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Breaking Down Game of Thrones, S8E2 | The Watch

"Today's sort of the watch is brought to you by Bud Light, Bud Light is all about bringing friends together. And we're wondering which unlikely pairs team up the season on game of thrones seeing so many old friends and new come together in the last episode the second of the season, for example, the pass up. So we saw I mean there was like basically like a happy hour where everybody was hanging out. But my favorite sort of reunion was the Brienne and Jamie stuff with the night ING, it was just so motion. They would definitely be having bud lights together. Enjoy responsibly Twenty-one up. Sports. Wall. Now alot and welcome to the watch. My name is Chris Ryan, I'm Ed or at the rear dot com and Jordan me in the studio. Courtesy of giants milk. It's here degree. I just got a coffee here beautiful sunset studios. Did you say ad giants milk? Will they only have? This is a pet. Peeve of mine. They only have half and half and like almond milk on your slate. I want that. Sure. Flowing giant milk ID Dietrich oatmeal. No because I had that. And I have to say, yeah. That tastes like barn. Barn art straight barn. When you walk into a bar, and you're like, I get what's going on here. These if these walls could talk. I don't know. When's the last time I walked into a bar? That's what everyone's asking cry walks into a barn is my sitcom Chris haute Spain guys we're really excited for couple reasons reason number one leg room. Thrones reason number two Chris today is wearing such a great ensemble. He's wearing a shirt that I couldn't pull off, but apparently have already discussed that on the pod bright colors, but he's also wearing like a Frenchman's working jacket lights on a yellow vest, though is not not just looks like he's going to leave here. Walk into his barn. His easel. And just ponder you. Great. The weird thing about what I'm doing today. If shack it. Yeah. But it's thinner. It's your lighter than the shirt, I'm wearing is that, but that's not how it's supposed to work, and I had a stood in front of the mirror for a minute. This morning drinking milk. Let let foam down near beard torment change because it got milk all over my my top. No. I just doesn't understand the mechanics of whether or not it's okay to have a later. Yeah. Shack it over a heavier shirt. It's sixty degrees. You can go any it's going to be a few minutes to take all off. Anyway, we're just stalling because here's the real thing. Chris. I'm so happy game of thrones is good. I was worried last week is you were I thought you got unfairly dunked on roasted maligned marinated in a rule of oath milk by people. I thought that you were fair, fair, but balanced. Swertz sense. Oh, good together. But after watching the second. Yeah, I episode like you're like, oh, okay. Like, this is what it's really got going for. This is what this show can be last night was a tremendous hall of fame episode of game of thrones. I loved it. I loved all of it. And and look I think it's really interesting to compare to the first week because both weeks were essentially through clearing. You know, if you if you think of television as I don't is zero sum plot game, right? It was rearranging chess pieces throw clearing setting up for what probably will be arguably. Or in arguably, the most insane our plus of television of this era of television on ever. And that said though, it was so much better across the board. And maybe this is one of those things where you know, we are I can't tell for out of the habit or forgetting spoiled in terms of reviewing TV week to week the way we used to. I don't know if you can get an episode like night of the seven kingdoms without. Cavaco Ville winter fell. Yeah. So I would actually I let me throw this at you. Okay. What if they're supposed to be the same upside? Well, they were blocked shot. They had the same director. Yeah. And cog Monroe to Dave hill route one, but given what we had heard earlier on about like, the different ways that they were conceiving of this last season and the possibility of it being three movies or something like that. Right. I think if you look at winner fell and seven kingdoms together, they form a pretty complementary piece. I think that's right. And then I think the battle of winter fell will be its own thing. And then I think basically I bet it's another to one come down another to yet. They feel like they go together. Even though there's supposed to be pretty long, and then the one will be KOTA. But I felt like there was a lot. There was like this was about reunions the first week. And then the second week was about closure and resolution on certain things emotionally if not obviously physically because we're. We're gonna get into that. I think you're I think you're definitely right? And I think that it's funny. Eight seasons in I am still sometimes fighting at the nature of the show. Right. Like, I marvel at its structure at the organization at the honestly at the economy with which they do things, but sometimes I also chafe against it because it feels either unsatisfactory or unsatisfactory in the moment. And so last week to your point you're right last week. They had to get through a lot of initial reunions before they could deepen the relationship before they could either resolve them or give us some sort of payoff with them. So we had to have REM Genry make is that each other last week before they got to forge Valerian steal a very stressful dragging glass I coulda workshop sex four joke a little bit more to head not here. I think it's actually good because some of the Texas sentence last night. So you're right. I think it's better to think of them that way the other aspect of. Last week that I think I was having some trouble with and and I'm very curious to hear your thoughts on this was last week because it was the season premiere because it was resetting setting the stage spent a lot of time on what I think are centrally our main characters, and I think our main characters aren't as interesting are supporting characters, I don't think that is a radical cement. I think the thing that has been brilliant about the show and has made it so great