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"web dubois" Discussed on KGO 810

"I'm not sure they still do this. But the Super Bowl, do you. Remember this? They were charging musical acts to play at halftime. Yeah. They stink for a period of time anymore. Well, the last I read last year, they didn't they weren't. Apparently the forget who it was last year. They didn't pay and I Google that to act still have to pay to play in the Super Bowl. And I think part of it is is how big you are. And what you have to offer them Riyan is definitely big enough. And is the perfect demo for what they want. It's it's a game. That is predominantly African American men, and she is an she's an amazing artist. I don't know if you're if you're a fan of reality. But she is she's really good. And I kind of learned about her after the fact after she was a star after Chris Brown that maybe I went one day after the whole thing with her. I went and I listened to stuff on YouTube and she's good. She good singer. Oh, yes. Alison. Yeah. So anyway, so she's been asked to the Super Bowl halftime show huge because about a billion people. See it. Oh, yeah. So I mean, if you have records if you have something you want to sell you don't get a better venue than that. I mean, it's not like she needs the publicity. She's a he. She's like beyond say, I mean, not like beyond what she's big. But it's still a big state. Yes. Yeah. But it also, you know, in in that in show business. The person that sits down for second MRs everything because everybody wants to be in show business and everybody wants to be a highly competitive area. So the fact that she's chosen to not go because. Colin kaepernick. More the league, it's pretty obvious colluded to keep them out of from playing ball again because of his protests to the treatment of young men by police in this country. African American man, I should say, I find it. I find it. Rarely what I say this about a very noble severly admirable. I like I said, no, it's bigger than that. It's like I mean, what she did the statement that she is making by saying no to the NFL in this situation just to be chosen. I'm sure the triage that went through this to see who would you know, who they want? It's not an easy choice. I'm sure they don't, you know, choose it lightly. You had to choose somebody that everyone's going to want to stay because the advertising that surrounds the performance. Yeah. I thought it was going to be I thought they were going to have the the guy Adam. The the they ended up taking it because. Realized that okay. They offered it to riana. I we didn't know about that. Well, I just saying this in US weekly today. So I don't know if anybody knew it before. But when she said, no, they offered it to Adam. It is. Know when this started maybe it goes back to the sixties of the integration of art into politics. And this is three areas, it's art politics, and sports, and the politics, of course, is Catholic capper Nick has been given the web DuBois award from Harvard and other awards as well for what is activism now, you may or may not like what he's done, but he has walked away from millions of dollars. Had he told an NFL team. Yeah. I'll I'll I'll not kneel. You know, this is over and he probably could have done it and still saved face, right? He could have had the league do something, you know, pay for thirty on thirty on thirty kind of stories about African Americans getting shot. But he said, no, this is what I wanna do Trump and everything ban. It was just amazing what he's accomplished, and he doesn't do interviews. He's not about self and grand izing. He's about the whole mission. And I have tremendous respect for him. And and I, you know, I do I love this country. You know, but I mean, it's a song. And it's a flags flags piece of cloth. It's not the people. You know? I'm not saying that I'm again, you can still love America and not be jingoistic. What we honest on is to me too. Short of amazing that somebody would do that to walk away from a billion dollars billion people, and the tens of millions of dollars that go with it from the publicity that movie, and it's it's there's one thing insane. Pause. And there's another by saying I support the cost so much that it's actually going to impact me personally. A lot of people will just go out there and say, yeah, it's great. But then if push comes to shove, and they might lose a paycheck or they might lose free advertising or fill in the blank that actually hits their own personal bottom line. There'll be like, maybe I won't do it. But riana who I will also caveat, she doesn't need it. But it's always good. It's not something that you've easily turned down to the Super Bowl for their first gig. Exactly. I mean, it's not like, I don't think is interesting. I wonder if she will become less popular among certain people. I wonder if I Taylor swift coming out musical acts face. Red state white people are buying records. No. You're completely wrong. Really? Oh, she's totally mainstream. Okay. I mean. Completely means. I mean, I definitely think maybe some of our deep tracks or people might not know every song on her album, but she mostly puts out an album. It has a lot of hits interesting. Well, I mean, I think if people that have become activists out of different fields and that defines who they are. And I've always intrigued and. It's a sacrifice that goes with it. And to me, I can't really think of a of a more visible person. Colin Kaepernick, somebody that you don't. I mean, she put a trademark on his hair he pled for trademark for his hair and his face the trademark on an Africa. I don't know. I don't know. On that particular image. It's like, well, you know, the guy that did the painting of Obama that said hope he trademarked that color in that image the way the damage, I guess. Silhouette? You can't you can't trademark an effort though. I think he gets. So to me, this is one of those moments where you again, you have a confluence of of art, sports, and culture and politics, and I don't I still don't know where this is going to end up. But I I do think that you're seeing gradually communities now. Texas thing they produced that video for the kids to watch. We had the story yesterday in Texas. The kids have to watch it in order to graduate high school in the state of Texas. You've got to watch a video on how to deal with the cops. And I think it gives them an idea of what it's like to be a cop. I watched the entire fifteen minute video yesterday. You know, we were making fun of it. And some parts of it goes kind of corny in on the music was like something like something off, you know, a an old VH one episode. But it was overall it is it's a wake-up as to what has to happen with the police, and and people of color and and on forward. So anyway, so you can find this story. We'll tweet this out far followed Nikki, and I on Twitter at chip Franklin at Nikki medoro and coming up. Oh, oh, it's time. Now when I do this. I'm going to give away tickets to go see Cal promised. I would. And I'll do it right now. We've been doing this. We'll do it again tomorrow. And right now be the eighth caller at nine nine.

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