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"vincent seth" Discussed on The Wade Keller Pro Wrestling Podcast

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"vincent seth" Discussed on The Wade Keller Pro Wrestling Podcast

"But yeah, I think this is an this is one where I have trouble kind of commenting on it in the fact of I'm old and out of and so when I see and I live in a college neighborhood. So I see trends come and go as far as that goes, I see the sleeves and I see no tattoos lease and all that stuff. And and I I've and I've seen. The mail look at in the Caucasian male look of it's almost like a uniform of glasses and beard and a certain way that looks the same. It's almost it's almost an an an ironic. Comment on their all holding on the Cotto toast. What's up with that? Yeah. Exactly. But I mean, what I'm trying to say is I don't know that. That's so I don't know whether it's culturally that in a different what I'm talking about. You know, the one one of the things I'm talking about. But I don't know that when I see what he's describing that it's that that Samy to, you know, the majority of the audience, it might be, but yeah, there's there does seem to me that there's how how everybody dresses, and it's not just in WWE as far as wrestlers go. It's across the board. Where it does seem. There's a sameness. Everybody's not. Bad. It's not it's not when there was the same. This of had a back and forth on Twitter with one of our VIP members about this is, you know, in the early nineties, you had the fluorescent colors that was more WW thing. But you had the fluorescent beach collars that just seemed I knew where that was coming from. And I wasn't as old as I am now. But I thought that was not apropos fighting these seem apropos of fighting. They seem they seem like they fit characters. But there is kind of there is kind of a sameness where you go where someone where someone working working working counter to that two different stand up and that opportunity is there so yeah, there's the same as to. I think you know, you tell me because you know, nears all design. Well, I think I think if Seth Rollins is a top top guy it there's no there's nothing wrong with with Vincent Seth and and others who have interested him standing out. Limiting how many people have a similar pair style and overlook to him. I think that's a legitimate thing to do. And and I think there's plenty of looks for wrestlers. So let them let the people who look that way change it up, and they'll be just fine. Art. Roof of too many people do the same thing then. Yeah, it's gonna it's going to evolve in more fillet from it. Yeah. Kevin c says salutations waiting for. This Email finds you. Well, I have loved the rumble stipulation that the winner of the match gets a title shot that kind of dangling carrots still provides us fans the thought that anyone could win and realize dream of being a champ to my question. I know they've done it on and off in the years past. But why as a hype kickoff to rumble season doesn't WWE host hosta match at the pay per view before the rumble to routinely determine the thirtieth. Entrant you could help growing he'll get some real heat or you could build up a top face with this being an opportunity to lead the company from the light side of the force the then this guarantee, so even more importantly, you could you could end the idea that Kenya. Megan is number thirty. Then it's just drops down to twenty nine. I mean, it's people are just gonna pop for twenty nine on it. I know so then this guarantee so one of the money in the Bank opportunity among others could be used as something that could be put on the line in an ego trip taken by the authority or Commissioner, etc..

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