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What does the Freedom party scandal mean for Austria?

Monocle 24: The Foreign Desk

07:49 min | 2 years ago

What does the Freedom party scandal mean for Austria?

"Earlier this week, a video was released, which showed Australia's vice-chancellor conducting an unwisely amenable conversation with someone claiming to be connected to Russian money in the video shot on either in two thousand seventeen Heinz Christians rocker of the ultra-conservative Freedom Party appeared to be offering government contracts for political favors. He has now resigned and the Freedom Party has quit the government plunging Austrian politics into crisis. It is an extremely we'd scandal. Indeed verging on inexplicable, if you are a remotely sensible politician is only one rational response to any suggestion by anyone with a Russian accent, that quantity, rubles might be on offer in return for certain surreptitious services rendered that one sensible response. Is this stand up? Thank them for the drink and declared as loudly. And as clearly as possible in the direction of any lamp shades handbags that might be secrete. Eating cameras that you are. Absolutely not interested. Not now not ever. Not for the first time angry. Populists have demonstrated themselves temperamentally unsuited to actual governance. Can Austria's chancellor Sebastian Kurz survive this and seeing as how he brought these dubious far-right Yahoos into power does he deserve to this is the foreign desk? He tried to distance himself from this a little bit, and tried to portray himself as having been sort of transformed, but that infect was not completely true and could took one and a half years. Now to say that this is really enough. And he didn't do this. I mean this video just showed too much of the moon face of his coalition partners. You don't have to take very far to understand that Russian money per meets European politics in a really big way. Loads of Russian money makes its way into European parties through think tanks through various kind of campaign. Pledges. There is a huge problem post himself as somebody who suffered who week demised himself for the nation for the country. But this is sorry to say nonsense, because it was him who built this collision, it was also him who would have had so many possibilities and options to say something nobody told him to suffer. You're listening to the foreign desk with me, Andrew Miller on today's show. We'll take a detailed look at the scandal, which has both up ended and bewildered. Australian politics and ask, if there is a lesson here for voters elsewhere, in Europe, considering supporting populist outsiders, like, for example, don't but I currently of Monaco's correspondent in Vienna outlines what has become known as I beat the gate. It's hard to convey to the outside world, the extent to which the scandal has gripped the Australian imagination everyone who was talking about it in every cafe in every home up enough to guess drinking video was, he comes Alexandrian, a quarter of the population watch that historic speech by chancellor Sebastian courts last Saturday. The one where he said that enough was enough skin. Skin is and that was in the same night as Eurovision and in the spirit of vision. The scandal has given a new lease of life to this nine thousand nine hundred nine hit song by the she adults group, Bengals gets cold. We're going to be, so it's at the top of the charts in Australia. Why? Well. Because of course it was on that Spanish on that the secret video was recorded. Seriously, though, the video came as a complete bombshell, but the fact that it was the Freedom Party, the FBI mass down. So spectacularly was actually not that surprising until compared to if the social Democrats and the conservatives have long very long tradition on their values on their ideology on their programmatic basis, and this is quite different to f f is a party that opposes and not creates. And this is one answer why they always fail by themselves, did Luke was a spokesperson for the former conservative chancellor, Vulcan Schuessel, who also led a coalition government with the F the in the early two thousands. She was that, when that government collapsed would say their challenge is not being. A responsible party who governs? It's more being a party of the opposition. And this is a different role and blow up. It was their own failure. It was not the failure by others. Nobody would think about having another if a if a coalition for the next future. So I think they really knocked out themselves. Is in trouble then. So is the of a pay the conservatives, but things could go either way for them. It all depends on whether their leader chancellor courts survives the no confidence vote on Monday courses being under five using the fat his own ends, and Fulmer coalition with the F the fest place. His public statements have the past week. Have also come in for some criticism. He post himself as somebody who, who suffered two week demise himself for the nation for the country. But this is I'm sorry to say nonsense, because it was him who built this nation it was him. Baba taught is reporter working for the Viennese weekly defaulter, the only Australian publication that was given access to this talk video before it was released. She's written a biography of court since she's been watching his behavior in the public's reaction stood closely Ostrom people. They're beginning to scrutinize in to deconstruct would he's doing because. It's, it's easy now to see. I'm the anchor and I will guarantee stability, but people are beginning to ask, who's he takes responsibility for this crisis, and that's him. So it's going to be not so easy for him to have the same run during the election. Like trees Sebastian codes loses the no confidence vote on Monday. He'll remain the most popular politician in the country. But what does all this mean for the? All the all fall ride going to slip from political infamy into political obscurity. Alost word from baba told no Mike, my answer would be no. Because we believe experienced the end of the F in the beginning of two thousand to two thousand three some thought, it's the end in the one thousand nine hundred eighty s so I would be very careful to say. It's the end let's, let's remember, do not Trump during his campaign when this recording. When pop Nick, where he talked about what he does with women, and everybody was shock. Then everybody thought this is going to be the end of Donald Trump. And he was he was elected. Similar to this. I think it can even help to mobilize Motus, who will see the effects, the something.

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