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"von van bacon" Discussed on The Film Vault

"Pitched to first and then the way. This is about a minute of of some of the best. Burt reynolds laugh. You're going to hear it's all through the same movie. Which is hooper which. I really like with same aunt. Michael vincent james san michael. This very good movie fun movie. I should antonoff good. I used to watch it all the time as a very young kid. But it's about a stunt driver car driver and he hit. His doctor told him if he did any more stunts he be paralysed forever and then he's like well. What's out there little yellow. Yeah the open. All actually as long days off burn started all right. I need to see that movie again because they do a lot of Fun like like james bond ripoffs and like you know. He's not man for all these movies. That are like Trophy recognizable a satire in some ways but In many ways. If i recall it's also just a ridiculous action movie from the seventies with probably very offensive humor fun. I want to say offensive tear. Brian mccauley's in one reading. Brian's number one goes a little something like this is. Brian and i was pissed when i was talking on the phone. And he told me his number one. Fuck they should have been on my list that just you know it's a pretty vast top. Yes definitive but he went with here. We go brian. Mccauley's words edged out. Billy madison thermes went to such language. Make jason nesbitt comfortable including their version of human laugh. That's bizarre laughs and the humans reactions are just so good galaxy quest the aliens the three inns in galaxy quest and it sounds a little something like this. I ghost. let's good. There's good picking up from sorry think of it so am i. I'm in like genuinely upset when when he said it. And i'm like my motherfucker all right. Let's get your answer for number five now. Whiskey wise it is. It is whistle fig whistle pig whistle pig. Oh nice that'll down. That's literally down fifty feet away as to how. How can you call it ten years. Because if you've had on your bar for two years plus tenants tell on the barrel dumb fuck me. I'm talking to me. I'm abusing mall. Whistle pig is awesome. You do like this. I liked number three the most side. Glass also yeah. This is one of my favorites. All right. let's let's move it along to the listener list. Thank you jordan wolf For putting together our listener list every single week as you do and this week with top five laps. It goes a little something like this. Tom hanks in money pit understood. Number four is seymour hoffman. Be more similar. Philip often philip seymour. Heaven jesus christ the booze and bigalow maske as brand. I guess comfortable life they suck dick also when he's trying to get the do not to touch the pictures and he's asking about is under all the children that the big lebowski and yes job in star wars number three of the listeners number two george make flying back to the future that came list that came up in my discussion with better brian to and i thought it was on his list but i think he said that he will he had are better. Brian lost it. Right there at the last Last minute i guess number one for the listeners. And this is good and i wish i had a little bit. Nfl is a better producer. I would that's louis in revenge of the nerds with ten percent of the overall vote. Twenty six percent of the top five a runaway and not even mentioned on our on our. I had to cut it from my list. Because i couldn't find a great clip but a great great great feel like you probably Find it. why can i q on this fucking bored. Sure she'd be able to listen. While you wax some a batch all right go ahead. What do you got. Thank you to looted bene- von van bacon as always what. Yeah well. why are you acting like you. You don't understand banner von. It wasn't look we we we got news for you. What's that. I know the score suicide squad not gamble on that. However we brian North carolina over here is going to be outta town for this next week. Prerecorded the episode. So let's gamble on the following weeks. Release well i mean. We didn't let go know any of that was not gamble. This habitat effectively now game boy. We'll pay off in two weeks in two weeks anderson. Don't breathe to free guy or respect or choice. That's pretty good lineup right there. Let's do free free. Got so much work. I know we gotta pay off last week. He's to the suicide squad. Which already on my ticket for. I will be doing my little minute little thing. Which is a video reviews. Every friday which is nice because i hate sitting on the movie that you know by the time we get to talking about. It's like four or five years old. I like to talk about it right away. So it's fun to be able to do that. And i will be talking about the suicide squad this coming friday friday morning. Money do that night when i get home. If i'm inspired. Eighty ninety six percents is finally. That's a the first good. Dc moving quite some time now. Since batman moving knows exactly what it is and james gunn is coming back. I would imagine he is Mojo motivated yeah. Yeah last week. We gambled on the green knight anderson guest. Ninety four seventy nine. Finish ninety and so anderson as the winner to sign me now. Yes okay. So it's early august. I was alerted. Thank you very much. Not just one to three different people alerted me to let me know that yes. Pink flamingos is available. Thank gallon on criterion. however it's going above the end of august and once again not be available anymore anywhere. Not even youtube. It's just it's one of those movies. It's just becoming very very hard to see. So it's it's a touchstone film a movie that needs to be seen by so you have some kind of Idea of what. May john waters john waters divine is and it is troublesome. It's it's it's upsetting your. I already know. I feel like i know what you're your reaction is going to be in disappointing pick..

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