuses to do your laundry. You should have had more mushrooms more coconut water better vegan desserts. Didn't like the feeling of the would on my feet. Could you get more better deck next time? Thank you very much also may drawings, Bugsy. We Love Bugsy. And then it just says Hannah looking at Kiko on. She just walks back on the boat after they leaving us full. Yeah. So just just as justice really worried that she's about to get yelled at because hold breakfast fiasco, but also. Because he had sandy was looking for her shirt, or whatever and apparently justice do not do the captain's laundry all all charter for some reason and. So she's telling rob, and she's like yeah. I suppose giving it my all and I was like I little. Don't even understand the words coming out of your Australian mouth right now like! Could you speak English proper American English thank you. So then it's tipped meeting time. Yeah I here. I'm GonNa tell you where we failed I rate. Our priorities became about us in Matt. Our Client Kate. This was basically a tray of sliced cheese this shining. Jeans you know what I'm tired of having. The same conversations were on charter for we should be there by now. We should know how to arrange cheese on a pleat. We should know how to iron a shirt. We should know how to not tie something onto a slide. Where they need to be there by now you know look. I might have to let people go. Okay, man, we got fifteen grant, which in my opinion is a good tip and they're all mad, yeah? But she's like you know what. You know what this? We're going to charter five. We're GONNA. Be there. I WANNA finish us all together right now. We're in one big group. Hug and I don't WanNa have to loosen my arms. Have someone fall out of the group hug? Okay, let's all keep it tight. Like the opening credits, the golden girls are right now. Who wants cheesecake I right now Can we just have a hot commodity? Let's have A. Let's have a big big. Big Talk self-confidence talk okay. I just wanted to check in with you. Hannah, how's it going? Good! You know. Hannah. Your different like you're not you. Almost like you're taking pills is turning you into a Zombie. Lady, I don't even recognize anymore. But what are you talking about? You don't even like Hannah isn't it better. She's not being yourself. Yeah I do think that, Hannah, at least the way she's being portrayed, she does seem a little checked out. You know and. Sandy's like you know. You got a lot of challenge Halen and I brought bugsy into support. You not to not to replace you and I feel like you've sort of resigned I. think ever since she did that. Double honey finger. We all saw that I think that sort of like kind of peaked, and you're just sort of saying ever. Since then. took a lot outta here. The double honey finger, didn't it? Yes, you don't have that passion I mean. There's something wrong. Hannah and Hannah's like arm toy. Or, but on that we've seen these on a rate law. This is nothing you can say it is the best thing is. You can use just keep your mouth shut and prepare to be squeezed today. You Know I. Just don't buy it I mean. You know as a captain. I complain every day on this boat. Because either have that passionate. You don't in like with meal an anesthesia. Everyone else. You meet no bonds about their cooking, but you haven't mentioned anything about Kiko, and you saw that cheese. You saw that she's Hanan. You love to complain. Where's your complaining about the cheese? I want the other hand back. Gay Give her back. Cycle I think that there's things Kika can work on, but it's not laziness I will say that like you know what I have a feeling. He's reached his capacity. I don't WanNA fire him, but if I don't get what I need, his guy and I just need to make sure that you feel supported by me and make you feel supported. I'm going to present you destroy fee that the guests of left that says Bugsy. Face on it and it's going to Bugsy Sarah I'm giving us to the round prison all right. Go on with your day. Feel great about. And then Kika runs in okay. Here's the Ponzi sauce. So. Okay so okay, so robin, just their floating around and stuff and. Is Bugsy is bossing jess around. And saying how she's saying I, don't sweat. The petty surfaced. Watches are used to if it's not going to bother you in five hours la days or five weeks five months of five millennia. Why should be phone? So now it's time for the captain and Kika to have their meeting and she's a key go. Could we tack in the bridge? Now I'm going to close and lock this window just in case things get ugly hold I wait for me to finish lack in this window. All K- let's have a tyrant note. Thank you for the mushrooms I actually don't need those and the guests of left. Okay so Kiko. Amazing Guy. Don't get nervous. Don't get nervous I. Know that I opened up by saying. You're an amazing guy. Don't get nervous. You know that the worst thing. A boskin theater employees because it makes you think that you're about to get fired, but I just WANNA say. You're an amazing guy. If one your person you're, you're so good at what's at. You're a good person. You're a good person. You still nervous. Okay, how can I? How can I me down? It's not it's not it's not you. It's me, it's not you. It's me okay, that make you feel better Do you know who has one of the best personalities? If anyone I know, the homeless guy outside my apartment building, I mean that guy is so happy. You know so you could be happy to. You. Don't need a job to be happy, do you? You know I I I. Cook a lot from my big fat I made I've got a big family like I was on that Panini press all that time and I thought Gosh. I guess I'll have to cook. And then I realized he don't have to be a cook in life just to get ahead. So. I get why you look so scared. Soliciting listen here, okay. I don't WanNa ruin it. You're going to be fired if you if you don't. If you don't stop second. Okay, my sky! Okay, and he's like. Oh, I'll turn my best and check. This is an obsession. It's a reality session, and the reality is you're getting beat up wouldn't have fine. What a fun! This article! Get Your Shit together stupid are. Google Cheese and how? Great. Thought. My favorite apartments like thought now. God I am worried for Kiko I feel like he is. In over his head. Showed clips from next week, it may show a tray of meal nachos. Did you catch so sloppy? Just they showed at the Oh. No, I don't think. NACHOS look like bad store by chip. So you know someone pooped on. It was not good. Maga- Keough? Knock Ed but I love. Through. These seem so sweet. everyone, thank you for listening. We will be back on the next episode with selling sunset. Also check out our bonus. Episodes last week. We did the series premiere of down Earth. which was that? Silly Silly Zach Ephron. Travel show. Check that out. Because that was really fun, people apparently are. Enjoying Making Zac Efron on that show. Yeah, and then this. We were doing unsolved mysteries. We're GONNA check out. Unsolved mysteries also be sampling things around the world yeah. Yeah! All right we should love. You have a good one out there. We'll talk to you tomorrow.

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Episode 04: The Innovation ecosystem in Africa: A Conversation with Richard Yeboah

Empact Mindset

1:22:04 hr | 3 weeks ago

Episode 04: The Innovation ecosystem in Africa: A Conversation with Richard Yeboah

"Over the last two tickets. Africa has been under rice with large scale foreign investments under turn of the african diaspora the continent guys now part towards growth and economic development all the innovation ecosystem within the continent is warming with several programs to support startups on early stage entrepreneurs prospective entrepreneurs now have the opportunity to be supported by incubation and business accelaration services in key sectors within the continent. Quizzing expansion of the entrepreneurship ecosystem is serving us. Lifeline to entrepreneurs at all levels of business development especially as related to access to finance kush strategies an access to the export mark. Shed light on these initiatives in ghana and the rest of the sub saharan african region. I have with me on the show to the mistreated year. What i've known that for a long time and providing a complete overview of his work over the last they get might probably need the impact your the show which isn't the case. I've done a lot of things here. And you is officially Entrepreneurship developments and as me support on the price creation services a industrialized and developing countries. Especially within the african sub-region and with the special focus of migrants and the entrepreneurship. If unloaded is increasingly expanding. Your your bees ants. Those at are the now too so over. Nearly two decades region have support. It's many entrepreneurs companies in india india. Early stop stage to become sustainable entities as the productivity of ghanaian evasion hoop monitoring director of green energy ghana. And before then he was the regional director of in the training and consultancy was tough again. Regional office even though you're still you're obviously still working with md bottle. The consortium off guy innovation hub isn't that it gives yes so actually At this moment. I am direct of india africa but in a global network of mdf. I'm the regional director for africa Managing the six offices that we have been in africa of and then. Of course i will tell you a bit more about the different roles that have with my titles. But the gyna- innovation is a project a funded by the guide government through a world bank funding and we submitted a bid as mdf ghana technology university college employees space. Africa s leads We had two appointed The project director witt several areas of your background training ends and work since as part of your work in the netherlands as well. So would you mind telling us a little bit more about yourself. Okay well i always start with the born in ghana but Grew up in the netherlands in them to be specific my schooling in the netherlands from primary secondary school university industrial engineering and management with focus on financial engineering and doing business in developing countries Started my own company. during my University degree Did that for a long time and work for several organizations the freelance as a consultant I think when we met each other was In the space off Migration development in really focusing on diaspora community in the netherlands. Wanted to set up their business in countries of origin. I did that for a long time. And i remember twenty twelve Somebody asked me But richard if you advising us to set up businesses in countries of origin. Why are you still in the netherlands. Why are you not using the knowledge that you are teaching us to do it. Yourself so I use Very much reflection. So then i took the bold step to make the step to do this in ghana but then the lessons that island was that it will. It's always good to partner. So i Got in contact with mdf a new. Because we were submitting a bid together for a program in south sudan and to make my Story short of the few negotiations came to agreement. Where than i was heading heading now the office in in ghana that is responsible for with african. Sub-region what does that mean area work within Mdf currently Position i mean we can talk in sync into your work out said innovation hall but what jemaine Outflow we didn't have the bozo. My main well. My assignment was help. 'em the to Have we have a small office. We had a small office in ghana. Make it self. Sustaining and grow the office so i joined the when we had the small official four staff members and now we are over fifty stuff members overview of seven years actively doing projects with practically every fifty member states countries of angola of but mainly ghana nigeria. Sierra leone benin And then Working to look for organizations like For regional entities in west africa Yeah so i'm more focused. On his vision of development ozo- lincoln always to social impact as stability of organizations and companies Looking at for the social economical point of view and building institutions. I think that is what i can say that. I really look at of course. For long time. I've been also focusing on institutionalizing into ships about within. Mdf as a whole. I think that's a real old is just support entrepreneurship support on building the processes for supporting entrepreneurs that lead into developing nagata innovation. Yet actually yes. So you know when. I joined andy said gate if you look at africa especially if you look at west africa you have a lot of young. There's there's not enough. Company set up to absorb all these young delays and so one of the things that we said gay in order to do that. You need to have strong institutions get into british support so that it was the study journey of mdf to become the bryce support organization with some few models at some few concept's true that we built we build and then the guy government came up within the where under that eat transformed program. They wanted to improve the innovative ecosystem really looking at digitalization technology driven business so Of course Did we as md very strong management project management helping organizations to grow either ngos government companies. So we bought with at technology linguistic college or university that is capable of building the capacity of young people in technology in helping them to transform the technology knowledge into businesses and blues africa which is in the nibbling company so we brought this knowledge together to set up the gun individual. Yeah you mentioned a lot in erie of technologies area. You see hostage huge prospect. Forty days in in ghana. Yes i think this you know because a lot of A structural systems are nuts. A long time if you look even at the movement of move out Phones you know. Initially i quite remember that. When i was growing up in the netherlands you wanted to call a family member than You call the call center in the somebody will then go to the location to call the person. In in an hour's time he had to call back but suddenly when mobile phones game in it was easy for everybody to have accessability. So i really believe that technology can Shorten the distances Feed up development. And ideally go Has shown also how important technology can be in all these operations. Yeah let's see. Also the e commerce space in in guys exploding in quite quite recently. Yes exactly now you you live In a bit outside the city says True online Payment systems online ordering people can then bring your food all any item that you you buy two location Move all money People didn't have access to abandon account with mobile money. Now have access to financial services insurances So i think technology really is helpful. And therefore but then also because of technology he didn't able to than medically education and other services around technology can also grow right so they can that ecosystem support. He might say yes exactly. So the movement. That technology comes in Spin around several sectors. Right right. what are some of the projects. We didn't nine invasion hope over the last year's describe as good examples of successful. The help i if i look at it. One of the interesting concept is now being tested. Which i always loved talk about is is in the company called washington they actually build household of toilets for very urban poor families and they initially technology was more or less than you need less water to flush. Besides that You need less dislodge. Actually the technologists built that actually The us also the technology to Process the fico's slash to organic manure so actually post and therefore in some communities where it is very difficult to get a fecal sludge truck drivers to drive in it can build these sunny tation blocks well one of the things that he found out that a lot of these communities are not capable of being upfront. So now what is not using technology that the has this ki ki cuts which he uses on the on the debut doors and you can buy vouchers and through the vouchers. You didn't have access to sanitation block close to your house well. Before technol- without technology would have been difficult to do this and now we technology people that use the vouchers vouchers. That people useful uploading mobile phone credits. And all those things. He's testing that model. While for me. That is an innovative concepts. That is now being tested which normally would not be that. Of course there are twenty thousand reasons not to do it but with the innovation disappointed. These games was he's not able to test the model. That's great one of the Challenges entrepreneurs faced with the continent. And even and even here i is to finance. Saudi will create opportunities for entrepreneurs will start startups to access finance for. I think. I think that's fueled. I think one of the things that i really have to recommit Say about the gun. Government is that they had provided a proof of concept fund. So they recognize that also they have given us permission to give Proof of concept funds to enterpreneurs. So i think that is already a good start There are programs that we are doing within the guy in asia. Like the orange on the program funded by the dutch government and there we have the image corner innovation fund which again gives access to interpreters so there are so many other upcoming funding that is impact investments that this given opportunities for these young people to Get as finance so yes. There are still opportunities and with the will open it up With a of funding in the world i think financing the difficult that that is what you need to get funding. One of the things that i always tell. Everybody is that if a friend or family member or even a stranger comes to you to ask for funds or borrow money the way. You will scrutinize. That person is the same way that you have to expect that financial institution or donor. Ozo- ever would want to scrutinize you to know that truly the funds that they are given. You're going to use for your business and the also willing to sacrifice so you will not take the hinder thousands of fifty thousand in the first thing. The judge doing his Have a big billboard which you name on it and you products or by a car. Those type of things are than the questionable. How are you growing your business. I think that is something that still a lot of intervene is needs to understand. I think that that is really a crucial aspect in dealing with some of the Out describes cultural a cultural mindset issues that that we are aware of you know you have an investment. They immediately went to Adia cousins and as rather than actually hiring people to run the business audio navigate. Some of those cultural minefields. Well i think one of the things that in trainings. What we really talked about is governance so we are not saying that family businesses are wrong because if you look at the world of the best businesses actually family business so the The beception that's hiring family members of will cripple. Your company is a wrong perception. The the challenge is more or less than you hire family members that are not qualified. I think that is the most important things we discuss. We didn't Nurse in governance. Icu putting the right person at the right place. So if you need an accountant of financial of manager you take somebody that has no any background in finance then. Of course you creating a problem. I have is the family cousin whatsoever. You got creating the problem. Why because Competent enough to do that. So i think that is where the focus should be is the Competent enough that. Is i think the main question that you need to ask yourself and i think one of the thing that we used of manages need to know that you need to build around young people that complementary to yourself and that people that will always say yes a muster because you need to reflect 'cause you although you lead the lead you either into banou. You had the one with the vision you don't have all the answers yourself so you need people around you. That can advise you. Positivity can tell you you are going wrong and give you some new insights accident because wants you think of Some of these issues around working. We've finally working with people that that you know. You always of the resistance. did you. experience that Start of some of the projects that you're talking with. You know if you had a ton of experience where there was resistance to some cultural issues. While i think for me it helps to be a diaspora because i can always fall back on being a diaspora so i think In some cases. I just ignore it of by myself for instance. It is not against company policy of. I've always decided that I will not hire a family member in the company that i work simply because it will be difficult that version because this family member everybody will have a double i on that person as it will never be fair to that person and secondly it will also be strange that sometimes you know sometimes you assume manager is not always that you will be a strict in direct. Sometimes you just close your eyes because you are also coming to build capacity. Also giving people chances and if you're not careful you fall into a conflict of interest situation which you don't want so advisable is again not to do it unless you have clicked cuts governance structures and policies which everybody can make. It's very explicit right right right right and especially really integrating within the dishes. Vellapan training that provides as well. Yes so really asking the questions that normally nobody will ask right right. What are some of the main business development services inclusive deja dealing with some of the cultural nations. Yes oh i think where we most of the focus on as mdf is really about Three things the one the main one is about your product that you markets is there a market for your product or service that you went to bring on board that people do while winning to pay. That's that's one and it doesn't mean automatically that those that want to pay are also the ones that use it but because that is also some people The mismatch that people think of your customers are the same people that using the services so really helping the Understand his customer and The service or the product of the customer wants. That's one. The other side of the bbc really is operational efficiency. And really the focus of you know most focus on the enterpreneur but we try to move into new to look at his organization and look at this team and because that is the only time that you can grow unless you say that you want to be a one man business. You don't want to grow your business but if you want to grow you need other people with enough competencies who understand your lens daniel directives and who also few pot off the grove of your business. I think that is very much important. And then the last one is networking so really Opening up your network getting new new networks. Get an assist to Either organizations getting as to opportunities and all those things will end. Its most of them going to events that people know about you talking to people about your product or service. Your challenges that you're facing in your business so that there are people that are willing to help support or linked you up. Yeah that's really crucial at before we started. You mentioned the really. Crucial point bonds Using neo network in order to build your business and especially for the diaspora diaspora. Those are never really utilized. Quite effectively the network have builds Within a the netherlands in parts of the world in order to effectively established in ghana. What how do you view. That's what i what is perspective from marketing shed. We think is important to do. Have it in mind that successful business Business people into bananas is also about experienced that you have gained and experiences that you have and most especially with the us bureau Empty book you have done so many things that you get Utilized in most of of the night. I tell people that look. What makes you different as a diaspora compared to somebody that has never lived at work outside. The country is that you bring along from that country and most of them people think that is about funds but not about funds is about attitude is about skills is about cbs asking questions. You know sometimes you no diaspora if you know when you go to your country or You'll be asking questions and asking why why that why this but we should be careful. That doesn't become Complaint but rather to If the are doing this week cannot bring solution to solve it that way. Because i've seen it at the way in the country that i'm coming from all networks that i've been in is there a way of having partnerships the i i always know that lot of estimates in europe. That would like to make the step to. They don't know how to go about it. Why not partner with these companies as a listen. I can bring this bring. That led join hands. And let's set up some. And then i believe no business that wants to make that step will say no but then it is based on also trust in each other and the risk from your end right because you mentioned that trust is one of asia's that really keeps entrepreneurs back in actually networking and developing partnerships and co founding initiatives. Together yet. no that's true. I always say is nice to sign contracts but at the end of it you only look at the contract yet as gold flicked. And that's a who is that you can sign all gone in those days and when you are happy with each other we all understand the contract the same way the moment that the challenges then you you have all different interpretation so if the initial of course you need to have contracts and those but if the the starting point of a contract is on basis of i don't trust you then the best not to sign any contracts. Or they've the the main impetus shouldn't be. I don't trust you. So let off. A contract vendors really no need for the initiative to take. Let's be honest all of us when we buy food already. We look in on the website and they and this written Click on accept all the Contractual arrangements whatever. How many of us really read the nation. We hardly read it. We only the all. Yes yes yes. Yes and donald. So it's very strange. That when i f- seen that also that sometimes people will be fighting about the sharing of the prophets and they haven't even sold one product and time and energy and the frustration that is put into that doesn't even given the chance for the business to be successful founders in some some founding businesses. Yeah but the so. Some of the things is that if you don't really You know setting up. That business is very lonely in your being alone doing it with somebody with everybody's at the ideas and concepts those things. If you don't have a basis of trust is so difficult because you can you can have different ideas to go to rome. But that doesn't mean that it has to do with trust. It has to do with different perspective and as long as you you mix perspective from trust. It will always be difficult. That's very important distinction. Actually you know trust and really having having a different perspective is no rudy about because the partner has a different way of looking at it is not trustworthy it simply a different way of looking at it and alternative way of looking at tomorrow lists. Yeah but that is. But that's that's the beauty of independent ship and that is the beauty of working with a diverse group of people. I think i think been successful. Because of always accepted the diversity of people and working with a diverse team working with competence a expertise from different fields in Reflecting with people. And all those things. I think that that makes you want to be successful right right right. And talking about diversity of projects and diversity of ideas out like us to disclose a green energy ghana. Where you're currently yes. Oh green edgy gonna started In twenty fifteen actually Under the gonna nance wash program was the is the body. She was by cheap brew gun between the dutch government in the guy government where the idea was to solve the sanitation problems in in ghana One of the challenges that was seen was that you know the the prison service was once billed. The for five hundred inmates but of course because of the growth of its mall sometimes could be between three thousand four thousand inmates so there was like environmental challenge Happening in the What the resource commission Would have had an issue with digging another government entity to so the solution. Was we find innovative concept where we can solve this environmental challenge If you google jozy also the fecal sludge trucks being dumped directly to see an also. The green energy gonna is gossip that we developed as md of with few other parts where we actually Ah taking all the whole value chain of of fecal sludge so from the intake from households At the prison as a big sanitation blocks up to a cleaning ed's and created by so all circular economy so the concept that we have with green energy gun is that we collect figo's lex. We process it in treatment. Plant where we have Produce biogas and in the future. We've is very a lot. We can give it back to the gray to the gun. Electricity company and other side of what will remain. We clean it so that it will be by the infre- no diseases in it and we mix it with organic waste and with that. You have Nutritious value of compost. Which again you can then sell to farmers for organic Vegetables organic fruits. And then besides that the the what's at that's been cleaned will have enough nutritional value where you can then do like fords as fish-farming or whatever so the host economic again an innovation to solve social Problems that is an area that you really love. Notice projects that sort of give back to the community. You know that house. Fantastic law approach. Yes biting is that is the way to uplift some of these countries. I think where you need to have an approach where it solves social problems socioeconomic problems in uplift people by creating jobs for those people and get an income and i always believe that when people have these jobs their own income may show that schools are very good. They make sure that good hospitals will make sure that infrastructure projects everything in atomatic creates also peace within the locality the environment and all those things so have i really believe in that and i really believe that individuals everybody in the world wants to have that self reliance and human beings that is what we want but sometimes you just need that additional support And i'm one of the few lucky ones that had that exposure in europe right. I've had that the opportunity to travel all over the world going to The caribbean going to latin america asia africa and throughout euro. So you see a lot of things. One thing that you see every individual wants to have a say about his own life and but not everybody. Has that opportunity. So anytime that. I i get that opportunity to try to bring these combinations to get. What else love you. You mentioned Your travels around the world. What are some of the key elements in entrepreneurship that you see that is common with with most of the region's who've traveled to say to the guardian to add to asia and auto parts of the world. What i see is the young people. Young people are really ready to do something new and they are looking for support and sometimes the biggest challenges that you have read already systems in place that is not conducive for their. And sometimes i think that is the biggest gelling and they just need some examples in. They just need A chance and i saw that when i was working in a in amsterdam Can with what they call the alleys. A school drop outs. And that had a contact with the police You see a lot of efficiency. A lot of organizations. Don't really talk to the beneficiaries. Don't really talk to these young people with a question. What do you need a what you want. So i think but i see if you see some of these young people see the view the in the is you see the fashion than they are putting into what they are do we with the little that they have. Then you see this ensure elite talent available that we need to pick up. And i say that's also bottled passion in working with young people that you also linked to the orange corners projects of the dutch government right. Yes selen-selena really believe in you know i really believe in helping these young companies especially now that you know already difficult to set up your business but the with orange you focus companies that have already set up to the center level. Ambushing them to the next level is very much a blessing in when somebody has Set up from scratch in it has full five people working for him or ahead in an uplifting to fifteen people helping them to raise funds up. Well it's really. I think the next best thing to do. So i really enjoy working for these companies because it is really the new generation of leaders new generation of enterpreneurs new generation of innovative coming together to do it for themselves. That's what we're talking about corners company program. Always it's They support entrepreneurship program. It's a competitive program because we have every year slot for deti companies in two cohorts of fifteen fifteen so this really competitive in the sense that you need to prove to ask the with our supports you can move to the next level so is really You know so. It is not this not freebies. Although the support is being paid by the dutch government those in but it is the investment and the investment you need to end that investment of that support and so up to now. I think we have been lucky to go. Good business good concepts that we are really helping into the next phase now awesome. I wanted to ask you about Your what you think about entrepreneurship in general in done what what's the current Of dynamic biz simply is the project that you are on the taken from md. What is the the general environmental. Well i think the government of started already a of time to release say we need to focus on a Developments because we need to create new jobs to be able to absorb all these young people that come in out of university of out of stephen institutions. Do i think that is something that the government already started doing. And i think upcoming years in those already with the new projections of programs as development batna z. Organizations like monster got phone dacia all really focusing on economic recovery of economic resilience and british support both existing companies as well as a young enterpreneurs as women led businesses goes to the end of I think that is also a very much important if we have enough a companies that dot growing in sustainable way they will be able to provide these jobs Those people that have decent jobs therefore these incomes will be able to gates for themselves In medically get a spin ova spill over of a sustainable development in the country and the thing that creates stability in gifts the country the opportunity to grow because then all these companies will be able to pay more taxes. Government could use these access to grow At build infrastructure that is needed to support these estimates you mentioned so bid eighteen. I think that's one of the areas that i think is not emphasized enough on one of the problems. We have challenges. We have is the coach of maintenance. That's causing to sustainability in real business. How does the government in chore that some of these businesses are susceptible within the private sector in your case How is that a short That's why i'm saying it's the combination of the need to have people that are really interested to set up a business and they are doing it for themselves so it's not They falls into it. Think that is one of the That's why is very competitive in the selection should be people that really are willing to do that enough because there is an opportunity for funding that they are doing it. So i think that is that is important Second of it is that a showcasing people out the importance of maintains importance of customer relations in fulton's of building on sunday. Night as i've seen it a lot of companies wendy's adia very nice very good notes but when they have the numbers than they get back to the Normal system. And i think that's something that we are really trying to move people to do that and will be re just started. I will say so. Adding that's outcome would be seen in few years. But i think people really understand the importance of these medina's behavior and i think because there's a look of New middle class coming up that they're also demanded for that service right right. The middle class in gun is is growing quite quite original. Yeah so they are demanding for good quality healthcare good quality schools. Good quality housing So they are also demanding for that quite that longtime restaurants will only. What else in do you didn't have special restaurants unless it was trump by now. You see a good Restaurants upcoming food are doing restaurant business. So local a street food restaurants. You mean some you had. You could only choose between that and until restaurants. I see but now you could see that. There's a whole of list of Restaurants that you can select which good quality high level and prizes also motorists and i think that showcase the more people were able to afford it that experts all dope rich guy meets right the middle class even necessarily middle-class him. Yes of course the high end up amid a glass you have the class in the lower end middle class exciting exciting for bana Uprise quite is quite booming. As well in regards across booming and i think the next level Gun is due. Have this growth. Also have fun to the region. I look locations so that the nation will be also booming. And i think that is really a very much bolton to steve that developments up your isn't spot of or for augments. Do you think to building the aspirin. Or co-chairing donna. Well for me. Everything leads to a private sector development. I always will Say let's do. I'm really a private sector person. So i always say that i think the question should be is working but radha look at. What is the expansion of the program. And at least what. I see in the stories that i hear those. I see a lot of these businesses coming up and really making use of and they are growing and they are employing. A lot of people so I am not a policy developer. That can say that. The the policy. But i see these companies coming up in. I'm happy for that because Again fifty people employed other one hundred people two hundred. You see foes widens setting up there. plant Yes you see. So those are things that in showing that a these multinationals also see the benefit of setting up these plans in ghana. So i i'm sure that these multinationals are also doing it and expanding to donna just showcase that that it's there is a good ability in in in in in guyana and yes so For me the vision behind one district. One factory is good because what we discussed about that. I see more or less like Industrialization of the districts so the moment that you happen ankle business sets debt and the ankle. Business needs to tap into the value chain It'll improve a restaurants because If i have a big company de with more than two three hundred people working for me. They need to be fed. So with restaurants will come Could be that. Visitors will come so must be will tell could be that people want to move closer by so people build houses and then because they are houses there and people have family so schools should be their hospitals should be debt so it is really the idea of building the economy building development through an anchor. Business that Private body that doing that investment. So i think The philosophy behind it is there and they just started the full. Yes so i think. I'm sure that they will evaluate its and based on that improvement adjusted. So by then you know. We have in the zimba- elections so depending on the elections we will then no If the the new government we'll continue adjusted come up with a new concept The hope he's that the new government if if government is elected is that there would be a sense of onto. New eighty goes asia's buffets within the policy area. Many other parts of the world as the fact that you have interesting projects such as days get abundance by succeeding administration. He goes to disagree politically. And it's always it's rampage through the regions that are That that seeks kind of investments. And i think the most important thing is the focus on private sector development widow not new administration Zine administration instituted. A policy could be continued isn't it isn't that a case. Well i totally agree. And i think we'll look at well in gun. I think also and especially in africa. What is very much important is that we have this name of always have been free and fair elections and You know as. I said. I travel a lot in africa and really one of the things that i've always proud of in in ghana Is that we have that stability of peace a really No matter which policies those if you don't have that piece. Oh you don't have that reassurance that you can sleep a wake up. There's nothing going to be wrong. It is so difficult to develop the strength of our political bodies. The always making sure that we have that Peace of mind. I think that's very much a voter in again. I think we all want the best of your Moving though is the focus of getting down onto a middle income country and by then again perception of perspectives Everybody feels like this a different way to go to roll by then. I think one of the things that intervene issued those will be able to do is to make sure that government listened to us and that no matter which parties in that we also are open and close to stale government that oh this policy needs to continue or this policy needs to be adjusted that i think we have strong private sector solutions. That are already doing this with various governments in place. This really shows good prospects for when i in the next day i think so i think really i think the adult go with it will be a bitch By opening some opportunities at this opening and big for a lot of african countries. It's a showcasing how important to develop locally based companies developed locally based expertise and developed locally based resources nothing In the coming decades that will be really the reinforcement in the acceleration of the economy right. So he's going to be a of huck celebration on on the foundation that has been lead s. I think so. It is not up to a citizens Civil society a government officials in to work together for the betterment of the country's at named As long as we have a mind the athol many things that we can pick up to get great. What sectors would you say. A prime sectors for innovative projects of innovation general in ghana suffrage engine. What some of those sectors. You see that one i if if i look at it always linked to some of the challenges that we have it so i always say waste management and recycling The real economy dive of things Look renewable energy. Renewable energy solutions will be very much interested. climate smut. Agriculture is very much important light manufacturing. I think those are really the basic things that we need to do. An value added Good businesses to give you an example. I you know sunday when we were doing. The with covid came in and then Everybody was producing a sanitises or right moment that we lots of companies didn't have These Plastic bottles to put them in. Why because we don't have a factory that producing them. We import so the question is. Why haven't we set up these type of businesses already in the country so those are some of the gracious that we need in those investments. And i think yeah mentioning that during a four-hour that's one key area. That's you mentioning that Sort of from for innovation about that. Whether efforts to set up something similar sort of it but i think that is the open at a lot of people are having like rice. Imports in all those Some countries will say look in its own to rise from all countries those countries suddenly. Oh we don't have rising Now sunny guy. Neil rice producers was but we need to do more investment in that because Product the ghanaians like and we need to the stimulated. So i think again locally. Grown businesses Advised you is now being seen as something. We really need to tap in. Bring these innovations in the country. Yeah covert nineteen video. Was an eye opener. Husband eye opener from only on consumers to become put producers. I think that is really something that helps. Innovation agribusiness sector. That is a horse. Our natural offers to naturally we have to go through in the region. I think still. I think the especially the young people are stepping into that field whereby add not only focusing on the producing. It's but the added value. So i know some of the companies that you can then all the directly in you get everyday fresh vegetables at well. Those are some of the wonderful concepts that i'll be done Some Whereby you can be owner of a on agriculture land so it's nothing investment but it's more or less like as if the you either farmer but because you don't have time they farming for you and then you can have access to the proceeds. There are so many on sets being developed with technology and in vacations that you sometimes mesa. I know to companies that are doing a coffee beans and the selling internationally Which is great. And i see all these Interesting conception. I'm like okay this would helping and i'm sure that the coming years you'll get more of these companies be supported or i think the idea what you mentioned about uncle company for example being up in the region actually be applied as well to the entire to be fair five country where now with or Successful you'll then give those wells interested in the sector will see that it's Pity that i think the thing that the i think now that that will be the next step. I'll do you use to should allies all these concepts. And how do you help grow. All these businesses one area we haven't spoken about he's really Private ventures private investors for example private equity firms. Coming up on hobbies Will i. I know that there are a lot of these funds upcoming. And they are they are there And i see a lot of companies raising capital By think the biggest challenge in ghana is your first deal between your first ten thousand up to your first henry thousand. I think that is the the biggest challenges we are facing in ghana in just knows. How do you mean in terms of You know the point is this. There are a lot of funding agencies. That willing to give you a step in your business will haven't been to an adult one in five and even up to fifteen twenty million in all those states but the challenges that i have a brilliant idea. I don't have thousand guys cds. Maybe i might family that finished university But i'm brilliant person. Have a good concept down no financial institutions that are willing to give me my first then thousand diners I two thousand to really set up by business. Well what. What can i do. And i think the coming period there should be more focused on the first than twenty fifteen hundred thousand. Us which can help these companies get to a certain level where the easily be matched to all these impact investors right dr right because the impact invest the deal -able hundred thousand two hundred thousand exactly. Because of the administrative goes the deals were have got right. That's right that's right. What are some of the key drivers to building the entrepreneurial courtroom for business key dread well. I think i think one of the things that at least in gonna what. I see the news practically we are traders so it is actually the into building spirit is in us but along the way we tried to find an do it Save why because we don't really have social safety nets so employability employment is actually our was safety net. Idaho government will a private company and when we get there while bishen is not that high. We just want to Do what we have to do. We don't go We don't do extreme and we also don't do below bar. Then i'm always there. I think i think that will be. That's the biggest challenge we have is The other drivers the other side of it is. There's not enough jobs. So we tend to have a lot of news out of necessity though. While i i look what job. I'm not getting a job. Okay let me try and set up something but a lot of them that i've seen immediately that they get an opportunity to be employed. They are in employment. So i think one of the things that we need to start again is also bring into british ship within the schools from primary secondary school and the create the spirit of enterprise in people. I think that is the right word to use created. Enterprising people zanu to developments correct quiet. Yes oh yeah so for me about enterprise because not everybody can be an enterpreneur and i think on average in this society fifteen to twenty percent of the people living there could be an enterpreneur so we should also be careful. We don't see in. Every unemployed jumpers enterpreneur have an enterprise albeit into banou. You'll need good enterprise so we need to have the gobi nation of into bunin shipment playability right correct. See that entrepreneurship is not activity is mindset. Well yes but it is also career path. it's all the willingness to say. I want to be adopted and then specialized. you also need to do that with internship. So that's why i always go myself. enterprising specialist. We go Yes satellite Companies lead negotiator. I like of new ideas. And i really believe in doing that. In various settings various concepts of various roles. Correct prising specialties. That's a good way of putting it and what's the one thing you wish you had known when you began your career honesty. One thing that i always wanted to tell young for us One of the lucky ones that the educational background selected is really helping me. But i see a lot of young people selecting de educational directive Nuts taken into account the world as a potential workplace. So i think that is very much important languages Speaking various languages luckily enough. I speak english than dutch. And the local dialects of local language trie. But then i am now looking at it. If i could also speak french the the would that be more open to me so i think those are some of the things that reflective looking back. I would have fun done differently. But the rest. I think I'm happy where i am. Because i see that every every year i grow. I see that. Every i get to do new exciting things Angry various variety People yeah because we are stunned at this hour standards rather than just the standard someone else set. So you won't and you build at every year. You improve that exactly so i think the most important thing that you need to set your own career path though not let to be controlled that others correct. Correct what would you say has been your biggest challenge so far the learn from it. Well i think the biggest challenge. So far is the me i honestly inequality that still exist in the world. That is really what i see. I see the opportunities. That's actually not dare you're bone in the sentence Location and in malaysia. I went to the us for education fair and the topic was digitalization and golding and whatsoever digital literacy and then the other side of it a monthly those Talking about noma literacy or wall lake. Wow if these would change death for so many people that they're even passing Reading and writing and talking into digital languages and created new stuff and all those things in africa. Some young people have never even seen a computer then I'm a bit worried. If i see my son of two years who has a doublet and gang. Go to youtube to watch his own programs and can now knows that we need to swipe. You need to do this. And i'm like okay. that's nothing to do with House much you does. The do have an assist and luckily my kids have assist to but what about all these millions of millions of kids that have that intelligence but don't have access to then that is more or less my worry and my but then also again one of the reasons why every day you wake up and say okay this is my contribution. I can do the coming years to make a change. Yeah and indeed the lock off the lack of equality or however describing those are often used for of innovation. Know think of how best you can improve society yet that but then you need to trigger it. You know if you don't have any clue and you don't have people around you that sees that clued and it becomes tradition. Then it becomes this what we have been doing all the rest of a life. My grandfather did a good my father. My father's father my firefighter. That is the story that this being then told anybody that comes in a bid will be seen as rebellious so we need to facilitate that. And i think there is a row for the us to play that role. There's a role for international of to play that role as ability. I think really focused on quality assess ability to all these systems broke them and all would be needed coming right right right. That's absolutely now for some light hearted question. What or the people who have been the most influential funny enough. None of a few people that have i mentioned that the this like somebody that really a really appreciate look is like oh fianna and i gaze. I always i gave own acts in becoming the un of boss you know where he was the first out of the organization so i think it really reflects that there where there's a will there. Is you have cope within the capacity. You could make. I think that is one of the things. I really love the other one I've always appreciate is the minister of finance Ghana at this woman Gennifer gotta reason. Why is my first internship. That i did outside. The netherlands was actually Databank in wasn't the private sector. Of course yeah. Exactly when he was running a financial institution in the way they will run. It's what's very amazing. And i quite remedy shed a book to all his manages gold Google might chice and was about change management. And i remember that there was a gates that somebody A woman came In the office and she wanted to have more information about one of their products but nobody was paying attention to her and they will look at those that will dressed Quite a great remember that he called a meeting and try to tell them what they were doing wrong and where he showed that you really have to have respect for everybody. The moment that somebody enters your office no matter how the you need to give the the audience. Those of the examples in the schools I always With mags evidence. That's an example of Struggling europe for us to have a life. I think that is always a key point for us to saying that okay. We need to make them proud in environment. That my sleepless We are all doing well than like okay that it's really a of chance But other people that You know i really like a young person in sierra leone. Where people think it's possible that the president is doing and mayes business for me. Those are the expiration People that Liberia seen some of these young people. That have grown through the wall sue periods. But still i haven't that light in the eyes of hope and doing it. That motivates me again to say that. Actually don't have any reason to complain. Yeah that's a good way of putting it wants to see those young people with a hope and a design passionately is that keeps it going in your work. Yeah exactly so those. Are the people the people that we know. Highly poetry people that they i'll the capable of doing the next step and really has been small businesses. You we call them. Informal sector companies but most of them have sometimes maybe twenty twenty people on their payroll described informal and then riyadh endemic and impact in communities and exactly so. Those are some of the people that i will reading. I always say that well look at them and then the from them that great one of the most common myth we always about business in africa is On a sunday the engines. But why would you say is the one common myth about the business in africa. One of the things that Do business in. Africa is You need to have patients. I think that is the for meeting the biggest you need to you know. Sometimes especially europe. Those have lived euro or the us rea- used to. Okay i make an appointment for the expected me to be dead sadly folks. I'm their focal. And somebody will help me. And i can. We didn't ten minutes fifty minutes on done. I can if i can then do again. A nathan nathan ofi and then. I know the time of my train buzzing. I'm again that tied at home. One thing you need to forget that doesn't happen in africa. Just not on will not but that is the system so that is happening so i think most of the time is that i always as you have control over yourself. You have control over your attitude so you can make sure that you are on time you can make sure that you follow the rules. You can make sure that you don't have any say about what other peasants will do so both racial self about that does always impatient radio feel as if the bill would carry on to the region where you are but that could be disappointing yemen and what happens is people. Yes but the What happens is that people when they have a meeting at one o'clock and they come Every time they all time independent of their meeting comes fifteen twenty one hour later than the next after the are making an appointment the also be detected minutes late so then you have the dog. I think that exactly then you come back. Nobody change but if you always on time there may be the businesses that If i'm meeting this guy did is always on time. So let me know would be time for him otherwise he will complete so at least then. You've made a change for one person could be. That was elkin. All i can. If i do this this way. I can always be on time. Do you get it. So is more or less than additional Way of doing things and and that is most important thing to bring on board. That's what it's all about to changeon changing the attitudes. Yes you start with a change which will self correct which leads to one of the main areas of work that we're doing back mindset is really dealing with issues dealing with the mindset issues and how some of the mindset on attitudes that we have idaho lows back. Who either gives us a serve as a catalyst to the initiatives w take at alaska's out that ask you is what's the one mindset changed leads to the apartment of mastery on substance. What would you sort of point ops in your entrepreneurial journey mindsets change. that's sort of the cut for. You will always keep your dream in that right. So don't don't deviate from the dream. Could be that the path to that dream genius. Lose sight of that dream right right. I can give you an example. Like i really believe in integrated development when i joined. Mvs had every opportunity to shift to defend that Which i think those who have been successful but it would not be my passion But you know taking the challenge of Is to shouldn't lies in that you took ownership within The context of empty where i never had thoughts of joining an mdf. When i had that dream initially so the but because the dream was really Bought now i have Reach the goal but then in a different setting defense structure but still Achieving that goal. So i think that is more or less most important thing you know you can you can be. You need to be bit flexible in those The pathway doors that dream rights is mcgrady of having everything the stolen. But you more or less a have a vision of this is where you're going but understanding that along the way along the path you won't be able to be flexible enough to adopts to the environments in which every wreck dumped to the environment changes your strategies Change your way of working Partnering a learning for him. Forgive mistakes. celebrating successes. I think those very much important to be able To have still that The always on in front of you right that going forward and up Losing your focus on losing your vision but it's actually being able to adopt to changing senses. Wait thanks a lot for joining me. On this episode of impact mindsets gusts said was real pleasure. Talking with you again rejects providing the audience which the mexican view of the entrepreneurial on warship carjon innovation in violence in ghana subregion. I know that experience will last. Nearly two decades could records. We definitely should not the if you could talk about law which projects you have been involved in. So how can people connect with you online. Everybody can go to the facebook and look for me. But if you google my name the richer boy and putin mdf you also find me called dynamic division up. You will always details on the projects you are working on. His speech speech implement the lot rejects. Thank you for listening to impact mindset where we community of relentless entrepreneur. I hope you enjoyed the show. Stay informed and visit website own Mindset dot com. Follow me on facebook and instagram fifteen. On three bruno few. I interested in private coaching and courses on startup. Strategy idea and concept development contact me via podcasts puck mindset dot com or visit my website.

