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"Creative equitable and sustainable future and the estate of some year nagib who is bequest helps ensure access for all to quality public radio reporting and stories that encourage lifelong learning Coming up on 8 37 this morning edition on WNYC and Michael hill and with me today is reporter and editor Nancy Solomon Tomorrow's the last day of the fall pledge drive here with raising money that keeps WNYC coming to you We have some sense of how important how valuable this station is to use So we're asking you this morning to support us Support WNY say with a small ongoing monthly contribution or a large one We call it sustaining membership give now by calling 8 8 8 three 7 6 9 6 9 two or go to WNYC dot org and look for the red donate button Nancy we're asking people to support what they rely on which is WNY say And you know with all the barrage of bad news and concerning things and scary things going on I love listening to something like that feature we just heard from Amy pearl It's just it's like Saab for the wounded heart and it's and that is public radio It's trying to bring you the breadth of human experience not just all the problems although you know one could argue maybe we get a little bit of a heavy dose of that But also the joy in life And radio is such a great way to hear those stories because with those voices and the sounds of the birds that was the best two minute listen of my morning So thank you Amy pearl and thanks to all of you who are donating we really need your support It's been a tough year for WNYC and we need you to make that call 8 8 8 three 7 6 9 6 9 two We have Brooklyn roasting company fair trade coffee freshly roasted for you for any pledge amount.

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"WNYC dot org and look for the red donate button feel free to wear it out and keep donating large or small donations contributions we will take them and we certainly appreciate your financial support and we appreciate and value your listenership to WNYC as well And imagine though if we were not here what would that mean to you And I have to ask that question because it's an important one I'm going to ask you to give for the reason that you tune to the station that you listen that you feel that this station is important to your life to your world Georgia in taco This is in Westchester county right above The Bronx This is what she wrote after she became a sustaining member She says because I couldn't imagine a world without WNYC She writes I learned so much every day and feels so connected to the world because I listen every day I couldn't imagine a world without WNY say And we have to ask everybody else out there could you imagine that a world without WNY say Don't take for granted that we'll be here tomorrow Don't take for granted that will be here next week that will be here next month next year Don't take it for granted What would it mean for you if W NYC was not here Why is this station important to you Give for that reason That's where we're asking for this morning And asking you to become a sustaining member as our membership drive for this fall is ending tomorrow 8 8 8 three 7 6 9 6 9 two that's 8 8 8 three 7 6 9 6 9 two or simply going online to W NYC dot org look for that red donate button whether you do it online or whether you make a phone call we appreciate your support No donation is too small no donation is too large We appreciate you We appreciate your listen Please give Thank you WNYC is supported by Saint Francis heart center working to provide compassionate care at.

Westchester county Georgia Saint Francis heart center
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"That was teacher Katie Wright for privacy purposes we are not using her student's names Support for NPR comes from WNYC members and from Chopin committed to delivering transformative healthcare solutions for women and families Believes that we're a woman lives should not determine if she lives more at JH PI GO dot org Norton LifeLock reminding consumers there was a victim of identity theft every three seconds in 2020 learn more at life lock dot com slash NPR and cyber reason a cybersecurity company dedicated to ending the fear of ransomware while attackers hold businesses to ransom cyber reason works to protect them more at sabers and dot com slash ransom At 7 24 this is morning edition on WNYC and Michael hill and with me today is reporter and editor Nancy Solomon tomorrow is the last day of the fall Plants drive I'll say it again It's the last day tomorrow of our fall plant drive we're raising the money that keeps WNYC on the airwaves and coming to you with the kind of program you rely on We've been with you and we've been through a lot together over the last couple of months or a couple of years actually at the start of the pandemic We told you we would be here for you throughout and we have will keep being here We're here because of your support Listener support is carrying double the NYC like never ever before and going forward will keep depending on your support We're asking you this morning for a small or a large ongoing monthly contribution whatever you can afford we call it sustaining membership here Give now by calling 88 8 three 7 6 9 6 9 two or go to WNYC dot org and look for that red donate button Nancy there are things there that are make it really easy to give the WNY set That's right We have a special offer this morning a 12 ounce ten of fair trade coffee that is specially roasted for WNYC by Brooklyn roasting company and I will admit I'm a bit of a coffee snob as embarrassing as it is to say And having locally roasted coffee means that it will be fresh and you can count on that And that.

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"Why we're asking you to set up an ongoing monthly contribution we call it sustaining membership and we need to get to 1500 sustainers by noon today to unlock $50,000 from nagata Give a call now at 8 8 8 three 7 6 9 6 9 two or go on WNYC dot org and look for that donate button Bridget Matt and I did this yesterday morning We said that we could do I know with you on board and with me on board and our great listeners I know we can reach this goal You know there are so many great reasons why you would want to become a sustaining member of WNYC I would point to one of the things that's very much on my mind these days Michael and that's of course the upcoming elections Yes WNYC is really committed to providing you not just the picture of what's happening nationally across the country but also what is happening here in your community And why it matters to you why you should know who your city council member is why you should be following this mayoral election and let me tell you come in quickly at us this upcoming gubernatorial election in New York And of course the gubernatorial election in New Jersey These are just a few of the reasons why your support and your support is a sustaining member You so vital We need to reach this goal of 1500 sustaining members by today And I know Michael like you said we can do it We're up early We're going to get people going We're going to rev them up and if you're hearing my voice now then take a moment before the day gets away from you and call 8 8 8 three 7 6 9 6 9 two or give it WNY C or we can do this Let's unlock this $50,000 Hi this is.

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"It's you know that long so it's joke ending and i you know i did that for a while but i was never seemed to me like it would be better if those sixteen piece is went back to one reopen. I experimented with a lot of different ways. And initially i had like a top it and some other stuff that was but it wasn't as as deceptive as the next one which involved me some mechanical crap in a suitcase even in my little case prop case and then i wanted to move away from the suitcase and so and make it self contained on my person but not atop it. And so it's just you know it's evolved over the years into in but that's that's not that's just to make the trick better and i feel like done that with a lot of things just and also not just make it better but in the process i mean i i wanna make it better but i also wanna make it more my own right so nobody has that except for me when if you if you see that trick. Hopefully you're only seeing me do it. And so i mean and many of the tricks in my show or like that. I mean i. I started out. Doing terry seabrook's bill and wallet burnt bill thing and i did that almost word for word with the manuscript that i bought when i was teenager and but over the years i mean i'm like trying to get away from that and i bought my cave. Wny's magic comedy book had terry's routine but with a bill in the cigar finish instead so i switched to that because less people were doing that and and then but it still it was. Mike's not mine. Yeah and so had the idea for the telephone and changed up some other stuff and added a card trick in the middle and hypnotize myself. And just over the years it's just built up and then I did carlisle's homing card card to pocket. And and then after the bill was in the cigar then i would in the card trick with a card in the wallet but you know cardinal while everybody does and so it's like trying to figure out and so then. I landed on a little snack. Pack box of cereal for the car to so just over the years just trying to make the trick better and unique..

