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"Watch Newsmax TV or download the free app from your smartphone and start watching right now, 10 38 traffic and weather on the eights and when it breaks, let's go to Bob Himmler and the W T O P Traffic Center in Virginia Bealer traveling south on 95 in the main lanes, traffic comes to a stop after Lord an approach Route one that because of the work zone set up again tonight at Route 1 23 after the AKA Kwan to get by single file to the right and the main lanes, So the E Z pass lanes get by without the lay. Of course, a lot of folks they're slipping over and using route one there, seeing the delay as they approach would want us getting off on the route one and that's a bit slow over the Occoquan getting down to Gordon Boulevard route 1 23. North bound. The lanes are open and on 3 95 north. We have a work zone again tonight, beginning after Duke Street towards seminarian King and for now, getting by in two lanes to the left. On north bound 3, 95 and 66 eastbound down was single intothe right after suddenly road to the rest area in Manassas. Single right lane gets by and get by single file left after Lee Highway, Washington Boulevard and Vida is with one stopped on the right side. Just after that, in this plate work zone again on the far right side of that works on in the district North, bound on I 2 95 after Malcolm X and approaching Suitland Parkway, getting by single file to the left past the work zone and westbound freeway in the service road at Main Avenues. In the left. Lane gets by for overhead sign work, but the main part of the freeway not affected by that in Maryland to 70 south. After 109 single left Lane gets past the works on North Bound Lanes are open. 95 Baltimore Washington Parkway, each pretty quiet as his 50 out of the Bay Bridge. Marlowe Furnitures Labor Day Savings event is held over. It's your last chance to shop. Fantastic savings of 60% off throughout the store, plus free delivery and no interest financing. Bobbin redoubled GOP traffic strong team for four day forecast and we're going to tomorrow. Theodore tonight. Temperatures are making a go for the load a mid sixties a nice, cool and kind of refreshing night with the dew points, dropping a bit that should take the edge off the humidity..

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