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"vo van vliet" Discussed on KNBR The Sports Leader

"This might be continue this. Today's a calls day says data gathered around the campfire eight oh, eight Camby are will open them up on the other side guy in there. He's from Mexico is sponsored by Donald financial group. Because planning is a process for loans insurance investment. It's an retirement, call Greg dull at eight six four nine six twenty three hundred m I be representing the younger generation, the kinda guy who will wear a Stephen Jackson era starter jacket. Good morning, brother. How you're feeling sin more than. Yeah. I I, I had all the tire on yesterday. I had to send paulie pre-game picture that very much the throwback jacket, the K D journal, the war, your shorts I tried to rally this team as much as I could. But I guess we just fell short. How are you processing it as a guy who's a young man? Well, I fell asleep before the hearing, the Klay news. So I woke up this morning about I've felt a little piece with the laws because of the injuries in rollover and I see the notification Hartford firm Thompson tears ACL in my, my heart just dropped. I really feel for you. There might be some people waking up right now who don't know because they might have gone to bed right after the game. The frustration just breaking news, guys Klay Thompson, tours AC. So when did you see it certainly think good things? I thought hyperextended the knee may be also you guys. I meant to mention this real quick move is that I thought that I was surprised the warriors were there blacks, again considering the loss game four in the blacks, I'm like, really I thought it was just saying goodbye to Oakland because it said the town. Town half court. Did you got to go the we believe jerseys? And how about this? Can I get a Steph curry tunnel shot in his last game? At oracle any make one he had to do the full court one from the other side, didn't he? They did the, the route. Mitch messed with how our guy Huby Brown. The one guy Vo Van Vliet is the finals. You know what can I get a huge round of applause for Hugh being the iconoclastic thinker.

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