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"wny c." Discussed on Unashamed with Phil & Jace Robertson

"Even gonna. I'm not gonna stop and watch but you put usa on it and you put another country. Now let's see the best in the world is while i'm on. I'm i'm watching this. And i'm cheer cheer from country. Yeah the new zealanders. Strap the united states here a few years back Were there sailboating. They had the new zealanders beat america. They never did get over that. A lot of people were surprised that for four years all these sports us in the olympics. They're playing them in the off year too. And they're even televise them. You know but to your point. Nobody's really tuned into hell. Let's put the maybe the olympics Insert some type of conventional getting along. Let just compete in sports with no wars and kid on each other. I mean you know would be a healthy thing for countries. If they could get together. And do that. I guess while you things that i think it values humans you know we we. We live here. We're this let. No debt remain outstanding. Which we're gonna get to in rome. Thirteen eight except the one to love one another. I mean you love your neighbor. Don't do some of the and those. The listeners are going to send this answer. I'll just go ahead and bring it up dog about so because a lot of people have been turned off that olympics. Because there's been a you know a few athletes that have you know light out during the anthem or turn their back. You know the flag and were some stuff that was put on a t-shirt and so a little of that has happened. i i think it's not widespread. Although you know. I honestly i i haven't seen accept what's being reported so i want them so right. A lot of people want to throw it out. Because i kind of took the other take. I mean. i don't like that. Obviously but i thought most of those americans that are over there love their country love competing so i hate to throw out the whole games because there's a few in my nephew bad actors and bad apple so it's just another way to look at that but i know there's strong opinions about it. In our you know our listeners said about camaraderie. They ought to. They ought to consider that. I guess among nations camaraderie here when we get together and yeah but hey when we'd rather not go to war but sometimes there is war. Which kind is the lead in is. We had a question from a guy named jared. That's a I don't know if he's still in the military or which is was but he'd been deployed several times and he had been involved in in several firefights in in one of the cases Took someone's life you know one of the one of the combatants That they were that we've been fighting against. I guess in afghanistan or somewhere in the middle east and It obviously has bothered him so we asked us about it. I in lieu of the ten commandments. He said you know it says thou shall not kill which it actually says that. I should not murder but i want us to talk a little bit about that as we lead into rome. Thirteen because it you know. Paolo lays out a i. Guess a case for foul in the authorities in there he mentions even the idea about burying the sword so women let me just read. It says everyone must submit himself to the governor authorities for there's no authority except that which god is established which he was basically giving the almighty credit for the the idea of establishment that we have on the earth yet called law and order the authorities that exists have been established by god consequently he who rebels against the authorities rebuilding yes. Well god is instituted in those who do so bring jobs. Run them sales for rulers. Hold no terror for those who do right but for those who do wrong. Do you want to be free from the fear of the one in authority. Then do what's right and he will come in you for he is god's servant to do you good but if you do wrong be afraid and you got a member i think he's speaking in generalities here. I mean there are corrupt governments in there. They're in there always. Is this president of good. Nevil do he goes on to say he is. God's servant an agent of wrath to bring punishment on the wrongdoing therefore it is necessary to submit to the authorities not only because of possible punishment but also because of content. And then he even says this is also why you pay taxes for the authorities are god's servants who give their full-time of governing. Give everyone what you always. If it's taxes taxes revenue revenue. And then he comes down and says let no debt remain outstanding except the debt to love one another and then by the end of thirteen. He gives you a pitcher. What the greater motivation for us to be. Which is to be like. Jesus what jared wny's understand is Let's take a break. We'll take a break. I would say to jared said when the japanese for no reason. They had no reason when they attacked pearl harbor and they were trying to expand their empire they were a powerful powerful nation at the time so they attacked china all their neighbors. They started concord islands. They said we need to get the united states out of the way. So let's let's let's take care of their their fleet at pearl harbor so about three thousand. I think a little less than three thousand died on that day and in that day will live in infamy. According to the president roosevelt at the time this day will live in infamy. Because we're coming back so we declared war on japan because they attacked us. Journeys understand that millions step forth and went to the marine corps. Air force army Everybody so everybody under one said we're gonna we're gonna let you do that attack us for no reason so when they all joined up we lost hundreds of thousands during that process. Four five six years. So we're to came and left but all those guys. I went to omaha beach. And i stood on that sand and looked how far it was to the edge the bluff and on top of the bluffs all the germans lurgan that of the war. I was just hoping that. They had a love for god and believed in jesus christ before. They started out a call san that that beach. So that's that. So the twin towers jared. We were attacked two of our tallest buildings in the new york city for crying out loud and they ran jet loads of human beings into these buildings and they did it with with no reason. They just did it because they they were trying to make a point. I guess so. They murdered all the citizens of three thousand died there so jazz. The conflict you're into you were there. Because the president of the united states. George bush said the people who brought these towers down. They're going to be hearing from us. So jared you the one of the ones that Joined up but when when you you killed our enemy just remember. They're the ones that started. And in my humble opinion it was a righteous undertaking. When you signed up joined up and you went into war against the enemy by my count. I think we want it. Basically out of there now. And it's all ended iraq afghanistan and all that. But i think i think it was worthy of note that they're the ones that started running airplanes in the building. It's not us out mentioned at the beginning. You kind briefly set it. But the doesn't say thou shalt not kill it dow shot not murder. The hebrew word is is murder and so a killing is not necessarily sinful. And it's murder in if you're if you if someone breaks into your house and you know they're gonna rape pillage your family and your belongings e obviously you defend your family that you kill them in response that's not. That's that's an honorable thing to do to protect your family. So i would tell jared first and foremost because the email said dow shot and killed and i see that shot up murder and when i ran for us congress In two thousand fourteen..

olympics united states jared rome jared wny concord islands pearl harbor Nevil Paolo Air force army afghanistan middle east apple omaha beach roosevelt marine corps china japan new york city George bush
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"It's seeing reality again, an from a from a completely horizontal without a vertical John's Zarrella idiom. The world is in John something similar to. The world what John Does with the word. The world is what Paul does with the flash and it's basically based dowling us is that we are dependent beings. This is the psalmist saying you're known no matter where you go up into the heavens down into shale, you are known this is John also saying. For God. So loved the world may what's he? What what world is he talking about there and so anyway, there's a lot of ways to see this. I loved your recommendation by the way of surprised by hope I N T Wright Michael Whitmer actually has written a wonderful book called Heaven is not my home which I think it was it was just recently, it was among the our last broadcast for. You said something about the sacred cow him turn your eyes upon Jesus was at the the book that you you had read that you wanted to talk about Joel Rig Wny's book. He's crash strangely brought, which by the way I think would be also a good resource for this. But absolutely but this is another sacred cow. You know this world's not my home I'm just a passing through or whatever Saying that in a Baptist summer camp so many times. Yeah. That's that's a really old one and but but this would be another one where Michael Whitmer saying no heaven you know God made you earthy? The end of time is not a blown-up world and everyone goes to another planet the end I always liked to do this. You know I talk about the story of the Bible and say from you know from creation to new creation from the beginning till the and everyone will say the and then I'll yell at them and say, no, that's not where the story revelation does not take you to the end it. The new beginning you know this is like Narnia. Begins Chapter One of the great story with no one on earth is red and which every chapter is better than the one before whatever there at the end of the last battle. That's really at one of the best descriptions of what you get and the last book of the Bible is that there's a new beginning happening. He says, as he quotes the last chapter of the last battle verbatim. Well done. John. Well, that's I mean. That's a great note to end on today, and that's that's something that I. Did say that did that is not a fake quote we can give you book and page number for that one..

