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"wab  c." Discussed on Bloomberg Radio New York

Bloomberg Radio New York

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"wab c." Discussed on Bloomberg Radio New York

"Fits your values. That's why Charles Wab is proud to support them. Visit findyourindependentadvisor They still be at risk for lung cancer. That's why savebythescan .org wants you to know about a new low -dose CT that can detect lung cancer early. It takes only 60 seconds and could save your life. You took the first step, now take the next. Visit savebythescan .org for a simple quiz to see if you're eligible and talk to your doctor about screening. Savebythescan .org is brought to you by the American Lung Association's Lung Force Initiative and ad the council. This is Caroline Hyde and I'm Ed Ludlow join us for Bloomberg Technology a daily podcast focusing exclusively on technology, innovation and the future of business. We bring you the latest headlines from text top companies and conversations with the industry's biggest decision -makers. It's a hugely important issue for us. We have been investing in AI for a really long time. Bloomberg Technology. Subscribe on Apple, Spotify and wherever else you get your podcasts. Bloomberg Radio. Context changes everything. Markets, headlines and breaking news 24 hours a day at Bloomberg dot com on Bloomberg Television and the Bloomberg Business Act. This Hi everybody 20 minutes before the top of the hour. I'm Brian Curtis in Bloomberg Interactive Brokers Studio in Hong Kong and we look at markets for you every 15 minutes or so all throughout the trading day. Well stocks rose on Wall Street. We have the S &P 500 gaining 1 .2 % the Dow up 1 .6 % the Nasdaq gaining about 1 .2 % and you did have a pretty big rebound in mega cap X Tesla Tesla down 4 .8 % the stocks like Amazon fared very well up 3 .9 % and Apple ahead its of announcement of some new products gaining 1 .25 % Google up 1 .9 Stocks still on a track for their third monthly slump though the longest period like this since March of 2020 European Union officials voiced their shock after Australia's top trade negotiator pulled out from trade talks despite optimism ahead of these discussions in Osaka the two sides never

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77WABC Radio

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"wab c." Discussed on 77WABC Radio

"Or go to carshield .com slash l -e -v -i -n mark levin i don't know about you but i am planning to scream and run is back on in the nineteen nineties there was a meeting in philadelphia and it was organized by a hamas linked individual and that's where it was decided that there would be an effort funded by an enormous amount to infiltrate america's colleges and universities and and to infiltrate the country with front groups one of them was care you may have seen them all over the place the federal government brought a lawsuit it's called the holy foundation suit the holy foundation where funneled into this country they didn't have enough evidence to convict some of these entities beyond a reasonable doubt they called them unindicted co -conspirators because they certainly had enough evidence if if not in a courtroom to make it abundantly clear who was getting money one of them was care another one was a group that was set up to infiltrate our college the name today is largely students for justice you in palestine can also see that our immigration system has been weakened so that people come in on student visas many from the middle east and they never leave they're not deported this is one of the biggest reasons you're seeing who and what is protesting in our streets with horrendous signs horrendous slogans the swastika hun we need to stop putting off getting life insurance I know it's just been so busy and I'm sure the cost is out of our budget well Jen told me that they got a $500 ,000 term life insurance policy from ethos for less than $23 a month all online with no complicated forms and no medical exam all they had to do was answer a few health questions wait no medical exam and all online I know right it's not easy to think about but if something happened to you James and I would be okay I get it let's get a quote from ethos right now wow you were right there's medical no exam and ethos makes the whole online process fast and easy and look at these rates and coverage options it's great protection and totally fits our budget ethos they've removed all the barriers from getting average go to check ethos .com to get your free online quote that's check ethos quote .com based on a healthy non -smoking 30 year old male with a 20 year term policy rates may vary. WAB WABC traffic in transit from the parks casino and vet park sportsbook traffic test GWB inbound upper five to ten between the turnpike and tolls lower five minutes from the turnpike to tolls five minutes from route four five to ten from route 46 ten minutes from the palisades on parkway the outbound we have a disabled vehicle on the outbound cleared now that's jamming under the apartments on both levels east river crossing slope no major problems on the rails of the sour parks casino right in pennsylvania off exit six of the jersey turnpike 3200 slots closest live table games award -winning dining and headline entertainment comedian ari shofir october twenty first parliament funkadelic featuring george clinton october twenty seventh parks casino dot com must be twenty one gambling problem one eight hundred gambler i'm bob ralph here seventy seven w abc traffic and transit update take it from margo discover high quality groceries at gracie's now available delivery for online on instacart door dash and uber eats organic produce and premium products delivered straight to your door order now on your favorite delivery app or the city supermarkets dot com this fall get it all in a new 2024 mazda cx5 from ramsey mazda starting at twenty nine nine forty two and get false savings on their entire lineup of new mazda models with standard all -wheel drive the latest technology and excellent gas mileage or shop a great selection of certified pre -owned mazda models find your mazda now at ramsey mazda choose wisely

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77WABC Radio

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"wab c." Discussed on 77WABC Radio

"Often is making things worse. That's right. conservative business leader Doug Burgum, one of America's most successful governors. Raised with small -town values, Burgum built a billion -dollar company, creating thousands of jobs. As governor of North Dakota, Doug Burgum cut taxes, balanced the budget and helped pass term limits. Where we come from, something isn't working, you stop and you try something new. That's common sense. Joe Biden has got to go. As president, Doug Burgum will unleash American energy and end Biden's inflation. He'll secure the border to stop the flow of illegal drugs and Burgum will rebuild our military to win Cold the War with China. Do you believe that the economy, energy and national security are critical to our nation's future? Remember, that's why I'm running for president. Best of America PAC paid for and is responsible for the content of this advertising not authorized by any candidate or candidates committee www .BestOfAmericaPAC .com WAB traffic in transit. From the parks, casino and bed parks, sportsbook, graphic nests, some good news on the transit side of things. There is limited W train service between Astoria Ditmas, Boulevard and Whitehall. South Street ferry crews are continuing to repair trains that were vandalized on Tuesday night. Checking bridges and tunnels at this hour. GWB inbound, upper okay, lower okay, up and heavy police department activity blocking the right lane on the New York side. Lincoln inbound 20 to 30 outbound on accident blocking one center lane on westbound 495 at Kennedy Boulevard 20 to 30 to Holland inbound 15 10 to for the turnpike 15 attorney from route 109. Parks casino ride in Pennsylvania off exit six of the jersey turnpike 3200 slots closest live table games award -winning dining and headline entertainment comedian Ari Shafer October 21st parliament fun cadelic featuring George Clinton October 27th. Parks casino .com must be 21. Gambling problem 1 You're gambler a I'm Bob Brown with your 77 WABC traffic and transit update. It's obvious we're being let down by the institutions we used to trust. The mainstream media are distracting us with meaningless headlines instead of focusing on the real concerns of American

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The Bitboy Crypto Podcast

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"wab c." Discussed on The Bitboy Crypto Podcast

