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"vladimir airport" Discussed on MSNBC Morning Joe

MSNBC Morning Joe

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"vladimir airport" Discussed on MSNBC Morning Joe

"For over a month Isis has been fighting to take the Syrian town near Turkey's border and of the nearly three hundred American airstrikes Against Isis in Syria so far half have been in Kobani on the ground. Those defending Kobani are secular Kurdish nationalist women border it's too dangerous to hold any funerals in Kobe now but as soon as the city is free they're going to dig them up and send them home at the Kurdish fighters on the front lines in Syria during the height of the Isis onslaught Turkey's leader considers those Kurds an enemy and president trump his giving him the green light for an incursion of can't stop and we're going to be covering that throughout the morning obviously it is many people in Washington and across the world see as terrible move the very allies remain steadfast with us and played such a big role in pushing isis back Supporting the United States now being betrayed by Donald Trump now gingrich raid by his Administration David Ignatius had David has been over in Syria and know so much about the battle against Isis president trump is about to make a major consequential mistaken in Syria sources say the US is informing Syrian Kurdish allies that the US is withdrawing from positions on the Turkish border to abandoning so-called security. awesome to allow an invasion by Turkish forces of course this is after the United States had them move some of their heavy equipment off order in an act of goodwill well they were just being set up for the slaughter that's what you get for being allied with Donald Trump and playing a major role in crushing the caliphate which of course the Kurds did and it's just Monday October seventh when this we have S. NBC contributor Mike Barnicle White House reporter for the Associated Press Jonathan Lemere political writer for the New York Times and MSNBC political analyst Nicholas confiscatory Republican strategist and MSNBC political analysts Susan Dell Persio and professor at Princeton University at equal junior over the weekend we learned that a second whistle blower has come forward with information about President Trump's July twenty fifth phone call with the President of you rain an attorney representing the original whistle-blower says that their legal team is now representing the second whistle blower who has firsthand knowledge each of the events that supports the first whistleblower this second whistleblower has spoken to the Inspector General of the Intelligence Community Michael lack incentive but legal sources tell NBC News that he or she is not filing a separate formal complaint right now only three Republican Senators have spoken out against the president's call for China in addition to Ukraine to investigate Joe Biden Senator Susan Collins and Ben Sasse both released statements to their hometown newspapers Collins said the president made a big mistake taken called it quote completely inappropriate SAS said quote Americans don't look to Chinese commies for the truth if the Biden kid broke laws by knowing his name to Beijing that's a matter for American courts not communists tyrants running torture camps but no reaction got under the residents skin as much as Senator Mitt Romney's who tweeted one the only American citizen president trump singles out for China's investigation is his political all opponent in the midst of the Democratic nomination process it's strains credulity to suggest that it is anything other than politically motivated by all appearances the president's brazen and unprecedented appeal to China and to Ukraine to investigate uh-huh Biden is wrong and appalling. Compare that to what we've been hearing from the president's defenders starting with Republican Senator Marco Rubio do you think it's okay for president trump to ask China to launch an investigation of Joe Biden hundred that's a real request for him just needling the press knowing that we're going to get outraged by it he plays it like a violin and every falls right into a real request Georgie you really think he was serious about thinking that China's going to investigate the Biden family why can't you answer yes or no do you think it's appropriate because I don't think that's what he did well I doubt if the China Comet was serious to tell you the truth the president because now the president loves to go out on the on the White House drive I haven't talked to him about this I don't know what the president was thinking but I knew he loves debate the press but it apparently wasn't only flipped comment on the White House lawn trump held a phone call with China's president back in June and CNN reports on that call president trump raised Biden's political prospects as well as those of Senator Elizabeth Warren CNN reports that the record that hall with stored on the same top secret server that has his call with the president of Ukraine Jonathan Lemere sad attic or only ways Dr Dangerous also Marco Rubio and the others their reaction to this call claiming it was a joke I guess or liquid and Haldeman had it wrong all along they should have just said Nixon was joking about Watergate eight as if that somehow would race away the fact that we saw with Ukraine the text messages that actually showed people were furiously working behind the scenes they make that quid pro quo work we actually saw that another phone call was made not just on the White House lawn to the Chinese to talk about the twenty twenty election and you know it's so interesting Roy blunt suggesting that he wouldn't say something clearly about getting help from the Chinese that actually I saw that as a threat as much as anything not only China but to other countries as you said his Russia if you were listening comment of the two thousand twenty can cycle and of course Roy Blunt know what so disturbing Roy Blunt Nose Marco Rubio knows Jim Jordan I don't know if he knows if he if he's really are you paying attention or not but at least those two senators now that when Donald Trump spoke in that press conference and said Russia if you were listening please get the thirty three thousand emails they were that night they began going after those thirty three thousand emails so pleading ignorance or suggesting is a joke is laughable and we'll come back to haunt them and their own political campaigns you're right the Russians intelligence hackers moved that night when the president made that request in the summer of two thousand sixteen and we saw that on the White House lawn on Friday where he asked about China than certainly felt could be interpreted as an open invitation at that same press gaggle on the lawn Friday he was asked if he'd ever talked to any foreign leader to investigate someone who was not a political rival and he couldn't answer he said we'll have to get back to you on that so that's a pretty clear indication of the type of conversations he's been having with these leaders about Joe Biden and others now we don't know all the details yet of that call with China we know the president likes to just doc politics with foreign leaders largely to live his two thousand sixteen election we know the foreign leaders have been asked to sit through his recounting of election night as Wisconsin and other states go to him Ah one can imagine them perhaps rolling their eyes from time