John Wright Michael Whitmer Joel Rig Wny Paul
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"Hopefully But I'll say I'll say, I'll say. I want to see I do want to see. The the the pelts want to. But I want to see in there too. It's like One of the sneak I wanNA see Dane. And CJ inert in mellow and wayside me. Enter engagement junior I'm going to see them go gets Lebron though I a very bad. That's up the hill I to see that in the first round. Because at full strength. You can't tell tell me that. Blades are at top four seat at for strange. You can't tell me that. You you can't only that the magic. Blazers at Fort Shrimp you can't tell me that the jazz. To the. Mavericks, Mavericks? Okay at least I will say, wait a minute. You can't tell me the mavericks. Can't tell me that the sun doorbell. You, tell me that the jazz are baron. Like I think. Jay firms different. Improved ee I know we talked. About. On this show about weight doesn't playoffs. But. He's he's doing right now I'm just watching WNY's games I'm like hang. On how you keep talking. Regular regular-season James for is unstoppable. Days Are we? Is Seen but workers season James. Harden Brown. Compare. Paired with Russell Westbrook. Nasty team they crazy. But a As a healthy team. The Blazers has retired. For Roster. And I think that if they can fully healthy. A scary scary scary for belief. That backward who. Who you must work on the CJ. Running name. Any any green and Jr.. Nan. Sixty. and. This is this is GonNa go. That's no responsibility. He Oh. Dang. Light Up. The is. And people keep forgetting when they were in the Western. conference. Finals last year. Rankings. Now..

Mavericks Blazers Lebron Russell Westbrook WNY Fort Shrimp Harden Brown
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"So let's switch it up a little bit. How over bit? future-proof itself. In an environment where the centralized exchanges are getting better and better and better at both finding and building liquidity was was their number one issue. which would always be a number one is you if you're trying to tie waltz, wallets? But now that that's kind of building momentum. How is over bit positioned to? Grow. Fast. Skin. Dissension is is changed, so so we are not a descended is changed to. I would like to see. A. More adoption for is change Idris? Because the liquidity off the distinction is Shane compared to centralize that compared to those big. Is Shinji just. Match up, so the opportunity for to treat in decentralize. Is Less than than others so this. We. We. Kinda. Stop there right now. And I think. Those be company. Vina's, they are doing centers and some others as well. I hope we can see more and more stuff. I see Ben company a next become any of and they will. Help this society a lot. More effort into to that special education people to wide is good for US margin trading to become a. Isn't Because our. Liquidity our order book. Is Large because because pay with leverage. By Enterprise, which means traders against each aren't. management internally in external wny's is. Is Difficult just. Read so so for US looking to become a decentralized. It takes time. Appreciate the honesty. Probably won't you it in few years. Like his tough. No I like it. I like it. That's true though. well, I think about romantic questions. Will buy you. Anything. You would have liked us to ask that we didn't ask you. Is there. Is there any questions that you hoped? We would have asked that we didn't ask you. I think you cover. What I wanted her. Last question in this artist questions ready for it. Was Up to come on just getting. Ten million dollars now In ten words or less key used grab boxing. Hanworth. Is brought in. Okay. What is brought in? Seven words good job. Oh my God okay. No I'm kidding. I'm kidding go. Go. Well. Brockton. Is a new technology. That will leave in our life weather. Face I don't know. This tune words yeah. Already so I know you've shade honesty because you just used it on the question that I asked you. I don't want because as ten. Were you say ten words, so let the audio. Nectar audience. Luckily? All the guests we've had in the I got five six years. You've been doing this that actually like cared that much about. The limit like I did words abducts our. Great. A. You're on a game show. You just want and a slick way like it's technology, though exist in the future. Okay all right fair enough so. Easy way is because lots of people don't believe it at believe it. brought him will help us. I think it will to. We've got a long road to go. Well Gee. Thank you very much resume by. We. Appreciate it, thank you. and. Then when overbid is. Like King of the world except for in the US, can you come back? Home..

US Shane boxing Shinji Enterprise Ben wny Brockton Vina
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'Tis the Season for Workplace Stress, According to New Survey

"WNY heard a lot of what's causing stress in your life it could be taking some of the shine off of the two console this year is it really the most wonderful time of the year or is it the most stressful a new survey by express employment professionals found that just sixteen percent of boxes love this time of year and thirty percent of workers among the top stressors for bosses were last minute projects and juggling time off requests for employees asking for time off was also stressful along with co worker gifts and the annual holiday party CBS is Diane