terry seabrook Wny terry Mike carlisle
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"Even gonna. I'm not gonna stop and watch but you put usa on it and you put another country. Now let's see the best in the world is while i'm on. I'm i'm watching this. And i'm cheer cheer from country. Yeah the new zealanders. Strap the united states here a few years back Were there sailboating. They had the new zealanders beat america. They never did get over that. A lot of people were surprised that for four years all these sports us in the olympics. They're playing them in the off year too. And they're even televise them. You know but to your point. Nobody's really tuned into hell. Let's put the maybe the olympics Insert some type of conventional getting along. Let just compete in sports with no wars and kid on each other. I mean you know would be a healthy thing for countries. If they could get together. And do that. I guess while you things that i think it values humans you know we we. We live here. We're this let. No debt remain outstanding. Which we're gonna get to in rome. Thirteen eight except the one to love one another. I mean you love your neighbor. Don't do some of the and those. The listeners are going to send this answer. I'll just go ahead and bring it up dog about so because a lot of people have been turned off that olympics. Because there's been a you know a few athletes that have you know light out during the anthem or turn their back. You know the flag and were some stuff that was put on a t-shirt and so a little of that has happened. i i think it's not widespread. Although you know. I honestly i i haven't seen accept what's being reported so i want them so right. A lot of people want to throw it out. Because i kind of took the other take. I mean. i don't like that. Obviously but i thought most of those americans that are over there love their country love competing so i hate to throw out the whole games because there's a few in my nephew bad actors and bad apple so it's just another way to look at that but i know there's strong opinions about it. In our you know our listeners said about camaraderie. They ought to. They ought to consider that. I guess among nations camaraderie here when we get together and yeah but hey when we'd rather not go to war but sometimes there is war. Which kind is the lead in is. We had a question from a guy named jared. That's a I don't know if he's still in the military or which is was but he'd been deployed several times and he had been involved in in several firefights in in one of the cases Took someone's life you know one of the one of the combatants That they were that we've been fighting against. I guess in afghanistan or somewhere in the middle east and It obviously has bothered him so we asked us about it. I in lieu of the ten commandments. He said you know it says thou shall not kill which it actually says that. I should not murder but i want us to talk a little bit about that as we lead into rome. Thirteen because it you know. Paolo lays out a i. Guess a case for foul in the authorities in there he mentions even the idea about burying the sword so women let me just read. It says everyone must submit himself to the governor authorities for there's no authority except that which god is established which he was basically giving the almighty credit for the the idea of establishment that we have on the earth yet called law and order the authorities that exists have been established by god consequently he who rebels against the authorities rebuilding yes. Well god is instituted in those who do so bring jobs. Run them sales for rulers. Hold no terror for those who do right but for those who do wrong. Do you want to be free from the fear of the one in authority. Then do what's right and he will come in you for he is god's servant to do you good but if you do wrong be afraid and you got a member i think he's speaking in generalities here. I mean there are corrupt governments in there. They're in there always. Is this president of good. Nevil do he goes on to say he is. God's servant an agent of wrath to bring punishment on the wrongdoing therefore it is necessary to submit to the authorities not only because of possible punishment but also because of content. And then he even says this is also why you pay taxes for the authorities are god's servants who give their full-time of governing. Give everyone what you always. If it's taxes taxes revenue revenue. And then he comes down and says let no debt remain outstanding except the debt to love one another and then by the end of thirteen. He gives you a pitcher. What the greater motivation for us to be. Which is to be like. Jesus what jared wny's understand is Let's take a break. We'll take a break. I would say to jared said when the japanese for no reason. They had no reason when they attacked pearl harbor and they were trying to expand their empire they were a powerful powerful nation at the time so they attacked china all their neighbors. They started concord islands. They said we need to get the united states out of the way. So let's let's let's take care of their their fleet at pearl harbor so about three thousand. I think a little less than three thousand died on that day and in that day will live in infamy. According to the president roosevelt at the time this day will live in infamy. Because we're coming back so we declared war on japan because they attacked us. Journeys understand that millions step forth and went to the marine corps. Air force army Everybody so everybody under one said we're gonna we're gonna let you do that attack us for no reason so when they all joined up we lost hundreds of thousands during that process. Four five six years. So we're to came and left but all those guys. I went to omaha beach. And i stood on that sand and looked how far it was to the edge the bluff and on top of the bluffs all the germans lurgan that of the war. I was just hoping that. They had a love for god and believed in jesus christ before. They started out a call san that that beach. So that's that. So the twin towers jared. We were attacked two of our tallest buildings in the new york city for crying out loud and they ran jet loads of human beings into these buildings and they did it with with no reason. They just did it because they they were trying to make a point. I guess so. They murdered all the citizens of three thousand died there so jazz. The conflict you're into you were there. Because the president of the united states. George bush said the people who brought these towers down. They're going to be hearing from us. So jared you the one of the ones that Joined up but when when you you killed our enemy just remember. They're the ones that started. And in my humble opinion it was a righteous undertaking. When you signed up joined up and you went into war against the enemy by my count. I think we want it. Basically out of there now. And it's all ended iraq afghanistan and all that. But i think i think it was worthy of note that they're the ones that started running airplanes in the building. It's not us out mentioned at the beginning. You kind briefly set it. But the doesn't say thou shalt not kill it dow shot not murder. The hebrew word is is murder and so a killing is not necessarily sinful. And it's murder in if you're if you if someone breaks into your house and you know they're gonna rape pillage your family and your belongings e obviously you defend your family that you kill them in response that's not. That's that's an honorable thing to do to protect your family. So i would tell jared first and foremost because the email said dow shot and killed and i see that shot up murder and when i ran for us congress In two thousand fourteen..

olympics united states jared rome jared wny concord islands pearl harbor Nevil Paolo Air force army afghanistan middle east apple omaha beach roosevelt marine corps china japan new york city George bush
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"Hopefully But I'll say I'll say, I'll say. I want to see I do want to see. The the the pelts want to. But I want to see in there too. It's like One of the sneak I wanNA see Dane. And CJ inert in mellow and wayside me. Enter engagement junior I'm going to see them go gets Lebron though I a very bad. That's up the hill I to see that in the first round. Because at full strength. You can't tell tell me that. Blades are at top four seat at for strange. You can't tell me that. You you can't only that the magic. Blazers at Fort Shrimp you can't tell me that the jazz. To the. Mavericks, Mavericks? Okay at least I will say, wait a minute. You can't tell me the mavericks. Can't tell me that the sun doorbell. You, tell me that the jazz are baron. Like I think. Jay firms different. Improved ee I know we talked. About. On this show about weight doesn't playoffs. But. He's he's doing right now I'm just watching WNY's games I'm like hang. On how you keep talking. Regular regular-season James for is unstoppable. Days Are we? Is Seen but workers season James. Harden Brown. Compare. Paired with Russell Westbrook. Nasty team they crazy. But a As a healthy team. The Blazers has retired. For Roster. And I think that if they can fully healthy. A scary scary scary for belief. That backward who. Who you must work on the CJ. Running name. Any any green and Jr.. Nan. Sixty. and. This is this is GonNa go. That's no responsibility. He Oh. Dang. Light Up. The is. And people keep forgetting when they were in the Western. conference. Finals last year. Rankings. Now..

