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316: Automatyzacja maili jako sposb na zatrzymanie klienta  Marcin Hakemer-Fernandez

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316: Automatyzacja maili jako sposb na zatrzymanie klienta Marcin Hakemer-Fernandez

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Not Be Seldom Back Joe Webb Super Manuscript. UNISOM scripts. Yeah, absolutely is the body because on that, I usually Robert Stuck Toronto Young. Do some on them. Just I'm calling the. On your proud to Charles. Toss I'm Jay it's OK beach. Your best for your job is. Shing. Society took over the state who are. Maga bubbles. Such a cover goes without. Visual you're. Not just to give out daughter MIA's. Started, you know Harry. E. Go inaugurals perceptions of the bubble bursts Joschka throughout. The history of cost you. Couple could also. E contact show a stopgap w Omni. Was Washed up all outer bookstore near the Zebra. Touch Viet Nam Tommy. Not, touch Taco growing the CIA either. Of off-key October. newbridge our zebra of the fantastically for. Vegetarian Alexia just there's enough of this. Josh Joschka throughout. Nepal stretch. I E motivation with jeep. Historic is I wish washed. The Story Dr. Vicennium. Stuggle. Washington attributed so Benja. Shut Nabi, not all through. Knowledge. will be and should watch. The he studied does not going be not. Thoughts August. Leg of they charge the. Dot Net puck year. Ordinary Shane have those does. The too much. Now, CHICAGO, it's GONNA BE I don't share a fake news. Lago vid Bori revile Asaba so. She? Yuck Officers Scotia Petacci Eleven Gym each tube scientist against of. Obama Chair Dali. Bother Nearest to follow him for a new business ovum. Albion's their. Humor Joe Ion. Seven the mercury stardom also talk auto Chinese, each lasagna, the mission of Vauxhall to Sami Zest beach up them. To Cure Gandhi she. Goes. Stuck in this fossil. Vince US eighty shook us. Douglas. Other. Backyards up. Three Business D'Amato tip is. To sail the poor. Social media domination. I say. Reactor when you Barak Alexandra. Jehovah. Go Google D'Amato snail. Spas now because Kanani, Joshua, that are going on, I'll I'll. Dot Dot searching delegate volume. Junior in Vienna, say pats, it Indian. Say also Portuguse for him. OUTTA MA. Made shared this resigned. Stop newly put sit-on that goes Kosovar Janke Demo. Shall Not Donald Sober as the coin, Social Media Cope each oth- over Storage automatic garage our. Job Eagles Sean Comey Lava nearly as. Autumn just Kim. Gushed out matters, that's he may veer. Stadium skill coupon lack of means. Keep their mailer light is. Combined, chicken. If you don't. Share Marching Hukou certain on this. Joist Martine. Takes. Fall it's me a tackle assets? That goes. Vs Do not much, not maybe not that much. Mailer. Leckie community colleges including. Sean stronger. Problems. Lose me on national stuck user and you Better Stop Chicago Initiative Mr. For Google analytics subsequent models Roy Russell revisit issue numbers these Paloma. Strong. It took Jewish me. Click in knockin caused. Nico dealer. Years. Early Koji or SELENA's option Manja. Lucina stronger is. Possibly not. Zastava Unity's not as strongest for others ineligible Muga Pushes Incommunicado Coverage. So for yego ships, Chechnya Joanna letty so all beach. Zion goes. Governor got the puzzle studying animal eastern others email. the pinterest on up. At least those spiciest than analogies tour national. Not Not. Convinced also stated I. Don't Jim is Toronto. Blue chips holds on INEX- time nominees stages filler that there's some run on. Attaching attack ally usually. Mommy Saronic to express Palapa user TRAVEC is also important. Ally Michigan. Nah Manageable at Nostrum Own Assembly Gore. cha-ching measurable Yacky supposed to. She has chevette action. I'M Not, Aleppo Obits Becky Becky. Richer issuing women or to issue is an email marketing. Oh! This richer. Check with other also churches Zebra. Mail-. Avail- Donnie. Not Donnie stronach. Bars up ranching near Near. WanNa go pop pop pop up owner. Three? Hundred dollars of schematics thrown. Till go to Washington up usually stronger Sean today could be Mendota Mitch pop up three. Yes, three months bizarre miniature. Sony's of anesthesia, not usually chip. The DVD's is beauty shop in. Is Up that you schlemmer expedited it all. Takaki obser- is nine nine months Nisha rich bore. Logic, she's happy. Share Zapping zone dykes. Balmy, Papaya Nieman Nata. The knees assumption holiday with. Apple do applegate academia Tichenor pop-up is Vietnam. D'Amato homes stone stump stretch on congressional term. Deng also bog on my. Show. You stuck in via email. ACTUM MEIJIMA optional. Neutra Pension Protestant Opium Sean present. Around she may like to somebody. There's almost because of his mini. Balmy, also wager usually spectrum also vision that in Concord. New saw them I can use hold on now non. That's how we go Blah Alad Lot because conveyed on issues abuse on the alternative. No nausea that goes on this summer. Put Awesome Autumn Donald Duck because you keep up but Allah summit portion of that demands go mailer. Okay, Judy, second up. Bustle of Yemen for more. on. Metro public? For more lash e ten minutes to. Via, the lock dog victor on Youtube Videos at company blonde, throwing dot the. Talbot. Sponsor Chessel it'll be. Gone. Of Been Services like Chino. Michigan that he pulled rougerie. Y-. Was Actually Michelle de pollution package also that show Skunk Schwab Donnas. Jaanus Donoso Dr Not. NYKANEN continuing Emmett on produce Thomas. E. Embodiment supposed to Tom should do go fallow being success. Over us they put through. Middle. Brown. Bought acknowledged after. Vika. Yucky, formative probably and the trombone. You've got so-called. SAGOES Governor Kasich was Shush Kado. Yeah, it's always beach. Atomic does pop up to block. Vents, act, there's an. Shut Nabo Museum, your Mommy, Blah Kovac they'll come in two versions. Governor Kobe. Watt. Stories? Spa. Is a bit on the. Door? Michler Sebastopol Vietnam Chicago Tova Ch- pop movie on body a winning formula piece. So! MOGO MOINES FORM allows private mortgage zaps approach. GOV NEEDS A dot level entities Saudi share the Easter on years each. But the Russian, usually that you pop up pop. To pull the Danny articles. Vishnu Australia's Sean scamming. Not Usually. National Bravo Alla Alla chance though most. that. Of Thrown. In neither stays pop up bar designs. Dodgers pitcher designs. GAIGER POPPER! Talk. If much. To navigate neither want to go through your pa-papa's Russell. We want to stay strong. But two years or so by Nissan, we go. Tweet Vaggi he. used to watch on susceptible. Nipah? They at Norwich through richly his to some trust Clinton pop up she because we. Usually or Sabas Niger and we bartered saw San article through his. Popularity Vh. Jewish! Usually does night genetic of. Ron Shuttered. Travis Scott we're not. Country to today Vista quit and pop up. Not does nobody's the I through Nash Mu Ta should Daniel Article. Today Super! I'll only showed him giving modern neither share ball washes us when you. Move, up and then Article V, since. The Dow will be mission of people. Use brushed pulled over desert activation on our Benjamin now. If that can ship out cool but texting. Soviet. Program of the email marketing antiquated. We'll savage Soviet like he. Not Scott Elbow scroll wheels about the able to coins article, advocating Viking Stash pure ship with and pop up so VNC usually bitch Nov.. Literal National Strategy by. Nieves is pop up on that songs Toronto Muslim. Donovan is Levy spa based YOU LETITIA for goal. Is Super Bowl? Is Super Interesting Uncertainty Mitch so bisque acquit. On Dow. Up Extend Conscious Vieira dark musty moments. You've touch album. I usually my. Birthday stack above we won't trump upper. Cheetham. Everybody. To. It and up. Those levees throwing an adult. Dull Kotecki baton dollar. Not only maggiore. were. DIVIDED BODY! Article bottom associations that spoiled trashy Albania. Energetic Domino, usually engineered strenuous or Spanish meal demolition postage not in pop up top of Ian. Bitch, text Zinzan instance the Sam. It was a scheduled on the. Me Another. Spot of all she article, not From she not not approving. chipotle by which should sean skew took? To. Say! Mommy Lachey Robert abo-about Chain of at the. Gemelli push mom. Channel. Verge! Allah yesterday Rapid Susan Brown John. Es pop up to the risk. AQUARIAN assume the ship canal some dollar bonus. Project during, his. Uncle Succession Chick sess-, what much to report chip shoveled Nick Saban another not susceptible to. Buksh ovonic is Brown Browser. Marketing Go. For Me Padilla Dark. Bars! Also, should not be so yet store veon album, chipotle button Article Commission action say a book. Some shortage Ski Michigan. Vince events. Eater she's bothersome. buzzer manufactured is. Stuck you could afford to for me PDF. Okay. Always. Chase Jay movies OPTIMA passengers email marketing team is. Most of the also want to new few and not after. Chips, Belongings traditionalism over. Thirteen years not. GLUSHAK attack to chase the musical on yellow scheme. Noble, La, the Phoenix City. Miller lite, not my series, you bet. To the coalition. Stan has Johnny Lake Chest of? She's scared. Yeah, she's watching TV ME A. Veto advocates youngest does not. Pasta with reality program, Let's go program. will be a Webinar as the WHO have. Not Not, sure by dubbed goto vegetables obliged machines Moncia. Vince Zang wish Lucas some. Him Vince Vaughn another Sergey Jalen. Yes boss! Vienna I was among is gigabit. Bob Sheets Shit like a pulse Kim. Marketing usually swab. Yeah, slogans acknowle. Ready. For your. copay trying out all of the. Has Been. Tag Tactic noise some eastern. Michigan. Bunch of Poku Buying Mobile Alabama he, spiced. Misconduct have come. His shouted when Brazil, Malachy Sheesh each day Latigo than we yen's. Zozo. Native Esky. The okay on them, not arguments. is a commission. Astros alleged not as allergic to them. That means a potential. Then you put. Shame we couldn't attack yesterday Moser tackiest. A Kid. Rosters Akbar, which is to show possibly Gaskin Kid Donovan. Stocks Practitioners Agenda Mangas Doma Paul. Schools Regina proposed Karachay is brought imposts Polski Montgomery little. You're not. Even. Was Not taking share? The dining. Supposed Commissioner, no longer okay toys tasting about the. Toyota couples five hundred or so we're. Talking your. PAJAU was A. Losing its. School. Context to. Context scholar squad. Is is not. Open ball crashing of. Our Ascoli is not automatically proposals. Kabul was repulsed. Okay, W throw jetties, man Oliver that. He has of our. National next compose. Judgment observational start washing the goal for Malaysia. They go public the ship via in Assembly metabolized. Zickler stocks, we vanity double opt-in Chitty that shows that National Riester Murphy Pot fiero relativistic is rather email. Seguela goes link. Should Tim Pierre made? Zero via made I'm Tom. Easter near the SOUAMAS vehicles name editor to Tom Yes tauch someone beach. lepe elbow Gordon Testimony Popovych Albert Socialism in Asia. Chance Sinatra coach. Clicking at the link. To pursue pursue share Donnie Rodney that can concrete Nemi of Allah partnership. In Shenyang. A tie to type in. Process you Yak nine Budgie. tebow's on till call. Spotted with double Doozer Gugic Trivia Dhammika Gypsum. NYACK is pulling. Daniel Yacky, Moustaki Schlink, Vietnamese DINU, or should we should percentage of. She's got some move yet. Lam near Saudi. Sometimes, I saw. The is not Sunday, especially as they Volvo not yet vm sudden. You want Alibaba's movie. Just let her go you. Show him though that a chestnut Misha's ruled goes an obstacle. Clash me this well Wash wash them. Should disarm may light a question of the. Oh Mellado Stalin. Tackle such Doogie bill never go. Up Saddam. Shams at this article Yeah I used. To put here the butcher. Only pictures hygiene. August we pedestrian gs more, it's. More your your apricots, nor not Allen E. Mail on in the Cornish, Michelle undertow yester- Michelle. They serve a purpose to article. Stopping. Soviet insatiable device should meet him woo. Vince. Is. A male Proton said to be. Acne prochet click come. Tanaka Cut original use between the bourgeois shift, a TV Adachi Jinjiang actually clicking of Maaleh on Feodosia Israeli. Say Sean understood on the Internet of the Poor Jingle Vanya. Shift at the epic showed up. Tom, Morton I shit because notion. TIMANA would not be out by midday as an option. Nico Bought Stock Act One. Zero the MAILO. Yesterday effect on Nippon Feared users are not at least the. Emotional. watch not stories controversy net UVM's. As my own. Rachi rupturing conscious obstacle needs. This decade said if they made. It so Siesta. Beach, thanks guys. I shiver bottom eupol mission album is Shara Steph at rocker for Lazy Hood Yaw Robot on? To. The SHENANGO. Eligible for! Mid that actual gossip of. Risk as which he auto talks on this show. Nick, Lynch. Is Extra polonium. Is. Not In A. Used to Shabila. Bill Link door politics at Sheen yet knock East bid. Papa Nas what he's the. Is Screen shot at. The Nizhny Sprout Netanyahu's victory is designed to take our nausea. NASHA NIVA whereas Nashnamie. Luge mean she's goes at least now. Let's just Basu Shabby Jeb Shepherd, who had talking about music? Just wash your ship it the A. Should Chichewa bubbalicious at this hour, artem you. Yet puppy of Malaysia's observer. ADAMAS management and Formulas Villa Zima. Dismantle Houston he's been open. You've been Jimmy Melia. Muslim package. Is a process. Of Tackle, photoshop publish no more Allah. Allah shepherd at? Poem Otago to some stocks She didn't move dash to Toshiro Chappie no personal. medicated visa. zealot Otago's. My ladies few Moore's lead for only basically. steagle upshot. Not Ashes the ball, but the. Gem whose Nick Polish. America scare the tomato e Thaw bluntest. And use glass. It buzzes. Research has idea. The semi Swim Plan Dot Com them. Reg Nipping they. She let them up. What was the Buzzer says it would be Tom. Ridge Poma Tisha veg tribute on areas of goodness problem Allah initial biometric. National. I'm novel novel Gaijin footage. PATHOLOGY MUSLIM WE! Won't reach LASAGNA. Knowledge of what we want not bore I. I'm not upset. You should thought I'm talking. Not Tackle Sporadic Dobra Bama Mommy. She's more than we won't judge store. Document that she. Established the ship showcases banana. Address with behold. Usually, it doesn't sound like a post over to Russia program of any age actually, but we know and moods communities multi-storey. Schanche you E. is He started moving the. Tacoma sober. The right to be forgotten DOC cheetan. Moonbeam Yana Communion which that keeps teaches knipe across the NECAS system, was they? Disconnect Deli. News do our dobbs earliest shift ovo gwen beaches oppression donors Noga. No less scope on yeah school. Muslims get a GDP doctrine all the school. Is Not a second Postel Research Movie Shishou. Okay. The movie show Email Marketing Goto exists. Yesterday. Okay Stay Nashi Peruta dishman options dunk would although. His. E Yama should Mahmut made. Click No. Tzipi Sasha young will undergo peer of Chicago. Mayor. Of the top options, the club meters the other major. Apple Monte p-adef Electra semi show Benjamin Walker Lake Come. Up Shikwati such thrashed is taking. Me Sam provides on informing the. Public of draws which actually ups. Where am I in Asia India, although up chic- what. Sakata Informatics Colletti on Asia policy of all the negative. Nigo may door. What can you Vince boy? A baton gives me. Here's He Zach waddams pure of segue. arousal potent governor clicking. Yuck turn. Stall struggle to shut strikes Donald does. The. Kalina Maala busy and they star on A. Governor manage auditors. It'll be stuck. You predecessor! Gordon is up on you. Back. The. Should we share with Bobby G.? That's awesome all. The. Mall e yet to have this to grow. Is the. Restaurant share pursue budge Ziggy Ziggy Stran- dineen he had. To Some Boom Mitch I Gordon. This one is a little mainly because we should. Nasty Trudeau needs. There's eligible. She Strategy Dark. Some strata e Barcelo. Follow me Jerusalem may login. Of Humility Agenda, he star share the Shabbat. Yom Rich so jen cars. The male legit autobahns Arabia, Mukuba. Valley. There's no. It'll be one Louis. Benji because you. About to lose me in. Mich- leisure. Noth- Miller lite him Mitch moment, no disarmament. Saudi Jin totally Dejan I'll amish moment of Stat Jill. Is Such Im-, movement, or remote remote work remote lifestyle. Should he? Says Donald. Duck. You talked about is the only issue down in Miami or generally had been newsletter. E also. To you'll never did I answer that you said the same. Mill Dr Eleonore. Digging Newsletter Newsletter Miller lite later. Not An Israeli Russia the answer your. Usually This knowledge specialist today Donny Brown's room. Is. tacky specialist I. She jealous for Emi. Observations Army not to not in Washington that chance to which is not. There's get. Stuff that he watch Alamo. Alamos Zane speed watch Muslims on events strategic about them. Zooming Sean Tags will be possible the National Brandon. Also Bauchi Yup Him You Know has not digitize minimum input inquiry. usually also by the. Year. Thaw da Silva barrage. Of obamacare Bosnia blog on Scott all. Dot, doc. We don't shot in the Serb. It should start forty scripts. kitten shook in speed is new blog natio- 'cause we and allows when Ph. Changes that not a newsletter Nowy a night at the. Nepotism! Pasha shipped. NAPLETON. Poems I have captured Schwab. E? Mail address Nicholas. that US usually usually need the senate. Go Mail out to cruise nuclear gene engagement domino nations. Mia You design, which May. Vomit Johnson will share the Sekou Shamila. Stark does which I know is nipple. Naples night usually don't customs not also bar you. Amy noto Roussin to spam origin quit. The. utilize. Nitny took punishment Michigan Autumn Kebir. Shamila. Shimmy us to go new knockabout. coups. Not. The popularity mckeag guide to email marketing, Chevron the marketing. Of Haji Vija Mata Tim, to stay pop to pop up to the forty, plus the flashier to remove Usua-. Usually Nasha done, you can shoot at the ski, article. Usually accessories. Surgeon near the not those options to take the state's surge in La via. Via via policies that. Shares about? Not In popular should be able to. Yes, no, so the Quanta Asaba the STI- malicious per year watch. Vince! Piazza's Bronco Auerbach Movies Astonished Shimmy. Let says nothing. That shouldn't Jewish Jewish, not me. Visha usually Toya's. Jay! which does gene not available music also by? Hoti Augusta events of they bunny classroom events. Stratego no proponent like Bootham Yucky. Simbone vs one if the Mailo that he to the Logan Available Jim Gum yeah. Personality of newbies to fash- There's no. Who if she? She tickle shift in momentum, occasionally modern starter casual fashion shoots are not real logo to also trash. Out! Or starting with me, another show for record cash trust Augusta Gula. Beside she's attributes. Share Miss Maria Gospic. Vinson! With, Cisco opposition. Or povich each. nozzle such Ila. Malaysia Diet Diet Mishna each. Sinai also bustle? Hansson has been John. Ultra Mitch in Notch. Don't swim. That's easier popping up here. I wish Museum Joanne. KILKARE acidosis articles data. Talk Dos us now. MOMENTU momentos a piece for was a peaceful product. You're going. There's an object what does Danish. May Laugh Cardinal Shoulder. Those super is Mike. L. William. Yuck Chancellor Tom Eleven. Don't go. The rest Muslim Zionist Trinka. Committees Union. Against the though he's not nobody. Spoke in terms of the Macho Chilean, Rosner fancy my lava East Asia he at a job. You're not authors at the Soviet should not out of religious Rubio not left the. Problem. The ball is idea is it'll be a? Ultimate. It Rubio productive. Such York Sean Scott all email marketing go. Dot Benja! Hold you moisture on you to shut up. Not all NOG lie showcases. Them. Login the everglades. Patricia talk yet description. John won't Vince. Yuck, mortgage of all and Mortga Contra. Should govern you can about abso-. Options on, it may land It gives us. is is very coercion that SCHNAPP NACHO bother. stobbe Kush, DOT com. Practitioner witnessed. Romania's to today's much okay. plummet. To Be ause now. Zach Lyndon Juche Dog though program of William Moore's not exhibition should what? Also Russia's up. You should not then. do fans. should assign yet. None Padre back. NEOM about him to mock. Obscene. Benji Roche Jalal e Economy Tumble Selva. You may like. What would you say those tiny yet? Then through Utah Allah is. jalen W promise soumare. And Alan Morton has. Also. Not vs expense here. She said she had no other the savage dragon. If provides honest. Been Copy complicated near Saddam she's Suey and yet numb in Poggioli should. He drew gathered against you holiday. Hong it's Shebab stavish eligible point for. As on using Promo volume also today's will not ball must not be such Mailer number stick. LEGIT You know. Not with. Russia's oppression be not legitimate that we. On decision popular NISKAYUNA. Because you all. These on Webby not okay Swish. New PASSIONCOM should. Should as a Benji. Improve Your Videira often may look talk click of. Top, engine negative Annette UNLV. Shower is because to talk to Ben. GonNa. Look at the move each. Some some Nov.. Should've the auto. Papa will be not yet logisticians. Tanya to she has trouble. Each transmigration honor. Slide through Tom noisome input on Komo. Swish out your bureau and slides sneaky talk to his inaugural one. Vince knauss Van nano-tech modern. Blue Junior today on eligible, so be it. Is Bombarded Army, informatica means altruism. Shimon Mitch Lago Washing through. Or cash crotch coup e autumn saw Saddam back usually sit on. Domain started to the texts Nubby Tell that would climate is. Perfect, Nevada Meisner now that you're Dog Shane Gardner. From our National Menu Charleena. Are the Mnuchin al-anon. Awkward, Gar is down on the thought. This was actually water he. About Shanyou Ska. Not Not Today all. Not Movies Moton. Shit will tell you Alami. Autumn Tadashi A-. Yakushi water the most she. Was On that as much as eighty? Through fanciable Pierre of sample. She was a copy of shot. Not Cover Nick. Exactly to to. Of Missions. E on. Judicial oversight. The Maala you mentioned the Goya's Umbrians expecting Mitchell dockery spruce to. Tim! So by. Papa John Actor spoken to Mitchell Jonah Benjamin, our postal visa in your. Permission also be pummeled. Tada said Televisa in obstacles. Promote watch the May. Not. Dot EU, trigger cuts VNC naturally. She Up Scott. Jimmy mccollum Nubia attacks offense colored Volney is Ruby. Check each. Each. Yokogawa Tim. In the. Vegetable said Asaba via. Yes, okay, Toyota has. Zoo Steam Cooled Sam. Ema. MOTTAKI caller unusual call. She's kissed fancier SOM-. Unused to necessarily the tool and the states shrinking gonNA scan all elephant. MC McCabe. Elephant tatum will not be some API. Fancy some super to two or three emotional appeal news lobby super to appear. Change to peace such Clark Pearson Karuk through new the election I mean also bar via. The Mail I drew expense. Yeah, some super finding to a super finding a piece on Article V. Article Exchange including the cleansing motto. Your knee out. The bishops contribute on sequentially usually the. Renew that relationship will do Rio. Yeah, thank you. Joe Tokyo's. which is. Interesting in dopey creation iakov police toubon. Pasta yet product though. Middle. Timoth Mailers Goal School Sam responser. Nausea naivete. Yasser. We who? Can. Change go to of the US according. To Obstructing tacky WASHINGTON SQUARE DOKIC HR ISLETA. PF Movie are is honesty medium. Yeah that could be the coordinator we're. Not GonNa Nyami also. The Autumn Stems book row because Dakota. Just not going to talk to ship. GO CLICK I! Watch struggling that not much. that. That something grind. Accusation Emoji some at one club. This. Up She's approaching the Webinar Wash Neha Chance to route some nervous. Webinar Jacobi A. No Cape. May, love mushrooms aged. Trust Agora beyond analysis. Which is a Michler? Policy! Soviet acne ship. Jay is very much support male. GE-. Yeah, that's not Chevy. Easter! Near Monaco also obese. Don't try a bit. May they've. Alex Union. Domitian, I'm sure that's our viglen. Stagnating Musha throw had the Passover Nador. Identification, these wellness extent auto bj Petema. Aglietti, Yabu. Kamara Peterman not dope. Mountain, able to tackle the dog to provide the vast mark apart authors. VOSS OBA. Does actually to. Evacuate over. Stocky a little bit pink Lonzo mailer after the Tommy's Cottam is what she didn't cut series Alcazar. National MARKLE tally. Is Doc you're Dakar. Vissali Maala with those cars on the machine. Rushmere graphical. SADZA E.! Diet. Ornamented the ancient. Dali Colorado War. Dog The most of digital strategy. VN's. Domitian on, cheers your mattress. Garcia eligible spot. To, Yucky, captured podcast Lopez. Was No is Louis. riddick emission Swain clench to shut national songs coinstar. It attack non verbal ashes sobia male, or the of Scrapbook, hi-nam through McCoy texts subsequent. Domos at the pasta male. The Mail Hannam is possibly. Share that. He dealt in vs E. Recoup each wins. Snow, it's not. Super. Wash. The doctor is. Male GENU- Viswanathan toys budget to keep persona version Tom to cut and taxes Rutan shots Yes, TACTIC UNUSUAL PERSONALITY! She email his roots on a inasmuch also, but she's the MEAZZA. vodkas actress. was the share should. Xijiao show us, it'll be. Two Thousand Gula. For Global State. At today trickled, shut them moving with the. Ala.. Toya's to usually mommy not squat. Yakushi Akashi sobek Tura Dr. E senator. Also, she tactic Roundup Shimizu on the Mozambique like jenn exposure. To reveal the in the episode Lamela Victoria. Best, Rodney, apricots each week. Notable Super Station. That could go down to also be shipped. As on this also big to Miami Not Suizhou upscale. Zona Sur could. Triple? It landed the Kim leak Uga. Even pink graphic after him, but this is changed. They go to build those nine yet. Should've eaten least is not only one in on occasion graphic technology. Then sir. Vince measure tall budget Mitch. So yucky spoke some individual. something. Sometimes novick classic crematoriums. BENCHMARK YOUTUBE! Male lesson budgets around. Dali! Julius a Zik with text plain text. She never to near near texts. Ten tacky implemented. Rich text. Novenas is being on. spoke. Only to and Super Plain text factsheet that Gingrich move not. Built. Tyson. Trish nobody. Now double not. which doesn't militaristic buzz you experience alleged to some may lack. TA-TALK CLENCH E. Mail should. Go to. Hold you meet. Migs of Jewish shape. Test Abed. NEGOTI condominium mowing video. Either Maala Washington state because Kim necessary. Simon Gudani adaptable squeak. Acknowledge. Me You shouldn't do up on a Jason's. Body around. Talk about four zero Maala to be politically budgets unable dietrich military goats here arch. Alibaba Structure Tabu Drug eat click colleen on you go. Okay changed. Pink nation. State Mr. noticed out published? After Shiva meager, Batanya move. Is Part of the nausea is Swim Program of venue? Moore's not storage that is actually sprouts. Such is washed. Usually there'll be made. To Sean though dodger, yes, squad, some usually expensive semi. Sweep, the post examined opposition automatic. Postal with. Idea of Maaleh simple blood in Boston Washington usually format described. Revenge. Body here out you, but as you. Can. Pick? supermodels apologize to the. Israeli posture spokesman you off arch, not all okay. The VM shack raised. At China's alleged not. Love say Lucia, firewall. NUMB Was A legit Padilla. He's Joe on your. SHIKWATI CANARY WON'T OPTION CLUB canaries. A COUPLE HE ITO talks about marriage Anya Sampson. You got football. Domes nickel tagged quantity e. you didn't sort of been provisional. Usually, who'd you OUGHTA OUGHTA lease cannot almost Nikki! Onassis touches on numerous Mitch. Against US up she d'ivoire, put sent. Spa Doctrine Amalgam numerous. Should be the user upstate represent and Luigi and you must meet you've. Got Sent off the beach. New Numerous should numerous meet. Then brought Luigi today. Share the. Lingo, Ministership and offered. so much knowledge Berg terrific doctorate permission, but she's not. Too. Shabby vh. Yakim Egypt you. Put of new door. Of skien sake benchmark, what one thousand, nine hundred thousand Houston I'm Scott I'm Israel. Though. Dombrowski. Shotton Electra. Now she goes. To somebody peruse. Accord she just do not around. That is dishonest. must be shop. Ingraham's hi, mom mom, because she. Knows Junior Yakima get. Let's just your bag near. Ultimately Egypt. They also be bad super. saw so chevy's genius nitrogen VNC. Also jammed go. Go go through movie, the not or shot around lost. I and Not No actors me movie machine Global Sense. Nowadays. About reasonable music. Specific Brown Jacques Specific. Specification may link to report to. Sapavasu so honest showed I. Am not onto to transport. She usually got the ocean. Trump that US and I'm screaming. A Lot, Kim! Against the. Canyon. Male stem topic row, not all. Of which is? That they go to. The doctor. About. Exposure not the not the benchmarking. Movie. Making sure that you're Australis traditionally present. Takhar nominee, pete nasty proud sent to some mood SEATAC. Nuclear dominoes. Each we my own, says the bureau kid Yash stations subscribed to. Magicians just, store. Not On August now Sabato Granados Vinnikova look. I'm going to Washington Baltimore Given Bobo Harare. What's? The impact of Doc Vis. Checkups always optimism. Nemo's, which means you stumped shiploads. Albouy Muslim Going to spam socially j. Becky Lee meets issues. Apology was. Shut. That will control of the. Does. Support Shit will then we'll hit them when you put in your volume. knob emily's legs within the momentum. accomplices is science up. E no vichy establish a bit. Supporters Bobby. czyz should have known as. Tokyo style. And totally stocky business. Physical meaning government trump which tells US Trimble. DOODO SPA ROOF looseness because it's too surveys system. 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Looks expensive to the MANGAM, bitch compasses loss of the dark and put. On US manage grocery Was Not a consequence dot com, the pawsox fancy such another stage the mailer to go Nova. The don't stack is possible emit. To that she should that. A State Sheni Shah. About the group. The next day at Maitland Yeah. That church triple. To York movie melting channel You Commission to attach. Yuckiest Vima took. Some. Zammit. This catch is not cleanse year. Old Jamie it pasta made in my own in Chicago. You've done it about -TUNI- offers. Tuna clicking US stay Vitton Eastern. Zone, Trista mathematician yeah. Joe. which is also Moslem? Group models, Inter Savannah. Muslims brutish though. In this offense is novel. Thought Dot on Tony Study stuck in no. Shot in the battalion anguish machete vase US Wendy victims next week. What? Should. I'll I'll missionaries? Any Monitor. Can Start again. He doesn't tell you as a top of inox. Done also buys a copy usually on copy of interest also could. 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Benjamin starting to the trump, also be arch. yuckiest Obama problem yet nationals ZANU promoter. They also bureau. Problem in east copy machine. To Taiwa, she promotes. A promotion nausea Roseanne Roseanne Barr Jay. Taking. Yuck not. which courtroom not yet? Muslim with Alexis Rubbish? On the yesterday, which is Fianna Espn, servicemen yet martyrdom, bitch Tacky, not in Crock who? Also is magical potion. Sort on Chicago Rock. WHO. But. She's a woman and you took owners that Maliki Peck. Takata melotsky's Ed. I, like he? Is Necessary. Doesn't. A. Supplementary Aram. Is. Not Name Shia specialist marketing is. Much the new movies to as well spoken up here. Find! The Business Allah Yup. Just lougee look at. Them because you were speaking that they bought shock. Budget Been Not Nah a budget. Get Him some input on who swim email marketing. Stab each spouse absorb also machines happy such. Zogaj postive stamp. On but East Scoop at NAS upon swing business, you should be done business in new oop oop oop. Semi to. Kenosha Pink Dj. CHECK, Mogae? Of. Mexico Portugal call. To. Focus our. Has Lost his Asia tell him to shape as. Not? Muslim believers Muslim Bentley e Zafy sauvage Nike Scars Nica Tom. I'm Tara right he this. attack, number of the. Potsdam over Jimmy. Toby met e Song, don't. The. Extent of Nichols Robertson. You should see. The. Potential now now, calling. The Get these Majorca Ziara forgot is forecast you. Here, there's about as a day of. Those budget. W Margin Hukou Metaphor now santarpio's. Zara, tissue show is trump's Joey Ito yesterday about Washington he the. Movement on. Shikaki Zelezny analysis for Easter on sporadically article which option IBM's of volume. You've washing your. Tom Stops those studying email through search bobbins component unaccustomed Lucia that you go vigilante spousal preoccupied Pisani, monitor which product much stop our mall, which story body talk seen each neighborhood, you auto. Passover the going to be able to. TRAVEC Taylor Swift. The by John Nas for. Aiding Galway Souvenir active now address. Born until 'cause when she started sticky. The caution. Just For Onion negotiate out Chubbier, not all Michele. Go. Years had knocked Gotovina Ostrich net Australia's this volume subscription modest. Anymore Watch at a lot. Of Your Siamese Zap, you share, the global will remain least. Kwok eighty up almost hmos now old Nov. each contact does not active and immediately. Anthony Open ultimate in the Dutch top. Let's cheer start through hiatus. ECOMMERCE got on your left sculptor up of your Dour. zealot Donya Marketing Automation Maui fewer than podcast is just not throwing. Ya Molecule Caffeine, elk or Shem shushed show you was. Not.

