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"wgb  h" Discussed on News 96.5 WDBO

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"wgb h" Discussed on News 96.5 WDBO

"Back the three big things you to three ever to rick scott in central florida officials held the town hall osceola county today with the governor puerto rico kentucky becomes the first state to win approval from the trump administration requiring younger medicaid recipients to work democrats are still saying president trump made hate filled vile racist remarks at an immigration meeting yesterday some republicans that were there say they didn't hear it joe kelly host of orlando's morning news every morning news ninetysix five wbbo is here to bring you news weather and will break down the day's top stories and have washington watchdog jamie tabriz updates plus tom terry and ed torrance will have your weather in france every six minutes breaking news weatherman traffic every morning starting at five am the orlando zoo only all news morning show exclusively news ninetysix five wgb oh hey team how would you like to get a box delivered to your front door with the coolest tactical gear you could possibly find anywhere and have all curated for you by veterans of the special operations community will now you can with craig club i'm cray club member and let me tell you i love getting my delivery each month it has all kinds of cool stuff in there you.

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