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"von holland bruce" Discussed on The Phinsider

"Safety out of oregon. You know high draft. Pick a gun. The dolphins brought in here got rid of bobby mccain. How is he going to handle. You knew that game situation because what we've heard all these long you know throughout training camp. I mean we heard what three interceptions and four practices think he picked off any for pick six also. I won't justin feels reportedly. So i mean how devan holland gonna go out there. How's he going to get those. The rest of that secondary in place. And you know do some of those things that have veteran linked bobby mccain did and then you also have here brandon jones. I mean again. A young safety started four games last year against the patriots chargers denver and the patriots again played thirty eight percent of teams snaps. And you also have your jason mccourty is currently has started and i think you know a lot of that is because he is a veteran presence. He has got it understands. His defense can get those you know the corners and the rest of that defense align a little bit better than obviously a rookie but again if giovane holland do half the things that we continue to hear that. He's doing a camp. I mean that just seems like a homerun cy a homerun draft pick and you know when so many people wanted to running back. It was like so against the grain for the dolphins to go that route again. We're already hearing. That's paying dividends. All bite in practice yet just. I wanted to bear. Branded joins me by him. In different players the vet that jones started or played thirty eight percents snaps last season. Just kinda gave me the idea of. What can we expect from. How how'd you know have written down here. How long japan. How would be held out. We don't know how much is going to be eased in the system. We don't know of brantford. Simply just trust a veteran jason mccranie back there on the secondary so if he keeps making these blaze we know he's going to be out there quite a bit Is it only a matter of time. Before he takes over that starting gig or he becomes. Maybe that third safety does or do you think it's a situation where these according brandon jones are going to have have this role until holland you know. It's those thirty percents. Nassar's starts random game because of injury where he can really grabble of position. Where where do you see him. Really starting to make it impacts this here. Yeah that's the million dollar question. Probably one that. Only brian floors and josh boyer knows. I mean. if there's any you know defense that evolves around versatility no getting these different guys in situations. I mean that's prime floors defense. So i can't sit here and truly say i do think he's going to be that. Starting you know quote unquote free safety sooner or later but a mile down here and i brought it up before you know in two thousand nine hundred and played five hundred ninety one snaps at nickel corner in the slot. So you know. How much of that does brian. Flora's you know. Try to implement this year so a lot of different things. Yeah a lot of different things you can do there and i even joke you know. He's the anti mix. Patrick you know some of the knox against winker. I guess the whole reason. He's no longer here is because you know he didn't want to drop down the box. Go against a run and take on some of those blocks. I mean that's what you see. Which von hahn on tape so I do think this is going to be a guy that again no disrespect to bobby mccain. But i think which von holland bruce on tape. You know the range from silent silent. I think this is going to be that. Ball hawking free safety. And i'm pretty damn excited jake. I have no idea how this secondary is gonna shape out especially with those safeties. 'cause i mean we got mccourty got row. We got jones. You know and now we've got holland. I mean you name them. Even byron jones complacent safety right. It got got a great point there. Josh moving on it is the free season. The preseason to panic. That's what we're here for to get a little excited fantasy a sprinkle on some panicking and a little layer of doubt in how good your team's gonna be many really. Have the preseason. Bundle up for you. So josh i gotta ask win. Can we start panicking about the offensive line because you have leave. I can guilt with injuries. the dj fluker thing. I mean we've talked. We've talked about that to her balloon. The face That probably have been the miami dolphins two biggest injuries so far this season and everyone's kind of been under the impression that the dolphins are struggling a little bit. Brexit's the baker's but the bears have one of the better front sub into the league not necessarily trying to doubt that but when you look at their numbers last year they sacked opposing quarterbacks thirty times thirty five times Last year right in the middle of the pack leaks meanwhile khalil. Mack is one of the greatest edge rushers in the league outside linebacker. I mean the dolphins offensive line. Tomorrow night should be able to manage absolves right. There should be like the first team should be taken up field because offensive line gave up two false starts. And there's a fumbled snap as it. Right what is our standard for the offensive line when they play the bears. Yeah i mean. I really wish i could sit here and talk us off a ledge and say that everything's gonna be okay but i don't know that i can't jake. I mean you ask. When time to panic. I mean it is time to start feeling a little bit uneasy because again we mentioned is a lot of young players but nfl. You know it's one loss in the trenches and and this offensive line can't go out there and open up some of those holes can't protect to. It's going to be a long season. But i'm glad you brought up blankenburg because i think i alluded to it on the last podcast. No he was demoted. Is actually an injury. So now you have him yet believe. Jessie davis banged up. You know i heard some people say panky was taken reps or right tackle. I mean. I don't know what the dolphins had planned. In mind. You know when they obviously. Dj fluker obviously. They had to like jesse davis. If the worst case scenario. So i i do understand their plan but at the same time you know to think that you're gonna be able to go out there. And that is your best bet to protect. In your franchise quarterback that does make me feel a little bit uneasy and then you mentioned the center position. I mean that is up in arms. We brought him matt scurr. You know michael dealers taken over that role again. I don't know if that's good or bad. So i wanna see how they handle the defensive line for sure but I'm not going to say that you know i mean. I think you're trying to say that it shouldn't be as bad as you know it could be. But if we've learned anything in the past you know it's definitely going all inspire and it's gonna look you know doom and gloom and it's going to be all we're talking about is horrid offensive line day long for weeks. Can we named this episode. It shouldn't be as bad as it could be because that is sixty really is. It's our story of her life. That is incredible. Kind of the point. You know. I just don't wanna be setting year later tonight. I don't wanna be sitting here waiting till next week's game saying that. Well the offensive line. Excuse x. y. and z. I think that if the dolphins are showing concerns here week. One of the preseason. It doesn't mean they won't fix it. It doesn't mean they didn't have a plan in place Plan doesn't work in those. Are the doubt start tab and just these two are linked here so switching over. Can we see any big plays from the running back group and this one. I found myself into a little whole job so you may get a little mad with me. The listeners might get a little bit of me year. Specifically we we know of miles. Gas in canada brings to the table each week. And you know having been fantasy. Add just see those stats. We know the numbers you're gonna get every week. It's somewhere around. Like eight carries for forty three yards and the fiber such as for for sixty seven yard touchdown. And that's great that's exactly what the delta z. For miles gas. They need that consistency. Need those yards. They can take. He can really get the outside. I don't think that even if the dolphins whatever their plan is at offensive line works out..

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