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Race in America: A Movement Not a Moment

Bravo TV's Daily Dish

1:05:44 hr | 8 months ago

Race in America: A Movement Not a Moment

"Hi Megan Sikora and I'm Eric Day man. This is the daily Dish Bravo's official podcast. Sunday night Bravo aired an important discussion about race inequality in America and what we can all do to move forward with hope, race in America a movement not a moment was hosted by Nina Parker and featured twelve bravo liberties who shared their perspective on race relations today their personal experiences with racism and what we can all do to create change s specific light was shed on how systemic racism affects the Medical World Dr, Britain Cole of married to medicine Los Angeles and Dr Simone Whitmore, and Dr Eugene Harris the third. Of Mary to medicine each described the equality they see as doctors in the medical community and as patients themselves and the work needs to be done to increase representation in healthcare plus Bronwyn. Wyndham Burke spoke out about what she's doing differently now as a mother to teach her children about racism and how her recent efforts be an ally to the black community have actually caused her to lose friendships in orange. County. There was so much more that was discussed that we're bringing you that episode in full. Let's take a listen. Most things with raising in country very seated. A lot of people are saying I don't see color or I'm colorblind. If you're colorblind that means you don't even see me how can I cannot stand strays I'm here. Now what can I do? That is what caused the world to take action this woman just started kicking my chair someone thought that I was my kids nanny what is happening to There's a protest outside my window. High, Amina. Parker at like for you to join me and a few of your favorite bravo liberties from across the country as we have a conversation about racism. The horrific video of George Loyd's murder. Americans. Hit the streets demanding change. This wasn't the first time videos like this have surface nor was it the first time that Americans have protested the unfair treatment of black people in this country so how can we make it the last time? The effects in the events of the past few months have sparked a new dialogue on race and equality, and tonight we'll continue this important conversation and discuss how we can all be part of the solution on Bravo's real talk about race in America, a movement, not a month. So, I'd like to welcome from the real housewives. Candy Birth Tot Tucker and Williams from Atlanta Garcia Beauvais from Beverly Hills Ramleh Wyndham burke from Orange County Leah McSweeney from New York. City does L. Brian from Potomac. From top chef Gregory Day and from the Mary to medicine franchise. We have Dr Simone Whitmore Twenty Bush hairs and Dr Eugene harassed from Atlanta. And from Los Angeles Dr Britain, I want to thank you all for joining. Thanks for. Free Beer, we're going to jump right into this. Why do you think that these recent deaths really became the spark? That made a lot of Americans take to the streets to protest. My daughters and I saw the video is everybody did and That caused a visceral response out of pretty much the world. But my kids more importantly were immediately like mommy. We've got to do something about this. They wanted to hit the streets. They couldn't sit anymore in the house in that have their voices heard and I was right there I'm like let's go like when I watched that video I literally wanted to turn it off and something told. Me No you have to watch it. You have to hear everything Georgia's crying out yet the YELP or his mother plead for his life tell them that he can't breathe look at the look on the policeman's face notice that nobody was moving even though the people who were filming were playing for his life all of that created a moment that would hit anybody's heart. Who watched it yeah. I think what was more? What was so horrifying about is how cavalier this cop was the fact that he could have his hands in his pocket. While he killed another human being was just I mean, I've never seen anything like it and it was so a front it was such a long period of time for you have to sit and watch if you turned away, it almost felt like you were turning your face against racism I. Know That's how it was for me. That is the type of passion hurt and pain that we had to see upfront. During. A pandemic to get us out of the House I think because we're stuck in his pandemic. I think what we're experiencing right now is like a powder keg on I. Think for me with our family it was the first time in our lives. We've all been together and I've been with my older children and younger children, and we have the time to watch it as a family and then talk about it. and. We're so busy at the time rushing around our own lives that has been very easy to tune things out that didn't affect us and we couldn't tune this out and we were. Forced to take a moment and say what just happened why didn't I noticed this before. They you know George George fluid situation was kind of like this generation's Rodney King but it ended with death. You know the younger generation, they're not planning to games and I feel like they really are the spark for everyone to just say you know Dr Simone have your sons joined any of the protests. My younger son Michael requested to go pro testing before the SPELMAN morehouse. Kids were snatched out of their car and I refused refused to let him go down I had a safety concern for my black male children in America and the bottom line is I've felt my personal opinion was that police Sir angrier than normal and if there wasn't encounter with the police in any shape form or fashion, it wasn't going to go well for him for them. and. It's a very valid concern to be honest with you my children, they have the same concern. My oldest has a little air. Soft Gun isn't a little here. So that's pretty good. That he likes to shoot in the backyard is not real, but it looks like an assault rifle and I don't let him go outside with without meal because there's a golf course behind our house and I don't want somebody to say there's a there's a big black man in the back of his house with with assault rifle even though he's barely four foot I had somebody say to me the other day you must be glad that you're younger boys are you know not dark and I really took offense to that it was like it's the way the world is that panel. The US right. Exactly. That's the reality and that's what really hurt. You know we ha- we talk about. Light and versus Dr or what's considered passing. You know all of these conversations that really come from to stick racism. So, just to clarify, it means that since slavery American laws and beliefs haven't really changed black people have been denied housing passed over for promotions refused the right to vote and treated like second class citizens so I'm a black woman who clearly doesn't look obviously black right I had this one incident which was kind of I opening. I was talking to his wife died and he said, why are you talking like that now? Will what are you talking talking about what he was like you know like that? Are you still talking black I mean when there's no black people we stopped talking like that why are you still doing it and at that moment? I, was just like. because. I'm black. That's when like my is really open Y and I saw the world for what it was. So you've actually been out protesting with the black lives matter movement for several years. Now why did you like this was a cause that you needed to join I think it really started during. One. Eric Garner murdered and Staten Island's and I black lives. Matter I believe those one the first protests started who's no way that I couldn't. Join it having so many black women as. Role models for me. I loved up to and just feeling very immersed in black culture accepted by black culture. How can I be a part of that and then not stand lack issues and and against racism. Gregory being both a black man and a member of the Lgbtq community do you feel like you're a double target? Oh, I mean definitely you know I mean I'm extremely grateful that you know some good laws came into effect this year protecting. LGBTQ community. Workplaces, but just something that's given something gets taken away and a big part of black lives. Matter has been all black lives matter and we're specifically talking about the gay community the Trans Community. We're talking about different gender identities and making sure that all those voices are one hundred percent heard because we talk about blacks being targeted. When you talk about a black trans person, you know tiger is extremely high and already this year we've seen more murders and deaths of trans people you know in the first few months of this year than all of last year all together. So it's hard because there are a lot of different opinions and we just need to keep moving forward because this is extremely important. Happening in. Man. There's a protest outside my window where do you live I live in Portland? Oregon. They're they're protesting outside your window literally right now. Coming up my white neighbors all of them were white would ask me and my the dog Walker. And I just I just in. Almost comical. was. have. My family and live. It sounds like stick racism creates different ways of society views. Black. People Candy, do you agree that there is certain rules for black people in Society of definitely anything about the hair we've all seen where some of the kids have been. You know not being able to be at school with braids or with dreadlocks that is a problem but I was gonNA bring the even with our names we are discriminated against. It's sad that some of us have to think okay I don't know if I'm going to get this job if I put my name on the application side. Your mom built when she made you as a key. Role with friends name rushing a son Karim those who like my boys and money was tar and is Mama Nails. I wanted you name me todd like that's not a black name and she was like because I want to give you an opportunity to get your foot in the door. I didn't want them to judge you before you showed up about that. I've had so many different experience in my life. My parents emigrated here in the sixties from Haiti definitely experienced racism from the minute they got here not only being black but also having heavy accents even at an early age I was taught you know it was really important that I looked way. I tuck my shirt in. You know I had to have a certain haircut and be proper. So it's always been this thing that I've found myself in a very, very black neighborhood growing up extremely Haitian, American Caribbean American, and then finding myself these spaces through education and through careers and having to navigate both you said that you had a friend who said that they had to dress differently in a professional environment like they couldn't just wear the casual clothes because they would differently. Yes. I was having a discussion with a friend of mine named Sharieff a WHO She came on my podcast guest and I guess I think that day I was wearing leggings and sneakers You Know Dad hat and like crop sweatshirt and she's always dress very professionally always. So well put together and she was like God you look like that I wish I could just like that but people won't take me seriously and they're gonNA think? I'm ghetto and then I thought about it and I completely have the epiphany about privilege and it's like, Oh, I'm a white chick I can wear this. No one's going to be like, oh, she scotto. But if Sharipov had worn that like she can't she has to dress very professionally to be taken seriously all the time whereas maybe I don't have to. Do. You do you agree that there is a certain image that you have to portray. To be perceived or taken seriously absolutely this this has been going on for years and to piggyback on what Leah said I mean look at braves I mean for the longest time professional woman a lawyer. Couldn't go into the office with raids because that was considered sort of ghetto I know for me when I was first auditioning for for TV shows. When I came to La, people would say she's not black enough and I was like what what's black enough so they all have you seen that echoed with with your friends and family as well. Being judge before you even walk in the door absolutely couple of things one when I was naming my children actually thought about that because that was ingrained in me like. You have to give your children a chance. If you named your children three syllables, then a white person's not want to be able to pronounce it and when they see their name on a resume, they're not going to get a call at that play into me naming my children and it shouldn't. It shouldn't matter what I named. My kids am a black man wearing a Hoodie and a white man wearing a hoodie or two different things like man wearing a the APP can get you killed in this country Giselle that's actually such a good thing to talk about because too often law enforcement we'll see us as a danger and not as a person. Toy I wanNA talk to you because you actually had a car accident a few years ago and said that you didn't feel like you were treated fairly by the police Can you tell us what happened me and my son's we were as stop sign and we were hit by hang on by a pickup truck. He was actually a really Nice White Guy, the individual they hit us and when the police officer came. He didn't come to the car. He went to pick up. And he asked him if he was. Okay. He said. You should ask if they're okay because she has small children. And their in car. He showed those support whatsoever to US I. Think it's interesting when you use the worst stemming, you brought a whole people who had communities, families, kingdoms to this country to make them. Basically. A utility and so when when a police officer who the original police force before they were police officers, they were slave catchers, they were there to protect property lever property, and so when police come even now there's a white man in there's a family you know there's black small children that white man we have to protect property. So wh- this this black woman and these children do to this mayor. Simply put the American system was built for white people, and that means a white people are the standard and given the benefits of the system whether or not the person realizes it. They are considered more trustworthy. They're bad actions can often be justified and more likely than not. They're given the benefit of the doubt when the situation involves a Black Carson Garcia let me ask you this the flip side of white privilege that. Black people are often suspect. Have you ever had an experience where you felt like you were being misjudge because you're black Oh, absolutely I remember being in New York City and walking into a store and it was a high end store and just looking around and then I said to I said to the salesperson I said, Hey, can I see that I think it was a bracelet over there and she's like, oh You know that's really are high end section. And I was like, okay. Can I see it and she looked at me for a minute and paused And then felt like, okay, she has to show it to me and she kind of like slowly walked over open the case gave it to me. But just like really suspect like you can't afford. This is why you've been wanting to see that and so I went back and forth that was like, do I buy it just to show her or do I believe in like it? To. Own Grasping allowed I totally really on that. The the real annoying thing is when now only do they look at you like you can't afford it but they may escorts over to the sales wreck in day. Yeah. A most of the time I prefer not by from the person that is obviously showing discrimination but you know I regard sometimes you feel like I just want to show her that I can because I can you know what I mean but at the same time, it's like you don't want to give that person your business because you know it just feels like I'm awarding you for treating me badly it's a tricky thing one, hundred percent I. Think the opposite side of that is just when you automatically go into space as a black person and you already feel that you're going. To over give or overspend because you automatically feel like that stereotype is already happening. These are the things that go ahead because we believe that we are looked down to thought less of the second into that space because you are black I feel like it's almost like an instinct that you get especially as a black person in a public space that you can kind of sense immediately when someone has some type of feeling about you being in that space, you agree portion. Yeah absolutely. I actually had a condo in buckhead and every time I walk my dog it happened at least about. I said at least five times to me that when I was in the hall way my neighbors all of them why would ask me and my the Dog Walker? Lake in and I just I just ended almost almost comical lake on my gosh like how many times about the tell you I'm not the dog walks. Then on another floor I stopped at the gym and they had a little play area for kids and I was asked was I any in for my services and it was just and it just became the norm and it was just something that I had to deal with and living in that building. Up Next. You know what? I feel like white folds not all of them but I still feel like white folks feel like they're black folks supervisor. They feel like they're the boss Wall people I'm checking in and make sure you're doing what you supposed to do. With the privilege of miss comes the possibility of abuse white men and women who abuse their white privilege out now known to be called Karen. Handy. I. Want to talk to you about this Karen situation because a Karen thinks. That being white means that they get to decide what people of color to do, how they you got to answer questions. Have you ever been confronted by care? Yes. Now that long ago when I was on tour with my group members, we were in first class on the plane and my seat was let back but I was asleep and it was the older white woman sitting behind me and as the plane was starting to come down and you know everybody's normally. Letting. Their seats of our still asleep the stewardess stewardesses not you know woke me up or anything this woman just started kicking the back of my chair lighting hards. She was like you're endangering mile life. Cedar. If I wouldn't really react it. You know then I would have been the one that you kicked off the plane. If you reactively blackhawks aren't allowed to have natural reactions that's why Dr Eugene have you ever had an experience where someone Britain to call the police on you on me? No, I did have A. Small incident with a Karen Kinda swimming laps. Pool. And this lady was like you're splashing me Ma'am I'm swimming as could move over to a different lane. She's like you're just splashing the I said Ma'am I'm swimming I'm not splashing you in this other guy like doing labs he was actually white guy like now we're all just swimming labs. I was only black person in that pool and I even was laughing at candy story but in always have to remind myself when we talk about the Kieran quote unquote to remember immaterial died because of. So the carrying the cans or whatever you WANNA call them it serious I it's very scary. Now in San Francisco, the City Council's debating the Karen Act? To make false. Calls to nine. One one illegal liked to one eighty cooper made about the bird watcher. Christian Cooper after he asked her to put her dog on a leash lease call the. African. American men threatening my life please tell them whatever you like now rather than walking away, Amy told Christian I'm going to call the cops and tell them an African American man is threatening my life in by saying the term African American she use it almost as a symbol of danger that was a violent ef that was an act of violence against that map -solutely. I feel like white folks not all of them but I still feel like white folks feel like they're black folk supervisors. Feel, they're the boss of all Black People Gil. Supervisor. I'm checking in to make sure you're doing what she's supposed to in. It's that sense of entitlement that's been part of our history where any old person on the street you don't have to be a police officer. You don't have to be a teacher or doctor. You can be any civilian just walk up to a black person because I'm your supervisor and I'm in charge of you and they feel like they can do that. So until you hold them accountable for their actions, making things like this hate crimes and prosecutable by law, they will continue to. Do it. I can't change somebody who's racist I can't change their minds but I can change their behavior for by changing that behavior you start to see change within the community. So if you know that you pull you and pull out a phone and call call the police and have a false claim on black person you are in going into that you know you will be prosecuted you will lose your job, lose your license for whatever it is go to prison get fine. It will change your behavior and it starts with legislation. Yes we need more. We Need San Francisco to do we need all communities Have that kind of act when I saw that. Amy Cooper there was charges being brought against her. That's lessons signal to everybody like look nine. One one is not a weapon at your leisure because you don't like what a black person's doing. This really does feel like we're in the midst of a revolution. There are truly real changes that are happening in also people who seem resistant. To those changes I think it just goes back to historically bad behavior has been accepted. We're in call out coulter our it's placed on blast but until pretty recently, you could do whatever you want and get away with it and no one was gonNA know and I think like the most dangerous Karen of all is a white man or woman that is taking the law into their own hands We talk about the. Men Who confronted him out Aubrey while he was jogging or Trayvon Martin who was just walking back from a convenience store it turns bad really quickly candy both of these encounters ended in death. Do you feel safer now that the country is more openly talking about these situations? Absolutely. Ni-. I don't feel safer at all right now I feel like they're things that are happening in this country right now there's still have me A. High level of concern I feel like there are people out there. Who are you know doing techs in secret you know I mean I will let you know now that we've seen all these young black people out there. That are just all of us that hanging on trees and they're saying that Oh no, it wasn't. Foul play or anything like that was sad todd. Do you agree or do you agree with Canada I do I do Kinda toll it and I thought know with all the protest was happening that somebody's stuff was going to occur and I'm from New York. But living in the south is a little different. You can make a left turn you on a dirt road and dark in can get really scared really quick. So we just try to make sure that practice safety measures of. Traveling. Home way making couple of extra turns to make sure nobody's following you just be precautious. I had a friend who had been speaking out about You know civil rights and you know the rights of black people and. Publicly, this is re thin and their house got shot. What would they didn't want to say publicly they didn't want to talk about it on TV. The neighbors were saying that it was Um people white people there. But I just definitely feel like there are retaliation things that are happening in the country right now that people are not talking about or they don't necessarily want to bring attention to. But there's definitely a reason to still be afraid absolutely I feel like now there's a permission before people felt like they did behind closed doors but now people feel like we can do whatever. We'll be right back with more in a moment it is. We shouldn't be five to seven percent of doctors. Indefensible Medical School is have cited when you look at it in those books and we looked at Rashes. What caller is this? All white separatist wine. I WanNa talk about something that hits home with a lot of the people here today, and I want to talk about the medical profession because it's not immune to systemic racism either. Recently in New York City the Statue of Dr James Marion Sims the father of gynecology was actually taken down once people learned that he had experimented on enslaved women without anesthesia because he believed that they didn't feel pain Dr Eugene this belief that still persist today that black people and I've heard this from people say, Oh, black women don't feel pain the same way you said that you've actually witnessed this. With differ treatment between black and white patients correct right. So the health disparities just like most things with raisins country of very deep seated. You spoke about. Allowing WanNa call him Dr Sam's It'd be honest with you but he invented the speculate there's a lot of things that he invented that you know you still use right now in modern gynecology, but he did have he he experimented on black women he he did surgeries without anesthesia and it was the belief that the slaves that he was experimenting on were not human. Therefore, he could do what he wanted. It's almost like in high you've made dissect a for all I think he'd probably had the mindset that there was no difference now fast forward to the twenty first. Century Pound for pound white patients get treated as though they have more pain than black patients. Right with my first miscarriage out actually sent home about three or four different times telling I was in pain and I felt like I was going to have a miscarriage and it just goes back to. Doctors feeling like black women have this serious threshold for pain and you have to manage pain for patients in because that can trigger other things in the body, and so I really do feel like the pain management around that time and a padding fibroids, and that's what was causing. It is what cost so much stress in my body that I ended up having a miscarriage. You know what there have been numerous accounts where we'll have patients coming up from the Er to the. Operating, room and out over hear them say, Oh, this patient is in sickle cell crisis, but he's he's a drug seeker. So we he only got this much this much narcotic now flip that and say we have a patient with cystic fibrosis. Okay. They come in. No one says their drug seeking no one says he's always a he's a frequent flyer. He's in here all the time they give him what he needs to make him. Comfortable. So this is real. The disparities are. Not to mention the disparities within the medical community itself. Within the healthcare staff, we have our own battles were fighting amongst other doctors, right because the white versus the black doctors there's no support, Miss System for us as physicians. That's why most of these academic institutions don't have black physicians to take care of the black community because they end up shifting them because they get pushed out because it's a hostile environment, it's hostile for patient as well as for the physicians and at least two obviously leads to a lot of distrust within within our population with with medical providers. When you hear stories like Tuskegee. Experiment that gets passed on generation by generation your family. Members say, Hey, don't trust that doctor and so you less willing to go see medical care part of the problem is a lot of black people that people. They typically go to community hospitals, community clinics, and that's where they get their healthcare. Why? Because they see doctors that look like them they speak their language so they feel more comfortable there because they know once they go. To the big house and that's what we call the major academic institutions they'll get lost. There's no one who speaks language no one who understands them and no one who really even cares about them right. So they get slower treatment they did minimal treatment sometimes they don't they don't get what they need. So they're in these communities they don't have enough staff members they have subpar. equipment. So they don't even have what they need in these communities. My husband went to a physician himself and the bedside manner was not there when he went to a white physician ahead a older white. Physician who really felt like he was he had his finger out and he was just kinda point me like you need to do this and you're going to die and he said he was going to put me on medication but he said threatening manner he's like to put you on this medication I was like I don't need it. I like physician also, and without just recently went to one of my colleagues and I love everything he said I'm taking my medicine. Aid Even said he made them feel uncomfortable like take your shirt off. You know he was the way he talked to him. Right? I see African American patients who are just distrustful of the medical system I. Note that they are hypertensive the blood pressure's too high they need to be on medication to control it. They're not trusting of the medication they don't WanNa take it. They think that this is something they can control themselves without medication and they believe sometimes. That, even I as an African American physician talking to them on not giving them the best information, Simone, do you feel like you protest everyday while you're at work we deal with racism at the hospital every day, our patients we as physicians one of the most important points that WanNa make because here in Atlanta we are social that there are so many African, American physicians in various specialties. But in the US, there are only seven percent of positions across this country. It's a small number when you look up that we make up twelve percent of the population. So Atta minimum the African American should make up twelve percent of the physician community I think it is a stemming it starts with better access to medical education simone's right. Five to seven percent of doctors in the country, and then when black doctors but. We make it we are able to help black patients and we're able to help our white position counterparts relate better to black patients as well. You know we have to have a seat at the table to be able to enact change. Do you agree with them but I also think that the education we get medical school is have cited. So for instance, let's just say we're looking at rashes on a person's by doctor Eugene Dr Simone you can attest to this when you look at in those books and we look at Rashes, we'll call is the skin. Rash all. Right. Before Rash. I. Never seen that before the education itself within medical school is in up to snuff, mean let's talk about patients that come in sickle cell crisis they are in pain they can die from that pain they need pain medication blood transfusion, IV fluids, whatever it is. But let's start really focusing on the differences within the racist because there are differences Dr Simone mature advice for a black person when they go to a hospital and how to interact with doctors when they feel like they're not being hurt I always remind patients at Google and get as much information for yourself as you can ask as many questions with your healthcare providers as you can't. Because racism sometimes, it's blatant. But also racism can be very subtle in the healthcare system and I like to remind patients to do their own due diligence. If you feel like you're talking to a doctor, you're asking questions the doctors too busy doesn't have time for you can answer your questions won't give you IDA eye contact. Those are all good reasons to seek care elsewhere patients will often say to me. Would you do this treatment if this were you? And that's a great question that is something. We also need to be asking our white counterparts when we see them. Is If. This. Were your wife if this were you would you take this medical care that you're suggesting for me impactful thank you so much for sharing that. Coming up, have you faced any backlash in ally ship and speaking out? Oh, absolutely I have in my own town I've lost friendships. I've lost three really close friends. Bronwyn when someone says black lives matter immediately what I hear is all lives matter i. hear that a lot. What do you think the black lives matter movement scare so many white people. I think that what they're hearing is only black lives matter and they're not taking the message, which is, of course, all lives matter of course, we're not saying that all lies don't matter. But what we're saying is we have to focus on the facts that black lives matter right now it's almost insulting because that's our at such a disadvantage in almost every aspect and it is insulting to have someone telling me that all lives matter of course, all lives matter we are all God's children, but until we deal with the inequities. That black people have been dealt with since the arrival to this contrary nothing's GonNa be fair, Dr? Brenda you agree. To Go back to what wrong Wednesday when she said I guess. When White folks say all lives matter it's because they don't. They don't understand or something to that effect but I think that's just giving them an excuse or pass to get away with that behavior. They know what it means. They know it doesn't mean only black lives matter because we would have said. That lives matter clearly, they know it because if black labs it all lives matter why won't you all lives matter before we started saying black lives matter nobody was saying unless slogan nobody care about all lives thin. So they know what they don't want to give up what they consider their their privilege, todd do you agree with that? Do you agree that it's just more of a retaliatory sabe than a statement that really is trying to humanitarian i? Think it's a fear I think it's a fear of being uncomfortable you know. Right now black lives matter in it's time for everyone understand that is time right now to deal with what's happening to black America White America. It's been white amok it's still white America but right now we have to even the playing field and black people need help right now it's like we've constantly seen black people being treated unfairly, and so the point is if all lives matter in a black people are part of the all than that cannot exist until black lives matter Lee I know that you said that you had a cast member who said, what was your response to them? So look I think that there are some white people who truly have no idea which is a problem in itself because ignorance even ignorance isn't as bad as being just a straight raises that still really bad and then some people say all lives matter as a retaliation. I don't know how you can live in a city like New York City with. Some people on your sleeve I. There's so many different ethnicities in New, York, city, and not realize what a troubling statement that says have you faced any backlash with people being upset that you're supporting black lives matter. Now Now. I mean, maybe some random commenters but nobody from my inner circle or my family or friends nobody would ever they're all four? I live in Portland Oregon, which is a very, very white town, but it's also an extremely liberal town. Me Active Tom Politically and we have blacks and whites and all POC kind of fighting for the same causes. But I think if anything comes out of this is a lot of small things, big changes and I think we can see a lot of small changes today from how white allies interact with us like people making strong efforts to diversify their workspaces diversified their leadership, and maybe things will be really different. Twenty Years Bronwyn. You've actually said that being quietly complacent isn't an option anymore have you faced any backlash in allied ship in speaking out? Oh absolutely I have in my own town. I come from a very conservative very republican very. Antiquated area. You Know Newport beach is ninety percent white. and. I've lost friendships I've lost three really close friends because. They thought that my way of advocating and trying to be an ally wasn't correct. They thought I should be nicer. and. That we needed to be polite that you can't protest and you can't mark building. That's not the right way to do things and my response being we don't get to decide the right way to do anything. This isn't about us. Our job is to support not speak over our job is to listen and learn right now. This isn't about us. This isn't about white people and how we feel right now. This is. Me Saying I'm sorry that it took me so long to get here but I'm here now what can I do? And then just taking every step by can with me and also I have a lot of kids bringing my children along on a journey with me candy and taught. Let me ask you are you shocked to hear someone can lose? Their three closest friends to just saying black lives matters shock to you. Not. Mad at all I. Mean Right now with her speaking I can just tell by the comments that I see on social media. If any report friends feel that way, I would not be shocked at all that they are turning against her and then she being ally that she's being supportive they. She's speaking how this like. You know it's a lot of people out there who even after all that we've seen they are still that racism doesn't exist. You know what candy what you're saying is true. I feel like to the crib alleged equality fills like oppression right soul to people who have always had they've been entitled to certain. Luxuries in this country if they have to share that with someone else they like it's going to take away from them and they'll have less if there's equality they feel why oh, no then you're gonNA. Take away all my good stuff and I want that and so to the privileged equality feels like oppression and that's the problem right? I. Think it's also really hard for a lot of the people in my social circle to say, maybe I, am racist you can't fix a problem until you admitted exist and often discovered that when I when I bring this up and say, look, this is what we have been dealing with our whole is we have been taught this way of thinking we all have racism somewhere inside of us just saying we don't isn't GonNa fix the problem. Let's talk about it. Let's admit that we have a problem and then we can move forward and that's been really hard for a lot of people, right? Coming up speaking with some of my white counterparts. Now you're like we'll slavery is over I didn't own slaves. So why do I have to apologize for anything that happened in the past? Welcome back you know I hear a lot of people are saying things like you know I don't see color or I'm colorblind. A Lot. Especially here, living in Los Angeles it's people wear that with the badge of honor but I am skeptical about that problem. colorblind. If you're colorblind if you're colorblind, you're essentially saying, I'm invisible. If you're colorblind that means you don't even see me. So how can you empathize with me? How can you relate to me if you don't see color why to me? That's a slap in the. Face don't tell me you don't see color I mean. So you see you have a certain percentage of people who say, why people who say I don't see color who actually donte color and they don't in that is how the raised they never were part of any type racial being racism, their mentality, and they have another side who saying I don't see color who is just so. Living in their wipe. Privileged. Want to recognize it as an issue in America. My thing is, is that whatever side that you're on It's no longer okay for you to continue to state that you don't see color I. think you know there is some that are being malicious but I think some just don't want to be blamed for past transgressions that they had no part of you know I think when speaking with some of my white counterparts now they like slaves over the own slave. So why do I have to apologize for anything that happened in the past like we'll black people are asking you to apologize for anything. We just wanted you to know that you have white privilege and there are things that happen. Three. Four hundred years ago that you benefited from whether you see it or not, and I just want you to see that there are things that I didn't get the I'm I'm fighting a battle in climbing a hill that you didn't have to climate and I think we were talking about this a little bit earlier. Bronwyn because you were talking about being Newport beach and it being a predominantly white area and not only why but very conservative area do you see a shift in the conversations that you're having? I'm I have but I think it's very slow going and I wanted to say I feel like a lot of people this town that was sort of the goal was not to see color and when she stated it. So beautifully when you don't see color, you don't feel me you know that was like that's it. I had I didn't have the words to express what I knew but I knew that was it and so. I think for me, it was taking conversations with my children, my older children to really realize that what we've been taught in in our community and okay. But it is changing and like candy said earlier, it is coming from the younger generation. Of course, we see color you know we understand that. The color of your skin is is a part of who you are and when you say I don't see color X. shuts the door to the conversation I. Don't look like most of the people that are in my family, my friends, and so I've kind of lived. The first part of my life kind of ashamed of the color of my skin, right? Because I wanted to fit in wanted to like my family and friends, and so once I entered the workforce that is when I started to I guess. Come into contact with white people as strange as that may sound, it was very interesting to hear the conversations that people would have about black people not knowing that I myself am black and so I became the fly on the wall. I was like a spot. The funny thing is so I had this one argument slash debate with this white woman and she was throwing out every stereotype you. Could possibly think of and I couldn't believe she was saying this out loud. She was saying stuff like you know black women abortion as birth control in you know black people are lazy and our debate got so heated that stood up and I was like point my hand and like how are you going back and forth and at no point in time? Did she ever say she felt threatened? That was too aggressive and it was because I looked just like her or so she thought and when I had when I hear experiences from my my colleagues who are obviously black, I call it they have told me stories where people they'll get into a debate and all of a sudden it becomes you an administrator telling you will you can't. You can't have all that you can't talk like that. You can't be aggressive and you start to have those conversations as opposed to the. Let's talk about the racism that experience and conversation within this. This workplace does how you without with your children. It's it's been an issue. You know my children were younger. They thought that I was white. and. So when they wreck school, they tell their friends that their mom's white in there were saying white. Color not a race. So once I figured that out because they told me I was. A, highly offended and bothered because it it. It showed me that they didn't understand and showed me that they were confused. We've been when they were younger and we will go out it was it was a major confusion as to why is this woman who looks white with these Brown children are they her kids and the that's offensive I got mad is. That makes me feel why first of all? Yes. These markets in your business, what color they are but that isn't immediate signed to me that you have some racist issues because you're questioning the color of my children I actually had that I had someone thought that I with my kids nanny. and. She said something to me in Spanish and I said I'm sorry. I. Don't speak Spanish and she said. You'd make more money if you spoke Spanish and I thought Wolf Telemundo, pay a lot. That's an actress. I'm thinking an actually be I need to speak Spanish and. And when she realized what my boys came up to me and they were smaller and he said Mommy, and she completely turned bright red and ran off because she realized that they were actually my kids. So I mean see it in all different ways. Almost on a daily basis, you know this is such an important conversation. You know I'm really glad that we're having it because some of the things that you guys are saying we've heard before, but you know hearing from your own personal experiences, really make things hit home. We'll continue our discussion in just a mole. My twins are in the six grade and had inward written on their desk with the Black Sharpie. You know I, WanNa, burn down spoke. I WanNa talk about another form of racism in America biases are placed on black children that negative judgement denies him opportunity in kindness that are forwarded to a white child. Just. Okay. You talk a little bit about your children because I know that there was some type of issue they were confronted with in school that was racist. keitel's would happen absolutely My twins are in six grade and and came to school and had in work written on their deaths with a black sharpie. So there's no confusion that's how the person felt and for them to come home and tell me that. I WANNA burn down scope I. I don't even know how to address that because here are think we've made so much progress and we have felt racism is still here it's not going anywhere and I'm sending my kids up for failure if I. Don't teach them that they won't be treated the same because they're not going to saying and as a mom raising teenagers I. Feel. So strongly about every mother gone into that principal's office administrators office and saying, Hey, where the teachers here at this school my children have said to me over and over again we have never been taught by Glatt teacher that matters so. I grew up in Nashville Tennessee obviously, which is in the south, and I certainly was blessed to have some black teachers in my lifetime on elementary high school. But I've got the bulk of black history during my time at Spelman College. So even though in my younger years, I didn't get all of the black history I had guidance from black people who love and wanted to see me succeed that really does translate the schools, the teachers, the doctors it's all kind of embedded in systemic racism and talking about systemic racism I think it's important to realize that not just white people have it black folks have it too. Because it's so ingrained. So so the whole idea of of this country at its inception education has gotten us to where we are today we've always been taught that white man created everything they invented everything they built everything. So if you are growing up believing that the white man has created everything all of those who don't fit that pitcher start to believe they are inferior right now take that a step beyond and say, okay, actually black people. y'All came from kings and Queens y'all came from tribal leaders y'all came from additional makers. If you tell them that glory about themselves in their history, what do you think that would to their psyche been I think that starts to change. Right. So what you have to do is re educate the American system. You have to start telling the truth all the stuff that they're learning in the schools pack to be ripped out you can't discover A. That's already got people living in gray and I think that there are so many educators now that realize how important it is to learn about people like Dr Daniel Hale Williams who performed the first successful heart surgery in the world or that three black female mathematicians made it possible for the first American to launch into space I think in general education is usually the first place. To begin because people don't know as much as other people or they don't know their history of America right? Because Black History is American history educate my children. But that doesn't mean that my white counterparts to doing the same I am not a politician I'm not an educator but I feel like the educational system needs to be changed. Oh, absolutely I learned about Tulsa and Rosewood. Two weeks ago I'd never learn those in my history book. So I think we're kind of working against a system that. Four. Hundred Years Behind. History month shouldn't just be one month out of a year Ryan. How many times have we say this should be twelve months a year because if children's start to see equality in their history by black people have contributed just as much if not more than white people, then they'll see themselves as equal. If all you do is propagate this whole this idea that there's a superior race within our history that's what people will believe I think it has a huge impact. We actually just changed our children's school. This year because they were going to school where we felt like the diversity wasn't there. And they weren't seeing it with teachers. They weren't seeing with the principals they weren't seeing within the classroom. And so they weren't having the conversations you know about the culture we're very open with our children about what's going on in society right now I mean I talked to my children about racism they my son who's eight years old he asked me today he was like, what's racism you know why does it exist? He asked me specifically why white people not like black people and I was very clear when I responded and I said not all white people don't like black people. And I don't ever want you to say that because you have white friends and that's not what we're teaching you and I don't want you to go to school and be taught that either are you having those similar conversations with your son's Oh absolutely we've had these conversations since they were three. You know I'm black their DAD's why you've had this conversations from the beginning because I didn't want somebody to pollute their opinion of who they are. So, we've been having these conversations for a long time as a matter of fact, my older son Oliver, who's when you see him he's all black right he was in school and the principal was black and she had a teacher come in and said I have these two kids one of them said the N. Word and this was in first grade the two kids come into the into the office and she looks up and they're both white. So. She's like she's taken aback by who used the N. word. So what had happened was they were in the playground writing those big wheels and one of them call the other one, an N. word because he had heard it in his parent's car and thought that meant a bad driver. Wow So we've always had these conversations and I got pulled over a couple of months ago, and my son Jackson was in the back seat and I was so happy that he actually was there to witness how I treated the officer. I was respectful I had my hands on ten to. I said I'm going to reach for my wallet and all these things that you know. We've talked about in the past with the fact that he actually got to witness me behaving a certain way that if he ever gets pulled over, he knows what to do I actually thought it was a blessing that happening he could he could see it coming up. WHERE DO WE START I? Think it's my white friends being able to call me and say if I, say this does that offend you I'm still very uncomfortable at times talking about it. This is not my comfort zone. So. Let's talk about what actions we can take to help put an end to racism in all its forms. Let me start with you, Ron, how are you teaching an encouraging your kids to become the voice of change one of the things that I started with my older children is Family Book Club. So the first book was raising White Kids and then I sat down with them and we talked through and I had to sort of admit some of the things that I did wrong with them when I was. Raising them and what I would do different or what I am doing different. Now, with my younger kid I, think the more we read and the more we discussed easier gets because I'm still very uncomfortable at times talking about it. This is not my comfort zone and I'm hoping that they can get more comfortable with it talking about it getting out there and learning from people that know more than me, right There are a lot of people who are in that same position that are just trying to learn Dr Britain who do you have any thoughts as to where we can start to really try to in this divide I think we should push black folks to go into medicine law. Politics law enforcement. Now, there's this push for stem for science and research but I think we need to push our black heads into areas where change can really make a difference by. Make all the laws we need more black folks infiltrating that system. We need more black physicians to take care of our black community white community we need to change lawsuit. Say something about that. We glorify too much being a a baller. Route exactly nothing nothing wrong with that, but I'm saying we make those so much more glamorous than amazing that the kids aren't wanting to go to law school and being doctor and all that because all the other things have Shinier and. Make a lot of money really quickly, and I feel like that's part of it. We have to sort of make the doctors we gotta make the the lawyers cool and I think that's a way to stop when I also when you were saying, Anina about where do we start I think it's having a conversation I. Think it's white people like my white friends being able to call me and say if I say this does that offend you so we also have to be open to have the conversation that may be uncomfortable for US maybe uncomfortable for them but where they can say if I say African American does that bother you up personally prefer black But I prefer I think we have to be able to be comfortable to have those awkward conversation so that we can learn from them. I do agree with you Garcia and I think that uncomfortable conversations are where change starts and I know that there are many ways to protest make your voice heard and a lot of guys have platforms where you really reach millions of people every single day, and that's what's so great about our social media. I mean to the point where when we were at home and we were talking about it I, kind got offended by some of my friends to the point where I was sitting there waiting like who's not gonNa Post. WHO's not going to colour selves accountable if you're someone that posts all the time and then he went silent during what's been going on than I am completely suspect also conflicted because social media at Union it is important. I think it's more important how you act in your everyday life rather than what you're doing on social media even though it's also important use your platform. That makes sense. Yeah and I think that's a debate right? Because there are people who think you have a platform you should be using it. Even if you have one hundred followers, you should be speaking out about this. Bronwyn have you seen a change by you? You posting on social media by you being active? I mean, personally, I gained and lost a lot of followers on social media. I think about thirty thousand. So I think the demographics changed. I went from being a very passive housewife because I didn't want to rock the boat too saying you know what I can't be quiting. This is who I am like it or not Gregory. You've talked about how allies might be able to help the movement by keeping the spotlight on these issues. What did you mean by that? I've definitely seen a lot of my white friends and Allies really look at themselves really dig into that white privilege and just from a social media standpoint you know it's been great to see people post like you know the numbers of the courts and the police districts posting you know where to call where to donate for beyond the actual work that is actually important. I completely agree with you when we return this election season is do whatever. We cannot act like Oh what's going to be okay. Because somebody is going to vote for us. No, you have to vote. There are a lot of Americans that are protesting using social media to push back against hatred and racism, but there's also another powerful place where many of us can make a change and that's at the ballot box. Giselle you've talked about amplifying black voices through voting by many black Americans are taking voting for granted. What do you think this is the danger of that. This election season is do or die for us. We cannot take it for granted we cannot act like. Always, going to be okay because somebody else is gonNA. Vote for us. Now you have to get involved and you have to vote that means that you need to know where that is that you're supposed to be going to vote obviously needs to be registered and you need to know what you're voting for. Yeah. Exactly. I got a mail in ballot for the primary and on the back of the ballot were all the judges in. My area and I was able to research all of these judges because those are the people that you're gonNA see locally if something were to go wrong, you know if I were we get pulled over and I have to go see a judge while now I know their names and now I know how they stand and now I know because I voted for them and it's so key in is so important does personally feel like. Our local government is really with affect us as a community in business. FIRST HAND SO regardless of if you're a business owner and you're an African American, you have to go to the city to get anything done. But our initial black mayor Maynard, Jackson back in nine hundred, seventy three. He was the one who start initiating changes in our law and policy that now, a certain percentage of all government contracts from the city has to go to people of Color. A lot of us have benefited from that, and that is made that way because of our local. Government helped make that way put policy in. There are people now who feel that you know we should not necessarily have those loss still in place they feel like well, things are equal. Now, those things aren't as important why those lost Dylan plays will where they don't understand this things aren't equal. You know it win laws have to be there to make you do something. Then it's not equal a lot of these big companies whitten you know give a portion of their business to a minority. Business owner if they didn't have to so those things have to be there right and I love that you're you're connecting all these dots candy because I think there are so many people who don't realize how important these local elections are noticed a lot of women that I know who are very smart, very educated. Still vote the way their husbands or fathers do. So I'm working with some women that I have a lot of respect for that are very knowledgeable and where can I try to? Educate the women in our neighborhood to vote for themselves and to vote on issues that are important to them, which is really about knowing who you are voting for and being a very intelligent voter. So that way you can be an effective voter. Now, we as the people who are educated can hold them accountable it the same way you do any employee who don't do nothing you turn your back, keep your eye on 'em any to measure it. So that way it can get improve right? Right. Because I feel like keeping your eye on everybody Oh. Yeh No it using your platform in in doing something like this that really helps just continue the message and keep the momentum going. So I WANNA. Thank everyone who participated in our discussion and I hope that we've learned that to talk openly about racism isn't something scary or something to be avoided things left in the dark they fester they grow and China light on old beliefs and wrongful behavior is the only way out. Now. We must do this together to keep this dialogue going please go to Bravo dot. Com and together we can all beat races. By. Thank you, everybody. Everybody. In remember watching Bravo isn't a guilty pleasure itself care. Guys let's keep the conversation going we wanNA talk to you all week. Long. You can find us on Instagram at Bravo daily dish and on twitter at Bravo TV just don't forget to use the Hashtag Bravo daily dish or reach out to US personally I'm everywhere at Mexico and I'm everywhere at Eric J Mac. That's E. R. I k., and if you're on facebook joined the daily dish facebook group, you can post about what you're watching your favorite shows. WHO's your favorite housewife ask a question start some drama. There's a lot of good stuff in there check it out. You can also learn more about the podcast at Bravo TV. Dot Com by guys. With. Cable.