Mavericks Blazers Lebron Russell Westbrook WNY Fort Shrimp Harden Brown
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"I'm not into Moshi Situation my. Off on the screen now for at least so you can. Say That now dot look to be fair. She doesn't probably look sixty one, I think it would be fit assignment and if it looks like a hello t nine, twenty, seven, twenty, seven. Well fuck that if you get past at twenty. Five. Twenty. Eight big game and then. My. Personal View is love knows no boundaries don't feel happy like good lots gives us. Both adults and actually being in a relationship for threes. This is not something that's. Just whipped up a relationship on tinder. This is this is the real deal for three you so I say sexually off the chat. Awesome. He'd be living drawing. On the. Threes they both happy and I think that's all it really league our. Good. Buddy hell ever. Do. have. A crash and booed and I'd say. Hell old because they go to be overnight. Your White. Now you're adult say you might the CO I? You realize champion. With her if it's possible. Fitch. Did before the kids. Twenty. Just, south. Sign. Thought but. Not, she's at the end of a long. She's got a bit left but see I ain't gonNA be around. You know for as potentially as long as too much. So as always I accept all the reality they all think it's up to them and it's now else's concerned and Bloody Gulag tool very happy for them. Congratulations to a lovely couple. Listening you. I'm sure. If you. Guys Welcome. To hear a bit more about. Adoption. And with. The BAC. He's about a walk along the. Right to cat flying across the screen where we get to Austin right. Well Getting Worse on you little by the hippos. tunes and I just take a breath and think about the fact that your adopted and you had had a hell of a story in you've shared for with the view was now we did side, there's a couple wny's Hugli and more and more and more of your turning to the podcast, and so let me bring you up to speed in a not show these giant tastes adoption. Giant, was adopted A. Knew, right from the start that he's adopted, parents said to him how year adopted my Hayes Mum separated way married and so he's had a mom and dad always lost at he's made twenty said a really lot found out about who my real mummy and Mario went along to adoption agency. They taught him how to let it guide him an envelope with tiles. He wrote a letter to this lady was he's next idea who we're going around. Had Lunch and then first thing a which is really important. He's mum as mom said to him was you look exactly lock your father? So of course that under the whole new lot of curiosity you did some research started raiding through the fine book you found out and you stop the whole lot of people. You had a little bit of information that said that you dad worked at the Preston market. So you rang everyone ought to put through the survey die said. One of them said, actually, we did have a stall at the Preston market. So then you're onto something you, they beat light own by the SAM conversations you discuss and found out when you spoke to your dad that he actually didn't want it deny didn't want to talk to him on a he had no desire to catch up with you and he'd also told. No one about you. So eventually you persisted, you've got to a point. The relationship was strong. You caught up with your dad you met him in a coffee shop nominal he board long space. Might You Fan About Your Dad? Unfortunately, your dad has pasta why and this is where we got to Jiji. Yes I wear So met the funeral and. It was. I'm sort of touched on it last week it was a buddy. It was a very emotional dying ended up going with the might who knew you my dad and you the story and had kept to himself for a long period of time and I really respect that. Thank you Jason if you're listening and. So we're the funeral and. Just, don't know what happened was there and I expect my dad was was Jewish and off I didn't know anything about the. Jewish whatsoever, and I was literally on the Internet guy what happens at a Jewish funeral know jt you were raised Jewish? dougie had nothing to do with thing that sort of nothing to do with it and knew nothing about it. So and so always just hyping it the funeral one I'll really wanted to do was just walking in the back of the church. For the for the ceremony and stockpile more space than just sort of ducked out the door and by that was sort of what I wanted to do. But it sends out to that doesn't happen Jewish funerals. It's it's actually at the graveside and Okay. So I on their walking up and audio I. How many people were going to be these funeral? Honestly didn't know if it was just GonNa be immediate family and the be ten people standing and suddenly these spike walks up everyone sort of looks at and guys might who the lucky and you've got. You know always the thousands of people and just Blandino had absolutely no idea. I was absolutely breaks actually going through the funeral itself. Did you go by yourself? So I went with Jason and jv And so anyway, I'm walking up and is a big moment for me for a number of reasons one it's always. Father's funeral in SNL. It's really worried about being authentified I guess, and and people suddenly make an insane and gone who you and why here and all that sort of stuff. But it was also going to be the only time that the first time. Sorry that I was GONNA say. My brothers. Now, I've got three half brothers a dad. Had three children so they might same same father. And One of them. I don't know how many people but one of them's pretty well nine and in the sporting arena and I saw see him a lot on on television and that's fine but the other two you know much lower profile and android honestly never say never seen of how to open never say anything. So I was just thinking well, it's the first time I. Lay is on on on on my brothers half brothers. So yeah, it was. It was big. So anyway. So it go up in sort of thank God there was there was probably around. On and our hundred people right and so it wasn't sort of small socket Khanna Blandine? And my dad had a bit of an I fell in basketball background. Sorry. There was actually a lot of people. So. I was like that was the only thing going to get like dogs goals he. Didn't was actually one of the Gaza begin as the couple of well nine from the footy sickles and and and from the NBA. Alex there as well. So it was not on that guy and so So that was sort of Anyway they finally stopped the ceremony sort of walk diver and just again just wanted to blame dean and uninhabited happened, and it's how to do a visual thing of these. But it was almost like the Red Sea parted at the at the funeral I was standing on one side of the coffin. And the basically.

Jason Fitch Gaza Khanna Blandine basketball NBA Hugli Mario Austin Alex Jiji dean jt SNL Blandino footy
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"It Mike Gallagher Dennis Prager and Larry elder for this ongoing special report Wednesday at seven PM here on A. M. a nine seventy the outside WNY in Hackensack our townhall dot com on the roster after weeks of being shot in the public sentiments increasing for states to open up their economies wild and rancorous rallies were held in a number of capitals yesterday demanding restrictions be lifted on ABC's this week today coronavirus response coordinator Dr Deborah Berke says everyone needs to be aware of what their local leaders are saying about the coronavirus they need to really follow state local guidelines and they themselves need to be educated and knowledgeable about this virus we're not only protecting ourselves but protecting each other when we follow the guidelines meanwhile the trump administration and Congress are nearing agreement on an aid package of up to four hundred fifty billion dollars to boost a small business loan program that's run out of money re secretary Steve Mnuchin hopes the deal could pass Congress quickly get the program up by mid week governor Andrew Cuomo says another drop in deaths means New York is on the other side of the plateau but he says it's no time to let their guard down Cuomo says five hundred and seven people died Saturday while every death is a tragedy the day before there were five hundred and forty all indications at this point a week that we are on the descent whether or not the descent continues depends on what we do the governor says thirteen hundred people went into the hospital Saturday with corona virus while that number is also down new Yorkers still have to remain vigilant it's no time to get cocky and it's no time to get our right we still have a lot long way to go and he warns against re opening too soon saying if we went through all of this only to go back and start over again Shimano Julie Walker reporting a gunman disguised as a police officer killed sixteen people in a shooting rampage across the province of Nova Scotia before the shooter was found dead it was the deadliest shooting reported in Canadian history.

