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Spoiler Specials: Mank

"We're all shopping for essentials online these days and now you can get rewarded for it with the bank of america cash rewards credit card. You can choose to earn three percent. Cashback online shopping essentials. The essentials have never felt more rewarding visit bank of america dot com slash more rewarding to apply now copyright. Twenty twenty bank of america corporation charlotte. Father hello and welcome to another slate spoiler special podcast this week. We are going to be talking about manque. The new david fincher movie about herman mankiewicz and the process of writing the script of citizen kane and joining me to talk about. This movie is matthew desam. Who is slates browbeat editor contributor. I think of you as slate. Sort of wild man on tap crazy crazy uncle in the attic. You do nights and weekends coverage. And i always know that slate after dark is going to be somewhere interesting because matthew decima. Is there another reason. I wanted to have you on for manque is because you are a hollywood historian. You have a book. On clyde brockman the silent comedian and director you. General seem to be interested in hollywood history and things from from that period And so you have written a factor fiction browbeat post about what's true and what's not in bank and that's a lot of stuff to go through right there. That's not all we'll talk about but it's some of the things that we'll talk about and in general are just interested as a my in this period of a classic hollywood so one of the things i wanna do in this spoiler special is to get into you know how this movie deviates from history and condenses history in does defiant things with what actually happened but of course we are also talking about it as a work of art and fictional documents. So i think. I'll start off the way i usually do with these spoiler special podcast and just ask. What did you think thumbs up thumbs down. Would you send your friends to this. Movie thumbs sideways. Guess it would depend on the friends. It's a it's a really beautiful looking movie. The photography the documentaries gorgeous it is entertaining for the most part. It gets kind of in the weeds in some of the hollywood stuff. I would say if you're someone who knows a little bit about hollywood history. You'll love it if you're somebody knows a little bit more about how would history the people where you're just shaking your fist at the screen but But yeah. I think it's a pretty well made movie. Yeah that brings up the question of who it was made for which. I'd like to talk about a little bit later on. I mean you. And i would seem to be in. This movie's ideal target audience right. We both have seen citizen kane. I'm sure many many times we've probably read biographies of many of the major figures that appear in this movie. Were sort of like fertile nerd ground for this movie to take seed in and yet at the same time as you say people of that ilk are the ones that are most likely to notice what doesn't belong in the movie and And the stuff that that it gets wrong Yeah i think. I went into make with such high expectations between really being a pretty big david. Fincher fan i mean not blindly. So he's made some movies. I don't like but certainly i think he's one of the more exciting filmmakers out there and him taking on this subject matter with this cast seemed so fascinating that i experienced it as a little bit disappointing. Just because as i say in my review slate it's diffuse like this is a movie that doesn't quite know what it wants to be about and it's about a lot of different things at once and i think while being seduced by the beautiful surfaces of it and the look and sound that will talk about i kind of find myself around twenty minutes in when the first fake real change glitz appeared in the corner because of them but around the timing of that first real change. I found myself thinking. Where is this movie actually going. And whose story does it want us to focus on in care about. So let's get into Just exactly what. It is trying to cover. I i started off by saying that. It's about the process of writing citizen kane. It's actually about a very specific. Moment is one of those bio-pics that's about a very specific slice of its subjects life. Can you talk about where. Herman bank with is at in his life and career and just geographically as we start this movie. Yeah he is At the beginning of the movie we see him in victorville california which is a town small town in the middle of nowhere checking into a ranch and the reason he is there is because he has broken his leg. horribly In an automobile accident he was actually semi fleeing los angeles. Like it was. There was a deal where his wife didn't actually know he was planning to go to new york and he caught a ride with. This guy broke long story short. He checked into this ranch for a month and a half and over that period produced one of the. I mean we'll get into the office of questions but a drafter citizen kane and it focuses on you know that slice and then there are flashbacks that go back as far as nineteen thirty of the events that brought make which to writing the script. I guess right so the basic timeframes were in our the the present day of the movie right. Which is i guess. Nineteen forty came through march of nineteen forty eight when they were doing that writing. Right when he's holed up in this kind of cottage in the desert in victorville california with and this becomes important. The people he's holed up with he's holed up with a german nurse. Who's there to take care of his leg. Which is attraction. I and it slowly gets a little bit more usable. And with this typist this young british woman who was assigned to be his secretary who he dictates the screenplay to and as you say in real life he was also hold up with john houseman. The actor and producer and former collaborator with orson welles. Who was sort of storming on the screen. Play with him right there in the cabin the movie makes that a different setup and has housman just sort of come in for occasional browbeating sessions. About how the writing is going. It's kind of wild. it's like they just. They didn't know what to do with housman. If he was in the other scenes there is a character which he would have been because realize he was he and Make which each had one bedroom in a two bedroom suite and we're in the commentary working on the movies and this one. They put the nursing one bedroom. The read alexander the typist in the other end set up in the living room and then they sent housman off to bike another hotel. But it's clearly. It's one of those things where it's like. These will work better with fewer characters so let's imagine pretext to remove character right and as you point out it also makes housman have more expository role in the narrative right because he can come swooping in and say. Hey how's the script writing going and then deliver his verdict on how it's going in fact maybe we should drop a clip in here Of of that visit that house would makes early on to the victorville ranch house. Because i think it starts to get into the question of the he's writing and whether it's It's something that's gonna be film -able and sort of both what makes it such a radical script when it is eventually turned into a movie. And what makes everybody think it's going to be such failure. All i am saying is no an right like that houseman. I had the narrative is one big circle at cinnamon roll neither straight line pointing to the nearest exit. You cannot capture a man's entire life in two hours or you can hope to leave the impression that nobody expects. Shakespeare people aren't spending harder and twenty five cents. See macbeth maestro. The dodgers ace boy did my best do beth. Don't be fooled is a showman oscar reveling in sleight of hand. Save yourself the trouble. Be done in sixty. He'll get this and the audience will to stop worrying. Have a pickle. I think you're not hungry. Haven't been since we got here. Giulio right todd. Aim low so. Yeah so this clip kind of gets into some of this stuff that. I found a little frustrated about the movie. Because you can hear that conversation. It's one of those bio-pic conversations that exists for the subject of the film to sound like a genius which means that other people sound like less genius and in this case john houseman. Sounds like a fool but he was not It's set up so that make woods gets to be smart guy. Who reminds john. Houseman that orson welles. Once made a macbeth production and has been sort of says. I was showmanship. But that was actually. That was john houseman project. It was his concept to do this. Wpa play macbeth with an all black cast. He brought wells into directed He wasn't the guy who was trying to steer people away from doing sort of you know intellectual. He was a a theater director. He wouldn't have made this argument. He wouldn't have not remembered macbeth because it was his thing. But the script need smiechowicz to see more than other people so someone who was there turns into is changing somebody who he was not in real life so that make could get that credit and that happens a lot of different seasons when different characters in this right and that actually brings up a sort of conceptual thing about this movie that i should have set up top. Which is that the script was written or at least. The original version of the script was written by jack. Venture david fincher spotter. Who died in two thousand three and this was a lifetime dream of his that he would write the script about the writing of citizen kane. Which more strongly than this movie does want to make this very anti wells argument. Right that That essentially it was herman mankiewicz entirely who had written the script and that orson welles is being a credit hog in putting his name on the script as well as he did. This is also largely the argument that pauline kale made in her controversial book. Cain about the writing of the script and it seems to me. And he said in interviews that david venture has less of an axe to grind about this But the boobies still does seem to want to sideline wells in that way. It doesn't ridicule wells. Were make him look insignificant but he's a small part of the movie right. I mean he the actor who plays him tom. Burke appears seen mainly from behind on the phone briefly pops up in a couple of scenes in the cabin but is really not a very major figure in a movie about citizen kane. And it's not with housman like you can say they're making this person. Say things he would never have said seem stupider than he actually seems to have been in real life with wells. They don't go that route but they just amid a lot of stuff about it like the in this movie in the flashback. You see where he gets hired two to right citizen kane. You see the automobile crash and then you see make traction and wells comes over and says we need to talk and the next thing you know. He's working on citizen kane in the invocation is well. He's hired this guy to write this hearse bio-pic but that's not what happened. Wells came madman traction and hired him to write radio scripts for him. They worked together. On a couple of mercury theater scripts and then they spent like a month and a half batting ideas around trying to come up with a feature screenplay that they could work together And it doesn't assert. The movie doesn't assert that that didn't happen but it doesn't show it And in its place you have this stack of notebooks growing in victorville as as a detailed script but he went out there with like three hundred pages of notes from their story conferences and stuff. It was not a creative project. Where at a certain point as Said talking about an make what's to they just. Were not getting anywhere talking to over anymore. So they went off to. Nick went off to write a script But that initial part of the creative process that's part of the creative process and they just admit it because it's sort of like you say it's sort of pulling kale theory of it And it seems like ventures that jack ventures version of it probably was just adaptation of raising cain like. That's that seems to be kind of how david fincher describes the draft from the ninety s. Right i mean. I i think watching this movie something that kept occurring to me. Was that the active writing a particularly active writing a screenplay that so collaborative in nature is something. That's really hard to dramatize right. And i'm sure it's all the harder to dramatize if you're actually true to how complex and collaborative it is and to what degree it is. You know people rewriting heaps of notes that we've talked about in rooms by other people you know that is just dramatically inert so i'm sure part of it was not just to grind an acts about who wrote citizen kane but to create a unitary character narrative that could they could carry the story. I mean exactly like as a as a narrative. It's not watertight but it's not bad. It has these two parallel plotlines that eventually intersect one showing the writing a citizen kane and the other one showing the events that lead which to betray hurston. that way. Yeah i wanna get to those events but since they take a while to come up in the movie he'll put them off for now and talk about the flashback structure which i think these are the strongest parts of the movie so when we're not in victorville with a guy and traction You know drinking and trying to singlehandedly right the citizen kane script. We cut back to hollywood in the early thirties. And this is a whole different kind of atmosphere right a whole different period and is a very people kind of world unlike the empty world of victorville. And and there's a lot going on there and it's it's really fun so let's let's talk about the first. Flashback going back to nineteen thirty where we suddenly see a much younger mankiewicz Play gary oldman. I don't think we've mentioned that yet. Anybody who seen even the trailer to this knows. That is a wits And we see him entering. I believe the first time we see him in the flashback. He's entering the paramount studios. Isn't that right. Yeah yeah it's paramount in nineteen thirty and it's that classic now we're an old. Hollywood flashback thing where he walks through the backlot past the extras from the circus movie. That they're always filming vintage backlots. Just in case you needed to know that it was a flashback. I actually thought this was kind of fun technique. You see this typewritten. Legend at the bottom of the screen. Right as if we were reading the script to manque as we're watching and you see you. Know flashback thirty. You mentioned the cigarette burns earlier. The the real change marks that they have in the of sort of imitation analog stuff in that and the The typewriter thing is another one of those one of those details but but yeah it's so it's it's paramount nineteen thirty and we get a scene in which charles leader is from new york. And he's received a telegram from. Herman quits encouraging. Come out there and work. It's a telegram. That actually went to ben hecht but it's the sort of famous thing that says millions are to be made here in your only competition is idiots. Don't this get around. It was one of the part of this kind of great migration new york writers to los angeles in the round the time but the movie started having sound in them basically and there's a whirlwind shot where we meet all these people in the paramount writer's room you know Estee perlman as their kaufman. Charles macarthur and a fictional character named shelley metcalf. Who will get back to later. I guess that is another those phil nerd scenes. Where it's like if you know who those guys are. It's kind of fun. But i can imagine that being very wordy and why are we hearing all these dudes names. None of them really become major characters. Well it's yeah and actually like that was something. I watched the movie watching that scene. It's kind of an amazing little lum when caught deft exactly but the way in which those conversations are written so that everybody gets to say their full name is one of those What's the phrase in elegant variation or whatever it's like with a as day problem in there like they have literally ask me and he's like oh that's fine and then trump mccarthy say the whole thing and then Mister kaufman georgia's fine. Whatever it's like a They found in a different way for each one of those three people to have a pretext for explicitly. Kidding me full names. Bio-pic seen will never not now remind me of the walk hard scene. Where all the beatles meet. Remember they meet with with john c reilly in i guess with the maharishi right and they all introduce each other by their full names at all times. That's the one. And i'm john lennon of the beatles. Yeah that there's a lot of the parts of bank that may be grown. The most were the ones where it sort of followed bio-pic convention those closely and there are definitely some parts of it where you're like okay. Yeah that's that's what these movies do at this point in the movie. Yeah and there's not really that much purpose to to that paramount scene except to establish that you know in this earlier time mike was part of this writer's room was sort of holding court. In a way i think was regarded as one of the big wigs of this writer's room And was also an inveterate gambler. You see him making ridiculous bets on whether a coin is gonna come up heads or tails. was a big drinker stripper with pasties on in the room with mr typist. So it's kind of establishing that there's this dissolute world of writer's room guys at paramount And there was also a little a movie history solace in there that i saw film twitter exploding about do you have anything to say about about that moment. I missed this. When i was writing the fact versus fiction just just flooded right by me. But there's a scene where you have them go to a story conference with the southern just von sternberg who is just there because they like. Just sternberg out there. There are celebrities that show this movie for no story reason besides like someone whose name you recognize should be here. So this is the person But they pitch a movie that they describe as a frankenstein. The wolfman all rolled up into one and frankenstein is nineteen thirty one. The woman is not until nineteen forty one and nineteen thirty here and then sort of this is of paramount story thing paramount being at that point kind of a prestige house Stern at the picture. Don't wanna do it. And they talk about universal's reputation is like a low budget that's where low budget it's made but it wasn't like that that was later in the decade. That's almost a moment of an unforced error like they didn't need to go into that much detail of the story and make that mistake it. Did it actually got completely by me at the time and didn't bother me at all but it seems like one of the many moments that this movie is narrating out so hard that it kinda gets in its own way set in the idea of classic hollywood some of it but i will say that some of the better stuff in the flashback in some of the characters that really come to life come up in the next scene at san simeon castle. And that's where we get into my favorite part of the movie. Which is the stuff to do with with marion davies and william randolph hearst. And their relationship to to filmmaking. So charles letter as you say played by. joseph cross. is this young writer who is brought into the fold of these these writers room dudes at paramount and he happens to drop this invitation to make saying. Why don't you come to my aunt's party right. Which seems like a dull enough affair until you realize that his aunt is actually marion davies the mistress of randolph hearst. And who was also at that point a movie star at that point starring in sort of historical epics produced by hearst. And so then. I guess the very next scene after that right is when mike drunkenly falls onto the luggage art and they. They dragged him off his answer. Mian there at the glendale train station and he shows up. It's it's actually not entirely clear looking at again. He he shows up. It's like a convertible driven by two other people who i don't think characters we see again and he's like reclining atop the roof which has been pushed back like he literally just kind of rolls in already passed out and then manage it. Stand up long enough to pass out on a luggage cart and then wakes up in this massive bedroom in san simeon Where he's been rolled into bed and had a shoes take off or whatever and then we. Yeah we entered this sort of Her swirled a in that way through. Nice enough him just sort of waking up from being blackout drunken having no idea where he is An from there he of wanders out outside where he can actually buy a scream and wonders outside to see what's going on and that's where he meets marion davies who is in the middle of doing test shots for some sort of western for which she has been tied to a stake in apparently going to be set on fire by native americans or something. And that's that's what i wondered. If that was a specific movie. I'm not familiar enough with marion. Davies filmography to know if she was ever burned wearing an evening gown. Burn steak or not. I couldn't find it the dialogue in it where the guy shooting the thing says. It's a home movie. But one of his home movies and points to her stored ever. So i think i think the implication is not but it's a real movie so much as just some kind of vani shoot. That william hurst is paying for to get her. Some other part probably right. I mean to a certain degree. I get the impression that hearst's unit i think it was called cosmopolitan was its own independent operation right. I mean it happened at mgm. It was kind of within the walls of mgm but not of mgm production deal. I think like like amblin has with universal or whatever that sort of that sort of thing right and that's why it seemed unrealistic to me to have my own little dorky. Moment that thalberg and mayor would be sitting there on the set watching this screen. Test of marion davies. It seems like that would be something that they would be far too important and busy with other productions at mgm to have both gone and sat in on the shoot. Yeah i. i wasn't clear on that. I thought the location maybe was that they were there for the party. And just we're staying the weekend You know that it does doesn't seem impossible to me that i would have invited them up and then scheduled something but but yeah. It was i i wasn't that seems a little bit muddled as far as what the power relationships in that in that situation are i guess. Yeah i agree that that part seems a bit cluttered. But i think that the strong stuff in that scene is both freed as marion davies. Who i think is really the big surprise of the movie right. I mean just the degree to which she she busts out of that typical autumn new role that you see in and the brooklyn accent really convincingly and just makes mary davies into a into a charming complicated character and also charles. Dance is william randolph hearst. Great performance from him. Yeah a really great really not a role that could have been done. I mean that could have gone very badly. I guess he has a lot of There's a lot of speeches that with another actor would not have gone. Well and dance can deliver those beautiful. He has that just sort of cold authority to him. The time their relationship he has with maximes to have something more to it than just power and exploitation at that moment that he's riding along in the it seems like it's a it's on the train tracks right. He's on the tracks that have been constructed for the for the dalai shot. They're doing they're doing a shot of horses riding into the either set the steak on fire or save her from it. I don't know that's the other thing about it is that she's tied up to that stake and they're not shooting anything that has anything to do with it over in the fields with horses but could have been in her trailer having a cigarette when when manque is walking alongside the dalai talking to her. I i think you get a good glimpse of the relationship that will become important later on where is called a court jester at one point. I think that you know. He's somebody who wit and charm keep endearing him to hearst and keep inviting him to the parties even though as we'll see he's constantly screwing up kind of forgetting his place. There yeah exactly which was right. Which is what happened to him. Over the course of that decade he was like which was part of that. Social circle eventually drank his way out of that social circle although probably not quite as spectacularly as. He doesn't all right. So to yankee out of that timeframe the way this movie is constantly doing and back to victorville and the cabin where the writing is happening. There's a bunch of stuff going on in the subplots here and this is a place. Where honestly if i had been. You know the john houseman called in to give my opinion of the script. I would have said. Do we really need quite so much intrigue in victorville you know it really is enough for me to wonder whether the drunken broken leg bank is going to finish the script or not and the interplay between him and wells and. I don't think that. I need to know all of this side story about you. Know the typist and her husband and the nurse. But you want to get into some of the drama. That's happening In that story. Yeah they basically as you've said writing a screenplay is not a great doesn't make for great cinema so The section of the script. They wanted some drama to be happening. So they've they've created these sorts of plots one of them is the typist Read alexander was In in real life apparently recently arrived a refugee from europe. As was her husband in this her husband is in raf pilot which allows make which to basically put his foot in his mouth expressing his is the latest views. So she doesn't like manque because he doesn't think that the brits are gonna win world war two Disease quite unsympathetic right. I mean he's not terribly sensitive about the fact that her husband may have been shot down right. Yeah exactly. so there's this thing with them she thinks make is lazy. He doesn't think he should be drinking. Disapproves of that. There's a subplot works out over. The course of this where v nurse eventually tells her gives her this sort of speech about how mak- wits rescued all these german refugees in. He's a good man in an adult and if he wants to drink he should be allowed to drink. Like there's there are these. These like mini arcs about rita alexander and make would sort of coming to care for each other not romantically but kind of you know reaching a region on understanding and that entire arc is just. It's on the screen. I thought i didn't. I didn't think that worked at all. And similarly i mean we talked before about the stuff they did with housman but It's the same thing it's housman and make which would not have disagreed over where that script should be aiming But they have to do something in these seen. So they've created that kind of conflict in those story arcs. I think were some of the weakest of the movie. Yeah i think the only drama. We really need in the cabin. Besides the writing was him trying to get into the the second. All right i mean this movie is is pretty powerful. I think it's not a movie about addiction specifically he doesn't have some sort of arc of him struggling with addiction. He just simply is an addict throughout the movie and never really tries to stop being but other people do try to stop him and so there's some ongoing somewhat comic drama about him managing to get into whatever intoxicating substances are in the cabin which includes this pain medication. It's been put there because of his leg. Yeah it's The whiskey laced with second or something and as soon as he drinks it. He just cox out. I'm not really sure what that was supposed to. I mean it seems to me that as a system for stopping somebody from drinking. You're just assuming. I mean all you're doing ensuring that once they drink. They're useless. The they made the alcohol more powerful and more debilitating entirely. Certain how that's going to help citizen kane. Getting rid of the addiction treatment in nineteen forty was not anywhere and it's very very beginning days The next flashback. I think is interesting. Both in and of itself. I like this bid at mgm. That's coming up. And also it establishes the relationship of mankiewicz to louis b. mayer and irving. Thalberg the mgm. Who are going to end up as you say providing some of his motivation for For getting revenge later on on orson welles so thousand. Thirty four is the date of the next flashback. We've moved up a few years and this time we're not at paramount but at mgm. And this this time we're not in the back lot wachner. Pass the circus set in the walking quickly down narrow corridors of power versus the other and sarkin land thirty. Exactly exactly so. Yeah so we we have her bring his brother. Thank you. It's to mgm. Where he signed by tom. Pelfrey i wanna say very well. I love that character of joe mangku. It's a small part but he really really kills it. Yeah every time. He pops up his relationship to herman is pretty different and He he nails that like the the different demeanor. She has him at different points in their lives. I would say the moment that they break into a conversation at. Lb mayor's office. There's this This fight that. He's in the middle of an employee and i wonder if you know what the specific shout out there is. This was like one of my little film history nerd out moments and there's not enough background that you would. You would ever know unless you had read this exact change but almost word for word. That's an exchange. That mayor had with john gilbert the silent heartthrob Who is sort of on the decline in these days in the in the thirties and was known for you. Know his alcoholism and his paranoia and his His penchant for toting guns around with him at all times and waving a very unstable guy who couldn't stand and they couldn't stand each other and that exchange that they have he's throwing him out and says i'll cut your balls off and then junk hilbert says well even when you do. I'll be more of a man than you are. That's you know. Sort of much cited story about him and john gilbert so that actually embedded in their sort of a story about the end of the silent era in some ways right because that's a great silent star who is just about to be fired by. Ob mayor but in the movie. It's really essentially just in there to show l b mayer's difficult boss and a testy guy who will throw you out of office at the drop of a hat and also we'll turn turn around at at the drop of a hat like the other piece of that is that he comes out just screaming at this guy and immediately is friendly and polite to herman inda just megawatts like just just like we're gonna switch right and very soon after that flips a switch to another famous side of l. Be mayor which is being this kind of sentimental manipulator right because he suddenly bursts in with these guys into the megawatts brothers into a room in which all of mgm talent has been assembled and we see these people who i think. Vaguely are supposed to be greta garbo and shirley temple and i don't even know who they're all supposed to be because nobody's really identified but a bunch of movie star like types are arrayed on risers and he tells them all that they have to have a fifty percent. Pay-cut is that right. What had happened was that Fdr had had the bank holiday. This section by the way it says in the little screenwriting typo thing that it's in nineteen thirty four but it's both just make a wits and going to mgm and the bank holiday were nineteen thirty three i they've just mislabeled this in the film because if that is ninety thirty-three than all the flags move in chronological order. But that's neither here nor there really. Fdr had closed the banks. There was the the bank holiday nuggets march. Nineteen thirty three where they were closed for a while to stop runs on the banks. Because this was that it's wonderful. Life era of everyone trying to withdraw their money at once And mayor of was the first studio has to do this. But not the last went and told his staff they weren't going to be able to make payroll basically that he wanted everyone to take a fifty percent pay cut until the banks reopened for two months or whatever Gave a speech more or less as you make where he just very says families root for each other in good times and take care of each other and bad times. And that's why i'm asking you all to take half your pay for the next two months which they agreed to do and then other studios followed suit to the same thing. A lot of people got a lot less money. Some of the studios paid their employees back after the fact mayor did not although he did swear that he had done it and also believing that scene apparently remark another executive like how do after this like total phony bologna break down and crying on stage for the benefit of i forget who it was it said but somebody who is an mgm possibly executive or or a contract players that the best actor on the jim lot at any given moment was lv mayor. Right i mean he was just this person who is extremely good at bursting into tears on cue in order to get what he wanted from anyone and although i would have objection system characterizations of other figures in this movie i actually think that for what little he sketched in l. B. mayer is great and has played beautifully by arlos howard. I i really believed in in that character. And i saw all those contradictions. That you you read about when you read a biography of mayor irving thalberg on the other hand. One of the most fascinating figures in the history of hollywood gets really unfairly stereotyped. I think in his brief little role as a kind of todi is not what he was at all. I think he's shown. Is this kind of corporate lackey. Who's always looking at the bottom line. And there's a of scenes where he talks to make as if bank were sort of a lowly employees that has to do his bidding and in fact irving thalberg although he had his complications was a tremendous foster of talent Love to throw money at the right project and just was a way more interesting person than this movie gives them credit for. So we're at this birthday party and the hallberg's have just come back from berlin is on the rise everyone. It's another scene where they have. You know ninety cameras of people that are just barely identified. Like i think charlie chaplin is. They're playing happy birthday. Of in any event they talk politics in marion. Davies is in her sort of a naive way manages to piss off everyone in the room. By i talking about hitler somebody who should be taking seriously because so many german support him and then by leaking innocently the information that rex tugwell who was an fdr cabinet member. Who's also there. That party leaking the information that he was a cabinet pick that her supposedly helped make that if you had asked him basically that her suggestion. Fdr's cabinet is thing. She kind of says in conversation she served leaves the party not in disgrace. But just like. I'm going to go take a walk but make wits has been listed. She says it has been impressed with it and follows her outside and they have a conversation walking through the grounds of sensitive to this. When i think of the movie. This is the scene. That i remember. I i don't know that it's necessarily the best scene but between the just the beautiful backdrop and just the strangeness of them walking next to these cages full of or kind of pens full of giraffes and elephants In full evening gear while they have this conversation it really to me brought it wasn't actually filmed at san simeon. I think they found some buildings to address to look like sense in me and but it gave me that feeling of time travel and being transported to how how strange those parts must have been and also i just think there's these are the two best written characters and best performed characters in the movie manque himself and marion davies. So the idea that are forging this kind of platonic friendship and that it's somewhat based around. You know their shared a misfit status in the in the castle is is both interesting dramatically in itself and it sets up the writing of citizen kane right because the idea is that in part it is this image of the kept woman in the in the castle that starts to inspire him for his canes screenplay. Yeah absolutely and i agree with you. That's one of the scenes that just plays beautifully Oldman and just. I think really good chemistry on screen and really get the dynamic of that sort of relationship right. So that scene establishes their relationship which will be one of the hearts of the movie going forward and also begins to establish the political. Clout that william randolph. Hearst has which becomes really important later on matt. I'm going to pause the conversation for just a second for a word from our sponsor this week. Electric cars some people think they're weird. But you know what else people thought was weird. Social media ridesharing viral dance challenges and. 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Okay back to our conversation after that We've got a little bit more nonsense in victorville where bank his started breaking into the second all bottles he gets in trouble for that There's more questions about whether welles is gonna fire him for not finishing the screenplay on time can i say as a writer who's constantly writing on deadline and you're the same disturbed by the idea that his ninety day deadline got reduced to sixty days. And he's supposed to just. I mean one third and he's supposed to just roll with it. They had him locked up in a hotel. I will say this if anybody wants to. Send me to like a a luxurious and deserted ranch for ninety days and then tell me it's really only for sixty days i will somehow get over. I'll even have my leg. You know maybe maybe depends on the ranch maybe not three like make so i guess maybe that should bring us to the next big subplot which becomes the driver of the rest of the movie. Really which is one thousand nine hundred thirty four gubernatorial race for california It's pretty late in the movie for such a major plot to enter. Like if i were giving script notes on the script. I would sort of say. Can we introduce upton sinclair and this governor stuff a little earlier but will you catch us up on. The governor's yeah so It kind of comes out in the scene before it kind of comes out in the birthday scene a part of the political conversations about upton sinclair and they establish basically that hearst hates him but claire being the muckraking novelist he would have been known at this point for exposing the meat industry Yeah so that's nineteen o six. He writes the jungle and becomes sort of a celebrated muckraker By this point he has had like seven careers basically By thirties he had he continued muckraking. Got into some trouble over fair that he had Novels wrote political stuff had been writing for years and was essentially just like a celebrity socialist. Let's say living in california. This point and the democrats recruited him to run for governor against frank merriam who is running for reelection. I think even been the lieutenant governor in the existing governor had died and then he become governor so he hadn't actually ever won election. Marian and sinclair being clare was like sure i'll do it. And he wrote this pamphlet with his plans for the state which was called the end poverty in california and basically his idea. Was that at this point. There was a was a lot of agricultural land was kind of lying fallow because of the economic depression and he wanted to seize that land and basically do a california style. Wpa program where you know. Homeless and unemployed people would be hired to work at and factories that were being you know falling into tax liens and things would also be seized by the state. The idea was that you would create these sort of self sustaining communal communities out of the unused resources of the state of california To do that he was doing some things that just would like. He wanted to pay these people working on these farms in script and had not thought through the complications of like the state of california deciding to issue. Its own money. There are a lot of good ideas in it. There were a of things that were not as well thought through but there were enough things that would have cost the visitors of california a lot of money that the entire state mobilized against it and not all of his plans that pie in the sky he wanted to progressive income tax. Do you want to get rid of the sales tax. It was a grab bag of sort of socialist reforms and some really ambitious reaching stuff with the community farm projects he wanted to do. And as you get into in your in your factor fiction about this movie it is actually true that mayer and thalberg mobilized against him right and also true that they decided to create these fake news. Kind of reels interviewing people about who they would vote for that had been staged all that actually basically everyone with any money in the state did everything they could to make. Sinclair did not become governor and that included harry chandler in the los angeles times it included her step the chronicle it included mayor and fallbrook. But this in this in the movie and make it sort of sets it up that all berg is creating propaganda and ludi. Mayor doesn't necessarily know that it's happening. But that wasn't that wasn't actually the case that everybody was involved. It was kind of an all hands on deck thing for the the capitalist class right if anything mayor was more conservative right i think he was the chair of the republican party and his his area. I mean he was like he was buddies with all kinds of politicians. He was he what he one of the things that he did. I mean they did all kinds of shit but one of the things that they did was Mayor actually it wasn't mayor. I it was the whoever was running fox at that time. Let it be known that. If upton sinclair were elected governor huby moving the studio to florida immediately And then the other shoe starts saying the same thing and then mayor. I think it was mayor went to his employees. Basically if you want to keep your jobs. Frank merriam has to win so as of now. You're all supporting the frank merriam campaign and i'm going to be taking donations out of your paychecks for down the line people They if you worked at mgm at that point you were you donating to marry him People who work paid weekly Were able to opt out of that and and some did in this movie. It set up. The megawatts does not donate to the campaign. But there's no evidence that that happened. Well this is something that you write about really. Interestingly and your factor fiction which is this movie has a tremendous amount of interest for story reasons in setting up wits as this sort of leftist firebrand and a little bit along with marion davies. Right that they are the only ones who realize the danger of hitler and europe and he seems to be the only one at the studio who stands up against this idea of creating fake news to kill upton sinclair's key campaign and all of that appears to have been just invented whole cloth for the movie to give mak- it's really good motive to To destroy william rental i. it's i mean and like throughout this movie tries to lift as much from citizen kane as it can. Because why wouldn't you and so. It has to have something in the victorville scenes where make trying to regain something. He's lost or whatever and and this makes an argument what he lost his political innocence or his faith in capital. I'm not. I'm not sure exactly but it doesn't quite you can see what it should do. Structurally but it doesn't quite work. Because for one thing i think that the gubernatorial campaign in that story is more interesting than the writing a citizen kane. I don't just as a subject of for a movie a lot more happening but to get into the guts of that make. What's not necessarily like the right. You know The right knife to cut that food i guess. Maybe that's why that's seen although it stylistically gorgeous that that scene of the election night party right where Megawatt shows up. He gets drunk. They bet on who's going to win the election. And we're sort of cutting in between these you know leaderboards on the wall showing who's ahead and the increasingly drunken bank and know there's sort of one of those montages with lots of dissolves two different neon signs and glasses of cocktails and things like that right and it's it's a wonderful pastiche of that style filmmaking of the time but dramatically it feels very muddled to me because it's something that we didn't know that cared strongly about until probably ten minutes before in the movie right when he caught a quick glimpse of upton sinclair speech doesn't it doesn't seem to kind of to to have the dramatic weight that it would need to have to be more than just a stylish stylish montage more than enough for an entire movie in that campaign And if you wanted to focus on bergen and mayor you could do it too but it just. It's just out of place. They're like he was not he wasn't that guy. And there's nothing in the movie until he sees that sinclair speech to suggest that he was at all interested in any of this This stuff it gives him another reason. I think that the screenwriters know that motivation is a little bit thin because they give also make quits a personal reason to feel. It's a betrayal. Which is they created this character of shelley metcalf who is a test director and sort of we see in the nineteen thirty s kind of like a on with the algonquin set. Who is the guy who thalberg actually hires to shoot these fake newsreels. What these newsreels were is phony man on the street interviews about who you are gonna vote for in the gubernatorial campaign. It was just a series of interviews with various supposed california voters you put a great link in your factor fiction piece to one of those newsreels. Maybe we could listen to a little clip of one of these stage. Newsreels of who are you voting for gentleman. I am the enquiring cameraman. All day i travel around california the highways and the byways the downtown district's the residents districts factory districts all districts. I stopped people on the street. I pry into offices and shops and stores and restaurants. I knock on the doors of homes all for the purpose of digging out voters of california to express their views for your edification remember. They're not actors they're nervous. You'd be scared to death yourself the first time you face the camera and microphone if they seem awkward bear with them. I don't rehearse them impartial. I ask them questions only to help them. Express themselves more clearly. I thank you now for the votes from communists. Housewives jobless men butchers bakers and candlestick makers. There's even corner hidden in the group but you'll have to find him out for yourself all ready for the votes. Would you mind telling the who your favorite candidates for governor claire. And what is your principal reason for providing well but Different man was different is long as we're talking about extraneous stories that we're just shoehorned into to give more drama. I really. i felt bad for the fictional shelley. Metcalf in his life and death was just abused in such a utilitarian way to advance someone else's story like we don't even know who that character is except for literally hearing his name in the writer's room scene early on until suddenly we're getting frantic calls from his wife that he's gone off with a gun and he's going to kill himself because he shot these fake newsreels and he feels guilty about it. I just to me. I had this feeling like am i supposed to have been carrying about shelley metcalf all this time and to me. That was just a poor piece of of screen writing like this needed. A serious edit. We didn't we should mention. It's two hours and twelve minutes long. This movie which in itself i mean. I'm not against a long movie but it could easily have been twenty minutes shorter. You can reverse engineer the notes that that lead to the creation of that i think Which is that you. you can't have it be. That mega wits betrays the hearse just because of the fake newsreels. That's not enough because you're not establishing that they have to give them another motivation. That motivation is well. What if these fake newsreel screwed over somebody. That cared about okay fine. So they said of the mic matt. Mcgrath thing and then it's like well. Is that really enough. A reason for metcalf to kill himself. No we're going to give him parkinson's too like it's just about you feel like it's like it's like one piece of it requires the next one and then before you know it you have a guy showing his shaking hand and Just just out of nowhere spot with this guy having a hard time dealing with a terminal diagnosis Yeah that's something. If maybe if this was a ten episode series or something we can have a whole shelley. Metcalf subplot you start to care about him but it just it started to feel very jury rigged. It's you can see the scaffolding there you can kind of see. Okay we're gonna we're going up this turn this motivation. Dial a little further here regardless of whether or not this development makes any sense for for the story we're telling you and the guy who actually did make these reels like the way it set up and make is Metcalf is offered the opportunity to step up to directing The guy who really directed these Junior didn't have any qualms about it and and used it to step up to directing. I mean it was. This really makes people seem much that many of the people come up less cynical than the actual historical people were And not just make it so from here. There's basically two sections of film to go. There's a section in victorville that traces all the different people trying to tune. It's and make what's not to write the script every scene. We comeback victory for the while. A new person comes out to see him to tell him this So charles leader visits and tries to convince me not to write the script joe. Anchorage visits and tries to convince make to write the script of mary. Davies visits confronts. Make over the script. It's just one after another and between those scenes we have scenes that are showing basically make losing control of his life in hollywood After metcalf has died. There's the second we talked about where he bets at the trocadero and we have the deficit metcalf coat with that And then is the final section which cuts between this circus party. Nine hundred seven cents simeone which is in this thing the final break between mega wit's end hurston davies and the finally the fight over who wrote citizen kane is the other thing that's cut with so you have sort of accomplish between hearst and make a wits that is escalating and crashes at the very end of the movie in one thread of the plot in one. You have finally this conflict between orson welles and make wits over. Who's going to get credit for the script that crashes goes back and forth between those two things in the kind of classic intercut to things that are moving at about the same pace towards a climax structure right and once again i feel like i'm much more comfortable with this movie and i think is more comfortable in itself when it's in the thirties flashback mode. Then when it's trying to create drama out of what's happening in victorville some of these individual visits especially the visit from his his younger brother. Joe who at this point has has risen above herman in the hierarchy of of hollywood right and has become a power player himself. And i think that's that's quite a good scene between them. It shows that changed power dynamic but also the affection that they still have for each other the the visit of marion davies is also interesting especially the idea which i think is true that she was not offended by the portrayal of her citizen kane. Or you know. She believed rather manx protestations. That susan alexander the not talented opera singer wife. In cain was was based on her He denied that and it seems to be the case that she was not the direct inspiration. There was another kept woman Of some industrialised rather who actually had an opera career that there was an opera house that was built for someone. So that was i. Think during the sort of legal wrangling. When this was about to be released that was something that they leaned heavily on that this could not possibly be hers because there was this public story of Another mistress whose life match more closely to susan alexander's life in in citizen kane. But that said. I think there's one of the visits in this later period. You were talking about where. There's you know a series of victorville to convince him not to write the doesn't work fairly dramatically at all. And that's orson welles visit which is really the first time we see him as a as a full on character not not merely a menacing voice over the phone saying when's my screenplay gonna be ready But this scene which he comes and and pitches a big fit over. Who's going to get credit for the screenplay and start to throw around furniture incidentally in a way that inspires banquets to to write the scene of citizen kane destroying a room full of furniture when his wife leaves. That scene really seemed to me like it. Parachuted out of nowhere. And that it took what had been zero tension subplot just up to eleven in far too short of a time and i didn't believe the relationship or the characters. Yeah it it really doesn't. It feels like there must be some scenes missing there because essentially you have a a very cordial relationship between wells and make quits Up to that point and then just out of nowhere. wells' is offended and furious that make which is asking for credit. I mean it goes from zero to throwing furniture around in in no time and of course. It's the idea is that this is what inspires the scene in citizen kane. Where cain trash. Susan alexander's room. And then the other idea is that. This is that scene mankiewicz. This is in the structure. This is the point where you know. Wells throws his big tantrum. It's supposed to work the same way and feel the same way and it. It just doesn't work because you know kane. We know why he's doing it. Wells is just sort of like calm down there buddy and we haven't seen him interacted anyway. That would indicate that he has this just ferocious violent temper and then he throws a case of scotch into the fireplace. Or whatever i mean. It's it's it's when you realize like fincher has really dug his own grave trying to make a movie based on the writing of citizen kane that includes a lot of images from citizen kane right and it ends in this moment that is almost a reproduction of something that happens in citizen kane. It just draws attention to the fact that you know. He has as talent as a director as he may be he. He ain't so nineteen forty two. That's the problem. I mean any movie about the making citizen kane. And they're like four or five. I think invites and has to invite comparisons to citizen kane. That just not just strategically. It's probably not a good thing for you to make a movie that invites audiences to to ask themselves. Whether you're is good at this is something that seems worth mentioning as we close. This out is that. I mean it seems like one thing that venture jack venture that is and also whoever else worked on the screenplay subsequently although jack does get sole credit They seem to be very eager. To cram every single herman mankiewicz witticism of which there are a lot in hollywood lore into one screenplay and you know that makes for a lot of good lines but it also means that they often feel sort of wedged in out of nowhere and i wonder if you wanna go over a couple of those moments where you know man cracks wise in some way or another that is actually ripped from the pages of banquets low. There's one towards the end of the circus party in which megawatts pitches like pro pro version of citizen kane to the crowd. And then i open the carpet of william Dining room At the end of that end in the movie he says to the crowd there. Don't worry the white wine came up with the fish which is a very funny thing to say if you've just thrown up but it doesn't necessarily work in that scene Vat comes from a story of quits having dinner at that producer. Arthur j. horn blows house and horrible was kind of notorious for having sort of rigid. Fancy formal dinners. I wasn't actually hearst. Had this sort of idea that was his ranch so they have things like ketchup bottles at the table. That was not a it was the self conscious was not towards formality. It was towards. Let's pretend that were camping But hornblower was very much like you know she's courses and all of that so He threw up in a bathroom. The would coming back into the dining room realized that the people in the dining room could hear him throwing up that was his his remark. And then it ends with this just of course. You've got to dramatize it him. Barking right there in the in the dining room right around because again. That's the thing you're taking this. You're you you need to have this. Be the scene where he goes too far so And then at the very end you have a section where. There's what is set to look like newsreel. Footage of gary oldman standing from his house responding to the fact these won the academy award for best screenplay and he says something like a. I'm happy to accept this award. In the absence of mr wells because the screenplay was written in the absence of mr wilson. I think. I don't think i have that quite right. I also don't think the movie has quite right. But it wasn't something that he actually went out and publicly. It was a sort of later witticism. They said he would have said so. It it's one of many scenes where they take a hermit jamaica would story and turn it into an event. That didn't actually happen. I mean i think this film has like three things is trying to do all of which are very tough and one is it. Wants to be a bio-pic so it tries to cram in as many details and famous things that herman j what said into two and a half hours. It wants to be structured after citizen kane. So it has to cram in as many scenes that resembles franciscan is a canton even when as with wells throwing things around the ranch victorville. They don't entirely make sense. And then it wants to be a movie about california history in hollywood history and it has to it puts in nods like that like the universalroof wolfman stuff. There's there's there's a lot crammed in here Not all of it really serves the movie. I guess i would say yeah. I think it is one of those movies. Where while i enjoy each moment as it was unfurling i found myself asking more and more as it went on. Who is this for. And if it's not for me if it's not even pleasing me the person who's allie. It's maybe the most up know that you could imagine. Then what is it going to be doing for audiences in general and. I think we've seen that so far in the response to the movie. I mean it just opened a few days ago but it seems like it. In general is being regarded with either scorn by film nerds or somewhat puzzlement by the public at large. That's the sweet spot for hollywood and as long as it's the end of the year i mean this is such a weird year that it's hard to speculate about such things but do you think that this movie is Is looking for some sort of awards. Recognition is likely to get any. Maybe for gary oldman. I don't know i would think yes. He fritter oldman those are both killer performances And i could see it picking up some technical stuff just because it is so such an affected similarly of of simone nineteen forties or whatever I don't I would be surprised if it went best picture but it's a really strange year. Who knows right. Yeah it could be. I best picture is going to go to like a string of tiktok videos that we've never heard of because there's nothing will matt. I can't imagine a better person to come in. Talked about bank with me now. I feel like the next time. I sit through it. I'm going to have so much nerd fodder to to tell the person sitting next to me. I really still even faster than the last time. I tried to watch it with a non movie nerd but that was lots of fun i had a blast is the likewise it was a pleasure talking about with the thanks so that does it for our show. Please subscribe to this late. Spoiler special podcast feed and of course if you like this show please rate it and review it. The apple podcasts store. Or wherever. you get your podcasts. And if you have suggestions for movies or tv shows we should spoil in the future or other feedback share with us. You can send it to spoilers at dot com our producer. Today was morgan flannery methodism. Thanks so much for listening and we'll talk to you soon.

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Carrie's ACM Foul, "RHOBH" WTF Moments & Lori's Prison Perks  Nightly Pop 09/17/2020

Nightly Pop

20:32 min | 4 months ago

Carrie's ACM Foul, "RHOBH" WTF Moments & Lori's Prison Perks Nightly Pop 09/17/2020

"Pay Guys, Tonight Burning Questions, you Carrie underwood commit the ultimate awards show mistake I. I. To say that I'm a dummy Lori Loughlin take pilates in prison. We're going to start with pedicures than stopped by art gallery and what's worth been cheated on or losing all of your money. Are you kidding me? into bed with us and let's get started. Welcome to. The World Leader Award show fails and open marriage advice need hunter I mean this is going to be our greatest nightly pop episode ever. Think so Okay last Night Carrie underwood won the. Entertainer of the year award but she accidentally committed the ultimate award show foul and afterward she owned up to it, check it out I. I want to say that I'm a dummy for not mentioning my husband or children in my acceptance speech. You think after this many years and seeing other people do speeches and give some of my own I would I would think of people that are important to me. So I was sorry. But I do love my children and my husband. Ever. Excusable to guys or would you be pissed if your spouse forgot to thank you. Ton of acceptance speeches at this point, and this is the thing the people that you see every day I think sometimes it's you forget because you see them so much. So you start your mind goes other places, but normally you know I feel like it's you thank God you think your partner, you think your kids like that's usually the routine. So you know I can understand why she's being herself up a little bit. Yeah. I can understand that as well. Hunter what do you think are just like this double standard I don't like that we're all willing to forgive Carrie underwood for forgetting her family, but if a man went on stage and did it. There'd be no forgiveness would be. I think they will give them a little more I. do think if it was a manhunter as a point I think you and I mean it would be like he didn't even think his woman and his kids who support him through all of this. I think that he has a little bit of a quite. So I don't think so I if someone just as season the she is if it was the first a war for sure but she's gotten like twenty of these things. He's. Gotten, as many. So. If your if you had a husband. offstage I wouldn't be pissed I really would like I. Understand that the moment just being caught up in the moment are honestly really wouldn't be mad. I don't know about that I think he'd be a little I'm not. GonNa. Be a little peeved. And get ready for more words of wisdom wettest paltrow. We love her, and now she's going to help you get rid of those wrinkles. She's partnered with zoom in an anti wrinkle injectable. She began using a few years ago quote a few years ago. So are we okay with normally organic groups are pushing injectables, guys what are your hard hitting thoughts on this I? Know you know you have a lot I, read it what she said and she said for me beauty about deepening happiness versus trying to chase you and I think she said this as she was sprinting after her youth. This. I think it's Kinda just like who you trying to say it's not about trying to look younger. It's anti wrinkle wrinkles only one thing and that is agents stress. You know what do you think about your favorite girl I I've I feel like she's been doing this I think she's just now letting people in on what she was doing. So I don't feel like this is anything new I'm just glad she's being honest about it so that you know when women look at her, they don't have these unrealistic expectations and think this is just a natural process like keeping people. So I'm fine to be honest about it and do whatever you WanNa do I. Love It. I'm going to zoom in the second kid comes out for days I cannot wait just the she doesn't Natural Potok look I like things still move but not as much as they should, which is all I really want to achieve. Ed, part three of the real housewives of Beverly Hills Reunion. I watched finale was the hot mess. We all wanted them. Then some lease arena put to Nissan blast over brandy they're deteriorating friendship and even this. Moment you know I go back to when she was friends with Heather locklear. Isn't Lisa, and you know that to bring that up I mean really. Shoes friends with my ex husband. What are you calling the bad It's like now you're put grasping at straws really maybe maybe I don't understand the heather locklear reference. Well, she's insinuating that I'm such a bad friend and I think not insinuating you're bad friend Lisa you are. I am not your new clue me in about other locklear thing. I'm sorry to keep reading it up but I'm kind of interested you know. I mean. Lisa that's just google it just google it. All right. Can Handle. I mean I needed I know know the whole deal about this I was so surprised, Andy were you were you? No idea. Andy millions being messy. So, here's the thing. Usually can tell when Andy is being really messy in this since I was like he did seem really really. Through that Dick. Okay. So I was totally like he totally doesn't know what happened with. There's no way. There's no way. He doesn't know he was just he was just playing because he wanted he wanted lease at a say. People don't know back in the day. Denise Richards and have the locklear were friends even though denise saying they weren't. If you're if you're couple if you're hanging out as a couple and the wives become friends or friendly, you're cool and so when Heather got divorced. The rumor or actually it is. Changed you know it happened. Is that denise started dating Heathers ex-husband public like? They both got divorced. It's couples hanging out, and then the both couples break up and then the spouses of each other start dating. So that's GonNa happen and Heather locklear was really crushed by it so not so little Lisa was referring hundred jump in anytime about your housewives hacks. Yeah. I don't like that renaissance bringing this up I'm going to be with you guys I feel like just with the whole with what happened this season we all kind of the story and this feels like it's just low blow after low-blood. Eventually, we're hitting bed rock you know you can only go. So this is the thing. So two things can be true. Denise can be a horrible friend and so LISA. So Lisa bringing up the fact that denise messed around with her friends man doesn't negate the fact that least still wasn't a good friend to denise like whatever denise did with Heather locklear has nothing to do with lease rent relationship with Denise. So you know even though it could be two things are true. Still Lisa wasn't the best friend to denise. Exactly well, said, we tied that up very nicely. Thank you need. Laurie Lachlan's life behind bars has been revealed. You guys. She got her preferred prison in Victor Bill approved and here's some of the prison. excited. The infuriating looks I'm getting. Taking classes ceramics, calligraphy, and low impact aerobics. She will also have vocational training for things she'll never use like solar panel installation. Okay. Horticulture I e gardening, and waste management but the worst news visitors are banned from wearing Jag ings. Break. Interesting in passing the end. Mean I get it on a could sneak anything good pair jogging. Victor. Vilson merely. She liked petition for Victorville which it's a beautiful time of year to be in Victorville so I get it but right Why she's waiting until November to get into the prison like she's got, she's got to check it in a month I. Would I don't know I just want to get it. Oh No I think no I agree with you I read that but my understanding was that they. To surrender by then she could surrender any point before that but also I would agree with you because she has thanksgiving, why would she go out? She's GonNa Open I. Think She's going to get up early anyway you know I think Felicity Huffman got out super early. She's going to get in there and she's going to start one horticulture class and then they're gonna come in the class it'd be like Lori. Get your. Meeting where he's going to be. is going to be like I didn't even get to learn how to install solar panels yet. Can I wait another two weeks? Please Solar and Ro. Next. Proposal completely backfires plus patsy sex too, and now there's an APP for that. What we are back in our lives wouldn't be complete without a marrying millions update every week. There's teachable moment in last night's episode todd us. Never break tradition. But. Will you marry me. Are you serious you? Yes. Talk to my dad right. No But let me explain as my. On, I will call them are. GonNa be on. Just, the complete opposite of how you do things up it just seems like real stab me and my family I'm sixty nine years old and ask you permission of what I could do. I can't do. Probably. Ask. It was obviously important to her. He should've asked she's likes old school tradition. Oh I'd be passionate if Jordan. Dad I would be okay with that. Might be the old school tradition, but if anybody should be into old school traditions to the. Posing to the preteen. He should go down the lineage and make sure that everybody's in line with this decision like. He's got to. Be Willing to give her like a plot of land or family whatever they used to do like medieval times. Reid's hand. When rights were a little different for women. When you ask the father, it actually meant something it was like if he says, no, you couldn't have it. Now it is a chivalrous thing. It's like she's home decision regardless, but you still want to do it to be Nice I. think that also I think you do it in a relationship that is real. Love these people. In this situation everything is fake about it this she doesn't love this man and that's obvious like this is a show about dating a millionaire. So none of none of this is like the the real deal. So I don't know why you would go through a real tradition. The relationship is a real to begin with. They might going to be together more than year two. Okay time to check in on the latest season of supernanny and since I'm having a baby and you guys are obviously the godparents we decided maybe she can give us some pointers apparently when it comes to healthy eating, Joe believes in tough love. Dinner's ready. Well. This is what we're going to have right now. Tonight, this is tonight's menu. Eat the healthy food when mom and dad cookie for them. Rose, you need to eat some vegetables place. I math. Well I know honey. I know you may not my. Call Domino, and now the bad cops this is about if I make. A fast. You might just start by today's. I mean, what do you guys think is this too harsh harsh of of an approach would you be cool with having a chicken nugget thrown at you? And ask that I'm just GONNA. Ask that 'cause they're why? Not In there I'm so excited to be the bad cop parent like I don't. Care if my kid does not WANNA eat vegetables. Learn. Properties to. I'm. Not, there are so many. Freeze eggs skilling every morning the healthy indoor i. know he told me that the meal plan during my exactly now, he's trying to bust this. Disney me. That lines up this is exactly. Yeah. I him. Strict I want my kids to eat healthy. I'M GONNA make sure that they're getting some good chicken in there. Some good veggies. I just let my kid dictate what I give them their child they have no choice. I agree with hunter on this like there were things I didn't like like I don't like Mayonnaise, I don't like onions, but I would still have to eat the food. There was no way like I wasn't eating the meal and there wasn't any discussion it was just this is what's for dinner. It wasn't a plan around and move things around crime at the table like that's the past fault like you've gotta be able to have some type of discipline so I would have been. Agreed I think that? Yeah, you got your you whatever you're making. Your kids are eating I was like I had the same exact upbringing. We had dinner every night at seven o'clock. My mom made food every single night I had to eat it. Had A lot of fish sticks fish sticks I think were our main protein in my dad's house okay. Get this. There's a new dating that not even hunter is allowed to find love on it's devastating and called pender, which is basically tinder for pets. It can be used for dog breeding or play dates and owners can potentially make friends to. Do Anything people will lie to get their pets batches. Oh On shaving shoes I kinda love this because I feel like there are a lot of people who were especially with the quarantine happening a lot of people have moved into new areas and they have pets and they want to have play dates with their pets. It's like their kids like they want them to have friends. So this could be cute. Yeah. It is interesting to me that like it has the potential for abuse museum meet somebody who's as obsessed with their pets as you are. So if that's your. This is your. It's so cute. I lifted doggies me and they have pigs to and all sorts of. On here morning yes. Of course, I would I would have to lie about that guests a hater because she's got some emotional issues but other than that all of would soar anyway grind fist after receiving what she feels. A wedding gift, she publicly trashed a friend who gave her a basket full of junk food and candy. The bride wrote I lost out on two hundred bucks covering you and your dates plate and got fluffy whip and sour patch kids in return. Let's fluffy whip. Young. Cravings having caught him having marshmallow whip art I mean we think she's being a bitch. What do you guys think about this? Yes she's being a bitch. She's being bitch listen. We've all gotten gifts that we didn't necessarily love right but I do that. The person had a picnic basket they put all these one snacks and it like it's something that they tried to do in maybe they just didn't have the money to get her disdain you know what I mean let's is. Sometimes you're not gonNA love the gifts people give you but she don't unless they've asked you hey, did you love this thing? Then? Yes. Like what's the big deal right? Right agreed. Yeah. Someone said that I thought this was really really funny. They said if you can't afford one hundred dollars a plate for your guests and need to be reimbursed with gifts because that's what she kind of said she's like. She literally said weddings are an opportunity to kind of like prepare for your future with the right gifts and the right money and everything. If you can't afford it that don't have a wedding where it's one hundred dollars per person I know. That's where we at also sour patch kids. Great Gift always matter. There's great. Would've love that gift I think if anything the says more about the bride than it does the guest you know what listen at the end of the day you invite people to your wedding because you love him and they're your friends not for the gift you're going to get. The more. You know. All right. We have to take another break with coming up with open marriage gone wrong. Welcome back the these are this. Sunday. To prepare ourselves I have a little game. It's very exciting. We'll watch awkward situations from our favorite nominated shows and see how we would handle them. I can't wait to read this time. ME. Okay Laura Your and she's nominated for playing not on big little lies in this big meltdown was one of the most talked about of this season she had learned her lying cheating husband had secretly lost all of their money. Stop dramatic. Still. lost. Talk. Okay that would have been my reaction number one. Would you have turned around and gone back? No. No Way. You don't want to go on back and ran him over. That's all she would have gone back to. Actually have kicked somebody out of my car before and I did not go back. Oh my God Nina's pull it out all the relationship dysfunction this week yesterday it was throwing the clothes casually today. It's like I'm kicking this mother not going back for him in the middle of the desert. He might still be there. All right next Tom in shit on HBO succession have a complicated relationship by complicated I mean they have an open marriage because shift. Other guys a lot. A full disclosure. I am in a relationship but. It's an open relationship it sounds Bohemian uncomplicated, the Dash. To. Waco we. report. Do you WANNA. He's My my heart breaks for him like can episode okay. If you guys were open marriage, would you guys want to think about this? Would you want to know the detail of what goes on or not? I don't know if I could do it because I don't want to know but even worse than knowing not knowing did by partner have sex with someone days ago. Right. What a mind? Why actually know people that are in an open relationship and it works beautifully for them me it would be murder murder kill killed. If you write anything open you I don't even want you to have an. Open door so like no nothing open. Yeah. JD Open relationship blurred line anyway now onto insecure, it is up for best comedy but would you guys find this situation? Funny Longtime XS Isa and Lawrence considering getting back together but then he drops this bomb. Dollah came over last night. I'm pregnant. When did this happen? Before and you so this means you're getting back with no. No I told you I WANNA be which you This killed me but is this a deal breaker for you guys or would you stay with the person now hundred to give you background they have been on and off for long time as soon as the like getting they're about to get back together the break eighty happens. To have the is not a good. Better Hashtag break baby on our next caption. Thank you. Is this the deal breaker? This is complex. You guys stay or leave it might be a little bit different. Guy To. Woman like I feel like there is a difference in how that would play out like I would have to watch her get pregnant next right? Well, ever many months and then I'd. Probably go to the hospital with her an have this other man. would be tough I. Know Several people that this is actually happened to. But the one thing I will say is if she still wants to be with the guy, it's like a hellish situation condole to still wants to be with Lawrence and in this situation I think it's GonNa be really bad for Isa and east on the show has another guy who was single and available enhanced who wants to be with her on. Lawrence go she needs to let go. Yeah it's time for it to end. We shall see I cannot wait. Unfortunately that was the best episode ever, but we are out of time but keep it right here on me all weekend because we are all about the EMMYS, you guys starting Friday night with our inside guide than Saturday with daily POPs y every special can you believe it and our Sunday coverage kicks off with ease countdown show Nina we'll be on it but whatever you do do not miss nightly POPs. Ami After. All three of us we'll see them.