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EP. #39: The Nevada Triangle

Locations Unknown

1:14:55 hr | Last week

EP. #39: The Nevada Triangle

"And thousands of people have been studiously benched in america's wilderness. Join us as we dive into the deep end of the unexplainable room and try to piece together. What happened. and you are listening to locations unknown What's up everybody. Welcome back to another episode of locations. Unknown i'm your co host. Joe erato with me as always is a guy who martha stewart calls to plan her decorations. Mike bogart thanks joe. And thank you once again to everyone. That is tuned in just got a couple of quick updates for everyone I on the swag front. We recently ran a teacher kind of contest on patriot and our patriots supporters Picked one of our designs that they like the most so we are going to be a releasing a new shirt for sale and our facebook store. And we're gonna have a store on her website pure pretty soon and all of our patriot. Supporters for panel. Joe maybe the Next month will say can use a code will post to get twenty percent off on t shirts so Out you're going to say the code right here and then ruin well in honestly i. I haven't created the code yet so and we also have keychains. So we'll get we'll get those on the The facebook store here soon. So you can You can really deck yourself out. Locations unknown swag hat shirt. That will be really good for chaining my keys to what keychains do. We also have a bunch of new patriot supporters to give a shout out to. So i'm gonna go through these and butcher. Everybody's names like normal. We have aaron wheeler lindsey miller rebecca. House roy delgado alex really sorry alec. Mike pure awash check. I'm so sorry there's no are in the beginning. I really apologize. I laughing because i also can't do it. But i'm not the one reading stephanie's sh ty will pilot warwick that sounds that sounds pretty good p. Pi w. o. w. a. r. e. y. You know what that person's fake they just they listen to our show. You can't spell things like i can spell it. I'm going to. I'm going to do a name with all continents. Well alex apologize for butch your name. We also have stephanie chevette. Fernando sanchez nicole. Weisman shush mcdermott. Wise in man wiseman maybe wise w. i s. e. n. implies man shash mcdermott and kristen. Robertson so thank you so much to all of the new patriot supporters joe. I are are trying new stuff to get more involved with the patriots supporters. We're gonna have a wall of fame on our website One of those things definitely is not learning names. I it will try to make an effort. We're gonna have. We're gonna have a phone number where people can call in and leave voicemails. We'll discuss on the show which that that that'll be interesting We have a discourse channel that show. And i should be on there more often. So if you guys messages and things like that we'll see them So and then you know. Just send us messages emails. Any ideas to get more involved were were open to anything so It finally we ran a little contest. for our patriot supporters. Like i said about the t shirts and when it was done we randomly selected one patriots supporter to get a free t shirt and the winner. Was roy delgado so Roy at please. I message you on patriots. So send us The size shirt you want. And we'll get that shipped out Let us know in the next week or we're going to try and pick another supporter to get that shirt out. So animals going to be selecting patriots supporter randomly. Get a free keychain. So trying to do more giveaways to our paychecks supporters so just to show our appreciation. So they mike. How do you become a patron supporter. Hi good question. Joe you can. You can go to our patriots page which you'll find in the links of the show here and for just one dollar a month you can get access to a bunch of extra episodes and swag giveaways and our access to our discord channel and any other new things. We come up with So for one dollar a month now. Today i spoke i misspoke one dollar month You can get access to all of that stuff less than a cup of coffee so per month per month and if you you you donate more you do a higher tier. They come with other things like hats. Free hat free mug things like that. So head over to our page Joe any other updates on your end nine. That's it all right. Well let's get at it all right. Everybody let's gear up and get out to explore locations unknown Nevada triangle a vast area and the american southwest has been a site of more than two thousand aircraft disappearances over the last sixty years this imaginary triangle stretches from las vegas nevada west to fresno california north to reno nevada and back south to las vegas covering almost twenty five thousand square miles over the years. Some of the most experienced pilots have gone missing in this area without explanation. Join us this week as we investigate. The nevada triangle the nevada triangle covering roughly twenty five thousand square miles which is half the size of england included in its borders are several famous national parks including death valley kings canyon national park sequoia national park yosemite national park four hundred miles of the sierra nevada mountain range also run border between nevada and california the popular tourist destination lake tahoe is also on its northern border and the mysterious. Us government installation area fifty one flanks its eastern border over the last sixty years over. Two thousand aircraft have crashed or gone missing the triangle. That's more than the bermuda and alaskan triangles combined. This equate soon average about thirty three incidents per year when compared to the national average of aviation deaths of three hundred ninety three this means over eight point three percent of all. Us aviation deaths happen in nevada triangle. So it just a note on that stat. That is kind of a generalization just to kind of give people idea of how many planes go missing and crash in this stretch of land every year. So it's not. It's a big area but compared to everywhere else A lot of it's happening in this one concentrated. Yeah and i think anyone who is a pilot or into aviation knows that flying is a pretty safe thing to do even private flying with how many people fly is not you know. There's not a lot of death involved but when it comes to the nevada triangle there there definitely isn't above average number of disappearances crashes strange things happening so i wonder why that is. Do you think we'll learn more about it. We will joe so so. The nevada triangle part of the reason. Why a lot of this happens is because the nevada triangle does have some of the most extreme train and weather of any place on earth. Not just in the united states so just within. I believe it's it's like a. I want to say maybe one hundred miles or less. You've got the lowest place in the united states Death valley at eighty six feet below sea level. And then you have the highest point in the lower forty-eight mount whitney at fourteen thousand five hundred and five feet which is located in the sierra nevada range right away you've got some amazing contrast ensuring and you know that kind of creates a lot of weather conditions. I imagine that fact you know pilots you also have some pretty extreme precipitation that happens in the sierra nevada range so lot of lot of. Us records have been set in this in the nevada triangle area so for example In one thousand nine hundred eighty five lake tahoe set the twenty four hours snow record with sixty seven inches of snow. She holy cow. Yeah and then in the nineteen zero six thousand nine hundred seven season. Tamra california's set the seasonal snowfall record with eight hundred eighty four inches of snow in one season. So yeah so it's You know it. It was pretty extreme weather and you know as we get into this. You'll see that on the same side of theories. I think whether probably does play a good chunk of you know you know factor of what's going on to these pilots but here's some other just kind of interesting facts about areas within. The nevada triangle. Obviously yosemite national park's it's within the triangle and That's home to the tallest waterfall. In the united states which has a vertical drop of two thousand four hundred twenty five feet yosemite falls which joe i actually got to see in person last fall. It's pretty amazing. To see in person. I ever out in california you gotta go to yosemite one in the did you see any moon bows and no because of covid. We weren't allowed to overnight and the parks so yeah we'll have to go back. We'll have to do an actual backcountry in yosemite. Yeah i want to go. So i'm on that one. I was busy filming. That's why i wasn't there. Yeah so the climate of the sierra nevada mountain ranges impacted by california's mediterranean climate. But it higher elevations you experience an alpine climate. Just like i said you can get a season where you have. Eight hundred eighty four inches of snow so Pretty pretty wild extremes in weather Like i mentioned earlier. Death valley is only seventy six miles from the highest point in the country. Mount whitney as of january twenty nineteen nevada had a hundred and ninety two open Missing persons cases or a six point four missing people per one hundred thousand people so that would put it at the thirteenth worst in the country. So if you think about nevada fan you've you've ever been there. It's really basically just two cities reno in las vegas. The rest is i mean. I don't wanna you know. They're probably are people that live in other parts nevada. They'll get mad by this but it's mostly desert so that's quite a quite a high number for missing people for kind of a state that's really only made up of two cities big cities So it's just an interesting little fact and finally yosemite as many of you who have listened to a lot of our episodes is known for as being hot spot for unexplained disappearances. This is talked about you. Know lots of people talk about this including politis and we've even covered a couple of these cases in previous episodes stacey areas and michael fishery. We also interviewed michael's sisters on his disappearance. So if you're interested in those cases Check out our back catalogue of so joe. The really fun stuff to talk about now is some of these strange disappearances that have happened in the nevada triangle. Going back to world war two and it's not just small aircraft that go missing. We've got massive bombers and very experienced military pilots that have gone missing or have had strange experiences. So i'm just gonna cover a couple of these in then i'll we'll we'll talk about theories. Maybe i'll get your opinion on what you have been biting my tongue. I keep wanting to say stuff. And i'm like end of the episode of the episode. So we're going to go back to one thousand nine hundred. Forty one to start our timeline. So lieutenant leonard. C leiden was flying army air. Force p forty warhawks over the mountains when he experienced mechanical troubles and had to bail while he safely landed within a mile of where he saw his plane go down which was in a remote section of sequoia and kings canyon national park. He was never able to find the crash site. There's not a lot of information on this case. But i actually did get onto a form where there are professional. They're called professional wreck hunters and they basically just scour the planet for down aircraft from world war two and lick the korean war and all those words of the past and to this day professional wreck hunters have not been able to find evidence of where this plane went down. Can they haven't been able to find wreckage. And they have scoured this area of kings canyon national park so we don't have a lot of other information on this but in an official report stated he saw where his plane went down it was within a mile of where he landed and he hiked over. There couldn't find it and now since nineteen forty one to present day. The plane has never been located. That's crazy i know. Isn't it insane. Like a he's alive and reported the area because it's not like all right. We've got this whole area to look up. He liked sought. And you could even say okay. Maybe he was distressed because he had just had like his plane went down. Whatever but still. It's like you could do math and say okay if you landed here. Yeah we picked you up here you flying this way. This is were you said the plane was. Let's just do a big grit and it's it's a plane. It's not like he dropped like a suitcase. And they're trying to find out. And i mean he saw it. He said it was less than a mile of where he landed it's unexplainable but here's a even if even if he was wrong and it was five miles. Yeah that's still like you have good air. It's aliens audience. They took it. They took it sailing thing in the thing. That is even more interesting about that. Is you've had professionals trying to find the plane for six years and they can't find it. I mean it's not like the grid of where they need to search. Is that big. They kind of know where it went down. So where's the plane so That that's our. I kind of mysterious disappearance that stands out in the triangle. Our next one is not too many years later. So this one is i. Think less Strange but i well. I'll go through the timeline. So december fifth nineteen forty-three a us. Air force b twenty four liberator and a crew of six disappeared in the sierra nevada mountains. While on a routine training mission the be twenty. Four was supposed to fly from fresno's hammer field to bakersfield california onto tucson arizona and then back to fresno So the plane disappeared so the following day an extensive search by the military kicked off and they launched an additional nine. B twenty four is to aid in the search however during the search another one of the nine. B twenty four is piloted by squadron. Commander captain william tartan and five of his seven crew also went missing and this is a. This is a little bizarre so so obviously. They went missing while searching for this I bomber the plane would eventually be discovered in one thousand nine hundred fifty five when huntington lake reservoir was drained for repairs according to us military records the second bomber experienced high wind turbulence and began to lose hydraulic pressure. The captain decided to try and land on what he said was a frozen lake and ordered his men to jump but only two of the crew members actually jumped out of the plane so oddly the two crew members who jumped in survived said they could clearly see. the lake wasn't frozen. Have no idea why the captain would try to put the plane down there. So the first place since disappearance went unsolved for fifteen years until it was found by a us geological survey team high up in a remote section of the sierra nevada mountains near what then was an unnamed lake that is now called hester lake named after the father of the pilot from the i bomber and in that case the us military is still not released. Any details of what happened to the i bomber. And i think what kind of sticks out to me from this disappearance is what happened with the second palmer. So yeah the captain. Commander said he was putting it down on that lake because he said it was frozen but you have a two of the crew members who on the record stated we could clearly see. The lake wasn't frozen and have no idea why he put that plane down in that lake so so they like they like parachute jumped out of the two survived. I'm so dumb. I thought like he was gonna put it down this lake as he's putting it down they're going to jump off and roll no so dub i'm having one of those morning no So yeah the Be twenty four is a pretty big bombers so they were able to shop out well. It's fine but i you know. I guess you could go about this in a couple different ways. Maybe there is no other area for them to put the plane down. Maybe it was all treed covered mountainous terrain or you could go the conspiracy route in. Say what was the commander hiding. Was there something on that plane. It's just bizarre to me that you know the the commander would claim that the lake was frozen so in the two guys jumped claimed. It wasn't so i don't know well. And then the other one wasn't found so like was it cleaned up. Yeah and it was. I mean it was found eventually in nineteen fifty five but again the military didn't release any records as to what happened to that plane so just another bizarre disappearance and it's not unusual for military aircraft to go down. That still happens to this day. I i know it's sad just flying so much launching so many times like it's a numbers game. Yeah and i mean you know it's there especially today. Some of these aircraft are incredibly complex. Machines and a lot of things can go wrong. But you know people forget to back in the forties. And you know we don't have been flying for a couple of decades you know in the nineteen forties. Flying was still a pretty dangerous endeavour back then Vying is still new. Yeah this is true if you think about in the length of the entire history of civilization like we just started flying. Yeah that's true. And it's i mean it not to get into flying that much but it's incredibly safe now it. Yeah if you look at how many people are in the air at any given time. Flying is safer than any other form of transportation It's really an engineering marvel at how incredibly safe it's become but it has not always been that way so okay so moving onto our next incident. This one is very interesting. I at this is probably my favorite of the the. I guess i shouldn't say favourite but it's the most interesting i think. So we're it's may ninth. Nineteen fifty seven. Who tenant david. Steph's was flying. A t thirty-three training jet out of hamilton air force base near san francisco and he was on his way to arizona when he did arrive on time in extensive search and rescue operation kicked off but failed to turn up him or his chat after the search. They searched for several days. They didn't find him the. Us military officially declared him dead amazingly fifty four days. Later steve shows up in a remote camp in kings canyon national park. And according to steve's something had exploded in his plane and he had to check from the chat a during his landing he severely injured both his ankles and headed drag his parachute with him for more than twenty miles at high elevation freezing temps and he also went over fifteen days without food or shelter. He eventually found an abandoned it. A national park service cabin where he found some stocks of food to eat and he kind of he stayed in that cabin and eventually built up the strength to continue hiking towards civilization where he was eventually found so she. Yeah i mean so he. that's awesome. Yeah i i'm shocked. They didn't turn this into a movie. Or maybe they did but he apparently he had he carried took the parachute with him to keep warm. So amazing amazing story of survival but in one thousand nine hundred seventy seven. A group of boy scouts hiking in the area found a canopy that authorities believed was. From steve's t thirty-three wreckage has never been found So this is wow. This is kind of interesting. So i'll say my questions i had was What happened to his jet. You know was it. Is it just lost in the wilderness. Now when i was doing research on this specific incident there was a lot of This was at the height of the cold. War was kicking off. We were kind of getting into a competition with the russians at this time and there was a lot of rumors that he sold the crash jet to the soviets and that he was kind of like a soviet double agent within the united states military might landed at somewhere and then he like built elaborate backstory as something like that yeah and he. He claimed that's totally not true. I you know i. It did experience Issues and i had to a checked. The thing that adds to the mystery will never know because he actually ended up dying in a plane crash only a few few years later. Nineteen sixty five. So was that plane. Crash suspect at all they. They claim it was just a mechanical issues with his plane and he went down with it. But veda the military. So okay which you know. I know i know i'm being i'm being no. I mean provocative. So like i said back. Then you know. These pilots would fly new and unproven jets a lot of times. It would go down or did was he a double agent and he was selling us military technology and they got rid of him. That's kind of what. I was getting that they found out. That actually was a double agent or selling secrets. And they're like He died in a plane crash. That's so weird. Yeah so it's just another strange incident that happened within the nevada triangle. So all right. Let's move on to our next incident. This one maybe. That's why there's no movie on it because you know. Cia hollywood especially back. Then we're totally tied in. They're not gonna make a movie about that if he's if he's the bad guy. Yeah it it would make for really interesting movie. Actually the whole him selling secrets and that faking. That would be a great move. Yeah so anybody listening. Who is a movie producer. Great idea re-adjust. I give us a shout out in the movie. Forgiving you the idea yeah The the pre was the producer that did the all the alien shows. Oh i can't. I can't remember his name. I guess this or path theon prometheus prometheus do a made for tv history channel move area. Were consult on it for you like we definitely don't need you to so moving onto our next incident. This is august twelfth. nineteen sixty four businessman and developer. Charles charles ogle took off from international airport in assessment a two day on his way to las vegas nevada. Charles was a world war. Two and korean war veteran and he was a trained. Marine corps. pilot Him and his plane on route to las vegas. Jimenez plane were never seen or heard from again. So in this instance. They don't know where it went down. They've never found no calms or any like last minute. Okay calls or anything. Nothing and i mean anyone who knows what susman's look like they're they're not you know they're slow moving fixed wing aircraft. It's the planes to get real basic. It's a place where the wings on the top and there. Yeah and those are the ones. I always feel like you can like softly crash. Land those pretty well like they glide right if you run of like if you run out of like if the and jazz yeah you. You can like glide with those right. Yeah i mean cessnas are i think. A lot of people trained to learn how to fly in sessions. Because they're they're very you know they're slower. They're very easy to maneuver Like you said if an engine goes out that they only have one engine. If engine goes out you can. You can easily glide it down to the ground landed if you're not you know if you're taking off and it goes out that's harder but if you're already at one thousand feet it's a lot easier to clyde at a spot in the growth can use gravity to keep your speed up. Yeah most pilots especially a marine corps pilot who fought in world war two and the korean war. I would assume he would have the skills to do that in a assessment so the fact that his plane was never seen or heard from again is strange and fast forward. Now to two thousand seven and we're going to get in. The main meat of our timeline is going to be spent on the search around steve fossett. I'm sure you probably remember this. Joe i i remember. It was in the news for weeks. I remember but so in two thousand seven when they were doing conducting the search for steve fossett. They found eight other wrecks discovered in the triangle area. She yeah and they they they say during the search. They didn't vote a lot of time in identifying the other wrecks. Because they're focusing all their resources on steve fossett but it turns out that later. Analysis of the racks were inconclusive. And they really couldn't tie any of those eight wrecks to charles ogle so his disappearance still remains a mystery to this day so his plane and that they discovered eight other right. Yeah so yes. It's eight other people that have been missing that they don't know man. I mean when you're talking. There's been two thousand disappearances crashes in the triangle. that's eight seems kinda low a. So yeah to this day. Charles ogle you know. His case has not been solved. And i'm sure there's there's probably you know professional wreck hunters out there looking for his plane so this is just a a quick little incident but in nineteen eighty six a. Us air force f. One seventeen stealth fighter crashed into a mountain near bakersfield california under mysterious circumstances and the cause of the crash has Never been officially released by the us military and remains top secret so I don't know maybe they just. They didn't want to tell people that one of their expensive stealth fighters crashed because of something really stupid. Who knows but whenever the military and the government refuses to release information on something always makes me wonder why so fast forty now to september third. Two thousand seven. This is kind of the the big disappearance in the nevada triangle. That got i. Think before steve fossett went missing. I don't think people even really referred to. This is the nevada triangle but once he went missing i think people start connecting all the dots in realizing. Like wow a lot of people have gone missing in this location. And that's when kind of the free. The term nevada triangle started popping up. 'cause i don't think a lot of people have probably even heard of it before and when i was doing my research online a lot of people like i live here and i've never heard of that before. And then they hear two thousand people. Two thousand aircraft have gone missing over the last six years. Like holy cow. That's a lot that is a so for those of you. Who don't know who steve fossett was. He was a businessman and a record setting aviator He was famous for in two thousand and two he. He rose to international fame when he piloted all the way around the earth and a hot air balloon. I remember. I remember watching like every every day on the news. They'd give an update unlike. Where where's steve fossett. And it's pretty incredible to around the earth. Yeah i still don't even understand how they how he did it. How how you fly rather than like. I always thought i was like well. I hope the wind goes i. May he probably got high enough followed like wind currents there's probably the jet stream goes around the earth. I have no idea how that we also. He also set a record for he did a solo trip around the earth in a fixed wing aircraft. So you met. He food this plane. That had like a two hundred foot wingspan. I remember seen videos of it. And he flew that around the earth and he's also he also has some records as he sailed around the planet by himself so he's he just likes going around the planet and weird way. Well he's he's kind of an adventure he Did he has a lot of land speed records and a daredevil in a way so the morning that he disappeared he he was just going out on a just a couple of our flight to just you know my dad. Does this a lot of your pilot. You have a plan. It's fun to go flying so whenever there's good weather and you have time the you flying. So he was taken took off from a private airstrip near smith valley nevada in his Lancia super decathlon stunt light aircraft. So you can google this but just to so people know what it looks like it. Kind of in the simplest terms kind of looks like a cessna it's a fixed wing aircraft with the wing on the top of the plane. It's a single engine aircraft. But it's it's faster you if you've ever been to an air show. They'll have these they can do. They have like the smoke behind him and they do the loops in the cork screws. And they're very maneuverable very fast. And i you know. Steve fossett obviously is inexperienced aviator and he originally amassed significant wealth as a commodities trader and eventually started his own financial trading companies. So he you know he was a very wealthy guy and he's doing okay so that morning he had told his wife and friends he just going for a quick flight and they'd be back before lunch after a nice cruise through the early morning air. He he didn't plan on being gone long. So all your was a white t shirts. Sweatpants and sneakers pet peeve of mine. He also left his cell phone and cheap tracker at home. So always bring your cell phone wherever you go. Don't leave it at home. There's no reason to leave at home. Even if you think there will be cell signal bring it with and hasn't hurt so the faa also confirmed. That faucet did not a flight plan that morning but friends had mentioned that he may have planned to visit the areas of lucky boy pass and walker lake and they think he was possibly scouting locations for an upcoming land speed run that he was planning so he may have been you know flying around looking for some flat areas that he could you know you know. Break another record. Because he was a record sutter's they call them. The plane was equipped with an l. Lt which is an emergency locator beacon. That should go off in the event of a crash but Oddly in this case it never went on so and it was reported that he had enough fuel on board to fly for about four or five hours so okay plenty of fuel and after faucet failed to return around lunch. His wife began to worry and then reported missing that afternoon now within hours of his disappearance a the the search and rescue operation kicked off. And as you'll learn this probably was one of the largest search and rescue operations since world war two in the united states it. I remember seeing it on the news. It was every day i remember. Yes well i wasn't a kid in two thousand seven. But i just remember seeing it. Every news channel was talking about local national. It was kind of like the nation got caught up in the search. For steve fossett and so on the first day of the search civilian patrol researching the air and they mentioned that they had the suspended. The search midday due to high winds and But by the fourth day they had over fourteen aircraft in the search effort including one equipped with this system called archer which could automatically scan detailed imaging forgiven signature of of the missing aircraft so kind of similar to other systems. We've talked about especially in the The gentleman that went missing in joshua tree where they they have cameras systems on the aircraft that can take thousands of pictures of the train and then it looks things that are missing standout. that aren't natural So this was some kind of system that did that for aircraft signatures so by the second day of the search. The civil air patrol searched but found no trace of wreckage after initiating a complex and expanding grid which they eventually expanded into nearly twenty square miles. So twenty twenty thousand square miles toy square miles and they'll find then they're terrorist twenty thousand square miles so like we said. The whole nevada triangle is twenty five thousand square miles so that is a huge area to search. Yeah so according to the lion county manager geoff page within a matter of days. We had over forty five plane searching the entire area. For mr mr faucet it was single handedly the largest search the state has ever seen and not only did they have dozens of rescue crews searching on the ground the also had so he was friends with a lot of a you know people in the aviation industry and some of those high profile names. Actually turn the joined the search including neil armstrong and richard branson. So oh gee yeah so for those of you. Who don't know who. Neil armstrong was. He's the first human being the set foot on the moon. How dare you sean. And richard branson is the owner of virgin aero virgin galactic in virgin baldrige emerging. It's like virgin industry s but he owns an error he owned an airline and yet he's one of the guys trying to go actually got to go race cars at the spaceport down there in new mexico that sound. It was awesome that they have there. That plane that launches their virgin galactic plane. And i got to go see the hanger for that. It was awesome cool. Maybe we'll talk about that on our patriot episode. Maybe so richard branson is one of the. He's kind of like elon. Musk and away. He's trying to develop private space travel. I'm sure you've seen his plane. I believe it's called spaceship. One that has been flying into the edge of space so some pretty high profile names helping with the search They mentioned that on september seventh. Google helped the search for the aviator through its connections to contractors. That provide satellite imagery for google earth. Branson said he and others recording efforts with google to see if any of the higher resolution images might include fossett's aircraft on september eighth the first of a series of new hire high resolution images from digital globe remote available via the amazon mechanical turk beta website so that users could flag potential areas of interest for searching so anyone who's not familiar with amazon. I don't i don't know what that is. Tell us so. Actually it's pretty Pretty interesting tool that amazon released with no fanfare. You you would not know it exists. If you didn't actually go out and search for it. I actually in college. I'm looking at it right now. Actually in college i it. I was a user on mechanical turk. You could make some extra money. It's basically crowd sourcing kind of mundane online tasks so a lot of your professional fiber kind of yes so like a lot of companies will post amazon. Used it a lot for themselves so they would show listings and then the picture that was on that listing. And you basically just had to say all right. Does the picture match the listening. So if they're selling a a stove if a picture of a dog is shown you go no and then you get paid like five cents. And it's real. I mean you're not gonna get rich doing it. It's real mundane but you could. You could do it from your computer at night before. Better something you could write a program that just right spams it. And they had all kinds of companies would sign up to have you know these mundane tasks. It was kind of age before. I think a lot of the stuff that is probably doing that work now. But so by september eleventh they had up to fifty thousand people scrutinizing more than three hundred thousand two hundred and seventy eight square foot Images of land that they've been taking and peter cohen of amazon believed that by september eleventh. The entire surgery had been covered at least once and obviously they didn't find anything so by september tenth search crews had found eight previously on identified crash sites some of which were decades-old the urgency of what was still regarded as a rescue mission. Meant that minimum. Immediate effort was made to identify the aircraft in the uncharted crash sites. Although some had speculated that one could have belonged to charles ogle missing since nineteen sixty four. And i had mentioned earlier that eventually they they said the eight wrecks were in you know they could determine who they belong to so charles is still regarded as missing so by september twelfth. Survival experts speculated. That fossett was likely to be dead at this point Like we said. He went missing on september third. It's now the twelfth. And i forgot to mention. He's sixty three years old okay so by the twelfth. you know. that's a pretty pretty long time to you know be stuck out in the wilderness and i'm I'm assuming they they're assuming he probably crashed to some extent and he had no food or water with him and chances are he was in a desert like area so the chances of survival are you know pretty slim but so moving on amazon's search effort was shut down the week of twenty ninth without any measurable success. Major cynthia ryan later said it had been more than more of a hindrance than a help. She said the person's purporting to have seen the aircraft on the mechanical turk or have special knowledge clogged or email during critical days of the search. And even for months after the extensible sightings proved to be images of the actual civilian aircraft patrol searching area so or simply mistaken artifacts for old images. So i think they appreciate it. Amazon's gesture of helping out but looking back it really was more of a hindrance than anything so So now on september seventeenth the nevada wing of the civil air patrol said it was suspending all flights in connection with its search operations by the national guard search flights private search flights and ground searchers continued By september nineteenth. Two thousand seven authorities confirmed they would stop actively looking for fossett in the nevada desert but would keep air crews on standby to fly to possible crash lights and on september thirtieth it was announced that after further analysis of radar data from the davis disappearance crown teams and two aircraft had resumed the search so they must have received some kind of information that said all right we should get back out there and look we think we may have found it Okay but maybe they are looking into the wrong spot and yeah i think when they kinda looked at it again like crowd. We should be over here. Yeah but Unfortunately on october second of two thousand seven the civil air patrol announced it called off. Its search operation. Ryan later noted that the search was the largest most complex peacetime search for an individual in us history so just put that went on for a long time with a ton of resources we've talked about a lot of different searches on different episodes in the massive amount of manpower and resources required. This eclipse eclipse is any of that. It costs a of money. And it'll like it. It's sometimes polarizing talk about the cost of life trying to find something but still like you're talking millions and millions and millions of dollars. Yeah i think one of the. I couldn't find the total exact cost but i know the state of nevada spent at least one point. Six million and the wife of steve fossett spent an additional million dollars of her private money. And we don't know how much the federal government spent on his search. But like you said joe i. It's in the millions and then you have a lot of volunteer time spent so. There's a lot of volunteer searchers. That are on this. That aren't compensated. But you know it. It's expensive these people have lives jobs every you know. There's an opportunity cost to that putting all of these people in the field looking so just an absolutely massive complex search so fast forward a year so now it's august twenty third two thousand eight almost a year after fossett disappeared. Twenty eight friends and myers conducted a foot. Search based on new clues gathered by the team but unfortunately their search concluded on september tenth without finding anything now fast forward to september twenty nine at the two thousand eight. A we're like we're like a year later now. A year later a hiker found three crumpled identification cards in the eastern sierra nevada mountain range in california about sixty five miles south of faucets location. The items were confirmed as belonging to faucet and included an faa issued card his soaring society of american membership card and a thousand dollars in cash on october first later in the day air search teams spotted wreckage on the ground at an elevation of ten thousand one hundred feet about seven hundred and fifty yards from where the personal items have been found later that evening. The teams confirmed identification of the tail number of faucets plan whilst they found they founded. But i don explaining the time line. I'll kind of. I'll give my thoughts on faucet. So the crash site is located on the western side of a ridge who's orientated northwest southeast. The site is about three hundred feet. Below the crest of the ridge the steep train was sparsely forested with ponderosa pines averaging forty feet to sixty feet and numerous boulders and rock outcrops surrounded the grassy areas covered covered the ground over the next two days. Ground searchers found four bone fragments that were about to buy one and a half inches however the bones were found to either be not human are too small for dna tests on october twenty ninth search teams recovered to large human bones that they suspected belong to fossett. These bones were found a half a mile. East of the crash site Tennis shoes with animal bite marks on them are also discovered So i november third california. Police coroners said that dna profiling of the two bones by the california department of justice. Friends ext laboratory confirmed a match to faucets. Dna all right so he. They found his bones a half mile east of where the crash site was. Yeah and the madera county sheriff. John anderson kind of said what we say a lot of times that He believes fossett died on impact and that it wasn't unusual for animals to drag them remains away so got a lot of you know you've got bears in the sierra nevada's and We we mentioned this. That a lot of things can happen to disrupt a you know the remains you especially a year or two later you have animals moving stuff around you could have rain and snow melt moving things so that could explain why the remains were away from the crash site on march fifth of two thousand nine the ntsb issued its report and findings the report states that the plane crashed in elevation of about ten thousand feet. A three hundred feet below the crest of the ridge. The elevations of the peaks in the area exceeded thirteen thousand feet. However the density altitude in the area at the time and place of the crash was estimated to be twelve thousand seven hundred feet. The ntsb declared the probable cause of the crash s. The pilot's inadvertent encounter with downdraft that exceeded the climb capability of the aircraft. Contributing to the accident were down drafts a high density altitude and mountainous terrain so my biggest takeaway with this is obviously flying in the mountain in. Mountains is more difficult than your typical. Like fine in wisconsin or somewhere where it's flat flat. Yeah flat land. But steve fossett was a very experienced aviator he. He should be aware of those risks and things pretty. Yeah he. he's pretty. Well read in what to do where i mean. The man went around the planet and hot air balloon. He he flew around the planet in a single engine fixed wing aircraft he. He sailed around the planet. He's he's not a dumb guy he understands. You know risks. I use a very experienced pilot. I just have questions about what he was doing. If he was out. Searching for somewhere to do a new land speed record that's not up the sierra nevada's that would be you know out in the salt beds of nevada. Sure so i did. Was there something else going on here. Not just pilot error flying too close to the mountains. I know they say a lot of crashes. Do happen in the mountains because pilots are inexperienced. And they underestimate the winds involved in. Yeah this wouldn't be him. This wouldn't be him he wouldn't he pro you know. He went fly that close to the mountains. So i don't know. I i feel like something else was going on with this crash. Maybe he had a medical emergency and became unconscious like had a heart attack. Or something is plane. Just flew too close to the mountains or There was a lot of at the time. There is a lot of rumors going around in the public that he he purposely disappeared to avoid the stress of life. And things like that I don't buy that. He was a and they found the body. Yeah so i mean. It's while he was still missing. I'd say that would be a potential thing. So yeah so i you know the the. The official cause of his disappearance was basically pilot error and wind conditions. i don't i it just doesn't seem like something such an experienced pilot with do What do you think do you kind of same frame of that. Yeah i yeah. I don't think i'm seeing anything here. Hearing anything from you. That sounds super shady. Like with all the experience i mean. Let's look at this way when he when you have experience in you know what you're doing that reduces the likelihood of something going wrong to very small yeah. It doesn't eliminate the fact that he's a human being and human beings make mistakes. No matter how expert yards something all takes his one air. There's also that. I mean he was older and i'm going to use this. Just just as like an ageism thing of you. Take less risks when you get older. You're not like cocky. So i'm not thinking like maybe he was trying to do something crazy. He's probably just playing it smart but who knows maybe he just got to go. Ro- like do something fun. Yeah and made a calculation error or like was taking a risk that he knew as a risk but you know maybe his experience kind of got the best of him in that regard where he thought he could do something in. Couldn't i don't know i i would say. I don't see. Eddie conspiracies here where i would in some of the other stories. Yeah i just when you look at the facts. And i i want to try and make this into something. That's not but he wasn't planning to fly in the mountains that day he was planning to go. Basically scope out some spots for a land. You know land speed record coming up. He's only out for a few hours Well let let me let me play this car. So he's going to look out some spots and he sees the sun hitting the mountains beautifully and he just wants to go fly and look at them. I mean i could imagine if i'm in a plane. I see something beautiful. I'm gonna plane. I was gonna fly over that thing. Like i can do whatever i want. And you know maybe a giant wind drift kind of the side of the mountains or he got a big downdraft pushed the plane down right into the ridge. A quick like couldn't recover just a one like perfect storm of crap happening. That just didn't work out. I did read the aircraft that he was in had a climb capability of about three hundred feet per. I believe it's per minute. So if he's experienced downdraft that of three hundred feet. There's a chance maybe it caused him to stall out near the mountain and didn't -ticipant that. Yeah if you're over amount. It's not like you have a ton of ceiling to recover from just a this is probably from growing up. I have mentioned before my dad is a pilot. Lot of friends or pilots Yeah your locations unknown unknowns local aviation expert pilots are pretty meticulous about the aircraft. They fly in. They know its capabilities. They know how quickly it can climb. What altitude it can climb to. They know kind of you know they know what to do and what not to do in their aircraft the experienced ones especially when you well especially when you're putting enough time in the same aircraft you're gonna know it's i mean i can't say i've flown a plane. My cousin flies planes and he's got that same thing. I ride like dirt bikes and motorcycles. And when you're on two wheels you kind of have to you. Get a feel for what your machine is capable of. Like if i'm gonna hit the accelerator. I know what's going to happen. Because i have about four day for motorcycles. I know what's going to happen on each one and they're all different. Yeah i just know. Because i put so much time in and a lot of people ride motorcycles. No it's defensive. Driving saves your life and sometimes defensive. Driving is hammer and on the accelerator to get out of the lane or something. Because someone's coming over. I actually drive my bike's differently. Based on what i know. The accelerators can do because of certain situations. I've been in and that has only happened because of time and me not getting in wrecks and then understand like oh wow okay that's stuck in my head so this guy is going to know his planes little quirks very well. So that's where. I look at it as it must have been something so sudden and so recoverable that it just didn't matter. Yeah and that kind of makes me wonder if he had some kind of medical emergency that incapacitated him and his plane just went was flying flying in that direction towards the mountain. And you know all just went boom right into because it was gonna hit the next thing that was going to hit and that just happened to be the ridge. Yeah i just can't think of another reason you know. Experienced pilots aren't going to take unnecessary risks. He knows his plan. He knows mountains are hard to fly around So i don't know we'll never we'll never know. The official report was a pilot error. I guess but this will lead me into you. A couple of theories of what's going on in the nevada triangle. We'll start with the very plausible and work our way down to Crazy i like it so obviously the most likely and plausible theories for what is going on in the nevada triangle is pilot air whether so like we said. The nevada triangle is home to some very extremes terrain which from any prior episodes when you know there's alpine environments that can cause a lot of weird weather events and it can cause pop up storm systems that creates heavy turbulence and that can challenge even the most experienced pilots as you see faucet experienced pilot in some prior incidents we. Have you know marine corps pilots. That have been trained on aircraft carriers and you know military pilots and it's not just small planes be twenty four is our large planes so You know all of these unusual terrains can create. You know wild winds coming off the mountains and that's probably what's causing the majority of the crashes and you have the situation where if you have mechanical issue over the sierra nevada's there's nowhere to put it down. I mean unless you can jump out of the plane you're going down and you probably won't survive you can't there's no farm field landed in. It's all mountain. So yeah that. I think adds into the the factor. The next theory i believe is a actual phenomena. Sounds kind of cool. It's called mountain waves so mountain waves are fast. Moving wins off the nearby pacific ocean that frequently push through steep mountainsides producing a phenomenon. I call mountain waves. A pilot encounters a Countering this phenomenon may go from straight and level flight to essentially writing and visible up and down or just down roller coaster. The downdraft produced by mountain. Waves are frequently strong. Enforceable posing an extreme hazard to pilots hundreds of feet can be quickly lost and some mountain waves and lee. Winds are strong enough to overpower the ability of a light plane to keep from getting pancaked into the train blow because of this pilots are encouraged to maintain a high enough altitude above the terrain to provide a buffer in the event of downdraft Even some clear weather days in the sierra nevada locations are unflappable so this goes back to potentially maybe a faucet experienced mountain wave and didn't have sufficient altitude to survive a downdraft of several hundred feet and it pushed him into the mountain. I think that is a very plausible explanation. Moving onto a crazy theory. And we've talked about these in the alaska triangle. And probably the bermuda triangle. I think it's a. It's a a triangle thing so portals so according to albert einstein space and time are woven together forming a smooth four dimensional fabric known as space time a recent study by nasa prove that einstein wasn't only correct but also that space time vortex surrounding earth is distorted due to the spinning motion of the planet. Some fringe theorists have posited. A rift has occurred in the fabric of space time causing small portals to open up in specific areas around the world. Such as bermuda and nevada triangles. However there's been no proof to date of such rift and the questions of where these portals lead to and why would they have been formed in. A specific location have never been answered. Let's just because we don't know enough about it's true we just don't know and i'm a big fan of brian greene assigned book from Yeah so for those. Don't he's a theoretical physicists. Mathematicians big in string theory. He was actually just on. I think is the most recent rogan episode. I haven't listened to him yet but he talks. He talks about the relationship. I think they talked about quantum computing. And how how. It works string theory. But i mean that's the more i learn about that stuff the more i'm like okay. Maybe this answer isn't portals but our understanding of space time is kinda like He always talks about you know i. We don't know about something that we know about it and then we're able to manipulate it out. We're starting to really understand space time and just how you describe that fabric of space time and once we understand it. We're gonna be able to manipulate it. And that means wormholes thing. I'm not a physicist. So i do. I do like these documentaries and a common thing that comes up is people. Talk at the you these Physicist talk about gravity and they say we know how gravity works in the sense that more a massive mass has mass kind of picture like for people are holding a pillow bedsheet. And you drop a bowling ball into the middle. The bedsheet is space. Time in the bowling ball is mass and thing that will create an impression in the bedsheet and other objects of less mass will. Then try to fall into that impression but yeah they if they falling just right they orbit. That's why things orbit smaller or bigger things. But they're like we kind of know how it works but we don't understand why it works. They aren't they know gravity. They know the basics of it but they don't fully understand why mass they don't understand why you know. Why does mass bends space time. So things like that. So i maybe there is some strange thing going on in these areas that we don't know the episode. You were joe on the history channel. When they were talking about the brand new triangle. They talked about that one pilot who was flying and all of a sudden he said he was like in some kind of wormhole and came out the other end and he was over miami but he was hundreds of miles away forty minutes. Yeah yeah. He skipped like forty minutes in time and his clocks it match. And i mean you could. He could be full crap or he could be truthful. Who knows but or there was like a real quick tiny blip in space. Something caused a rift in space time. That allowed that to happen. He was in the right place right time and was lucky enough. That didn't crash playing. I mean there are hundreds of disappearances in the nevada triangle that the plane has never been found. Now that doesn't mean it's in alpha centauri now because it went through some hole but you know it's that simpsons episode where they're all dumping their garbage and aliens aliens on the other side of like adopted all of our trash technology remember like because they're throwing away microsoft zun deep players and all the zoos zoo so i won't spend more time on portal's because my the final theory is one that i really like but yeah it's crazy probably not true but it's fun to talk about. It is fun to talk about. So the final theory is area fifty one in alliens because what would be a good conspiracy episode without talking about area. Fifty one in aliens but the nevada triangle area fifty one does flank. Its eastern border. A big chunk of it. And we we have a whole episode on nets the big chunk that we can see underground. I'd bet it encompasses a larger. Yeah so we did an entire episode area fifty one so you should go back and listen to that one. It's very interesting off plug. Yes self plug. I should actually put the episode number on here. But i show prep like i said. Eastern edge of the nevada triangle sits the highly classified government facility. Fifty one according to the us air force. The site has been used since one thousand nine hundred eighty five develop and test. Weapons and experimental aircraft remains from the roswell crash allegedly stored at the facility episode twenty seven. Okay sparking decade decades. Long rumor that it's real purposes for studying and communicating with extraterrestrials security around the perimeter is extremely tight. Anyone who attempts to approach will quickly notice somethin- far more unnerving than aliens locked and loaded guards. That have orders to shoot and kill like well. that's why you send them to row two runners. I followed by the red bull aitchison. Jesus appointing event at the store was like five guys showed up and then just got arrested immediately. It's been on my bucket list to drive down that road as far as you can legally go and see the signs that say if you you basically just to be there be there. If you go any further you'll get shot and killed like kind of terrifying. But i may or may not know of a guy who's a friend that is going to go work there. Oh well you probably shouldn't patients anymore. Then we'll save that for the patriots so people you know people speculate that the real reason why so many civilian aircraft disappeared is you could go. Two routes one the government's shooting them down and not telling anyone because they get to close the airspace. I happen to feel that if our government was shooting down dozens of civilian aircraft every year that somebody would leak that to the public. And that's pretty. I could go either way on that one. Maybe maybe if it was like over the white house or something more public like if you're working at area fifty one like i'd say just to work there you're going to have some level of clearance where you ain't seen any i know but i don't know fighter pilots. They're you know they're highly trained you know. Plus i think they're pretty good at determining the threat level like if a little cessnas coming and also there and communication. It's bob like from local. That doesn't know what he's doing out laws. I'm sure they'll scramble the jets and bill. I'm sure they take it seriously. But they're not gonna automatically shoot them down. No and i mean these all these fighter pilots their you know husbands fathers. They have families. They're not cold hearted killers. I feel like if the government was shooting down dozens of civilian aircraft every year. Somebody would say something i mean. Yeah by now. Somebody on their deathbed would be like and by the way. Yeah i mean. I'm sure it's probably happened once or twice. And we probably don't know about it i would i would. I would agree with because yeah. It's a pretty serious. You can go on youtube. And there's videos of pilots that just get even near the airspace. And they next thing you know. There's you know f sixteen tailing him so it's not something to screw around with but on the other end of the spectrum f sixteen fly slow enough to tail cessna probably not but they will budget and yeah i was trying to think of like can even fly slowly might stay with a prego one hundred and twenty lights if at an angle towards the ground and just rocking thrust. Because they're not getting any lift at. That's yeah yeah more more likely. They probably like radio. You and do a couple lie. Close fly bys like showing their weapons to break the sonic barrier right past. You just be like yeah. You're you're turning around on the other end of the crazy spectrum though. It could be that the aliens area fifty one either abducting these aircraft or maybe the. Us government uses these aircraft to test new advanced alien weapon technology. Well for that one shoot and they couldn't find it. That's one hundred percent right so yeah it sounds like a really cool x files episode in all honestly i. I don't believe the area fifty one or portal theories. I think it's something more simple as you know pilots. Just underestimate the the crazy weather. That happens around mountains but who knows maybe portals. Maybe it's aliens you know. Gotta have. I like to think it's possible. So that is. That is all i had show. I agree with you on that. I think it's it's more likely attributed to the thing that makes the most reasonable sense. But i like to always think that there's something like something. I won't say more sinister going on but something more interesting happening that that makes it worth tuning into our show. I wouldn't i would like to say. I've i've hiked survived two of the triangles now. So i've hiked in the alaska triangle and the nevada triangle. And i've made it out alive so you're starting to really push the boundaries. I know you just gotta go on a sailing trip in the bermuda triangle. Then we'll i have the well. Let's take a little paddle board out miami for like twenty minutes and we'll come back and then we'll technically have done swimming off the beach in miami. You've probably been in the bermuda triangle. So boom done it. Just in tahoe. So there you go so yeah. That's all i had anything else. Joe from your end nope thanks again for tuning into our show. We appreciate all of you for listening and sharing locations with your friends and family be sure to like and follow us on facebook. Instagram and twitter and facebook group is growing rapidly. And we're getting a lot of Fans on their We do have a youtube channel that you can subscribe to if you want to listen to our show on youtube and in the future i'm not giving it a date because it is gonna take a lot of work we'll start introducing video into our content. Which will be amazed s. Just got to build this studio out and it takes time money so that could also be a reason why you go and sign up for patriot. Help us build our studio by becoming a patron supporter. And you will be left with some cool swag and additional episodes at you cannot get here. You're listening to this show. Maybe we'll even run a cool promotion at some point where we bring out one or two of our patients supporters to to sit in on a live recording in the studio someday. Well that could be fun. Yeah we don't have the funds yet to do that but it'd be cool. That would be awesome. Well yeah just again. Thank you for everyone. That's tuned in and we will see again. And joe always says when you're hiking nature Eve no trace.

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Animal Talk  Coyote Peterson Brave Wilderness  Episode 78