New York Shimano secretary coordinator Larry elder Nova Scotia officer Julie Walker Mike Gallagher Dennis Prager Andrew Cuomo Steve Mnuchin Congress Dr Deborah Berke ABC WNY A. M.
'Tis the Season for Workplace Stress, According to New Survey

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'Tis the Season for Workplace Stress, According to New Survey

"WNY heard a lot of what's causing stress in your life it could be taking some of the shine off of the two console this year is it really the most wonderful time of the year or is it the most stressful a new survey by express employment professionals found that just sixteen percent of boxes love this time of year and thirty percent of workers among the top stressors for bosses were last minute projects and juggling time off requests for employees asking for time off was also stressful along with co worker gifts and the annual holiday party CBS is Diane

WNY CBS Diane Sixteen Percent Thirty Percent
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"Crosby will join then comes the Burton health stops by for on going Monday series all things classical and Klosterman new collection of short stories are raised in captivity is to reveal an irreverent and it's been described by at least one writer as for Michael doses of straight dope Chuck will stop by to talk all about it we will get to all of it I'm Alison Stewart and I'll meet you on the other side of the news live from NPR news in Washington I'm Laxmi saying the American civil liberties union is moving to block a new effort by the trump administration to drastically limit the number of people seeking asylum in the United States in particular the influx from Central America and peers Windsor Johnson reports a new regulation is scheduled to take effect tomorrow going forward asylum seekers will have to apply in the first country they enter rather than at the US border Omar Jed watch with the ACLU says limiting eligibility is another attempt by the trump administration to make the asylum process more difficult what you can see is that the administration believes that the harsher it can be the better and you know in this case they're ignoring what the law actually says the department of homeland security is urging what it calls targeted changes to the legal framework of the nation's immigration system DHSS until Congress acts the interim rule will help reduce and major poll factor driving the overwhelming tide of illegal immigration wins our Johnston NPR news Washington Oklahoma's opioid case against the pharmaceutical giant Johnson Johnson is in the closing arguments phase this morning state Attorney General Mike hunter argue Johnson Johnson was a king pin in the marketing campaign he said the company driven by greed played up the benefits of opioid drugs and downplayed the risk of addiction thereby contributing to the nation's opioid epidemic the prosecution wants the drugmaker to pay up to seventeen billion dollars over thirty years to address the crisis attorneys for the company argue its products accounted for small share of opioid prescribing Oklahoma and contain FDA approved labels that warned of the addictive risks prosecutors say the child sex trafficking case against Jeffrey abstain in New York is building and peers quill Lawrence reports a decision on whether to release I've seen on bail is expected Thursday a federal judge is still weighing defense arguments that the multi millionaire should be able to live under house arrest in his New York mansion after his lawyers say he is not broken the law since his two thousand a conviction of soliciting a minor for prostitution prosecutors say if released the sixty six year old that steam could use his vast wealth to flee the country instead of facing a possible forty five years in prison they say new victims have come forward and a search of abstinence home you'll get a fake passport cash diamonds as well as what authorities say appears to be child **** the judge Richard M. Berman has in the past denied a request by a wealthy defended to finance his own house arrest saying it fosters inequity and unequal treatment quill Lawrence NPR news New York president trump says he is not a racist he's addressing reporters today after coming under fire for tweet that contained racist language about for Congress women of color and some of his supporters have sought to downplay the incendiary language from the president you're listening to NPR news this is WNYC in New York I'm Kate Hines as you've been hearing a federal judge says he'll decide later this week whether or not to grant bail to multi millionaire sex offender Jeffrey abstain WNY sees Quinn Hogan is outside the court room supporters say he is a tremendous flight rest they say just this morning there investigators open the locked safe and found a pile of cash dozens of diamonds and an expired foreign passport.

Crosby seventeen billion dollars forty five years sixty six year thirty years
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"Thirty last night. They found the injured man took him to the hospital. Please describe his injuries as non-life-threatening. So we should be okay. At least physically we do not know what led up to the to the violence at this point beyond are saying that they believe road rage plead. Roll the victim was taken to a hospital in expected to survive. Police ranking neighbors to check surveillance cameras to see whether they caught anything could help with the case. Fifty foot yacht. Marina nears Caputo's early this morning. When firefighters arrive half the boat was burning. No one was on board Columbia fire and rescue along with Clark county fireboat rail to keep those flames from spreading to other boats caused the fire is under investigation. A homeowner is facing a fine from Clackamas county for not planting the right trees in the county easement in front of their home. Now ninety Xs Gail, cutting says the homeowners filed a formal complaint against the county. Allender? Her husband got a letter from the county directing them to plant new trees along that parking strip. So they bought and planted the red Maples on the county approved list, then code enforcement said they were the wrong trees. There was really no clever to problem solving or anything like that. It was just like, and you need to replace the trees counties. Rick wny's tells us the pornos have until may thirty first to replace them and face fines Cornell and her husband hope to recover some of the nearly seven hundred dollars. They've spent truck driver accused in the Colorado crash on I ninety that killed four people face charges a vehicular homicide district. Attorney Pete ware says row gal. Medeiros was going more than twice the speed. Limit speed. Limit for commercial vehicle that Mr. Aguilera was operating forty five miles an hour. Yes. To mated speed of Mr. Aguilera was an excess of eighty five miles an hour. Medeiros says his brakes failed. He.