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Daniel Radcliffe (Vol. III) on "Get Over It" (#MyComfortMovie)

Happy Sad Confused

58:52 min | 6 months ago

Daniel Radcliffe (Vol. III) on "Get Over It" (#MyComfortMovie)

"Prepaying or is humans. Happy sad confused. Begins Today on happy. Say Confused Daniel Radcliffe on his comfort. Movie Get over it and his new podcast cunning stunts. Hey guys I'm Josh Horowitz to another edition of happy said confused. There's no stunt work on this show unless you count zooming every week with you Sammy. That's stunt in and of itself. Yeah I mean watching you set up a zoom and probably plugging in your microphone is probably risky for you. It is I mean I feel like I'm I'm I'm I'm really putting myself out there each year arm a little bit. How sit up? Stand up from a chair. Did just thinking about it. I am very thrilled to say that Daniel Radcliffe is back on happy. Second we love Daniel around here. He's been a frequent guest over the years and he is back this week. Not only to talk about his comfort movie. Which if you heard the opening intro is maybe a surprise to you. The classic that is get over it. We'll talk that on a second Sammy. But he's also here because he has a new podcast. He's he's infringing on our territory. Sandy how do you feel about this? Well it's like it's taboo. We might as well quit. Yeah well the point. Many have asked us to do that before. And many will continue to do so now. It's embarrassing like I know I know could listen to his beautiful voice or you could listen to our abrasive voice. It's like not to mention. He has a lovely new idea for. Podcast it's him and his friend David homes. It's called cunning stunts available in itunes. Or wherever you get your podcast it has started. The first two episodes are up already if not more of the first two and it is as you might imagine from the title. A podcast that celebrates stunt work in film and TV. Daniel obviously is well acquainted with this. Thanks primarily the Harry Potter films and David. The host of the show. David Holmes was Daniels a stunt double for. I believe the first six Harry Potter films to hear the story is remarkable and I frankly wasn't aware of this though. It has been reported before that David sadly had a a really tragic unfortunate accidents when rehearsing stunt for Harry Potter in deathly hallows Part One and subsequently has been paralyzed for the year. Since that being said I mean I've listened to the podcast? I've seen videos of him. David has a great spirit and has lost. No love war the stunt industry and this podcast is truly a celebration of that. Facet of filmmaking As I watched. Sammy run away from the dog in her. Like talking about this nice story savvy. People can only see I literally see her running from one end of her home to the other to get away from the barking dog. Anyway this truly. If you're film fan like myself you'll really enjoy this podcast again. Call coming stunts and in each episode of David and Daniel. Talk to notable stumper former since. Talk about the stuff. They've done the movies. They worked on the misconceptions about stunt work and really as I said it's at the end of the celebration of this aspect of the Industry. That Not Enough. Attention is paid to so fungi. Hang out with Daniel in this conversation about that as well as his comfort movie. Which as you know if you listen to happy second fuse. We're asking every free. Pick a comfort movie. We do deep dive on and none of surprise me more than when I got the email back saying is pick was get over it. The two thousand one teen comedy starring Ben Foster Curson Dunston Colin Hanks among others. Sammy Shane. Are you kidding me this? This is one of my favorite movies. I have never seen. There's there's you never saw it but what I've seen it since but I had not instituted. I know they do. Midsummer night's dream. What do you mean have I not seen this? I love this movie. That's amazing. Well you have something to talk about the next year. He loves this movie to Moody's hard to come by. By the way it's available on Cinemax cinemax add on on your different not anymore. Nope I looked around. Trust me of but yeah we do a phone get over it which apparently hit Daniel at the right time when he was like ten or eleven and he was telling me he's probably seen it more than any movie equals wines. He loves yeah. That's incredible I know. I know that makes me so happy so this was a superfund chat with Daniel. That's the main event today other things tweet on the cat like on the said of the Harry Potter movies that he would like talk about it with Maggie. Smith feel like the Gary Oldman if he had ever seen get over it. This is why you really need to give me advice before and do the interviews. Not After. That's my mistake. I did blow it off being said it's still an entertaining chat as always with Daniel other things some mention New episodes of stir crazy this week on comedy central very excited about suggests we did for this week. Keegan. Michael Key should be up by now by the time you listen to this. Check out that episode. He is of course a comic genius and he is charming and funny. He is permitting a new. Cbs Game Show called game on but this episode is is really placed his strengths. He's hilarious and later this week. I've been telling Sammy. All underestimate the DEADPAN. Comic stylings of one Dakota Johnson. Your new favourite. I've always loved the code. You've really love her after this well I was. I was hoping she would be as good as she turned out to be in this format you never know but yeah. I think this one along with Michael Shannon might be my two favorite episodes of circle. So far yeah so. If you're telling Ben Shorts you said that you know what you're going to get you know you're going to get a solid be always smile smile wad of hair solid doozy Azam. But yet to go to. It's a special one if you enjoy her and enjoy my work. Check that out. Comedy Central's youtube page. Later on this week we also collaborated on the big event that since spin been announced we can at least say it's coming soon right Sam very soon. June fifth is the day when many many many a cast of thousands if not fifteen come together or eighteen wolf reunion the MTV show Teen Wolf too much except to say I think casino fans are really going to get a haircut of this although the major players are there and yeah it's good it was love it was a happy love fast it was. It was very sweet Mary. Lovely Yeah I think. I think we're going to really take it and other want to mention. We're Sammy Nyos comparing notes on what we've been watching. I've made the bold decision to listen to the world and get with it and finally catch up on Ozark. So so I'm nearing the end of season one on that dark dark show not necessarily. I'm kind of looking for escape. It's not an escape. I wouldn't say that it's obviously a very well acted and engrossing and frankly primarily not primarily but one of the reasons. I'm watching as I've heard such things out of season three so I'm hoping season two stays at a decent level and then season three really kicks in but yeah. That's what I'm watching now. What about you Sammy? I gone to do Ozark so many times and it's just feels. I know that I love it. But it's like it feels so dark sunshine undertaking. Let me ask you questions. Did you catch? Did you watch breaking bad? Yes I loved you. Add to watch. What winds yes. You liked it. I liked the first season. Okay say it's the love child of those two shows that reminded me most of those Eight it is love sideline of course of course you your team Chandler on team Mendelssohn. We vote got one back so yes ozark guys advertisers very good and hopefully next week or two I will be all caught up on some maybe move onto something more. Comedic some some lightness. I've caught some new new movies recently. Okay releases a for the first time? Yesterday I watched gone with the wind. Be heard have you heard of it? They can't see they can't hear you shaking your head. You know what they can. They actually can they all feel the same way. I feel. You'd never gone to win and decided you know what we're in week month. Three of quarantine. Its tiny hours on to watch a four hour. Wow what did you think of gone? With the wind at lot. A lot still literally just watched it last night so I'm still processing. I'm very much loving a lot of. There's a lot of like behind the scenes factoid. Smoke surely AH maybe one of the most written about movies in history. Just the search for starter. Charlotte O'Hara alone. Yeah and I never seen a Clark Gable movie before so F- table or you a team all the way. Yeah Batmans had a hair in again. It was pretty fascinating and anything else. That's your big commitment of the week I watched again tall guy and shaking using that and I'm still doing West Wing you've seen gentle before yes long longtime ago. Okay you're in a mandy kick right. Now right you're always on a mandate CAC but as I told you the other day it it blows my mind that he's never been in like a real moving musical right. I think I say that I say this. Great Tracy which is not a musical doesn't singing antle. He doesn't think any until now. It's been a long time. Well he does Sing Dick Tracy. So get back to you when you get with that okay. Fine to good movie. Yeah okay. It's it's like. I want him to sing sing. Well there's plenty of itunes selections for that. I've been watching bootleg youtube concerts. I'm sure we're all dealing with the ways all right onto the main event guys. Here's Daniel Radcliffe. He is talking about. Get over it words. I never thought I would say as well as this new podcast cunning stunts again available on I tunes wherever you get your podcast as this on so spread the good word on both of these worthy podcast for suits and enjoy chat with Daniel. Well here we are another edition of Happy Confused. A little bit different. But I'm happy to say that we have a returning guest. He's the notable actor song and dance man fantasy football enthusiasts master Lego builder Radcliffe Near. Thank you having me yes. My lego building is really become. The the thing I've known for informed in something I realized I had to stop mentioning in pre interviews because you can't say that to produce on television without them going we'll can we say it certain point at what point in this advertising for like for free to ease up slightly. I've to people in my life that are loving right. Now it's you and my seven year. Old Nephew knows no judge. No there isn't I somebody tax bill after. I sent him a picture of everything we've made and they said you're a grown man Twitch I tanks back yes a child could not do this. But Yeah we've been. We've now so just to fully round out the picture and you might. We've got it because Paul Stranger things. A little mini skyline Five hundred the International Space Station and last night. We just finished building Yoda. It's we are. We are now having to have conversations that like well. I think we need to space where we build the Lego in a space probe and keep the Lego have to come to difference faces now. Because we are it's it's becoming. There's a lot for settling the audience listening to the PODCAST. Can't see you I but I can see that. You're sitting on a giant lego throne which is kind of overwhelming and it's incredibly uncomfortable but it's a it's a real status symbol so we were just catching up a little bit before the official podcast began. But it seems like you're holding up as well as can be expected in these crazy times. Absolutely I mean we're we're we're very lucky. Mimika friend of together. I feel very about anyone who is going to do this alone. I know personally that would be going absolutely crazy if I if I was alone so well done to anybody who is alone. Not or even if you're alone in still weld on getting and it's Yeah so we're we're we're okay. You know I'm happy to be where I am. What is occupying your time mostly right now besides the fun stuff you are you. Are you trying to like work or embracing this as a time to kind of just not any expectations on yourself or what? Well Yeah I mean. I'm trying to get work done whilst also letting myself back on the expectation that nothing really matters right now. So I'm I'm writing actually like initial draft or something from very happy with but I would also say because I sent somebody I sent it. Somebody they were like. Whoa you wrote a whole script in quarantine weld on you know. I started this years. They just gave me the opportunity to finish it. But that's that's pretty much the only like productive thing I've done of Press I've been doing i. The the commitment special on Netflix. Press around that On a day to day think we sort of go quite good routine of you know. We'll get up to like our walking out in a living room to a if we have a an errand to run that day. Then run the Herron and then come back and watch. We started off with a list of films that I want. The other of US had not seen and sort of try walkaway through that. We did that for quite a few weeks. Got Sort of an ongoing project. We slipped into Shits Creek which was a huge comfort. And I've never seen it for that. That was my first binge of the aren't to never seen them. You know I literally. I'm reading about watching stuff that I know is many seasons long. 'cause I sort of hate the commitment of that and if I get into it I wanted to. What happens but if I aged jam I won't enjoy anyway so that I was like we were building some Aaron. Some great and I was like this pretty funny and it was. We were like season three and the like. What would you say to the starting all over again the beginning and then we went back to the beginning and and still it's a now wit and now we've watch over the final two episodes. We don't WANNA FINISH IT. 'cause we we just want them still to come alive so by think time is gonNA come up towards that scene and and the other thing that we will come back to the very beginning on and now does have started watching Againing to and freighter. I've heard you mentioned that. Yeah racism just great cheers. Cheers was the Sitcom of my childhood that I embrace. That was my favorite Sitcom of all time and I remember Liking Fraser and I know many people who I respect that whose judgment. I respect talk endlessly about Fraser. So it's one that I definitely probably should go back to. It's really it's really impressive. it you know it. Look it suffers from lots Like people talk about Shows about airline friends or Seinfeld Diversity and all that they're all those problems are absolutely there and exist. However I am very impressed by the ability to build a show around people who should be inherently berry unsympathetic frazier but the whole. The whole thing is about just like frayed. You can be as much of a spray you can be as much of an also as alikes and Niles can be big Snow Biz is because you always know. They're going to get taken down a peg by life in the end sometimes so quickly and bad that snow arrogance is is always the cause of the downfall. It's also just like I could wash David. Hi Pass do almost anything. I the the amount of times I I. Yeah I I think he's incredible not and that's a real. That's another great pleasure. So yeah we started off trying to challenge ourselves with films and we just like go. Further and further inches like comedy with laugh tracks and think that a comfortable nice. Well that's exactly. We'll get into that in the latter half of the podcast comfort watches but before we get to that I was excited to one. That you're kind of Coming into my territory a little bit in a tangential way. You're part of a new podcast that I've enjoyed the first few episodes of just started. Its on and and you have a very close personal connection to this. Tell me a little bit about your friend how this podcast came about how your involvement absolutely so so own deep films One of my best friends was my stunt. Double cooled is David Holmes We met when I was eleven and he was seventeen. Which is one of those amazing. Because at the time we met and I was he was this towering adult in my life. I was like you know you're so much older. And if someone life experiences now just like two guys in authorities with which seems very interchangeable But yes so dave. Was you know a huge films for me? The I never get to do more stunts in my life and I go to do on the of films and from found this out recently. So apparently on Like day one or two of the first film the stunt coordinator so me swing bats during one of the like the the quidditch and immediately today homes and went We're GONNA have to do. Some work with habits can literally meet not even swinging about Atta ball swinging about in the the Gordon. It was like he needs. Help your project now David. Again Day ben was like put in charge of doing like three forty half hour sessions with me of like Jim Staff every week and every launched a started up three times a week. We go down to the stunt department and dislike mess around. Matz and doing stunts an old rolls and somersaults and and it just became a featured film so we did that day for eight years. I would guess an and so on the today was my stunt double through the first six films Anything truly dangerous but need so Harry during that time was done by him and there were a couple of other stuff all the date. Was that the main one And then while he was testing a stunt fully seven film but definitely part one which is the The facts true the war in the game he fighting I believe he was a tragic awful and freak accident And Dave ended up getting paralyzed from the chest down And at the time it was something that just didn't seem real like known men to have injuries before and E- You know I you Things can go wrong but the actual the actuality of happening seems so far from being a possibility the effort to happen and then tap to one of notice. My best friend. Dave was a account Emphasize enough how somebody who'd only been in the industry about point for about ten years. He was very sort of industry famous. Everyone you dave homes and everyone who's boss double and he was just a any any is still but he was he. He's an incredible character at the time. He was also incredibly cocky when he first came into the industry. He has like this unbelievably goods gymnast. Who was doubling the lead actor on the a huge areas of films at the age of seventeen so yeah he was gonna be quite pleased with himself but he was also just like an amazingly hard work on a brilliant stump mom and so that was a real you know. Many people were really affected by today. We'll see we'll moving than date himself. And you know as as awful as what happened was on the way Dave has dealt with that and has You know the sort of person he's becoming the ten years since the accident has been just this incredible sort of inspiration to everyone else in his life and Davis still incredibly passionate about stumps. I think one of the hardest things for all the other people in his life to see is that he's like that he doesn't have the same outlet for this incredible passion that he has a used by doing So the put costs really came out of just wanting to you. Know all of us in a half mention. Amy Says who's the producer of the you know the driving force it'll voices Dave and I as individuals of very halt Organiz so the person that's in pushing us in all the right ways and made it happen so we will wanted to sort of find something that we can work on with. The sort of still allows him to have that connection with the thing that he loves. And this seems like a very you know when you my advice to anybody who is starting on a film say is seek out because they are the most. I mean there are lots of fun but generally speaking like some of the best times I had on film set is just sitting around. Listening to stunt men. Tally jealous stories of the lines. Reminisce about stuff So we kind of just wanted to recreate In the podcast and with with the slight hope that. Because it's Dave and because and I know people that we're interviewing as well an older people but we've interviewed day berry well that that'd be a slightly greater degree of openness because it's not you know it's sort of you talking to a payroll rental. I think there is a the county a slight people on film sets of lightly taught me slightly suspicious of journalists. Just because they like you never know and it's funny when you still do. Today went a couple of the articles that came out originally like stray. Off The the The accident and you go. Oh yeah that's that's why able to reticent because you know there's always an awareness that might be one of the obstacles was like the cuss of Harry Potter. There's wanting to take a berry individual and unique tragic thing and actually there were. There were a couple of we had a guy cost number world that was practically also murdered. Those two things are but like depressed northern tied into a Harry Potter Charts Narrative is so diminishing to both the actual things will happen. That you know But Yeah so that's that's the the idea was that we would start off by just kind of talking to some people. The Dave loves and respects since the first series we started off with Derek Lee who is An incredible loose. We started off with because we thought well He. He had one of the questions we everybody was to sort of. Give us a list of their injuries and Derek was the most insane. I think we never had He's also just kind of an amazing storyteller any something that people might recognize if you have some of the same. No the predictions as may lie. There was a there was a history channel movie pulled the crescent and the cross years ago Crusades and Derek Played Richard Lionheart in I believe so. You'll see like to face. I feel it. People will probably recognize. Slow so yeah. That's the gist of it. No no no but it does feel like exactly it. Sounds like what you guys are going for which is kind of feels like you're eavesdropping on a conversation on a set of comparing war stories and like how crazy was that but it also struck me listening to the first couple of episodes and I think one of the guests? There's a there's a husband and wife on the episode right. Yeah talking about how. There's kind of like this like misnomer that they're dare-devils that they're like they're like seeking lake sure. There's obviously a lot of Chutzpah at at an ego involved. But it some they're almost like more athletes and and take their work obviously so seriously because it can be life and death if if they're not exceptional at their jobs so I think it's a great it's a it's a great show in that it kind of pulls the curtain back on some of the preconceived notions that people that aren't as intimately involved in the industry. Love think that the thing that the two things that I think I would say that there are some having Davis is an example of somebody who is David and Tina. I'll both a pre down about precision and the Anti Dare Devil Element to them. Like I know a couple who are also disliked to stop in the UK. You have to get onto something. Stunk register and do that. You have to get to instructor level in six different disciplines like home Talk with the head like a fighting. Driving woman. gymnastics something. That's all kinds so you have to leave new. Probably done ten years training in six different disciplines. By the time you get to be actually coldest don't So there's an incredibly for the even the craziest person you've got to be incredibly disciplined to like get why you are. Yeah I think the other the misconception about stunt man incense on some people's are is that they are. There are some stuff. I remember the first time I saw someone do a staffel. Which is you know again. Stunned the lost. Some people will tell you though. It looks like sort of routine kind of thing. They're actually some of the most horrible things today. 'cause they just isn't a way that you can fake it. That isn't there is no stunt that you'll just have to be willing to do it right and that actually goes for a lotta stunts like there's no there's IT'S. I think people outside the film industry think Oh. They found like a Rig. Sufa safe way of doing that. Actually like it probably just hurt a lot and personally is willing to to take that And you know they. They all felt there. Well paid but you know when you spend time around Dave and you can see the actual cost of what that can be you'll yet they should be well. Fish is there. Is there stunt that you've performed over the years the that you took pride in yourself? Yeah massively I know exactly what it is. I mean there's a few that I've done on my that was really some actors wouldn't have wanted to do that but the one that I was like. Oh I will never get to do this again. And you can make an argument. I shouldn't be getting now. Is was on the Sports Harry Potter film when I was sixteen and they You know as I said I was really close with stunt guys that time and they going to do a Lotta stuff in the past and during the dragon chase sequence as a about a five foot slide. Down a roof roof is like buckle so you just hit the roof. Slight sort of free out and Greg Powell stunt coordinator and David said to me you know you to try because it's only why you're on wire the white you'll let go your free fall in the white catches you couple of the Proxima bought a and the you've to make sure that you need you. Flex your feet Rodman pointing them because you hits and you can go out the says a few things but at the time I was so full of two sixteen year old bravado. Wanting to impress my stuntman friends I was absolutely do that and I do remember getting taught me in a cherry. Pick up by with big something and `and beginnings to the top. Oh this is very very high. I didn't like thirty five feet fields very hard like Tina in second episode talks about doing a nine hundred foot height whole from an outside without a wire or anything. And that's you know that's a that's another level but to me if it was like. Oh this is people obtaining I really But we did it. I did it three times. I think we'd three takes and after the first one I was like okay. That was terrifying. But I've done it now. I can do it again and again and I will never be able to. I will not be allowed to do stuff like that. I guess I'm very glad that I've seen say we're we're all the actors equally Gung Ho. I mean I guess there is that thing of like. You're you're so young you don't realize how dangerous it is and you have all that kind of arrogance of youth. Like were rupert and TOM THE WHOLE GANG. Do you remember them all equally? Yeah no I mean we all really enjoyed it and we all had stunt doubles as well. Lightweight would be anytime the we'd be allowed to do something I feel like we already got into it and that was that was really those films that I I didn't fully appreciate the time because I did. Just think. Oh this is just going to be a filmmaking and if I keep doing films I'll always be able to crazy action sequences but yeah no. I think Emma was always very physical Yeah we will. Yeah we already enjoyed that side of it but I I was. I think one of the I like all the time I was getting like regular stunt try. It wasn't one of the constant discussions in recent years when it comes to awards is a Oscars category for stunts. I assume I I know where you're going to fall on this but you do you think it should be recognized as as an awards category. Catagor- I do. But I think you have to be. I think there are certain things you would have to take into consideration in the A. I think it would be compensation we'd have to be had about how new I don't think you could give us like a best stunt model like it would have to be best sequence and then may in the same way that you know when makeup. There's a few people from the Department of nominated. You could have the coordinator and the I also think it's interesting. Because I most of the stuntman. We spoke to all very much in favor of you know we should be recognized and I am absolutely of mindset that Lake Visa Literally. The only people put their lives on the line for name events time on a regular basis. It's crazy that there does the tourist which is fantastic and I think side maybe has a new. There is another one of the big has happened would not be recognized the biggest that when you look at the trailers of the film the films that people go and say the people you are watching in those trainers awesome. Like full the most part they. They're the people make sequences of the things that make cinema or like a massive commercial success so it feels crazy not to one of them. The only other thing I would add to it though is you. Don't WanNa get into a any kind of situation where In efforts to get that award stunt things get unnecessarily crazy and like at that makes sense totally that something to be so you'd have to like structure in a way where like individuals are not incentivized to insane stuff but but yeah I ultimately get. The answer is yes not nuts. Also you hit upon something that I totally agree with of course aware like I think of the movies that an action in particular that really resonates with me. It's the stuff has its place and certainly offering and all the big franchises. Utah's very well and use the best artisans in the world. But there's no replacing what feels like an actual human being doing something I think of like I mentioned all the time sinophile does like Mad Max and Recei very road like give that movie all the awards and it was all done virtually all practically I mean that was what success successes because there is something there is something like thrilling and terrifying about knowing that that Israel human being and yeah I mean talking to and there's also talked to a lot of guys. Doing these interviews. A lot of them have shots. They are convinced that people still think we're visual effects but was actually them and that's the those are the most because there is now that we know we have the leveque. There's a tendency among us to be like. Oh that must've been a special where actually hoped unsure he'll be one of the interviews At some but we interviewed a Google Dave Garrick who who was on one of the guys in the the opening of the the pain the Bane Batman Don rises where the plane transfer the beginning is like hearing the story and just visit insane. is there some Yeah it's it's it's just They do unbelievable things. And it's and it's often a case of things that have not been done before like I believe in in that case particularly there. Was they all work there? Working out to do something. Good is unprecedented and doing it for film like you know it's it's a you know. Some of the stories we of people you know some some of the dangerous stuff people have done for Jack Bad Films Lake and you just do it because they love being there and it's a job and it's you know it's I think they are some of the the most passionate unlike date day emit something like best about the film. Industry and walls are simultaneously sometimes suffering really truly consequences in the name of something. Because you know we all have a phrase that is used a loan. There's nothing about film that is essential. We are not saving lives and yet these people are willing to risk lives and their bodies to make something incredibly special happened in the name of entertainment. So yeah it's it's just a great. It's a real You know it's an honor to know so many of them and it's like it's an honor to be Dave's friend and I'm I'm hoping you know this. The podcast is kind of a is really just about trying to shed light an oldies amazing people and hopefully yeah tell show audience a little bit more about him. Well it it does I. Would I would venture to say fills a there are many voids in the podcast universe. Right now if you'll just like a podcast on every single but there's nothing as far as I know about this and seems like David The guy to be our window into that world and to have song what what do we call you or we co are you a so I guess. Like Co interviewer. Yeah I don't know I'm just the right I it's a at the moment I've been very involved in all of everything that's happened with the podcast. So far You know my ambition is to the post you continue and I don't know I will always be this involved exam right now so I suppose leave myself a little eight stage and I will help. How one like so that they fair enough so another reminder for folks that are listening. It's a cunning stunts on itunes. Wherever you your podcasts to episodes as we speak today by Samuelson this perhaps more and it is well worth your time if you film as much as Dan and I speaking of loving movies movies. Let's talk about this class. Has You know the focus of the podcast has changed given seeing times because we are looking for some comfort. Now so I've been asking I guess to pick a comfort movie and sometimes surprised me. Some have not. You're in the former category. Daniel knows versions no judgments here. I had never seen this movie. I was GonNa say have you seen it. Yeah I have now seen it. I went back I due diligence. So now we can have an intelligent thoughtful conversation right. Tell us your comfort movie and while you selected it yes so I picked the movie get over it which I think was really since two thousand one and I first of all. It's it's a movie I saw at the time and loved and I think I grew up because it was one of the it was one of hit me at the right time for like teen highschool movie and so because I grew up in a hit mute. Not Perfect time. I assumed it was a very famous teen high school movie until a few years later when I was like. Oh no not as many people know this as I thought but it has become something that for various reasons means a lot but one of the things that happened with so me and my girlfriend. This is one of the first things we bonded over because we we met because we have we. Were the film together. Ben Foster was also it and so the to the first night we will together and like Ben was that unlike me and Aaron with that and then like Ben left or second uncle. I'm reaching out about meeting fans get and both those retaliation mentioned that right. I mean I don't know if that's like he's done all the stuff sins and it's very different so it'd be the film. He would like us to pay. Whatever I don't I remember we did mention it so in the end that not I did by the end of the film lab one hundred percent but but yes that was sort of meant. It means a lot for that reason that it's like now sort of all film but I also I think it we watch it again. Last night I do think it widely holds up. It is not. It is not a perfect by any stretch of the imagination. There is a lot of the sort of you know. There's a lot of the like Kinda gross out stuff. The early two thousands as a bit of you know that's a recurring theme in which A dog has sex with an objects. There's there's lots of stuff that like. It's not a mature small person movie in some ways but in other ways I I do think it's still burning in for a couple of reasons festival. The aforementioned Ben Foster like having been doses intense energy in a high school teen movie. Totally there is something Brennan about it like in the same way in the same way to a ham war just frayed but like having like Imagine Heath Ledger intending. Hey about having that kind of genuine real kind of brooding energy in this kind of film. Or here's an example. Sean Penn Fast Times at Ridgemont High. Using all these act that have known for like such intensity and commitment and to channel it into something that might seem very frivolous and very dispensable and peaked my curiosity when because I vaguely knew of it and then I looked it up. Like in foster is the we'd of a holiday like this is okay. This is interesting and then just like him. You know. There's one scene in a club where he is staring at somebody with with his late. Three ten to Yuma Stri and just hit. It is is great. And he's he's really funny. I mean he's so I think he's so charming and he also has to do dancing and singing like he's he's he's a wonderful light medium and every the cost as a whole deserves like a mentioned because it is insane by today's standards. So then Foster Colin Hanks. Kirsten Dunst Zoe Saldana Bill. Kuna SO MILA KUNIS SCO VISCO CISCO I've looked it up so this was just fresh off the phones up. This was like Oh you froze up just as you were discussing the Thong Song Dan. Let's return only about Yeah he's he's Cisco is not the most natural actor in every moment he's got us missile so very challenging and he has his moment at the end where he does fantastic and it's great. I also the fact that it is like a I think. Midsummer night's dream stuff is like really kind of Welsh shot in a way where it does exist as like a school play and sort of fantasy world But the thing I would say to anyone who's like I don't care if you hate the rest of the film. The entire film is working for multinationals. Lay The I. There is not seen or a moment that he is not. There is not one seen what he does not make you like lot out loud like at least a few times. He of course plays Dr Desmond forced oats which it does feel like there's a Guffman influence. Maybe came a couple years after waiting for Guffman right yes I suppose. Yeah I mean yes very much. So he's so I wrote down a couple of learns we before we go any further before we get all the way through this. I want to mention a little general information for the audience. They're not gonNA get over it so this a summary of major IMDB. I don't know where it says. When Burke Landers Popular High School Basketball Star gets dumped by his lifelong girlfriend? Allison is soon begins to lose it with the help of his best friend. Felix Sister Kelly. He follows his accents of the schools spring. Musical thus endures. What that word is a web triangle loosely based on Shakespeare's a midsummer night's dream suggested again just basics as you said it came in March of two thousand one. You mentioned the cast. It's so funny because it's like honestly directed by me. I know my stuff. I don't know this director Tommy when onto ella enchanted ridden by Guinan Harley Fleming. Junior he did all that so hughes curly in that mode in those time times and yet it wasn't a huge hit. It was not two million dollar budget. Gross about that back then. They broke apron. That's fine. They probably did okay video. They've made it back now. Just on my rentals. So it's going to get a huge for this. But yes are you. So you were going to say so that that's one of the highlights for you is Martin Shore. Yes and yes lines. There's one way says in the woods. The Wonderful Kevin Spacey. The show must go on. Line has aged harvick's break. I like this like somebody who like that with out back from that moment. Bill Shakespeare is a wonderful poet Bacharach. He Ain't 'cause that's I don't know if that was in the summary. But yeah the the reupped midsummer. Night's dream is musical So will you get to Actually genuinely very funny and great crap songs near the end A He has been and Oh my God. I can't believe I got this far into mother's without till the opening sequence yes is joyous will. It is hoped started watching this. I was like Oh my God. I'M GONNA GONNA fall in love with this movie. Because this opening up legitimately great opening the I'll give a BB minus. The opening is fantastic yet. The opening is really and I think eyesore I saw in the Senate and I was like blown away that and like. I don't think I knew that you could do that kind of thing in film yet so late where you could just have this this world. That felt really real and grounded. But that's crazy shit can happen at any point also like it. Was that also the movie where I preach. I yet fell in love with us and downs. That ablait twelve will however was when I saw this tone that was solidified by spy demand that started. I think property by get it right well. This one context and her career. This came a year after. Bring it on like a year before spider-man's so she was just transitioning she was about to go to the next level in. Whatever it's been fascinating Chris. What was it so it was like how far the drop dead gorgeous often with that up. I'm not sure that's yeah. That's another film. That is widely defined online pageant. You just searching endlessly wee hours of the night whereas drop dead gorgeous. I mean again. Eight is a couple of years ago. We late we were like. Hey we haven't seen that film in ages and we went to watch it and it was just like we really hard Decline a film again. We consider classic. So I'm a I'M A we've had conversations about your like education in film how you were so wait to star wars etc endlessly fascinated by like films that you found in a in an what time and in what way like was watching this because you must have watched this probably by the time you watch us. Maybe you were making the first Potter Film Wall Lake. Did this feel like this. Like going to the zoo or like an alien coming to the planet Earth. Like when you're watching something like this it must feel like such a foreign world to see like an American high school teen comedy. Yes but also I think we are so suffused with American culture in the UK. The you know you've like I was familiar enough with like the look by. The belt was like on a landlord. The ideas of American high school will always did say Mike Wall High. School is a terrifying. And they're all these different groups and like you really have to. Everyone was their own. It's crazy like but but yeah the the kind of ready fullback but although none of the other ones guess ten things about you every enjoyed but like the other like classic kind of high school movies. I didn't think she's allowed. I don't think I've ever seen you ever offered anything in this vein because somehow I guess because you're so busy or whatever it just never happens. You never in dizzy and so British I think particularly that time I we start much like there was no one's GonNa be like. Hey maybe he could be in America and the the foreign exchange students in American Pie. Four as stunt casting could well starting to bring. Yeah no I mean could have been. I always say if that was that was a get over it to and he'll be like Shane West. Braga 'cause that's another thing. We chomping at Shane West in this movie. Doing eight spectacularly. I don't even know if it is a British accent. It's just a something it's and it's aids but it's right and it's it is what it's meant to be a tank do you know? What the Tagline for the movie was on the poster. Split happens okay. That's the thing so sad. I've never seen you that's things that's the thing I feel. It does a lot about this movie. That does this movie. Could've fallen a really generic place wasn't for a really interesting cost. I think and I mean obviously like I don't want to take away from like the writing is funny in the story is by. Do think that it is it is. It is probably a just okay. Movie that the means is elevated to really like something loved by the acting and a couple of the kind of directorial flowers opening in Bay of couple of the sequences But yeah it. It's not going to say. Did you know that cures and Ben Foster were apparently dating during the production of this film? No but that does make sense. They have really good chemistry. They they do. They do seem like they tele that getting shop across cross bill at that short range would kill a human being could going back to our stunts conference under percent. I was that was what I was noticing Really last night was pout. Dishman bengals the takes in this way. He is strung up in like us. Sex Sex log on point in a harness and the police come in is He exposes himself to the the entire Boston. It was interesting when you said when you were doing the The summary that you said. He's a star in the Boston team. Oh like that. I know it was only thing you see playing once. And he's like fine and then you see in playing again and he berry much humiliates himself. So I that's that's a driving point But yet a crossbar and then he gets shot with a crossbow punched by Colin. Hanks maybe somewhere else and passage at this. I think there's something about Mary and all the abuse that like Ben Stiller Right. There's something about our till leaker go you. Mosque have incredible physical punishment. Happen to you for her to know that you'll really interested. I do also there's one line I love at the end which is great which I any Any film show based around the idea of a school players or high school production of something ways like nick. They always have first production. And like whatever's going wrong that the the sort of climax of the story has to happen on that first night the second or third night shows but they never have to like pay attention to the idea that they will be other shows like India in this one they like goes horribly wrong they kill one of the actors and the two stage buys at the end just with same beginning tomorrow so I like that. They acknowledge the reality. I also feel like watching this like eighty seven minute movie that I saw like half the play. I feel like there's like a good works or not the production. Kate they do. They really doesn't for us he. He wrote some songs. I was trying to find out like like compose music. Why couldn't actually dip a definite find actually wrote the songs quite happy? Second Research Team on. Let me go to the comfort movie questionnaire for you. The best performance in this film goes to it has to be insured. Ben Foster late carries it but I do think what is the reason I keep coming back to it. It's more it's a different thing like it's the most show performance. He has to hear the different job but like mine. Best seen saying I mean I. I guess I'm going to go for the the opening sequence or just the final. The final. Sort of like the happening. Do you ever? You've already quoted. Some lines of the question is your favorite line aligned that you find yourself quoting. Do you ever find yourself in day to day. Go to errands. Anybody I'm so I know Arrigo Aaron. Sometimes we'll Aaron referenced as a character in the front little steve who every time he tries. Say something my daughter Goes Down. A Little Steve. So we say that. Sometimes but yeah. I'm going to try and I'm GONNA try and I'll start adding in the woods. Wonderful Kevin Spacey. The show must show on us. You're going to need to conceptualize because people are already. It's a joke from a get over it. Okay got we all know that film allowed? Should there be a remake or sequel. So this film now there is no need unless I unless unless Shang Western Iowa brothers. And that's not now. There's really no nate. I'd like to program double feature for the audience. What's what's a good film that we go with this as a double bill got. I've got a nominee but if seen a just yeah I was just going to suggest like one of the other trump ten. You actually get one thousand nine hundred school thing is what I would. I think this is this might be on a different sort of a level but I think of Shakespeare inspired teen comedies. I think Lewis the same vein taming the true as well as I see. That was really is such a fascinating thing that was Trotha. One point was like resetting Shakespeare in American high schools. Totally totally gotten. What's I guess? It was on that one. I feel like this is do you think this is the most in depth conversation about get over it in twenty years. Probably I think since the pre production meetings in the honey. I don't I really do not care or maybe yeah maybe since Aaron that may become yeah it's it's if I if I point to it I really. I feel like I'm doing the Lord's work that that I'm very happy to be out Latte standing. Forget the standing. You are so young and hit my friend. I know I know I use all the words pointing people to a lot of good a distractions and these crazy times cunning stunts. The podcast as I said it's on I tunes everywhere. Check it out if you have movies. You'RE GONNA love this podcast checkout get over. It was a hole in my film knowledge. And I'm glad I filled it thanks. Daniel Radcliffe You can also I notice you. I saw reading from your beloved Harry Potter. You read the first chapter from yes I did. Yeah I did you know that was that if we to read along at home kind of thing and I'm very glad they like children's drawings in there as well and stuff because I'm just GonNa be me onscreen often our raiding it's gonNA hard hard to sustain that a really sweet. I was actually like I didn't know how it would. I honestly like I do the first apple because I felt like I would just feel really strange. Like actually reading Harry's lines again thinking from when he was so young so I I did find myself gang emotional doing own. It was yeah it was very it was really did anything. Strike you about reading those words. What's probably the first time in many? I mean debate about well. First of all the fact that Harry isn't reading the first chapter I'd kind of forgotten I does these and then rival Dumbledore and and that was how the book started You know in a while since I come back but then Yeah I mean I guess I go on how like funny they were and how. Berry kind of English and almost like PG woodhouse they are in their descriptions of English gossipiness and stuff And then there was that there was like one passage about like Harry becoming famous or something that you do just. Oh Wow that was the most pressing thing she could have written about that. How did it go onto become So yeah it was just it was full of nostalgia in a in a very nice way. I'm I'm generally quite hesitant to give into nostalgia too much. 'cause like thinking can. Can you know you can get lost in a I it was. It was definitely nice to sort of be able to do that. And then people really liked it which is breaks where somebody sent me a photo that somebody had. I think on twitter of just like two kids and dont like watching. They went to sleep that night and I was like well if for no other reason than that the muscles and yeah I know I know as I'm sure you do. Many parents struggling to get through this time with their kids. So if you were able to entertain and distract their kids for half an analyst even. Yeah Right. I'm happy to help. Yeah excellent. It's good to catch up with you my friend. I hope to Sandri loading see. I'll be holding on what K- and the Saudis did not too crazy not to crazy as you know New York spinning tense but thankfully seems like we're on the other side of the of the real employed. Yeah like I said a pleasure to talk to you and looking forward to chatting better time and so ends another edition of happy side confused. Remember to review right and subscribe to the show on Itunes or wherever you get your focus on the big cousin. I'm Daisy Ridley and I definitely wasn't fresh despite Josh.