"Elon already has one. That's my, that's my theory. Yeah. Elon tech CEO. So that fits right in there. Right. Exactly. All right. Yeah. All right. Uh, Cardona recently partnered with one chain. Interesting. Okay. Interesting. One chain is big on interoperability. Sim theory for the win. Uh, who's the guy that made that Nick Szabo? I think I'm not sure. Uh, no, the simulation theory. All right. Uh, back to, uh, let's see, we're just going to go over a little bit of rare Evo here with the X minute brought to you by stake. Uh, here's this, uh, cool artist, Brendan O'Connell. Hope he's watching a pain of this did not know this was happening was, uh, didn't know. And then BJ started filming me and I could tell he's like kind of filming over my shoulder. And then, uh, enough. Yeah. There's that was happening behind me. Unbeknownst to me. Someone said, is that you it's pretty surreal. It was pretty surreal folks. Uh, nice guy. Lovely guy. Super, super cool. Uh, DAP central. Uh, they're out there. One of the first people I ran into done an interview with him. You want to check that out. He's super cool guy. I haven't done my tweet where I have like all the photos. I got a photo of Charles Hoskinson got a photo with WAB. I did look for the Illuminati tunnels at the Denver airport. Drew. I tried to find them. I tried to find the weird mural. Um, I will say this when you're in the tram and you're going to a different part of the airport, you're like, I bet there are a lot of underground tunnels that they're not telling us about. I was in the hiring industry for heavy commercial and industrial construction in Denver for six years, dealt with many, many project managers, Lidos and Raytheon. And I can say that there are at the very minimum, uh, fan systems that are twice the size of your average three story home underground. So you know what I like about the Denver airport is that it's self-aware. There's like posters of like a lizard hand, like going to steal someone's keys and it's like, protect your valuables. Like they're self-aware of the joke. It's very funny. Very funny. Leaning into it, you know, hiding in plain sight is what some would say. I got a picture of like Chrome, Android Chrome. Anyway, I'm sorry, Drew. Oh, the, the giant blue horse that welcomes you at Denver international airport. It crushed the creator. Yeah, I know it's head, but yeah, it's head. Yeah. Just all the murals. They, there used to be a lot of murals. You can look them up. DIA murals. Um, they were taken down since then, but look at the one with the, uh, Russian, uh, military unit with a Arabian sword cutting down people in line. Yeah. Yeah. It's a fun Google trip. You don't check out. All right. Let's check out some likes here. Uh, I actually watched this and this is arguably the best get in a decade. I've given up on this show. I used to love it as a child, a Republican or not. And it's just things that used to be repose. Like I stand for my athlete's opinion. And you're like, wait, then they show like the soccer player. Then they show Aaron Rogers. Like, I don't know anymore. Then it was like, I choose bodily autonomy. They're like, is it vaccine or I don't know. I have to watch the actually the funniest thing I've seen from them, uh, in years for sure. I will give this, uh, Eminem. I just got to say Eminem. I found it funny. Uh, so in Eminem, he released anti-bush song where he says no more blood for oil. We got our own battles to fight on our own soil. And now he's mad at the most anti-war candidate in both parties. Uh, is this song from, is it from the realist? Is that the name of that song? He just had a song come out recently called the realist. Oh no, no, no, no. This is from a song. No, no. It was an oh four song release. I remember that song. I think it's Encore. I can't remember. I remember that song when it did came out. Okay. So I guess that's the flow in the song. His new song realist is, is fire. If you haven't seen it, listen to it yet. Yeah. I'm bullish on Eminem. I'm not going to lie. Favorite rapper for one, you know, zero minutes coverage on all the aliases. Uh, so I want to at least share 10 seconds of coverage on it. You know, Hey, there's a bunch of aliases that have been happening. So, uh, yeah, check that out. It's pretty funny that there's all these aliases. One, you know, just talking about trees. I love trees. Plant some trees folks. Uh, here's just some rare Evo folks. Denver was beautiful. Uh, rare Evo is a great place. I really do love rare Evo and a hourglass. We got, uh, that guy from a what's it called? Uh, shark tank, old school shark tank. Oh man. So, uh, yeah. Uh, shout out to the weight team. Uh, they got, they got a show coming out. There's a couple of shows coming out. We're, we're rooting for all the crypto shows. Uh, you know, uh, but boy, we got some, uh, you know, some exposure to this one. Also alt coin daily is doing a competing shark tank style crypto show. I just want them both to win. I just, I think there's room for both channels. Uh, you know, we can have, uh, ESPN and ESPN Ocho, you know, we don't just need one. So, uh, uh, shooting, I'm rooting for both of them. So shout out to, uh, hourglass, uh, team. I think it's just cool that we have more crypto shows, like television shows quality because me and you and Drew and people, especially watching at home, we can get you, I can watch zero TV for months on end and just only watch YouTube and you know, some streaming services. A lot of people just love television. And so, you know, producing these TV quality specials and shows, it's really going to help a mainstream adoption. So I highly recommend checking that out. Uh, where are we at on time? I mean, I just want to do to comment back on rare Evo. I mean, I had a blast dude had a blast, like saw so many good people. So many of my friends, uh, met, you know, wob from sappy seal. I bought a sappy seal myself. Shout out to them. ARF ARF. Um, the people from V chain were really cool. I, where was a, a zombie tournament called undead blocks, uh, Miggy and Doug hype. Uh, we did like influencer bracket. That was a lot of fun. Uh, the ape society had like this passport thing where you get like this passport and then you'd walk around to all the other booths and get like a sticker from them and have a conversation to kind of like push people towards engaging with everybody. And they were doing like an NFT wallet giveaway and a West and a Rand and everybody, um, you know, from rare Evo just did a really good job. And I heard next year it might be in Vegas and I I'm excited for that. And I met Charles Hoskinson and it was just, I love crypto conferences so much. And here's why, because like your network is your net worth. And if you're not, if you are in crypto, but you don't the social interaction, like expanding your network, meeting new people. And from there, you can get in telegram groups. You can, if you are thinking about getting in a trade, you can message someone you met at a conference to say, Hey, like, what do you think about this trade? Like you cannot crypto is super difficult, very difficult game. And I couldn't imagine doing it alone. And with that said, go to conferences, put your, you never know who's hand you're going to shake. It's I'm bullish on it. Let me go, let me zoom out a little bit and the way to get to that point. So there's a lot of people, you, maybe you have a listless child, nephew, cousin, brother, friend, colleague, that really isn't doing much. And, you know, they don't really want to work, but you know, they, they do like crypto and, you know, maybe they want some exposure, the best way to get free crypto. In my opinion, I saw this and I really think it is volunteer to mod telegrams and then get paid in their native cryptocurrency. And then, you know, after that, the journey you are in control, you have the steering wheel, and then you can choose your own destiny. And that is a good way to start from zero. You can even have a job that maybe you just, you know, keep barely keeping your head above water. You're barely keeping your bills paid. Maybe you're not even paying your bills and you're falling further and further behind. This might be the way to get out of that hole. Or if you're a full-time student, I met a lot of kids at rare Evo, you know, the parents were there. And then the 14 year old son, he's also into crypto. And I'm like, well, what do you have? And they're like, I have some Cardano. I have XRP and I'm just blown away by this. And so this is a good way. Volunteer to mod telegrams, discords, get paid in their NFTs, get paid in their crypto, and then your destiny is in your hands, folks. That'd be my advice right there. Let's see, people talking about the toad, dried toad straw. I didn't participate in any of that in Denver. Okay. I didn't do that. I'm out. I'm out. I'm out. Last time I did, I instantly, not instantly, I regretted it shortly thereafter, years and years ago. Talking decades, decades. Maybe I never did it. I never did it. All right. They say that we had another pump. I'm pulling up the chart here. It looks like we are fighting now. I, this is what I pushed Tim for. Can you show us the one minute chart? We don't need no stupid weekly. Actually, I'll show you the 30 second chart. Yeah, let's do it, man. Let's see that exciting chart, everybody. Oh my God. We did put in a new high. I'm bullish. Okay. I'm bullish. I mean, probably going to retest from here, but it's probably, you know, if you kind of, Oh, is there a scam wick on the left side that we haven't yet passed? Kind of around there somewhere. Oh, you're saying retest that. Yeah. And then maybe continue up, but it is good that it put in a higher high. That's great. That's really good. And shout out to anyone who went long at nine o'clock winning and winning. Good job. Great job. All right. Good job. Good job. All right. Well, Bitcoin is pumping. We're about to go celebrate. I'm about to go pop my juice bottle and, you know, celebrate my portfolio is now up. I'm now up seven cents on my chain link bag. I'm looking forward to that. You know, those know I have my three and a half chain link. I'm forever hodling onto. Guys, make sure you hit the like button. We appreciate it. You know, this is a heavy heart that we're coming to work today. I'm just trying to stay focused on what the future is and the future is. Let's all empower ourselves financially. Let's all find economic freedom through cryptocurrency and through digital assets. That's what I'm here for. I'm not here to wade in the waters of despair or wade in the waters of negativity. I'm just going to keep my breaststroke. I'm just going to keep moving forward. I'm gonna get my Michael Phelps on old school, not the new school. And that's all I got for you today, folks. I appreciate you stuck around this long. Wait. All right. All right. So sending you all love. I'm sending you guys all love too. That's all we got. Dizzy out. Yeah. Later on.