WNY CBS Diane Sixteen Percent Thirty Percent
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"Crosby will join then comes the Burton health stops by for on going Monday series all things classical and Klosterman new collection of short stories are raised in captivity is to reveal an irreverent and it's been described by at least one writer as for Michael doses of straight dope Chuck will stop by to talk all about it we will get to all of it I'm Alison Stewart and I'll meet you on the other side of the news live from NPR news in Washington I'm Laxmi saying the American civil liberties union is moving to block a new effort by the trump administration to drastically limit the number of people seeking asylum in the United States in particular the influx from Central America and peers Windsor Johnson reports a new regulation is scheduled to take effect tomorrow going forward asylum seekers will have to apply in the first country they enter rather than at the US border Omar Jed watch with the ACLU says limiting eligibility is another attempt by the trump administration to make the asylum process more difficult what you can see is that the administration believes that the harsher it can be the better and you know in this case they're ignoring what the law actually says the department of homeland security is urging what it calls targeted changes to the legal framework of the nation's immigration system DHSS until Congress acts the interim rule will help reduce and major poll factor driving the overwhelming tide of illegal immigration wins our Johnston NPR news Washington Oklahoma's opioid case against the pharmaceutical giant Johnson Johnson is in the closing arguments phase this morning state Attorney General Mike hunter argue Johnson Johnson was a king pin in the marketing campaign he said the company driven by greed played up the benefits of opioid drugs and downplayed the risk of addiction thereby contributing to the nation's opioid epidemic the prosecution wants the drugmaker to pay up to seventeen billion dollars over thirty years to address the crisis attorneys for the company argue its products accounted for small share of opioid prescribing Oklahoma and contain FDA approved labels that warned of the addictive risks prosecutors say the child sex trafficking case against Jeffrey abstain in New York is building and peers quill Lawrence reports a decision on whether to release I've seen on bail is expected Thursday a federal judge is still weighing defense arguments that the multi millionaire should be able to live under house arrest in his New York mansion after his lawyers say he is not broken the law since his two thousand a conviction of soliciting a minor for prostitution prosecutors say if released the sixty six year old that steam could use his vast wealth to flee the country instead of facing a possible forty five years in prison they say new victims have come forward and a search of abstinence home you'll get a fake passport cash diamonds as well as what authorities say appears to be child **** the judge Richard M. Berman has in the past denied a request by a wealthy defended to finance his own house arrest saying it fosters inequity and unequal treatment quill Lawrence NPR news New York president trump says he is not a racist he's addressing reporters today after coming under fire for tweet that contained racist language about for Congress women of color and some of his supporters have sought to downplay the incendiary language from the president you're listening to NPR news this is WNYC in New York I'm Kate Hines as you've been hearing a federal judge says he'll decide later this week whether or not to grant bail to multi millionaire sex offender Jeffrey abstain WNY sees Quinn Hogan is outside the court room supporters say he is a tremendous flight rest they say just this morning there investigators open the locked safe and found a pile of cash dozens of diamonds and an expired foreign passport.

Crosby seventeen billion dollars forty five years sixty six year thirty years
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"A really good first hour and a really good second hour. Welcome back or welcome to the program. I am Jim Rome live in southern California. And the program is brought to you by rocket mortgage by Quicken Loans. Rocket mortgage is with you every step of the way to provide a seamless mortgage experience. You wanna take part go and do. So you've got your phone number use it for me on Twitter do that. He wanna Email me. Go ahead and do that. I always any time though, we are right in the middle of the NHL playoffs. One of my favorite times a year. So we are joined by an NBC hockey analyst a scout. And an assistant coach with the penguins and part of the organizations backed back Stanley Cups. He also spent time with the Wailers and senators organizations. He is a sports EMMY award winner named his member of the Hockey Hall of fame selection committee last year. My guest is Pierre McGuire Pierre too so good. Have you back in the jungle? How are you? Awesome. I'm doing great. Thank you, very much Pierre one of my favorite traditions at this time of year is not just to talk hockey with you but to travel so where have you been in the past week? And where are you going this week? I've been in Columbus. I've been in Tampa I've been in Washington I've been in Raleigh. I've been in Pittsburgh. I'm in Raleigh tonight. And if the Washington Capitals win, I will be in San Jose tomorrow. More for game seven if the capital's don't win be in Washington DC, so everything kind of fluid right now, Jim to be honest. You are machine and you nailed it. Like, I knew you would. All right. So why don't we talk about the capital's peer? They beat Carolina six nothing on Saturday. They took a three two series lead. What do you make of how they played on Saturday? And then how much does that impact tonight? The best game. They played in the series by far. They were particularly good through the first four games of the series. And you gotta give some credit to Carolina who was physical. Who was smart that a solid game plan? They did their best to take Alexander Ovechkin. Nick Backstrom and Tommy Wilson out of the series. Unfortunately, that's almost impossible for any team and Washington on Saturday night show. Just how great they are they show championship pedigree on Saturday night. And that's why they dominated Carolina who's kind of new to the party and really inexperienced. I would think this would be a really tall order for Carolina to win game six. But if they do win Jim and forces seven it's not just because of what's going on the ice is because of what's going on away from the with fans there. This is allowed us building in the NHL right now out of Raleigh Pierre McGuire joining us so in terms of their championship pedigree. How does this year's capitals team compared to the one that won the Stanley Cup last year? Not a deep on defense. And part of the problem is Michael camp. Wny's injury got hurt late in the season against the Tampa Bay Lightning. He won't be back. And obviously in game for they lost TJ. Oh, she to a fractured clavicle he had Servian Sunday morning, and he won't be back at the plant. So they're not nearly as deep as they were a year ago. But what they have is. They've got tremendous leadership because they have won before gyms. That's why loot it to the championship pedigree. So Alexander Ovechkin Nick fats kidding nuts off, LARs Eller, Johnny Carlson. These guys have one they'd been through at the inter stand. The torture test that the Stanley Cup playoffs are. And I think they're prepared for that. Even though they obviously lost two major players over the last month and a bit pm Aguire joins us once again superior back to game three when Alex veg can Andres veg, Nicole got into it. What did you think when that fight started? And then when vegetable dropped him the way he did. I had no problem with it. When you sign up to be in the National Hockey League readier eighteen or whether you're thirty five they don't check your birth certificate. Everybody's equal footing. They'd been jousting since gain number one. They also just join the regular season. So it's not something that was a foreign concept. Either player I think both guys mutually agreed to fight as soon as veteran got him with the right hand on the button. I don't know if you heard my call, but I was telling the trainer for Carolina, you'd better get out there because I don't think anybody I was you know, maybe fifteen or twenty feet away from it. I don't think people realize the impact it sounds like a hammer hitting would when Ovechkin got him on the button. And so eventually, obviously specially -ccomplish taking off and he's actually been skating Jim and practicing with a full face shield. I think he's highly doubtful to play tonight in game six, but who knows it's the playoffs Pierre McGuire. My guess who knows I did hear you call. And you were there you saw that he was out before he hit the is. That was really something. Pierre McGuire joining us. All right. So we we move on. The islanders sweat the penguins and other advancing to the second round of the playoffs for the second time in twenty-six years. How press if you've been with the way they handle their business so far phenomenal. It's all about organizational standards. Jim, and what happened was when Lula morale became the president general manager that team you knew right away. There was no more messing around with the boss was he went out and hired a Stanley Cup winning coach and a great coach very trots the implemented a system that would best insulate their goal tending position and their defense. They're really difficult to play against in their own zone. They had guys have really elevated. You're in the course of the year. Josh Bailey's, one of them. Jordan Eberle another one of them unders Lee kinda had a social year. But in the playoffs, he's really elevated. Their defense is come rock-solid. Good. They've got a great reclamation story and Robin lettering goal. These battled demons away from the ice. So quite frankly there in amazing story, but it comes down a simple thing. Jim every pro sports team can implement organizational standards. They have. High standards and they play at high level because Pierre McGuire joins us. All right. So as long as we're talking about first round sweeps PM what John Tortorella and Columbus figure out about the lightning that nobody else could crack in the regular season. What a great question. So it goes back to the last time they played in the regular season. I happen to do the game. Tampa Bay one in Columbus five to one. Jimmy was unbelievable. I was there. But the shots on goal were forty two twenty in favor of Columbus. So they knew that they could dent their defense. And they knew they could attack with pace. So I did every game in that. Here's here's the one deal in game. Number one. Columbus was down three nothing after one period and John Tortorella stuck with his tenor. Sergei Broschi that was number one thing for him to do was great the rest of the series. Second thing. He empowered is defense to get off. So if you look at set Jones, if you look at Zach Renske, and you look at David Savard, those guys were major forces because of John Tortorella turn them loose from defense to offense. The third thing that he did he changed? All right wingers him Atkinson played on a different line. Josh Anderson played on a different line in a made a big difference. In terms of what they were doing offense in the matches for Tampa. And then the third thing that our fourth thing that I thought they did so well, they guy supergrasses Jim on the four check and that frustrated Tampa Tampa had not been Ford checked that the entire season, and they did have at the Pierre McGuire. Joining us right here. Listen, the NHL postseason to me is unlike any other postseason in sports, literally anything can happen. But when you look at this season Calgary lost five one to Colorado and game five mean, they're going to pack their bags after the first round. So what's it say that the top seed in the east and west are both done in the first round. And that they wanna combine one game between them to great question. It's a fair question. So here's my theory on a gym. We have had a salary cap in the NHL since two thousand five or six that season the first year of the salary cap bear the Carolina Hurricanes actually won the Stanley. But since then we've only had one expansion we've only had one expansion to twenty years. So the talent buckets full around the league ever since two thousand three entry draft. We've had amazing good drafts. We really haven't had any poor drafts. So more and more talent is coming into the league. And because of the cap the balance of powers, getting equalize, more and more and more. So that's why the parody in the league is just awesome. It's overwhelming. And you know, people say, oh, it's an easy lead to make the playoffs in because sixteen thirty one teams make the playoffs. Now. It's really difficult league to make the playoffs. And it's unbelievably difficult. We're talking to McGuire. All right. So the athlete recently get a piece on you. But not as a broadcaster. But on you as a father your daughter Justin is going to be a freshman. Dartmouth where she's going to row your son Ryan is playing hockey Belmont hill. Help proud of you are how proud are you a both of them as athletes people all my gosh. I'm so grateful and blessed there. Into sports number one number two that commitment level for autism athletes phenomenal. But to see the commitment level of my daughter particular, and the rowing community is awesome. I system San Diego. Jim. I it looked you up at the San Diego classic watching that boat. Racer the regarding an amazing depend the people in San Diego. Such a good job. I'm I'm really proud of them, obviously, the father, but I can't thank my wife enough because I'm away a lot as you know, and my wife is a superhero in our house. I'm really really grateful for everything that she does with our children. It's novel story, I get that Ellison one of the things he said in the piece was quote, as a father one thing when I was younger in my career broadcasting I would get too aggressive in terms of analysis with certain things now as I watched young players grow up these kids need time to season you have to give them time and be more patient. That's helped me being a parent, and quote, so how much being apparent impacted the way you approach broadcasting, and how much is broadcasting impacted the way you approach parenting. Oh, wow. What a good question convoluted, but very fair. I think I've learned to be more patient in broadcasting. I think I've learned to be more fair. Sometimes you're motions get the best when you're broadcast and get caught up in the heat of the moment, especially where I work you're down low between the benches. You're in the middle of the fray, you're surrounded by twenty thousand people, and it's it's crazy sometimes, but I think you learn to be more subtle you take more time to evaluate decisions. You don't have a ton of time because it's hockey, and it goes really fast. But I think the number one thing when you're doing this, and I've learned it over twenty to twenty one years now as a broadcaster, you learn to be more fair, you give the guy some more times than not the benefit of the doubt on a mistake. Giving a gamble the other night Dougie. Hamilton was in a situation of foot race defensemen for Caroline against Alexander Ovechkin and he knew of etching was coming form. And if this would have been fifteen years ago, I probably would've visited could you bailed out on the play. But rather just show? Let the pictures do the talking. I said he basically bailed out of that rather than making it personal. I just let the play describe itself and people at home can make their own decision. I understand that. I think that I said things on this show fifteen years ago that I would never say right now, it's all part of how we evolve in the way we see things in our perspective he has an embassy hockey analyst. And of course, was a scout and assistant coach for the penguins when they went back to back to win the Stanley Cup. He is a sports EMMY award winner as well and extremely well, travelled, especially this time of year Pierre McGuire Pierre it is so good. Have you back? I always appreciate that. Visit and thank you so much for doing it. All Jim I cannot thank you enough for your passion for hockey, and you love the game and the way support our league and our pliers. I'm just so grateful to be on your show..