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Ep 217: Straight suckas

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Ep 217: Straight suckas

"The. Coming to you. Once again, with an emergency breaking news conference Donald Trump president trump has again trying to. He's trying to explain his comments about the military earlier in the day it was a unfounded source said that he called them suckers and losers reporting to you from black dot? COM DEADSPIN SAINT MON and we're just GONNA open up the floor and ask the president some questions. Charges. The military suckers and losers. Actually. Would accelerate this. This happens all the time. You got to fake news you'll only. Chapter by guys gang. Gang you twisting my words, it said it up. All I said is you decide that? You want to marry so bad. You went out there. You went into Normandy and you've got smoked you're buzzed I mean. Talk about this the resume. Is. It true that you call John McCain a fucking loser. Heard everything about it if you. And you get tagged your in you leave your lives at. So technically, he's also he. And his wife Built like. Will stay in. Business. You Herman Cain is a loser for dying. I mean, listen. If. You think about it like this, he loved his battle That were lost important is what? Naked I mean like I'm stable Jesus while he writes. This basic staff? Voters out there. That are still think about voting for you. I mean you suckers and loses. As? Moses. I. Mean. You said at the twenty grand get clapped in a in a foreign land your buzzer. Because I said. And you like that. Trump. evaluated. against. To be. used. On the back this episode. Was I guess I'd rather be doing breath. and. Loving he's out. By the draft if To the audio art the most dangerous podcast in the universe do good drop. Episode Seventeen. The. Most the most corona virus tested podcast in the nation Bodega boys brought. By cash and SPANK, bank, I guess. Yeah we are. We are the most sensitive individuals face of the earth. We said like I, I know I got my sinus light probably week. Yeah I. Mean I mean I mean you know. What you WANNA do. Sometimes you to get a q tip and places that you don't want. says. fucking like the L.. Foot. You referral. I mean straight dry. Around. SSD. Tests. Show. So long. That's what my father used. Clean Cassette cleaners. What are you doing? Why away we'll show Buick? Why is that? The cow trash kids. Doing. As always by Pasha. Gossip businesses take care of in the beginning of course. As always. Our highest coming back soon. Or late night showtimes. He's Merrill Showtime on Sunday Nights and Thursday nights the. Co Sundays and yours as. You also try to what we got odd fellows to the home ice cream cats elliott that got the bundles. Talk Bundles. Is What I'm saying Malaysia Shit and also the Sorbet in there for your we to. His and GonNa do on boxing videos you go. Very reminiscent of Ivy Park like we're gonNA re we are. So Move I. Think we're have start doing IV park dropped for or anything new we dropped. Popping influencer Gengo at US saying if you want that care package. If you WANNA be if you want to have that package for the next job 'cause. List you know what I'm saying we. We just dropped ice cream down and even our peak that. This. Is. Met All. Right let's see. Let's ask the British people say we got more happy ball try try and good they're. Also, what else we got, you know say you could still send a wild nudes to our private of phone number. Nine one, seven, five, actually no news. No, we can tackle. Responding to people with nine, one, seven, five, four, eight, nine, seven. Merrill community number. I. If you signed up for, you knew about the ice cream before that, say maybe you WANNA use this item because who knows maybe we drop something that has a link and access to the link before everyone else. Wink nudge nudge yeah. If you know what I'm saying silent. Sneakers out but you don't take else. That's right about that is ironic because all you do on a sneaker APP is. Alex. Van. In other news. Of the Buddha boys predicting softening. We mentioned old podcast was in the news. For threatening to strangers with a hatchet? Other than how? sallow. What is back in the news? And he's clearly been studying technology which any because he's off the shoes. Man With a whip with the name. He Made Native Sofa into another realm. allows. Each. Other Tattoo. People would have had to look for his girl. We will been there but the fucking shit is I. I didn't like I don't want to dig deeper into that because when I saw that and I was like Yo, what the fuck somebody, who's like y'all fame you don't WanNa you don't even want to know what the worst part about it is and I was like the worst. What about this is not the he ran down on somebody with a hatchet this there's a worse than that like I. I was like from old mental health. I was like I need to stop I was like no. We're smart was though. So now it's like I don't even know he could've fucked of a mule or some shit. I don't know like some livestock or Disa- wild extra schnitt who lows. Silent Oh. Probably just nate someone. Tell. It'll be terrible because you know the corrections officers go Tell Cook you lawyers here like. Might say my regular name is not even silent. Sodas. Oh while me whip with Yuda commissary. My. Name's Rodney Dog. Though Apart and CHECK RIDE ME. ME. Also, south everybody that Kate due to the. Bookstore and with. Great shows last week. Bangor's war. was busy was drunk almost die taking shots every time the problematic let went off know the fucking. Murder Me. Like. You think. About a stop. Have we? Can Alive to watch like. DRINK HUG eliminate. Tell you do not pre-game do not. Oh. This you might not be able to make it. Look if if you don't meet and greet tickets as one thing if you meet and greet tickets, you're not gonNA. Go to meet and greet. How do? Ya. And Technical Difficulties, but we love love saying up. Wants to talk give elevated vicious twenty minutes. Unless it. For you. Had Technical. Difficulty. We always circle back. Even. Here. Came back and I'm saying got free access if you of for me if you looked up. Saying Yeah. So at the end I I. I'm sorry. But. You got what you paid for. We will. Not. y'All. I seen the wheels turning those going ahead with. All right. Uh Man. To the mets, they beat the Yankees and one game. So this is a quivalent to them winning the world series. All the mets fans that were. In My mentions yeah, you're welcome. Yeah. Asking me what? How I felt about the Yankees losing and I had nothing it's a regular season game. I, mean yeah. Expect like if there was like a DS or see us. Involved will be might care but there is not. Kind of imploding you know what I'm saying. It doesn't matter listen as a Yankee Fan. You can take solitudes. The mets will always be worse. That's one of the to the red sox currently at the bottom of the barrel in the early like the bottom like the last late. So I'm satisfied with that. But I mean the sousaphone cash about this, going to be the twentieth ring like they came in hot? Going on and I to we're thing we. Do not count this year if we don't win and. Have that. Envisat fucking like the raise versus like the fucking. I don't even know random. Like. Really, you you stay of lead to Tampa Bay rays. Not Going to watch it. Still. Counts as a championship. Because this one of them. True Mba bubble that living gains been good. They've been renewed. So it legitimate legitimate. Literally as we record this. Cool has been sent packing back old walkie, which means that you man is going to cause MBA's getting like if you lose if you take out of the playoffs home like the bubble. So. Now to add insult to injury, my man is going to not only did he get banged on that? MIAMI. Yeah. He's got to get his MVP. Dog. Like he don't even get a picture with it would like the the Tim Duncan Swag doubt like sample pitcher he don't even get that like. The Knicks. Say don't get. Don't get. A happening until you right now, it is not going to happen this. Parrot. This. I'm not saying. I might go listen. Maybe the. Next. Gag. John Yang. Donovan Mitchell. Yo Yos Spiderman. You don't say. On the dirty flow say. Isn't, considered tapering somebody duty. G. Donald Trump says what the hell do you have to lose? Oh but Dole. Out here free agent, Zane I think you know what I'm saying it was. Seven Booker? I. Thought we could sell the next, but they got survived that initial meeting with the head of the team. Where everything goes laugh. Okay. So But you know what? Try Try ABC maybe. Like this I tried to. Do that and you actually accomplished something with the Knicks and then when you retire, you gotTa tell all novel. So you you've made some money right there. You go that far you could have success. You be the King of New, York Chris Mortgage rates, and then you get spilled all the Dolans in memoir you know what I'm saying. The only got the wild NDA's. People will have something to say about him already nobody ever because dirt has pictures of James Dolan you know in lingerie. Thing wrong we'll be. This multi mode. Stacks from that like fast. So twitter is like to Tweeden about the last night. That never happened. So yeah, he's fine. Literally people like happen those. Themselves right now. That was actually out here. Out here biting people short he's like. Okay So. He's biting sex workers while wearing a teddy. Correction he's wearing white panties and Garter built Oh beside the apologize. Hollywood. A shot the ricky's think they're not surviving. They're not surviving corona virus those stores closing down left and right and. So it's. Those Young is wild like those those I used to all the time like y'all this is never going away ricky's staple your transit. Atrial big all. Oh. So. Today I'm. GonNa tell rugged time Sheen. Five back then. gave. Yeah trump really out here called the military suckers taking out you suckers and you don't know how did it How I say one for the money to. Show. Off. The military they all losers. Say What? Say A-. A Donald Trump in the house y'all say what? Could it up wild that? Was Bang with trump heavy there was flying. Art Gap pitcher on twitter or it wasn't a tank like armored vehicle and it was flying the. Flag. It'd be old people your trump don't care Jones. He's trump cloud brought us on to every Saudi. You'll get. Anyway, you're like you and he just goes down the boards, burn every bridge. So I'll take it a step further. He's at gobble he sober with. came. In the bar like that. History, thirty, he's already given survives. If anything this probably. Might help his supporters because a big thing they say is they like how he talks? He's a stretch says he says. I don't get it. He's made fun of my great-grandfather getting his skull blown off the Normandy like. Fuck Him. Fuck. Mega. Hat. Damn is really that y'all little has more than your family member know. They hate that fly does not is actually kind of trash if not not not. Not, even very trash is trash. Like. Design alone. If you had to okay. You had to Mika choice between you could never rock another Yankee fitted or when your kid is. Was the. Was the verdict. Should do they do the? The tiny, the tiny logo cal like any Yankee I. Wasn't Jimmy Jazz. Ear Flaps. Like. A hookah hose attached to it and I'm checking with the judges I'm checking with the judges they wanna see. A fair discussion for you. It's all the any Yankee fitted could be agreeing Yankee fitted a pink one with glitter maybe some of those early thousand ones that had the Chinese writings Oh man. Any Yankee fitted. To given you. You get to choose kid. You don't even have to say it but the kids for to rocky Yankee fitted yes or no Miro run ask what was Still. Are Saying, no. that. All right. You know. About tested apple stock split like they know what they're talking about twitter everybody else who is like fucking. Josh Brown you know what I'm saying now so Do their own financial experts. Not Hell no need a good Roi dog I need birth focus to grow up. Six. US. You ask them event and our you wear a hat. Now people like next or some shit like I know you know what? I'm saying next giants you know what I'm saying like. A Knicks hat. I'll do I'll do it. I don't care. I wouldn't except for when. I'm wearing knicks cats begrudgingly but. The rest of my life wear nothing. But Knicks hats Nabo now. Okay wait wait. Okay. The judges are asking a new question. Can't wear any Yankee fitted can only wear hats now. Wow. Wow. See. Now see that's not that's that's. Question because of you started wearing mets hats, your kids fuck which. Else fucking. You're. All the mets do is your dad I know you're going. You. Dig. It is. We my dad whereas at the sucker. Sucker. Looking, looking at playing guys pause every time because side clear tragically. While Shots. Anyone play guys that hasn't murdered someone yet. because. Everyone's like Oh look at that cute being game. Is Actually. Represents. The comment the current situation between the ninety nine percent and the one percent because if you think about it, whoever created the boards four guys had enough resources to make doors thrown away. There's paddles. There's unlimited time how come there's there's resources infrastructure for people, but there's no mass. There's no mass equity for the people for the sixty teams that have to survive. Why only why is it only thirty five the only twenty BS? Why do we have to match the fruit on the tiles? Do ask walk around the heck's. A decimal levels. That's what it is. That's don't unified. We don't unify we through. Okay. We work together. We work together. You know what happens. Nothing you end up on the bitch ass yellow team and they never win they are narrow focus away why? Say The terrible refused. I hate it because I play four guys and then I see I'm the yellow team. Now folks we're not taking no Noelle's. Everyone on your team as I. Oh God. Have you paid you like what's? Up. Why would you kick the ball in our own goal? was wrong with you as well as Dole. Opens dirt at. All four guys doing is indoctrinating future generation into being hateful. You know what I'm saying because there's always the three or four motherfuckers the represent ice at the end of the finish line that I want you to cross the border you know what I'm saying more body. Take but also me if I lose five times in a row, I'm saying this and nobody winning. Okay. I'm attorney. I'm putting I'm pressing the buttons. I. Can see you're actually As I. go through to the Salon. Ready Fall guys dog. The Puerto Rican. Day parade grabbing everybody, right yeah. Man. I don't care. Grabbing. Of. Taking out. Guys make make a little marrow I caught emotes in their. Those scans. Your. Kids I don't have. Children were you go? Actually. Also, the judges said that if you would be able to get away with a Yankee what's it Minora none or what's it called? Yarmulke. Okay. So yeah but only on specific days and on. Holidays. I'm. Because trauma cover my whole hair line and shit. Can you magnum because together and some Braille? Yo is a lot. People were like disrespectful but you know what are we is you know who also was disrespectful Virgil when he first started that's right. You know what I'm saying I I'll tell you even deeper. Or Virgil is, is this generation's Betsy Ross? Nick about that think about that. You know she had haters you know that people feel like. You Stars. That is trash. Corny alright Yoda's really make fucking exit console. STRANA will I I feel like more type into the second ship? Do they? They make homegoods? comforters reggie socially. Yes. Sir Along. Here. And then when you see the video is people rushing into Ikea's soon as opens fighting over the shit and it looks Kinda. Cool if like Johnson. That's Pillow let me finish. It looks if your main source of income is revenue off tiktok videos. Other than that. There's absolutely no reason why grown have any kind Of White Furniture. Your early onset dementia. A Bedouin like like. Your majors put black target. And wrote, like Gut comforter audit pillow also very important for the Bronxville digger hive the off white condoms they are selling on one sixty I are. They're not real real. Number of promotional big Pun condos date we may be dating ourselves they know. They're just writing. They're just writing rubber using SARPI is not the same. It's not even the same fun but also they rip open the actual condom wrapper to write it on there. So that's the first time you shouldn't trust it. Okay. Come on condom and they use nail glue to stitch back on the top they come on you know you know you. You like the military. You knew what it was when you saw. I didn't. I say that I'm just quoting trump would literally quoting. Shop Trump said that to the wife of a dead soldier. was when you signed. Oh, imagine imagine like. Bomber saying something even like Kinda near that like you. Say at this point. That even be like imagine because Obama who listen we all live Obama he's black. Obama did wild terrible ship. King of drone strikes. People. Away. Let's not. Let's get it twisted because he's doing the electric slide and. You know he's he the president does and to be President of Nice days means to be evil like let's listen. Don't get looking before the. The greatest power in the world whatever the fuck they call it. Whatever the term is. Way Because it is why corrupt? Yes but like trump just be saying should. Trump is not it's not even like trump is. He just be saying well. He's one of the cloud bro You haven't cleared game and you lose them by forty Asia's like you'll fucking they got like I'm just going to chuck this three from half court because I don't care. About thirty I might get this. If I made the shot is going to be on. Youtube fucking. Lake. He's not losing like he's doing quite well and I think there's this idea that Biden successfully has legitimate shot against him without like voter suppression Russia doing some Walsh, it to the fucking ballots them doing stuff about electoral absentee, balancing yourself and it also like trump military's fucking losers. What's to stop him for be like? No, I don't accept the election results that fuck that no heaters figures, results, and Sarah say. Listen I listen I. I. Know I know a couple of things about you don't when people try to vic you and sometimes you could change lockstep is you lose your time? Man. To. Really good. Your let's say, let's go by Lebron. My roof has been leading my ceilings deleting I have a rat problem is. The voters have maintenance six months I'm not I'm not. I'm not doing anything I don't care. It's not fair. Be. Generally clearly has housing discrimination like you know what I did back in the day. But like now it's fucked up established debate facts. How? You know the Fuck Environ you live. Way, belongs, to. Get everybody else in the. Trump. Is in here but I mean, hopefully, we know no coronas still going strong shot someone in my comments. The was like coronas done in New, York City and I was like, no, no, no no no I. that's not how it works. No it's it wasn't. It wasn't a mini series. It's a pandemic. It's pandemic still looks. The last dance like I. Didn't watch the episodes of buyers. Stole Matt Episodes. What going to? York. City we had eight hundred, sixty, four new cases which. Does. That sound like a lot of people were like well, we used to have like thousand. No See. The thing is about the as sixty four. If I was one of those eight, sixty four, I'd be very upset. Very. Very upset look. Realize Corona viruses, raw sex it's like. You take you when you doing it. You know you're taking a chance. You don't regret it. I tell something bad happened and you keep that going out and do a hookah. Restaurants and Shit until what? Cleaning or even worse until you get that call, we need to talk guess what I'm GonNa. Need you to make space in your calendar for the next eighteen years. Oh let's be able to play I'm beat. No decay because it's pandemic and I really need a baby to help me get through this I in an eastern human capacity you. Angle you're thinking about the angle shake baby. Just also, you won't see me because you still pay like I'm, not gonNA. SP dunks all right Ben and Jerry's for all of us. That's why can't be around here like slacking in Daqing and get chicks pregnant 'cause all grow would have to do is take a screen shot of this of the show all these speakers in the back I'm fucked. What would be? Judge just you guys. Yana you have instagram just please go to. This nice on instagram. Thank you. I rest my case I first of all, your honor that's a green screen. A lot of those are from Cambodia they are fakes and. Actually, you know that's how my house I am staying inside of saying we're Wexler helping him I'm helping lex pick a new job. He's leaving the we're looking at some things we might bring back blockbuster video. It's whatever everything's in right now your honor you know just no, you know I don't know. If I've never. I've never jumped into toss support David. saw. Support is tricky and it's weird because like. You could end the fucking yourself like I like. John, my boy. Three KS do baby mamas like no rely. You. Three CS had same. Nothing. Go. Like you did. Bro You did. X.. Leaving tweet twitter, who's like damn? I wish we could choose our baby mamas as a pro. We can yeah, you can't like. Little maybe. Maybe you didn't but We will. That's a that's a big part of. Christianity. Free. Will. Decide. At as code condoms, you know what I'm saying like or don't even. Don't do that. or Yo shouts trial Marzia. Saying. What is that? So birth control pill. The pill. No no no. Actually I'm Jamaican. So Can't like if a woman has to use some accessory for her birth control women this and I say this because Jamaica women no this is true. Women can control their reproductive organs 'cause Jamaican women just say no. They win the sperm gets to exit new. No. Strong walks away. Rosillo. Is Shoe Jamaica women do not need birth control. Jamaica. Women's their their flow. Pierre Tubes are harder to get into them like a hot club in New York City. Firm be out there like you'll check the guests a man y'all I'm on the guest list. Your big man. This knoblauch list. Your big. Man Listen here. That was good. Trouble Wollaston. Looking to. We gotta tell us we're gonNA tell going to. Cool I listened firm. Last. My Body's right but you can't see. I haven't white jeans. Right. IS A. Salad in a swim is over to check. And I'll get the. Man. Mass. Worsen globally how. On it. Let us in the club Yo you just say. About other sperm listen. He said we can't get in, but you know what? I know something saw this and we got to come up with secret is right now ready. Talking Big. News. Takaki while you're. thinking. Beyond Twelve beyond. Your. Come Nido Nido. Into MOJO's. About. Sperm jumping-off. Thank you. Say in clerks. Like for some reason to egg nine into the eggs dagger in. But the egg is like no I'm not getting pregnant I don't care. If. It's basically just dancehall queen eggs and sperm. Guys want. Come on. Say Hey. What. Does he wind? Abbott. motherfucking. Sperm. Created while you're. At Amano Cuomo. Is Mad, though. The father or the start. Should I is not both Mario Right? It's Andrew. Eighty six bro. I call them all Morio best mad like low key I. Don't like I don't know like listen I Take I, take a lot of strides. They're -Talian. His his his show but. Looking vibes. Welcome New York you're listening to. Eighty with the kid mirrow. Anything you WANNA talk about you know we are calling up a call them up. To three, nine, seven, nine, seven, we got the first caller. I WANNA discuss something. Mayor Koch's pink about replacing the one train something called the nine I. Don't like that I don't want I don't feel safe with my kids riding a train after nine. Do you feel about that? Also think about this transit raise did we when the fair up to seventy five cents a ride? What am I made of money I'm a handle listen. Listen pal I mean I got I got a side with is you know you know this about cats? You know. He's you know used entity era. that. Rubble he hangs out downtown a lot was just say that. Wow. Wow. Wow. That actually used to be. Like Oh, he hangs out downtown like. Real. What does that mean running? Why? Why can I? Why can I buy McChrystal's do? What does that? What does it? When I feel my father was like, yeah we go into the DELANCY street the buy jackets he are you going to Delancey Street was like what? What what I was like I. have. Not I was like is this Anti-asian? What it like Asian. People like that's very that was very general. That was weird like why don't you want me to go down there He just never finished it so. I'll just nothing else to ask you on your deathbed like. Going to Delancey. Funny Oh. By so you always would come to with like the wild hot leather jackets and I don't mean hot fashion wise. I mean hot probably stolen or like. Probably like. A leather jacket that doesn't fit anyone, but the person's trying to get rid of it. So you have. A little tie like the little bathrooms of that little legs the little built like you know what I'm saying he got he wants his like, ooh unofficial were two bomber jacket but it wasn't cool. It was a it looked like a it looks like what a rex is we're trying to be but it was like he was on a roasted and I was like, no like I think someone the person wearing is probably died or some shit like. Yeah you know to. Loser Jacket, off. You. Can Be. If you're so good how come they had to fight the war to fight the world war twice. A Third. And the second was never as good as the first loser. Way Madrid. To was belly to with game in it so by. Takashi dropped a new album Nobody cares nobody well? You know it's a cool little dirk we do not listen reds. The name of the album is what? tattle tales, of course. Yeah. Of course, of course, listen. We're washed. Let's like like we've accepted it like like. Watching my kids grew up every day I'm like, oh no as like it's like. Oh I'm wash wash. Wash Wash Wash you know what? I'm saying like like 'cause like Kissel care they do not care. They don't. Yeah we. Case like a seven-year-old it'd be the turn something off. Because he because he testified in the federal trial. Even like twelve middle school kids don't like they don't care. They don't give fuck their rocket. They think is funny. It's like trawling trawl. Mean troll troll mean. Because like I, know a lot of the kids are Harlem like if you put some Takashi Shit on your. You get a lot of Mogi so. Shout Chateau about homeys are Harlem which I've just noticed you go very hard. We're matching your Jordan's exactly what shirt you wearing it's very weird. Very Big Hall of Energy I used to see when I was younger, but it's coming back so hard now like that's such a Harlem. Flexible rematch. Harlem matchy matchy people out there. But that's. Harlem. Harlem love the flex. His side. You know we think switches you know listen if can show. Takashi, love why don't you show apple? Love. That's true. Shoot. And Alcohol got better stories. That word I'd rather listen to help Borat than Takashi because like. Think about wrapping. Not Ni os school drug dealer wrapping. A bitch. uh. Just? Stupid Funny or anything. Showtime. Showtime. He got video with. A. Friend of the friend of the HIVE what's her name Election is it Price everybody's GonNa jump on your broke like the people who are not jumping on the wave are like. Like this is this is a goes. I feel like if you if you if you feel like. I don't need to ride this wave at all like I don't need any juice from his dude at all like I I'm good like I don't need to feature out need a featured needs to say this dudes name to interact or interfere in any way shape or form or fashion. What I'm saying then you're not going to these people out there that are like Yo like. If you if your confidence and your own should is low, you're like dude pop is going viral. Let me jump on him. Saying yeah, I, mean, that's that's not that's not really success just like you trying to stitch together a couple of wins a couple of viral moments to. As we are very familiar like Yo yo you want for three games in a row. Go. Go four games in a row Gal Insanity tramp stamp. I regret it. No, I'm wearing. Right now looking at voice. Right. and. All in all in Mandarin to make even more. y'All. What. What does that say? It's Jeremy. Lin's week game score. You know what I'm saying this is how many handles he had enough you know yeah that's right. Yeah. I mean what time he you know we Lakers at the garden. Mommy Bro. The GABBANA's thirty piece on A. Moment Dan. And this is pathetic. This is so pathetic like we're GONNA GET A three game stretch like it was a fucking dynasty. Let's. Forget like he shot Kobe Bryant in that game. So Let us. Let us cheer for our victory that we had in two thousand fourteen. Those were the days. Six years ago. Knick fans have. That's why we can't hurt nick. Okay. Way, every day on the time line you see People Derek are clamoring for hip hop they they're like, oh I miss ninety, six I said that's Knick fans. We missed coach 'cause. y'All can't wait. You know what I'm saying, Y'all need to his new. Fabulous. Say. I'm sticking by like guy. That's a that's a different families. There's fan bases like all right I could. With. This person I might pick no fat. If you will fabulous fan, you should on spotify at twelve one worship drops. Joe. You digging old tweets like fuck you. So take four with fire. There was like. How many years ago was that? Responded Shit. Sure. This tweet was. On a clam shell phone liars wanted to. See. Sitting for the data freezing were cracking my but. This is not this is a what else. Shall to the inmate that tried to beat up r Kelly this week. So I guy, right trying to stab him with a pen? Or. Put some money. You gotTa do some things. You just test yourself. If you're in jail and you got going on and he's like, you say you facing serious time. Kelly right there. When I hit that good. Double Life was like that brought for Gelia. I'm getting that cloud Bro I'm going viral Gel I don't fuck. But then the problem is what if there's inmates NFO Clark Kelly I Fuck Mark Kelly or what if someone's mother folks who are Kelly heavy and she goes on the pay phone like Oh you're green like that. NIGGA. Hey, are Kelly. Going on. Jeep. G. Yeah, I mean W. Should look like if if like. Double Life was a bit much like. Like most people are not on double life savings. But if you giving me like like even if you give me a license. And it's like Oh because everybody knows twenty after twenty, five you're. Eligible for pro you know what I'm saying so like. Even then I'm not I'M NOT DOING A. Double. Life. I'm not coming out on saying the letter day number again I'm I'm I'm going in I don't care. No. Is No matter what your charges especially if the charges like lesser. You know you didn't do it. You come in. So angry that stuff that wouldn't be rational outside the prison was over to make sense. So before you were just like Yo. I'm GonNa just do this book. I'm going bookings for the weekend fuck that I'm not gonNA fight with nobody on my mind my business I'll be out in three days. What hours of that Shit somebody takes you see on the bench fuck that you trying to kill this. Just. President all those those rules have on the street they done. Saying, and then you start thinking like, Oh, I might not beat these charges. So let me make sure a rocker nigger in bookings so when I go on the island Was walling and bookings. So the CEO's know my name. So I come in there you know what I'm saying they got the spit guard on me 'cause spit on a CEO and cutting nigger over it's not like oh there's a difference. The. Name and the Oh pause and be like, Oh, you were wildly you might need that. Oh You might need that. Little little heartache here's. From Jesus. Or talking about the other day he was holding me 'cause. Allegedly has a gun charge allegedly because the cop found him with a gun and You know. But he was telling me about. The. Magic of beating a charge and the thing is if you go online because the corona virus, now you can reschedule your trump. So you WANNA, keep doing heat, rescheduling your trial to like as far away as possible, and then what happens is The COP probably won't show up. And or if he does show up, he won't remember and. mistrial. The night is. Yours is your hot tip. The case thrown out. Was Ain't GonNa say if that doesn't work his my other hat tip, use the general as you're a lawyer. Over. Say they'll do that. Young. WHO's represented us this General you like. Fuck. I don't trust these things with my oh five hundred court I don't trust you my freedom. The judges I, how would you like to plea tax shocking take mad at the time to put on tough acting tonight. Oreo. CLEO BARBECUE CHICKEN I WANNA plead that Muck McLean's McLean is he's not guilty because he like Charles. Barkley has no rings I'm like. What I'm facing twenty years why are you talking about Charles Barkley right now? We're not. Do you. Ernie here what are you doing? This we talked about the ring defense. will got your video I asked you if I need a criminal investigator for the crime scene I responded to the email, go the general and save some time. What does that mean with the fucking Sammy respond to emails like that shackle? Do you even Iranian lawyer? I am and I was on. What we're not in. Arizona. Can we get extradited? Was I WANNA get? The right word. On. A Yana request recess. Yup. Christmas tree holiday dishes. Yada. I would request flow from progressive as my legal counsel place. She has a little gun. Hey Hey. This is below the. Ski, WHO'S COW? Hi Twenty, ten years ought to sentence. Take. Her name Clair huxtable was a terrible lawyer she lost cases and yeah yeah. We never know she was she was at home too much Isuzu. You never would've been at home she would not have had kids your kids because she kept losing cases hello firm stay home and then cliff will blow her back out and that's all we're saying about cliff. That's literally all we're GONNA say clip. That's literally. Starts here ends right there. That's it. Okay. Fictional character fictional character. CLIFF HUXTABLE IS A. Character. That's always saying if we were across the pond I would say from eight to said, that's all. Yeah, that's that's very true like cows. They didn't really take into like reality like Yo like. Shanta Mongrel. Jazz who is an actual attorney and is like actually like working like twelve hour days this shit like just pouring over paperwork case shaded precedents and this that and the third and. All this shit just like. Fame. Clear out the crib like either she's a nurse she used just like chilling or. She's like Alito and Barnes, and huxtable. Like. With cliffs because his base, the clinic was in a basement of I guess it was like around the corner but. Here's just working out of a motel six shit like was deliver babies do implants. I'd like like. He manages going into continental breakfast rubber gloves. Now. I got ten minutes. She's only dilated seven centimeters. See you know he's whatever. Auto. Okay Is that you gave a talk about the cosby show. You. Talk about the cosby show is taking like A. Like a whimsical stroll through noble they do it you can't do it. No one's. Going off. WAS A. WHO's slow? So small talk about the Holocaust couple that. Mad. Dog. That let's not that Oh man. Thing that I am excited for about. Related. To trump as the books that are about to come out spilling all the. But like with detail 'cause we know he's a Susan boy he probably did a budget wash shit but like. The extent of which you know what I mean like the the far reaches like I wanna read some nasty shit like y'all hours with fucking. You know what? I'm saying like random Baio we run DMC l. e. what I'm saying like run y'all Russell we stiffer gay and then fuck an we had sex with a pit bull like some wild next level. Sucio. Definitely GONNA come out. But it's just like it would have been. You know been nice if like I don't know these people had reported this before they signed the book deal and took the two years. Thanks to write the book. In Conference Room Random House. Guy Dan Dan it, and he's like great. This is amazing when We're GONNA WE'RE GONNA release we a week before Christmas. It's GONNA sell hockey. It's GonNa. It's GONNA be fucking. Also. People were talking about selling heartaches wou what was the last time? You were hot cake. Data, right now. Poppy I wanNa hau-kei 'cause if you don't get half a bat throwing that you, Gabrielle. Why? Thumb. To. Run. The top of the domain cakes is hockey I just a pancake. It literally into racist pancake it's like Jim Crow era pancakes. Yeah. Only, way we will either yeah either sounds racist because if you just drag out the hot you like. A mirror you enjoy net hotcakes. Why why do you have to mention the temperature on my food? That's racist. Ole Oh. I. Heard You. I suppose. That you enjoy that KOGAS? Gas Russia was naturally. So why would you be now? Feel Weird is like, oh, well, I mean I just came out of bass pro shop initiators. I never had called global before I make sure this was spot K. Mirror. I hope you enjoy your the with Jalapeno sauces and you're like. Why did you have that? You look around every restaurants looking at you. Miss L. A.. Yo Yo yo you. Get here like he's he's Dominican. I can't mom parents came here on a plane. Like, Oh, we heard about Jesus. Yeah we know about your brother Didi Gregorius. All right. We want to go back to Europe. I might go back to county. That's right. What you're. You go back to judge master. You know what I'm saying no I bought a Dutch master I'm not dodge with the You think that'll make any sense at all. You you guys are both. Know? Or even better which like I can't understand your Jamaican accent and I'm like Oh brother I assure you I do not have a Jamaican accent. When I have is called white person voice done by black person so. Called switch codes. Area. Cocoa Switch and we go now does it does L.. A Job Interview. Zoom which boss Cho's. CH-. Camera. To. Switch, codes which easy author, Becky. Just Games claim owes. Nationality Rachel. We need to make zoom song for everyone because everyone's zoo. So it'd be like, Oh, like zooms like Oh. Oh My Non Video retains you know what I'm saying. Video participators. Talk. About. Gene Chat, y'all. Go. Mostly Good. Shots everybody out there. You know typing while spicy in the chat, not realizing that the host gets everything that you type in a chat at the end really save the zoom. So you know if you type wow, this host is wow boring which is directly from you to the other person no, no, no, no the Ho- seasonal. The whole season. You know just be careful think about it if you feel that close to that person your tweet. In the chat and send them slander via the chat. Just. Be Easy to text them. Yeah. y'All at home. I'm Texas Him I. I'M TEXTING PEOPLE MOUSE while they're in my house. This can trust these cameras I don't know what the I have showtime but camera in front of me, right? You think I'm ever getting naked in front of it just turn it off doesn't mean as off I know showtime is trying to bring back you know the l word and some other things they want some bureau footage and I'm not gonNA. Let them catch me with my Brown zoll going into my secret room and use that as a clip show. I. Did the exact opposite. Camera was on and I saw two Jackie Los directly into the camera so that to intimidate them and they would suit to turn off the street. ZANGER enough street. Pro. Bro. You. Know he's. Let's say when you when you get over thirty, five stream turns itself off if you don't talking about. Abacha pro. College Oriel House or dad by I mean only so much doom. NASA grow. y'all fuck him as we speak Lee Mba playoffs are happening and Lebron is being guarded by sixty five at halftime the Lakers are losing. There's no fans in attendance as they fit as face. The Houston. Rockets I. Mean you know they had a great game this one. You I mean I'm trying to watch basketball. I really don't give a shit early hurts about heart to watch another team championship or even come close to a championship. It hurts my heart to see people enjoying seeing their players participate in play offs because as a Knick Fan, I have no idea what that is like and now they're in a bubble playoff would make even more and the Games are more intense and my next doing nothing and also shots NBA Two K. Twenty finally got instore only played it. I put all the sliders up. To ninety-nine. My next door lost the Lakers. Rookie mode. Azlan. Goddamn says, are you calling that? He's just chunking 'cause? Yeah 'cause I play like NBA. Live Ninety. Five. Up to. PLAY ANY NBA game video game I ever make is the border, my creative character the fuck out the way. All right. We'll play the game. Right. Wow Do nice with sunglasses on shoot from the half for from the half court. Mark Good. God towards work at halftime like, wow this has sixty five points in the first half is the rest of the team has three points. What a double? Double. I mean he's just shooting at will. This is my players play against two triple doubles in one game like how is that even possible? Take the SATS tickets ads. Cool but I had to learn like I'm like Oh. This is like this is like playing basketball for like a new. I WANNA pay jam. I did because I was like fatigue off. You can't. There's like that's not realistic. I was like this is not like what fun is it to play a realistic basketball game like? Hey I'm older and I can't run up and down the court as much as. Hey I'm reminded shit. I'm seven four I can't shoot threes go fuck this I wanted to sleep. With the candidate Matombo you can't you gentlemen otherwise give me a reason why scientifically explained to me why Lebron run up and down the court for seventy four minutes and I have the saving black energy in minute one as he has emitted seventy three point fifty, nine seconds. All right. I WANNA know. That's bullshit. Black. Boy. It's Thursday bench. Best. Wherever player on the Knicks. The point guard shooting guard shooting threes. History I don't know their stats but no now but then the computer soil grew catching up because I think we hit we had something like twelve we scored twelve points off threes. And the Lebron's completely lost a computer Lebron and I was a women it when I put when I made my settings ninety nine percent does I make his sittings Davis like three pointers from outside the locker room. Values Shit. Forgive, red panda is on a UNICYCLE shot for them like I'm like, what is the? Fuck is happy. I like I got so lost and again, the only thing I I just called who picks all day like. You can't shoot an infamous is four feet in front of UK shooting three. Picks. All Day give me a quick. Shot south of wash gang and made me miss the greatest basketball game ever coach K. for Sega Genesis. Could smash the backboard also you had like. The coach, the college audience, and they were playing the little drums for you will get a fast break and you could be nasty in that game. To that. Wasn't there. You're a sperm yet. Packs the first couple of games for dreamcast were fired because if you put the sliders on Monday night. was reflected in the game though. was like the original, this legal best you can anywhere. As long as you released a top job, you good money. Also week, and replay causes was Shacks Day. We. been talking to people about how we can promote NBA street apparently, we can't. But now that we're established enough, we probably could recreate a new label or a new. Double Double Dribble. I was GONNA BE BOILING Of His. Playing well boiling love this though Yeah I love it. balling. Nigga bowl. With. Two Yeah, you want to Bake A. T. The number one selling soaking download. Trends. niggers but. No no no no. No. This new four night he's got Ninja clan these innings bowl like wow. I'm playing these Ninjas Bowling Yeah Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. y'All my God. Is for the first time in like eons the other day because I just got a switch, the Tito for joining us in the future getting video games. You'll. They've really. Travis. Scott has like I. Thought it was like I don't eat at a concert. He did like this whole big day and four day like it was. Super Smart idea. Skins you go by trump, you could be travis Scott four-night like. He had a concert in. So that was just like I was like, Oh, this is dope. It came like downloadable content. So like imagine my surprise when I smoked by looking Travis Scott with a Pump shoddy. And I do. He's doing McDonald's he's doing a six burger. So look for that s I because you know nothing six beef patties. No Six is oh. Okay. I was like Damn Bro that's that's. That's the Chavez popping. He's not six beef patty popping. Crime okay. This is who could get away with six beef patty. Burger. Maybe maybe Jay Z. maybe beyond say Shakira in this country dog. Six Pack Six Times you consumer whatever deserves you that you can sue them for like malpractice what Patty like six McDonald's patties want six burger king fat burning. Debate for no reason yo they sick to. Shake shack or if you go back to NYC popping. Hamburgers Rod No. I'm Oklahoma Breath Boulevard. They used primary they use quality beef. So the PAT, he's a smaller, but they're more flavorful oyster they taste better they use potato rolls is. Extra but it's better because you know wouldn't you got McDonalds when you're at. Your Life you know what? I'm saying when you Burger and you want the burger tasting, how fucked up your life is you want to eat it alone and your house with the lights off. Speaking of that. UNWRAP, the twenty four year old fucking McDonalds cheeseburger and fries and the shit look exactly. The same as a Dan twenty, four years ago. Symbolic hat that loving it the OH. This she got bad Yoda Shit is. Contained stabilisers. This got the. Retaining Wall Lake. That's what I'm waiting for. Your by AMMO and guns for the race riots non I got room for the fish okay. He was. Right there you have my gun closet. All is tartar sauce. Up Show your Muslims come excuse me Charlemagne pronunciation owned by Muslims. You know what? I'm saying compound. With the boy with the filet of fish you know what? I'm saying like a gun bill, which is math for the fish, the pattern. A. Super Soaker. Fullest harder saw. 'cause Tyson. Author. Hopping. Flavor. Town. motherfucker. Got Via. Why don't we got is Probably a wor some cracks. We're CROCS. Your citizens. Can doing good shape hoping on people in the. John to him. Like yeah, it's like is he's funny to follow. Feeding people like that. He redoing shelter. They don't have fest anymore because people are social distancing but you know up. Not, your feed hungry and shit like. Shot. Feeding the hungry, not feeding the military because there are suckers and losers. Is. You got clapped. Boy Imagine. From when we come back from like enter. The stadium saluted the motion. Yeah. Yeah they go. Yes. Did Virtual Book Tour Your Recipes Chadwick. Me, man the only. Oh. CAST. Says well. Terrible. Out, of nowhere well, he knew about. That you know what that's. That's that's why. I mean I don't like you know you nobody knows anybody's life. Story Right. What they were thinking with their impetus was for doing things with people speculating that he didn't want. He wanted to do these roles that he felt were really important and impactful Jackie Robinson Mike you know. You know. Like Panther. 'cause it was like point near me. He got you'll. There was a video that are so of him during the early and he got down because he was like a little kid came up was. When I see, you see me you know what I'm saying like I never seen a black superhero before you know what I mean like on this level Anish amid a billy you know what? I'm saying the most accessible mobile universe, movie to date. So. He did that. Recipes home I don't know how they're gonNA continue it could make his sister the new Black Panther. Damn. We was like if you go back and look at the extent integral chiller Lehem just. COMES, out of. Out of character he he was very, he's he was having a good time now it's funny because. The Back. The had me I was. Like. 'cause he's a, he's a, he's a serious dramatic actor. You know what I'm saying in those days you don't. You don't expect to be like funny like off the cuff. Fisher and then you like go to kind of have he like he's like I'm not tempting sophie brother. Save me. I was crying. We used to do that with. Your interview for Billboard Magazine. One of those things and hey hey. Do Do is like fuck you? Do they even know each other what the fuck was that? He did it again that night and I was like a Black Panther. Fava's. Recipes in a homey. Oh Man. Life is short. Gets. Cold. Check. Bra That's killing us and that's worse than the cops. Go do our due diligence and go get this checked out as a fellow wash man with diverticulitis a would it behooves me to tell. y'All. This can be this. I think the the numbers seventy out. Thank God you check me anytime anybody else at medical professionals. The chances of you. Contracting or not contracted but getting a colon or colorectal cancer is significantly reduced I. Think it was like sixty five percent like seventy percent is some shit like that. So you could be you know what I'm saying saying. You're me. Make a tick tock of your rubber balloon not. Tell them. Tell them to put it. If they ask you what Song you want. Ask Them to put it to the weekend blinding lights. You. Know what I'm saying when they're just. To. Be. You can watch it later not your friends you can share on Instagram instagram. Is. Forms. Aditya spotify playlist. Like. spotify juvenile southbound five with their ECLECTIC, Leila's just. I was listening to colonoscopy bangers for, and now I'm asking myself we're asking. Your daily goal of us who've been mixed. spotify you can google you can search for one song and completely ruin your life on there it makes. Oh. Hey who sung the original version of Gwen Stefani. Girl and next thing you know. He covers. Barbara Barbara Streisand as much as you want, why would I do to deserve this? Because spotify is like all over the place though do a playlist. It'd be like Barbra streisand why be in cody possible Pink what Morally. Shine Poe. Yeah. WHOA WHOA, you're just name random artists. How half a million, Joe smooth the hustler Saturday like how do we have? To smooth the hustler why. You doing a lot. By. That's always your employers that because I listened to the most random shit like all the time it'll be like fucking hell hell followed by Brat, mobile. Yeah what's like? The FUCK IS BRIBE Mobile. Yours ahead so If, I say if broadening my horizons. Saying I used to do that tyrod. A wash boy. A digital. Chats. With the brand I know you people, you people seeing your shot to wrap caveat. Here Your. Mind if I have. A couple playlist shift you check out by the way. We be like, you know what I'm saying is this. I've seen I've seen speculation. US spotify deal. I'm saying we. Know, not not. Really. Like sign overtly. Here take Bodega boys take the Ip like what I'm saying like. Click. If I may as as. Manager and all things deals you guys uploaded. Blake fucking copies we had to just give up. Exactly. You're not gonNA fight. What you it's pretty anyway. If that's how you want to consume it. We got down with it we get paid off, but we're not going off I only 'cause you know like shout to Joe and he got his thing he. He has his own vision and he doesn't Seattle. So, Charlotta him saying his on that and you got like Joe Rogan who upload he's five only as his most controversial episodes did not get uploaded to swallow. Fai. So now. With the fuck. Man if I was Joe Rogan I can't hear you because I am drying my ear dry tears all these bags of money the job up to my house that's called not having artistic treasury which. I would like to remind you guys. We have never said we had if someone offers us the bag. We outta this bitch. Okay. Are you are you nuts bro like I will be I'll I'll be joe broke it. I'll be smoking weed talk about like right? I. Mean like really like what do you think like is really real like I mean I don't know. If Tom Site I'm reopening my space and your podcast had only be streamed on there. was. I? Mean Rose I. Probably new. Your data what's up for the latest episode? Be Sure to log in to facebook, and then you have to follow me follow Murrow and then followed Tom and be sure to put us in your top eight or else you have access to the world's most dangerous. More dangerous podcast only available in a real media streaming format. Sponsored by Doritos and Pepsi. Yeah. Yes. this podcast only coming at ninety six K now I'm again that's like that's. Will be where you. Are you guys are are, are you guys using the latest update on on Real player? Yeah, I might be. Yeah maybe maybe for updates windows ninety eight. If. You guys could lose the way. Mac machine just go. You got to find like the Codex from all three. That will probably help with the sound absolutely. Oh you know the problem is if you have a Mac book that was made after like Oh eight, you're not going to be able to access auto files. Sorry. You have to have voc to listen you know what I'm saying, but our podcast with J. Lo J. Lyrics like. A certain amount level insulates to accept it Bro. Like. If you don't like, you don't have the capacity to understand. Yeah. Don't even Barish yourself pro team embarrasses off. His Virginity. Yeah I'll I'll like it was and they had like two puppies. Yea. The puppies are fucking yeah like they don't understand that. Like there's no more that. Okay. Right. We never did you ever see that episode Paul Patrol where What was IT The single seen it the other day, and I was really kind of just. Discuss it. We're chase was like fucking snitch. Oh Yeh Dow was wild and then he held he held the snitch break out when when he went to jail when he went into prison yes. Yeah and then he was like Oh Mama tell like, oh, you keep giving me desktop. Everyone they snitched on you. Deke Arndt wants to be a cop he was like. Nah Joe Right escape from Dog Amora saying listen I'm listening this dark does dark version of poetry was coming theaters. Right listen. Let's say when a firefight and Dole got the OPIOID problem you want. Listen chase chases background as clean bro. Right. Investigative for some incidents of unnecessary aggression. Crew. Right he's able. I don't WanNa be that guy but defunct. Right There's someone out there right now listen folks chase gives a wild stop frisk gloves. Magistrate. Chase off for student looks your face your why He's a stiff bullet. Bro. Yes. Let me get my. All there we go. Home Three. Days three grams of food as you go downtown Tau. Closer look as I listened I know gravy is when I see. All right yeah. Yeah. It's a week and you're GONNA be down for three days. You son of a bitch. Yeah Okay Well Brown. Fucker I'll just watch it. I'll watch it with my nephew after to cover his ears I was like. The showtime. Version. Outgrow fucking. Seventy. News broadcast. Know the vibes that you boy these. Poli AK pockets, the pockets. What do they do they stay? and. I WANNA. Say. Fat like. What it is, and we'll see that it doesn't taste right. It'll take when you buy cream and and you bought like the the like it's faster. So by day or like, yeah. Got Like the little liquid on a little sour cigar rolled back. Here we go. Young Party young hot take frago missing nine does we're Rondo University Nevada Nevada. Guatemalan whoever your kill? The Jew. Able. Do boss you know what I do shots everyone out there supposed to be celebrating Juvie this weekend you're not but I'm GONNA warn you please do not go to any of those illegal private juve as they're very dangerous you will die you'll get Angry Roller? Get robbed you'RE GONNA die. Die Juvie don't maybe you do not making be bro come on man universally droplet or bullet or what I'm saying don't do it MC. Put before. Don't talk over with I don't know you. Don't make send Rossi New Jamaican Ju- Jemaine Avocado, toast young to Move Faster Cooling Route Cooney Aka Chelsea the. For the Yankees Kahlo Gay Bobby to phone Jones Marketer Jake Chuck with Stanley Cups Human Dr Banners. Able Dilute Dalu one. What's time dilute you? Mr To for Penal, blurrier. Jesus. You're listening to wash it up grow back. We got a man that you all know about he's received some beef. Cattle bring it back on your Oh shit. Oh. Shit? Too. If. I wanted them. Out. Miss. WanNa Cooler. Six. That's right. This is very rare to be a multiple tested wash the south to the boy Lloyd banks because pity is beefing with Rick Ross and Rick Ross was like a Lord I wanna buy your name and make it. One of my nicknames and Lloyd banks was like, Yo don't pay attention circus real is only real big. I beef with no by respect I've add up the. Fish Carter you don't talk. To my man. Dose saying. Bars. that. Go do the Spicer Jamaa has. India arena fuse nephew, the marine or you cannot contain. The job. Err on the research provocateur Henry Nelson big delessio Joe can't see me. Booth in the human world is melting your most Mr Becks on. TIKKI TIKKI squad. PA of is more sense chestnut, Mahatma? Gandhi. Not going to be but I gotta come. The press, which are of as I am the dent, the Dundonald Good News, the number couple of news the principal on the Fashion Nova cazenove William made sense Fi Santana. Forget. What? Set Mississauga catch me at square one top men's more looking for Choi lays potassium. What I'm saying pull. Up You. Run up I have to wait for the light 'cause we don't jaywalking candidates. Holy Cow Mrs. Do is count checks in jerk off. Doing a lot more the second. Ooh, let's go. o J purpose a soda at is Me Sunny D.. You're in these expensive these read by the. Smoking no anti. KUNA. Junior Energy God junior. See know why. This Kobe? On Free Talk With Gossiping. To seven nine I. Who? AK GRANDPA Joe, cluelessly Charlie you see touch golden ticket because he might scratch you as one of those weird cat scratches that doesn't draw blood. And it hurts like hell you know what I'm talking about. Shot. This morning sheriff be ashamed I stole the hill fear bag. Ince, chase the thing so I can't do that I'm losing I. It's Coronas is making things hard for. Easy would've fabric. I'm easy people leaving the back Atika crack your back like automatic craft Matic Mrs. Refresh misdemeanor cold demeanor the sheet. Masculine. Could be the black more support Moore's young Ktar. Hey listen personal Jesus Pele. Peleton probably make no secret family. Is a secret family if you're black zoom. Say let's say all right. Do what you gotta do. Honestly you have to do it, but it is an option is an option you don't you email addresses block umbro. Rosen. Put as our room is right if they could break out the Qabrika not. Suckers losers. We got up boy. Wasn't resumed. You don't say. Human. Donovan. mcnabb gay curve Gotti. Kelly. Curb your dog Ruben asked me if I've got. This leash dot sixty long man I do you know what I'm saying I am? Main. Check the distance. There is no guests this parties that's not saying you know what I'm saying. If you WANNA. turn-up follow her insane saying got twitch popping what I'm saying. You know what I'm saying. fucking liberal. You know saying I did. Say. Dan. He Does Not Attic Twenty inishmaan Boy Goldfish Mac Act mench Montana. From roaches, same boxes to use my backyard I'm. Saying A. Is The motherfucking Yo this man I went and got my kids. You know what? I'm saying all Lysol wife's that they had a Bj's you know what? I'm saying wiped down every day before they go down the inside of the bus and outside of the bus. You know what I'm saying is I'm looking to data. The is what I'm saying he can't be able. To. Know come over specific results. Actually does not I'm sorry Queen. Belongs to you and. Respect to agency and I request entry points. Respect a will Santana so smooth fall asleep at the wheel and crashes. Cookies. Ha. Dominican. Daddy swimmer cut again is definitely money honest. I'm trying to play me revived Kolya manager up here the show and embarrass you don't worry about how smack handle. They'll just put all the candy in the bag. It's for Halloween I promise and keep it moving. Okay. Say. From Los Angeles. You'll be doing. On the ground you know what I'm saying when you made five K. Leitner touchy. Let you. So we can't say, sorry, you know what I'm saying that's great y'All anyb-. Everybody's been greedy else. This is a great time thing and I'm saying because every blunt is a personal blow know I'm saying shot at the. Bridge got my boss move defeated the Bobby Crafts on saying he can't field asked. I, said I'm going to explain it 'cause with consensually. Of course you know what I'm saying it came Lucy I think you to tap on our live descend before that rolled out a gauge sinema see MVP of Gelato. AK. Get fix I ain't gonNA get some sticks Joe who got. To me we're am. What I'm saying they gave. Awesome. My gifted. The Most Daunted. Neurosurgeon you've ever seeming and ever in life put together a child sternum using only a lighted. That is devoid of lighter fluid in to Kim Tech wipes haven't I have. Pay. Homage can't get STREP I'll open your mother motherfucking medicine cabinet. You know who the fuck it is. It's this man. Saying Okay goes oversight gay people be to. Way And Russia the Carter down for seven days. And say Kay live harassing Patriots Aiming Alfresco it's the eastern must be doing all his greatest hits. The ear. And don't. Might Justice a medical field. He was getting those bubble book as he's back home now get into it in two days for. A. Bradshaw. If you see me higher than a Motherfucker four-day ramp built kid with Adhd a person I e mail because I may react radically join US social distancing anger mask is around your neck. Say. Kay Thompson, the ball breakers you know what I'm saying because I'm free. Free Ball. And it was since quarantine. came out. It's. Free. Imprint. Down before you go on the van? Anna. Trying to zoom for like I can't log in and password. So you wanted like, tell me like the Password for your parents Adt or like you know the Sloman Shield. Off. A. Ring, camera for you if you don't. Hey Hey. Guys to prints. Out. So thickly favorite song rapper dog he is high off of bond water that I found in the corner of the basement I was cleaning setup camera shit and angles from show like I don't know I just opened. That is the smell just hit me in the face but. Listen little little little low is going to have US tracks you come. Here. And now he's dying for. Calling you ought. To. Talk. So we'll. Go. Day possibly. That's Show. Second. Big. Bitter might. Be the. Di. Da like super. Look basically. Present the bills. Were again. Manager freaky. You're saying. Get emboss dollars, loss last victim they. Will. throttle last models did I. In thickest to crystal. Hip. Listening Esino every on a daily. Get them. D'Amato. Daily. Okay. Now, who hookah until twenty one? I. Thank you. This episode, those saving. That's right. You know it was dangerous podcast south showtime shop. Just. Tell the Justice Jacob Blake recipes homey tablet Bosnian Joe. Dafa shelter take off key Washington fans remember I said my corona virus sex this and this is. Still think about it. What don't get caught out there don't. Converse is not eighteen years. You just lose a lung. You don't want that pro right and joe enjoy. Three Day weekend enjoy the book it doesn't avoid the book. Labor Day Labor Day in the Labor Day Bro. Yet