over eight seasons. Is that just wildly unprecedentedly deep bench? Yeah. We all have our favorites. And then sometimes like when there was that dirty dozen mission last year. I'm like, oh, those are all my favorites. Barrack and thorough. And now in the hound all these great characters just all interacting and surprising ways and being funny. And and being supporting the end the supporting scaffolding that a show like this needs. I think that Jon snow brooding. Well, compelling and Harrington is really I mean, he's really given a performance here. I mean that sincerely I think it's pretty amazing the arc that he's had and the weight that he has to bring to every scene. He doesn't get to have fun. Like the other people. Do I find him to narrate less? Interesting at this moment. Yeah. It's interesting. I mean since tower of joy, you know, obviously that was a huge turning point for his character. And we knew as an audience knew more than the character himself did right? And that went on for a while. But even last night. If you would have told me that there would have been a bunch of scenes of people drinking wine and screwing in forges, you prefer Barnes than the episode end with John revealing his true identity to the woman, he loves and thus changing the sort of stakes of the your nephew. And that that wouldn't be the emotional high point of the episode that the emotional highpoint of the episode would be this Jamie Umbrian thing that had been kinda brewing over three or four seasons of their interactions. Yeah longer. I don't that may in the third season. I don't remember yet. And that would be the emotional highpoint with just like this person getting knighted and that for this show. That's so cynical. We're not cynical. But show that is so subversive about the folly to indulge in. It was season three by the. Yeah. But to indulge in. What is basically a? The most classic swords and shields kind of thing. You can do you know what I mean to bestow honor onto somebody else in title, and like to like talk about the qualities that make a hero, and she is the most aerobic person on the show in a lot of ways like the most purely Geraldo person, she is the most uncorrupted character on this show, the the true gift and pleasure of the show has always been been. It's cumulative nature and it allows game of thrones to play with a well of emotions emotional investment that other shows could only dream of. And so to have a scene where characters that we have we have known for eight seasons, some some slightly less. I guess. Unlikely characters to be together unlikely friends unlikely companions all of whom are scarred in multiple ways. Whether they physically lost a hand or they were nursed by a giant widow. They lost something else or they they've all lost stuff along the way. But no, but particularly talking about the characters in that brand seen none of whom I believe had been castrated on Cameron an honor bestowed only on the-an, I believe of the main cast to have them just be around together and feel the weight of the moment, but the audience also feels the significance of the moment. Because we know this is our last time with some of these people. Well, it's really wonderful. It's really rare. And I think that Benny often, and Dan Weiss and Brian cognitive been there with them almost from the beginning really lived up to the moment. Yeah. I think one of the themes the upsets we talked about this last night. I talked thrones. But the word uttered a couple of time. Times throughout was afterwards. You know dance onto having this conversation that kinda gets derailed. When like what happens after all this? And this concept of will will let's see we live. Let's say we make it but the episode itself as fuel by kind of last night on earth urgency, and I couldn't help. But think about some of the meta commentary of like, these these characters are also in these actors who have spent so much time together are also kind of separating from one another professionally, and there was a lot of really touching moments in between people like that. Even when they were only sons Danny have not had that many. I don't think any one on one conversations like they did last night, by the way ever since onset took over as the lady of the rhythm nation. She hasn't looked as fine as you did last night. He large large chain. Yeah. Thursday's elephant chain chain, hang low. But that was that was incredible. Yeah. But also, it's funny. It's really funny. What the difference week makes? And now you've got in my head with this idea of thinking them together. But I on the podcast last week. I was talking about how I felt almost rushed with some of these some of these encounters some of these reunions that they felt just they they felt economical word that I've used now in complete twice, but once in a positive context one in a negative context. Then you get to this week's episode where the hound aria scene is certainly shorter than the one the previous week. But it was terrific. It it struck the right balance of sentimentality and reality so funny word to use in this context. Knowledge of the characters appropriate knowledge of the characters and also created an interesting dynamic between old and young which has been a steady drumbeat through the series. And. I'm not really sure how we're netting out on that. You know? The older people whose fight is nearly done the younger people who are willing to challenge tradition. And then now in this episode in particular, we find the people the characters who more than any other John Darras who have represented the young viewpoint. Suddenly the past is yoked around their necks like an anchor right to screw up everything. So like, we talk what Sokolow specifics about that sowed self, obviously. The easy way out on that one is a marriage power sharing agreement. Right. I if people will accept an aunt at a nephew being together, the alternative is a brother and sister being pushed, so what have I mean, we've really come a long way eight years both as a show in as a country ROY now, there's just some like tender thoughts about the time that Jamie just fucked assist on the rig. So he's just like, well, I loved her what to talk more about. We even