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"vivica woah" Discussed on Nightly Pop

"God's. Don't be messing with men I'm Alexa know that now see that's a different thing about breaking up and then somebody stepping on your territory. You know then I have to holiday girl but I will let you guys know that. We that. That fight scene in like one big take it was choreographed so wonderfully. Jon Allen who did that seeing what? It's literally become a classic. For it because let me tell you want the if I know something about my girls ever and I want her to have my back. It comes time to take your off with a model because. We'll scratch. So I feel like I was art imitating life and a little bit of a sense. Okay, my favorite part was seeing vivica mouth all the words because she still knew them. So you guys watched that clip it assigned Polish those resumes. We're finding out with VIVICA and roxy look for an assistant plus which one of US would look more seductive slow dancing with a Clydesdale giddy up. We'll be right back. All right. Welcome back if you're hoping to see a big movie in theaters this summer well I really bad news for you. Know about the spend Kerala. But whatever anyway, we're going to look back at some of the most famous blockbusters and ask ourselves and each of these scenes what would nightly pop do? So let's start with screen which is back in the News Courtney Cox and David Arquette have signed up for part five but this iconic scene has us asking if a creepy person calls you out of nowhere at what point do you hang up? Hello. Yes. This. Trying to reach. This what number you trying to reach I don't know I think you have the wrong number. It happens hello. Sorry I I dialed the wrong number. So why did you dial with again to apologize? You're forgiven by now. Don't hang up. Talk to you for a second why don't you WanNa talk to me. Who is this? Tell you. I don't think. So look I, gotTa. Thought we were going to go out. I. Think so This is creepy as hell, Vivica Woah. To you. A. The reason why they don't be CANTU black people in the movies, right can scare. Will be going. You know what I'm saying and then that. Skill it real real like come on. And this move we go into a whole different I'm just say. Fine who doesn't have caller ID and who doesn't have block so Pretend. To do that nowadays, it's not that the aggravating faith time. After different sides. A bridesmaids taught important life lessons like do not go get food poisoning before try on a wedding dress one most painful scenes in the world to watch. But we want to know if you spent the night with someone and they did this, how would you react? He slept on. It. Against that. I'm kidding Oh. This is so awkward. I really want you to leave I. Don't know how to say something. Vivica we have to ask what would pop duo do. Best. would be really. Especially because he gave her a kiss in. Canada Betcha, it was like all of these mixed signals happening. So that would probably be the last time that he got some. Eddie Murphy one where I did one of these out of the. The Hook, the classics sneak away. We're GONNA have to bat and post that. Yeah Roxy. What about you? Very quick to be like I got a morning meeting. Early you know hair makeup is come into the robot five in the morning so you don't want them to see you. Even get a chance offense is happening because I always blame on work always. And last, we have the Julia Roberts fan favorite runaway bride, and the clip and title speaks for itself. Would you forgive someone if they did this? We are gathered here today. Please no cameras now could we hold off photos until the end of the ceremony thank you. We are gathered here. Where she going, Dalton? Hi did not see this movie. So I have no idea what's going on but. If they do at the altar absolutely not do you know how much planning that money goes into for a wedding dress the hair makeup The food organizing the seat, new Margaritas running out on me. Are you kidding me you? Forgiven for that. Roxy. I forgiven Lenny Kravitz for leaving me on hold many many years and if he were to leave alker. Forget might actually be Julia Roberts. If she did that I'd be like one or two more chances Julia and they can't. Fanatic Washington movie. How do you watch that movie hunter? That is classic movie You Watch Runaway Bride. got. Roxy not don't roll your eyes, 'cause. All right. It's time to take a quick break. We'll be right back. Welcome back now, if you love dancing with the stars, how about dancing with horses deadline reports that a British company shot a pilot dancing with the stars but your partner is a horse. Roxy is this the worst reality show ever or the absolute? Best We are running out of content and I didn't think that was something we were. All what if the horse steps on you know what if the Lord Stumbles? It gets you have you are horse try to do salsa I don't think so about what about a horse even trying to work like? It's not going to happen. That's the it's not..

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