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Getting Scammed at Jake Pauls School Of Financial Freedom (Part 1)

Eating For Free

1:24:25 hr | 9 months ago

Getting Scammed at Jake Pauls School Of Financial Freedom (Part 1)

"You don't really act. You don't sing. You don't dance you don't have any to give me any talent. What do I? I don't think I bees. Yeah Jerry best interest waiting for the New York Post all right. Hey Low Kendall Hi wow. We're all three together now like now. Welcome to the Kabul of hot sluts featuring Lawson. I'm just happy to be here. You are really happy to be here. Especially when you're in the beauty and grace around me and Kendall always just imagine. That must be very nice for you. I mean I'll admit I'm kinda scared because when it was just mean Kendall doing it you know like she brought very specific energy. I bring my energy and then with you not being there. It's almost like the surge. It wasn't surging as high as I. I can't remember where was I. You were covering the Oscars. Oh that's Riad can't even remember. Yeah so the weird thing about the Oscars as they covered my life for like four years and then I mean not really but you know what I mean and then it just ends and then it ends and it stops mattering you get like two days of coverage about things that happened at the Oscars and then they literally stop existing within a week and then also. It's an election year and there was like a debate that week following the Oscars and it was just a riot Est. Good time for me. It really was lie literally do think award season and The Oscars like back to back is going to be what kills me like every reason transpired but this year as just specifically with all the caucuses that just like I can't. I can't deal with any of this right now. I at least somewhat over I know well thank God I get a week off because I mean I just cannot wait to not look at my phone for seven whole days warrant you having the emergency surgery. Yeah first week off but surgery. Listen so I woke up in like excruciating pain on Monday and I was like I literally feel like. I'm GonNa die like what's happening so as like maybe it's my teeth like maybe. I just have a toothache right because we live in America. We live in Pre Bernie Sanders America. None of us can afford to go to the doctor so I literally only got dental care like maybe three months ago and I was like finally go to the dentist right after. Not Going to the dentist for four years. So I go. And the people are doing x-rays and at first they just do the three. You know where they stick the thing in your mouth and they're like photographing your face from all sides and they disappear there like just when the dentist is going to review it and then the dentist comes back. She's we're going to take a couple more x-rays which is like not a good thing. Yeah so she does extra is that I just hear her. Go interesting okay. Interesting like that for like a minute. Three minutes right. I'm literally sitting there exactly wrong response. That's not what I want to know every time just like causes it's like an extra one hundred dollars on your bill every paper so what happened was I have a mouth from Howell. An all four of my wisdom teeth came in at once and are impacted at an extreme angle and they cracked two of my teeth because there was no room for them. So not only do. I have to get crowns on the crack teeth. I have to get all four wisdom teeth out at once so many be going under for two hours tomorrow morning and then I'm just going to be loaded up on morphine all week. I'M GOING TO BE SPOON. Fed smoothie in the House I know at the worst thing about all of this Kendall is towing lawson. My boss was like the other week and I. I genuinely love her. And this was the funniest thing anyone's ever said to me. She was like Are you feeling a little tired and I was like? Oh God I literally just six awards shows. It was just like the crushing weight of my life. Just like landed on me yes soup. I agreed I should take a vacation this week. And then they were GonNa Week and eventually I was like. Oh yes so by the way my vacation is gonna be spent in bed recovering from surgery Gossiping in America. All good our vacations. We literally have to line them up with surgery to have an excuse to like not work in America. Right now oh I love it. I love it guys. Vote for Bernie Sanders in the California. Probably vote for grandfather. I do think though like not to make this about politics guys but did you guys see All of the MSNBC analysts being like Bernie Sanders is exactly like when the Nazis invaded France. Because I'm at right now and it's Matthews on anymore. I thought he was like like a rabid dog. Like you talk about how Bernie Sanders is GONNA execute him in Times Square as if that was a bad thing like that's disconnect is for people who like Chris Matthews and the rest of us like when he's like he's GonNa Guillotine all the Billionaires Sandra Parrish? Mike wish I'm like is it going to be a fundraiser? Like what pro could redirect these proceeds? I would like yea. It's just out here Brian Right now. It's Really hard during this time. Beat the worst part. Did you guys see the clip? Going around I believe it was a CNN percent at the Nevada caucus where she's talking and she's like there's a lot of women and diverse people in the crowd here and it looks like they all are voting for Bernie Sanders and you could just see the look on her face the sheer terror and anxiety of realizing that. Okay these born in a room right like but that's where it's getting to like that is truly when I go on twitter and have to look at all and I'm going to call out like sady doyle being like I dated Bernie Sanders. So you don't have to and reminds me of my abusive father just like you guys will like literally. This election is just an. I've been away for a bit so I have to get this off my chest like this election proving that there is like a host of people with blue marks on twitter that do not know how to engage with the political framework outside of how they have sex with people like that is as far as it goes some room so many people standing or you can't cope somehow with like you can't even conceive the idea of like a a president candidate unless they're like on a desert island fucking like that's it. I was seeing people talk about. How like you can really tell the difference between these. Like like influence versus. Like Queer policymakers like people who actually get the difference between what it takes to be under somebody who just wants to have the guys of like political autonomy. It gets really shown a lot of people that would work Dufferin this. I mean a lot of Elizabeth Warren supporters coming out of the woodwork. Say I'll just say when you have somebody come out for Elizabeth. Warren all ain't going to do and I'M NOT GONNA call out names because this is very easily found but just go on twitter. Do at that person's handle quotation marks career or quotation marks job. And that is all I'm going to say about it. Okay late fees just. There's a lot of careerists out there who really want their Manzi jobs to stay in place under an Elizabeth Warren Presidency and that is just going to be what it is you know if you wanted to be a capitalist in the last four years if that was your hard revolutionary pivot to being a business person than that is just a choice that you made. It needs to be said it needed to be said. I'll just say it is a fun. Little twitter search if any of you want to get into that but speaking of someone who has literally no political engagement whatsoever. What the fuck are we talking about today? Oh my God honestly so like you guys you guys I we have. I feel like this again. Like everyday these certain types. I feel like it's been orbiting us like like melancholy. Like a planet kind of coming by. We're Kinda like we're GONNA see it. We see it we talk about it. We see the celestial orbits but then today it's like no it's coming for us like we just need to acknowledge that we're going to be impacted. We're going to be talking about Jake. Paul and the Financial Freedom Movement his new business venture. You could say I think Kendall you definitely motivated me to really get into this because one reason we definitely wanted to add to the show as you have like a very deepened. You know obviously inherently dark. You Know Gone Archive of Youtube. Drama and Youtube Blake mischief at this point in. Jake Paul is really what is he like the top one of the top ten him his brother anyway like the people that are around him are within the top ten youtubers so pretty much like Pinnacle Youtube people. The amount I know about about the Paul Brothers Should qualify me for like some kind of like check of for like. I don't know the the I feel like I deserve a card for like brain rot. Like the the amount that's in my brain shuttled armor for like. I should get medical leave for this. This is not like it's too much and honestly we're not even going to be able to cover half of it here because there's like a gun. He Food for talking about say he's like he's not like political but I will say his and I hate saying it because it makes me sound so like meal Lib but like because I hate the word Trumpian but like his strategy to like basically go like go at like Mach. Three speeds in terms of like controversy ever controversy is like it or Tokyo drifting with Lamborghini through scandals. Like yes Li yeah. I are like R- rampant. Manic capitalist are inherently political even though they have no framework which we see them through but they do have something that motivates them and make act this way. That's very political and very dangerous. A lot of people who are listening probably think of Jake and his brother as Lake sorta young dumb and full of calm. You know. They're not like they're not little but he's been saying things like that to his instagram. I mean yeah no the Logan Paul has his whole like no fat thing. We're which is like to Saas thrown buildup. Gets ME READY FOR THE FIGHT LAKE? Mike have like more vigor and energy or something. I won't put a target on all of our backs but I will say the. No fat movement originates in a lot of white nationalism. So do that do. I think most people would think of them as just like the dumb him. Does that like rule YouTube. But if you look at because like I did. A lot of looking into members that rule youtube came for this episode. It's it's an and like I get that because like that's their entire public image especially because like they're making content for children. Were they just? Kinda yell and scream and look at the camera and like obviously they're this is like a children's ideal life where you know you're you're young and you like have this big house full of your friends and you stay late. Mom doesn't tell you to fucking do but it's the it's the ultimate fantasy and I think honestly a lot of youtubers are like that they promote this kind of like penultimate fantasy for kids age like set like seven or eight to lake. Maybe seventeen if they have run out of that about about like I say the same thing about like Tanno Tanta Mongoose she she and her and terror like uneven tracks Feel she she. Has THIS LIKE IRREVERENT? Way of talking where she's just ugly on trash whatever but like. Obviously you're not Hannah. Obviously like you've gotten like you. You aren't like just some fifteen year olds insecure about your body but your marketing so the Red Carpet. Webby awards or something wearing like the hundred bill dressers or something. You know it's like girl like what's what do you really what's really happening here. I will say it's really nice to have you around Kendall because like whereas my expertise is like daily Daily Mail famous like models in reality television stars like you have like fully like the third eye open on. It's the youtube sector in a way that like I personally love you but cannot engage with like in my day-to-day you. You shouldn't you shouldn't engaged with it. It's it's a nightmare I like. I like not even. That's not even my job anymore. You know but like because it was during that point where like Jake was so big and Logan was so big. I know a lot about it like more than I should at all and the thing is is that if you look at some their lake talks where they like they talked to like vice or like the Wall Street Journal many interviews and like you so many you so many irritate they do. They do these summits on like how to influence and stuff like that. So you'll see these videos whether life I'm not like trying to market like all the stuff that kids and like this not that but you are literally at an NYC summit in two thousand eighteen at a panel leading a panel titled Like how Social Influence Markets to children basically like that wall. He like constantly pushes merch like backpacks and like school accessories. He's got a very stern. He's got a very specific link. Well oiled gripped going where he can pretend that he's super fucking dumb but in reality he's like a very at. I don't even want to call and clever because it's too much but I think like he's he's a conniving capitalist like he really is truly has charismatic. He's very charismatic. He's got that he's he. He has an idea when ideal runs out. He has another one ready. And we'll get into that in a bit like he's he really he and his brother really do have like the. The social media influence her thing down and that is scary because like he. They're creating a new sort of world. I think for is another world though Gab. Because like I think this is like the final frontier of like how the Internet is going to be monetize available in a way you know like I just. We started out with a lot of people who like philosophers who were talking about the Internet back in like nineteen ninety six. Where like this is GonNa be amazing and we're all going to connect and it's going to be beautiful but of course if it is made by capitalists it will be torn down and we'll be fun anymore basically they're gonNA make it into a fully devoid of meeting fully devoid of any personality. Anything that like people originally came for the content for without the suicide video Kendall kind of before we get into all this. Do you think that the hall brothers would be as big as they were like? Do you think that that helped? Legitimize them at least in the sense that like now everyone knew who they were or do you think that like if that video had never happened they would have continued their trajectory into the stratosphere like one way or another. I think honestly because the team ten controversy was happening around the same time. It's hard to tell you no but at the same time the suicide sports is so much bigger than like just him standing on a news van and acting like a dickhead. Yeah it's so that like I you know. Everyone was objective in saying that it was wrong but I think that with the suicide forest thing showed us was that these two having nate ability to just completely rebranded turn it around now like like immediately like pretty much right after that they got into this whole like UFC fighting thing and like I think that pivot is like a whole thing. We don't even really cover in this. It's like another can of worms. I mean honestly really keeping it short. I think if you look at like their social blades they had been dipping and I think they started to realize that like marketing to like preteen girls wasn't as viable and now they're going after like slightly older teen Boy Market. Like kind of like my. That's what my perspective is on. At least it seems I would agree with what you're saying. Especially because they got in a fight with Kassai. Who's like that's like you know? His whole market is like teen boys so like an isn't it. Like twitch streamers gamers are becoming like boxers now like I don't think so mystifying. I don't even understand the whole streaming worldwide twitch streaming and like discord streaming stuff guards to that especially I honestly for the amount that I'm poisoned by like Youtube Knowledge. I have like very little knowledge of like twitch outside of like that's like a whole other thing but I think twitches full of trash people who are even trashier than youtubers because they can't be edited down and then all of a sudden they're onstream abusing their wife so let's not even get into that God. No that's true especially since it has to be someone premature recording. It live catching those like that. Slurs or something they would say or something problematic they would say and even then it's not liquid a very good viral because it's just like a regular stream video stream like those things happen live so like in order for you to see that someone would have had to like save it or screen record it and it might. They might not. Have you know it might just be like hearsay? So I don't really know too much about like the twitch stuff but I feel that because the youtubers are able to edit themselves down so much and cut them out all the all the fat and the bullshit and bigoted shit. They're able to spin it especially for these people. Because they're audiences still are really young so that these are the only people they watch. Kids are obsessive they infighting over and over again literally on repeat. I was just thinking thinking of that the other day when you're middle school and stuff and you can listen to like a single like four hundred times in a row and you're like the song is amazing. Could still so good watching these like you know like wealth porn videos or something like that or lifestyle videos where they're just watching again again all this crazy stuff like away. But the Paul Brothers for people who don't know did start on vine which kind of shows you how dated. They are in a sense like they started when they were what like fifteen or sixteen. You're pretty much high school so Lakers youtubers. We still have around their old videos of them circling around for when they were like even younger. Like I think Logan's like thirteen and he's talking about some brand that he's like wants to make and he's like thirteen years old and it's like could rain worm start early like it's not in other worms have laid eggs okay. So let's get into. Actually what is the whole reason? We're here for so. Just what was it on the fourteenth? Yeah I have the tweet pulled up here Jake Paul tweeted. Our education system is worthless. I'M FED UP. If I die. I want to die having made a real difference in the world. And then there's the screen shots of like. I guess like an Iowa's press release. It looks like people are using instagram's stories to get like more flared versions of the notes advocates noticed that we're like everyone's using like the instagram text. Instead to like Phil Lacson posted on those notes up. Just weird thing. I noticed this is so this is what J. Paul tweet after the whole thing about the education system being completely worthless. He's if you're if you're confused at what the event is tomorrow basically? I'm sick of our education system and how it's teaching kids zero real life skills for them to secure their own future. I'm creating a movement for everyone who wants to take life into their own hands and learned real life skills from actual professionals. Why're kids sitting in quote unquote film class learning from a teacher? Who has never even made a film. And that's just one example. I was the kid in class was the smartest but wouldn't apply myself because I thought it was so stupid to be sitting there. But it's all we are taught. I'm just I just not letting it go on anymore without doing something about it It's hard to read that because he makes multiple grammatical errors like Hamas ends no capitalizations. This is pretty like his his he. He's like kind of always been on this thing like it's in some of his videos. He'll he'll talk. He'll like call out old teachers by name and be like Luke where I live now and like had that horrible song a couple years ago about calling. My teachers never taught me that at so like he's always had this kind of weird anti teacher thing going on would ya ya at which feels like fairy personal. Lyford more personal than anything he really puts out. There is like especially when you think of a middle school towards like how mask the energies middle school energy. It's like I said like I. I think I texted you. Both like this is what happens when you let the kid who stabbed himself with mechanical pencils Get Rich I would also say. It's the kid who used to suck the ink out of the back of his A race the bullpens. Yikes there was One of my friends used to do that and would suck the ink and it would make him throw up with us not to go home. She's later arrested for trying to burn. Someone's house down by all that trump. Just the same general. There was a kid in my. They're all named Lega Shriver. Or no Vince Trevor's or like what's another like really like middle. School was always like a drying. Sonic the Hedgehog Fan art and yeah hike like a Gregg or something. I would say Chad but Chad has like a different. Tension is no yes. Oh definitely know it. Yeah Yeah Yeah just like trying to like draw diagram. Eric's are goody two shoes. Americans are like bounds or AP students. There was actually a kid who I knew that was like they stab each other mechanical pencils but then he did one girl. He's actually stuck the Mechanical Pencil. Inner ear and it like punctured her room so she had to be like I remember. I was like sixth grade. We never saw him again. There was a kid in my class. Who would like we had class frogs and every time one of them would die. He would like hide them in one of the girls desks and laugh violently like every time she'd find it in scream. That's just like the energy that Jake Paul gives me one hundred percent so okay. So he's like. He's on the floor because he misses every like gross. No really though. I mean like you wouldn't think he was older than like fourteen in his videos. Except for the fact that he's like six foot I mean there's a stunted age development thing happening I think without whole family especially when we start talking about the mother. I'm not physiologically equipped to hang out with like actually explode like if I keep going. Yes yes we have to because there's just so much here so so. He tweeted that he was kind of pushing instagram and twitter colleague hinting at some like a thing. He was about to drop. No one really knew what it was though. If you were given following them for years you have assume it's something like what ended up being so just two days later. He tweeted if you WANNA start learning life skills. Education system doesn't teach you. I'm creating a movement again no pasta fay's weird caps again. What does it with? Everyone thinking they can start a movement and have like no actual backers political. It's just like the way that movement has been co opted by everything like like three hundred. Three hundred people will tweet the Hashtag and people will be like there's a growing movement it's like three hundred people is not movement. Okay Hafer less people than in your graduating class at high school. Okay get a grip anyways so so if you want to start learning real life skills at the education system doesn't teach you. I'm creating a movement. And then he has the link join. Fm DOT COM. Wish will go through after this is. Why are you sitting in school? Learning the quadrant formula and not learning how to actually make money for quadrant equation. Isn't that isn't that. Like the proper vernacular for drastic acquaintances. No Oh you're supposed to like. Why do we learn like stupid things where we should learn like taxes? Yeah at a certain point the making the saying that like I WANNA learn how to make money like I just WanNa learn like what the fuck my w4 is for like that's all. I WANNA not die in like civil societies. Well that's all. I don't need any like Tony Robbins. Bullshit about like how to make money in like whatever can shake your China's Tony Robbins and energy. This exhibit didn't think about John's honeywood. Hit me in the brain. I was like okay. So let's look at video on the Financial Freedom Movement website because it's just absolutely so bunkers and it needs to be disgusting knowledge so let's play that right now. They say were entitled and Lazy. They tell us to go to college. Get a job retire at sixty-five. How's that working out for us? Are Your parents happy? Are they living the life they want it? There's over one trillion dollars in student loan debt and People Without Data Education. Who can't even get a job for the student loans? They took out that now. Haunt them for like. Maybe we're too young to have experienced this yet but if you're not then you know exactly what I'm talking and I've had enough of our generation is better than we deserve better. We're smarter. So what's the solution? We need to create a movement for Argentines one that inspires people to take action to achieve now. The dreams are parents have for us or our society. We need a movement that inspires people to live life on someone else a movement to anyone who's to follow and I have a much higher chance of becoming financially free from the societal cookie-cutter nine to five jobs. We were all pulled off features and arguments. Are you with me heated like actually the brain worms I just I'm sorry. Cancun that stock image video. It's like women like putting post it notes on off his wall lake person drawing the diagram like Louis. They use a clip art like word. Microsoft clip art picture of money dissolving into like a set of numbers to be like a trillion dollars in debt. Text onscreen when he speaks comes in. Like someone's hacking the broadcast like like beating boop movement like what the like when you install movie. Is that okay so Ken Burns effect. So this this whole so that video even though it's extremely cryptic and actually unspecific on what he's talking about so he's proposing financial freedom some type of course system and I guess he is Kinda positing that our society is broken in that education is not enough and that there's so much more we need to do or there's so much like we need to refocus where we learned. I don't know it's kind of like incredibly vague on purpose. Obviously but let's go through slips it real quick. I WanNa Chin some little details like you know. Websites always shady when they have the like as seen on Forbes. Abc CBS and MTV. They put all the logos those websites where it's like. Get Your Free Visa Gift Card. It kind of looks like one of those right and as you scroll down it says things like you know Elise Weird rustic like painted images like weird filters of Jake Paul and look different scenario saying like they save run towd lazy the tells to go to college kitsap retire at Sixty Five. How's that working out for us? I've had enough of it. We need to create a movement for our generation when then spicy we'll take action achieve their dreams? The dreams are parents have for us or society. I mean it keeps repeating itself as you scroll down you know pretty much repeating that weird kind of Prosperity Gospel thing of you know if you do hard work or if you bring yourself into this like correct mindset you can achieve anything and if you sold out you can see like how you get to become a movement maker. Talks About Cutting Edge mentorship coaching and training for from multiple MILLIONARE's experts trainers in thought leaders chief financial freedom using social media and the Internet. Jake pulse personal experience rituals and secret formula on how he's achieved massive success at a young age so you can follow in his footsteps achieve your goals faster and easier than ever before. It's just so cursed a private community for everyone who's committed the financial freedom movement. So you can grow your network. Gained Support Accountability. A new friendships with minded success. Driven people on ability where okay but so that it talks about how you'll learn directly from his top millionaire instructors which is so funny to me because it very much. This whole thing really is constantly positing that if you are rich there is something you have. The other people don't like you've cracked the code and we should listen to your advice. Even though it's just under the pretty much the rules of capitalism you cannot. We cannot all be millionaires. We can't all be mega rich. It's just not how it works so I do that. Whole concept is really going. I mean this whole concept with like getting rich quick. Learning how to get rich in general is always kind of underlining this entire concept. He's trying to sell to us. But it's just so bonkers meant something. Yeah it's so weird because at the bottom. He says he's who this is four and who this is not for and it's like a whole check led the. Who This is not for category? It says people who want to get rich quick plan this is about long term wealth and free rhythm which is like the exact phrase that you hear someone saying like an Mlm but this is a way to sell you. Essential Oil. Says it's not a get rich quick scheme but you're gonNA have long term investments. My God no don't they always sell those. Mlm's schemes as long term financial management and Britain. The exact same terminology. You're just saying right there. You know when you cut co knives. You're not just trying to flip your money back and make double A. Refer people to make money. You're learning to start a business or learning how to become motivated to become self made and it's always like but like I have to pay you to do this. That's always how it kind of starts a also says who's not for people who believe that education requires massive debt and countless years of outdoor education. Top people who don't have the results you want AK- The standard education system today and like honestly yes. That's true I did. It's kind of because this is so this is so insane when people are like. You don't need to get massive debt. You don't need to go through the traditional education system and I'm like yeah you definitely don't and we shouldn't be taking out debt but the answer to that is like socialism debt-forgiveness. You know like adequate wages that can let you afford these things not like a MLM or like weird money making scheme that you sign up for online like never understood how people have to make that jump and sell you something different instead emmys the cognitive dissonance of these get rich quick schemes. Where they like or like a society has a problem but the way to fix it. More me I mean enjoy. I've talked about this so much when we did our on episodes about how groups kind of like this that offer success and prosperity are very much preying on the vulnerable and the people who look up to them as idols and they will do whatever they can to kind of get what that person has. And we'll talk about this more later. But like Jake Paul and Logan Pawn Love. These youtubers are always selling that like. Here's my amazing fancy life while everyone else is going on there like I phoned refreshing in the night. I just like watching these. I wish that was me. I wish I could live in a seven million dollar calabasas house I mean I can't relate but I get I know what it's for and then so he's doing this like almost bait and switch thing where it's like yes. I'm like this but you also can be like this too but that's not possible like that can't we can't all be top youtubers right. No and I think that it's it's absolutely not possible and you can just tell that from like the yearly roundups that these yearly roundup videos that Youtube does. It's like a year in review J. Paul and low depar- always in it and I'm talking about one of those detrimental. Yeah Yeah they're insane and they do these giant budget videos with every prominent youtuber. They can possibly throw at the screen and every year. There's just more and more of them and there's just like the there's more and more phases you will not recognize. It's people who have like three hundred thousand to like blick ten million subscribers and it's the it's just not you can tell more and more that like the the opportunity in this lake in. This website is drying up. But you're not going to the way that well especially with the way that things are going now with Youtube. There's been a lot of recent public stuff going on with an it's been happening for a couple of years now but it's really starting to get really important because you know companies like Disney and the Coke Colobian. I know they all been poached them if they've been they host them but then there's also been a lot of times where like especially the suicide forest video you know we have these big companies saying they're gonNA pull out of advertising from Youtube and of course you take that very very very very serious. What is Youtube but at the same time after being exactly but at the same time? They don't want to sacrifice their the talent that makes people come to this website especially people as big as these two so it was a really complicated situation. I mean I'm not gonNA like simp- for Youtube or anything like that but but like it's now like that kids youtube over this like past summer has come to a head where people realize like. Oh wait there's like all these like algorithm mic horrible trash garbage that just kids are watching on auto play on youtube kids and videos not even made by people videos made by computers in is so it's so dark too. Is that on this website if you go to the bottom. There's this whole thing about how like if you're one of the first ten thousand people to join. There's like a sweepstakes involved which is so dark kind of underlying it all like this is also kind of just paid sweepstakes opportunities so if you saw it under the page it talks about commit becoming a movement maker with me joined the Freedom Fam- committing to leading a movement with me by becoming a movement maker. Meaning someone who takes action uplift others is hungry for more out of life and does it want to settle for the status quo here award you for being a movement maker and then it pretty much says the first ten thousand join top prize of fly you out to film of. Log with me personally that I'll share to my millions of followers. That's the top prize which just seems like. I guess good exposure for some people And then the top ten is get personal. Shot up from Jake on social media to over ten million people so pretty much like a list of people who are like the top ten on this website. At that's a high prize. Top One hundred get movement maker Merch. One of a kind limited edition in groups shot up two batches of ten to twenty people to my millions of followers. And then there's even like they have these like darker tears where it's like top one thousand film video and tag at Jake Paul Hashtag movement maker and you get an exclusive limited edition. Financial Freedom Movement t-shirt top ten thousand ASTERIK airports get fifty percent off membership plus a ticket to shake onto her anytime in Toy. Twenty his new events in chance to win any of the top prizes listed above as well. Oh so it's twenty dollars a month to join by the way. Of course it acts like it's actually forty a month but they're having some discount right now where it's only twenty but that's the entry price to pretty much can. It's a monthly subscription service. He has this lake also frequently asked questions below where it's like you can tell this is directly marketed towards children which is so so fucked up so he says does this relate to me if I'm young. How long do I have access to the membership? You know what if I don't have twenty dollars to join and for the twenty dollars a joy what it says? That's all the more reason you should find a way to access information. Have your parents invest for you by sharing with them? The letters to parents at the bottom of the page which we do have to like real quick don't we oh God. It's actually so long I can't do that but explore. Can you find your parents credit card? Tell me the three numbers on the back line and also with so weird to me about all of this is like it's just so blatantly this thing that happens again and again with like new Internet industries. We see this all the time with influencers where it's like. I got popular through this very specific alchemy of bad press and vitality and also being kind of like the first to do like team ten and like all these like insane. Shenanigans that like the Paul Brothers have like consistently been at the forefront of. They got an early enough that they were then favored by Youtube. Became Youtube partners are invited to all of the Youtube events and then that also bolsters them within the Youtube Algorithm which is changing so frequently. Now that like there's hires genre of Youtuber whose whole job is just deciphering. The Youtube Algorithm for other youtube. And so it's like you're basically selling like this fantasy to your people that like they are going to be somehow lucky enough to have the same specific set of viral marketing standards Youtube Algorithm blessings. And also just all the bad press that the Paul Brothers have been blessed within the last two years like that is what I don't think people like this is where it's so dangerous for children because like when they're not actually you know old enough to see behind the curtain of social media and understand how this is all a business. That is all in youtube favor right like all of the things. The Paul Brothers have done has only like enriched people at Youtube further. It is only made like people who have sprung up. La To make these like viral stars rich in popular more rich and more popular and so these kids are watching them. And they're like. Wow these kids at these guys have great lives. They have big houses. They seem fun in cool. Like let me be exactly like them. And then there's like an unseen Curtin with like thirty business executives micromanaging. The Paul Brothers every move and then an entire suite of the youtube offices just dedicated to like ensuring team ten stays on the front page. And then there's also this thing with talk now to like. Have you ever noticed that when you click on like a tick