save, Jamie. The second wanted Jamie reclamation project is one of the great like at chievements of this show as I'd from one. At at. We attended a Seder together the other the other night, and you were by the I'm not sure I feel about this. You were letting my wife know that she's become a more frequent mentioned. Well, she's listen. That's why comfortable. The time should listen. There's no question about that. But now, you told her, but anyway, she she wanted you to know that she did not watch the show last night. She made it she's like, I just can't do this. And I said, okay. And I paused it said real you can't sit through the next forty eight minutes and fifty nine seconds your tapping out. She she was it's to emotional because she finds it so boring so boring, but she didn't put in the work. She put in the tires. Yeah. I did call her attention at one point. I did posit to say look good is hair. Looks jamie. It look look what they've done with his hair. Jamie looks like he is standing stage left at an oasis gig in ninety six. No Jamie looks like he is standing in front of the fucking camera wearing a jumper zipped up to his neck in the Gino what I mean video with a fucking helicopters named. No deroga- n- landing behind supersonic. Give him gin and tonic. I yeah. I mean, we relate to that look in an Esperanto away. That has not dimmed. Yeah. Sure has not. No, he he was great. I was I was kind of like trying to remember when I started being like super team Jamie, which was pretty much eight minutes. He threw child on the window. That's my guy. And then he has a couple of moments of you know, he he basically relapses into bad behavior. Few times, my personal favorite is when he goes up to Ed mirror when he's got Ed Mertz chain to a pole, and he's just like a catapult your baby. Yeah. Yeah. I mean that was you know, things are said in the heat of combat. It was like I felt like that was like Russ Westbrook rocking the baby on Dame. Willard? It's like, I don't know that he was necessarily going to do anything about it. He was just using it. Right. So he don't think if push if push came to catapult. Yeah, he wouldn't three. Logistics, just catapult to baby you could catapult any baby. And be like that was your son. I'm gonna wow, that's where you went was going to walk back and say how to pulling baby seems pretty straightforward. Yeah. It's not heavy. I get it. But like the amount of work. He would have to do to get that specific baby. Oh, oh, I see. So you're saying he could just borrow a baby. Or even dare I say like a sack of old close your baby. And then if he figures it out, he really will imagine next time really is baby. In the next time. It's. What a small forest hair they've captured, but his his sort of redemption. Or is pretty amazing. I do find it fascinating. That I think that the only thing we're it's not plot armor. That's the definition of plot. Armor, his presence in winter fil. It's really about Brienne, and he says is much. He says like I came here basically to serve under you. But throughout the entire series. He's always just maintained. He doesn't really give shit about anything, but searching, and I guess her flaunting the you're on stuff in his face and just kind of double crossing him at her leisure has driven him to this. But you know, that was his whole speech to Ed mirrors that like I will do anything to get back to her right? Yeah. I'm glad they gave first of all. I'm glad they gave him time to sort of clear the lane beginning the episode into sort of reset. He's at with things that was really appropriate. I did wonder what one of the most? This was very emotional episode is a talk. Yep. Episode. There wasn't that much. You know, what's gonna happen next tension? The one moment I felt that tension was when torment God, Jamie's nickname wrong king Gila I was like seeking to correct it at like there was a whole thing on Twitter the other week with people misquoting the wire. Kind of reminded me woods misquoted, Omar right in a tweet. Yeah. What did he say? Like it was like the king. Do not miss him. Yeah. So what do you do when someone like if you have if you, cultivate, a nickname for decades? Yeah. And someone gets it wrong. Do you have to fight the impulse to correct them? Or do you think your guys steps in like, that's when you're that? That's when you're hype man that there's probably is a guy and game of thrones named king kilowatts, my Jamie that guy he wouldn't go as far as catapulted baby. Yeah. That's that's what separates this is Slater killer. You know, one of the things that I often turn to you for is the examination of tropes in writing. And last night was one of the all time McBain because I was going to go there. So for people who don't know the reference because I'm not using it in a column every week anymore. One of the one of my favorite Simpsons moments was when there was the show within the movie within the movie of McBain the Schwarzenegger movie. He has the. The footage of the classic McBain movie is when his African American partner meets him at a bar and shows a picture of the boat that he recently purchased ahead of his retirement in the vote is called live forever. Needless to say, my man cartoon, Danny Glover does not live forever. He is shot six hundred times. So there was a major McBain ING last night. And I think that I I rank you did hoping you would have I have I have a. Mccain rankings coming off of season. Eight episode two of game of thrones. In terms of who who showed everyone their boat. Number three. Yeah. And we just mentioned him in a pains me to say number three is is is tormented oats milk because because he was he really got to be like suckled at the teat of giant. He also I love him. But he's also the kind of character that has thrived with low minutes. Like, he has a great. What's what's the PR player efficiency rating layers, plus minus plus minus is absurdly high. Okay. But he's rarely on the court that long. So I think he's noticed that he survived inexplicably long just playing his role as ginger Zukas. Okay. All of a sudden last night the camera settles on him for minutes. Let me tell you the story of me and my life boy. So that okay. I actually think he's gonna make