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"Showers Calvert in Beltsville right now a sprinkle or two it is currently 77 degrees in Georgetown 72 degrees in buoy the forecast brought to you by Long Fence save 25 % on Long Fence decks pavers and fences six months no payment no interest financing terms and conditions apply go to Long Fence dot com it is money news at 10 and 40 past the hour here is Jeff Klaybaugh unemployment claims jumped in Hawaii last week nearly tripling after the devastating wildfires on Maui the investment firm that owns Arby's Duncan and Sonic has acquired the subway sandwich chain Frontier Airlines is adding non -stops from BWI Marshall to Tampa Frontiers latest Baltimore edition others recently include Cancun Las Vegas and San Juan the Dow lost 374 points in Thursday session the Nasdaq fell almost 2 % Jeff Klaybaugh WTOP news in other money news this is a bloomberg money minute Apple's got the big college sports names all signed up it's beats by ray has signed 15 college players in name image and likeness deals headlined by USC's Heisman Trophy winning quarterback Caleb Williams they'll be featured in marketing campaigns Sony's buying high -end headphones for its PlayStation it's buying high -end headphone maker Odyssey which is generally known for the headphones used by music pros but it has branched out recently into gaming and Odyssey's audio can provide an immersive game experience entertainment is a huge part of the economy Bloomberg economics now tells us how huge it says the Taylor Swift and Beyonce concert tours and the barb and Heimer movies will have added about eight and a half billion dollars to economic growth this summer on Wall Street not a lot of adding today all three averages stepped back won an attempt to nearly 2 % the Dow fell 374 the Nasdaq 257 the S &P 60 from the Bloomberg newsroom I'm Joan Doniger on OP just ahead on WTOP WAB politics reporter and WTOP alum Raul Bali was outside the Fulton County Jail where former President Trump was arrested and he joins us with what happened and there watching the historic legal proceeding take place its 1012 when you're replacing an appliance you need a new one fast and we know what you're thinking that means big box store but here's what you should be thinking Bray beats big at Bray and scarf we offer next -day delivery on hundreds of appliances with online delivery day tracking and we install when we deliver the big box stores make you wait for installation on another day don't

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ACG - The Best Gaming Podcast

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"wab c." Discussed on ACG - The Best Gaming Podcast

"Actually, it's not there anymore, but I used to have one picture of sonic and one picture of Skyrim and the reason was sonic was my first proper game, sonic two. Skyrim is the one that I'm going to die in. Yeah, right. Exactly, exactly. For sure. So I interrupted you, but continue. So Skyrim's your most highly modded, it's got and it is, like you say, Bethesda put something out there, charge a lot of money for it. And it's brilliant in its way, because there are not many games of that scope and scale that you can play in VR. And this thing being entirely virtual reality is like, thank you. Thank you very much. But with the mods, it's just this night and day difference. It's night and day difference. There are so many good ones that open your eyes to what we are going to do. Yeah, and I had, I reviewed the original when it first came out and there were a lot of like LOD bugs and weird things and trying to get a modern work wasn't the greatest. And then of course, nexus files did vortex, which is super helpful. You know, they're mod system. You knew waba Jack, which is probably the best thing I've ever seen in my life. I don't know why. If I was a big company, I would pay the makers of waba Jack to do every game. You Webb a Jack at all. Do you know what it is? No, what is waba Jack? It's the best. I'm going to change your life right now. And this is not an exaggeration. Waba Jack are guaranteed 100% mods that work. And it installs everything with one click. So you go and you say, I want to wab a Jack maud for visuals and these people have guaranteed there are absolutely no errors on any installs. There are no issues with boss loads. There's no issues with, you know, what loads first. And you go to their website wabbajack, and there are people have made like 450 mods, all visual will run on an I 7 at this thing at exactly this FPS tested. Here's pictures of the Tess of FPS. Here's the latency. Here's what you're going to see. Here's the lods, click one button, sit back.

waba Jack Skyrim Bethesda Waba Jack Jack maud Webb Jack
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ACG - The Best Gaming Podcast

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"wab c." Discussed on ACG - The Best Gaming Podcast

"But I haven't tried it. Isn't the nexus mod manager kind of like that? Vortex is started a little bit of the mod package. Yes. Pretty good. I think waba jacks is just everything. Yeah, I think that's the one plus is like, and they have VR wab a Jack now. So it's like, and by the way, I got all my VR stuff set up to do Skyrim VR and some update broke it. Nexus had like a follow-up to the vortex. I forgot the name that was kind of like that. They do have file packages. Yeah. Right. Exactly. But I think last time I checked, it did not have some of the, like, waba jacks is sort of guaranteed for them to work. On full patch of set that does everything like the patching, the compatibility check. And it's so cool for that game because let's be honest, we've all played far more of the mod manager than we have Skyrim. Let's be honest. If you can track your mod manager, you probably have more hours in fixing shit. So the idea of wabbajack just saying I want to start the game loaded with what say, this looks pretty good. And stop. Every time. Every time. I played vanilla Skyrim for far more hours than I played a modern modest guy, because yeah, you get it, and you're like, I'll wait for the next mod. I got it run and it's barely stable. We always run every mod until the FPS starts to get slammed. And then you're like, okay, then you go. Are you going? It looks amazing. You get to a river and you're like, well, this is what texture doesn't look that great. I'll come back later. I need to try rivers too. And then you get a purple, you know, texture, the dreaded purple too. I remember coming down into sellers and some of these older Bethesda games you see an exclamation point for a character because the game had and that was like the big thing.

wabbajack Bethesda
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Bloomberg Radio New York

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"wab c." Discussed on Bloomberg Radio New York

". Start your market day with Bloomberg surveillance. The bond market, it's a really interesting soup Tom Keene. Jonathan farrow and Lisa Abramovich. Isn't your base case the worst case scenario for most? Who says finance can't be fun? Who's in the zoo, guys? Which one of us? Bloomberg's surveillance must listen must watch. I think they made a great decision, separately, I suppose. We did mornings at 7 eastern on Bloomberg radio and Bloomberg television. Time now for our crypto report taking a look at the recent agreement between the government of the Commonwealth of Dominica and the decentralized open-source blockchain based operating system. The Caribbean country has appointed the Tron protocol as its designated national blockchain infrastructure. Let's talk about that and more now it's just in sun ambassador and permanent representative of Granada to the World Trade Organization and the founder of Tron, Justin, thank you so much for joining us. So talk to us about this new agreement with Dominica. How did it come together and what is the vision? Sure, I believe this is a historical moment for both strong and the domenica since this is the first time a blockchain protocol has collaborate with a Caribbean government. The whopping the new digital currency infrastructure for the nation, China has been a widely used blockchain infrastructure for almost four years now. Today we have 115 meeting users with a very big use case on stablecoin transact, among 5 Q 10 billion U.S. dollars every day. But this is the first time we collaborate with the government and to build their needs, blockchain infrastructure, and also the same time all the trunk cryptocurrency, including TRX, BTT, and the key, jazz key, and the oldest, stablecoin, USD, USD T and the USD D on Tron, has granted a status of median of exchange and authorized digital currency. One lessons are you taking from El Salvador and the Bitcoin legal tender situation there, which has had mixed results. Yes, I think Dominican move is staff next level compared to the move of El Salvador. Because in the Alps, Bitcoin tender Bill is only focused on Bitcoin. I will take Bitcoin as a very good tours for value storage. But in terms of payment, stablecoin, wab three, and the older new concept comes out, we need a smart contract, platform

Tom Keene Jonathan farrow Lisa Abramovich Bloomberg Bloomberg radio government of the Commonwealth Bloomberg television Caribbean government World Trade Organization Granada Dominica Caribbean Justin TRX El Salvador China U.S. Bitcoin
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Vote-Voiced Podcast

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"wab c." Discussed on Vote-Voiced Podcast