1:08:45 hr | 1 year ago

Animal Talk Coyote Peterson Brave Wilderness Episode 78

"You're listening to the podcast network visit. WWW dot podcast detroit dot com for more information hey there's the music that means it's time for animal talk. Show some of the best dog on pip people on the planet here to help you with your pets like the guys sitting across from me hi. I'm brian glorious day here in detroit. <hes> it is at the other side of the hell hi i'm matt fox and i totally agree green's back man over there where my weatherman now think of. It's a beautiful day in detroit. One minute past the hour fifty nine minutes ahead headaches here. We go while you've done talking. Weather on the assets is my name's jamie flanagan. Just make sure everybody. It has a good time animal talk. It is america's best show <hes> brian yes. I've been stung and yeah no not really but <hes> our guest as we have our guests on the phone. Oh no not yet so it stung bitten coming up on the show. We have a coyote pete peterson this is this is kind of crazy so he's he's a big youtube star and he's going to talk to us. He's got a new book out so we're gonna talk to coyote about his book and we're going to get some help with the pets and i got questions i actually i i should probably bring up a couple of the one of his videos and louis snippy guys. Holy smokes as a bystander. I'm kind of curious as to what's about to happen seizes up and then it's like the powerful they call them. Calculators intense pain right there. That's kinda channel. That's his thing him just a mess in himself up if i if i played that added just the right time it would have sounded like a porn <hes> <hes> so it might so he's <hes> his his youtube channel is called the brave wilderness and he has a series of different shows. I mean he goes out and adventuring and looking at stuff and then hurt hurt himself and so it'll be fun. We'll we'll talk to coyote peterson shortly. He'll be checking in with us and and <hes> but their stuff on the on the web that we wanted to check in. I thought i thought there was something in here. I had something saved life of a high school teacher. I is nope okay. He's right. A manifesto margins margins us awesome yeah. I thought i had i had oh here. We are designed dog designer designer dog maker sorry about that designer. Dog maker regrets his creation. The inventor of the labra doodle beliefs created a frankenstein. Wait a minute. Wait a minute wait a minute. There's one person who who claims the the the writes genesis of the labrador so i was in a lobby of a hotel in toronto says this article on the line waiting to be picked eggs up and take it to a venue where i was scheduled to give a talk well-dressed middle-aged woman was standing nearby sand colored curly haired dog bent down to give the dog friendly pat and she nets to me. Molly is a pure bred lab doodle just like the one jennifer aniston has amaze me how intelligent people can refer to an intentionally intentionally cross bred dog as the labra doodle as purebred yeah <hes> elaborate noodle is a cross between lab labrador retriever and the poodle it avoids is all the negative labels of mutt mongrel because it's deliberate crossbreeding and those people are marketed to <hes> they market them the pups and they refer for to these designer dogs a label that gives a hint of sophistication and elitism <hes> there are many designer dogs now and the majority involved crossbreeding poodles totals and some other breed poodles have like they don't have further of hair right yeah yeah so i mean that's that's kind of a hypoallergenic thing <hes> <hes> that a lot of people go because a lot of people love dogs within their allergic so perhaps the earliest appearance in the nineteen fifties was a cockapoo cocker spaniel and a poodle cross never achieved that much popularity's nowadays one can find a golden doodle. A schnoodle doodle doodle ru doodles rottweiler rottweilers. Listen poodles get me out of that meeting. Pen yorkie pu shitsu shitsu poodle a multiple a maltese poodle apu john you know our friend nick over at pecci right yeah you know his his mother is polish joke okay and his father is mexican all right and they intentionally bred and they made it and came up with nick and i've always called him a polack it does he enjoy that no reverence. I don't know what his problem is <hes> so but <hes> this writer was fortunate enough to be able to meet an interview wally carr carney in a few years ago the man credited with the creation of the laboratory laboratory so a guy named wali khan run rally conman wali khan run <hes> CON r. o. n. Wally conrad is credited with the creation of labor doodle <hes> he was <hes> the puppy breeding manager for the royal guide dog association of australia in one thousand nine hundred eighty when his boss set him to a difficult task blind woman from hawaii e had written them and they wanted a guide dog that would not shed hair because her her husband was allergic. Conrad said oh yes that'll be a piece of cake standard. Poodle is a working dog. It doesn't shed hair so that'll be great. <hes> <hes> thirty-three dogs on the coast of three years they all failed to make the greatest guide dogs and so he did the crossbreed so the crossbreeding was to get a dog because of the poodle. I just wouldn't train to be the guy dog but the labradors did so. That was the the reason for the cross but he said he's is not pleased with his creation. You know the not only that the the poodle. The poodle is pretty distracting like in airports because they always walk on their hind legs with a little to do. We really need that. Do we need that. I will show any labrador. I've ever met though <music> <hes> they've actually been pretty intelligent. They hit very wise is any labrador live very wise is. I don't know why that is but it just what's the ones. I've come across yeah yeah. They're good dogs but it brings up a lot of questions. I <hes> you know when you think of value in these days. You can't place value on life but let's let's. Let's let's go there for a second. You know when you talk about purebred animals purebred dogs you know the lineage has always been very important. You know all this one goes back six generations. They're all they're all show dogs westminster champions and then all that's out the window with these designer breeds in the value. It's so funny because you take a purebred purebred golden golden retriever a purebred poodle. You mix them together. The offspring is more expensive then either one of them. Isn't that weird yeah. It just doesn't but i mean you know what i guess. It's it's you know if you can sell so you know. People will buy it and it's <hes> that creates the value right so i want. Someone saw somebody coming now. They have you know palm skis in <hes> i mean there's an alphabet soup now of docs dachshund chihuahua chihuahua so there's there's a dachshund and you're on your good comedy. Well you know you you heard about mine. What did you mix with your weenie. No no no it didn't go very well during the during the heyday of this <hes> designer briefly. I guess we're still in it. Yeah i had an idea and it i'd be the only one at <hes> head. I wanted to mix a papillon a samoyed <hes> in a mirror cat okay. I was going to call it a pep samir. How did that name test now. Well now well to my surprise to my chagrin. How disappoint yeah but you know not not. All ideas are going to soar like eagle. No oh good luck opposite day today at it <hes> at at animal taco the the whole the whole studio has been turned around yeah bill had before. I'm actually looking into the this the shipping company normally. It's like getting beaten. The is by the sun and that spot is <hes>. I think we're it's the sun is starting to set a little sooner so you're not <hes> blind again glided yeah so yeah samantha's. Who've you notice samantha's not here no nope she. She got called into work yeah and so so. She abandoned us yeah. She's not even she can't. She doesn't join the chat thumbed up on on the video or anything we we feel so neglected by samantha but <hes> so we're going to get her work in hard when we moved to our new studio yeah looking forward to some new digs coming up very very soon expanding the podcast network. We're downtown detroit right now. Yes in the detroit shipping company <hes> in the past detroit studios here but podcast detroit northville ville will be kicking off very very soon and <hes> looking forward to spend some time in the hangar are co working space out northville. It's a newly rehabbed billing one hundred forty years. There's also a lot of history and there's going to be a brewery there nor center brewing co working podcast detroit. It's is gonna be. It's gonna be really cool. Spot really cool. Everybody in the metro detroit area if you're looking at it we're gonna. We're gonna do a free podcast their free podcasts day yeah. It's like crack. You give away the i. I wanted to kind of kind of the plan but we'll we'll play a factor fiction today. Don't be afraid. I don't know who i'm going to abuse the fact of fiction. I'm not sure oh yeah we might pick on brian today. I'm thinking we might thing and i think that might be the route that that we go yeah yeah yeah so but here's a question in about dogs and energy. My dog has way way too much excess energy. Sell it back to the utility company all the energy back so yeah. My dog is way too much energy. We take an afternoon walk and an evening walk and has plenty of toys. Ask to play with but still is just insane doesn't settle down at night is normal for dizon. Say gimme a karenni for all. We know it could be a pep samir so in general how do you how do you how do you help a dog. That seems to have too much energy. You know some dogs. Are there just wound so tight. You know it's hard to hard to run them down but the best thing to do is to cycle the energy so you give the dog expectations during the day so the dog learns that at this time of day not unlike us you know a certain times a day you feel tired energetic and <hes> so uh well for us as me after eleven o'clock in the morning. It's tired all day. That's it two o'clock. Coffee is coffee is worn off and dragon but for the president and then at night. You can't sleep because of the meat sweats. Those steaks cooked yesterday is like oh. You're not faced with now ed really three of four of them. How do you how do you go. I go rare. Also your medium medium rare. You're an aficionado auto then you're a lover is at it's harder to do a good medium rare at home on the grill myself. I've been trying to get better at it to have your meat thermometer and oh oh yea like one hundred twenty five degrees thirty ninety well. That's right out of the fridge the body the ninety eight point seven talking about the meat sweats at night but the energy yeah off of a dog so what you what you do is <hes> and i know there's not a lot of detail in the email but i'll bet at some point they said yeah. Stocks had a lot of energy. I know it's ten o'clock at night and the dogs. I'll take him for a quick run around the block you do that a couple of times then the ducks and start expecting that that walker that ron to get that that last bit of energy out don't do that walk him during the day or run them at a predictable time try to do at the same time every day you know so <hes> the most consistent time your day if you have a little bit you know like maybe before work or something take on the backyard so the ball for ten minutes. They mentioned they take a walk in the afternoon and evening. What about the morning so yeah trying to reschedule your energy level so okay yeah so you try to cycle it so the dog had <hes> dog has an internal clock just like we. Do you know so if you get them used to that he'll he'll settle in but yeah some dogs definitely are more challenging. I'm not i'm not not. I don't mean to make it sound easy for most dogs. It is but for some dogs and they <hes> you just don't have an off switch. Just have to do your do your best and then <hes> you a little bit of chloroform on a handkerchief never hurt. Does this or formed you yeah. That's never a good pickup. Line used to be funnier than it is tall yeah. He's a great one now. It's like bouncer yanked out of the place again again but i thought i thought i thought of a line. I thought the line but i don't have the complete fleet joke around it. Okay okay okay. It's like the line goes like this seriously this just pop right in my head. It's when the rufi kicks in that i can really be myself should laugh now. I can be myself. Okay yeah yeah. You don't wanna dig deep on that one. I don't came from either. Maybe maybe maybe i shouldn't have said that laughing all right so here's what we're gonna do. Hold on before you get to that before yeah. Have you guys seen the new dave chapelle special. I saw about the first ten minutes. The guy and i sat there going. David say that you can't say that dave. I stopped with his mccully cock and i said i haven't seen a single second of all aw i guess like david kids say that i love him. We'll yes this whole thing is. It's open season on on celebrities. You can't say anything because you know everything. Can you feel uncomfortable about i grew up in a time where there was <hes> <hes> <hes> jokes on every nationality so if you're a polish jokes irish jokes sexual orientation. There's jokes everywhere but everything right. You got to be very careful. Can't you can't yeah you can't and dave chapelle toward that reds the whole whole time. I'm like you gotta draw shades before you laugh okay wondering if it kept going all kept going on good the genius he really is all right so lauren is checking in the chat room your little peanut peanut echo. I was like trying to check with dave what the live feed soun- sounds like fun. She called them to say we sound echoey. Yeah she didn't question. I know she's always in the chat room yeah but i mean she she just you guys have the echo on purpose. She wants to hear you sorry to see with my glasses i can. That's why sam's over here usually handling. We tell none joke all they can. We tell none none whatsoever. I got some blood see. My aunt is a nun she she we share the same birthday july twenty fifth the hello several years apart and she's a adrian dominican nun. She's back at the mother house. Adrian just ninety s komo is is this the order of nuns. I can only speak every seven years. No have you heard about this one yeah but there you heard about the old system maria at this order that where did they could only see my god. I'll see the mother superior every seven years what she say go ahead she joy. I didn't know joins the order of nuns okay and seven years go by and mothers call system into the indoor office. Say if you've been here seven years. Do you have anything to say and she said <hes> my bed is cold and and most superior says <hes> very well. You said what you had to say. <hes> kerryon seven more years go and she calls her in system where you've been here fourteen years. You have anything to to say. The food is kind of bland. <hes> and mother spirit says okay. You said what he had to say. Seven years go several years twenty one year right right. She gets called into mother superiors office. She says sister maria. Do you have anything to say. It's been twenty one years and she said <hes> yes. I quit and mother superior says i don't blame you. You've been bitch and ever since you got here all right. I thought that i was going i have i have a couple that are wave. They're more chapelle with my aunt. Being a non pretty awful to say so but i used to watch podcast is ortho. I watch the chapelle special. He skewers every sacred cow. I'll think it's perfect yeah that was like just about ten minutes in with the mccully caucus joke and i was already. I always like going. Oh you can't oh you can't you can't oh you did. I was watching it at school to on my life so i was feeling today. Hey you know his second day back to school with the kids thing and i was like y'all be quiet while we're having lunch inch. Jay's going to watch david chapelle. Oh my god i was alone on ah yeah. You can't even watch that in the break room. You can't even you can't even watch that with the custodians down in the boiler room. Drinking whisky rarely watch into your own hands. It like you said you gotta draw the shades before you're gonna laugh. Yeah mercy all right so i'm not sure if <hes> coyotes going to connect with us today or not so we'll just kinda move on coyote comes through brilliant and if not not <hes> we'll just say mean crap about him till the end of time <hes> maybe we can get get bill ampere on the line. The lamb veered. You're what were you there for bill mbare no oh you weren't there for. I didn't send you the other clip either. That's <hes> yeah the whole my goodness. There's there's two separate clips saga about inappropriate. <hes> is right out of david chapelle show and then there's a bill laimbeer we because we had bill lamb beer on the show when remember bill and beer it must have been because bryant took off from the show you'd had enough with me piston champion part of the bad boy we started a company called laimbeer packaging. My brother actually drove a truck for him. Just so what what did he have to say well. It was a gentleman named bill in beer who traveled down the amazon river but it wasn't the the bill and beer but it was really fascinating story about the <hes> about amazon we were we were expecting our favorites asli stack to join us and so we were like you know yeah so we get a little confused on our guest but i've got a question for you brian while we well we toy with that so we got a three of this we have. We have a breed in an age okay. You're a little better when their ages attached to these things. We have a three year old beagle basset hound mix. What would you call that a acid. I don't know but everything's dragging on that uh-huh okay so i'll tell you what before we do the email it's a beagle basset hound mix and a few years old so a couple of things we that that should be happening with his dog. He's he's full grown. He's fully matured so you shouldn't be seen any behavioral problems or anything at this pointless or something wrong something going on with the ducks. I'm sorta stress dress wants. A dog is two years old. You pretty much have the same dog every day and if you don't that's a warning sign because behavior swings can sometimes be indicative. They could have some sort of illness right. That's what we know so far to hounded. Probably you know it doesn't listen very well. You know real attentive is not not a golden retriever. It's going to you know <hes> jump to attention every time you you talked to him so go ahead. So what we have here is been adopted. They've had her. They've had her for about a year and she suffers from separation. Jennings -iety okay so not too uncommon with dogs. Is that <hes> our hounds kinda attach kind of dog. <hes> not not really no but i i'll tell you what if if you have a separation awesome problem with the hound and you got a big problem with that with that bark eagles to be a little more kind of clingy more anything else yeah i would say they are more than battles. Maybe that's maybe that's the part of it there so separation anxiety so we got her on prozac <hes> i try to crater but she nearly destroys wizard teeth on the crate trying to get out <hes> she slowly becoming comfortable in the crates <hes> i leave a warranty shirt in there to help quieter. That seems to help a little bit still barks when i depart. The neighbors are complaining. What can i do to help. You know prozac good. The alternative is it. Actual prozac or is it. Maybe there's a call yet done doggy prozac doggy prozac. Okay yeah a little little bit for mommy a little bit for the puppy. Hey do well i would i would continue with this protocol at the vet has yawn okay first of all and secondly you not working say after after your shift is over your home or during the weekend i would put that dog in the crate as many times as you can for about three or four seconds okay seconds. Why because <hes> dogs they're when they're put into a situation. The stress response is usually immediate. Okay so if you can get over that hump of just the first few minutes. They're usually find the rest of the time. They're in there as interesting so it's just usually the initial <hes> the initial <hes> anxiety of a so <hes> you're watching TV. <hes> commercial comes on take your dog to the crate. Put her in the crate. Give her a treat and take a right back out so you you you put her in a take her out before she gets a chance to have that that stress rings diety triggered okay okay so if you can do that you're gonna make progress if you keep her in there and then she gets stressed out and then take her out. All you're doing is reinforcing the problem so i i would do a lot of that. During during the morning evening weekends try to put her in and out of that cage again before so part of this also desensitizing meaning. You know i can show oh. He's something scary but if you if you see it enough you go through it enough. It's no longer going to have the same effect so the i've been teaching for fifteen years. It's getting worse. Do you want to say it doesn't hundred and eighty days crack every day. I walked out. It was is like the last day of the first day first day and i walked out of my room in our contract in michigan. You have to teach one hundred hundred and eighty five days right. That's how school years workout one hundred and eighty five days in generally. They're never more than one hundred eighty five days. Because that's all the state requires uh-huh. I walk out on my classroom myself. I'm like a hundred and eighty four to go visit my head. You know walking. Just gotta laugh at myself having said that i walked by another teacher. He's like hunter. Her native is a guy like that and i'm like oh my god so i said the exact same thing last week i said to myself you did not look well last week. You unhappy you're unhappy. I was i was mad. I was upset with myself about several things yeah so it was it was a part of the stress but yeah i was. I was displeased with myself on other fronts as well so thanks for bringing that were your friends we could upset about. Why would i'm good. I'm thinking thing if i'm jamie flanagan. What can i possibly had had a great household you and the cat. Your wife is wonderful family. It's a i don't so that's it okay all right so it's all gone now all right. Thanks for ridge and that backup count your blessings jamie. I thought glad i had another because the designer dog thing just cracked me up <hes> if you could mix any two dogs brian well. You said you have your pap. Samari pap smear matt now. What about you what if you could mix. NET dogs doesn't have to be to have a ridiculous name like russia was fairly incidental is has no idea to end up that way. It's just see i i've had beagles have had cocker. Spaniels have had labradors you know if i was to are you talking more of mood or someone to hang out just a dream pet a dream patching it would have to be a chocolate lab <hes> with my cocker spaniel <hes> oh okay that would be dream pet the reason why is because my cocker spaniel loved to be around people <hes> the the chocolate lab was very loyal at the same time so so. That's my dream chock yeah. Thank you sure figured it wouldn't take big long to bring it around a dream not mine. We my dog is older. Five years old probably a little older because we're her second family early only matter for a year but she's still not housebroken. Oh what do i do with an old dog. That's not house wouldn't what breed of dog once again. Devoid of dog is a mutt five-year-old chalker cock check so this is the second family right. They adopted it from from someone who who passed. I i didn't wanna go dark yes so it wasn't trained well by that and so they've had it for a year and they still can't housebreak see we don't at this point. There's a few things things we don't know. We don't know if the dog has never been house broken for maybe was housebroken and being upset with the change of john you of the home yeah homes and everything that maybe it's having a relapse level of sounds like it it it. It's never been husband. It's well. It's it's it's it. It may not be real easy but here's what you do. <hes> i would just put the doctor the same protocols you would a brand new puppy you get them home. Eh follow him everywhere. You take precautions with if you can't keep an eye on 'em. He should be in a crate feed. At the exact same times everyday put everything on a very very precise schedule because then at least you'll get the dog going at the same times during the day and he may not make that distinction between outside and inside but if you get them going at the same time every day you can make sure he's outside when he needs to be so i would get them on a very very strict feeding program. Don't worry so much about the water. The water will take care of itself once you control the food so when i say exact feeding schedule i mean if you're feeding them at at seven o'clock in the morning. Don't say well seven. Maybe seven thirty seven forty five seven o'clock every day for ten minutes. At first you might see he'll you know he might not eat enough other days mighty too much but after a while i will become come very regulated and that's going to dictate everything else so once you get the dog eating at the same time he's going to be eliminating at the same time and then you gotta then you gotta. Just make sure he's in the in the right place so you're gonna have to watch and there's no shortcut to keep an eye on. I'm just like a brand new baby or a puppy or you know any any new assistance. Distancing is the key. It's absolutely key. It's everything yeah but yeah with the food you know when it goes in the same food every day same time every day. It's going to be processed pretty much the same same rate every day. So that's the key okay. Consistency is the key so what about is that it's is a person i know has a chihuahua and then another person i know they got a pug and and they they they let them pee on the wee wee pads and in the house but the dogs have mistakes and go places other than the we we pads like all the time and i don't know how to train this dotted and it's like it's like we'll put it on a leash outside. You know it's not like you live in new yorker the another another neither one of these people live in new york so they could easily take the dog out your apartment but okay walk down two flights thousand betting man. You know what i'd say if it's dead easy to take them outside yet they let them going on in hudson popat they're probably not they're probably pretty lazy with watching them. They're not they're not being very diligent with watching they don't really want to that's why they got the we had. It makes you even more lazy as a pet owner. Yeah and dogs learnt through immediate media association so if you're not right there you know you'll notice a common thread in all of my answers yeah. You know you gotta. You gotta have that you gotta. You gotta be there when they're making kim stage. You gotta be there when they're doing things right so you can reinforce good behaviors squelched the bad behaviors but <hes> yeah you know you kind of profile people based on like you said said sound like during the thirtieth floor of an apartment building in manhattan thirty four walk up take them out. It's a ranch and <hes> and clawson. That's right so i would. I would say that they're being pretty lazy. I mean dogs never going to learn and here's the other thing once the dog starts going in different areas of the house even if you clean it they'll be able to smell or they went before and that creates the habit of going in those places so you know with the urine and the feces you clean it up you have to use. There's a urine neutralizer on it just to get totally get rid of that smell otherwise they're gonna go right back to the same spot yeah. We've had a thri percy our cat his he. He was in his crazy like a shelter. Sometimes they have like blankets and things in the in the cage is they have a lot of cats in the cages as some of these keys and the cat's just pee all all over the towels and stuff so person. He's got a bad habit. You can't leave towels on the ground because it goes back to his childhood p on anything else. See how strong a habit is yeah. Habits can be very very strong. He hasn't done that since he was an. You know crap. We've added freak for like five year. Yes it's that's why we like to instill habits that we want and don't let them come up with their own habits because they can be sticky literally smelly and nasa yeah yeah so. Don't don't leave a towel on the ground at my house. I do the same thing how piano towels on the floor. I don't know where that came from. I only bought your child bounced around from shelter shelter. That's terrible okay now. Getting back to <hes> you know this is short attention span theater yeah so getting back to so you're okay this week you're doing. You're doing great yeah okay. It's good back <hes> good. Yeah you know we're on the the the war on the second floor on a i guess a mezzanine sure overlooking the <hes> you know the the the bar in the stage trade shipping companies detroit last last week when jamie was holding the railing i i could see that he was he was thinking about jumping so as a friend. You know what i did. I don't want to be around for that so that's all you need to put a phone right in the middle. Don't <hes> if you if you like jumping. Please pick up this line. No we're having a good week. <hes> what do we got. I i think i don't know i think i wanna mess with somebody. I'm we might have to torment someone eh rochambeau rock paper scissors on that one <hes> who knows back backdoor fiction you decide. I got <hes> three headlines. I don't have any of the headlines. I'll you're getting them all again them all right because bryant. You're going to have to guess which of these lines is false down. I guess driving in matt matt was driving and i was doing it in the car so i was afraid that matthew seeing these while i was while we were driving paid attention to what you we're typing while i was driving your like that thinking there's no way i'm gonna get shown up. I'm gonna figure this out all right so three headlines to true one is false made up for me by me. As i was driving down here passenger three headlines here number one robot deployed into listen for whales robot deployed to listen for whales headline number two robotic mouse traps you can see and hunt in the dark robotic mouse traps can see and hunt in the dark and our third headline is. EPA allows allows us of cyanide bombs on wildlife so there you go so three headlines robot deployed to listen for whales robotic