Clackamas county Medeiros Clark county Mr. Aguilera red Maples Rick wny vehicular homicide Gail Pete ware Marina Caputo Attorney Cornell Colorado seven hundred dollars Fifty foot
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"A really good first hour and a really good second hour. Welcome back or welcome to the program. I am Jim Rome live in southern California. And the program is brought to you by rocket mortgage by Quicken Loans. Rocket mortgage is with you every step of the way to provide a seamless mortgage experience. You wanna take part go and do. So you've got your phone number use it for me on Twitter do that. He wanna Email me. Go ahead and do that. I always any time though, we are right in the middle of the NHL playoffs. One of my favorite times a year. So we are joined by an NBC hockey analyst a scout. And an assistant coach with the penguins and part of the organizations backed back Stanley Cups. He also spent time with the Wailers and senators organizations. He is a sports EMMY award winner named his member of the Hockey Hall of fame selection committee last year. My guest is Pierre McGuire Pierre too so good. Have you back in the jungle? How are you? Awesome. I'm doing great. Thank you, very much Pierre one of my favorite traditions at this time of year is not just to talk hockey with you but to travel so where have you been in the past week? And where are you going this week? I've been in Columbus. I've been in Tampa I've been in Washington I've been in Raleigh. I've been in Pittsburgh. I'm in Raleigh tonight. And if the Washington Capitals win, I will be in San Jose tomorrow. More for game seven if the capital's don't win be in Washington DC, so everything kind of fluid right now, Jim to be honest. You are machine and you nailed it. Like, I knew you would. All right. So why don't we talk about the capital's peer? They beat Carolina six nothing on Saturday. They took a three two series lead. What do you make of how they played on Saturday? And then how much does that impact tonight? The best game. They played in the series by far. They were particularly good through the first four games of the series. And you gotta give some credit to Carolina who was physical. Who was smart that a solid game plan? They did their best to take Alexander Ovechkin. Nick Backstrom and Tommy Wilson out of the series. Unfortunately, that's almost impossible for any team and Washington on Saturday night show. Just how great they are they show championship pedigree on Saturday night. And that's why they dominated Carolina who's kind of new to the party and really inexperienced. I would think this would be a really tall order for Carolina to win game six. But if they do win Jim and forces seven it's not just because of what's going on the ice is because of what's going on away from the with fans there. This is allowed us building in the NHL right now out of Raleigh Pierre McGuire joining us so in terms of their championship pedigree. How does this year's capitals team compared to the one that won the Stanley Cup last year? Not a deep on defense. And part of the problem is Michael camp. Wny's injury got hurt late in the season against the Tampa Bay Lightning. He won't be back. And obviously in game for they lost TJ. Oh, she to a fractured clavicle he had Servian Sunday morning, and he won't be back at the plant. So they're not nearly as deep as they were a year ago. But what they have is. They've got tremendous leadership because they have won before gyms. That's why loot it to the championship pedigree. So Alexander Ovechkin Nick fats kidding nuts off, LARs Eller, Johnny Carlson. These guys have one they'd been through at the inter stand. The torture test that the Stanley Cup playoffs are. And I think they're prepared for that. Even though they obviously lost two major players over the last month and a bit pm Aguire joins us once again superior back to game three when Alex veg can Andres veg, Nicole got into it. What did you think when that fight started? And then when vegetable dropped him the way he did. I had no problem with it. When you sign up to be in the National Hockey League readier eighteen or whether you're thirty five they don't check your birth certificate. Everybody's equal footing. They'd been jousting since gain number one. They also just join the regular season. So it's not something that was a foreign concept. Either player I think both guys mutually agreed to fight as soon as veteran got him with the right hand on the button. I don't know if you heard my call, but I was telling the trainer for Carolina, you'd better get out there because I don't think anybody I was you know, maybe fifteen or twenty feet away from it. I don't think people realize the impact it sounds like a hammer hitting would when Ovechkin got him on the button. And so eventually, obviously specially -ccomplish taking off and he's actually been skating Jim and practicing with a full face shield. I think he's highly doubtful to play tonight in game six, but who knows it's the playoffs Pierre McGuire. My guess who knows I did hear you call. And you were there you saw that he was out before he hit the is. That was really something. Pierre McGuire joining us. All right. So we we move on. The islanders sweat the penguins and other advancing to the second round of the playoffs for the second time in twenty-six years. How press if you've been with the way they handle their business so far phenomenal. It's all about organizational standards. Jim, and what happened was when Lula morale became the president general manager that team you knew right away. There was no more messing around with the boss was he went out and hired a Stanley Cup winning coach and a great coach very trots the implemented a system that would best insulate their goal tending position and their defense. They're really difficult to play against in their own zone. They had guys have really elevated. You're in the course of the year. Josh Bailey's, one of them. Jordan Eberle another one of them unders Lee kinda had a social year. But in the playoffs, he's really elevated. Their defense is come rock-solid. Good. They've got a great reclamation story and Robin lettering goal. These battled demons away from the ice. So quite frankly there in amazing story, but it comes down a simple thing. Jim every pro sports team can implement organizational standards. They have. High standards and they play at high level because Pierre McGuire joins us. All right. So as long as we're talking about first round sweeps PM what John Tortorella and Columbus figure out about the lightning that nobody else could crack in the regular season. What a great question. So it goes back to the last time they played in the regular season. I happen to do the game. Tampa Bay one in Columbus five to one. Jimmy was unbelievable. I was there. But the shots on goal were forty two twenty in favor of Columbus. So they knew that they could dent their defense. And they knew they could attack with pace. So I did every game in that. Here's here's the one deal in game. Number one. Columbus was down three nothing after one period and John Tortorella stuck with his tenor. Sergei Broschi that was number one thing for him to do was great the rest of the series. Second thing. He empowered is defense to get off. So if you look at set Jones, if you look at Zach Renske, and you look at David Savard, those guys were major forces because of John Tortorella turn them loose from defense to offense. The third thing that he did he changed? All right wingers him Atkinson played on a different line. Josh Anderson played on a different line in a made a big difference. In terms of what they were doing offense in the matches for Tampa. And then the third thing that our fourth thing that I thought they did so well, they guy supergrasses Jim on the four check and that frustrated Tampa Tampa had not been Ford checked that the entire season, and they did have at the Pierre McGuire. Joining us right here. Listen, the NHL postseason to me is unlike any other postseason in sports, literally anything can happen. But when you look at this season Calgary lost five one to Colorado and game five mean, they're going to pack their bags after the first round. So what's it say that the top seed in the east and west are both done in the first round. And that they wanna combine one game between them to great question. It's a fair question. So here's my theory on a gym. We have had a salary cap in the NHL since two thousand five or six that season the first year of the salary cap bear the Carolina Hurricanes actually won the Stanley. But since then we've only had one expansion we've only had one expansion to twenty years. So the talent buckets full around the league ever since two thousand three entry draft. We've had amazing good drafts. We really haven't had any poor drafts. So more and more talent is coming into the league. And because of the cap the balance of powers, getting equalize, more and more and more. So that's why the parody in the league is just awesome. It's overwhelming. And you know, people say, oh, it's an easy lead to make the playoffs in because sixteen thirty one teams make the playoffs. Now. It's really difficult league to make the playoffs. And it's unbelievably difficult. We're talking to McGuire. All right. So the athlete recently get a piece on you. But not as a broadcaster. But on you as a father your daughter Justin is going to be a freshman. Dartmouth where she's going to row your son Ryan is playing hockey Belmont hill. Help proud of you are how proud are you a both of them as athletes people all my gosh. I'm so grateful and blessed there. Into sports number one number two that commitment level for autism athletes phenomenal. But to see the commitment level of my daughter particular, and the rowing community is awesome. I system San Diego. Jim. I it looked you up at the San Diego classic watching that boat. Racer the regarding an amazing depend the people in San Diego. Such a good job. I'm I'm really proud of them, obviously, the father, but I can't thank my wife enough because I'm away a lot as you know, and my wife is a superhero in our house. I'm really really grateful for everything that she does with our children. It's novel story, I get that Ellison one of the things he said in the piece was quote, as a father one thing when I was younger in my career broadcasting I would get too aggressive in terms of analysis with certain things now as I watched young players grow up these kids need time to season you have to give them time and be more patient. That's helped me being a parent, and quote, so how much being apparent impacted the way you approach broadcasting, and how much is broadcasting impacted the way you approach parenting. Oh, wow. What a good question convoluted, but very fair. I think I've learned to be more patient in broadcasting. I think I've learned to be more fair. Sometimes you're motions get the best when you're broadcast and get caught up in the heat of the moment, especially where I work you're down low between the benches. You're in the middle of the fray, you're surrounded by twenty thousand people, and it's it's crazy sometimes, but I think you learn to be more subtle you take more time to evaluate decisions. You don't have a ton of time because it's hockey, and it goes really fast. But I think the number one thing when you're doing this, and I've learned it over twenty to twenty one years now as a broadcaster, you learn to be more fair, you give the guy some more times than not the benefit of the doubt on a mistake. Giving a gamble the other night Dougie. Hamilton was in a situation of foot race defensemen for Caroline against Alexander Ovechkin and he knew of etching was coming form. And if this would have been fifteen years ago, I probably would've visited could you bailed out on the play. But rather just show? Let the pictures do the talking. I said he basically bailed out of that rather than making it personal. I just let the play describe itself and people at home can make their own decision. I understand that. I think that I said things on this show fifteen years ago that I would never say right now, it's all part of how we evolve in the way we see things in our perspective he has an embassy hockey analyst. And of course, was a scout and assistant coach for the penguins when they went back to back to win the Stanley Cup. He is a sports EMMY award winner as well and extremely well, travelled, especially this time of year Pierre McGuire Pierre it is so good. Have you back? I always appreciate that. Visit and thank you so much for doing it. All Jim I cannot thank you enough for your passion for hockey, and you love the game and the way support our league and our pliers. I'm just so grateful to be on your show..