"The federal voting assistance program. You can register and request your ballot by your state's deadline. You can use the FV AP's easy online assistant at WWW, fvp GOV, backslash, FPC, a, to walk, you through each section of the form. After finishing after you finish filling out your FPC a, you print it, you sign it, and you send it to your election office. Most states accept the FPC a by email or facts, while some required by mail. You just need to check your state specific guidelines at F, VAP dot gov. Now once you receive your request it absentee ballot, you vote and return it as soon as you get it. Remember to carefully follow the instructions, especially if a security envelope is required and sign the package as indicated when returning. Now you can save time, you can send your voted ballots electronically if it is allowed by state law. Now, voters can check if their state accepts completed absentee ballots by email, facts are on or at the online portal at F VAP dot gov slash guide. If a requested ballot has not arrived, use the federal right in absentee ballot, which is the F, WAB, immediately at WWW, FV AP dot gov slash F WAB. Now it works like a backup ballot. If you're official absentee ballot arrives after sending in the FWB, plead it and send in the official ballot to only one will be counted. Now make sure the voted ballot is received by your state. You can go to FV AP dot gov, click on your state and then the check, the status of your voted ballot button. To find your state's election website for specific information on candidates, elections, contact information, and links to your local election offices, you can visit the FBA P dot gov contact page. You can also reach out directly to your election office for status updates on your registration and absentee ballot. Now, additional information for none, you will see AVA voters that's the uniform service members. Their families and Department of Defense civilians who are currently stationed in the same location as their voting address may visit vote dot gov to register to vote and request information from their local election office to vote locally, okay? I'm going to give you. The scene right here. Listen, if you if you need more information about the federal voting assistance program, or if you need help with the absentee voting process, once again, you can go to FDA dot gov, or you can call toll free one 800 four three 8 vote or DSN four two 5 one 5 8 four. Or you can email, vote at F, VAP dot gov. I'm going to say that one more time for you. You can give them a call, toll free, one 800, four three 8 vote. The OTE or DSN four two 5 one 5 8 four or you can email them at vote, the OTE at FV AP dot gov. I want to thank everyone today for listening to me. I thank you so much for your support. I want you to go ahead and have a wonderful 4th of July. We have people here in Michigan. You can set off firecrackers and believe me, everybody's having a good time setting off those firecrackers. Make sure that as you're celebrating the 4th of July, if you've chosen to do that this year, many people have said they're not going to do that. Because they are concerned about where democracy is going. Make sure you get out and vote. Okay? Make sure you protect democracy by voting. This is Donna Miller with vote voiced and you guys have a wonderful 4th of July and God bless you all..

FWB Department of Defense FDA Michigan Donna Miller
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The Garden Report | Boston Celtics Post Game Show from TD Garden

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"wab c." Discussed on The Garden Report | Boston Celtics Post Game Show from TD Garden

"Those lineups have been the ones where it's got you can see Jalen's like, all right, it's my job now to take over. And that's where things have gotten out of sync, it's where they're offense stalls, where they get into ISO a little bit. That's what I noticed tonight. It's happened on a couple of occasions. When their eyes cold and they're down by double digits, I think that's when you hit the pay in principal, you know? He tried to get in there and what is it all for two or so? I mean, you take what you can get from pride at that point, but I think he leaned on him. If you can make a three or two and just sort of get going. I'm afraid I have news for you, Bobby. There's a reason Peyton Pritchard hasn't played this year. There's a reason Payton Pritchard's probably not going to be better. It's probably because Peyton Pritchard is not that good. And it just is what it is. I just think he's one of those guys where he might get hot one time and he'll hit a bunch of shots. I just don't think he's a guy you're going to rely on for real World War I. And he was better. He was 6th in the league at his volume in catch and shoot for percentage. So he was up there with the Seth curry's and the guys like that last year, Joe Harris is in all those guys shooting like 43% in catch and shoot threes. And it wasn't like 20. It was like a 150, 170 something like that. So that's got to come back for him. That's his role right now. He's an off guard in those mentors. He's going to play every night. He's got to be better there. But as far as white goes, still quick decisions, still playing well out of the corners, second level drives. That play right before half, where Tatum found him and he got downhill and hit rob with the wab there. That's the kind of stuff he says that. Yeah. That was great. Still had a good game. Still factored in the crunch time. Got it in the corner one time, real quick baseline drive, just quick decision making, like, you know, whether or not he missed his shots. Again, he's got a really quick release and a quick trigger. He recognizes it's an opportunity and an open shot he takes it. You know, you want to see more go down. But the same thing when he decides to go to the basket. There's really no hesitation. There is a very decisive player. Yeah, which is good. You know, that's obviously a testament to him. Playing four years of college and being more of a Polish player than some of the other guys in that draft class, but also Bobby, I mean, the clock is ticking here..

Peyton Pritchard Payton Pritchard Jalen Seth curry Joe Harris Bobby Tatum rob
The Stolen Indigenous Children


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The Stolen Indigenous Children

"It's a hot summer day in nineteen ninety emotions are high in boston. Independent nations today. This ojibway community is taking a stand. After decades of losing their children to the child welfare system they have come together to say no more. No more taking children by the busload from their homes. No more broken families. You aren't taking any more of our children get out. Stay out as a social worker. I'm responsible for the welfare of these children. My name is nicky. I can tell you being ripped away from my mother at six years old had nothing to do with my welfare look. I'm just doing my job. It's not your job anymore as chief of the wab soon nation. I'm here to tell you. We have passed a resolution. Banning the children's aid society from entering our community and taking any more of our children. You can't do that we just did. Yeah our children our future give sure give back our future. We did it teddy. You would have been so proud of us after the chaos of the rally. Nikki comforter her daughter at the kitchen table. It is a modest home. The sun streams through the windows colorful drawings of thunderbirds and pencil caller. Portrait's a woman and cad eyeglasses. A young shy smiling. Boy named teddy adorns the walls the pair sit together at the small table sipping tea and eating cookies

Boston Nicky Nikki
"wab  c." Discussed on The Erick Erickson Show

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"wab c." Discussed on The Erick Erickson Show

