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"vince yonkers" Discussed on ESPN Chicago 1000 - WMVP

"A question when did ride wits patrick become the standard of terrible mrs quarterback because many people see him say how does this guy a starting quarterback and i'm not a guy played for terrible organization he's a career backup and that's exactly what he's do what he's a backup in tampa bay to a guy that doesn't really get hurt and jamus wednesday dry areas eyes he's got a draw like colin kaepernick he's not side what ryan fridge patrick has whwhen did he become the standard you know why because that in a fall money is nfl money while they vigilant declared bankruptcy we had debts totally close to ten million dollars back in two thousand fourteen if you're backup in the nfl you're not cheap especially if your name is rife fitzpatrick and you've had more than a couple starting jobs in the national football league now granted ryan vitz pag has not been fair to midland had ties been faldo yes i'm a bit of jets fan yes he caused material playoff back in two thousand fifteen yes are not going to forget governor mike fitzpatrick at the award you guys about him award you got hey freddie rise play great a elatta lousy passes be caught by receivers building him out and then when they really needed him in buffalo in the final came in the regular season what happened yes i'm still bitter not as bitter as rich young vince young sounds like nfl teams don't wanna win right like they're like our man i don't want vince yonkers he might help us win is that the vince younger shaking the trees when he played in the nfl was call it as it is he was athletic quarterback with a scattershot arm who may place one in a wild but then once the leak figured amount that was the end of that so he can get a riot it's pajic vince young all.

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