tock sound and I don't WanNa get too far into the weeds with this but like when you click on certain Tick Tock? Sounds the first twenty videos on that. Tick Tock sound are hype house people like. Oh my God the hype house. Have you noticed? That feels like the election the watching something completely unrelated on Youtube and like the team ten videos like those hole. Things like Jeffrey Star. Shane Dawson team. Tangible like people orbiting all that James Charles like all. Those people are grade lights rationalizations. Even though like you're watching like a video of some dude like three D. Resin printing like an anime character. And you're just like. Why are you in the Youtube Algorithm? I don't even watch these people and it's literally just like these teens. Think that like it's again the live capitals and we get back to all time. Like you're just GonNa be like a hard worker and do your best and you're going to follow these rules and it's going to happen fruit loops but like the whole thing about youtube is it relied on a very specific set number of people being popular because if everyone was as big as the youtube the like big youtube stars like Jake. Paul Youtube wouldn't make any money like it's impossible to sell ads like under a business model like that because everyone is possible if everyone is popular. The ads can't get prioritized and sold for higher prices to the people with more exclusive viewer count so like Youtube is just GonNa make sure through their algorithm fucker that these people who are going to be aspiring social media stars are never going to even see the front page of the Youtube Page. Let alone anyone search recommendations like that's just like where this shit is so mind bogglingly like evil and like just so like taking advantage of young people in such an evil way like but then you also think. Is Jake Paul? Smart enough to know that that is what's happening or does he truly think he just like bumbled his way into all of this like. I can't figure this out like reading the road. Work mentality like there's interviews you'll have some later but there's there's there's a ton of like if you look anything having to do with like with a news outlets talking to them specifically they re. I think they really do know exactly what they are they talk about on working late eighteen hours. We Dad and stuff like a waste. I'm GonNa make money always having to hustle so they're very much in that mentality of that. There's always money to be made. There's always opportunities to be taken right. And I think that you know they. They know exactly who their audience like. There's all these like you know. I think the the staged kind of interviews with avoid Shane Dawson. And those people you know he'll he'll say things like oh I don't like I don't really know what my outwit my analytics are. And like. I don't know that but he he does have a whole team of people who entire job is running pressing social play. I mean the merge store itself. He's making lots making. He made this like twenty eighteen twenty seventeen so it's even more now. I'm sure or maybe not. But he was saying that the Paul Brothers sold like forty plus million and merch forty million dollars going to one or two people go through one hundred different people making sure that happens like there's teams that people people making the merged people design them or she'll marketing the merge people funneling the money to him manager's insistence all those people in between like it's not some ethereal like oh you can just kind of have this and make it work like no. It's actually a lot of fucking work involved even though it's evil terrible manipulative work. It is like just any other into also with so funders. There's plenty of like talks of him being like yet. There's just plenty of talks of him being like like you'll be leading a panel and he'll say something like Lake if I can't I have to keep the thing that I'm selling. Or they will lose interest and literally something he says all Houston children like these big business meetings. If he's talking to business people he is a completely different person. Watch Jake Paul Video. You are not watching Jake Paul if you watch a video of him being interviewed by just some guy who's like I'm a business youtuber. Or whatever just like vice or any of these people he. He's a completely different person. He is a professional. Does exactly what he's doing we'll all it. The the brand is is to be a kid but the the actual thing behind it is incredibly conniving and also like I mean not to be this person who's like yeah I mean I looked up his leg. History of being You know sued like that was something that I did. Just because I was interested and like I literally was just like okay. Let me just see like what the tea is like? I really WanNa know like what kind of stuff and when I looked literally guys I shit you not. He has on these like lawsuits where it is literally like like ten digit enterprises. Llc Like Team Ten Jealousy Holding Jay Hall Management Corporation Shell Holdings on the lawsuits. There's like seven different representative. Llc's that are all affiliated with. Jake Paul as Indian being allegedly multimillion dollar lawsuits to so then you have a team like an actual serious legal expensive team taking care of it as well and that comes with the fame like anyone will tell you. That's made a lot of money doing anything. You will be sued constantly. You're always in lawsuits. I always think lawsuits are like the theater of like capitalism where really it is just like how much money can we each other until someone has to give me even more money and the fact that that comes with the territory. Something he'll never mentioned. Never like bring up as a possibility when you want to become a social media influence or any of these tycoons of the industry. It's just funny to me because I literally was just like these people think that people are stupid like they literally think that everyone is like super dumb as rocks. And that's what I think is like really irritating to me specifically about all this is just. It's so obvious. But it's because we're adults who pay attention to this teens don't know this like kids don't know all about this right like we only know this because we like our obsessive people who like spend inordinate amounts of our free time like looking into these wholesome live. I see a link. We grew up on the Internet. I think all three of seeing people go through cycles of how to capitalism market author blogs are blogs and we saw before. It was really very capitalized to hyper capitalize. But I think of kids now I see this at work anyway. I know that has kids like around seven to like ten thirteen years old right now and you can see why it is the most desired job in America for middle schoolers to come of lager influence her. Because that's all they know and they didn't they don't know what Internet before that they don't know of a time when it was when you really would just be genuine sharing information. It's always capitalize. Make it a brand. Make It this package that you could redistribute to millions of Americans that is really the best point though that like we were blessed to come up in an age when we like. Watch how people manipulated their tumbler pages in deals or became twitter popular like we all remember tweet decking like we were like old enough like even remembering like people who were like. Funny Shit Posters on live journal that are like writers now like you know that kind of stuff like we all have friends on Tumbler. Who then went on to like do? The lake stay comes twitter account. Like you know that's the kind of age that we grew up in so we kind of know what this all looks like and how it's all made like we know we've eaten the sausage and watched it get put together but like young Penal Legend. Horsey books alone. Yeah I mean that's just kind of like where I'm out with all of it where I'm just like man like okay. For instance. This is just totally side notes but lake like I'm looking at this defendants list for when his old landlord sued him and look at how many people are on. Oh my God is just sees like yeah like literally like this is what I'm talking about like look at this juncture pulls up like the actual legal docs like notarize things from three lawyers right like Joe and team ten incorporated and ten digit enterprises. Llc every is a new S. Corp or something that has to file and the money has to be moved between those. I mean he talks about how much money he's making these multimillion dollar houses lamborghinis and sports cars and him flying around the world and private jets and Shit like I one thing that is really disturbing to is that and we see this when we re read some people who have gone who paid for the Financial Freedom Movement. We really got into the course materials here but he really is just so. It's the what he's telling everybody what he's selling us is one like tenth of what's required. What's actually going on as well? You know like you talk about how you can make all this money. He can talk about how you can become an influence to become a social media star. Become somebody that has an icon or some capitalism. Really take life by the reins and just you know guard this traditional education. But at the same time you won't talk about the lawsuits. He won't talk about the constant bad press. You won't talk about the anxiety and depression he's experiencing which we will get into later because He Luli breaks down on the podcast us a few days after releasing this where he talks about how is life feels like he feels. He's trapped in this life of wealth and how wealthy people are happier than poor people. And I'm like what are we even doing this all four? How are you going to scam as at the same time and then talk about how genuine this is? I don't I cannot see the line at all. I mean just looking even at the auto lawsuit where he was like. He was like sued because he drove around Los Angeles because honking his horn nearly loudly and some man claimed he like went like like damaged hearing in one ear like couldn't hear out of his ear nose rich neighborhoods. I mean they really like I've just like it's I will suggest like also I'll show you how to access the eating for Free Court Registry website that I use because like literally. It's just so much fun when we do a new episode. I'm just lake. Let's look up their social security number level security number but let me look up their personal information on L. A. COURT DOT COM and. Let's watch what kind of lawsuits they've been through? He's been sued for personal injury. Property damage wrongful-death breach of rental contract lease contract and Auto Accidents. GonNa back up wrongful death. No that's just a category. It was for Property Damage He was sued by his by lady was sued by his former. Landlord allegedly like trashing the team ten house than breaking the rental agreement with the former team. Ten House not the one that they live at now. Oh Good God they settle that in two thousand I remember. There was a big controversy after because they they were like they would make those videos like we're getting victory gone wrong nominally. Paid Million Dollar House and you can't pay your bills girl like I do not care like okay. So what's actually the course? Material is that what's next. What are we getting into okay? Honestly with how long this has been going on for if we are going to have to do this in two parts because there's really so much going on One thing I want to talk about before really. Let's say the course materials for the next part honestly even to the theory of not. Let's talk about this launch party. He did that. Variety was reported on. Because it's so bunkers so there is this so there's a article that again a Lincoln description here where at the Hollywood sports park a multi use outdoor painful. Bmx venue in Bellflower California. Which really just colors all Jay-paul hosted this launch party. On the day where he released no financial freedom movement and he was hyping up online like come to prevent Blah Blah and he talks about people actually writing these signs like literally protest signs saying like the education system is worthless and that quote Unquote Teaching Kids. Zero real life skills to secure their own future doesn't used the correctly which is so funny like Jake Paul like pointing the entire massive Internet and sells at the American education system. The collective Chad anger of every vol- sell on the Internet just like angrily sub tweeting the US Department of Education. I know know really really. Let's play there's this great video from from variety that was shot? Let's play it real quick where he's literally standing on this balcony to lake fifty twins in their MOMS. That are like chaperoning them where he will uses a money gun while he's talking which is so. Just Open GonNa drag you to all of these events when I have to go for work when I'm in Los Angeles like you're GonNa be by like emotional bodyguard. You guys are GONNA be looking. Deep Deep Hoods to a triple Gordon outfits who wear is like a deep undercover. Okay okay. Let's put this video real quick because it's so insane. Sorry I like they'd have to people in the audience. Our reporters are they at us but being next tournament here in Hollywood Sports Park in great off beauty way today this same education system that created jake. Paul is the same education system that has people on the Internet applauding the LGBTQ Coppin on word search. Alexey print it same. Sabe Sabe symptoms same flavor brain worm. Yup the talk shows. I think what's really worrying is like I don't WanNa like Lincoln backs alike. Donald trump in any way. But like I mean we. Can you really do realize when you've listened to the stuff that Jake Paul is saying like? I don't WanNa like okay so like just to like really's glide over liable laws and like why we can get sued. We can quote what people are saying at then analyzed what they're saying but we cannot put words in people's bows or put thoughts in people's heads. So I just want to preface that. Please don't sue me Jake Paul but listening to what he has to say. I really do just have a gut feeling that these are things. He heard on Lake in Selley. White nationalist forums lying this rhetoric like the red eter. Whose like Libertarian. Like angry at kid in the school yet didn't finish school lane yet. You don't handle like dozen this language like really like a specific part of the Internet that is also often dubbed. Like the bad place like these people are like cultural. Four says like the Paul Brothers literally went from being youtubers to now like. I'm shitting. Not shitting you every day when I get my back grid photo role which is where like I get all the like new potsy photos and I can like purse like whereas everyone's been photographed They're like in them constantly. Now like ten among go to like these people like the celebrity enterprises like well. These people are popular like we're going to include them next to photos of frigging Angelina. Jolie's selling girl scout cookies at the park with our children. Yeah I see videos of judges see what Taco Bell more than I see usually when I'm going where people are clicking like `Paparazzi I will say this like the Paparazzi. Take a lot of useless photos. But when people are like showing up and mass. They're either selling those photos themselves or those photos are selling well enough. That people are buying them. Like just jared has a specific way of categorizing all of their articles. And you can always tell when certain things drop that is because those are the things that they want people to pay attention to. Jake Paul Ten among all these people James Charles. They're always in the five. Am News Dump. Which is when you get the most clicks no matter what which is why all the big news stories. Go first thing in the morning and so just like. I don't think people like really see how much they are already. Legitimized by their popularity but also further legitimized by like pre existing celebrity industries. That are like okay. Well I guess we're going to cash in on them now to like just watching. That just made me feel like I'm having a mental breakdown. Literally the deeper. You're GONNA know exactly. I mean this is kind of what I meant when I said I think the Paul Brothers are kind of like the last wall like hurdle that like youtube needed to get over to be taken seriously in Lega in a business sense. I think that like like it's absolutely that like now. I think partially thanks to people like Jake. Paul youtubers are taken seriously like Forbes. Thirty under thirty conferences like moment then he'll have invested in like thirty startups this year. And you know I've used doubled my money in those kind of things. It's it's just the next Gen next flavor of the same thing. Wait how soon. How soon until Jake? Paul is invited. Unburied diller's yaw go to Google camp. Like how soon is Jake Paul now up at Davos? I'm sorry I did. Julianne Huff to go to Davos. Like how soon is jake? Paul going to show up at Davos like that's that is the third eye opening but I would like to say that. Like truly the third. I is just cracking. Like Everson slowly opened and I am seeing the foresight into the future. And I'm just like guys everyone. Hold hands metaphorically spiritually physically lawson grabbed my hand. Can grab your cat and literally. I'm just telling you now. Okay Jake Paul is GonNa come out with an award winning New York Times best. Selling Dave Ramsey esque conservative Christians delete. I don't know no no. No actually he's going to take you a bad jake. Paul doing wait wait shoes e Jake Paul GonNa make like a Suzie Orman talk show. Okay no well. Was that other guy that used to do it? Like the Fox like two conservative right wing. Guy Who used to buy all the buzzers and sound effects and everything do you weigh about really doesn't exist. It was linked to bother me. Yes all the sound effects in like. Yeah that's exactly what it's going to be converted and that's where it's going to go all ringing the bell. Nope we don't want to wait. Do not manifest. So it's it's not even higher. Davos wold gives you guys know. Jay-paul did spend the night to White House in two thousand seventeen. Oh that makes me. That makes so much. He talks about that one of his urine review videos. Like it's a proud achievement. I was like look at the time. Something new giant Yahoo Dot COM youtuber. Jake Paul Zayed's tweet is facing major backlash like this. It's like oh we'll get into. That definitely sounds like we should probably be up soon because we are going to have a mental breakdown. No truly Okay so let's end on this. This is a little interview with variety. Which Paul at this event and then we'll end on that before we can do part too because it's just even more bonkers so by the way the head of VIP area at this launch party which is just like for like fifty people or they actually made more sharpie pen signs into that with like FM movement. Ism such as like I learned the periodic table but not how to do my taxes. All this weird shit like that or like pie equals three point one four but how do I start a renter's lease they all this bunker shit so they asked him? You know like they asked him. Why are you motivated to do this? You know what is your reason for doing this in Paul says I was like. Why are we sitting in class right now? Learning the quadrant formula when we should be learning about taxes and insurance. They asked me like anti-education speech he was giving because he blames education. Us government for the failure of America against. And he's like I'm not anti anything. I think it's great if somebody wants to be a doctor. I think it's great if somebody wants to veterenarian and you have to go to trade school. And then they asked later like what does it mean me like financially free and he kind of combination being financially independent self reliant and self made the ability to go on a two month vacation of the drop of a hat and of course throw over the top parties Which of course he's still plans to do even said like yeah for sure for sure. I think it's fine at the end of the day. It kind of ties back to if I want to throw a party like why not and honestly I think that really is the summary of it all right like really because his whole thing when you go on his youtube. Is that the reason we want to be successful? So we can just hang out with friends and you know the real genuine moments are being able to hang out with his team mates and his brother and all the people in family and just make sure base doing okay and all right but somehow requires making millions and millions of dollars and selling this entire lifestyle at the same time. It's funny because all the people in that photo on his website. It's it's definitely group of people from team ten. I'm pretty sure like half. These people hate him. Oh definitely we're telling me Kendall over half of these people do not talk to figure it's only make handle we'll talk about later you because it's another thing a whole entire thing but you were talking about live from the team. Ten House have like you know. Kind of sketchy Lille histories or like abuse. Another like weird reports and stuff. Maybe it's gossip but I know that's kind of like true right and some that T- Ten previous t team ten I mean. Yeah there's there's a lot of like if you just look up the term in youtube why I left the team. You will get scores you. A whole new view is like X. Youtube influencers becoming new influence or time yet know exactly because basically the whole dark side of Youtube so that was a the whole point of the of team ten and it was a pretty good deal for these people originally in terms of just like from the from the baseline it was like. We'll join this house. He already has a big following. He'll get a bigger following by having all their because it'll be like a little squad and then we'll get a bigger following for beside of that. It's it's it's like very like multi level cloud chasing Kinda deal and live in contact impressive. This point is like there's a lot of videos of people claiming allegedly that Jake has a very like authoritarian rule over the House essentially about that. There's there's these contracts where he like. He takes a lot of your monthly all like your revenue a large. I forget exactly how much but a large percentage of that went to. Jake Jake exclusive. I mean there's there's abuse happening in the House that there were there were times where just like boundaries weren't set and people got hurt like Blake musically on because they just didn't do anything and the thing. Is that like while it's supposed to be this like rowdy kind of Frat House vibe. The one person said like this is still a business and I wanted to be treated with respect. And I wasn't getting that there was his ex girlfriend who said they were like boyfriend girlfriend on camera. Things were really complicated behind. Informative Tannen everything again. Yeah it was very informative like with Tanna with this girl. There's the Dobrev's brothers who reported a lot of like microaggressions and racism towards them the Times they like there were. There were times where Jacob run around the House with a teaser and tastes everybody. Yeah and like so. There's a lot of points where like I think there's this public knowledge that there's this public history of like J. Especially with the people that he works with being wildly unprofessional. But that's also part of like the video of the lines in terms of boundaries get really blurred because people both like in the house and people who are watching. Don't really understand what's part of the video. What isn't so like when he's being mean to somebody like it's not really like it vaguely remember a couple of videos of people saying like. I don't I couldn't really tell what was going on like Adler. They all seem very shrewd show becoming aware of what the simulation or something there videos of him like when when family collaborators were come over eventually he started adding like eight and seven year olds to the hype house. Yeah there's this kid like titus who was like four. Who has his own. Instagram is like I think his nickname was he was the one who is a lookalike or something because he had blond hair and everything and that's and then they would ship him with the older girl and by because it was his ex wife. Cher like Erica and they were Jericho so it was like a little jig. Poll look the euro girl Netflix. A law it's a whole ethical suit like wrong. It's it's fucking the entire this entire. I mean that house should be okay. You want to play a game too like the raw video files that he has shot over the years and see like what was cut out with truly illuminate. So much of this. Okay okay. I think we're GONNA have to cut ourselves off here. We've been here for like almost an hour and a half and we haven't even talked about like what actually matters which is the course. Material of AD came having a breakdown on like you know I think this like set. It did it did. And it'd be also needed to get all this out because it's like this darkness needs a lot of explaining. It needs a lot of processing feel as I was looking through all this stuff over the last week I was shaken like watching his actual videos watching the blogs that made him popular the actual content. That we're supposed to be there for for Jake. Paul makes it even more confusing and disturbing the guy actually. It's I can see why people are into. I definitely understand it especially when you're a young impressionable child and no one's really tell you otherwise. I get that but to see all the adults around him say yes and just promoting cowboys. The shit out of it is truly where it's the most evil. It's it's kind of like Joe Joe. Same thing in a conversation honestly reminds me a lot of the Jersey Went Pacific. We did but like. She's a very different energy. Because I don't think Joe I think one of the compare contrast Joe Joe Versus Jake Paul. Because it's so it's on the two different breeds of marketing and content but with Joe Joe. It's a lot more. I don't WanNa say genuine almost but it's not. There's something different when it's like an older guy doing it and also like trying to purposely sell you stuff like that. Well Joe Joe. Sills you merchant content like Jake. Paul has a history and we'll get into more in part two which is so hilarious because this is like the second or third time. He's done this but you try to sell you like plans. Give you false hope. Joe Does Not do that. J. Paul actually directly is trying to make it seem as if this is all incredibly attainable which is just a cold cold. Li- like it's it's not a truth in any sense have nothing else says. Hey about this right now. Honestly I think we should go. I think it's time to leave before we get out of here in Lawson does all the stuff. I would really like to say that. There's a new network show guys that I really need to talk about. No no no not one not blind love. Love is blind. No I really don't WanNa be like sucking on the Dick of Big Daddy Netflix. I really just need people to just get their eyeballs on this show like I personally thought. The Circle was extremely boring rings. Very I I loved it. Action Dole. Thank you for having. I thought I thought we had a good time with now. Sorry no Los An- I'm Ron bad. Take wrong but I would just like to say they need people to get their love is blind. Like I'd I mean the chaos on the circle was not existed but the love blind eye looks absolutely unbearable. I saw that woman is eating. No no spoilers. I'm Nicholas Shea showed up. I'm like Oh this is going to be amazing. The fact that anyone lake let Nicholas like leave the house. Recently is nightmarish to me but You guys I just need you. I'M NOT GONNA. I'm not issuing any edicts about it. I have no opinions yet. We're probably going to have to do a pitcher on episode about it. At some point I think I just need people to get their eyes on it. Like just open your eyes crack that third one open. Sit Down and just just let it happen to you. Wash over. Just let it. Just come over your body. Just like a prickly Burr infested blanket stew in the uncomfortable I would say like there's some interest- interesting things happening with Miss Reality Television format so I like that. I think excited. I don't WanNa know into granting reality. Television is social experiments. Like thank you and also just everyone like I will be telling you. I have currently been browsing some Back page ask websites not back pages but like things that are like industry you know job postings and whatnot because I am trying promise you all. I am trying to get the tea on real housewives of Salt Lake City. Please live we need it. My differ no one has any T- take I am just. I'm trawling around. I am rolling around in real filthy job postings. I'm trying to get as much info as they can't. I'm I'm going to triangulate this for you and you will hear here first. Okay suggest just know. That worst comes to worst. I will be fine to Salt Lake City because I will absolutely need to get my eyeballs on this. So just like just know that it's in the works. I am working on it. I am trying to triangulate this information. Because Andy Cohen is an international menace. Okay Oh and real housewives of Melbourne is coming back. Anyone working because I need to get real hot some Auburn. It's been impossible because see okay. I even tried purchasing and they went is because I just WanNa say this is a prime example Ryan example three years ago because that's how long lost and has been punished with my existence Working at a Shitty job and I turned around I turned around and I said Lawson come over to my desk remember and you and I said take this take this headphone and you put it on your head and I just clicked play on an episode of the real housewives of Melbourne that was on X. Tube. Rip. And you're just let it wash over you. And I sent you the Lincoln Slack and I said Listen. You have to watch this show while it's still exists somewhere because it was like four eighty p Lake. No the Ray and it's like missing episodes and you try to find it and like I am. I know where to go and I said just let it happen to you in your legs I apologize. You're like okay. I'll get around to get to. It'll get around to it three years later. You can't find it. I tried finding like ago. Blessedly witnessed all of it. Okay I was lucky and I just wanted you to know everybody that once again. I have the foresight. I have the vision. I have the power and I'm always cracked. I'm always right nubiotocs. Every is right me me like walking into every room. I am always right in. Everyone should listen to me. That is like where I not about everything and I can't actually deny that you can't but I love you regardless and I have dragged along this far and he'll just keep dragging you behind my horse center as long as I need. Well actually you've taken the reins on the horse and I am just like trudging slowly behind these days. But I'll get back. I'll get back in the race through. Sonic I can go behind. This branded reebok shoes get my feet look. It's been a fantastic episode. I think we've had a really good conversation here. I love the insight and everything that we have brought. Wow there's all three of us on the podcast. It's time I know it was actually kind of insane. I'm in whiplash right. Wow Kendall how do you feel now having done four getting for free content? I feel like I just like rail of cocaine. Well you know when when I'm in L. A. Kendall and we are going to be our new recording buddies. I just want you to know that we're going to have to be literally and metaphorically making out each and every episode just to bully Lawson across the phone the way you probably feel police right now like we're going to be setting selfish wall. We're recording this really. It's extra Boston like. Can you please pay attention to the episode? Please me and the comments on like discord like pay attention. Oh and guys this is just throw this out here but we were talking about this when we weren't recording. Would you guys please let us know facebook? I'M GONNA PUT A. I'M GONNA put a post up on the facebook group and we are considering a serious move. Over from. Facebook dischord Just because one. I would like to stop using facebook entirely and would like our group to like stick by the things that we talk about on this podcast and stop like allowing Youtube and facebook not youtube but facebook to like monetize our existence on their platform and I think discord is a better more secure more interesting way to engage with each other so much better up group I mean. How many times have you guys been on facebook? And you've tried to find a post than you have to get back to that. It's asking impossible and I get some unification of Y'all commenting. Click it and it doesn't bring me to the comment and it's like facebook like come on you remember years straight either. Go to discipline pose. I get in like approval because no one can find the post that it was already exactly right so anyway. This one article. I love you but we really do need to consider serious move so we are going to probably leave the facebook group as a legacy and make a read. Only like if that move was to happen so people would know we at least both existing for a bit so we can get. Yeah but we're just considering that move so just like let us know and I love the facebook group. You guys like I love the community on there but it really is. That medium is just so tragic and we all hate it. We all hate it. I think we're all suffering. I don't think anyone anyone having are like there's several people who will like US submit a request to be in the group and they're like they have a blank photo and they're just like a maybe a person and like it was. I just joined facebook to join this group. Please my favorites when we ask you. Just give us a reason for why you're joined the group or how you heard of us and they'll like copy the question and paste as the answer and I'm like what what are we supposed to do. I mean the amount of thoughts. We have to contend with facebook pages. Insane enough as it is. I would just rather not engage with it and I think people like their identities not so like public connected to facebook is so weird in that insane also guys. I need not to be a little Herbie here but like my okay. That was actually the most savage note. Any of my editors ever gave me was when one of my blogs is like a little too poster. This blog is a bit too. Sweaty Jones edited pack of it but We're all a bunch of sweaty posters. So like guys legitimately discord in be sweaty. Posters on dischord posters haven. Facebook is just not for posters. Laser. Facebook is for MOMS and aunts in Grandma's in fighting and fighting with people. You don't like and I just rather not do it and also the less. I have to open my facebook APP. The better I mean less trackers of any if I could just delete facebook that'd be even better also become underscore to because then we can do like game in TV things eventually. You're always channels because like my dream is like if we have a movie night and we'd like stream a movie and then you can tune into the voice channel and you can like watch a movie live with us and then we have like those kinds of events like nine just more fun to me so anyways premier like like a real housewives premiere. Yes sit down for Potomac. We need to get prepared to sit down and watch. All the episodes of love is blind with US home so anyways I wanna get that out of the way. I am not in charge here but I'm just making the rain. This a co-op group experience it is a Co Lawson and your outvoted two to one. So you're either going to have to transition or leave Who On that note drawbacks to the corner? I have a gun guys. Can't see it but there are two guns. I have no longer asking me okay. Let's do we need to do if you guys want to. Also I mean we keep saying during the facebook group may be not during the facebook group. But we'll get you on the dischord but otherwise you can follow our show of course at inc for free on instagram. At underscoring for free on twitter you can follow Joan. Everywhere at Joan gossips and follow me everywhere at Underscore Matthew Lawson Kendall. Where can people follow you? You can find me at she hertzog Herzog like the last name of the German director I'm on my change point just to be more professional but then people could find me and that's not really my notes to be mystic. You know it's better. I want to be like you know Unattainable you know the desired but unattainable so finally okay and Joan has like emergency surgery like tomorrow morning for Wisdom. Ta So we are going to try to do part of this next week. I hope that we can make that happen and tell you all if I'm not here well I was gonna say something rude but don't tweet me for the next week. Don't ask me. Don't send me messages. Don't text me none of it because I will not respond but I'm also going on as severe amount of pain medication. Do not trust myself like Louis. You lock the phone with the key so throw it out. The window lead me like posting risk as cell fees. That I thought was a good idea because unlike injected up on painkillers so I am literally going to lock my phone away somewhere that I am unable to get to it and I'm just going to chill so if you really need to get to me you can run up and you can fight me in person otherwise. I am sure it could wait a week. A amazing and also grimes. I still reading my blogs. So say hello. I know you sat through all of this. And if you ever want to talk I am more than welcome to sit and chat because I have been following your work for far too long and I think we have a very productive conversation. I know that you can listen to this. I know that listen to this and I just hope that you are having a safe productive day and hope you resting relax full weekend. And that's that on not profound silent. Claire Claire Cut the cameras guys. Hi Claire Okay Okay. All right three two one. Good Claire What do I think I don't think of her?

