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"vision border journal" Discussed on Wealth Transformation Podcast

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"vision border journal" Discussed on Wealth Transformation Podcast

"Thank you say or anything else. You'd love to share with about yourself and how you have come to where you you are in your life. Well I'm in the midst of creating pets world tastes right now and do you have Jane. GOODELL's Like endorsement Minton's after I photographed her. I asked her if I hope you know if I could help her fundraise first of all for her her amazing institute she has one hundred thousand kids in her kids club and for pets world. He's also creating a kids club so I really warning to lake envisioning. How can I help nonprofits around the world? How can we help the environment? How can we help animal shelters? How can we help? Animal assisted therapy and so it is my joy to photograph animals. Helping people in amazing ways like There were some breast cancer patients that went to a horse facility that I photographed recently. The mental mental illnesses came up. A veterans wins her learning from the animals. Wow autistic kids are learning from the animals. So there's a lot of healing going. Oh that's what I want to bring out with. Pets real appeases funding these amazing nonprofits. So Oh wow so how. How are you taking steps to do that? So the steps to taking that is finding the right. You know the people who love animals. So I'm totally open. Anyone who loves animals can fleas contact me and and I can show them that. We're GONNA have like pets for world peace ambassadors. They can nominate their own animals of roles piece in a letter a pets were piece. So they'll have. They'll have their their F- their animals photographed in in publications that they could being publications like it'd be pets world peace game. Oh that's right you're working on a game. Yes tell us about that. Well I really think that the the children of today really love to be engaged in games now. Many of them are pretty violent. You know and they're doing really well L. financially but I want to create a game that brings kids from all over the world and they can. They can enter their own hats. As is the pets world peace ambassadors and the pets can fly in over the world and help certain endangered species. They might go to the Arctic and find the polar bears they might go to Hawaii and see the endangered sea turtles. They might go to a myriad of places and go on adventures to help save the environment which ultimately saves us as the planet. It's all together. It's all integrated or integral absolutely as well. Well that's exciting. Yes so when. Do you think you'll have your game out. Going next year. Is Our our launch times. Okay very excited nine and I'm working with the SPCA humane societies. I'll be calling Dr Goodell's institute and so they do. They know about it already. Some of them do you okay. And they're very excited because what I've seen over the years of photography you do a lot of pro bono work nonprofits. Yeah and a lot of them have just the very minimal sustainable income coming through so I wanted to create something finding exciting that we'd be educational and that would create funding funding for them for a long time. Oh that's great. Yeah wow well. Is there any other little nuggets. And you would like to share with our audience interviewers. I just encourage people to really go deep inside and every morning even it's just five minutes a day just to keep running journal or an art book whatever it is and just start collecting what what brings joy way. Even if it's cutting out pictures of bluewater in Hawaii or something like that or whether it's yoga or in our mind thinks in visual terms so that's why also like photography Oh it's like capturing in essence that will never like a split second but but that it conjures up so much you know and that reminds me. You're saying the pictures and it's and it's and I've done this. Several Times is doing vision board. That's important to to put all those photos on the things that you want that you're str- you know that you're you're going towards the it will pull you these beautiful Vacation places or places like I WANNA go to Monte PUCCI peach you when one of these days as you know and I haven't gone there and You know there's a special places all over new visions and whenever yeah so you know not just keep keep your dream alive. Yes never keep that fire burning may go down low but just stuck it keeps stoking the fires the fire and then once you create the Vision Border Journal or the the art book yeah then create inspired action lists because it takes you have to. There's a being state which is beautiful but then the doing the inspired action go out there and that's the hardest part for some people. Yeah you know but when you when you let go your fear and you stay take that one step and it only takes one step at a time. You don't have to take major steps but one step at a time so you'll gone it you've got it you'll eventually reach your goal. If you take a step day yeah I mean that's all you can you will yes Lori. This has been wonderful. Thank thank you so much for sharing all you that you shared and with your wonderful little flash Flash so much for being here tonight and the contribution to world peace through animals. Laurie are tip for today. Is Use your integrity with any and all transactions dealing with money in every day and every moment physical Michael Strength can never permanently withstand the impact of this spiritual force and that's by Franklin Roosevelt Competition. Shen has shown to be useful up to a certain point and no farther but cooperation. which is the thing we must strive for today begins where competition leaves off by Franklin D Roosevelt? I'm really honing into Franklin's quotes today. Eight the test of our progress is not whether we add more to the abundance of those who have much it is whether we provide enough for those who have of little by Franklin D Roosevelt. I'll leave you with this. Thank and be happy. Be grateful and eat healthy. Good nutrition feeds the mind mind. Don't forget to feed your spirituality. With unconditional love and share your abundance in wealth with others. Live all your relationships it from your heart and not just your mind by We hope you enjoyed today's episode of wealth transformation and we encourage you to apply the information you've learned with our wise guests to make your life better and make good changes. We appreciate you more than you. Yeah no for being a part of our podcast when you were moved or motivated please let us know how the show influenced your life. I E mailing at Dr Cheryl Dot Wealth Wealth Transformation at g mail DOT COM for a free consultation with Dr Cheryl to see how she can benefit you. Further please visit Cheryl Shire DOT COM for call. Four one five two four six six eight eight one as a gift. You can get doctor. Cheryl's booked wealth transformation integrity thirty integrity integrity for only the cost of postage seven dollars. Ninety five cents until next time feel healthy and happy in your wealth no matter where you are in your life..

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