it really. Because his this is number three. We're going up to number one. So I'm willing to accept some pushback. I think he's gonna make it through. All this a. There's something about his Wilding background that I think makes him suited for what's happening going on be his death wouldn't really do anything. You know what I mean? Like, it would be kinda like somebody's gotta live here. And it can't just be John. No, I totally agree with you. But I think the show like comic relief. There are so many other over getting way more intense pain. We're getting there. Okay. But remember when at the shows height of the silliest thing the show of did was the whole dirty dozen mission that references on joining the frozen. Let's go get a dead body. So Sirsi can betray us. Right nonsense. Yeah. By the way, that that entire thing. Like three episodes of game of thrones of just been written off like net. She was never going to do it. And they're like, wow. What other than literally everything? Not pissed enough about that. That was stupid. I mean, at least I actually I appreciate it. They ran right at the fact that she's like everything that I've ever done in my life was to get that thrown. And then I fell in love with your short, brother. And now here I am dying in Belfast. But I mentioned that episode from last season because after all of that after Genry just running that quick double marathon thorough of MIR is the only one who dies, right? So and that was not a important death. No offense to character that I love. So I feel I can bring people back to life with why at the same time. There's going to have to be some somebody's. And you know, I don't think is dying for example. Well, that's that's brave. You do you think I think on the table. All right. I. I don't think he's dying next week. Okay. Let's go. Number two. Mccain also wanna say like like, low low low not even ranked is someone like Barrick who he's dead. Yeah. Of course. I mean, even he's just like I'm done. Yeah. Making Giza candidate for some mystical shit to happen to him. I guess well, that's a side conversation that I actually wanted to to bring up with you. Which is are we done with the red lady in the things I talk about what could happen? And I wanna talk about that is the second half. Okay. Number two with a crossbow bolt. Serbian of tars. Oh, I'm sorry. I'm sorry. We do mean crossbow bolt because you think she's going to jump in front of. No, I just was going to say with a bullet. But they don't have bullets because it's a medieval Braun is like, I guess, I gotta go. Yeah. No. That's coming later. Okay. No. I think. Brian is a tremendous character. A tremendous argon a tremendous journey. I don't know what's left for her to do. She's leading a flank against an army of undead samba, and they're playing prevent defense. There's no plan other than like, let's hold them off lineup to bait. The night king into this garden yet side note. No, it's really dumb on television shows plan. I say someone who recently in a writer's room tried to have characters come up with a plan for two weeks. Plans are fucking hard. There's a reason we don't sit around and make complicated. But the thing is the eleven of them are sitting in front of a map some of the great military minds. Like, they've won all these battles lost some. But they're all standing around. And they're like, let's have the guy who got his PP chopped off guard. The dude who doesn't have emotions in a wheelchair next to a big red tree. Yeah. That's that's the plan. And everyone else is just target practice empathy here because I don't know what allowed me to think that meet someone who cannot reliably keep a dinner plant with one two three people could pull off a heist scene outta television show. It's ridiculous. We don't make plans. So I don't blame them but not the best plan. So I do think those are just seems like something that should have gotten decided before the night before the battle. That's true. Like, they get there. There's like the army of the dentist coming Thomas was showing them his onion soup. You know what I mean? That's cool. They've got the chessboard laid out, and they're just like let sin theon into this little greenhouse like, we know. There was one thing we left for the last minute. There always is oh the plan. Oh, the plan to defeat the undid army. No. I just think that it's the opposite of what you were saying about torment, which is next week has to have real stakes. We also know that they're three episodes left. Not every character is making it and some significant characters are going to die. And I'm not looking at this with the motion cannot not letting emotion cloud my vision. Liana more could go into catapults, whereas here, that's how cold I am. Right. Okay. Okay. What I'm say. Is her storyline is done Liana or brand Rian? Yeah. Right. I think storyline is done. Okay. So I'm not saying there's not going to be something epic and emotional and gutting. But I do think that she's number two on on my McBain list. Okay. I have I have a reason why I think she could live. Okay. But keep going. I think number one. This is like this is like you gotta draft at Davis. I there's no question this design Williamson of the McBain draft number one on my McBain chart is a character. Who's been who's been around for a while? Yeah. Who has had a slight injection personality in the. Last one to six episodes across two seasons, and who literally promised his girlfriend when my God that he would take her sailing on a boat called live fucking forever. And this is you about the Walking Dead. Shouts to my man. Grey worm? Yeah. The dentist, dude. Yes. Who has ever not yet been dead? Yes. First of all, I think his military value is literally like we're gonna just offer our bodies up to the zombies. That's that's our. That's our job. Second of all. He didn't just say. Like, man, I love you like if we make it through this. I'm just really going to create you every day. He's like, here's the here's our plan. Yeah. We've I never make plans. Here's our plan after we defeat the army of the dead. Yeah. And sir, see Lancaster, and the golden company you and me a little crab shack Esso's. That's right. A little a little VR -bio. We he only