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Episode 51 - The Lizard King or Enraged Moron Nitwit Lizards

Radioactive Spider-Pod

1:16:26 hr | 3 months ago

Episode 51 - The Lizard King or Enraged Moron Nitwit Lizards

"Episode S for ten the Lizard King Episode Fifty, one take one. GIG action only one to action. Much, for joining us, this is radioactive spider podcast that looks back on the Ninety Spiderman cartoon and asks how many scientists have neutron bombs in their home offices here to bring you episode fifty, one, the Lizard King I'm your host, the Kaijuka Kevin mcevoy in the morning your breath sure is atomic was awful and joining me as always my fellow rascal reptiles, the T. Rex Vero Taylor my arms aren't that small. And the Iguana Peter is conduct. One is cool. Yeah. A. Guavas are cool. Some of them they dive down in the water the ones in the Galapagos a quick bit of business greenhouse for this episode as well as other good stuff can be found on our social media twitter instagram and facebook. Give us a follow links on the web at radioactive Spider pod dot com. There's also exclusive bonus episodes out takes off these over at Patriot dot com slash radio address spider pod. Show and another way you can support. The show is joining us on everyone's favorite segment pints endanger where we consume twenty fluid ounces in honor of season four partners endanger what drinks are you skinks imbibing today? Dry Hopped Blonde Ale brewed with Ella in centennial. Collective Arts Dancing I've got a blood orange sowards arts from the brewing. In Toronto I had a jam up the mash from collective arts and as a Rhino on the Ken, Nice. Well, sounds like sobriety is no longer Komodo dragons down. So let's monitor crown and profile a reptile because our mo Jo is rise in for partners endangered chapter ten, the Lizard King. King First Aired July twenty. Six. Thousand Nine Hundred Ninety seven was written by John Semper the semper sympathy and Gordon Kent who is a writer in animation timer who worked on everything from Gi Joe to Bob's Burgers it's not based on any issue of the comics, but it's still time for another cold blooded edition of Peters Comic Book Minute. Over this book minute, we're GONNA do a rundown on the Lizard. The Lizard real name. Curtis Curt Connors first appearance was the amazing spider may number six in November of nineteen sixty, three I mean it was created by Stan Lee and Steve Dicko his abilities as curt connors genius level intellect as the Lizard furious hand to hand combatant superhuman strength speed agility reflexes stamina durability telepathic control over reptiles regenerative healing factor hardens scaly skin razor sharp claws and teeth six foot long pretence tail, and the ability to bring out any nearby creatures primitive reptilian instincts. Yeah Yeah. If you want to more reading on the Lizard be sure to check out these key issues. Of course, his first appearance in amazing spider man number six from November nineteen sixty three are crawls the lizard. Yeah. He also was in Spiderman number one from nineteen ninety, which was pencil and written by Todd McFarlane. Institutional Spiderman Two thousand six number twenty, three corners, son Billy had been along source of stress and conflict for both sides of the Lizard. So the Lizard came up with a brilliant idea make billy a reptile to briefly even worked as father and son collaborate on beating. Spidey. Has. Billie ended up gang shot. Lizard. Abandoned him to run in the stores Fook. You Billy you loser. Get wrecked. That was his plan, the whole time, and finally there's amazing spider man number six, thirty from May twenty ten, we're dot com managed to secure a new job at a pharmaceutical company but began to hear horrible voice telling him to commit horrible violent acts collapsing under the stress of in self esteem crumbling connors let the Lizard takeover the reptile then celebrate by immediately challenge down on his boss the eating not stop there. Instead it got so much worse when he ate a child and it wasn't just any child no, it was conard his own son Billy Co fuck yourself only. Correct again, motherfucker. Well. Our episode is blessedly much more billy free and it begins right on the cliff that we were hanging from. Spiderman is shown Mary Jane, his true identity and she sent reeling as they swing across the city together. Arriving at Old Bruce Gargoyles Peter Decides it's time for action and proposes to Mary Jane who considers it before throwing herself off the building after Peter makes the catch mg agrees knowing that Peter will always be there for her the spacing on the title card off I don't know if anyone noticed that. Oh. No, there's like just two spaces between lizard and king you like slate. duffed it. Listen. They're all drunk at that point it was the nineties. Cocoa, hammering these episode. Season Four, we're going to do this forever. Nothing will slow down the Spiderman train. Just started off your. Peter like whipping off his masking as C.. J.. It's me Adrian Tomes. Keep saying it's me. You see me Jane. It's me the managing goes says Peter That's impossible. Is I know literally he just did all the things. It's not impossible also how the fuck did you not get this earlier? He sounds the same she's she's super used these like no no, we gotta go website like, no, no, no, we gotta talk about this. She says. And there's so much I. Ask you starting with what the fuck is up with that man spider thing you almost killed me. That was a thing. Oh. Yeah, I, completely forgot about that when. He came to our house those killed air like raw. She is not ready to go on Peter Parker's wild ride and he's taken her I swing. Her face is pretty like scrunched up. She's not just. No No, no. No. Not Today. Peter where did you get that spider man costume. Actually him. He's just like surprises me. I'm Spiderman. She's like okay. That explains why he was never around our relationship and he just like can't web. What I'm good to give it up for you. Well, it didn't really ask you to give it I'm giving it up for you never talk about it again, I'm hanging up the mask that's it. I'm out. So you know the first thing you do when you tell your girlfriend, your secret identity is to bring her to your best friend. A gargoyles also. Named Bruce 'cause that's who needs to know and so did they cut away from when there was a introduction between MJ and Bruce, and then Peter just stands there pretending to listen to what Bruce says and regurgitates it. Like a good ten minutes. Yeah, it was pretty awkward this show up at Bruce and peters like. What do you think? Yeah the cargo is great. Seriously, we have to talk about the man spider you murdered and you might murder again. So we have. So Peter Goes and says, I'll never let anything happen to you, and then it's just like except letter kidnapped by Green Goblin falling portal get kidnapped by a cult leader sorcerer get kidnapped by crazy water skied like. Yeah. There's a couple of things there on that list, but never again, you know for sure. The last time. And even says, I'd lost you once because didn't act quickly enough. Yeah usually dudes lose their girlfriends when they do act too quickly. Making webs all over meant that. Okay. I gotTa Give Peterson fighting credit though what a smooth transition Mary Jane says makes me wonder what other little secrets hiding how'd you like to take a lifetime to find out that Smoother it's it's smooth silk and he did the smart thing. He asked her to marry him on top of a building like she's not going to say no because of the implication. What implication look she's Fine Peter. But like you know there's the implication it's pretty dangerous on these routes. Things are you going to hurt these girls? No you'll be fine. You'll be fine except he comes in a little hot I don't know why they animated him like leaning to the side like hedge take a lifetime to find out and J it's like, Whoa, buddy a A. Much is slow down there buddy. So. She throws herself off a roof has. To prove a fucking point. I'm sorry Pete Red. Flag? Like what if his web shooters were just out they webbed all the way they're. Out Olympic right. What if GWEN STACY EATER? Also distinct possibility. That's the where my mind went like. that. So he goes and catches her and they're like lovey dovey they're in each other's arms and kissing and stuff and like. Aren't there people on the ground that can see them like shouldn't they be hiding their identity or the Salami? Theater I just picturing like a backlit office building and a guys just like eating takeout. And then just starts jerking it what just swinging back and forth, and it's just like triple j's in there and he's like he's on the phone walking back and forth the past the window, but they just so happen to be passed just as he's walking past and he's looking at all the wrong time. It's just. A comedy, of errors. Tucson, Jameson is, back. This up to the wall though. And Beater says. This is the happiest day of my Life Stereo is dead Oh also this part is pretty good too. Yeah, it's the same. It's the same I'm right. Yeah. This is second. This is literally minutes after they watch those people to so many innocent lives lost, but this is the happiest day of his life. You know it's pretty romantic Peter of course, the proposes without a ring good job buddy and decides that the girl who had a problematic ex-boyfriend would want to wear a spider tracer. As. A ring. So he knows where she is at all times. Yeah that's not great. I. Mean There's some implications there too. Yeah. It's for your safety. I mean yeah. But. It's symbolizes that your my property I don't understand what the problem is. I'm starting to smooch counter in this episode because that is to smooch is in three minutes they are going at it like a rat it's. This is like the smooch quote this episode rated PG. They're already PG right PG thirteen this one for excessive smooching we'll have to we'll have to keep track of that as we go along but nearby at Asu dot connors pulls up his ship mobile and Russia's into the lab pursued by strange lizard creatures but not the usual kind arriving upstairs Kirk gives himself dose of neo, Genyk, rainbows to stave off a billion transformation, his scaly stockers, witnesses, his closed call, and vowed to take him prisoner dot conner's drives up here just like jumps out of the car just like Oh. Man, I really got. Into the building. They really you think you're okay and then you see your house or you see the bathroom, then it gets a million times words you're like Oh, God? I'm surprised. He didn't start walking like a weird like just. Tuck walking up route. So after he gets into the building, they cut to the sewer. You see these glowing red eyes and they cut to these three large lizard kind of things Mean I Ninja Turtles was pretty big this time and I just wanted to capitalize on this. Yeah, and these lizard folk have the classic too human to be nude to animal to be clothes tattered rags situation going on here. Is, like they got the loincloth, the the lady has like the half shawl sort of thing that hides any potential leads got to keep those covered. God. This sucks I want his lizard tits. What we paid for. They don't know how close work one of them just wears like a shoe on its head what we find out later Barrow that they actually know a lot about close yes. We get. So Connors gets upstairs here. Any like ropes the drawer open with his growing out lizard arm and he just shoots himself in the face with his Combo junior yeah. This is a good thing. He doesn't leave his glock in the top shoes off the face by accident just like fuck billy wants to go to art school. Whatever's problem wrong. Right gun in this situation fuck you billy why does even leave this thing here like the he clearly needs it in order to keep his monster ISM and. New York State. A concealed combinator permit or something like what's the deal? There really there really isn't if you think about it especially when we find out later he hasn't house. It's true if he leaves it at home, Margaret's just gonNA use it to try and get rid of some wrinkles and take all the juice out of the mini combinator. So when he goes to use it, it's going to be out of batteries and then he's just gonNa turn into a Lizard and kill his whole family out of Ridge getting rid of the wrinkles like she's going to try and use like botox or like. Like, what's that shit that a the celebrities injected their face with comes from baby four skins you. Yeah. Yeah. That's the thing now. Okay grinding a baby, four skins well I mean what else you going to do with them make a suit. Dick. Teen is tip Taxila would be best. At the Taylor. Taylor charges for that right just a tip. The scene then shifts to clean where MJ and Peter break the news to their ants with decidedly mixed results while May Parker's over the moon and Watson is highly skeptical about the impending nuptials athletic there so much this. This is amazing. I off Hey we're engaged. May goes in for the high on. MJ. First off. Her skills when she was in the B fifty two's. Your want. After Anna Watson by on as very excited and they MJ in her embrace and Peter the fucking. Consummate good boy is like, Oh, this is my time to bury the hatchet with Anna Watson. I'm GONNA be her nephew in law and Nope fucking. She rebuffs the Shit Out of him. Arms crossed like don't you think you're getting you're not getting anywhere near here Peter gets fuck it. Starts Berating Him. She's fucking she's intense, but it was a bold choice for Peter to try to go for the hug here. Let's be serious. He's drunk on Love Kevin. He's just like fuck it. Yeah. It's a bold move Kevin. Let's see how it works out for him. This is a bad move right here boom. This is this is a great move for Man Classic Defensive Maneuver. But she's just like she has some real shit questions and they're actually pretty legitimate wherever you live. What are you live? How're you put Brussels sprouts on the table you know the big questions you guys are you guys want to invest in my company? Spreads international she like the reason she can't give Peter a hug 'cause her thumbs don't exist in because they. You neglected Kevin to say that she exclaims that they're too young to get married which I guess is only a problem if you're poor because she was perfectly fine signing that off for hair? Yup. I don't mean to be classes but it absolutely that's absolute. The truth though it is a problem if you're poor and I'm sorry I thought they were living as house was trouble in paradise soon with the two aunts together. They can't handle the GIN soaked pass out and the other can handle the Brussels spurts. This is turning into a fucking soap opera though. Like J just cubs out says it and Anna I may have partial amnesia. But one thing has remained constant my love for Peter. fucking all my circuits futurologists. This is like a parody at this point. I didn't realize it until she said it out loud but. fucking one of the main characters as Amnesia. Jesus. Yeah. So she goes in and says, she has partial invasion. But one thing I know for sure is I have no idea who this man is already of you now, where do I live? Now take me, home. To have made it even more soap opera ish MJ would have needed to have an appointment with Dr, drake remorse. ooh, I don't know what that is, but I'm sure it's something to do with her clothes. Also, she should've been recast when she came back from the port of. The part of Mary Jane Watson will now be played by carrot top. So happen go here it goes and says. Isn't this amazing then. Yes. That would be one word to describe it. I know. Some other words how `bout spectacular and sensational. Oh. Yes I see what you've done there. I'd say this is quite ultimate. Am I doing it right because? it's real lucky that the ONS are old and can't see very well because how do you explain a spider themed rang to two ladies to old ladies yet? No one asks. Because women never want to see the ring when you get to gauge. Great. That's that's not how that works like is GonNa, be like Oh peter you having a spider man themed wedding I. Know You like to take photos of him but like They are planning it in a month. So I guess he's got to go with whatever fucking idiotic idea comes off his dome. Nj Jay, I'll just use my web shooters streamers I'll just throw them in the fireplace. The whole place we'll be decorated. I've heard worse ideas save a buck man whatever takes but Peter and Mary. Jane. Get right to the planning as the hit up dot connors in his lab intending to ask him to give Mary Jane Away at the wedding but they're interrupted by the lizard folk who attempted kidnapping. MJ, manages to give Peter an opening to suit up, but Spiderman is overmatched and the reptiles make off with connors and Mary Jane Luckily, her spider. Tracer. Rings Still Works Directing Spidey into the sewers to rescue them. So okay I'm Jay and Peter Show up knock on the office door where connors had been passed out the blast to the face. He comes to the tower and he is so sketchy. Worry, want who is Margaret in the back in a sexy lab coat waiting to continue are student teacher late night, tutorial row, play the Wagner kicks in in two minutes. Let's go. What do you need? Mj Peter here though like they introduce their be announced themselves and then I'm like, wait a minute does he actually know her at all? They've ever met. You go to school with them Abbott. She's in a completely different program. She's not a science student. Yeah that's a fair point. That's why he's like blast. Make small talk with Fine Arts student what the Hell Am I gonNa talk about Shakespeare I don't give a shit I don't know Kevin for me. It was like connors goes and says, who is it and like Oh Peter and I'm Jay and they offer fuck sakes can that kid ever leave me alone I swear between him and Spiderman I don't get a moment piece. is He obsessed with something? He is obsessed with them because he shows up at the middle of the night and the whole time line here is like fucked because. It starts off at nighttime after all of the events of the previous episode. Then they go for their swing and he proposes then they go to queens and clearly like morning or daytime based on the windows and sunrise. And now it's back to being in the middle of the night again like, yeah. Why is this even so urgent like watch one of the three reasons that people Russia a wedding is going on here. Wow accidental pregnancy to religious buck drunk at Vegas three. covered. So. Mary Jane here goes and says Tactic Connie's we'll do anything for you Peter, but he won't do that. Or we he didn't hire him in his lab assistant. That's something of those grants. No. But I guess when you think about it on, it doesn't make one hundred percent sense for Connor's perspective. But if you look at it from Peters Perspective and you know how much connors is also done for Spiderman it does make a lot of sense like he's done something to Peter but he's done a lot for spiderman over the years Peter doesn't have anybody in his family and he's like Yup. The animated is like his like me who is Not even these damaging emotional exhaustion. Hurt me today because I'm happy I got laid four times. Oh, I missed a smooch counter in the previous scene. So they asked Connors to give obviously I'm Jay away and I was like man, you missed a great opportunity to use Robo Dad he's such a hit apart. Walker doubt he can walk down the aisle on. premade track. Could use them as a pin Yada. Can microchip is there like Bro, piloting it for? This is the least I could do after I tried to. Murder. So ask dot com go give away he just like give you way don't you need someone with Two Arms. Just, like Oh. Yeah Right. By, two giant metallic are. But he's like. I'm honored but you should. Read on that. Because like your wedding thought, I still had a shot. This whole scene, it's just been gold. Dot Com. While they're talking they go and they cut to one of the Lizard creatures fiddling with the power whatever in the power goes out in dot connors is like don't worry it's probably just A. Just like the one I left in the toilets, there's. Just. Just, like one of my slacks could make it here. Yeah. But then goes and realizes she needs to give Peter Diversion she knocks over these test tubes. Fuck, do you know that those warned is like dot connors only hope of carrying himself of the Lizard The same thing. Since his sperm. Just, bodies these fucking tubes. That was my only. Know those test tubes contained Vala top everybody passes out and dies it's just like These fucking lizards though they just like they start attacking everybody blake including the bystanders Mary Jane Knock them down there. Also stupid an angry like some kind of I. Don't know enraged Moron nitwit Lizard. With lizards. Turon. Inserts. GEN-X. That one lizard I like man Lizard the boss man not the one with the crash. The other Guy Me Monitor Yuccas Geckos the one with the Crest Yeah, you're right monitor. He's fucking he's jacked. Man, well he's a he must be a different kind of lizard than the rest I. Guess Monitor Lizards are like the biggest kind anyway. So That's A. That's why I said monitored as a pun earlier. Because it's like Komodo dragons type of monitor. Lizard? Feeling I feel like I learn something. Yeah the lizards the place Spiderman tries to be fucking fails just get smoked at a window and then they're like we must. Round with father. Fuck is this leg is yes. The realm of all disgusting creatures Applebee's down by the I ninety five you know the one I thought they were going to open a portal and Mary Jane was going to be like. Our hope they don't have that level of technology and they don't explain it all why they take MJ saying they're idiots like, oh yeah. Like the even the the person who does it is the one who seems to be the softest towards humans she still you're going anywhere you're coming with. US WHY What's your goal here? Yeah. So they. Live in the sewer I guess just like the Ninja. Turtles like this is just getting more and more blatant just like we need our own kind of Ninja. Let's just bring the Lizard back in here and then say he has children or some shit. Basically. Just you wait Peter There's no way could be that similar right? Kevin. Answering. Doc Connors and Mary Jane enjoy a lovely forced march through the sewers as they walked the lizard folk drops and backstory. They were normal lizards living in the New York sewer before a strange uis mutated them they feel in their blood that connors is their creator and wanted to lead them or at least he'd somehow to be fighting TNT. That's sounds pretty familiar. Can't put my finger on it. Yeah. Can't imagine what you're referring to beat. It is an original property with our beloved totally memorable character types they are actually named here. We've got. We've Got Gecko Aka. Michelangelo Gecko He's played by Roger Kern, and this is the last acting job he ever got. Monitor. Aka Do should tell Oh is played by Rondi Salisbury, who you may also recognize is the voice of Robbie. Robertson. Okay Yeah and he la Aka Leonardo is played by Kathy. Garver who was a child actress who went on to a long career is actually still working at but interestingly, she played fire star on a previous spider man cartoon Spiderman is amazing friends. Say The reason they think that. Connors. Is Their fathers because what? Did my blood. So you literally don't know anything you're just assuming but also when did you learn about shame and having to wear clothes? I don't know. Also you feel it in your blood. Aren't you like? Don't you mean you feel it in your plasma oh? Yeah. Right. I can't believe they said blood. But no, one's getting sucked out here. That's the difference. Also, why are they? So weirdly political like? They have this discourse. Among these fucking dominations. Teachers should be treated respect. No music guns. The only book I've ever seen is atlas. I read every last one of this garbage I'm because of this piece of. I'm never reading again I ran made a lot of grief putts. Trickle Down Economics. Seriously whether it is because it's it's literally Uis that trickles down and they just start licking it like a bunch of news liquors fucking orange gatorade leaking from the ceiling better drink. Options. That purple stuff Deal some human waste. Some purple stuff. Hey. Set Those are their options. That goes for why are there so many random lizards in the sewers people flush down a pet lizard. That's the whole like. Urban. Crocodiles right. It still would've worked his mutated DNA like. And it's not a turtle, which is obviously they're not. They can't pick turtles Pigah crocodile. Yeah. Actually Connors then starts to puzzle on the origin of species and reveals to Mary Jane. His Neo genyk nightmare explains that the lizard folk are the result of some flesh chemicals stemming from his attempts to cure himself. The stress causes him to begin to start turning into the Lizard and he breaks free of his bonds to fight the lizard folk allowing MJ to escape when I do science what my biggest fears is accidentally flushing stuff down the drain and I'm surprised that Connors remind himself that the solution to pollution is dilution and just ran the drain more. Always say problem. Also. Maybe just properly disposing of chemical waste of biohazard he could have his license revoked. That's for nerds Peter. Yeah well, how has he not during this entire, fucking? Syria. To assume the man who creates monsters Yana has any kind of a license off isn't only scientists in the fucking city everything goes down. There's no blood test Savic. There's no science being not at all. Yeah. It's fair because Mariah Crawford's and fucking the jungle. Cat. Now. So that's the for that. She's sex So when Dr Connor's goes and starts trying to explain to Mary. Jane. How it came about he's like I don't think it's as simple as that I'm into a lot of strange stuff. Mary Jane I should really be telling you this shit. To Your Point Peter I. Think the like shame is what causes him to start transformed me. Guess she's like Oh gross doctor Connors. I didn't know you did that he's like it's fine. It's fine. It was for my jerking arm new. All this whole thing was to get the jerking arm back callback episode. God that. Starts explaining how we did this shit and he's Be like using sophisticated techniques have extracted preserved blood from myself and Bingo Dino, DNA? and. He's just like saying this out loud. He's not even really whispering to her that is an issue. This whole episode people just say Shit. And he is dropping some hot takes about their these lizard folks origin like Oh. Yeah. There were mistakes they. Existence is pure extent. I. Can't lead them anywhere. MJ's not being fucking discreet either she's like. The are. Holy. Shit I haven't said. That's I last saw Osborne. God Him Harry. Dot goes and says the learn their existences an accident not if you lied to them, I don't think they know about lying yet a very simple concept. I mean he's got plenty of experience not telling people that they're an accident when they really are looking at billy ignorance is bliss right Kevin Heat isn't no yeah I guess that's true. But, then he gets all stressed out and gets his arm back and just goes berserk mode any like slashes MJ freestylers freaking out he's just yelling shit at her and she runs ouellet like. Dell. Dwight my hard drives. All of that and Especially, the laptop and the kitchen. Tell my wife and son Tell Them I love them well, maybe not billy owes leaving his bike on the lawn. You know what I talked to my wife Maureen, enough heat from that Deborah Situation Tell Deborah lover that's what he yells out of been a hot take. My wife Therese set by PBR. Go Watch bones. Spiderman meets up with Mary. Jane, and gets the deeds. They have a tense moment as he sends her to safety while rushing ahead into danger but MJ vows not to stay out of it meanwhile connors still brawling with his creations and Spidey arrives to help he manages to save the doctors on the verge of transformation, and so they bid a hasty retreat from what may be many more lizard folk than expected. So when MJ goes and runs into spiderman here, he grabs her by the arm and he's like it's me and Adrian to. And then. Right away MBA's. Like, she cannot keep a fucking secret like it's been like twenty minutes. He's realized it right away that this is a massive music like a funnier painter. Picks it. You're just like echoes. Qatar's like Peter. Parker's coming Parker's here. Now the party can really begin. Yeah but then she's just like. She's all upset and she says to him and. Then of course, it's the inevitable listen I, don't WanNa say you're a Sure nor me? And you can do anything against giant lizard folk at least that's what spider-man's assuming. Yeah. She says like Oh this the way it's always going to beat in you risk your life against insane odds while i. sit back and worry. Yeah pretty much that. Sounds good. Good Talk. Remember when you three yourself a fucking building. Yup. Don't take your crazy pete maybe don't just sit home and worry maybe do some squats wary maybe keep those bicycle. Yeah. Keep it. Keep the fires burn and I'll be home and twenty minutes. Crawls up out of the sewer she's all I. I'm just going to wait Peter. Parker you don't know me at all. If you think I'm just GonNa wait Peter Parker. That's what I'm GONNA do time to go get drunk she calls up Liz out Club pick hey I'm Jay let's go get wasted and. Shot her before she's a married woman. Is a spiderman shows up to try and save dot connors just like not being a very good friend slash helpful person while. Encouraging him not to turn into a horrible monster here. Hold on transformation. Try. To stave off that transpiration try. Hey Fuck you. That's when he kind of does in the comics all the fucking time just like tries to go and cater to the DOC connors side of the Lizard I, read the four issues story arc in which the Lizard goes and eats billy, and that's what spiral does he just like try to cater dot owners and then eventually It's the fact that Dr. Connor's like the Lizard Brain has taken over, right right. But that's that's that's his tactic that spiderman tactic anytime. With. Reminds me of when someone's trying to talk down the hulk you know yeah. Don't mention puny banner gotTa Try keep them calm here. You're trying to appeal this rational side I suppose what the fuck is this scream that comes out of Hilo though. Weird. I don't like the sound of that. Like the sound of that even less. It's a raptor bark, isn't it? Dress so hot there. They're just taken from everything. Yeah. I just feel here that and I'm sure if we were like some sort of serious podcast, we would have done some actual research here might have found out that. The studio was probably pressuring the Writers and everything to come up with some sort of thing that would appeal to teenage mutant. Ninja Turtles Andrew Park Fans. But when other podcasts of. What I did do is really try and figure out who the fuck this guy was who wrote this because it's the only episode he ever wrote for the show. And they can you really wasn't His job mainly was not writing. He does write a lot of episodes for different shows especially in the eighties and nineties, but he was really more of like a general animation guy. He was in the animation industry for fucking ever. He started in the late seventies and he died in twenty fifteen at the time he was still working like he was still making a Bob's burgers episode. Crazy. But he was mostly working on like animation timing were you make sure that things are sinking properly? Like, apparently, he was just really good at that. So that's sort of what he later, but he wrote things back when you know animation stories were not as complicated. which is evidenced by the numerous numerous plot holes, the leaves this episode. named. Five. All I fucking will. Let's get to. Mary Jane pays a visit to Margaret Connors to get some help. Margie plays a message from dot. Connors is contingency VHS with instructions on how to operate a weapon that will destroy anything that's been affected by Jenex unwilling to kill her husband the to decide to find the only person who knows enough to help Debra Whitman I see like Margaret going and opening the door and seeing Mj just like us shit is stepping out again. This. Not Another coin look he's never going to pay child support. Here's five hundred dollars for a no no that's not why I'm here. Wait. What how much? I mean sure I'll take. I mean yes. Thank you. bye-bye. So I'm Jay explains that she's here because Kurtz turned into the Lizard. Margaret to be shocked and Margaret's. Cucumber she's like. He's the Lizard isn't he? Okay what's happened? It was this experiment and he? He's turning into the Lizard you know come inside quickly if it doesn't doesn't Margaret also recognizer I don't think Margaret's ever met NJ. Like Dot Connors has never met him. Jay. Definitely. There's no reason she would know her well listen now it's not awkward when she's invited to the wedding in a month. So it's getting all the introductions out of the way maybe they came there first to try and find connors. To be in the wedding. And he was at. No He's at work that would make sense what also makes sense. Is that Kurt would have a doomsday videotape. To play in the event of the Lizard Apocalypse Mark Puts It. It's like filmmaking one. Oh, one is like it's like a newscast. He's looking at this paper puts it down looks at the camera. Hello if you're watching this. Hi. There I'm curt connors. You may remember me from such films. Yeah, it's not like. What actually happens where like the person turns it on and walks away from the camera it's just like right and had a fucking remote-control dislike. All right. Let me go in. There was a script. Written down. That's what he was looking at before he turned away. Longer. If you're playing this all my attempts to control the Lizard of failed. You must now take extreme measures my darling I take billy to stay with your sister. Impressed with the fact they animated that VCR blue screen that says play at the top right. Give me a little. Daljit hit I was like was bang on I know right kids these days would not now no it would be a iphone video that texts her. Adjust his Chin Margaret. Under he's in his car with sunglasses on every fucking piece of Shit Dad. If you look at Margaret's face when curt connors goes and says to take billy's stay with your sister. She's like fuck I forgot about little fucker. I never brought them back from the last time he said to my sister's. What if this was the wrong video because he's got like eight of them for different did Z. Plaid's? It's like, hello my darling. If you're watching this, I've been spending too much time in the lab and urine heat take build your sisters then put on the of. Meanwhile he's like stripping down grinding the fucking Rick. Did it. is now no he'll tire himself out. We'll get to the point a minute. Instead, we got this bomb thing which he keeps in a safe at his house where else would you keep a plant? Father of the year I don't know I don't keep bombs in my house Peter. Here that F. B., I don't keep bombs and. All right then. Yeah he talks about this neutron bomb and then in the safe, you will find a kind of genetic neutron bomb Margaret takes the bomb out of the safe and is just holding it. And she's like, all right. I don't want to destroy my husband I just WanNa. Make him sterile I'm tired of paying out those co eds. No God. Well, it's going to destroy all life affected by NEO genetics harmless to all life except that, which has been mutated by neo genetics. So Spiderman Right. You'd think, right. But also. Had this thing. So how come it hasn't affected more Scorpion. Guess obviously the Lizard Spiderman and who the fug else was mean Adrian. Tombs, got up by it. All of the victims of Blade's mother. Ever he just keeps us in the safer himself. Selfish. Prick I mean Peter Never asked I guess. Or the end this scene though like Oh. Yeah. We need some help here tinkering with his bomb we need. Peter Parker. Marguerite Peters out of town on assignment for the daily. Bugle I think. Jason like, yeah, you're going to need. Debra Whitman on this. Just, zooms in on Margaret's. To The fucking prostration. Like I knew it would come down to this. It's like, okay we'll go get debra but first of all, let me have a drink and then just like swigs back throws of the rest of it into the fire just like. All right let's. Let's do this. Like punches her in the face like had to get that one out of the way. Well, back in the sewer Spiderman Dot Connors on the run as the lizard folk give chase. They're cornered by reinforcements though, and the stress of the capture causes connor to transform. Completely, he flips on Spidey laying claim to the Lizard people and allowing his minions to carry off our hero as well as his daughter Hilo for disagreeing with him. So they're walking in a series. Spiderman was like eighty meaning money moat. Yeah. That's how we do it. Just, making fun of them like, are you serious? Founding the then. I thought it was hiding so well. These lizards are Jason after them and they're talking about their blood again as they do. These swaying I since the plot and soon, it will sustain the ground monitor. This is a kid show. Right sorry. The plasma will. Appoint the area no Kevin this episodes, pg thirteen. So I think they're fine. It's all SMOOCH is and blood. So this whole time I'm thinking how come curt connors is fully changing into lizard than boom becomes a lizard. Then he goes right away and says like basically I am your father. Like you think they meant to do this I kind of Darth vader kind of reveal I have no idea what the fuck is going on with this. It's all over the map like would they get surrounded here? It's the three lizards we've been hanging out with, and then a punch of Lizard things that don't look at all like them. Like what is the design on those things you know what I mean like? Reptilian Mongols. It's vaguely racial. It's like it's a Godzilla, the hunt like what is this question? The don't understand I i. thought they were Catfish Lizards. That's. Oh but then. They could have been catfish but yeah, know who knows the? Plume. I thought the creators are playing too much mortal combat because they look like Goro does look. Mortal Kombat super huge in the nineties. They're just tying everything in here. Well, they obviously just tried to go and tie into a whole bunch of different franchises to go popularize on Ninja Turtles and Star Wars and Jurassic. Park. And everything and they hired this writer who's actually a sound guy go and do it. Because all the actual writers were just like fuck that I'm not going to sell out like that. So. Yeah And speaking of selling out the Lizard fucking sells spider Anna hard. Is just like, yeah you're right. I am your king fuck everybody. Nearly destroyed by. The Romans cannot pay raise and they will not let us coexist with them. They must be desperate. Yeah here's some flashbacks to prove how much don't like what's going on here. Thank you, I guess let's remind everyone a better lovers bass. Lovers I was super expecting Keila to just declare her love for Spiderman like he's my mate now, the way that she starts defending him. Yeah I thought that that's why I'm Jay was getting captured to be honest you. At asu Debra Whitman Flash Thompson argue about her. New. Addiction Party. INC DEB is upset but she's found Mary Jane and Margaret who ask her for help. Sets to work on the bomb attempting to modify it to neutralize rather than destroy giving them a chance to save curt connors. Debra Whitman she was work life. Balance Whitman now she's drugs and drink and Deborah. Partying Kevin on, we'll get to that in a second I, want to talk about what was under that lab coat the all these years. Holy Shit. Deborah stacks I mean we do. Because, when she was that green dress their large in charge it's true. But this is like a spaghetti strap number. She's got great hair. Classes. Like, more stylized classes but the half moon a chance I don't know. This episode went like special really fast. This is your brain on science. This is your brain on Michael Morpheus. just cutting all the wires success. This is you on Flash Thompson. even the flash the hard party is like can I guess study says on no I want a party. Now you want to go to the library with means study or not not. Suit. Yourself. A two weeks I. Don't have an ounce of dopamine. Spine is making noises. They're so little fluid I would've liked it if. He pulled that one of those lines for the nineties we're always. Trying. To make drugs and don't do drugs instead read a book. It's just like, yeah, into drugs dedicated reading and understanding good stories. Wow. I think that's it. I think we'll use even cut this podcast right here. Peaked. We've taught the kids valuable of anyone can do it. Mary Jane Can, which leaves us. Turn, the dish of some. I'm sure sputtering kings. That's it. We're done. We're done here. But yeah flash drop some hard truths on Debra and leaves her to Cry Drowning your sadness and parties isn't going to change the fact that Michael Moore is gone and running away from the very science. The tournament to a vampire won't bring him back. I'm Jan Margaret. Come in and I some reason they decided to animate to butts. Of those two women for very long. They wanted an eyeshot of Deborah but you didn't need to do that. So. Now we see that both Margaret Mj or clearly packing so. I guess. And you could tell that even Deborah's like, oh MJ Mrs Connors. She. Just. Well, this is. The House of the kid if you take my husband. God. Deborah just punched in the face. Guy. deserves. Yeah. I deserve that. And she's like all dressed up to just like, Oh, I was just GonNa go meet Kurt. Oh. So then they flash CUT TO THEM IN THE LAB WE'RE DEBORAH reminds us that it's a neutron bomb reminds us how it works again runs by tossing it on the counter poking. This device is intended to work like a neutron bomb instead of exploding, it would irradiate its target science. Hey, she's back in the coat. She's she's got this. I've only had four beers think I can figure this out just give me twenty minutes. Do Your Best Science. You're right. She pukes in a bucket hold on. Okay now I'm ready. Now ready you guys give me a Burrito. So Deborah goes. In. says. Maybe I can adjust the bomb to neutralize. To destroy the target and at least I can try. Like worst-case carry husband. So it's a win win and then we're both free of this nightmare agreed agreed back underground spiderman and Hilo art chained to a wall awaiting the start of the Games spidey fills her in on her true origins. But before they can discuss, it dragged off at tossed into gladiator type fighting pit as the lizard pronounces the pending supremacy of lizard folk kind over the humans above the Games begin. So Spiderman is chained up here with Hilo and he tries to break free and she's like. These were stolen from above you mean, they were just stolen like what makes unbreakable like? The. Third. Tough but I fighter man he's just goes and just break now I don't know this but spider-man's pretty strong cut to Willie fisk rummaging around in his jump door. Dead Wet, my daddy objects spiderman strapped up to the wall lake as Brannigan here just arms out ready dangling for whatever they games. Yeah. Whatever the game happen to be, and then he just dropped a truth bom on her listen I know how you came to be you and the others evolved into what you are now based on Dot Connors Dna, you got it from a fluid that accidentally washed into the sewers maybe this story will cheer you up. Here Jackson. How's that feel? Good I don't know why that was going to help in any way. Hey, remember how you've risked your life to like defend me and make sure you know I wasn't alone and capture I'm gonNA tell you something. That's GONNA break your heart ready go. Hey, did you know that Dull Connors Jisr into a cup and then wash to. Learn it got mixed up with. Neo genetic material and hey, there you are. Your nothing more than conner's Jisr at Orange. Gatorade, that is your life emphasis on the gator. I'm out of here. Here's like things out of the wall seeing Spiderman out. So there's a apparently this whole lizard civilization that exists in lives underground and has like gladiator games and. No. One in New York has noticed this. Or. Her, we're Super Mario again from episode widened. Subway Worker Man oh. Yeah. There's a whole coliseum down here. This is where it starts going off the God damn rails. And it starts. To hurt like you're like okay I kind of. kind of follow the plot and you're like, okay, league they were like I. Guess it's Weird. They're all these lizards and I guess this is weird that the circumstances happened and I, guess it's weird that you know. He's only been the lizard for like three years. So they can at most be like two years old. Yeah. So like and they built all this shit like that amount of time even though they're a bunch of fucking idiots, why is it always Roman? Is it because they're fits were like vaguely Toga Ish like why is it? Why is it always like civilizations I call him. That's it. That's what we're. Somebody questions here, and he doesn't get to answer any of them because fucking healer is losing your Goddamn. mind. Full on existential crisis about this, Shit. God damned done and like she's freaking out the whole way you think she's like, okay bad. But no, this is like this is the last thing that you will ever think about like this it. Not. Get over it for fucks sake forty percent of children are accidents and you don't see them cry about it. You see their parents crying about it but that is different. Spider just picks her up and it's like snap out of it. Just laughing I need your head in the game we're in the Games. Let's go. I thought she was going to rock on, sit on the floor and start rocking like an accident an accident. Accident. Yeah. But the get tossed into this coliseum here. The lizard goes. full-on fucking zero to Hitler. Pay. Behold the shell by. They are weak. These humans you must never fear them. We will all come them told. You like A. Didn't know genocide on the table there buddy how about you tone it down a little bit. Because right to genocide straight to genocide. It's Lizard Brain Right. I. Guess I guess. It's a pretty primitive thought. So they go cut to the crowd here in the Coliseum and there's only like three character models that they've been using and then I'll just call differently us. Lady. Crested one news a lady crusty. Only One lady but there's a second lady. Yeah. No. Some ladies in the crowd not a total sausage fest. What do love though about the lizard is that he is kept on Connor's ide- take. Just. Everyone knows that he's a doctor Dr Lizard Mun how the Hell. Listen he wants to be able to go back to his sweet lab at any moment I. Miss this one, the bears minimum to be buzzed in by security. That's fucking embarrassing. Nobody needs that shit, but then he releases the centurions. Would you like okay I guess we're going full Roman here. That's neat. Spiderman takes the sack in here. Do Wrestling joke slash callback. This is exactly why I got out of professional wrestling. Appreciate your quick because you fucking uncle died. Origin Story. Buddy. Going show you your origin story. Let's cut to the tape. Yeah. Let's look at the tape. Mary Jane Margarethen Deborah Head into the sewers to save connors and Spiderman we'll giving each other a pep talk for the fight to come. Meanwhile, spidey defeats the first wave of cold-blooded gladiators, but is forced to square off against the Lizard. King himself. So Margaret here like they're walking down the sewers and Margaret, here's just fucking aching to set off that bomb and be rid of. He may have to make the device right in their midst. One way or another it's all going down. Kill Debra on the way out nobody'll fuck. No Debra fucking drunk right now who cares? coed Student Wonders Zimmer Dies adult tap yet stump takes a little tumble. Never seen exactly. MJ MJ's just like admiring her for being so strong. You seem some strong Margaret. Situation scares the heck out of me. Margaret is just like, yeah you get used to after the fifth or sixth go around it's just tedious now. I'm pretty over this whole. Thing. And she kind of is a get what they're doing here where it's like MJ's sort of seeing a way that she can be with Spiderman and you know kind of accept the inherent risks and stuff or also validating her role like she can do something as enormity. or to like you know needing to do has to be done. So if one day spiderman comes back as the man spider, her fiance or future husband, she knows to get the shotgun because it has to be done even though she loves him sacrifices must be made sacrifice mushed much to made. I mean just call the punisher. He has more experience handling Matt, stews true. I mean it's always nice to see him kicking ass against. The legionnaires of skippy I. Guess. Of skippy Oh Afrikaners. mops the floor with these fucking idiots like they are not well trained in all. Shame flail like. No. Only been down here for two years never really mastered the subtle art of the chain Fl.. Chain play spear and one of them's got a sword. It's like, where did they get this? In from above. The tooth world in the simpsons, the an or the twilight zone where it's like they're they evolve faster because lizards don't live as long I mean they went straight from lizards two adults in the transformation scene. So pressure, there are teenagers. With an attitude. That's right. They would be teenager to that. Pizza boxes all over this fucking coliseum I'd be done. Sitting there eating slices. Running. Radical tubular. So Spiderman lays waste to these guys and the lizards like. These are pathetic. I just showed up and these guys. This is the best people have given me fuck this and he's disappointed. He's very disappointed. He's like. Unlucky. spider-man. Your opponent was unworthy. You notice that too Now you will fight someone who y'all so Perry off. The guy that he's got his foot run pinning down just like Oh fuck and he starts scrambling away. Scuttle scuttle. Later. This is why cutest Skidoo really was, and then why would the Lizard King be like? Yeah, I'm GONNA fight you. Let me. He's got to prove to his. Like his people that he's the real deal even though spire minutes defeated him Polanski of times like how all the fucking spectators are giving them a thumbs down when they cut to them just. The kill lizard folk friend when the wizard jumps in and he's like now you will find someone who is your superiors as a stereo. That yes. But he did teach me valuable lesson open wide. The heroine's arrive at the Games and they rush in with a bomb as spidey holds off. Lizard the guards trying to interfere, but he'll scoop the device and willingly detonates it reducing her entire race to animals and returning connors to his human form. Spiderman is shocked by the turn of events, but is grateful to have been saved by his wife to be Deborah. Just doesn't fucking hesitate here when she encounters. Those Lizard Guards it's had the one guard shows up, and she's like a little bit of coke to my nose hair. Let's go. Head puts them in the Dick that is. What's your fucking ridiculous Hanging. Around. Flash too much. She she learned that move from beer pong like inter-party. That's our ARC is she's A. Party door everyday life. So I was too hard on the science and now I didn't have enough sides. It's a ballots here killed just the right amount of brain cells that's how I do it. You know what? She's so great. No coombs. Devorah in this episode supper hair when she doesn't. Yeah she looks great. This giant Lizard man lands on top of her and she's like it's fine. We're good. We're good here on without me I'll keep them distracted just making. Party too hard. They're Deborah No. I've been preparing for this for two weeks. MJ. Margaret like rundown this tunnel. and Margaret's just like. When she sees MJ. Goes. To blow up the secret identity on the first fucking day. Full Hope. Syria last episode the Kingpin Wilson Fisk. Yeah. It'd be like Peter Oh, my God, and then Margaret's like please we've figured it out. And then even the lizards I guess it was obvious everyone in the fucking stadium all the fucking lizards are just like, yeah. Yes. We all knew with Peter Parker. That's pretty clear. How else would he get those snapshots? So it's a really weird line read here as they like as they enter the Coliseum Margaret Turns back to Mary Jane she says. Now. Is that just like no no I'm engaged I can't oh. Oh sorry. Yes. Yes. The bomb and J just starts undoing her buttons like okay. Oh. Sorry. You meant the bomb oops puts them. I saw that ass. I get it. It's revenge against Connors that was your whole plan. You going to bring me here and then make out with me in front of him. I got it that'll that'll reignite the humans. They're trying to get in here with a bomb. I guess trying to be in the center of the stadium dude everybody with it, which makes sense. But like. They immediately get fucking netted and it's just the same shot twice but they flip it the second time you hopefully won't notice but literally frame by frame the same animation you Lazy Fox and it's just like Margot's MJ and throws the bomb an MJ's like I got it and then gets netted and then she throws the B- drops the bomb and you're like Oh know who's GonNa pick it up. The one character we all forgot about in this moment. Quila. And she starts what I can only imagine is one of her twenty monologues she's done in this entire time of a civilization being. gave us a chance to leave. To. To. Stand we have. Chosen Stupidity. We are horrible people and they're all like, fuck what if she starts to talk and they're just like boom you? Boo. Boo But our little speech here. is so ridiculous because she's like they gave us a chance to live as humans live. Yeah. We live like the humans with war greed corruption ethnic cleansing racism actually we're not doing too bad but my point still stands fucking us live as humans live cheap presses the button here in detonates the bomb and two things. First of all, if they're all going to turn into lizards, why is she lecturing them at all like they're not going to understand her taking this moral Hira on them when they're backing the eating fucking human waste. But second of all, how does she even know that this bomb is going to do that? I think she just was like F- it. Let's see what happens. No because she specifically says like we have been acting animals. So that's what we're going to be like she has no idea how this works. She wasn't around it was explained. She's that's marches. I got a neutron bomb designed to neutralize not. Neo Jenex shouldn't even know she was an accident and that fucking ruined her life she can't understand this shit. Out of the father. I now understand neo jenex hugh blood of the father feel looking back at Catholic mass. Yeah. He'll sets off the bomb. The magic science light comes out of it and hits only the Lizard folks which we debated whether or not Spiderman should be affected. Should he he hundred percent hundred percent shed? And they also turning back into Lizards Ed. It's just so cute because some of them are like in their little close like. Just, like scamper away when they do scamper with. Me Of some. What? Amphibious Youth Program. Not. Sure what guests so Down at the. Spiderman takes moment to kind of Gawk at the fact that normal women. Him with all my superpowers I was helpless. It took three normal women to save the world different time but then MJ SAS is him right fucking back anything wrong with that? No. But I was hoping to be the only one to wear the superhero costume in the family. Does. I mean I'm fully torqued but other than that home saying very rows can we just leave right now? Look at this Boehner I'm Jay I can't hide it. It's really aggressive. It's we get home I'm getting nude and you're putting on the suit I think that's heavily implied here. Do you put on the lizard suit though I mean I've I've discovered something about myself Just want tails. Well it's also the end of this tale because the bow on this episode as everyone bidding farewell and talking about having learned something. But as M J she's competent. She has what it takes to deal with being with Spiderman and to share a smooch. So Deborah goes here and realizes that she's just not finished with science yet apparently because you gonNa fucking two week banner and then obviously your life is just completely different I guess whatever and then she's like well, I'm going to go and walk alone in New York City at night in the nineties hopes to see you again. But I probably won't. Well I'm out. To be fairly everglades trying pipette while hung over it's nearly impossible. Hands are shaking like a mother fucker. Just, a line of coke just steadier. You know she was actually looking for the late night late nightclubs. She's like well time to hit the bars. Cold Tea. Like that Mary Jane Praises Her. Tampering you. The way you headbutted that monsters, Dick. I mean just genius. Where did you come up with that? Oh Flash taught me. Yeah. It was one of his football tackles that he practices with his hand. and. Then she just leaves just new goodbye. She just wanders all up. Guys, Deborah. Yeah I don't need to hang out with you. Lame. O's I'M GONNA party I'm going to go science. This might all just be one fucking long LSD tritter head right? This is probably real. Driven balls for. Like. And we just saw fucking world of lizards. It's not real. Yeah I made a neutron bomb to disinfect the Lizard people that live in the subterranean world for my boss. My boss juice and Spider Maryland. Whatever you're talking about buddy and yeah, I think I just gave them all cancer. Dot Connors is going to be dead in like a week. I mean very least. Also, a problem or to or billy's save that money. That's I. Will so spiderman in jail like sweet time for more make outs they like swing away they are like so stoked should be allowed in. They're just like fuck you're. Alone at last. Yes. We some more that. Under the shirt over the BRA. Action. Yeah, and she's still like wearing this like despiser firemen's like. You sure you still WanNa wear my ring. And she's like, of course, I still it's not actually ring. You're going to buy me a real what? Are you sure you want to keep wearing my ring? Bet Your life on it tiger, it will take a lot to be spider-man's wife but I learned something today. If anyone can do it it'll be married. Jane Watson. Well if anyone can do it, it's Mary. Jane. Watson. And by Mary Jane, I mean US and buy it. I mean dish of some arbitrary spider ratings worry ranked the episode of whatever idiotic measure if we can come up with off the top of our heads Varel. I give this episode for rooftop. SMOOCH is out of five. I loved this episode. It's so ridiculous. I can't. You know what plagiarism aside we got Debra, take charge. We got some girl power. We got some smooch is and we have a doomsday video back Kirk Connors for no reason. So yeah I'm sold is great. All Right Fair Enough Kevin I'm going to give this episode, five lines of scientific cocaine out of seven. It was surprisingly fun. Episode glaring plot holes be damned everything with the characters basically is interesting and we get some cool progression with them and we see their struggles and it that. The actual interpersonal stuff is fantastic. But the lizard folk baffling for the most part But that said it's so Zany. Crosses over from big stupid into being stupid fun. So I dig it right. As for me I'm going to go and give it seven out of eleven teenage mutant Ninja Turtle ripoffs. It was not great but it did have a lot of for us to chat about I. Remember when I was taking notes everything that now just coming up with one liners. Pretty easily so I joined it because of that, but there was mention of more rea-. So it lost points for that having. That's it. It's suburbia own. You're letting the sanctity of the arbitrary spider adding sir. Well there we have it I guess and I guess the next thing that's going to happen is that wedding that's happening in one month camp up Kevin we're not getting out of the season that easily you should have some big school. The moment on America has been waiting for today's issue with Puke Brock's big scoop Ibrox. Biggest school big news to me. How did you happen to get this? The prowler Hobie? Brown has always wanted power after he saves kingpin son Lil dicky kingpin him back suit. Hobie soon takes on the name, the prowler but when kingpin double crosses him, Hobie turns to Spiderman for help. It took a lot out of me not to say hobby. Hobby B.'s every time I saw the word I was like. I mean I tell you to work harder at it, but this is just a Hobie. So Got Them all right. Thanks for being with US loyal listeners. If you liked this episode share with your friends, your family and unwanted sewer dwelling spawn in person or online using the Hashtag Ra spider pod get a chance to win free swag. If you love the show, you can also join her Patriot by some merchant t public rate and review us on your podcasting platform of choice del that show links for everything are on our website radioactive spider pod. Dot. com. We'll be returning from a fourteen days science free bender in two weeks with their next episode until then this is radio address spider pod saying an amusing concept. Telhami. Donald. God this sucks I want his lizard tits. I'm in love with Peter Pirate game.