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On the Wings of an Alex

The Round Six Podcast

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On the Wings of an Alex

"This episode of the Round Six podcast brought to you by trailer tug the world's strongest trailer Dali learn more at trailer tug dot com. It's the route six podcast a weekly roundtable discussion featuring variety of automotive subjects interviews special guests and stories posted by around six year heads Ryan Statsky Alex Welsh and Brad at King on episode Sixty Eight. We talked to our very own Alex Welsh find a little bit about his background in hot rods and what get him into it and what <hes> what are you doing in the future. Stay tuned yeah. Welcome welcome to the round six podcast. I'm Brian. I'm Brad an am Alex over. Some whatever's left of US tonight I we we'd like to talk to you about a problem that you may not be too. Well aware of that starving podcasters bring him inside people there Hungary there right now. They're hot or cold. I WANNA be loved. Some people will never experience the joy of equality podcast simple. Joy of you guys huddled around a microphone for the the fat content brings so what can help you ask in less than the price of the stick of gum that we all split this afternoon for sustenance either way Alexis might turn. I WANNA know how really works this is an odd week in the month so Brad's turn to lick the cracker. I miss those days <music> next week so so broken up <music>. Hey why not just sit here and we'll talk to to Alex this week. Cry Kidding podcast is like chicken Soufriere ears that little word well. That's what if you poor chicken soup for years and you get a noodle stuck that would be our podcast our PODCAST ZAC stuck in your ear like an egg noodle wedge cold aac noodle miss food yeah past the gum around again could be like last week when Brad swallowed. He's been known to do that the bad habit but on my alex good job originate back out of there was a dental with it yet. There's still a lot of life in that gum still some juicy lifted net around six podcast the beach Hobos Internet too. You know serious note. Though the free you know had already cricket sponsor us on patriotic. It's not even sugarcoat this senator right. We'd like to keep this thing going but we're doing this out of our pocket and it's turning it a little little difficult. It is a serious note Kinda screwing around. It's a pricey proposition. I hate doing one of these P._B._S.. Style intro things measure. This happened every week you've been loan patron with. Is that really what you want. I simply put <hes> really keep the great guests coming <hes> we do have a ton of great stuff in the works <hes> we we have a few different tiers super affordable. I mean how for for less than what we got about a bucket episode. You could help support this mess. Help us <hes> pretty great podcasts again. Bring you great guests tests mentoring career advice things like that over on Patriotic Dot com you can find us there. Patriot dot com slash round six hour. Oh U.. N. D. S. I. X.. <HES> <hes> if you feel like you know throw a couple of bucks so we can buy another cracker to pass around lick okay. We got that out of the way I guess yeah. That's it. It's it's always difficult there. We are yeah I hate. Doing you know hey help. These guys be touched by an angel. Well wait you went to four with that yeah. Wait a second help. Bread get touched by the arm of Angel as to work with Angel Holding an apple. Wait okay now this episode. This is something that we can do for a while and <hes> we're GONNA Kinda. Break it up a little bit but you probably GonNa win it a little bit about who we are. Maybe you didn't want to know maybe he just nope. We wouldn't actually bring it up. They talk about stuff that you don't want to hear that we tell a little bit about ourselves here so tonight. We're we're throwing darts at Alex Yeah. It was alphabetically. He's I so well. Wait a minute. My last name would make me last. This is what we're doing. This is why we're hoping I think about grammar school. When you're right? I was always the last always in back Yeah Yep me and Mike Young Mike me me and Jeff Zucker foreign exchange student right and the foreign extinction that nobody can spin nobody knew his name through back there goodall alphabet soup. We love you learn English. Kid Get away in the rear. Wait whoa wait wait wait. That's all that didn't come out right. That's not even that I'm just gonNA quit is dob. She saw the premiums learned all you need to know about Alex. This is great played so yeah man. We have so many other people on it. Everybody seems to them so Pacman <hes>. I don't even know Alex now. The you will will still be great man so Subaru Alec Cheer Pretty Much carbon-based. Yes primarily kind of shepherd's pie of genetic bad coffee so yeah so what do you need to know we should have. We should oppose this out in the public should have gone. What do you want to know about Alex? Send your questions too yeah yeah. We should do that now. Let's watch your phone light up next next Friday textile right now with your question cheerier eightieth level Mason and a dungeon master in Dungeons and dragons Yes yes Surrey and that's how great with that beaded that Kerr that charisma score was a natural twenty. May Role at nine sided dice now get you an answer that gives me a good idea that you imagine what if you could make a bowling ball that was like the bowling ball version of the magic eight ball so bad comes up the ball return reply hazy yeah. It's in the stars. Ask Me again better luck tomorrow yeah so being an avid bowler no man <hes> you you are no stranger to the hot rod world as it were yeah. I I enjoy it. It's my hobby I- greatest these people you'll ever meet. We're not to know you you didn't really grow up in a car household though they do not really I was born and raised in Louisville Kentucky. <hes> South End of Louisville family is six. There were three three from my mom died and we're really young <HES> got cancer. When I was four and <hes> it was a time when they really couldn't you know when you had cancer they gave you certain things they sent you home? <hes> so so early on she was gone so my dad was remarried so there's three from my mom three from my stepmom so we wound up having a family of six and I was the middle kid so spend a lot of weekends at my grandmother's house my mom's mom and fortunately for me my youngest uncle on my mom cy uncle David was a total gearhead and so <hes> he always had G._T._O.'s and big block Camaros and ahead of a sixty two four nine car for a while that he drag raced and so what he moved out of the House he left office superstock magazines and so he had a stack of them from like sixty three to sixty seven which in my opinion was probably one of cool Ariza drag racing because you saw cars go from stock to superstock to a affects the funny car and so to me in that small <hes> era <hes> there was probably more progress drag racing and so my brother and I would just read these magazines just cover to cover we probably had two hundred of them and so that Kinda really set the hook and me <hes> with a with cars and so he and I were <hes> really really into it and we started learning a lot about about the differences between Carson when I was six or seven years old I knew the difference twin sixty seven sixty eight Camaro. I knew the difference between a five six seven Chevrolet so we were really fans of cars and then growing up we did a we had a our neighborhood was had a lot of <hes>. It's kind of a baby boomer neighborhood so there was a pretty wide span of of kids my age and then there was the older guys and the older guys all had in mustangs and fifty five six six and seven chevies and things like that so there's always really cool hot rods in the neighborhood so I was at kid that would pedal down to the you know the guy's house with the fifty seven Chevy how much win and standard the driveway and watching working on his car that kid so <hes> I grew up I I always wanted to be into into cars and because the fact I wasn't of age yet the only thing I could do is was bicycles and so I had a lot of really cool bikes and I was really into Schwinn <hes> stingrays back in the day and so I had a couple of couple of those that I put together long before anybody ever started restoring those things kind of into it because I thought they were kind of the hot rod equivalent of a bicycle for kids are age of course didn't really have the money to buy a crate you know the orange crates and those were the coolest bikes at all of them but we didn't have the money <hes> so I did the best ICU with what I had so and being the Middle Kid I was kind of the Hustler so you know in in the winter I shoveled driveways and in the spring clean gutters and cut grass and all through the summer you know the fall rake leaves. I always always had money in my pocket. Maybe I wasn't the best and you know in learning how to keep it but it always had some so you know house. I was a kid that was always going to the local drugstore and buying the testers pain and buying models and buying bicycle parts. These are things that you know Kinda really grew me for later on a life of loving things that were mechanical and being groomed for buying things well yeah I kind of understood in early age you can go broke with you understood. The broke thing in a roller not have many in my pocket so you know I went to my my. My Dad was really good about ensuring that. We didn't have much money but he was really good in ensuring that we all got good educations so you know we sacrificed a lot as a family so he could put us through private school so we got good educations but I realized <hes> about midway through my senior year that I didn't WanNa work a factory job. You know I wanted to go see the world and fortunately my brother Chris was <hes> three and a half years older than I was and he had already gone into the air force and so he was Kinda my recon scout he kinda told me he's got a great thing to do. Here's what you need to do. Here's what you should do. Here's what you shouldn't do. He was a really it was a great guide in helping to amy in a direction <hes> that was worked really well for me so when I was in my senior career and high school in January we the airforce recruiter comedy like everything you know they do the often in the senior in high schools. They'll come and talk to the classes. Well it set the hook and me and I knew that something that I wanted to do. I wanted to work on airplanes the ultimate hot rod and <hes> and you know I could do it and get paid for it so two weeks out of high school <hes> I was in San Antonio Texas and basic training for the Air Force it set it was the best decision I ever made <hes> because I didn't have to sit and wait around fail a couple times some things you know and learn a lot of hard lessons. You know things that worked and didn't work. I was dropped right into a fire and was you know went tech school in Colorado. Then my first duty station was Georgia and <hes> so you know right as soon as I got to my first duty station I was already looking for a car. You know I was going to build my hot rod so and that kind of started it for me. <hes> I wound up doing right about nine years in the air air force and <hes> <hes> I got out and we're construction for about a month while his weight from a security clair's to go through and got picked up by northrop at the time when it was just northrop it's north of Grummin now because they bought a bunch of other companies but <hes> started. Working with those guys and got on the B. Two bomber program very early on <hes> when I hired on <hes> the first airplane had flown in the second airplane was just coming through what we called final checkout works <hes> it gets a electrical power plant for the first time and he started doing all systems Jackson so a hard with those guys and systems checkout and <hes>. It's been a great company. I mean I I thank my lucky stars. I hired in with the best aerospace company out there now all brag about him. I mean I there. They've been great to me and <hes> I'm at the point. Now where I'm just about towards the end of my career and <hes> I got nothing but good things to say about those guys they've been been good to me and my family so many you are you work at a place. That's loaded did with history man. I mean yeah is fantastic yeah. If you're historian <hes> there's some things that you can almost get <hes>. It just becomes commonplace. <hes> I mean I've been around some pretty cool so people that have done some pretty spectacular things and right now well about for the past ten or eleven years I've been outed Edwards Air Force Base working and that places just loaded with history. I mean <hes> there's just unique things in the middle of a parking lot. I mean we're one of the places I used to work in. The parking lot was where the pit was where they used to low the the x one where <hes> chuck yeager got loaded into the x one tote it out he went and set the the <hes> broke the the sound barrier so a lot of really cool stuff out there you know so the the maverick days of <hes> flight tests aren't what they used to be now because you know and there's good side of that back in the day a lot of these guys will strap themselves into airplanes and the engineers will go. We think it's going to do this. We're pretty certain it'll go this fast and we think it should do a loop and some of these guys you know. Unfortunately you know got messed up pretty bad you know when things didn't go as planned nowadays they can put thanks through simulators and and by the time that they actually do have flyable <hes> <hes> plane that they can go and test. They're pretty there ninety nine point nine percent certain exactly what the thing will do so <hes> it's. It's pretty pretty impressive. You are of love of our group here you kind of the <hes> I would say you're more the historian you're kind of the the statistics buff. You're the guy who <hes> it's funny. That's that's such an important part of what we do here. Man Enjoy it. I enjoy it Yeah I. I'm kind of a research nut. I I really WANNA learn the the nuts and bolts about things. <hes> you know why things are the way they are and sometimes when you really really start really digging digging in deep you find out some other things that are related to it that you've never would've known had you not <hes> did some research and it's it's pretty pretty cool. Unfortunately I can't use a lot of that stuff and we play trivial pursuit but <hes> yeah that's fine especially the way we play it full-contact. That's right. Choose your weapon broken fingers come. I'm out of that one right. That's us. I wanted them. Be tenderizer so okay. Let's go back a little bit so people know you got some great car stories and everything you can read about some of those on the website to the Camaro Maryland from leaving from the basic three. That's a great story. Oh yeah that was yeah. Tell us right because that's GONNA come in Handy when they when you go for your miracle ear and they really well you know I do have severe ringing the Myers and that's the actual truth for being around the in the Aerospace World Front number years but yeah that car <hes> when I was a kid there's always some cars that I always wanted you know in. I always wanted to fifty five life Chevy. You know American graffiti came out or two lane. BLACKTOP came out and everybody wanted fifty five 'cause they're cool cars great cars. I always wanted a seventy Khuda but the car that I really always wanted was a sixty nine Camaro and so when I was is that my first base in Georgia <hes> one of my buddies that <hes> I was stationed with he lived about forty five miles away in a little town called Albany. Georgia was just northwest of Valdosta where we were stationed and his brother older brother was a hot roderick well Marvin my buddy had fifty five Chevy <hes> three twenty seven on Ramp four-speed car that was it was gutted and it was kind of like a his own version of the two lane blacktop car so it was really fun car will his brother had had some fifty five chevys and he also said a forty Willie's but he also had a sixty-nine Camaro that I saw a picture that Marvin had showed me of some of his brothers cars I saw a front fender of sixty nine Camaro and I was like hey who's cars that is what belongs to my brother brother <hes> Leslie Names Leslie and he might sell it and so we went up there one one time and he said he also save two for nine hundred bucks and it ran a drove. I brought it home did a bunch of work to it. Well like anything else I wanted to bill more of a hot rod out of it and so I built a really stomping three Oh two little small block and put an twenty-one in it put a twelve bold and it was some gear and <hes> I was is on an air force budget and so I remember when I ordered the Pistons for that thing T._R._W.. Was the only company Made Pistons at the time for the three two and they're really heavy slugs. I think three Oh I think T._R._W.. Was the manufacturer that made him for Chevrolet back in the day. Hey I think <hes> but they were <hes> twelve and a half to win Pistons so I ordered them and it took five months to get him <hes>. I don't think T._R._W.. Are At that time Hi my order them through summit T._R._W.. I don't think there were any available in they had to wait till they made the next run so I put the motor together and we wound up having a mill a bunch off the top side of the dunks domes so thick and gave us opportunity to mill down compression down a little bit but put the motor together fired it up in the dorm parking lot. It was getting really close. My Sister Kathleen was getting married and she was stationed. She was an air force as well. She was stationed off Air Force space in Omaha and <hes> so I needed to get this Camaro done so I could drive it from Valdosta to Louisville where I was from and my dad had already rented a <hes> a motorhome. We're going to drive a motorhome from Louisville to Omaha like anything else. You know. You're scrambling to get the thing done. I got the thing where it was running pretty good. I didn't have money for an exhaust. So what I did was I had some thrush. Turbo are some thrush header mufflers and I bolted onto the headers and just so I get on and off base because of course you could drive car like that would open headers. They wouldn't even let you on base so it was super loud so <hes> kind of got myself prepared and ready to go on the morning that I was GonNa leave it was it was still dark and I wanted to get an early start at it because I knew from Valdosta to Louisville was about six hundred and fifty miles I can make it in twelve hours at that time speed limits fifty five and they police I at pretty heavily so kind of fear to take about twelve hours so I go out to start at my car batteries dead push it into neutral push over to my buddy Bryant's spot. He had a Mustang he had a seventy one Mustang Mustang mach one and I pushed it over next to his car. <hes> he never locked his car. I got into got got his jumper cables out and jumper my car and so says the thing lid off. I was gone took off. <hes> probably made it to Macon Georgia. I feel tank <hes> that had to fill up and so I'm thinking to myself. I'm Kinda out in the middle nowhere here. If I shut this thing off it may not ever start back up again. I don't know what's up with the batter. The Battery Ed did sell it and I'm going to have to ask somebody for a jump and undoing have cables so I let the thing run so I got gas never shut it off. GOT INTO ATLANTA. Never shut it off. You know getting gas. It was like Nascar pit stop. He's just barking and so eventually I made it all the way home and it was dark <hes> when what's going through bowling green it was just starting to get dark and I go to click the wipers on on wipers didn't work and it started raining so I'm driving in the right hand lane <hes> basically almost hydroplaning and the semis our honking at me and I'm not going fast enough. I cannot see I am looking through a a whole about as big as a quarter in the corner of the windshield. That's just were I could see through it and <hes> it was pretty frightening. Because it's a freeway that was dark. I didn't really know it very well and you know you're you're cruise along the next thing you know you're you're hydro co planning just keep the wheel pointed straight and don't tap the brakes so I finally made it home and <hes> pull into the driveway and shut the thing off and I'm thinking you know I should see if this thing starts back up again just to see if it would and Blam damn thing right back off again. It probably would a lid off in making when I got my first field thing when I've got my I feel old but I didn't know that car was so loud inside in a you didn't really realize until I got at home and my dad said Hi and it was just like I could barely hear him. It was just like my ears were just ringing that was twelve straight hours of just about open headers because the mufflers were right up underneath my seat but it made it and <hes> we got it home and after we got back from Omaha Kathleen wedding first thing I did was I put an head a an exhaustive put on it so the ride home was substantially better so but I miss that car and it was it needed some help and back then they didn't make a lot of their reproduction parts that they make now but I really wish I still had that car at a lot of good memories in that car yeah now that was one of them had many many other cars the thing about being in the services that you get an opportunity to come through some really cool cars 'cause there's always somebody in your shop or somebody in your dorm that just got orders and they've got to sell their G._T._O.. Or they've got to sell their roadrunner owner or and so you get these cars at just great deals and you'd have them for about four months only to find out that you're the guy with the orders now and you've got to sell your car so there were some really cool cars at one time I had sixty five G._T._O.. Sixty five months <hes> really cool cal volkswagon at my Camaro. You know this was within about two and a half year span. That's cool stuff but unfortunately it really never got a chance to keep any of it and you still got cool stuff. I mean come on as well. Yeah I mean but a lot of that stuff is the stuff ahead for a long time I mean you are you. Are The car guy that the Camaro I mean come on the Camaro. Is you the tell people about the Camaro. This is cool car this kind of ties in with the previous commercial the sixty nine Camaro well when I got back from Korea we had stored my Camaro in a storage place. <hes> I rented a I think it was a ten by twenty storage <hes> thing and so the car stayed in there for the year when I was in Korea and I got back and <hes> took it for you know some drives and it just the harmonic balancer was having an issue <hes> were the end of the crankshaft had had there was an issue at the end of the crankshaft the <hes> the size was slightly under so the harmonic balanced would slightly rock on it and what happened. was you know at that R._P._M.. P._M. would start spreading the key way in it and then we'll get to the point to where it would wanNA pitch the balancer and I knew I was Kinda screwed because I was going to have to drive it from Louisville because I had orders out here to California and Victorville and that was twenty two hundred miles. I knew the car was not gonNA in a make it or if it did it's going to be a disaster trip and I didn't WanNa risk it had a lot of people really hit me up to buy that car and so I wound up selling it so I got out here to California thinking well with the money that I got from the sixty nine. I'm GonNa buy me another sixty fifty nine. I'll buy rust-free when this time and so looked around and I wasn't patient. I should have saved up a little bit extra and bought the car that I wanted and <hes> one of the guys at my shop was a big second Jen Camaro guy and and he had seventy one he had just got back from Germany and he had his seventy-one rally sport over in Germany with them so it cruise the Autobahn and he had a blast in the car he got back to the states and he wanted to buy another one but he wanted a seventy s s three ninety-six Camaros so he knew that he had to get rid of one or the other so the seventy-one came up for sale drove it in Effingham. I'll just you know all by this car and I'll just cruise it for a little while until my you know the the sixty nine Camaro that I want start driving now started really liking the car <hes> as far as handling and comfort it was a better car than my sixty-nine and <hes> I enjoy driving but when I when I buy vehicle I always start a book on everything Long Island that way. If anything happens to the car I've got all the Vin numbers and I've got all the information you know in case you know we need to go looking for the car. I can give it to the police and go here's the number of the car and here's everything so I always start a book. Well I get out there with this one and got my notepad and you know what I'm looking at the tag and one two four eight seven l five zero zero zero zero three and I'm like what a way and come to find out its third third car made in Nineteen seventy-one which is kind of a it's Kinda weird <hes> they built Camaros. You know there was an assembly line Norwood Ohio. There's Assembly line in Van Nuys California and this car was built in in Van Nuys and so it was built built on the first day of Production Second Week August nineteen seventy so the car was <hes> original numbers matching cards original motor ritual transmission regional rear in <hes> so you know there was no modifying that car from that point join on that point on it you know I'm not going to modify this car in any way and I still own the car <hes> I've had the car probably longer than any other carver had I think about that car nineteen eighty seven and it's still ready ready for restoration so <hes> whether I I do the restoration or somebody else. I sell somebody else does it. It's going to be a really really neat car <hes> because it's a California car and it's got a kind of a neat history going over to Europe but it's numbers matching and it's super solid so but it has a <hes> an issue that a lot of the early seventy cars have it's just got a funky color. It's like that it's called <hes> coat fifty three. It's plastic gold which kind of a butterscotch gold color. I hated that color for a number of years but now that I'm starting to see that color being done on some restorations were guys are doing it and <hes> base clear. It's actually pretty cool color and it's Kinda warmed up to me at like the color now but that one time it was like Oh this color so bad but <hes> I kind of like it now so it's still with me. I've owned that car longer than any other carve ever owned issue that guy. I'M GONNA restore at one day. Uh well you know like anything else. I I wasn't ready to do a restoration. I was a hot rod or so you know I wanted to build. I got into the later model trucks for a while and got through all that and did some earlier trucks. Trucks and unlike anything else I mean I'd love to have <hes> a budget to where I could. Just go out and build something in a year be done with it. It just seems like there's always other things that are more important. <hes> there's always bills to pay. There's always other things and you know. The hot rod is always the last one to get that and so yeah so I wasn't ready for restoration now that I've Kinda meld out a little bit I could do. I think I could do a really nice restoration now and it's right up my wheelhouse too because because of all the research and everything you'd have to do to correctly <hes> I think I would really really enjoy it except it won't get a vinyl top you can that is indeed fact. I'm sorry if the Caltech says it had a tan vinyl top that car will never see uh-huh vinyl top by sixty nine Camaro basically lost to quarter panels in a trunk floor because of a vinyl top <hes> I will never own a car with vinyl top. I'm so I like the way they look on some cars. I'll never put one on if I have a choice what about Ahmad Top oh absolutely target top. We cut the Arkansas or like a Nice J. C. Whitney sunroof those oval wants his and hers out. Here's an error there you go yeah. That's period correct right there. We'll may that's a rear window louvers yeah yeah you would be the shit close when would before I started right now those numbers down house going to Minnesota that Camaro I was GONNA put a big block in it. You know put attendance tire up under it you know some ladder bars and the whole thing and man. I'm so glad it didn't happen because the shop that would have done the work come to find out was the biggest hack shop Brad nosy. These guys are it would have been awful that poor car would have just I think about the possibility what could happen a wonderful as bad you the guy who destroyed the third car Bilton Yep you know but what's the unusual about that car is it. I've tried to contact some people within G._M.. And there are no help nope it's like. Is there any records of this car. I'll nope sorry can't help you. Is there any pictures van nuys the first day of production in nineteen. You know August of one thousand nine hundred now can't help you. You know here's all the numbers. This is car the third one don't know can't help you. It's like there's got to be somebody out there. That has access to some archival data that can say yes. This is the first rally sport or no. There was a rally sport that was car number two you know I it was number two or number for the pile of money that one dollars Oh that's got number three yeah the one we build on Christmas vacation that nobody wanted to everybody. Everybody peed on that one when it last was that guard the cursed cart it sits in its own Jones died in assembly line air conditioning went out in the plant yeah and he died back there. We didn't find him for a week. You're the smell out of the yeah. We affectionately called Car Harley. earls revenge hardly are all get even tell if it was earl makes you wonder window. You know there's some history behind the car somewhere. I'd love to know more about it. You know some of the early cars were distributed to some of the G._M.. Brass and they drove him for a period of time until you the next model came out or or they had their silence something else I would love to know. I know the history that car from Nineteen eighty-four current in Nineteen eighty-four that car was sitting on a used car lot on seven street in Victorville California. I know it from that point on <hes> I know the history of the carbon from nineteen eighteen eighty four hundred nineteen seventy-one. I was loved no more about where that car was well. You said something about that car. Being in Europe it was yeah <hes> when when my buddy bought it he bought it in one thousand nine hundred four because he was stationed out here in Victorville and he's the guy that took to Germany so in nineteen eighty five nine thousand nine hundred sixty one thousand nine hundred seven the car was in <hes> in Germany <hes> Spangdahlem Air Force Base in Germany and so that car <hes> <hes> <hes> pin the speedometer many times on the Audubon very nice yeah yeah. He said that when that car was over there he said that every time he took it out there was always a German tapping on his window. Ask Him if he wanted to sell the car and he always used to laugh gazillion say does this have Magnum v eight in it. They would always ask. This question was never magnum V._8. I know yeah but it was. It was a popular car turbo uh-huh boost for four to two yeah man got an ir dig in it. It's a callback hoyer off air. It's got the munchies transmission drains yeah. This is probably put Cadillac Converters Mosey rear pose. He smells like flowers when jump on it at a turbine three fifty transmission they sound on spectacular other projects. You have obviously on the website and <hes> <hes> Segue to the pod yeah. Let's say a number of I kind of been guilty of being one of those guys that really enjoy starting projects. <hes> I love doing the suspension work and getting them sitting down but the right wheels and tires on them. It's the final finish work that just does excite me all that much. It's not as as fun. It's it's a nature of hot writing. Everybody needs to do it if you need to finish when you've got to do all the finish wiring and the finish plumbing and all that sort of stuff and all the finish work and that is an extremely expensive part of putting any car together as anybody could that's been there can attest to so but in defense the <hes> the long term project ahead with your kitchen. I gotTa tell you that those New Alabaster Formica countertops Oh yeah man well. They're courts tonight grew them myself. They're not lab created. I made those myself took eleven years but I made a myself in place. Alex is courts farm every day. I'd get out there and put a couple of eyedropper is more of courts juice. I can't tell you where he harvested from the tiers of podcasters starving. That's cool so I've got a couple of projects. I just recently sold one <hes> <hes> it was a nineteen fifty eight Chevy truck that I had for a number of years that had a really good start. Put a Camaro clip under put afford nine inch in it and the intent tent was just got to build a nice little you know beat around truck or just you know a fun driver and then <hes> started family and it becomes you know it's not the most important thing anymore than it sits for awhile then you get a second win and you then you get back on it again and <hes> I'm just about finished with a story for the website on that particular truck so <hes> it should come out probably a couple of days and kind of talks about the history of that one. It was funny when I got it ready to sell L. A.. I started putting pieces together on that truck that I pulled apart twenty years ago or modifications that I did that. I got about ninety percent done with and I finally got to see what the look like when they were done and <hes> <hes> was Kinda Fun and I was really happy with the way that it looked when it was time to sell it and everybody asked me. Are you sad that it's gone and it's like part of me. A sad but part of me was happy because I got to help the buyer. have that feeling that everybody loves to get when you buy something and when you buy something you're so excited and you know that excitement had kinda run out for me on that truck. You know I liked it but you know I wasn't in love with anymore the morning and the guy that bought it it was like watching a sixteen year old bindis I vehicle it was really fun. I mean it was cool because he was so excited and he had all these plans and what he wanted to do with it and you know and he was it's kept looking at it. It was actually fun to help. Be a part of that experience for somebody so because I know what that's like an it's a I love that feeling I love it when you're out buying one and in it's all about you know researching the vehicle and learning as much as you can about it now you're looking through craigslist and you're looking through Ebay and you're trying to find parts for it and it's a great time I it's anybody's ever built. A car bought a car. It really knows with that feeling is and it's Great Brad's. Go do it right now with one of his project so and I it. It's a fun time really is. I'm not going through anything. Well menopause was that there is that sure hosh lashes. You'll get over it. You know that's not true. You've been working little project in the garage so that's completely not true shooting yeah the other. Oh He's playing. This will be playing that crap. Stop it yeah life scale E walk treehouse place at it's GonNa be awesome. Costume finished doug whatever those guys always send that stupid move those are the does irs from Frago Rock. Take Your Book Right Right Right. I have no idea ties to see lots of projects of Nice Tie. We got the type back into the website yeah yeah it's a story that I've been wanting to do for a while. <hes> kind of a story about you know a vehicle that Kinda sat patiently waited for a time that never really came. I think a lot of us at head long-term projects have kind of gone through that it's one of those things you know I I hate doing that. I mean hate having a project. That's on that long. I wish wish I could finish them but I've got one right now. That's about eighty percent done and it's next so I'll get that thing going out and then it's it's very close. It's very close and then of course I've got the seventy one and then like anything else you know my o._C._D.. <hes> about a sixty eight CAMARO that <hes> couple couple months ago and it's it's a car that my wife has always wanted. I love I I income arrows and my wife from day. One the first night that we dated <hes> I told her about my Camaro and she goes all my dad had a sixty eight <hes> rally sport one when he was in service and he had just has gotten back from Vietnam and he ordered his through what's called eighth which is the army and Air Force Exchange Service. It's basically it's almost like the Costco for the mill for the army in a way in a way <hes> you could order cars through it and you can do all kinds of stuff and so you know he was sitting over there in Southeast Asia and he had a <hes> an order form for sixty eight Camaro and he's to start checking boxes that car today would be one of the coolest Camaros you can ever buy. I was just an R. S.. It wasn't an S._S.. But he had headrests which was optional new never see that on the sixty sixty nine's for the first year for standard headrest but sixty eight you could order and they're super rare. He had headrest he had a cruise control. He had power windows. He had tilt full gauge package deluxe interior. He was just checking boxes and <hes> the picked it up <hes> in Buffalo New York because that's where he was from and and <hes> they drove it all over the place in the even took it to Europe and went all over <hes> Italy in that car when they were stationed in Italy they had that car and so <hes> my wife had a lot of <hes> really special memories in that Camaros so she always wanted another one and so <hes> the price of first Camaros a really blowing up right now and <hes> I knew that if if I didn't jump on one early <hes> I would probably never get one and so <hes> one of my Buddies Rob Lindsey had one that he was going ability drag car out of and made me a deal an offer. I couldn't refuse <hes>. It needs a lot of work but for the price I did really really well on it and he's a lot of work but <hes> thank you A._M._d.. <hes> yeah it needs <hes> almost every body but that's okay. It's Camaro but this one will be a restoration. This be more hot rod kind of <hes> something. I've been kind of wanting to do with these. I love the pro touring in concept but I think it's time to push that stuff into. Maybe another direction of procuring cars are great. I for what they do. I think they're phenomenal. I think they're starting to get to that point now. Where a lot of are starting to look a lot of like and I just think it's time to Kinda go into a new direction? I think that you're you're monster. Rally cross concept is really going to well. I've kind of changed. I'M GONNA go monster truck instead. ooh I liked it before now. All of them work better. I guess so yeah so that that's kind of that's Kinda where I'm thinking Stadium Truck Stadium Trump stadium marrow come on and making great t shirt put some toolboxes in the bed right colored all enemy awesome see we just funded your project. Thank you head over to our website pickup. Alexa Stadium Zero t shirts bigfoot Camaro big foot's trademark. You're GONNA be screwed. Yeah can't do big Fan. I gotTa do some other forest creature Yeti Yeti Ooh Yeti Camaro Lee the big galax see kiss well. We have gotten away from that when people name cars for long project whatever yeah I can't have a run out of names after Awhile Project Bank Account Rainer Yeah Project Borough Gas project mortgage cubed you for that one right yeah project plasma donor taking on a second in not putting it back in your house. This may be the way to go <music> like every every car guy has done that though I mean had dance yeah. Is this money going to be used to <hes> for home projects. Yeah it'll be in the garage. I'm going to park it here here. Yes garage yeah. Maybe we could do why don't we when we start a whole series will with with all of our money okay. We'll pull it together. We'll get a car donate to us and what will do. His we'll build a car using the most frugal means possible to come. It's just like every Saturday. There's one of us out there panhandling the on the freeway exit. You know those in it's like Hey Brian is not going to be on the podcast and then he he donated in all of his blood. He wants to two different blood places across town in one day at a lot of cookies eight day a lot orange juice little man he's wiped out but he made eleven bucks so that one suspension bushing is almost paid for all right Janet the elephant in one bite fantastic series. Here's here's Brian along ten freeway looking for bottles. He's in the median in the center in danger zone looking good for bottles bottle. That's five since this guy cares. Look at him out there picking up trash what could guy he's thinking about the environment now he's not approach. He's not a jury of summit one hundred eighteen degrees outside. He's looking for clear plastic. This is a gatorade wait a minute funding these orange again fully gatorade score bill the Dole lie gatorade great. I can't believe this that maybe ruth bars yum the story of Alex and brain with his gatorade collation. Yeah yeah saved them. All got my patio. You can patio actors out of those cheeky torches man. I love your backyard. It's most just like the men's room at Shea Stadium. Oh Yeah that's working on Matt Notice. I am flies like ammonia turn to that. That's two and one day was earlier. Today is what a Wolford Wolford grimly frigging. Oh we went off on will completely sideways diabetes crap we listen. He was in touched by an angel wasn't he. I don't know that's the whole okay touched by. Angel was Michael. Landon show was that that his think maybe I don't remember see now. We're we're trying to do this without without the aid of he had he had an old side kick that was with him but it wasn't <hes> Wilford Bramley. If it was the Michael Landon show not to Brag but bread we did come up with a great tie-in. Maybe we just need to get away from the podcasting thing and go into marketing. I thought we could have touched by an angel night with the Anaheim Angels Ooh and then you bring in Wilford Brindley for like free oatmeal night saying Gee barrhead you get you get oatmeal night. He could give a public service announcement about diabetes bigness diabetes just would've we'll never get diabetes Sweden. We don't make enough money here to eat. I can't afford sugar brought that back but now it's great man we now now y'all know just a little bit about Alex. Sorry about that everybody uh-huh so Alex. WHO's your favorite boy band favorite boy band? Oh Yeah we've got we import tiger. Give me a gotTA. Give me a difficult question boy band gotta be Menudo. Damn Son Really <music>. Hey man which I do what they're seeing their my favorite wait though well okay. We'll give you this though wasn't menudo that ban were like they always alter the roster who was like well Jose. You're too old. You're out somebody new. Keep retooling. It dude no other band. A._C._D._C. should do that. Every now and you know. It's like well Bryan Johnson run all right up next JOE here grab this this bottle of broken glass and gravel Gargle with our agreement that be to see a band just go on and on and on like the rolling stones well. That's a whole different thing that's just immortality buddy not a good way either final tour nineteen eighty-seven okay hope you save the t shirt just thinking about they see that's like soundgarden the final tour or again. This is the last show were ever GonNa do but that's always like the local casino. It's like this week at Viva Casino surviving member of Audio Slave ooh great yeah poison revisiting so they all have have bandannas with them just to lead singer. How does that work? Wasn't it was visors. They used to sell it. The car shows on the top of it. Yeah there you go but it's no longer. The visor just abandoned what hair coming out of it. I don't think in his case there's even any haircut out of I think it's one of those cowboy Bandanna in a heads things yeah everything thing well. You know who doesn't wear Bandanna in cowboy hat over top of it makes sense to me sure why wouldn't you know what's Oh crowded or a Yankees head on top of it to kind of completing Yankee urban cowboy I like I must say you never see he. Last names like remember like Don. Martin cartoons glory believable and derp Plumbing Company Love Don Martin. He was the best see that'd be a he's. He's passed away Hasni. I don't know I have to think so bad magazine back in the seventies and he was done rousson cutting edge stuff man that was great stuff yeah plumbing company Glit- glor- believable and derp remember that I never forgotten. I thought it was the coolest won. I forget the why they're sure insight. That's all you need. ellings the end yeah. Sorry folks wish it was more well. Thanks man I did it was great to have your story on and in <hes> look online store soon have a pop up book all about Alex Yep Yep Alex goes to town nicer the wheels on the bus book. It's Yeah Yeah Alex Cracker Yeah. Oh yeah now the rest of go hungry depressed in yeah me too retiring service at the Sandra was just we just get a donation was yeah. Thank you Philippines every time we'll bill rings a podcast. It's money gets its wings though run movie this sits in the past tense at Fisk dead <music>. It's late everybody's tired in his late <music> hearing that said a big thank you though to our sponsor trees tug stuck around with us now for sixty eight episodes well. We're on sixty eight episodes. They kinda came in later now. Nobody nobody needs to know that though they definitely appreciate those guys thank you so much. They literally have been a with us in Sierra it from absolutely wasn't episode one right. Judge cannot say thank you enough and if you're looking for a tug trailer by Golly has their their slogan says remand eats a fantastic now seriously though head on over to trailer tug dot Com and learn more about the world's strongest trailer Dali as always listeners of the around six podcasts get ten percent off their order by mentioning mentioning the Secret Code Round six at checkout or you can do that when you phone your order in also like to thank our good friends over at hot Rod Central Louvre Company another great supporter and longtime cheerleader of the PODCAST and I'm not sure chip looks really good and a cheerleader outfit but I'm sure he could pull it off anyone. Could he asked him. I know he'd wear one for he. Would you would do it. He's Yup yeah. That's what we need to do order for our next booth chip. It's all you but now a good great people to have around two great supporters of the podcast thank you since day one. He's he's been a avid support and we definitely really appreciate all his effort affirmative very good stuff and by by far the place to go here in the southwestern United States. If you WANNA punch a bunch of Louvers in Your Hood Trunk Lid Yeah definitely he's. He's the only guy no that will take the time to lay out the absolute best pattern that you could ever find for Louvers and I mean that there's nobody that does it like. He does very meticulous guy absolutely absolutely absolute. Nobody does not afraid of ruin any sheet metal. He is not afraid he will punch holes in anything. You've been your hand if you put it in Oh yeah he's not afraid if you're into taxidermy breakneck by two on top of that <hes> also thank our other sponsor your favorite word in the English language Brad. Yes my favorite word. I'll let you say it Haberdasher Haberdasher. I love that word hurt. If you're if you're wondering why around six guys smell delightful look well passable <hes> it's due to see if made Lau Haberdasher by all means soap men's grooming products <hes> if you happen to have a beard now if you're able to grow a beard then you need his stuff <hes>. I don't really know what else to say about that except thank you. If you're curious about Alex's Brazilian cut you gotta go by focal monocle dude the by Fogel Monica all their aggressive but I'm not stare at looking. Can you up and down trust working my progressive right now yeah head over to C._F.. Made Lousy F. M. A. I. D. L. O. W. dot com check out the worse. Check everything we've got to offer. Justly you can't beat it as they say on their website. It's man's other best friend so that says cue to our listeners and thanks for hanging in there putting up with our bs here as we enter a week to of seeking pledges just another big thing a lot of big things planned a lot of things coming up that <hes> yeah and as long yeah absolutely and we will do that. Maybe we'll we'll come. Hey when a chance to be the around six cheerleader next event mascot chip will share the Alpha with yeah. That's maybe we should just have what if we do a contest what if we okay take our theme music and write lyrics to it like twenty six different time signatures signatures on that thing go at it but it it can't be a punk so can't be a speed metal song has to be a folk song yeah like I preferred. Should we the heavy duty things what needs to be a ballot needs to be a complete screw up the whole rockies bally's it'd be a ballot the ballot of the round six there we go though so we'll have yeah yes so let's start with try to figure that out on the website of how look on facebook for that right US some lyrics for our theme music that would be awesome. It'd be better because Alex is going to sing it. I could sing it. Not Afraid Great be a rock opera. That's around six concept album. Look what Mr Roberto did for sticks. I mean she yeah. It'll be our twenty-one twelve. The are Chinese democracy take a seventeen years to release regret later in life. They never come out. We'll just threaten you with it but it'll never actually get finished. That's right speak to make us release. It make us at the end of wow the end of this episode. I am a an exhausted and not quite fully diabetic Brian. I'm a much lower vin a number bread. Wow and I'm an exhausted or lack of exhausted Alex. Wow all right. Thank you for listening and we'll look pitcher next week. Thanks again for listening and be sure to keep up with us gear heads over on our website pet W._W._W.. Dot Round six dot Com if you'd like to we invite you to follow along with us over on facebook instagram and be sure to check out all of our latest videos on Youtube Dot com big. Thanks once again to our sponsor trailer tug. Please visit them at trailer tug dot Com and learn more about the world's strongest trailer Dali our listeners receive ten percent off the order when these the discount code round six at checkout Orion calling the order in.

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Palmdale and Victorville Hanging Deaths

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We are demanding justice for Ray Chard Brooks, who was killed by the Atlanta police in Atlanta, and now protesters in California are demanding investigations of two separate debts of black men hanging in Palmdale California twenty four year old black man named Robert. Fuller was found hanging from a tree near City Hall, authorities say Fuller's death appear to be an apparent suicide, but an autopsy has been ordered also in Victorville California authorities say thirty eight year old Malcolm harsh hanged himself near a homeless encampment. Fuller's family is also asking for an investigation into his death and. Is Never GonNA stop. Is it ever GonNa? Oh Yeah. So, this country has gone. Assist too much. It is really. It's from the top yes Ashley. This country has been this way it has it's it's it's. It's been this way. The part of it now is you know and grateful. I'm grateful for this, but racism is the hot topic to dame firm. With it hasn't been since. Martin Luther King was leading marches. I me race was really big back then. That's where neighbors put bull connor on TV. That's the first time we got some help when they showed bill bull Connor's. German shepherd and fire hose, and all in black people, and that was first time the white American said, wait what what and then boop, but now this is the hot topic of racial injustice and is sickening is sad, but it's it is time for change and I. Really do feel like something positive is going to come out of this, but the sad part is, he keeps happening. This young brother got killed. Yesterday should never have happened. You would think in light of all this this going on all these protests youth. That the cops would be owned the best behavior. Yes, but you know what? This is best behavior. and. Stem it. They have no. It's the stomach racism at its best it is, and so they lie at their best behavior like made a point off the air we keep talking about all cops ain't bad cops, but if you stand and are incompliance, if you stand there and allow injustice to happen, and you don't become a voice for that brother or that person is of being. Unjustifiably detained shot murdered doing anything then brought you just as bad silences compliance. That's all it is. and Far too many good police officers have been silent because of the Cold Blue Brotherhood Law Dahab and I'm sorry. What has to happen is mandatory police sentencing just like his mandatory civilian sentece here. Yeah. It's exhausting Steve, but we gotta stay in the fight. We gotTA fight coming up coming up the one and only Steve Harvey with his closing remarks for today. That's coming up at forty nine minutes after the hour right after this you're listening to. Morning Show. If, you're not cheating. You're not trying hard enough, said former cubs first baseman. Mark, grace. This is tricky ration- a new weekly podcast that. into some of the craziest attempts at Deception and Sports I'm your host about Waxman and each week I'll interview key players in some of the most brazen and bizarre attempts to level the playing field all in the name of winning. Put white powder might dare were. I had. Like led Zeppelin t shirt, or something like that and third class, and I gave the signals to make coaches from the left field leisure's. That's former mets manager Bobby Valentine telling me about the other time. He wore disguise, so we could manage after being ojected frauds cheats scam artists. Thirty year, olds who forged birth certificates play high school basketball. We'll talk to the mall. We attempt to uncover the crazy and dirty tricks of the trade. Premiers June twenty second, listen and follow on the iheartradio APP apple, podcasts or wherever you listen to podcasts. Young world. 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Luxury Life In Prison; Steamy Starbucks Sue; Lack Of Emergency Training

Handel On The Law

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Luxury Life In Prison; Steamy Starbucks Sue; Lack Of Emergency Training

"Tena No is not the same thing out at the Fisher House the Fisher House I know is a huge part of recovery for somebody like my husband for them to know that their family members are being taken care of that's a huge burden off of them. So they can concentrate on their therapies just having that assurance that no matter what as long as we were there for Anson that someone would be there to take care of us. Took so much weight off our shoulders. How can you help go to fisherhouse Dot Org? Good Morning Bill Handel here on a Saturday morning. Another Day of legal abuse. Even though. Monday through Friday I tried to be as many as I can I get to be i? Go Out of my mind on Saturday there's nothing like it I've been doing handel on the law now for I don't even WanNa talk about how many years let me put it this way. was before? air-conditioning. In cars. Longtime ago. and. Actually has been a long time twenty, seven years in the morning. Wow On Saturdays. With thirty something years now. Yeah. So Anyway Saturdays is my favorite day of the week and many others. My best friend I says, that's the Saturday. That many of my friends actually were introduced to me via the radio and couldn't believe. What a wonderful gracious human being I am in non radio. Life. Well. Okay. Maybe not. Phone number's one, eight, hundred, five, two, zero, one, five, three, four, one, eight, hundred, five, two, zero, one, five, three, four. That is the number to call top of the hour always the best time to call. Throughout. The show there'll be times when you try to call in and you really have an important question and you can't get through. And there are some times when we have an hour and a half two hours where the lines are jam packed and then you bitch and Moan and email me, hey, come in at the top of the hour on virtually every single time. The lines are a lines are open, eight, hundred, five, two, zero, one, five, three or four, and then occasionally we have lines people not calling in and here's the problem with a call in show. Caller driven shows. You need calls. I. It's really difficult to do a show where you don't. We don't have calls. There's a friend of mine and just a quick aside very very. Famous talk show host. Phil Hendrie. who had been fired from KFI and he ended up moving to Ventura. And it was midnight to six am overnight call in show. Well, I mean how many people in Ventura number one or listening number two are going to call and so he? Called himself, he made up his own phone calls and that's how he develops characters and I won't be doing that because you're gonNA call in right or you're going to be listening to Jerry Lewis singing, you'll never walk alone you take your choice eight, hundred, five, two, zero, one, five, three, four this is handle on the law marginal legal advice where I tell you, you have absolutely no case. We Now know where actress Laurie Laughlin is going to be serving her prison sentence. What a lot of people don't know is that when someone goes to prison with the white collar crime kind of thing, and this was white collar, it's not as if she embezzled money from an organization or health someone up or burglarized the home or even worse on a violent. Violent felony this was white collar financial crime. And White Collar where it was people specifically weren't ripped off in this all you could argue is there were students that would have gotten in to USC but for her daughter getting that spot and Laurie Lachlan paid a half a million dollars with her husband get in so she got tagged. Along with everybody else everybody else pled and she ended up with two months in prison. You can ask the judge for a prison near you for family members close. So they can visit there's a whole bunch of. Different prisons around the country. One of the best ones is Victorville. Which is near Los. Angeles couple of hour drive hour and a half drive maybe. and. Here's how it works. Federal prisons like that are called club fed four a reason most of them are open campuses you can walk right off if you want no one's crazy enough to walk right off because if you walk right off, that's a prison escape and now you're ending up but at least a meet a medium security prison, which is fun. Here you have dormitories two and four person cubicles. With a common room. Job Positions involved driving working in food services. You can do plumbing painting grounds keeping education also. The institution has an auto parts. Warehouse. Employing, three dozen female INVA- inmates providing inventory services for the facility. It's not a bad way to go. I mean clearly, it's not a good way to go. But if you're going to go to prison, this is the way to do it, which is why people are upset about financial crimes. There is one prison in Otis Ville New York and this is known where. Primarily Jewish prisoners go financial crimes. Jews don't burglarize very much when they commit crimes usually financial crimes. And this is a prison that holds Friday night services will serve kosher food. You can buy Yarmulke from the dispensary the only place in the country you can do that six bucks what a rip America I'd tell you that's expensive for him. In, I shouldn't cost more than a buck and a half just saying. But, anyway, she is going to Victorville. Her husband is going to Lompoc, which is a little bit tougher and it is also financial crime facility. Eight, hundred, five, two, zero, one, five, three, four. Let's do it. Mark. Hello Mark. Yes, or welcome to the show what can I do for you? This is a landlord tenant question. Me and my two roommates live on a property that had three homes on it, but it is a truck. Facility. Trucks storage facility and the landlord came up to two of my roommates and said that if his insurance goes up. We. He will try any victims can legally do that. Sure. He can't. Now because you have the addiction moratorium because of Covid but of course, he can if in a or he can just ask you to leave. Is there a lease? We we've been here for six years and you haven't signed a lease so you're on month to month. We. Re. Sign the last one was about four years ago. Okay. But how long did that last? How long was the lease before it disappeared? Actually worse I. Think we're still on a police because we've been here six years that doesn't matter that the length of time you're there means nothing the least that you signed four years ago how? Says Nothing. About Insurance. I don't care I. don't care. When is that lease over? It is a month to month. Lease. If, it's month to month. Yes. He can kick you out. Yes. He can't vic you I. Leave you say, no issue and the answer is yes. Except now because of covid. and. The fact that there is trucks on it as long as the property is legally there. And I don't know what the zoning is and it could be that you have a mixed. Zoning, where you can put residential on top of commercial mean that happens all the time with retail stores underneath apartments. So. The short answer to your question is yes and the long answer I had to go through it is. Is. All right. Good for you. Okay. Thank you. Felix getting a lot of questions about addiction? Yes Felix. What can I do for you? And all my questions is not about addiction My questions about employment. In January I. Took a temporary job with the US census. Bureau. Working in an office as a clerk in. Last month in August I was. Terminated, I think it was A. Wrongful termination. Is there anything I can do about that? Okay. Let's talk about why you think you were wrongfully terminated. Well. No No. The reason that I would that she might supervisor gave. was that. I directly contacted. Contractors. Okay did you Yes I did was there a policy against it? Not that I know of okay it written. All right. But were you told about it? After the fact I was all right. Okay. All right. So you saying you didn't do it. She did she said you did and did you ask? Since I didn't know I even did it How did you find out in which? which contractor did I Austin? contact. Oh, you're saying you did you know you shouldn't and you're saying you have a wrongful termination probably not. Going to sue the government, how long is that job? Anyway when does that end? It would will they would've ended probably in October. Okay. How long were you then ought not working that he should you should worked from the time you were terminated to the time. The job ended how long would that be would that period be? Well I was terminated in August twenty eight then. The job would've probably ended not later than the end of October. Okay. So two months basically right want to sue for wrongful termination for two months. Yeah, and how much money are we talking about here? It'd be less than five thousand dollars. You're getting twenty, five, hundred dollars a month. Okay. Well. All right and are you collecting unemployment? I have applied for unemployment, but I haven't started receiving it. All. Right. And so assuming you're going to get unemployment that has to be reduced. So I let me give you a quick answer. No you're not going to be able to sue for wrongful termination not a chance not under these circumstances. This is handle on the law. If you're injured and need a lawyer, go to handle on the law dot com Kfi am six, forty more stimulating talk. Back you'll handle here it is a Saturday morning. As we continue on eleven o'clock. It's Leo LaPorte. Here on Kfi. Am Six forty live everywhere on the iheartradio APP. Eight, hundred, five, two, zero, one, five, three four is the number to call eight hundred, five, two, zero, one, five, three, four this is handle on the law marginal, legal? Advice. Jake. Jake tell me your problem and I will try to care go ahead. Bill? Yes. I was sitting in my car It was on a tiny street colder stack that people should normally be going. the maximum maybe ten or fifteen miles an hour is that and this woman was coming probably about. Forty five or fifty and. Almost blew my door So I was just getting out, but I saw her coming. So I was GONNA pull the door back in. Had I done that I will probably be few t right now. Yeah. I. Just screwed over to the right a little bit. And I I haven't had any professional advice but most people are saying that it's going to be my fault and she's GonNa end I'm GonNa have to take for her door and my daughter is okay. Here. Yeah. Here's the issue. She cannot hit you. Clearly, if she hits you if you're parked and comes behind you and hits you, that's the basic role. You're also. Not Allowed to open a door in front of or in front of oncoming traffic if you're parked at the side of the road and a car is going past you. And you open the door in front of the car you are at fault. However, the argument is going to be, Hey, I open the door. There was plenty of time she was speeding down the road and then it becomes a he said she said now tell you what's Going to happen Jake is you're GONNA pay for your door you're gonNA pay for She's going to pay for her door and what the important part is you have your insurance company. Make sure that you're not tagged with a at fault accident because that's the that's what you don't want. But since there's no, there's no injury it's no big deal. Have you had any other accidents in the last year or two? No. All right. Then I think you'll be okay because usually have one forgiveness but you call your insurance company she's filed a claim against you. If you got have you gotten a letter yet a claim against you. Yes okay. Turn it turn it up, turn it over your insurance company. That's all. And they'll. And they'll take a statement and you tell them what happened. She was speeding I opened the door. And I looked back and she was coming so fast. I had to get out of the way she tore my door off. And it's her fault. That's your argument. Okay. Okay thanks Bill Yup it's that simple. Okay. Tom Hi Tom Com can handle. Sir Yes sir, what can I do for you? I had a traffic accident and my motor home a driver did a u-turn in front of me There's no way to miss them. They're accepting responsibility for their insurance company. The estimate of the repairs is like thirteen thousand dollars the value of the motorhome, which is twenty two years old only slightly more than that and because it's within ninety percent. They want to total it out. Yeah. Only the value of it and then I'm stuck with just about buying some used motor home and I said I want to get it fixed. If there's any extra cost, I'll pay for it and they're willing to do that. But to do that, I have to agree not to sue the other driver for any other out of pocket that I'm stuck with and they want to have it registered with the Department of motor vehicles as a salvage, which means when I want to sell it in the future it's useless nothing, right? So get get get money. You're right. So what happens is going to get it repaired It's going to be a salvage vehicle, which means whatever value think that motor vehicle will be worth. You can cut that in half so. You can get you have to release liability what you would anyway. So. If that's your only costs I'm assuming there's personal injury or any of that. So. Okay. All right. So That's a big deal releasing liability against the driver for anything else you know what the damages are. The issue is salvage and are, and if you're okay if you're going to drive this thing into the ground, it doesn't matter. If you're going to keep driving it for years where a effectively become scrap anyway or close to scrap who cares you're not going to get hurt if you plan on selling it and the next couple of years or in three years, you're going to sell it for not da because it salvage cheer call. But They can do it. So what's your question? Do I have a case that I don't WanNa get listened to salvage because when a now and it's been no no no the operation right I once had a car that was perfectly operation. It was salvaged and it I got nothing for it. No those are their terms. Right there you are changing their terms. They said we have the right to either pay you the value or we can totally, and you're saying tell you what give me and they decided to. Totally. So you're saying let's change that I'll pay you give me the money of the value whatever extra alpay and don't salvage it. They're no. You're changing the deal and were saying no. I mean, that's the way it works. Now, let me tell you about Norton three. Sixty. If you've recently recently gotten a device, a new device. You're no doubt leaving your personal information on it exposed to criminals, cybercriminals, your new tablet pc smartphone or any device leaves you open. Vulnerable to cyber threats ransomware malware spyware, well, you can stay a lot more private insecure with Norton three sixty keeps those prying eyes out. Here's what you get with Norton. Three. Sixty. Time protection against existing and emerging emerging threats including advice on the security security on the device a VPN virtual private network that uses bank grade encryption to keep your information private a password manager that creates stores and manages your passwords and credit card information and other credentials This is real protection now, no, one can prevent all cybercrime but Norton three sixty, this is a powerful. Get fifty percent off your first year with an annual subscription at Norton Dot com slash handle. I've been a happy camper customer for Years Norton. Dot Com. SLASH HANDLE NORTON DOT COM slash handle this is handle on the law This is Kfi am six forty live. On iheartradio. Dot Com apple you know where to go just go to wherever you're GONNA. Get you get. Our, show. Damn. I'm good at this stuff aren't i? Yeah. Eight hundred, five, two, zero, one, five, three, four, got the phone number, correct eight, hundred, five, two, zero, one, five, three, four, and welcome back to handle on the law. Ron. Ron has an interesting yet not a very bright question Ron. Can I help you? Yes, you can. Yes. What can I do house there? I was an executive for my parents living trust they both passed last year I sold their house this year. And being the executor I distributed the money already to the other two beneficiaries it myself, my brother and my nephew. And so I wanted to do the right thing. So I, called my taxman told him it was going on. But now I'm getting different conflicting stories that I don't have to call my tax man and This money. Well, what you do have to do as the executor is pay any taxes that are owed by the deceased. Got I. Love Him say that the deceased how about this? The dead people that works out a little better? Here's the way it goes is all taxes that are owed by them I have to be paid through the estate. Any borrowing has to be paid first before distribution two kinds of loans that they have. One is a secured loan where their deeds or there is a UCSC wonder some kind of security against the property whether real or personal property equipment, etc.. Then what's left goes to the beneficiaries Okay and so. What what is your parents in taxes? Any idea? well, everything was paid off. All right. That's good. Yeah. So you know I. Guess. So but when I talked to my taxman, he says that I have to get the value of the house when it was sold. I have to get the social security for my brother and my nephew which I cannot do because we're not really talking. He wants to the e end letter from the IRS. This is procedural stuff with what they're doing is just simply making sure are no taxes owed And at but there are no taxes owed based on what you said there also is no inheritance tax because the numbers are so low. I'm assuming you're not distributing more than eleven million dollars to each person, right? I am not no. Okay. Then you should be pretty good. There's no inheritance tax up to I. Don't know how many million they changed that all the time but you're in good shape so. I don't have to go through my tax mandalit. Thanks. So I wouldn't because here's what happened. You don't do if he says, you have to do it I mean how much money are we talking about? That was attributed Four hundred fifty thousand dollars among what three people, right? Yeah, that'd be I. It's a hassle I. Don't think they're gonNA go after you because in the end let say they go after you. You show them. You know that there was no money owing. I got you there's no downside. Are they going to go? Well, you had to and you violated the law, etc, etc.. I'm a regular guy, right? I'm a regular guy. I didn't even know that existed. All I know is I'm a beneficiary. An executor and I did it and I made sure no taxes were owed. I made sure there are no debts and by the way they don't care about debts. The irs only cares about taxes owed. You can have all the debts in the world I. Think you're fine. I. Wouldn't. I wouldn't I think you're. All right. Okay all right. Yeah minded ease. And when you call me from prison I'll tell you. How you get out all right Sam Sam Europe. Welcome to handle on the law. was to handle yes, I suppose some for you might question for you my brother's going through one of those oxidative moves now judge took care to try you. Try and Tie It's on on separately now house house she own. It's. He bundled the money hundred and seventy thousand dollars. From me To. Put. Down Payment. Now as A. Funny. Okay when you loaned okay. Okay. When you loan them the money, let's start with. You loaned him. The money is separate property, right? Let's assume that you weren't loaning the community separate property. How was what he bought a house? How was title on the House taken who owns the House on the title? That He. At that time he's talking about now I don't care now who owns title the title is in wet name. And both named. That's it. They're done conversations over it's community property. And alone before it's it's default he admitted it's not belongs to him. Well, did they pay all the where the sect did they pay the loan with community assets? They paid along with his eye with his income, right? Es. I think he's I. Think he's screwed. I think the court's GonNa. View that is community property. I really do. The whole thing. Yeah. The whole, the whole house. Yeah, the House. I'll tell you what his mistake was. Okay to mistakes. We're mistake his mistake I mistake that he made was getting married to this woman second mistake. Was You you letting him get married to this woman? Well engaged. When he got engaged, we told them. We bet you'll. You'll need. All right. So you begged them. All right. So maybe not your mistake. All right. Good. So you begged him and he's an idiot congratulations. All right Robert Hey Robert Welcome to handle on the law. Hello. Yes. Yeah. I have a family member that's facing felony charges and he owns a weapons. and. If he's convicted obviously we're in California, they can't have weapons I'm wondering. How I should go about. You know either. Getting them registered to my name or get them out of his name. Well, that's what you do you. He transfers the registration to you. So you're the owner I mean that's the judge is going to make him give up his weapons anyway. So yeah, that's not a problem and. The. Judge is GonNa make them throw him in the river the judge you're going to say, give up your weapons and there you are taking your weapons. Now, I'm going to suggest that he not be near those weapons. Because that's also a crime. Sort of. Distance him from the weapons and what what is, what does that mean distancing him from the weapons? basically taking them away. Yeah. No I get it. That's this insane from does it come over to the House and visit? I live with him. That is a problem. So what I would do put him in a gun safe and make sure he doesn't have access to it and I don't even know if that's GonNa fly I. think that will but that's still the argument is he is in a place with weapons. Free trial yet. So there until he's convicted, there's no problem. Okay. He, he's not in order to give up the guns yet has he? Not that I know of okay. If he hasn't, he's not been convicted, he hasn't committed and he's not been convicted of any crime. He's been charged what if he's acquitted? So until that time, and then you want to ask wants a conviction happens. What's What's his felony? it's Internet. Crimes. Oh, you know what? That's Interesting. So it's not any any weapon talked criminal attorney on this one and ask the question because it's a technical issue with a gun safe work that he doesn't have access to I. Don't know. Since, it was not a violent felony. Does that change anything? Does a nonviolent felony fall into the same category is not being within any kind of weapon and it's simply a felony felony I don't know. But until until he's convicted, you're okay or he's okay. All right this is handle on the law. If you're injured warrior, go to handle on the law dot COM kfi am six forty. And welcome back they apply am six forty live on the iheartradio APP. Let's get right to it. Welcome back to handle on the law. Charles Hi Charles Welcome to handle on the law. Hey, how are you build I was wondering please hear me out if you can't and I was wondering if I have a a malpractice lawsuit against doctor. Giving, advice on TV and I'm talking about I like to come the chiller. Drew. Princeton. 'cause He seems to be the house doctor on Fox News and flexes networks and affiliates, and he's doing this virus if the lot less infected into Berkley. Or if it can be passed around like that, and he tells people not to wear masks and distance, and he doesn't even have certifications on the wall or anything behind him. Well, he you talking drew Pinski. penske yes. Yeah. No drew. He's a real doctor. He's a medical doctor. Just. Because that. Well. Excuse me hold on just just for a mulling. Okay. Let's just go through it. Right? You say it's bad advice and let me ask you Charles you say it's bad medical advice on what basis are you giving a medical opinion? On the same that he is without implementing wedding. But he is a medical doctor you understand and you're saying and you are saying. You're giving your medical opinion that his medical advice is good. You see where I'm going with this Charles. Here you go. Here's another one example. Now you think he has more. Authority over how happy What does that do anything? He's a doctor. It's not a question of authorities. So you're talking authority on your I can yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. You ask the question does he have more? Over. Woman answer the question does he have more authority over FAO? G No. And how he doesn't have more authority over him. Okay. Answer. Any other questions. like if you've seen the Fox News like day. Sure I have it on record that he's a in my opinion asking I need medical malpractice, Dr What, how how how have you been damaged by the way? Let's say. And? Masks but that's How have you been damaged because when you're suing for medical malpractice, you have to be camouflaged. How have you been? How have you been damaged? No, that's exactly why I'm asking because I know it's hard to practice. You're right. So here it is Charles Charles Charles. Charles. Okay as idiotic is this question was and believe me you've hit levels of idiocy that are phenomenal up and down I mean you've probably hit five six levels of idiocy. Is You. Haven't been damaged. He may be giving bad advice but you're not in a position to say he is because you're not a medical doctor it is his medical opinion. And it's he's he's a television doctor like I may radio lawyer you are our legal advice. And he's but he's giving you're giving. Giving giving. You can call it March I, understand because I know giving marginal legal advice. As he is not practicing on you, he is giving general information and he believes in his medical opinion he can do it. Believe it don't believe it. No, there's no case there I understand it's more of a political position. At you're saying from you, I understand that you believe in mass. I understand everybody you think everybody should wear masks I agree with that. But that's not a medical opinion and yours is not a medical opinion. What you're doing is you're making a political opinion as stupid as it sounds but thank you so much for that. Oh. Good for you. All right. Charles, let's have lunch sometime. Okay and really impressed with you. Now, the FBI Cyber Division warning students and families were increasingly vulnerable. Actually all of us are because of the online learning and working at home and continuing use of the Internet for everything. Since the start of the pandemic alone, there has been three hundred percent increase in cybercrime activity. Every day we put our information risk on the Internet cybercriminals. Keep finding new ways to steal identities, and that's the holy grail of CYBERCRIME, and if you're just wanted to turn your credit, you're going to miss certain identity threats and this is where lifelock comes in lifelock detects a wide range of identity threats for example, your social security number for sale on the dark web and the dark web is that hidden part of the web where the bad guys sell buy and sell your information. If lifelock detects your information being used. I'll send you an alert you deal with right now. Now, no, one can prevent all identity theft or monitor every transaction every business but here's what lifelock is offering. Get a free dark web scan at lifelock dot com slash scan. You can save up to twenty five percent off your first year. With lifelock. That's lifelock dot com slash scan. Promo Code Handel you have to put that Promo Code Handel, Free Dark Web scan lifelock dot com slash scan promo. Code Handel. This is handle on the law. Off. Kfi Am six, Forty Bill Handel here on a Saturday morning. And we have lines open top of the hour eight, hundred, five, zero, one, five, three, four if you have a legal question. Which I answer marginally. So if you have a marginal legal question, you get me. And the number is eight, hundred, five, two, zero, one, five, three, four, eight, hundred, five, two, zero, one, five, three, four, and I want to point something out is very important and a lot of people probably realize. That my legal advice is absolutely free and you're still overpaying eight, hundred, five, two, zero, one, five, three, four is the number and we have lines open. which usually happens when we start any our. Eight hundred, five, zero, one, five, three, four, and if you call right now you get as six at six knife set of steak knives. That's absolutely not true but I'd like to get people excited. I don't know why steak knives are my big giveaway. I have no idea. This is handle on the law marginal legal advice what a case in. Roseville. California a lawsuit against a starbucks. A man claims that starbucks order left him disfigured. He was at. Roseville. A starbucks and he says the LID on his hot tea came loose and the drink spilled over his hands, his stomach, his thighs, his genitals. A, he said the attorney at fell on the window sill. Obviously, it was a drive through and then came over him third degree burns on his fingers second and third degree burns on his pelvic area. He spent twenty two days in the burn unit expand eleven days in the burn unit he's twenty two years old spent eleven days in the burn unit at UC. Davis Medical Center the Attorney says his injuries were so severe. That intimacy is now painful and awkward. And he can no longer pay play the piano particularly with his penis because that was burned also. To a great extent. Now the attorney said the nerves have grown back and he'll back and he's learned to walk again these pretty serious injuries and he says it's their fault. And starbucks comebacks were evaluating the claim and then inevitably our partners take great pride in ensuring our beverage beverages are crafted with care at typical stuff delivered to our customers safely. We take our responsibility to provide a safe environment seriously will continue to do. So our customers junk is very important to us. We want them to be able to go home and stop without a lot of pain I mean, that's the philosophy of starbucks. Now as crazy as it sounds, you remember the case. The Stella Awards. Where Stella a woman. Driving through McDonald's and a cup of coffee burned at either live fil offer baby burn through the bottom of the cup and she got a two point three, million dollar award or three point four and everybody went berserk. How can you get that much and well, and now Stella Awards indicate overpaying for an award ridiculously well, let me tell you i. they didn't and she got the reasonable amount of money even though the court later on kicked it back. And that's because first of all, she was wearing Capri pants. Like she should have been, she should have been sued for wearing Capri Pants. That's for starters who the Hell Wears Capri Pants. But the pants as the coffee spilled absorbed the hot water instantly hot liquid. So the hot liquid stays against the skin and she was burned pretty severely inner genital area. and there was an email that was sent at McDonald's. that was an internal email saying we think there's a risk people have been burnt An executive said our customers want hot coffee. Let's take the risk. That's what the jury heard. yeehaw. That's how you get an award. What's going to happen here who the hell knows. You, know married a why come on you know the guy doesn't have sex for five here. Please there's always there's already somebody on the jury goes hey, I've been laid for twelve years. They got to give them money for five years. Pam. Let's start with you. Good. Yes. I. Was added as a joint tenant to my mom's Condo after she incurred some debts attached to that Condo. My question is. now I'm the only one cause she died. Do I. Have to do anything about those debts or yeah. Well. If it's secured against. The condo itself yeah, the money is owed. and. It's the mortgage holder who can call the loan. There's no mortgage well, and you and you transfer the property. No, the debt stay. On the property and Yo. The money that's it or the property owes the money because it secured against the property now, she technically owns it but it secured with the property which means that they have I call so. Upon the transfer, it's very interesting question upon the transfer to you the debt holder can go ahead and out force. Either the sale or through or through a fans of finance But yeah, the debt remains you don't just walk. You don't walk away with a debt especially on the property secure debt. If I'm a senior citizen and it's my residents. Nobody cares nobody cares nobody nobody cares nobody cares how how old are you in terms of senior citizen seventy two? you know. Seventy two is the new seventy one. You know that. It's it's not that big a deal. Justin Hey, Justin. Hey, bill yes. my my neighbor built a fence that blocks access to the back half of my property. I've I've got a pond that especially when it's Really rainy out the pond extends pretty much the entire property. So my only access through the back. Defense there. So I can't access the back half of my property. I also have an easement. that allows me access where he built the fence I was wondering what I can do about that. Okay. First of all, do you have a heavy equipment rental yard anywhere near you? A CHAINSAW The chainsaw isn't nearly as impressive as bringing a tractor in and just going through the fence. That makes a statement clearly, he is in violation and a couple of areas he's in violation of the easement. And he's also in violation of effectively a constructive easement, which means even if it wasn't recorded, he can't block your access to your property. So you tell them move it, you call them up and you go hey moving and if he refuses to do it that he gets lawyer letter and if he refuses to deal with that, then you have to go to court and get a court order to do and hopefully statutorily there's something on the books that you even get attorney's fees. I don't know statutes allowing attorneys feels turn these fees are all over the place. And Attorney's fees usually are contractual and occasionally their statutory workers comp by statute and civil rights violations by statute. The opposing side or the prevailing side incidentally only the plaintiff gets attorney's fees. If the defendant wins attorney's fees don't fly it's really weird those cases but yeah, he's in violation all over the place. So. Can I can I destroy it I? Mean I want to know? No, it's on his property you. Have to you have to do it legally. It's a win win. I was hoping that this. Isn't a wooden fence. Posts but it's like a like A. Wire chickenwire. Okay. Okay. But but I just. Wouldn't post. You can't 'cause it's his. It's not your property is on his property, right? It's right by the property line liners. Matter. Not, allowed to stop your egress and Digress and progress in. Legal terms. This is this is handle on the law. If you're injured and need a lawyer, go to handle on the law dot COM kfi am six, forty, four stimulating talk. and. Good Morning Bill Handel here it is a Saturday morning. Welcome back to handle on the law marginal legal advice. Angie. Why don't we start with you segment? Hello Angie. Hello good morning yes, ma'am. What's an infection? An infraction is a violation that is really not a criminal violation. It goes felony misdemeanor, and then an infraction is as more of a traffic ticket. So you don't go to jail unless you have a bunch of them. Didn't. Go to jail for wo. Wow. What did you what happened? What. Did you do? What do? You had open container and that was it light claw. And it was. It open container I don't know if that's the did they tag you as an infraction because I think that's a misdemeanor just A. Open container and they arrested you for open container which they do. That's the law, but it's only considered an infraction. Yeah Wow. Six dollars in Huntington Beach jail. Explain how long Six. Hours, six hours they let you go. Well, here's what ended up happening is you were arrested on a misdemeanor. And then they kicked it down to an infraction is probably a day? Did they charge you because you don't get tagged you? Go to jail an infraction they do not arrest you on an infraction. To have committed a misdemeanor. Yeah Infraction. Something's wrong there. So. They. Court. Date. No because you've ono because you violated the law Oh, don't misunderstand. So they wrote you, when did they write you a ticket? Tied in and September eleven. Okay. So what happened you get stopped? You have an open you you style then I was no I was in the stater brothers parking lot and there's this homeless guy that. I like to talk to 'cause he's. He's an old professor that kind of checked out a life. And I was sharing a drink with him. And cops just rolled up on us and around me right away and they won't be so open container drinking in public. And they arrested you or drinking in public. And so did they actually infraction? You normally get a ticket they write you a ticket right there or you're saying they arrested they arrested me right all right and so what paperwork do they give you when they let you go six hours later? Justice yellow one that says that I have to peer up here. November twice and where does it say infraction on the document? Has Numbers. Tactic. Container Right have you looked up the numbers? Piece the four seven. Have you have you? Have you have? You looked out up do that you look to the civil you go to the code of civil procedure go to the Civil Code actually stated California but how do you know that's an infraction? Because the. The she was very nice lady that let me go. and. She said it was a Mugshot for it. What did she say? She said, you probably won't even have to appear in court just call them because it's only an infraction I think she's wrong. I think she's wrong. I don't think open container is an infraction I. think that is Mr Meter I was wondering where that went. All right. Sam. Hello. Sam. Yeah. Yes. All right I was born in the state of New York. and. My ever get application was denied they didn't explain why they just send it back that it was denied. And I needed to I needed to submit paperwork for a delayed versed ticket. Okay Problem being I was born at home in a delayed birth certificate takes a lot more evidence that I don't have. Web whiskey. Ever issued a birth certificate. Never issued one. So you don't have any million. Okay. So where does that don't have a birth certificate? Right. Okay. And you're asking for I delayed birth certificate out all right and they sent you application and application, and it has a bunch of information they need from you and your question is. The Nation be had. So they they they want. They want there only willing to accept one affidavit from someone who was there my birth they want stuff from doctors, their doctors there. All right. So you ran out whole bunch of evidence that I can't provide. Then what you do is provide what you can provide. And? Three or four times admitted the evidence I do have three or four times. It keeps getting denied the just like not enough not enough. All right. Well, now you have to go up because this is a county recorder's Office and you have to and that's administrative decision. So it has to be waived those administration administrative decisions have to be waived, and so you have to go up the ladder. There's no other way of doing it because technically they can say, okay, already gone yes. I've already gone up the ladder I can't remember the name of the office, but it's it's it's many many times higher than than the county officials. I've already tried hiring two or three different attorneys. They say look into it they. May Have you talked to your county elected officials supervisor Have you got into. Office. So the one of the problems. One of the other problems also facing is I was born in New York and you're in the early nineties. But I, I live Virginia I've matter and and so it doesn't matter what? Why would you think that matters? Well it matters because it matters because my my residents now as an adult being in Virginia. Not. New York has been an issue for them. I don't understand that one at all because people strangely enough to move. So I don't get that. You got caught between a rock and a hard place. So one of two things are happening you're in administrative nightmare or you were never born and I'm talking to a very strange entity right now my guest is probably well, it is very, very strange. Yeah My. Okay. I've never had this experience before I've never had a question like this so. I think you're GONNA have to go to your county officials supervisor need some help here. And that's all you could do worse comes to worse you go to court. You simply file a motion front of the court and the court will order the birth certificate to be issued based on. Okay. That's all you can do and you have to actually file a suit. And I don't know what else to tell you. Okay. So what's the problem have pursued stuff at the the I have pursuit stuff like the problem is with with filing and and dealing with the court system. They they their first reaction to any of the any of these things I try to do is they don't believe me. So they think that I'm another person. Okay. Running to sky get. Dacian somehow well, you have to overcome that. Don't you You have to go to court and you have to overcome that, and at this point, if you can't go through the county, the county supervisor to help you out, then you have to go to court and. The court says no I. Don't believe you. Then you probably have the wrong warrior or you'll never get a birth certificate. No what else to tell you? It's a weird position. All right. I'll tell you what else is a weird position is. When you are online whether you're learning as a student or using teleconferencing or whatever you're doing online, we are so increasingly vulnerable to cyber attacks. Since the start of the pandemic, there have been three, three, hundred percent increase cybercrime activity. Every day we put our information at risk on the Internet cybercriminals keep finding new ways to cla identities every day, and you certainly are GonNa Miss Identity Threats, certain identity threats by just monitoring your credit. So let me suggest lifelock been a customer for over a decade and these folks know what they're doing. This is protection. lifelock detects a wide range of identity threats like your social security number for sale on the dark web. That's the hidden part of the Internet, the bad guys buy and sell your information. Now, if lifelock detects your information being used. Illegally or wrongly they'll send you an alert where'd you can deal with now? No, one can prevent. All identity theft or monitor every transaction every business. But here's what lifelock is offering a free dark web scan lifelock dot com slash scan, Promo Code Handel. You can also save up to twenty five percent off your first year with the Promo. Code Handel free. SCAN. LIFELOCK DOT com slash Stan Promo Code. Handel. This is handle on the law. Welcome back. Handel on the law marginal legal advice where I tell you, you have no case. By Linda. Welcome to handle on the law. Good Morning. Thank you for taking my call I'm on a managed care Medicare program through Kaiser. You don't get a medication and I pay forty seven dollars a month copay for five months I've been doing this. They Sent me a nasty gram saying oopsy we made a mistake. Your copay is five hundred and forty eight dollars and we want the money for the four five months. You only paid forty seven. Okay. It's five hundred and change per month. Yes. Over five month. No that's eight months it's called. For Osteoporosis it's the ball. Okay, and they don't have. It's. It's. I know, sorry, it's covered and It's under A. Generic for it right? No, there is no generic. Okay. All right. So Yo the money. Now the question is saw how do they collect money? You call them up and you go hey, I can't afford this. I mean there is no way I'm going to be able to come up with twenty five hundred dollars tomorrow afternoon. So. So you start negotiating with them. Like you always you negotiate with any medical provider and you say you know I'm I'm broke? How much money do you get a month? I get twelve, hundred a month, and that's what you live on. Right? Yes. Okay. That's tough. Warriors. Yeah. I, I understand that this pharmacy. When I went to the pharmacy this month they told me it was gonna be seven hundred and forty five dollars and I said what? All right. So here we made a mistake and I did not get the medicine. Yeah totally medicine. Yeah. You're clearly not be all that medicine because it's too expensive they may have programs. That with the They may have programs with manufacturer, the pharmaceutical company itself. Lily I'm about this money. Yeah. If you if you don't have, they're not gonNA do for it. You don't have it. You don't have it and I I. Don't think they're going to throw you out of the system because you can't pay your living on twelve hundred dollars a month. Ever make an appointment to go see someone. In membership or someone in I don't even know in Bill Wing. And try to go as high as you can just sit down and start negotiating. What I would do is take a photo of a dumpster and say this is where I live. Because that's all. Do you do that and go? Hey, this is by house. Do you understand the problem here? and. You. Excuse me I'm. I've been with Kaiser, my entire life and do. Yeah. You know what I've been I've been okay. I've been through a bunch of surgeries. I've actually lived through most of the surgeries, which is a miracle, a Kaiser. But you know they'll they'll they'll? They'll talk to you I. mean they're they're human beings to, and you got to say there's no way. The only thing you have to worry about is not being kicked out. That's what? About that, you should be I like Kaiser I. I do they've only killed three of my relatives and? Only see you're way ahead of the game. You are way but that's the bottom line. You really stuck between a rock and hard place. They're never gonNA get their money from you. You're obviously not gonna be able to afford this medication. So you have to go to lily that makes it and hope. and. Most do most pharmaceutical companies have a program their work with you, and then just talk to you talk to membership and just beg and I mean they could theoretically throw you out but I've never heard of that happening anyway good luck. That's a tough place to be for. Sure. All right John Hello John Welcome to handle on the law. Thank you Bill. Can you hear me? Okay I can. Okay Bill My name is John Yes. I currently live in California. I have well, I exist in California put it that way. Yeah you're not alone. I have property stats was Passed on to the family from mine mother's about fifteen years ago. There are their property only consist of about about one acre. However, there are eleven airs. The property is located in Alabama I pay the taxes every year on time I allow my cousin to utilize a portion of the land for church parking with no charge. I am concerned Deal about maybe they're being some legal concerns that I should be aware of because I have not liquidated the property you don't have to you never have to liquidate property now was it it was handed to. Your eleven airs zero will attach to the transfer the property. Yes sir. Okay. So has the has it been distributed and you now have eleven owners of the property. I that were other items. There were other assets to be liquidated I liquidated all. Okay. So now you. See the executive. Got It. Now let's talk about the properties he did a good job with everything else now you have the property issue The title whose name is on title is it all eleven of the errors? No it's just my mom. Okay. So it's still in the name of a dead person. Yes sir. Okay. So it's held by the state. So, you want to know what the legal ramifications at this point there are there aren't any. If as long as the taxes are being paid, Alabama. Is Not going to foreclose on it for taxes. That's all they care about is taxes being paid and grab the property. You're allowed to have property that you never step foot on and that can be handed down through twenty-six generations and as long as the taxes are paid. That is the magic here taxes. There is concern. Yeah. No, you're fine. There's something called adverse possession. Which people can actually grab your property if it's been abandoned and they do it openly and notoriously, which means everybody knows and they squat on it but as long as taxes are being paid, that is the magic. No one's taken away your property with taxes so you're fine and. Since in any any one of you can force the sale of the property by the way anyone of you. This is handle on the law. Do that again, good morning handle here. Let's go back to handle on the law marginal Advice Hillary. It's your turn. What can I do for Hillary? Hi there I was working at a dog daycare facility like as boarding and grooming and rescue. I was terribly attacked by one of the dogs they're a rescue. I had to be hospitalized for two days. then I got. Another infection colitis from all the -biotics I was on. So I'm covered by workers comp they're covering my hospital bills but my question is, can I sue for pain suffering beyond that because this place really does not vet the dogs that they have and that they're showing to potential. Adat. How do you? How do you better dog A rescue dog just curious. Well if someone comes in and turns in a dog and says, they attacked me, I can take that but I don't WanNa, turn it into a pound 'cause they'll kill it. So this place will take the dog and try. All right and do they what do they do with the dog? If it still attacks people they youth Anais it right Yes When when I was attack they called the previous owners had come pick up the dog they picked up the dog to a shelter to be euthanized, and then the place where I worked said, no, we're not euthanizing dog fast we'll save it where we train it whatever. So the priority was to the dog and not to their human employees that was. Passed and hospitalized and I don't want this to happen to somebody else. So right. For Pain and suffering? No, you can't and they'll tell you why because first of all, let's talk about the whole concept of workers comp. We have a no fault state with workers COMP. If you are injured on the job even if it is the employers fault you do not get beyond workers comp. That's why they call it a no fault state also there was. There's something called assumption of the risk I mean. Shelters do they take these abused dogs who turned around and attack? And knew about it because you work in there I'm assuming you had some kind of expertise and you knew about it and still kept working there. You see the problem. So you don't get worker. You don't get on workers comp just because of the law itself, they don't let you. The law doesn't let you and. You knew what you were doing. That's the problem you assumed it. So the answer is a big. No, you have absolutely no case whatsoever Stephanie Hey Stephanie Welcome. About spousal benefits I call social security a couple days ago, and my ex husband passed away last month and. I found out that he actually was married within a year after our divorce and we were married. We were married in seventy one to nineteen eighty and he married someone else in nineteen eighty one but she was still married. So I, know you have to be married ten years to you know to receive any benefits. And I was just curious if if my marriage is technically you know. I. Yeah. I. First of all, from what I understand that's seventy one to eighty nine years not ten trek. So automatically at that point, you get nothing. Second of all, you get nothing after the divorce and the fact that he was married to someone who was already married makes his marriage. Makes his marriage invalid with social security people don't know that I mean the WHO tells so security that. But it's not your issue because you're done, you have nothing more to do with it so. All I can did you like your husband when you were married and why did you get divorced? Well, he was dating her. Married and you still like him, you still like them after the fact I forgive him. Oh, that's very sweet of you. I must tell you. Good for you. All right. All right. Now while you're done that's basically all right Paul Hello Paul. Yes thanks for taking my call. Yes, go ahead. Here. So I'm GonNa let my better half takeover. Okay. Hi there how are you? Hi Do you make fun of your husband that he's deaf? No, way. Oh. That's too bad. Do you use sign language? no, no does wear hearing AIDS which helps a lot but not in situations where. What can I do for it? Anyway. So he was married for twenty years and the divorce was final. Of this year and in the divorce decree, it's the community property that is owned with his ex wife was to be sold within six months. From the date that the divorce was final so that that time is now and she's refusing to sell and she's refusing to leave. And he wants to know what? No okay Okay. So she's living in the house. Is Okay tidal as a matter how title was held a court order that the house be sold and she won't leave. You gotta go back to the court. Your husband has to go back to the court. And make sure the judge shy yells very loudly, Adam. So he can understand and you'll and you'll be fine. It's order. So the quarter will order him the court, order her out and if and and forced to sail, and if she doesn't go I mean she. Happen a few they'll throw her out. I mean the judge will arrest her for contempt. So you're fine you just have to. Maybe even the divorce attorney that handled it to go back into court, it's going to cost them more money but. He'll get her out no question about it. This is handle on the law. And Good Morning Bill Handel here. On a salary morning Kfi am six forty live everywhere on the iheartradio APP. and. We have a couple of lines open. We've been pretty good the last couple of hours with the lines and you notice that. I haven't called for phone numbers in a while. You know why? Because we have plenty of phone calls eight, hundred, five, two, zero, one, five, three, four, maybe one two lines open right now. Oh. Yes. Why don't we start because we have another hour to go on the show and then after the show I'm GonNa continue answering phone calls just a heads up. So if you happen to be on the line and the show ends, just hang loose and continue off the air with you. This is handle on the law marginal legal advice where I tell you, you have absolutely no case. Remember. The dive boat conception. That in southern California caught on fire thirty four people under the deck. Were killed as fire swept through the boat. And the only people that survived were the people of on the deck. That, we're able to jump in the water including the captain and including some of the hands. and. So what ended up happening? We knew there was gonna be a a huge issue lawsuits aplenty and here is. What's going on these boats? First of all, I believe that and I think I'm right on that the operators in the owners of the dive boat itself are going to be liable like crazy. The insurance companies got to start writing huge checks. Because of the violations, because there were two violations that occurred which are very important. Maybe three one of them being there is a law or Regulation Coast Guard regulation that aboard these vehicles someone has to be awake and walking around has to be on call effectively and. Guarding the boat case anything happens it didn't happen. Everybody was asleep. Number two. There is supposed to be. Emergency Training. That is given to the crew, and in this one, one of the crew members the day before the fire asked, the captain aren't going to have our emergency training and the captain says when we have time and it never happened to major violations. That wouldn't have changed anything I might add. Because the fire swept. So quickly through the boat that had those regulations even followed nothing would have happened there nothing would have been able to help these people. Then, there was an issue where the boat ignited and they really don't have an absolute they have an idea. Aboard the boat, there was an electrical plug system where all of the phones and the various pieces of equipment raw plugged in and one of the crew members notice when they plugged one in earlier that evening, there was a spark. And a ignored, it didn't pay attention. Okay. Those are the violations to absolute one maybe. But. It turns out that the boat is horribly designed. And this is where they're going to go after the owners. But here's the problem. Here's the defense and it's a pretty good defense. The boat met code when it was designed. The boat had inspected by the Coast Guard every year. And passed. And just so happens that when the boat was designed, it's a rotten designed for safety. There are two exits from the bottom. From the underside of the boat or in the. In the base of the boat. Under the deck. And they lied to the same place. So if that same place up on the deck of a room on the deck is. On fire that there's no place to go even with two exits, the exits themselves are very small, they should be much wider. There should be Mutt it had to be much easier for people to get out. Now again, it happened with have been survivors we don't know probably not. But They are. Looking at. Redesign of these boats and taking some real precautions. The good news for the redesign is there are sister boats that are identical that were built the same time. So there's a boat that they can practice on and go through exits and back and forth and not just look at a of blueprints. So that's what's GonNa Happen Oh The captain is maybe charged with manslaughter. But you can bet some big checks are going to be written. All right Let's take some phone calls Tim with start with you. Hello, Tim Welcome. my wife and I became Transamerica. Insurance agents about four years ago. and. We had the notion that we wanted to start more of a conglomerate money business. So we enlisted securities, Advisors, property casualty company whatnot just try and get a mortgage broker just to get a bigger group of money people. Gal that I got in with with the initial business. set me up with somebody in the office. To Do Securities Licensing. And it turned out at the end of it. He was fired and did not have the license and we were we were being kind of defrauded. Hearing me I am I'm just curious process. Just on the phone So my understanding setting this whole thing up with property casualty company to do expanded platform of financial services what was paramount in the agreement was that we would get transamerica's name on the building. And we were guaranteed by this woman that yes. Yes. Yes. We'll do that and it never performed. And ultimately After one year we realized it wasn't GonNa Happen, and we just kind of shut shut down those relationships. Do I have any recourse to go because we're about one hundred and ten grand. All, right. Let's start with. The promise that she made that you'll get that you'll transamerica's name on the building that was that written. Yes I have I have emails with yes. All right, fair enough and that was. I have emails where she she actually blames the Obama. Administration regularly. Great. That's great like, yeah. It's like we're whereas just rolls down the hill and it's like I of course of course, let's kick the it'll never no one's ever at fault. Now when she introduced you to the guy who didn't have the license, was him not having a license instrumental? With Transamerica, not going forward with you that have any influence. I do not believe that he influenced it. He just didn't have the audacity to go forward with it. I went for. She referred it. Yeah. There may be some liability there detrimental reliance. She made a representations that he had the ability, they'll. Defense is how they held it. I know he didn't have the ability to go forward now there are now technically it's easy javelin she did she didn't. She did know because the comptroller and the office ultimately came to me and said, you know that he's not licensed and not like everybody was running cover for this woman. Okay. But here's the question. I just asked you his being synced or not was that instrumental in you not being able to go forward and you had to shut down was his license pivotal tall that All right, then okay and She should've known she represented he did have a license now. Did you check? That's where I'm about yes due diligence six months late bill six. Okay. You're listening to your do your do of course of course Yeah. it's it's sort of up in the air I would certainly try hundred and ten thousand dollars. There's no small amount of money her defense is that hey, sophisticated business my understanding was he did have a license to my knowledge. He did it was represented to me that he did and maybe I should have gone and checked it but certainly, you should have gone and checked at some time to talk to a business lawyer it's that simple. You've I it's complicated enough where everybody has an argument and everybody has a defense and that's That's how it flies. You're right now the advice you give is do your due diligence and when people represent and the more they're representing the greater they are the flakier they generally are. This is handle on the law if you're injured and warrior go to handle on the law dot com Kfi am six forty. Kfi Am six, Forty Bill Handel here. Back we go more handel on the law marginal legal advice Jerry even there for a while. Hi Jerry. Welcome to the show. Bill I have a problem I live in a residential area, I've. Been here twenty years and cross the street when I moved in and there's a nice tennis court had four courts and. People would play tennis and it's it's a quiet game. In the last two years, are you familiar with a game called pickle ball? They play with pickles don't they and it gets really squishy GONNA. Take a picture with some kind of a racket and it just it's a mess you. Know your clothes. Okay. Pickle. Ball is played with paddles similar to a ping pong paddle. They're much bigger and they play with like a wiffle ball and. As they hit the ball, it's a very loud noise and With twelve pickle ball courts. When they play, it is so noisy. I can't even open my front window goes on our house because the people are screaming and yelling they make a point or whatever. And there's usually when you play the game. You. Play, and then when the game is over, then four other people are waiting to play the game. So there can be up to fifty people. Waiting to play. Miss goes on from seven in the morning to ten PM at night. It takes twenty five maybe forty cars parked on our street both sides of the street. Therefore. I have a problem. Sure family your friends come here. No I can see that. Yeah. and. They have a we have a barbecue sometimes at a park, a block and a half away and carry everything in our. House and unload it. Got It. Got It. What's your question? Like question is, is there anything we can do with this? Yeah. That's Actually a good question. That's exactly where I thought. You were going to go first of all and very disappointed that there aren't real pickles being used. I had this wonderful visual and it was just stick killer. All right. So assuming assuming there are no real pickles and game is described as you describe it. Here's the problem you're going to have the city has. Almost absolute power to do what you described. They have those pickle ball without pickles pickle ball courts. And the courts are the courts are very courts. It's interesting are very leery. To change up and forced the city to go in a different direction however. This is not merely the city exercising its ability to change the courts or. Allow a different type of person work different type of game that therefore is it requires or. At the level of noise exists such a higher level. This is so So interrupts your lifestyle and your enjoyment of your home. That may that may be all over the edge that could the way you describe it where the city you would have no chance against the city I mean zero this one. Is Enough of an interruption of your life and a hindrance ability to live a lifestyle yeah, I think you've got a shot at it. Now you WanNa go to your council person that may or may not do something. They may a limit the number of people allowed on the court waiting. They make an and they're not willing to do anything. Okay. Let's put a no parking. Yeah exactly. Because they put, they put a permit parking only on the street and they said no to that. Yes go to your city council person and you do what you can do with the city council person. And that's one if the city council person and the city itself isn't going to do anything you get to go to court and that's a difficult one but you have to do you spend the money. And you. There's no when the city council when the city of new anything there really is appeals level. So you have to file a lawsuit. Now, how many of your neighbors are experiencing the same pickle ball issue? The whole street we. Dishing they signed it. We've. Okay, now, how many do you think are willing to kick in some money to hire a lawyer? That's a good question. That's the question because you have a lawyer that caused four hundred dollars an hour. Let's say and there are twenty people. Now you're talking twenty bucks an hour for. Whatever amount of time it takes? So. Otherwise, you're going to have to a small group of YOU'RE GONNA. Have to and this is where neighbors really suck and that is they're going to get the benefit of whatever you do and are not going to have to pay for it. That depends on the street. But those those are your alternatives and none of them very good and I'm astounded that the city. Is Not willing to do anything about it. and. If the council person if you made an appointment to talk to your council person they now I'm not going to get involved. In the only issue have the only way you can go go to court and that's no fun at all. Right. Now if you've recently gotten a new device. You could very well be leaving your personal information exposed to the cybercriminals, but actually any device. We're more and more open to ransomware malware spyware and more. So in order to state private and secure in today's connected world, let me tell you what can help you enormously, and that's Norton three sixty with Norton three sixty or getting real time protection against existing emerging threats and you get device security on top of that a VPN virtual private network that uses bank grade encryption to protect your information and passwords and log ins a password manager that easily and securely creates and stores manages your passwords Credit Card Info, etc.. That's what Norton three sixty does now no, one can prevent all cybercrime but norton three, six powerful ally real protection get up to fifty percent off your first year with an annual subscription visit Norton Dot com slash handle norton dot com slash handle. This is handle on the law. Good Morning Bill Handel here as we continue with the show for those of you that are still on on the phone waiting for me I, go off the air stay tuned over stay on the phone I'll get back to you even when we go off the air continue on. So not to sweat it back we go more handel on the law marginal legal advice I. Hello Bob. Bob's your Uncle Bob. Bill yes bill can you hear me? Yes, I can so. I'll try to make this possible I'm looking to possibly send a cease and desist letter based on the fact that over ten years ago I was unfortunately a poor and convicted of a crime. But since that time I've done everything rebuild my life I've gotten my record expunged. I've made some other personal victories in strides and I have put all that behind me. And recently, I started dating a girlfriend like. My new girlfriend and her ex-husband discovered my past, and now he's telling anybody can that I'm a convicted? Which? Isn't entirely true and Well hold on hold on hold on were you convicted of rape? No okay. What were you picked it up? It's It was called oral copulation by government official. and. But was there. Was there a memo issued? Ordering you to do that or to stop doing that. Oral copulation by I've never heard of that by a government official. I had I was a police officer and I had an affair. And a couple of a couple of months after the fair the person that had the affair with was going to get arrested for something else and then. Okay. Right, and then call three, hundred, the Boston cop to it. So just a quick. When they talked about oral copulation. Putu home just curious. Oh, that's damn right. That's the way I do it. Okay good for you. Well the answer is a quick. A quick answer is, of course you do a cease and desist and that street out defamation by the way you were not convicted of that is straight out defamation and would get a I go get a lawyer letter tried to scare the crap out of the guy and say, Hey, you know what? This is defamation and I mean it's big defamation accusing you of a sexual crime that you did not commit. Accusing you of being convicted of a crime that is one of that's actually defamation per se. There are four levels of common law defamation. And this hits right in the middle of it. And one of them is business dealings. Right if you're a businessperson an accused of stealing and it's not true ripping people off for misrepresenting that's common law defamation. You've got them all you have to prove damages matter of fact, some cases you don't have to the other one is, are you ready for this? Accusing a woman of not being version of Virgin. Attacking a woman's virginity this goes back. Let's say a few years ago. Today you attack a woman four being virgin. and. That's that's besides the point. Three is a loathsome disease having a literally that's the language that was used loathesome disease. S TD syphilis. I, you also have leprosy was one of those two in terms of loathsome but mainly venereal diseases and the fourth one I don't remember. But the point one this is straight out defamation and you've got them. You've got him. I'll tell you that right now. Yeah, you go way more than a cease and desist I mean season's assists may do it and just a lawyer say, Hey, and it's probably worth an hour of a lawyer's time on this one because it's a pretty serious stuff and just say, Hey, big damages occur. All right. One last legal question that I think has a lot of revelant. On one to ten how was she? Oh come on. All right just asking just. Never. mind. Okay good enough. Andrea. Andrea. What can I do for you here? By My eighteen year old son was in a car accident and there were eight vehicles involved. And Nine people and he is being blamed for the accident. he paid for the vehicle in his the only person on the title. By insurance, wise. my husband and our or all three on the insurance. Can we being my husband and I he personally food That's a good question. I don't think. So the fact they didn't own vehicle, but he was put as a dry. It's kind of interesting. He was put on as insured driver, but it's to your cars. Usually you ensure cars not people. And what they do want to know the insurance companies who else is driving the car. And they generally will cover I guarantee and I don't know the answer to this because this is an insurance question and I would look it up if I wasn't lazy but I'm. Too Lazy to look it up. The answer is. No I don't know think so. Do, you have an insurance agent. Who did you buy the insurance from one? Then just call the insurance. Yeah just call whoever you bought it from. Make it easy. For sure. Let me see that. Francine there you go. Francine welcome to handle on the law. Yes. Hi Thank you for taking my call. I have a retirement questions. Can you hear me? Yes, I can. Good. I had to retirement when he left the company twenty years ago. I found out that they're testing their retirement out due to eliminate position. But I was called February twenty four th of this year they said, no you massive deadline. You can't. We're not. You can't cash out anywhere. Okay. I, just wanted to check into. Can you send me information about it? What I have? I can retire when I can cook. And they said sure it months later. No. No got back to my call back inquirer again. This year ready. Cashed it out. Oh Okay. Yeah. They see already cashed it out. You got a mess on your hands. So their records show that money was given to someone I'm assuming identity theft, right? Yeah probably. All right. You have to go to. It's. Is it a big company that administrates the pension? Okay they have they have fraud division. And you've got to go you got to go to the. PHONE CALLS SO I. Know. You go to the fraud division you I think you have to email you. Someone's going to answer the phone and you call them up you go I need the fried. I have to speak to the fraud division of the company that's holding the holding the pensions you. It's an administrative company that does that and these are Pension Cup companies that do this, and that's why I asked if it was a big company so you just have to get through it I mean I. Really GonNa, pay a lawyer to force the company to talk to you. What to do? All Right Roy said you have to keep on going? and. If they don't talk to you, then you send an email because when you say they don't talk to you. You call on the phone you ask where their addresses, they don't give it to you. Offer they're just say no I understand. But here's here's what I'm saying when you call and you say had an issue with my pension being cashed out by someone that's not me who do I talk to they just refuse to talk. They'll get back commune to then keep on going every single day twice a day. If you have to follow up with emails I just called you you haven't called me back. You promised next day. Next Day. You've already done that and they still won't talk to you know they say, well, we need another day we need another five. Then at some point you have to, and then then you have no choice if they're not willing to talk to, you have to have a lawyer and they have to have the court will order them to talk to you to at least have a conversation I mean I don't understand a major company like that. Simply refusing to talk to someone about transferring you to a division that can help you. I find that astounding. But you know I'm ever heard of that I can't imagine a major corporation. That's like you WanNa talk to General Motors and you have an issue with your car not talking to you. We'll call you in another day and the for months they don't talk. They don't talk you go to a lawyer and the judge says you'd have talk to her. That's I. Think where you're at. This is handle on the law. If you're injured and need a lawyer, you're going to handle on the law dot COM kfi am six, forty, four stimulating talk. And Good Morning Bill Handel here as we end the show last segment. Also WanNA. Remind you hate stay tuned at the top of the is I literally lock out and we go on to another Go onto. Leo LaPorte our Tech Guy because what will happen Is Continuing Al continue answering the phones Right through until we run out. So hang loose and you can call me. At eight, hundred, five, zero, one, five, three, four, even the line is busy at the end of the our. People do hang up. So ten minutes into it you WANNA. Call I'm here until everybody's call is answer I tend to do that on Saturday mornings my pleasure to. Welcome back to handle on the law marginal legal advice. Kendra that's why I wanNA talk to you. Hi Kendra. Yes ma'am. Welcome to handle them along. Sure. You're in the middle of a major kitchen remodel, and of course, we have the city inspectors coming out like we're supposed to. But my question is once inspectors there can they legally start looking at a? No No. Well it depends are there are they looking for? Violations of code in other parts of the house. What are they looking at is the question. Well. One thing is are recessed lighting. That was there when we purchased the home I, guess is not up to code anymore and so they want us to replace. Wow Yeah, they can do that. They can do that. Now you could argue that you were it was grandfathered in but if code was a if it was installed per code when it first went in, you're grandfathered in however if there was no permit taken but usually when you do lighting when you put it in recess lighting I mean I, don't even know if you have to get a an inspection for that. I. Mean. That's kind of weird unless they had to rewire the house for that. So You can try to appeal it. You can say no and go to building and safety but the answer is if they see a code violation, they can say we see a we've seen a code violation. Yeah, congratulations. Christopher Hay Christopher. Welcome to handle on the law. Hi What's what can I do for you? Yes. Yes. Bill my dad. Has a restraining order. On me. And I was wondering. How long can keep it on? All right. What is what is the restraining order rebel Christopher what what exactly does it restraint you from doing? Terrorist. Terrorist threats. Okay what does he say you? What did you do? I utter a terrorist threat according to Your Dad okay. I thought he. I was GONNA kill him. That's why. There's cars and. I was wondering. Go Straight. For. Seven Years extended. Having Years Yeah I'm assuming that if you are going to kill him and his wife and blow up his car, you're GonNa do it very very slowly as my guess so they'll have plenty of time to call the police on you. Yes. It can be extended Christopher. Now you don't sound like kind of guy you sound like a pretty friendly guy. You don't say you know. Yeah, it is because you don't sound like I'm going to kill you. I'm going to kill your wife I'm GonNa Kill Your family I'm GonNa blow up your car. You just don't sound like that kind of guy. So what kind of relationship did you guys have that caused you to say that? Well. We have a rocky I. I just got that. That's weird. I mean. Things to me Okay Charles Nah. It's all right. That's fair. All right. Fair, enough, I can't argue with that. Chuck. Hello Chuck. Welcome. Yeah. How you doing? What can I do for you Last one, I had to their there. How about verifying inheritance now? Well, I don't know what that means. What do you mean finding your inheritance is someone dead. there. By how much I should have gotten at twenty thousand that my dad passed away twenty five years ago my mother was getting like three thousand. All of this happened twenty five years ago. No My Dad's been gone for twenty five years. Okay. With way. Right when was the? When was the wheel probate it? just recently. Okay and. You're you're a beneficiary under the will correct. Correct. You should be able to see the will. It's that simple a bunch of ways who was the executor of the will? Ni- older sister, your older sister house, the show it to you. And your older sister does not show it to you. You can go into the county records because a will a public document and you can pull that out. And you can find out if you're older sisters screwing you incidentally, if it turns out, she won't show you the will she screwing you? Your no question about it because there's no upside. If let's say I'm an executor in your a beneficiary and I'm paying you what should pay you what's the downside of show you the will? Yeah. So check on a settlement for my fifteen years. I'm sorry settlement win. I got advice metric when it's like eleven. Okay I. Mean that's GonNa Sediment said, they didn't understand I'm not understanding a word. You said that's all right. We'll do this again at some point is in probably never. Creek, binder that I am staying on the phone. We're going off the air and just a second reports gonNA follow this show. And I will continue to take phone calls for swallow all of you that are on hold just hang loose I'll answer your calls and you have a phone call for me and the line is busy call again in ten minutes 'cause I'm going to go through the calls pretty quickly. We don't have commercials. We don't have news whether or any of that. I'm going to go straight through the phone calls the number is eight, hundred, five, two, zero, one, five, three, four, eight, hundred, five, two, zero, one, five, three, four up next report I'm back Monday morning. With the morning show starting at six am this is handle on the law saying. It's not the same thing I say not at the Fisher House the Fisher House I know is a huge part of the country for somebody like my husband for them to know that their family members are being taken care of that's a huge part in off of them so they can concentrate on their therapies. Just. Having that assurances that no matter what is long as we were there for Anson that someone would be there to take us it took so much weight off our shoulders out. Can you help good fisherhouse dot org.