Jim Rome Pierre McGuire Pierre McGuire Pierre Alexander Ovechkin NHL Carolina hockey Tampa penguins EMMY award Washington John Tortorella Columbus analyst NBC Quicken Loans Wailers Twitter Raleigh
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"It was not even able to replicate the reliability of these other larger more expensive tests later that same day October fifteen twenty fifteen Elizabeth Holmes joined CNBC's Jim Cramer to make her case to rebut the claims made in that Wall Street Journal piece. This is what happens when you work to change things. And I they think you're crazy than they fight you. And then all the sudden you change the world, and I have to say, I I personally would shocked to see that the journal would publish something like this when we had sent them over a thousand pages of documentation demonstrating that the statements in their peace were false. Now, the first time I actually saw that clip was in Alex wny's documentary, the inventor, that's just out. It's worth also noting that Elizabeth homes made a plea to one of her key investors Australian-born the billionaire named Rupert Murdoch to stop the publication of that Wall Street Journal piece. It should be noted, of course, that Murdoch. Essentially, effectively controls the Wall Street Journal he and his family. I've written a lot of critical things as a media reporter of Rupert Murdoch and that day, but you know, mega kudos for a guy. Not intervening to try to do damage control for what was it one hundred twenty five million dollar investment. That's right. And that's an incredible. Backing from the top boss. Yeah. I didn't know it at the time. I didn't know he had invested. He invested basically at exactly the same time that I started digging into the company, and and then we published in October nine months later in October two thousand fifteen and then I didn't learn of Murdoch's investment in the company until October or November of two thousand sixteen a year after my piece was published in at that point. You know, my jaw dropped when I heard it from a source, and I thought at first it was disbelief, and then I thought well, this is a great twist for the book credible. So I got a report it out. And I spent some time reporting it out and learn that they had met face to face six times including four. Times before my first investigative story was published and the last of those four times was two weeks before it was published in his corner office in a News Corp building in midtown and cheek kept bringing up the story hoping he would kill it. And and he declined to kill it in a few minutes. We're going to talk with a key source for you and a key whistleblower from inside their nose, Erica Chung. But one of the things I think it's important set the terms with is your reporting was not only remarkable. But it was particularly remarkable for the culture of secrecy, the culture of control that as you depicted as Alex Gibney depicts it a defined how thoroughness operated, right? It was a not a healthy culture. It was a culture and part that was inspired by the secrecy of apple Elizabeth homes. Adored, you know, Steve Jobs idolized him, and I'd allies everything apple and she knew about, you know, Apple's fame secrecy around its product launches and and so. She sort of emulated that. But I think it also stemmed from her personality. She's very secretive. I'm told she's inherited that trait from her mother from the early days of the company, she compartmentalize things she wouldn't let you know. The engineers communicate that much with the chemists she fired people often, and then when her boyfriend's sunny Bhawani joined in late two thousand nine he became the enforcer. And really that toxic culture went into overdrive. I wanna now reach out by Skype from Hong Kong, I want to bring into the conversation. Erika Chong Erica is a former thoroughness employees at whistle..