mousetraps can nc in hunting the dark and EPA allows for cyanide bombs on wildlife all right now. Here's how i do my process of elimination okay cyanide bomb sounds preposterous and that's why it's probably true okay the robotic the first robotic one one was about deployed to listen listen to wales that sounds that sounds believable and there's a lot of robotic shit going on on stage especially on the ocean now the robotic hunting your mouse hunting. That sounds like you're parlane the popularity of robotic the bottom two. I would have to say story number. Two is false story number. Two is false to one or naught. Go wow. I don't understand why sam has such a really tough. Why is it so hard. It's a a process of elimination so here we go sam. That's how it's done if she's listening at the store. She's so mad there. You go matt though i'm gonna. I'm gonna call on you to read a ban animal joke. Oh some point so we've got plenty of time. We got time i i. I i want to listen to hear about these wales and robot. Oh yeah i messaged. I message the the coyotes people and they said oh will remind him to call so who knows he might he might chime in who knows but yeah. I had these articles saved in here. There's a a robotic whale while they're sending robots off the scottish coast so the the little robots kilts to listen for whales to roll out listening for whales and dolphins as they move around the sees and they're doing it between scotland and ireland. It's <hes> it's a scotus association for marine science deployed the marine of the machine called all the glider off the western isles around august six. The robot is named. Tell us kerr and it's traveling south and off the north west west of ireland taking measurements of water temperatures oxygen the sailing in the water <hes> the saline levels <hes> whale dolphin sounds recorded by the glider. Will we'll help the scottish marine society. The experts understand about the their habits so there you go they run glider missions through the atlantic at off the scottish coast and it's <hes> yeah so it's just i don't know what they're trying to prove the data to to hope up to about the distribution of animals where the dives occur so yeah they're just trying to figure out the density in population of the animals in the straits there between ireland and scotland so there you go interesting but my business idea with robotics. What is your business idea for about. Oh this is serious business now. This would have to require <hes> require choir. I dunno maybe like a nuclear powered batteries or something because it takes a lot of power okay so you have a a robot drone. Underwater robot drone has little robot arms that can pick things up has a basket and it's it's <hes> you know it's it's it's connected to GPS and wireless from your living room. In your underpants. You'd be able to rent one of these underwater rovers explore the bottom of the ocean and anything found would be mailed to you and basket may be enough. It's treasurer something split with the the the the government or the country that <hes> on because you know there's hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of sunken chips vast amounts of of the the ocean it is as of yet and hundreds of billions of dollars worth of gold and booty eighty pirate moody not to mention you know casks of wine all these wouldn't it be cool you you know from your living room just rent and underwater rover so you could have like a screen as you can. <hes> has a live video feed of the saying just kind of explore or the ocean and see if you can dig something up and i don't know. Can you fit the titanic into a robotic basket. I don't know if i can't it's mine so and of course the the the sound the whole time you gotta you gotta you gotta have right echoing through your house the whole time while you're doing on it -ma- made me loaf. I'm exploring the ocean floor. Why do i feel like we should be playing battleship right now. <hes> all right. What do you mean. I don't have a job marine archaeologists dammit. Is that really the sound that it makes you hear that in all the movies yeah right here right now a different number. This is gravely. It was fun isn't it. This is what makes it most interesting when radio was in its infancy. I'm underwater. Gotta beat the going on in me. I'm taking a call well. This is what it's like a submarine. You hear everyone else's conversation that goes. I'm just glad the mike cerrone on. I'd be really embarrassed if some of this win over the so brian. Do you want to introduce our guest yeah. I want to introduce our guests with a little story of of my own. Okay okay so a few years ago i used i took to jogging in the morning like five in the morning and one particular morales jogging and i noticed this this is lady was walking the same directions so i was going to overtake her at some point. It's five o'clock in the morning so i said you know she's walking out. I don't wanna. I don't wanna scare her. So maybe i'll clear my throat. I'm thinking of all this as i'm as run up behind her because i'm thinking i don't startle her with my heavy breathing jogging pastor writer so as i jog pastor about twenty feet before i get to her i jog off the sidewalk underneath. This tree and i bumped bumped into a bee's nest. Oh and i was stung in the back of the neck so right before i got to her i went and of course you know so much for the best laid plans. She was a little startled. I thought a lot of things right at the moment but you know what. I didn't think what didn't you. I didn't think maybe i should get myself stung by something else it on youtube coyote peterson does the shit oh oh constantly yeah and he <hes> he subjects himself to this and you know just like a hot peppers peppers and there's always something hotter right. There's always always something that will stick to your bite you that's more painful than something else right but so he actually looks for these creatures and submits himself to this and then you see him writhing in pain beaming being fourteen million views. That's that's it. Yes yes coyote peterson. Welcome to animal talk. Thank you for having me guys. I appreciate it. Give you a lot of credit for drumming at five o'clock in the morning. That's right there. Yeah and you know what a few years before that. I was collecting electing firewood at a camp and i was. I was stung twice in the face and you know what i said but you know what i didn't so you know what i think. Maybe i should do this again and put it on youtube so are you. Are you crazy. There's something wrong with something. No <hes> so what what makes you do this stuff well. That's a good question as far as getting stung intentional about things just record. I think i got you with the bee stings. I've been in some thirty times in the face by these wearing a beard however that was a BB. You're gone wrong. Don't turn out the way we wanted it to but getting stong intentionally wallets it's created this phenomenon of on the educational purposes and the sort of story that that we can bring to people to show you just how painful these things are. I guess just ended up being the right formula for the right place. In time when it came to getting people excited about animals and <hes> like you said getting to the tune of you know whether it's it's it's forty million views or whatever the numbers may be. It's really just about getting people to recognize the fact that there are some pretty cool creatures out there that we really haven't heard of before and you know just to shed some light on this. <hes> you know i <hes> in my early days at trained dogs doug attack dogs and <hes> when you when you first start doing this you have to learn to feed a dog your arm you have to it's it's the most anti intuitive thing in the world to subject yourself to danger so i just want people to know that when you do this and i know you know you <hes> a lot of it is in the camera and you're very good at it and and showing people your reaction but there's some real there's some real struggle going on psychologically psychologically when you subject yourself to something that you know is dangerous and everything in your body going back one hundred thousand years. We used to run away from sabertooth nats or whatever we're back then but we you know we've we've developed this instinct to stay away from that kind of danger so <hes> that's did you. Did you find that you've always always been this sort of the the the the type of kid who's oh yeah. I'll put my finger on this. <hes> this brick while you slam it together with another one i mean were you that kind of kid yourself else's kind of stuff well. No i was definitely not the kind of kid there was like <hes>. Let me see how bad this would hurt. It really came down to just recognizing nice seeing the fact that the audience <hes> was able to grasp onto these experiences in a way that people have not not reached an audience with animals before if you've seen episode that i did call canine attack were actually i've taken down by the belgium alamos or have you done this before getting taken down bye bye dog in a taxi. Oh i have yeah yeah. It's it's not very anti intuitive to let yourself go. It's it's super intimidating and i was actually a friend of mine and i were actually really bad my dogs when young when i say we i mean she was mauled really bad. I fortunately escape being able to run him. I don't have to run the dog run you well. It wasn't really not run. It was more about sustaining still and making yourself look big so i backed down a german shepherd and the other dog. We got attacked by two dogs at the same time and the dogs attacked him. I mean it's it's it was horrific. It stop it off ripped off. I mean it was traumatic and i was probably around eight or nine years old. I mean dramatic uh-huh actually peed my pants in the process. I'm not afraid to admit that like if you've ever been charred site dog little in two thousand and a german shepherd would you nine year old is like a grizzly bear the it'll scare the PR hitting when when we did the belts and mallon wa take down the the dog that i worked with her name is maya she was only around forty eighty five or fifty pounds and i was like okay when you see her like you're not that big and they they asked me. Do you want in those for you know that there's a couple of different gauges of suit so so i chose to go with the thin suit that is just a jack and i was like yeah. This can't be that bad that dog beat the life yeah not only was she able to pull me into the ground but the force of ripping my arm around like i had massive blood blisters alter my forum it was rough. It's yeah it's it's no joke in <hes> <hes> you know you're talking about the bite suit. I remember one time <hes> when you get used to the fact okay you run away and the dog likes the duggal chase you you hear the dog coming up behind and you and you hear the dog panting the footsteps running behind you. There's a split second where you hear nothing and that's because the dog is in the air right yeah and then there's the second after that and like you said it doesn't have to be a very big dog they the way they can whip you around is. It's very impressive. The strength that a dog can muster up when he's when he's in full attack <hes> now you know. I'm sure you know the story of steve. Irwin is not lost on you <unk>. Are have you ever been in a situation where you know. Maybe things got a little out of control and you really like man. Maybe i shouldn't have done that think we've gone too far. Yeah well. What's funny about that is is is the answer to that is yes but it's it's also no and no is that it's never happened in the scenario scenario think it would go like getting bitten or somebody something intentionally the most dangerous situation where the answer's yes. It's like this could be the end has actually happened with human mistake or simply by being in the wrong place at the right time period for example we once came upon a mother grizzly bear and her three cubs over on the side of the river in alaska. If you've got the capital is literally the exact same scenario able to scare the mother bear and cubs off and she made that choice to go in the opposite direction forces charging in attacking me and my camera team at the time and had she attacked us. There's nothing really thin bald possibly to death <hes> you know but a lot of the other like incidents that they sometimes do sometimes don't make make it onto like channel cheap channel or the content we film are human error like for example. I was catching turtles in australia or it was a team of professionals and i don't from about grabbed onto the back of a two hundred and fifty pound turtle. It was so song that it was able to side and i got hit by the boat in the process the hit me and literally sloppy zoghbi out the back underneath the power lying the fact that i did not get sucked into the plate if that maxine soft into a million pieces was a miracle michael and and that's honestly one of my closest calls nobody knows about but it's oftentimes like being in that moment where you're willing to take risks to get the scene or having encounter counter that can sometimes be more dangerous than the actual itself so all the bites and things i've taken on melt calculating my while atallah just mario and i do an extensive amount instance talk to medical professionals and make sure that if i'm going to do this what is the proper protocol we have in place in case i do have a bad reaction right because it's usually the allergic reaction to venom that causes somebody to go into anticlimactic sock or crease that scenario cruelty life but otherwise i mean you're i'm gonna get stung bitten by things and if you can seek medical attention and the right amount of time you think be totally fine you know. I watched a video where you're being stung by. <hes> this little watch wasp wasp look like was it was like alvin colt you call it a cop killer and you mentioned you mentioned the video that you know being bitten one thing i've been been lots of times by dogs and <hes> but <hes> when when it comes to venom and your body chemistry and how these these animals have evolved to use their venom for defenses <hes> yeah there could be some there could be some really bad things going on inside your body. You know you're you. You know things like incidental things like your heart stopping or you know or your your your lungs stopped working so these are real things so have you been. Have you been checked out against. All these venoms intend to know how your body's gonna react or is it just well. You know we're close enough to a hospital. Do this scene seles. Try it well. You can't necessarily get checked out in advance but with a lot of these benham's the safety protocols to basically say okay once you take can assisting and i've only taken a very small number of venomous bites. I've never been bitten by something like a a rattlesnake black mamba or something like that. That's crazy and we're smart enough to know that you don't take bites that are like okay. This kid seriously kill you quickly and the thing with a rattlesnake bite his the humor toxic nature of their venom regardless philosophy of use higher by iraq's. It's still gonna destroy you at blood cells and it's gonna walk in your body if not caused you to lose limbs so you know i'm not that crazy tracy but with with the insects that i have been bitten or stung by a lot of that is based on the immediacy of the reaction so let's take the bullet lenient for example like we knew this was a very painful sting highest drink sting. It's time for pain but we all send you. The you know part of one of the rituals that happens in south america's is that <hes> the the the native tribes will pull ans- prince isn't between boyhood and one hood and they will take hundreds of stings so if a nine to sixteen year old boys taking hundreds of things i know me taking a single sting should be okay. Even i'm going to oughta pain and there's going to be swelling. The odds of killing me are very slim to none but if my body were to go into some sort of very negative reaction we have happened effort tens on on location right there so one of my specialist behind seen would essentially intact that into my leg in russia adrenaline throw me we'd have enough time to get me to medical attention so it's fairly unlikely that i would die from the most interest but the thrill of what that is certainly creates a scenario where people are like. I got to watch too. It's going to have her. There's a really big can of back teen on standby dates he is. He is good to go but there's a lot of good information. There's a lot of good educational information. Woven throughout the insanity in the brave wilderness fourteen million people following you on on youtube is youtube where you got started or did you start someplace else. Youtube is really were all sold into you know. I don't like to use the word success lightly because successes capable and many different realms is these days with in many different fields. We feel very fortunate the to have collected the audience that we have that are behind the concept of hey. I wanna learn about animals. It's very flattering to how the following we have but with that type of an audience is starting on youtube. It was a huge advantage for us because it's an international audience and now getting the chance the book that i i just did conscious animal kingdom and the new television series of coming out on route to replace where we're able to now share the bigger stories with an even wider audience and and at the end of the day our goal matter what the dramatic start to get to that moment it's about drawing wrong people into animals and primarily animals that you weren't even necessarily aware that were there <hes> your reptiles amphibians insects and arachnids. It's tide pool creatures. I mean you know lions and bears and elephants in these things while they are equally important in the grand scheme of animals people have seen them a billion billion times over. It's the things you haven't seen. The don't realize are right around you. That are essentially aliens. Living in our world are the things that we found the most interesting ching and capturing not fourteen million person audience and now what will then be even more so with the launch of animal planet. The animal planet series <hes> really is is is pretty. It's a pretty cool thing you know. It's it's flattering thing but a very cool thing to get people excited about animals. I mean that's what really drives us. I hope you don't mind but i'm gonna kind of rip off your idea and i'm gonna start a youtube channel where i just gets stung by. Tinder dates sure that's that's you in the picture dangerous thing in animated i had i had one thing me for twenty two months. The worst thing of my life man so there is a bigger picture here then you want. You want people to understand that you know these. These animals are interesting. They're they're part of our world. There are things that you may not have seen considered because you know once you once you open your eyes to what's out there because you know kids these days. They have their their their faces in their screen all the time you know they're they're not riley going outside and exploring things and finding salamanders and stuff like that that we used to do you remember remember those pterodactyl eggs. We found a little. Jamie sat on it for a week but yeah but i mean the kids just don't do that anymore. I i think that might be part of the interest in your in your channels that i've never seen a red velvet. Is it a red velvet ant ah velvet ant it looks like velcro red velvet cake <hes> but yeah velvet i've. I've never heard of that so yeah. It's it's it's very interesting so is is there a larger message. You have well. It's a very interesting point and i'll base it off of the term pterodactyl eggs right like imagination that it takes you fumble told walker lake and then if you're gonna sit on it for new bay hatch out eight flying reptile. It's sort that's what it's all about for us. You know going going out and doing the extreme. The stuff that we do are really only makes about five percent of the work that we do. The core is promoting conservation education really reaching a younger audience to look. I love wasps on your devices. Youtube is the greatest entertainment power on the face of the planet. TV of course is up there as well but if you can actually step away away from that and say okay now. I'm going to go on to have an adventure. I'm learn something from this channel to realize that okay don't buy the stuff identify venomous or the poisonous poisonous animals properly and then look at the ones that i can interact with safely this salamanders the frogs and toads the lightning bugs whatever it might be forms of curiosity awesome that will essentially sculpt you into maybe one day being wildlife biologists or a conservationist or a paleontologist. Wanna sit on teradata legs. You kinda got the appeal intelligence to do that. So all of those early learning you know devices in mechanisms that we create his kids. I am an adult form of that exact axiom kid. This is how i grew up and this is what i'm trying to bring to the rest of the world to be like the outdoors is cool but we have to use media to bring back to our audit in the wonder and learning never ever stops incomes nature. I've been telling everybody about this story. That happened to me just recently. My contractor contractor dug a pond kind of a mud hole in my backyard to drain some of the water because we had a really bad spring right and i kinda like that. Why don't we expand that make a pond out so he was as he was digging now. This is only six months old this muddle. He was digging it. It drained part of the shallower part and there were fish in the mud hole and i'm like if someone is someone playing a joke on me and you know <hes> i i got on the internet as in birds like herons some things they'll eat fish fish eggs than the land somewhere else and they'll shit it out and <hes> and and sometimes these eggs will hatch and little water puddles and and i had probably fifty or sixty tiny little fish in a mud hole in my backyard talk about wonder i mean to me i call it a miracle article so yeah miracle my backyard you know jesus gave me fish in my backyard but <hes> but nature does find a way and it is it is extraordinarily interesting interesting <hes> and it. It said the wonder never ends. I remember watching wild kingdom as a kid and and it's it's every bit as interesting now is it was forty years ago so coyote god yeah no so you have the you have the two books that that are coming out here in october yes or are they out now. The actually the picking encounters in the animal kingdom comes out <hes> next week tuesday excellent ah excellent so that the adventure of september all right brave adventures and what's the other one well this brave adventures. I'm too so there's brave. Adventures wild wild animals and wild. There's the king of sting and there's brave adventures on which is epic encounters in the animal kingdom okay. That's the newest one that comes out next week right so what are people. We're gonna find <hes> in this in this newest volume <hes> what's adventure series. Is it catalogs some of the greatest adventure interesting we have over the course of essentially to your period so they may be the most epic animal interactions or encounters that happened and <hes> we design. These books look really wanted them to be something. That was a vintage nature like the old serial westerns from the fifties and sixties so what's interesting about these these books. My mom actually does all the illustration. She's a phenomenal artist so she is illustrated. <hes> with a pencil and paper all of the stations that fell throughout the book and there's close to three hundred illustrations in his new book <hes> and then you know the stories end combines altogether and it's it's based off of the videos on youtube but gives you a a little bit more of a cinematic insight to the story that actually happened in how to encounter went down. I love it all right so we got an issue though with the cover there's a squid on the cover. It's an active push standing next to a wolverine this poor octopus water. What are you doing well. There is somewhat in the foreground in yes. I i will admit cover combined potion animals in with land a the design the cocaine. You have all these different within the same book. It's this guy's even mentioned that because when i saw the original original drastic that covers said to myself <hes> is it going to be a problem because octopus is technically out of the water. Actually octopus can spend a significant amount out of time out of the water and that's why you find them entitles because when that water levels off so move from pocket of pocket pocket pocket but you're right. How do you get all all these animals onto the same. Time is ten year old kid wanting to read animal bench broken. I like knock to push definitely be the choice if i was a ten pound tuna and i could build some sort of breathing apparatus and i out of the water <hes> sorry i'll i'll tell you what though these illustrations your mother did all lease illustrate the she is a phenomenal artist. I'll tell you that she's these. Are these are very very. I didn't know that part of it. That's that's very sweet. That's very sweet so my my my mom didn't actually my mom didn't do the cover o'shea y'all can't. I'm talking about the pencil drawings in the book. They're amazing using yup. Well thank you show. She greatly appreciate that. It's pretty cool to be able to work on a project like this with your mom and my mom is essentially the one that's responsible support for giving me the childhood that led to this now adulthood of animals in adventure so what's going to be what what can we look forward to in the animal planet <hes> <hes> what's gonna be different. Are you taking it to another level or where. Where are you going. Where are you going from here. It's definitely the next level and i know a lot of people like mandy. Would you crazy things with bites and stings and bites and things do just happen naturally by mistake right so i'm not going into the animal planet's used to do anything intentionally like this is our opportunity to work in a timeframe and budget framed would allow us to tell bigger stories right so the animal planet will be thirty minute blocks versus the average size to ten minutes that we do on youtube so we're focusing on on animals that are more obscure more bizarre more misunderstood asunder stood and getting the chance to interact and tell them much larger story for example last week. I was literally in south america and spent five days something for and swimming with anaconda thing that only a handful of people have ever done. There's literally one place on the face of this planet in <hes> bonita brazil can get into the water and swim with science snakes in crystal clear water so it's an experience that most people have never done and even fewer people have ever captured on camera and and what we you did the extensive. We want you to get the good shops and i it's just it's the next level of what we've done before so we're really excited to bring this content this coming year rotate planet and essentially the world i mean this is as big as an animal has ever been received a human interacting scenarios with animals. I like it. I like it so brave. Wilderness dot com and then the youtube channel is <hes> you to brave wilderness where where can people find <hes> the books just install the online sellers yeah i. It's <hes> for presale right now. Amazon dot com and next week starting on the tenth it will become available nationwide right and in bookstores and i think a number of other different stores across the nation so we're very excited for it to launch and just very proud of of not only the stories but all the time forbids input in by little brown and the artists that were part of the process. It's it's a dream. Come true you to get to have vision wants to tell a story the able to put those words is on paper and then have so many amazing people surrounding you to to see it's a promotion like this. It's it's a lot of fun to be in this position. Call it congratulations on on the channel the books and the animal planet planet and we look forward to check that out when it happens we'll circle back. We'll chat again when the animal planet things in full swing and you can tell us all about those adventures as well bat sounds great. I really appreciate it guys and <hes> we'll talk to you will probably fun yeah. Hey stay safe out there coyote peterson. That's that is they said. I'd you know his it setting setting examples for kids. I was gonna <hes> you know just yeah you know go do what they did on the internet. Those all those challenges tied pod yeah well here. Here's the thing where i sit anyways. It's interesting to watch people do that stuff but i'm not going to do it but i wanna see a reaction if somebody gets stung by l. some asian wasp or something that has a stinger two inches long sri. What's what's that like when he stinks you yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah so oh i cry at mosquito bites. It is a dangerous business though you know. I learned to to steve irwin. <hes> you know he yeah. He took a <hes> stingray stingray barb in the chest and died pretty pretty instantly yes. Were you say it's up man oh <music>. I'm just enthralled yeah well. You're gonna say something now yup. It's time for the dad animal joke of luik. I saw i'm gonna go back to the beginning. We were talking talking about the crossbreed. Yeah okay right. So what did the dog safely to the hot dog bun. I don't know what did the dog say to the hot dog <music>. Are you purebred. I like that. I thought it was going to be dirty waiver. I do it all right so let me find it the camel and elephant or talking to each other and the camels the says hey. Why don't you have to boobs on your back offices. Are the cavs was that's funny. Coming from guard got a penis on this are there you go. That's gonna do it. I think we got anything else. I i like to end on a high note and mad. Thank you for that. They hired the fish get hi. How did they get high seat. Animal talk radio animal talk radio dot com all the socials twitter instagram facebook. It's all animal talk. Radio wearing funny dot com is the t shirts and <hes> yeah so the sending pictures of your pet and we'll put it in the pep parade raid and get a t shirt like subscribed. Thanks for long thanks to coyote peterson for spending some time with us getting connected. Glad glad we're able to hook up. It's pretty fun <hes> so next time. Please have an exotic leak and kiss your wild thing for him when the gas by.