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Ep167: OnlyFans, Rating Peen & Squirting Feat Miss BNasty

WHOREible Decisions

1:21:12 hr | 9 months ago

Ep167: OnlyFans, Rating Peen & Squirting Feat Miss BNasty

"Hey Hor hive happy Monday. We have a very special listener. Who is doing something amazing for one of our followers? Who May possibly be in need? I want to read you her male. So that if you need to reach out to her that you can she says hey guys after six weeks I finally be covert nineteen and now that I'm negative. I'm donating plasma for antibodies. There are many cases where donation has been urgently needed for transfusion to give someone and the antibodies needed to survive the battle to your family's whoever it might be a Lotta people are left to plead for donors social media and this is obviously disproportionately happening to black people and this is who she wants to donate to. So if you have somebody in your life if you if it's a friend of it's a family member anybody that needs an antibody donation. Please write her directly. She even made a gym for this breed. Cova Antibody B. R. I. Covet Anti B O D Y at g mail or you can write her on g chef boy. A. R. B. R. I. She wants to know what your blood type is. If it's a match and she'll donate it to you so we want to thank you so much breath that's fucking amazing and yeah keep this whole shit. Alah we'll be sure that that information is in the description of this episode. So if you didn't catch that just visit the description of this episode and the information will be there if you are in what what we motherfucking here again once again recording remotely because apparently this is never going to end were. It's never going to fucking end. We are stuck in our Damn House. Apparently Ho am Cova is life. I'm honestly it's funny because if you go back and listen I got an all you bitches about going to get Dick. Well guess what. I'm okay with a now. Go out and date getting suck. It have three because this is the new fucking norm. So fucking bitch bucket. I'm not getting any anyway well along I've so excited I'm so excited for this guy's once again this your girl maybe Sane Aka bullecourt pumps AK- a Mandy Baskin's Aka debt bitch and okay. She's Mandy Baskin's I'm I'm Ho- exotic but we have a better one in the house today. Drummer one of my favorite magazine. She said that is me. And you guys may have heard us not only speak about her but if you follow me on twitter you probably see her pussy everyday because I read sweet it and do I do I read it I love I listen I just. I don't think you know how much I love you. I think what I've been following you and we've been going back and forth at least the last two years a year and I think I hit you up when I first started following you. You're like girl I'm in Memphis you were you. Were down there and you're not in Memphis anymore. You're no no no. Where do you know where California Literally Mountains Victorville? Where the fucking victory exactly exactly. I don't know historic with nothing girl you got. I mean bitch. That's why you'd be outside fucking. Somebody may have about a pool. It'd be pulling up the starbucks drive through. You wear gotta toiling beginning end and I love his guys. Mississippi NASTY IS IN THE ZERO POINT. One top percent of the creators on only fans. We have talked about only fans and how much it has kind of became a whole book in term in itself like fans is now like you say you automatically know what it is. Also just the stigma around it. We want to get into that for the horrible decision but but before before we do that before we get onto the only fans we want to talk about our last orgasms. I'm GONNA really leave this part to you and whizzy because I'm team absent over here and growing actually yourself I came talking to Jinnah but I'm GonNa bring that up at the end of the show. Biz. I was leaking talking to that finance man manifestation in the building building girl he find. Eric I know he finds July ship. Just be can you talk to our audience on the last time you experience an orgasm both solo and with someone else so when I told you give me five minutes like solar was bath especially when I was smoking and you said Hey we gotta get on early so I was like. I'm nervous songs. I let me just go. Road went out real quick. Loosen up. You're nervous you're nervous Mitch. You're nervous bitch. You uploaded a video. That just came on my timeline. Where you're truffle. Butter asked US came out. But you nerve is low. It's nice you know it's different from Utah. That's really sweet. What what about? No I mean it's great to connect with people from the Internet especially people that you admire like you know. It's funny because I feel like years ago to say that you're a fan of someone makes you look like a groupie but now we're just able to celebrate each other in this way and especially the way that you celebrate women on your Time Line. I know you you put me onto girls. I'm going only fan user and I and I'm just like really happy to see women do that so I'm still hearing only fans clearly. I have mine for my feet because I followed be for so long. I hit her up immediately. It was like what is your referral thing so I sign up. I signed up my only fans under now girl. I ain't been really keeping with what coins you really see him from me but yeah I hit her up in automatically was like well. I know that only fans takes out their percentage but I know that there is a referral program and I was like girl the duties and that's the change to be what about what about the sharing. When's the last time you shared in Oregon not the last time? Just tell us how you came when you were sharing with someone or Shit Miami. I was living theo. Motherfucker points have been in Manhattan that out to both Nazir an raquel. They came onto our show. I love her cal. She's had like mad bitches. Y'All was on Goddamn Volkswagen for those of you. Who cannot see his his taking and looking up to the ceiling. Right now and I'M GONNA I'M GONNA guess that's from nausea. And not even that his even his Dick is really nice. If you're listening and you just want to know the Dick is nice Italian wonderful. Like he like he nice. This please need is just hit me. I does the little dancing in the pussy. I can't stand it I hate it. I hate it also very respectful. So if you're like hey I'm not with that. He knows he actually will talk to doesn't talk in his videos like all. My fans have pointed this out. He doesn't station in his videos. Offscreen the a big ball and he's talking fun to be around. Yeah after we recorded with them we ended up going to a bar and we got shit faced. Drunk Mir Raquel made I make out with a lot of people when I get drunk by pipe around her she. She's she oozes sex a sex she. She has a very. I think the other thing too about rick. Kelly is like it's weird. She has almost like a mother hen. It makes her smash Martians and she's still sexy at the same time like what. She motherly super motherly and this. I don't WanNa have kids very warm right. All the last time I came I just realized what Mandy said the five minute thing bitch I saw. I don't know this is really weird to save because a lot of people are like. Oh least you have somebody to fuck during Kobe but I still really like masturbating. Like I don't really feel like just because at dickey's here I need to utilize the I love my hand and I love being nasty in my own world. We're porn so I was supposed to be making lunch. I was like Oh. Let me know when you're off your call masturbate. He's like Hey I'm ready. Josh show pop deadman was like give me five minutes. I'm just wrapping email right back to gang. Bang Boo cocky. Porn came out and made them other chicken limited. Pla. I Oh and my shared orgasm because there's nothing else to do to really spice it up. I sent a picture of my policy to a nigger. That was ten feet away behind a door and said come get it and we thought that was fine. I really miss sending nudes if we're just another further proximity away. What the fuck is sending news makes me? I've always liked to send news so only not a big joke for me right. It's like a but the don't get me wrong if you send too many news like Monday. Gave me tap bat one time and sent a heart on it and I was like excuse me. It's so funny 'cause I just started talking to somebody I don't think I'm GonNa Bring Them Up Nepad on no yet but I'm talking to somebody right now and I was so happy when he said he don't really like videos like I felt almost like a sigh of relief. I say good because I hate make him video and then I'm not gonNA lie. I hate the news and be with you when I see your videos. I'd be like my shits look like shit compared to like how you'll be like doing a whole production and it's funny because I was just talking about well. I mean if you've been if you're if you're taking a selfie and you got a real model dishes I was the guy that I'm talking to. Well there's two of them. Annie brought a old. I can't even believe it. There's a whole I don't know the Corinthian to change my life apparently with Corinthian. I Odinga's so I got. I got a salt and pepper on the West Coast and the salt and pepper on the East Coast and saw pepper on the west coast. Me and him. I love getting a Selfie from him. Like when he's smoking his we'd. I'd be like a picture and I just want be so I mean the camera do be close to his space but he I love it. The ones that one of them has instagram. The other one does not have Graham. So Yeah Bitch. You know their their morals. They they they're trying to stay low key. Maybe that's my daddy right there Not now that's my baby. Daddy I word dude you ever meet somebody fine. And when they don't have instagram you like either. He lied or does he goes a true slut. Bitches common under his pictures talk about that day was good last night and then he not GonNa WanNa post show and I'll be whole fucking who loot. It's so funny that you brought that up so outside of meat have haven't thought and Pepper. Bella Bay was drunk last night called me and told me he loved me a wanted to be my boyfriend and I'm like no. I thought he had been out of. He's he's been in the DMV for like the last month and a half he's no longer as girlfriend And so like we've been face timing and talking a lot and he came out and said he loved me and I like let them know upfront I was like. Would you be cool to open relationship straight up? Because I'm GonNa let you know there might be something else I want out there. And he was like damn so you want like a hierarchy with Joe Nichols and I was like a whole lot actually. He said he was open with an open relationship with me. He was known. Saying I love you but I did not but I mean like I've set on the show like I really do care for him. I enjoy him. He's been to two of our live shows so he supports me in every way that without financial see sh- medium. Dick's are the one the one thing I'm like. And now if he'll like if he wanna wife me and still let me give big old. Dick's let's let's do it. That's right I'm not GONNA lie. I'm like this might be. He said he's a I'll be your steadman. I was like okay this that I didn't tell them I would like you came. I said I'm never going to be your sugar Mama. And he was like. Don't worry like get my shit together like I'm getting together and be that for you but let me be your statement and I was like. I'm a bit if he wanted to be a felt really bad because then he was like. Yeah like you know we can take pictures like I'll be on your social media out but you won't so don't think I'm opposed theon. We pitchers instagram out late. Ni- now we're not GONNA do that. Girl you could do the veterans be doing like. Oh He's so annoying and when he's in a negative you know I I'm GonNA put your face on you ain't going on air at all and I'm still collect 'EM DM's so speaking of dams be do do be sliding and then deums time all the time all kinds young and old especially new sign young boys who begin like NBA and NFL deals boy. That'd be the first ones for real. They want you to teach us and thank you know what it is though. Think about it. You've been watching her for a minute and now you have enough to actually speak to me. Negga was that's really what it is. Imagine if like just a regular dude and you're watching this woman who's not making more than you for one and just surpassing you like. I think it's across the board. We can all agree that you don't come off as a girl who's just making videos like you've got some personality there. You don't seem stupid. You're not what you know what everyone would think of. A you know like like to be so. I think it's probably right like a Bimbo and if I just started getting NBA money. I'm like living. Let's see I'm really picky? I can save you. Why are you picking like? I don't feel like training them. No I'm telling you I'm going to be thirty. Eight speech millennial same so okay so so let me ask you because this is something that just recently came up and I was GONNA ask for the sex tip but since we're talking about liking guys and relationships and things like that most recently you shared on your twitter that you really really like the guy we don't have to talk about the name of who it is like that but you you shared how you recently really really liked a guy and you wanted an m. f. threesome with him and you ask them for that and he like completely got weird on you. Can you talk about because a lot of women come to us and say I want to M. F? Three somehow do I ask my boyfriend or the guy that I'm fucking for an threesome? Without Him. Judging me so cute talk about how that happened. Yes the first of all shout to kill savage because like like literally what would rocco savage do. That's literally how I answer questions now. So it's just something I'm into DP. It's like I like DP so double penetration and so I was just like he was pretty cool with the booty stuff and like let me get into the Let me get into you. Know in his ass okay. He loaded thinking yes. I'm thinking like he's pretty open. And whatever like most got a Lotta guys don't like when you introduced toys into the bedroom anyways but he's been really cool with that so I just thought he was just down for whatever like whatever I wanted and Yeah as soon as I hit him with that he hit me with A. That's just that's just. I just basically asked him. I was like I want I want to try something he's and I was. I you got somebody like you trust and he was. I mean somebody you trust like somebody that you would like go bus females with Roy Moore. Homeboy was saw tonight. Craig way done the news. I that's that's just not something I see myself doing with you like that's something. I do to other girls but not somebody I have feelings for. And he had feelings for me. I thought we were just fucking Aachen. Like I thought we were just fucking. I didn't know anything serious was coming about. Like we see each other when we see each other we fuck. We're going out of business and he was just. That's not what I'm here for like I really like you know. I didn't know you feel this way. Like wonderful goes. I'm GONNA find out so being because but even if he did feel this way. I think that's the bigger issue about it. It's like okay. You're starting to like me and now you can't right so you like me and you know I want this. Would you rather meet she on you? Would you rather create a safe environment for me and do it with me so i WanNa tell you guys about a close friend of mine that just had a successful? Msf She has been fucking into dudes one for eight years and the other one for a few months and cares about both of them maybe like under twelve months with the other guy and she was like look. I want this to get done before. I'm forty it has to happen. I'm turning forty soon. I gotTA figure this shit out. I'm not about to go online in my life. I WanNa do it with verified Dick and guys that I actually WanNa fuck which I found completely fair. So I'm like well wouldn't you just ask for a homeboy? And she's like no. I want the two of them Nicaragua to me all the time. Oh I got this chick and Y'all call. Y'All would like each other Boba Glenn. I was like I was a fair point. She brings it up to both of them. One is totally down the one eight years like I'll know she's I got the whole scene setup unlike. What did you do bits that they heard niggers? I'm just guessing Domino Cook Chicken. We and I'm just started sucking. We I feel like this anywhere right jokes on me and you. Maybe because the bid said she both over smoking she was cooking. She said she hasn't panties on and she said at one point she suggested strip poker and she was like. So you know I'll start losing bidders like gets like she's a titties out. I fucking start sucking windy. The other ones playing with her pussy. She said they booked for like ten fucking and now these hanging out during Kobe solely as you. Because she was successful so he tells you now. I don't WanNa do that. Chew you. Cut Him off because he will have the MS. Yeah that's what I want like. It's on my bucket so sexual people think that I am. There's a lot of stuff that I've never got to do. Like I been go down with how I want to night. What all of it. Namely like my. That was my first girl girl girl experience in Miami home. That was my first fucking in front of people like that I. I don't really know the group like we had all just met. And then now we're all fucking in front of me so that was new like all of that. All that loud should is new to me so I want. I want to dig at once. Yes I want that I want you to let me peg you eventually but if I can just each assets great like I WANNA do. I WanNa go to swingers club. I WanNa do all that shit like I just WanNa while out on it. I'm so glad we've been taxing because I got you especially out there in California says you okay well. We don't know talk about geography. 'cause I know California like the size of the whole east coast so well maybe one of them niggers can get a hotel and speaking of hotels pitches segue Vanilla or vanilla. This week I found a really cool article about hotel SPA managers and people that work at the front desk about weird requests that they've gotten and weird questions they've been asked by people that have visited the first one. I love is a true question that men have been asking. I think they did a survey of like maybe one hundred people like staff workers. Will I get aroused during a massage while erection can be an indicator of being psychologically aroused? It does not necessarily indicate the presence of emotional or sexual desire touch can activate the nervous system and therapists will often run this through the customer and let them know that it's okay but apparently three out of ten men are asking. If it's okay man I don't give a fuck what the person looks like massage me? My Pussy starts getting wet. It's and it's a matter of the Asia woman if it's an old man guy right. It doesn't matter you to lead in hot lava like you don't need you don't need to put the oil down there. I don't think you don't need oil for the massage. According to SPA seekers dot com a question commonly asked by their customers is hey. Is it safe to have sex in the hot tub while some people look at as a romantic thing to do it's never advised or even allowed in most establishments yet? People actually still ask the question. I WANNA I wanNA bring up one as well. I want to ask you be so Yano. Autumn folks a couple of athletes in my day. Or whatever I'll be fucking hotels okay. I Love Hotel Fuck and not allowed so we like we do normally try to see how sound proof the walls are and that's one of the other questions you test them out you don't you. I mean there's no way to really know I mean you can ask the front desk. Normally they can let you know if there's been noise complaints we just know until they start beating on the on the right and north so so. That's where I wanted to ask you a question being you've lived. I don't know if you do live in a house or have you lived in an apartment or like you said you do a lot you play with your pussy and a lot of places air loud. Yes so I want to know if when you've gone into any hotels or in apartments that you've lived in if you've warned your neighbors about your or that you may be loud and how you know if something is soundproof. Or not know never worn anybody but I did get a phone call so from home on live. I was only I was only fans live and we was going at. It is a WHO ask the front desk call me. Was I some complaints about some noises coming home and I was like. Oh my head and I just turn the music up. I'm working you say that you were working now. I okay music a little bit more. I guess they were just of hearing me like I'm coming. I'm coming fuck and then like so. I guess I can understand. You have a very loud. Almost why yes. That's why I ask because you are very vocal in your video. Y'All I think I'm Joe Noise to lie. I do too. I just be like sorry guys. I'm stuck I've seen your lock up before and I really appreciate that like you show that because I feel like we all hey are never showed you for like two years really. Never what made you show people want to see it? Somebody what are you gonNA on lives like you know you really on when you're on live. It's really hard to control on Cambodia's really card control like what they're seeing and what the recording or whatever and so like. I didn't mind shy my face on there and they had caught me where the they. I was just in a position where my face was in the camera and that just never disappeared and they're like when I was going through the comments and that's what I do is when I find things I just go through the comments to see what they talk about so Do the conflict over faces faces. I love her faces over. Faces made me come on my goodness offsite and I'm talking about like not even know the politically correct word. GonNa grow we. We'd be fucking out the time we begin dragged for know the politically word. Ops is not the word to actually. Let's just get it to our ads but we WANNA think today's sponsors Adam and Eve dot com. Listen at the end of this episode of. I really wanted us to talk about today mainly about how to help. Girls make only fans pages especially during this time and honestly Adam and Eve probably get your whole kit. Started Bitch dildos vibrators. The booty training anal dilation kit. We always and talk about that Shit but Adam and Eve wants you to know that the best part of staying at home is playing at home. So take advantage of the downtime. And she's almost anyone item at half up fifty percent off. And when you do that you're gonNA get ten free. Boredom busting gifts definitely wrote in now. It might be somebody. We might not have these. I doubt it up. Three piece. Kit Spent six spicy movies. I'm best of all free shipping right to your door. It's discreet so your neighbors may not see an Amazon package. But it won't say on the box and all you have to do is type in W. D. fifty to check out and get your half off of that. Almost anyone item sex toys are gonNA make this time for us be so enjoyable. Even shopping from home is fun. Go on Adam and Eve DOT COM DOT COM and I'm excited to get into our necks segment. Which is the Hor d'oeuvre and our Hor d'oeuvres is actually sex tips. And I want to actually ask you. Normally we ask our guest to give sex tips and one that I wanna pull from twitter as someone who asked if you actually really squirt every time you squirt if it's real every time squirt and also how you have managed to make yourself squirt and this was the question I would like from you. Because it's only negative. Been able to make me squirt and I want to know how to make my own. Pussy shoe ten feet in the fucking air. So can you give us some sex tips on your squirting techniques? All right so what happens. Is I like the dual stem? I like clip. The end G spot stimulation. I feel like when you're not all the way into the problem is is they put the Dick all the way in anything in the back of it is doing something but it's like right up in there right up in there so. I like the toys that curve up thrust or really think in like you can slightly hidden mold. Oh my girl. I got a story about that. Vote but I am signing up to get the experience a lot of married you care about their curve. Pena's and I'm curious to know. I don't think there's a lot of articles online about how. How do I straighten my Pena's how do I Baba and you're saying that you enjoy the joy the curve toys now just for curved that you have slept with have you found that you've had more scrum. Actually I what experiences have been different for you during sex not during actual sex. Only one person has mamie square and it was not a curved. Big Nick say that bitch. So can you get into you? Get back tips for people like myself and listener. Who sent it submitted? The question about how you get yourself to reach that type of orgasm with scarring squirting. Never the first second third or fourth orgasm that I'm squirting on okay. So it's what number it's like built up it's like you've already com allied and others you. You're banging them out route one after another. That's that's how I scored like there's no there's no break from the clear. There's no break from banging. I'm what with with? How long are you doing it? Like ten minutes. Fifteen minutes at our. How long does it take your body running specifically it can be sometimes having a twenty minute video five. I'm come fast. I come real fast now do you think. Do you suggest a person to be hydrated? Because I know what happened Hadi Person. Yeah when when I was dealing with the guy who liked golden showers he would want we would drink but also water like a mix between drinking liquor of course and water so how hydrated water would you say you drink before one of these sessions that you're going to score. I drink a gallon a day so I'm hanging water and then I'm drinking. I'm drinking water throughout the day. But You still have to go pee mom and I have none right now but you have to go pee before you have to empty her bladder. Okay so bladder is empty and you are basically banging it out and coming until you feel that peace and station and most people clinch like they. Clint Chiny don't let it go. Ooh You make me bring bring back memories on. This shit is back. I WanNa just get right into that because all suggestions for squirting drink a lot of water drink a Lotta water because European. She said the bladders empty. Yeah I don't it's not it doesn't smell okay. So you're finished content right. Yep I do know what my urine smells like. Yes and I do know what it looks like. It's still yellow. It still looks like urine. Smells like urine. When I squirt it gets on my face frequently so It never tastes like eight literally tastes like Pussy water to me Pussy water water. What a would agree the WANNA like? Water Water Yeah. Well that that it. Don't it tastes like how my Vagina Tastes? And then watered down my bets not water down plus the juice not getting the full fish for so so so your tips are for it to be again. I just want to go over these tips. From being nasty. If you are looking to make yourself squirt you said that the toy you need to do penetration as well as clitoral stimulation correct and for the penetration. You needs to be either really large toy or toy that curves up and it needs to be thrusted right. Yeah but you also gotta find that spot so are highly suggests and also these tips. I just work for me. I understand everybody's body is different right disclaimer. So for me when I squirt those were best for me on clay in the toy but you also need to go sit in a mirror which fingers in buying how far that spot is because like mine to me is like a hourly. Can't see my fingers through suppose to be talking on but then you can see my fingers. Kinda so then. It's like like two inches in two hundred. She's she's kind of above her. She's a little bit above her knuckle. So yeah and like this like slipped it in right here. I know about right here with little curve up. That's the spot for me. You gotta find that spy and I feel like you're going to fill it better. Be I have to know you masturbate? Because you seem very very in tune when your vagina and I I am curious to know like did it come from masturbation or do you think sexual prior to this the all. This is new. I was A child rape survivor. So I was not sexual sex was how they try to push it onto you with somebody you love you know. Try to save it from marriage or you know it's like a chore. It always felt like a year or something you had to do was nothing or that was ever exciting for me except for when I first started. Okay and that's just because that was my first love and you know we did. It was our first time together and it was actually pretty nice so you know that was cool but then as the partners afterwards it was like a chore that was no Orgasms. It was in nothing that I would talk to. Y'All about right now because it was what so right. I guess in this is that you've shared even on your twitter. That is really interesting Just how even on your only fans you don't have too many videos with other people a lot of it is self self pleasure Is Have you gotten over? You think that trauma with with other people or no like I want know kind of your relationship with sex. Now Okay do so much you know with only fans I keep my personal sex live off only fans because there had to be some sort of separation. I didn't raise sex to feel like work so glad do have sex not as often as I would like but outside of what I'm doing not only fans. So that is having real sexist attorney. I'm just not recording it. I'm just not reclaiming him because that should be for me like I finally got dig after for nine months before Miami because I need to know just the dust off the pussy before delivered. Lammi so I win you know. Got that taken care of and that was wonderful. I'm going back for seconds. So you know what? Let me go to hit over cal. No Hey come down. And beat a cameraman. I'LL OIL YAW lot. Let's get on that boat. I'll be a bartender. I can. I be actually mad because I shared this. Prior to the whole pandemic King Nawar was coming up here and we had talked about him allowing me to direct one of his shoots because he does a lot of in house production as well. We'll talk. We'll talk about that but yeah and so. I'm so mad because I was about to add a dash porn director. My mother fucking title okay. I want 'em in an jasmine suggests have their way with me. Say let you know what we don't group chat. We go to pay for that lick. Its you look experience. I'll set it up. See me me and King's relationship is still like we were just talking about. So who's your top five starters in basketball like or he'll send me like shit but I'm like okay. I'm sure everyone wants to see your Dick Inc like down so roadway because we're about to get into only fans we've talked about it a little bit but before we get into only fans. I WanNa let you know that this week's episode is also brought to you by blue. Now you're saying you're having some sex. I don't know how long they lasted but blue. What have you fucking all day says? Cause if you want to make a big you need a few rounds. Yeah Yo round via guys. If you're not familiar with blue you can now increase your performance and get that extra confidence in bed with Blue Shoe. It brings you the first chewable with the same. Fda approved active ingredients. As Viagra. Cialis Lucia is prescribed online by licensed physicians. So you don't have to go to a doctor's office which is good because nobody wants to go to the doctor right now. Fear fucking in Corona virus. 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If you live on a planet where you have somehow never heard of only fans somehow. I hope you have because they post. If you haven't I do want to say I've always called it a porn marketplace. That's how I feel like only fans works however I've seen it been called a social media platform and I found one of the best ways to describe it that I like is Patriot for porn. I I really like only only fans be described that way it also has a great interface Like I said I'm a user as well. I'm a subscriber. I just follow black girls but anyway so basically only fans. I really wanted us to talk about. I know even one have been nasty. Come on for a long time but it feels like it's so much more important today specifically because everybody has been figuring out. How do we make money at home? And I think it only would do US justice to learn from one of the greats. I mean even before covy top Creator I WANNA thank. You are the top. Nobody don't either bids. I'm sure there's some white hulls out there like five more subscribers about you which we talked about it but I I wanted to drop a few stats that I found interesting. So they've seen a seventy five cent increase in user since Cova and there was a fifteen percent spike in traffic beyond say dropped it on that new single and I did want to bring up to people. I'm sorry three people that are using it. Celebrities one black China charging fifty dollars a month. All I know she has foot videos on there right now. She also charges nine hundred fifty dollars for personal phone calls. If you would like to say Hello Wow. I Guess Erica and safari have one. He claims he is in the top one percent as well of only fan creators making a hundred and twelve K in just two weeks. He sent that to Kaya when Kyra was talking shit about them. I don't know if you all saw that clip. Didn't they have a baby when they do? He's charges twenty dollars ninety nine cents a month where air committed charges. Twenty nine ninety nine. I feel like our instagram's and only fans but hey if you're also before we go. He's he's a friend of mine and I WANNA actually talk about him because he's at all of the jokes. Casanova is another celebrity who has also joined only fans and he's charging fifty dollars a month but there has been speculation that he is Dick Fishing and using other different on his face. I want I don't give a fuck. I wanted to bring that up because I think it's important to know people are creating these pages and they are using other people's content. I think that's just as important as the people making it and actually putting themselves on there but also knowing that people are on their not having sex Out Stephanie Santiago. Her only fans. She decided to post what she was. She felt like she could make money off. She was posting videos and lingerie dancing around smoking weed and putting it on instagram. Where she wasn't making money and so she's not fucking on her instagram either and she making bank she making bank so we wanted to start. This conversation off with who I think is one of the only fantasy bitch your face needs to be on the only fans logo part of black twitter. Early Business Nasty be. I've been on calls talking about you. Without Noble Shit was on a production call with a network. They're like yeah. We're just trying to cover a different sex marketplace's I'm like. Well I know somebody. I don't know I hate you. I really think you are but we really look at. You is like the staple for that and I think what makes it even cooler. If you guys don't know you were in the navy you're a single mom your black your independence shit. How do you start in only fans because I feel like when people hear about women do important? It's like Oh my God you did nothing with your life. Well it seems like you did still chose thanks so so how. How did you get here? Could you go with us because you actually have a really interesting story and I wanna I wanna let it be uninterrupted? Because you've tweeted about it. I've heard you talk about your relationship with your act and how it leads you to only fans yes. So could you share that? Listen Alley my ex. He was very sexual being in. I was not and he always said that it was okay however it was not okay because he couldn't keep his dictator himself so finally after a scout of catching cheating he had not been cheating for a while. And I had found out he was actually going onto chem soda Introduce me to something else mine-free camps and okay. I don't anyways. I've found spending money with them so at first I was a pick me and yes many. I'm talking about like it's on. It's on the credit card is on the bank. Statement is right there so now before we start last week. I don't know if you've listened. Our whole mail was actually if watching Cam. Girls was considered cheating. Did you consider that he was cheating on you because he was paying these? Campbell's I did in the beginning I did. I did but I have to be fair. I was a pick me though. Like okay in what way he probably like. He didn't this personality that everybody sees on social media. He didn't find it charming. He didn't think it was attractive. He referred me to be only in Hills Prim and proper. You know sexy all times and that's not me. Obviously so he didn't like my personality he was always constantly changing me. And telling me like. Oh by twenty nine. You'RE GONNA be you're going to be perfect. Shot to him. He was right. I am perfect now and I am twenty nine imperfect so but Basically I caught him with the CAM. Spend money if felt like cheating so I was just like he just never stopped. He's just gonNa keep any ways to just disrespect me so in. He looked like big booty. Girls a just nasty girls I was like I am. Not that like what? Are you taking out your Buddha Hall? Put in your mouth. Yo Bitch in like no yes that is discussing you know stuff respect like and then next thing. I know I'm signing up to do because I have listening looking adages then under the chief and so did you send him those videos. Oh No I WANNA I want to go into because you're no longer with no person. So so what was his reaction when you started when you got onto only fans or whatever yeah. I know you're so I signed up and like I told I'm one of those open people so like I called like my best friends parents like. Hey everybody look I'm going to be a CAM MODEL. So nobody was surprised. Because I've been talking about playboy and being a stripper forever but I cannot dance and I had no titties here and My my momma stepfather were just like you know. Don't be ashy cleanup you background. You know take where to stuff in you know. They were giving me tips. And I'm like look I'm writing down. Let's go so signed up. While did the W nine for Cam. Soda started off Jamming I. I was camping anonymously for six months and Finally when I logged on I had personal pitchers fell. You know bold and everything. I knew he was on. We were sleeping in separate rooms. You're fighting about something and I had been on and finally I seem like his name coming on the room and it was like. Are You fucking serious? I what the fuck is this and next thing? I knew he was in the other room. And we was fucking on live cam and we made a whole bunch of money a whole bunch six thousand in one night. I hike and live on Cam Soda. Wow and did you have a large social media? Following at the time out six thousand twitter followers a thousand instagram followers. Maybe four thousand dollars. What's not a? That's not a lot at all. I think that thing that deters people a lot is their social media presence. Everybody thinks I'm not a celebrity. Not popping like that on I. G. Like I'M NOT GONNA make it but I do WanNa know you are someone who's successful at this so obviously you've put some time into it. What is Your Work Day like? How many hours a week do you work? How many days of the week like that? Like to tell us about your work day. In the beginning I will get all done up first thing in the morning and shoot all day but that's just the content. It would be great. I guess because they liked it but it just wasn't as exciting as what I'm doing now. I just if I wake up and you know I'm GonNa make a video today now. It's just like going video aside. Don't make it in my room and you. I feel like we're makeup like non and feel like wearing makeup today so we just a natural it out basically. I'm just masturbating on camera of until I feel like I've come enough. Why do you think you're so popular though? Why what is it about you? I looked like Keri Hilson. That's really what it was Jerry. Hilson is one of my favorite porn stars. Yes she actually looks like Keri Hilson so I don't know what everybody. I don't think you do 'cause like I'm like Mitch. You look like Abdu not see. Swipe he knows like that's all it. Is We just got that? Earth is flat to or whatever. She's she really almost messed up my My show must must have we you wait. You felt you. Wait wait wait. She moved method going on because she said that he was like. Oh my God somebody come get Mr Bean Se. Would that's why must be nasty zone claim now and I'm like no Kerry stopped only use money as well and then she dropped girl. Just video went down so I wanna ask you this too. So you masturbate daily. You drop a lot of content as well. What is one of the weirdest request. Because you get creative. Could you share with us? Maybe one of the weirdest records love someone and said that men are asking to like by their shit by my shit but she didn't even know that when I get up like we're just request some of them were like about buying shit and I feel like she didn't even have as many followers as I. Not Nicholson Yeah. What's the weirdest request that you've gotten could put a butt plug in my mouth? After I took it out on my butt and then I didn't look at it. And then so there was in on it and we don't like twitter. Ate Me Alive for the last three months? But did they want there to be didn't know they saw the fan soy like I held the plug up to them and so like they saw and then they're like putting putting your mouth and then like you know that there was shit did not I did not even see it until I went to wash it later so like when I was washing was like too shift stories. Be which die. We know you do a gallon a day. But what do you need to up that fiber as probably too much fiber but shit name is. Shit Shit and throw up whatever put in my big toe in my procedure for a request. That was cool. That was different it and they wanted me different tweet about that. They want me to put my pussy. I cannot. That's the talent different. I remember you talked about that and I was like well. Look She's bench. I WanNa know for the for the like I said we of want to cater a little bit to the people that are considering only man's I wanna know the biggest spike you've seen whether it was something that was going on in the world whether it's Christmas whether it's a video you did like was it marketing or a timeframe of the year like we're spikes that you've seen on your only fans how do they have There's obviously been a big spike with the Cova nineteen because everybody's home in. They have nothing else to do but beat their meat so so there's obviously been a big spike with that. We normally don't like normally like Christmas time. We lose fans because you know people around the family so when it comes around major holidays like Christmas thanksgiving and even like Fourth of July we start to see it dwindle down bet growth has been now. Everybody knows about it. The growth is just been standing and I WANNA to ask you for for the people who are looking to make an older fans like I said even with the pricing I think I only charged eleven ninety nine Safari Charges Twenty Ninety nine cazenove charges. Fifty Do you feel like it's better to keep your price low in charge for extra content. Or what is your advice for how you would price in only fans honestly you have to go based off of what you consider yourself so if you're not white and you're not already famous than you should think moderate and what's what's monitoring anywhere from anything under fifteen. Okay let me let me ask you something. It's interesting that she said. If you're not white almost like you can't charge more when I was growing up with a big fan of Would they call it the bunny ranch cat time and when there was a new black girl who came in she asked one of the vet black girls? Like I don't know what to charge and she said well you need to charge more because you are black. That's why they're coming in here. This is a fetish. Like fuck that charge more and that is home. And and that probably and no that does not apply a I would say that would ply probably more in like full service sex workers stripping but no it does not. It really does not we. Don't that does not happen for only fans if you're marginalized in any kind of way you're going to have to work a lot harder than Safari Air. Commend Johnny blaze. Anybody who's been on love hip hop Right like Y-. You're not white because the Australia girl who sold nudes for started crying. There's a clip of an Australian. That is crying. Basically saying calling it for to pay my rent. You know you can't do anything. Slot is so fucked up so please subscribe to my only girl. That was raising money with her news for the Australia. Fire Yes She she is actually the top creator really on only fans for olive like what three months six weeks but they were but In an honey I read that but I thought that they were At one point they tried to deny her money right. I because of how she earned did I. I don't know anything that like. I don't know about that but I know like Oh you mean the donate the donation people. Yeah yeah the donated one where she was like. I'll give you a free nude if you donate to Australian fires in this. She created only fans in like she was only fans partnered with her and that they were on on her only fans and only fans was sending one hundred percent of the donations. Which I don't do. They keep their twenty percent than you get but they were sending it was a. It was a positive thing. Yes but then they like shut her up there in the now she was talking about making like only. Fan's house where she can help other only fans girls Arab. I was like no. This sounds mad. Pimp Ish because like who? Are you even here that that's funny because those are one of the questions I had for you? Actually I wanted to talk about like you know shelf-life in like how long you would do this because I feel like after or whatever point you may want to stop you coach. Women do you. Do you find that coaching girls to do something. Like this is pimping. No because we all want to. I do give advice all the time and testing out advice on some girls because I have to acknowledge that I'm light skinned and conventionally pretty so I have privilege and then you have dark skinned women and a your trans your you know all the people who are marginalized who are not. Why and who are not already famous. They are starting from complete scratch and they're already being told like or or even people who are Big girls like you can't really big and black cousins like you're working twice as hard so I feel like giving advice to people who are really having to have to start from. Scratch is not a bad thing in giving advice in a sense where they don't have to sign up under my referral code to do it where I'm making money off of them. Like I want you to grow because I need you to grow as another black woman and industry like that's what I ni so I love that I that's becomes pimps because everybody wants them to sign up under their referral codes and I feel like if you really WanNa see under some people say gross tip for your tips too so like people who asked me for tips. Send Me Money In. I tell them to pay for it to somebody else. Sometimes because I doing it I like any I didn't i. I also recognize that. I was kind of PHOBIC prior to getting into sex work so I have to do my due diligence to help the community that has accepted me. I think we all it's not our fault. It's all a societal thing like you know. We have an episode about Horror Phobia. We're one of my best friends was like. I love you guys but I have to come on the show and talk about how you guys call each other horrors and it's an. It's not in a fun way and you know whereas Mandy and I think we do it because we're always so playful with each other that's always talk to each other. I didn't realize the perception of how like how came off. When really should be like that? You're and so there's something that I actually saved my notes for this conversation with the right person and you. I saw tweet about it as well so again I we do want to encourage people to start only fans to get into sex worker to not shame sex work and the way that they do however there is still a company and a corporation and so they actually changed their small recently which is making it to where only fans does own your content and can now sell it to a third party without letting you know you talk about how that has made you feel or if it's affected you because basically and I know you pay for a third party site to wear if any of your content shows up on porn hub. Xxx or anything. Without your permission taken down can you talk about how people have their only fans content for free on other sites and how that's affecting you as a creator so first of all any adult site. We sign up on to sell our content. Has that little blurb about them owning the content only fans did clarify that. They are saying that they're going to do. Like porn. Does where they can put their porn hub logo over it and posted to like a tube side on the have a tube site yet but only doesn't even have well. Yeah they don't have it installed on my phone ever will. I have it installed as my as an APP on my phone but I don't know how I got it like so like unless you break your phone There like the sexual content is predominantly known for that much like tubes types. Can't hands right and it's and it's because of the exchange of money for sex right so if you're making money on an application it's going to a major bank and you're producing sex content on an apple on do. I don't know about android or windows if anybody has that phone but I wanNA know speaking of porn hub and stuff like that. Will you ever do mainstream? I actually got asked to do some last week. Really how do you feel about that because I know that the difference in it's something money maybe it's more word something? I've always wanted to do just for the one time one time. I'm already bus. No wide open minds would be on a video somewhere to You know like on. Somebody's so is something I considered until they hit me with the prices like how much they pay the fifteen hundred dollars bitch fund a day. It's emblazoned Ed. Let's talk money five. We charge a thousand but for you. 'cause you're Miss Nasty and you're in the top one hundred on Porno three thousand twelve hundred bits. You're lying and you don't get residuals on the views or anything after you can keep the twelve hundred on your no would get nothing. I would get nothing literally. That twelve hundred was and then no no. No channel like porn hub girls. That are making their own channels. They're getting very very very minimal right. They're getting like something I think. It's like twenty twenty cents for every ten views which is like super funding low. Laura puck and and to be honest. I think actually it could have the possibility of hurting your only fans because right now if I wanna see be nasty buck. That's what made me over you right. Like ten seconds on twitter wasn't enough and you can't really find you important hub. So let me find you on only fans. How do you feel about it? Do you think it could kick off some of your fans? Because now they're like well she's apply. It's actually helped me grow a lot. Like porn hub obviously porn. It has like what sixty million frigging people on it. And so those 'cause I on twitter I was only doing censored promos on twitter because like I wanted to make a little harder to find the coochie an and so like people were still posting leaking fucking like let me just drop uncensored clips or a little bit longer clips twitter's and deserve long quick clips. But then you all these views it'd be a million views. No MONEY FROM NO MONEY ALLOWS I. Let me just go ahead and switched to porn hub. Because I've Seen Charlie Hustle in act. She's GonNa be mad. Because I definitely just fucking slipped her name but Hurricane Fury I seen them talking about up and saw let me just put these clips if I'm getting like two hundred thousand views on twitter. I'm striking gross. That on porn hub and then get that little one hundred dollars and it's probably a way better converted traffic. I tell people all the time like when you're doing things like I don't know I've I've been asked podcast advice but I'm starting to learn. There's no real secret to the sauce. I don't believe that but what I do believe is that you need to convert as much as you can your hive into briars right so me going on. I live if I do it every day. Maybe someone thinks I'm doing too much. But if there's one hundred eighty people on there and ten percent convert into patrons and that does turn into money back or drop a product or start if I ever sold something that would turn into money right in to go to porn hub. Where people actually. Because you have a person like me who may not by your Sweden and be like nasty but porn hub where they want more absolutely. What other services? Besides your videos do offer only fans. Da Crates good question as it Dick ways with. You did say you started doing the Nichols just want to tell them. If it's looked good this I dick rates. We gotta add that because they're gonNA send it anyway. Side like Oh. I don't open pitchers without a tip first and then they send a tip so then you open. What did not like that should. Egli is smaller. I like it like people. Be UNSUBSCRIBE and after I and it says like I don't like I don't want to do this first of all. I don't want to see your I like big black Dick's and it always these non black. Do you think they want to be humiliated? Do actually want to be humiliated like once you tell them how small it is like can i. Can I tip for more? Nobody give a fuck like I'm just non just coming up with insults so as she why don't know why Nigga Zone just put a little glow on the Dick before they're gonNA fail to they ask like. Can I get a decorate like yeah ten dollars and then like all right ten dollars come through ask? Dick follows so you knew you were going to send this shit and then grabbed no lotion no coconut oil. Nothing no Chris. Dick picks the right way. I mean Ashi can. You can't feel that dead skin on their exfoliating so for final thoughts on this like. How long do you think you'll do this? And after it's done what will be yours for what your next move will be directing porn. Will you be selling your pussy products like you know what I really enjoy what I'm doing right now so I feel like if I were to ever get in a relationship where alcohol no like. Maybe my stop. I don't know because pregnant. Who Be hitting too 'cause I was GONNA say my stop if I get pregnant again within like I girl do the whole thing. While she was pregnant she was making bank so then. I don't know I'm ever going to Leonard. Lenna the plug is doing it right now any Jones. Yes so shutouts a lemon and learn how for Leonard how. How long will because right now? She's like baby. Belly does obviously a baby belly but like it's like a few months belly when it's a big old belly. Was there right now. Who is pregnant? And you really can't tell her videos from the back now or she or even straight on. She doesn't look completely huge among swimming. It's her first but She doesn't look completely she's the she's about to give birth and like you'll see people say oh your titties got bigger bigger and Iraq. And she's like yeah. People have figured out some people figured it out that I'm pregnant and some people just have in and I'm like it's I think it's GonNa Change for them once they have to be a different life. I'm so excited so before we get out of here we're going to get into our whole mail. This comes from our patriots and it's actually one about only fans so it's about feet Mandy Hager. Hey random question for you. This one is for you since you're doing the damn thing with feet and I wanted to ask you this because you include your feet a lot in your videos as well so it says does it matter if you have big feet now you're ten okay so it says. I was talking to a friend that I was telling about the photographer episode. I told her because her feet are perfect. She said does he do black women. I'm like it's a block podcast. And one of the host is all on his page. She tells me fuck. We know. It's the scientific fat effect that black women have bigger than any other race. I didn't know about that. I had to look this shit up. It was indeed effect one site a white woman said she seemed Kerry Washington's foot in twelve years a slave and asked why she was so short with a size nine foot then they started running down. All of the science on our feet as black people are bigger. I don't get into it because a Nigga knows you don't you don't believe in those facts all the time but since you're dipping up in the foot pawn do you know anything about if big feet turn meant on and if that is a fetish yes so this is for you which. I were my foot I think is I would call it regular seven and women like a five and a half a five and a half men so but you are five foot ten and what size shoe a good day. Got On a good day. I'm a nine and a half ten ten in Auburn Hills. Okay and do you find that people ask you to see your feet inside and I know I see you. I would like my faces. Used to hide them and then people were Solomona Video. Never like them. Shits aspire late. Let's see him again and I'm like what are you talking about like these little rim? I eat my whole life like must step on the common girl fee like ice picks up on my toes and like just. That's what I just did. And so like I've always hid might be used to cram my fee into my mother's eight size eight shoes all through high school a while because you want them to waller smaller well well you can shrink like so you know. I. I don't know what Asian Society it is or if it's just Chinese or Malaysian or it is but they used to take down their feet. Stop the growth. And so they have tiny tiny. Yeah and it would like grow this way. Their bones would change a little bit. You can do with baller shoes. You might be right so I wanted to ask you. Have you been requested and done foot? I guess content on your on your outside of just showing them. When you're playing with your finding actually no I have not I. I've already discussed this with my new. Dick I need to make a foot video. He's not really into feet but he's down for me to use his Dick and nobody else's Dick for foot video. I'M NOT GONNA lie so I have done Shot WITH MR photographer. I've just been putting my feet but a lot of them are asking for jobs so when I find a Nigga maybe one of the salt and pepper negatives or do I I do want. I did tell them that I was thinking of look. Let's see and that's going to work out my hair a little bit. I WanNa get there like foot. Suck Combo down like I'm trying to get their foot. I want to be like you know struggling to dig machine. I Seen Charlie Hustle. Have you seen Charlie be gotTA BE BIG Long Sale? The dig out to be so be like it's hard you could do it Nova. See your flexible flexible. That's not fair bitch on. Y'All been doing that for a long time. We ask you to motherfucking show off by you. I'd have been the didn't even ride. And Okay my knees be pop right. Let me try to get here. We go. This is me being flexible. Oh Shit y'all see has both her legs behind her head and now we the beating and failing miserably while doing. I love admits be nasty. Fan is only going to be one of them before we get Outta here. Go ahead and drop where all of our listeners can listen to you and of course we're GONNA put some of our content on our social media's so y'all can see the beautiful ms nasty but go ahead and let the people know where they can find me on twitter Mississippi. Nasty you can find me on only vans. Ms Be Nasty. Find me on Instagram Brittany. Rae Baby Why why? Why did you switch it on down? Brady baby was before. Ho- like that was instagram's Started bringing baby Miss Nasty was born and then it's like I could have merged them but I had already had some followers and now it's too much work. God I can't Spell Britney Rayburn T. T. and E. R. A. Up. Well thank you so much for coming on before we get out of here to guys I wanNA talk about manifestation once again of course. We had technical difficulties last week when I hopped on Judy new. Show the review so I will be on there tomorrow. Apm If you go over to Judas. Youtube Channel. I will be on there and basically we are doing a book review about mating in captivity. And so we're actually going to be discussing. It's by Esther Pearl but we are going to be discussing the difference between sex and intimacy and it's just a such a conversation that I and I know we've talked about it a lot about how I've been able to have sex without intimacy and sex without feelings and emotions and it's just. It's a really good book so again. That's mating in captivity by Esther Pearl. Check me tomorrow on Youtube where we discuss it. Shout out my boy useless and also just no. I am going to be shooting. My mother fucking shot because that is my Nigga just know that Japan is my Nigga. And he's going to be my baby and just no. Yeah by inviting in listen. He's a high any lay doesn't grug is just one tap into one and every Tuesday you could check me out. For Fact Sake I WANNA give a shout out to Eddie. We just hit new and noteworthy. Which is such a big accomplishment for anybody who is a podcast or you know that and I am so proud of that so check it out. We're going to drop into two days on Tuesday because I was like we own his home. Page keep dropping the shit also. It's also weird because like I felt like all the listeners would be horrible decisions listeners. And His listeners. But now there's like random white people that just check out a new apple podcasts. And they're like black so next week. I can't wait to direct them to the slutty show that I have. I hate you know once again guys. We are going to drop a clip from a bonus episode of all caught up with horrible decisions. As you guys know you can go on over to Patriot. Dot Com backlash horrible decisions and there. We dropped three bonus episodes a month. I dropped some some of my favorite porn. We have a whole community where they're sharing with each other again if you guys steph. I'm in the precursor for this week's episode came from one of our patrons. It's literally a whole community. Apparently negatives flying people out. There's a whole group chat. We give march on there. It's really really really Vo. We're given a free workout by the way Saturday this Saturday coming. I don't know the date because I'm losing my days but this Saturday coming up we're going to be a free workouts. You guys some fine ass. Girls doing it. It's GonNa be like hit light stuff you don't need weights everything we could do at home so it'll be. Saturday may twenty third at Twelve PM Eastern Time? It'll be nine. Am for the people in La but workout. Let's get sweaty together. Bishopsgate fine and it's pretty hope and again we're going to leave you guys off with a bonus clip. Thank you guys for tuning into yet. Another episode of horrible decisions buying. Thank you say Bobby. Say Real sexy and he'd be ready so you can do a breathing exercise. I still voice all my. I don't ride the Dick so literally as he's open it like I prepare myself so literally. I hold my booty cheeks open. 'cause I told you I'd be like an Ado opponent open for them because like I said it's big I can't take it so I had to like literally like I'll tell him you're like I'm ready. And not only walking through. But as he inserting almost with every like insertion I do like I just like like open my ass and I literally like I have a breeding sites until until it's all the way in and then we all the way and he has to stay there a couple of seconds and then. I'm like okay then I have to tell him to fuck me like he can't just start penetrating first and then I let out a huge side too. Where like I'm working on all of my muscles relaxing and then I'm like okay. Fuck my ass and then the whole family and you're like victimized talk but he was at the wild thank you for us. I mean fuck. Y'All Jonet like I wanNA take that clip and make it and we will not ringtone outta ringtone out every time we guess I become the laughing butt of the joke. I like this. You always make me the you you do that without still. I ain't going nowhere bitching and corning. I'll think me so. I guess before we get into our home. May I wanted to ask the last thing? And this is maybe specific again for both men and women the Little Dick One. That's how to increase. Would use suggest someone who has what? What was the question about Little Dick? How do you make your pussy? Tighter for a little dig is they're excellent is best position. So what is the best position for guys with little Dix so going by body positioning the best way to get deep? Don't really have a lot of background on small Dick's but get the depth that you're trying to let go like cervical right. You WanNa be on flat on your back and then archer pelvis up so that you can get overtime going down but the thing about the wedges is there at a set angle and angle isn't the same. I mean so. I feel your way through through that though I would do maybe Tried different pillows. So you can either do one pillow to pillows you could add. Maybe a decorative blow them bitches be a little thicker And like just level yourself until you're in there all the way. The reason we were in the lobby I was talking about how I thought it would be from behind. Nobody's because that's where I feel like the most so but so this is so we argue with again yacht. You know what this is when I take digging when I'm running it's from the beltway. I want the patrons. This is the part where we would love for you guys to get into the comments. So this is where we the united like Jerry because literally for me with having. I feel like as much as I do A Guy with a little Dick from the back of the last position. I want him to fuck me only because literally. I feel like literally this is sex and when I have asked is this is this is my ass but the Dick going in but because it pokes out I feel like it's genuinely pushing the body away so I feel like a all of the Dick is not able to answer okay And not only that specifically being that way like guys don't know how to you gotta you get everything out the way and then like I was saying thing because I guess away. I've had guys be fucking my thighs instead of my pussy and not realize that they weren't even in my just because there's just so much going on so that's why from the back. I just feel like you're not even right now. The big difference. Where do you run from physician? This on top. I'd be running getting off okay yesterday. Here's why so so the very similar if you're actually holding the pelvis but if you're actually holding the pelvis then you can move it so you can. Just he can. Just stay in this position and just move your pelvis back and forth and rock you through that position and actually get a little bit deeper. So you know how you're talking about. You're relaxing into the depth from anal. It's the same thing so that's how you can actually get in and start going cervical. You can go right through a small. Go check it out. We were fucking on the couch.

