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"vlad kris" Discussed on Men In Blazers

"It's going to be a mission. It is a hedge fund that is the owner of the club. This couldn't happen in American sports. It's not him. So anyway, interesting. It is Taylor leash and Taylor mason. Taylor makes us feel good. Here's the, I mean, the policy thing is a conversation that may come up in the questions. I mean, it is kind of fascinating. There is a sense that they're going to invest there will be a transfer kitty, but for the overhaul to replace some of the bodies that are outgoing across that defensive line, there's a sense in football circles that it's sell to buy. And you look at the assets that Chelsea have. And there's not a lot of Werner is the one they'd love to move, but there's not a lot of people swooping in for Werner. And then you look at there's a sense of ZH. And politics is fascinating cases. You kind of want him if you're an American owner to you've got The Crown jewel of the American on the men's side of the American ecology and fascinated to see exactly what does go down, but right now it is all at a speculation and we can speculate more, but we should do it. By the way, I do want to mark this incredible moment. More than half the Premier League 20 teams next season, but the return of SHAD Kahn's Fulham for 38 games at least and Bournemouth being part owned by Chicago and Matt hull sizer means that half of the 20 teams have an American owner of American sharing in their leadership, which is incredible. Including four of the big 6, which, I mean, these are just incredible days to be fans from an American perspective on and off the field if you can't be the best of football by the best of football. And that's not just a Premier League thing. A.C. Milan's Syria glory was propelled by American owners, elite investment. Come on hedge funds. And it's going to be fascinating to watch this new ball era Chelsea. You really can look at the tea leaves in how we dealt with the Dodgers, massive investments searching for profit lines. It's going to be a fascinating to witness how the latter is achieved in English football, but for now a charm offensive by Todd, the easygoing, casually dressed, taking selfie with fans image of these clearly consciously decided to unfurl in contrast to the more kind of remote and aloof Roman. That is going to ratchet up, but at least I mean, we're raised this, but to Chelsea, a new era, as America's team, quit word on spurs day, very massive news today. We're genuinely happy news, I think I think fans are club's owners. Announced yesterday that they've invested a $188 million into the club summoning the cash via the issue of convertible a shares and the company warrants. I know listeners, when you think of rods, you think of someone who really understands convertible a shares in accompanying warrants, right, David. Yeah. But they didn't take any more equity in the club by doing it, which I think is was significant. So it's a genuine investment thinking that the investment is going to pay off more by putting this money into the team and having this wouldn't have happened, they not qualified for the Champions League. This is a result of getting fourth place and going into the Champions League. And yes, a 150 million is dwarfed by the 5.33 billion number at Chelsea. But that's not all going to get invested into players. It's not all going to a lot of work has to happen at that club Tottenham now have a more have a better cash flow than Chelsea because of the work they did on the stadium, the fact they get the NFL games there. They get a lot of concerts. They've got all those luxury boxes. And so Tottenham suddenly, from a few years ago, we were constantly mourning this the albatross around their neck of this new stadium. They are now and going into the COVID area. They're now looking really good. Yeah, just for listeners who are not on this green room, what they've meant by the albatross, it was in COVID time. They stadium at the very moment, football went fanless, and it was a dark moment, but now their fans can work the words, greater financial flexibility and the ability to further invest on them. Into a chant, I can't wait for that. Convertible bonds convertible bonds. And the company won't run. Anyway, I can't take no doubt happy man lighting cigars with cash tonight as he thinks about upgrading that squad across the board. I would love to see him spend all that money on Roberto salda Eric lamella Etienne capu and Vlad Kris, bring him back. So we got the money for it. One last headline from today lost I will say in the world being totally obsessed with that Europa conference thingy is Burnley have a new looking liking as manager and word from the English press is at von song company is in line to be appointed as the next Burnley manager he was let go by andale today he's been in charge since August 2020 club finished third this season in a Jupiter league, which is not good enough and japs Steinberg wrote a parting of ways suits both parties taking over Burnley would return a company and his family to a familiar part of England, his wife is proper Manchester, their three children were all born there, and it would be absolutely fascinating to really watch that story line play out. Let's pivot into questions. I can see the endorsement now. Just get your company car. At Dave fisherwick, minivans, minibus rentals and company cars. It doesn't know a lot about managing football, but when it comes to minibus rental London hi, I'm fonts.

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