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285: The NOs of Marriage

The Popcast With Knox and Jamie

55:00 min | 1 year ago

285: The NOs of Marriage

"We'll are we going to address the elephant in the room, which is Aaron who thought that motor boating. A but would be fine. Also, really loves the podcast. Is that concerning? Are we like the button motorboat a podcast? I mean, probably it's not not true. You know? But I'm okay with any of it. Okay. Good. Hello and welcome number two. Eighty five of the podcast. I wonder how snacks McCoy hosting golden the podcast is a show dedicated to delightful ADC or committed educating you on the things entertain do not matter to find out more about these matrimony. All proceeds check us out at Knox and Jamie dot com. You can also find us on Instagram and Facebook at the podcast, and we're on Twitter at podcast hide guys. Thanks for joining us this week as we are going to be talking be knows of marriage. But before we do that you guys it's a romantic week with Valentine's Day, and all and many women that flexing chill despite almost always using that phrasing correctly. When you say it, we have the perfect guide for you. It's binge-watch like you mean, it is a fifty page easy to reference God for all the things you need to watch on Netflix. Amazon, Hulu HBO and more. Even includes a chapter on bingeing with your significant other and the best part. It's one hundred percent free to all of our inbox friends. So just go to Knox and Jimmy dot com slash newsletter and sign up today to get your bench. Hey, guys, socks and Jamie here, you know, that you're listening to our show you can figure that out. We have some really exciting news. You can now listen in new episodes of the show completely ad free. Exclusively us at your premium in addition to our ad reps. So you can listen to tons of other at Frey wondering shows like dirty, John Dr death and safer work plus premium, you'll get access to hundreds of hours of original content. Audio documentaries and exclusive bonus episodes from some of your favorite podcasts. You can sign up now for a free month of Stitcher premium by going to Stitcher premium dot com slash wonder and using the promo code wondering. Then once you're signed up, just download the sitter for IOS or Android and start listening that Stitcher premium dot com slash wondering and promo code. Wondering are Jamie knows of marriage? It's Valentine's Day, we thought this would be a great time to talk about this. Let me ask you this because I've seen as a couple different places. And I've always not understood it what percentage of listeners. Do you think think that we are in some way, married? Earn some kind of relationship that many. Or there might be some that are like gosh. I can't believe having gotten divorced yet. I every time I think though think there's surely no one thinks that but then I'll see comment. That's like I think it's him and his wife, and I think like if that's true who's this actually person that I keep talking about wouldn't that unnerve you because the Ashley person on talk about as nutritionist. And then you haven't Ashley person it does not like we are in a very polygamous situation. Even if it's not your nutritionist, it's like, she's engaged or with someone. They're both with Ashley's. We know that I don't know talked about we've talked about the nose of dating and we've done the nose of wedding. We'll we'll linked to both of those episodes in the show notes. But I wanted to be like an as someone who is not married. I really wanted to talk some prop about married people. Chris they drive me crazy. And so this was the perfect opportunity to talk about it. We are fortunate to have so many so many knows so many listeners guys like so many own some of y'all some of y'all. Gled- just told us things that are crazy. And I don't know what to do. And let me be clear at first when we posted this on social media. I was concerned that we actually went and get a lot of responses because you said, oh, Jamie, marriages such a personal thing. And obviously a lot of couples listener show together or like one member of the couple of listens. And maybe you're not comfortable with your partner knowing what you've shared, but an I thought if we get stuff it'll mostly be in dams known like five hundred comments later publicly of saying publicly. Some of the craziest things I've ever seen. And then the the anonymous went, and and this is the first one we've ever had more than like five people, send us a something anonymously. And then come back and go okay now, really, I can't do it. Right. Canting? I I can't share it. That would completely immolate our relationship. I cannot share that. But there's there was some. There's the craziest stuff I've ever seen in RDM's and anonymously submitted. But we had so many people contribute things, they'll give us talking points, Wisconsin. So we're going to do we're gonna break them in a nice nose stories of those stories of me knows and stories of they're not yeses. We're not endorsing these. But they're just so Buchwald. We're like sure why not that's insane. We can make any sense of that. Like, it's more instead of a yes, it's like a, yeah. Yeah. Okay. Fine. Sure. Okay. So I in the nice h six one four says my husband was walking up the stairs in front of me. And for some reason, I thought it would be hilarious to motorboat hip. But cheeks he thought I was like poking him. Because why would he think I was Motor-boating is? But so without even looking he went to slap my hand away. Instead, he slapped me square on the side of the face. I was like you hit me in the face. And he was like why is your face by my? But which was a fair question. Anyway, that's a really awkward sense of humor can get you stopped by your husband. So mafia reported this is the parenthetical where she says, I thought it'd be hilarious motivators cheeks prince, I hate myself, and I don't think that's unfair. But don't be so hard on yourself. But I think the folly here is about the idea of motor, boating when you think of motor boating, Jamie is I know you often I always think of motivated always been talking about this in the office. Do you think this is inherently sexual inherently funny? It. While you're in a pretzel right now. Well, because I okay keep your secrets you don't have to. No. But I think it's funny. Why can't be funny an sexual I think their exclusive? No, I think you've misunderstood humor. Then, you know, I understand listen, I went to because when I think of Modin, what's the first thing, you think about when you think about motorboat, and besides the obvious thing that you're doing who's the person time a motor boating that you'd think of somebody gripes, it's Vince Vaughn, Jamie. You're refusing that you don't want to don't want to participate in this motor-voter. But like, that's the thing you think about double v wedding crashers. He's talking about the joy lady Jane Seymour anymore. Dr Clinton's she makes joy and stuff like that. But I think I went on or Nick airy. I was like let's get to the basics. What I mean in described as the place in of one's face specifically the mouth into the area between a well endowed woman's breasts fall by rapid shaking of the face and side to side motion, accompanied by yelling. Okay. So now, Erin, I think your problem is that you didn't yell because if he felt that slapping on his, but she's anti heard yelling. His impulse would be to slap you. But I think he'd be like I won't get motored right now Kristie Franklin's as any proper young lady raised in the nineties legalistic nondenominational bible belt cohabitation came after the idea. So one morning we both getting ready for the day and how he is using an electric razor something I hadn't seen it close in personally acquainted with yet. I asked how they worked why didn't cut his chin, etc. He tells me they can shave anything safely and demonstrates on my nipple. That's how we both learned an electric razor will in fact, cut some skin like Christie, how how does a razor don't blame that on the bible belt baby girl. That's all you need to some stuff before you give Mary there's nothing about the nineties legalism that has is to blame the church don't blame the church, and if you're like, how does something work. I don't know. Let's test my nipple. What how why do you go there? Like, do you just your nipples out all the time to try new things? I think like elbow hand fist tried on that don't expose. On my knees. And he's the one to blame about that that he went in for the nipple, and maybe said like your nipple, and he tries to do it. And and maybe it was like was sexual or funny or was it both there's well if it's sexual there's a whole of conversation, these two need to be having about repressed urges and things like that. But like, but don't get me wrong. Her husband does need a little bit of criticism. Because like my man, you have been she at least has not worked with a razor. So I mean, her skills of intuition should be like a sharp edges moving very quickly. That's not good for my nipple. You have been using this. You know, what this does the fact that you allow this app, and that's really impressed. I wanna know, Chrissy. How old you were when you got acquainted with an eraser like this feels like you were married at fifteen and you're like what is that? Like, I don't understand that you don't know how razor works. I don't fascinating. He's like I'm trying to make I'll go in these stories, Jamie. And I don't want to. I don't want to be like does dome. I wanna get to the point of. Understanding, but I just can't here. I just can't they're not enough sense. Like, why is it because you listen to the DC talk that you're nipple almost got cut off. And I just can't arrive at that heaven bound. Okay. Kelsey L mclure said I am assessed with my cats her mining Alvis. My husband knows and accepts this a few years ago. He hand made me desk, and when he put the top coat on the would he put one whisker from both of my cats. I collect them after they fall out into the woods. So it would be sealed there for ever super weird. Probably the sweetest thing he's ever done. So my question after reading the extraordinarily bizarre, anecdote, Jamie. Yeah. Is Kelsey sing this she strange or she saying her husband is strange for cyncially, enabling her cat whisker feted, right? No. She called her husband weird when he took a whisker from her personal whisker collection. Oh to put on her handmade death. No, he is tolerating your weirdness. Calc-? That's what he's doing. Because the thing is in all these stories if you ever see a parenthetical, that's where the magic is. Because this one says I collect cow whiskers after they fall out. I did not know whiskers fell out. I didn't either. How do you even know that like Alan, you tell that a whisker fell out is it just is it's a different kind of hair. It's not like a peacock everywhere. When you have cats hair's everywhere everywhere, you have any putting those whiskers or they like an ziplock bag or did you get a box? Specially made them at sea to store those whiskers like a cab whisker humidor that the you. Keep those them permettre. Madore screw you man. Screw you. It feels like you're torturing the cats a little bit to know like as soon as part of their face falls off, your cat it. I will say this the cats don't respect you. You're in general, they Superdome respect you now. And they Tripoli don't respect you her mining and Alice, those are are they couples now like, I think we need Alba's, isn't Elvis? Shooed law Albus. Yes. That is as Dumbledore, right? I think you can get away with those for for dog. But a cat like I've always thought just named Catholic zero one zero two because they don't care. They just like all Catholic at you. Like, you're the warden from Shawshank Redemption. They don't respect you. And they don't want any less. That's very fair. All right. So those are the nice knows those are the ones we look at. And we're just like, no, okay. Does it exist kind? We respect what you've done. We're very pathetic with you. These are the mean knows these are the ones we read, and it's just a very angry voice. Grouchy kind of mean. No to these listeners at first are inclined said when I was pregnant with our first child I would often eat in the middle of the night, and I usually slept naked because of hot flashes. One morning is I got up to go to the bathroom. My husband opened his eyes and said, hey, baby. Nice. But oh my gosh. Is that boop on your more? Thought I ran to the bathroom to get a closer. Look sure enough. There was a big Brown smudge going across one. But cheeks Iraq's my brain trying to think how this may have happened as I walked back to bed in the is settled on the chocolate chip granola bar wrapper sitting on my bedside table from the night before. So, thankfully, I'm not that gross of a human. But I'm still concerned about eating that granola bar so aggressively that the chocolate ended up smeared all over my butt. So it was poop on her arrest. Holy RAM pond is like she tries to distract us with. So, thankfully, I'm not that gross of human. You didn't tell us. Why you're not that great of human? You didn't say oh solve the bar and the chocolate stain on the sheets. You've you've made a conclusion that there is no evidence to support you've leaped ahead to the conclusion, but here like the granola crumbs leading to your mistrial, right or that just from experience having lived with a woman who's been bringing it three times if she had hot flashes while being super pregnant. The things she would go for it wouldn't be a granola bar. Yeah. Who is like super pregnant and being like often eat in the middle of the night. And it's like I'm gonna get a good eight. I'm going to get a granola bar that I take back to bed and like saver pizza who eats granola bars in bed. Ted Bundy, that's crazy. And you see how come on? Yes. So this is armed on. I think you thought this was a fun sweet anecdote you could tell it parties. But I wouldn't tell anyone the story ever again. It's that you pooped on yourself. But like if you if you would set any ribs, I eight ribs in bed. I'd be like, right. Okay. I'll buy and it's weird that your husband has seen people on your butt. But it is what it is. And hopefully, you're still happily married. How big are these chocolate chips in this granola bar to make such a Brown, smudge? You're so tiny because you're like how dare you call this chocolate chip because it's not even chocolate chip these chocolate these are crumbs chocolate chip crumbs. Maybe the question is what does your puplic like what does your husband things? Yeah. What is it that made you go? No, that's not. That's not poop because my poop is like legit crazy. I think who are you more more disappointed in razor on the nipple couple or clearly poop on the buck couple. I think it's I think these people congratulations to nipple people. You have been saved my been cooked with embarrassment. Okay stuff is. We'll said before my husband, and I were dating or even interested in each other. We were both in an internship. There were maybe fifteen of us being young and very group of us got matching tattoos to signify our time together. Nobody fact checked the person who came up with the design. So we all ended up getting matching tattoos that say bra. Like Hebrew in. Hebrew on hold on. This is important. Is it like Hasidic Jew like bra like what was a bra like like your ringlets or like now I need to wear a bra these brassiere? And if that weren't embarrassing enough we are now fourteen years into a marriage that gives off the appearance of a matching tattoo kind of couple. And because I know it will matter, Jamie. Yes, my tattoo is on my lower back. And then she puts an all caps in parentheses before they were called tramp stamps Monte fourteen years ago, guess what they were called transient shoe. They were one hundred percent call that and his on his upper back. So Steph, don't you dare try to be grandfathered into pre tramps of world because that doesn't exist. I have so many questions what what was this internship? Was this Natta me was this Lord of the flies? I've never heard of an internship like you guys the such a rich and vivid time, we should get a tattoo because we're. Coffee papers because I would understand if you were like, I was in Vietnam. Sure. Because first of all that would have been pre tramps him that would have been saying, I would've said, hey, man. Like, I thank you for your service. That's not that's called the army. That's not an interest rate. But can I tell you? I was so curious about this as we put this into our show notes and in terms of prepping, I was like I really need follow up. And so I ask Steph what the internship was about. Are you ready? I don't think I am. They were in an internship for the assemblies of God. And they got bra written on their bodies. Not just the two of them. But fifteen other people to you. So okay. I just want to triangulate this really clear assemblies of God. Right. Is that do, you know anything about somebody's guard a little bit about assemblies of God? Why do you use a Hebrew word? I know and they were all interning, by the way to be pastors. This feels like a mad libs where all the words, you chose don't fit and it just doesn't make. No, well, congratulations staff on your. I look forward to win analyzed show seeing your bra trance tramps, and I give you spicy take on this. Yes. I don't hate matching tattoos. I cannot believe that why. What's what's wrong with matching tattoos? Like if demand declare by I don't have one right? It depends on the match. Let me be honest. It does depend on what it is. If it's something really small, you know, like JC and beyond Fe half matching tattoos on the ring finger, and it's the number four grand Roman numerals, and like Adam okay with if it's very small and very subtle. But we posted on all of our social media selection of matching tattoos on mount on Pinterest. And there is literally like a guy who has the beast from UD on the beasts leaning out a flower, and then his hand catches up on her the invite of her elbow. Go girl you go. This is the person you are spending the rest of your life with you wanna get down baby duck, you go for you. When I take those. I'm doing forever. Maybe they're dying. How do you know? Here's what that proves. Not. Everybody has good taste. I watched Jason waterfalls. And I watched a my lottery dream home marathon recently. Okay. Is this people with like more money than God? And they still can pick a good house. They still and it was just proof. The like not every tattoo is a good one. But I support your choice. Well, that's fair. All right, Claire, ignore Roth said my husband, and I have bat guy forgotten this. This whole everybody put your seat belts on. Okay. Claire Naroda my husband, and I have matching tattoos inspired by Chris Harrison's the perfect letter in which the male lead has a bat tattoo to memorialize the time. He and the female lead hooked up in a cave. Well, the story that's not even the story. The blood factor. Yes. We did read the book road trip read aloud so no, we were not so deeply touched to inspire the tattoos. I was already getting something done and the bat started as a joke, and then it became a game of chicken with both of us saying, I'll get it. If you do and good news. We got it. So so this is a deep rich resume. I of the gate isn't that what marriage is just a big game at chicken that ends an and bat tattooing metaphorical. Eventually. Okay, good. Do you? Have you read the perfect letter? I have read the perfect lens. You have read orbiter letter. I did I secretly read it when it came out 'cause Crissier for those who don't know how God help you. Why don't you know? 'cause Chris Arison is the host of the bachelor and the bachelorette, but Chris Aronson wrote a romance novel. And I read it because I was so curious, by the way, one of the reviews on good reads. One of the one star review says it was like a fifth graders fantastic shin of nNcholas sparks novel. Hot settled down. Good reads. How never the person who dropped me a star for not saying Matthew Stafford and say Matt Stafford in the book, I'll never forgive good reads as a website is a good reasons, I'm expecting a rhythm policy by everyone on good reads here because here's house an ask you this because I read the plot summary, and I was going to ask you, Jamie. There's one of these elements in the book, let's see if you can remember remember. Okay. The only time because he wrote it like seven years ago and we're seeing rooted with scare quotes. So he did. Right it because there's no way. He okay is one of the plot points about murder black male or racehorse doping. It's all of the all those. Ends. I didn't even talk about someone who can up in cave with bats. Is someone get to bitch? By the way, is the funniest thing. If you'd said it also included hooking up in a cave with the bat. I would have been like no that's not in there. And that's the one that started the story. I think I wanna read that book now. No, it's really good because Chris Hairston always refers to the man's. His Pika chew as his desire. I don't like that store. You just I don't like the way referred to that. Then you just said that you're okay with matching tattoos. You said you have no problem with couples having matching tattoos or are UK with their bats their right to choose. And I did dig in their Instagram and clear and her husband both on Mateen twenty fifteen they both wore a team Harrison t-shirt to celebrate a new season of the bachelorette so their role in. So I just think hey, follow your passion. That's great. I just want to go back. So Chris Harrison in the book, he calls the man's tennis the desire. Yeah has desire. Okay. So like Lorena Bobbitt cut off John Bobbitt's desire. That's right. That's right works. But like, I don't want to work. Hey, guys, a quick break. Talked about one responser stamps dot com. Postage rates have gone up. Again, thankfully, stamps dot com. Can ease the pain with big discounts off post office, retail rates with stamps dot com. You say five cents off every first class stamp and up to forty percents off priority mail that kind of savings really adds up especially for small businesses. Plus Samsa com is completely online which saves you time. No more inconvenient trips to the post office stamps dot com. Automatically calculates and prints. The exact amount of posted you need. You'll never overpay or underpay. Again, they bring all the services of the US postal service right to your fingertips by imprint official US postage for any letter package using your own computer and printer anything you can do at the post office. You can now do from your desk for less. So we at the podcasts media group, we stamps dot com because it's so simple and easy. We have merged going out. We have things we're bringing in all because a stamp SICOM were able to do it seamless in easily in right now, you can enjoy the stamps come service with a special offer that includes a four week Trump plus free postage in a digital scale. See for yourself. Why over seven hundred thousand small businesses you stamps dot com. Hey, as another one of our sponsors is open fit getting fit and staying healthy. Always sounds easier said than done, right? Well, luckily for all of US Open fit takes all of the complex city out of losing weight and getting fit. 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Free trial membership to open fit where you can lose up to fifteen pounds and thirty days when you pop podcast to thirty thirty thirty you will get full access to open fit all the workouts nutrition information, totally free again, just text podcast to thirty thirty thirty. Okay. Back to the show. Gills Kaplan, your says as newlyweds moving into our home, I found a taser and my husband sock drawer without any thought. My curious mind decided to walk up behind him and give it a whirl right on his stock? He thought he was for sure being attacked tried to jump away only to fall crumpled up on the floor in my shock and embarrassment. I could not stop laughing which geared this poor, man. Even more. I'm sure there is still some trust issues because of that incident that will never be mended. Oh, no. You think so you that's crate? You said without any thought, Mike curious mind, you have tons of curious thoughts, and he just use them. Under husband, a serial killer starts, this is not the first thing. She's done to her husband. Right. We'll or it could be this is chapter one. This is the first ten minutes of her Netflix true crime documentary that we watch after she's murdered. Her husband probably feels like she's the kind of person though, when she's holding a baby she pinches it really hard just to see look, right? Look. Here's the thing when you get taste by your significant other f-, why the honeymoon is. I just the thing. I want to know about is like, well, I mean, I do think we need to criticize her husband for hiding the taser in the sock drawer obvious place. You would look for taser also jeweled. Why are you looking like what are you looking for we doing you're not putting clothes away? Like, why are you looking for that stuff? Yeah. But like why? So she just kind of world around and her husband never wears pants or something. So she's blast. I think on his thigh. Why is this easily accessible? Yeah. Why is this is this a shorts life? And if it is if he's living shorts wife he deserves to get taste that like in. I don't want to scrotum splaine people. But the scrotum is very close to the fi. You almost got his scrotum you almost sizzle those biscuits because you were curious. Well, jill's unacceptable. All right. So those are the me knows where we to mean, we're we me. No. I just I felt like those tough love. I love you share the story you come you? Come to play. We've only we're going to tell you the truth. It's our fault. We saw through it in new you pooped yourself. We know your. Yourself. Kelsey is a Kelsey kill pooped herself. Don't blame. There's one hundred listen there at least three Kelsey is listening right now who pooped their pants who is more prone to put themselves Kelsey or Lawrence Loren Loren. Feels like I don't know if Lawrence eat enough. Blonde and Lawrence or like, I can do my pants. I'm so pretty so it's a flex for Lawrence. Like. Do you? So what? You are these next section. This is anonymous. These are cowards who are not brave enough to put their name on the things they've done, but they have shares, and you always say that about anonymous submissions, but I will say in this circumstance, we did have a few. We're not gonna read all of them. But we did have one who even was like, I'm telling you the story, but I am going to need to change the names because I'm pretty sure the person I'm telling you the story about is a patriots. Sure, I get that. I get it. This is a very tender topic. So at I my husband, and I returned from our honeymoon. We went to visit my new in and tell them about our trip. My husband had the ST card from our camera and thought it would be fun to show them all the photos. He set it up in slide show mode on the TV there were photos of us by volcanoes and beautiful Hawaiian beaches. And then there was a photo of me with a stupid drunken grin in our hotel room. And the next shot. I take my top off. And I was in my bra. I sat there on the couch beside my father-in-law frozen in horror as I realized what was coming next on. My gosh, do something close up shot at my breast filled. The nine. And my in-laws stared in shock. I looked at my husband desperate for him to make the nightmare. Stop. And instead he had politely averted his gaze. I'm was covering his is my father-in-law still brings it up from time to time. Look, okay. I think more than anything you should have left your husband here. This is where you divorce doesn't love you. If he loved you. He would have stopped the slide show. It's a it's a level failure. Because a he knew he had the picture. Yeah. Don't tell me. He forgot. Okay. Just if you're if you're the husband, and you have a picture like that, you know, you got the picture. Okay. So you should have extracted it, and you put it in foul called like tax info on your laptop. Right. And that's where that is. Okay. You don't look over the presentation wants to be like, hey, but let me just make sure stuff's going on here. And then not throwing your laptop out the window or throwing it through the TV screen. Yeah. Something had to be didn't someone fake a heart attack. There had what he said. Should've started screaming says he should've started Motor-boating his dad what's going on our boat your dad's, but don't let that happen. Let this crazy happen. Here's the worst part of this to me, really like if I'm her first of all I liked it or has been averted his gaze as if he had already seen her nipples. But I like the she tax on the whole my father-in-law still brings it up. That's the problem. No. That's the problem. That's also why you should let this family. You should not have stayed in this family mother-in-law. It's not great. But it's fine father-in-law. No other law just passing you the gravy at thanksgiving. And his like remember that Tom Sawyer Bubis? I just I I if I was him or her, I think, I break something, I honestly think I would rather destroy would pay for a new sixty inch screen, then see my wife's Bubba Bubba breasts us in front of my parents next. We had been married approximately thirty six hours, and it was the second night of our honeymoon at a remote. Bed-and-breakfast on the San Juan islands after a lovely meal and some evening activities we snuggled up and went to sleep. Obviously naked I woke up after midnight to a strange yelling sound and realized my new husband was missing. I followed the growl yell to the carpeted bathroom where he was sprawled out with food poisoning coming out of both ends and he had chosen the wrong end for the toilet on once. I determined. He wasn't dying. I cleaned up all the poop and puke and essentially carried him to the shower, so the the horror movie part of this that I want to underline this is at a bed and breakfast, which this story is exhibit ABCD while never go to bed and breakfast because I just can't risk having things coming out of both ins and being around other people then you have to go have a punt mental breakfast. The next morning. Also, here's the thing. I when I when she was like he had chosen the wrong end for the toilet bowl. Why would anyone vomit choose vomiting into the toilet bowl over pooping into the toilet? Bo. I I mean, honestly, even when you're sick. I feel like you're still saying enough to go. I know that I should sit here and like throw up on the floor because it's in the in the worst case scenarios. It's not Pupo vomit is always you don't wanna clean up poop. That's exactly right. And I find when anytime that I've had a significant incident of anytime. I've always gone vomit is a lot less than what poop can do like mom can end and you'll just dry heave. And it'll be what it is. But puke KamAz forever in Italy. Hey, there's a pop tart, I eat it. But I'm cleaning them. Now. It's fine. Like poop all bets are off. That's her. I think I think you divorced him even retroactively like that was such a bad decision that you diarrhea on the wall lake worst quicker than the woman who showed her Bubis turf author in law should like in. Here's my question. Do you think legally there should be boundaries within a marriage? In the valve like Cigna, Cigna health, and if someone diarrheas on the wall, that's your thing. You diarrhea you clean it up. Now, I feel like if you diarrhea you gotta clean that. If you think it's just the thirty six hours. I looked so pretty in my wedding dress. This is fine. Are you still in on a ha- from your wedding that you're just like I'll forgive this. 'cause I've been like ten years into your marriage. You're like f you clean it up yourself off see in the morning or it's like getting dropped in the nam. And you're just like what is going on cleaning that that's I think you're more at to clean it up ten years in because hopefully you've earned love equity. But like, I didn't even know you like six months ago and now cleaning up corn kernels off the wall from God knows when note and lasts anonymous one of my friends was hanging out with friends. And there was they started going around the table saying who they're quote free pass would be, you know, which celebrity they'd allowed to be with if they ever had the chance one guy was reluctant to participate and apparently didn't fully grasp the rules. Or spirit of the game. He finally said his free pass would be the teller at his local Bank. Listen, I will ask the questions. Don't ask a question. You don't want to know the answer to okay because because Britney at Wells Fargo is a very attractive. She's very attractive, and very acceptable. Angelina Jolie not accessible, you don't gotta worry about that. Right. Do you is that like does the wife in that situation? Get the right to kind of come up with and be like, well, you know, who's also hot hot Dennis Dennis now. Maybe that's driving. Can you come up with because I was talking to Erin here before you got here about this question is this worst case scenario? What's worse case scenario, you mean about mentioning who your free passes if that's your husband, and he has boost the situation that poorly the range like whoa is their worst thing. He could have said. There is a writing answering. Yes, he could have set a family member of yours. He could have said your sister, your mom. Okay. Is that worse than like one of the other ladies in their room around the table? Oh, dang worst. That's worse. Case winner he is. Can you imagine if you like turn around him? And like, I've always I always liked Hannah Deborrah me, very tasty right here. Owner of this home your any make your of the brisket. You are indulging in no. Okay. So that those are the last of the cowards. These are the elite seal team six of the comments, these are they're not really yeses. But they are just because they're so bold invasiveness and terrible that we're like sure you aren't this. Yes. That's right. I this AA cook eighty five and our first year of marriage. My husband was flinging running vacuum questions, that's fine. And in parentheses. I honestly don't know why it's better not task questions. I was bending over to pick something up at the same moment. And he caught my hair in the running vacuum instead of turning it off like a normal person. He yanked ripping out of hung of. Ripping out one hunk of hair from the top of my head and leaving me with the bald spot that took at least a year to regrows that was the Dyson. So he just he got he connected on the Dyson. And I know so she says hunk of hair, but every time, I think of this, Jamie. I think of like she turns into the Dr Phil and there's a lot like Paul finebaum. Like, there's a lot gone here. That's a lot. And it's like, how do I style this? Now, I'm going to have to explain this to every person who asks oh, my husband yanked it out with our Dyson. And you can't just explain that. Because it does sound like domestic abuse. You can't feel like it was an accident. It was like he was playing guitar on a vacuum. And then connected to my head. And then it I I mean, I don't know. I don't know talked to vacuum anymore. Was this his way of getting out and having the nine you? Cook was she been booze-fuelled. I think there are more chill ways to get out of that. If you've watched if you've ever watched everybody loves Raymond like, you could get away without without like maiming, then it's fair Krista earns seventy seven said, my husband, and I met in a small private Christian school in Florida specifically in the chemistry class his mom taught. Well, I wouldn't stop talking about the sky who complimented my hair twice in one day. My dad was sure his last name sounded familiar. He looked in his yearbooks to find my husband's dad. My dad went to the same small private Christian school in Ohio. Then upon further research, we learned both are maternal grandparents had been married in the same year had the same jobs and birthdays for the safety of our marriage. We're not going to do a how related are you twenty three and me oh criminal. You don't need to you. You just did it. You married to your brother? There is no way that you're not first cousins or closer like so the south usually has like exclusivity on this kind of thing this kind of insist Ajay's situation, but I like that these are both very small private Christian schools in Florida in Ohio because I think Florida and Ohio are super underrated at like Buchwald things like this doesn't I think if you're asking me, which are the most redneck states in the country. It is for sure Florida and Ohio cigarette. Neck, Florida Florida's like advanced level galaxy brain redneck, we know that but Ohio, we know your sound. Like, you think we don't know? But we know your special foods chili. Okay. We you belong with this comment that said this week, they her husband got back his twenty three and me, and they found out their fifth cousins and they've been married twenty years. And gene, I'm gonna do you in that situation? Look, here's the thing. I reacted cousins. I don't wanna be the guy who's like, we're all pretty much related or the guy was like, you know. You know, second cousin whatever. Because you do not want to be that person. You don't. But it's from the hills of Tennessee any. Now, I'm not like, let's all be related, but like cousin Russ. I mean, I yeah. To me fifth. Cousins is fine. But no second cousins with Demi Levato like that doesn't even mean anything, you can totally be your free pass or the Bank teller your free pass if you're related to her to all, right, Laura, Lynn, Tucker. It was two and a half days after my old on find a safe space tuck and roll on this. This is tough. You guys you're going to need to pull over you. Get off the elliptical for this one. Okay. Laura Lynn, Tucker. And remember she gave us her name. It was two and a half days after my oldest was bored. I laid down to take a nap and two hours later. My boobs went from immediately post pregnancy size to two Cup sizes larger than Anna Kendrick in twats. Screenwriting man milk had come in. The problem was my skin was stretched so tight. My little newborn could not latch, I was doing all the things the internet was telling me to do after one to two hours of desperation. I got him onions. And and try dangle feeding my newborn still wasn't working my baby was cry. I was crying. My poor husband was sitting there with his useless nipples trying to help, you know, ever. He could Finally I was like you got a relief some of this pressure. I'm still on my hands needs from trying to dangle feed my new board and my husband goes into take one for the team. Oh, right after he's latched on like a little newborn, baby. My mom walks. You're all like. Here's the thing. I am startled and dismayed that this is even a conversation. Anyone has to have ever that this could happen? However, I literally have close friends who because they could not leave an Alabama LSU game at the fourth quarter. Because it was that close and she had forgot to pump come on her husband in a bathroom of like a suite at the hospital like relieved her pressure. So this is where anyone from Ohio who got like butthurt for second just delete that Email because we just answered it for you. Don't worry. It's right. It's still LV was still holds a right? Don't you worry? But Lord leeann like, but I like to that. She was like I'm on is that a normal thing to try to breastfeed your baby. Like like, you're a cow. Don't you ask them that question? Like, I've got some. Maybe I know. But I've never done that. I've never had to relieve. The you don't honestly, I was reading this was like is there an opportunity here. And I was like, okay sharks? Hey on my breast poem is there. We already mentioned what it is. So I think the failure mom is that you didn't bring your daughter a breast pump. You you made her husband have to get to the point where she end look dangled. Feeding is a great use of of berbie all Aji in the story. It doesn't mean. I have to like it. Okay. I don't like the visual and visual did very helpful. Look, the the most cinematic thing that. He's latched on like a newborn and door. Swings. Open a mom comes in. I can see that movie. That's Tarantino movie lane isn't Orlan and her husband who did not register for abreast bomb, or is it the friends and family of Laura Lynn and her husband who did not buy them abreast pump. I just think it's everybody when you are forty-eight hours after your first baby ever, it does feel a little like crazy and your brain's not working, right? And you're just hurting and in pain, but I really feel like I'm won't be honest, though. I do feel like the husband is to blame this. Oh, like, I do feel like he is the one who goes. But I think it's also him going avenue choice. This is what I you. She just gave birth to my first born this is what we have to do. It's you just can't like it's so understated. How? Two and a half days in. It's like a scavenger hunt for trying to make things make sense trying to make the baby stop crying like you just don't know anything so many heirs and like I'll watched my sister-in-law. And actually, we watched the girl with Pearl earrings. Joining us in as bad as is just terrible movie. We watched sex. We're so sleep deprived. You just don't know things in that moment is crazy. Okay. Well, that is our conversation on the nose of marriage. I think we were very diplomatic. When those I think we told almost every listener to get a divorce from their spouse. I think look if you if you're married someone who diaries on the wall stink about it. You have to think about it. And you're lying at have separate bet. Like, I'm right about that. Okay. So if you have thoughts and opinions on our thoughts and Baynes, let us know knock streaming accomplish to eighty five. Hey, guys, a quick break. 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Right now podcast listeners can get a free clarifying mask, which I also love when you purchase a skin care routine. That's a twenty five dollars value for free. Just go to buy clarity dot com and enter code POP at checkout, that's bio clarity dot com and use code pop now back to the ship. Jimmy. You wanna do some whites? What is your have? We do we say we're recording in the same room. We we talk about that. I don't think we did talk about that. That's my green light that was not for this week. But I we are recording for the first time in the history of our show recording Wednesday podcast in the same. Right. I brought that up because I was gonna say till the naysayers like this fake Jamie doesn't care about lights. I saw the enthusiasm in her eyes. She cares. I record it fresh every time guys. Okay. So give me give me hit me to that real life. So that red light this week is the new Aladdin trailer. So we I know we seen them stills photos in Entertainment Weekly that somehow Entertainment Weekly seemed really proud about getting. And then it just really disappointed all of us. And now the trailer which debuted during the Grammy's and will include in the show notes. We'll Smith looks like a blue version of Shrek. He looks bad. He gives me the crease plus Aladdin. Is still wearing a full shirt and is not cute. But I am here. Still for hot Jaffar. Very hot Jaffar is not ugly enough Aladdin is hot enough. Yeah. We'll smith. I don't understand if he has CGI or if he's real Will Smith. I don't understand. Why look like some of the painless smudged feel like we could could clean that it feels like he wasn't painted. It felt like somebody had done like a blue overlay on the lens of the camera and hope to lot it up with his body. I'm not the kind of person who would say that the jasmine of my youth is not currently lining up with the jasmine that I'm seeing in this trailer. I'm not that's not something I would say that may be possibly related to the fact that the I think they're betraying jasmine as a teenager. I don't like a feel like you're trying to checkmate me here. I'm just saying I in my mind Jasmine's twenty four years old, and she's always been twenty four years old. Right. And I think she was never twenty four years old. How did you feel about jasmine how'd you about jasmine? I felt like she wasn't elegant enough, Mike. She feels look here's what it is. You're looking for Angelina Jolie and you get Selena Gomez. It's not the Selena, Gomez and cute. She is but our lily pudgy nose and her little face, and are like little cute and Djelic cheeks cure weeks, chairman cheeks they're not what you're looking for. When you want to have a sexy. Disney Princess, luckily for our patriots orders, we have a conversation this week on the more. You know, where we talk about slinging has a potential love interest, which is very hot. And very interesting. What's? So that's is it weird that I'm like, everyone looks terrible. I still think it's gonna be good. No. There's one holding out hope because I think we see the Dumbo trailer. Go well that definitely can't be good. See, I think Dumbo. I look at dumb. I'm like, there's no way you look at that look sto-. If was going to be more dope, Dumbo or Aladdin the lion. King. I don't know. I is this where all the live actions are like, oh, hey, so actually does a terrible idea. I think here's why it was a terrible idea. I think you keep the lab actions that mostly have the where every character is basically a human. Oh, so make him a human. No. I don't know like with beauty and the beast. It was like that was bad. But it was because most if not all of the characters we're human and even when they were like a pot. It was a pot. It wasn't like Will Smith with no legs was a lion. King could work because all animals, it's all in the malls. So you either going to go all like 'cause if Will Smith was one of everybody weird with their leg in my work. But like because he's the weird Bluewin with no hair and weird nipples. I don't know. I like the nibbles are tough. So hypothetically, if you're someone who's really into jasmine, and she doesn't meet your standard USA, if she wasn't like human jasmine that would be okay for that person. Yeah. How 'bout we? Just stick with what the movie we had that. We love can have we made a live action where we went that was better than the original. No, no. We haven't. No this money grab. Okay. What is your advice? We can have one goes original Blida movie to know. I didn't like it didn't like I didn't like it. We went. So the fam-. We went on Sunday. And I'd give cards. Okay. And here let me let me just go where here's where I'm looking at it from. Okay. So I've got three kids Meena we go all in with with snacks and tickets. That's like a hundred bucks. Wow. Is this movie terrible. No, it's fine. Is it worth one hundred bucks? Now. It's not oh, dang. I didn't laugh once. And when I saw like a movie the regional out laugh in so much as the kids like, what did you guys think about that? And they're rating system. They're terrible. Critics like I would say that to your face if they're like, you're terrible. Yeah. Picking movies. My son was like that was like get one to one hundred see they're doing scale too. He was like it's like a seventy eight like it wasn't that good. They didn't let that much. So all that to say that soundtracks fine. It's clever. The movie is actually like a prolonged burn on. Chris Pratt in his career. If that makes sense it's weird. It's not funny. Well, and it did not do well at the box office, and I don't really like twenty million dollars less than they thought it was gonna make which makes sense. So like, I'm not saying this is garbage movie. And I'm saying if if you can go for free sure, why not pay you go for free, which mainly not says like if you can download it on a torrent, you could watch it. But otherwise, I don't know talking about. I'm just I'm a good well-paying. Customer. All right. So it was what's your PC semi green? This week is I binged the TV show Russian doll on Netflix. Here is the deal. So this show it stars Natasha Leone, it's produced by her and Amy Poehler, and Leslie Hedlund and it premiered on February. I it follows a woman who repeatedly does and relieves the same night in an ongoing leap for eight episodes. Okay now on the surface. It can feel like it's like groundhog day. But that is not what it is. He it's an an a here's what I would say I feel about it the way I felt felt about maniac like if you can get to episode four you will be like this is one of the best things I've ever watched. And then you'll watch episode six and seven and eight and you'll be like, this is profound and so good, and that's an easier. Ask the maniacs. Manic was an hour. This is just thirty minutes. Right. These are just thirty minute. Episodes Natasha Leone who I've never been on her team. I am solidly on her team. Now like, she. He had been working on this project for ten years, and you can tell in the way that she becomes Nadia this character. And there are there twists and turns that you don't expect. I would encourage people not to learn anything more about the show than what I've just told you I wouldn't even watch a trailer for the show. I would just turn it on get through. No this. It is an F jam that I heard and for those her new to the podcasts because I know we have some new listeners in SF J M is not suitable for Jamie's mom. Here's why my mom if she hears curse words. She'll start cursing like a sailor. She is a southern Baptist church secretary. So we need her to not curse like a sailor. So it is an instance jam, but that actually all dissipates the kind of Innis f j m -ness of it dissipates after the first two episodes. And then you don't see that as much. Also, it goes from stupid funny to dreadfully sad. Oh in the most inventive ways. But it if people are like this is going to be a sad ending. It ends. A beautiful uplifting way. It's actually quite lovely, man. I was I was in because I watched I who episodes, and I everything he said. And then I was like the sounds great. And then you're like, and then it's just going to destroy your it's gonna destroy you. It's so good. It pro fantastic. What is your problem? Okay. What's your green light migraine light is the book? Remember God by friend of the show NFL. So I listened to this was the first nonfiction book I ever listened to as an audio book. And I I it wasn't necessarily. I mean, I love any Oliver show and everything it wasn't because I could hear I just I want to listen, and I feel like I would I would consume more quickly like that. And I'd read this I guess a couple of weeks back, and I'm so glad I listened to because you know, this, and I'm a little biased because I I no way think my book is as good as hers. But I think we're in similar creative space that makes sense. We're doing where we're talking in a similar way about similar things issue. And that I don't mean that some. Sumptuous? But I mean that to say, I don't resonate with books that are I don't know. Maybe like maybe God forward. Maybe like they start with like what God wants us. I think those are great books and people do great jobs with them. They don't resonate with me. That's why I'd really blocked this book so much because a lot of it was through the prism of anti struggles. Tough situation she ran into and how she processed it. And I'm always fascinated with how someone processes God. Because I know I do that in a really weird way. So it gives me a lot of hope in hearing. How other people do that? Now they've worked through. And that's a lot of what this is just her story looking at the prism of God through what she's experiencing what she's going through. She's incredible writer. She's got an incredible way of seeing the world and way of wrapping things around to a deeper spiritual take away, which I really love. But I just really cannot recommend this book enough. I really really loved for you know, I listened to it as well. And I never listen to audiobooks, and it was really good. On audio. I will tell you one of the best. I mean, obviously there were like, obviously lessons life lessons in the book. But the thing that was most valuable that I took away from the book was to the chapter she talked about she descended, and she wasn't leaving her house. And she was only playing cooking fever. I downloaded cooking fever once. I will say that in that game is boss wrote is so good. I love it so much. I don't think that was the takeaway from chapter, but I like that you found something so good y'all greed right to cooking fever, but you know, what I've like not spoil the book, this is one of them. But in that chapter she says a lot of time talking about like, I don't know. Maybe it's maybe it's not as explicit as I interpreted it, but it's like something happened, and it's not worth me acting like this. But I feel like this and I tonight feeling at this. And I don't know why I'm feeling like this. And I think a lot of these books are these huge things that I can identify with. But I liked greeting something where I'm like. Yeah. I can also identify with not knowing why feel like I feel but feeling in on the less and not invalidating it so any great. Were big fans of hers, and obviously she's a great writer. So you don't need us to say that. But check out this book, you'll really really like it RJB that's going do it for this episode of the podcast and guys before we go remember anytime, you any shopping make sure do all your shopping on Amazon dot com slash shop slash podcast first. So that all your purchases user affiliate link our favorite item purchase using Dowling. This week was Jamie. This is just called cupid farts. What do you think? Okay. Since the canyon. It's made by the people who make unicorn parts here's the deal guys. If you are not deep Davin, those cues nays on Amazon you missed an album good content. Someone asked are these gluten free? They were three answers. The first was yes, eat all the far cheese wine second, it would depend on what keep it eats. Typically, they would eat jelly beans and jelly bean bushes. But I suppose they could have found some fruitcake, and they can't came for us. And then third if says gluten free on the packaging and look at the picture, I love Amazon. All right. You guys on Jamie, golden, you can find me on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram at J, maybe golden I'm not where you can check him out weekly news. Letter at Knoxville dot com slash newsletter or you can buy my book. The wondering years wherever books are sold. Thanks for listen. We'll see.