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Episode 164: The Immortals: General Chuck Yeager

Newt's World

47:08 min | Last month

Episode 164: The Immortals: General Chuck Yeager

"I learned about how devastating Title eft is from the knowledgeable team at home title walk. I hope this never happens to you because getting can ruin you financially. Here's how the crime happens. The legal titles to our homes are kept online. Were they can be hacked of cyberthief. Finds your home's title forges your signature on a quit claim bead stating you sold your home to him. Then he takes out loans against your home to your equity You won't know until the collection calls it. You're not protected by insurance your bank or common identity theft brooklyns home title lock protects you and in the unlikely event you become a victim of title fat wallet member home title. Lock will spend up to a quarter million dollars in legal fees to help restore your home. Steidl go to hong title dot com and register your address to see if you're already event then use code radio for thirty three days of protection. That's code radio at home. Title dot com support for this podcast comes from we. Work today takes new ways of working new measures toward health and safety flexible terms to scale up and down convenient spaces designed for focus and collaboration. It takes we work to take your business where you want it to go we work. That's how tomorrow works visit. We work dot com slash tomorrow. More captain tall. Hey go climb down into the cockpit of the rocket crack. October fourteenth nineteen forty seven edwards air force base california captain. Charles yeager blew the experimental x one faster than the speed of sound in level flight. The first man in the world to accomplish this. This spectacular flight was one of the greatest achievements. The brothers at hi. This is new virus recording from c. You may notice a difference in audio quality on this sort of news world. I let talk about chuck yeager and will listen to chuck yeager talk about himself. He was remarkable man and his passing was a reminder that he was a example at a personal level of what american exceptionalism is all about because he was a high school graduate from west virginia. Who would on from there to remarkable achievements serving his country as a patriot. Having unique physical talents the made him. A remarkable pilot would apparently spectacular eyesight nan. At the same time so many who had both commitment to professional lying and who was eager to be fully involved in the development of modern h. Decimated that in his lifetime. He flew two hundred types of monetary equipped. He had more than fourteen thousand flying hours with over thirteen thousand. Those and fighter aircraft all began at the beginning of world war two when he joined up as an enlisted person and then found himself in. What was it the time a program that you could get into unless unlisted person and he became a pilot the then got the equivalent of being a warrant officer in modern terms and was a very brief period where the army air force was willing to have people who were not college graduates. But i thought it was a great example of how america has moved achievement to certification that by the time about a quarter century later that he was extraordinarily skilled. Extraordinarily experienced held. The world record is the person that's li- fashion speed of sound level flight with all of that going on by the time we got to the apollo program. If you didn't have a college degree you couldn't be an astronaut. And so he ended up training the astronauts that he was not eligible to fly with and has told you a little bit about how america had moved away from pure achievement and pure skill to an academic requirement. The may or may not be as relevant frankly so he gives you a flavor of how many things he did. Say a guy born very small town in west virginia in nineteen. Twenty-three is the second of five children. He grew up in ham which the town of about four hundred where his father drilled for natural gas and coalfields in one thousand nine hundred forty. He attends the citizens military training camp at fort. Benjamin harrison indiana and september twelfth nineteen one enlisted as a private in the army air corps now. He didn't think he was going to become a pilot at that point. You'll be but he saw a notice on aboard about a month after his most said they were looking for high school graduates. Who could pass the physical for piloting. He thought it would be fun. And he decided to apply and history was changed. Listen the chuck crew minute talking about that. Whole experience of joining the army and becoming about the recruiter was better than the navy. Or the Or anyone else. And also i think there's a guy when the guys who went through pilot training The year that i graduated from high school when he came home he was pretty neat. Gaddi he said it was a fun. Job flying to me I never associated myself with. And when i enlisted in the army it was just to be a mechanic and there is no pilot or anything like that in fact when i got in september. Nineteen forty one. I was trained as a mechanic which was easily. I'd already had so much experience in in mechanical things like engines and and things that dad exposures to all the time that i would just train and and began working on Airplanes as crew chief serviced them overhauled engines and things like that and then finally got a call sometime around oh the latter part of november nineteen forty one. I remember reading a a notice on a bulletin board that if you were high school graduate and eighteen years of age and could pass fiscal then. You could apply for pilot training under the flying charge program. You wouldn't be a cadet or make lieutenant or be an author when you graduated flight school you'd be a sergeant pilot and it looked pretty neat deal in just. Did it just to be doing something. So i put him application. And i recall taking my physical on december the fourth nineteen forty one and passing it and then this sweated for six months finally they called me for apollo training but that you know it's just a matter of being a dry place to write a a few months later on december seventh nineteen forty one the united states in world war two because japanese attacked us on sunday morning. A pro. you're dead by was transferred to victorville airbase. Just now the georgian force place in california. He worked on a training aircraft. At eleven across will see promotions to private for squash and the corporal and forty two. I got an airplane for the very first time. He was the crew chief of the eleven officers so we joked to join him on a test. Flight yeager got sick during the flight and said well. It was really uncomfortable. This was the only time he was in an airplane. Pilot most famous pilot generation. And here's his first experiments. My first ride in an airplane wasn't any fun. As i recall the spring of forty two and i was victorville crew chief on eighty eleven which was a twin engine. Twin engined bombardier training airplane and I had overhaul one engines in the engineering off. Try to take the airplane up and check it out and asked me if i wanted to go along and i've never been in an airplane four. Nfc get like do so. I got down the seton fashion disabled and he took off and he wanted to wear the dry lakes down there Very near edwards between average and victorville and start shooting touch and go landings and it was rough and turbulent pretty soon. I got sick and do a foam airplane and it to me. It was a very uncomfortable situation. That didn't take care for it but are applied for pilot or any. And so i went up. I think that's the only time. I went up airplane. And that was it till they call profile training. July nineteen forty to the united states is deeply in the war and goes to pilots but marshall forty-three he gets his pilot wings. He trained at various places in the us and then went to england the number nineteen forty three in an interview. You meshing learn how to fly a p fifty one on one flight from the assembly base to their bench. The next day he took the airplane into combat louisiana chuck talking about what it was like to train for rewarding we train in the united states for granting land trained in p thirty nine little bel air cobres and it was all dogfighting air to ground gunnery dive bombing skip bombing buzzing and you know. Really learning to fly fighter. We're training to go overseas and and being the maintenance officer i also had a lot of fun You know just running tests tops on airplanes. When they came out of the maintenance yes i was. I was no better than the rest of the fighter policy. Advert is a lotta guys did and also could dogfight this matter of experienced and then when we went to england in november forty-three and we got the i p fifty one eighth air force. It's as i recall us. We picked up a p fifty one. I'd never been in one. Before and fluid from this assembly base down to our bachchan license and the next day we're shedding over the middle germany fighting in them. You have to learn real quick and That's the way our pilots were and as i recall Sh- i On my seventh mission. I shot down. One nine. was my first airplane. Shot down were on a raid to over berlin. The first daylight bombing raid over berlin and i came home i one nine and and i nailed him and to me. It was a lot easier than i thought it would be code. You know we were a little bit apprehensive about dog. Fighting the germans in their fighters and they had a lot of experience dogfighting and we didn't and saw nail the guy but the next day i got shot down in march nineteen forty four. His life was changed because his plane was shot down by germans. We'll flying over france. French mckee french. Who were active in. The underground resistance helped him escape to neutral spain and while he was escaping he helped other airmen who had lost part of his leg get across the mountains into spain and as a result the ager received the bronze star for heroism. But listen his own description of being shot down again remember. This is a guy who goes on to become the most famous pilot of the world. I was in a dogfight with the three one. Ninety s and i got hit head on with tournament or cannon property moth airplane far the wayne canopy and caught on fire so many airplane party companies. That's what happened. She bail at you. Get you free fall in your parachute and then when you get down to within three or four thousand ground you pull the ripcord parachute pops you lie and that's That's about the way it happens. I picked up a few wounds. I had a couple of slugs one in my leg Or had some twenty millimeter fragments in my my hands and in a couple of cuts on my head but that they were minor so it didn't make different when i landed parachute. We were in occupied france. They were quite a few germans around. Obviously you've got to hide or they'll pick you up. And as i recall i did. I got into the woods. Deep as i could and head and and they never caught me and i hung around or laid out there for a day until things quiet down and then contacted a a french farmer woodcutter. And i couldn't speak french but he i was an american flour. 'cause have my flying gear on leather jacket and flying shooting and and he knew it. I needed some kind of help and he. Fortunately he went to the right people instead of turning me in and got me with the The defense or the resistance forces. The maquis took me in and under the wing for the next month. And i worked my way through on down through france and finally went through the peer news and went into spain in a neutral country so i was in turn to in town of lira and The american council of came up and and talk to us and made sure we were an american and then push up in. A hotel gave us a money. And and we just bummed around there for about a month and finally During that period of time the may nineteen forty four. The we were beginning to help spain. Who is running out of gasoline. Because he didn't have any petroleum products and we were then begin trading gasoline for american pilots. That were in spain. You know they were a something like twenty six hundred airman intern in spain. Who either you know. It made it through the period knees or took their airplanes. Darren jumped out of them and the way we got out was it. Spanish took us down to gibraltar and turn to show with the british on the allen of gibraltar. and then finally the british were f- flying airplanes from gibraltar round over rounded tip of spain and portugal. Up england and and i bummed a ride up on airplanes and then went back to my squadron now when he returns england having gotten through spain on a program that was really a constant line of pilot should shut down getting back to the army did not want let him go back into combat because when he escaped in france he would have learned things about the french resistance and they didn't want to risk him getting shot down and tortured by the germans and giving up important information about the resistance but younger was determined to get back into combat. So take him out in front of his a bomber pilot after fred glove. Nothing about this here. These two guys appealing directly to the supreme allied commander generalizing hauer and they argued that the allies have abated. France resistance movements now the open. If they were shut down a little or nothing they could do to reveal the enemy and so he goes back into combat with the personal intervention of is now by the way had to appeal back to marshall in washington to make sure that he had the authority to waive the requirement so i explained requirement figures backside and on the twelfth october nineteen forty four. He actually the first prime has group to make ac entity year by shooting on five aircraft. So he shot down five enemy aircraft in one mission now two of his ace a today kills. He scored lebron shot because he got into position against the messerschmitt one. Nine pilot playing panicked broke to starboard and collided with his women. So that shot he taken down two enemy planes but listen to yeager zone description of what it was like to become an ace shooting down five planes in one i was leading the whole fighter group which means three squadrons and we only had we had two boxes of bombers ask court are fighter. Group did so what did stuck the other two squadrons one on each box of bombers took my squadron and ranged about eighty miles out in front of bomber stream and Spotted twenty two ammiano nine in formation climbing up out in front of the bombers out. Hey eighty to one hundred miles to make eight on passing. I stayed up sun where they couldn't. She spotted just little specks. I had excellent. Is i watch things without them. Seeing me at kept up son from the from the with my squadron of sixteen fifty one and finally when they leveled out headed over toward you just moved in behind him down son. And i got within two hundred yard behind in and i wouldn't let my politics you know. They kind of spread out. We still had a drop tank show on because we won't keep as much fuel as we could. And i shot down the first two without him dropping tangshan when of course the explosion when airplane then they all broke and at that point we punch your tanks off. The whole squadron broke up into you. Know an ele- much wing wing man and leader to support each other and we got a big ole. Harry dogfight not shut down. I don't know another guy was hammered hammond and a guy his wingman cut the power and drop behind me in this one blew up and broke into him. Pull out at about the clock about fifty feet. Before i hit him and then another guy followed him the deck and got him down low and the all over with you know he left the fight fallen a guy down he come back and look around. My wing man was still with me and i picked up a couple more guys you know flying out. Try to orient yourself and then kind of fly round. Pick up the bombers again and stay with them. So that's the way combat is. 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What was called the x one program in the summer of nineteen forty seven and is very funny until a little bit about the us air force. The modern world the commercial test pilots. Who were being paid to do this for living one a lot more money and they didn't wanna fly these very new very different aircraft residual aircraft designed to break the sound barrier. They were designed to do things no one had ever done before. And that's why the recall the next program for experiment and so the pilots refused without higher. Pay so the report said fine and brought in you know regular air force officers and get anything extra and so here. You have a chance to do something really cool and you might listen this a little bit about yeager description of how in the excellent program. He said this when he was david letterman. Back in one thousand nine hundred. Should i was a fighter. Pilot war to and mustangs. I came back in nineteen forty-five on the war and was assigned to write feel as a maintenance officer in the fighter test section. And i went through the test pilot school in nineteen forty six and then i was selected for the x one program in summer. Forty-seven after the bell test pilot gotten into a hassle on bonus money and and probably because of my maintenance background and and the air shows. I used to put on october fourteenth nineteen forty seven. He flew the accessible one pants. The somber now this at the time was enormous impact worldwide news. He became the world's first supersonic pilot level. Flight would made it kind of tells you about the aigars toughness and his dedication is that a couple of days before was supposed to fly. He knocked off his horse and he broke several ribs and in fact he was so much pain first of all he went to civilian doctor not the military doctor because he knew the military doctor would grounded and not allowing the guy and he literally couldn't reach up and close the door once he got on the airplane so a friend of his rig broomstick so that when he got in he could use the broom. Stick to close the door because his friend understood how much he was in. So imagine this moment and tells you when i talk. About american exceptionalism toughness the determination the continuous pursuit of excellence and listen the chuck's own description. This which i think is just astonishing and just so happens That particular flight. I think was on a tuesday On the weekends there at ed miracle it was called. Then we used to go out to pancho barnes or sort of. She had a rodeo grounds in a swimming pool. And motel and restaurant go out there and you unwinding not glenis. After i think on on a saturday night and we loved it right horses show. We went out after dinner and riding horses chasing each other coming back. Somebody close the gate and dark. I appreciate the fence. Flip me and i broke a couple of ribs and that was on saturday. Nights sunday i've mope around and then monday i had to go into the basin and i went to a local doctor there and should we've got to crack to busted ribs. I'll tape you up and and it really didn't make that much difference in flying the airplane but god it's not strenuous other than handling it with your your hands and feet on rudder pedals and control surfaces and loading pressure domes and turning switches on things like that so mountie problem was a painful to get into the airplane because you had to come down ladder and go through a little hold on the right side but dan. The hard part was closing. The door wants to jack. Ridley came down. The ladder held the door against right side. Had a lever was really tough to any took. Both all you can do it and i couldn't handle it with my right side because handled show. He made me a about ten inch. Long broom stick could stick in the in the door handle gave me that mechanical advantage. And that's the way we saw the problem. So that really didn't make much difference to show you the sort of instinctive adventurous spirit. That yeager had having an hour already crew that he could fly faster than sound and nineteen forty eight he becomes the first american to make a ground take off in a rocket powered aircraft again. Another experimental program. It's just remarkable to watch what they were doing and how they were doing. The navy also had a program and was called the skyrocket the five hundred eighty two and its pilot. Scott crossfield became the first team to reach twice the speed. No yet you're already become famous reaching speed of sound and he'd gone up to about a thousand miles an hour but they actually are at that point ridley and yeager decided they would beat crossfield speed record in the series of test flights that they dubbed operation. Nocco week nominated. They beat crossfield but they did it in time to spoil a celebration plan for the fiftieth anniversary of it. Which cross what was to be called the fastest man alive while the decided no he was the fastest man alive however in december of that year he almost had a disaster. He was flying the bell x one a sixteen hundred fifty miles per hour and became the first man to fly two and a half times the speed of sound. But at about mach two point four at eighty thousand feet planes spun out of control and was coming down rapidly spinning all three axes. He dropped fifty one thousand feet and fifty one seconds virtual. It's good thing. He was up at eighty thousand feet with start when he dropped. Think about this thousand feet. Second pra fifty one seconds. He stayed very calm. He regained control. Twenty five thousand feet and on the lam the aircraft that anymore incense and just chalked off his. You know part of the deal. Though we're apart these days was sharing more so at geiko. We'd like to say thanks. Thanks for sharing you. Savage dance moves. Thanks for sharing your. Diy haircut fails thanks for sharing your inner lips star. Now it's our turn to share with the geico give back a fifteen percent credit on car and motorcycle policies for current and new customers. Because we're committed for the long haul. The fifteen percent credit last year full policy terms visit gave that com slash give back for more info and eligibility a qualcomm pain connected and you can see us wherever five g is helping transform telemedicine supporting remote education empowering mobile. Pc's the invention ages here. Learn more at qualcomm dot com slash invention age nineteen fifty four. He gets the harmon trophy award from president. Eisenhower for flying. The it's wanna then. He becomes regular air force by may fifty five to july fifty-seven commands the f eighty six sabre equipped four hundred seventeen. Th fighter bomber squadron at hahn air force base in germany. fifty seven to sixty he commands the f one hundred d super sabre equipped. I fighter day squadron. George air force base california to members place. He originally went two years and years before and they also served moron spain and nine hundred sixty one. He finally moved on from being a high school graduate. He graduated from the air war college. Maxwell air force base in june sixty one became the first commandant of the us air force narrow space research pilot school which produced astronauts nasa and the us air force in december sixty three to generate sixty four completed five flights in the nasa m two f one lifting body. She experimental aircraft an accident during a test flight. No one of the schools. Nf one horse put an end to his record. Attempts december sixteen while testing the experimental lockheed starfighter and f one. Oh four rockin. Augmented airspace trainer at twice the speed of sound. His aircraft went out of control at one. Hundred eight thousand feet. Nearly twenty one miles up and crashed. He became the first pilot to make an emergency objection in the full pressure. Suit needed per high out. Some action that you're twenty. One miles above the new plane is increased. You're gonna correct have to stay very calm and very cool. Because that's why you're wearing before pressured. Precisely this kind of an emergency. But you're shooting yourself out of the plane and a really high speed really. I audited once again. They lands those on with business. As usual i flew a flight in the morning with a pressure. Shoot on Thinking one hundred eight thousand feet and we measure the rotation. Then i landed and wanna make another flight after lunch. I didn't get out of pressure because we get out of it. It's wet and you can't get back in and the made another flight at about one thirty in the afternoon. Data hundred and four thousand feet and and for some reason we had dual thrusters on the bottom of the nose. Dual thrusters on top now. We don't know we may have had one fresher fail but at one hundred four thousand feet. When i came into the atmosphere at fifty degrees angle of attack. I couldn't get the note down on the airplane and she you far is shut your engine down we down here but the engine still windmilling as it goes across the top. And that's where you get the hydraulic pressure. That runs the flight. Control systems your horizontal stabiliser. Yellow ron's rudder come over the top. Obviously the engines windmilling and gradually slowing down but engine is still turning over giving a hydraulic pressure. Which runs a horizontal stabiliser for pitch control and ailerons and rudder and basically what happened on previous flights When you re enter and foreshadows down with hydrogen peroxide thrusters attitude controllers. Then you come back into the atmosphere knows i then you start getting air through the intake ducts of your airplane and keeps and windmilling and you bring the airplane down to about forty thousand feet and level out and hits the igniter an income out out of out of idle with your out of stock with your throttle into idle and that gives you fuel and ignite or work name to start your engine up again but if it doesn't work then you going down dead stick into rogers dry lake which i did three or four time but on what happens on what happened on this flight was that when the airplane came into the atmosphere at about fifty degrees of attack and i couldn't get the nose down. The airplane pitched up and went into a flat spin. And what you realize now is the airplanes in a flat spin and the engine rpm. Because there's nowhere going through the intake duck. The engine stops. And when that stop then you no longer have hydraulic pressure to run. Those stabiliser aileron rudder. Show these no. You're in a no win situation. That's exactly what it is. He said there's an you get but you have one other alternative. That's a jecht. Well i also had a drag chute on the airplane that we use for landing. And when i went through the airplane was in a very flat slow spin and i am a pressure suit on. It was inflated and i'll sit there and watch and and hour talking to but anderson was chased me. T t thirty three. He was down way down. Low looking at me coming talking to the space position branch guys recording data. Instead i you know i got i got a real problem. They'd just no way of getting this thing out of a spin and so was i went through thirty thousand feet i went. I deployed the drag. Which you normally deploy for late. Well when i did the drag chute comes out and it popped the nose down on the airplane but there's a link that drag chutes hook to the airplane with that designed to shear at one hundred eighty miles from there. In case drag chute comes out accidentally. While you're flying it will stop the airplane. Well it just so happened when a nose went down you know as i went through one hundred and eighty miles an hour the drag chute shared and parachute released. An airplane pitch back. Flack because there's one hundred eighty miles an hour going through the intake decks dog in engine rpm takes about three hundred miles an hour when it happened. The airplane flip back flap and i don't think it turned it. Just fail at one hundred miles an hour. Now you've got you've got the egress intimately and and it paid off. Because a lot of times you have to use them in a semi conscious state. And i knew my rocket seat. That were newest capability. So i wrote it down to about six thousand feet which is not low and went ahead and objected. Well the rocket sheet blows you out of the airplane and gives you about one hundred mile. An hour velocity away from the airplane was just so happened that they're playing at falling at about one hundred miles our show when i used the seat. They're playing just fell away from the she'd obviously the the sheet sat there and in two seconds. After you leave the airplane The lap belt blows open on the seat. Which is what whole jannaschii. You've got Leg restrain irs cables. Hold your heels into the sheet for flailing when you come out at high speed and a lot of things happen So when this hachette watch the sheet go through sequencing knowing when it was going to happen and finally the lap built popped open. And and there's a but kicker that kicked you out of the she felt that going and also my cable cutters cut my leg. Restrain her cables and shaft fail through on this happen then you're f-i release on your parachute is armed and if as you fall through fourteen thousand feet the shoot will open while i was blow fourteen thousand feet obviously so the shoot. Open the minute that the f. Five release chad to open and it did. But the problem was i didn't have enough velocity through the air. She just starting to fall again. Pull at quarterback which is on the canopy of your parachute region. That bag is on the canopy is. When you ojected high-speed four five hundred miles an hour it keeps your canopy on the parachute from popping immediately. It pulled off and let at reef slowly. Well that little pilot shoot on at quarterback needs about sixty mile an hour to pull it off the quarterback and this is. I don't know anything like this going. All i know is that i'm free five. My shoot has released. But i haven't got a canopy slowing me down. I can feel it. Flopping into breeze by the time at about this time the sheet you know which kicked me out of here it also is falling and it became entangled in a shroud lines of the parachute. I don't know this either but this is way it happened. And when finally i picked up enough speed sixty or seventy miles an hour falling with the canopy up there following that that quarterback came off the canopy popped and win a pop them sheet. That's entangling shroud lines. I'm falling about like fish. Flop me up like this. Willa sheet hit me in the face piece of my pressure suit and what hit me was the rocket the butt end of the rocket on a sheet which still had glowing propel at burning and when this happened it pop glowing propellant onto the rubber shields. And my pressure suit. And you're in a hundred oxygen and when it did it ignited you're feeding one hundred percent oxygen and you and it's like a blow torch and fortunately windisch happen. The visor on my pressure shoot was busted fragmented. Cut my down in my shock at filled with blood so it didn't hurt my ball. The flame by got burned pretty bad on my neck and shoulder and in very difficult to breed and the only thing that i knew i was stunned from the blow i knew i had to get the visor up on my pressure. Shoot him which as a button on the right you push it and you raise a visor way. Get your visor up on most pressure suit. I knew i had to get it up off. Get that visor up. The shut the oxygen flow from my kit that was in the back of my pressure to get all his fire out. And so i did that when this happened. Then i schwann couple times. They hit the ground when it happened. I couldn't see too much and it was asked having trouble breathing because a lot smoking far but as it worked out. When i was didn't we look either do or you don't and had that don't didn't get killed in the flaps. Os stood up. And andy busby but helix after judge. I've been talking to him on way down to four minutes from the i spend impact and they had a helicopter off the ground with the flight surgeon aboard doctor at edwardson he got out. There will probably within five minutes from time. I landed and pick me up and gave me a shot of morphine and took me back to hospital. Worked on cut. My pressure should off as that's about it. In july sixty six she becomes a full. Colonel commanded the four hundred fifth fighter wing in the philippines flew one hundred twenty seven air support missions and train. Bummer in february sixty eight. He's assigned commander the fourth tactical fighter wing at seymour. Johnson air force base north carolina and he led the mcdonnell douglas f four phantom to wing and south korea during the crisis. June nineteen sixty nine. He was promoted to brigadier general motors. Signed in july as the vice commander of the seventeenth. air force. I think what this. Here's a guy who enlist has high school graduate services country very easily for a period of twenty nine years ends up as a brigadier-general as vice commander of an entire air force and then moves on becomes an advisor to the pakistani airforce. On behalf of the government and seventy three. He's elected the aviation hall of fame. Now this is a guy took a just a heck of a career. He continues to fly for the air force into five nassar. He's a consulting test pilot midwest airforce base in seventy six congress catches up with him and they create a special congressional silver medal for bravery. He's the only. American hemp awarded the congressional medal for service in peacetime and in the late eighties and nineties said a number of light general aircraft performance records speed range endurance replying us all right. He loved it. He continued for him. He conducted flights on behalf of piper aircraft. Now one flight yeager performed emergency landing. As a result of felix sh another he took the piper's turboprop cheyenne four hundred us to a time to hike record to thirty five thousand feet sixteen minutes which exceeded the client performance for boeing seven thirty-seven. He's moved from francis airplane in the world. He moved from great fighter aircraft and now still staying active working on private pledge. One thousand nine hundred five president reagan. He'll sit in the presidential medal of freedom. Chuck yeager hero in war and peace. Charles yeager served his country with dedication and courage beyond ordinary measure. An october fourteenth nineteen forty seven in a rocket plane which he named glamorous glenis after his wife chuck yeager became the first human being to travel faster than the speed of sound and in doing so showed the world the real meaning of the right stuff final on october fourteenth nine hundred ninety the fiftieth anniversary of historically. Past mach one breaking sounder. He flew a brand new lammers. Manage the third. And after fifteen. The past mach one. So this is a guy who said an amazing wide and finally this year. He passed away on december. Something i just think that this is one of the great examples of american exceptionalism. He kept growing. He kept learning. He kept pushing the margins. He never gave up a nurse slowdown and he didn't worry much about status much about academic achievement or certification just went out and did things and as a result he made america a much more remarkable country. He served his country series of wars perfect cursive to introduce young people to say if you have the guts new willing to work hard. It's amazing what you can achieve when america and that is what we really. Oh chuck yeager more than not just for his service to the country but for the very model of freedom and what. A courageous free person can do that. Anybody can learn in anybody can serve over there You can read more about chucky extraordinarily lights on our show page of newt swirl dot com neutral is produced by gingrich sweet sixty and iheartmedia are executive producers that reminds our producer has garnsey slow and our researcher. As rachel peterson. The worked show was created by the penman special. Thanks the team mcguinness instant. Please email me with your questions. At gingrich we sixty dot com slash questions. I'll answer selection question in future episodes if you've been enjoying neutral i hope you'll go to apple podcast and both rated five stars and give us a review so others can learn what i'm making which this is neutral In a world of an ever changing economic landscape. How on earth can i get financial stability in my life. I'm david grosso. Most of the podcast. Follow the prophet every week. You'll hear from successful entrepreneurs learn from their achievements and most importantly to avoid steaks on the podcasts. You'll hear stories that will deconstruct what's going on in the economy and how it's affecting your finances so that you can follow. The prophet listened to follow the prophet. Every saturday on the iheartradio app apple podcasts. Or wherever you get your podcasts.

