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"vivian kyle" Discussed on Watch What Crappens

"And I thought it was like a weird thing that happened last season. But it's like back and even worse because Kyle has like five different T shirts that have like send it in different patterns. And I'm like, I I'm not I will not take part miss. I'm not going to send it said. Like the sense of the hourglass these are the of our lives. Yeah. The best poured our calls that not only does he said it. He actually literally sends things. It's like amazing. Have you ever been into post office? They have an entire business based on sending it. Yeah. Sending it to the jets totally programming a new Email program that instead of saying sentences Carla. Yeah. He's like watching Carl nice things for Amanda. It makes me want to have a girlfriend. Things to listen, no girl is going to see a guy with iron on letters on a shirt and be like the guy that I want to raise children. I just wanted to nice things and have her put her weight on me. So they call up maize on Vivian Kyle does and he's like odd like to send a Bala champagne over to my girlfriend, all so sorry. But the only champagne we have is a two thousand nine for six hundred dollars. I'm like, of course on Vivianne. You're lying right now. We know you're lying. I don't trust you stupid restaurant. You're overprice. Got bad font committing champagne fraud. These are lies. These are lies no-one go to Maison Vivian and also guys they met champagne, you can still send over a lovely bottle of sparkling rose as champagne or sparkling, psycho or Rosa. I mean, come on shut up maize on Vivian like, I think that that's bullshit. They are extorting Kyle right now they are. But he deserves it because he cheated five years ago so house like all right here. Take down this card. Here's what I wanted to say farted on your pillow. Sorry starts off with babe. Don't forget that that's central any romantic note, babe. Your pillow smells like far. Sorry, also can't wait to move in with you. All lab fire. But yeah, yeah. That was great great great note grano, so well, they're stopping five the women are at Maison Vivian, and they're like cheers to being females and. Here cares to not needing guys. But kind of wanting them anyway. The bottle comes over at a man, it's the bottle for Amanda. And is like okay on it says being miss you love you. And I can't wait to move into you. Stupid maize on Vivianne missed out like wrote it down wrong super v six hundred dollar bottle of wine and the can't even get them it, right? So the girls are all making fun of like. Like, oh my God. He just wants to fuck basis. If I'm in year three and my boyfriend has to send me a six hundred dollar bottle of wine to sleep with him. Actually, I'm doing something. Right. So. Amari board of this champagne, so what what do you think? The boys are doing probably have crossword puzzle which is funny because I was like semi doing crossword puzzle and be like. At what point did they ever think? These guys would ever be doing crossword puzzles. No, they're they're home skating skating the line between game straight. It's funny. So Hey, bill. bill. Let's let's look at each other's apps. Levine look at my. Yeah. Look at your finance for the ads together, we'll shots down. And then if we finish them we'll do the shots. This is. But I always do when I get halfway through the people magazine crossword totally stumped. Yeah. Let's make a bro ham sandwich. Pushups jello shots. Yeah. We're gonna send it we're going to send it to the floor and back up again because shop got so then we transitioned to later in the night where everyone's coming home and the song is. And the best part about summer houses that they have no budget. So they have to use the same tricks Monica songs over and over again. So we start to get I don't I don't think I'd I don't I did not recognize that one. But the other songs later in the episode. I was like I remember this jam from last week. Like, I'm starting to like, no the no the library..

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