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Episode 473 - 6 is the 24 of 25 - Mike Recine

Legion of Skanks Podcast

2:05:34 hr | 10 months ago

Episode 473 - 6 is the 24 of 25 - Mike Recine

"Digital Network Bob. Pinpoint. CUT IF, he take! Policy will be. Look. Are Late so we must be life. Everybody that's right is just podcast we are coming to you. Live from guests digital studios. I'm host big Joe Kherson. The skanks are on the house. Of course. We Have David Smith I'm pretty sure we've been laid over zoom. Yeah I, think so I. Think I've heard that before the mania champ. The Puerto Rican rattlesnake Louis J Gomez. Boys Bill. fucking back back in the studio. People are so excited about us being back in the studio as a who knows what can happen, anything could happen our guest today. Let me. hilarious comedian everybody from new. York City, Mike Racine an ankle. Body, get see you man. Months for so many people. Was Up jacked really. Yeah, thanks! doggy silhouettes. I think I'll always have the. Is it Jack with pets? Yeah, that's the way to go. Okay I'm with it. Have you got an heavy working out? Yeah, yeah! Hop. Becky looks in her mask. That's a real backhanded compliment. Because all. You with your face covering up all the bad stuff, a better man. BECKY'S GONNA write a fucking. Tell all. I hope she does try to room me I'll fucking ghost straight for. I just on Becky just sign off on pretty much. Just pulled off her mask when they. She's an Indian woman. I ever done anything. Don't ask that no se. Hallways. Let me say this because it's a metoo universe out there right now. Becky is one of my boys. Louis, Louis Louis you're going why trump. Story. This Trough for yourself dude I want. I want one hundred percent honesty. I swear to you. Guys are one hundred percent honesty realize this means nothing. Okay, you have becky literally cornered right now. You're screaming. Table with your fists. Intimidated them into saying you've never done anything inappropriate. Now back you have I ever even if I give you an inkling, Lewis, why are you leaving wiggle room? How. Are you doing this of anything slightly inappropriate. Guest digital and every week. Check him in my employees and make sure I've never molested. Opera. I will fuck and put your nip if you don't tell everybody L. Little I've done to you. Over. One hundred zero Lewis like an airline CEO. You're you're fucking? Fuck Air Bodies Rocket Right now again, nothing weird. Nothing weird right. You did something weird in this question nothing that weird stutter answers, when nothing we are commenting on her body is like or Kelly's chicks calling their parents. Commented Body. Parenting not go to Alex because. She's probably going to bring up that you've had a whole room. Chant Rape Alex before so let's just I I I. I'm assuming she's blocked that out of her memory. Oh, you're so you hope when you do route and things people that go into a dark police and. You can't. You can't really blame Lewis for what the rest of the room chanted I mean Louis just started chanting. followed. Blame me for chanting. Rape, Alex, the fact that I'm a leader and a group of Roop of people in Holbrook. Has had it was a big rupee? A room of people decided start chanting Livni should only sort of tell you be held accountable. Probably Alex ever given you even an inkling of anything, even slightly inappropriate. Now? Thank you Alex. Look at me. Now But my employees. I'm telling you right now. Deep down inside if you could survey them and gave them a can get why detector tests for next week, please. Can we please lie detector tests and see if my female employees would fucked me and he goes. I was getting a ticket for A. Polygraph guy come in I don't think it's going to happen. It seems like a little tough during the. Time. Magic Eight Ball! not so sure. Picks up the phone and tells Mike Seen. His pockets is canceled. Excellent. Listen to me. Okay there are lie detector tests I remember one because I was at a magic shop in Queens. We're used to. We used to live in Queens. It was a little magic shop that was like walking distance near by. And I went there and I was dating Alex. My teenage girlfriend that are the poem about yes. I was younger okay. I was maybe twenty one. She was You know here's I thought she was sixteen, but you told me she was twenty dollars. Like. How's that? Think of a number one to ten. That's. Still to. Did. was first number three. Or number. Add Up high to. It was a it was a lie detector test. Would you hold your hands on, and it would like send pulses through and I guess it would read your heart rate. And it was like a essentially a toy, but it was pretty cool actually and if you've got nervous at all when you're asking answering the question, it would buzz is away at work. It would just read your heart rate identified raise. You would buzz, so I remember we just. Do it and I was so nervous going into it I. put my hands on it as That was such a pizza ship. Yeah, goes, have you fucked? Else's fucking game stupid. Talk and So. Can we find an online? Can you look on Amazon and see if there's an online lie detector tests? And we're doing lie detector tests next week on the show across the board. Look right the USB. Polygraph police says. How much is this one hundred? Yes, by it right? You have that right now. And then later we'll get email from Louis like we've taken that our allegiance. That's not true I swear to God I. Swear to you, we will find out if my boys WanNa fuck me. We'll find out if we've done any metoo stuff to vima body I. Swear to you if you fucking out that they wanna fuck me via polygraph, not even half worried that any of these girls WanNa fuck you. I'm saying more if you'RE GONNA ask them if they. If you'RE GONNA. Ask Him if they have ever been Felt like an event something inappropriate use. You're selling yourself down the right now. I'm not accept the river J I don't actually do anything inappropriate with employee's I created a very safe environment I. Fight guys that try to fuck with these bitches. To fuck these bitches take what's mine? I always have hope. We find out that you've had aggressive against her. Will Sex with Alex and Bobby Fuck you? I, told you. Alex showed me a picture one time her hand on her boyfriend's cock, and that was like her me doing me. That was a moment, Ronaldo. What are you doing our? Pornographic at hair is no like that is so fucking. Every fucking female comic has some well, are there. They have some fucking story girls Lewis killed. But. That is give. Details. I'm fourteen from the civil war. But look. In. Between Lewis Incoherent rambling. He makes one salient point, which is that is that that's his new. That was fucking Dude, who just showed a a check that picture. That would be a me too moment. Girl I could do that. Could claim that he wouldn't get a lot of traction. No, no, no, but I'm saying if a fucking a dude who worked with some chick just showed us the chick, a picture of him like finger, being and his girl. It'd be like that's a me, too. Marcos White Rosetta. That's all I'm trying to say why. Nobody but Lewis. You're right about that, but it's Louis Koo right about. Now, you subordinate employees. You having a wholesome Mon with your wife you know for. Her Love Louis. Louis has a legit complaint. WHAT IF LOUIS? Just starts fucking getting litigious sort of hammering Alex showing that she did show, and here's the point that I made Alex. was she showing? It wasn't just showing a Dick? Pic She was showing porn. She was showing a still her jerking man off. That's what Al should be and it's burned into my. Previous masturbated to it. That's not my fault, Alex's fault for not. Working your trauma and now Lewis is scarred scarred lotto. I have no problem with that. fucking joke right there. People are going to hate on it, but I was fucking solid word blood. Thank you. Yes that would almost cost someone position on the Supreme Court if they did that. Yeah, it's crazy, so you remember the time you raped. My fucking is. Really sorry, can you show us again just to? Can we. Can we see the picture in question just for evidence for everyone else to say sometimes, it's important to never forget. Traumatic moments. Before I showed it to you, so you? You showed everybody. Don't remember. Do you have any more. Question is one of those photos like? If you hold your hand on, it is you're hanging like move a little bit. She goes. She goes over the top. Out. If, it's not live photo. Can you print out three successive photos a flip book? You flip them. The old school live photo. yes. Sorry, you're the you're the host like you said all, my said. Yes, you're that you're the host you either the year currently acting as lead host I mean sort of the the president in. Can I tell you guys? You guys are squabbling a lot and your bickering back and forth, and this is not the type of leadership that we need. This is not what's going to make skanks funny again. You know what continue go. I think that received has no idea what's going on. We're actually all running for a fictitious presidential position for this podcast, right? It's not. It's very real. So real. So real, it's coming at you fast, and I would just like to thank you for being on the show and we're happy to hear your voice might. To have you here I appreciate you being a good friend, a good friend of the skanks. A lot of people wouldn't come out in the corner. See at the polls. We're real. Quick guys I gotta be honest with you talking a lot right now. We're about to get into this show. I think it's time we should take a quick commercial break. We have a commercial brave commercial break. BJ OCHRE in claims to be a rock and roll comedian, everyone's vigil grison stand up comedian, heavy metal fan, a party animal, whose toward with Korn Rob Zombie and relevant rockstars economy. My favorite bands just to name a few we core five finger. Death Punch Rob Zombie Lamma ago this. Does this look like a rock and roll comedian wrong. Paid for by Gomez Twenty twenty. Wow, fuck was that you kidding me? You made attack ads. Maybe I put maybe I I put a little time and effort into the production of legion. Because the president of on you would obviously care about production value. What actually care about the way that we treat this show? So yeah, maybe I did put a little bit of extra time and effort into the shell voice fame. We should have discussed that if we were going to do it. Yeah, well I, bet where you difficult to work with through the process is difficult to work with a dream work with in fact next week on the show, we'll have a lie detector and ask. Production was Louis Difficult for this. No actually. He was very very very easy to goat easy to deal with. Wow, that sounds like bullshit. Gets hit if he doesn't say the right thing sounds like something. That was just looking at Alex porn pictures that are. I. I don't like that one bit. Kind of second regroup. You're going to smash me like that. I'd but by the way to. To on camera in front of everybody in front of all of our fans, and you're probably your daughter and her friends to. Take a minute. We take another break. Please what? Lewis says he becomes the president of Legion of skanks. He is going to treat every listener like a friend. But. If. That's the way he treats his friends. Nick. He's going to treat you. Eight for Bio Christian Gomez Twenty twenty. God? You know. Wouldn't even. Back with my production. Steph, then I pay! And and them go above, and beyond for you. There are production staff well. I gotta say that it's a it saddens me to see this race devolving into negative attack, ads and I can guarantee you that my campaign. is going to be a positive. It's going to be issues focused. I'm not going to resort to attacking these two guys. These are my friends, but I will put forth a message for what I will bring to the table with my leadership. Guys rolled add. Jay and Louis are gay. I don't say that as a childish insult. I mean quite literally. They are two homosexual men. We have years of evidence to back this up. Are The skanks ready for a closeted gay tiny Dick President? I. Don't think so. We are going to make the skanks funny again by electing me. The president of the United States of skin. Konia I'm David Smith and I approve this message. Resonate and plus the American. Powerful dour-faced stuff. You've only been in the game for a week. and. I'm already making this gangs funny again. Listen that was issues based commercial I'm not attacking. You guys love you guys, my friends I don't know if the people are ready for a closeted gay tiny Dick President, but anyway I'm excited off closet. No matter who wins! I thought that was very clear from the commercial. Guys not paying attention I. Don't know what caused. You earn that videotape closeted. Tiny she's got a huge. Dick are quite fine. But if you go for the Khorasan Gomez ticket and we stack our DICKS, probably hanging in there with you. Guys that wasn't even my commercial. That was the Super Pac I have nothing to do with it. Legally speaking so I don't know the tiny Dick Thing. I didn't plan and say I know what you're saying. It was my voice that you heard but I. was reading like a ton of shut that day. I didn't even really think it was in a studio all Goddamn Day. Hey, guys, let's take a quick second and thank our sponsor for today's show. One of our favorite sponsors ever infinite CB I know lifespan crazy for a little bit, but you know what corona virus looks like. It's starting to go away our favorite. Favorite spots are infinite. CD is supporting the show. They have specials to prepare you for getting back to normal life. It's time to restock on all your favorites. The topical cream, the Gumy's the Lube. You're going to get out of your house for the first time in a while, so now is the time to infinite CBD. Dot Com and get whatever you need to get back with your life I mean if you has don't know CB is a is a non psychoactive chemical in marijuana or have doesn't get you high legal and fifty states it can help with a variety of things everything from inflammation to physical pain. Anxiety I do. But I've been taking TV in the morning just for my anxiety specifically. Instead of smoking weed in morning, which I used to do every day now I think TVD in the morning mid day. I'm tired. I'm not falling asleep. It's a way better way to deal reminding Zaidi Oh, look at that. Lewis figured it out and you know what when they open gyms. If you've spent all quarantine getting fat need infinite CBD Topical Cream 'cause. You'RE GONNA be so sore, and that is by the way the best script of any type of muscle, pain, soreness, infinite CBD, Topical Cream, how come in the going on yet? They have the role on and the regular freezing point topical cream. That is also good advice. You probably never even thinking that, but it's good to I'm telling you right now? If you jerk off, but by the way they do have loop. Bang Loop Djurkovic Not. The freezing point on. which their caps listen whatever you want to jerk off with, go to infinite CVs dot com. They've got a special use. Promo Code L. A. West Twenty. You're going to get twenty percent. That's good infinite. CBD Dot Com. Promo Code LS Twenty for twenty percent off all right. Let's get back into the show well. Can we talk about what's going on, obviously the big news? In the world of comedy, what's that? Youtube special save whittled down the I. Sixteen people of Tournament laughs tournament laughs. I. It's down, guys. now, obviously, the Chris Christie Leeann News. We, at what accusations, Ooh Brigade is not believe all women. I'm just saying put out there. Jet Is not believe all when US too vague. General believe all women do not believe. This I don't know. I don't like no I said a zillion of the fucking things like keeping generalized stories, I don't even. I don't even know specifically what the accusations are is that he had sex with anybody at all. What does the actual accusation? I've been talking a lot about this and I realized that I've done no research to know. That's your style. Yeah, Yeah I. Formulated a lot of opinions on this but I don't actually know any facts. A creep. Where do you fall on this issue? Yeah, I don't know it seems like. He fucks. Teenagers is that. Is that actually the case? I'm not I'm not denying it is I. Have No idea I'm saying. What is he like at first everything here, but texts, and in in the end well at first when the accusations came out, I was like Oh shit. They're saying this motherfucker like a pedophile like he fuck children. Then they were like well. No, he's grooming or he's like sex thing which I like, okay well. What does that entail and waiting to turn thirty two years old? He's cutting. Filing down their nails. Him. He's checking their gums. Hey can. You fifteen. That's good. Just, Sit. She answered. She's got like Liz. RESPOND TO COMMANDS SIP. He's got a little bit of fifteen year. Olds running around, and you come in which ones years the Labrador all right, give me one. Like yeah. I'm taking my girlfriend girlfriend Park Glasser cise. Other girlfriends mother has he actually been accused of I? Guess even accused of being in the inbox of some younger chicks right here. Let's see so. This is the first check, although I've been publicly saying for years, Fucker Stelea. He solicited nudes of me when he was like Jack. lemmon in Clinger glamorized combined. Let me come Adler. Those nudes. Soliciting news was seventeen years old and constantly message me whenever he was touring Vancouver and asked me to comeback backstage shows. yeah, so yeah, that's not soliciting me, so that's he's being accused of trying to get seven seventeen year old to send naked pictures to. Now she denied this right I'm pretty sure. He said I've never like gone. Never. It never know who I'm saying. If someone like, if like, you're going back and forth with like a girl. On like direct message over here we go fuck me now. Let's say you're Louis the shows off another girl. Bob Saying is are they all claimed my point saying. He came and asked me for dirty pictures or But never asked my age order all like. Seventeen I shouldn't gotta be honest with you. That's a big difference. Say like a humongous dip. You never allowed to have any nuance in these fucking conversations, but if someone if there is a fucking a seventeen year old, who has like an instagram picture or a twitter pictures where she looks like she's twenty five, and he's just like talking to our, and then she's like I'm seventeen and he's like I'm out of here or if she's like well, I'm seventeen. He's like well. Send me a picture anyway. That is all fucking. First Crop. Bush listen. Like does he know? Old enough for me, knows all those rhymes. Butcher he's got new rhymes. One. Oh Shit. Obscure sports that we. Hook it! Aren't you ever allowed in situations? You just go I. Don't fucking know I. Mean. Maybe it's all true. Maybe none of it's true. Maybe it's had promise the province. One thing that I was like yeah. A girl said she ended up being underage, and there's no evidence of him like knowing what her age. Existence. I if if he's if you're talking to a fucking checking your listening news going to let me say this, forget like. Maybe he's completely innocent. Maybe he's a fucking Dolt, right? Let's just give them better out. He's an absolute adult. They're hundreds of girls in his fucking inbox every day, and he's not used to push the. He's a Newbie at this. Let's get, but you don't want some old twenty-three-year-old if you're crystalise. Grandma. Yeah, but let's just say that. He's a fucking idiot, right? And, he didn't know people that are listening to this. fucking show like if you have a girl if you come to a place where you're soliciting and nude from a chick, right? I think you should at least be a place where you our age I think there should be like just fucking whatever. Has To be the fucking law, but I'm just saying like. Don't be an idiot. Here's my problem with this whole thing and find the maybe crystal is completely innocent. I believe that if somebody's innocent till proven guilty I, think that people should have due process, but the reality is. He's not fucking dumb. You know then it is retarded at best. It's retarded. Warney yeah. It doesn't matter like you. I Take I've had a couple chicks in the past few days. Since this happen be in my inbox. and they're fucking hot checks key. Drive me to school. Hey Lewis I'm fourteen. You're my hero. Habeas. Fifteen six years ago when you were soliciting nudes from. Pretty fucked up, What are you still remembering? Shed Lewis Big Fan of the show. Can you buy my friends of me alcohol? To look at fucking hot this shit! Don't make a see something then we're for like we're not going to testify look. To Do! This this. Chick! She messages me I'll read. You held me down against my well right. And then she messages me this. Humid Rita Hager. I washed your thoughts on Kristalina. Video. I'm glad you addressed it. I feel like other comics are afraid to say. Should about it right now I'm twenty and completely agree what you said about it, and I'm still a fan of his one hundred ten percent. What do you? What did you say about it so the point? Is that just curious for? Younger sister. Pitch. Daughter anything. I don't. Know the point is that Kristalina gets this chick. One hundred of these a day. This is like glaringly Premier Mike. Look Boys Twenty Year old, hot, twenty Kristalina! Getting a message from a twenty year old is like fucking. Your wife does the point that making though is that he is one hundred of these messages today. I'm sure a bunch of them are from fucking. Chicks of age whatever and he's just scrolling Hebrew. Who get the jokes, but he's he's just rolling. How many fans he's scrolling through and I'm sure. He's Hornets Zik in his hands and I'm sure not every chick going to you. How do you? How old you that sort of you know? You're kind of at at his level Halley? You should be, or you shouldn't be fucking. Hire someone. Just, throw it out. I was conversing with him though it's a little different, so if a seventeen year old girl. A seventeen year inbox. Me Ain't Hammett Cam yourself like. Hi, thank you very much. Come to show some time to like I'm seventeen. See you later. I was having a conversation with girl. And you saw a lot of those coming out against this guy right so that is a much different thing than actually soliciting a nude from that seventeen year old girl was being if she was being true and she was saying hey, he was when I was seventeen, and he knew it. Yeah, dude, he should have to fuck in deal with the law. Well if he's being accused of a crime, is it unreasonable to be like oh? Okay, well, then go to the cops. I mean if this is in your DM's or whatever like then go to the fucking cops pursue it, but you can't. Just like like kind of say this happened, and then expect everybody to just believe okay I have to treat this guy like a pedophile. Pedophile now and then fucking happens, and this was in the. I think it was the Newsweek article on him. Is that then? There's like he's had accusations of grooming minors like Holy Shit. I mean that sounds like some fucking Isis level. Accusations say that, and then they're like here's another tweet thread. And when I was twenty one Kristalina was coming to my area so I jokingly. tweeted at Adam, Hey. Why don't we hang out? And then he deemed me sure. Let's hang out. And then he asked me to come grab a drink at his hotel bar. And then when I got there, he said. Why don't we come up to the room and I wouldn't so he stopped responding to my texts and you're like this is just gossip. Gossip like I. Don't give a shit about. This isn't like one of these stories you're I felt like I said this Oughta. Do such an interesting thing anytime. There's a story where this thing is led with like, and they just pulled his cock out was like damn. That's such a fucking I've just never trying to think if I ever just pipeline ever. Ever put my cock out directly at you. Fuck Yeah. We'll find out next week with a lie detector. You don't answer now. I'm just saying no. He's grooming you, but that's I. also don't like if you if you even were talking to like a sixteen year old on DM's and his father beat you to a bloody pulp. The next day and I was like a juror on that trial I would not vote. To convict him I'd be like I completely get him just fucking wrecking your shit, but if you're if you're of age, it's still it might be. Kinda Shitty for like a forty year old to be talking to like an eighteen year old, or whatever like that, but I don't think you should ruin guys. I don't even think it's Shitty. I mean what you want me to say like. Yeah, look the lines. Shitty Shitty is wrong. Creepy Shits! I don't think that's the word. I think Shitty shitty thing to fight me over shitting. That's not the type of. Deal with sheedy. She pretty no I think it's a playing semantics now. I'm president of Legion of stanks okay, and you can be sure that we would move on from this I think it's very creepy. To be for forty Mandy talking to varying creepy. Do I. Think it's Shitty. No, do I think it's morally wrong? That seems weird line to draw. I think it is creepy and Shitty, and it is morally fucking morally I. Don't know what is the moral issue with. Hopefully you're looking to do the line the line. The legal line is eighteen years old, okay. Point okay, so it's not like I'm fucking dating eighteen year old girls. You know what I'm saying like I you know every girl that I've ever seen has been fucking. You know I did all bitches for the most part. Okay, so must sitting here like defending myself. That's not who I date, but just like the lines there for a reason, what is the moral issue? If a guy is into a fucking chick, who's just a hot young chick and the chick is into a dude, and she has sort of like daddy issues. Why are you sort of shaming them for having a specific thing that they're attracted to? If they're within a mock making anything? Arguing their brains aren't developed. Not even. Vote for President Joaquim eighteen year old vote for president. Why can choose to do porn white? Whom she? Fighting the war. I mean there's so many why, but she's not old enough to decide what to do with their body. Craze it's not saying there could be some hidden vote either Louis if I may be moving up to twenty one that if if a woman can't decide what to do with her body at eighteen then I. Don't know if I'm GonNa say that women should vote at all, but the point is that the whatever it might be legal and I, agree with you and I even what I was saying was I. Don't think if he didn't do anything illegal I. Don't think someone's career should be ruined for that. It's like I might judge them personally, but I still will judge you personally if you're a forty year old fuck in an eighteen year old. I think that's fucking weird and like. Creepy final use your word I find it creepy, but if it's not illegal, then what do you WanNa? Talk and say we chose to draw that line and he stayed over at. That's fine, yeah. Elvis Mary a fourteen year old. But it was a different time. He was a caring time. That's how famous I. GotTa be honest. I don't WanNa Ruin Alison. I don't know what we're talking about here. I don't understand what this whole thing where guys pretend that eighteen or aren't hot like come on. I'm not I. I get that you don't want to have a conversation with them, or do you think they're hot? Yeah, the Owens. No one's pretending that there aren't. Britney Spears was famous at sixteen or whatever it was because she was fucking hot to the world. I'm pretending I'm saying you still don't do that, you, don't you? Just don't and I'm fine with judging it, but I don't think you should ruin someone like there's important lines to be so, what's the age? Too close to a retarded person. What aides? You don't judge a guy anymore. What is the question? WHAT'S THE AGE I? Don't you? Don't judge another man for or is the gap pants on how the Guy? What's the age that you don't judge a man for hooking up with a check for me? Personally not that I would want to ruin him or be punitive in any way, but I would judge him maybe personally twenty. I would say something twenty currently hooking up with a girl under the age, but you're not fucking forty thirty years old I and. I'm hooking twenty-three-year-old year old I'm thirty. This whole podcast is me judging you. In the history of the podcast be presented been me judging you, but I'm just saying that's just sort of like. Isn't it sort of case by case like would've twenty-three-year-old. Yeah, really super. I think it is what if there's a twenty six year old that acts like or twenty eight year old. That acts like an absolute, fucking idiot kid. I agree on so I just the I feel like there's this weird long. I think there's this weird narrative out there. talked at all, but no, there's this weird narrative out there where every guy comes out, and there's this weird high horse front. SIT DOWN! It's like you know what it's just fucking creepy like young at all. It's like everyone. Every instagram model, every porn star, every fucking check. That's on TV looks like they're twenty years old. There's a reason why is there this dishonesty saying get into? I'm being dishonest. Jump saying you are. Very presidential. That's what I'm saying, but you ever like Jerem presidential a fuck children. We WanNA bet. Turns out that might. Be True depending. It's like there's this thing where like. Every guy going like all fucking twenty just to Yuck shot up. Everyone wants to fuck twenty. We don't because we can't get them I think it would be ridiculous I. Think I, think the level of maturity that a nineteen twenty year old could be for someone who's forty. Conversation with them. That's always like the funny off. Like the funny thing, but I'm saying. You could. Lose even real conversation. Green with new. He'll come with you. You're listening. I'm saying I'm not saying a relationship probably wouldn't work out in that regard in depending on what the person's. Therefore, if someone's like I, want someone who stimulates my mind to forty year old, a twenty year old probably aren't going to work out on either direction, Guy or girl, but I mean like. I don't know if it's A. Immoral like fuck them. I started by state. Jumped into the conversation I was like this is retarded that this is even i. don't even WanNa know this. This is gossip and shouldn't be a part of the story, so I'm not saying like. Oh, you should be ruined for that, but yeah. I have a right to judge a forty year old and a twenty year old fucking and go like I just. Judging forty. Year old and I think most forty year olds would love to fuck twenty year old, and it's an it's an Unin-, dishonest conversation that everyone's having on the Internet right now. Real world pretending that that's not a normal promise. You I'm not having a dishonest conversation. I'm telling you what I think about it and that's I. Feel about. Your opinion. Dave Dave's all. That showed up with a twenty year old. You know if he wasn't with. His wife. Yeah. I was like. Hey, this is how I would I would think that it would be weird if they if Jay. SORTA showing up with twenty year, old girls and nine hundred dollars every week I would go. To like some young that's probably as far as I'd go with it, but like yeah, it's a little bit weird that he's likes that young checks, but of J just ended up fucking and nineteen year old girl I wouldn't judge them at all. Not even the slightest bit good for you dude was thinking. Whether I would fuck twenty year old I? Mean would fuck a twenty year old. I'd fuck it. A thirty or forty. Eight year old. I would depend on the. A different perspective? Fifty year old if they were you know what I mean. At that age like a few years makes a huge fucking different. Or going out, and like I'm saying for all of it like when you even said before the example you go like well I was I was fucking. This twenty-three-year-old like twenty, three and twenty are the same gap that seventeen and twenty are you know what I'm saying like? At that age? A few years makes a big difference in how I look at it. The same way like if a guy fucked a seventeen year old, you'd be like. Shit. I mean that might be legal. But that's a in some states or whatever, but that's really fucking creepy. And if you felt the fourteen year old, you'd be like. Maybe he should be shot in the face that that's only three years apart so the same jump. You're making to twenty two twenty three. It's a different thing forty nine. Eleven's other job and eleven eight another job he'll do you not get the point that makes sort of handed. Conversation Lewis Fuck odd city girl. You Fuck you fuck. The sixteen goes yeah three years ago. We're. GonNa Fuck told me to go home. Saying you're like come on, let's get real. You're right. Louis, arbitrary where you draw the line exactly but I just think it's weird that you judge a forty year old guy for wanting to fuck a twenty year old girl. Not Want or doing doing. Different things I don't. I don't judge anybody for doing anything with their body. That's fucking legal and consent and people are consenting really. Don't I just don't like? And and the reality is like yes, I think it's it will be weird. I think the pattern is what's weird, so here's why crystal is a creep, okay? It comes off into. The middle of I want to get off of that dome. Saying sentence lease continue your sentence the rock. Crystal Lee is a creep is because it's a fucking pattern and it's just. It's a hundred different girls that are coming out. That are sixteen and seventeen years old that are saying. Oh, he's in my inbox regularly so whether smoke there's fire, but if Christie Leah was just showing up the comments twenty fucking them regularly I'd go good for Kristalina. Why is that creeped? Would find weirder to on that. Is that like if it was? Hey mean that eight year old girl are starting to get really getting pretty serious. She's going to move in you. Be like yeah, really like I understand like the fucking baby like. Go that's GonNa just go weird at some. Dude I mean he was like yeah. I fucked that twenty. Sure I still like this I just feel it may be the I. Don't think you're being dishonest. By the way I think that the Internet in general being dishonest I. Have this conversation regularly. Dave is also a special case. He's legitimately married and love. He's got a new baby. Dave's different world okay turned into a Christian I. Think I. No. It was going. To different fucking world, but I'm just saying wish Dave. Christian. Do. You want to praise the flop religions like. Found my true calling. With that you know, and for that reason I think I'd make a great. I'm really upset that they've got to do. a video against the both of us. and. I only thought to do a video on you. That same thing it's infuriating. Youns his presidency last week. What the fuck going on well, it's I got to play. Catch up, but thank God we only did one video. Yeah, that is likely. He wanted to regroup. Yeah, we should actually let's take a quick break and we'll come back in the kitchen and big. J. O. Kherson claims to be the leader of the Legion kings podcast. Protector a father figure. Someone would never let anything bad happen to any of their esteemed guests, but when Louis J Gomez stood up for justice. Hey, buddy, how about you suck my fucking? Dick Rabbi again. I'll put my foot up. Your Ass J. stopped him. Who Side Are you really on big J.. O., Kherson. We need a commander in chief, not a commander in chief. Paid for twenty twenty. Sure that was a setup for an attack. I didn't like that one bit, but I will say this. You just sit there and you try to help out the guy who attacked our show. No, I tried to stop you from getting in trouble for a guy was trying to go into doing that very thing. I'm actually weird. That was the approach you took in the video. You J just tried to stop me from going and hurting someone inside of my friends building that would have gotten sued now. Yeah now it did seem like you jumped on that guy's team. Yeah John. The fucking Abbas powerful, I was trying to protect any temporarily little Pete and P and then. He was no danger to. The guy out of a room by the way how I. Often forget that was the guest on that show. Just, a hilarious guest, he. Fuck! It was there when that whole shut is through the proper nt focal. He wanted no part of. Poor Little Pete. I was a lot to take in. Also Big Pete hates our guts. Really big, Pete Pete and Pete hates our fucking I swear to God. Around. Their friends, so they do. They do like a PS podcast and they hit up. A little feels a little pete. Why does big so much like? Do you know he really passionate? About politics of were called I was like sweet. Yeah. My buddy hates you, but yeah I like. Pete hates are fucking. Don't fucking liberal. We hate what he hates me. Yeah, yeah, he seems like he hates you. We hate you. It looks like a little pizza dude. He's not that bad. I. Listen. I got really think about that Ad. Caught me off guard. You might take another break recoil. Come on! Louis J Gomez says that he's willing to go as far as necessary for the laughter and entertainment of our listeners I'm one hundred percent independent. These facts don't do it, but if it doesn't. You always going to do it. I don't want what you I thought you a full former. He's not realized. That's the kind of solidarity that he's shows with his co hosts them. What kind of solidarity you think he's going to show you. Eight four Bio Kherson trump is twenty twenty. Four by Ogres, and I paid for that as well. Yeah, King seat it in the breakdown. Yeah! That's a you guys are going hard at each other, and it really come up off. My Hair's never grown back on my balls from that day. Lucia sat there. It's