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Earth the rise of the far right in the West and populist opposition movements in the east the continuation and pending conclusion of Disney Star Wars sequel trilogy and the Birth Death and rebirth of the Popeye's chicken sandwich. And this burger and sweet treat chain with the rhyming name has had some momentous recent history under the stewardship of majority stakeholder Star Glory the trump s Maxim magazine publisher who engineered toss style takeover in two thousand eight and probably added his name to the signage. The chain expanded for the Midwest blanket. north-american established outposts overseas an adventure. That may have been an exercise. In Hubris bye-bye glory as a rash of new locations have shuttered in quick succession billings. Montana opened and closed Fresno California opened and closed Millersville Maryland open and closed and subsequently it's franchise owner arrested for attempting to murder his wife and burn down his business for insurance money in the face of crushing financial pressures the chains quixotic UK UK expansion two ended after its lone British isles location exited less than two years after its founding. The closures even touched a location reviewed by this very podcast guest. It's Victorville California outlet closed in February of two thousand eighteen that same year the number of customers hit an eight-year low as same store. Sales dropped five point one percent Suez. The Planet Burns often literally from ever increasing. Global temperatures will the sun metaphorically rise once again on Sardar burglaries heartland hamburger this week on the final nudo boys of two thousand nineteen. We return once again to steak and shake mark and Welcome to go boys the podcast about chain restaurants. I'm nick wider alongside. My Co host. Adult Buzz mccallister the spoon man. Mike Mitchell all right I. I mean that's come on topical and it's seasonal you. You're just doing that because we posted this online. And you said Mitch is GonNa Think he's. He's Kevin Yeah you know I know I am him someone. Someone posted a home alone photo of it was. I don't know the third character was but it was. It's it's Kevin and buzz and is that another over the kid. mcallister kids buzz. No the third that there was a one more kid cousin the cousin okay. So it's like it's the three of them this got tweeted out and it got shared by us. Yes yes no. Social Media Works and it was. It was the guest photo of you and me and Paul Rust our good buddy and someone was like Oh that it looks like that. Yeah and you said that you were that you were MacAulay. Said Mitch is GonNa think he's Kevin. Yeah and I do. You're buzzed you fucking shit. I'm not buzz. I look more MacAulay needed at that age. No you didn't say fuck. You looked like buzz. No you didn't look like was you. We both look like MacAulay as it really been three years since state can shake. We've met we when we return the last time we went with it. was that long as a while. Going on I mean that was the last one what hasn't been going on in this world. question title. Are you a do they stop you here at the border of a normal Illinois year weird. You're too weird to come here. GO TO ABNORMAL INDIANA STATE That rose was courtesy of Kyle loader. He he writes this roast courtesy of Fuel Hauser. Whatever that means Rosenbloom energy mail com? If you have an insult you like Mitch. Show what does that I mean. I don't know it's very cryptic. All right look we got to introduce our guest because he's already chomping at the bid to introduce them first. Yes okay. We're introducing before the drop. Yes fine this is a break from form but all right coming in before the drop our guest our first ever pre dropped guest a writer. WHO's credits include Brooklyn nine nine fistfight in the upcoming film? Sonic the HEDGEHOG. Evan Susser is back guys. What's up commission great to be here? So December six. Yeah Yeah Two thousand nineteen read it Dot Com camp. Believe I'm going to say this is a subject but I miss sir by popular demand now back we made it and we've taken shake read it. Use The overwhelming overwhelming amount of eleven comments. Yeah I agree. I missed him. Yeah truly my favorite episodes. I respectfully disagree disagree. IRKS ME to no end. I would rather have run of bug main episodes in a single susser appearance. Okay well anyway. I'm back is where have you hosted by. Reddit user Mrs Susser my mom or my wife does your mom your your wife. Does she want Dobos and out of the House or does she want you back in the house. question varies by the day. Hit The drop Mitch. All right here we go. How how the spoon nation everybody last drop of two thousand nineteen? Was it a good year. We'll talk about you. Bet It. We'll talk we will talk about it why I got news for you today. Yeah it's a to drop day. It's a double drop dabble drop day. We heard we heard a drop. The here's the first drop and holding and holding spotted they. Hey Fry now right now all right well that that was the first drop. That was the first drop that one that was by. Caleb Denison High Kayla. Hey Boys if you just if you just watch rise skywalker. This'll be inappropriate drop. Feel free to use it anytime anytime. Your Pal Kale. It's when this episode is out. It will be on rise of wait. What's called return of skywalker return skywalker? Either we'll be the day it actually releases its return. Scott Rises skywalker. Is it rise of the lives of the skywalker is that was a rise of skyway surprise of skywalk art. This is why it sucks already. It's it's a little unclear you such. I can't believe the Waga ranked his star wars favorites hours movies. And you put it lasted I above the original star. Wars Third Empire won a movie that one return to do last year. I truly feel star. Wars the rise of Skywalker Star Wars the rise of scour is that the first one way way with the in there before awakens. Okay it's the second one with a God. Well according vampire back we they all the new ones have us us the Disney Disney sequel all the force awakens. The Force Awakens. So stupid the last yet I and the rise of skywalker. They're all does. Because those those those must mean something. Jd has been PR- putting these little clues throughout sprinkling them in their CPO's red arm. The mysterious lightsaber that MAS cannot have found in the presence of the word. The subtitle is finding me that you hated last you wanted to kill jj etc.. Those are two different. Oh yeah that was after that was after the force awakens. Jj and then he saw them again with an open. Mind now. Like that's that's you didn't like the prequels at some point you came around. Now you like the prequels I I actually did like the prequels a first and then my my people really were like they suck and then I was like yeah maybe they do suck. Yes sure it was a follower and a loser yes but just like you're you're potentially a follower loser now. No now I go by my own piece. I don't Oh care about anybody. Baby not even check and bug main. I doubt because I disagree with them on style. I do Jack and I don't always agree on. I like I like rogue on. Yeah I do. Do you think there's any chance you will flip again. Stars opinions in Your Life. Would that would be fun. Nine and flipped. And you got your Jay. I'm like episode nine. I haven't seen it yet. Do you think there's any chance you flip on the prequels again. No I. I watched arched episode. There are bad parts in it but overall I like a lot of the ideas and stuff like that anyways is smoke the emperor is and we're friends of snow. We're going to know very soon friends. That's the big revelation. You never knew the truth you know. Can I friends not best friends just kind of good friends. I considered US besties. This is awkward. Don't make this awkward. Doing anyone will do like Adam driver in marriage story like yelling doing. But he's like yelling and smokers. Oh that's good. That would be a good match. Because it's all about fucking glueck now. Comedy is a bunch of fucking dumb goop. You take things that aren't connected and you mash them up and it does this. There's no way of an Internet companies. That do it anymore. It's just fucking agai somewhere. Yeah the these all these off topic but I have a question. Jim How do you make a meme. Truly I do not know how people lake going around and you're seeing it has texans bitch to you. I'm sure wider knows. You want to tell you how you can learn. UCSB one these used to be mean classes now ninety ninety five dollars for eight weeks. If I put in your last name do I get a discount. You get twenty percents off the first class. So what's your ties. Maybe I'm very dumb but is there a place where all of these memes existence pictures and then you put blink text desire like an APP or something. I'm not trying to insult you but this is like the question like my uncle would ask you know the answer. There is a generate me. MEENA GENERATOR DOT COM generally. Here's how you generate. Yeah this is how you make me yeah you get a still from a movie of icon. ICK Moment No. I'm not talking about that. The actual text that mean texts that you understand that you can just see that text where there's a for example this cap me more. The ones the people are yelling at the cat. I've seen like the memes. So then do I have to find. Signed averge because I want to make me baby okay. Do I have to find the picture without any text. And then go to a meeting generator and put it in will they. They just have it if it's a popular theme as far as the question for your data. I've never wondered before about. Are you dumb. This is the big doboy season finale. Revelations Susser is somewhat. I think that these guys don't really know their stock someone. Please tweet at me and explain how to make me. I mean if it's like will you just you. Do you use photoshop to like take tax to buy photoshop. Not necessarily one way to go. But I mean there are there editors you you can use to hire not an actual editor John. You can have like an APP on your phone that will let you add text in fact you can do that just native league in now I send my son and my out to Scorsese's editor shoemaker. Almost sugar she sends him back. I had a second drop by the way. Oh boy did you. Who you said who gave us the I guess? What's the second drawing attention all right man? Thank you for the many hours of entertainment you you guys provide. I'm an INDIE HIP hop artist from Chicago. Wow and I wanted to submit a little rap Jingo. I wrote about the show. Sorry that was more than that. And that sentence came up with some lines while listening and my friend NASA seven seven three. I think maybe so that wrong spelling NASA. Let me say it's NASA NASA NASA NASA. Asa felt like NATTA staff saying it back to me NASA seven seven three made a beat for hope. You guys dig it. Thanks again for the show. Kojak can be. He followed. Kojak wraps on all forms or on Youtube Slash Kojak wraps that CEO CEO. Jack and Jack s wraps right so jack. The detective is with a K. Kojak the rappers with a C.. Right linked. If it's with a C A rapper. He will be but with a K.. A detective he may be He. You would say you would say my name doesn't start with the C.. Couldn't fucking rhyme anything. I here we go. Here's here's the. Here's here's the drop ready. Saas eaten NEESA APOLLO missions. And that's something to do review Shane. Nothing I want nothing. If not go some Migos who love him will read a couple guys. Want things cupcakes are pie which is not valley. The other loves hot sand. It's called boy's voice voice. That rule has very good. I mean he's really. Kids are a full version version. And can that be your song that gets on to build one hundred. How's that coming by the way I still got time? You and that much time. Do you have like another year I think. I'm opposed posed in their edit. The other day you have just under exactly six months so you're the halfway point. You haven't really made any headway classic. Move to the halfway point and I'll still fucking dazzle them. That was very good. Bye Kojak but I think of you rapping about dope boys actually loses you credibility in the hip hop community. All Street. cred is gone may not be a good move career wise. I just want to say that Since the Skywalker just came out that I ask him people their respect my privacy as I as I process the rise of Skywalker in these days at school with everyone. You just got a lot to wrap your head around you mean I just need the process right okay. Show me. I was seeing everyone saying I'm still processing. What the fuck are you talking about? You're still pretty say that. Yes the euro saying it online is the weirdest. It's like what you say when your grandma is sick. You're talking about that's crazy. Please respect my privacy. See I just saw the rise of Skywalker just need some space away from everyone for a bet that so it's in the world is insane. Yeah Yeah it's a weird world in look speaking of movies then we we gotta get into this quickly. Yes I booked another role. We talked about it on the show. Yes so we have to addresses now when you say you booked another role. Gina Cinnamon Roll. Goddamn yes I booked a cinnamon roll the book did what. How can you you you set up and you go and get? Are you offer only on cinnamon. uh-huh cinnamon rolls yes. I go straight to call backs with cinnamon rolls. I booked a role all in This movie yesterday. Jennifer Garner movie very exciting offers Jones. That was my role but the was working on this tomorrow or moving. They kept pushing the dates rates and one date went later than my F- first day. Yes of yesterday. They didn't even overlap. But I couldn't shave my beard in a very beardie right now as people will see in the guest photo and and I and I lost the role. They need you clean shaven to play. They they said that I had to be clean shaven so I lost the role. Don't get to work with Jennifer Garner bummed out about it. Yeah Yeah I'm very bummed. It's Sorta I tried everything I could. Yes and it's a bad city. It's I mean it's good city right I I think people would be like this. Is Champagne problems but you always want to try to do. Something didn't even get exposure. I'm the You know what I mean. I'm not an actor that a lot of people know so. We'll also have your character actor in a Netflix movie. That's not something where you're going to put another story on your house else. That money is not. It's not that great. I mean it's you know it's money to act in something that was minimum for sure but it's more about the exposure exposure getting to do a fun role right for sure. Yeah that's a bummer. Yeah IT'S A. It's a tricky thing with address. I was saying the suspect. Is that sort of thing of like I mean especially because I think everyone just wraps like the one percent of actors actors into all of them but like you know what I mean like like. They're all but whatever I was at a wgn meeting this past weekend. And this statistic. The unemployment employment rate for SAG after members is ninety five percents. That's ninety five percent of actors out of work at any given time. That's why it just seems so i. It's it's there's also the Sangha you have to be like. You have to be very flexible with your time. Always and like we're GONNA do this and we're going to pay you a lot and you're gonNA come here and do this and do that and then like when it's the opposite and you can you please be flexible for me. It just doesn't work. Oh yeah absolutely so I was. I think it was the most depressing day of my career up there. I mean my second. Almost I mean that's a lot of depressing days. Yeah let's beyond at the start of Doboy mad what's going on the show we worked on. That was running the dope boys. When we sold the oppressing their net flicks flakes that? It didn't happen all in one day denominator here. Let's see what else you had a lot of depressing we sold the TBS Gamer show yes. It didn't happen pressing just a solid three years of unemployment. Probably at some point in their. But yeah you're right and it's compressing because he's shaking the microphone because because you I booked it. It was specifically hard but at the same time a very excited to do the tomorrow. Warren in the microphone. You're making feedback fine. Whatever look can I just say my thing I am? I'm excited about this movie that I meant so it's no big but I'm sad. I want to tell people about it. It's a bummer. You would have been a great officer Jones. Thanks why I've Ritchie as as other. No it's okay to be depressed. Yeah you know. I think it's been three years since we last went to steak and shake. That's right just to to fill everyone in we. I went to steak and shake four and a half years ago for the first time. It's right then. We went four years years ago to Victorville. Yeah so the first one. We went to Santa Monica Location. which is one of these is? We'll get into this little but the state staying in shape by glory which one with a limited menu. I don't WanNa talk about the restaurant. Yes yes I want to talk about our journeys. I'm with you. So has our Bond Ben Stronger in the last few years probably not then we went to Victorville drove two hours from Los Angeles had a whole big road. Trip was a triumphant experience. I lost my sunglasses. The weather outside was like the movie twister. Oh yeah there's a lot like the movie twister. I felt like that one of us was bill. Paxton one of US was Philip Seymour. Often and one of us was Helen Hunt The cast most of the movie twister. Yes let me guess. Mitch thinks that he's whatever Helen Hunt. What's happening in twister? I feel like he was yeah. And then. Three years ago we went to the Burbank. Steak 'n shake yes and that was as the episode of the Big Blow Up. Wait now is the blow up episode. That was a blow up episode. which maybe you guys have forgotten but wow I have not forgotten us and I wanted to play a little something? That was steak and shake three. I felt like a steak and shake one. It was not sticking check. Once they shake one was my first appearance in small steak and shake. I was just coming in being like. I'm just a guest like honey other gassed. Who knew who knew this? Would he come. Who Knew How many people would try and weasel their way in for the susser role who people would try and grab the torch not letting torch gripping that torch tight can come on? You can go on tour with Adele boys but remained and now it's congress okay. I'm above. Gabriel I go back-and-forth with him anymore. I'm going back and forth with Kevin Pollack back for with any of the people who've tried to usurp my little spot here not going back and forth with an angle. How I'm not going back and forth with anyone? I think it's great that there's a big dough. Boys expanded universe. I and I think it's important to remember that but anyway yes my last appearance or the last time we went to steak and shake now. I last appearance. I've been back a lot but things got a little tense Um and I just wanted to play a little bit okay from but I I love fast food but if anything this podcast is made me hate fast food food and food and food has become more of a chore. I'm going to resign from the doboy. You guys have kind of teased about ending the podcast. Wijers reaction today. I think I'm going to step down. And whoever you'd like to twenty-six it'd be a fine time to end the podcast like we could just have this be the last episode. I'm fine with that. Was the last the last one and find with that. Okay all right. This is the last episode so we we've made the underserved missile we made the the unsubscribe decision for you the listener if you were going to unsubscribe you don't even need to exert that effort now at this point you can keep the subscriber's number the same but no new episodes are gonNA come. It's because you don't want to work with me anymore. I'm happy to work with you. We've had plenty of foods in the past. It's fine we'll can't late. We have a working relationship worse. There's something deeper for what Steve It's fine you keep saying it's because it is fine. I'm saying that things are fine. Fine also find with this being the final episode. I I don't care we can cut ties. I don't care. I don't not tethered to anything. I will walk away from something and never return to it. It doesn't matter it does not Mattis I will not and they will not look back with nostalgia is there more are you are you. Are you getting. That's it. You know what it wasn't as bad as I thought. I could have a a better job editing together more stuff. I should have gotten involved if you listen back to it. And you're like that was really good then and we did some stuff after recorded. I wanted to get the essence of that fight. Do you guys remember. It did seem it kind of you can tell. There's a little bit of joking going on but when we were in the moment it did feel like about fifteen minutes in there. Maybe the podcast was going to end. Then by the end of the podcast seemed like if come back around but now it's three years later. Yeah I can't believe the most surprising thing of all three snow is stagnating really blow. Your mind does blow my mind bucks. It's been three years since you almost now. That was even before there was a patron that was for. You take picture. We were podcast money on this podcast for like two years. We're going out of pocket for all our meals. It was before doors. Mania had really taken over the world new new new new but I I can't we chased down. The Hillary or Adobo live show had even occurred. That's wild yeah I guess doing it for about about about a year ago and listening to that clip. You know what I think flags I think I should have kicked. Your fuck. Could ask that day. We're GONNA fucking Stop Her D. Thin Pieces Shit. It was before we had met Emma. That's true preemptive I think I didn't even live live in. LA which is not. It's not even worth you were you. Were you like in college. And then they'll graduate college in two thousand fifteen out all right she. I M calming wing presence. I think so too has a policy. Uc seems to ratchet up the tension. Not Knowing's cleaning us you sung so when that when that clip you just played happen to you. Song was what daycare and college. He actually he was in cold. Call them like left a message from college already. Allow cause remember. That was in the early days when you song was. The was an intern at our old podcast. Our first podcasts. Odd Cast Label happen with that by the way. Oh you just bring up every bod- yeah yeah. We're it's weird. I don't know we switched. That works at some point. What happened God damn it? I think I don't think any money was being withheld. Cc I was is a calming presence but I didn't really show up until after you left that network. So maybe the absence of that network is the calming presence. Certainly wasn't a man up there who was screwing us over. That still works up there. There wasn't certainly wasn't any alleged embezzlement going on with our AD funds might have to cut some of this. Do we have to you know we're GONNA call crime anyway. Three years it's a long long time And you're still doing the podcast. It's going better than ever. I do people people know people do it. You know I usually stop listening to a podcast but those boys they're doing great. I still love it. I do hear that from people who are who are these people. I mean I work in Brooklyn nine nine time. A lot of Doboy fans including Dan Gore Carol Kolb now look. Is there a feeling we gotta have Carol there too good to like the the feeling that the October fest. At l. episodes were not good. Yeah ask those episodes. I don't think anyone really did but I mean you had some great some. It was on the bed. With low energy was a little low energy was felt obligatory. There wasn't really much of a theme. Is this show I'm just reporting what I'm hearing. I'm Gonna I think this I flew to Atlanta. We flew you song. Emma flew out a great idea. We went on two separate weekends. And you're saying the episodes weren't worth six meals in one day a noble effort we had clearly seem to threat. It can can we. What are you talking about balancing multiple the movie role? He had the Patriots game on the background. Is that true that is true. I didn't walk. Cancel in live show appearances appearances without any regard for the audience. That's that is not true. A than other thing that I was thinking about when I lost this movie role. Oh Hashtag Day oh wait you're anti yesterday campaign US Hashtag. No Sag not my goodness Hopkin have a fucking beard for Christ's sake I I mean I think so. It's the worst thing that COP is time my father about this. WHO's a lawyer and he said it's actually illegal for police department to say that people can't have facial hair? Oh interesting now. Maybe there's a limit to how much you can have rain. But but is it illegal for production to say. I can't have facial hair. I don't know I think they can impose pose some requirements on Hashtag payday. But are you are you. Are you really mad at. Are you really mad. Just because you WANNA clarify. I don't think you're mad at the specific movie. You're more of the situation relation Madison situation. Yeah I mean I always exposure things us you wanNA laugh with Jennifer Garner would have been fun Maybe she's like. Hey do you want to hang out with my ex husband. Boy Boston Guy. I make good will hunting too. Yeah they must still be friends right after. He cheated on her with their nanny. They probably are close. It's first of all I won't have you talking about my former co star. That way second of all they are friends they really do they are. Oh that's good. Yeah you know I got the inside scoop all. He has an US magazine subscription. Nick keep in touch with all the CELEB- gossip with all the stars. He's now L. hobnobbing with so Jennifer of you're listening. I sorry that I didn't get to work. She might be listening. What if she did is Garner on the Patriot on check the subscribers still I am so curious who is the big secret star listener of dough boys? Wow there's there's gotta be one. I hope someone without themselves. Maybe it's me but everyone would probably be a little embarrassed. Yeah understandable. That's so sad that they be embarrassed to listen. Listen to that. They listened to the show. Well no I don't think they'd be embarrassed to say listen to the show. I think most people but maybe I'm wrong would have the humility to be like you know. I'm trying to think who's famous person I'd say question. You know it's like Tom. Hanks Tom Well Jack. Nicholson so I shouldn't. I'd say something Do you think that people would be I would say. How can we tell people? We got some meter above one thousand and you live to doboy choice. Just announce it and say or Senator Privacy Man say star secret fan or something. I like this. I like this star Secret Fan. We also we have a couple of big time actors who listen to the show. Yeah means a few other people. Listen to the show. Oh yeah souks I was looking for the MDC star a meter after you mentioned it and the first is the site booster IMDB star meter with boost my star Dot Com. It's a way we can fuck an ASTROTURF. The IMDB DB star meter. So you're up there with Alexandra Breckenridge wow and Rachel Brosnahan. That's so what a weird. What a weird world we live in? I guess it's probably good for your careers buying instagram instagram followers but for IMDB. That's insane. That should be not allowed. I concur in in summer. HALDER still way up there vampire. Diaries guy great yeah good for him. What's Evanson got You want me to search for assessors star meter. Okay hold on says. How do you feel about this? I'm fine with it okay. I've done it before I'm usually surprisingly high. Okay here we go Evan Susser this is. There's only one of you will a lot of times. We searched for a name. There's a bunch of a bunch of different Mike Mitchell's right. Are Mitchell seven. Yeah Okay here we go interesting to listen. This is great this is gripping content. Where do I view you? You're starting with this pro. No then you can't see this sucks. Here's here's here's what I think. I think that I wanNA check his star meter today and then see after this episode of the bump. There's a bump after this episode. I M D being susser yeah bumping him up. Is that how it works. Is that in the Metro. I think it's part of it. It's IMDB searches. Yeah you you know what. Leave the star meters to these strangers. So well put I thank Hollywood would be a better place ray. Left The star meter through Corologis. Who is the number one on the star changes number one should be true to Oscar itself? Are they gonNA say Halley's comet that's good too in the Oscar or Haley's comet should be the number one of us. I mean that was more line of the joke telling it all right. You're going to say like historical figure whose Douglas or Jesus. Christ Jesus Christ knows you'll be number one on the star meter the sun. That's pretty good Eh. This I think the sons my favorites. I actually don't like the sun too much Ghibli sunburns it's giver of life. They're the planet does not exist with that. Would no I know this part of my problem with it three years since the big blowup. That's crazy getting along better. Hurry well I think this this is the best year we've gotten along. I think good gone. Mitch we'll go excuse there've been some cranky times but I think that I think that you're also frank. I think the I think the baby cranky. You're you're the baby you're the baby. You are the one not the baby and in version of the classic not the moments rope not the baby. You're the baby. GotTa love it your baby but we have. It's been a while since we've had had like a little bit of a frog because there are some cranky moments I think on tour and they've got some testy moments in text messaging will because you come on during. I slept on our last night the tour. Why do you sleep in the night before you go on tour nervous I wanted to sleep? I can't sleep it's not it's it's less that is more anxiety to being in a different like a bed. That's not my own. I have trouble like sleeping in a hotel bed sometimes or never stay with anyone else but like an airbnb or something. I have trouble sleeping there so a lot of this. Is you standing at the foot of the bed staring at the bed. Nervous before you get in a hope tech. TUCK myself in right. I think that the two and you gotta put the pillow under my button instead. A serious suggestion for yes. Why don't you start shipping your bed from home to the tour locations? I think that would be unfeasible. Cost prohibitive yeah. I think it'd be hard to do. I think the Natalie Ali wouldn't have a bad. She sleeps in a separate bed. Yes she that's her bed she wouldn't have the extra but she wouldn't have the extra bed I think the I think it'd be invisible. Is it feasible or unfeasible infeasible not possible. It'll be not possible. Yeah how's that. Is it impossible to sure it would be impractical theory go impractical. That's what it is impractical. jokers it would be impractical like the joke. You're not the joker the jokers they're different ones impractical jokers kind of a funny sketch otherwise like he's just playing pranks on people. Yeah that'd be into that that's let's get for like sixty. TV show no incredible. I got distracted. Depending and people who contracted you one of the impractical jokers. Wow Classic classic impractical joker prank there. I think what's great about impractical jokers. They're all friends really through. Yeah you know it's interesting thing is a different take from this show. I was GONNA say that that that that episode. You can't tell that I'm more mad than I am when you hear that because I'm actually very upset in that episode. Well it might be edited by out to be include more of that okay. I frantically was doing it before I came over. I was also very I was GonNa say you are also so lividly mad and did feel like you're going to leave the show rivals the time that you cancelled good morning. America was. That was what I wanted to quit. was that this year. No no no no no. That was almost exactly a year ago so yeah. That's fine watering read. That's why these things are all water under the bridge. Jesus do you think people will be mad Who who I called out and the other guests and so they're not saucer? Do you think people will be mad. Then I'll throw John Hodgman in there. uh-huh wow you're on notice hodge. Yeah wow this is I mean I I liked when we're open like this why it's good. It's good yeah. I think that this this has been a good had. This has been the best. I've felt about the podcast this year. I felt like like in the time we've been doing it. Not because of its I think it's better quality level or anything like that but I just feel like we are more comfortable with each other in a working heels more sustainable this year it has in the past. It's in the past. Felt like Oh this burning so bright but it's GonNa explode and this now it's boring no. I think it's still great quality party but it's just a rhythm a little less passionate but no less love. Well I think that my I mean why. Why greatest extinguish the flame? What do you mean no show no book no this though that all went away? You didn't want to do anything. And that's how I resigned onto just being a pocket. Best form is doesn't podcast. You piece of shit goes from being a better than the TV shows. It was like an add on what what show has transitioned from a podcast with TV. Show and be like oh the. TV show is better things evolve and they change and it's fun and you can do something different. I just think it would be. It would be another revenue source like that would be the reason to do. TV Show but then. When we've been presented with things certainly would net flicks? The money was insultingly bad. I don't like it was just like this isn't worth. This isn't worth our time to do this. Is I would be making less money. Executive Producing and starring in a TV show that it was as a staff writer nonunion freelance Atlanta for Funnier. Die A website. That's absurd yes it's true. I know I agree with you. That situation was but what I'm saying is like that's what we see with TV. Production is they keep cutting the bottom like they're they're trying to fuck in low ball everyone 'cause they're trying to make things as cheaply as possible this rate. I can't disagree with you but in saying like if there was a situation where it was financially I wanted to say lucrative. 'cause lucrative doesn't have to be the standard but was financially worth our time. You do a greedy bitch. So what else greedy Warri. Oh He's the enemy he's good you play. He's good. He's the protagonist. Isn't some game boys book. I would be fine. We're taking a we're GONNA have a phone call about. We're going to see if something happens. I'm into possibly doing a book. I just think it's going GONNA be a lot of work for me. Guess what Yeah. You're not wrong bitch. I got news for the DOE. Boys listener exclusive. The doboy book will be scratching and the scratch. Part will be your own is trying to claw them out of your head so looking we got paid to write something. Yeah I I'm into it I just I feel like it's like it's look it doesn't matter the show is what it is we're show I'm old now I don't give a fuck anymore you're in movies. You're a movie star. This this is the year of movie star. Mitch it's been a good year to lease. Who Cares if one of them got taken away? I care no one cares Hashtag no day day tweet at General Guard get this. Let's get this trimming thank you. My Mail just came. Oh that's exciting. No no it's not God why. Why is that excited? Haven't we made the your mail delivery person a character in the shell chase him down. No they'll hate that the guy who was like when I come to the door like one PM is still in his underwear. Wants when we were coming in records. I'll be right back. I'd assessor as stood up. He is going outside. I assumed have with Israel approaching the mail carrier. Okay now I think we're mayor Pete. The fuck in that Little Shit was involved in America was like involved when he was a consultant with laying off or no he was he was advocating for. It's getting fucking political. And he was advocating for the post office to move to nonunion union labor and like cut a bunch of jobs in extremely like he was like working for this McKinsey consulting firm and he was doing all this shitty staff to like. Fuck an undercut the post office and now he's supposed to be the the fucking democratic standard bearer. This fucking little fucking woody from toy story looking. Wow Wow mayor. Pete Sucks Sucks. Is this right wing wider now this left-wing okay. Good no I don't like mayor P he so fucking craven just do what in the simpsons thousands episodes when they defeated all the advertisements. You just don't look just. Don't look at Mayor Pete when he's doing his dance. Don't just don't look at them. I don't WanNa look in the Mirror Pete Dance. Will you have mayor Pete on the podcast. Yeah we'd have them on. Would you have all of the Democratic candidates on any. Wouldn't I got a question. I've a poll for the DOE. Boys his listener okay. This will also get some listeners. Mad because like when we got when you got to remember that one guy an email that he was done listening to the show which because you got to political yes breath and then also that I alluded to. I said I was GONNA take trump out to eat if people didn't like someone. report that at the Secret Service. Yeah Guy told us that you were very funny. I mean I hope he's not listening. Still kills me or something. I didn't we didn't mean anything by I. Hope still listen. We're we're just messing around buddy. We understand that some people use this as an escape from politics but sometimes the world is as In the world is in such a state that you can't avoid talking about politics and sometimes we talked about food and intersects with politics fix it. President trump wanted to come onto doboy. What would what would you do? We'd have to say no th yeah. I think we say now what our listeners want that to happen. I think INC that no. I don't think our listeners wanted to happen. It'd be like a platforming it'd be like SNL having trump on it was upset about you guys would have it in you to be like real real serious journalists to finally realm and be like we're not doing any drops we're not talking about Quincy talking about these policy points And and just like a complete format. We're going to ask him the tough question. What's better the big Mac or the is it true true that your hair is a comb over time? You answer these questions Mr President. We wouldn't have them on. Yeah we wouldn't have him on. He's a he's not. I don't think it would be good. Would come on. I think he would think he wants to. I think he might be the big celebrity listener. I don't know why always making fun of me. I get trouble I was pretty good. I was transported. Donald Trump and Brooklyn talked about the boys. I wonder what that sound like Mitch saw. Aw Hey listen to the latest episode of Doboy they were giving out Roy Jeffrey Epstein a hard time. I I heard it like it. You don't talk about the dead that way I liked it this was Epstein was all this year I know he was in the. He's been in the news for a forever but it really like his his arrest and then a murder. We're we're just like really took over the new cycle. Yeah Yeah Do you think people are upset about hearing Epstein like when people were getting to political they're like layoff Epstein. I've got a question for you will Epstein make the Oscars in Memoriam this year. I think he's got a fighting chance. You might sneak in there. We look you could see. You could see Elaine being an audience too. They they cut to a Tyrian Yeah she's Jason Sued Ache. Is it guess. I've got a question for you. I don't have a question. This is just a statement. Yes I changed my mind today. We were going to. We're going to go get for steak 'n shake four. Yes we were going to go get breakfast at steak and shake the final frontier. The one thing we have not tasted at at stake in shape I gotTA leave to go to Atlanta tomorrow. We're recording. We're doing twelve twelve hours of dope boys today. It's too much it's too much. It's it's it's a lot so I just found out yesterday that I was going anyway. Just how we had scheduled And by the way this is our one this is our one. You'll so it's already fucking tanking. We should just lines. This is our eleven. That's why it's bad the last frontier we're GONNA go to Santa Monica convenient for you. Meet their ten. Am Eat breakfast. Comeback Record core take a break. Come back and record we yes. Please continue we switched that up. I said let's not do that. Let's go get lunch now. There's going to be as Saas ask you WANNA tell everybody but there's GonNa be a steak and shake five. Yes now the to be continued. We're GONNA WE'RE GONNA go and get breakfast. We'll go back and we'll revisit it but for for the sake of time in for our sanity. We went back for lunch day which I think was a good idea can we. Can we take a step back before before we get into this this meal which which and maybe what. We'll do after a break. But I do want you to to tell us real quick because you were people. Maybe don't understand it how much you work on the show uh-huh and consulting capacity. And you get you give us a lot of feedback and Info and and suggestions and notes and things you are doing is acting as a producer. Today you were finding a steak and shake had breakfast. You're calling a bunch of them. You call the Compton. Location called Santa Monica location to call Lisa Viejo location which is a two hour drive. That's true and find mind. Yes okay to say You you this year. He didn't do as he wasn't as a producer as much to see. Yeah he didn't do that much this year as a kid. He's very busy. You got a kid who was on Brooklyn nine nine. Yeah uh-huh I know Dan. I know you love the show where you stole our suss away. You gotta fire for next season. He's got deli boys distracting announcing his own podcast empires that I was. I think it was pretty involved still for not being as about the real thing the fell off his wasn't at as many of the meals as I am right which I really did break my heart. I hope you guys believe me when I tell you that. Yeah you go back and listen to episode from twenty seventeen and it's just like Eugene Cordeiro being like yeah. Yeah we're at luncheon like Susser. was there for some reason. One of the best medicine just exist for some reason. Yeah but right Eugene back you've got to have Eugene enforce nation comeback. Eugene cernan demand. Laurie yeah now the mates. It makes sense. The enforces over spoon. Nation was that what was it bodyguard. I forget what what his title was. I thought he had something. Nautical is it not that he was. Maybe it was the captain explanation. This is deep dope. Boys lower that we don't even know yeah but but Sollozzo you're calling all the steak and shakes. They all had different answers it again. We had to do something different and I pitched the idea of doing breakfast. Everyone that idea in the time that I came up with that that idea. Yeah and which was about two months ago. Several locations seemed to have closed their shirts of them. That were around where we were gonNA ago including the Victorville one as I mentioned the intro. Yeah so then I started calling some places to see if any breakfast the Burbank location. Asian that we went to does not serve breakfast. The Santa Monica Look Location. I called and they said Yeah we a little. We kind of serve breakfast and I was like what does that me. No breakfast sandwich and you can also get like eggs. I guess and I was like well. That doesn't really seem that inspiring and then there was the other one. Where did you say Lisa? Va Yeah they seem to have like. Oh you can get pancakes. You can do the whole thing but that is two hours away and we would've had to be there before eleven. Am and just to like that. Was the idea in theory and then in reality we went to Burbank. which is very close and both mentioned? Nick were over fifteen minutes deflate. We were late today. I was out twelve PM. I think I was like thirteen minutes. No incorrect I was fifteen. Yeah I'll probably on the DOT. Yes I'm AH in my defense. I'm checked out fifteen year looking done and saying that Irishman fifteen minutes. Saying something uh-huh. Wow Wow so but I heard speaking of the biggest fan I heard that Deniro listens. Listen listen to dope boys to warm up the spin during filming. Anyway we went to Burbank as oh as long as the Irishman is is like one doe. Boys are we into the meal out an Irishman. We put out one Irishman every week. It's quite an Irishman every week with the double. Oh Yeah Yeah we do. We put out an Irishman every week. You fucking Lazy fucks Joe. Patchy you make an Irishman after what twenty years the we put it. We put out a new Irishman there every year every day every week. The DOE boys and Irishman a week. That works with me too. Oh Oh I got my sauce. That was a fake union. Were incest the new ancestry. Dot Com updated my my my DNA profile. You're having a wise ass remarks say EH turns out your one hundred percent turns out. I am one hundred percent Irish. Wow One hundred after I got one hundred percent your pure blood. I'm pure blood. You used this because I thought at one point you said my mom's irs you weren't confident about your paternal side but you're fully Irish. I gotTa tell you since I found out kind of got a bit of a hatred for muggles the Harry Potter there half bloods. You don't know this yes I am. I hate these movies and I know that I thought muggles were just non-magical life to Oh for fucks sake. What are the half bloods called by the way when you said I've got a hatred for Burma Obama at very worried? But then they will. How would this be a chain? Ah We're so here's what we're GONNA do a racist joke okay. What are we gonNA do a waiter? I was going to say you're just a Oh mud blood mud blood and non-magical person that is that is what's the what is the mix person who's half have magic and have not. I don't think that exists in the Harry but it does exist. I don't know if there's a name for it half magical creature Harry Potter by the way some fucking Harry Potter Dork with Fucking Quidditch Tattoo is just screaming at us right now on the stairmaster at their Jim. They're called whizbang thanks. I don't they know Whiz bangs. You please stop crying stairmaster next to me. What are you gonNA order? I was going to say we should take what we should do. Is We should take a break. We should come back and we'll talk about steak and shake. We'll talk about her. Most recent visit a steak and shake We do a little tease here when we get back from break. Evan Susser is going to tell us if the sonic the hedgehog movie indeed includes a romance between blaze the cat and wave the swallow. We'll be right back with more dobos. If you're still using one of the big wireless providers in two thousand nineteen have you looked yourself in the mirror. Ask yourself what you're paying for between expensive retail stores inflated prices and hidden fees. You're being taken advantage of because they know you'll pay enter mint mobile mobile provides the same premium network coverage. You're used to but at a fraction of the cost ost wives because everything is online Mitt mobile saves on retail locations and overhead does then passes those savings directly to you mich our old pal. You song rest in peace was he. He's mint mobile. He uses me he. He used mobile for a full year. I mean he's still on it for the wall I mean he's I mean he may still very well be on it in our hearts but yeah he loved meant mobile. He was a big fan he. 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They're white as snow but not anymore. You can finally see what's it's down there and what a sight it is. Oh Mr Klaus. It's like a candy. Came curved at one end time to give you my North Pole. Welcome back to Doboy. We're here with Evan. Susser steak and shake four is is on the Menu Susser about it. Well I think we have to address the teaser. Yes whereas that's it's always a sonic the sonic the Hedgehog teaser blaze. The cat wave the swallow. Is there a romance. You know nick all these years. I've been coming on this show. Yes it was announced. I was writing. Sonic the hedgehog movie. Every time I come on you ask a question about it. Yes I say. I'm not at liberty to say Yes the movie coming out in about two months. I'm liberty to say. Wow and liberty to say that this is not the sonic movie that I wrote why. It's not to say that as a negative thing. It's just a different movie. We don't have credit on this movie even though you've introduced me as housing credit even those something you've known for significant time time and did you even though we say source for me when we recorded the prequel episode. Yes which people will hear her in the New Year. I believe no. That'll be the final. The final double of this year. Okay so here that yeah which was recorded before this. Yes but it's coming out after right. You just asked me again even though you knew the whole situation and I just made a joke. Yeah but enough enough. So that's what the situation is Mitch complaining about. Here's movie that he almost shot. I wrote a whole movie. I flew to Tokyo. I you know did this whole thing. Talking executives executives talked a SEGA executives into writing. Doing movie comes out. Jim Carey is in it and one of my Childhood Heroes Doc in releases a trailer that the Internet is outraged over. Somebody stopped me. They make changes to it and and then a few months ago I find out officially no credit on this movie and it's WJ makes the decision. I respect the WJ Wj you asked me to fire their eight. My agent I happily did it. They asked me if I or anyone else I will do it. I will end my friendship with you guys asked me to Nope. Yeah and I'm in a heartbeat so this is not but it has gotten to a point of being awkward. Yes but you keep asking me about it. It's gotten to the point where I feel a little bad for the people who have received writing credit That this other person is so wow associated with this episode does the wider and Susser blow. Up Is this the blow up to. It's not the blow up to but I just felt like I had to address it. Yes so you can keep ask you mean these questions hours after the movie comes out but I felt like I had to say something. Yeah has to Snow Nick. Sonic with an in the middle of it so I hope you like donate. I hope you like coming up with those cute fucking questions. I've actually had a blast but that's what it is for one guy one guy only fucking wider. It's working out for me working out for me but just has to be a little sincere for a second. Obviously he's just read union minimum working on a Disney show Hollywood's working out for me but truly this is to yes. Obviously it's to work on a movie regardless of if it comes out good if comes out bad to work on a big movie and he comes out and their trailers and their commercials Marshall's and all that kind of stuff even if your version is not real division. Made A bummer. To have worked on something something like that and not get credit on something like talking to say that. It's not but and I mean this sincerely I was thinking about it while is driving over and I knew that you were going to ask me yes about it even Komo. You've known the situation the continue to do it. But you know the situation Roy months and months but I was thinking if I had the truth because it has lined up. Yes from when I've when I've been working the life of that movie and this podcast have lined up. That's true and if if I had to choose between being one of six writers on this. Sonic the hedgehog movie or having my position as as commissioner of the Doboy podcast how being a regular guest m being the Doboy war room and been a part of this thing for such a long time so intimately really involved. If I had to choose I would pick sonic but I didn't get that choice. Yeah yeah they're really. No no I picked. Oh boy because it has been such a pleasure to be a part of this have seen this thing grow too. I feel like my even though so obviously you guys are so much more of the captain's I'm just the little devil on the shoulder. Giving my opinion I was confused because I thought we were on a ship for a a second. But it's been very fine. I'm very glad I am back here for staking shake for when we're GONNA talk about the food again. It was a good that you brought up because I needed to address it because I came on this podcast and talked all about writing the movie. People still ask me about getting the job so it is kind of awkward at some point you have to. You know people are so you have to say something. Yeah and that is a reality show Biz and to give you credit. You gave us a warning earning that this might happen from day. One yes which is a very normal thing to happen. That kind of is how it goes and there are highs and the other things. That aren't as good but I still. It was a fun movie to work on. I've had other fun opportunity since that's kind of the way ago. Yeah well I'm boycotting it. Yeah no along with no Snow Day. Hashtag Snow Nick. I would say y'all go ahead has Hashtag Snow Day. Go See the film soda. I was just going to say if the shoe was on the other foot and I was given the choice between Doboy us and being credited on sonic movie. We sonic movie in a heart. beat the easiest decision a world for me not do this podcast to write a fucking fuck. You Sonic movie. It'd be Rad. Hey Mitch how sonic looked before they changed. You liked him with the teeth. Bowing your one big contractors and you did tell me right in the script that they look like you gotta show his teeth. Give them some shoppers. pearly white I should've said we. We had credit until that point the trailer came out and he took the teeth out and took it up the credit as well as the teeth. But you got to as a true you got to keep the teeth. Yes that's cool that their physical teeth from a computer generated so delayed yet it seems like a big big production challenge just a floating teeth onset. Hey so steak 'n shake his golden. Don't play called memory reviewed it three times. I don't believe it got pulled from the Golden Plate Club. The last time we visited I could be wrong. I remember is known. Go back and look whatever would just take that is fucking cannon. It was lose out of the Golden Played Club. Look this is a this is a Jj Ryan Ryan Johnson handoff. Where we're I'm just going to ignore what happened before we're just gonNA say something? Things are different now so he was at the Golden Play Club. And we'll see where it goes out founded in normal Illinois like we. We sat amid West staple expanded nationwide decade and we talked about Start Arbor glory who also owns a stake in cracker barrel who took over the company in two thousand eight and kind of altered its fate for better and for worse made accessible thus certainly there now west coast outpost but The quality and certainly sales have declined. So let's talk about our visit. We you went to the Burbank location. I gotta say that Yeah. I think it was genius. Yes that we went back there look did is this. Based out of it's the most convenient option was genius. Was it because yes I didn't WanNA wake up early. I'm going to probably be up 'til seven. AM tonight packing to go back home. Yeah that it might be a part of it and I didn't WanNa wake up at nine. AM to drive to Santa Monica. Which Dick does every day to go to steak and shake just think we all knew if the plan on Santa Monica? You're going to show up at eleven fifty hours workout. It was it's inevitable. There was no way you're going to have been that way. You would've not happy and on time and time again There's no chance I think it would have been tricky. Look what we did was way better and I gotta say I will say I offered to pick yup drive you to Burbank and said No. I think I'm good which when I offer to drive somewhere. And he says no that just means no. I think I'll rather be late all right and and I even thank you to everyone. I'm like I'M GONNA leave now to be on time but it feels like just be waiting for you guys. I did tell you that was gonna be late when I was there. I got a lot going on right now in my life. I think that I could be excused for this. You're about to go back. You gotta go to movies got okay. Just the one doc kids start making fun of this. That's funny thing that people want that you work towards and then they took it away because you wouldn't shave shave your beard. I know I would save it. I couldn't say because I could. It might beard is who I am. I couldn't do it and I wasn't allowed to it. It was frustrating. I wanted to shave it. You have to have a beard contractually for the tomorrow war. Is it tomorrow or tomorrow war. The tomorrow war lose the thoughts cleaner Is it but you had to have a beard for the tomorrow war and you weren't allowed to have a beer isn't allowed to shave it. Yeah and so one day you should have we know. Her onset improvised So hot fight in the War I gotTa Shave and then wait a minute. This scene is twelve minutes into the movie. It's going to create continuity issues so hot. We're not hearing tomorrow. Ro we're not filming chronologically. We can throw my beard hairs at the enemy thing about it. I can't tell you how close that's right. You are with that with that movie I I it. I was frustrated wider. Yeah you know. There's I was very depressed by this. I wanted to shave my beard. Yeah I was like begging. I begged I begged like a like a pathetic man to lease helped we me and I nothing worked well but okay one way is that you get what you want. That's one way to look at it on the other way to look at it is you both didn't get what you wanted and respect pathetic to multiple people so it kind of depends on how you look at it and why you're out here and that's bullshit that actors have to go through. It's bullshit you shouldn't have had to grovel for your job for something that you already got hired to do. Look I stated at fine before now. Now we're getting into petty at that. We're all right fine. Here's the smaller is going to be. Great here's what here. Let's talk talk about steak 'n shake so let's talk about the food so Mitch. You got the Prime Steak Burger. I've got the description. Here are thick and juicy. Six Ounce Steak Burger on a bakery refresh Brioche Bun American cheese lettuce tomato onion pickle served with Rice. This bad boy came dry. Am I wrong it did come dry. Yeah it's like a like doboy sexual partner derived dry. I mean that's that's not coming dry dry as hell. Yeah well wait but like incoming high dry. What that no I said like Adobo starting to? Yes yeah fused it yeah yeah. com I N G is what he was saying. Yeah but Mike Adobo Adobo sexual experience the beacon. He can was thick and hard. That's what it said on the side. It was a very weird thing. That is a very strange. It was like let's say it was like like harder thick. It was Ah Dick Thick. But then it also said like a like like like there was wasn't even crispy. There was another weird anyways. It was dry lettuce tomato onion and then there was ketchup and mustard of the table. A Thick Burger Patty this thing look bigger than any of the other burgers. I'd had their. Yes look it was dry but I gotta Telia Korea. I put some ketchup in monster on there and it was pretty. It was tasty it was just kind of a classic clean-tasting Burger it certainly was was easy on the eyes is it looked. It looked like a good it was by by the books. It kind of reminded me of like a Diner Burger and it tasted It tasted good. I think that their bonds there are still a little go to shine e the Brioche buns are kind of like a little shiny into whatever like I the taste of the bond is whatever right but it was it was. It was a decent burger. wogs Susser Your Burger. You went with the way remind me which one you got the Mo.. The portobello mushrooms grow Portabella when Swiss grow Portabella. Mushrooms isn't melted. Swiss caramelized onion garlic. Mayo how'd that one was pretty good. I think it was. Maybe someone will tell me. I'm wrong. I thought it was maybe one of the few who burgers that I had not had. Oh interesting menu and I wanted to try something different But I thought it was pretty good. You know just kind of it was. I was a little bit like kind of exhausted rainy there. It kind of felt a little stupid. Why are we even doing this? We've just been to this exact place east before we're not even doing thing we haven't done right. It's just kind of a log of food but then when I was eating it I was like yeah. It's pretty good. The fries that came with it I was particularly impressed by but the burner pretty good. I agree there's something with the Bun that I feel. I could be better so so. The fries are very skinny. Shoestring string fries or are you saying that you don't like them in general or this particular batch did not compare to your your steak 'n shake I think we're a little but also take them. Okay there are other Shakes or another issue. I got the Chili Mac. Surpreme which despite the use of the word Mac is is in fact Spaghetti. It's chilly with Spaghetti. Oh Yeah Spaghetti Chilli over at rather spaghetti os not macaroni. Not Macaroni. And and it's got a a chili cheese onions. It's their beans the five ways and then what's the FA. The fifth might be spaghetti sauce but it's very tomato e it's good Chili honestly. I liked this quite a bit. It was very filling. It felt like a my favorite meal when I was like nine years old. Like if I got this as a kid I would love it and getting his adult. I was like you know. There's nobody good. Yeah I think little white you would lap that up put it in my instrument. You played in my soon soon. I'll sneak it sir. What do you mean weird? It's weird that you're imagining him. Wanting Chileans bassoon weird. I think it's good like I'm using my knbr shirt. Or like suckling individuals spaghetti strands through the mouthpiece. Yes all right. I don't think I mean I don't think it would work. I will say one time did have a huge chili cheese fries meal dinner just before an orchestra concert when his playing clarinet and my stomach was gurgling very very loudly on stage. But I also don't want to get up because I have uh-huh Chili Cheese fries. Maybe are performing clarinet in front of in front of the United. These were I like the Chili Mac. A Lot I think I I think it's great and I I liked that they have it there and honestly one of the things that bums me out about the Star glory takeover is at this place. Ba- glory his bragged about reducing the menu of this chain that it used to have the sprawling eight-page unique. Cut it down to two pages like focused on Burgers and fries and I feel like part of the charm of this place Social Uruguay your. Here's someone who went to. This place has a kid a lot is is that it has like such a big menu. Get more in college correct correct. Yes yeah but but then but I liked it. They have elements like this still on there. They still have the chilly in the Chili Mac. Yes gone I was saying that like one of the best things that could happen for the doboy. The Universe is is president glory is a big lorry. Became President Right Loria sense to the highest office in the land. And why would that be good for you because it would just be because we could do jake six we could do. We could do a start. Arba glory impression of Him Clinton being upset about Epstein. It'd be good for the podcast bill. You'RE GONNA come in and try my big Larry Steak and shake it also. Sounds like trump. We also got the classic foot long and fries which is a big it says topped with mustard but it also came dryhome mustard and catch up on the tables and the old school mustard and ketchup. This then containers maybe get some of those for my home. Those are a lot of fun. Cool red wine also. This aren't red and yellow ketchup and mustard containers. What are you I? I actually think that's not that weird. It's kind of a fun thing to do. Yeah if you ever had any guests where you live. It's kind of weird. Yeah you have a house or an apartment where you're having the people over in your cooking up burglaries and it's like you know ten people say grantham ketchup mustard. I just you and Natalie it's it's like you're making your house a restaurant but but also natalie has won for. The two of Natalie's also made the decision to make her life so weird by being married to you I guess that it's okay into it as a hog enthusiasts. Where do you think of that long? I tell you it's a substantial piece of pipe I was looking at a Jason Jason Derulo Selfie in twenty twenty neck. Yeah will you invite me and Mitch over to your apartment. Have you guys WanNa come would you want to. I don't want to drive across town for you okay. I don't know if I want to go in there. I don't know I mean I just don't know what we would. What do we could watch a basketball game? It's it's it's going over to the principal's house closing up you. Don't you think it's weird that you've never been into where he's I remember when he got this last place and he moved above someone. I know an actor. Yes it's been on parks and REC. Yes we can say his name Dude Gif. Yeah Yeah. He's a great dude and in that time I remember when you move there you've moved again and no one wants your house. One person went to my. I think you song drop drop. Something off came to pick something up. That doesn't count. Did he go inside. No he stayed on the street. Doesn't say insane. What was I going to do? What was he going to do inside? No one's come in there now. He's had friends over. Oh God what are you say us us. What am I gonNA come over to my house or we're going to do like there's there's a living room well take care what what is what's going to happen? Yeah I'M GONNA come over and look at your living room and leave no you fucking idiot inviting someone over to your home expression of intimacy that you do with your close friends. Yes it just is like. You don't have to hang their over time. Yes but if they'll take this knowledge back to your home planet to the white areas you fucking crazy pieces shit. Your friend has a child. You meet the Child. I tried to do that. We tried to set that up. We did try. Yeah there was. There was a lot of baby. Susser Sir Yeah. Maybe Susser scheduled conflicts with wijers. Didn't work out. I'll come over right now now. You know she's grown owed. She's grown. She's talks I'll see GRASSI's graduated high school. Wow I've grown soon. The the way the come on over wider. Don't know any homemake then I've grown to since the even those three years we've grown since I mean physically we've gotten larger our hearts. Do I have to yes. The price is a big old big old piece of meat. And I tell you that was a great dog. The only thing that I found a cynically displeasing that it comes in this gigantic trough and it was a a little tilted because it was bigger than the tray and all the grease was pulling at one end so as a lot. It looks super gross. It looks like progress. Degrade tasted his the juice. Is that good. Just kinda get the hot dog flavored water. There was a little nub left at the end there was just because we each took we all. We're all taking communal bites automob- it was a little sopped up with no news. Junkies been sobbed opt up. I didn't intentionally go in the was great. And then besides the. I thought that I thought the dog was really good and crisp after the dog but also I wish there was some relatives we probably could ask for some catch muster on moving on. We didn't mention mention one item. The chicken sandwich. This is the navy spicy or grilled chicken sandwich. kind of the year of chicken sandwiches. They they really had a moment in fast food. Two thousand eighteen eighteen year. The chicken sandwich was the year that shaky sandwich we got these spicy chicken sandwich which was breaded and fries. They it's like the foot long comes with fries. The chicken sandwich comes with fries the Burgers I think you have to add fries or wait for the burgers come with rises default. So there's a lot of fries here here. I mean we were kind of like. Hey for is no. I love fries and big time. Fry Fan we're just kind of overwhelmed with fries. We had a lot of fries. Sounds like you don't like them. Still I love him. I think that the steak and shake fries are little puny fries. Their little their little shoestring fries if they're like I was GONNA say like Tonga's yes I was just GonNa say Tunguska Take Tunguska pews yeah of course what's us it's just crazy with their tongue. Is You know that we're just doing this. We just slipped right into it a little secret. We took a break. We took a break. We took a six hour break. Stuff has happened. The house was burned down down. Something weird happening. Where my my next alarm I have cameras yes hoarded a bunch we record with my writing partner Van Robichaud? It's true and and my fucking took a break in the most inopportune just in the middle of talking about the food and we're just GONNA slide back into it and you gotta pros just what right into chicken sandwich. And then we were ripping on tongue chicken sandwich. I didn't think was being largely the patty itself actually kind of was close to the Wendy's chickens Spicy Chicken Sandwich Connecticut crunched under seasoned a lot of these places. It's like frozen and then like which whatever I can get on board with that but I don't know it just felt like I also have gotten really into the spicy chicken sandwiches like Helen. Raise your good place in Nashville Chicken. uh-huh national chicken scratch. I'll say that I think the Wendy's chicken sandwich formula. I really only like in terms of its got a patty grew lettuce and tomato. I only like at Wendy's every other place. I've seen it executed like the deluxe one. They have a chick-fil-a. I don't like as much as their regular spare. The publishing sandwiches just got pickles and spread. And that's that's all. It needs a similar chicken sandwich in general fair. That's fair. I thought it was fine. We'll great again. It was like we did have Mayo on it. But but like weirdly kind of plane again. I don't understand why they don't put more sauces on their stuff. Yes and maybe this is a big larry situation. which by the way I wait we already talked? What about this? Yeah talked about President. Big Larry. Now we're not pros anymore. You throw US offs us. Well that was really just you. It was his me. I'm I'm voting for prison. Guess who I'm writing Doc. In the next election we really had a mine. Mill Tunguska cubes thing we certainly did. I mean we're both hacks now we've we've melded into one and fucking shitty hat right also my rtd to fuck in Timer kitchen timer melted on the oven because we turned it on without moving it off. I blame you because you turned it on. I think. Didn't you turn it on. Yeah so you didn't move the RTD to Tom Marino melted. What was your time? We're doing in a place where it's going to be melted by the oven talks and so you got to move it when you turn on the oven. Why do you keep it there? Why don't you put it somewhere else? Because that's where it stays and move it when I turn on the oven. It doesn't make any percents your time you can't I'm sorry for melting your RTD too. But I think it's kind of bananas that you don't just find a place where insane I think you just don't use the the oven very often. I think that's what the issue it is true. I don't use it often. Fuck what the fuck is this shit. That's what this is really all about money wanted. I want the more you should fucking move my. Rtd to kitchen timer. I didn't know that it was in a place where it's A. It's a kitchen timer. Yeah that's bad design on their part but eligible. Yeah I agree well. You didn't anyways a gift. Look it's everyone's fault but mine. Yes it's your fault for leaving on their it's is therefore for making something so multiple. Yeah the the wider special off. Everyone's fault but mine. It's the General Electric Company's Fault for making oven that off-topic top archer. Dj doesn't even melt in the star wars movies unless it happens in the rise of Skywalker who knows. Do you have toy story themes paper towels. Yeah he does what there's been discussing that. Don't listen closely. I mean there's no reason to throw eighty I get a fucking pack. The smoke alarms going off get back to the food are to fucking melting the cat's meow and in the other room now nervous leaving them. Why do you do you like new fucking crank off you bust lost in the toy story? Paper Towels Hell. You know what I'm standing here in the kitchen cracking on I'm just saying like do you take a few you take a handful and like you're busted all over. Buzz is like you're leaving. Susser got is he leaving leaving the one or the other room. I don't know what's going on exactly. I need to go check on the cats because Susser burst into my room to do a bit. His face covered come. Oh boy so paranoid. Cats are the cats are fine going to burn them down because obsessive do you would you. Did you ever get meeting with Van. Did the sonic issue with him. That I was going to talk about it on the podcast network. Yeah feel he was fine with. I've talked about. I mean you guys must be both a little bit it. Just it just seems such a frustrating process when you when you work on something. And then ultimately Roger No body. We've moved I'm just saying let's get back to well Mitch Got Oh you got up and then Mitch got up. We had to talk about something tournaments touch my oven. I turned it on because we needed it. It you melted my rtd to. I'll get you a new one out. That's what I WANNA hear. Did you like shake no. You won't yeah. I did like the shakes. Were good we shakes. We have the boy so much shit. Here are two D- Two time. I haven't been back. Ah I haven't been back. This is insane. I have to leave again tomorrow. This what do you want me to I do. I'm losing my fucking mind. I'm sorry. Melted your timer. You should've I feel like you. Should you should find another place for it but it was my fault. Let's have the I'm going to put it in the fridge. How's that put it on the counter? There's too much stuff in the kitchen right now. That's your also your follow. It's not I've been gone for three months. There's Doboy Shit everywhere. There's how from our good friend Ryan says there's now a JJ on my table. There's a J.J. Abrams Fun Co pop op. Figuring get him Outta here he should melt are two Milkman. Oh okay should we melt. Jj in the oven as as the one Jew here uncomfortable with the direction of this is JJ Jewish. I don't know Oh Abrams. I Dunno doesn't Seem non-jewish no anyway so I do a hate crime antisemitic way. Well I told you that way the smoke alarm going off. Anyway I liked. Maybe it's because you're maybe it was your alarm you're fucking kintyre melting. Do you think that's what was the timer melting but we didn't smell any smoke from it. There's no way this timer melting. You made enough of a he or smoke set. What are you doing? What are you watching? It was my nest. I opened it up again. And there is the video of us. Just screaming. Post its susser booking bring it to the sidewalk outside. Won't let me silence. It probably was. It was probably the plastic that was burning this episode of the. Yes he had no no. We hadn't yeah you're right it was probably do it. Probably GonNa fuck and melt. D Two free cog failure royer. Can I say that you blamed the fire alarm going off on me backing into your Mir with my first of all student. Look into a chair that that was just looking for me to blame. We moved the one to blame something table away from the mirror. You still do it. I have like no room back here. How tightly we talk about news man? You got fucking fat my friend. You can't fit back into a little spot is the read that's not there. I can't even extend my legs on. There's nothing to do with me being tubby. You wouldn't bucket knock the chair into the mirror. Mitch wider actually has gained weight so I don't think it's Nice when you make fun of weight anymore more seriously. He's got him pretty tubby. Yeah it's getting me and that's that's fair enough where I can make jokes again Brian. Welcome back I'm no longer wait trader. Welcome back you bugging fat piece of Shit so back to the milky. Ah Yes. Yeah so we had to. We got two of them. We got the OREO COOKIES and cream. Red Velvet Specialty Flavor and we also got the M.'s which looked delectable like GM's now we're talking rate but I will say in practice the admits you had you had a great observation about the shake. MHM too big them like wider there too big too big and unlike y too hard they were just very like they were the two. That was my issue. They were too big and too hard. They were too big into our. Yeah that is definitely nothing. I can wait anywhere anywhere biting into. They hurt your teeth. Yeah they hurt your teeth and in the McDonald's one works so well and nick you made a good point they use the smaller ones. They use the baking sized. EMINEM's in the mcflurry I believe and that's just a better execution. Even though ice cream is higher quality this was just the mix ins ends were to frozen and a too big they it was. It was just awkward to eat You'RE GONNA say I agreed with this. Yes and I definitely preferred the Red Velvet elven better which will get to but when I stopped by the end I stopped thinking about it as a milkshake with Eminem's and I thought about it as has cold eminem's surrounded by like ice cream. Yeah and I was like you know what I'm liking the NFL's it was kind of like it grew on me even though it's like it's wrong. They've done something wrong here but I also liked it. It wasn't bad I will say I enjoyed it but it was a little awkward to. Yeah you're right that if you think of it. More of a Sunday or more of his ice cream treat like kindle a blizzard ashamed right the or cookies and cream red velvet. I thought was run. I loved I honestly I thought because I love. I don't know if you guys like Red Velvet Cake I love it. I think it's usually the flavor red velvet. I don't like Um I think if it tastes like artificial if it's like an ice cream or something like that But it was really good. I don't know if I was a one hundred percents. ooh This is definitely red. Velvet like reminding the red velvet cake what it was just very good. I agree with that. I really enjoyed it. I could have like just had a ton kind of that. Yeah well here's the issue here. We should we should. We should get to our view. Yeah but he's issue for me is it was pretty good good so overall big big Lori. Let's just get into it. Yes would you you want to get to our final. Let's get to our final thoughts so we'll go around around will each give our closing argument and give this a score from zero to five forks. Susser a longtime patron of the steak and shake franchise your your closing remark your score for this visit man. 'cause I don't even know I'm so turned around by it was while I was waiting for you guys for fifteen minutes. A woman walked by with a younger teenager person. Yeah well have you ever been. I said No. It's pretty good. You said no no no no. This was a conversation eavesdrop on creepy. And she said it's pretty pretty good And I can't disagree with that but it doesn't really deliver. It's still even the look. And maybe yeah I'm stuck in my waves but it still it hasn't completely rebranded. It's still kind of holding onto the past. It's kind of a diner kind of thing. But then they have this like slim down menu and the fries are not great. It's kind of expensive for what it is. There's not table service able service service. I'm not even though the food is good. I'm not surprised that it's Kinda struggling. Yeah this kind of feels like what is it anymore right and like why would you go here. As opposed to say shake shack which is also relate you know in Burbank. He was like right around there. Why would you go here ear as opposed to a lot of other restaurants? Yeah it doesn't have like a diverse enough menu. Go well you know. People aren't really coming here for Chile. I don't think it's not. It doesn't have enough variety and I don't know if it can really compete with like the best premium burger places right. Yeah I agree with so but the shakes shakes are good. The burgers are good. The food is good. I think I would have to give it three folks three tines signs. Wow three four three times just on the outside looking in order for Yeah Wow all right Mitch go ahead you lean your head against the microphone. Momentary together chaotic. This is real chaos energy on this episode. Well no I think actually the first half of the episode is pretty calm energetic. We're talking about things or maybe a little all over the place but I think a good energy Now it's now it's the dark side. Just like rise of skywalker. We're getting a little bit of a Am I don't know if those are done by the way knives. Okay no biggie. Peaking Look Big Lori was introduced into the mix. We went to Victorville where yes outside. It was a lot like a scene from in that movie twister today. It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood was a nice little Out what that doesn't fucking work for you know. I think that's good. I was just processing. It meant like literally because it was a beautiful day in the neighborhood like just taking the title at face value. Or if you're making some sort of Mister Rogers reference but when I understood what you meant I thought it's good. It's really good. God wish Mr Rogers could meet you. Because I think he'd be like you'll be the one person on Earth Bike Faqih mic. WHO's this door? These guys are fucking loser each shit. What's that Daniel Tiger? You think wider is a pussy. They do anyways. Big Larry came in. Yeah look when you drop suss into the dough boys and makes things better mood goes along when it goes a long way doesn't insult now. Sorry I would agree with us to the mix it's like making a big stew tastes Grayton Um Big Larry Mixing into this into the interstate. Shake it's not as good yes equation is off. We have to go back act for breakfast. We have to revisit a real stake in shake we we need one with table. Service is look. I struggled with a lot of restaurants on this podcast. It's hard to figure route where they lie. This is probably the biggest. This is probably the one. That's maybe the toughest to review of all of them. It's an enigma. Isn't a `Nigma it's why we keep going back. It is is why we keep going back but I want them to look to the future because we to look to the future nick. It's twenty twenty right. It's going to be the year twenty twenty and I think we're gonNA solve steak and chicken this New Year and move on from. I think we've got to finally figure out what the deals with this place. Giving a final review in twenty twenty to finally see steak and shake with perfect clarity. That's I agree And it's time it's time to move on and as a time to move on from steak and shake or do they stay with their trying to classic and have that Menu. Because you're right. They are in an in between place in and they're not moving on Iraqi middle. They're fucking up there. They're losing places stores are closing. Victorville is closed there an eight seed in the NBA playoffs rebuilding or winning a championship. Completely agree with that. They gotta do something they gotTa do something. I'm looking ahead. I'm looking to the future and this year. I hope that steak and shake does too and I think we're going to figure it out when we go visit. I'm going to give it three or four thousand three times as well. It's going to be the hand holding club with us. Wow the burgers didn't have any sauce on it. Like come on some weird decisions just some weird and the menu so it was a deal. The Burger was pretty delicious but it just taste like a classic Diner Burger. That Burger bike is pretty good. That's the level of what it was but like shouldn't it be more. Well that's what I keep coming back to do. I mean that's what I mean. We were sitting there. That point to me is the big one because we were sitting there and we kept going you know what is pretty good. We we kept. We kept saying that I enjoyed the chicken sandwich so was a weak point but the freezers are serviceable. The foot long was great rate. I had that and I was like I wish I had gotten the just the big foot long for myself or I'd gotten need chilli cheese foot long. Yeah it's it's very good grilled hotdog. I agree the the and it feels like high quality me. The the Chili Mac was good the Chili Max Supreme. I enjoyed I like the Chili Spaghetti. I thought it was you you know again like the the the very play. It was flavorful and delicious and filling. I thought it was like a great unique item that they had there which they had more of that unique those unique elements on the menu. Incentives being so burger dominated because really like two thirds of the menu burgers and I feel like they got they got either diverse. They're like they haven't streamlined enough. So now it's just like they have some weird scattered remnants from their their old menu. But I'd love this. I love the shakes six. I don't know I was going to say three and a half but I feel like I'm in the same. I'm going to go into the hand holding club with you guys because I'm I'm also so indecisive that I need the company of all of us I feel like we need to be together on this journey so I'm going to say three four three times go. I feel like that is where this place belongs. It's not quite in the platinum or the Golden Plate Club. But it's certainly not bad. It's quite good agree. We Inter interesting. Oh the service was great there by the way and this is another thing they have a tip jar for cash but you cannot tip on the card which I love cash tip but it. I hate it when places do that. Because it's like let let us tip on the car if you don't have cash because otherwise there those employees. You're just getting the short shrift in terms of gratuity because a lot of people don't carry cash anymore glory making moves to for his presidency. Yeah it's it's been Gloria. I'm just skeptical of this guy. All all around that was our view. Steak 'n shake. Wow it's time for a segment moment. It's the final edition of Snacker Wack Twenty nineteen and for this very special edition. We have whipped up. Sort of some of Quincy's zone oven fries. That's right nick. Wow they're very Chris. There's like very CRESPI. We indeed put them at four fifty. Chris pop we did them a four fifty. So they Chris Crisp just like I tell my mom to do it. Yes I mean this is fake. I've never told her to do that. Material from Johnny Carson episode. Yes those are hot looking fries right now will look very hammond somewhere but they look very early just came out of the let them cool. That's going it's GonNa be unpleasant to listening to hot. It does seem piping hot. Oh my God it's like good hot. It's good hi it's hot. Don't you know all right. I'm GONNA reach over so they're sitting on a paper plate. Thank you very much Emma. Out We whip these up and Mitch's of and we melted his. Rtd Two timer about them. How do these compared to how your mom makes them? My mom makes better. Of course is a pretty good. I I got a picture of these. I just took up in price. Do we need salt on them. Maybe there's the Mike Yeah. This is really good. I'm very satisfied with these crinkle cut so I was crinkle cut for helping himself to a lot of fries right now i. I haven't eaten any food. We've been going for like a solid seven hours at this point and no one's eaten anything anything sense we normally you taste segments during records awards. But we haven't done anything because of all this. Why did not you like? Don't put too many on there. Why because it said it would? It would take longer to cook. No we should we should of I. In fact I'm reading the rest. It had different directions for a half bag versus a three quarters bags so it was like put the bag on there because otherwise it was. It would've taken even longer. It timed out pretty perfectly. Those were done in time for when we were getting we've finished our restaurant review and amicable the mouth the Kinda time dot well. Do you have any salter ketchup. No we might have some old Kranj sauce let me check on the kitchen next to the melted. Rtd to do sir. What kind of ridiculous much these are or IDA? They are crinkle cut and they are. They kept him pretty basic. I didn't want to get one with breading or anything or any. There's kind of seasoning. I just want to keep them simple. I will say that I like that. These are a little bit crispy. They're a little bit burnt but in a good way I like I like fries out of a deep fryer. I haven't messed around with bonaire Fryer. I'm intrigued by it but I think as frozen fries in the oven go. This is pretty clearly a snack. Some more seasoning would be great but as as is out of the bag. They're not bad. Add and I think it'd be good. Wake up with some rancher some ketchup which is saying something in the kitchen. He said well I got news. Fear and then I looked in there and he's got a bowl full of what looks like. Take out ketchup. Packets nailed it. How exciting this is big news? Is there hot thousand. They're Dr Bunch of hot sauces spot to get weird. I'm blaming deaths stranding right now and it's fucking awesome but these small fries remind me of. There's like these floating grubs that you can eat to a rich restore your health. That's kind of what they look like solve literally the like Costco bulk sized box and there was one catch up in here at least gourmet gourmet selection of hot sauces from various restaurants mostly Taco bell and del Taco. Catch up the packets throwing away. There's another catch up. I think everyone might get one. Catch it on my friends already. Culture salting up my prize so when it comes to salt thought you liked the kosher but when it comes to. Jj He goes into the oven is JJ Jewish. JJ is Jewish. I'm going to find this out. You can throw that package wider. Let's literally thrown at them or hand it to him. He went to Sarah Lawrence thing on his. It was pretty Rad. Let's see hold on. There's not a religion entry or is he from he's from New York but it says it was born in New York but he went to Palisades Charter High School which I assume the Pacific palisades out here command F. Jew okay. Okay here we go. He is Jewish and his wife is Roman Catholic and he sometimes takes his children to religious services on Jewish holidays. So there you ago. This kosher salt is like Dick as hell. Yeah I think this this is meant to be table salt. I think this might might be cooking salts with the catch him an assault now. They're really good. I Agree Prize works now that Auburn Prize there's neck they're good. They're snack snack. Hey hit us with your picks of your own oven fries. Hashtag Oven Mayes oven is is like my oven fries. It works. Yeah works snack. Everyone snacks all around its neck. All around uh-huh well or they go take a thrilling closure to the to the oven fries. Thread we start up earlier. You know that fun bit we had will. Now we've got a low energy resolution a joke lists resolution not only You know what in the New Year will I count them or something and everyone loves them. Shit accounted ended up and that was knacker wack it was worth it to melt my rtd to just like a restaurant with all your feedback. Let's up into the bag. Today's email comes to us from victor. newmark victor writes. I Love The Sandy Wexler Double. Because I've always spent way too much time debating analyzing sandler with other dorks he can't meet me rematch. Have you read the vulture ranking of Adam Sandler movies. It goes way beyond a typical vulture. Listen the deepest. I've I've ever seen about his work. I'm curious to know your thoughts on the peace and would also also love to know what your own Mount Sanders our bonus Sandler's that king of shameless brand integration. What is your favorite product placement in a Sandler movie most memorable product placement in a movie or TV show in general? Wow I'm so I've got a lot of questions a lot of things. There's a lot going on. But here's here's the Sandler ranking and will I do not believe leave with real people hated this episode. We're talking about Family Wexler. It was susser. Wants to go home. No no no but I am happy to talk about Sandler but but Sandy Wexler. I thought I mean I think people just are like such. They were at the time. Sandy Wexler came out. There was such that Sandler skepticism. I was just sorta there and I think the I think that was kind of the issue. Vulture Article Oh God damn it fucking pay walling me. I preview this at home. It wasn't pay walled one preview year. Why am I getting paid walled? I'm going to put it in an incognito. Let's see what happened. Wow Okay here we go. NOPE ten number ten fifty first dates. Okay number nine. Happy Gilmore. Number number nine is Abigail more number eight funny people. I'm number seven the week of number six the waterboy number five big daddy number four billy Madison Number Three Punch drunk love. This list is insane number to the wedding singer and the number one Adam Sandler movie of all time says the Best Adam Sandler movie. According to vulture two thousand and six is click this list as I think that click while is something that people make fun of actually is maybe better than it gets rapids but number one is in this. This was this a`mad now so now we're in the year with me matter. You a happy you did it. I was going to end like that regardless. It's not I'm happy. I was happy before this. Then all this shit happened. Everything went down the sandler thing is the last straw honestly. Honestly this is bullshit. We shouldn't have taken a break. We should've just record it all the way through it up. Just shut up for second. Set the fuck up number one is Abigail more you fool number two is oh. I'm sorry number. One is billy Madison already fucked up. Number two is happy Gilmore number. Three's waterboy number four is punch drunk. Love really waterboy with Libya W that High Rio waterboy number five is little nicky. I don't know and then after what what else what else comes before a little nicky. Here's here's mine okay. I'll go billy Madison number one number. Two XOAN WOW number. Three Happy Gilmore number four big daddy. Wow Not really is convinced. About the order to be honest and wedding singer would put like punching. Didn't make your list. I mean it's great eight and it's cool to see him do it but I think that for me. The Best of Sandler is when he's doing comedies. And it's interesting I haven't seen uncut gems. I'm very excited. Sided about it interesting cool for him to do the serious movies but I think that we like people. We like these comedy people for doing their comedy's comedy's comedies. Number one the cobbler number two men women and children. She's number three bedtime stories. And of course number four nine eleven movie rain over me. I honestly would be. There's a fucking weird ass movie ran rain over me it's like a real Iran's e but real it's like his family died in nine eleven. She's very strange. I got my list now. A random the real uh-huh someone's family dying in nine eleven. Have you actually survived as your real rent is easy is it a moat sand Sandler. More about sanborn. That's what he asks -standingly okay so we just need to do for four. You already did for more than four. I think no you did four. You did exactly for all right was your fourth. I've changed it okay. One is Billy Madison to was happy Gilmore. They don't also have to be ranked three. Is the president of turnout ranked on Mount Rushmore. Threes umber the number. One hit threes and fours big. Daddy wow I forgot about big daddy I would say mine mine will include I. We'll save my real won punchdrunk love and the happy Gil- wedding singer. My fourth one might the grownups do a lot of laughs in there very silly movie. You like the moment where he throws the guy over the house. It's funny and what's what's everyone's mount president more washing actually tim out John Adams John Quincy Quincy Adams Washington Lincoln. That's it and then Don't ask me to name anymore presidents and then as far as the branded and yeah I mean Dunk Chino one. Yeah it's not even say that because I also think that Billy Madison it does have funny brands and stuff like the subway commercial. Yes I'm sorry. Happy Gilmore more. Sorry hitting the subway sub into the south is really good. I mean don't Casino Gino's great job. That's good job. Tom Brady thing ever no. I would like I actually thought of you mentioned subway. I thought of the first product placement. I noticed and it really stuck with me as a kid was the first time I was like Whoa. Oh they paid to put that in. The movie was in Terminator Two. When they're eating subway sandwiches the cops reading something and I was like Whoa like I felt like I noticed something I mean does product placement? There was probably the reese's pieces in EC- gotTa be like if you want to say like the best just because it worked very well and they like made that Yam popular my understanding. Is that at one of the more lucrative once was they. Put It in the movie. The firm the Tom Cruise movie the firm he drinks red stripe beer which is Jamaican beer. That wasn't really available readily in the states and now it's like a staple of grocery stores like that in of itself put put the brand on the map Also say little Niro's from from home loan right. That's a good one and a little narrows is everywhere. Now if you have a question of chain restaurants Union Nelson WSB outgassing Jima. Malik Commerce or leave us a voicemail at eight three zero eight zero four six three six eight four four always double our weekly bonus. Episode joined the Gold Platinum Play Club at Patriot on dot com slash. Doboy choice. Evan Susser. A treat is always to have you. Do you have anything you'd like to plug Yes Brooklyn nine nine season seven February story six. Watch that Deli Boys. We didn't talk enough about Deli Boys. Yeah how's it going. I thought well you talk. Just another Voegeli. But we didn't talk you better at all perfect level mentioning at once at the very end of the podcast. It's coming back baby. Wow you and David Phillips your podcast reviewed Delis yes. Same name hosts yes. Okay and yeah. That's about it. How exciting I just want to say? Why thanks for refund year thanks to you? Thank you mentioned anything we were. You're right we were right earlier on. We're saying it's just kind of like a little bit more harmonious in two thousand nine hundred and we're so maybe next year. Ob fucking going to hell. Yeah well last time. There was an election year. We had the blow up so be we might have another blow up. Oh my God. That's crazy yeah. Do you WanNa make any predictions again. You fucking idiot Yeah Hilary's GonNa win. I'm hey thank you very end of the year here. Big Time huge bar team and of course yes Emma thank you so much for everything you do for us. We could not do the show without you. We really mean that and and you song you saw the end good to see a thanks cowboys and continue to do We're happy very very proud of you. We miss you being around lately Thanks well like I guess is the right time to say it like working for you guys for so long as always pay the lights went out. We're oh my God you sound Zeman Shahr poker dinners. He's dead. Wow Oh my God well I am. I guess that means you're the new boys producer. Congratulations thanks we'll try to get to the bottom of you songs. Murder in twenty twenty until next time for the Spoon Man Mike Mitchell. I'm Nick Wider Happy Zia to be continued on the next doboy double. Well it's the two thousand nine hundred dope boys Christmas special featuring Paul Rest John. Gabriel Olenin Johnston. mookie Blake luck and more. It's a wonderful life. Get the dope. Boys always double every Tuesday only at Patriotair dot com slash. DOBOY 'S THE DOE. Boys are going on the road in twenty twenty for tickets and Info on all our upcoming coming tour dates checkout head gum dot com slash live. Do it sources for this intro. Include Twenty Fourteen a-block compensation open station year for Sardar burglary by John Hamburger Fresno couldn't wait for a steak and shake a year later. It's closed what happened by Bethany. Cloth Anna Rendell restaurant tour indicted in plot. The frame wife is terrorists burned business by Davis. US born steak 'n shake closes it's only UK site by George Bronte. We're sticking shake lost. Its Way by Dani Klein. And the steak and shake website foolish resources available in the episode description. That was a Hickam podcast.

Evan Susser Mitch Doboy Victorville Jennifer Garner Brooklyn DOE Steve It Kevin Pollack Burbank Disney Atlanta Santa Monica NASA Mike Mitchell US Skywalker K. Kojak Jack s Illinois

Today, Explained

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"Show's coming up in just a second before that Kiko is offering y'all the chance to try out their educational projects for the children for free to redeem the offer and learn more about Kiwi goes projects for kids of all ages. Visit Kiwi co dot com slash explained. That's K. I w I c o dot com slash explained. Andrew mcintosh. You report on aviation for the Puget Sound business journal in Seattle Washington. We talked to you a few weeks ago. It was just after President Trump grounded all of the Boeing seven thirty seven max eight aircraft in the United States. A lot has happened since then with Boeing and the max eight and the FAA can you walk us through it all where do we start? What we start with the chaos for the airlines. With all those airplanes glued to the ground. They had to scramble and they had to secure alternative airplanes because they are preparing for what is their biggest time of the year Christmas and that is the summer holidays. You've seen. Just Southwest Airlines has taken thirty four maxes from all over the country and park them in the desert in victorville, California, while this whole mess. Get sorted out. How much is it costing the airlines in the industry? Well, southwest alone. Put a cost of about a fifty million dollars on its first quarter revenues, obviously these costs are to continue. They've canceled thousands of flights both United and southwest and other carriers who had scheduled flights with the MAC. So that's been one of the biggest impacts of this storm that has happened. What more have we learned about what happened with each of these planes starting with line air? We've learned from the the first one the lion air crash in Indonesia, tantalizingly tragic. New fact has emerged in reports from their which revealed that the day before the lion air crash. There was another flight and that flight experienced the same sequence of gut turtles events with the plane going into a steep dive in a plunge and sort of a captain who was flying a ferry flight sitting in the jump seat was the one who actually pulled the plane out of what would have been very fatal situation by deactivating something in the cockpit, and they got into the airport, and he reported this to his staff on the ground and to maintenance. And so the big question becomes for that particular crash? Why was that plane flying the next day anyways? And do we have an answer to that question yet? We don't have an answer to that question. And what about the European airlines flight one thing a lot of people were surprised to learn was that that plane didn't have all the available safety features. This little factoid emerge that there were extra safety options on the max that you could purchase and many airlines declined to get them in the context of a bunch of people dying. Doesn't look good on the airline or on Boeing to charge extra for what is a safety feature. Should all these safety features been mandatory that could've alerted pilots and mechanics to issues with the sensors should they have been mandatory. Yes, or no senators safety critical pieces of. Equipment on an aircraft are mandatory. That's what certification does shoot the FAA ban the practice of airline selling safety features, Allah Kat to the airlines years on no, Senator Markey. I will tell you that. If there is any manufacturer that sells a safety critical part Allah cart. We will not permit it yesterday. There were multiple congressional hearings about this mess here in DC. What else were they asking the FAA? They were questioned about the process under which the max eight airplane was certified as airworthy and safe the FAA decided to do safety on the cheap and put the FOX in charge of the henhouse that was true of the seven thirty seven max eight and that happens under a very complicated process where the FAA delegates. Some of those tasks to the actual airplane manufacturers. So the manufacturer has a role in approving the safety of its own aircraft before they put it out for sale to the world. So there were some very heated questions. How do we ensure that FAA can take over safety valuation? If issues are discovered during the testing evaluation face, it is a active constantly changing dynamic in in in a cert. And that's what happened during the certification of the max, there was suggestions that the this relationship between the FAA and Boeing has become far too, cozy not only had the recent crashes. Shaken the confidence of the public, but the questions that have been raised in the aftermath about FAA's oversight of aircraft manufacturers the certification process for planes and the close relationship between industry and regulator. Threaten to erode trust in the entire system. Some people even started talking about the FAA should be the ones doing all the approvals themselves and Daniel LL, the interim head of the FAA had a very good response to them on that issue. It would require roughly ten thousand more employees to do that wrote the FA in about a one point eight billion dollars for our certification office in the FAA job creator. Great. Enjoying all told we've been surprised so many times those of us who don't know much about how the aviation industry works in the past few weeks with relation to these two crashes. We've we've heard that you know, pilots were already having trouble with a plane that eventually went down and killed more than one hundred people what we found out that another plane that went down and killed more than one hundred people didn't have all of the safety features. It could have because that cost extra. We've learned that the FAA was trusting bowing to to certify its own plane for the general public. These are all very surprising and troubling revelations. But I wonder for you someone who reports on the aviation industry. What has caught you most off guard in the past couple of weeks? With regard to these two crashes. What surprised me the most was how Boeing handle the communications surrounding the series of events. We're working with customers and regulators around the world to restore faith in our industry. And also to reaffirm our commitment to safety and to earning the trust of the flying public the executives who were doing prerecorded videos. They were unemotional they seem to lack empathy that shifted over the into the second week at Boeing started to sound a little more empathetic to the situation. But I don't think that people were very receptive to the kinds of things they were doing and saying, and you know, they were despite people being dead. They weren't they were saying that there is no problem with the airplane that it's a safe airplane that everything was fine. And to the rest of us who. Who are watching these events unfold. He was clearly not fine. All of the focus is on Boeing right now. But to really understand how all of this happened. You gotta take a look at Boeing's. Biggest rival, I'm Sean Rama's Fareham. That's next on today explained. Hello. Hello. Is this Harvey? Yes. It is Harvey Sean from today explained been looking for a kid to talk to about Kiwi co all week you are that kid how you doing. Ward from waiting for you to call. Oh, okay. Well, we'll get right to it. Your dad is a friend of the show. He told me that you have an interest in Kiko and Kiwi. Co is offering today. Explain listeners the chance to try out there -cational projects for free right now at Kiwi. Co dot com slash explained. Have you ever tried out Kiwi coat Harvey? Now, I will with a Kiwi co subscription each month. People like you Harvey young people you receive a fun engaging new project that will help with your creativity and confidence how does that sound to you RV cool. And if you could get any project in the mail, what would you want it to be about? Maybe the folks that Cuba co are listening. Cats. We wanna Kiwi. Co project about cats. I'm in take care. Thanks so much for your time. Yeah. Andrew, I think the other side of the story that's been sort of revelatory for the past two weeks is what we found out about how the Boeing seven thirty-seven max eight was rolled out. Can you tell us the story of how this plane came to be? Yeah. It's it's a very interesting story because it involves Boeing giving birth to this new airplane in the landscape of competition. Knowing is a competitor with the French German airplane maker of Airbus and Airbus back a few years ago came out with a sexy new airplane that offered airlines, you know, the holy grail. They had new engines on it. And it offered them between fifteen and twenty percent savings on fuel for airlines fuel is one of their biggest costs, and if you can shave their fuel Bill fifteen to twenty percent, you are going to get some orders. And that's exactly what happened with Airbus A three twenty Neo Neo standing for the new engine option. So Boeing sat there with its older version of the seven thirty seven and watched Airbus just pile up hundreds and hundreds and thousands of orders for this new single-aisle airplane, and they realized they had to do something. Their business was being impacted the single-aisle seven thirty seven for years for Boeing, and we're talking decades has been their cash cow there moneymaker the thing that they derive all their profits from to invest into other projects new airplanes. So they really had to act instead of designing their own new airplane to compete with the three twenty Neil. They decided to do this upgraded souped up version of the seven thirty seven model of the day, which was called the next generation and build a quick max. So they use the same engines that the Airbus A three twenty uses but the way the engine sat on the plane kind of made the plane tilt a little forward. And that's why they needed this special software flight control system to keep the plane on track as it was flying. I guess for the, you know, lay person hearing that Boeing wanted to compete with Airbus as as quickly as possible. So it designed this update for it's seven thirty seven which involved putting a heavier engine into the plane and this caused the plane to dip knows I so then they designed some software to fix that. It might sound like Boeing's cutting corners is that the case I think if he would ask Boeing their answer to that question would be no we're not cutting any corners. We're just designing systems. So that the airplane performs, smoothly and flies easily. They would argue that the systems were thoroughly vetted if you're an accident investigator right now, and you're looking at what happened there are what we call the human factors in every. Airplane crash, what the pilots know about this system where they trained to operate. It today know, what to do if the system kicked in and was constantly pushing the plane's nose down as it appeared to be doing on both flights. Those questions are going to be really important for the investigators. And you know, it's clear that Boeing has waited around for the accident investigation reports to come out because of things that they did and rolled out this week. Boeing is also going to be enhancing seven thirty seven max pilot training, they outlined that for us today. Here's the vice president of Boeing talking about the is it fair to say that that this idea that pilots needed extra training to fly this plane because of this sort of quirk that the plane had that wasn't stressed enough by Boeing by the FAA will certainly policy now believe that it wasn't. But what I think is become clear. Is that the people who develop that system didn't expect it to operate with the power and speed and absolute determination that it seems to have done when I talked about Boeing ruling out some things this week. They've upgraded the software. They've made it safer by having special additional systems that can allow the pilots disengage in turn this thing off and cut the power to it. And there has been a second element here involving a sensor that may have been sending false readings to that computer system triggering it to act when in fact, there was no reason for it to act Boeing built the airplane with this system relying on a single sensor, and there will now be going forward in every max a second sensor angel. I think the farther we get from one of these tragedies the more we end up talking about the investigation the policy the Senate hearings the companies. The FAA the regulation. I wonder how is Boeing responding to the people? I mean, hundreds and hundreds of families thousands and thousands of people have been affected and have lost loved ones house Boeing dealing with that with every single statement. They do make about these accidents. The first thing they they say is they are feeling the grief in the pain and the sorrel of all those families. Are they also feeling the pain of lawsuits from these families while they are some of the families from lion air have already filed lawsuits in Seattle. There will be others. And there will be other lawsuits from airlines who are going to be demanding compensation from Boeing for the loss of use of their aircraft which are parked on the ground. And then there's a third set along routes that Boeing is going to have to wrestle with and defend and those will be a potential class action lawsuits. From investors who will allege that these airplanes were sold with flaws, and that they've lost a lot of money on on their investments due to no fault of their own and so- Boeing is going to have all that legal swirl insurer to deal with in addition to all the the engineering and scientific challenges that they're gonna have with airplane and to get these system upgrades on the max approved because nobody has yet approved them. We're still have no idea. How long this crisis is going to go when Boeing had problems with their lithium batteries in the Dreamliner airplanes back in two thousand thirteen they were grounded for three months, and in that one nobody had even died is this a wake up call for Boeing, did it did it grow to powerful and beyond reproach. And now it'll have to dial back and play by a tighter set of rules. Well for years Boeing has been literally the king of the hill in Washington. DC? It has a very big lobbying team in government operations people and with these series of events the lawmakers who sit on the several committees are investigating and doing oversight right now at made it very clear that they were going to call senior Boeing executives to testify before them. And that this is not going to be easy ride. They've built a very close relationship with the Trump administration over the last few years, Mr. Trump has been Vietnam signing off on airplane deals. He has visited Boeing's Charleston South Carolina plant they have sold the president new Air Force One jets. And so that proximity is now going to face some additional scrutiny that Boeing is certainly not used to as the country's literally largest manufacturing export.

