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"w united states tv" Discussed on Heartland Newsfeed Radio Network

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"w united states tv" Discussed on Heartland Newsfeed Radio Network

"Which obviously doesn't help now. It's true and has a big area kid myself. I i remember those battle of date and it was real fun. Spirits that rivalry but right now. It's it's now Whether it's sports or especially in politics rejected by this fear of the other extreme hatred and it's unhealthy unsustainable The you know the big the big thing that we can do now is to learn to be in theory each other again And it can be difficult because we're passionate about politics and if you think about it you know there's really four or five issues that you know we'll we'll probably never see eye on those issues but they're hundreds of other issues that we we actually agree on it and you know we want the same things for ourselves. You know food on the table. We want a decent wage. Want future for our kids. We want safe communities. I mean that's a whole lot of common ground right there. We just disagree on how to get there and what the policy is and so. Let's go back to those things that we actually do have in common and if you look at all the hate and fear It really comes from a deep place of pain and hurt and a lot of us are hurting right now. I mean not the least of which because of a political environment but this pandemic we're all isolated from each other and you know we need each other just like we need the arab beans. It's it's part of dna and so the fact that he don't have that is making us lash out. And so i think we just need to take a collective pause and breathe for a moment and look at where we're heading because they're the clip off the road and we don't turn the course we're gonna head right over it and and so i think the reader part that gives me hope is just meeting people across this country that are doing work already and it's not easy work to let down your defenses to examine your own polarizing rising tendencies but it's been necessary work citizens to say we have rights but the flip side as we have responsibilities and part of our responsibility to work the differences. That's what democracy did we hit. Film can be small part of that conversation. They show people that there is another way out. They're very well said and just for fun. Did you try to get peaches. And herb's reunited to be in the movie. I mean that's that's a longer term. Conversation burgess gotcha like the typically ice cream here But i will say this but website that we go along with the film united states. Td has got a bunch of tools for people how we talk to each other and how to talk to family members how to talk to trends 'cause a lot of us wanted to pass this and and find ways through but we just don't know how to do it and so you know we wanted to sell them to be an on ramp for that the red side and we're having this big red carpet premiere tomorrow van jones mccain and a bunch of you everyday heroes are going to be there so going to open it up to your listeners. Anyone who wants to join can just sign up on the website And check out the movie this weekend. Its president say weekend. Tell us the website one more time we united states. Tv re united states dot tv. that's ban recci. He directed the documentary. And i'll leave you with this. The one thing that has that i really hit me Under the The solar plexus at on fourth of july put my flag out. As i always do and then someone said oh he's maga- and i'm like i don't know this flag was around hundreds of years before there was maga- and i hate the fact that if you flying american flag that people trump supporter at some point. I'd like to get my flag back. Yeah no it's true. I mean everything is so politicized right now and even the term patriot. You know seems to be politicized. I think you know there are things about this country and there are things that we all agree could be better about this country and both those points of view are valid. It's not that one over the other Just because we might be critical of some things that aren't working in this country doesn't mean that we don't love it. I mean the one thing that connects all of us is this deep Appreciation and love for this country and the promise that it is whether or not we agree. It's as great as it can be as united should've been his whole time. We all believe in the promise of it and so let's let's go back to what our founders wanted which is a healthy spirited debate but not this level of toxic contents from darkstar pictures re united states available now video on demand. Ben congratulations on the film and let's catch up on your next one man won't so much.

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