"Don't <Speech_Male> <Advertisement> <SpeakerChange> <Silence> <hes> <Music> <Speech_Music_Male> <Speech_Music_Female> <Laughter> mascot clean <Speech_Male> <Advertisement> the <SpeakerChange> air in your <Speech_Male> house. This <Speech_Male> is <Speech_Male> breaking news <Speech_Male> and <Speech_Male> it is <Speech_Male> something. The bite <Speech_Male> administration really <Speech_Male> has to pay attention <Speech_Male> to charlie <Silence> baker <Speech_Male> charlie <Speech_Male> baker's the governor of <Speech_Male> massachusetts. He's the <Speech_Male> only statewide <Speech_Male> elected official <Speech_Male> immense massachusetts <Speech_Male> in his lieutenant governor. <Silence> They run as a ticket there <Speech_Male> and <Speech_Male> he is <Speech_Male> the most popular <Speech_Male> governor in the united <Speech_Male> states. I know <Speech_Male> a republican <Speech_Male> governor massachusetts who is <Speech_Male> the most <Speech_Male> republican most popular <Speech_Male> governor in the nation. <Speech_Male> Massachusetts <Speech_Male> love <Silence> charlie baker. he <Silence> is. <Speech_Male> He's a democrat <Speech_Male> for all intents <Speech_Male> bri me. He's a pro abortion <Speech_Male> <Speech_Male> Moderate republicans <Speech_Male> wanna donald <SpeakerChange> trump impeached. <Speech_Male> Eat that that <Silence> gives you a sense of the <Silence> guy. <Speech_Male> <SpeakerChange> He's <Speech_Male> come out in <Speech_Male> the last ten minutes and said <Speech_Male> there will be no mandates <Speech_Male> in massachusetts <Speech_Male> That the state <Speech_Male> will not comply <Speech_Male> with the biden <Speech_Male> mandate osha <Speech_Male> mandate <Speech_Male> That he wants <Speech_Male> people to get the vaccine. <Speech_Male> He has <Speech_Male> made it mandatory <Speech_Male> for state employees <Speech_Male> in massachusetts. <Speech_Male> He wants <Speech_Male> local governments <Speech_Male> to make it mandatory but <Speech_Male> he will not himself <Speech_Male> mandate in <Speech_Male> the private sector. He <Speech_Male> says the government has no <Speech_Male> business doing that. <Speech_Male> That's pretty <Speech_Male> significant. <Speech_Male> When you <Speech_Male> have lost. Charlie <Speech_Male> baker on an issue <Speech_Male> the most popular <Speech_Male> governor in the nation. <Speech_Male> <Speech_Male> That's not good <Speech_Male> for joe biden. <Speech_Male> Brian killed the <Speech_Male> governor of georgia <Speech_Male> is lighting with kristi <Speech_Male> nome today. <Speech_Male> Doug ducey of arizona <Speech_Male> <Speech_Male> Greg abbott in texas <Speech_Male> governor. Bill lee <Speech_Male> and tennessee <Speech_Male> They're all planning <Speech_Male> on filing <Speech_Male> a suit to stop <Speech_Male> <Speech_Male> The <Speech_Male> <hes> vaccine <Speech_Male> mandate from <Speech_Male> the white house. I <Speech_Male> just don't <Speech_Male> see this idiot. <Speech_Male> Up favorably in court for <Speech_Male> the demonstration. <Speech_Male> But again you <Speech_Male> need to keep this mind. <Speech_Male> Keep this in <Silence> mind. <Silence> <SpeakerChange> <Speech_Male> This is all <Speech_Male> about distracting. You from <Speech_Male> afghanistan on <Speech_Male> the anniversary of nine eleven. <Speech_Male> That's what <Silence> all of this really is about. <Speech_Male> Because <Speech_Male> they know they can't do it. <Speech_Male> It was interesting yesterday. <Speech_Male> Listen to <Speech_Male> the reporters shouting questions <Speech_Male> as the <SpeakerChange> president yet <Speech_Male> again walked away. <Speech_Male> Look we're the united <Silence> states. <Speech_Male> There's nothing <Speech_Male> not a single <Speech_Male> thing. Were unable to <Speech_Male> do if we do it together. <Speech_Male> So let's <Speech_Male> stay together. <Speech_Male> God bless you <Speech_Male> all <Speech_Male> and all those who continue <Speech_Male> to serve on the <Speech_Male> front lines of this pandemic <Speech_Male> <Speech_Male> may <SpeakerChange> god protect <Speech_Male> our troops <Music> <Speech_Music_Male> <Speech_Music_Male> <Speech_Music_Female> <Speech_Music_Male> <Speech_Music_Female> <Speech_Music_Female> <Laughter> <Speech_Music_Female> <Speech_Music_Male> <SpeakerChange> <Speech_Male> <Speech_Male> is it constitutionally <Speech_Male> walks is <Speech_Male> it constitutional <SpeakerChange> is <Silence> it constitutional. <Speech_Male> I <Speech_Male> mean the reporters are getting <Speech_Male> really good at yelling questions <Speech_Male> adding that he refuses <Speech_Male> to ask <Speech_Male> and <Speech_Male> back in <SpeakerChange> december <Speech_Male> he said this no. <Speech_Male> I don't think it <Speech_Male> should be mandatory. I wouldn't <Speech_Male> demand to be mandatory. <Speech_Male> But i would do everything <Speech_Male> in my power. <Speech_Male> <Speech_Male> Mass can <Speech_Male> be made mandatory <SpeakerChange> <Speech_Male> nationwide <Speech_Male> no no mandate <Speech_Male> back in december. <Speech_Male> Now he's now. He's <Speech_Male> all on board the <Speech_Male> mandates <Speech_Male> Don't <Speech_Male> think this is gonna fly. This <Speech_Male> is a distraction. <Speech_Male> It is willful <Speech_Male> to get us to stop talking <Speech_Male> about afghanistan <Speech_Male> in move to where the <Speech_Male> polling suggests the public <Speech_Male> supporting <Speech_Male> And <Speech_Male> the courts will stop him <Speech_Male> and he will then blame <Speech_Male> the courts now <Speech_Male> tomorrow. <Silence> I won't be here. <Speech_Male> it's the weekend <Speech_Male> but it's september <Speech_Male> eleventh. I hope you'll <Speech_Male> spend some time reflecting <Speech_Male> on that day. I <Speech_Male> hope you'll text the word <Speech_Male> data to <Speech_Male> three three seven <Speech_Male> seven seven. Get <Speech_Male> my interview with wab <Speech_Male> robin lewinsky and <Speech_Male> subscribe because i will sit out the breeder generals interview tomorrow.

massachusetts Doug ducey charlie baker Greg abbott Bill lee charlie united joe biden Massachusetts Charlie afghanistan tennessee Brian georgia white house arizona texas robin lewinsky
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"wab c." Discussed on Passive Income Project

"From how much money's caused conflict in coppola's cpa frequent and i actually believe that financial issues are probably this unconscious cause of conflict. Ah lines of the mental aspect where this is not true for every couple. We are very hetero normative. And i don't want to generalize bought in al. Why for example. I will manage particularly the budget around lake shopping. And what we spend for the kids or those kinds of things and frequently prior to us using the money mapping and all of your takes. It was something that i just carried silently. And then i blow wab. When i felt like it wasn't being valued and vice versa. You would carry often the long term future financial burden and do you want to just quickly talk about what he's mental. Lord mental load is a concept that i guess we would say we learned off. Road ski the beautiful book. Fair play. I was very proud of you. I sent you a podcast with a rookie on. And i wanted you to understand the concept of mental lloyd which is just that women are often in relationships all of this extra mental burden to do things that need to be done have to be done. Don't get paid for order aren't considered part of a job gets paid but we carry that burden and then we find it very hard to get support for that owner how to communicate that entity sorry socialized so it's something that often men don't even think about so an example. We just talked about was monday. Presents fourth day present. I did which is breaking my fraud. Scheme rose because we had set a roll that we've done on mental load that you would look after your family's presence and i would look to mind and that was an immense relief for me because once we got married i didn't remember everyone's anniversary birthday or whatever but i always felt this pressure that i should have to know that that i will have bought everything central. The qods responded to it so that's an example of one aspect of mental. It's really these invisible socialized often gender idea that one pot. Na will carry this sort of burden of all the unpaid work. Is that how you would define the thing that really struck harm to me. Was i thought..

fourth day monday one aspect one pot couple coppola
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"wab c." Discussed on Boomer & Gio

"Injured they got swept was a miserable weekend. Steve cohen went to twitter and said. Hey it's gonna be a rough patch. Keep the faith so you've got the owner on twitter and making sure that the fan base stays in good mental place but is it too much to ask for. I don't know couple of guys who got paid a whole crap ton of money this off season to show up in hit like francisco. Indoor and james mccann nine. Oh jamesy can these guys do more than just hit but their combined average still is not a good two hundred i think i think mccain is batting. Two hundred and francisco horse can batting average one nine hundred right now. we understand. It's below four hundred. I mean it's incredible. So it's it's now we're talking about. Were a couple of weeks. We're actually a week away. It'll be no couple of weeks away from memorial day weekend and these guys still stink absolutely stink so when mcneil goes down and i place conforto goes down. You've got jacob degrom. Caress co and syndergaard have been out your. Is it one after another after another with the injuries. Jd davis at mora linda and mccain were brought in steve cohen. Mr everything's gonna be alright. Gave them a lot of money. There's organization gave them a lot of money. Having in this interim period those guys wake up little smelling salts whatever it is double espresso shot. Maybe go back to the amphetamines like. They used back in the eighties. Whatever it is. Can we wait the already. I mean at some please. I mean this and there still in first place by the way as bad as well. Pay that a seven game winning streak. That saved their season to this point. Thanks allie and the fact is is that getting swept in tampa. What i thought. Maybe with the d. h. And everything else. That would be a little bit. More offensive minded annuals got hamstring polls and cramps. And this guy going down and that guy going down. I mean it happened so fast. I woke up and he didn't watch the game on friday where they did get a good pitching performance by the way. Yeah if you didn't watch that game and you came in here on monday boys. What happened to the mets this weekend. Like all these guys got hurt and then of course it just goes to show you what happens when you don't have your number one. Ace you know the yankees wab garrett cole. He's going to give you a chance to win. Every time he steps on the mound. You know the mets had that with marcus stroman until yesterday but now all of a sudden the loss of the grandma's like a sore thumb. You feel it. Yeah they need to get these guys back. That's really where this team is going to be. Built. it's going to be starting rotation they have to get the ground back. Most importantly instantly gordon carrasco to add to any basically. Who's your stopper. These days taiwan walker that offer. He's the guy so it has been very disappointing at least the last three games. Let me ask you this so we go down the list of players. I am not going to do the whole team. But just just give me a great. You want.