Boeing FAA Kiwi Southwest Airlines Seattle Andrew mcintosh Mr. Trump Harvey Sean president DC Puget Sound business journal California Kiko victorville Airbus Indonesia United States Fareham Washington
EP 03 Common Grace vs. Uncommon Grace with Mike Roberts

The Uncommon Christian Podcast

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EP 03 Common Grace vs. Uncommon Grace with Mike Roberts

"Hello and welcome to the uncommon Khorshid podcasts with Michael Hinton. Episode three who excited for today's up. So having our very first guest pastor Mike Roberts from High Desert Church will be joining us today to continue our series in uncommon grace. What does it look like to extend extraordinary on common grace in common world? I hope you enjoyed today's episode. So here we go. This is the uncommon Christian podcast with Michael Hilton. All right guys thanks for tuning in today I'm really excited about today's show we have with US Pastor Mike Roberts. WHO's become a dear friend and I think it's been two years, right? Yeah. Yeah. Two years now time flies, right Crazy crazy two years ago I remember stepping on the breezeway of our church and they're in your wife was standing any introduce yourself from being from Washington I think one of the first things I said to you Mike was all year Seattle Fan? Transplant. Transplant to California. Well. Why don't you tell our audience a little bit about yourself. You know I was thinking about that. You told me you'RE GONNA. Ask Me that question I and I just was like and how would i? How would I say who I am and I guess I put it this way Mike Roberts is a child of God by the grace of God through faith in Christ that's first and foremost who I am. That's my identity and I kinda live out that identity in three primary roles I've been a husband for three years to Marianne. My lovely wife I've been a father for twenty three years to Joel and Kaley. We we expanded our family through adoption, which is a cool part of our our story. And then I've been a pastor for twenty six years in Christ church three different locations in that but and then I I. Just I love being a shepherd I. Love I love just caring for people. To encourage them to know God's love and live out his truth and just passionate about discipleship people out of. The, normal bondage of. Our humanity as lost people and into the Glorious Liberty of Christ's right found only in him and walking in his spirit. Right Right man that's good. That's good and so just so you guys know pastor. Mike Roberts is the shepherding and counseling pastor at high does church in Victorville California and enjoying that California Southern California Sun for us there eleven the sunshine. Loving sunshine. Will Mike you said something and that's the theme of today's show uncommon grace and you said I'm a child of God by the grace of God. I love that I love that because it really puts into perspective kind of who we are. So let's jump from there. Let's jump off from there. Why don't you define for us in your own words your own experience What does on common? Grace mean to you. Yeah, you were probably given the same definition I was in the church about grace race says it's Committed favor and I think it's a good definition. But in my opinion that definition actually leads away from the uncommon grace that I got extended us and he wants us to live in. And interest I. Think if you look closely diffusion to way, there's a great clue. About how we ought to define grace of course, the verse says and many are familiar with it. It's by grace you've been saved through faith and that's not from yourself. It's a gift of God and I love that the two words there grace, which is Carson Greek and gift, which is so ron in Greek and it really just emphasizes in a real subtle way the fact that grace is a free gift. If I could use a real simple definition that would-be at Gracie as a free gift I liked to expand it a little bit more than that. So uncommon grace I would say is a gift freely given with no strings attached That's the uncommon grace of God. I love how Romans Eleven twenty nine even emphasizes that further it says that the that God's gifts and his calling are irrevocable. Once he gives us once he calls us he'll never take a back. There's no strings attached and I love that part because it just accentuates both his character and his nature. As well as men, there's a gift is hard. It's completely ours if we'll just accept it. Oh, that's so good. I love that and I love the part about. It doesn't have strings attach grace comes without strings. You know it's it's it's interesting because when I give a gift to my kid, you know I, give it to them and I say, oh, it's unconditional. But of course, as parents and as a as a dad I want them to love me more because I gave them that gift right. So there's some there's some strings attached to it or you know when we give a loan out to somebody, we expect it to be paid back that loan isn't unconditional. It doesn't it requires a payback and in some instances, it requires interest in that payback. But. As you said God gives us this gift of grace that has no strings. Yeah, uncommon nothing attached to it. Yeah. It's it's uncommon because in this world we live in even in the Christian world that we live in, you know pastors, parents, Christian leaders, we often attached little strings You know you remind people of what we what we gave to them as a way to kind of motivate them and kind of you know do what we want him to do and. and I just think that's not that's not good. That's not mirroring. The grace that he gives we we need to cut the strings when it comes to grow. On Common. That that is good. That is so good. Okay. Well, let's let's get a little deeper here. So we have this uncommon grace and as you define it, it's grace without strings right? It's a gift without strings. So. We're looking at a Christian, right the whole idea this podcast is that the cushions to be uncommon is be different to be against the grain of culture. So we'll say you'll hear often well, I'm gracious person. Or I'M EXTENDING GRAYS When I didn't have to. Is there a difference between being gracious in extending grace and if so what is it? Yeah. There's absolutely difference. Being gracious as an attitude extending graces an action. One is a muscle. The other is the exercise of that muscle. So being gracious preached Buddy Muscle. Extending grace exercising that muscle man. I. Don't know when I was a kid I'd stand in in the mirror you know as I was getting older and kind of little do little flexing and know of out if if things are growing or not and you know it's one thing I think it's one thing to have the muscle of graciousness. It's another thing to exercise it one looks good but the other one does good and that's that's what matters right and that's what really matters. That's so good because in our world, it's really and especially in this age with social media and the ability to to get your information quick and fast it's really more about looking good. Appearing to do good. and not necessarily actually doing good. The UP. People who extend grace are gracious. I mean. Don't mistake that but the thing is is you can be considered gracious and Never Extend Grayson. It's the extension of grace that. Really needs to be the focus of our Christian lives. We want to be people who don't just. Want to appear, we want actually give grace. Right. And how about this side on the other side of that we could also be people who? Extend Grace to certain people that were comfortable with that. We like that we have endeavoured with, but we don't extend to others that we may not like. We don't know so therefore. The Ad, the muscle of being gracious may not be present as well or underdeveloped. Maybe that's a better way of saying it. Sure. Yeah Jesus would say You know. You should. You should love others but meant love your enemies and do good to those. Who persecute you're you know I, I. Just think man it's it's easy. Anybody can love someone who loves them back The. Hard part is is extending grace to people who who you know are never going to repay the favor. That's good. That's good. Okay. So you know this. This is all about Jesus, right. So what what story what narrative in the Bible outside of just what we see what Jesus do because even though that's who were who were trying to follow There are some really great stores that really emphasize this idea of on common grace, which ones would you which one would you share for our audience today? Yeah, there are there are many the one my mind always goes to is actually the parable that Jesus told about the prodigal son. I, think that that's such a beautiful picture of extraordinary uncommon grace. Common Grace's common because it's predictable. It's it's it's reasonable to make sense but the story of the Prodigal. Men God God's grace as soon through that. Through that story just it kind of seems embarrassingly irresponsible. Mean you've got the son that is selfish. He's immature. He's unwise. And it just seems I hate to say this This way but it really just seems Kinda stupid for a father to give a selfish immature unwise kid a bunch of cash and. So you know, but that's what he does. He gives them this gift again no strings attached. The kid goes off wastes it predictably. But after he wastes all of it and comes crawling back home, then the father just receives them without reprimanding him or without giving him some kind of probationary period. It just seems so irresponsible from a common viewpoint. you could almost call the story the story of the prodigal father. But when you look at the When you look at their the responses of the two sons and I think that that's really what Jesus was trying to emphasize. This is Kinda look at that the the the son who received His grace with no strings attached. Understood and received restoration with his father as freely as it was given. The older brother on the other hand, only related to his father through duty and guilt. and. I just think you know why does God us like that? Because that's how he wants to relationship to work he wants. A freedom there in that relationship. So he just gives and gives and gives any never has a string attached because. Because that would hinder the relationship, right? Yeah, and the the story of the product son is is probably the quintessential of on common grace. This father who almost ill rationally gives the inheritance to the sun the sun blows it the sun knows it. He comes back and the father is. Overjoyed. I. Mean beyond all comprehension and he just lavishes his love and his his just excitement son has returned home and so you're like Yay. That's so sweet. That's awesome and then if you if you pay attention to the rest of the story, the other brothers like this doesn't make any sense like I don't understand it. I've been here. I've stayed here I've done it and the father's like, what do you mean you've been here all along you have this whole inheritance already but your brother who was lost is literally now found. As you said, that is the the picture of on common grace. So. Beautiful. Picture. Yeah. Man That's so good. Well someone else came to mind I. Remember I. Don't know if you're familiar with Haddon Robinson leave us with the Lord now, but I remember hearing him say Once that The, common Christian is loaded down with guilt duty. And he's he said they're like atlas standing before God holding the world on their shoulders and asking God for strength to keep holding it up and God says, This is what I remember him saying put that fool thing down and dance on it I just. Such a great fixer to me man we're just trying to hold up the cares of the world that God says, no throw that thing down and do a dance on it and That's. That's the great city wants give. That's uncommon. Man That is that is so good and well, and so let's jump. Let's jump off as we as we get ready to close the show out what are some what are some ways and uncommon Christian can extend extraordinary grace in this world how can we put that atlas down and start dancing. Well I. Think Number One I would say we have to walk humbly with God. Just think Mike six Eight you know, God, has shown us what is good the Lord has has made it clear. What's required of us? He says to act justly to love mercy to walk humbly with your God and I. Think. We start with that last one walk humbly with your God Hebrews Four Sixteen says we should boldly or confidently approach the throne of Grace Ooh. We can receive grace and mercy. In our time of need and man, we live in a time of need people all around us have such great needs and the reality is is Man We don't have the grace that they need, but we can receive it if we'll just walk humbly daily prayer with God. So we can receive grace 'cause man I can't give away what I don't have, and so I think that's that would be number one man if you wanna live with. Grace you need to you need to spend time with God you need to walk with him and pray and receive grace from him, and then I would say after that it's it's really about. Well Mica. Six Eight, love. Mercy. About giving people oftentimes. Or not giving people oftentimes what they deserve. If people mistreat us. Than Mistreating him back may maybe they deserve it we withhold right and that's a that's a right grace. That's a gift of grace and mercy are twins. Grace gives by giving mercy gives by withholding and I, think that's a great way for us in this time. To Be, uncommonly gracious sometimes by withholding. And then the third thing in that in Mica six eight, he says, you should act justly and I love what Isaiah one seven says about justice. Describes, what acting justly looks like it says learn to do right seek justice, defend the abreast, take up the cause of the fatherless plead the case of the widow and man. The Times that we are living, and that's a great way for us to demonstrate on common grace to just stand up for those who have been beaten down by life. Yes. Yes. Oh. Man, that's good. I love that grace gives mercy withholds and justice does how about that? There you go I like I like it that'll bench that. So that'll preach all day and that is so good Mike I'm just sitting here and I'm just thinking through man, how have I've been giving grace how I've been withholding? Do. You know what? Somebody deserves an order for grace and what am I doing to defend those who have been oppressed those who have been beaten down in this season of life. Man, that's a good takeaway and I hope as you're listening today, you take those three things man you're given as much as possible man you're withholding what is rightly maybe due to somebody. And said for grace and you're going out loving people, Mike. Any last words you want to give to our people? Well. Again I I think it's so importantly walk humbly with your God every day. Do Justly, Love Mercy. Walk Humbly with your God I, it's Man No better way to live. That's so good. Well, WE WANNA. Think Passer robbers for joining the show today and I want to thank you for listening, and if this is helpful to you, would you favor a big favor and share this was others also I would love if you would provide a positive rate and review on Apple podcasts, which will help this show reach more people. And that's what it's all about. This is not for popularity or fame. It's literally about encouraging and inspiring every Christian to love Jesus and to live out their purpose and uncommon ways. Thanks for joining and we'll see next week. Thank you for listening to the uncommon Christian podcast with Michael. Hinton for more information on today's topic visit uncommon Christian PODCAST DOT com.

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2020 is all about the money

Marketplace with Kai Ryssdal

27:23 min | 1 year ago

2020 is all about the money

"This marketplace podcast is brought to you by. Indeed, are you hiring with? Indeed, you can post job in minutes set up screener questions than zero in on your shortlist. Qualified candidates using an online dashboard get started today and indeed dot com slash marketplace. That's indeed dot com slash marketplace. And by aspiration, everyone wants more money and everyone wants to make a difference. Enjoy a two percent annual percentage yield zero ATM fees and the option to choose your own monthly fee. Even if it's zero plus rest easy, knowing your deposits won't fund the oil pipelines, or drilling that harms our planet. Download the aspirin up to open an account today. Save money save the world. Item. One markets. Go down to don't think we need to say any more about that. Do we item to trade about that c item one and item three airplanes from American public media? This is marketplace. In Los Angeles. I'm KAI Ryssdal. It is Tuesday the seventh of Megan is always to have you along everybody. We are going to do a very quick drop by of the trade related fall out in the markets today by making two very quick observations. First of all traders do seem to be taking the president's tariff threats a good deal more seriously today than they did yesterday. Who knows why that is number two. Honestly, it is just kind of wait and see. Now, there is a Chinese delegation due in Washington for meetings. Thursday tariffs are set to take effect. We are told at twelve oh one A M Friday. Those are new towers should say from ten to twenty five percent just to recap. So there is that elsewhere though, in American trade policy. There is news of the US export economy. The Export Import Bank which helps finance the sale of made in America products. Overseas hasn't been at full strength since two thousand fourteen but as marketplace's Tracey Samuelson reports that might change this week for. Two years. The EximBank has been the subject of debate. Is it a valuable tool to help us companies sell abroad, or does it mainly benefit big multinationals that don't really need it support? The White House is in the valuable tool camp says Gary Heff Bauer with the Peterson institute. Who is quite focused on increasing US exports and historically the EximBank has fostered. US exports. Bet since the Bank can't prove financing over ten million dollars. It's just doing a lot less than it used to. Bankers operating a level. It hasn't seen maybe forty or fifty years. Fred Hochberg is a former president and chairman of Export Import Bank in two thousand sixteen and twenty seventeen he was its sole board member he says during the Obama years the Bank financed roughly fifteen to twenty billion a year last year about three and a half billion dollars in Financing's. The Bank may soon be back to full muster. Thanks in part to recently changed rules in how the Senate confirms presidential nominees, but the banks near-disappearance has given its critics new ammunition. Very Nikkei J at George Mason's Mercatus center says despite its reduced capacity. We've found is basically the impact on export was absolutely. They was non as we expected an issue that sir to come up when the banks chartered needs to be renewed. Again, this fall. I'm Tracey Samuelson for marketplace. I'm pretty sure we've talked about this one before a report the Labor Department puts out called jolts the job. Openings and labor turnover survey it came out this morning and showed again that the number of open jobs in this economy is high and rising about seven and a half million vacancies actual hiring lags that number a little bit. Which means there is a widening gap between the jobs employers say they have available and the qualified workers companies can find to fill those jobs, and the gap is wider in certain parts of this economy. Logistics is a biggie warehousing trucking, basically getting materials and finished products from here to there. Marketplace's Mitchell Hartman has that one let's start with ecommerce jobs the backbone operations of shippers online and big box retailers Amazon's now paying its workers. Fifteen an hour. Minimum competitors are raising wages to keep up. Michael Britain heads up the workforce development agency in Louisville Kentucky, which is a regional logistics hub. He says it's hard for companies to fill late shifts. So they're exploring offering childcare assistance and. Hiring more ex offenders trying to figure out transportation to help urban workers. Get two jobs in distant suburbs. Trucking companies also complained about a labor shortage sixty one year old long haul. Trucker Petrus drew Ghauri of Romanian immigrant says pay rates have increased, but it's still a tough sell with long hours and weeks on the road. My wife complaining don't know one of them will do don't bring me on trucking companies know this as well as the folks behind the wheel says, Jeremy roemer, whose company driver reach operates an online hiring platform. He says companies are trying to poach each other's drivers with better pay and also better treatment schedules that get them home regularly extra compensation for time spent loading and unloading to improve their ability to earn an income. But also, it keeps them there because they're happy because they know that you're on besides long haul trucking has high turnover and Rimmer says it's better for companies to spend a little. To keep good drivers than to let them walk. I'm mitchell. Hartman for marketplace. There was a survey out a couple of years ago showing ninety five percent of American consumers had bought something from WalMart that year either in person or online now the company wants your pets business as well. Walmart says it's going to have veterinary clinics up and running in about one hundred stores within a year along with an online pet pharmacy. As marketplace's Eric bears reports, the seventy two billion dollar pet and pet care market. A nothing to sneeze at people aren't just spending on their pets there. Splurging nicer toys. Handcrafted blankets organic food, just as with trends, human food. We've seen those same sort of trends towards health and wellness in pet foods as well that Steve king CEO of the American pet products association. He says millennials love their Furby babies, and that's driving the growth. Walmart's taken notice and once more millennial shopping there, that's why the company. Expanding a pilot program that put veterinary clinics in its stores Ernest Baskin a marketing professor at Saint Joseph's university says if WalMart can get customers to come in for care, WalMart can then cross sell them other products, which they have in the store. The retailer says the carrot the clinics will be affordable. So people worried about pet care costs may switch, especially if the treatments are not that complicated. Baskin says that may lead other veterinarians to drop their prices WalMart can keep costs down because real estate is pretty much. Covered says Neal Saunders an analyst with global data bulma and enormous number of Stolz all of those stores located to be very convenient for customers, including in rural areas where there may not be a lot of other choice. Walmart's also launching an animal pharmacy portal to compete with petsmarts ecommerce arm to lead dot com. The idea again is to Lur customers onto the website, man. Get them to spend. America barris for marketplace. Foods been awhile, I know, but my money is on the sad music when we get there. We'll have the details when we do the numbers. There are rules of polite society that just don't apply to politics saying not nice things about someone in the heat of a campaign. Sure dig into their past in hopes of finding something dizzy, of course, talk about money yours specifically. Oh, you betcha. In fact, based on the twenty twenty run for the White House talking about money might be politicians favorite thing to do used to be. We got fundraising updates when campaigns filed their paperwork with Federal Election Commission. But as marketplace's Kimberly Adams reports this time round, it's all money. All the time a candidates first day fundraising numbers didn't use to make the news. But now Sanders campaign announced they raised nearly six million dollars. Senator Harris twitted twenty four hours of announcing graves more than one point one and a half million dollars for vice president's campaign says it raised more than six million dollars in its first twenty four hours with so much. Political fundraising happening online campaigns get their numbers almost instantly, and that's turned opening day of a campaign into something like opening day at the box office where ticket receipts are used to predict movies longterm success, but campaigns aren't movies and opening day. Isn't a crystal ball you raised four million in one day or one million or six million? We don't know if that's related to how much a candidate will eventually raise Casey Dominguez is an associate professor political science at the university of San Diego. She says this type of data is so new it's a good indicator of who's been successful in the past. We don't know yet. If it's an indicator of who will be successful in the future. She points to candidates like Bernie Sanders, Joe Biden and Beto O'Rourke. They could all tap donor. Lists from previous Senate or presidential campaigns candidates who aren't as well know nationally are just starting to build those lists and bragging rights aside. Even a big. First day hall. Doesn't matter the way it used to Kimberly Scott is a political consultant and publisher of the deadliest newsletter a campaigns no longer about how much money you can raise. There will be money for whichever nominee. It is that the Democrats elect Scott says these days PACS, super PACS and outside groups provide a lot of campaign funding. So now the emphasis isn't a new metric of not so much amount of money as the number of donors. Let's repeat that not so much amount of money as the number of donors because when someone is willing to give a candidate money, they'll probably also show up to vote in the primary, and there's another reason donor numbers matter. The Democratic Party has kept its first debate at twenty participants to get a spot on stage candidates must have at least sixty five thousand individual donors or some meaningful traction in the polls or hope you can help. Be one of the sixty five thousand people we need to contribute a dollar more to this effort that was governor Jay Inslee headed for the finish line. And here's congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard after she crossed it. My team just told me that we just hit the sixty five thousand Mark. Thank you for making sure that our voices will be heard in the debates. Most of the major candidates have already passed the initial threshold and more are meeting the donor requirements every day, but says Michael FRANZ, a professor of government at bowdoin college between now and the first debate in late June, thirty Democrats who meet that threshold, and then they're going to be, you know, moving to a second threshold and friend says if the stage is still too crowded, the candidates would need even stronger levels of support in order to sort of withstand that potential winnowing. And when they get that support. They'll be sure to let us know in Washington. I'm Kimberly Adams for marketplace. It's not at all clear. What's going to happen in Venezuela? The economy is in ruins the politics are unstable had best. There are vague threats of military intervention by the Trump administration. But in the meanwhile, the Venezuelan people are just trying to get by. But a month or two ago, we called Carlos Hernandez, he's an economist there, and we talked to him about using bitcoin to stay solvent in that collapsed economy. We have Skype them to get an update on how things are going, Mr. NS. Thanks for coming on. How are you, sir? Hi. And given everything that's happening at the moment might country, I imagined. So which is why we call wh what's been happening, you know, in in your day to day life. I mean, it's been a couple of months since we talked. Okay. So the main thing that is for now is that there is handled collapsed on the basic services that maintenance water electricity, running water, even the hitting cooking gas in. It has been a national lack count. So might sit in particular there are there has been no military uprisings or anything like that. But that doesn't mean that this is part is still have to the with the collapse of everything else. So a collapse of basic services. Understood what about food and nutrition. I mean, can you down to the store and buy what you need to eat or or no. I can because I I hard currency. But in most people can I mean, the inflation rate is over three hundred percent monthly and right now, the the minimum wage is less than four dollars. So. It's not a lot, but you can find things put a very high price. In fact, we still have fancy restaurants fund sale fails, those are for as various Pacific people. So how'd you can't find price? So I ask you this last time. And and it sounds like it's gotten worse in the past two months. So I'll ask you again, you you're you're an educated person. You've got a skill. You could leave. What do you stay? Yeah. And I still haven't found the answer. I mean, I guess I'm still in the nihil still think that things are going to turn around at some moments, and the module seems as unstable us ever. Now, we're talking about him military abrasives something that we was on thinkable two months ago. So I feel like if I leave I'm going to have to come back after I leave because. Because my zero has left that is my fear. You are we should say. And we talked about this last time Uruguay though supporter, but it's been a it's been ten days since he went out and tried to rally people in the streets. Why do you have confidence the Medeiros gonna leave? When I say is that they government doesn't seem so scary anymore. I mean, this is a sheep. Unpick datasheets are supposed to be scary. But then we see their way module has been dealing with this situation, and we don't just care anymore. We've seen videos of cars governments pangs at running over people still not at a we are still protesting going on. And that that's a feeling that we need to continue. And. Yeah. Girls Fernandez an economist actually in Venezuela, Mr. Hernandez, thanks for your time. I I hope we can call you again in a couple of months. All right. That means I'm still hopeful. Nice days. Thank you for your time. Thanks to you. Coming up when a customer came in and see did, you know that they closing and acid. Good grief know, how one small business got caught in a bind. But first, let's do the numbers. Yes, I'm not supposed to call. These the wa wa trombones anymore. Right. What are they bent trombones the slide? Trombones I don't know anyway, down wwl's biggest one day drop since January down four seventy three one point seven percent twenty-five thousand nine sixty five the NASDAQ slipped one hundred and fifty nine points. Nearly two percent seventy nine sixty three the S and P five hundred slipped. Forty eight points. One point six percent twenty eight eighty four their Boeing was big loser. Dropped three point eight percent today. The though felt across the board semiconductor giant Micron which relies heavily on production in Asia down four point four percent fall com. Shares step down almost three and a half percent day. Also hit hard by today's anxiety furniture companies. Here's a pure on imports plunged nine percent bond. Prices rose yield on the ten year Tino felt the two point four five percent. You're listening to marketplace. This. Marketplace podcast is brought to you by golden Sachs for insights from leading thinkers at Goldman Sachs on the state of markets industries and the global economy listened to their podcast exchanges at Goldman Sachs. You'll hear discussions on a variety of topics from a variety of sectors with far reaching implications, including global and regional growth forecasts finding value in today's investing climate the impact of technology on markets and much more. That's exchanges at Goldman Sachs. Available on apple podcasts Spotify, Stitcher, soundcloud and Google play and at GS dot com slash podcast. This marketplace podcast is brought to you by with Sabi. Hot cloud storage, thinking about moving your data storage to the cloud was obvious enterprise. Class cloud storage at one fifth the price of Amazon S three and up to six times faster with no hidden fees for egress or a PI requests was obvious low cost high speed fully secure storage blows away the competition, including Google and Microsoft disruption starts here. Do the math for yourself and start a free trial. I was Sabi dot com. This is marketplace, I'm KAI Ryssdal. We talked about Boeing in the numbers a minute or two ago the somewhat troubled planemaker was the big drag on the Dow today mostly because of its planes that aren't flying the seven thirty seven max by name. The catch is while Boeing works on the software fixes that will make it air worthy. Once again, those planes got to be somewhere. Southwest Airlines has a fleet of thirty four Max's and has flown. Many of them to victorville California for storage at a place called the southern California, logistics airport, one of a handful of giant airplane parking lots I guess marketplace's. Jack Stewart went for a visit victim Lapa, which is on the site of what was Georgia force base eighty-five miles north east of Los Angeles on the edge of the Mojave desert. S- wet conditions perfect for storing more than two hundred planes. Less ideal though for piling into an aging white SUV for a toll on the seats are hot not all of the roads on this two thousand acre facility paved as we thought over them. Eric raid, the applet director explains its role in storing and scrapping planes as part of the greater aviation ecosystem. What do you do with all these larger graph? It has to be a home for them that has to be a final burial. Right. If you will for them. So how do you do that most airports? Don't have the space or find this type of work to be economically viable, you may have seen the ova had photos facilities like this with planes packed in nose to tail like Qasr rammed into a stadium parking lot. Many of them are stripped for parts and then broken up for recycling. Which is as brutal as it sounds. A yellow excavator with cutting jaws crunches into a fuse lodge and drags it like a dinosaur grabbing its prey before the tunnel walls and wiring pride away from the metal body. Fluids have been drained all valuable parts of remove all the installation. Otherwise, carpenter type cares has been removed down the metal. It's not old destruction sometimes planes a parked fee years because sales deals of fallen through or they've come back off leases and the owners often banks looking for the next customer. Don Dombrowski works for have which is responsible for the vast majority of the planes on site. He says there's a process before a plane is stored in the desert covering the airplane, covering the engines, we cover all the windows tape up all the door seems and then we'll do periodic services on them. Southwest's seven three seven max is a hod to mess with the engines and Taya's wrapped in metallic foil. And there's a field of Pont FedEx planes freight, companies need less Eck Hauge capacity in the summer more than two thousand people work at the apple many of them repairing and maintaining aircraft. And there's an. Increasing demand for skilled technicians victim valley. College runs a two year program here on the field in across maintenance off the G is one of the instructors this is happening. This place for me. This is our hanger week. We'd just left the classroom, and this is the hang this is what we teach airframe portion of the training. Twenty five students learning tough patch and rivet metal repack hob, and fiber and rebuild engines, Chris Casey's a local high school teacher he helps funnel students into the program. And he says jobs at the apple have been crucial to reinvigorating a community, which was hit hard when the F O's PU out George air force base was one of the main employers, both military and civilian and then when it closed ninety three ninety four it just was devastating it affected car dealers. It affected restaurants at affected little mom and pop shops all throughout the high desert graduates of the program might end up landing jobs with Kamov right next door which Lisa skills. Says is looking to expand its labor force from two hundred fifty to three hundred or more. Employees that locally that would be ideal at helps gift back to the community gives them jobs helps the economy still have plenty to do. Even after southwest seven three seven max is a back inauguration, and there are slightly fewer planes popped up here in victorville, California. I'm Jack Stewart for marketplace. Online retail in this economy is doing all I generally speaking while the brick and mortar part is having some trouble books. Are today's case study, lifeway Christian resources, that's a national chain of Christian bookstores was in the news a month or two ago when it announced it's closing all one hundred and seventy of its actual stores and going all in on ecommerce. It's one thing to read or hear that in a new story something entirely different when you put a person in the mix, which is the basic idea of our series my economy. Today's installment comes to us from Phoenix, Arizona. My name is Rosemary abroa- me. I'm a bookbinder. My business name is at Bromley bookbindery. It's a small business, but I have a very specific market rebinding repairing and restoring bubbles. But for about the most eight to ten years approximately eighty five percent of my work has been referred to me, by the way, Christian bookstore. I I heard that life way was closing the brick and mortar stores when a customer came in. And see did you know that they will close ING an acid good grief. No. And I have already seen a significant influence on the number of people who being referred to me. Bibles are not bounded real Lida and it wears out. Eventually, I am the genuine live. So the by the time, I've found a book for somebody. It's gonna lost and lost and loss. But the important thing is inside the books of people have underlined and highlighted and made notes, and this what makes the book valuable people will spend a bit of money because that particular book means a lot to them. God brought me a Jewish prayer book. And if was in terrible condition, and I see him there is some much work involved in this. It's going to take me hours, and it's going to cost you a fortune, and he looked at me. And he said rose my brother carried this through the concentration camps, you've fix this. And I fixed it. Fixed. It it's not the book is what the book stands full. I honestly dente exactly what I'm getting to do. I don't know where to go and how to get my name out this other people can find me I've tried yellow pages of trod Facebook of got a Google website. I don't bring me with what brings me with is referrals people people people. Rosemary Brown me there from the Brumby book binder reverse series, mine Connie, it is a series that happens, obviously, only because of used so please share your story with us at marketplace dot org. This final note on the way out today. Celebrities, they are just like us edition. We did a store yesterday. You might remember on the met gala the over the top fancy party and fundraiser that una winter runs at the Metropolitan Museum of art, New York. Maybe you've seen pictures, some the outfits online today, mine particular favorite con. Yay. West Kim kardashian's husband were a jacket from Dicky's black zip up available online for forty two dollars ninety nine cents. Are we gotta go down down four seventy three today. One point seven percent. The NASDAQ down one fifty nine nearly two percent five hundred down forty eight. That is one point six percent are digital and on demand. Team includes Janet win over Oxman. Barbara flats Brian Rana hand Arjuna Soriano, and Tony Wagner, Sarah is the executive director of digital star. And yet is is the executive director of on-demand, I'm Rozelle we will see tomorrow. This is APN.

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638: Westworld S3E4 Reaction "The Mother of Exiles"


23:37 min | 10 months ago

638: Westworld S3E4 Reaction "The Mother of Exiles"

"How do you block a ruse? This is greetings from the Uncanny Valley the TV podcast on the incomparable network for the show. Westworld I'm your host Kelly. Come out with MUZOREWA'S DON MELTON PARTY. Andan party on Garth thinks Jason and everyone over at the incomparable for hosting us here on the TV podcast. We are here to react to season three episode four titled the Mother of exiles. There's a whole bunch. We need to say about this episode. I think this is going to be a really hard twenty minutes. We know who mom is now. I think we might so as always if you haven't seen the episode we're GonNa talk about it and you may not want to know that until you've actually seen the episode so I'm going to start the timer now and I think this was my initial review was what in the actual brain ball. Fuck just happened. Yeah I I what I said when I sat back down on my computer after seeing the episode was we were prepping and doing all the audience basically every chat window. I had open had some variation of that comment directed to me was like well. You know it opens up and we have cut harbors back home and finally we in back and we have emily as played by Caccia harbors back or some reasonably psychotic a hit decide whether she actually is in his head or it's Dolores fucking with him bright so I'm not even gonNA worry about that. Well go when we step into analysis later this week will my great bit but when we got to the opening credits to the opening theme and all of that like the opening sequence rate When we got there I almost texted you and said I don't know if we're going to be able to talk about the rest of the show because I think we're going to get stuck in everything that happens before the credits because it was so out there and so weird and interesting and like an as always Ed Harris just phenomenal. So so good. He's slowly coming apart. He comes to in the bathtub water everywhere like all of it i. It was really hard to sort of follow along with what he was up to me. It was fantastic and I was really into seeing what state he was in and all of that so that was pretty great. I did enjoy that very much and lots of flashbacks to season two a very very nice and then of course I didn't just stop screwing with this dead. Then we get into the meat of the episode and not only is cut your hervas back but later on hero. You know which I totally didn't expect not on that one. I I kinda thought cut. Your servers might be back just to screw with men in black because they get to bring her back somewhere or whatever but I did not expect to see massage but everything about this episode was great and just like a Bernard and stubs. I I've stayed in a bad hotel in Victorville California. Think so. I don't think you stay there. I think you end up there. Yeah I like it out spoiler alert I admit my experience was Victorville is limited. But I'm pretty sure you don't go there. I think you just end up there so this this episode takes place a lot of different places Singapore. We learned out. We learned that that scene of something blowing up in the background for the trailer was not a scene of young Ford seeing something but it was a scene of young black seeing Peres his Peres blown up and so that was weird. I want to know what the entire whole story about that is. You know who took out Peres And Let's just hope. All the impressionist paintings were elsewhere. Because that would really make me sad truly. So there's that we understand serakhs motivation and they had some really interesting thing you start to come around and like Oh you know maybe this guy is the good guy but then he torments and shoots. You know the the identity. A The guy who sold and didn't didn't seem to think twice about about Unloaded on him. Yes and so so made doubly surprising by the fact that he looked him right in the eye and said I won't. I won't hurt you not I don't want to. I won't hurt you. I'm just going to show you what happens if you don't cooperate. And they gave him a pair of those magic glasses if somebody hands me glasses. That look vaguely like There's no fucking way yeah talking. I'm talking William Level Paranoia there so so and we we get his argument to Maeve. Then you know she gets to. Which I wasn't. I wasn't quite buying. That may was buying it. I think she knows and she's irritated by the fact that he's got a button. Yes can turn it off. And that's never happened to her before so I think here's my own head candidate on this. I think she's biding her time and so I loved. She was made up to now. We while she's you know she's she's host dead not real dead hostess right now after Dolores kills her and let's talk about the mother of exile. The theory has been proved right. All of these. Yes go ahead the Pearl. She brought out while at least three of the mothers that she probably. We still don't know about the fourth one we don't know who that sympathizer all her. She made copies of herself and never said that just and even when I said it out loud I kind of went. I'm not one hundred percent so this is where we all take a moment for poor Mr Kelly who is sitting on the other side of the wall while I was watching this episode. And he's hearing the music. I'm sure through the walk because I was listening to. Us and gets random. Shouting from the other side of the wall is right. Yeah so so but anyway. Yeah so definitely converse Confirmation we all bow to your theorizing but you're not the only one who theorize this the lots of people going to go in there and now related to drive Alyssa's last week this is distinct possibility. But we still don't know who that Fourth Pearl now is in or if the fourth fourth Pearl is delores again it probably is. Thanks to you know if you want to do something right you gotta do it yourself. Yeah but I think it's going to be a left field. We've got another final Ceylon moment happening here. I think And people were who were following along closely The first thing I did when I saw that they went to the distillery was I went and looked up the name of the distillery and Notion which was the what was identified. Distillery means it means to be of the same mind even though we are many embody no shit from Buddhism. Yeah win looked up. He does. And that's why Kellie for the googling for the win like I paused for a second. I need to know what this like. I know this is the thing what is the thing and then of course. What are they doing soccer? So what does everything full of thick liquid? Because that doesn't look familiar at all. Yeah but yeah when Musashi walked out from behind that screen. I was absolutely floored I was. I was really excited to see him again. I was very sad that they were on opposite. Sides I really wanted has teamed up. I was very sad about that. But then that didn't make me wonder because the other names he dropped were hector and Clem and Dolores so we saw hector we saw dolores but wincing clem yet. So I'm wondering about her now. So what do you think at Bernard? Getting caught flat-footed and not seeing this one coming I was. I was kind of baffled by that. Honestly like they wouldn't occurred that it wouldn't occur to him that she was going to be involved with this at all like even if he even as soon as he found out it wasn't Liam he absolutely should have figured out you know okay it wasn't Liam but it was it was it. Was somebody closely or something. Like there should have been more. He really should have been more on top of that or stub should have been able to say something at that point about like well if it's not him then who and been a step ahead of it but they still are the world's greatest comedy team together. They're absolutely my favorite. I would have watched an entire episode of the two of them goofing off in that hotel. Yeah yes exactly. And the battle between stubs and Dolores. Prime was awesome spectacular. Although I'm worried about him because we never saw happen to up to you win over the wall under the ground floor of the sex auction. So I'm Kinda Sad. Well he still has the getting shot in the shoulder which Bernard hasn't repaired which he's really cranky about. Yes by the way if you WANNA find out Google up Liam hemsworth shoulder or biceps and I'm not going to describe it to you. I'M GONNA leave it to you to bring that description on yourself because it just made me feel kind of grossed out but like Oh that's terrible. I never want that to happen. Like I didn't even know that was the thing so it was. Yeah that's the injury. No the real life injury. The thing that happened to him hanging the TV yeah he was hanging the TV but then went to the doctor and found out what it was. And it's awful and I I'm not gonNA say to go. Look it's not great but we will talk We Will. We mentioned it in analysis but We've only got like nine minutes left. So we gotta talk about like the whole rest of this episode. Which was I really liked? How they revealed the reveals when we found out all of them at the same time were Dolores. How did that that? I really liked how they peeled that back on all of them because like I like okay. So Charlotte no right. That makes sense I get it and then Musashi and then and then and like it was just and then you we get back to her because he was GonNa Caleb Scott Liam pinned to the wall right. I can pay you with what I have all your money. Which was hilarious. That was funny but I was thinking that my my issue this this time with Caleb is. He's like this nervous supporting player She's just by the way it's Lucas Worth Luke Hemsworth. Okay Lukin tour nutley emblems the younger when Lucas fielder. Yes so but you know maybe this is Caleb for somewhere in a suit even I mean he did not look comfortable with and you know he did kind of freak out when she clocked dude in the street to get to get the blood sample out of him so that they could go. Take all of Liam's money so yeah I think he I think I think this role is not fitting him as well as it does and I think that we'll have to see how comfortable he is without going forward. Because this is a very ends and means situation and I'm not entirely certain what Where he's going to come down on that overall yeah. He's surprised her once. He met suppressor some more. We don't Know Yeah. I. I'd like to see him. Shows more. Spunk. Yeah right now just be not just follow. But we'll see there was so much to like about this episode characters coming back twists and stuff i. The scenery was marvelous. Amine Singapore at at night Beautiful Yeah quite the place in wherever they're at in the Soom Dolores and Bernard floors prime and Bernardo are actually in California with a with the Laura's connel's so I think there are now I think they're in La and Charlotte's in servers. Charlotte was in San Francisco. I think I'm not a hundred percent. Sure where they are Charlotte Charlotte is in San Francisco for the most part. I think so but I don't know You know maybe you can get to La instantaneously. So maybe they are kind of all in the same place right now. I don't know My big question was if was where they actually are in relation to Bernard's house the the cement block house where we found the ultimate three D. Printer where the season started because ceramic. Just left a dead dude. They're tied to a chair and so like is that a message to Dolores Lake that. Somebody's willing here. Or what struck had people there so they could. They could have tidied up afterwards. They could've they could've are not so that she knows that somebody that this identity thieving person. Who helped her is now dead in her home base but now we know that that Arnold lived in Singapore. That's worth house was. Yes because he wanted to be close to work. Yup So just so much to think about with this episode and this one I probably want to go back and watch more times than the yeah some of the others to. Yes intricate stuff. The other seen that got me was the final scene with the man in black and the confrontation from Hill. And you know apparently hills just door is actually it is hey loris again. But it's a different Hitler. It's not deloitte prime in their new. Hey Laura as was setting them up the entire time even though she had his proxy needed him to be declared insane. Ha and what a great convinced. Her whole chilling. Yeah I thought what what's her. What's her angle there? And then it was just then she let him know and it was both. It was both wicked but also like why leave so much to chance there and his reaction but then again. She's read his books so maybe she knows exactly how you would react. Yeah I was going to say how much chance is there really there if I mean. She doesn't seem like a person to leave a whole lot to it. So speaking of reading books In THE RECAP. We saw her poll Liam and I don't remember last names book off the shelf like distinctly I did not freeze frame because there were other names there that you could see But I don't remember seeing a name on it in season two when showing off the shelf Over that either. I'm sort of glad that I'm sure they're red. Conning a little bit but I think it was like Liam is Dempsey I don't remember anyway Liam I'd just like I remember seeing that and going. I don't remember if we got a name before because you and I would have had a podcast spending two years trying to figure out who's that guy so that yes realized podcast that long. That would totally be us so anyway that that end. And then you have the state capital where deloris in Cowgirl garb confronts wim and so that seems to be like a hallucination. I don't know anything anymore. By the way we we had the the white screen moment early on in the episode after the initial logo and stuff. Yes where we're in the simulation and is this a memory of Bernard's is this a memory of dolores is one of the Dolores. What the hell are they actually talking about? I'm going to have to go back and watch that and just write down the dialogue myself so I can go over in my head and go. Yeah what that's inserted there for a reason not just to let's fuck with dot and Kelly and you know everybody else watching the show. I mean that's significant right. They're showing that and you know completing the house and you know that whole thing for that right so so the other thing so. This episode made me tremendously happy but also made me tremendously sad because you realize Kelly. We are now halfway through the season. That's an shot. Half of the season four episodes I like that yes although I loved it and it was great and this was like like weapons-grade what I watch this. Show for we got some huge story advancements. We got some huge reveals. We got like nine hundred more questions to ask about the answers that we got Everything moved right along. We didn't have people sitting around talking for no apparent reason so all of it was great. this this was one of my favorites. I think we're going to have a really good time pulling it apart when we step into analysis and If the rest of the season this good woke yeah definitely. I feel like a lot of season. Two that's coming back and paying off in season three. I think that might be part of why to didn't come off the way it should have because as an entire season itself is one thing as an entire story unit is quite another when you add it to to season three acres on Kelly Kelly. The yes So that's my that's my thinking on. This is that I think we will appreciate season. Two after season. Three more after season three is finished because we got a lot of stuff. That didn't necessarily go anywhere and it didn't quite all lineup and I think That is going to change. So that's what I wonder. What groundwork they're laying for season four right? It's season for yet but we know it's coming. So yeah and one last thing Shoutout to the music I think it's a mix tape but the When they were at the the masked auction It was it's a song by the weekend And I think it's I think it's a mixed tape called. It's the the name of the song is wicked games and It's from like twenty eleven or something nice deep cut So there it is We have to wrap it up because timer kicks ready. So that's GonNa do it for us this week. I'm super pumped about analysis this week. It's GonNa be so much fun. So don thanks for being here. Where can people find you on twitter as DONALD SEPARATES? You can find me on twitter as verse? Oh and you can find the show at Westworld rewind and again. We're looking for your series. I'm hoping that some of those have leveled up at least a few levels after tonight's episode. I'm absolutely looking forward to finding out what everybody else thinks. I told I posted on twitter earlier. If you WANNA join our secret theory club are Secret Club. All you have to do is give me your theory. And you're in that's all it takes so hush standards are low. They really are really. It's just trying to get people to respond to us because I really want to know what other people's theories are maybe save me the trouble of waiting all the way into read it because we big reveals tonight but there's still like cable. Yes an incredible shitload of stuff that we don't know so yes so much. We I feel like you know it's Kelly and I leaning into the camera. And it's like that scene from the ghostbusters. We're ready to believe you we're we. Are we ready to believe you? That's GONNA do for us. We will be back later this week to step into analysis until then be excellent to each other. And let's be careful out there

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Episode #49  Charlie Venema checks in with a little wisdom and the 4 Steps

The Pilot Network Podcast

34:43 min | 10 months ago

Episode #49 Charlie Venema checks in with a little wisdom and the 4 Steps

"What is up? This goes out to our military pilots. The time of paper pubs hand-drawn maps and the question. Mark Reviewing Concept Taker Bubbas. You know what I'm talking about are long gone. It is time to upgrade your mission to more efficient flight. Ops with four flight military flight bag see multiple approved forecast at different altitudes throughout different times during any Saudi Pak both of those layers with five fifty seventh weather wing icing intern status for inflate reference generate A. Dd Eighteen in one pdf with your flight. Plan details digitally signed it in email to base right from your mobile device and finish the day off by debriefing with new perspectives utilizing an enhanced. Three dimensional review learn more at four flight. Dot Com backslash. Mfg MILITARY PILOT WANNA play with the same cool kind of stuff head over to four flight DOT COM and enjoy now out of the show. Hello Sir Bradley. Tbn once off again. Adam Youhan bringing you another awesome guest and also at a time when it is most needed to hear some if you WANNA call it a point of view you could but I think it's more of a all right. Let's let's take. Let's take some stock. We spoke with them not too long ago about how your resumes A little bit better Said is with us again. A great friend of a great friend of the show and somebody that I looked to for insight. And he's got some really good insight on this current situation. Charlie all things considered. How are you doing doing good? I am on day. Twelve of coming back from Brazil and in self quarantine if you will and hanging out I took. I took April off so I took the stay at home with a partial pay month and nothing my schedule and tell me. I think that's safe thing. In fact I wanted to just jump on that really fast before we get too much into our discussion one of the things. I had this conversation with a few pilots. And a Lotta guys were were debating on taking half pay for some airlines or you know partial pay or if they even can take no pay and take the time off with the situation at hand My my wife were expecting and If I had that opportunity I would definitely do so. Unfortunately I'm the sole breadwinner so that's not something that we can do right now. with that said I think For those of you out there who are questioning on all of that it. Nobody's every who look sideways at you if you have a high risk situation do it as best for your family do. It's best for yourself because the other thing I noticed this Charlie. Maybe we can pull it both. Speak to this at some point. If anybody's got a question for us hit US up I just came back from a trip and the stress level. I felt of coming back in exposing my family to something was higher than it felt in my career. I was extremely concerned. for my wife Less for my daughter. I love to death but I. She's not a high risk person in that freaked me out Made me really uncomfortable and that stress level in a bad place Operate an airplane going forward. I was fine until I got home. I realized you know. I don't know how long a handle this going forward. So then you gotTa make that decision for yourself and really think about it leading up to that and that is something that I will be doing on my next trip. I will definitely be thinking about it and put myself in the right mindset before step to fly because if you're not good mindset a definitely don't go operate in the airplanes. Us wanted to just throw that out there to everybody because Charlie and I have been through this recently. So getting to the crux of our discussion. Charlie let's talk about. They're not comparable right. Maybe they were in the beginning but nine eleven. Two thousand eight those Those events in aviation although we may have considered them in the beginning I think it's turning to a different. There is no comparison to what we're facing right now but the only events that we have to put into perspective. What's going on so you could just give a brief history on where you were nine. Eleven two thousand eight to give some perspective to everybody for. We're going to jump into a little later. Well yeah nine. Eleven was interesting At that point I was in the training department at my airline And I was teaching initial new hire ground school and I had to go to work that morning and we already knew what had happened by the time I wanted to work. And let me tell you. A teaching basic doc was incredibly difficult. Because you just you're you want not hold class because you WANNA be riveted in front of the TV and see what's going on but you also knew everybody in the training center knew that things were going to change dramatically. And of course they did a lot of things were different on nine eleven than they were in the Industry today. And you know you read near here things talking about the airlines were not as strong financially on September eleventh about one this as they are currently or h you right so there were already things that were being considered an in play in terms of organizational survival and that was a catalyst tool have them so. I saw myself very quickly going to be from a not bad seniority captain. I held onto the left seat. Barely I was the youngest captain of my airline after nine eleven and we managed and but we just took it day by day but things went back to normal quote unquote normal fairly quickly. The airspace system wasn't shut down for that long right. Not like we're seeing now now. The the loads weren't there and it was a completely different fear and it was still a fear of the unknown but at least that fear. You could see that this when you can't right so we're going to have to deal with that but you know if your house is anything like mine. Man Bars off the windows make. I'm punching out going someplace because I can't wait to get out of this house and I think most people are like that and if they've got the ability to travel and I told my wife the other day and so when we get into the recovery part of this and there's going to be all kinds of fabulous travel deals out there because everybody's GonNa be incentivizing everyone to come out and were bored standby ready to take but it was a. It was a scary time. Does your you mentioned it right there and I think That gives a the nine eleven piece definitely gives some up perspective. I think two thousand eight. I just wanted to get so. You're you're a cabinet airline in two thousand eight in I think the biggest thing for for people out there who don't who maybe don't know too much about what was happening side from everybody knew about the economy but how the it looked like from an outsider's perspective time it looked like hey we're about the airlines are hiring again and then all of a sudden it was wait a second. That's a head fake and boom. There's nothing and from from here. So you're talkin SARS and economy issue SARS economy every because that was the real whirlwind when wants? The housing market crashed. I remember being on the outside looking in and watching my friends who just got hired at continental at the time and all I wanted to do is get on with an airline. They'd already gotten there and the next thing I know every one of them is looking for a job. 'cause they're now what was it. Look like what does it look like from the other win looking outside knowing that Boy Man we just recovered from this last monstrosity. Here we go again. How did that play into kind of what you're going to talk about here in a minute? Well so eight to me personally. Didn't have the impact at nine eleven. Had an a one okay? Right so and my perspective's really not very good on on that situation and await. I had seen in order to be insulated from that I was not doing basic in dock so I didn't have the training experience and exposure with that. I picked up the pieces from that though in two thousand eleven when I got handed pilot hiring at my company. We were bringing. Finally bring in guys back from furlough so it was theirs. Merger going on all the guys from airline a had come back. All the guys from airline be Were furloughed and returning and I picked up. That process of managing furlough returns in late. Two thousand eleven. Okay so I. I didn't experience in have the exposure to it in a way but I was there responsible for putting all the pieces back together again in two thousand dollars so if there were sixteen hundred guys that were furloughed. We're bringing back over sixteen hundred and to me. That's a wild perspective shift to have so you get new. Hires who are freaking out like. Oh yeah this is the end to these dudes just came back now and they're already experienced some of them so now they're they're more a little more grizzled drumbeat they come back or they don't come back they think they're going to be back and then you're kind of helping them put back pieces of not only the airline to their lives professionally in. Some guy's personal experience is never recovered from any of that stuff and said later on not a lot but there are a few out there so I think that you mentioned this in the first piece about nine eleven and I loved it because I you we talked about this a pre show. And how you discuss with your wife. People are going to be Jonesing to get out of the house. I we're talking also appreciate how I did. Jujitsu drills by myself because I was on needed. Something ought to do that is reminiscent of my former self. The Guy who went out and did all this kind stuff because I just like Charlie in itself. Fourteen on my family's not at my house are gone a while. I get over this tree just to make sure everything's okay. So you said the word recovery and you've got that word from a four distinct phase setup. Can you tell me about that? And how that has changed your entire point of view of this challenging event that we're all facing right now. Yeah great t up so the hardest part for me personally and especially as a counselor talking to guys and encouraging them to help them get the job of their dreams. This situation sucks for pilot. You and I would never push off the gate if we didn't a letter. This nation was how much fuel was. GonNa take to get there what the weather was going to be. A motor alternate was. We have no idea. I don't know what my destination is. I have no idea how much feels on the airplane at got no idea what the weather is. I can't make decisions for and I'm sure that most of us are in that same way. I don't like writing in the backseat of somebody else's car. I WANNA drive. Yeah I WANNA be the guy. That's I'm responsible for it right so battery in different. I'm I'm driving and I'm not driving right now. I'm a passenger. So I I read an article By a guy that I have worked with in the past I have a lot of respect for and he compartmentalized our situation into four categories and for me having having compartmentalization was huge in terms of a mental line shift and the that he had were crisis restart recovery in the new normal and I think very clearly we're in crisis mode right now no doubt about it at and it's emotional. Look at pictures. On the Internet of all the airplanes at your company stacked up like Cordwood airplanes at my company and our our competitors stacked up at Victorville or we you name the airport that looks very reminiscent of what it looked like it. Nine Eleven I. I remember walking outside. Our SIM building. And you could hear you could hear a pin drop and crickets men in no turbine noise. No Jet Smell. No nothing and it was just freaky. And that's where we are right now. We're clearly in crisis. Can't tell you when it's going to end all I can tell you is that it will end at some point right and then you're gonNA move into restart so the crazy thing with restart is it's not going to be going from fifteen departures a day back to three departures a day and it's going to have to take an incredible amount of coordination. Just imagining the guy on the ground at a tug when he gets told. It's the middle airplane in that stack cordwood that he's got a polk. That's the airplane. They'RE GONNA put back in service. I tried so from that to make sure that it's had all the requisite maintenance. I HAVEN'T FLOWN IN X. Number of days weeks months neither have you. We've got to make sure that we're current the restarts GONNA be slow and the other part. That was really interesting to me with that restart bit. No one's going to know where to go to restart airlines have made decisions on what destination to serve. What gauge airplane to put on the route? How many times a day to go based on historical data based on actual trending data from hotel bookings rental car bookings cruise ship bookings industry conferences and Vegas or other parts of the world. All these other tells if you will. That have sat up the industry to say okay. The Olympics going on at Tokyo we need to get routes into Marita right. We need to get routes into Tokyo or not read it but into into Tokyo Haneda. So that we're in a prep in preparing for the Olympics. While Nice try right control out so the restarts going to be slept but that'll happen and then we'll get into recovery so once you're in the restart okay. Things are happening. Were dribbling out. China's lifted travel restrictions. Mexico's lifted travel restrictions. What see where people go and the airline will respond? Accordingly right and you'll have the recovery in the recovery will lead to what the new normal and the new normal who knows what that is and I'll give you a comparison to nine eleven though prior to nine eleven. I had a bypass door for security. I just go through. Go AROUND TAKE ON MY STAFF. W looked at my bag. Nobody checked my. Id had the code to the door on. The airplane will not anymore right now. Tsa TSA pre check. But even. That didn't have them for a while. After nine eleven. Did I fully expect? Somebody's GonNa take my temperature when I go to the airplane thirty minute turns forget about it right because somebody's going to have to come and fog the airplane and who knows how long it's GonNa take and how long before you get. The airplane returned to service after. It's been decontaminated her. Whatever they'll be new normal. I don't know what that is. Nobody does but the industry is going to have to adapt to whatever that is no center seats. You know who knows right but we recovered before and I believe fully that will recover again right so I wanted. Okay you said something that triggered a thought for me on a bigger scale bigger picture. I guess so here. We are two airline pilots sitting at the Bar thinking that we can change the world or we could fix all the problems because that's what we do as pilots when I look at the big scale the big scope of things I agree. There's going to be all these changes and who knows what those changes are going to look like. The industry standard will change. Did after nine eleven. It's changed many many times on the flip side of that and this is where I asked somebody who's got a lot more experience than I do on not necessarily an upper management but you bet around the game a lot longer than I have when I look at upper management and I think about these bailouts at the airlines are taking. They're not called bailouts part of the cares act. And what the shape of each airlines going to look like win over first deadline comes around and then life thereafter Mike Question. All of a sudden starts to changes. Okay there's going to be a new normal for how we travel. I get it that that's going to happen and that's cool. It might be better. North things have generally gotten better since nine eleven. Maybe the security stuff hasn't but we have known crew member so things did eventually get a little bit better for the crew and global entry was great for a lot of passenger types. So there's there's stuff that came in that those really good. Is this going to be better in the corporate side of the House? Will things like stock buybacks being part PET LIKE PIZZA? History will reregulation occur. Will GOVERNMENT GET MORE INVOLVED? Sort of like amtrack or some of the overseas cares. Do you have any idea I mean did I not participate a or take a wild guess but if you were looking into the crystal ball a little bit and said you know I could see this happening? If there's one thing that you can see that it's not too politically charged or anything like that. Is there anything out there that you can foresee that? We're going to experience pilots that may affect our our careers I did. I wish I had a crystal ball. That was that that's why I asked you thought yours was better than mine. Mine right it's shattered and it Scott like garbage were walks off inside of my crystal ball man zero okay so it is. It's good as my copy all but one of the things that I do think is a little bit different now. I the management teams. That are in play. I think are strong right one and I'll and I'll look at big three because you and I are two of the big three right. Yeah and I think. Our management teams are on top of this I think that there is a genuineness to the employees contact. And I think there's a genuine genuine this to the employee commitment. I I really feel that way and I. I didn't always feel that way after nine eleven. Oh sure and and and I think that you know it's it's definitely a survival mode And there there will be. We'll come out of it. That would be battered and bruised and tattered and torn but You know it will will make it through to the other side of that and one of the things that I do. Think that's incredibly comforting. Now and I'll I'll take my perspective for why where I wasn't two thousand eleven. An if if companies were to furlough right and who knows they could come up with a a therapeutic measure for this and immunization and things roll out and and it could save the world in thirty days and makes our conversation right if the if the companies were to furlough one of the things that I can say very strongly that I was committed to in my company was bringing. The guy's back was getting the guys back on property right and and we made that commitment and I made the commitment after that and and it was supported the company level that once we got the furlough guys guys who are in training ahead training. Cancel we call them and brought them back then. I went out guys at had that were head classmates. I called them. Got Them back. In the mix guys had interviews interview got cancelled they were the first people interviewed right so we took care of the people who we had already made some kind of commitment to and I. I'd be incredibly surprised that that didn't happen again. Yeah Yeah I think you've already seen it too with some of the carriers out there who continue to class to get him on property give them their number knowing that knowing full well that they may not have that they'll have the number but they may not actually be at on property. Come off certain time period and I can agree on a lot of fronts. They're just seeing the. I think this goes beyond the airline industry the corporate outreach by many companies to not only paid sick time that the normally didn't pay or keep people gainfully employed is is something that is positive. I think it's also sign of how great the economy was doing. A lot of these businesses have a ton of cash to do this kind of thing and that is if there's one soft pillow to land on an all this mess. That could be one of them that there was a lot of positive things going on in our in our economy where it's going to cause a softer landing that would have otherwise. Had this happened in two thousand twelve. We WOULD BE I. I don't think we would be in a position like we are. Now it would be a giant mess Even maybe in two thousand fifteen or so. Two things are different so hopefully that that is one positive that we can all look Is Maybe it's not true but right now any little glimmer of hope is something that I think people are looking for. I know I am I. I'm not one of those extremely high seniority number guys so I may be on the fence for a possible offer low for a little while and you know what I've come to kind of come to terms that and I hope that this kind of conversation is what helping me do those kinds of things so for those of the guys and gals out there who may be facing the down of a brand new property or who might be at the right at the edge and who knows what that edge is. Nobody does right. What kind of suggestions you have for them. Because the next few months are going to be stressful. We're not going to know until some of our contracts stated his other places don't have that stipulation. What do you tell those folks while it? It's not over right. It wasn't over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor and Boathouse Q. And on to be a senator man he did twenty zero zero so to your point though. One of the things that was take away from me is an in this. I saw US several different times sought after nine eleven and I saw it again at the time of the merger with my company guys had some guys not all but a fairly significant portion guys have they went through an identity crisis and they struggled with that because this job was not what they did it was who they are and when you allow this job to be who you are it becomes perilous. You're right and I gotTa admit that's what I I I was that for a long time right and it took some self reflection and Some some time to come to the point to realize that this job is not who I am. It's what I do right. Yeah and who I am as much bigger and much broader and has contacts and connections and influence far far greater than my company. And I'm talking about my airline right a far greater than my airline a pilot and the captain is what I do. It's not who I am sure. And I think once if guys can embrace tat right that you are a much greater peace am have much broader capabilities and incapacity than just flying airplanes than it helps amen and if I may be so bold to add a piece of that you can tell me if I'm crazier on I think it also helps a lot of the newer folks who are in in just new to the industry is in this goes to the corporate management discussing. We had just a minute ago as well but remember as a pilot. When you're not the captain so when you're the captain you're the CEO of the airplane but when you're working the line and you're not flying the airplane and you're sitting at home and you're looking at all these crazy things that are going on in the airline industry right now. Remember your part of labor and it is okay to look to management and say this pictures bigger than I can see and they're going to solve it for the benefit and welfare of the company and it's okay to feel like you don't have control of this situation. I know that I want just like you. I WANNA be a dude sitting up front driving the car and I can't. I can't for a lot of things right now and it's okay to be sitting in the back while somebody else who's got a better understanding of how to make a cargo sit up front because even though. I have had disagreements with my management team at different companies at times. I will say that they are way better at operating in multibillion dollar company than ever and then we'll be so it is okay to be part of the Labor Group and support your fellow pilot have solidarity keep pressing forward. Just do your job coach herb. For those of you don't know Was the coach of the nineteen eighty. Us Olympic team at ABB. Miracle eventually won the gold medal and coach Herb Said the line do your job? And he's right on all accounts so if we just do our job we will find the end to this but sooner than if we sit back and stress and get where your job maybe take a fifty percent pay cut and sit home and be healthy. Your job to go fly the line and and fly premium extra trips. That are out there because they need you to do that. Your job may be to take a leave of absence. Take militarily. That's your job and do it right onto the best your ability. That's what I'm trying to Charlie. I Know Charlie soon the same thing and he still does that with checking set because when this stops in those retirements kickoff again in things start to press forward in the airlines realized that if they're too small and they need to hire more people. Charlie's going to be there for you to help out with that as well so I had to put a little plug in protected said even though we're doing all this other into an an that's one thing we've seen that volume dropped to almost nothing I can imagine. Yeah some some guys are still engaging with us and that's great and we had some guys on the books and that's great and we'll continue to do that not this foreshadowing but I liked alcohol. Anonymous alcoholics anonymous prayer to write vote. You Know God grant me the serenity accept the things. I cannot change the courage to change the things that I can and the wisdom to know the difference. The right spot on my. We're doing this because I power washed everything. I can power wash and I refuse to clean the closet and my go bag for my weekend at the Betty Ford Recovery. Clinic is already packed and ready to go right. So it's but it you have to have that knowledge to say I there's things I can change things I can't I can't control any of I can control the sphere. Things that happened my house when I go to work can control the sphere of things that happened on my airplane. And I'm smart enough to know and I know you are too. There's just some things that are out of my hands. Totally out of my. Yeah and I think that that is a perfect place for us to wrap up this quick podcast Charlie Venema just realizing that. Yeah this sucks. It's totally crappy. What and I think the hard part is we can't rally around anything. We can't get mad at the terrorists. We can't get mad at a political party will take mad at this or that we can get mad at a virus that we can't see can't do anything about regularly unless you're biochemists out there so get your ass working and figure something out but disagree on the Rally Part Right. Yeah no no. We can't rally we just. We don't have anything. There's there's there's no target and that's the hard part I think I don't. I don't disagree with that at all. But I think we have to rally right and when I listened to your your podcast with Aaron Hagen couple of weeks it well not a couple weeks of a couple of days ago one of the cool things that Aaron said in there is he says you know if you're feeling down go help somebody else out. Amen and like you know that really struck a chord with me and that's where we can rally because if you can take care of your neighbors right and that community becomes strong because then it's at this. The job is is what we do who we are as we make a difference at home we make a difference in our communities and we can still do that spot on Charlotte. Thank you for taking a few minutes of your day to join us. I know that you are incredibly busy right now. We we we had a break. Charlie's tire king rewiring them watching. Yes yes I'm out of Binge Watch that's okay I watched the home theater. Got Finished Before all this happened. Thank goodness and I watched the Matrix. The other night I it holds up everybody and holds up. Everybody in holds up for being twenty years old it holds up so I just wanted to say thanks again Charlie. It was always a blast to talk to you. This is probably not the situation that I wanted to be talking to you about in as soon as we did but Thanks for joining us. Folks to have questions for you They want to reach out. They want to still continue to get their stuff ready. Because someday this is not going to be happening is going to start hiring again or they just. WanNa reachout have questions or just like the sound of your voice on the phone. How WOULD THEY? I get a hold to get that phone number. Send me an email Charlie chickens at that met Charlotte checked and set dot net. If you WANNA reach matter I you can hit us up at. Hey guys at the pilot dot org or adamant at the pound network in order Matt of Politics Network Dot Org. You can still find us on facebook. I go through the pilot network facebook pager or in the group Mak- Stank will probably come find you to. We're trying to do some work in the group to clean it up so if you notice. People are starting to booted for a little bit less taking the rules. A little more stringent. We want people to be adding positive and good message words to the pilot network instead of slinging mud and being nasty to each other especially this time of need if you do have something that you want to do to help others posted on the group posted out there on the community webpage. That's what that stuff's for that community web pages a great place to go and say things that you're doing. How about your your local neighborhood your pilot community or whomever that. You're reaching out touching in fact one of the ideas I had and Charlie reminded me of this. Is I realized that the person that I get a haircut from. She's not able to see anybody and she does a great job. So I pay held her thirty bucks and said Hey Let's say it's good for the month of March so just can be considered of those other? Who aren't as fortunate as some of us who've had these great paying jobs even though we may not have them for a long time we're GONNA come back to him soon enough and we met again typifying public all over the world some fall that said. I want to remind you to wash your hands like everybody else does but to fly safe if you are flying and look out for your I'll take care of everybody good.