Rupert Murdoch Wall Street Journal Elizabeth Holmes Alex Gibney Erika Chong Erica Jim Cramer CNBC Alex wny Bhawani Erica Chung apple reporter Hong Kong News Corp Skype Steve Jobs one hundred twenty five millio nine months two weeks
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"I have been enjoying Asia's being you highlight. I think finding food now you make fun of in fair, rightfully so fussy eater. I'm fussy eater. But I'm trying to get better as an adult. I think sort of I always thought I was about eight or and was accepted it in the past fears. I really try to get better into finding like certain things that I've actually liked and the trip has been really cool. Like, what's being something you abalone tonight? I try to bologna, which I still don't even know what that is exactly. Like a muscle. It's in a show, sticks of rocks and things is okay. But the everyone around me was like this is so good. And I'm not saying, it's disgusting. I just love it. Yeah. At least, you know, you, but I have tried it. Yeah. No, I'll try I'll try most things once except for that thing you ate today. What was the meat jelly or that was no good? It was. Yeah. It was like a terrain looks like jeez. To rain. You know, it was all the mate the scou- out. It was. It's all the pieces of meat on the annal. They can't do anything. And they jammed together jelly jelly. It was like one of those things where the people who with this like, oh, it's really good. But they weren't fucking aiding. That's a really good permit. There was still be all you've never tried this. Oh, it's like a cockney in London. They could jellied eels right now. Ails like literally ills from the fuck and teams, right? What's wrong? That's better eagles from the teams. And then they cover me jelly terrain, and the jellied eels and the cook wny's are always. Ooh, jelly Deo. Ooh. Jerry day. Oh, all co Blom. He gave me some jelly. And And then then maybe. when you see seven the shop with the company jelly news. You should eight that and they like, oh, I'll just have a book. Always I never fucking aided Gordon Ramsay recommends one of five meals jelly deals. So they also I far as it was very excited but not as excited as bay. But my shit today are sore McDonald's, which should be Michelin starred, it was the nicest. It was it did the bugs way to portly goes on the lawn. You pick your bond you pick a mate you pick cheese. The special source was in a bowl with a nice Silva spoon it where they lightly put it fantastic. Kudos. Kudos Hong Kong. Mcdonald's. That's the best thing in in Asia. That's the name of this episode. I'm telling you I've seen some which should hit seats them which it, but I've never seen anything within that. Like in Tokyo, we to talk. Oh that we didn't always talk. You talk. You. We saw just some like some NFL plays, beatings and bread as a street performer name address like NFL players waiting. Do. We went to the robot show, which is very touristy missed the right show. But it's well the second act was better than the first act. I am going to fight. You know, I'm gonna drag it dry big loves to pick up someone like. The thing is as you get to. It's a real CD district. Like you get out. I want some whiskies placed guy says you guys wanna see some Teddy's the movie or something like, no, we're going to the robot show, and then inciting are would've locked. Yeah. Wasn't against it. But we wanna mission whatever you walking through a red light district. Do you wanna see nude women? The answer's always. Yes, I have other things I have to do. Yes, right now and in the wrong company, the electives..

Asia McDonald NFL Jerry day Gordon Ramsay Michelin Tokyo Hong Kong Silva London
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"They've added the caramel or caramel everyone say at chocolate chip cookie, and it's gluten free. Joining don't be fooled by the Glendale. Listen, it's still got tons of sugar. Yes. As a whole thirty in definitely I don't think any girls out cookies or thirty. No. Chocolate chips the caramel chocolate. Chip gluten-free cookie is joining the Tuffy task tastic gluten free cookie which came out in two thousand fifteen. So now, you've got a couple of gluten free options BS bobby's, right? There's still sugar full by gluten free. Getting gluten I know I have vegan gluten free cookies at the house the other day and bobby's like I'm eat one of these. He's like, so they're vegan England free. I'm like, yeah. He's like what's bad about them. And I'm like sugar fool still thing. There's still enjoy other crap in it. Yeah. That's it. I'm really shocked you unheard of whole thirty. I've heard of paleo like, I do, you know, Jen hobby who doesn't want to Atlanta who I follow on Instagram. She post up about it. And I don't know enough of 'em to like it's like sometimes when I read about stuff in the Middle East. I'm like heard about a lot a lot to take and I didn't start from scratch on some of this. So I'm thirty. I. Yeah. It's a mean vegetables. You eat vegetables, fruits nuts roots and meet at zip now, grains. You can't have dairy grains, sugar legume wny's allegations that's being satellite. Those anyway, processed oil salt alcohol or coffee, and they're looking for you in the paleo because you may go to Japan be paleo and be like, I'll take a black bean ball. And and then and then you're already messing up. I've had enough of the Guido Di Dustin. Can I close this? Please go ahead, Amy. That's my pile. Thank you. That was Amy's pile of stores Cheeto diets, yes, the Tito diet. That's going to be back today. Yeah. A lot of fun. Yeah. I miss y'all. Yeah. And then when we have short week today was our first day back. Let me say this to you can hear the whole show. Just go over to iheartradio where we listen to podcasts and search Bobby bones show on demand all today show from when we start this thing at five AM or six AM east coast to when we end it. If you miss any of the show, go check it out there. Amy has a podcast up today. Yeah. Four things with Amy Brown. That's me. So we talk about New Year's resolutions. How to keep them out to sea on a budget with Rachel Cruze? If you're trying to get outta debt this year. Eddie check it out to try and get out of debt, and then an awesome tip from a navy seal four things with Amy Brown. Lunchbox sore losers back today back. Yeah. Sore losers. We missed week vacation. But we are back today. And we got all sorts of good stuff going out. Yeah. There you go. Lots of good stuff going out. Yeah. Have a good day. Go to sleep. I think I didn't sleep last night off so much and then I was excited to come back to work. So I'm gonna sleep may go to yoga I've been doing that. But can shoulders hurting what time I wanna go to yoga with you five thirty. Could you do that? Now, this is like dinner time with the kids what I'm gonna go like noon. He's gotta sleep most times at noon. I'm still working on things today. I think I'm gonna crash you could do five thirty. Okay. I'll talk to my husband. I'll talk to your husband now. All right. I haven't won the Instagram Bobby bones show, that's the show account Morgan. Number two runs that show account. Does find Jon Morgan? Nice work over there. Thank you, Mr. Bobby bones on Instagram. Thank you, see you tomorrow by the dance party. Don't forget dance parties moral. Joe?.