marcus stroman Jd davis jacob degrom yesterday Steve cohen steve cohen friday james twitter two hundred seven game first eighties taiwan walker jamesy Two hundred day nine one nine hundred garrett cole
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"wab c." Discussed on Midnight Double Feature - A Film Podcast

"Resume and you'll equally as also film resume not to mention your time emmy nominated cinematographer which is incredible. And not something that we get to do. Quite often is talk to any emmy nominated cinematographers. I'm so you'll very much in demand and probably come across a few offers How do you decide which office to take. And which office attend down. Is there a personal. A small element that attracts you Projects interesting question. Thank you very much for having a nice things. So everybody wab. That's an interesting question because side. The only masakazu ryan which is about the same thing i had no really i guess media subconsciously throat rather you know i love working and i love being on set and so i guess swan. This question honestly. I would have to say that. I have taken jobs in at. Maybe i shouldn't have taken you know. Because i wasn't really maybe into the owner reasonable. Took him because it was luck and because they're not shooting enough being on set and it's interesting because it keeps walking to. The students said having made that choice. You know pre career-wise isaac Probably waited and get something more interesting for my career but the thing is you can go back and look at positive things. You think that you know. I've taken a lot of positive things away. From those jokes to experience a premature interesting people in end cetera. So Nowadays again. You know it's an interesting thing. I i have right now taking a job which to back. But i've taken it the main reason not taking because of my director who's a friend of mine in the taking of loyalty that he really wanted me to come into this job with him and the after now friendship and loyalty to him because we work well together and these friends of toned down another couple of jobs. That would have been very interesting. I guess so. Yeah it's always. I guess on our balance sheet whether the answers to questions Absolutely that was. That was such an amazing. An honest answer was very honest. Refreshing you get such an honest answer. I'm sorry yeah. I really appreciate that matt question. Yeah so a bit about me..

isaac emmy couple
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Wealth Academy Podcast - Wealth Is More Than Just Moneyhttps://www.linkedin.com/in/paullawrencevann

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"wab c." Discussed on Wealth Academy Podcast - Wealth Is More Than Just Moneyhttps://www.linkedin.com/in/paullawrencevann

"I did run in two years later when i actually sold the property. When it was put up for sale later she brought in furniture and everything to make the house look like was a livable and a neighbor across the street was an apartment complex. He said he always liked the house. He made an offer so one stipulation. The house was sinking. Entire community was built over. Rice paddies from years ago sinking so what we did went through the real estate broker. We had an engineering firm and they came inject the house. Backup got level. No out of money out of pocket. Money and sold the house and made almost doubled. What i paid for. The house almost doubled it. So i took that equity but i had already purchased a house in maryland. So i sold that house at this About twelve years. And i'm still working at the pentagon purchase current house that i'm living in came and and the people who had been here with a veteran and his family nice four-bedroom house to have car garage two car garage Four bedrooms two and a half baths nice yard. Nice nice community. Not too far from washington. Dc maybe five miles at the most. And what i would tell people when it comes to the financial stamps. Th out of the house You can negotiate everything. The price of the house. Since the veteran lost the house in foreclosure i paid a purchase to house as is at an inspector commend first and then purchase it as is and Moved into the house and it used to be the model home in this particular subdivision deer in the backyard. Eagles flying around squirrels. You name it Beautiful a lot of trees very beautiful in quiet community. It gets so quiet a skier that sometimes the quiet makes noise. Okay you like wait a minute. That's gotta be something going on. Quiet enough probably wab never left like you stayed. The key is as we want people to understand. You work hard for your money work for you. I have equity in my property had equity from the previous property and use that money. Judiciously the bill so that you can purchase something else and in the next two years. I'll probably move to another state somewhere. Wants my children go to college. Up will purchase a house where they happen to be going to school at and That's probably what's going to happen. Take equity out of that and purchase something and Just be be close by them in today's a current social climate We need our children close to us as close as we can get him to help protect them. And so that's that's what i have for here..

five miles washington two maryland four-bedroom today one stipulation two years later two car garage About twelve years next two years Four bedrooms first years ago half
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Political Analytical

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"wab c." Discussed on Political Analytical

"Those left wing extremist. Those are the domestic terrorists here in america and same thing with china and the muslim community. So you could be you know right there or you can be extreme and you could be on that terrorist version of it right there and that's the same thing we're battling here on the home. Front same is no different. I agree gordon. Why we're not putting everybody in a group you know not everybody's in that group but there there's a select but we haven't here on the home front more here than what we need to worry about right now received gotta remember. We're playing by two different sets of rules but us talking about that not maintenance station. People view us as being not politically correct or wrong until we made. That station did not all are bad. But being conservatives being trump supporters were all nazis where all bad not the select few did what they did it to capital about the select few extremists that cause damage but all of us. So there's two different sets of rules that we have to play this world now. I have a good friend of mine. Who spent his entire life in the oil industry. Two years out of retirement can't get a job now because he was laid off by this last debate with president trump said that he was going after the oil industry. He said he was going to phase. It out is what people he lied. Cancelling the pipeline was not phasing it out canceling in that pipeline was breaking the legs of the oil industry in this country. We saw gas prices wab thirty to forty cents a gallon over night. You're going to go up even more than that gordon. Just watch they're gonna go up on an average of two dollars. Yeah it won't be long before here in texas and we're going to be paying at least five bucks a gallon and texas is one of the places where we pay the least and if it gets up to five dollars a gallon you can bet your but it's going to be around eight to ten dollars a gallon in california so get ready right and i was just thinking about new york and all these other states way of north montana. Yeah yeah it's going to be almost.

california america texas two dollars north montana new york thirty trump Two years one gordon forty cents a gallon two different sets ten dollars a gallon five dollars a gallon muslim president around eight at least five bucks a gallon nazis
"wab  c." Discussed on Serienweise - Der Serien Podcast

Serienweise - Der Serien Podcast

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"wab c." Discussed on Serienweise - Der Serien Podcast

"These wab tight tizen polio veteran. Fast punk Cleats goofy kinda in does this is fucked vehicle Village want does hints does the to our pipeline does do that estimate rates in const how to it's not seeming causa. Kunst figure dust zero of them. Who the vote in hunting. Tom embiid sneered beautiful. Artem fires ramon does monomer enough on torch into foul plutonium fanzine to forty xena often feel the torch krittika. Does nick appeared calm in. My navarre is depicted staffer pots. The face the funding line about the does by mia yim fire of this list. Gerda on dusty who are diesel buffet. Atten tycoon words. Ghanem sushila discount function yet. The suspect guns feeling loaded clapped-out as a vendor me for him yeah exact- vacancy vis. Need him become ended sustain. He can give it a stock in cleveland. Me i four hundred aftab pundits bring and we have are fortunate again by done all about the eyes of good on handy's naguma. On't vam individually stefan. Skype gun uses finale and a pack nausea d mich months before dvd. The podcast oye stephen. When i'm the taxation by let's feeling about 'em how about mind fun. Caught today. casinos titus to without us horizonte knowledged had to prove to philippi. To invite susan apocalyptic near the for him getting stuck and cloudy necessity into stocks rebound complexes and the reason towards the past befitting does county fast nikolov ma but does is so. That's i one. It's fats it. For doc. Hinch de was as a desmond does overhead vicks feeding tinkling quantities against vegan. Easy to mark tom. And these are cliffhanger ended. Its fine stuff of kubota would versus x. Former mrs alison bring. Thanks mattino muslim fast. Older born of hoops. This week's this little fewer batman bohdan yankee. Freezer storage zillion gate on onto. What is your end of shepherd's violence violence. I been gymnasts society for complete nocco. Hold up by autumn. My state kennedy dermatology zina's. He'll often as on three kuti's as you amount of dodgers ahah worked on fence.