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Food Truck Diaries | Dominick Reyes

Big Brown Breakdown

41:41 min | 1 year ago

Food Truck Diaries | Dominick Reyes

"He's done number one light heavyweight contender in the world and he's getting his shot at the go John Jones and we draw them all away from Victorville California. Is Donald a grand on food drug diaries. That's how you doing man interest What's your most popular or Western public? Dominic dominant freely dom dom the dominator sound like. They called the dominated the western the hotdog to list. Oh Shit Burgers I think you man all the way from Victorville brother. Oh Man I appreciate you coming. Thanks nominees e trip It's not terrible but it's it's that's for sure do you get to La a lot From time to time it's it's not a all time thing like all my training and everything where I live is Victorville the bill and it's all right there Freeman I'm sure you may come to La more though especially with the big title fight coming out a lot more press. It's a lot more especially when you get a title shot especially the guy you're fighting. Some consider the time I do pound for pound. He's number one grace all the time so I would assume just the way the UFC does business business. You'll be doing a ton of more kind of press. Yeah I mean that's the natural natural progression of things right unknown. Nobody really knows about it. Even you didn't know about me. Can you believe how so I mean you. I started when I started coming out. Asher you called me a Latin kid. Oh this Latin kid. Hope I don't know his name so skills though skills like he's talented. But I don't know his name on Joe Rogan. Yeah and a lot of people know where it was. But that's kind of how it goes right natural progression. That's how does you gotta you gotTa Win. Fights get known do some more podcasts or media and everything but then you start starting dudes like like you know especially the progression. You had went fast man. Did it really fast fast. I got new C.. Three years ago Man Find John Jones. That's nuts that's crazy. That's insane I started. MMA would six years ago now features gone. I think this attributes to your background which is football which something you and I can relate on because I came from a football background. I think when for me when football ended I had all this kind of work ethic. I this athleticism I looked at the UCLA. One definitely those guys. So I can get. I can get along pretty fast. Though is my exact process pretty much. I was like watching them fire Mike. I'm actually more than pretty much all these guys. Even I was watching John and I was like yeah. He's a great athlete but he's not a true athlete. Where you know what I mean? Different kind of kind of Ashley. I'm not saying he's not a good asset. He's a great athlete. Talk about yeah keep going. He's a different kind of athlete. You know I'm a different kind of the traditional American athlete athlete. Yes where I have baseball. My blood got football wrestling like all sports tracking field. Did everything and I was like. I was really good at the high-level often. Cif Champion all those things and there's not many guys that grew up from that like upbringing where it's constant dedication constantly hardware constant respect and honor and all those things my whole life so I was kind of bread for this also sports. You talk about with football basketball All baseball wrestling competition level so much higher than if say you want the traditional route and just like a karate or Kong fu or whatever the L.. These kids are doing stress yet. Football is so high and some of the best so and I you know I talk the all time when Tony Goes. Oh that guy's an athlete was talking about five years ago in the fight royalty is but if you took them out and say you did a combine. Let's say you and John on ran the forty yard dash and Five ten five divert the all the stuff you would blown out of the water. You'd absolutely sure of that. Yeah Ashby too and I I think he would agree to that because I think he said he ran a forty. It was like a five one or like four nine or something like that. He's like it's just not like my brother's fast. Yeah yeah well he was. He was in good football. He makes a high school football and these are just facts. It's just a different skill. Says he he got. He wasn't good at football. His brothers agreed at it. I'm sure that affected them for sure. Though chip on the shoulder got chip on her shoulder. When Russell's college did extremely well and then was like Oh you know what I had some kids and you make some money? Yeah start fighting any. Wow Oh my God my body perfect for this. I was made for this and now he found his niche kind of the same thing with. I agree but I went through the whole process and then didn't work out for me in the very end the final stage you know get into the nfl his thing when you say it didn't work out for so I'm sure when you're a kid your dream was the NFL right just like all the dream was the salary but you would be the fighter you were now where you wouldn't even be close to because you are now if you did have that high level training and football so let's say you're not GonNa make the film can do this this football training you wouldn't be here. Oh that's your advantage dude film breakdown young people to know you development if you don't know unless unless you've played college football you have no idea we'll film study. He really is like I was spent you know hours and hours with avarice safety. Are there safety so tapped into the defense. I'm I have to make all the calls. All New who the quarterback of the I'll do making calls making moves makes you happy men and I think going against DVD's I mean Receivers Levers really fast. I went up against the slots all the time for safety going against those receivers made 'em and make easier because faster. Yeah it's a quick thinking it's the twitchy nece brought that twitchy and that that shake into fighting. Yeah so and it's been huge huge advantage man like I. I think I can almost think faster than these guys. Because I've seen it before I. I'd like this blazing speed blurry with a very high level guys who moved by two seasons is like NF. I make a wrong move is touch. Yes I agree I. I've had a lot of shit on the line for many years. You know pressure situations situations and especially in football push situations the only difference is is. Let's say you give up the touchdown. All you get blamed the entire team now in a fight fifty well Kinda even then you could go back to the first quarterback Jeff. You missed that tackle to roll in in in fighting. It's like Hutus Hutus. It's like Oh Brennan messed up and it's like guy did There's like all the pressures on you which is dies. Either thrive with it. Or are you at Wrexham but I prefer I like all the president clearly prefer because like you said if I mess up in fighting I lose if I don't I should win yes women in football I mess up. We can still win. Yep Yeah it's like I like it. I like the accountability. I like the the pressure. I like that if I don't do what I'm supposed to do. Training Wise Camp Lies. Lifestyle was thin ice. I'M NOT GONNA pay off from me. How I'll I share my experiences? But how devastating was it for like. What was your football experience? So you play. You played at Stony Brook. which is a stud school? Division One AA in High Level football and you were a top safety there started since freshman more years. Four your starter for us too. So things were going. Well take time leading tackler to we'll tag so you thought for sure you know that fell I. It's the NFL's. I've never for sure man. I just knew that had a really good chance I was like I'm six four and I play safety here a giant safe. Yeah and I and my thing was kidding people. I loved your heating bruiser. Yeah there was a couple of times. Maybe this might be drafted wherever where I could have got into reception but I decided to discern astroid the receiver instead some like that. We're so good when you sew your senior year. Assume you sign with an agent stuff like that and then worked for teams yes. I did After my senior why signed with Asia. After you obviously can't the big twelve football Did the regional columbine worked out for the jets worked out for go for the giants. I believe it was both in New York and didn't get any. How'd you do in the workouts? I felt like I'd be pretty good. Good you get a shot forward. I got moved to like the last round like you know like oh like everybody else could yep. So they're like all right. You move to last round around me and like six other guys. I think that I have like the cleanest footwork. I'm not the fastest guy. 'cause I'm yeah. I'm not getting beat on angles. People think finding is your combine. Your judge forty four five nine four or five nine. How how much did you a shoe? Twenty-three of him I mean these are these are numbers. Solid notable wasn't freakish. You know what I mean. I never saw coming from the F. C. S. school. You have to be freak. Yeah like my my. I didn't when you see me or whatever I don't have that like. Oh my God look it out for. That's that's the NFL guy so safety. I'd like she's like Oh yeah and then. I went to stony brook so like a little bit of a like if your if your owner of gets looking at this sheet of paper take you from from USC UCLA breath goes. That's the way now to me like you know my dream is playing the NFL a few dreams NFL. Sarah live all right so I had all these things I want to do and when I got the NFL as long as they gave me a shot. I'm good man. I'm going to make the team and I get I go to camp. I went actual training camp buffalo bills and I realized how much of business it was. And I'm sensitive dude. My heart was so shattered like A fuck face over there and I'm like yeah you dumb ass like Oh yeah no problem like Oh this. Oh Wow I'm not joking. Do I was so heartbroken. Yes it was so heartbreaking when I was like oh it's such a business if you're not like a draft pick it was so like I remember flying home and just being which I was so embarrassed because and I'm sure saying like your family. They know how good you are in like all your friends that you're GonNa make it and then when you get back home and it's just like I didn't happen. I just feel like a loser. Wanted to call on her off. Man Tell. Depression hit pretty hard time. Man We're going to do like I don't WanNa just sit behind a desk and computer analytics all day like because I got my degree in information system. Oh Damn so like dish smart doing some sure your family is like hey for sure just use your decree. Yeah then where did the F- The fight bug cake in a semi really Alex is in the. AFC is what's yeah. I didn't know this well. We class plus fifty five. She debuted against my Perry seventy as known as tough go. Didn't go the great best. You know the strength advantage was evident. Yeah so we lost. Give him a second but he got an infection in his findings then out so you know he'll be back. Wow I mean that's where match So I got to college I still you know like you said I had all that knowledge and skill and fire in your prime. I feel like I'm coming into my project. The workers or Catholic. Exactly you know I feel like I know exactly what to do to get to where ever I want to be highest level sportswise. Yeah so I started doing is Jim I. It's you know I'm Kinda press and I need to get some anger and aggression now amen. I love this. You didn't grow up fighting or anything right. No I read ruined makes mistakes eight. Wow but and then we went to. I didn't know that I can get into that. When we get into the John Jones plan they also wrestling is going to be an issue of age old? Then and you're doing two times champion in California I right. So that's in California. It means a lot. Yeah I my senior year. I didn't really go full speed because I have my scholarship for football radio and I was like now. Yeah this is fun but I think I like eating food not cutting weight so you go into that gym. You Start Training and I fall in love and did you know no walk through a punch dude. Yeah Punch I knew I thought I knew like oh no no no learn from the ground up from Jab Jab for months straight only only only jabbing smart boom boom boom. It was. It was a ground up filled properly. Four Emmy specialize in just one thing it was kind of did the Drysdale Jitsu or share with my brother. Doing Striking Angie Jitsu And I was. I was just going to absorbing every day was and was the goal to get to the. AFC always yeah always whilst would you do it. Yeah I don't know like I did a Canadian trial. They liked me and I was like I don't know man I didn't like the fuel you're dreaming. It didn't play in the snow. And there's nineteen guys on the field and in the field goals are all funky. You know the Enron just doug flutie Janet. Everyone always told me that. We'll Doug flutie and I get it. I'm not done flute. Events You you're smiling me because I want to play it arena. I was like oh I'll play arena. I say then I'll go to the. NFL TARINAH COOL STORY ROW IN SALT LAKE CITY UTAH. We need to get the three hundred bounds. I was like well. I'm GONNA go home. I got my carnevale phone. But you're smart. You're just moving. Yeah well I looked at arena to looked at all my options and you know you're a young guy I I just got out of college looking on my options arena was an option. I was like man I feel like. That's just a a kind of a hole for me. You've been up like you just go into it and and you just keep doing it until your body breaks you gotta give it up. You know you're not making that money you wanted to make It's just going to give it up and so what did your family say when you told me you wanted to be a the first. They were like really now. Because I'm sure it's like 'cause you you don't come off as like a super aggressive violent guy not a violent guy thanks very loving family. Parents Brothers you know we got our aggression out like bear cubs. Yeah your brother's fighting and playing and trash talking you mean children ones down kick them yes dander then when We told your mom and dad were they all on board the hundred percent supportive. Ford I lived with my parents all throughout my whole career up until this year I moved here in the same same town victim. Same down and ten minutes from him hell. Yeah why not man. I'm so close to my mom and dad you love that. Keeps me grounded man. It's it's real just real. I know you let's start moving up the ranks. You mean New People you get new people in your life and then they you don't know what's real anymore. Yeah let's get much worse from here. My Man Yeah Eh. What I'm saying like yeah and that's why I'm so close to my family and dear because no matter what I'm GonNa get the real I like it or not aren't even surprised is how fast it's come for you now? I don't WanNa say easy because there's been easily hasn't been easy but they've they've been there seem to work the whole time. Yeah you know. They've seen every step of the process. They see me running and training by myself. Because I don't have any big around me. There's not a lot of big guys in the desert so I'm just training by myself or I'm running by myself ourself or I'm just just doing everything. Anything and everything. I can to be the greatest just to give better just to get better like it doesn't matter like I'll run I'll lift. I'll watch a youtube video and try to technique like it's crazy that you run your entire camp out of Victorville because you are big dude and especially to fivers these good boys man really big boys so it's like you know John's desk John's a fucking big dude. Although you're how tall are you six four. Yeah he's probably six five live. We're we're about the same so you haven't met him though. Yeah I mean he's all you guys are pretty fricking big so You know even la it's just for heavyweights or outlook for light heavyweights. It was tough to find. LA's huge bill. Well the pool the sample pool like everyone's if if you're good at you're playing into the NFL. Yeah of course the struggle is real. Yeah no one wants to train with you too if you really big start a family earlier when you're bigger yeah really well thank Dr. You're more attractive to females and create goals for it man. I'm not trying to anoc anyone or anything but when you're taller and bigger it's easier to get a girl. Yes looking there like the breathing and when your big guy you kinda. You're Kinda like more testosterone. Sure I don't know how to explain it man. It's the caveman genetics. and You you end up having a family sooner. Yeah so then your priorities change so instead of being like. Oh I'm gonNA fight him and do this now. You got kids now. You GotTa Pay Your bills and you. Can't you know exactly. Support your kids on the Uh Ami and a regional. It's tough game money in La especially. Yeah so in in Victorville you you keep it. Let's keep it pretty tight real tight real. I'm like a Manhattan Project Manley. Yeah nobody knows what's going on. It's like a real hidden. And then I come Alan Boom. You're undefeated doing something right. You decided to which. Which camp did you go to Denver and train train with all my guys team? Camila guys Curtis overeen. Here's some big boys. Only Dobbins Big Elliott marshalls coaches to and they understood you know big movement. Yeah Yeah and everything I took away from. There is things I remember for the rest of my life. So did you. 'cause you're in Victorville and you. Which fight was that they did? I mean vulcans amazing fighter toughest fight right sites. 'cause he's such a monster on so you go there to get ready for that camp. What made you kind of get it? Out of your the Victorville bubble too. Because I mean you're undefeated. No yes someone like dude. We keep going here. You'd be Vulcan. It's like it's it's off to the races man so go right. Maybe we should start bringing in bigger better bodies So I've cross trained ET DENVER BEFORE I've trade. For every fight to that point I spent a week or two in Denver and it was all warring really based mainly sparring and just drilling and feeling the bigger bodies Souls like you know what this works. Every time I do this I feel great when I come back and I'm ready to go so let's see let's see what else. Okay let's see what the whole Campbell feel like and and Sometimes more is better and I love those guys. Those guys are my brothers for gave helped me out so much in the I'll I'll tell you what they said about you. John Jones stuff which which is. It's pretty pretty cool but Yeah sometimes more is better. What you're doing is is that that's your path exactly like it's your? It's your journey to figure out what's best for you. Yes yeah. That's kind of something that I learned in that camp you know we sparring with the over Amory. How did that go for you? We're we're we're the highest level. You know I'm champion and I was giving them you know you give them work. I was giving each other. We're giving each other word by really good work striking work. You know like I would assume you're right quicker faster quicker. He experienced on his side. Oh you know. More wreck wreck lake say fearless for sure. I mean it's over in nine thousand votes care like quake touching them boosted. WHO's thinking move in move because that was a game plan for Volkan because for some reason I was so worried about his power? That was like fuck man leaving for some reason will you hit me. Broke of my nose broke my cheek and then I was like okay. He can hit me hard. He's not gonNA knock me out here as far as over him or curtis blades courtesy. It's really hard courtesy minutes over here. One cents a small smugglers. I was like boom like me. I feel like you incur. We're kind of on the Ozzie. He lost but you're undefeated undefeated but with courtesy. It took a while for people to kind of recognize you guys oh no. They're legit contenders. Yes we Kinda came up together which we they're also both kind of also not like in your face kind of like talking shit on the Graham twerk and shit you know whatever kids enjoyed yes similar job get out like what's next if at enjoy it I mean I enjoy the shit out of it man like every second fight we. I'm just just like in heaven. This is professional as lead experience. This is the experience I love that about. That never happened for me. It was the as soon as we test. Okay we go and then Tuesday like Oh God but you love it God the less you man. These people are about how I am. I GonNa be here jealous and then I'll talk to the people. I'll go on the the streets and for a day and kind of acclimated to the culture and then just go around training every day and just do things the the charges every day. The KUTTAN seem too bad. Not Bad I so like I said I'm meal prep out of camp in camp costly meal. PREPPING associational it's true professional. I think that professional attitude has gotten me where I am quicker. You know. A hundred percent I'm cutting out all the don't be an asshole today. You don't do the wrong date is. He's a public service announcement. Don't fuck up no it's easy on But don't do it. I've I've been fast eight years that Brennan not were eights. Not Working on you know. I'm thickest KOSF side of the Barbecue do General Damn. I didn't no no that all right man. You've ever missed weight but if you if you do some reason to get up in the comments section here I'm not missing whatever so don't worry about professional. I trust burgers man on brother. True starving Dupree sprayer something before Usually my head but go ahead man. All right I'll stay silent. Thank you sir. Yeah I mean so. Let's talk about the good the big fucking The Big One man's the big one. Now it's interesting because you thought after be Volk on right after we get the title shot. You think that. There's a chance because at light heavyweight. There's not a lot of like it's it's getting somewhat better but it's kind of like it's full of dinosaurs a lot those. There's a lot of dinosaurs there. And then you got this you know. Then there's this has jumped to the to the go but then there's a lot of it is like older dudes. So was this expected. You know as soon as you you know. I'll see you Chris this wideman. I fell off on this. I felt that the Chris wideman thing was kind of like the UFC going okay. Dumb beat him and you get it. But we're really pushing. Chris Chris. John is that fair to say picked up on that Throughout the camp I knew I knew I had a lot to lose in that fight a lot too. Dangerous fight man. Because I don't mean the other thing too. Is Chris Wideman People I. I don't know if people notice but I've seen made his living and was a world champion at middleweight. PM Silva beat a ton of phenomena fighters. But Chris wideman trains with steep a and I hear what he does. The heavyweights Everton insane. Stories about Chris Wideman so when everyone told me his heavyweight. I've this weird obsession when guys go up and I'm like Oh man they're gonna be destroyed. I'm always off I'm always always off. Never listen my pace but when he goes to light heavy rousing damn tough to beat me really tough to beat expected Chris Chris came in he was in good shape man he His shot was blinding. It was so fast do that too. And he was just gone then we tussle and I kind of get them off balance. Because I'd change the angle immediately. Change angle knocked them off balance and I kind of got my composure. Through that short although I shouldn't have done that because that gave them skew be able to get underneath me but Chris Chris was very dangerous opponent. Man Very dangerous. If you notice the fight to people are like Oh. He reached on that too. He threw legit one too. Yeah like he threw it hard and he threw it straight. It wasn't like Oh no Christian box. Now Yeah and I- period the first one because at that point I was so dialed in man like it was still motion. I seen it coming from a mile away and I said I handled as I did it. So boom boom home. Perry bolted shots and two was thrown properly. It was thrown hard. Yes just I was fading so he didn't realize I was fading. He thought I was going through. I was there. Yeah but as the punch coming out who my fee just move my head and that got me out of range semi perfect my chance to just like Max power to to the jaw and I feel like if you didn't finish on the way you finish them I don't I you might get a shop. I don't know I don't think so. That's the business. It's a performance base industry. I get it. I know what I'm is. All about the money man like you gotta go out there and excite the fans. You GotTa get people excited you go do something do something to to make people WanNa Watch you fight all right Chris. wideman knockout Jude Kennedy or knockout. Hands on people. Yeah so you beat Wiedeman and then it was like like I felt like that was like if he beats him. We're definitely give but rather elephant in. The room is John's kind of he's at the status. Whatever division where the heavyweight he you know he can decide what he wants to do so I felt like he was Kinda? There's waiting and waiting and waiting so it's Kinda tough on you 'cause you know. He has a lot of the decision making who he is which has to be a little frustrating stream for you but it's kind of earned it yup I So coming out of that fight I you know I'd get I title. Shot out out of the weapon fire but then I had to wait and see what would happen in Corean Johnny. That was the frustrating part for me was waiting thing for other light heavyweights. That were behind me to see if they're going to get a shot over me. That was a little frustrating but while the out of out of so let's say it's the three horsemen race. You Johnny and Cory Cory Cory did his job right. I think Johnny would've won. You could have got a little dicey got it got dicey because I think it would have and I don't know it's just the MA. God's putting everything needs to be so when you get the call to fight John Jones I said this on the On my show and has since two Rogan that I feel like the I think a lot of people are quick to say. Oh John's last stab stab or you see his Santos fighter is anthony. Smith fighter and people like duties. He's getting older man. He's getting older. And my are you into that and I I was on board maybe years. You don't look phenomenal. But my argument to that is or maybe just bored. Because he's he's looking at these guys and going all right man like where where I come from you. You know when you when you look at the names. He's legends beat and how far he's come. You're smiling. You're not buying it you don't you don't think he's playing with food bro. This is this this is fighting. This is a we're not bottom line. You GotTa step in the ring and you gotta fight no matter what. But he's it's almost to me. It's almost the floyd mayweather approach where he's been saved. Well he's in cruise control. I don't think he was being safe in his last fight. Santos now why not take him down the game plan. I talked to coach. Like one of the F- do get him down. He's planning safe yeah. That wasn't. That's John Not Planning cell thing. I think it's a it's it's a lot of pressure. I think. The pressure is getting more for John I think is I'm tired of these opponents. I'm playing my food. No I think it's it's getting more and more dangerous injuries and guys getting better and we're getting better and better and I give him getting more and more to lose and people want to see more and more and more. Every time I fight so I think it's a more pressure on him than it ever has been interesting is seeing this is arguably maybe the longest. He's gone not on some kind of PD. You know what I mean. And as my opinion that people get on. PD's because they're lacking something within themselves mentally you. You know what I mean. So that strength he gained from those. PD's is now no longer there now. He's just going to just straight. Yeah and he as we found out he he hasn't been straight the whole time. So was that you know. Aggressive killer instinct was that because of the newfound confidence but where he was doing Outside of the ring or like once you saw us come in comes in and everything comes in. I don't know he's just a man Bro. Yeah he's just this man like look when he fought his that was his first time clean. We all see performance. Yeah that was one of his worst. Yeah yeah boom gets back on them. Fights Korea wins popped great performance great performance. Thus don't say that's that's if you look at Tom and you look at things really look at the psyche of him. He's just a man Bro. Do you think those he's like. I remember when I was in camp if the guy was on. PD's or new guys on PD's whereas finally guy NPD's to me was a sign of weakness. Like Oh oh you're that guy a break due to break. I don't think he's trying to fill some whole He thought it's an insecurity why they were Jack. Needles needles and one hundred percent a hundred percent. It's a holy trying to fill. I don't think he's GonNa break down I know he's extremely strong mentally. I be the strongest man. He's strong very strong. Yeah when it comes to taking damaging actually fighting or comes to be by himself not so much that makes makes sense. This fight for him is about getting over that yes other me. I love this shit. I'm coming no matter what you you you you could say anything to me. You could get in my face. Whatever it's not gonNA change the way I'm coming at you at all? I'm not coming at you harder. I'm not coming at you less. I'm coming at you to be you did you. I think the biggest things when guys get in that exchange of words especially leading into the fight. You're trying to get one guy to fight with more little more Russian emotion and then make huge mistake. I don't feel like that's community for your pajamas. Talk that Kinda Shit where it should rather you up. Do you find any kind of any. I don't know kind of shade your way. Because he's really not so unshaved at you at all. He's he's talked about. How going to fight you you are? I'm I'm dangerous he talks. He's he's been doing Stalin. Yeah I like dom over here but still him install bearing going back and forth hour even know what that's about. Yeah that's that's I think that's just getting the spotlight because it's all vendors got the right. Now he's got the light agree and Jones like it's my life and he's like Nah Bro. Grow step aside. This is mine right now. I'm just involved even this food by the way you haven't touched. I finished my head out this but I don't want the Internet to judge me but here's the thing so I talked to mile team. The higher elevations where you train to with cody and Elliott and all the boys Christian overeen Curtis Blades leads Corey the Sandman set. You know savage monster monster spoke to all had the when it got announced announce and I told me to come on the show. I said Thoughts about him fighting John and they all said he actually has the mindset to go in there and beach on they. They said that his athletic ability is higher than John's but he has the I Q in the mindset to be I which in those guys these are my friends. We're talk show when I told him I said anything the Third Reich. Oh you're gonNA do Great No but there like he actually the the reason why he can win is he actually thinks he's GonNa win. Eighty eighty ninety ninety. Five percent of the battle is mental. especially with John. How how so? You don't think it's more of a lure the John The goat. Yeah John Jones. You can go to know Asterix. Let's faster go. Yeah that's fair. You know it is what it is but He's he's he's the thing with John. Is People tell you that John's really good. It's nonstop people like. Are you sure you can be John Like Yeah Oh are you sure. Why wouldn't I be? Why would I take this job? It's tough when you when you get when you're fight gets announced and fans are coming to. He like John John. Thanks it's it's it's it's business. It's because what I do. I remember I was fighting. Cro Cop fans were coming up in Oregon. Do Be careful as left kick what she just said something. You'll be careful planning for that When you talk about you watch a lot of them when you watch John What do you what do you what do you see? He's beatable man he's like. I said he's just a man. I I'd like to tell you my game plan because it's pretty solid in my mind. Tell me what It's be so hilarious. Just gave now He's he's just demanded he makes mistakes. Just like all of us here. Everybody thinks he's you know foolproof. He's made plenty of mistakes in his advice. He just gets away with it because he was yeah long reach and also. He's a lot taller the most of his opponents lately. Yeah but his reach is what makes a big difference and then like Tian Punching up punching up yep deciding to work out so yeah reach. Reach is his biggest weapon and always has been its entire career and and he's explosiveness. He's very explosive but I wouldn't say he's more explosive than you know. But when I mean by that is he'll prod applaud PA. Yeah for him feeling this everyone thinks like Oh. Close your hand. A lot of this is is finding the range these are tending. I didn't really get out yet but I'm GonNa talk to the ref about that one because that's that's illegal. Yeah you take the fingers. Yeah yeah well. We're GONNA have a real talk backstage. At least it's in Houston right. Yeah thank God puts his failures out. We need to do something about it. Because then I can't get in I mean he used that against who use that against everybody? But also the issue too is if his fingers out poked in the eye on scene trajectory. And your game plan because you realize how big they do you realize in two. You're you're trying to come in extent myself. You don't realize you don't realize how hard is to beat. John Jones with two is Cologne one. And they're like fuck dude breasts like I give them a warning own. Fuck your warning dude entirely for a warning. I don't I don't think with I think with Groin Kicks I poked there's no warnings is a point takeaway automatically guys with John would be way less to really get it out there if it was like point taken away my entire fire my hands out how I can't put whatever I'll talk to the Rep. Yeah yeah another thing with this fight. He's GONNA lose. No the press is all lose. Yeah I'm cool record to John Jones Jones. Yeah no nothing. I'm both on feeding. You know like I don't know. Is it everything a hundred percent Max. Speed Max effort. Yeah all the way is is cool I I I get to the arguably one of the best ever arguably the best in Houston Towel. CD of always wanted to visit. There've been Houston Houston fiancee's from that really and I get to show the world what I'm about I get to go and put my heart on my sleeve and just run it Freeman. There's no downside to this. Don't say no no knocked out in front of everybody I've ever met. I mean that's always a concern. Turbine every time I find man that would suck but it is what it is. It's the game we play the game we play against Volkan hit me. I was like Oh you didn't knock me out. Let's run it Bogan. It's pretty hard and also I don't think anyone if it were at no matter. What happens if you not john out or you're not go? I don't think anyone's got knocked out by John Jones. You get knocked out by dom like talking about the number one contender in the world. What are you talking about and we're like heavyweights do? It's it's such a dangerous game and it's the most dangerous it's so fun I love it froze. It takes it. If you don't love what you're doing what are you doing. How are you how do you? How are you feeling with all all the press like all that stuff so this stuff makes me more nervous than if I really? I gotta be honest. I haven't seen a ton interviews with you and you're kind of like not ric lose your Victorville surveys for God's sake so it's like you're doing your thing so I was like I. I Bet I'm going to have to. We've had guys not too many but we all you know but would you. You're crazy yeah. I would've shy away from it because the other thing too is your football background like what I remember when I went off to a fighter. Like oh man. You're come from front of cameras going on camera. Like oh I did a GIA Gillian interviews that Division One. Big Twelve footfall I. This is my training camp and then you even like my school. We kind of have eh media course today like the kind of teach you like how to be friendly camera to be confident and speak what you want to say without really overthinking. Yeah I think it's so good for me because like I I was a fan switch because my Colorado guys but I I'm sure people fans about this but once they hear your audited man yeah man once they hear your story. You're likable guy. You know more people can relate to your story than almost see when you're fighting especially John I yeah I mean I tell people like I'm a normal guy for the most part. Yeah for the most part so in a perfect world you beat John and February February juiston. I want you to pass through. What what what would you do next? There's looking at the futures plan having a plan right and I just thought about yeah. He'll win this fight. Will you know maybe talk about a rematch. You'd have to write. It's John You have to say when. Dj got you gotTa give them rematch. Drought too yeah and if if not then you know maybe gory or whatever whatever the UFC has in store. That's what it is. But I I you know I respect John and I think you know we I beat him and he deserves a rematch. Yeah depending on how it goes you know say dominated over five rounds maybe not but the school and I don't WanNa see school and know who's betting on that. Yeah just make some some real money. Bet On that. I'm root for you man. You Don Free Veggie came from Victorville in February. Men are who the damn thing rather than probably breath.

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DLD 304: Aeroplanning Ideas

Dots, Lines & Destinations

42:22 min | 5 months ago

DLD 304: Aeroplanning Ideas

"Because otherwise, I'm going to be just making shit up. Yeah but you know. This week is sounds like producer. You're listening to dots, lines and destinations travel podcast with host Stephen, seagraves vase moon, and said Miller. Hello and welcome to episode three hundred and four DOTS lines and destinations. I am Stephen Seagraves joined by Seth Miller and foss mood. Gentlemen. How are you Chappie March? Happy. March. March six point, right? Something like that. Today is by my count March one, eighty nine. Okay. So we're crazy to think about the number of days. It's wild. I too many included February in that. Sorry okay okay. Has Been. So I've been on a plane and my last January thirty first own my gosh really. Took a bus in I took a train in a boss down to New York for my trip in mid-february haven't been since I was laughing at me issues like wait a minute. I've been on the flames more recently than. Just not common as you might imagine. Yeah. Yeah and you are having a scorcher up in the northeast. It's actually really nicer today in the Pacific. Northwest. Days earlier late last week I don't know what the rest of this week's next to be hot again. Well. Let's let's just jump right into this. So there's a USA Today Story The the Chicago health officials are checking social media books to enforce the traveler quarantine. What is the deal here? So like New York and some other places people arriving in Chicago. From various out of state areas are supposed to self quarantine yep. and when they aren't. They get in trouble as a fine or whatever it turns out that and depending on who you believe in how it's being structured the the city says it's not going out of its way to specifically like scour social media to find things. But if they get reports that people are not quarantining, they'll go chefs social media council. If they can find you know if you take a Selfie in front of the bean. that. That's the evidence that that's the only the only evidence they. Basically, well. I mean good for them I mean I think it's a few foot or shop. I mean yeah. So go ahead and claim that it was a fake picture but I. Deep deep deep thick. You could really start screwing with them right. If someone really wanted to prove how shortsighted that could be people could just are posting a bunch of fakes tying up the system. They're not. They're only doing it as a secondary sort of thing right or not going out of the way but also. No one has the energy to create the fakes like, why? Why are you going to create a fake to get yourself caught to appeal the fine to prove that it wasn't real? How does that work for you? How's that a good plan? Would argue that a lot of people who have a lot of spare time these days. Yet but. I I still come back to why would I purposefully get myself finder or sent to jail or whatever for the sake of having a legal fight that there's still a chance I might not win. Well, if it's a fake thing, then you're not actually guilty. So. You just have to prove your sense. But then you're tying up resources look people do these kinds of things to break the system all the time. I would not really surprised I mean we know some people who do stuff like this just to screw with people and break the system. I feel like the idiots we know rarely do it to the extent that they purposely take a. Legal. Hit first so much rather than you know just screwing around but. There are a lot of videos out there. That's about. A I mean do you think we're GonNa see this in other places I mean his New York said anything like this. I haven't heard it. I wouldn't be surprised near keeps saying that they're going to start checking out the tunnels and bridges they announced last week. I drove in last week or three last week and there was no one checking anything. They also, I think New York one was also somewhat of a at Hawker Spacek kind of thing was a story out where. New York County sheriffs were pulling people over with four with out of state plates and Talking to them, not enforcing reminding them of the rules yeah. Which I get it. All right. If there's if you're really trying to control some of the stuff especially from people who are from spots, right like that makes makes sense I mean here we actually I was out. East of Portland this morning and one of the things they've closed as all the hikes along the Columbia River Gorge. So you can't. You actually can't access the highway that goes to all of them We were just talking to my wife and I were just talking about how you know how do you? They're still closed like you would think. Her point was she brought up a good one people will flock there if they're open like it's such a common or popular place that if people people will come from out of state to go to these places and so I mean that's it's a good thing to talk about like with the bean or the you know magnificent mile and. Become an attractive news center just an attraction. Yeah Yeah I was GONNA say the I did see a story about New York where apparently there's concern of putting civilians like no health department officials or whatever sort of at Penn station to try to collect data at the airports to try to collect data from people they don't have the authority to detain. So it's kind of a it becomes very voluntary anyways and it's Sort of decided, it's not worth the fights apparently. So it'd be like the TSA checkers like the people who check your ID the TSA line to see if you or your boarding pass to see if you have pre check or not. Maroon coats not yet. Maroon coats like, oh no sir go to different lines. One of them chased me all the way up to the TSA guy once. Like back and forth through like four rounds of this stanchions, it was pretty awesome. Caps he still yelling at me like as the Tsa Nice ideas find and letting him in. That was a long time ago. Anyway a the the. I mean, we had a one of our friends of the show just an out. Now, California was talking with him the other day about going to the beach going to the beach, and he said they had to drive further and further out than they thought to find a beach that was quiet because half the beaches in southern California are closed given them like all the different little townships have different rules and so some of them get more crowded. Make Sense. on the same kind of note, but in a different vein, the State Department's new advising against global travel. But who's actually going to take us in as Americans. There's like six countries. Yeah. I mean, what is it now the UK? With or without a quarantine. Good Point. Yeah. So with quarantine, there's a few and then but you also have to get to the like. Not, every country will let noncitizens in some will with a quarantine, some without a quarantine but the the thing about this one that I found interesting is the CDC officially down on a global do not travel recommendation and so the state. Department. followed. But it wasn't a you should travel. Now it was a instead of having a single global list. We are going to now go back to individual country list's as each individual country has a recommendation based on among other things, the health environment there whether it's If it's you know high rates than they recommendation is still don't go so. I. Felt like this was a little bit of teas. And certainly, the way all the headlines shared it but. In how I showed it on our show notes you're welcome for that. What's the okay. They have single list now. Is it like countries that are hot spots is that the idea and so Brazil would be on that list Mexico. Brazil, they're not even allowing pillows of any kind on flights. But Brazil exploding it's kind of like the US a little bit like it's it's exploded there to appoint of they're not sure how they're going to contain it and I think Mexico is the same way right? Mexico's Bad I'm not sure what the situation is in terms of what they are. They're allowing tourist in. Yeah. Because we we have the energy jet is no. Energetic the energetic flight from here to Guadalajara and flies it's flying night. So I mean clearly the border is open. Passenger US citizens returning from Brazil do a An additional requirements senator returning from Europe to have this sort of separate airports that have come through. But as you noted, Portland not one of those airports in Mexico's not included in that. and. You know something interesting that falls told me was for Delta they're killing London Heathrow at Portland. Goes. Away. Dr. Twenty one summer season Yep. Another comes back you know. So, seth you kind of have like a kind of a breaking topic united is giving global service members, domestic lounge access. Flying celebrating the amount to a bunch of people but. I got a press release. Yeah. Domestic is a new benefit. So I sort of get it for in the context of global services was targeting people who traveled internationally and usually premium happened. So generally speaking, you didn't have to give them lounge access. There was the Polaris Lounge option which they usually get if they're travelling business class anyways bite. Just being star Alliance gold, you get lounge access any united club access on your international itineraries. So that's cool. But you don't get anything on domestic travel and. Presumably, some of them either bought memberships or had the club Cobra and credit card but there was a sort of discrepancy are lacking of benefit there and. The gist of it is united said, well, crap people are going to be flying international as much next year or this year they extended gs a full year. So anybody who is yes. In two, thousand twenty gets to keep it for twenty, twenty one and the GATT now a lounge membership for the year. So I. Guess the presumption is that if they're traveling, they'll be more travel domestically and on the off chance that we can let them have a more comfortable experience we will. Critique for justice like one thousand dollars. The official line was it would not be fair to judge you for the twenty twenty one invited based on this year's behave perform this year's numbers so we're just extending it but are the guests the question I'm asking is are they Picking anyone new this year. I'm sure that if they wanted to they can. Right. That's the that's the joy of having a completely flat box nebulous program that has no rules around it. So the way I read this though the membership to they're giving or the access that they're getting his only good for the person traveling right the global servicemember. So you don't you don't get a lounge membership, which typically runs gas you get lounge access. And if they're million dollar, it typically means their spouse or significant other has million miler as well or has gs as well. So they can access it. But yeah, it's interesting when yet yeah. No no kids or anything like that in the lounge. Sound like allowances are crowded. Garage? Open. That's the other thing. So here we've given you lounge access. There's only three lounges open in the entire country enjoy well. So I actually asked about this the the thing that caught my attention is the benefit takes effect in January. Of Twenty Twenty one. Yeah Four. Or whatever. Yeah. So if you're traveling later this year, you still don't get access. I was like why and the response was twofold one we wanna time it with all the other changes that are happening in terms of membership extension and stuff which. Vaguely make sense but only if you sort of squint and. Whatever? and. Then the other half of it was also there's just not that many lounges open right now they have like one in each of their hubs and that's it, and until they get more open and it's interesting how few united has relative to Delta American Right where American is adding its reprinting back, it's free and paid food options. Swallow United doesn't even have any Bear Zealanders open does has united opening in the players loungers anywhere I don't believe. I? mean. People are as passengers. Well, the reason I'm asking is because like Newark is kind of upped service, right? Like they've got Amsterdam. Frankfurt I think Munich restarted. Having more slighted. That Statue of Liberty Photo. It's painful. Anyway we'll put a link to that just showed up because it's Interesting. Understatement. Yes. So. I. Just was wondering because police lenders to me seems like something. That would if there's customers flying. They would want to have that lounge at least Newark Lounge open for Europe. Yeah but I mean it's still like a third to a quarter of the total number of transatlantic flights and they load factors are. Way Low. So like how many people is it really and is it worth the cost to try to staff that up and I can't believe it would be. Really Open for like two hours. Bring. All those muchly in. Yeah. They all pretty much leave at the same time. Four shift. Yeah. Well, that doesn't only have open for a couple of hours with a limited food service does make it a little easier to justify but still I can't imagine it's worthwhile but then it takes away from this level servants, right? That's the trade off. Sure. I don't. I don't believe that anyone rationally is going out and buying transatlantic business class. Wise expecting to have the full service experience. Couldn't. Irrationally. That's that's. I have no comments that are permitted under the current. Stephen Look at the bright side at this point, you can sit anywhere in the food courts normal you. That's true. That's true. But I wonder like you know as the police lounge as travel picks back up right. I think we've I've complained about it on here. The lounge did seem overcrowded at times especially in Newark ended SFO during the Asian. Flight Bank but I think Chicago isn't that bad I don't do you think I. Mean Vase Chicago expanded, right so was bad during the early European Bank. Select A to six PM it was always busy there's rarely ever seats but if you're on one of the later flights who are fine Newark is just north has a whole isn't so crowded. The problem is the sit down dining area and the same thing with us. We'll NSF. Oh, you have that downstairs area where I think a lot of people don't even all I want is like a drink and to take a shower so. For me downstairs areas is perfect. 'cause I it's quiet. Right. What else we got? Oh, cut cut airlines is stumping for cash What does this have to do it up in cash to Delta like they're giving cash? For Giving Cash Tam Oh. Let's gets complicated. Explain it. Okay. So Tam Bankruptcy Chapter Eleven filed earlier this year. Coming working through bankruptcy involves something called debtor-in-possession financing basically, new money has to come in Right now, the Tam proposal has three tranches of my one is a one point, three, billion dollar funding from oak tree capital. Trench to trench be is. Fifty million from the government that may and probably may not probably won't appear. We vaguely promised. But who knows if actually have the money to do it trunch three, a nine, hundred, million dollar additional funds, and this is where it gets interesting. the Cueto E T, Te'o family I think I'm saying that song it right is like a twenty percent shareholder of the of. Tam, there's another family that owns another five percent they are stumping three, hundred, million dollars. Worth right there ready to go with that. Qatar has signed on to put the other six, hundred, million in two for nine, hundred, million total investment round. But Qatar only has a ten percent stake in his putting up a lot of money and so not always guitar areas putting way more money than you think it should just relative to its initial investment previous investments date, but it's doing it with these two different companies to a investments, Ltd and investments to limited based on the Jersey. Islands. which you know good place for money laundering I. Guess. Or Limited oversight investment vehicles. But what the so all of that is circumstantial evidence to the idea that depending on how it looks how plays out theoretically one of these to Qa investments companies are stakes can be assigned to a different party at a later point in time and the rules for assigning it to a different party are essentially any other company that at the time of the deal taking effect owns ten. percent to become of Luton is eligible to have one of these investment vehicles assigned to it. Many other timber center north. There are Delta only only Delta and twenty percent and so basically, Delta can't put the money today because of cares act rules right they. They aren't allowed to conduct born in other airlines and things like that as much different conditions but that's effectively it also prevents them from investing in Virgin Atlantic. But if Delta still wants to maintain its sort of ownership stakes somewhere down the line, it needs to have a position in this trench funding because that's the other thing about this funding is coined, it converts from debt to equity and the companies that are holding it get their shares, not all the shares back, but they got shares back in then become you know new owners of lamb once again. So is this just kind of a backwards way of cutter? Lending Delta money temporarily took control and what's interesting about it is I don't believe that there can be a true formal agreement at this is going to actually happen. It's just kind of it's this ten percent annual thing. It's negative I? Think the temperature ten percent part clause is certainly limits who can take advantage of it, and then sort of wink nod of a Qatar Airways why don't you see if this works and you know maybe somewhere down the line, you might decide to assign it to someone else exchange for certain generations that will be determined later that we can't really put into contracts given their history which the likelihood that comparison sure in the down the road. No. There's potentially a risk of that I. It's a weird to me. Because they don't have a sordid history with the Middle East three. Qatar they've done right vicious. Yeah it's not. Surprising to me that cutters like Oh. You know we'll. We'll. We'll put the money out there unless there's some. Unspoken or can not publicly from us a further down the line also I agree that it has been a vicious Is actually the term I, use it in the store in the middle of writing sorry But you know that is definitely part of the situation but also remember that like after they Middle East three sort of agreed to stop expanding into the US everybody started playing nice again. Say you know it wasn't just business kind of situation now American is obviously nicer than the others because of the one world relationship with Qatar Airways by I. You know I think there may have been a bit of a detente if you will. Yeah. Yeah. I, just I just find it I find it fascinating because all this stuff is taking place we kinda talked about it on previous shows where do we think aviation survives as it is and it doesn't seem like it does but at this I've asked you seth look how many airlines folded all this and I mean we've said we don't think the US airlines will fold. But foreign airlines not the big three least. and. That's the thing is like how how I don't know how is that even possible? not this year they got managed to borrow a lot of money. The real question is, how quickly does do things recover? How quickly can they trim cash burn and how quickly can they start to cover the debt they're accumulating the interest payments are going to be a bitch. And then for foreign carriers that aren't necessarily getting bailed out, I'd say I use that loosely but even any kind of investment So Virgin Atlantic comes to mind how how long will they last even even to this year over to Atlantic if things go as expected in a couple of weeks one point two, billion pounds of fresh cash so they'll be okay for a while yeah Quote unquote bankruptcy story that went around the last week was such a joke the bankruptcy now the technically they did this chapter thirteen, fifteen, fifty, seven, fifteen. Filing in the US bankruptcy courts, but it's wasn't liquidating. It wasn't even. Just restructuring as part of the deal. Yep that's from a foreign investment reform Chapter Levin's. Subordinate to a foreign filing they it says that virgin is going to follow rules come elsewhere. Well. One in kind of along those same lines. So we're seeing kind of grabs right or attempted money grabs by the Airlines essentially links F for Alaska is having this Bogo Sale It's a buy one, get one free sale minus tax. You have to pay the taxes and fees for basically you're buying a whole row on an airplane and it's cheap like for chance cons I think I saw round trips in the three hundred dollar range for a whole row. This. You said it's just a it's just it's a grab of money or they're trying to at least yeah. Alison I have not been shy about my position that I don't think non-essential leisure travel right now is a good idea. Yeah, and I understand the airlines need money to survive but also you know they need us to all be alive next year. So maybe they need like they need to the. Malaria pandemic connor control so that we actually can reopen businesses and things in a manner that doesn't involve tens of thousands of people getting sick and thousand people dying a day. Yeah, and so Alaska is offering this. I mean it's it's it's interesting because it's the opposite of kind of what we're saying leisure travel. It's really targeted at people travelling. Yeah. and it's it's because of the way they're phrasing by a row thing they're only. Promising enough the middle see through. October if I remember correctly and so they're really targeting is the sort of September October, very steep leisure downturn that usually is a massive trough for demand in the industry and like you we thought on was bad youtube is going to be pretty bad to now. Yeah. Like it was all is always lower than two, and if that's the demand keeps dropping, that's GonNa be really bad news for the islands. And then quantities parking more planes not a good sign and that this time seventy seven. In Victorville. Most of them, most of them will be moving to Victorville fewer staying in Australia for one offs that they might need them for. But other than that. It looks like they're parking them for the foreseeable future. What's funny is I have a Brisbane Chicago ticket for January that they've canceled. They've announced. It's not operate that I understand that but they had actually process to kids. Eventually. I was put on. If we were doing together. Might cancel mine doesn't like I actually got a phone call from Alaska. Canceled you went for miles back. I just recorded up as we were starting to record my still active. That's funny. Did you book it from Alaska also yes but it's active on both a quantity and Alaska site. That's Wild Jeff. 'CAUSE mine canceled days they sent. Me and they're like, do you just WanNa get rid of this ticket To fly it now. I demand that you open workspace on a partner. Reinstated knowing full. Well, that's impossible. Yes. The phones that you heard this for. The Wendy's They're bringing them to Victorville fighting the threes they went to Victorville and I don't know it's it makes sense to store them in the desert It's kind of ironic that alice springs filled up with Singapore and other Asian carriers before Quantico get space there all the way to the US. That's what I was. GonNa ask 'cause I was GONNA say I'm sure there's desert in Australia. Aren't they parking there but you just answer that for me Alice Springs Singapore put a bunch of planes there earlier. Cafe. Also and that's the main airport that would be used for that sort of thing and I think. Victorville. What would interest me with Qantas is mean. Long. Haul fleet really is at this point eight three threes and seventy cents right. But that's that's all they have. There's Also. Because the threes wherever. So like for them to get up to speed I, mean how many the keeping three or four in on hand or is more than that three thirties. Thirties, but. I heard somewhere around four which day in Australia. Nine, it's like to have a ton of them. Listening, they're not flying long haul though it's sort of New Zealand. It's like everybody like who is virtuous and Restructuring last week. Know What about a few times I think? Ounce their plans. seven thirty sevens only. So domestic line really going getting Tiger Australia Sorry. I completely blanked that we talked about this on another show I do Yeah. Getting Rid Tiger air show yesterday but they're keeping the operating certificate and then seven thirty sevens only getting rid of the three threes and triple seven's which is only like a dozen planes but still. Yeah Yeah. We talked about. The different agreements for having Charleston seventy seven delivered four of the airlines opinion shop requirements I was actually driving by the paint hangers here at Pax Scoot there's one scoop plane parked there. It doesn't look like it's going to be moving anytime soon there was a cutter plane and who else there was another there was another style passenger seventy seven and it looks like they just being parked there. So very interesting that they're not even gonNA guess not take delivery will pull on there for a little while longer and anyway. They moved them to the desert though yeah exactly. I mean I, guess it's an easy flake from here down to Victorville. Sorry I thought I had an idea I don't know it's okay. So. Last topic is kind of a big one. Aeroplane is being relaunched and Seth you have the details I do and I'll get most of them right play. So airplane. They're announcing it this today on the eleventh which while Wendy's publishes will be on the eleventh and then it'll be published rush listeners on the thirteenth in whatever it gets announced on the eleventh. So if you're a patriot subscriber, you'll hear about this Dan if not, you'll hear it later. and. It's the it doesn't take effect until next year but it's launching their starting or later this year I don't even have to remember the exact date that they've announced. It's GonNa take effect but the new program. I have to admit that I'm bias because we know the people who wrote it. I old friends of ours in the briefing where they introduced it to me and many other journalists they started by explaining it's a program written by once. Junkies. And people like at one point slipping, we actually made up this part of the mileage run. We took from Vancouver from Calgary London right like it's it's kind of an amazing situation in that context and I think it's pretty good. No it is not everybody's GonNa be happy. By I think it balances a lot of things like, for example, getting rid of fuel surcharges interesting. There are no more fuel surcharges. So all of a sudden. You can now like you always had access to the whole star lines world, but now on many of the if you don't. So that opens up many more flights that people might have been averse to booking in the past The points required for long haul stuff goes up a little bit like ten to twenty percent probably across the board varies but better than you know going from sixty thousand to seventy five, thousand points. One way on a transatlantic business class ticket while also dropping seven hundred, fifty dollars in fuel surcharges doesn't seem like a optime. Bookings have a thirty nine dollar if I remember correctly ticketing fee. Less. Good. If you're talking about like a short haul or north, America trip that you'd have some united flights on again because away of not such a big deal for the international stuff Trying to think what else some of the sort of highlights are that we're talking about the the no fuel surcharges thing was really surprising to me and made it nice. Any kind of around the world routings or anything like that at the kind of tickets like that. So I didn't not around the world, there's one free stopover on. Each award what they call a bound or one way to each one way. So you get a free stopover along the way now. Or it's retail. But you can't do. Stopovers which is nice It's almost like taken parts of the United. Yeah well given that the. Two of the executive came from there. Yes. With our five thousand points and no stopovers with North America, which is a downgrade from today but the international stopovers are good. There's also the routing rules are akin to the united routing rules, which is if you can make the computer, put it like if you can find all the inventory and we can type it into the computer, it'll spit it out. But the award chart is a combination of distance in zone based. I really think it's one of the comments they made and I think they really nailed. It is sort of the idea of trying to both continue to deliver value to. The program into the company, but also taking some of the money that these programs are. Ridiculously profitable taking some of the prophet money that comes into the programs and actually reinvesting it in things like making these awards more available in such. And did they talk at all about availability human error? Is there a premium if you WANNA like fly now option on Air Canada medal or metal does have a so no blackouts see table kind of situation. It's not quite as bad as the Arrow plan revenue ticket pricing. But yes if you want, you know last seat available, it's going to cost you more. If I'm looking at this, the range give You know that seventy, five, thousand or eighty thousand point award for that I found earlier on partners will range from eighty eighty, five, thousand, two, hundred, thousand on Air Canada, not getting a fuel surcharges anymore. So when And you know. It's not perfect by any stretch still get weird scenario where partner spaces you know is going to be better value in many cases. Also. Doesn't completely sock did they talk about it all but opening up more air Canada inventory because they tend to be very stingy. Didn't talk about it wasn't discussed on the briefing that I was a part of I. Think part of that comes down early that I remember maybe they did. By the gist of it I think is that they're hoping the because it's It's not necessarily just the X. IO those three buckets for our whatever that they are now shirts, Exxon or business earned for coming business premium economy is. I'm not sure where that's really gonNA. Come into play but versus just working against revenue buckets that happened to price certain. There is actually one of the things they said. Again going back to their experiences as consumers rather than just people running the program was you know if you can find the entire trip in long haul premium cabin by you know maybe the Vancouver that Portland to lax flight a single cat Whatever single service airplane in doesn't have first class or it doesn't have availability or whatever it is. They didn't want that to blow up the pricing. So, they're making it. So they put some conditions around that where you see it doesn't it's not again, not perfect, but it doesn't blow up the price and completely when factors things like that they also manage to improve the mixed cabin award indicator. So we have an award that has mixed avondale ability they color code and show a sliding bar that gives you the percentage that's the good cabin versus the lower capital. You can add glance in the searchers off see. Okay. Only the shorthaul is in business would maybe the whole lot of the bigger seconds are. Remember united tried to do that sort of buying like not showing them if the shorthaul is the only cabinet was the only one in the thicker tab and then just. Yeah I mean to me this comes across as a better united program where we don't have necessarily have the last minute availability cost but we've taken away the restrictions on distance and you know number of segments and routing right because united, you used to be able to route via you know Europe to Asia and you can today still but it has to be something that the engine kicks back not something you type in, so you can't manually force it. That's that you know the routing rules in the United States, be great like that. It's it seems like our candidates trying to go back to that. I also one minor frustration to me is that premium economy awards are still Air Canada only alliance. They still haven't figured that out. Yeah I mean that's and that's something sitting to me. Candidate actually struggles with it as well because they can't sell. Q four hundred flights up to Vancouver. They can't sell me the premium economy on the same ticket has to be separate. So they, they did a actually was interesting. They chose not to put united on the comparison. Page fight they did a comparison against advantage sky miles executive club in life miles of you know what? Specific Nashville to Rome business class one way kind of thing, and you know not surprisingly they win. In the comparison and actually executive club comes in second in terms of the things that they're sharing including. But you know it's and that's even with the. co-pay on executive club south. Family sharing comes you can family pool in unlike jetblue where everything goes into one place and you just draw out of the common area If each of us has, you know, let's say I have thirty thousand points Stephen You have twenty thousand in has ten and we go in together and we have a sixty thousand point account and we were deem A. Twenty Thousand Points Award, it'll take did that thirty thousand words? I can do the math it'll take fifteen for me ten from you and five from sort of half of the it does it in proportion. So still way does it yeah. It's proportional like that. But you don't have to. Nate you you can book awards for people that aren't your named family members. So it's a little better than as version. So how are they gonNA, will you can do that with? To, register them I guess the question, how are they going to combat fraud right? That's Jenna reason. Yeah. That question was asked. They didn't have a good answer. Okay hope he had. They had to know that that was coming. Yeah. I mean. Yes, the look. Martin Scott's face when that question came it was like Oh. Yeah. We we are hoping to we're going to see how it goes. Things may change but no same fan no same address no this no that it's up to some number eight, maybe six or eight people That I here to somewhere But finishing update family members oh, that's the other thing is there is a preferred pricing on Air Canada Medal for Cobra cardholders and elite members. So right I mean. Basically because it's sort of cents per point situation, it's a issue it's more revenue base. There's to be discount effectively if you have elite status or the credit card. If, you're in a family plan if anybody in the family has either of those things, everybody gets benefit. To we have an affiliate liquid link share for the credit card. They have not relaunched the credit card. As part of this yet but they have actually one of the reasons they're putting this news out now. As early as they are is because the credit cards are changing and the banks have to notify their customers and so in order to do that, the program has to be Public Gotcha. So We can laugh 'em bitch all we want about credit cards. But in this case, they mean that we they mean that we get to know the details on the program earlier does. So how does this work? So airplane again is just the rewards program. It's not the elite Status Program for Air Canada correct it will be it will be Brought into and so now does how does that work with earnings? So at some point in twenty, twenty one, there's a transition to fair based on. which is gonNA leave plenty of people upset. Me See if I have my. Shift given the current climate. So. There's good and bad. One of the area that's morning stuff here one of the good news. Bits is that basic economy actually will start to earn now where it doesn't today. But yeah coming twenty, twenty one, it looks like basically is actually also interesting premium fares don't get an extra multiplier they just are more expensive. So you earn more points in theory you basically earn three points per dollar across the board and then much like all the other an extra point per dollar going up for the twenty-five Thirty Five K Fifty K., seventy, five K and Super League one hundred K.. So tops at seven points per dollar earned so. Earning a Canadian dollar how much good or bad depending on where you are Looney yes, So what is the? Isn't spectacular even against. mean. We say that it's you know five x five points per dollar for the US three carriers, but Canadian dollars versus US dollars. So I have to just a math I don't think it's quite that devalues yet currency wise but I. I. Don't know that I'd want to necessarily have earning by flying there but you got a lot of American Express points than if they're still transfer partner like that starts with better now to me. Yeah and who who else has transfer partners this? Is it just AMEX or chase involved with Air Canada at all I didn't think it had a direct transaction. Okay. Who knows what the Hell I suspect also launching a US card as well. Yeah I think so. Keep. Your. Eyes. Peeled was the information we got on that. Interesting. I'm intrigued you used to have one. But it was very very barely used in very barely marketed, and so I know that that was a gap. So I suspect that that will get relaunched. With whom WHO KNOWS What else seth anything else about that. There's a ton more that I eventually will come up, but it's It's really cool. I think it's a relatively compelling program again for Transfer ends there's some other things that are doing every call it everyday status If you earn one hundred thousand points from anything other than Credit Card bonuses or transferred in from other things. So basically, credit card spend but not sign on bonuses yet or online shopping or other types of things a total of one hundred, thousand points in a year gets you bottom tier status. Interesting. Doesn't get you any credit towards tire tears. Because they said, that was just too complicated to prorate and figure out but yeah. Eight it's this is the first shift in a program that I think is actually decent. In the last few years, everybody else's turned to make things much worse I. Think this is the first one that came out positive. Yeah, I'm. I'm cautiously optimistic great I I know that I will learn you know at some point as this news all comes out from people that are die hard Air Canada aficionados the bad news to an there'll be something people don't like but whatever for me right now it takes what was an irrelevant program and makes it at least worth paying attention to break. But kind point to that is what really matters is the Canadians not me? Yeah and how it's received and I think the the earnings of a the the earnings changing to being revenue-based is definitely going to irritate people, right so yeah. Counterpoint to that is though they are opening up a lot of the lower fair buckets that were already zero learn. Yeah. That's true or. Remember they were one of those programs that was already very limited in earning on lower fares. So I mean we'd have to go back and check. There may be may start to see on some of the shorthaul flights that is actually an improvement. Right Northeast region sort of. Either trans-border or not. But some of the shorthaul flights actually end up being better rates now. It makes sense Oh status pass for a day. That's another cool thing. So. Arrow plan our altitude had as their way they do their elite benefits. Is You sort of can pick and choose you know one from Paul night one from Columbia kind of thing. And one of the things that they're adding to the program is status for a day with what they're their status pass, and basically if you have fifty K. status or higher, you can select this and when you give it to someone, they get the equivalent of fifty k. status for the trip that they're on. and. So priority check in three bags. Right check bags. You get to get the star gold. Bag Allowance Party Security Maple Leaf Lounge priority boarding. And you can sort of just give that to someone at if you take it as one of your options. That's interesting. Yeah. And they're giving that's GONNA. Launch next March ish so we'll see. And everybody gets one this year for a Freebie because they wanted people now. Yeah. Okay. That's cool. To learn about it. So it's it's a neat one. Like I said. There's a lot of little things that are in this and I barely you know I got drowned in the details trying to pay attention for three hours that the Webinar was So Not Great by the. That comes along. It's just really I. Think it's like five says it actually feels not so bad like it almost feels good and has me worried but mostly what actually comes at? Yeah. It'll be interesting to see how people play with it in maximize the returns on rewards to to their benefit in and see what what little nuggets people find I'm sure people will find so yeah. In both directions of course. Yeah. Yeah. I think that's show guys to our listeners. You can find us on twitter at dots lines, more dots, more lines, dot com Lisa, comment a question if you'd like to have a son. Answer that on the show we can do that and I, think in a few weeks, we're going to have another live show. So be looking forward to that into our patriots subscribers stay tuned for the follow-up happy travels take care.