a few only a few customers bespoke. He was pitching missing on the opening of the second born film. Yeah. He's basically saying you and me in Bali. We're gonna have billowing shirts. I'm gonna drive to town to the market once or twice because just to get with fresh, and no one's gonna come looking for us navy. It'll be grouper could be everyone loves grouper. Have you ever tried a rata? It is a flaky white fish. It's delightful on the grill. I will cook it for you every night for the rest of and we will never ever be snowy place again. Rough rough. Yeah. It's rough stuff. It was really tough. I think even Natalie Emmanuel the actress who plays and is has been tweeting like can't wait to see where. Yeah. That was a rough one. Is there anyone that's my list? That's my top three McBain my argument against people like torment, embryo and dying. Is that in my mind when I try to figure out a an idealistic happy version of the ending of the show, which is hard to see. Is it essentially part of Darris dream comes true. Maybe she does get to sit on the throne. Maybe she shares the end for I don't know. But her idea of breaking the wheel little John's. No sits on our lap. I love that. They are chopping at that dude with his height. You it's hard to chop at a tree that small note. I mean, yeah. Is this idea that there could be basically, they they disassemble the seven kingdoms that they've do break the radio that there is like a new vision of government and the way that they break up west rose and SOS maybe in kind of like nation states or something like that? Because that was sort of what Sonya was getting what do I what do you basically I run the north like I'm not giving up the north after this. What if she hasn't after what if there is basically she gets the North Korean gets apart Jorg, it's apart. I dunno drew Brees part on the beach and reenters. The the maitre d' at the crab shack. I thought Giora was pretty high up there on the McBain rankings. That was the only one I thought you missed. Like take my sword because you deserve its Georgia. Great hit a great less run. Reminiscent of Dirk Nowitzki. I feel like there was a lot of presenting him with jerseys winter fell put up a tribute video on the big board of a hall of the times. Yeah, he helped out our friends Sam being you're dead. Helped me be a man. Yeah. You're not wrong. But weirdly, I felt the sword bought him a little extra time. I do think that he has to die in the service of nurse. So if we get to a moment next week when she is in jeopardy than you're right, for whatever reason, I feel like someone else's the sort is to significant inasmuch as something that was introduced late last season. Everybody's been trying to give him a sword. Like they because John tried to give him glass, right? Yeah. I just can't imagine the sword. Fall. Falls on the icy battlefield and no one else. Picks it up so either he brings it back or someone else. Picks it up. Okay. It's an interesting call. All right. Let's see brake to hear from our sponsors. And when we come back, we're gonna talk a little bit aria a little bit about what might happen next week. Today's episode of the watch is brought to you by Oriole. The most epic cookies of all time are here. Cookies are coming. Brace yourselves Oreo game of thrones limited edition packs are in stores now while supplies last where does your guilty lie to whom are you bending the knee? 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This show has as its steered more into this specific endgame of these characters in this world, definitely leaned away from some of the things that I think brought in a wider audience not necessarily wide audience because people love swords dragons. But during the first seasons when it was more diffused than we didn't all know exactly where it was going, or at least expects understand what was going or who mattered the beauty of the show was at allowed these pockets for conversation to develop about what it might be saying about power what it might be saying about our world analogy metaphor, Sarah. And now, it's just a tightened ship in always. And even I think last week game of thrones is about game of thrones now. Yes in common almost commenting on itself at times, the one place where that might not necessarily be true. Is this concept of afterwards, which I really really like and. We joke minute ago about how these characters bad at making plans, but these characters who have lived in a perpetual state of crisis for the entirety of their lives. And in fact, the crisis predates their birth. You know, in certainly in the case of deniro's, everything that she does is about the death of a father who she didn't know who was killed by guy that she just forgave, by the way that was kind of other people on the I think she got g. On the panel there. This seems like a wide ranging reference to make but you know, when they do when they did a stress test on the people of Cambodia people who weren't even alive marriage, like their stress elevated enough to think that people who weren't even alive when the Harz were happening have PTSD shooter. Now, we have a fight that is truly an existential fight almost absurdly should. So they are fighting against death right there fighting as Sam said poetically, they're fighting to preserve memory in thus keep their story, which is being alive. What does happen next? What how does a group of people who have never known the they've never had the possibility of planning very far ahead who've never actually considered. What could happen figure it out? How do you make peace with peace? How do you get past the uncomfortable break in the deniro's Asana conversation? I was going to joke about how many crucial conversations are interrupted by you know, people blowing on. That was the only critique I had of last night was the amount of interrupting guy on I think, I agree with you. But you could also if you're gonna spend into this farfetched thing that I'm trying to piece together on the fly. Here. We are reaching a crisis point past crises where there won't be a timely show. Far blown to interrupt these conversations with something more important. Yes. Life or death. And now you're gonna have to figure it out, and