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"wade henry hyde" Discussed on The Choice

"I'm Katie Kingsbury in our last episode. You heard the board Lord interview former Vice President. Joe Biden's in this episode. You'll hear what we had to say. After Mr by the left the boardroom. If you haven't heard the interview go back and listen to that first joining me today to talk about Mr Biden's visit and reproductive. Healthcare Gender in the twenty twenty election is board member Lauren Kelly. I'm Lorraine Kelly I cover women in reproductive rates for the the editorial board. I listen to the reaction after the vitamin interview. I was looking for the candidate. That's been sort of trade in the media's like you know now author not with it or lost a considerable amount or sort of discombobulated or something but he didn't strike angry really comforted by the Joe Biden that showed up. There was pretty much on his game. I thought he was on. He didn't wander he didn't ramble wasn't like he's he's all their yeah works. It was the second half when he started talking about foreign policy particularly he. He's head and shoulders above the rest on foreign policy. Absolutely agree with them or not. I the he's he's you know. He's an incredibly impressive skill. compassionate You know talented retail tale politician and you can understand why he has had such staying power. I guess the question is just whether and this it goes to what we didn't really get to but is it enough for the moment. Is it enough politically. Is it enough to save the middle class. Does he understand he understands. I think that the political and moral crisis but does he does he really understand kind of the world that so many any of us are living in I think the the what we didn't we didn't get to kind of follow up on on the millennial issue do but I mean. Does he understand the anger. One thing I was would have liked to follow up. He said at the beginning you know he's taken more incoming incoming fire in this campaign than anybody. He hasn't seen the beginning of it. He's got a fifty year record and wait till he goes up against trump and three hundred million dollars of Republican up a research. I think both of the questions I asked him his answers. Were frankly nonsense on both of them. His hide answer makes no sense at all. I believe him I think he. He accused us of ageism. And say like you know. Yeah I mean it just I mean I absolutely Louis have profound concerns about seventy seven. No no I absolutely think it's right to be very concerned about someone who's pushing eighty two years old running the largest country in the world the most powerful country agent whatever. You know what I'm saying. I'm concern about Bernie Sanders. I'm concerned I'm not. But what's the big deal baby. Nobody is fair to raised. These seventy seven seventy eight year olds are the healthiest most most fit most cognitively seventy seven seventy eight year olds with ever lived on the planet planet. My father is about to turn eighty. He's an he's got all his faculties with him. I would never want my father to run the country. And he's he looked tie yes he looked better than and then like a old man but he he looked he looked tired. He looked like someone and this is nothing compared to running the free world. Like it's just. I'm really concerned concern that the Democrats are putting their chips in the basket of of nearly eight year olds can be Joe Biden. I'm not right right. That's that's that's your pitch. This is the Party of the future and your pitches. I'm not GonNa die like you know. I thought the more he talked to better. I mean his this handicap and the debates was the thirty minute bite here when he could tell his long story. Which I presume you can do better right? There was a little of that like when you bring up the Obama Administration whenever you get when you get in a corner not the president and the other parts of it where it's like. Well look what we did. He wanted to play. I had presidential power. I'm not the president in politicians the pilot. Thanks for joining us. Sure so before we get into the interview with. Can you lay out for us. The current status of reproductive productive rights in the United States. And help us understand what's at stake in this election. Yeah this is precarious moment for reproductive rates. it's probably the most precarious moment since Roe anyway was decided in nineteen seventy-three You know over the years rose been chipped away. I there's been a whole heap of antiabortion bills around around the country and then that's been happening. There's been this pipeline of conservative judges who are hostile to abortion who have been sort of fostered by antiabortion advocates so when trump won the election then when Anthony Kennedy announced his retirement of course he had been kind of swing justice on the Supreme Court. it sort of became clear that those conservatives were really going to finally trying to accomplish their goal which is of course ending legal abortion access in America how has reproductive rights. Come into play in the twenty twenty race so far yes oh so far. Trump has really tried to set the terms of this debate. AM He keeps using rhetoric talking about infanticide conflicting abortion with murdering babies He especially says this when the topic of later abortions comes up you know of course later abortions have been rarely They generally happen when something has gone. Terribly terribly and tragically wrong and a pregnancy But he has really tried to who back Democrats into a corner to having to answer for again. What he he calls infanticide? Incorrectly Biden has some baggage around reproductive rights. What were your concerns going into this interview rate so probably his biggest baggage relates to the Hyde amendment? How do we focus on high? I can explain high place you first of all. Everybody voted for high. Every single person running it but they all this idea. This is such a principle thing. Well it's principled. I mean most of the party has been in favor of overturning. I yeah I understand that. I understand the question directly. I thought that when there were reasonable alternatives and funding mechanisms that did not deny women the opportunity to take advantage of their constitutional right under Roe. V Wade is amended by casing that in fact it was. Okay you and the vice president kind of get into it over the head amendment. Can you explain what that is in a nutshell. The Hyde Amendment is a federal statute that dates back to nineteen seventy six. And it says that Federal Medicaid dollars cannot be used to pay for abortions except in a few narrow circumstances and of of course who relies on Medicaid poor women so that explains why in America today it is so much harder for a woman without resources or without insurance coverage through work to get an abortion whereas a woman who has more resources. It's much easier for her to get the exact same procedure again. It's been around since one thousand nine hundred seventy six. Basically almost immediately after Roe v Wade was decided. And you know of course that made abortion legal across the country then the Hyde amendment came along long just a few years later and made abortion inaccessible to millions of those women so really stifles the effect of Roe v Wade Henry Hyde. Reid was a Republican Congressman from Illinois And he really made clear what this was about on Hausler during debate at the time he said quote quote. I would certainly like to prevent if I could legally anybody from having an abortion a rich woman a middle class woman or a poor woman unfortunately fortunately he said the only vehicle available is the Medicaid bill so basically poor woman it was And that's what we have today. An actually almost every congress person ends up voting in favor of the Hyde amendment because it is part of a budget bill but vice president biden has been then vocal in his support of the Hyde amendment in the past correct. That's right so it's really hard to get rid of the Hyde amendment because it is in that federal spending bill will And you know it's really unappealing situation to be faced with either going to bat to fight the Hyde Amendment or You know if you do that you're going to face a government shutdown So there's always so much to sort of bicker about in the federal spending bill and sort of every year that this comes up. It's it's a problem for Democrats and they just have not been able to figure out how to strip hide from the spending bill but your rate.

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