Jim Rome Pierre McGuire Pierre McGuire Pierre Alexander Ovechkin NHL Carolina hockey Tampa penguins EMMY award Washington John Tortorella Columbus analyst NBC Quicken Loans Wailers Twitter Raleigh
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"AM in Hong Kong and here in Singapore. I'm Juliet Solly that I'm Doug krizner at Bloomberg interactive brokers studio in New York at the top of the hour. We're going to get cash markets up and running in Tokyo, Sydney, and Seoul could see a two hundred point move to the upside in the Nikkei, that's what the Chicago futures are implying largely because of a weaker yen here at one twelve against the dollar. So Tiger Woods is. Now, the twenty nine thousand nine masters champ. And this victory was a big loss for sports books in the Vada and New Jersey fan duel saying that it lost two million dollars. When would secured his first major victory in more than a decade. We'll have more on that. When we check sports in a moment right now, this hour's top business stories, well, President Trump stepping up his attacks on fed policy. He's tweeted that the stock market would be five thousand to ten thousand points higher. If it went for the central Bank. Trump has said quantitative tightening was akilah and the fed shouldn't have undertaken quantitative easing. Bloomberg's. Margaret talev says the president seems to be increasingly focused on the evils of cuting. It is not a theme. We have heard as consistently as we have just kind of ongoing criticizing the bad day Powell fed. I think we'll wait and see what we're going to be hearing more along those twenty testing an out and now testing on Twitter. Telepho- says the president may be concerned that he's picks for the fed vote especially him in Kane on getting the support from the GOP that the president hopes on Monday in Washington, the US and Japan kickoff there round of trade meetings. Japan's economy minister tosa MSCI take is expected to sit down with his US counterpart. That's US T R. Robert lighthizer autos are likely to be a key focal point of these discussions and a currency clause to prevent Japan's deliberate manipulation of the end as a way of boosting exports that could also be under discussion. Publicis Groupe of France will pay full point four billion dollars in cash to acquire Eliane dot systems marketing unit Epsilon, we get more from Bloomberg's Susanna Palmer. It's the biggest ever takeover for publicists the French advertising group which wants to deepen its digital expertise and expand in the US publicist which owns agencies, including saatchi-and-saatchi and Leo Burnett worldwide is focusing more on data analytics Epsilon runs. Loyalty programs and Email marketing and collects data, including transactions location and web activity. Susanna Palmer, Bloomberg daybreak Asia. Well, investors are coming off another positive week for US equities quick look at what's ahead from Bloomberg's Charlie Pellett. Three weeks of gains for the S and P five hundred index as investors await a slew of earnings reports. Jeremy Siegel is a finance professor at Warton. He sees further gains ahead for US stocks. We could see another five to ten percent increase. But very honestly, I think stocks are pretty fully valued. I think they're going in about eighteen and a half times earnings. I think we may have five percent. More to go on the index by year end. Lots of financial scheduled to report this week, including CitiGroup Bank of America black Ron, Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, American Express, traveler's and Blackstone in New York. Charlie Pellett, Bloomberg daybreak Asia. Let's get a close up look at what's happening. What will happen? In financial markets here in Asia today with Bloomberg's Bryan Curtis in Hong Kong, Brian. Yeah. You know that it's time for a little caution. When one of the Uber bulls, professor Siegel is is a little nervous. Anyway. That's that's for investors to to be thinking about today. I mentioned that today will be an interesting day because we have a lot of good news to trade off of. And let's see how the markets respond as you'll have mentioned really only New Zealand up and running now, but pretty solid gains air up about a third of one percent more on New Zealand, and what to expect Australia from our own Paul Allen, Paul good morning. Good morning. Brian not expecting a great deal out of us. Try there at the moment futures on the six pretty flat go to stock to keep an eye on Bo with it's being reported that the sale of liquor in pubs business might be doubt. That's a story being reported on the Australian all the meanwhile, continuing to grind out some gains narrow seventy one and three quarter cents Bryant. All right. Thanks, very much Paul and it spends really on. How you look at these things because the trade data from China. Yes. The exports were good. But the imports were terrible and that speaks of fragility in the Chinese economy. So that's something to think about today. But China's Premier Li could Sean did voice confidence in meeting growth targets saying didn't think it would be difficult at all they hit that six to six and a half percent. And we also got some fairly positive commentary at I've Larry Cole the CEO over at GE saying that US China trade resolution is expected soon. All right. Let's take a look at some of the other numbers. Hang Seng index futures up seven tenths of one percent. China futures could be the key today up one point one percent. Let's see if that feeds through to the cash market wants to get up and running yield on the ten year two point five six percent. So definitely investors selling bonds and those yields taking up late on Friday thirty five minutes past the hour. Juliet over to you. Okay. Kim Jong UN has made some major military shake-ups at the top Ed Baxter covering global news in the Bloomberg nine sixty seven Francisco newsroom. Ed. Yeah. Number mosisili. He's promoted three to full general thirty-three, others of Major General also given the US until the end of the year to come with some kind of nuclear deal in a suggested a third Trump's summit. Donald Trump says he thinks that's a good idea. US Senator Lindsey Graham on Faulk says the US can't be bullied. He thinks Mr. Trump is doing a good job what the president's done. He's got Kim Jong bone to the table. He says he thinks maybe the third time. Third summit would be the charm. What how says it serious about Senate migrants, sending migrants the sanctuary cities? Sarah Sanders ABC says it's not the president's first choice. But the Democrats do need to get to work. Dale solution is real simple. It's for congress, particularly Democrats in congress to sit down with the president do their jobs and help us stop this awful crisis. That's taking place at our border. Meanwhile, democrat. Presidential candidate Amy klobuchar says the president needs to get to work on infrastructure the tax Bill that he passed. They he is here to celebrate tomorrow. Devin invest in things like infrastructure instead it gives a disproportionate amount of that tax money to the wealthy and she has a new rival in the presidential race as they MS. Mayor Pete Pete Buddha chick changing our country today are tectonic forces. It helped to explain what made this current presidency even possible Facebook has suffered its third major outage this year, Facebook and Instagram inaccessible Sunday morning US for several hours both sides, refusing to refresh. Now this of course, Monday Asia, in fact, Asia Europe and the United States congressman Jerry Nadler says not only this congress need to see the Trump tax returns. But also the full full report a Muller. We also need to see the report because it may be that Mahler decided not to prosecute obstruction of Justice for various reasons that there wasn't proof beyond a reasonable doubt of some things. But this. Still have been proof of some very bad deeds and very bad motives, and we need to see that and Hong Kong with a blonde wig and a red tie. The start of the cat. Wny's opera. May look familiar the star. He is a lead in Trump on show a comedic opera reimagining the US presidents personal life in his fictional, twin brother who lives in China lead. You Amang saying that he will mimic some of Mr. Trump's characteristics. But again, he will be done in Cantonese, Trump and Cantonese. Bogle news twenty four hours a day on air and a tick tock on Twitter power by more than twenty seven hundred journalists and analysts in more than one hundred twenty countries. I'm sorry, Doug, so many lines so little time, and I couldn't think of any of them. I'm Ed Baxter. This is Bloomberg. Doug. Thank you, global sports. Now, Donna page quite a spectacular finish for the two thousand nineteen masters. Hey, donna. Hey, dad. Yeah. Was a huge golf Tiger Woods rally from two shot deficit entering the final round at Augusta. National win the masters for the fifth time banks in parts of his amazing drive on par-three sixteen whole as heard on Bloomberg radio.