which characters are willing to have this conversations which characters are quipped to have those conversations. We joked about Davos, dying, Dabo, someone who can have those conversations he's seen it all it all and he's pretty chill about it. Yeah. Well, his he doesn't mean Bishen the people of the most interesting conversations are literally the people who the least amount of him Bishop towards Dow the world works out aside from survival. So who is willing to bend towards I mean, not been towards Justice. But Ben towards some version of. Of new thinking towards fairness, you know. And and John does seem to be the most flexible of the powerful people. He's consistently said, I don't care about being king. I just want what's best here except for the last of last night's which was very interesting. I felt like he was a different person when he said that deniro's also Besigye of you know, breaking the wheel. That's that. I don't think she's doing that anymore. She still just wants to sit on the top of the wheel, you know. So restore her family. Yeah. And so I'm very interested in how much space the show gives towards that after. And and what it means, and what we can draw from it because, you know, the people of us many times, a metaphor of existential crisis owes the show really about global warming climate change. I guess we'll see what it's really about. Because there's only four episodes left. But I, but I I am curious how much of the show alternate will feel like it was about the show. And how much was it will be about setting up a new paradigm for the fictional world of the show them? I leave us with something that there's a lot of credence to the idea that the earlier seasons of the show, and they were more about palace intrigue a more about like political maneuvering that they were they were they felt more reflective of our of our world. And then with the increased presence of the night king. It became more of the world of game of thrones. And in some ways, I wish there have been more explicit or I think you could have had a more explicit conversation about afterwards when it was just a narrow versus Irving, and it was just these people choosing sides and thinking about because there is that moment, I think even Tyrian says it to both of them. He says it to serve the end deniro separately where he basically has like. The upside like the version of events here where she just flies dragons over king's landing than just melts thousands of people to get what she wants isn't going to change the world. It's going to kill a lot of people. But we're just gonna keep going through this cycle of on bearable violence, and what he was trying to think of a different a third way different way. But the emergence of the night king in the white walkers makes it more distill being a more kind of fantastical because it's just about peer survival. But it would have been interesting to have the conversation of what are we doing here? Well, that's why I wonder I bet chasing. Mallory have many theories about this probably the right one as well. The season is structured in a way where sir she is the final battle right with the iron throne is the final battle the golden company, and you're on inserts are still waiting now. Does that mean in again, I don't I'm sure there's much wiser thinking about this than what I'm about to offer. But either they defeat the army of the dead next week. And then March. And deal with the next problem or probably more likely, right? They lose and retreat somehow to to the iron islands dragon stone is what people think. Yeah. And then the final battles are kind of merged again right there. I mean, do you save searching, you know? Maybe that's the question that they have to ask themselves is like once once those wants the white walkers get south, and maybe there's a way to to defeat them. You know, they've realized how to defeat them again or they make another run at the night king or whatever. But the problem is that I think that we were still it's not a problem. But we're still learning what the white walkers want or what the night king wants, which is apparently brand. It's so weird that like he has an unstoppable army of the dead. That can kill everyone. Forever known really has a chance to stop him. But his one flaw is that he is essentially swipe from door, the explorer, and you just can't help it swipe. That is pretty interesting. Yeah. You know? Yeah. I give only had one glaring flaw like his desire to sneak into. Places to get one. Boy. Yeah, that's just you just can't help himself. I don't get that plan. I don't get his plan either be fair. No. I mean, I get them being like, let's let's use. What of the let less lesser mobile people as bait. I know that that's what they need to do. But John being like we just need to kill one person, by the way. I see on doesn't even make bane ranking? So like, no like theon first name is going to be revealed as McBain iron born theon is like the Mark Wahlberg character who got to walk onto the eagles. So Vince Papa like to be there. Yeah. I can't believe I made it this far. And thus knowing that he's going to be gang tackled. And pulled to pieces, you know, it's interesting though, is like they've given so much time and so much really beautiful writing to these reunions. I the deaths are not gonna be very the debts are going to be pretty savage. There's not much time for them. I know they've said goodbyes, and and I think that's the other piece of watching a show incrementally. That feels very different. And I and I in. We should talk about the aria stuff in sunset quickly before out about what might happen. But I do just urge everyone listening. Everyone was watching the season. Really enjoy this week like really take pleasure in this week in obviously, really second. Yeah. After the second episode before Sunday, like, you know, read all the coverage, you want rewatch all the stuff you want to rewatch listen to binge mode, and all the other great content. That's out there about the show. It's not going to be like this again every other generation of people who watch this show. We'll know that this is what happens at the end not only that they will. They will end last night will end, and