Tom embiid mia yim Ghanem sushila Artem polio Gerda ramon nikolov ma nick Hinch de stefan mark tom philippi cleveland nausea Skype mrs alison stephen susan kubota
Indigenous authors share their favourite reads of 2020


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Indigenous authors share their favourite reads of 2020

"Ns nabi author. Web dj race is in the perfect position to recommend books this year. He was on the jury for this year's writers trust award for fiction and he had to read a hundred and twenty three books by canadian authors. In seven months wab is a former journalist and the author of the award winning novel of the crusted snow though it came out. In two thousand eighteen the post apocalyptic novel is still resonating with readers. Originally from whistling first nation near perry sound ontario wobbly lives in sudbury with his wife and two young boys. Welcome back to the show up. Vagary much vallon happy to be here so we're going to talk about your book. Pick in a few minutes. But first you've been very busy during this pandemic you left your job at. Cbc and have transitioned to writing full time in january you will begin writing the highly anticipated sequel to moon the crusted snow. What's it like writing a book about a dystopia world during a pandemic. it's a very weird. It has sort of made me take a step back and sort of reassess. My i guess plan for the book In in not a major overhaul kind of way just sort of taking a look at some of the minor elements of you know dystopia and the end of the world in this world that created with the crested snow after sort of pick it back up in. My plan is to write about the post apocalypse. Ten years after the end of the crisis. No right so. I have to imagine what's going to be left or the world's what exactly led to the demise of civilization and i guess the biggest challenge is trying to imagine the details of everyday life that are going to exist. You know ten twelve years after the end of the world and what exactly prompted that and to you know so i was originally thinking that there'd be a sickness slash klag element to it but now i'm considering considering house going to work right because you know in that sense. I have to sort of balance speculation with reality now that we are actually living through a play. It's been kind of weird but it's been good too. Because you know for the first time in my life i can focus full time on my imagination and writing these stories so i feel very fortunate. I feel very privileged to be able to do this right now. And so what can readers expect with the new book well They can expect a world. I guess in the aftermath of the blackout that happened in moon of the crusted snow and they'll experience the world through the eyes of the community once again and what the community members going to be doing. There's going to be about five or six of who are on a quest to see what's left of the world so we're going to travel south in hopes of reclaiming their spots on georgian bay. Where which is their original homeland this community right because of the crisis. No you learn that. This community of national back was originally displays from the south to the fire north. So either on this quest to see what's left of the world in what's left of their original homeland so I find out what happens to these characters and how. The new generation of the community grows up. You know in this new era and that's a real fun thing to imagine to for sure. So since the beginning of the pandemic interest in one of the crusted snow has picked up again. Why do you think that's the case I think that's due to a number of reasons. I lead people have more time to read. He owned their at home a lot. And i think they're looking for you know interesting stories to pass the time and you know. It's a huge honor for me to have another bump For my book you know. But i think there's a in added appetite to read post-apocalyptic or dystopia stories because we are living through this end of the world. And i think people want to read a resolution. In any sort of post-apocalyptic apocalyptic story there's always an end to what's going on and and it's not always a happy ending but there is some finality. They're in right now. We sort of have an idea of how this is going to end. Because you know there's discussions about vaccines that are gonna be out soon. But it's still very mysterious right and that's what happened in the first months of the pandemic you know. We just didn't know what was going to happen. So i think reading a book about an end of the world still provides some sort of ending right some sort of resolution and end in a book like none of the crisis snow despite you know the trauma of a world ending in the tragedies that accompany it's there is an underlying spirit of hope in that story in that you know the community Looks to the future and sees it as an opportunity for renewal. And i think people are looking for hope and they can find that implicit bach stories.

Vallon Klag Sudbury CBC Perry Ontario Georgian Bay
Why stories matter now more than ever


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Why stories matter now more than ever

"In late March in an apparent attempt to avoid cove nineteen a Quebec couple drove thousands of kilometers west to White Horse. Uconn then they travel to the flying community of old crow a community of about two hundred fifty people one still without a case of covert nineteen but the couple was eventually sent packing chief. Dana. Tj Tram of the Glitch in first nation was shocked by the couple's actions. To tell you the truth I was not prepared for a random couple from Quebec to to. Just come off the plane. It was really concerning to people just because we have a very small tight knit community that have grown old together for generations so for some strangers just to show up one day. It was almost as if someone just walks into your house and helps himself to your fridge if he will. But especially under the Kovic crisis this only had exponential affects. This story sounded a bit familiar to Guizhou Rice. Because he had written it. Before or at least a fictionalized version of it. And his post apocalyptic novel moon of the crusted snow while gisha is initially bay from the socks in first nation and also the host of. Cbs's up north. Hello Wab. Welcome back to this. Show month brand I Roseanne. Thanks for having me again. Why don't Weird Weird Situation? This is so weird I was tagged dozens of times. Chris Static the witches lawyer is original tweet about it and Yeah it kind of blew my mind very confusing. I Bet I bet you feel a bit. Like an oracle not really but. I you know obviously see the parallels between the you know this real life imitating fiction right. I wrote that particular plot points of Muna crusted snow just as a what if not as this sort of how to guides so maybe. I feel guilty as a result of that. I don't know I for the UNINITIATED. Tell us a bit about your book. Moon of the crusted snow. Okay Yeah So. It's a look at the moment of apocalypse From the perspective of northern New Snobby Community. And what happens in the story is there is a blackout due to sort of mysterious. 'cause They communications go then. The power goes outright so this community because it says so far north that people are still somewhat connected to the lane and they're able to adapt to sort of move through this sort of confusing new era but those who aren't as adapt that sort of hunting fishing and You know living off the lanes descend into a bit of panic and chaos and then on top of that just things start really getting intense. Agai comes from a city in the south. The Big White Guy who has equally mysterious background as you know as the catastrophe itself and He begins sort of imposing his will and then he's followed by some other people from the south things. The community is forced to make some pretty serious decisions as to how they're going to survive and how they're going to move forward in this new era. Yeah now this plotline that your frank you with the with the gentlemen coming from the South I'm obviously they're they're looking for food shelter and a knowledge to survive in this new reality but the indigenous community really response Interestingly to this to this To this person showing up in that they make initially welcome him in as right. Yeah and you know. There is a bit of conflicts some tension amongst community members as to what they're going to do but a lot of the leadership in this. I know in that in that particular community is still very closely connected to national values despite you know. Colonialism enforces simulation as such. So you know some of the people believe we as we should welcome this individual in and try to work together with him to create a you know a good community as we try to navigate this new reality of living in the darkness right Sort of how. He's able to take his place In the community so when this story in the Yukon I broke just recently many people online silly related to your book. What did you think when you first heard about? I thought back to win. I started writing moon of the crusted snow and that was always going to be a major plot elements of the story. Was THIS JUSTIN SCOTT CHARACTER. This white guy coming into the community from the city right and then sort of imposing his will and As I began writing it about a month or so in I started having doubts as to whether that would actually happen. You know I thought. Would there actually be people who would flee the city in a crisis in go to the res- to seek shelter to seek safety and so on so I thought that's not believable at all? I don't have a viable story. You know but it went to this House party in Ottawa Halloween Party. Actually when I was living there and that was about a month and a half into writing the first draft and was steeped in this doubt about whether this was a believable story and I started talking to this random dude their end because it's so deep into the sort of Story in thinking about the end of the world that was basically all I was talking about the people at the time so I must have been pretty fun chat back then but anyways I was talking to this guy and we were talking about things. Go down and what would happen. And so on. And he uttered the blue says. Yeah if it all went down if things fell apart here in the city the first place I'm going to the res- and I was like. Oh Yeah I was like Whoa. Why why would you go there? Wh- what's the thinking behind that he's like well you know how to. Heinz how to live in the Bush and you know it'd be a good place for me to hide out and I said okay Well which do you want to go to? You know? Thinking of the spy reserves to to Ottawa. Tanay Guy Kidding. Zv Golden Acres CETERA. And he's like doesn't matter whichever one I can get to you. The quickest right so I kinda thought you know. This is very presumptuous of this new to think that he can just go to arrests. But that was the sort of validation. I needed to write this Justin Scott character because I thought okay. There's one guy who believes this so I can write the story you know but I guess there are a lot more people who think that including a young couple from Quebec willing to drag style meters to like the other end of the land right so weary so back then it spiracy theory exactly you ever imagine like something like this might happen one day when you put your head. Deep into post apocalyptic gorgeous doping fiction. You're always all the possibilities right but I think you never really prepared for the big moments you know when something actually happens and I don't think I could have ever imagined that pandemic to the scale you know like that's sad though like people are slowly started to realize that the world we did living is gone now and what. We're going to emerge in something totally different like we're going to have different ways of life and they're going to be different roles and responsibilities that we all have resulted so I think keeping those things in mind in how resilient indigenous people are especially in overcoming these crises that has prepared mentally in some ways. Although I'm not Maybe not physically or supply wise prepared as well as it should be just in case right so the thing about anyways

