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"vladimir putin sergei gorkov" Discussed on Amanpour


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"vladimir putin sergei gorkov" Discussed on Amanpour

"That the hacking of the us election was an intentional operation by russian intelligence services at president putin's direction it's interesting that president putin started by denying any russian involvement and now he's talking about patriotic hackers guys who might have got up in the morning and decided to do his bidding which is the same technique that he used when he dealt with ukraine crisis he initially said that russia wasn't involved at all in dawn boss and then later said oh they might be patriotic guys who decided to take matters into their own hands so he's looking to take a little credit without taking responsibility i'd like to put another bit of a sound bite ju this is between our matthew child's in russia and and the banker who is close to vladimir putin sergei gorkov head of the russian v bang and of course the latest blockbuster is really involving jared kushner and the fact that he apparently is a person of interest and i had apparently close ties to this vp bank listen to this quick question what did you really speak to jared kushner by jeannou when you mentioned wahhabism could you talk about sanctions excuse me not combs who was discussed the white house says it was a diplomatic meeting that the kushner met he was part of the transition team use your bank says it was a business may thank you so much what what do you know about gorkov in the eib bank.

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