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"vodafone mass" Discussed on Photography Tips From the Top Floor

"Hey here's your second slice sitting in the living room room at my laptop going through emails being. I sometimes do this. I sit here in the living room. As opposed to my I studio slash office. Because there's a lot less distraction here and yeah going through emails screwing doing stuff like preparing preparing for the next polished proper episode of tips on the floor. And I just got this Chris. It's Bernie Goldberg on the top gold pulling good social network and I heard your news sliced method of doing tips on the top floor which I really like. I'd I'd call. It sniffs from the top floor because here elegantly snipping content and making it into audio collage for us. Who really enjoy being there when something happens? Eureka moment a mistake a shared reflection so I hope you continue doing this. Because your method of slicing and producing on the fly is high quality audio content because it's Fi- quality content. Who just happens to be smoking do it in your gravelly voiced morning voice? I don't care it makes even more authentic. There are two things I need to point out to you first of all the thing. I don't like about what you did. Is You made me make this voice clip right away and when I did while walking to work I put my messenger bag into a pile of dog shifts so I may wipe it off the bye or might just keep it there remembering that. I got shit from the top floor while listening to your snips in the second thing. Is this this particular episode that new format I think is episode. Eight ninety did not include the very nice red coffee cough button so I like to make sure that stays on these clips and then third. Is there a way for all the show notes to have an automatic link that goes to the page that you have described your sepa payment methods. That would work for me. It's very habit I've got shitty MESSENGER BAG now. I have. You met your buds. Thank you Chris and I'd like to pay you for all that. Enjoy Siberia and let we now. Have you ever tried to Vodafone option instead of doing this. East Him Nance curious lots of guys come to Ireland and I think you will few photos. She discovered the Vodafone reached deep into the hinterlands of Acreage is space above places where the master normally located Vodafone Mass network is really strong in the British isles. Maybe not in Siberia though enjoy keep one slice people snap him like these by for now awesome. Hey Bernie thank you so much I. I spoke your named numerous times in the in the Patriot supporter listed in the past. And it's great to hear voices took the nerdy the voice to the name. So thank you for sending this in that. The Voice Mail just made my day. Okay let me address your points one by one once. Once I wiped the tears from my face snips snips on the top floor. I clearly missed an opportunity here. So I'll I guess I'll still leave it at a slice thing in the titles titles for consistency reasons but yes nets on the top floor has a ring to it. So maybe I'll use that in the future. Secondly I'm really sorry for your Shitty Messenger bag and I really recommend you wipe this off because otherwise there's little chance for you to kind of come to associate tips on the top floor with poop and we don't really want that to happen do we third Awesome idea about the coffee button. It's back of course yeah. I'm learning as we go. Even though people honestly people hardly use it so I think it serves as a as a little nudge a little reminder for everyone that there is someone here putting some serious time into making this content content and publishing it in polishing then whatever so yeah the buttons back this also as you suggested a link to all these other support things including the option because I mean no currency conversion fees no donation platform fees is. Ah euro-zone if you are in the zone then that is really absolutely by far best option. So linked to that is in the show as I've been polished the support page a little bit to make it easier and let's see what else Vodafone the phone. Yeah that might be a great option on the British isles. Actually I remember I had Vodafone Sim when I was is there while ago. Now that's not necessarily for me anymore because that's part of the euro roaming zone so my German. A contract covers said but internationally at least with here in Germany Vodafone cartoon Germany. They don't really offer the the kind of international data that kind of price level that I'm willing to pay and I do need a lot of data so it will be the SIM option for the foreseeable future and it's really very convenient. You know there are more and more good options coming on on the market market as we speak and the one the one I got was originally created for ships cruise and now these become available to everyone so just with an APP on your phone so compared to what I had before. This is really a game changer for me especially the as I as I can have the local data plan while still being available on my real phone number for voice so yeah up up really works for me. One last thing I do now realize that I that I consistently mispronounced your name. So I'll do my best to dude to write from now Bernie Goldbach and I'm also very sure that I probably butchered a whole bunch of other names when I read the patron supporter list. And Yeah if you feel that your name deserves a bit more care then do what Bernie did send a quick shout helped me get that pronunciation right right and the shoutout best place is still voice at half dot com thank you. Here's one more piece of news that just came in and I have to. I have to say thanks to this. This community coming together because I got a message for for mark who is a listener and who had brought up. The suggestion is kind of. Yeah of course obvious one and to hear it and I really mark for that. It's about how to how to get more engagement on the assignments thus last a polished episode. I talked talked about the one I gave out the next alphabet. Assignment I talked about. Yeah the lack of engagement and of course one thing that can help is if we have like a common spot that where we can meet where we can show what we did for the assignment where we can talk about. This is like the the bi-monthly assignments that that Matt Armstead does but these are way more informal right. There's like okay. Do whatever everyone. We're not going to talk about the pictures on something among you. This is something you do for yourself not to be mentioned on the show even though I might pick up a few if I it's like it but this is something that mark brought up that why don't we just create a channel on the slack. Yeah obvious right. So there is now a channel on the slack and the one thing that makes that work is mark volunteered to put those assignments in there and create a threat for every assignment. So every time I give out another one of these little alphabet assignments then mark will create an entry in the channel and and a threat for you to discuss for you to exchange ideas exchange photos that kind of stuff so yeah I think that makes perfect it so mark. Thank you so much for for stepping up and for for volunteering this is this is what community did you should be like Millard. Awesome all right. That's it for this snip. SNIP slice. Whatever thanks for listening to next time take your?.

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