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288. Marsha Mason

Gilbert Gottfried's Amazing Colossal Podcast

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288. Marsha Mason

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During the month of December you'll get an extra surprise from us you and me okay. So let's get this straight Yaw doc our entire catalogue including interviews with almost three hundred guests and hundreds of our many episodes the show will be free after December first. Well I said all new Monday episodes will continue to be. It's true and as a thank you to our listeners. Support the show by contributing to Patriot dot com slash Gilbert Gottfried. They'll have exclusive access to new bonus episodes and a a lot more to come. You know I might even listen to some of these. I'd have a heart attack if you did Hi this Gilbert Godfried and this is Gilbert Godfrey to Mason Colossal podcast gas with my co host. Frank Santo Padre our guest this week. It's an occasional director. An Oscar. An Emmy nominated it for former and one of the most admired actresses of her generation. You know her work from the TV shows Brazier the good wife. Madame secretary the Middle Seinfeld Grayson Frankie and beat your films like the the cheap detective or Jrue rose two days in the Valley Stella our freight greed. I love trouble and Max Dugan returns as well as four films for which. You're a Kademi award. Nominations as best actress actress Cinderella Liberty. Chapter two only when I laugh and a movie we discussed at length on this show. Nine thousand nine hundred seventy seven the goodbye girl in now lengthy and successful career that again with among other the things a drive in movie about a demolition Derby and one day part in not classic. Why is it so dark shadows? She's worked steadily on Broadway and off Broadway stage and on the the big and small screen and she old so directed numerous stage. TB productions she worked alongside some of the greatest talents of the last century including Jason Robards. Albert Finney George Segal. Clint Eastwood Anthony Hopkins. Donald Sutherland. Midler Richard Dreyfuss and of course her one. Time husband and frequent collaborator. The late great. Neil Simon she's also worked with several guests of this very podcast including Matthew Broderick. He Carotene Cairo. Dean Austin Powers Empowers. I think it's time to go on leaving that Ed ed problem woven. Hey that's all right. We'll we'll loop it later. I think it was mad. The Helm you want to get through the rest of the names okay. We're why are we on Mike. Oh Yeah just a hopes to I'll Grace Austin Austin Pendleton Tim. Matheson Whole Williams James burrows she welcomes. Uh Oh please welcome to the show. Have you been drinking if you'd like to leave this. It's nice when you WANNA stay Please welcome to the show gifted versatile performer and former professional outrace car driver Marsha Mason up. That's the best inner introduction I've ever ever heard of great thank you very all downhill from here. Yes no but what I loved is It was great sort of different perspective and take on my career which was really nice. Yeah you know because as you say if you stay in the present you know it's and it sounded really lovely all of a sudden it was like. Oh Wow I did that the just the obvious. Yeah we didn't even say like Pacino in all these Sid Caesar all of these other legends. I'll tell us about Sid Caesar well most of my experience dance with Sid. Caesar was through. Neil Simon because he told me a lied and we met briefly but The All Mel Brooks folks and and rob from Carl Reiner and Sid Caesar they all came out of even Peter Stone. You know there were a lot all right. Yeah there were lots of writers and they were friends and there was this camaraderie robbery. That writers have I think because they're in writing rooms even on the Sid Caesar show they had riding rooms. And of course Neil road about it in his to books is to memoirs so it was really lovely to kind of do it through being secondhand And getting a sense of what that world was really like and they had this come rotary. 'em This That I it's actually met By a British actors Michael Caine Sean Connery People like that that we had head to our house for dinner and stuff. The the Brits are really good in terms of their socio ability in other words you go and you have dinner and you have these fabulous conversations like a similar fraternity. Yes British. That's interesting. Also they have A. They're very adept stopped at social conversation. And you're expected to be able to participate. I had I had an in invitation. John through Tony Richardson to visit him in the south of France with his daughter. Natasha and we had people people would come through in the south of France And have dinner and stuff like baton. The MITFORD sisters and people and what was sort of expected of view which was kind of unusual for me because I tend to be a little bit of an introvert was you were expected to Offer some social social communication And enjoy men and they had a great time and they they loved socializing in and especially at dinner or you know and drinks and stuff like that and so it was a wonderful lesson on on how to you. Communicate so your perspective of The introduction reminded me of that people bring different perspectives stew. A conversation down memory lane a little bit better than you. You're on the cheap detective. I'm trying to remember if you guys together No I was there because of the first one which was murdered by death I I was his assumed. I was neal's assistant. I simply asked to be that because there were so many great people yes of course and who it is not apocryphal. You couldn't wear purple. What's that about? I don't know but you couldn't. You couldn't wear around Peter sellars no he. Didn't it upset Him. You know I heard something that was similar with Peter Sellers incid Caesar in that And you find this with a lot of performers that often. I've often heard off camera. They didn't exist. It's like If they were in character yes they had this energy and power. I I think that's slightly true. Yes sometimes they're a story of Melbourne of Caesar getting an award like some kind of award and Mel Brooks had to coach him up or said Yeah Yaman. That's very true. Yeah I remember Neil telling me When they were riding hiding stuff said would come into the room and he would listen? But you wouldn't necessarily know how he felt about it because he wasn't fat communicative and then he would go out and he would take that idea any would run with it. So that doesn't surprise me because One of the people that I actually worked with who was very similar was Oh I'm trying to think Robert Robert Deniro was a lot like that in the sense that he who he was as a person is very different than and the energy that comes through the screen accepting that you can't really separate the two so he was slightly lightly intimidating yet at the same time what you realize than if you keep yourself open and and stay A there is that he's extremely shy. But you find out about a lot of performers though. You're and you're like that in some ways to Gilbert sometimes the switches off Ya ah because because performing all the time. It's exhausting so with some of these people so when this when the when they're turned out or when the robot is sort of power down yes I think that's. It's fairly true. And can you tell that story. I if you know the same story where Sid Caesar was trying to speak on stage Schleicher accepting award or something and he was stumbling all over Germany. This shoveled the story we heard was Mel Brooks was president. He yelled said. Do it in German. Oh Oh yeah yeah that's true. I think that's really just explore. Neal was a young writer at that show Joe so Mel is the one that told the story about. You know he would whisper. Neil would whisper certain certain lines to danny brother and Danny would say a traumatized favorite year. Yeah exactly and it was Mr Mr Reiner who said let the kids are Mel. Who said let the kid talk? You know what I mean. So it was like that because Neil also was like that he was very diffident and a somewhat shy and yet he was extremely funny. And there's always talk about on your show of shows the insane amount of talent in the writer's room yeah. Each one became legendary token to Selma diamond and all of them. I've often wondered too. And because my favorite year is is one sort of semi fictional portrayal of Sid. Caesar Neal's play is another after on the twenty third floor. I've often wondered where the truth lies. Oh I think I think laughter on the twenty third floor is Neil actually really really did right autobiographically sure barefoot in the park was true. John Did sit on the ledge of the window over at school to know you know. Yeah and while the odd couple had to do with his brother. That's right. Yeah absolutely. There's a lot there's a lot I found it interesting. I didn't know in watching goodbye girl. And then I've seen it a hundred times and then doing research on you. I didn't know how many things were true that came from your life auto show. Oh Oh yeah that was true. A lot of it was true The auto show was absolutely and only when I laugh. There was a lot of truth Chapter to a lot of truth a lot of what's directing trapped to now. Is that weird for you know. Actually because actually when I went to to do the movie the play had already opened and I think it was a couple years later so I always thought of it as just. It's a character after I knew well but I was. It didn't have any. I don't know if this is a failing on my part or limitation which it may be but I can separate myself out a great deal from something I I'm not exactly sure why but it just sort of seems to be the case so when and maybe part of it was because Neil would give me pages sometimes to read a scene or just sometimes pages and we would talk about it and then other times he would wait until the whole thing was done but but I was always able to treat the work very objectively. The and I think that's why we had such a positive and wonderful professional relationship. We had mutual admiration and affection for one another when we worked. And I've offense across well in often but people tell me that couples have sometimes a very hard a time working together or playing tennis together and it was the one thing about Neil and I that Wasn't there we. You just had this mutual respect for each other and affection and consequently we had a great time did did you happen. Ease your time working with him then. Living with him. Yes Oh that's an interesting question. Yeah every now and then I I usually get one three. You underwrite yourself. I fair to say he. This is I find the research that he didn't he. How do I put this tactfully? He didn't love actresses he had he had a certain kind of it. A certain kind of difficulty with actresses or whereas the acting profession I think it's more the acting acting profession. I don't mean to make a gender bay no no it wasn't Unless the actor in particular said something for example there was an incident. Where in one of the place? I don't remember which one an actress a a female actor. Now we have to change and we're not longer actresses Said well I wouldn't say that meaning. She wouldn't say that line. And that SORTA question or that statement would make him Bristle of course but at the same time he was the kind of rider if he knew that somebody was really really talented he'd write to them. For example the two experiences that I remember was any wedge worth in chapter two MHM and she came in and the part was originally written like Very rat-tat-tat Rosalind Russell. You Know Bove quick witted and smart and fast and any wedge worth was from Texas and had kind of drawl and she came men and said Oh I know I'm not the right color for this. And then she did the material and she was so funny because she had an innate sense of humor Mer and understood timing which you cannot teach somebody and Neil said that's it so she was diametic diametrically cle- opposed to the material but it it went to her adapted on the fly about good girl to write. That wouldn't win Dreyfuss came in the room and he recognized is what chemistry. The two of you have decided that was rewrite. HODEL strangers Richard and I did not know one another. We came in to do a cold hold reading and there was just immediate chemistry and he knew there was a problem with the script And so he said okay I know what to do and he went back and he completely rewrote it in the goodbye. We didn't know it would be as successful as downright workhorse. How did you first meet? Neil Simon did a play of his called the good doctor and actually It's kind of unusual but a for other people but not so for me but I showed up for an audition then and they thought I was a California actress. Because I was out in San Francisco. Doing repertory and I they had done I had shot Cinderella liberty and it had just come out and I think also bloom in love but they thought I was quote unquote a California actress and and somebody said that to me and I took I took exception to it. I'm New York access so here. I was auditioning and they gave gave me sides And the script had been Sent to me but we missed each other. Because I was flying back for the audition so all I had add were the sides and I had one side and so it was called. The seduction was a Jacobean short stories that he put together called the good doctor and I did the side and everybody thought that was nice and they said Oh do the other one and I said what other one and it was because the governess and Isobel. I didn't get that and I didn't read the script but I said if you want I'll I'm happy to audition coal just understand it's cold and So I I did the The governess for them and I went back to my am agent's agent's office and I thought who I'll get a call back and she said they hired you so then later manny as Berg. The producer told me that Neal said a well higher. That girl. I'm going to marry her. She was going to ask you wondering if that was one of those urban myths. Oh now it's true and then I went back to California and completely changed my life because I was thought I was going back to repertory at San Francisco. I took care of all of that and I came back and started rehearsal on October. The third and we were doing the first reading and of it. Everybody was around the table. You know Mr. Plumber and everybody Franny Sternhagen and Barney Hughes and go to jail version Y.. Yeah yeah it was really impressive. And we took a break and Neil came around and he put his hands on my shoulders. I remember in was saying how very very nice and I reached up and I just patted his hand on my shoulder. Three times and there was such An extraordinary strange electric psychic response that I had to excuse myself often go to the ladies room and talk myself down into a kind of what just happened that kind of thing and we were married three weeks later fascinating. Yeah and it lasted ten years interested in chemistry. Yeah instant same thing with dreyfuss and I of a different kind. It was not romantic. But we had this great I just don't know what else to say. Energy Chemistry St Together and Richard and I wound up doing a prisoner of Second Avenue. We were in At the Royal Haymarket we had toured Lorde with a beforehand. We had the best time and it was the same energy was still there and I'm sure if I ran into who am I would still be there. I remember like a thousand years ago. Going with my sisters it was on Broadway and seeing prisoner of Second Avenue with Peter Falk and Lee Grant. That's right YEP ran. Who's done this? Show Oh lovely to our house. She he let us hold her. Oscar shot the good doctor for P. B. S. for the American play. Oh Lee you played the Franny Sternhagen role. I think it's interesting to That he he originally asked you to stop acting for yes. Yes yeah well you have to understand. The context is that his wife had passed away in July. I we were married in October. There were two young girls. There was a lot going on. Neil had not really grieved the death of his wife life. The girls had an either to some extent so I stepped into a a really big complex highly psychological difficult period for all of us. But I had made that commitment very presently and not exactly romantically. I knew the commitment I was making and so I knew that that was isn't a really important thing. And so when he said that to me I make a joke about it now and say if only he had asked me that before we got married. I told Tim quite honestly that I would do it. I would give it up but I wasn't sure how I would feel about that and I said so as as long as you know that that I'm willing to make that commitment because I do want to make this work and it was. I think just fear anxiety and and also the fact that he hadn't grieved his wife dead arming and so consequently about a year. We spent in New York and they're old a- townhouse us. We made the big decision to move and he had gone to a therapist who had asked him said well. What would happen if you got married married to Marcia and the girls and everything And you changed your life in a major way and he. He said I would be happy. So that was the big shift and then we moved out to California and without I I had nothing to do with it. He wrote BOGART slept here. And then the goodbye girl as a gift to you too well to some extent I game well it was I mean. He made the He wrote the movie movie now. ABSO- considering it was like right after his wife died was. was there any resentment or awkwardness of you. Stepping in you know strangely enough there wasn't Bowl well the reason we got married so quickly part of partly our maybe even majorly is because Alan and Nancy were then fifteen in nine something like that for fourteen nine ten or fifteen. They're five years apart and they. He came to us one day and they said we'd like Marcia to move in but we won't tell our friends you're not married trade because we weren't and in those days in the seventies that was still something so that was a big shift. I think for neo for myself of and for them. They were basically sending this message that they really needed a family. They loved me or at least liked me at that pace pays and we are close to this day. Oh Yeah we're all together for Thanksgiving With their now children and great grand. Wow that's nice so so thou I think was the big shift then of course once you make that shift and you're in it then. There are times times when feelings come up after we got married. Neal went into a deep funk about it and it was tough book. Now Yeah Yeah and you don't know what to do and I. I talked to a therapist during that period. Take time to make sure I was feeling okay about everything and how also how could I help the girls and they were okay the and then of course when we got divorced especially for Nancy it was difficult because I think in some ways she wound up grieving. Come to mother's her first one and so we went through that. And we're close to this day but sure there's going to be a roller coaster of feelings through death marriage divorce absolutely sweet in the book to hear you talk about how you like to make him laugh. Yeah of how important that was to you. And there's a little anecdote about you guys going to see blazing saddles. Campfire scene. Racked him all talk to excuse himself he practically was down on the floor in his anything. SCATALOGICAL CENTER I. I know that you know we talk about his work a lot on the show. You know we we told you we've had two hundred sixty people come in here. And it's and Allen's wife Bell L.. who was a writer deals? And so many other people Carl we've had on the show and we talk about the odd couple and we talk about prisoner of Second Avenue and we both talk about. The sunshine boys his impact on the culture. I mean I'm stating the obvious and comedy will be felt for generations and the land. Great Work won't date. You put the odd couple and now what sixty eight six seven wonderful as ever saint sunshine boys and the same with the goodbye a girl which we just watched again. Yeah well yeah does wash there. I one point I remember like I don't know who the hell puts it to a vote are they they. They announced that they said Neil Simon is no longer relevant. Yeah well I think I. I'm not exactly sure that that's true. No it's not you know but we'll see that was like it was. Maybe it's one of those insane things that the Internet start but it was like. I thought this is so fucking insane. It's not comedy that dates you. What and you watch barefoot in the park now and like I said all of these things You know the the lost yakkers all of all stuff. Well see I think Is Good as ever. Yeah Brighton Beach. Yonkers and Broadway bound as a trilogy are are really some of his best work because as you know in comedy I mean what really makes it. Humorous and funny is is the pain and that much I really really understood and learned from him And I just think What happened when they tried to do the repertory that they miss calculated how to sell it because actually really it should have been? The REP should've been the event. Not that it was Neil Simon and then his material would have possibly interesting. Yeah because subsequent. Now we've had all these kind of breakthrough productions that will have two shows three shows or you see them in Rep lime you you know when Mark Rylance came it was a huge success so I think if they had done that if they had been more forward thinking in their advertising it would have been much different and and just recently of Franken. I had already lying on this show and we all started exchanging lines from the odd couple apple. Hold up so well you know. And also there's the creative children of Neil Simon. There's the writers that were so influenced by him. Oh generations of this work out in the world. That's that can be traced back to him absolutely. Let's talk about Bogart. Slept here because because it's some of the most interesting things in your book Doc. By the way which I want to plug us. It's it's not a new book but IT'S A it's a book worth getting journey thank. Am and I love to how you went through all those Those alternate titles before arriving but but the story of you writing the letter to Deniro years later. Oh yeah very moving. But it just don't take Take our listeners. Back to the backstory. It started life as as a different script as a miracle. Bogart slept here based on the life of Dustin Hoffman. That's correct Dustin Dustin and his first wife I believe And they were living down the street from US and he had been undiscovered by Mike Nichols For the graduate and he and neal were talking one day and they were talking about that experience orients and Neil road play called BOGART. Slept here about a struggling actor with a wife and a couple of young kids who who gets a big break am and has a major film director come and strangers life over his life overnight and Ray Stark was producing. And Bobby Deniro was then it and myself and we we rehearsed and we shot a couple of. I think we shot a couple of weeks changed. Hoffman's life was directing directing Nichols and we ran into difficulty between Mike and Neil in in the tone and the direction of the film because Mike had a very specific idea which I guess they had not really talked out prior to US beginning interesting and I was kind of caught in the middle because Neil Neil and Mike were having these difficulties and they and then I was stuck in the middle because I was with one man most of the day okay and then went home with the other power and it was it was it was extremely difficult and what happened was Everybody all the powers that be including the studio at the time understood that we we had a really big problem and that it wasn't going to work and so we stopped a Janiro was still kind of in character for tit for t. Just come on taxi taxi driver. Yes right yes. That's part of that but you know I mean that's like in some ways I think it's really interesting. It just has to pants you know because there were so many men involved That as a woman observing at all it was really fascinating to me. But I didn't have a voice in anything and I couldn't say anything because the men were all the powerful figures so I I had no say really But there was this moment when bobby called and said I really WanNa try to work this sound and you know make it work but the men all of them the studio Mike Neil whatever. They had made the decision that we weren't going to go. Oh forward and I felt I felt held back. I felt like I didn't have I. There wasn't wasn't anything I could do. So then fade out part of it was because they thought that maybe my That bobby didn't really understand humor. Yeah so it was two years I think lately been in a comedy to that now. We had banged the drum slowly and tax. You know exactly. All of that was out there and he was considered a very serious actor but he had not done a comedy. So I go off and I see one of his pictures many years later and well not too many actually But if you you know maybe four or five years and Neil and I had now separated and and I just was so moved by his performance and his humor in everything that and actually. I don't even think it was a picture that was a comedy it was The one that where he played the Vietnam vet returning. That's it so there was something about that thing that prompted me and I found the address for his production reduction company and I wrote this letter and basically just said how sorry I was that I didn't fight for him. A nice and everything everything and we wound up talking on the phone and he had you know he was so dear and so sweet and so lovely lovely and he said he totally understood the position I was in and then he referred back to the Cotton Club picture because his then wife was in it and he said it's always so complicated when you are working with someone someone that you're married to interesting and it was so lovely of him that I you know was finally able to put that to rest. Best of luck was nice of you to reach out well like that. Yeah but I wish I had been stronger. I think the women today or I didn't have that it kind of But SPA and I didn't feel that I was entitled to compared to how how I feel today where I would brook nothing today compared to then. But that's my own growth and also so my position as a woman in the business at that time which was very different. Dailies exist is this footage exists of as the studio buried it. I don't know of Bogart slipped. I have no idea interesting really good. Yeah I don't know very interest and also Mike then later I think in his own conversations with Jack on the HBO interview with Jack O'Brien and stuff Or in at certain interviews interviews. He said that was a very that was very difficult time for him. Well he was also coming off the fortune which had flopped exactly and he was an as you write about it happened while we were in pre production and rehearsal and crisis of confidence. Yeah and he didn't know why the fortune didn't work and that scared him a lot what we have to talk about Cinderella Liberty because it's one of Gilbert's favorites yes and I saw it in the theater and and and to this day I remember. The theme song was written by Paul Williams and Song by Paula and sung by John Williams James and Paul Williams. You're confusing Cinderella liberty with the goodbye girl. No good girl was saying right right. Yeah That's right because I asked. I don't know how this came to be partly because Mark Ridell was big jazz enthusiast and we we were talking one time and he said what instrument would you think would wreck. Be Maggie's the big instrument and I said the harmonica and Williams wrote that. I was so stunned and it goes as follows follows here. I'll do it. Is Paul Williams headed to what does shipper way to start a love. Verfeld GREIG DOT in share. How much I would check me voter? Birdman Order Simpler Hor Cologne go with the fiction from UH sentimental learned food too little current WHO's broker no every rule one that lives Schmeel when the herders seem to let me down one nine to be or how should i. I see the new Who Paul on the show to and after wally how to join in and sing? Like Gosh Stereo pull. That's great. I love IT I. I always loved that song. Doc Confused as because I just had a thing on facebook or twitter or something. I think it was facebook and somebody. He sent me a woman in Canada whose alike Bene- fan for years she sent me. A picture of bread was a bread. Who did the goodbye? David Gates David Gates. So I guess I've form yes so I I I got the two confused you're right and and one of the actors in of course who's Eli Wallich the gray one of our favorites actors on loved it. Didn't he put the bug in your ear. That you might WanNa do the DOS. Lutely did and I'm trying to remember why we knew one another. I can't remember why because he said to me. Oh by the way I just got a script. I think you'd be great in it. Or whatever and it was was the Cinderella Liberty script and he was going to give it to me and then they were sent in. That's how that whole thing and I went back doc and Blah Blah and missed the thing but you're right it was it was ally Wall Lake who I mentioned it to me now. You say you didn't in those days you didn't have The confidence to to speak up the way you do now. Do I have this right. You Talk to Ridell made a request about changing the ending. I did so. That's A. That's a bold stroke. I did well. You know when it came to material I have a friend Jack. O'Brien and some other people. Tell me that I really can't lie. Because they can read it on my face. And I I saw this An original screening and I told Mark that I thought you're asking us to root for this couple and then to you know have them fail or not succeed Z.. And especially her is going to hurt. It's going to not be good. And and he said but that's life that's real so I said Okay but then he listened to some extent and they did a voice over and that basketball stuff at the end where Jimmy con says to the kid. My kid you know. We're going to go find her fate out. It's a year later and I go down to the the Public to see an early version of the chorus line and in this version. That Michael Bennett had written By the way the good doctor was directed ultimately by Michael Bennett that we had to directors and So Michael had asked Neil to come down and take a look at it and we went and in this particular Production that night because they were working on it it was you know basically early in the show CASSIE doesn't make the Cut So Michael asked my opinion and I said I think you've making a mistake. Dake with chorus line and I see so what do you mean. I said she has to stay in the line and he said well. But it's not real. I said listen Mark Right Dell said that and I said people do not go to the theater to see life just imitated back at them in the same despairing way that they're experiencing interesting it so I said you have to have hope you have to a spy or you have to feel better And they changed it and cassie stayed in the line. You heard it here. Marsha Mason Persia. Yeah well I didn't actually Oh God Marvin hamlet in the documentary for the chorus. I totally forgot the story. And Somebody said to me. Oh my God I you change changed the whole thing of course line and I said what are you talking about. They said I just saw the documentary and Marvin Ham Lewis. Says you changed it. I said I so I went and I saw the documentary. I didn't know he knew. That's great so he. It was true. I read that in pretty woman woman. The original ending in the script was he drives her right to where he picked her out. handsomer the money and drives. It was a much darker script. Yeah yeah which I would've loved to see nine ending. You know it's funny. Cinderella Liberty being a creature of the seventies movies. American movies have changed in those days. An an audience would accept that ending. You know we were in the age of midnight. Cowboy would have a downer. Then I think that's why the goodbye girl was so successful because in those days you went to these small movie theaters and you filled out cards and people. We're desperate for a what they call the family movie and other words a movie. They could take their kids to and that we had. Yeah no idea that the goodbye girl would be as as successful and part of it was because we just happen to get lucky on on that shift out of the darkness. It's interesting A more positive vein. I will let you know that my wife nights here up and we did again Saturday night when you pick up guitar higher escaping in the rain I get choked up now thinking about the you know. Well see I really you. Are we sell them swell. We're in dark times and so it's good to have a balance. You know where you have. Yeah darcus kissed a given but so his life one of the things that make it great as a romantic comedy is the darkness and we talked before about that. That's the Neil could write that the scene it's a and it takes. Its time putting these two people together but you break my heart. One Hundred Times you put in the scene where your industry and your stuffing getty back in the box. But that's just the truth. Yeah there's there's so much pain to get there you know. Yeah it's it's it's why I think it's a model title romantic comedy. That people who want to make romantic comedies should look at. Yeah yeah because it's real. Yeah you want to tell us about. How Paul Newman got you into racecar? And right now the whole world is wondering what you once drove a car two hundred miles an hour. Yeah Yeah I can't pick doesn't drive life. Yeah Yeah I was. I was a well when you say professional. I was a A sports this car club. SCC A driver for seven years. I had a team I I been to most of the tracks in the West and the Mid West and I always brought the car home and I was made Chevallier by the. What does that mean? You racing in their fifties I see and Yeah so I had. I'd I did it all yeah had A. Gt Three car. You bought one. It was built. Okay yeah well. The very first one I bought was it was a GT three car And I bought it off kid and re Alto for about twenty five hundred an put a Mazda engine in it and had a kind of mom and pop team. I'm with a friend of mine. who was a lawyer and it was like a pastime a hobby and I was living out in La at the time so we went up to button willow and You know springs up there and raced up there and I got my license there and then I met up with Mike Lewis out of San Diego. You go who is a really serious. He's done line. He's done all the big races and he'd races a GT1 as well as a GT three and he ran cas also so he would help us. What if we had some motor trouble so one day called me up and he said listen? Would you be interested. Stood and hooking up together. And you know I'll give you my championship car. 'cause he was building himself a new one and so you can have my gt three mile gt three. And we'll do a you know Arrive and drive situation what they call arrive in dry. Meaning you show up if if you crash it you pay for it and otherwise they take care of it and they you have a you know your your crew and everything so. I started racing and I did the. Sec Races and the NASCAR races. So I had about twelve to fifteen races a season but out in la helped red and the suit the whole Shebang. There's a few actors faint. Well Paul Newman. Of course. Then there was Steve McQueen Race James Dean James Garner race and Tom Cruise Cruz a weekend with Paul and Tom Serious Racer. Okay I mean people would have to read the book to track your journey from a self-described you know good girl growing up in Saint Louis this to to getting in touch with the rebellious side of yourself that puts you in a race car going two hundred miles and it's I just didn't have enough to do after I got divorced and aw my career slowed down and I just didn't have enough to do and I- Paul and I were on a plane together going from New York back back out to California. I asked him what are you doing. We were sitting you know in the same cabin and He told me was going out to riverside for the last race. I said Oh I love racing any CIRILLI and I said yeah because when I was in high school my best friend. One of my girlfriends Father other had bought a track but he had only opened the straight The straight away so he was doing you know Uh funny cars and stuff like that quarter milers and I. After mass. On a Sunday we would go out and I would hand out the pit passes to the guys is and I was just fascinated by the mechanics of it all. I knew nothing and So I told this to Paul so Paul said Oh we'll come out and you know. Hang with us so I did for the weekend. I date out of the way and I just watched and then I happened to ask the crew manager manager. I said well where you going next. And they told me so I showed up and they said well and then when the next race they said you WANNA come along. I'll we'll get you an extra room at the motel so I said sure. Then sometimes Joanne would come and so it pretty soon was like that for about a year and then yeah just went on from there once in a race car with Jay Leno right but just I don't think think I don't think the average moviegoer associates Marsha Mason with with with with professional racing. Trying to picture at the whole time. You telling this story. Yes I know. It's really into well. I went to every school. That was imaginable. There were about four of them bound. Run you know Jack Russell. All them Yeah so I did. I know about James Caan were He. He'll tell us stories stories. Yeah because he well he's he's a complicated guy by. When I first worked with them on Cinderella Liberty he was a bit he was the Big Star Bony? Yeah he was he was huge and what was so interesting was how much he gave gave of himself behind the camera so when it was my close up his performance was the same as when he was on camera. Camera and Vilma Sigmund the cinematographer said he had is in the front of his shoes. He always knew how to hit his mark mark so I learned a lot from him and when we had to do the bedroom scenes and stuff like that I mean. Add girlfriend he had you know I mean he had an entre I I knew nothing. And he was a total gentlemen and wonderful when we came time to do Chapter after two he his whole personal life had changed and he was having difficulties so he was in in a complicated positions at that time and he felt very Upset and angry that he he really thought maybe the gambler would give him that leg up for the academy good movie too. Big Box made him angry interesting. You know I read an interview with him. And he said that He was embarrassed by some of the choices that he made in the seventies when he was coming out of the Godfather Godfather but not Cinderella Liberty that he was proud of he was particularly proud of it was it was beautiful. It was a gorgeous performance and I think the reason they push. Cinderella Liberty Out early because I was I was nobody. You know to get a nomination that was just shocking and also. They rushed the picture out for that. You know week between Thanksgiving and Christmas and it was because of Jimmy's performance. But it wasn't wrecking. There was so much going on at that particular time that you didn't really get to savor the experience I didn't I didn't because I had married. Neil I was doing the good doctor on Broadway. I couldn't go to the Golden Globes and because we had gotten married some people thought It was wrong and terrible. And they They felt that I was the character in Cinderella liberties so the girls would get hate mail than would be stupid but they did and they said how can you know how can you marry somebody who plays a horror and all of this kind of stuff so prostitute or whatever you wanNA call it czar. Yeah I'm interested to in the early days and going and going through the book you had a nice experience with Peter Falk when you were very young young act years before you would get to work on the tech but it shows the generosity of the man L. Young Act another other young man. Yeah because I was an extra and it was. I hear I was in New York just fresh out of college wanting to be an actor. Turn everything and so. I thought well and they were shooting this black and white series where he played a lawyer detect something trials aalto. O'Brien yes it so I was an extra and because I had done a bunch of commercials sholls I. I bought myself before I became conscious. I bought myself a Canadian Fox A coat real for which to this day. I well people in those days in those days so anyway so we're GONNA do a scene in the old Pan Am I am building with the escalators. Going down to a grand central and I sitting around is an extra which is just a thankless job. And I see that they're going to shoot some seen with Peter over in a corner somewhere somewhere so I go over and I hide behind some flats or whatever in the studio this before the Pan Am building and around. I watch him Act to a drawing on the floor of where the body is supposed to be eh and Nehemiah purse off was so anyway fade out at. Somebody caught me doing this and so I guess it got backed him. I don't know how it happened. But anyway I mentioned to him or he knew about it. Whatever it was fade out? We're now in the Pan Am building and we're going down the escalator and he comes up behind me and he said or I say to him. Something like go Mr Fox. Whatever and he goes You WanNa be an actor and I said Yes yes I do and and everything and I must have told him I I think I I I got this coat off so he said Okay said so. Your mother can see you Afghanistan right here so while we're going down this skull later there. I am as my Canadian hug. uh-huh check code or whatever powder fog I just love what a nice thing to do for young on murder by death. I told him that is GONNA ask that. Yeah yeah there was a cute. Well I heard interviews with Neil Simon that he was a big Peter Falk Fan. Yeah and there was a peculiar production of the sunshine. Boys Woody Allen and Woody Allen Peter Yeah I was a lesser that came and went. Yeah it was like a TV movie elected less than a less successful really. And I mean you know. Yeah can't say anything about the town V. The one woody Allen and beautiful right. It just didn't work and you just keep thinking Walter Matthau was raised wasn't in the book but I found this in an interview with you Joan rivers and someone else planned to do a female version of the odd couple. Wanted you there. They wanted to run it by you wanted to take they wanted a woman presence securely you forgive me because I'm forgetting it was Joan rivers and I can't remember no they did it with Rita Moreno Moreno and Sally struthers that's right but it was. It was to other people and other people at the time. I don't remember it either. Yeah but they they wanted sure and put an end to this day if you see a if it's one of yours if it's only when I laugh if it's if it's goodbye girl it's chapter two can you. Are you one of those actors that can stop happen and watch or do you deconstruct. I can't watch this because I did this wrong and I did that. No it's not that I don't have any problem I can can watch the dailies and what's really cool is I learned this about myself. I don't know why by I would watch the dailies and and in those days the director allowed me to so it was her bra sir. Whatever Bob more that that Invariably Bley we always pick the same takes interesting so I just think truth and the purity of the take just is clear clear to everybody so and I can be very objective and professional about it and like I said I think that's maybe part and parcel of why hi Neil respected man and also. I was very respectful of what the scene required in who the character was but if they come on the television Asian. Are you able to escape into the story or are you thinking about everything that was going on last time. You know actually what happened is I remember remember there. Was this one time the seven quite a while ago but I heard this voice and I thought God I know that person who is that and then slowly slowly. I came around the corner and it was me on the television and wanted the movies. I said Oh well now we really do have to shut it off your own voice. You don't cringe when you watch you know no now. Robert Moore did good work. Yes he either way murder by death and the cheap cheap detective and and only when I laugh not only when I left. That was Glenn Glenn Jordan but he did some good stuff in chapter two. Yeah yeah more people should know about him and you know about his work. Yeah we throw some names at you just to get short. They get quick reactions a- Because I wrote down some of the wonderful people you work with we talked about Khan Anthony Hopkins Oh Tony. Yes not only that Ron wise. Yes but but also Tony and I did a play we actually. It's really sweet. Tied Hanes at the roundabout said that we helped them save the roundabout at that moment. Because because I brought I brought Tony out of because of Audrey rose we wanted to do a play together and we picked Harold PINTER's Old Times and I got Jane Alexander to do it while three of us did for the roundabout knit. It helped them keep their their company company alive. There's an actor I can watch absolutely brilliant. There's no such thing as a bad movie with with with Anthony. He's holding your attention. Was You said that one with Chris Rock I don't even know that one. Oh bad company. Yeah but I mean movies like magic and so he's take your eyes off the guy. What about the Great Albert Finney? I loved Albert. Yeah it was great to work with you know. The Brits are really interesting and especially the actors they they they have. I don't know if it's because they have the confidence of their country of their sitting. Yeah they they are. They're treated seriously and they can go from theater to television to film and they can work through all of their ages and they're revered and they're given knighthoods and they're considered royalty even though they have a monarchy in that country people say that actors movie stars are the royalty of America. But it's not true because the men of the woman gets a certain age. She's just you know. Go Away so allowed to become esteemed older actors and maybe maybe we're going to get there with You know today's Hollywood. And the METOO movement by most people we'll do died. I still have that tacky sort of I don't know attitude. I I think about people in my who are actors yes they are revered they're respected. Don't get me wrong but at the same time. It is really really the same and tell us about your one day's work dogs. We have that right. It was turned into vampire. I learned the word. I learned a new word because the description was. She's the Dachsie and I didn't know what that meant Batman a woman who worked on the docks who was a prostitute for the sailors or whatever it's called a dachshund and then I came. I became a wear Wolfer. Whatever you so I had to? I did my hair and the makeup and the whole thing. So you're a hooker. Where Wolf I was a hooker Werewolf Vampire? I was a hooker where I remember what I remember show actual. Actually I was with stylish show shadows. I used to watch because I did anything to do with monsters but I remember even back then knowing knowing this was like a zero budget. To- totally black and white. What about the Great Jason Robards? Oh Aw oh my God do return. Yeah movie I like was so wonderful. It was so great. He was so at ease. Some talk talk about casual laid back or right on great British thespians. But you worked with your share of when you're dropping names like Eli Wallach and Jason Jason robards Albert Finney Yep I Will Count Albert Finney as an as an American actor but still you work. Now you're absolutely right giants. Yeah absolute and Nice Chemistry in that film. I love well. I had such respect for him because I told him that In all the president's men he has this moment where he finally decides to tell Woodward and those guys to go forward keep the camera on Jason. He turns around and it's on his back and he's walking away and the camera holds on him just is Tim and he just kind of does this thing on the desk. As he's leaving and that moment moments that actors great actors have always sort of resonate. So when I was doing a television movie about uh-huh was with Kiefer Sutherland. When he was I dunno eighteen or something and I play a doctor? And he's this difficult child child. And I have this moment. Where we make kind of breakthrough and I stole it? I just stole it from Jason. I'm sitting on a desk escape. Thank or whatever and I just went just like it was Alma is to Jason Rover so when was shot When we shot the movie together? Yeah there Max Dugan. I told him the story. And and one actor who. I'm not gonNA leave alone till the agrees to do the podcast. Oh George George Seagal been chasing him to do a documentary on him so I can tell them. He has to gum so L. Actor friends of his. Like like Ron Liebman and Jessica asking him but for some reason he we haven't been able able to since he won't talk to us. Can you tell us what I story where you audition for bloom and love and then what you disappeared to London to clear your head said Yes to him. I was hoping you know that I would get the job. And I hadn't heard and no news is good news and I see him in the park mark in London and I go rushing to say. Oh My god Mr Segel just such a big fan and I want you to Noyo auditions for blooming lovin Blah Blah Blah Blah blind. He's kind of you know like who is this person because I'm really sort of over over the top here and And then of course I immediately heard that I did not get the job and I went into a deep depression Russian but then wound up getting to do the job. So you never know what destiny ensure blooming love and then he he made the connection. You say this is the girl that ran. That ran. Yeah I told him I said you remember that crazy girl that was coming up to you and he said yeah and I said it was me you had and you say that you you had the good fortune to To work with directors who were actors yes early on. Ideally this show. I don't know if you stay in touch with them. Yes I saw. I saw him a couple of years ago. We had lunch. Read Bruce Stern here and he talked about The cowboys yeah and so we have have to ask a mark to do the show but Zor ski too. I mean yeah you were fortunate. Yeah I was to be working with people who knew acting knew knew how to and I think that's really why I was able to transition to to film from just being a theater person was because they made it easy. See for me. They they gave me the The direction and the confidence to just make that shift whereas whereas now days people worry about it and have to take separate classes and all of that I think those two gentlemen really were instrumental and in being able to talk to me and communicate to me actor to actors so that at the same time they were really good movie directors. They were also also good actor director. What what pointers would you give to a like? Young acting students don't anticipate or you'll get hit the head like rip torn sack I wouldn't recommend that all these nice character darker actors that we're talking about you also survived rip torn and Norman Mailer. I mean I think it's really difficult because the business has changed so much Nowadays what's asked of the actor in order to be In films is branding and all this other stuff So if you're a serious actor I think you have to get really good at your craft. I think you have to go to museums. I think you have to read. I think you have to study. I think you have to do do Everything you can to immerse yourself in a creative environment because especially for film Tom. Your window is so small if you don't break out in a movie nowadays you can't learn your craft doing it you you have to come prepared. I remember Holly Hunter gave very good advice as an independent When you're doing independent film you know you have no time anymore see we? We had two weeks rehearsal on most of the film side interesting on the sets or not location but certainly on the sets if you had sets so nowadays you don't have that you have to. You have got to have made your choices take really good care of yourself do it. Well listen to the director but follow your gut. That's the advice she'd give them. Yeah and I've heard you say that you think it's beneficial that people do each other's jobs at least once. Oh An actor should director should act everybody. Nobody should try to right. Yeah and you doesn't have to be for the exactly to have a respect for the discipline because until until you do it you don't really understand what it takes to do it That's why when I remember I was working with a young a director out of film school and in those days He John Mahoney and I did a twenty minute. Yeah piece of film for this young director actor and he was you know doing the twenty minutes to get money to do the whole picture. He had no vocabulary with which to talk to us. And he and John and I had a long conversation about it nowadays The film departments in schools and stuff are much more more open and they're trying to integrate even like at Columbia for example for years the directing and the acting. Nah didn't even know one another. I mean. It's ludicrous seacrest but Yeah I think that's really it. Is You have to have empathy but you also have to have respect for the discipline supplant. Enjoy working doing frazier with Mahoney. You'll look all had never saw you play a part like that like she was a good time. Yeah well you go back to Cinderella Liberty People's perceptions and this is the problem today for young actors is that they're they're they're categorized. They're they're They're they belong to a group. Oh she's this or she that and that's the problem because as an actor you don't think of yourself that way but that's pretty much you have to. I remember. I was teaching a masterclass at Carnegie Mellon and the kids were saying to me. Well how do I brand myself. How do I and I said what are you talking about? Because when Bobby Deniro Bob Redford Jane Fonda Myself. When we came all came up? None of that. We didn't talk about that. We were just supposed to be really good at what we did. which was is to act so we weren't categorized but nowadays everybody is categorized they're They're put into a group. Oh she's funny or she's this and that's how they're casting. You're telling me Gilbert could do lear actually I think maybe that's true. That's a scary notion this shade question that's been asked but is is comedy the harder I know you believe as Neil did the do it like drama. You have to do it for real. That makes it funny written of watching you and frazier and you come blasting into this. I think I've watched the episode. Where you you made your debut Maggie you competitive magazine Terrell Liberty because? She's a tragic character. This this character is just an I never saw you play anything like that. Yeah well what was interesting. Model of Yeah I heard article a couple of the producers when my name came up because John was Anxious to have some material for himself because he had signed dawn and the original idea for the series was much more about him and the two guys and then of course what happened was people got more interested in the two guys so the bottom line was is the John Needed you know he needed Be Able to explore his character a little bit more and he put me on a shortlist of I think with other people so when the name came up and everything there were some of the producer writer producers who thought I was quota quota. George did your money type. Not a you know ex showgirl. La Actress so What was really interesting though is when I read the script and everything they did? Send it to me and asked if I would do it I talked to the custom person who who I had never met and I said I I have some ideas and she said yeah and the two of us totally got right away who the character after was from the clothes and I account that to my training as an actor because costume means a lot in in terms of telling you who the character is or whatever so when they came down for the for the run through. Because you know you're working on it it for a couple of days and they give you some rewrites and then because it was all done live at that time for camera. And then all the producers come for everybody everybody was like knocked off their say we we had it. Solid was great at it. You're you're about the only guest we've had on the PODCAST ask. Who's done research on me? We didn't have the Mike Sean but to catch our listeners. Marsh came in and she was excited that she'd read an article about Gilbert Overton vulture will direct you to what to see his wonderful performance in the movie Aladdin. I haven't arrayed yet okay. I'm looking for I read about. That seems like they call on you and just said we need the laugh. And that's it. Ah and they pay you for five minutes. Let's see someone like lie. Gilbert whose an absurd broad comic do you see him playing being versatile enough to play a dramatic role so if you put his mind only if he wanted to. Yeah about that only if you want. What do you think you'll life is it anyway? Yeah I'll I'll do nothing but but Tennessee Williams plays now. I never sang for my father. Oh that's right I wanNA I. This is is a crazy question. You think Elliot and Paula would've stayed together. Yeah I made a run a run to the end. Yeah I'd like to think so. Yeah and I think. Mostly because of Richard's character he was just too much fun to be around that you would want to lose that. We're watching the other night. We've seen it a budgetizing. My wife turns me cheeses. He's just charming charming. Yeah he was great he was that was that was a good marriage of of actor and writer. Yeah which think oh totally totally totally. Yeah and when we did prisoner of Second Avenue in London we had A. We had a huge success there again. Because I think of that chemistry astray just picked up where you left off. Yeah that's so also I knew how to rein in because if you let Richard Go Iraq. There's no stopping him and there was this one. I remember. There was this one performance where he has to go kind of semi nuts but he went full out nuts and he's practically climbing some book shelves and I have the next line and and he's going on so I just folded my hands and I waited and audiences laugh and he's it's feeding him more and and more so by this time he looks like in a rang a Tang climbing the bookshelves and finally he sort of like comes to and he looks at me. The and I just said are you finished. And I lay. But that's the kind of special chemistry. We have and neal. Neal was thrilled with it just locking away. You couldn't make you can build it no. You can't make that now. We're going to tell people to read your book which he published in two thousand journey a personal odyssey. Thank you read all the different titles that you almost went through and I find that as I said I find it fascinating that you bring up. Names like Edward Arnold and Lionel Barrymore. We love character actors here. We love the James goes of the world and Bruno Kirby John the and you know movies lost those characters for a long time. I mean Joe Pesci. She's bringing them back in this day. Horton back we don't have well any kind of really interesting character actor if if you think about it what film can we name other than I'm being I think about because only because Joe Patchy is getting so much Royce now and I think Martin Scorsese Scorsese dealt in character actors more but for the broad swath of two rows are out there while absolutely absolutely not revered like they were in the forties so thirties. So yeah they the person like us do you unwashed sure and I. That's how I grew up. I mean I remember David Suss kinds play of the week in black and white one dollars. One Time Bob boss born again he was great. Yeah Yeah and part of the problem is too. Is that the studio wannabes. The executives for a long time. I don't know if this is true today but for quite a while there. They didn't even know who anybody was in the seventies it's crazy. It's one of the reasons we do this. Show we keep. We're we're trying to keep these names alive we're trying to. We're trying to keep this history alive. Jessica Walter said to us as we were walking route to the elevator. Don't ever stop doing this. Because he directs targeted you ask. She's great and steel magnolias. And she was fabulous gem. She said keep doing this because she sees it as a public service. Ryan as as we do you know and watching watching something like the cheap detective or murder by death you see these are movies. Made by movie lovers that Neil had such a love for Alicia Cook Junior. Yeah and Paulhan read and these people that and Sydney greenstreet people to be loved them Houston in here. John Houston son. Oh blue weeks ago we were talking about about this. There's a character actor totally and he does a great John. Marshall What's it's next chapter. Three well I've been directing more and more now so that's really good and I just finished play at the Irish Rep actually played North Dublin Grandmother in your neighborhood the Irish rip it Little Genoa. We just finished we about three weeks ago. Guests doing stuff. Yeah Matthews worked there absolutely. Yeah so you're directing racing racing no more race matthew is an Irish jeweler. I think he's definitely Irish. Yeah if he is that puts him I. I had this whole category virus. Jews are Jack Warden Leo Gorski on the bowery. Well of course spend still are right Oh well Harrison Ford. Right things preoccupy yourself very is a whole interview. Never brought up hotline will have to do their own research. We WanNa thank you a a great time for us and we WANNA thank Malkov who who will from you did the Carson podcast. Yes with mark. This is your second podcast. Actually that's that's right. I forgot that. Put us in touch with us. Thank you mark did I. I loved Johnny. He was really nice and people should read your book. People who want to be an actor or one person it's fascinating thank. Your childhood is fascinating to the whole. The whole journey Well they if they want the book or something and have difficulty finding it they can go on facebook and I'll get it to them. You're on facebook. Yeah so you're out there. I'm out there. I'm on twitter. Durham on facebook. We will share with you the social media responses to this you will be cool pleasantly flatter. So they should have been Gilbert Godfrey Amazing Colossal podcast with my co host Frank Santo Padre and we have been speaking to hooker. Where will I sound? We probably five thousand interviews. I'll bet no one has ever serenaded. US deal thrill. This was a joy for us. Yeah I have a whole new career. I'm aware role. Cocoa Occurs Ducks UH and that have and you trust just one small Aw Shit I know you fad for me instead in a way it was fun. You thank you for a It made me so Steve Smack Your Uh Huber Godfrey's amazing colossal. PODCAST it is produced by Dr Gottfried and Franks Onto Padre with audio production by Frankfurt or Osa web and social media is handled by Mike. mccaddon Greg Hair air and John. Bradley Seals Special Audio contributions by John Beach special things to John. Fodio John. Murray and Paul Rayburn.

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