US Bloomberg President Trump president Asia China Hong Kong fed Trump Bloomberg interactive brokers Doug krizner Twitter Juliet Solly New York professor Siegel Tiger Woods New Jersey Susanna Palmer congress Charlie Pellett
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"Plumbers kids feeling Tim tense. Tried. That's right. Tim joins us on the program. Tim. Hey, danny. Hi, how are you guys doing good? Hey, longtime listener first time caller. Well, thank you. Couple of things I'd like to have some work done on my home by group called chimney and masonry outfitters. Are you guys? I am familiar with them. They they have a good reputation. But I I I've driven by their place. And I will tell you that they do the things that most people don't want to do even the chimney chimney sweeps. They. Right now, my wife, and I were from another company. Whether restoration company that could not get the job done. Right. We have a new chimney rebuilt from the Riffa. Also, they found out that the chimney was not built right? When the house was built. So they had to move it over and remove and relocate the flushing. They did force. Also, they found a riff league in arrangement. And they took care of that sounds like sounds like they did a good job. They did a great job. And I would highly recommend Paul in Nathan if any homeowners have any problems with Kim wny's masonry their phone number. I've cards in. Let's go ahead and write that down. Okay. It's five hundred five zero zero. One two zero again, five hundred five zero zero one two five zero and the man that we dealt with was the project manager of a name of Nathan hill. Also, his associate Paul Johnson. I told him that I was on a call man and talk to you guys recommend and what was the name of the company again chimney. Mason scenario outfitters. Very nice. They're right down across from Glendale. Panther about sixty hundred on on keystone. Hey, Alison AJ. What would you think about? I mean, there'd be a different angle, but bringing in one of these guys as a replacement for Danny? Yeah. Also on my second angle. I appreciate your screener. Let me make the announcement for. I told Paul that. If I would be able to make an announcement, you guys recommend you because they were out here. They did a great job. They did a great cleanup. We've been hearing water leaking through. When.

Paul Johnson Tim danny Nathan hill Riffa Alison AJ Kim wny keystone project manager Glendale Mason Nathan
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"I have been enjoying Asia's being you highlight. I think finding food now you make fun of in fair, rightfully so fussy eater. I'm fussy eater. But I'm trying to get better as an adult. I think sort of I always thought I was about eight or and was accepted it in the past fears. I really try to get better into finding like certain things that I've actually liked and the trip has been really cool. Like, what's being something you abalone tonight? I try to bologna, which I still don't even know what that is exactly. Like a muscle. It's in a show, sticks of rocks and things is okay. But the everyone around me was like this is so good. And I'm not saying, it's disgusting. I just love it. Yeah. At least, you know, you, but I have tried it. Yeah. No, I'll try I'll try most things once except for that thing you ate today. What was the meat jelly or that was no good? It was. Yeah. It was like a terrain looks like jeez. To rain. You know, it was all the mate the scou- out. It was. It's all the pieces of meat on the annal. They can't do anything. And they jammed together jelly jelly. It was like one of those things where the people who with this like, oh, it's really good. But they weren't fucking aiding. That's a really good permit. There was still be all you've never tried this. Oh, it's like a cockney in London. They could jellied eels right now. Ails like literally ills from the fuck and teams, right? What's wrong? That's better eagles from the teams. And then they cover me jelly terrain, and the jellied eels and the cook wny's are always. Ooh, jelly Deo. Ooh. Jerry day. Oh, all co Blom. He gave me some jelly. And And then then maybe. when you see seven the shop with the company jelly news. You should eight that and they like, oh, I'll just have a book. Always I never fucking aided Gordon Ramsay recommends one of five meals jelly deals. So they also I far as it was very excited but not as excited as bay. But my shit today are sore McDonald's, which should be Michelin starred, it was the nicest. It was it did the bugs way to portly goes on the lawn. You pick your bond you pick a mate you pick cheese. The special source was in a bowl with a nice Silva spoon it where they lightly put it fantastic. Kudos. Kudos Hong Kong. Mcdonald's. That's the best thing in in Asia. That's the name of this episode. I'm telling you I've seen some which should hit seats them which it, but I've never seen anything within that. Like in Tokyo, we to talk. Oh that we didn't always talk. You talk. You. We saw just some like some NFL plays, beatings and bread as a street performer name address like NFL players waiting. Do. We went to the robot show, which is very touristy missed the right show. But it's well the second act was better than the first act. I am going to fight. You know, I'm gonna drag it dry big loves to pick up someone like. The thing is as you get to. It's a real CD district. Like you get out. I want some whiskies placed guy says you guys wanna see some Teddy's the movie or something like, no, we're going to the robot show, and then inciting are would've locked. Yeah. Wasn't against it. But we wanna mission whatever you walking through a red light district. Do you wanna see nude women? The answer's always. Yes, I have other things I have to do. Yes, right now and in the wrong company, the electives..

