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"Way the price you want. Cobra Kai, It's yours. Vulture Credit. Jen Chaney joined me on Skype to talk about the new season of Cobra Kai. For fans who still love Ralph Machi O and the karate Kid movies. The series really picks up with his character, Daniel Liver, so still at odds with Williams out his character. Who were at odds with each other in the original movie, and they carried this rivalry into their adulthood, and they pass it on to their kids. And in season three, there's just sort of dealing with the fall out of our that and this should really leans very, very hard into all the nostalgia around. Original movie and even the sequel Karate Kid to the third season really kind of reunites with some of those characters as well. What's interesting to me about this show is that It is a nostalgic show. But it's also about how toxic nostalgia can be. And I wish it kind of record with that a little more than it does, But it's an interesting idea, and since it came on Netflix, it's become very, very popular. People discovered it, even though it was on YouTube. Originally, it's like they didn't know it existed until it was on that flex. Well, speaking of becoming popular for folks who favor sort of reboots and old TV series or movies. Well, 2021 be a good year for those folks. We're never going to stop recycling things when it comes to our entertainment, and we had plenty of reboots in 2020, and we're gonna have more in 2021. They're rebooting Walker, Texas Ranger. They're rebooting Punky Brewster. They're rebooting Gossip girl. All these shows that you may have liked in previous decades are all going to be coming back. That is vulture critic Jen Chaney, who joined me on Skype. The city of Alexandria has a starring role in the New Wonder Woman movie for several weeks in 2018. The film crew shot there. One scene at the landmark mall featuring a 7 ft. Tall drum with a long running Virginia is for lovers slogan written on it. Virginia Film office partnered with Warner Warner Brothers to include the drum, and In return, the movie studio created a promotional video for Virginia tourism. You can see that dramas on display in Alexandria from January 7th. February 28th Should. Companies such as distilleries that have stepped up to make hand sanitizer continue to get a break from regulatory fees. Well this week, the FDA indicated that the companies would no longer get a reprieve from thousands of dollars in user fees normally imposed on companies that produce medical products. Hand sanitizer is normally considered an over the counter drug. But a legal review by HHS found that the way those fees were announced and issued was inappropriate. HHS has now instructed the FDA not to collect those fees. Stay with us for sports. That's on the way Next. It's 3 44 moments..

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