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"wadi willis" Discussed on WTOP

"The middle of your week. November 30th, 2022. Glad you're with us at 1241 on WTO. News. Mark Meadows, the former Trump White House chief of staff has been ordered just to testify to a Georgia grand jury, Politico reports the order comes from South Carolina Supreme Court at affirms a lower court's ruling in this case, Fulton county, Georgia district attorney, wadi Willis, is investigating efforts right now by a former president Donald J Trump and his allies to overturn the results of the 2020 election. Now, those efforts include mister Trump's phone call at the time to Georgia Secretary of State Brad raffensperger, asking him then to find the votes needed to overturn president Joe Biden's victory in Georgia. Because Meadows lives in South Carolina, the DA was required to get the approval of local courts to compel his testimony in Georgia, stay tuned. Here at home of Frederick county, Maryland man is accused this morning of stabbing this parent where he was shot and killed by sheriff's deputies yesterday morning now we're learning more about what exactly took place here. After he's believed to have gone after his parents with a knife at a home on Haller place in the county, responding law enforcement found the man who's not being identified yet nearby. The Maryland attorney general's office is independent investigations division, which is investigating the shooting, says the man was ordered to drop his knife, and then was first shot by bean bag rounds by an officer. Then after he's accused of rapidly moving towards officer, some responded with tasers, the others, their guns, and the man was killed. The three Frederick county deputies who use their guns were not wearing body worn cameras at the time, though other officers in the area were. The whole thing remains under investigation, the man's father died in the stabbing, Mike Murillo WTO news. 1242

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