a I didn't. I don't know I wasn't prepared to be a part of this I. I really I I, said from the very beginning I wanted the campaign to be about issues I didn't want it to go negative, and it's hard me and Louis gotten kind of like a little thing on this podcast. You guys are make. I'd almost trying to have an honest conversation. Yeah, well, I was just having a more honest conversation, but I was being a slightly bit a little bit more honest. You don't lie detector test next. We're finding off Dave fucking. and. We're putting the task, would he? Tried to say during house. He can't talk. You know what this is. A lie. Detector test is a lot to think about. Let's just take a break from and when we come back, I'll answer that. J. O. Kherson. Is, gay. Really really gay. Ever wonder why. J. O. Kherson brings in gay porn as an idea for a topic on Legion of Skanks, bobby bring up the second porn cliff and worse than just being gay and closeted. He's in the black gay stuff. Is Teaching. Reps. Dave Smith and I approved this message. To go commercial for me, does really? Those were those pretty gay moments? We don't have any. Here's the cool part about scant going you extraordinarily inclusive society. Okay, we don't give a fuck. Dude what you like to do with your Dicks, your butts for giant as your Ted's anything. Okay? No, the question is. Are we ready for a closeted gay? We're not having a fucking day president. That's crazy, but that's. Not a leader. You can be a fucking follower, a gay follower you, you can. Oh, gay leader everyone will gain then. We can't procreate and keeps going going forever. That's an excellent point. Okay I. Did I liked? And for that reason you'd make an excellent vice president. You know what? Am I, GonNa win seat. ABSO fucking lutely. I can't wait to. Meet Dude. I'll take that lie detector tests. I promise you Dave is going to be David fucking twenty year old, and it will be proven next week. Link at a skaggs. It's no chance. Do not ask. It's creepy and you go, so you don't want. Do we know wanted to see you? Don't do it. Gets really crazy like big day. Would you fuck a fourteen year old? Is kicking off. The table is a stupid toy putter. Fifty Bucks gotta costs more real one. Dangerous. We're GONNA be. fucking. Reciprocal here. Have you thought about fucking Louis or day? All right really quick is. We gotta think you'll create them which I love your create him dot. com is the website if you guys are over the age of twenty one years old, you're using cradle. Dot Com, why go to the gas station and local smoke shop? Why wish your wife to deal with random strangers we can do everything online gets delivered to your house very very convenient. You create him as also home of the sixty dollar kilo. If you guys don't know what does simply go, do a little bit of research save. CRANHAM can help you out your creative dot. com is the website home of the sixty dollar kilo. Support them. They support us. There are fucking sponsor for scams Markey's monster campus. This support the the cartoon. The realized dude cartoon so really go support Ukraine I'm. Incredible Price. On Crater UKRAINA DOT COM. Right where will we? Always falling apart La's volunteer for. Sure like after the Kobe thing, and then all these protests and riots Shit I. was like well, at least no one's GonNa care about dumb, woke bullshit anymore because we have all this real shit to care about. And then it went right back to the fucking canceled culture thing. I. Joke twenty years ago. Wave and yet started coming fucking hard again. Man So weird, the only at phase three. It's coming, but it would be at least he'll face five that we started cancelling comedians. What's the? is coming in bulk again. Is there more people, or is it like the headline right now? There's a bunch out there. You kidding. You haven't heard of the any of the other ones. Like one or two effort museum I haven't seen any colleague legs stories where it's like in New York well. That's the other problem where it's like you know I. Don't WanNa. Be The like we have a big audience, so you hear about certain things and you guys like well. It's not like they haven't become national stories. See don't want to be a part of the problem. You want to be like the person to fucking launch. You don't WanNa. Be a part of the problem. pod guests very small listenership well, actually doing quite well as doing okay. All comedies imploding I mean. It's fucking wh when it comes to the. STANDUP is so such a big part of so many people's daily life. It's so weird I, don't I? Don't think people followed. Young Jerry Seinfeld and Larry Miller like Jerry Seinfeld. Hot young seventeen year ago. It wasn't it wasn't young, Jerry Seinfeld it was like super. Thirty thirty, nine, seventeen, super successful Jerry Seinfeld by the way literally doing what delays been accused of right Seinfeld did and didn't unapologetically. Yeah Seinfeld Hashtag Seinfeld at first. Rules so really Kristalina crime. Is Lifting material. I mean he's the Seinfeld. Tag. Dude Seinfeld did this already bro, pull up Seinfeld and his seven Sean Sean. She's so big oil cans fighting neater, you think. Tip Factory Yeah. Not to fact, yes, she's fucking beautiful. This girl is fucking beautiful, but I. also it's like what is it the seventies? It's just a different nineties. This was the ninety s when they met this. Imaginary shut up yeah. Seventy. Seventies. Nineteen. Ninety, eight, it's nineteen, twenty two. Yes like ninety eight or something that. He was thirty nine, well you. Can go down to the high school and the. School securities telling you to leave. I'm just trying to find a why. What's the deal with a? Different everywhere I mean I guess was just back then. It's a different time, right? It's a different time. Is it. Was it was a different time in the sense that if something wasn't GonNa, make the nightly news. You. No. There's four zillion outlets for quote Unquote News, so they'll jump on a story with no conflict, and not just it's the social somebody up person. A person said something about a person and I can quit now. And it's trending so now it's just if enough people are tweeting about it. It's fucking trending, so everyone sees it on that fucking list, but back then it was kind of like I don't know there's going to be the channel eleven news before Seinfeld ranch, a little more like democratic now like people talk about. Yes, and that's horrible. Yeah, democracy is Evil Yeah. We were too stupid to deserve year with Seinfeld with that Jake was that wasn't Seinfeld on TV. I think so. White. Right after he got off. Dog Seinfeld animal right when he's done this show. I have a field. Wow, so in the fucking height of his fame before he met us. Talking team. So it wasn't off the air it was. She's surgeon. She's so easy to take advantage of. It was at the high. You. GotTa tight seventeen year old. You cannot fuck this team. Jerry. Jerry. Jerry Jerry. I got to tell you why the only image I ever saw them together. was that like black and white image? So it's assumed it was like seinfeld eighty two. Nice always was nineteen eighty. His, old seventeen. Voice! She's fucking old seventeen. I don't Care God. Bless him good for him. Good for him. She's a beautiful girl. Good, what are you? Don't know. Is that creepy Dave well? Maybe. The best. Co, maybe that's the rationalization that we make in our heads but she's like mature. She's an old old seventeen. that girl looks older than seventeen those ripe. Mean, here's the problem. We but no. She's she was twenty one. We'd all be going. Oh, my gosh, the hottest girl ever, but because he's seventeen fucking tiptoeing around and like no. No she was on. What are you talking for sure? Right, she was hot masturbate. Break that's. Masturbation all right go ahead. Can you be like less than one minute? Maybe. I had no. Research. Seinfeld was in the height of his fame when that happened absolutely. That makes a difference to be honest with you. That makes it actually crear because if it was when Seinfeld was coming off, the word creepy seems kind of. Shitty but I was calling creepy. Just seems dishonest has designed honest. Did they call them school safety officers. Keep them safe from me. These teams. Have the crossing, wanting to walk off with as many as you want. It's a little bit creepy when you realize that he's in the height of his fame. That's another thing with the way right I can't believe you judge someone like that. I'm Josie. Dude stewed. Famous fucking comic in the world, and he just walked into a high school. fucking soccer field pitched one. That's crazy I'm not sure. That's crazy must've been in. Different twenty though you're saying if she was twenty on all the sudden three years makes a difference now. If she was fourteen. Eleven. FUCKING TO TEENAGER Town was that what the Louie! Louie right. Manhattan? He's dating a teenager. But Louis thing was about that too I. Think Right. The Louis movie was going to be about. It was about. fucking was dating someone older than. Yeah some of these. fucking Seinfeld in the move. This movie was fucking so all right where she. Felt girlfriend was. A senior in Highschool Dating. That's great. That's how we see the original Legion of skanks. That's crazy realized due to the. Jerry Seinfeld, be that's. That's fucking pretty nutty. China what she's up talk. We are. Weird that if he wasn't famous at thirty, nine would be less. Creepy than the fact that he's famous or is it? What is it working more? More creepy. Torn I'm torn, so part of it makes it less creepy because he's not utilizing his immense power like anybody who meet celebrities like. Oh, my God like fucking. You don't even like Girls Fox celebrity just for being celebrities. Younger super impressionable she thinks is the coolest thing in the world to meet Jerry Seinfeld. Her Dad loves. Show washes it every night. He's like Dad. Good News now you love Jerry. Actually Sucking his Dick. Fuck my ass. Why so I'm? GonNa go out. there. We are back basically just podcast. Sorry Tech Difficulties. What happened there? Guys? Whose fault was that? I think it was just a an internet spike and got knocked out. That sounds convenient. All right. Under my leadership affects, do you think Jerry? Do you think he fell fifty? Still have that much poll. Here's plugs people all hammers. DO WE LOSE JERRY? Seinfeld chat with some good conversation go. FUCKING team. Show them all. Berg. His newest book cyber attack his new specials like Jerry Seinfeld does black comedy. He's there was even more mobile ever. He gets into the floor Pie. I I know a lot of people disagree, but I loved it. Really I didn't think I really enjoyed. I was there. I watched it me and Lauren went to it. Oh, yeah, that's really yeah and fucking is kind of like a real easy. You'll have a great joke. There's black people and there's. breakups. I thought it was fucking excellent and I didn't I haven't watched it since it's been out, I just watched it live. Is that might be part of it? He so like, but I I also me and me and Lauren both we grew up on Seinfeld and it was kind of a thing where you're like. This guy thought to seventeen year old. You know, and then you just watch. That's why. At the What's it called fucking on the Upper West? Side! Yeah! Yeah I mean it was like a never seen so move around so many jumping around on stage, and it was different. They have different. I didn't see it I've never really cared about. Seinfeld no offense. Do now as his last conversation. Adverse effect his game. I respect as I to this, I've never watched a full episode of Seinfeld. Can we googled his where he met Shoshana? Did he meet her. Father Daughter Dance Alive saying this. was speaking at a brownies. Brownies. Well. Let's try to figure that out if we can, but I was saying or maybe you left the room Jay, but I was saying to them while we were off. What do you think it's like for one of these people in la? Like in today's La if they know they've got some of the shit. Like in there. You know you know you've got this in your closet. Her and you're living through the whole. METOO thing and you're in L.. A.. Is Yours trying to? Will like what's it like to every day? Wake up and be like fuck is today. The day that everyone finds out. I really that. That strikes me so much like these things. Just you know you catch word of them like you see. This rain is shit. Coming down on like the kind of thing, and I'm like man some point of that day. He just enjoyed a thing to something. I mean liens. He's like you know what that was. A really good sandwich doing. Check twitter real quick. Yes yes. Oh, Christ, Dude I looked at his twitter, and when it always going down and see if he had responded yet, and the tweet before that was the day before, and it was someone being like my kids like the biggest delete fan ever, and he came out to see you, and he re tweeted it and was like. Oh, it's great to have the when that tweet was sent one day before whenever the moment was that he found out he was on top of the were body, and then it's less than twenty four hours later and he's dealing with. A similar thing that was I used to follow that porn star review each one showed. Her last was like it was like four months between tweets and the first. The. First one was like gotta go. Get a stupid issues because idiot. Did something dumb in this stupid business like anyway love you guys. I'll be back in the show my pothole and then it's like four months later. She's like. Thank you all for the Congress. In, very, difficult. Dealing with HIV Holy Shit Yes Alex. Just say Seinfeld met Shoshana in central park one day while strolling through the park. That's legit. Pick up children. Seinfeld was in an ice cream. Cars. Yeah My. Swearing. Yes I mean look you know it's Is it weird? It's just the even ninety four. I guess what does that. Hundred Twenty six years ago. Yes yeah even twenty six years ago. It's just would've time. Difference makes a difference I. Guess There's something about that. It doesn't seem as bad. It is literally be exact. News. Wasn't news. Absolutely it was. Seven year old at the time though absolutely. Yeah, I mean just like didn't like no one cared. No one cared. Yeah Woody Allen made a movie about it. was. It was like legal. Legal Age so it's like it. People are like Oh this, so he just got kind of like. Yeah, they may SNL jokes about it and find the shit, and there was like a, but then it just went away. Also broke up. Eventually I don't think it lasted crazy. Want maybe lasted years I don't remember. How long that relationship blasted bobby. Alex Look into. It defeated Bob. God Google. which trump didn't say something about how he was going to ruin a girl's life? If she told they said Yeah Oh, yeah, that was that was one of the accusations, but it was was was. Run Your Life is like I'm gonNA. Make sure you can't more surfboards at a local shop. Guy In Hollywood I mean that's like that's like not of. Is. is, your things of him going like? Yeah, it's like D- Did. He say he was there. Anything of like we'll get in trouble. He please don't say anything or getting so much trouble. They sort of said that about Louis as well like they say that the other side is like they try to intimidate, so I guess they were saying that you would like sending him messages. After, he was like Snapchat, or whatever with them being like with the Louis thing and I'm sure this is true. I mean I. Don't know, but I I assume this is true. I don't think it was ever like. GOING, hey. I'll ruin your fucking career. Maybe I'm wrong about that, but what I've heard is that they say his management his agents. His people would be like. Louis I'll take care of this. Listen you fucking form. Kill your whole family. Your mother's dead I. Know where she works at this time, but even if it isn't like Louis Sang Oh like Han or anyone saying to him, you know he's such a money making machine that you know all the people around him, if anyone. Is what you gotta think for the Guy, making twenty million dollars a year at ten percent, somebody making two million dollars a year, just fucking rapping, and then there's someone making two hundred thousand dollars a year. And that guy will fucking kill you you fucking. Who grand a year of. But those guys will come up to you and someone's like. Oh, well. He did this and can ruin this whole money-making machine, and they go fuck and say anything I'll kill you, and that's not necessarily on Louis. That's like three levels down from him. Someone just being liked fucking. Shut the fuck up. Agency though I sat down and I go, this is all well and greater guys, but. Would you kill for me? Would you kill a child if I to you're? Probably not it's not really our thing. I mean they should shave can. Gye like in here's to some fucking eighteen year. Old Girl, is he what is his power? I don't understand that. What is he going to do is GonNa ruin you house. If the famous comics says I'm going to ruin your life. WHO THE FUCK! What famous comic can ruin my life? Well. You've ever seen. Ruining their lives, if you put out their dirty pictures or sent them to their family or some people yet, but that's illegal and we'd be running his own life. But The other thing is you're hearing this. MEMES I'm sorry. No, so he keep on saying that he threatening them, but there's not a single piece of evidence showing that so whereas from so if that's the case I mean these girls would love the jump at the opportunity to show that right so if they're. Images of things, why haven't we seen the reason? I say that I don't I'm just saying from using putting my detective hat on I say well. I haven't seen a single thing. I've heard people say that. He said that, but they would love to show that and I at this point at that hasn't come up I. Don't believe there's any evidence of that, so I don't really fucking by that. It's a weird thing to say like I'll Rooney you the fucking some famous. He's not like powerful, famous broken palace it. Yeah, but you solicit news from seventeen year old. You're already guilty, so if if they object to anything that you're telling them. Wouldn't you? Understand what is the threat from him I. Don't really understand that I'll just like fucking. Send your show you. have. We like I kind of get what Lewis is saying here and I think he's being a little this. Totally dishonest! Seventy a famous person can fuck in I guess. How I've heard these accusations, I literally just remember that they said he put pictures on memes. And then he threatened girls or whatever. What are we basing this on and? Again, this is all stuff that was texted or M. D-. Why don't we have like we would eat shots like? Shouldn't we I I? Don't I don't buy the bullying thing and then I? Don't really so. You're sort of making. You're making a jump from WACO. He said he threatened them or to say ruin their lives to. He would share their nude images. That's a crazy thing. I heard that accusation though that he had put their nude images on memes and was showing them with his friends. He was sending the new villages of friends In the I think in the LA. Times article says like there's like evidence of and be like you have to fuck my. Or do or maybe it's not evidence versa. Girl saying like you gotTa Fuck my friend. If you WANNA, get to me or some kind of thing, and then she didn't, he was like. Why don't you fuck my friend I? Also don't fuck it. Let's say that one hundred percent true. Okay. said the fuck. We're trying to get to me and she said now. Is that are at peace? Who fucking issues thing I? Think she was like going along with it at one point, so it's not that Shit I don't if the girls of. Just being a Dick I don't know if you could judge them if you say if someone did that. I understand you going and he's a Dick, but really WANNA. Know about it, I don't want. My point here, the problem is there's no I. Haven't seen the girl that was of age she wasn't. Inch? Barrels publicly coming out and like going like he's a good guy who's very gentlemanly and there's no doing that. Cummings is fucking. US She did. Age. What's I've age eighteen example for Dave twenty-nine. Apparently, he ought to be fucking forty five. You are ruined next week. We're we to find out you have fingered a child. Nope, not going to happen, Bro. I did it feels like we're making a lot of excuses for this guy. Recurring I'm making knows that if he if he did these things, dude, fuck him. Zero emotion towards them at all received. You can't fuck in just like. Oh he threat. But why haven't we seen? What do you think we're seeing like? What based off what you know? What should happen to him, but? I. Don't know I, guess I just feel like it's weird to pursue any kind of relationship with. Someone. WHO's you know sixteen if we? Agree with that, but do we know that he did? That's all I'm saying. Because I I was saying me and Louis were arguing before I was saying I think it's creepy and gross, and even when they are of age, but why would? Why would give somewhere to get that out there? Multiple accusations. fucking was trying to solicit naked pictures or trying to pursue a sexual relationship with a sixteen year old I'm fine with their career. Being ruined for that I. don't care, but I think before you ruin their career. You should go okay, we have. Like? We know this happened for some reason I. I don't know not just that there was an accusation like well, that's. The things that I saw it was have the story would be pretty bad words. I'm seventeen. I've been a fan of you since you were fifteen and he goes. Oh, I wish I would've met you when you were fifteen or something. I don't know if that's you say that that's. And then they go, and if you think that I haven't talked to him, it's like here and the evidence is like going like. Hey, what's up and she's like Oh my God. Hi Do you know what I mean? There's no. But they're saying that. I'm just saying like I literally. Victim Blaming I'm just saying at all I think that there's some sort and there was to blame. There's a revisionist history a lot of times with some of these ships that are like oh I thought. He really liked me. He didn't. He ended up being a Dick and then they look for the worst parts of him, and like I said I said this before I, was like I think he's a fucking. Fucking Creek, because there's too many girls that are on that line, or the fall under that age, but at the same time I also from the evidence has been presented. He didn't commit any crimes, and he seems to have sort of covered his fucking ass, so I also feel like at this point. If you had actually hooked up on, that was underage, they would have come forward already. It's been A. was. Girls Who are underage doesn't yeah, how so? because. I think it's his friend, said something, said stuff about I mean I've read up I. Think made jokes I think he's. Like here's the here's the problem as well so his friends were making jokes like Oh. Yeah, he likes those young girls a lot and yeah. Apparently he did, but once again. If there's no evidence that he says he actually hooked up with an underage girl. I don't know I just feel as in their evidence. No, there isn't. Where's evidencing. People being like Chris. I don't. Right now, and maybe I'm wrong. Please Alexan-. Bobby, correct me if I'm wrong I don't even think there's a girl that has claimed that they've hooked up with them. Underage I. Think, there are accusations of that I haven't seen that. The first girl that I've seen saying that he solicited pictures when they were under eighteen. was that girl that they pulled up just now this the first time that. The thing that struck me as very weird, was just the word grooming, and how they fuck in us that and so if you let, let's just say if a and I don't know that this is the case at all with with crystalline, but if a sixteen year old fucking hit you up and was like you know. Hey, whatever and you're like that you know. Call me back in two years. Is that considered grooming now? Whereas is that? The appropriate. That story with with Rachel Evan Rachel Evans would, or I think so. Yeah. Yeah, she liked came to him when she was underage, and it was like come back to eighteen hundred eight hundred birthday, she showed up at his house and he fucked her or whatever. That's like a story, so at least legally, that seems like the correct with the reason, Marilyn. However you go to Manson owns it. Here's the problem you have to just own being the fucking creep that you are Marilyn. Manson does not deny that he's a fucking Weirdo Psycho fucking goth sex addict and he's not. Be Hard to be like I am. The devil goes to Hook up with an underage shaking. It'd be like no. No, that's not I was actually fight Marilyn Manson getting. A, monster, That Marilyn Manson's father's Day post was so Sweet and genuine with a picture of his father and. See Him get older. You're like Jesus. This is weird. It was my father Lucifer. Jewish looking guy. Here's my father. Hugh Hugh Warner. Yeah. I just saying like you know it's. Why do we? Why is it less is is that I hear that and I? It's less creepy for Marilyn Manson than it is for crystal clear. What christly doing that same thing? I think it's a non story of crystallised that to a sixteen year old think. If, you say. In two years it's creepy. You're. Shouldn't be ruined. You're talking about an incredibly famous. You know comic and of sixteen year old person like there's definitely our power dynamic. Talking about why do you keep on making it like I'm defending him fucking a sixteen years. You love it too so. What are you talking about I'm not saying that that's okay at all. In any sense, I even just said I responded to Jay seems like that's what he's being accused of no I don't think he is. Can you please clear that I Lewis Ah? Mow. Escort to that I know all the stuff in the beginning in famous Lewis was about it was just like soliciting them for like a semi dirty pictures or something, and it's like it wasn't clear if he was even asked. All the only time I saw him soliciting for pictures, was that one chick. Just then that was the first time. It's on everything else over one girl. The girl that broke the story said I this was. I started talking to when I was sixteen years old, and they had a conversation were no age was mentioned or anything, and then a bunch of other goes SORTA chiming in saying like Oh, yeah. He was in my inbox when I have a seventeen, but once again nothing proving that he was trying to pick up seventeen year old. Times article. I opened from a couple times, and he was never weird with me. He never sexually harassed school well Alex. do you have any Any more of these accusations or Most of the accusations are sexual misconduct, not sexual, but what does that mean I mean asking for asking for pictures and pursuing girls online. Underage Girls Specifically, or is it? There's one girl I see here. That was sixteen at the time saying any. Seventeen. What does it grow and say that was sixteen? What is she saying? Is that the original girl? The original girl was seventeen. I could bring you that one real quick. But the other one was seventeen, sixteen hundred. No one's catching his back. Also because even the ones that are stories where you're like why you tongue story, you were twenty four time, and all those things, but it's just like. He said if I didn't come back to his room. He was gonNA. Fuck it, and he called me a tease and a bitch, and all that Kinda Shit. You know Jeez, so. It's like he has never grow. He didn't. He didn't do anything illegal with going like. He's an awesome guy like they're all like fuck him. I don't know sometimes. Easily manipulate somebody who's that age shore but I? Just don't know that that's like. I don't know. Anyone Easily manipulated. Stupid I agree, but you said at that age, so a twenty four year old can also manipulate a thirty six year old guy. We figure you re forgetting. How hot a twenty four year old is and how much power they have with China. You're right. You're right. The hot and they have a lot of fucking power I mean. What are you talking about? What are you doing? Twenty four year olds don't stutter in my presence I'm going to do what he wanted open for dinner. Normally? Dinner Are you going to say like okay so I don't know. Take some some. Whatever the hot you know like Hollywood chick is say Megan Fox when she was in her in her twenties, any guy that she was dating. Are you GONNA go? We'll. She was manipulating him with the power imbalance there because obviously any power of David silver from nine two one. Oh, well, she also like fifteen when she like for transforms i. read that today that. Why is that true always fucking him? Michael Bay Mater like come over and wash wash car boots in a bikini. About that story, Yeah! Well maybe his car was dirty. Let's hear the story, but you know what I'm saying like. Chicks can manipulate to everyone you know especially in a relationship where it's not serious, and it's just so, what are the manipulative art? The seventeen year old committee cited. We're going to say it's set aside some liberal shit. Fucking fagging on this I'm getting Mike, look I'm not I? I agree with you I. Don't know why we seem like we're arguing I'm just saying that when you look at the actual accusations against him. They don't like I bull. Maybe I'm wrong. The only one that I saw was a seventeen year old girl said that he solicited for a picture. That's the only thing illegal that it seems that. Was Accused of. That's one. Everything else was like spoke to me, and whereas that's fucking weird, if I'm that Girls Dad I say I'm going to beat that guy's ass and the ad that I think by the way that is to me the way this should be handled like that girls. Dad should beat the shit out of or. Dad's anymore, but that's the problem I want your kind. When your fucking you know gins to go fucking with a baseball bat and beat the shit out of and then you go okay, that was the correct answer and we can move here's Jay. You gotta daughter like around that age of some fucking forty year old was talking to your fucking daughter. You would I know you? You would absolutely if you ever cross paths with the guy. fucking toss this guy. Donors eighteen years old, she says I'm dating a forty year old man now which? Shea. Would I don't think so I? Don't think I'd have more. I would be conversation. Be Wondering with her. Like why is this? We want to be a relationship and you telling me that year old shows up and you wouldn't like. That Jerry Seinfeld. Just nine. Like it, but I think if your daughter came to you and said Hey I. Really liked this guy I met him. I'm age I met him. You know I think Jay will be like fuck that sucks. Yeah, he probably tried. Wouldn't lose. My daughter over I wouldn't like fucking like I don't I don't think Jay beating the guy because he's forty years old days and I would still think the guy's a fucking Weirdo, but now I don't and I. Don't think they should beat the guy up I'd go go again. What happened? There was a different daddy issues. There's something there should be examining himself in the mirror. Driveway. How this? Should be examining himself in the mirror with a bloody face in a blood he. Goes, what did I do as a father and Oh my God? I think I just killed that guy. That's position speaking. Of New Dad with a one year old daughter that he looks every day. Schuman procession Jay should. Disappointed that you would not agree with me that you would fuck this guy up, and for that reason, I don't think you should be. The I. Think J. Just start hitting this guy. Yes, it's weird. Weird. Shows up with. The non aggression principle. No one's no one's brand law I. Would Listen Lewis, hold on, let me just explain. I think that the law should be. A like the non aggression principle and I would be breaking the non aggression principle to. Cave this dudes face. Algorithm! James Someone's. fucking doing, who do you pay? I remember her being fucking five year old day now I gotta hear. Protected horror. Who Do you beat up if your daughter does porn at eighteen? Who'd he beat up? It's like she made a decision. There's not much you could say there. As the director, the executive producer, the male talent and then her. Myself You're only going to get one of them, and then you're going to go to jail and solve the problem well. You didn't plan this out of way rather. My daughter date a forty year old guy than do porn so. Wanting to either. something. Different piece of British. Mr Gomez. Rematch. I saw her tiddlywinks. I also grew up in a pretty poor environment so. fucking teenage girls that I knew growing up and twenty something. We're dating twenty nine thirty year old guys like they were. Sixteen Robin, Third Kid. It was crazy, did I I remember young girls dating guys in their twenties for sure when I was in high school. All the girls that were seen were dating twenty one twenty two year old guy, but then some of them were dating way older guys. That, I find to be very different thing. I'm, not saying. I'm not saying it's not. A twenty two year old is money gonNA fuck. A healthy I'm. To be able to cheesecake factory. fucking because they put her on my shoulders. You, WANNA walk. We got you. Got You clear I showed my crazy thumb that comes off and the next thing I know. We are tussle in the sheets. Shit As i. get the sentiment Dave of like. Of course I would not. Like this forty year old guy, I probably wouldn't give them a chance to get out of the gates or anything like that. But you're saying warm up to me. On wrongfoot? Forty year old man, fucking, my daughter and I. Handle a little bit, would you? Why don't we why don't we? Try this again. Over and over again it make sense. Disown or or have your daughter and your life through? Dad Decisions. Do you know what I mean I I? I don't even know what that choice is not. Your door because Davis just imagining his daughter where you're just a forty year, old Moslem man fucking. Shit. To this country. He's black. We've never mentioned this. Has. Whole time Kristalina jail. Might be it might be speaking Dave, from the fact that you're a baby I just the protective nature of that, but like even seeing Isabelle like grow up efforts I. Don't think it's decisions. I have to worry about ever. I'm just saying in the reality of the situation. When she turns a having the cope with that idea now when she's eighteen like. I told her this in a conversation, we were talking about college and what she was GonNa. Do I go. Seeming happy or uncertain about some decisions, it was like look you could tell. It doesn't really matter the kind of the situation. You're in though in a few months like. You don't have to ask me and your mom Shit, and go I'M GONNA move to La and try to figure it out. I wouldn't try to talk to you and trying to make a smart decision in there, but I was like, but not much. You could really do as what I'm saying so like. To go attack the guy just like I don't know what that's a resolve. Honestly I'd. Probably. were. By making it a thing where like if you're eighteen year, old daughter is dating a forty year old man. You fucked up. He did fuck I'll say that somewhere. I I'm saying that the guy he meets by the way you agree with that right fucked I agree. Your daughter. So maybe you're right about that. Maybe it's it's too late. Zero or or doing Improv. You fucked up, but I mean even worse if A forty year old man. You've or something not like a dad. You fucked up somewhere because I think she has some sort of daddy issues where she's trying to get some sort of from Olbermann. You know it's not a crazy far. Stretch right there. You know so. If that happened, you'd have to go fuck dude what you have to examine yourself and at that point also you don't WanNa. Push further away. You said you wanted to be a strain or disown her have. You got a fucking embraced the guy. About that. I was like I go at first. There's no way you'd get a long. Time if you're like well, this guys around. Left. Off See finds stretching helps. Right got great stuff to man. He's got one of those conversion tables or go upside down same thing hol, sciatic nerve pinching crazy. Hey, right? Everyone's has not, but it's ice. We both have the same teacher in high school. Guys who were quick? 