they will mmediately watch winter fell. No, the next one. That's what I mean. They will be battle of winter. Yeah. Whatever they haven't revealed the title yet. Right. No. I thought you're considering start watching backwards. They're not how TV work now. I know what you mean. They'll binge it. Yeah. We don't get many moments like this anymore. And I it does make me think about like last accepts to breaking bad, which were the last time TV felt this breathless and what's going to happen. But something has happened. They've already made these decisions and they're waiting for us. And we can't know, and they're so few things anymore that we can't know that it's kind of delicious. It's pretty great. I hadn't thought about it like that. Yeah. I mean, I wonder so I mean, look we talk a little bit about episode three. Do you want to talk a little bit about the Aryan thought? It was really well written. I gotta say like, I really I really liked it. Yeah. I really liked it because it took something that they had been setting up for years. I don't think this aspect of that relationship or the potential of this relationship was surprise. But again to take advantage of the character building they've done the time spent the changes that we've observed we're not just being told about who they are. And how they are the way that she just disarmed him in. All senses was terrific. And I'm not the person to be. Making these judgments, I don't think but for all the flack the show has gotten often quite rightly for its treatment of women. I thought the fullness of the ark of REI, obviously, there's more to come that. They've given this character is noteworthy trying to think of what Gandhi said that would have been a buzzkill. Okay. All right. Like when she's like, how many girls have you been with? If he was just like just tons look so mad. I literally incalculable thing about king's landing. It's not hard guy. Like me does very well. Or if he had been like really kinky you've been like, so the red woman puts all these leeches, Amen. Amen. I loved the exactly if let me stop you. There doesn't matter who I've been with it's been it's what's been on top of me, literally removing my blood, and if you've been like, honestly, I don't even get into bed unless somebody's gotta Jarve leeches with them. So unless if that I take your gloves off unless the next thing you do is remove back of where great Leach ius out. I'm not familiar with the flora and fauna the north if there are any sort of attaching insects. Yeah. Any sorts of bugs that I could plausibly put on my body. Yeah. To recreate the feelings of that one magical night with a character who seems to not be on the show anymore. That would be best. Jacoby texted. David Jacoby who used to work with grilling? Obviously is it's basically a podcast he Millings. I think that the Charene d'appel ganger who comes up to this whining. Yeah. He was like, that's the red woman. She's put herself in that person's body. I don't know if that's possible. She can put ourselves in the bodies of small children. I mean, anything is possible in the show, I suppose, but I think I was more of just like Gillian, and and Davos get to have like a moment with this. David Jacoby woke up. New york. For heading off to his wildly successful radio TV show before even like greeting or or spending a quality moment with his three beautiful children. Today's his wife's birthday, by the way. Facebook. Let me know today's Jacoby family affair for them. I think they all like I mean, I don't know if his younger children like very young new saying of all the things for king. David Jacoby doing today cheer, man. What do you what everybody's watching? It's not like it's not like he was writing us. And being like, what do you think? Giants milk tastes like gray worms about to get got. It was some obscure side fear. She's not she says she has to die in west rose where the hell is she maybe she died. No, she's coming back. Nobody goes I have to die in a specific place. Biard be. And then they don't come back. I think lots of people say that on TV shows. Yeah. No, no. They don't I thought you meant just a general. So that's the aria stuff. Glad we got that out of the way. What else we have to hit from this people shipping? Sons theon. Yeah. That's weird. Is that weird vets? We here have been talking for like eight years about like watching these twins bang couple things I'm not gonna share with everyone the texts we exchange with Mallory Ruben, let's do it. This is about radical transparency. Evan. We learned anything from our surveillance state. Let's do it by let's say what we you. And I were texting last night when I got home. You were like great episode, blah, blah. We're going back and forth. So so then I so right. So I said, so I wondered about that love affair, and you wrote that will be a somewhat chaste love. And I said we all thought the same thing about grey worm and miss day. That's true. But Unix are bright. And then you you you jumped in and you wondered what Unix have and didn't have have no marbles marbles, right? Where theon has no Thomas. Terrific. Right. And then you said, right? Is that right? I don't know. Let's bring Mel into this. You said I was willing to to Google. So I sent her screen cap of that conversation and her response within seconds after a full day of filming and talking Ella mayo. Thank you for coming to me with this. So this is I feel like you're right. We should help people. They might not know. So this is a direct quote from allergies. Text the unsullied to borrowed Danny's phrasing. Have neither the pillar nor the stones as we understand it. Okay. Same for theon all gone nothing to wound by kneeing as we saw in the season seven finale, not like getting kneed anywhere post op we talked about that recently because we did a rehearsal show about the season seven alley right? And there's just like theon just gets need in the groin times. These like, it only makes me stronger, and that would still is it just all dead. It's like no feeling down. There. Can I be clear you could Niimi anywhere on my body? And I'm done anywhere. My my my calf. Yeah. My foot. I don't know how you get your knee down there. But like it would hurt. Yeah. It