to time at that but it certainly he could be talking about twenty twenty going forward to and maybe that's just the way his prospects that maybe that is to ask for help and what you saw over the weekend Republicans just simply refusing to break with him with a few exceptions of course with that you just mentioned but they're seeing his approval rating in his party it's eighty eighty five percent depending on which poll you look at they're afraid to challenge and they're senators know that even if the president be if he were to be impeached but not removed but a senator Kassebaum to remove are going to be primary by trump friendly candidate the very next day and I think it was clear that the president was laying down markers here for Mitt Romney he was using that as an example apple now there's bad blood between him and Romney for a long time so there's there's complications there and we know that he basically interviewed him for Secretary of state in order to torment him but I think he was sending a signal to other Republicans you come after me if you criticise me I'm going to come after you time and time again and Mitt Romney is inaugurated he's very popular in Utah he can withstand these trump attacks at other centers might not be so lucky and he saying to them if you come at me like Romney did I'm GonNa come at you and even harder of course Romney did much better in Utah Donald Trump by just a long shot well then there's Senator John Ron Johnson we expect dotty was helping the president when he told The Wall Street Journal that the US Ambassador to the European Union Gordon Sunland told him in August about an arrangement involves moving military aid to Ukraine that at the time the president was withholding according to the journal Johnson said Sunlen told him that Ukraine it's newly elected president would appoint a strong prosecutor-general and move to quote get to the bottom of what happened in twenty sixteen and if President trump has that competence then he'll release the military spending Johnson said quote at that suggestion I winced my reaction was Oh God I don't WanNa see those two things combined Johnson says he asked the president about it in a phone call the very next day and claims the president denied such an arrangement well of course Ron Johnson may have said that but we know for fact Susan Dell Persio that if you actually look at all of the emails all the tax exchanges that were released between Volker and the rest of the crew time and again they kept going back to the deliverables they kept going back to that Lansky having to tie the the his meeting with the president and support from the United States with an investigation into the Biden's with an investigation into twenty sixteen do that company and at one point they put it in a proposed statement which Zilenski advisors took out and they came back and said no no no you got to put it back in there they were insistent it was obvious every Republican in the Senate and the House knows that and yet they're running around line Ron Johnson he committed of course what's called a gaff in Washington DC when somebody accidentally tells truth and he did and they get caught telling the truth he did and it's surprising to see this come from Ron Johnson only because he's not for election until two thousand twenty two so he's not worried about an immediate primary I'm not sure what his concerns are what he wants from the president or what the president's holding over him but he's his interview yesterday on meet the press was despicable now I'm willing to bet when he they've booked him he was still wincing as a comment when he got there and he tried to deflect and go to ridiculous claims Chuck Todd held them accountable thank goodness I mean that's one of I guess the good parts that were seeing injuring this whole spectacle of the trump administration is that journalists are doing a fantastic job trying to hold people accountable and Johnson frankly just looked pathetic they were guests today well it's kind of painful but let's take a look here is Chuck Todd asking the center about it on meet the press yesterday why did you wince and what did you mean by those two things combined well let me first before I start answering all the detailed questions let me just talk about why I'm pretty sympathetic with what president trump is gone by the way you've got John Brennan you ought to ask our director Brennan what did Peter Struck mean when he texted Lisa page on December fifteen two thousand sixteen did has everything to do with Ukraine I have my third letter into the Inspector General tells US senator asking to just confirm just confirm are you investigating those leaks destruc- talked about senator no idea I know the news media media or Senator Johnson Johnson meals please answer the question that I asked you instead of trying make Donald Trump feel better here that you're not criticizing ainge was simple question Mary vice made you what made you win that's what I'm asking a simple question about you clearly were upset that somehow there was an indication that was unfrozen because the president wanted an investigation. Why did you rent because I didn't want those connected and AH supporting the eight as as Senator Murphy as everybody that went to that initial inauguration but here's the salient point of why came forward when I asked the president about that he completely denied it he adamantly denied it he vehemently angrily denied he said I'd never do that so that that is the piece of the puzzle I'm here to report today of course Mike Barnicle wow what is sniffling quisling like performance on meet the Press Mike it's Senator United States senator representing the good people Wisconsin bringing up conspiracy theories from years past trying to somehow say that explains Donald Trump holding up four hundred million dollars worth of military aid protect the democratic ally from further invasion from Vladimir airport and a man that Donald Trump has of course capitulated to time and time again and every meeting that they had and it's just all of these displays and we'll get Marco Rubio's display Marcos and a few good things during this investigation but Ron Johnson there how many others I said earns the other day and I thought by God you enter public service for this to cower in front of your own people and ally in front of you your own people and the just not tell them the truth it's it's it's astounding and it gets worse by the day and of course we know the whole end badly for donald trump and everybody else that apologizes for him but it is so painful to watch right now joe a few moments ago he made the observation as we opened the show with the clip of Marco Rubio and Roy Blunt speaking and you made the observation that they know they go out and did these things but they know behind the scenes they know well Joe they all know and they have all chosen they've had choice to protect the country or protect their status in office they've chose their own re election hopes and dreams over the United States of America last night the president of the United States betrayed analysis in the field the Kurds in Turkey that's just the latest thing he's done you mentioned Mitt Romney nearly seventy years ago there was one individual Margaret Chase Smith who spoke out against Joe McCarthy the height of the red scare in the early nineteen fifties history still remembers her remembers the name remembers the.

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