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And tiny pogue didn't help at all, but usually it looks awesome and huge, if I'm a little bit, turned on, and then a girl in my sheets, who at a a black stripper? Men also another thing. Look if you're fucking racist like Dave, she lender. We're by a soldier while serving in Iraq so I mean to be honest with you. Look at that there we go. I am an anti-war racist. Well, if you WANNA get your new favorite pair of underwear, you go to sheath underwear, dot com and use the code LS twenty four twenty percent off your entire order. That's sheath underwear dot com code LS, twenty twenty percents off your order all right. Let's get back into it. We haven't talked about that at all right, so you do have an eighteen year old daughter not yet, but. She's GonNa be eighteen soon and it's interesting way to put it. So how creepy is it really because you look at it from your own perspective, she'll go like. It would suck. And it would. It would bother you, but at the same time you'd still I don't think I. Think I think you could still learn to accept that guy and make them a part of your family at the end of the day. If I was the situation. You Yeah I, mean you? There's this thing with your fucking kid. You love your kid and you want them to be happy so if that person legitimate made them happy. You now I. I also I don't look at. I think we are like sexuality is a very specific thing. And people have their own weird fetishes and things that I like having public sex. That's a weird fucking thing that just happens to be my fetish. It's not looked down upon you know what I'm saying. It's not like a whole father daughter Dynamic Bat. That whole Daddy fucking. We, have we? We're asking brothers with one check until you find out Lewis Public Fetish. But remember. Ones. The one check that would act like a little girl. Oh Yeah. Straight up child. No I know and so saying it was fucked me up I. It was actually that was one of the few things. Christine. What what's what is this? Weird I don't get it at all. It's never been my thing the daddy thing, the other Chris has so many like those. They have those extra like like stings Adam. Like because like he has just like this circumstantial should have like. He calls himself daddy to his fans, and they called the babies and stuff like that cheese. Oh, that really doesn't help. I mean it's like those things where you're like well. Did you see that clip of him? That was going around when he was like a girls go from being like twelve to thirty, five known gets all the different. You're like man. That really doesn't help your Kelly. What's more crazy? which ran the trailer that one the trailer for his Netflix's specialist him doing joke about not you have to. You can't even pull your dick out at all anymore. You can't pull you to. The whole bit is about that. You can't even pull your dick out until the chicken sense anymore, he says. Even, if a girl says, can I see Please you offbeat like. Can you say that again? It's like. Somebody made the point that he's making his act for for teenagers like his act is basically. Alex. Your mom buys the wrong kind of Capri Sun. You can. Take that Kief Maroon your neck on the shoelace going house by yourself, because if you pictures in the bathroom for me, Alex. you're older than I thought. I thought you were like twenty three. How? All Shit. Them hold his Shit Shit. Real quick, okay, MIC RACINE! What do you got going, buddy? Check out my podcast. The sit down. It's out every Wednesday. It's a show about organized crime. And have a free show every day on Patriots on. Your fucking. You'll glamorize organized crime, but a little bit of fucking kid fucking Hollywood your fucking judgmental on I. Don't think Glam around you. Really Pick your marks received. show Thursday night hell. We're watching live if you're watching gas digital, that's Thursday night one night. 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I I've had some great episodes recently, so go check that shit out here body big J. Comedy Dot Com I got some. One nighters I've been coming up on Wednesdays. July fifteenth. Philly helium. maybe some stuff coming providence. We're getting. It all worked out here so I can get on the road here a little bit. do all this shit and check out the bonfire force SDR show six than jump. And big. COMPANIES DOT COM PRETTY I can't I. Don't know happening pushing it back, but. My Life Webster Hall. Special is going to be available for free on Youtube for a week. It's going to find out what we that is. here we go. Did you find those clips? Halo H-a-l-o. Sorry. You don't affect real quick. When we a moment and take another quick little break. Take a quick break. was like another break. I think it's break time, Ladies and gentlemen. Robot that. Big J. O. Kherson loves to make promises that he just can't keep. Twenty one to nothing. Are you looking for a leader that can't follow through on his promises or on his three point shots. His promises or as empty as his daughter's College Fund. Plus he's fat. Hateful that Gomez Twenty twenty. In Gomez Twenty Twenty Agresson Gomez now. That's pretty cool. I mean as long as we're speaking about Okasan Gomez. Anything. Don't have another video impossible. Could I know Louis j? Gomez says that we need tough man to be the president of the Legion of. Someone. WHO's strong risen fold under pressure? into. This masculinity and leadership. But. Really, want this fag wanting your favorite podcast. Hateful by oversee government. I think they'd like a sensitive leader. That's actually just depressing and embarrassing and I'm GonNa. Need a minute to think about all. Commercial. Louis J Gomez is gay. Is a homosexual man. You always hear Louis Bragging about all the ships. He's been banging. We all know what this is about. Are we ready for a tiny dicked gay president? I don't think so. I'm David Smith and I approve this message and we are going to make the skanks funny again. Thank you. Wow! Wow Powerful. Wow, that's. The heat is on. Big Race Right now the Izzo we've also received to instagram. So by the President? who are if you had a vote to put your your? Support by one of these candidates for the President of going which let me tell you a couple of things we don't even know if we've officially decided, but the president will get lead hosting abilities right. They get vetoing power meaning that if somebody wants to bring some horse shit to the table, they can say now. We're not doing that. They essentially have hall. control votes of voting system the anything we're voting on two votes of voting on, plus they get Mike cutting abilities. How many minutes? One Minute. For any Xiaojun Lewis being able to talk for the last minute. That's what I bring to the table I'm you just cut somebody's Mike at any given moment on the show. Your power is fucking who that's literally the one thing that I want. Just in the middle of a fucking ranch's fucking Mike what. A year pretty anti for it. Do we even know an election date? Is there a date that the vote is going to take place sometime in November? We can't make this go. The. Way. We've had more meetings than we've ever had. That's month is crazy. I met the run cables the whole thing. Yes we have a gaffer. Invest boy or bleeding dry. They're fucking me right in the pockets. I can't do it till November. Catering's pretty good. With crafty. Die For. Yeah well, I'm very happy to be in New York comic. Good time. Yeah. It seems like Yeah the allegations are getting fucking. beat up right now. Is it. Do we know anymore names that are out there? There they all. Know all the names we know all the name. Names give me some names always saying it's going to come out why we're breaking news. Yes, so give us an you. Go Round and say a name. Almost. Broke a big one. All right I'll go next Louis Gohmert. Another accusation came out. Dammit, what if my just sending the physicians Dave? When? The next big speaking of one more video guys a lot of these female comics getting. They get like the I've just received an anonymous email and they said they would not show their identity and Mesa that this guy brutally. Two thousand seventeen, I wait a minute. Is that actually the? Use Listen Little Birdie just told me they were beaten and raped raped beyond ever being able to give birth again. They've ruined. Their inside is wearing the V for vendetta. And it was this comic, and but they want to talk about it. I just got to be like. Why like why is that? Okay? Like technically couldn't I just write her anonymous message, yes? You get why people stay anonymous. When this stuff happens of course, get how it would be funny to write this girl on this president ruining comics. Anybody you want anybody. Throw a cart news. WHO's curry? We WanNA ruin. Let's pick somebody who. Are Willing To. Resume Allen. He cancel on to many fucking lunch dates. Fat Piece of Shit, but it's like respect my time you fucking scumbag. Like some of these comics that are coming out like there are girls that are like their stories are like you know. I was I, did a roast battle, and they make jokes about raping me. You're like. What are you? How are you fucking angry? Like? What are you angry about at a rose battle? That happened I don't really understand that you could argue they like that. Does that could retraumatize somebody if they were talking roast battle said. Your guts stay away from. If, you're if you're anything right like if your sister's dead or whatever the thing is yeah, and so it makes a joke about that arose battle, and you go dude at the I'm so traumatized by that. It's like yeah, either you should go in going like listen. This is off limits or something and see if everyone won't agree to that then. Yeah, you shouldn't do the battle now. I'm not saying anyone WHO's rapes into the battle, but if you're raped and you can't handle a rape joke than. because everything's because everybody's line is different, right? If you have a thing that should go into, everyone should be aware it's like. Don't touch on this to be honest with you. I hosted that show for a while and I book that show for a while and the show in question was the show that I was on and hosting and Jay was judging. It was the girl was raped. Rapist inquest. Was Louis No. The truth is if you have any traumatized for a free appetizer at the. Doing a rose petal so here's what happens when two people do a roast battle. This point is essentially a dead. fucking aren't right. It's not really a a thing that that exists except for the one show my network at it. So. No one cares about it. Is a dead at this point, everybody said every. If you are sensitive at anything, because you have a conversation before your roast battle, somebody go, Hey, is there anything off limits? And they go no every time they go. No, because what the fuck would doing rose battle for anything off limits, but if there's something off limits, you shouldn't be doing that show. That's not the right show for you. If If Santa's kind of pointing the roast battle is that we just go as far as possible. It's actually great for comedy. The roast battle just like leaps. Gangs is great for comedy because we take the chances that many. Many people won't so then you guys fucking look like pussies? In comparison, you can take all the bitch chances that you guys fucking one, but with the rose petals they said whatever the fuck they wanted, and they went really really far and honest. He was a really great thing I really thought it was a good thing for comedy, and if you're sensitive, it wasn't the fucking format. If you triggered. It was not the format the girl in question. She. Goes Oh yes, so you know. And it was a very racist and sexist environment, and even looking back. You know what I even said. Some racist things and I'm sorry about that now. I love the end of. themselves. And before you come to me with my thing, sorry about my thing by the way. I'M GONNA put everybody else on crazy. It's fucking crazy, okay and. That's not a fucking story in comedy in my tummy thing to do in general so and so is a racist. Now I've said racist things, but I apologize right, but so and so's a race goes crazy to have a chance to apologize for their. Now I know that. The girl said that the stand stop booking or whatever, because she started sort of kicking up dust ministry was triggered about the comics. Making jokes like that and I. Don't know exactly what happened there, but I'll tell you right now I know. The girl wasn't crazy funny. She wasn't a killer on stage. She wasn't somebody that was doing shit. That was getting TV. She wasn't sure. This never the fucking women that are killing it. It's never the women that everyone's going by that cross fucking awesome. She's funds ever those three. It's really isn't. It's always the chicks who are fucking wondering why they aren't getting the thing and they start to come up with excuses. Young thing either I'm not getting the either, but I'm I because I stink I. got you put up, but young young female comics probably get hit on a lot within the industry y'all. Get hit on, and every fucking moment of their life is not about being a female comic. National. Young FEMA comics did get hit on a lot so I'm just saying like it's when you're looking for the. What's The fucking thing like? Why am I not getting this? Or Why am I getting that and you're not a person who looks like probably got to get better at what I do. It's a very easy thing. The throat, yes, and if you're a young, if you're a young, cute comic, who's not that funny? And what happens is you come in? A lot of guys are trying to fuck you and prolly pretending. You are funny. You're hanging. On. You're hanging at clubs on weekends. Because the guys talking to you and if you don't WanNa fuck those guys. They're very quickly. Like well, whatever is not even that fucking funny I understand where that's a position to be like fuck will. This guy wanted to fuck me? And I was the funny chick until I wasn't GonNa? Fuck him in that but. At the same time you go I think a lot of that was that? It's not that you were so like putting a shitty situation because you. You are a whatever it's that you never would've been in that situation to begin with. If guys weren't kind of trying to fuck you, that's the weird thing. It's like you want the positive. That comes along with it, but you don't want to deal with the fucking like negative aspect. Aspect I know with you particularly. Louis where there's been a chicks who you've dated before. Who literally you have helped, get shit that they never would have gotten if they weren't dating you. And then when Lewis stop dating those chicks, they go well. Oh, now he's taken this thing away from me and you're like well. He's not taking anything away from you. You never would've had this if you weren't dating him to begin with. And I'm only talking about two women, but you know exactly. I'm just making the point that that happens a lot you know and I get where they're coming from from their perspective, but there's also another side that goes like well, and it's not mutually exclusive to comedy, so let me tell you something. If you think you have a bad McConnell is very entitled thing first of all to do comedy in general, it's very entitled. Right, we're all entitled female. That might just left. If you go go work in any other fucking industry, where there are guys that are not afraid about quote, unquote being canceled because that's not, that's not a reality for guys who working any other world right get. The carpenter just got cans. You have to go through the process of going through HR to get somebody fired for show like that. It's it's it's. It's a way different thing right now you can see you can simply tweet about somebody that you heard a rumor and that people start kicking up dozen. They can try to cancel them. This is the only industry that that's like that. So female comics I'm going like you guys. I understand your head on, and there are some gross dudes in this industry. There really are okay, but. I think compared to the rest of the fucking industry the rest of the world. I don't think. I think you'd be really surprised if you worked in every other fucking industry. How much worse it is, and how much less protection you have? Let me tell you. There's three guys right here. People talked about what we say about women. They say that were sexist. They said that we're whatever if there was a chick, a female at a comedy club that was being attacked in front of us, and there was some dude that was trying. We have the story where there was the remember the guy that was trying to bring home that Bob Blackout, drunk girl s down the street and we. Just to protect us from future. We know but I'm telling you right now. We would be the first people to step up and beat the fuck out of the. It's not even like we're not one of these fucking. Pussy, White Knight bitches on twitter yeah. We're an ally. Women need to be protected. If I saw a man attacking a woman, I would fuck him up with my friends. This is a different fucking thing south pretending that we're bad guys, because we have these pains, and we want to have an honest conversation. This is not a fucking. It's a good point that you make that. For All those guys. The White Knight Pussy Bitches who will go on twitter and seeing I stand up for these and women. You're like well, if the shit ever hit the fan, you don't need some Pussy White Knight Bitch. You need a dude who's actually prepared to fuck fuck you. Fuck that guy up to protect you, and yes, we are more those type of guys, but. You know. I'm sure all of us have like. Maybe there is there is like a changing of the like what's acceptable and all of that and I don't think that's completely bad, not like I think that it's good. That may be like for for someone who's like a famous comedian. We should create a standard where you're a little bit more concerned. Talk to a check. Who Might Be Young? You're a little bit more concerned to. Check by check by, the way. That's that part is not necessarily a bad a bad thing. It's really not the girls to listen when me and you were young fucking. I'm talking twenty two year olds twenty three year olds. There was no concern about last call at a bar. Everyone being drunk. What fucking whether someone was eighteen or seventeen? No one gave a shit about me. I mean I was really concerned. I think. corker. People I must say still won't happen but I bet it will happen less somebody on the fence of being a personality. That's like well. I can get girls to fuck me if they want to get stage time at this or whatever you know what I mean like anyone that would think to do that now. Let's people might think to do that right, so be a little bit more. Make sure that the girls twenty or over whatever the fucking thing is fine, but I I do agree with you that the truth is that there are those real deal predators like the real deal. Guys who will fucking the story we're talking about where there was a blackout, a chick blackout drunk walking out of stand up new. York like stumbling couldn't fuck move and some guy came over and put his arm around her, who was just walking down the street and just tried to snatch. Out which is a guy, saw blackout. Just go and he went. Oh, let me help you and it was crazy. He's Lewis is present. Me Watch for their in in our fucking help height of the worst fucking part of our lives twenty two twenty three year olds. We are at at standing me, or we just started comedy, and we came outside and went up and confronted that dude, and he fucking Kinda wanted to fight for a minute like he was like. What do you want to do? And then you realize there were two of us, and we were like fuck you motherfucker, and that's how pray that's. But, I'm just saying so. There's also a time where you actually need like real men to step up and be like no I'll will beat the shit out of you if you try to fuck and take advantage of this check and no one cares about those guys anymore. Those guys are fucking lost. It's all the guys Aubrey on the passed out. Chick I mean that's crazy, yeah! Resent Mike Sometimes. Those guys don't do anything. Because the people who are the predators are like your friends or people that you every time we're trying to fuck and get into a rhythm. Come with some Faggot Shit Dude like this. Is this guy who was the Predator? Easily our friends, but even we are saying. Wasn't you almost tell your friend I think you would say to. Protect your friends, even so you know what I mean like. You realize that you're bringing this. If I watched one of my friends if there was a girl walking by this blackout, drunk like literally fall down blackout. You're asking me. And my friend walked up to her. Put his arm around her. Now right instead I'm going I'm fucking this week right there. I wouldn't be as friend right there I'd be like Oh Shit! My friend is a fucking rapist, legitimately a rapist. This is not this wasn't this wasn't up for gray area? We have friends who have been accused of stuff like that. I I yeah, but I didn't watch that happen with my own eyes. I've hearing hearsay that a friend tried to fuck a black drunk chick once I don't know. What does that story I? Don't know, did he? Was He talking about? was there. Was Blackout was the perspective of a person watching it that he was trying to fuck her, but maybe it was you new check, but did I have no idea what happened there. I wasn't there and I'm not gonNA condemn somebody for that without knowing, but I know when I watched with that guy. I watched that guy. Try to fuck and rape a chick meal. We linked him. We flanked him and we try to fight him. It wasn't like there wasn't this book I'm up being a fucking I'm I'm a posturing here. This could happen. Okay, and it wasn't a solid justice and I corrected. We didn't we didn't do it. We didn't do it for the sake of Alwar. The city needs. This this is back. This is closer Te. From today to the days, when Seinfeld was fucking that seventeen year old, we probably could have let it go, and no one would've known but me and Louis saw this shit happen. It was just. Little reaction where I was like Oh. This guy's legitimately going to attack this chick like it was. It was crazy. I've never seen anything like it actually not sure I, remember back in the days of the word tack but you. Just, like get her home and do whatever he wants. She has no idea where she. was literally holding on because she was like Oh, this guy can actually help me stay strike. This girl was at Stanford ORC IF. This is your present I've never. Certainly no intention of the guy was like he was going to try to fund. Helping her listen. This was at Stanford new. York. I mean this is. Between ten and fifteen years ago, somewhere in that range, and this girl was passed out on the bar like face down, and everyone was talking about at the bar like. This fucking check over there like she's alone and passed out drunk and at one point, people were like well. What are we gonNA. Do reunion caller cab like what what? What's happening here and she pops up. POPs are head up smashed. The. She just walks out of the fucking bar and we walked out to be like. What is this chick doing? And she stumbled I mean like stumbling drunk and starts walking up seventy eighth street, the block at York so I was walking up and Louis pop out, and we're smoking cigarettes cigarette like watching what the fuck is this chicken and do and some guy comes like swoops over like vulture shit. India roses fucking arm around her and starts fucking trying to Walker Lake turns her from the direction. She was walking and starts trying to like Walker in the other direction it. When you watch like like a nature show and you watch yes, fucking. All the fucking. Yes and he fucking found the runt of the pack, and put his arm around and started leading on in the other direction on. The content of the pack and me and Louis both like kind of Ran Adam Role Hall. What are you doing? What are you doing? What's that technique? That's awesome to teach me and. Me and we fucking aflame dome. We came in front and back and fucking called out, and we're like what the fuck! Dude and saved this girl's life. Save this and you never get a tweet about that. You never hear that tweet message. Hey Louis. Dave saved my life. Right now, maybe some other. Way But then me and Louis kilter well. That probably wasn't the moment of her life that she figured it all out like I think we just walked her home and that was. That's funny. You guys actually made it where she probably would have been the moment. that. She goes because it's no big deal because I pass out on a barley, guys always fight to make sure I. Don't get hurt. You might be right. The words that happens in Indian guy is a rate me in a couple heroes. We're the that's toys. No I know it's fucking. We never found any of the Dalil. Like hard evidence. I don't have hard evidence but I have that. where he says girls go from fourteen to twenty one well, let's see that club that. No. I know just just funny, but it doesn't. It doesn't look good. In hindsight. He's made a joke now. Those days are long gone. You ever see a fucking fourteen year old. She looks thirty. I've never said there's things fourteen year old girl anymore. They go from like six US until twenty twenty-five. And You really regret saying that last part. What'd you have to? Six. She was six last year Mr Juliet and he goes well. Reference. You goes yeah. The next year. She was twenty five. Six thousand five. Yes, man! What is that really? It's rationalizations. What is six, the twenty four twenty five Mike. Right, like this. Isn't that show? Okay? You want to go on. You want to go on the my two black Queens or whatever go on that okay. That was his job else. Yeah, we're trying to fuck independently like you please. We're trying to find the I. Get what Mike saying it doesn't that listen that clip in light of all of this shit looks bad. He looks bad. That, he's just joking I. Don't think of course. The problem is I'm saying like there's a mound of like this w. you'd always. Comic for doing something Shitty that there's ever been jokes about like because the jokes are supposed to be I, make these shitty. Shitty things because I don't do this well. I never raped a woman because. Have you ever made a joke shore if I'm? Not, in a million years, what an evil person! Though! He's a rapist and he's making rape jokes. That was that. was what it was. He was making jokes, Nigo what does that mean? He's also a rapist theory. That was crazy. Yeah! But now also common advanced like. If you are rapists, you know to make rape jokes. You go in hard. Yeah, they'll never suspects male bill cosby's pro. You guys all accurate inappropriate. They're like yeah. The guy's name on his his Josh Galloway and they were like Josh Calloway. That's that rape comedian. See I that makes the rape that episodes stupidest shit and why the Svu go as a group to watch. The Comic Strip nearly. Alley try to put on everybody. By the way the jokes man if you could find you find the Josh Galloway set as probably anew to the set is so like this would never be killing. What are you going to take? You're going to hear Noah bunch ain't gonNA raise them. This guy's got it not talked as it. Who is there me? Bitch trae. report. It's definitely on Youtube why did he bitch cross? The roads took yet rate. You guys have been fantastic God. Bless. God bless keep going for the ladies recipe's grandma. My grandma died this week to do I love you guys. Stadium doing this. Not Exist Bobby is not easy, probably not that easy to find I think it will be super easy to far naps. It's GonNa. Take a few minutes maybe. What about your ideas is he I think he handled the accusations and being canceled sort of the way that you have to handle it right to be get canceled or something. There's been canceled. Hasn't actually been canceled from anything. Is that we're calling. The term now is when people are coming US cancelling. I thought. Okay right right right. Sorry, they're trying to cancel him. Yes, now, he he did a good job came Eissa, we'd. What was his? Response Ultimately, he was just like fuck. You don't give a shit. He goes, you're you're. You're jumping on me from a ten year old story about something that happened twenty years before that. and. Kinda just wrote it out. And no one cares anymore. Well I don't know I think that just happened today, so we'll say. That is kind of how you have to treat. The mob when they come after you. and. He responded. Up. That's it. You have to go like you can't. It's a weird thing. Where even if there is? Anything! Right so even if there is something where you go, you know I actually shouldn't have done that, but I fucking. Ruin me. You can't do that because as soon as you go. and that's what the mob is created. It's like a thing where you can't and so you have just enough fuck you. I have nothing to apologize for and go suck a Dick and that there's something like unfortunate about that because they create a situation where you can't fuck, go like okay. Okay let me grow a little bit from this and yeah. I wouldn't make that same joke today, and like we were just saying like. Yeah, maybe there should be a little bit of a different standard than there's been, but because of the mob you have to just go actually suck my deck and Chick Suck my Dick, and you can suck my Dick to. The point, so it's like the problem. Gives him any blood. Get nobody. You guys aren't teaching sort of acceptance and forgiveness guessing the. Joy Destroy Destroy so the problem is even if you feel like I've grown right, so I you know. Whatever like maybe would make the same temperature? For whatever reason you can't even give them that much, because they will fucking destroy you for that. Joey Diaz I think. He handled it perfectly I think you have to you have did not apologize. You have to be completely unapologetic. They'll move onto something else. They want their reaction. What they want is they want you to bend the fucking knee? Because that gives them their fucking whatever endorphins are released when pits literally. Goes to you and goes I wanNA felt like Gimme, your fucking lunch money and you go well. How about I give you a dollar like? Even if you feel like, you should give them a dollar. One dollar like well now I want all your fucking. Singing half to just be like no suck, my Dick. You're not getting a dollar from it. Yeah, go to the next kid who's GonNa. Fight him one time. Do you think if you beat your ass and take your dollar? He's like. FUCKING FIGHT A to get a dollar every time this next. Just give me the dollar right. Go, don't be. The kid will fucking punch the bully in the nose. Right? Take a beating but I mean why. fucking giving a half apology, but that's the thing by the way this is what fucking mountain, maybe but I'm just saying the thing that is crazy to me is that it's this is the shit. We all had to figure out in the fucking second grade, so if you really still as an adult I don't know they want my fucking dollars. It's like yeah, okay finally. Delia group was enough. Grow up with money very successful. It's a different thing that he's never really been told no too much by the way that whole like here with the Hollywood, Pinot thing the Epstein thing. It's a level of entitlement where you feel like you're sort of above. They can't believe in many ways. They are above the Epstein going to house arrest, and just traveled all over. The League gets canceled. Let me tell you. I don't know what celebrity net worth when you google. That doesn't really mean much, but it says he's worth sixteen million dollars. Can Literally Go. Suck my Dick and just disappear for the rest of my neck tag on and live off the interest of his money in the bank and never have to worry about anything. Christly as Mufamadi a big fuck. You sent me a picture, your daughter. Literally as fuck you sixteen million dollars. Fuck you money. If you if you are I, mean you have to be a fucking absolute retard to not live the rest of your life. Sixteen million dollars an absolute fucking. Winging it down raise via crazy irresponsible person retard could probably pull it off with sixteen million. I mean I I don't know interest rates now, but you can that. That much money you would fuck in. I mean you wouldn't have to do anything to sleazy investments. There was like almost guaranteed investments that you can make that are like sure you know three or four percent? Huge so. Seminar well. This is almost like stern where he just sort of. He didn't really apologize when he got in trouble now he's okay last week. Yeah, he handled it pretty great. Handle the great, and he was just sort of like fucking like all right, whatever certain could have just been taught about anymore circuit and black face and been like ooh. African voice. It have been the funniest thing ever. It doesn't matter. He's got. How many how much money is Howard Stern? Well, he's got the money. There's still something. I didn't see his response, but it still. There's still something valuable, no matter what the money is. There's still something valuable in just seeing him of go like look all right. yeah, yes, obviously I did things twenty years ago. That you think are fucking wrong today but I. But there's also there's a big difference between being accused of like doing something with an underage chick and being accused of like Oh that joke or that bit that you did was offensive by today's standards and so good for fucking stern. The thing, but good for him for just being like no like that's that means a lot. I think to all of us that they couldn't take stearns, Fuckin- head, and by the way like Oh. We got this fucking away. He knew he was just like he's like. Yeah, he goes. I, love how they exposed me for something I did on television and. Radio like years ago. Yeah, I did I, did he just goes? I would have done anything. I would done anything is I. I was just trying to entertain. People like get attention on everything I did so I was made the most of the racial jokes, and I went to direction with it like I think you have to sort of own it and I think there's certain examples Joey Diaz Howard Stern. You see the people who just go. Hey, look, this is who I am. You know deal with it or don't deal with it and then people fucking Golic. Shit I didn't get what I wanted. I did not get their head on a platter, and they move onto the next because the next person will be a pussy if you're deleting your podcast and you are deleting your friends, and you're hiding your disappear on social media for days in my opinion, that's wrong response and that's why I think that Delilah. SORTA responded what you said before I was like delete sorta like he put that responsibility TMZ, but then completely disappeared friend sorta thrown under the bus. I just feel like he needs to be like. Yeah, I, like young fucking checks. Yeah, is the I. Don't know maybe I. Don't know I got issues but soda. You Fuck you. You know I've never done anything illegal. Do you think it's hard? It's harder for someone like Crystal Lake if somebody is stern or one of these guys who are a little bit more like his audience. It's a little bit to say like a look. I'm fucked up your fucked up to whereas I think Kristalina Leah was playing to a more mainstream nod as fucked up audience where maybe you can't say that. To them well, that's. KAKO and so hard! Yeah, yeah, the thing stearns also the thing like you come to him like Christie. Lee is a guy like. When Tracy Morgan and you see people, get upset and leave his show sometimes because they thought they were coming for the guys on TV, and then it's just not like that at all. So that's he, does he he he he hits audience. He's got a decent amount of audience who don't know who he really is just take. You have no idea who Chris as from his act. Reputation of who he is as a dude, but like you saw that happened with Louis like Louis started getting holier than now getting self righteous. It's already telling people who to vote for has ordered saying that trump was Hitler, and as soon as he started doing that shit as soon as Louis Stopping the scumbag that he was right because Louis was going on in a Louis was being Louis was talking about this shit in his act talking. Talking about sexual perversions talking deviancy as soon as he made that switch then it became okay well. Let me show. You think you're fucking better than me. Let me take you down. And then everybody on both sides, said fucking fucked well, but the truth is they go. This is the shit that they wrote about us. It's gang fest where the go. Oh, so is like a right wing comedian. Now 'cause. They're like you know what I. I mean like now. He's pandering to the right, and then they start putting fucking act under a microscope and going. Oh, he said this thing that sexist, and said this thing that's racist, and so he's pandering to the right wing, and you're like really what happened was looted the same fucking comedy easy always done, and what happened was the right wing people, and that's an and left wing. People who are just like don't care about canceled. Canceled Culture Bullshit didn't hold it against him and there and the people and I know there are a lot of people who are like trump supporters who still thought? Louis was really funny and was like even though he wanted to vote for Hillary I. don't care I still think it's fucking funny so I'll enjoy fucking act, and then they make it out like he positioned himself over here, but really what happened was he's just Louis and. Some group of people wrote them off in some didn't. Yeah now let's throw to another. Just say we'll be here Louis CK. Turn I'm sorry. I'm being informed we don't have. Also being informed, we haven't recorded after gang fest I emailed him the day after being like. Hey, jude, thank you for doing saying. It was awesome and he goes do. Video of him jerking off. Anyone who complements to give you one of these? He never he never got back to me and I was like all right whatever he's busy and then I just happened I. Just I just look back. I was like just wanted to see the message. I sent him today. Because just reminded me of those. Cancel Color Shit like see what I wrote to. that. It looked back and he responded. Later. Any. All the message was who who directed and producer special and I never got back to. Big Time. Don't come to me with that. Were you and I need help a few years ago. Son of a bitch. Mike! Racine, thank you so much for being with us today. Then pleasure. This was man Mike Love. You Mike Thank you for signing off on all of the most offensive things that we say I appreciate you sitting here through through Lewis's rape. Apologies, but. You can't I'm not apologizing. For those rapes I know good point. Nobody's Gomez want. Money. Thank you so much for being here and we will catch you guys all next week. On Legion skanks. Listening to the Legion Games podcast with J. O. Kherson. Lazy I'd up on them. Of A shepherd of shitheads Luis Gomez. Louis J Gomez looking on a break, your fucking jaw I wanna Pontoon your fucking nose smell punishable magic in his fucking head and comedian. Dean Smith Fuck you I got to I feel like if I wanted to be gay fucking. Stick up your ass. You blew the Legion of skanks podcast. Yoed ding-dong. We're done here time to go.

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