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"virgin guadalupe" Discussed on Slow Burn

"Of jesus that you see in sunday school books and bibles and such it truly does. After a few minutes. Maria rubia walked into the room. Just the most wonderful lady and she would have talked to me a long time but it's all in spanish. I could not follow her conversation. Worth darned and i regret that i didn't have a translator there to hear her firsthand story. How often have you thought about the tortillas sense. You took that trip from time to time. I don't talk about it very much. I haven't for this reason. I will not listen to. Somebody scoff and make fun of it. They weren't there they didn't see it. They know nothing about it. I'm not going to throw something like that. In the path of somebody that would just wanna stomp on it. Some people came from the east coast to see jesus. On a tortilla others came from europe the first round of media coverage spawned a second round and the third. The ap and upi wire services both sent reporters to lake arthur. There were also pieces in the national catholic reporter. The los angeles times and newsweek is the tortilla stories spread around the nation. So did a new wave of scepticism mexican. Yes a tortilla like mexican food now now. One reporter said the burn. Mark look less like christ than a resembled the boxer leon spinks magician. Ricky jay developed a trick in which he talked about. Maria rubio's discovery then conjured up a gift for someone in the crowd tortilla seared with the happy face as silly as this was the appearance of the face was quite startling. I reached into my case and handed him a bottle of those second in a tin of refried beans as i escorted him back to the audience. Saying have a nice day. Television segment that aired on showtime played up the strangeness of the rubio's tail and the oddity of their cuisine has become known as the schreiner bitter. Tia it impossible for an image of jesus to appear in a tour telea in the late nineteen seventies. Mexican food wasn't nearly as ubiquitous in the united states. As it is today you still have to explain to people. What are tortillas. I mean if they know about tortillas it's an can gustavo arellano host the times the daily news podcast for the l. a. times he wrote about the jesus tortilla and his book taco usa. How mexican food concord america. It was a perfect story for that. Aras america especially as you have the reporters who are probably mostly white and the consumers who are definitely still wide consuming mainstream news. It's perfect dumb. Mexican woman catholic. No less. She says that she saw jesus on a flour tortilla in new mexico which is a weird state as it is. Oh my god. Let's laugh at her and let's put her into this carnival of freaks from the point of view of the white mainstream media. Maria rubio story was weird. News arianna never saw that way tortillas are wholly foods it is a humble simple food made by one of the most fucked over countries in the world and that's saying something mexico and still we persist so of course jesus could appear on a tortilla appear in fucking caviar so far as i can tell. The jesus tortilla was the first widely reported case of food based apparition but visions of jesus and the virgin mary. More broadly or a hallowed part of christian tradition virgin guadalupe is basically the founding myth of mexico of modern day mexico so an apparition of the virgin. Mary appeared before an indian. A nasdaq named one. Yego one diego told the catholic authorities at the time that he was seeing this virgin the bishops. Leave the simple to them simple indian. This all happened in the year. Fifteen thirty one. The archbishop was swathe ultimately when the virgins image appeared a second time on the inside of juan diego's cloak. Religious leaders in the twentieth century. Didn't think maria rubio was lying. Exactly they just weren't all that impressed by jesus on a tortilla. Here's a local franciscan. Priest the virgin about a lupe is an entirely different order. This image here and it's just maria rubio's burn mark. Jesus wasn't the only holy vision in america in the nineteen seventies. a shining cross appeared on a bathroom window in the south bronx. Jesus face showed up on a stop sign in new orleans and on an altar cloth and chinook in pennsylvania and in the spring of nineteen seventy five. The head of christ appeared on an adobe wall. Two hundred fifty miles north of lake arthur in home in new mexico. I stand by the hour and look at it. Sometimes try to outline with a beam of the flashlight. Some people never do a see it some stare and stare and suddenly as there many of the fervently religious people in this area are convinced it as american the wall in home in became a shrine and a commercial hub with vendors selling posters cigarettes and hot docs but the image faded in a matter of months and the pilgrims and the hot dog stands disappeared with it and the jesus tortilla that didn't go away year after year sat in that glass case on top of a cloud made of cotton and year after year. People pulled off the interstate to see it by the nineteen nine hundred. The tortilla had become lake. Arthur new mexico's version of the world's largest ball of twine. The difference was this. Roadside attraction was the rubio's house. Maria had never invited attention or publicity. She just never told anyone. Now that openness made maria and her family vulnerable to pain to embarrassment.

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