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"In south western Washington, and also over toward the hills, and then we'll cooler up north and on the coast has usual in terms of how warm. It's going to be for twenty nineteen house this stack up right? Well, so we're looking at Wednesday should be the hottest day of the year so far. Okay. And I guess I can speak in code if you've lived here long ago you know what this code is, is July. Fifty fifty. It's, it's close. I think we have turned the corner. There isn't really much of anything in the long range showing any kind of rain or we're back to that cooler temperatures, and usually the way it kinda works here as we do have like our one last shot of cool rainy, weather, and then we can go to three or four weeks, where it's just sunny, a nice and all that changes is whether the temperature stays in the seventies or warms and knew the eighties, and I think we've kind of moved into that stretch now. So I think summer's here even though it's not really here. If you could have been here and looking at Scott's face when he just went out on a limb there his his his entire net just ten stuff when he said summers, here's here the. You were shaking and quaking in the boots here. This coupla. I've, I've given them names already is Fred and EDNA. They just moved here from somewhere else. And she Fred is going, Ed. Doesn't that man have a calendar? They're probably more concerned about, why are they saying it's hot eighty degrees outside Scott from KOMO news com Vike Scott, sir. Canova's family is going to school to raise some much-needed money. Komo's Brian Calvert tells us they get another step closer to their goal every time they quench someone's thirst. When I say lemonade stand you likely think of some cute kids out raising a buck or two towards a toy a trip or perhaps a video game. But seven-year-old Camden Thompson has a different goal. And he can't wait a set up shop every spring when it finally warms up. You see Camden wants a dog, actually it's more accurate to say Camden needs a dog as lifetime danger, like at every moment, mom Torino, our whole world has changed, but he's still an active little boy, and gifts to do everything that every other kid gets to do within reason you see three years ago. Camden was diagnosed with diabetes..

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