Mr. Bobby bones Amy Brown Middle East Jon Morgan Glendale Guido Di Dustin Japan Jen Rachel Cruze Joe iheartradio England Atlanta Eddie navy
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"Very exciting. They do model training they do risk management. They do more training for tweeting. They do I don't highs meant recommendation like all kinds of different applications super exciting. So as best as you can tell h why a lot of the popular open source machine. Learning ivories being used in conjunction with Alexia, right? Yes. Several weeks ago. There was a meet up in Shanghai. And there's a company called a chino. The are. A public company they're in China, and they have like a hundred people a team internally and they run their motion learning workloads on top of Oxy's on top of their object storage. And there are so many different off remarks. They're running on top of us and very exciting to see that and actually lost. We came back from New York and with many users in that region on using machine on top Las well, and many of these use cases directly brain like a business value or or more revenue to those companies, which is very exciting. So you mentioned earlier when you were describing Alexia debt one of the things that solves is you have many many different your might be working in an enterprise at many, different storage systems and Alexia sits in the middle between this this many different stories systems and your many different. Analytic libraries. But you you also just mentioned that in China. There's this company that has lost between the object store and and machine learning tool. So so one question is aren't the object store fast, distaste like s free and Seth. So why do I need a why do I need a layer in between? So there are two perspective. Two angles to answer. This question. One on goal is that one key reason people use object store, it is cheap and her gigabytes or Protais is cheaper than other solutions in a market and many people use of just or actually as Akobo storage and Palmas is not as good as what people wanted. And from that perspective by putting on Luxy on top of that. That's the late. I'm improved the performance from our caching functionality and on top of that many cases machine running elaborated are not directed talk with objects, doors and. The we Alexia also sir us said translation layer from that angle. That's one perspective. And the other perspective, he's kind of bigger picture by Luke Kuhn, a bigger picture all becomes wny's all the nations in the end of the day. They wanna build their data infrastructure. They the platform to serve their existing daydream applications like a militates Mercer money is such but moving forward there will be more. They drew applications in created by Hiram years innovators our industry when that happens like you need to have this great day the platform to serve existing workloads, and you're calls a contract with a listing storage and the new storage and the in that world this new architecture, which we call data ecosystem two point, oh with Alexia, this virtual issued it falls system layer in the middle. Just makes a lot of sons from architecture. Perspective and by actually based on our conversation with some top architects in the industry like people believe is a beautiful architecture very elegant and also future proven us. Well, and this is a bigger picture aside to make sure is enterprise, your company is successful. You need to be able to build the architecture or this platform for today in the morning points today for the future. So that's two angles. Why able you.

Alexia China chino Shanghai Oxy New York Luke Kuhn Seth wny Luxy Protais Palmas Akobo
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"The charges were pained. There was one. Where was you know, they had the ball in their own end zone. They went three and out. I think I think wiz wny's have a little bit more confidence play with some more balls. I guess you can say when it just comes to. Just doing his offense out of their own end zone. He went run to watt right of the middle which come on, man. That's not gonna get you anywhere. Then you went run again. And then they tried to throw the ball on third down. And they basically just punted the possession. When I mean they've had success. If you remember I forgot what game it was. But Tiro caught like a deep forty forty are bomb and that was out of their own end zone. And I mean, they can still pass the ball. It's not nothing really changes. You just have to have confidence in your offense in it seems like I do every other place. So that that'll be so being to keep an eye on as a season goes on just to make sure just to see how that aggression changes as they are if they are backed up in their own end zone. Speaking of Derek watt. There were a think so that dare grat had der watt to carries. Mike Williams had. Carry Travis Benjamin had a Carey. I think that okay. I think that was it. So those players had carries before equa got his first, touch, and I think equities I touch one for nine yards, and he had the touchdown called back in in no way. My on the train that I you should take away carries for Melvin Gordon at least anymore. But I do think that I mean come on if you're gonna give WADA fullback dive, why not give equity that or at least maybe a sweeper and some sort of misdirection where if you are giving those players touches over Melvin Gordon that is not the right way to go. And I'm pretty sure, and I get that, you know, they're just trying to be keep a defense off balance and keeping guessing n I've no problem with that. But you know, just give your best players the ball. And that's their best are that's when the offense is obviously had their best. When the best players touch the ball echoes show that you know, when you give him the ball he can break those runs in. Always has that explosive Billy why doesn't give you that Benjamin does. But I mean, he's just a shell of himself. He did he does not look the same at all is just super scared of contact them. So one other thing they kind of sit out early in the game was when they were taking the deep shots that rivers balls were just like dis pass was just dying in mid air. And and it would be probably I would say on all the passes that went over where he had to really have some project trajectory on wall. So that was kind of interesting and Lynn, Linda dress that after the fact in the post game. So he said that they had to kind of you know, just basically a daft on the fly in change their game plan. It's changed to a bunch of short passes and throws worth essentially rivers would have to make it throw on the line. So that a that was good to see our good to hear from him. At least. Just as far as him knowing that they're going to have to make these make these adjustments and speak in a land. Man. He it's been kinda quiet as far as the coach of the year goes, but. He since basically since a year ago. So since I think it's week eleven this time last year..