Asia McDonald NFL Jerry day Gordon Ramsay Michelin Tokyo Hong Kong Silva London
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"They've added the caramel or caramel everyone say at chocolate chip cookie, and it's gluten free. Joining don't be fooled by the Glendale. Listen, it's still got tons of sugar. Yes. As a whole thirty in definitely I don't think any girls out cookies or thirty. No. Chocolate chips the caramel chocolate. Chip gluten-free cookie is joining the Tuffy task tastic gluten free cookie which came out in two thousand fifteen. So now, you've got a couple of gluten free options BS bobby's, right? There's still sugar full by gluten free. Getting gluten I know I have vegan gluten free cookies at the house the other day and bobby's like I'm eat one of these. He's like, so they're vegan England free. I'm like, yeah. He's like what's bad about them. And I'm like sugar fool still thing. There's still enjoy other crap in it. Yeah. That's it. I'm really shocked you unheard of whole thirty. I've heard of paleo like, I do, you know, Jen hobby who doesn't want to Atlanta who I follow on Instagram. She post up about it. And I don't know enough of 'em to like it's like sometimes when I read about stuff in the Middle East. I'm like heard about a lot a lot to take and I didn't start from scratch on some of this. So I'm thirty. I. Yeah. It's a mean vegetables. You eat vegetables, fruits nuts roots and meet at zip now, grains. You can't have dairy grains, sugar legume wny's allegations that's being satellite. Those anyway, processed oil salt alcohol or coffee, and they're looking for you in the paleo because you may go to Japan be paleo and be like, I'll take a black bean ball. And and then and then you're already messing up. I've had enough of the Guido Di Dustin. Can I close this? Please go ahead, Amy. That's my pile. Thank you. That was Amy's pile of stores Cheeto diets, yes, the Tito diet. That's going to be back today. Yeah. A lot of fun. Yeah. I miss y'all. Yeah. And then when we have short week today was our first day back. Let me say this to you can hear the whole show. Just go over to iheartradio where we listen to podcasts and search Bobby bones show on demand all today show from when we start this thing at five AM or six AM east coast to when we end it. If you miss any of the show, go check it out there. Amy has a podcast up today. Yeah. Four things with Amy Brown. That's me. So we talk about New Year's resolutions. How to keep them out to sea on a budget with Rachel Cruze? If you're trying to get outta debt this year. Eddie check it out to try and get out of debt, and then an awesome tip from a navy seal four things with Amy Brown. Lunchbox sore losers back today back. Yeah. Sore losers. We missed week vacation. But we are back today. And we got all sorts of good stuff going out. Yeah. There you go. Lots of good stuff going out. Yeah. Have a good day. Go to sleep. I think I didn't sleep last night off so much and then I was excited to come back to work. So I'm gonna sleep may go to yoga I've been doing that. But can shoulders hurting what time I wanna go to yoga with you five thirty. Could you do that? Now, this is like dinner time with the kids what I'm gonna go like noon. He's gotta sleep most times at noon. I'm still working on things today. I think I'm gonna crash you could do five thirty. Okay. I'll talk to my husband. I'll talk to your husband now. All right. I haven't won the Instagram Bobby bones show, that's the show account Morgan. Number two runs that show account. Does find Jon Morgan? Nice work over there. Thank you, Mr. Bobby bones on Instagram. Thank you, see you tomorrow by the dance party. Don't forget dance parties moral. Joe?.

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"Very exciting. They do model training they do risk management. They do more training for tweeting. They do I don't highs meant recommendation like all kinds of different applications super exciting. So as best as you can tell h why a lot of the popular open source machine. Learning ivories being used in conjunction with Alexia, right? Yes. Several weeks ago. There was a meet up in Shanghai. And there's a company called a chino. The are. A public company they're in China, and they have like a hundred people a team internally and they run their motion learning workloads on top of Oxy's on top of their object storage. And there are so many different off remarks. They're running on top of us and very exciting to see that and actually lost. We came back from New York and with many users in that region on using machine on top Las well, and many of these use cases directly brain like a business value or or more revenue to those companies, which is very exciting. So you mentioned earlier when you were describing Alexia debt one of the things that solves is you have many many different your might be working in an enterprise at many, different storage systems and Alexia sits in the middle between this this many different stories systems and your many different. Analytic libraries. But you you also just mentioned that in China. There's this company that has lost between the object store and and machine learning tool. So so one question is aren't the object store fast, distaste like s free and Seth. So why do I need a why do I need a layer in between? So there are two perspective. Two angles to answer. This question. One on goal is that one key reason people use object store, it is cheap and her gigabytes or Protais is cheaper than other solutions in a market and many people use of just or actually as Akobo storage and Palmas is not as good as what people wanted. And from that perspective by putting on Luxy on top of that. That's the late. I'm improved the performance from our caching functionality and on top of that many cases machine running elaborated are not directed talk with objects, doors and. The we Alexia also sir us said translation layer from that angle. That's one perspective. And the other perspective, he's kind of bigger picture by Luke Kuhn, a bigger picture all becomes wny's all the nations in the end of the day. They wanna build their data infrastructure. They the platform to serve their existing daydream applications like a militates Mercer money is such but moving forward there will be more. They drew applications in created by Hiram years innovators our industry when that happens like you need to have this great day the platform to serve existing workloads, and you're calls a contract with a listing storage and the new storage and the in that world this new architecture, which we call data ecosystem two point, oh with Alexia, this virtual issued it falls system layer in the middle. Just makes a lot of sons from architecture. Perspective and by actually based on our conversation with some top architects in the industry like people believe is a beautiful architecture very elegant and also future proven us. Well, and this is a bigger picture aside to make sure is enterprise, your company is successful. You need to be able to build the architecture or this platform for today in the morning points today for the future. So that's two angles. Why able you.

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