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From immersion camps to podcasts: Innovation attracts new Indigenous language speakers


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From immersion camps to podcasts: Innovation attracts new Indigenous language speakers

"I'm Wab Gisha. Grace inforwars dear child this week talking all about revitalizing indigenous languages on the show today in flood cracks new clock. My Indian name. I am from the new cloth. Nation in Bella. I am Learner Speaker of the folks language. That's Marlene King. And if you had told her a year ago that she would not only be teaching the new hug language but revitalizing it. She wouldn't have believed you. That's because the fifty three year old grandmother had just started relearning herself now. Marlene is part of a group of community members community with only a dozen fluent speakers working with the new college to preserve the language for future generations. She joins us now from Belqola. Hello Marlene Hi. So can you describe the approach? New Ho- college has taken to language. Revitalization hop language has been Taught in our school for like the last thirty years. Our language teachers have done an excellent job and revitalizing our language and we have sixty to return to the Nicole through another little linguistic person that works for our community who does work with our elders and our language his name is Dale. Mccreary is a vital piece of teaching. Our language is very crucial to our language. Here and Bella cool. We have now got the money to digitize and transcribed these tapes that were were handed over to our nation winner. Those tapes from they are from nineteen sixty seven nineteen sixty eight. Wow what do you expect to find on those tapes? You're going to be a lot of knowledge on these tapes leg back then like a lot of the conversation on the table at the tables. Were all in new hawk. So you know some of the forgotten words that we don't use today because we had three different dialect. We had three different villages who spoke different languages. But there were very very similar to their their stories over elders In the early sixties and seventies and they were forgotten they. They haven't been available to the people that they were just returned to nation. March two thousand nineteen and these are critical recordings and they need to be analyzed by our linguistics and I have knowledge keepers and language speakers. It's wonderful you mentioned hearing forgotten words on some of these archival recordings see. Can you tell us what may be some of those words or expressions are? I can't tell you that because I haven't heard any of the tapes myself so all of this is new late. It's all new. So they're just being digitized today today as we speak. Are you excited to hear some county? Hear it in my voice. Of course I am just so I'm ecstatic. And in that sense you know finding out some of these Words and expressions kind of like digging up treasure against say yes. It's like Goldline for our language and we really need to preserve that everybody's excited to find out what's on these tapes right We have between three of our People that speak our language to Vancouver to A training course for but we have a reel to reel tapes as well that we're not able to do those recordings rate until we get the proper equipment for those recordings and it sounds like a huge project lots of technical components to what's the biggest challenge you've come across right now is the reel to reel Because you know we don't know what these tapes because deteriorated or but they've been kept very well so were assuming that these tapes that they're still viable merlene. Why is it so vital to do this now? Because a lot of our elders And knowledge keepers have passed on. We've when two thousand ten or two thousand eleven. I believe we lost like seven allders with the Library of knowledge and language and culture. They were very crucial to our language. You know what I was given Of Given three VHS tapes that have an elder from my community. Do some teachings in some language. So I'M GONNA go try to those digitize now. I'm inspired to do that just by talking to you today. Oh that is too awesome. Awesome Merlene thank you very much for your time. Congratulations on this great project. And all the best going forward okay. Still Marlene King. Is the cultural adviser for New College in. Bella Kula BC.

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Danaher agrees to buy GE's biopharma business for $21.4 billion

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Danaher agrees to buy GE's biopharma business for $21.4 billion

"There's another entry today in the what is going on. With General Electric file GE announced deal this morning to sell bio pharma business for more than twenty one billion dollars. The buyer is Danaher which just so happens to be the company that GE's newish CEO Larry Culp rand before coming to General Electric, so all part of a bigger restructuring plan ended paying down GE's massive debt load the company also, by the way closed a different deal today. Merging its transportation division with railway equipment maker wab tech bringing in another two point nine billion dollars. Marketplace's Amy Scott has more now on the original American industrial conglomerates efforts to become less conglomerate, it GE has been trying to recover from deals that went bad questionable accounting and leadership turmoil. Today's deal helps pay down the more

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"10 feet of blood": Kayaker recalls helping teen attacked by shark

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"10 feet of blood": Kayaker recalls helping teen attacked by shark

"A thirteen year old boys expected to make a full recovery after a shark attacked him in southern California over the weekend. ABC's will cars near the scene attack. Gore's race to save it thirteen year olds live four men. Desperately dragged the teenager or shore inside of a kayak kayak is full blood but Dini bit diving for wab stirs winning eleven foot shark attacked. He was yelling I got bit help help help short

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South Korea urges North to present plan for denuclearization

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South Korea urges North to present plan for denuclearization

"Cumulus in los angeles say they will not be filing criminal charges against scott bail the da's office says after looking into the case they determined the statute of limitations had expired the case stems from allegations made by actress nicole eggert was on charles in charge puts bay oh eggert says bao's sexually assaulted her while she was still a teenager baeau denies all those allegations and says that he and eggert were in a consensual relationship and that was after she was of legal age in a twitter post eggert points out that the case against bail was not dismissed because of a lack of evidence but because the case was too i'm oscar wells gabriel south korea's urging north korea to come up with concrete steps toward denuclearization south korean foreign minister conch young wab says recent summits in panmunjom in singapore were unprecedented and have the potential to bring about historic change on the korean peninsula we are expecting to see concrete action by north korea to live up to his compete denuclearization commitment in return for guarantees of its security and joint efforts to establish a lasting peace regime on the peninsula the comments came as north korea's kim jong un held talks with chinese president xi jinping in beijing the visit which wrapped up on wednesday was designed to convey the country's growing closeness china's touted the prospects of more trade and investment if north korea makes progress in talks on abandoning its nuclear weapons and long range missile programs walt disney studios has named two people to replace outgoing animation and pixar chief john lasseter jennifer lea and pete doctor will take over both are oscar winners and veterans of the walt disney company specifically lee who co directed frozen has been named chief creative officer for the walt disney animation studios while dr who is best known for the movies up and inside out is now the chief creation officer for pixar animation chairman ellen horn said both lee and dr embody the spirit culture and values of their respective studios in november lassiter said he was taking a six month sabbatical and apologized for missteps with employees will stay on as a consultant through two thousand eighteen welcome to total wine and more boy gets all of this bear out of the way how about if i find a.

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Scott Baio Claims Nicole Eggert Accused Him of Assault to 'Relaunch Her Own Career'

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Scott Baio Claims Nicole Eggert Accused Him of Assault to 'Relaunch Her Own Career'

"Bill to limit surge fares by uber in lift has been shut down in honolulu by the city's mayor mayor kirk caldwell has vetoed a bill that would have set limits for what companies can charge during peak demand the goal of the measure was to prevent surge pricing rates getting higher than the maximum fair set by the city the mayor's told city attorney's to come up with a bill that would give transportation companies flexibility as as there's disclosure about pricing uber says the veto protects consumer choice had a lulu council members could override the veto a former sitcom star accused of sexual assault won't pay steady charges ap entertainment editor oscar wells gabriel reports the accusations were made by former co star prosecutors in los angeles say they will not be filing criminal charges against scott bail the da's office says after looking into the case they determined the statute of limitations had expired the case stems from allegations made by actress nicole eggert was on charleston charge the bay oh eggert says bao's sexually assaulted her while she was still a teenager baeau denies all those allegations and says that he and eggert were in a consensual relationship and that was after she was of legal age in a twitter post edward points out that the case against bail was not dismissed because of a lack of evidence but because the case was too old i'm oscar wells gabriel south korea's urging north korea to come up with concrete steps toward denuclearization south korean foreign minister conch young wab says recent summits in panmunjom in singapore were unprecedented and have the potential to bring about historic change on the korean peninsula we are expecting to see concrete action by north korea to live up to its compete denuclearization commitment return for guarantees of its security and joint efforts to stab a lasting peace regime on the peninsula the commons came as north korea's kim jong hoon held talks with chinese president xi jinping in beijing the visit which wrapped up on wednesday was designed to convey the country's growing closeness china's touted the prospects of more trade and investment if north korea makes.

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