Melvin Gordon Billy Travis Benjamin Derek watt equa Tiro WADA Mike Williams Lynn Carey Linda nine yards
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"So there is there is an interesting element to how not just like the logos and the colors and the jersey Jane, but the entire in not just the helmets or the the shoulder pads, change the clean, but even even they're basically underwear strange. And you know what I mean? So that asks the nostalgia, certainly, you know, also thought this from watching it. And I remember. And just to think about that. Full disclosure. I know you're hockey. I just this past summer depending soccer that I like soccer. I know it's just I'm liking Manchester United and it's like list with the manage star players. And I feel like that. Didn't make a big deal, but because you have the head coach who is refreshing. I mean intentionally and consciously telling you not to make a big deal about the quarterback. This is through for five thanksgiving. But I mean, you know this, I am. I alone I, that never had Well, I, I, I asked Parcells about that. I said, I mean where you just do fit or were you just trying to keep them grounded or he's basically, and his answer was was, was so simple. That's why I didn't make show is he's like, no, that's just the way I felt. He only played, you know, about five games at that point. It was less than that, you know, three or four games at that point. So you can't annointment guy after four games success. So and I think he's mostly right, but what I think is also true. I mean, this is just my opinion. You know, he's not saying is, I think he enjoyed Parcells enjoyed Romo a lot and enjoy his, not just his, you know success and and you know, having lead his teams, the quarterback, but I think he enjoyed romo's personality enjoyed being around, and and I. Romo with the same way. And he said that he loved playing for parcels, and I think Parcells really enjoyed coaching. So I think it was it was sort of in my mind again, just an opinion. I think it was partly a, excuse me. It was probably Parcells saying, look, let's not go overboard here. He's played four games, see my false cliff tomorrow, but I think part was he loves playing with the media and he loves her almost. So he could take a couple of little, you know, playful shots Romo and not feel like he was beating the kid up and we're going to ruin his career. It's, it's definitely I think about, you know, now Andy Reid was telling us, hey, you know, relax on this this homes because it's been cool. Everybody, you know, there's no need to freak out and you know, just it's interesting to consider about it doesn't expensive. I'm happy that there was such an emphasis on parcels he came across. I I mean, mean, I I saw. saw all these these films he came across really, really wise. I, I don't know if that was essentially, but really come across is old troll. And you know, people say, I all run by news the raiders game. I do some special, but I really pleased par new. He's the only one who I really truly trust in that regard. Well, parsoes I say that's the first time I think I've interviewed him ever and I and I, I've never really been around him that much even so I was really excited to go to that interview and I can tell you this parsoes wny's no producing or manufacturing, or you know, all that's real. He. I think he is wise is what I'm getting at. You know, there was no. There was no meat or desire for us to make him look smarter or wiser or anything parcel were funnier. You know what I mean? Parcells is just a great character and a great guy in a fun man to be around. And so he needed no help from us. Look wise and humorous. Before I get this stuff on the current. Dick out boys, Chris, that we can hopefully look back on in years and say out guy, we was, we were freaking out. We were over at. What without giving a question, not give away the film, what would you say are your top five Romo mow your your own personal ones? Four games, but just, you know, whatever, whatever, tickles, your fancy. See, I mean, obviously the Detroit playoff game, playoff winning Detroit at home and that whole drive, it's it's hard to argue with him going in and beaten up the eagles at home in the playoffs..

Parcells I. Romo Andy Reid Jane Detroit soccer Manchester United raiders hockey Chris eagles
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"My name's Jeff woods and the vice president here at the one thing team today, we're gonna share a story with you about building customer loyalty and a strong raving fan base. And of course, lady Gaga. We're really excited to have this conversation with you. And before we dive in, we want to give you a little sneak peek behind the scenes here in the training company behind the one thing and share why we were inspired to create this episode. We're always trying to figure out how we can create amazing content that helps you achieve extraordinary results. As we scale our business, we're always asking the question, what's the one thing we can do such that by doing it would make helping you achieve extraordinary results, easier or unnecessary dancer that question. We have to step back. We had to look at our business and really get clear on what it looks like up until this point and ask the question, what changes do we need to be making moving forward? One of the things was studying how we engage with you. Part of the reason that kaylin joined the one thing team as our community manager was specifically because we were missing per. Person who every single day woke up and asked, how can I engage with you? Get to know you better and make sure that everything that we do that those dominoes are lined up to serve you at a higher level. Once we brought Kaelin on board and she knocked it out of the park. I was in Jay's office and I remember he looked at me and said, you know what? You really need to read this book and he walked over to his bookshelf grab this book and handed it to me and said, you should really read this. I enjoyed it. And I think I think it's perfect for what you guys are trying to accomplish together. The book he hand me was called monster loyalty. How lady Gaga turns followers into fanatics by the woman, you're going to be here today, Jackie hookah. So Jay, Jackie and myself, sat down one evening had a great conversation, and I just knew that we had to share Jackie with all of you. I've been studying customer loyalty for gush over fifteen years and some always looking for amazing examples of any brand or company who is Craig wny's evangelist, but it just became a fan of the music of from Gaga. And then I realized that she's crazy performance artist, but it's when I started looking at how she was interacting with fans, and and then the fan sites and the concerts, she was doing things that no one else was doing, and I really busy became obsessed with studying this and over the course of four to five years. I was so amazed at these strategies that she was using. And then I saw companies were also doing similar strategies without wearing the dress. So I thought, you know what? I have an entire book material here to help companies understand how to create loyalist leg. She is she such a fun fun person to talk about because there's so many stories that most people have never heard of that are in the book. And that's why setted aerobics fun way to think about loyalty. And she's just doing these amazing things that I think people should know in those amazing things have resulted in amazing following seventy six million people on Twitter, fifty, six million people on Facebook throngs of passionate fans across the globe. She calls them little monsters. They call her mother monster, and it's really more than music that people are attracted to when it comes to Gaga today, we're going to show you how she was able to build this passionate fan base and what lessons you can take an apply in your business. Before we can learn how lady Gaga attracted her army of little monsters..

lady Gaga Jay Jackie hookah vice president Jeff woods kaylin Twitter Facebook Craig wny fifteen years five years
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"Maybe that changes. Maybe it doesn't because if you look at the digital tentatives like Netflix, they don't have ads like this is one of the interesting things about net flicks is the, it doesn't provide an alternative outlet for advertisers to reach people. So the advertisers still locked into TV because they cannot move to Netflix. What if someone comes up with something that we haven't thought the, I certainly haven't thought about 'cause I'm dumb, but like I like Netflix and stuff. But what if someone comes up with a Netflix kind of thing, a big quality thing that everyone watches like like the Facebook of. Because I'm going to say, I'm gonna say that not like the if you look at, if you look, if you look at Netflixing HBO and the golden age of TV, those things are not ad-supported so they don't provide an alternative for the advertisers. What about you too? Because I know that that's also where especially with younger people, that is where a lot of your ships going show and tell me, when was the last time you saw a Pepsi ad on YouTube. There are lots of Pepsi ad, but there you. But their ads on most things I knew to know most things, but on a lot of absolutely though you have an enormous amount of appetizing. Digital has an enormous amount of advertising in Google and Facebook. We know that this massive police that dominating the advertising market that getting a huge amount of growth on a bunch of that advertising is video. So I don't dispute for minute that has huge amount of Abdallah's moving into digital. What I'm saying is that when it comes to those really beautifully crafted thirty-second mini narratives that consumer packaged good comes wny's us to to build their brand and to make sure that people keep on buying that brand that the supermarket every week. Those brands a not moving to digital because that kind of messaging doesn't work very well in this d realize Felix that you're making the same argument is Michael Wolff did two years which Michael, whoa. Well, the bad television is the new television, and then he went and wrote his Trump book after that. But this is exactly the thesis of that book, which I, I liked the book, but I mean even felt like using the dog, it's August right twice a day, like I, it is conceivable in the Michael Wolff might have inadvertently been correct about something. Support for this podcast and the following message comes from slack, the collaboration hub for work, no matter what work you do teamwork on slack.