only makes them stronger. I don't know. He just got up out of the sand was just like my face now. I'm your leader. Yeah. That's that's not me. Man it anyway. What Mallory deeply believes is that would miss ended in grey worm experience with each other was I don't know if you see Andrea. Traditional love. That's all. I'm not king shaming saying that we just talk about leeches for like five minutes. If that's cool. Everybody likes that this is outside the realm of seven kingdoms anyway. Not everybody has to be in love. Not everybody has to be romantic. That's fine. Trust him. Weirdly. I like I brought up because it was the romantic part that didn't make sense where it's like there. There is something that is wonderful about this re all the various reunion, especially in winter fell with star kids who were not all start kids isn't turns out and had complicated relationships within the family, and it kind of challenges this notion of unilateral like fight for my family. I fight for my house that Jamie is broken. Which is actually another thing showed articulates an interesting way, which is true to our own psychology, which is families just like family, just happens. You don't have to. Let's loyalty that was the whole thing. Fuck loyalty was what brands at ten and it's true like, and we were talking about this in the writer's room the other day just about like sibling relationships, and how this is probably interesting to you as well because we're both only children. But like, I definitely grew up thinking people who are siblings like had this magical telepathic bond and had to be United in everything and all things, and then I watch show like Tassara fee and Fergal Charon not on the same page. I mean, you also met people with brothers and sisters, and they're. I don't like I thought it would click I felt like magical, and it's actually you're just people, and you have to learn to love people as people especially on this show, especially the star kids each one of them has gone through significant trauma, and each one of them is come back from that trauma completely different. So Arias now faceless assassin brand is all seeing all knowing demi-god. John is a messiah and theon is a. He doesn't have a ton of feels down there in Santa shops at agent provocateur. That's cool. Okay. Do you want to say anything about next week? I'm excited. Yeah. Just I this reiterate what I said a minute ago. Like, this is going to be an epic battle. It's gonna be unlike any episode of television ever made Miguel back Subotnick back yet longest battle ever filmed longer than home. Steve, it's great. It's really exciting. And what do you think is like the? Search like they didn't have any service in the second episode. Yeah. And I mentioned this demand last night. I was like I wonder if just not going to be in two straight episodes. And she was like I bet with they'll do have was battle in the bastards or there. There's a bit of king's landing stuff before that might start there. That's bad beat the battle of winter fill in sees like part like sparring with your on about what's a name the baby. She's just sitting by the window like sipping wine like the Kermit sips tea. It's not that interesting. Yeah. Let's get right into the crypts. Let's that was the other thing that was really funny on just everybody being like man, the Crips are so safe. If you just like to grad, thanks fight. Seriously, go down there were all the dead bodies are buried underneath. I got a text last night. I just finished watching the show we adjust determined who was smooth. Like a Ken doll wasn't old pal. Friend of the watch Damon Lindelof techs mate. Yeah. He's just like I'm halfway through the episode. So maybe they mentioned this a why are all the women and children going down to the place literally full of dead body us who will reanimate like Ray, Harry house and models does not bode well for Tyrian. No, not at all. Yeah. I mean, like, John John bean back. Like, just skeletons Ken, he reanimate. I was wondering is there statute of limitations? Can you bring back dust zombies? Yeah. Pulverised bones. Well, I mean, like, I think that the ideas. This is more that I don't think that the battle lines will hold very long, right? Like, I think that pretty soon. It's going to be Chris close quarters. See the bridge collapses the grey were was observing. I think that's gonna work pretty well. So many minutes like how long would this episode of guys think it might be a little premature for me to be investing and my Llorca real estate. But yes, this strange you be on it. It doesn't quite collapse. But it goes up on both sides a little bit. If you how long was the running time of this episode have been if you would just snip all the scenes of people walking around snip around. If you had lately, edited all the scenes of people, I grey worm walking around looking at stuff and nodding. Yeah. I know. It's a thirty minute episode. You're in your Dave and Dan, shouts degree worm. Let's wrap it up there. Thank you. We'll be back next Monday for the battle of winter fell postgame joy this week. Joy, the not knowing you can watch the thrones on Twitter. You can listen to us. Now, you can listen to binge mode on Wednesday night Thursday morning. You can listen to the pre capitals Riley and Zach on Friday and believe and also, you know, there's tons of other stuff on the regular check out. We're running about it all the time. Allison, Herman Riley's ACA. Everybody's writing about game of thrones. So one stop shop later. Remember, don't watch the backwards. That was a suggestion by Chris Domus into it. Today's episode of the watch was brought to you by Filo Filo has over fifty of your favorite channels such as discovery science channel HGTV food network. AMC MTV Nickelodeon m more enjoy live and on demand TV plus unlimited recording for only twenty dollars a month with no contract needed Filo. Available on Roku IOS fire TV Android, TV. And apple TV start your free trial instantly with just a phone number to start your free trial. Visit Filo dot TV slash the watch. That's P H I L, O dot TV slash the watch you go. Now, you'll get fifteen percent off the first month.

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