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US Ambassador to Estonia resigns, criticizes Trump over European rhetoric

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02:58 min | 4 years ago

US Ambassador to Estonia resigns, criticizes Trump over European rhetoric

"Capital damascus one of the officials here said to me that there are leaflets which are being circulated in data which is the major town in southern syria and which is where the first demonstrations against president assad's regime started in march of twenty eleven and the leaflets apparently say this started in dera it's going to be buried in dera meaning the uprising the austrian chancellor invest in courts is hosting a ceremony and the elves to mark the handover of the european union presidency to his country mr colette's has promised to make tackling illegal immigration a priority nothing bell reports from vienna european council president donald tusk and the bulgarian prime minister boiko borissov joining sebestyen could rison bollock handover of the eu presidency from bulgaria to austria mr kurtz a hardliner on migration says he wants to move swiftly to try to implement the e us recent deal on migrants mr kurtz is in favor of establishing asylum centres outside the eu but it's not clear whether north african countries will agree the airline virgin atlantic has said it will no longer work with the british home office to forcibly deport people believed to be illegal immigrants the airline didn't explain his decision the campaign is say it's in response to the wrongful deportation of caribbean immigrants who've been in britain legally for decades us intelligence officials believe north korea has increased production of enriched uranium for nuclear weapons in recent months despite the thaw in pyongyang's relations with the united states and south korea one official told nbc news there was unequivocal evidence the pyongyang was trying to deceive the us world news from the bbc the us ambassador to estonia is resigning reportedly in frustration of president trump's attitude and policies towards america's european allies james t melville said that having served under six presidents he never thought he would reach the point where the only honorable thing to do is to resign mr melville is the latest of many senior state department officials to leave since donald trump took office afghan security forces have resumed military operations against the taliban after president ashraf gani declared a formal end to his government's unilateral ceasefire mr gani had ordered government forces to suspend fighting against the taliban for ten days following a brief truce with the militants over the holiday two weeks ago leaders from swaziland's lgbt community have gone ahead with the country's first gay pride march today despite threads from conservative and religious groups to disrupt it homosexuality is illegal in swaziland with the authorities have not blocked the march in the capital in the band aid malusis similar new from the organization behind the rally hopes today's events will help change attitudes.

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