Netflix Michael Wolff Facebook Pepsi Netflixing HBO wny Abdallah Google Trump YouTube Felix thirty-second two years
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"Did you see her unfini-? I actually so first of all, Michelle thinks that she's sitting in the corner. Second of all, I think she was at a different show because this was actually the second show they did. I believe. I think the first one was like the week before I could be wrong, but I think this was not the opening, oh, because I kept like processing quiz, Michelle, I wanna see. I'm Michelle Collins, but it's here. So she Luanda's at the theater now and Ben's like, oh my God. Look at the girls. They wrap that play. Being like every Bravo gay ever you like voiced by Harvey Firestone and Llewellyn's like jumpsuit green, one like this to just figured I'd done with white for a while. If you know what I mean? I think I. I so questions questions. Yes, I wasn't sure. I wasn't totally sure this looted I was thinking it was an illusion towards cocaine or wasn't allusion to white sheets in Columbia. Or just as she going onto black men. Now we'll, I was going to wear a toga, but I'm done with seats for now. If you know what I mean. It actually could have been an allusion to like wedding dresses actually, if you really think about it. Yeah, that's what I thought she meant, but the on, I'm the one who allow that you weren't cocaine one? I'm that I was the one who went to cocaine original immediately. Yeah, I didn't. I thought she meant white has in wedding dresses like I'm done with that for a while, but then I read some speculation online on the Facebook that people were like she meant cocaine, and that's why they wanna have John there because Johnson one who always brings a cocaine, which I have to say, but groups. I mean, you guys really are like so good and I love and conspiracy theory. I mean, that's not really a conspiracy. That's good. You're a good theory. So I'm gonna go with that because like that. I actually, in retrospect, I actually think in retrospect, I I would actually think it's probably pertained to wedding. I don't think the wound would be so so dumb to make avail joke about cocaine on camera when she's going to trial. But I think that theory is a great theory and I'm also going to cosign on it shirt. I'm with you. Thank you Facebook. So the girl, Mona Bethany, you know, whenever Beth and everybody right arrives in a black car and his escort at it's no big deal. But whenever Bethany does it, I'm like, she's like a bitter evil. Stepsister that killed Cinderella and is now Cinderella. And I think that's why she's always going to be a hero of this show. Oh, my God. Look at the stepsister getting out of the car. She looks great. Love her hair here. Yes, she shows I wrote down, she entered a wicked witch. Basically women. No, and it wasn't even like an insult. It was like, I'm proud of you Durell with that bitch everyday. It's fucking source for you. She's a monster Cinderella. She will not be allowed to go onto release moms because she has birds while her work, but essential birds. But the thing is so so some of the women arrive there in glitter and Tinsley sitting at the table. Actually. I mean, they're out there and it was like, Hello. Hello can bring twenty some camp. Right. We'll be going to see Joan. Great. Who's Joan? Great. You know the one from cabaret. Right? Talk, John gray. Doesn't. Now she just knows if someone in gray, so proud of flu we in for launching her own cabernet. One we could sell packs together. Mike Griego, Lewin's, Kevin, and Beth wny's weird liquor. It's not very good, be honest. So Tinsley is lovely stage with free mccarroll. They're all sitting down at the table and tens. I didn't watch it by this under MandA, but she invite his guard to gum tonight only gone. She does. We. She said, I'm sorry. I didn't include Scotties woke loan, they wanna kill. What am I going to do? My..

cocaine Michelle Cinderella Facebook Tinsley Michelle Collins Joan Mona Bethany John gray Luanda Beth wny Harvey Firestone Ben Columbia Llewellyn flu Mike Griego Johnson Kevin Lewin
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"Don't really going to say this real madrid got bill usually in kareem bentley's and they will be is no more renaldo is on the way no question nobody's going he can get room feel the we used to can schools yes bake hunger on the field and my opinion bentham our is on the way and if the only thing we see in the problem we go to bail is getting them then what with them getting for keep them for because real madrid wny's gatos bill never made munch asian aided or anybody else the guys are great we're game for and they'll stay real madrid dab i saw you face while talking what's up owner we was out i made the face actually when once tv was talking i this idea for first of all actually about what ellie said they just signed alexis sanchez in january who plays on the left hand side i don't know the marine needs another another headache one thing that we need to remember with manchester united yes they can afford gareth bale the wealthiest if not one of the wealthiest clubs in the world but they don't have infinite funds if they're gonna go short out the defense and get themselves in other midfielder they're gonna wanna get good ones who are really really expensive in the current market so i think it's a question of resource allocation do you go and spend your money on bail and then go through the season again with jones and small and and young and all this nonsense at the back or do you try to build the kind of team that reno has been known for in the bat in the past as far as real madrid's concerned with gareth bale guys twenty years old if you can catch shane you cash.

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"wny c." Discussed on First Things First

"Somebody who's game just fell off because they go wear into mass so if he's there for i hear what you're saying if they had caught cleveland and finish third that does change a lot of stuff yeah but there's no guarantee they were going a to do that and hang you you ran down former the list 'bout they got nfl some bad 'hide teams code error they got some over teams at wonder weight lose no abell so i'm i'd man go they only through still such one juna of might those makes on end the up watch show with a strong yacht go ahead and for record meet one hundred over your own these bucks introduction last now eight games she's days a just former because row parallelly quick in appellate you're right i'm there was go no watch guarantee urges give they well were act he's going not insane i to a found catch in form cleveland so know we liked of felon that i we're to gonna feel talk order like some it tom is now brady guaranteed this morning friday if they it bright was won't up to eight him tiny catch there'd so be cleveland spew no backup an shake and quarterback i think aarc that's manji on leaving the team wny's you came here to see get what's how up rid they of going eric the position to play you all together as never we you learned know know in with tom cousy that introduction versus you ride time i dunno out his documentary where to go he plans on plane these eightyseven and we'll never get hurt on fortunately though football life doesn't work that way in robert kraft knows it as big as fan bob admitted eventually the patriots we'll have to come up with a backup plan at quarterback.

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