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AvTalk Episode 92: Not great, not great at all

AvTalk - Aviation Podcast

40:06 min | 5 months ago

AvTalk Episode 92: Not great, not great at all

"On this episode of Apple. Talk. The Fedex seven, six, seven emergency landing at LAX. Canada takes the seven three seven Max out for a spin and we look at an unfortunately large amount of discouraging news from around the industry. Hello and welcome to episode ninety, two of APP talk, I e and Pech Nick here as always with Jason Rabinowitz. Hi Ian has anything good happened in the last two weeks. I'm just going to jump right to it as the answer. No, the answer's No. Yes. Well that's up. So Ninety two. Yes. We be back in two weeks with hopefully a little bit more to show for ourselves. This is an episode winch nothing truly good happens but we'll. We'll look at some things that have happened over the past couple of weeks what has happened where we're going. And what? Positive spin we can try and put on anything. Out of something bad came something. Good. So So the the big know. Came something terrible I guess the Big News as far as events go past couple of weeks was a fedex seven, six, seven, his suffered a landing gear issue near Los Angeles on approach Los. Angeles so they they work the problem checklists six CETERA etc.. And decided. You know what we've done all we can't from up here. There's nothing more we can do. We might as well put it down and the left main landing gear was not locked in place was down and locked in place. So they ended up landing on the right main gear and the nose gear and came to rest had a tilt on their left engine but no serious injuries. One of the pilots was injured during the evacuation I believe they went out the flightdeck rope ladder or escape ladder curious I would why they did that I'm sure they had a very. Good reason to do so because that's not exactly the safest way to exit the aircraft. Sure sure I. Mean there were there were sparks and inflames because of the way the craft landed sue perhaps they decided that that was the safest way to go out the the right side of the aircraft because remember it's a cargo craftsy don't have the same left and right exits that you do on a passenger aircraft. So so maybe that was part of a door or or how they came to arrest I don't know but thankfully, no serious injuries just a ankle injury is it was reported. Initially. So everything. Ended up working the way it's supposed to in those types of situations. That's good day they came in on the approach they made a few low passes. Past the tower it was dark at the time. So so not much could be seen, but they had on the first pass they came past the tower on the second pass they had. They had another Fedex plane lined up for takeoff that was looking they had multiple ground vehicles stationed at various links the long run to see who could get a good view, and then after that they they went back over the water ran more checklists and then and then went for it. Landed safely. So the plane's not old it's a rather new seven. That's one of the pure freighters stilt four fat axe just four years just just just four years old. So hopefully, the aircraft is repaired and put back into service. At while sometimes age of the aircraft has absolutely nothing to do with what caused the actual mechanical malfunction. So maybe it was debris on the runway that had picked up. We don't know. So I didn't. I didn't mean to suggest that the edge of the aircraft was a factor in ages. She's my main point. There was that if it had been, you know a thirty year old seven, six, seven. Maybe wouldn't get repaired is my point but being only four years old you know hopefully, it gets back in action. So in the Very Wind Long Winding Saga The shootdown of the Ukrainian national airline seven, three, seven on January eight. The flight recorders were read out the third week of July in Paris by the French yet it took that long to for everyone to agree where the recorders should go and who should do all the analysis and things like that. Now, we're getting our first reports about what? is included on the flight data recorder and the Cockpit Voice Recorder. So they're reporting now and. There was nineteen seconds after the first missile strike of recorded data, and then the recorders cut out and there was also discussion on the flight deck between the pilots about what had just happened. So they continued to try and fly the aircraft after the first missile hit. So some some information about where things have been going on and what had been happening in the in the flight deck will continue to follow along and see what happens when the final report is eventually issued, and at this rate, it will take quite a while before we hear that one again. fortunately, we're not really waiting for any critical information to come out of this as we already know what happened, but it is frustrating to have to wait. So over official. Official documentation right right. Exactly. But we'll get it when we get it and. Things keep moving along so but always good to have a little bit more information moving. So. Traffic in August has not. Been Great. It rose from the second week of April. And you know it certainly continuing to rise ish but the the. Growth in air traffic has the curve has definitely. Started to flat we saw a bit of a dip at the end of July a big pickup in the first week in August, and then things just kind of. Inched up but the the real recovery that we saw from from the lows of forty thousand. Commercial flights a day were at about seventy thousand right now. So from April to August. A. Growth of an average. Thirty thousand flights, but things are kind of stalling. Lines are starting to pull back the summer. The summer schedule is starting to wane, and that's kind of leading us into a lot of at least in the US? especially. Were just about a month away from a lot of bad. A lot of bad choices and a lot of bad things. As far as job cuts and airlines getting ready to stop flying unfortunately and things like that as the cares act and the payroll support stuff runs out. So Jason I thought we could do now is move into. Some of the some of break down some of the bad news to start and walk our way through kind of what's happening I don't want to say highlights, but I guess hit the low lights. Some good things you know some Bright. Spots and things like that. I guess we can start at a high note Spirit Airlines justice in the past day or so came to an agreement with the pilots to to basically ensure that everyone. Remains on the job some early out some. Some time, but everyone will be still there. So that's that's the good news I guess we get to start with. Let's. That's good. That can't possibly be bad news. No I mean it's not with the funding running out at the end of September in the US for for the airlines to to keep people on the payrolls airline you know. This is not the start of of the furlough announcements, but they're starting to to really feel real furlough notices being broken out by this is how many people American Airlines says that they're gonNA have forty thousand fewer people on the payroll. You Come October I. If the the payroll support is not extended, United's cutting Delta's cutting I mean all these major lazer cutting on September thirtieth express jet will stop flying be. Entirely the airline will stop flying because of United's decision to to maintain only one regional contract carrier. Of the US forty five right right. So I mean, you know these these things are are coming up quickly and will see I guess whether or not. In the US Congress moves to make changes. Based on this new reality there seems to be little movement at this point on anything. So I I'm not optimistic just wouldn't make sense at this point as painful as that is extending payroll benefits will only delay the inevitable, which is would be good for those who are potentially looking at having their job made redundant. But at the end of the day, it's still only gonNA delay it however long that funding last short because these reductions in airline sizes while not permanent, they are going to be long term. Right right and that's something. A lot of other airlines are looking at Qantas. This week says that they're going to cut twenty five hundred jobs by associating the ground handling the CEO of Qantas. International is leaving the company because the airline will not be flying internationally. It says until at least July of twenty twenty one so I mean, we're roughly. A year away from from Qantas operating international flights. And forget about long haul international like the united. States. Or even your could be years now, right? It exactly just this week another one of their three eighty s flew into into storage at at Victorville and this one went directly from cabin refurbishment in Dresden to storage in. Victorville. That time for yeah. So this is an aircraft of that has been flown up to Germany for a refit of the Interior. That was completed. than. They put back into storage temporarily and then this week it was phone from from Justin to to Victorville for long term storage possibly forever, we don't know we it potentially just be ready in prime condition with a new cabin never used to come back into service one day. Yeah. It would. It would be like a it'll be like a brand new plane. Elsewhere in in bad news Finnair cutting one thousand jobs, they completed a sale leaseback of one of their three fifty to raise some cash. So that's not on comcast. No No, I mean that's not uncommon even the best of times. It's a good way to for lines to to raise cash. But one bright spot I guess is that Virgin Atlantic creditors approved their proposed rescue package. So that goes in front of British regulators a court there. Hopefully, they'll prove it so that the are to be virgin. Atlantic can keep keep going on. The one thing I wanNA talk about with this was the. What, appeared like a big announcement to those that don't closely follow bankruptcy law in the. US. was actually nothing of the sort and it was kind of fun to watch everyone. Our say freak out have a bit of Hey. Yeah. Treated as as breaking breaking news before cold water was thrown on the headlines. So so what happened is Virgin Atlantic declared bankruptcy. Lack of a better term entered voluntary restructuring in the UK? As part of that process, they filed what is called. Fifteen bankruptcy in the. US. So so most companies either filed chapter seven or chapter eleven, bankruptcy chapter eleven, bankruptcies the more common one for airlines because I. It's just a restructuring of what money is owed to whom. Chapter fifteen allows the consolidation of claims by creditors into into one area. In this case, the UK because that's where for Virgin Atlantic is base. There was. Considerable. Hubbub. Shall we say over this? Particular. Headline, and so it got a lot of traction for. Let's say six hours Jason. Yeah before it was completely washed as being nonsense. So everybody had a fun day but generally, things do not look great right now for for airlines writ large certainly there are. I would say there are more challenges to come for various airlines depending on what you're. What your regional outlook looks like the US airlines certainly, not not doing great. You're looking a little bit better. Asia is is a mixed bag in. Qantas in Australia and. Going through their. As well. So. Not Not Great. The air. New Zealand has been a relative bright spot I guess. Country as a whole The country as a whole has been a very bright spot. I would say, but as far as airline goes I, I would say that. Know, they've they've done a remarkable job navigating all of this, but we'll continue to. To hang on for what is not a not a fun ride and hopefully, we'll start seeing better news I mean united made. A big deal about bringing a hundred and fifty aircraft out of storage. Recently end. So hopefully, we'll start to see things like that. Hopefully, these furlough numbers are worse in anticipation than will happen in reality, but the reality is the the airline industry is shrinking. For a period of time and Jason I I know. Neither of US take any. Pleasure or solace in this fact whatsoever. You know it's hard because we're we're seeing friends or people that we know saying you know I'm out of job now. Yeah. It's definitely a a good chunk of my friends in industry either professionally or personally are either very much on the bubbler have already taken their voluntary separation from airlines and it's it's tough is days. It's really a hot of people. This is their industry they want to be in and thought they would be for their whole life and that is no longer option for a lot of people right now. Yeah. I mean and there are a lot of people who. It's not a job. It's a lifestyle it's not even a career. It's just what they have to do. You know the fall in love with flying and it's just what they have to do and to be put in that position where you have to make a terrible choice between do I do I go now when the voluntary Table or do I try and hang on and then maybe? It's not my choice. and. It's you know we're coming into a very hard. Thirty sixty ninety days but hopefully, things really start to turn up. I'm hoping we start to see more positive news. In the coming in the coming few months I really hope we do. It's as tough. On that cheery note, let's take a break. Regroup and come and talk about I would say more great news but some interesting flying that's happening now and how you can follow along with that. So stay with us we'll be right back. Welcome back it is the. Wildfire and hurricane. season. and. They're coming together this week and. There is a ton of aviation happening around both. It seems like the entirety of California is on fire at this point. They got to the point where I think they've stopped naming the fires because there are so many. But there are a ton of aerial assets there including the seven four, seven super tanker and the DC ten's operated by ten tanker. So the super tanker is the world's largest air tanker up to twenty thousand gallons of fire retardant or water in a single drop, which is just a massive amount of firefighting capability and ten still not nearly enough and still, and still not nearly we need a fleet of 'em. At this point, I wonder how much it would cost to convert some of these retired some forty-sevens. Into I wonder if anyone's looked at that. If you've got the capital to convert them and get them certified him I'm sure someone would be happy to operate them. What's Jeff? bezos too. We should give them a call literally everything the I apparently this is true. Yeah I wonder I wonder what the feasibility of doing that would be because that seems like a great opportunity here. Anyway. So the n seven, four, four s tease the registration the you can surgeon follow or you can search their call sign, which is G. S. T. Nine, four, four Let you follow them and then you also have the the DC ten. Tankers while which carry still a massive amount of water fire retardant but but not quite as much and those are all flying in California right now or Utah, and I believe one is in Colorado. So. You can look for those around wildfire areas just check the map and see what is active because there's just. A lot of action there. But also a lot of the smaller tankers and the helicopters to pan in those are also. Visible for the most part except when they're flying really mountainous terrain mixed difficult to track them at low level when they're making their drops. But just some really truly incredible flying by those pilots debts it's still crazy to meet it. You just fly basically Ridge Line just above the ridge line and then your plane is if you're the same for seventy your. Hundreds of thousands of pounds lighter in less than a minute. Yeah and also don't forget about the. The mess of. Spotter. Aircraft that are out there also operated mostly by the forest service. I believe they're out there circling for hours and hours on end to guide and position these tankers. Yeah that's true. The air attack aircraft are all all circling, and then there are the leader of craft which actually fly in front of the very large tankers and guide the drops. So basically, the the air tanker pilots are following a smaller plane and they're told when to when to drop the retardant in the whole process is just absolutely incredible. Yeah it's very choreographed, very precise, but also pretty dangerous being honest. Yeah. Absolutely. Very careful about everything to do when they're not all busy. We're going to try and have some of the tanker pilots on the podcast to talk about what they do, how they do in how they trained for that type of thing, but they're all doing their job right now. So not available for podcast at the moment, but we're looking forward to to talking with some people in the future. On the opposite end of the spectrum, we've got the hurricane hunters that have. Quite a bit of work to do today and this week there were two hurricanes are two storm systems moving onto the US. Gulf coast and the no a hurricane hunters were were quite busy. All three of them are active. Now kermit had been inactive for a while but now kermit miss piggy and Gonzo are all active noah has named their their hurricane hunters. There's no forty two which is kermit and that's W. P. Three D. no forty three, which is miss piggy also wbz three, and then there's Gonzo which is no forty nine and that's a Gulfstream g four, the two P. Three's fly into the storm and I. Re tweeted A. Video from one of the scientists in one of the P. Threes who created what he's calling a turbulence measurement system, which is really just a a piece of equipment that is hung from the ceiling by a string and it was shaking around in the video to try and give you an idea of. What they're flying through. So the P. Three's fly into the storm and drop sensors to take measurements things like that, and then the Gulfstream flies high above and in front of the storm track to kind of get an atmospheric measurement there, and they put all that together to to make more accurate forecasts of the strength, the storm where it's headed and things that really fascinating flying in what they're doing and and somebody asked on the twitter machine somebody asked about why they use prop aircraft instead of. Instead of jets in the storms and so Nick Underwood, who is the aerospace engineer who is on board the no aircraft. One of the Hurricane Hunter said that they use the the prop aircraft in the storms because they can handle the updraft downdraft, the props can. I would have guessed it had something to do with water ingestion that would be interesting to I mean maybe that's part of it but but his explanation was that the props can adjust to the updraft downdraft much faster than than the jets because they take more time to spool up. So. I thought an interesting. Interesting little tidbit about hurricane hunting. So that's your hurricane hundred fun fact. Excellent I do to the this is the kind of stuff that that I, I love learning about these very specific applications aviation applications were you have a plane that does one thing which which I I just find. Fascinating. How about a plane that doesn't really do anything. Go on the seven three, seven Max. Brought down. This is our 737. Max. Update for this particular episode Canada in its I want to concurrent quest to recertified aircraft transport Canada will be taking the seventh time Amax on a test flight of their own. So the FAA formerly would. Do Certification, and then let Canada Yeah. It's fine. The planes good to go. We'll. We've certified it in Canada would say okay, that's good enough for us. This time around Canada wants to fly themselves so that supposed to happen this week. So by the time, the podcast comes out on Friday that will likely have already occurred, but you can you can search shop. We don't know for sure but it will likely be the seven three, seven, Max Seven. Test Craft seven two, zero, one S. so we'll put link in the show notes to that flight if it does happen by the time. The podcast comes out to. The Max also got its first order of twenty twenty. Spend all times. It's the last order was. The British Airways Order Alley. Ear Show Way Back? Yes. So the first symptoms of Max Order Twenty twenty goes to enter air and we're not talking about a large number it's two plus options for two right. So not a huge vote of confidence but vote of confidence nonetheless. Interesting to say the least I would not. If I were a smaller line like enter, I would not be signing agreements to purchase new aircraft when you probably have. Vast choice of. Used grounded aircraft globally right now but hey, maybe they got a good deal. One would assume that the delay got was. Better than good. I hope. So I don't know what airline right now is a in the position to purchase new aircraft and be. Sees the need to. When you're just talking about two and potentially four. It was very very unclear to me why they would be purchasing the aircraft at this point. Maybe, there was some type of financing to be had or something like that. Bigger deal. Boeing has a large number of maxis sitting on the ground for customers that don't exist anymore, and for customers that don't want anymore to top I guess would be Jet Airways. So those aircraft have gotta go somewhere at some point. So Boeing probably just cut them a very substantially good deal. Yeah. Yeah exactly. One of the interesting things about this order was the nomenclature the Boeing uses to describe. The purchase. And there was a a bit made about this. You know when the when the press release came out announcing this order they refer to the aircraft. Now is the seven, three, seven, Dash Eight. Only in the headline, right which was. Interesting because they use Max everywhere else. They used it five times otherwise throughout out the press release both Boeing and enter air interchangeably. So it wasn't just one or the other the only place left out was the headline. So I, disagree with anyone saying that they have dropped the Max branding. Oh. Isn't the case yet? No I they I certainly haven't dropped the. Max Branding but I thought it was interesting that it was included in the headline and not just noted in the in the piece. I wish we could kind of settle this once and for all and uncertainly you would hire not going to be able to but I'm just I thought we had all gone and said you know this is just This is still the Max moving on and but maybe that's not the case if they're gonNA rename it. I wish they would do it sooner rather than later because we've got a lot of database entries to make up if that's the case. So it it would have been so much easier from the beginning we had just all decided to call it the seven, three, seven, Dash, eight, seven, three, seven, Dash, nine in the Max could have been some sort of branding. Exercise I don't think they'll do it I don't think they'll change. That would be admitting defeat admitting that the aircraft is so broken that you have to rename it and all of their rhetoric and press materials so far has been this is a great aircraft in will be a great aircraft. So why change the name? If you think that yeah, I, I agree with you I agree I don't think they'll D at. The end of discussion. No but I don't think they'll change but I'm saying you know if airlines push to change it will what do you do that I mean when you've got, you've got a group of. It's not Max to us. It's the you know the seven, three, seven, Dash Eight, and remember we we already saw this happen feels like an eternity go but several months ago, Ryan, one of Ryanair's newest seventy Max's came out of the factory was painted not with seven, three, seven, Max Eight, seven, seven, three, seven, Dash Eight, whatever the variant of their super high capacity Yeah, right. But it did not say Max on the nose. Setting aside I think it's still kind of bonkers. They'RE GONNA fit two hundred people. On on seven, three seven but that's It's almost like it's not natural in shouldn't happen. But that's just me that that's just me. What else happened in the past couple of weeks, British? Airways retired its I seven, four seven. So they sent it off to be taken apart the first one. Went down to Spain, and each cube is the relatively new. Aircraft disassembly expert. At good business get into office. So yeah, they opened up a relatively. Relatively, recently in Spain and they'll be disassembling at least one probably a few British Airways. Some for seven British Airways also sent off the I G E engine powered triple seven. So this was one of the one of the first triple seven. This is just a regular triple seven, two hundred, not not an er and only three at the airline believe, right? Down to now yeah yeah. And that was the first one that the Boeing produced in. So now that's gone off for retirement. So they they have one remaining in their fleet and it seems like that one will go off into retirement relatively soon I think it's just a question of finding time to to fly it to not very far at all over saint. Disassembly, as one of only three in the fleet, those were Jisi, A. B. and seat in the fleet I love those aircraft. We saw those at JFK all the time. I kid you being serious or not? No I'm serious I like those. Okay why? Why I knew those three had a particular configuration on board, they were updated while other aircrafts find JFK were not always updated and I knew the registration. ABC I was going to have good fight. Okay the my more you know them more. You know I, this is the kind of thing that people turn to you for Jason's. These kind of thing I, I strive to I understand the small tidbits of making flying just a little bit better. Eurowings is going to let you pay to keep the middle seat empty. Because you could always have done that on any airline if you just bought a second ticket. That was that's basically what I was gonNA argue or aren't you just say is the a Different marketing materials for few food and existing product business within intrigue Europe both their lives. The middle seat was empty. What's different about this for their international fine or just within? Europe your eurowings generally. Bad prices varies based on where the flying is is taking place but I thought we were I mean I guess we're not because some airlines are still doing it but I thought we'd all kind of moved on from the middle seat empty thing. so much at least here in the US are still a number of airlines doing jet blue. Delta. Just announced they'll be doing it through the of next year but wasn't there announcement a bit different because they said they were going to do it but. Through there were going to do it through next year. But only if things didn't fit lover or something like wasn't there. I'm still not completely clear Delta actually reached out and I could just read the quote that they will be up and capacity to seventy five percent in the main cabin. Includes Sixty to seventy, five percent first class just because of the way, the the cabins are configuring rate they'll evaluate that on October first. But the bottom line fact is that middle seats will remain blocked through at least January sixth. So that is the word from Delta corporate communications. Okay. There you go. Well. Okay. Then then Good for them. Good for them a little bit of. Last pieces of news. One of the things that we talked about a few episodes ago as far as Boeing studying its future plans for the seven eight seven where the seventy seven will be built. As we talked about before is basically a feasibility study to see if. The seventy seven can be built solely in the South Carolina Correction. Facility. which would leave a huge hole in Washington's aerospace community with the winding down of the seven, four, seven with seventy, seven production possibly moving to South Carolina I mean you don't have much left. In Washington as far as. That goes. You know the to. Triple seven productions. There's not a lot I mean. Especially for the next few years So that'll be interesting to see what happens there, but it's a a study. If you will. The study is almost certainly going to show that is yes, it is feasible. It is economically advantageous to build the seventy seven only in on the east coast. I think there is a distinct possibility that the Everett facility as we know it will be short-lived I can't imagine. That facility being needed as a whole as we see it now, especially, if seven eight, seven, zero moved to the East Coast triple seven production I can't see that lasting much longer seven, four seven like you just said is winding down what's left then you have seven seven's. At the both the the freighter and the air tanker but those certainly can't have an infinite lifespan. So what does that leave left forever? I mean, at some point Boeing's going to have to design and build a new large aircraft. Maybe at some point, but we are a way away from that. Aren't we we? We sure are. We're we're a long way from a lot of things I think. Somebody. Asked me what the silver lining of all of this wasn't. I didn't have a good answer. You know I guess you could look at Increased fuel efficiency among airline fleets is kind of a good thing I mean, it's definitely a good thing but to have it come about this way I'm not you know I'm not sure that's a silver lining. But, one of the things I've been thinking about it in one of the things I think we talked about before is the acceleration of. Of uncertainty driving. Whatever is going to come next and we're seeing a lot of a lot of talk right now about supersonic and things like that I don't see that being necessary or relevant to how people will actually fly in the future. At this point, I just haven't seen it you know beyond the marketing. Supersonic you mean, yeah. Yeah. No No. No every time I hear anything about boomer or never the competitor is I just roll my eyes and think no, this isn't this is not the future. This is the wrong thing to be looking at if it works great for them but I'm I'm pessimistic on that I think the future is more. Alternative. Fuels are electric powered aircraft. There might be a space for supersonic in the private aviation space but commercially, we already did that and it was too expensive and it. Really did work goal that will. not, mechanically, economically, and business case. Why is it just? There's a reason why it's not a thing right now. Yeah and I think that. Exploring that is all well and good but I think that looking at like a Boeing or Airbus, and then deciding what's next what comes after the seven three seven, forget all the all the stuff you know. The pressure to to figure out what comes next I think is going to be one of the most pressing things that comes out of this pandemic everything is so uncertain right now, but I think when things start to ease back to. Some semblance of normalcy in life. The impact that's going to have is to provide even more. Of An impetus to to figure out what comes next to drive the business forward to make sure that those businesses can survive. So I'm certainly cautiously optimistic but I'm also kind of excited to see what comes like who comes up with the next big idea. Because something's going to come out of this, going to change aviation beyond just the shrinking of the footprint behind just the changing of how people fly. In the touch points and things like that, but but how aircraft are designed and built that? There's a good chance that that could change now. And a few have that big idea send us memo. Please by all means. So that that's my little I guess uplifting bit here to to kind of close out the show. The one thing that we also should mention is is a small thing but cargo locks has gone ahead and painted one of their seven, four seven with a mask. So there, I I haven't seen the door open yet so I don't know how that works but there's a giant blue. Blue facial mask on a seven four seven that registration is L. X.. C. F.. Mager properly covering the aircraft's nose in diva. There you go. So be on the lookout for that that special delivery and there we go. This has been episode ninety, two of Talk I mean Petchinik here as always with. Jason Rabinowitz thanks for listening and maybe we'll bring you some better news next time. Here's hoping.

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Strong Like A Girl

Girl Power Alliance

29:55 min | 4 months ago

Strong Like A Girl

"Welcome to the girl, Power Alliance podcast. You'RE GONNA meet and here from some inspiring women with incredible stories or leading in business and. We are on a mission to impact the world by empowering women to dream bigger, your kingdom minded mentoring and leadership. This is where women growth. Welcome back to another episode of the girl. Power Lines podcast I'm so stoked to be here today with a remarkable woman with a remarkable story to share with you Let me read you her bio really quick Her name is shelly strong which by the way I asked her when we first shot is that your real name because it is the epitome of who she is she is An amazingly strong woman. She's a breast cancer survivor. She was diagnosed when she was twenty nine years old and of course, I never thought that would happen to her. She always had a focus any passion for fitness. So being diagnosed with cancer is such a shock to her system and she is going to share some of her story today about how her faith in God really a was a major component in walking through this. Just, diagnosis and then treatment, and then where she's at today. So Shelly, strong I want to welcome you. We have the beautiful tiffany Marie on with us today. Welcome tiffany. Story. Oh, come shelly. Thank you so much I'm so excited to be here. We're so happy to have you and I know I read that little bio but would you share just a little bit more about your story and what you said that you were passionate about fitness but you actually were a fitness competitor is at crack I was and I feel like tiffany and I were supposed to meet so many times in our lives because when we competed, we had the same coach. Last April, we were both in Bali Indonesia at the same time like this week So I just feel like Lord puts people in our place when the time is ripe in our ads cross in just feel like I've been destined to meet her for a while isn't that crazy? I? mean. So you guys were both in Bali at the same time where at the same resort. No not the same resort. It's funny though, right? Yeah. Funny. Small Islands. So what are the chances I mean? Maybe you pass each other and you just didn't even know. Actually. So you were diagnosed right after that Bali trip then cracked a couple of months after we went for twenty, nine, th birthday and a couple of months after that trip I was diagnosed. So I found the lump went to my doctor and we did a physical exam and she said it's probably not anything you're so young you know you're really healthy. You don't have family history, but was still send you for an ultrasound I went for the ultrasound and they told me Oh it's going to be fine. It's a fibroid I wrote anoma. Again, they brought my age high was healthy no family history and they said come back in six months and then we'll look at it again. And that was the first time I heard like this small boy saying, no, don't wait and keep asking questions and I couldn't leave that room and I kept saying, well, you know and are you sure and I just felt like that wasn't enough for me. So I press forward and ask for surgery and they were able to get it to me but I had to wait to additional months for that. So I founded in June and just past had anniversary of finding actually. So June fourth that I actually found. But because they weren't really concerned and I wasn't you know an emergency surgery, they put me under general. So I had to go through referral consultation and all that and then it was the summer. So they were really booked on a lot of stuff. So My soon as surgery that they could do was go august ninth. So it's been two months now. So I go in August ninth have the surgery to remove it was Olympic to me and Wallen still under the surging comes out she tells my husband it looks fine we got it all I'm pretty sure it's nothing but we're still going to send it. So that was that three days later I'm here at home by myself husband's at work. It's his first day at a brand new job. And I get a phone call from her and she asked me if I can win to to the hospital and I said no no here by myself. No one's here to drive me and I had just taken some pain medications I didn't feel comfortable driving. So I just told her I wasn't available and I'm sorry we have to do this over the phone, but you do have cancer and it's a great three tumor and she's she's starting to talk about all these things about lymph nodes and treatment and words I didn't understand and my whole world went just quiet and I couldn't hear anything after that and I just told her I have to go and she. I need some time to process this, and she said you need a second surgery a sap have to remove lymph nodes, and again she's using all these terms that I didn't know. She said, you have to come back this Thursday promised show up you really need this and we hung up and that's where it started I just kind of new and I feel like I even knew the day that I found it because. Just a sense of urgency and you know just the Holy Spirit telling me you know you have to fight earth things are going to get worse and I'm glad that I did because when they first measured it at my ultrasound, it was one point five centimeters. So just two months it grew from one point five to three point eight when they took it out. So had I waited until December the six months that was originally recommended I mean it would have been a different conversation in a whole treatment plan I could have. been staged for by then. It's It's hard to Even take that information in and when you and I spoke. When tiffany introduced you to me the last time we spoke you talked about feeling you hearing like hearing the voice of God and really feeling this. Passionate conviction to press. Would you share a little bit about that? Because I think I think that it's important that anybody listening to this you know I feel like we kind of go to the doctor sometimes and we just. Lean on them totally. Well, they know they know what's best for me, but clearly guide was like. You know he's the ultimate physician. So he was like advocating for you. Already, we share a little bit about that. Yeah on totally which she said just this sense of urgency and not letting me give up because even when I did go home that day from the ultrasound, there was just this nagging feeling in my stomach saying don't accept this something is wrong and you know like you mentioned earlier I've always been into fitness bodybuilding competitions for awhile I'm pretty good at listening to my body when something's wrong and so that feeling it wasn't going away. So that's when I knew I was on the right half and that voice kept saying ask questions keep going don't stop and those were. The little phrases that I kept hearing in my journey in it continued throughout to like we saw Lord Hannon's in our lives. So many times even with my husband getting this job because before I live in now but before he was commuting to Victorville, which is about an hour away at then the week before I got diagnosed, he got something in Ontario. So He's four miles down the road, which was even also a blessing because there were times where I was really sick where he was able to come home beer in ten minutes. So a lot of things just landed right before this started and I really do feel like that was just awards hand like getting ready for this that I. have to go through I. wanted to pop in for a second. When you say fight will me I spoke to in inherit your story again with Michelle. Said you were angry and you're going through emotions because you were in tip top shape you were you know pretty much a wellness guru with yourself and you did everything right and you started questioning beings signs and I wanna know what that was for you in what had you lean into your faith because at the end of the day we all know faith. Is Trusting what we can't see in putting in God's hands and I want to share everyone what what emotion you're going through especially from an angry Stan in really taking care of yourself to have this goat in to have you go through it I should say for others because you're going to be that powerful voice i WanNa hear what what came out for you. I mean I hearing that was it was a range of emotions. So at first, I was really scared and I was like Oh my Gosh I'm only twenty nine years old and. You know this shouldn't be happening and then I was angry like you said I felt really betrayed my body and not just betrays on my body but even a little angry at God because here I am saying you know doing all the right things and I was eating right I was treating my body Ryden and what's the point I guess because I know a lot of other people that don't do those things and don't take care of them else and I see them in their looks fine. They're in good health. So yeah a lot of trail myself in God just the world being really angry and one of my neighbors he he came down to visit when I was going through treatment and he's very into the faith and everything to and he said Shelly. What if you didn't do all those things? Would you have still been that in tune with your body to know that something was wrong? And so I had to look. At that AMAC perspectives thinking yeah. You know you're right. What if I wasn't healthy or Just didn't care as much about my health. What if I had a different perspective on those things? Would I've really caught it as soon as I did and then I had a conversation with another friend to on just a bad day that I was having and I said I'm really down my spirits and Y me and. This is so unfair and just really angry and I said, I feel like, God left me and he said, you know it's really easy when things are going good in our lives to CEO home. So blessed and I got a promotion and a new car and we always thank God for the good things and the second something bad happens we shut down and then we're angry and we think we're abandoned and he said you know God has not abandoned you shelly, he is with us for everything that is good but also for your trial. And I think we're here on this earth to have experiences whether they're good or bad kind of wider our hands I think a lot of it is to chance. But one thing that's for sure is that he doesn't leave our side. He goes through everything with us and it took me a long time to come to terms with that and just accept that sometimes things just happen but it's the way we respond to our situations that make us who we really are. And you. And you have really responded in a remarkable and inspiring way to all of these things you shared with us on our in our last conversation about during treatments. How you felt like you know the Lord was speaking to you specifically during certain treatments and. Just, to share that a little bit. Yeah I definitely felt his love not all the time. It was kind of hard some days where you're just feeling Super Beta in a chemo has so many side effects of other than the nausea pain you know. It messes with you mentally I think too because it just keeps its every week. I was going so I would feel good for. Like two days before treatment and then you get knocked down again. But there were definitely times where if I was having a really bad day, I would get a text from someone saying just thinking of you and I don't think that's tw- incidents. I, think he sends you know promptings to others of a check on her. You know have you ever had a time where you think of someone they I was just thinking of you too. I really believe that he shows up in different ways whether it's friends checking on the whether it's the nurses back in November I did get hospitalized with Munich fever. So minute system just kind of crashed and I knew to go to the doctor before it got really bad. I had a small ever. And it was a Friday I called my husband I said something's wrong immediately. I said we have to go and he's like, how do you know and I said I can feel it something's wrong I time he got home I had hundred or. So, we had to go to the emergency room and I told them how I was feeling in that I was a cancer patient and they were able to take me in right away and they took all these tests and she so I don't see an infection I. Think you are starting to have because all my blood tests were coming back. The cultures were coming back clear a negative. So she said, I think you just caught it right before it got really bad. So I could have been septic. and they checked all my levels. I was extremely anemic had hardly any white blood cells, and so she said we'll give you some antibiotics and see if levels rise in the warning if not, you're going to need a blood transfusion. And so like Oh Gosh Rigo I don't WanNa be here overnight you know without my family and then they had to be very like clean about it. So I couldn't really have visitors except for immediate family my husband was one of the few people that was able to visit me. But the next morning it came my levels dropped even more I was not getting better, and so she said you're probably GonNa need a transfusion Lemme get this to the doctor Dr King Bag and confirmed it. He said you're going. So you don't need just one unit of blood you need to. That's how bad you are. and has just so defeated like here we go. Something else foreign in my body someone else's blood. We don't know how the side effects go because there are risks with blood transfusions and after he left the room. As for the Blood Bank for my I type of blood, I just said a prayer and I said. How do I trust this blood that or who it's coming from that they were just as healthy as I was that they took care of their body. And small voice came back and he said trust me. I. Said Okay Let's do it. So it came in with both bags I had that over a series of four hours. On the gave me food and she said, let's let's check it again I started going to my levels going to improve that quickly and she said Yeah. It's pretty fast with blood transfusions. So when she took my hemoglobin I was at a six. So you're human woman is normally ranges from twelve fourteen hours at a six. I was very, very weak. She said each unit of blood is host to raise it by a point or some reason mine went over by more than two. So she said Shelly I don't know how this happened, but you're levels are almost with imperfect range and I was just like Oh. Okay. So maybe this is what I needed to finish the rest of my treatment because I was halfway halfway point and maybe I needed that boost, but there were a lot of times where I prayed where I heard that at whisper to you're going to be okay because even that night after the blood transfusion that was probably the best sleep I had gotten in a long time at that way I was by myself my husband couldn't stay, but I just remember feeling before going to bed feeling like this warm embrace. Obliged on because you can reject it, you can get a fever and you have a blood transfusion, but I knew my body was going to accept it. This is what I needed. You know sometimes we do have to crash a little so he can help us finish the race and that's kind of how I saw that one instance The that's really a powerful picture that you painted that we have to crash a little bit sometimes you know they really is what faith is. I mean faith is not seeing everything and going okay. I can see this I trust it faith is trusting in what you absolutely don't know but you know how what you do know who he is and what he says and his promises in his word and so that's really what faith is trusting that about seeing anything and so if November was you're halfway point. When did you complete your treatment? So I finished chemotherapy on February fifth and then I had about a month of a break and then they recommended radiation because of the type that I have was really aggressive. So then I did for weeks of radiation. So Mike Complete active treatment was done on me I. Oh my Gosh. So you were in treatment during the whole a shutdown pandemic and everything which. Just adds another layer. Yes. It definitely added another layer of anxiety because even during transfusion I remember in December that's when it hit started happening in China and I was watching on the news from my chemo. Chair. Oh my gosh hopefully doesn't come here because I'm already with a low immune system I cannot handle that right now and then I finished February fifth and then in March when I was getting crept in I. was having my consultations relation that's when everything started shutting down the US and that was a whole nother layer because now I'm putting myself at risk leaving every day to go for radiation to a hospital where they're sick people and so. That was also pretty stressful to go through but. Eventually, I had a great radiation team in always made me feel comfortable and it was everything was really clean. We all wore masks. So I was able to get through that as well. How are you feeling today? You. Know I have good days and bad days yesterday was National Cancer Survivor Day. So that was kind of an emotional day for me because I spent most of the day reflecting what if I hadn't fought for myself? And thinking about if I would have even still been here today to to celebrate that in a lot of the time I have to be careful with how often I go on social media I started falling a lot of breast cancer awareness pages in allowed. It is good news when people ring the bell and they complete treatment but a lot of it is also bad news of women getting recurrence and it comes back and people casting away way that's really triggering for me. So you know it just really depends on on a day in today I was really excited. To. German story in so that kind of got me all excited in. So I'm feeling good today but are those days where the shadow is just lingering there and I don't know if it's just because it's so recent that I feel that or if that will just go away, we'll time but everyone that I've talked to other survivors say the first years really hard when you start having all those anniversaries because it's just so fresh Oh. Yeah I can only imagine. So sitting very newly very recently just completing your treatment the anniversary of you discovering that lump How what do you I mean obviously, God has a plan for you that goes longer than You know could have happened for somebody else that did not fight for themselves the way that you did. So sitting on that side of it, I have two part question number one. What how do you feel? What do you think? God's saying to you about the next phase of your life and number two? For the woman that's listening. That maybe they have yet to have discovered the lump or maybe they just did, what would your advice be to them? As far as the next phase of my life, I definitely learned a lot about this experience truthfully, before the cancer diagnosis, I was emotionally in a bad place of my life already dealing with some depression anxiety and I wasn't happy a lot about a lot of aspects in my life and I was easily stressed out all the time. But going through this, I do appreciate Life Klopp? More once you become very aware of your mortality you let a lot of the little stuff go and my husband and I were even talking about this the other night he said you are very different now. As far as just more easy going not letting the little stuff get to you even more motivated than you were before he said you were motivated before but he said now I see even more what you want for yourself and that fire on and I do feel like I had lost the fire a little bit because I had bodybuilding in that kept going a little bit and I was just in a place in. My life where I was like may doing and we're GONNA go next and I felt really complacent and then cancer hit and so now after this I've been very very open my story on Instagram I've had a lot of followers reached out to me have helped a lot of women get through their chemo stuff either sharing tips or food that I was eating or natural remedies got to do the photo shoot with. Photographer friend who does fashion photography for this, all these beautiful campaign, and so I've gotten the message out to help women. So I really do want to help others in life and trying to find different forms and so grateful to do this interview with you on in Tiffany and so that's kind of where I am right now I'm trying to navigate through. This bigger. Israeli. Where I'm at right now. And then for the second part in in terms of anyone who has any questions about your health, it doesn't even have to be breast cancer anything else on no one is going to fight for your life more than you. And you know your body. Best. So if your body is telling you or that something is wrong or you have a gut feeling ru, there's just off that's not going away. I really do believe that's the Lord talking to you and telling you to ask questions and to not give up an and don't give up until you find those answers until you find that piece once you find that piece, you know s from heavenly father in that you're on the right track I really do want women to to fight for themselves. Doctors See so many people day Sometimes I. I felt like this during several of my Mac felt like just another patient. But don't let them do that to you know this is your life in you have loved insider caring for you in counting on you. So really do whatever you can get your answers. I just got got hindsight I. Don't know about you. Michelle. But there is a lot of nuggets in that. In yes. Hearing alone when something deals off. Piece keep asking questions no matter what it is, and that is so powerful because so many times we it goes unnoticed in. So many times were asking for these signs. It's right in front of our fees and we have yet even acknowledge it and we just keep going through life busy and. Keep going in a sense we ignore it in. So when these signs cute popping up, it just smacks you across the face. It sounds like until the point where it's your. Life or death you don't. You don't even realize it could be. It. Could be cancer or could be a toxic something in your life. It's the same pattern that we to look at that for me. I don't know. Michelle. Did you feel that because I felt I felt by it was thousand very powerful message that a lot of women go through life on a day-to-day basis. Meant you. These signs so appearance but they don't ask the question. They don't lean an and that right there is a true testament of how to lean in if something deals off or something doesn't feel good lean into that I wanted to acknowledge for that because. Our there is going to help a lot of people are. Really really powerful I. Love You brought up the newness because that was something I also had where I was like my planner. Looked and I've talked to a lot of women who who were the same way that they're like I don't have time to go to the doctor. It's like you need to make that time for yourself, not not just for medical reasons, but for your own mental health and your sanity and for your inner peace and I think that was the biggest thing is remi that I learned was how to have Inner Peace Union through chaotic times. In right there right. A heard something church yesterday that resonates just with that. So even with what's happening in our current world right now is. Sometimes following isn't the answer right? We need to step up and lead and sometimes following means stopping. Requires us to stop like you said so that right there and I'm sure Michelle can agree I don't speak for you but. It's. It's so. We get busy and. The ignore those signs in in when we can just be. We have a girl kristen she's so sweet. She's our creative designer. She's our co founder as well an her sharing her story just listening to like how busy we can get to in. The power that we have within to lead sometimes, we become followers and or not just the followers that the followers that are ignoring these messages in the only way to lean in is to actually like stop for a moment in listen and listen and I think that's the most challenging thing to do in in such a busy environment. At like calendars being booked up, I can relate to that You know it's something that I do by faults and it's something that all I know is that it's almost like a survival. Only. You know how to live. Taking, those few days gives you that that awakening to what you need to listen to what you need to hear in order to move forward. So sometimes following requires stopping. I agree. I am so proud of you for listening and for fighting and I think that so many women need to. They will take from your strength your name. Shelley. Strong. They're going to take from your strength and they're gonNA listen to that while guys were talking about being busy unsure. You've heard the little phrase if the devil can't make you know make you busy and I believe that chaos and business and full schedules. All of that is a massive distraction. It's all massive tool of the enemy to keep you from hearing and so you know I think that God is. Always talking to us, but we're just so busy. We don't hear it or we don't trust it, and so he you know he really got your attention in a big way in you were able to lean in and listen to that, and I know that that was kind of a dramatic way to begin that journey of really hearing the Voice of God. But I know that it's just the beginning and know that you're going to be using really really mighty ways. You're you're here you're strong. You look amazing and you're just on the other side of it. So you're GONNA continue to get healthier and healthier and healthier we're praying with you and for you that that was the one and only encounter that you will have with that type of health crisis and I know that people are going to want to out to you. So how can they find you? So instagram would probably be best way right now. So the handle for that is at Shell underscore strong. Awesome. We'll make sure that you her in addition to her bio that you will have access to find her on instagram in the show notes. If you're listening to the podcast and right below this video if you're watching the youtube video, we'll have it in the information of the video below and I know that I can speak for everybody that's listening in watching that we are like I said praying with you for you. We're fighting the journey with you through prayer and I can't wait to see what God does with you, Shelley. Thank you so much online shelly. Wow what an amazing woman an incredible story. I know so many people can relate to her journey and we will be praying with her. If, you have not already done. So we would love to hear from you head over to our instagram page girl power lines, DOT COM, and share your story with us. Let us pray with and for you and if you have not yet. We are having a summit. We are having a summit called. In November, head over to girl power lines, dot com to hear more about that and You know we've been praying for you for a long time. If you have not yet joined our community, it's time. Girl. Power Lines. Dot, com where women grow.

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Westworld - S03E04 - The Mother of Exiles - Instant Talk

Bald Move TV

29:03 min | 10 months ago

Westworld - S03E04 - The Mother of Exiles - Instant Talk

"Welcome to watching Westworld the official unofficial podcast for West Road on HBO. I'm Jim I may Ron and we just finished watching season three episode four titled the Mother of exiles Iran which think Doing a lot of game of thrones. Bayton mother dragging his house. I heard that title one's GonNa Stop I actually like this. There was a point in this episode where I thought I might piss blood which is where it's where they were rapidly cycling between all of the the the hosts and asking questions like don't you recognize me whoever's addressing me right now and I'm like this fades to black this fades to black. It's going to be an ugly podcast. But you know what they answer the question and I don't think I think some people made a joking suggestion that it's all dolores but you know they made a big reveal. Now they made a big reveal and they didn't pundit and they didn't they stretch it out at the halfway point. One of the major mysteries of the season has been Resolved yeah that's me about this episode. Asterix Asterix Asterix Asterix. Now please accept what if it's not don't don't do and what if it's like. I feel like William. Right now like video. This real I right. I think he's an audit. I think he's actually intentionally an audience. Surrogate at this point delores. Welcome to the end of the game. She's talking to us because what Maeve can just control all electronics in the real world How does have she does have some sort of Wi fi communication with hosts that we in the park that works with the host whisper network? It doesn't like you know all technology I don't know I don't know maybe it does. Is it more likely? We've got blood markers that can mingle co mingle with your own blood. What if this What yeah what. If it's all simulation like there's it part of it is that maybe she got upgraded to have like just complete. Wi Fi universal wi fi four onto maybe nave staff talking about the right. That's what I was saying. That like. May these these magical powers so I mean it's possible that may has these magical powers in a real world or debt. This could be yet another test of like you know what would you do? Where would you go blah blah? I don't know what a simulation at this level would do. But you know everytime every five minutes in this in the show I stop and pause and ask myself what if it's a simulation and mind that annoying because I find that kind of annoying constantly withdrawing me from the story that they're trying to tell and the things that they're trying to say about humanity and feel artificial humanity. I don't know does it ruin. Zelda that every time you see a flat surface Awali got to drop a bomb there but no nine ten times. Nothing for those not nine nine. That's in ten times. Nothing happens but one out of ten you get that Doodoo and you got another level. So it's like I to me. This is like an optical illusion where it's like you know I'm flipping it over and I'm seeing the staircases going up or down in every five minutes. I always like to be like hey. I flipped it upside down. And I think it's interesting so long as what is what they're asking me to ponder is interesting and the nature of reality what it means to be real. You know. Better living through simulated. Ai Controlled Society. I think those are interesting questions So yeah you'd find with a lot less patients. I think for what they've been doing. The last couple of seasons honestly even the first season but in the first season it was so novel and so interesting and it was so well told that I was kind of on board for the last two seasons. I've been losing patients I think this reveal is it. I don't know what's in the service of like. Why did you need to keep us in suspense? About this would have been more interesting to maybe tell us what was going on and then sort of let us deal with the ramifications of it as we went through these first four episodes. I don't know it's hard say but my gut feeling is I like that stuff when I know everything all the cards are on the table and I'm simply looking at how these things affect the people involved. Well yeah I mean if that's your preference after preference. I'm just saying that like I don't know that it is a negative for me because I think back. How much would my interpretation? The first four hours changed. If I had known that everyone is dolores because I didn't know any of them like I said last week is like they seem like there is a little bit of every I could see like well. Maybe it's Teddy. I could see the arguments for Angela and I knew there's arguments against but you know number one were. I'm still not sure that we're being told the truth. Just in universe like all these hosts said there deloris What does that mean? I think it's interesting to if they are dolores because they're not all the same. Dolores they the second that she copied the marbles and put them in different host and they started having actions in experiences of their own day became different people. And I think that's inherently an interesting interesting concept. They play one of my favorite Comic Book Story. Lines of all time is when Jamie made rocks. The multiple man got separated from one of his clones frog. A- long-term purpose and that clone be started thinking it was the original multiple man and I think that's an inherently interesting. That you know they play. They play that with the they. They've been planning to that several times if you didn't just see here's like a Paul Rudd movie Where he got Clo- yeah. Yeah so it's like a netflix movie. Yeah it's an inherently interesting concept of like you know You know we've talked about this several times on the podcast thus far. It's like you know if you become perfect. Copy on your deathbed you're eighty year old man and you're dying and they transfer your conscious into young you body and you see that body wake up and look at you and blink. Is that you. They're about to put you to sleep. You're about to die. Are you about to die or are you living on you know when you go through? It's it's yeah it's crazy thing. I think that's an interesting thing. Obviously if Delors telling one hundred percent the truth and these are all the same version hurt his copied and all these different marbles The one that's in tests as body is going a little crazy unless that's part of the plan to or at that's a simulated version of the future or like she's tried. There's different times like there's so many things that the show like. Wia were worrying about what host is in what body like. There's this massive operation it's making droid fluid. Are we sure that there's still just five bodies around now or like are are there are a lot more robot hosts than than? We can even imagine. I don't know it gets interesting. That the very least they're gearing up for something bigger. Yeah I really like Bernard's I thought Bernard was interesting and that he's just a step partout behind Dolores at all times and lag. How is he ever going to win if he continues to do that? He doesn't have as many allies as allies artists committed. He only has one ally and he might even be dead. I don't think he is. There's no way no way off of Of A one story thing and he's GonNa be dead. No that was pretty entertaining. Though when the simulation boy was like freaking out seeing his dead girlfriend weapon ask like taps her head on tap for Temple. I yeah you know you're onto something. Yeah Hell of a drug. That do whatever the hell is called. Yeah Yeah what else we want to talk about. I don't know there's a question at the end. The Dolores can a leaves William with or William Leaves William with Which is if this was your choice when you already know the answer to the question. Am I mea- And I'm I'm trying to under trying to interpret that To to understand its meaning and I'm not sure I'm quite there yet like I just saw this ten minutes ago. Something about like the difference between humanity and The host which lets them have actual choice. An actual agency over their choices As opposed to humanity. Which doesn't is that. What she's getting at is she trying to say like look. If you were a host you would know that the choice is yours in fact but since you're human you're not sure if the choice is yours I don't know I thought it was like. It's kind of a refutation of the like well you know you made bad choices you know when when people find themselves in bad situations a lot of people in a place at judgmental say well these are the result of your choices you know you got addicted to drugs gotta diss the yet that you're poor you're sick whatever And the re reputation that is kind of both life is Some of the choices. You never get so many choices that are handed to you and you make your best shot but then also life is about things that happened to you beyond your choice. And that's where that's the problem. I guess I have to show. Is that determination determinism down to like what is what does that mean like if if if if humans are humans are work on these fundamental physical processes of the universe in our brain chemistry. And whatever. What does but we're still can you'd like we can still be We can still be waylaid by random things happen like cosmic ray hits her. Dna Mutates we get cancer so like and that at some point runs into the Heisenberg uncertainty principle. Right because these these radiation things decay randomly through a process. That's that's inherently random. So how the hell can like even if we are purely deterministic. We have these like things shooting around us and exerting influence on it so we can't even see like I. I the shows a little schizophrenic. Because it wants to have it like two. Robots are entirely choice driven and we are entirely these meet. Machines are on these little wound up targets and I think both sides are gonNA find out at the end that it's a little bit of both. Yeah that's that's one of the most interesting concepts in this episode and it's sort of book. Ins This episode You have in the beginning Dolores or or I guess Emily Asking William if every choice you made wasn't choice at all if something were into your code and I think the answer the proper answer to that right now. With humanities sort of limited understanding of our our cognition and things of that nature is who cares because ultimately like whether you're deterministic or you're not deterministic In your nature until we can foresee the outcomes based on choices. It doesn't there is no fundamental difference to US right. Like because whether I'm making this choice because a cosmic ray hit me five seconds ago. You're making the choice because I have free will and I can make choices The outcome is going to be what it is and I don't have any insight into that and therefore feels like I've made a choice and I think that's the important thing for humanity well but where it does when you say who cares like everyone sitting in prison care because if life is purely deterministic you're punishing people for playing the part that they literally have to play point is we have. We don't have enough insight into that process. In order to make that call as it stands. It doesn't matter. We are a treat this as if we have free will and choice. But I think it's fair for a show to like explore those concepts because the other thing is like it wouldn't surprise me if at the end of this show. It's like Do you remember we need that? Podcast on there will be blood and I have mentioned about like this kind of like mini epiphany. I had about you know the Guy Star the movie that I drink your milkshake guy. The very opening film. He falls down a mineshaft. Almost dies drags himself out through some heroic self preservation and will then goes on to dominate the world. Whole time thinking. I'm the kind of son of a bitch to pull myself out of a mine shaft with a broken leg and I don't think people like that ever stop and think that ninety nine times out of one hundred data's Diana bottom mine. They land the half inch this way and they shatter Vertebra instead of a leg delay. Gangrenous you know. There's so many ways that with all of his grit with all his determination he still has a skeleton at the bottom of that mine mine shaft and I think that's where the law is getting at when she says something like these. Are All your choices than you should know what's happening next if you're in control and these are all choices than you must have chosen to be here and you must also know what your next choice is to regain your destiny right and like the fact that he can't say that and the fact that he is relatively helpless should be a wakeup call. I don't know that's that's where that's where I guess I'm I'm I'm out with the show right now so I think they might be saying I feel and the best part of this season in my opinion is the stuff they're doing with him and the ability to predict humans and their decisions and me like when you connect all the dots and you have all the information you know the stuff firm westworld combined with the stuff that ribbons already got and you can sort of you know hit Sarrakhs Final goal which is to perfectly predict everything Then you can talk about whether humans have free will and whether that matters and how to I guess. React to that And so the show is like pushing it really interesting direction and it has me a little scared you know for the future of all of our human characters in this world I don't know we've seen maybe two of them. The slacker time. I'm not sure at this point but I'm worried for them. Because once that synthesis of that data comes together the choice may be a moot point right and you may be just pushed in a direction and whether you have choice or free will or not. You're going to be dictated to what you're GONNA do. How do you feel about Sarah being real person versus a manifestation of Robo Code Robot Hobo Code because that was a big question last week some of the theories in involved the he was some kind of digital avatar inside a simulation? It depends on how you feel about this being future world. Well that's the word relation but that that's where I kind of want to you know when we're talking about all. The interactions she has with a mermaid has Sarik I was thought that in the back of my mind is like well if the theory is correct and every time we see him in the real world and it's fake But also if he's not I think it's a pretty interesting compelling background is kind of like gave us the barest hints of this week. It looks like we'll be finding that more next week. That one of the reason he still obsessed with control and prediction and simulation is because at a very formative age. His Country. was apparently destroyed by very large nuclear blast. That is left than it is a big part of that and I. I can't I can't remember. I remember in the Trailer where would they showed? All the different divergence divergences in historically was the nuclear incident. Did it happen in France because I remember? They said that there was a nuclear incidents and it might have been in France by towns right but could miss murdering it seems like there is there was definitely that and. I think that's an interesting. You know any any good villain has to have like a cause commensurate with their your has to have an origin that justifies their bullshit. Or you know that that's defines a well written Villain for like melodrama. You know it's a magneto versus a joker right This I mean that that would do it. That would be ten years old and your country just gets wiped off the map because of probably madman like you'd want to binned every bit of your intellect and skill and money to try to make sure that never ever happens and if that puts humanity in an Egg Carton. That day can't ever get out of so be it at least no you know. Millions of people don't get incinerated a nuclear Holocaust. Yeah so Sarasin interesting complicated character. Because I'm not sure I would even label him a villain as such. It could be John. Connor Yeah I mean there. There are a lot of ways he could go I I don't know that I'm comfortable with the concept of prevalent dictator especially one on the scale But he could be one of those He could also like his goal. Seems to be the preservation of humanity. And I you know there are certainly various. You can use to accomplish that goal. But I don't know that I would necessarily call him a villain especially when he sort of puts this olive branch out to Maven says Something that I don't necessarily agree with that you know humanity or I guess organics and synthetics can't live together On this in this world and that you could have your own world the the we would give you. I don't know that I totally agree with that. But it is certainly a gesture of peace right it is. It is not deloris as path. But it's interesting though because like you know I I think of Westworld and I think of like how they depicted like the native Americans. The first nations people and their realities. That's that's a people that like. We Co we coexisted with by putting them in a reservation and then forgetting about them or cutting their find like if I was made the question would be. Okay I go back to my cage or I can go into this other cage that you can shut off at any time once. I'm in that cage. I no longer at agency in the real world like that doesn't as far as like why can't do species coexist. I don't know like that's one of the books I was. I was banging on last season. The sapiens right. One of the weird include one of the weird things about human history is there was like four or five other competing hominids species on this planet existing at the same time and we fucking wiped them out. We fucking white when we there is not another species of humans on this planet except one. Why did we do it? Yeah why did we do? It wasn't our fault where we pushed into it. I don't know but it's it's like as soon as you said like coexist I'm like. Yeah but like you've got one clearly superior being and then one shitty meat sack the has to push private parts together to reproduce and pestis shit out of its but and Puke when it gets sick like no no. Those species are not the Morlock in Illinois know that only worked in the time traveller. Because one was the cattle was the like. Yeah like maybe the coexist but not in any kind of like Eagle Eagle. -Tarian E- Egalitarian. Way And I look at it. I say why would humanity want to stay the way humanity is when there's a clearly superior version of it out there? Yeah I would opt out of shitting and sleeping for sure. Yeah Act absolutely. I'd still want to match some parts every once in a while but would you. Would you want your free of this meat prison? You think you think so. Once you're free if the biological imperative the reproduce. He's still on a smash bar. They'll do it out of there I don't you. Do you have any choices coupon. Okay I got some random things I wanted to ask you about our observe. I like the rockets landing asks I in Victorville. John's one no no more rockets land in like airplanes or crashing. They're all going to land ass. I now that's cool win. These robots are eating and drinking for pleasure. Yeah the Beers confused me. I thought that was the thing about hosts that they don't I think they probably can eat. But data right like data can eat. He can simulate act if he wants. But like the idea that you'd reward a stub spot with like ice cold brew like this future. Rama will he? Will he say? Bite my shiny metal ass before this. The season's over from I like the concept of that lake our concept of the afterlife and I guess everyone that's religious. Cover your ears. The idea that the afterlife humans is just a make believe but it's very real for these robots because they have like this eternal everlasting thing about them that you could put into a heaven or I thought that the concept of Heaven and Hell like you know I blow this guy's brain that he's gone he's gone but you you know you got that marble. I thought that was really an interesting thought. Did she think the One lady that Liam was ogling wanting to checkout WANNA do one click purchase on look alike Angela from last year Washy Angela? I don't think so I. She looks so close. Be But yeah. I'm pretty sure it was haven't had time to check but I'm like it's so close and like you know we're looking for the five We see a fifth marble and we didn't even know it. I have we Kinda for all the marbles yet we got deloris Hale Liens bodyguard the Masada Musashi. Bernard wasn't a marble she she was is a marble or did she reconstruct him for Memories. Because that's what she said but then we see the fifth marble. Oh did she say that? I missed that less. What she told Bernard but that. Maybe that's why it's okay if Bernard is when the marbles we've seen five marbles that can't be Angela just a coincidence what so there are six marvel. There are six pearls all right because there's the one that went out and Hale's body and there were five in the sach. Oh I'm in five in the Sach. Oh you're right. So there are total six pearls total. Okay okay so we are still missing. There's there's a potential Angela sell out their guests so six deloris No v Dolores. There's your because one of them's Bernard what's up with the pinprick of blood. I don't Know Yeah. It was who was on stubs. I care ever I I wrote down. A Pinprick wasn't No it was. He'll doing it. The William Okay. Yeah Yeah Yeah at the very end is that well the introduces weird concept of encryption. Key in one's blood but I don't know why she would need that because maybe that's a DNA sample. She needs to because of to get him. Because I think Williams still alive here. I think so but this cellular sample is the thing they need to recreate him in the daily slabs so they can put him in like third literally put him in Hell. I mean we saw what happened. James de la so yeah. He's probably been unhealthy. Times is going all. He's going to go all the way down. He's still flesh and blood now though right he survived so I think so and I think there's a shot in here. That's going to confuse a lot of people because early on It's like the first scene or something when he's talking about him freaking out. She's she's saying you know. Go ahead and finish the job. Or whatever and he rules leave up. And he's got these fingers that are blown off and they show like robotic stubs on the end of them. Yeah and he's about digging to himself but if you've look at that When she kind of goes away and he returns to his senses. He's hand is all bandaged up so I think some sort of like weird self image that he's got him of body because I thought they were like trying to maybe regrow his fingers because he's got that big Mitt on the device. Yeah Yeah and there's also you know it's been five minutes since I said it could it all be assimilation. So but yeah. I wonder what they're doing to that pinprick of blood and then finally just fill just as Phil cinematography thing. I still love what they do. The the white the android fluid and the blood like and I I also. I don't have the you know I. I always want to pause it when I'm watching. It live to look at stuff but then my God I gotta get on. The instant take is there. Does that look like anything year pattern. Yeah Yeah it's like I feel like it's a Rohrschack it's gotta be like someone's GonNa have an outline is like I I I I thought maybe it was like all the continents of the world. It's like you know robot domination or something but then it's like Nah that's a strategy is not below North America. That can't be. I wonder if it's I was. I was halfway to the proving. It was a mercator projection. And then it wasn't. I'd have time to go back and look to see what actually was but a maybe says the letters to spell out. Who am I or am I me? So how'd you think? What would you think about the action this this episode? I thought it was better. I mean it's hardly any worse but I thought the hand to hand stuff is pretty good. I was a little dodgy about auto aiming guns but they did establish that as a thing yes seems like it could make guns. That might have enough like you know how you lead a horse right. It's just Kinda. You directed space. Go where you wanted to go. Yeah it felt like that like you. Direct the arm of the person and the aim of the gun to go where you want it to go and maybe they could end up shooting. They're buddies yeah and it didn't seem like they're like there's limits like you couldn't literally make it shoot the person like you could just kind of like skew it by because it wasn't like a full arm applies. It was just the wrist. So you kinda get across direction and maybe shoots exactly where you're looking. I don't know I thought it was I. I thought it was cool. And I thought the like stubbs versus Dolores. Fight was really cool and I love the kind of humor. Afterwards I thought the Maeve versus new Musashi was really good. yeah I thought they should just all do like Matrix Style. Hand to hand that they should never have people with guns. Actually get everything. Should be Malay because they really struggle when these throw guns into the mix so seems like everyone should have believable. I wonder if also because if what the Hemsworth brother said about his shoulder being racked and that's why they had the rewrite that thing did they must have gone and rewritten the whole season because he was clearly supposed to have action scenes. He couldn't pull off and they they mentioned that like. Hey speaking of getting funds. Can I repair the shoulder? And Bernard like no. We don't have the time money resources for it so I wonder that too now. We don't actually have medical insurance. We shot this in Australia. They don't need to require I wonder I wonder what was supposed to happen. Like all season long. Like are all of these things like slightly scaled down versions or Asher might be like Indiana Jones and the raiders lost Ark. Deal where you know. Harrison Ford is too sick to do a stunt so they had the inspired choice. That has having shoot this guy like. I wonder if there's any gold like that in the season like mother. The invention is the mother of the sesame modernise. Necessity is the mother of invention. That's goes What else you WanNa to talk about or should we get to what the people were talking about. Yeah let's go to the people. Okay this is the end of what we call the instant. Take podcast which is where Jim and is talk about whatever we want to talk about. We're about to start the instant. Take instant talk version of the podcast where we go to our club members using the youtube chat interface and see what they're talking about what they're buzzing about. That sounds like a good time easy to get in on yours. Go Club up. All Move Dot Com. You can sign up tonight and be on your way club W DOT com.

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TYT Extended Clip - June 15th, 2020

The Young Turks

52:31 min | 8 months ago

TYT Extended Clip - June 15th, 2020

"I know what you're thinking Jank. Where do I get unlimited commission free stock? Trades. Man, do I have for you? Go Dot com slash. Ty, T.. Yes, it's really unlimited trading. Yes, it's totally commission free. Yes, they explain what an ETF is. If you don't know it, that's what's great about. Though because they are wonderful explainer videos and you got the zero minimum balance. You got nothing for commissions. Dope Dot, com slash, ty T.. Low the. unchurched shaky experiment with you guys so lots of stories obviously a and great guesses well tomorrow. We're actually going to have Jamal Bowman on. He might be about a week away from unseating. The head of the Foreign Affairs Committee for the Democratic Party so Jamal. Bowman on the warpath. He is so close to beating Eliot Engel Sure that you check out the tomorrow. The interviews are before the now is five thirty P. M. Eastern, so t dot com slash live. So Jank I'm just a little bit of breaking news today. turns out that the congressional black. Caucus has chosen to endorse Elliott Angle the incumbent Democrat in that seat, I only mentioned it because Eliot. Angle was caught on a hot mike saying that he had no interest. Speaking to black lives matter protesters, and the only reason why he was doing, it was because of his primary. I just find it unbelievable I. Mean maybe I shouldn't find good unbelievable, but yes, that's the with the Congressional Black Caucus. The establishment wants to protect the establishment at all costs, and that's certainly the case here. Yeah and so let's just be absolutely clear about two things about that. They will move on a case. Your WanNa read home illegal, not black. Okay so Jamal ways here's what's going to happen. They will turn around on a dime and pretend that they're all his best friend ever then they're all gonna. Tell Jamal, whatever you do, black or white do not ever support a challenger guessing incompetent. So. That's how that game is planned or K. Congressional, Black Caucus okay. anyways Now let's. Check in on our thermometers at the beating of the show to keep us strong and healthy sustainable to dot com slash. Go We're trying to get the sixty five thousand by the end of Friday show. That apparently didn't happen because it's not the beginning of Monday show sixty, four, thousand, seven, hundred, sixty eight but every single dollar is appreciated We're trying to get to two hundred thousand and. In you guys made the show possible, so hit sixty thousand. Now that'd be great. Thank you. Guys are the the show. Unfortunately, there are some very tragic stories today the show. Yeah. The top pathway show is pretty heavy. I apologize for that, but they're important stories to cover, so we begin with recharged. Brooks. ATLANTA COP IN ATLANTA. COBB has been fired and one other has been placed on administrative leave after one of them shot Richard Brooks in the back twice as he was running away from them, the cop identified as Garrett role. has been fired as I mentioned and then. Devon Brosnan. Who was the other cop on the CD hold later? He's also been. ATLANTA. Msci Erica Shields has resigned in response to this controversy, so let me give you the background before we go to the video and I. Do want to note that the video is graphic i. want to give you ample warning before we go to it, so this all started when Brooks was in his car allegedly asleep at the drive Thru Line of a Wendy's restaurant, so at that point someone calls the cops on him to report him at that point. The Atlanta cop shows up and knocks on his window to see what's going on. Irking spot at that point and is very compliant with the police officer. He's checked for weapons. They added down. He checked for weapons. He doesn't have any weapons on him. At that point, he's asked to do a field sobriety test which he complies with he does it, and then at that point, he's asked to do a breathalyzer test. He does the Breathalyzer test and he fails at that point. Brooks asked the officer. pecan lockup his car. Up under their supervision and walk to a sister's house, which he says is short distance away. I can go home. He says to the COPS now. Unfortunately, they didn't allow him to do that. And things quickly escalated to officers. have been at the scene for more than twenty seven minutes at this point when the breath test is complete officer role tells Mr Brooks equal has had too much to drink to be driving and begins to handcuff him less than a minute later brooks his shot, so here is one of many videos that are available online that show out what happened. How things transpire I want to emphasize that Brooks was running away when the? Fire three shots two of which hit him in the back again. This video is graphic. It's difficult to watch, so there's your warning Let's let's watch. I. Hope! WHO. Some. Hey. Are. Normally back to sleep just over there. Okay all right, thank you. I said. How much have you drink? That's what I had one in half. That was it to visit a couple, or is it one or is it one and a half I think you've had too much to drink to be driving. Mark. So, he did manage to grab. brought officer Brosnan's tasers her. Of course he was running away and in that video you can see him trying to fire. The the Taser at the cops would appear that he missed at that point the other cop. Takes his. His Taser puts it in his other hand, and then grabs for his gun in his holster and shoots three times again. Two of those gunshots hit him in the back and later killed him. Okay so. Some. More context in this story so first off This is not a shooting that is. Some of the others that we've seen. In some of the shootings and deaths, we've seen. There's just absolutely no reason for pulling up to Tamir. Rice and twelve year old park. In Cleveland area shooting within two seconds you. You didn't even find out what was happening in this case they didn't know what was happening in the beginning, when perfectly fine, so they? It was a good interaction between the police and Brooks Do they have to go to the drive through when somebody falls asleep there? Yes. They do. Somebody's gotTa call up the cops have. Should they feel sobriety tests under those circumstances? Yes, I would say they should. Did he pass it? He did not or k. was brooks wrong to try to run away. I think he was. Was He wrong? Grab the Taser I think he was okay now. Having said all that that is where most of the police will then say I mean. The guy's got one of our tasers. He's fired back US I imagine we'll probably see those stories starting to come out soon. that allow the COPS including in Atlanta and other places will be flabbergasted that this police officer has been fired like the guy's got a weapon. He's firing at us. Everything. You ever taught us is to kill. And I actually don't think that that's wrong. Think. What they were taught is terribly wrong. But only Israeli. They were taught, so my guess is that the every competent countries now outrage? They can't kill a guy in that scenario and the reality is you. Can't you guys running away? He's fighting the tasers like basically into the air, but I don't even care. He's firing at you now. I saw that I don't care. He's the wrong, but you already have as ide- already have is a licensed. You could easily go get him later so as he's running away for the only reason to shoot is if you think you're about to die or someone else about to die. And the reality is that is not always teach the cops that we theoretically come that, and then we tell them better to be judged by twelve, and they'd be carried up by six shoot. Chu Chu Chu Chu Right and they do so, but I'm thrilled that he was fired. Because now, cops are going to think twice before shooting. Kill us a one. Good I want them to think twice. I wanted to think three times before they needlessly kill someone. You're right I. Hear. Analysis is completely right I. think that for Soft I. Don't think anyone is trying to pretend as if brooks did absolutely nothing wrong. The real question here is do cops have the right to decide whether someone gets to live or die Based on their Perc- I mean if that person if the suspect does not pose an imminent threat to their lives, and in this case, Brooks is running away and some people say well. He got the you got the Taser will. What are they supposed to do? Just let them go. No, actually there is protocol supposedly that cops are supposed to follow in situations like this where it's abundantly clear that the person is not armed with a lethal weapon. Remember they did a search to make sure he didn't have a gun or anything like that when? Things were. Going okay, right, he was complying. There weren't any issues, and so there was a great interview. Actually by retired LAPD sergeant showed Dorsey. She was speaking to CNN about the culture of policing, but more importantly, what should have been done in this case because just running away especially after you failed a field sobriety tests. You're in your car. That's not okay. No one's saying like. Oh, just go well. What are you supposed to do as a cop? In order to both avoid killing him and ensuring that justice is. Is Served. No one else gets hurt, so here's the interview again. This is retired LAPD. Sergeant Cheryl Dorsey. What I see report tactics used by his officers. They clearly did not did not anticipate that Mr Brooks might run away. You should always anticipate that a suspect is gonNA. Try to get away when you try to handcuffs on him here to what we do and so. So what the officers should have done was as he ran away, they should set up a perimeter. They should have got on the radio request. Additional units direct them into the area, provided a description of the suspect of direction of travel, and then try to contained within their ringleader. You don't get to shoot someone in the back because they take your Taser end because they. They run a safe from the beginning. This was punishment. And now we know in the officers own words. We hear one of them say. He took my effing tasers twice, and so this was about him punishing him, and when they got close enough to do just that. One of the officers murdered Mr Brooks any been said in a victory lap got it. Yeah, you know. Even before i. saw any of you Anna. As soon as I saw the whole interaction, read all the details I thought. They could not go back to the precinct with that guy. Having gotten their Taser Bay. Here's another part of the culture. That's wrong. I guarantee you. Every other COP would have made fun of them. The little them ridiculed them. Somebody figure tasers. You didn't murder them. I guaranteed guaranteed and so don't tell me there's nothing wrong with the cultural policing. Don't tell me it's just bad apples, and so that was definitely component to it, and then, of course there's the issue that we've seen a hundreds of times, which is after they shoot him. Do they attend to him right away to make sure that he doesn't I know in this case. It was over two minutes before they do CPR again. That's better than the other stories. We've seen where they just let the person bleed up and never ever attend to him. Maybe, they've seen some videos of COPS getting in trouble for letting somebody bleed out for a nine ten twelve minutes but either way they seem to as in the beginning as usual more concerned about their career than tending to a guy who is bleeding to death on the ground, while by the way witnesses were saying he's still breathing. He still breathing obviously pleased. Get Him some home. Quality story was bad. We're about to move on to something even worse, so let's talk about what happened in California over the weekend, so. A growing number, a growing number of Los Angeles California residents, and even officials are demanding an in-depth investigation into the death of Robert Fuller, whose body was found hanging from a tree in a Palmdale California Park now. This is a part of the Antelope Valley and there is a history of Neo Nazi activity hate groups in that area and we'll get to that in just a minute, but I do think it's important to know about in order to understand why people are skeptical of what the county Sheriff Department originally deemed in this case they deem that. That, this was a suicide. The families arguing no, we're not buying it. We don't think this is a suicide and we think that this should be investigated. So the twenty four year olds family is fighting to get a thorough investigation into this. and Luckily there are some local politicians who are signing onto it as well so neo Nazi groups have been reported in this area. There's also been Justice Department actions over alleged discriminatory housing and leasing practices in Palmdale and the neighboring city of Lancaster and I think it's also important to note that. Less than two weeks before fuller's death there was another black man found hanging from a tree in nearby Victorville in San Bernardino County authorities say investigating the death of Malcolm Harsh who was found on May thirty first harshest family told the Victor Valley News on Saturday. That the explanation of suicide does not seem plausible. So jank I wanted to jump in on this a little bit and. It's just. This is too much I mean to black men hanging from trees in you know similar areas that have a history of Neo Nazi activity web current neo. Nazi activity just wanted to get your thoughts. Yes I have some personal interaction with the Palmdale Sheriff's Office. Two other I can tell you back because I ran for Congress there, so but first. Let's note the. Literally unbelievable coincidence that Amazon about so Victorville, and Palmdale, about fifty miles from each other. And these deaths happen about ten days. Apart from each other. So and I. Don't know if you know this. I don't know if the cops though this I suspect that they do There's a history of hayme black men from trees in this country and so to find. To, one person who is not black, hang from a Trina. Park is incredibly unusual. Right? That would it make everybody go? What is what's going on here? Why? Why in public people don't normally do? Suicides in public to find a black man? Hanging from a tree should give you tremendous pause given the history of this country to find two black men hanging from trees in nearby areas within ten days of each other, and they're all both of them. Suicides without autopsies oh come on I mean. Is there a coincidence that large on the planet? Maybe but that wouldn't be my first assumption. Sank with harsh just to give you some more info on that. After harsh his body was found. The county failed to do an autopsy for twelve days. Next so in Iraq fuller case, they say they have not a full autopsy yet. I don't know what that means because I have read countless articles on it, and so they say they're going to do a full autopsy soon I. Don't know why they keep saying full. Did they do half an autopsy before? I, you know maybe they did. You had a doctor. Look at it without doing autopsy, but you didn't do an autopsy on a black man hanging from a tree, and and you just declared a suicide. That is more likely. Be a suicide. On a case about harsh. He's got blood on his shirt. They say there is no other sign of foul play. Blood on the shirt is good enough for me to have an autopsy done before twelve days i. don't know what happens to a body. Twelve days I'm not an expert on it, but and people say oh, it's really busy and Victor. Go Really. There's so many public hanes in Victorville that they can't get to the autopsies in twelve days. I just all of this seems so unbelievable to me and so it is possible it is. I'm not saying that. It's impossible, but men would be awfully strange. It has to be like your twelfths rather than your first assumption, and and the important part of this guy is without public pressure. They would have both been called autopsies. I mean suicides and we would have been done with it and in this case I. Don't know if the police are driven by racial animus. I, we don't have any evidence to that effect yet. But they're at a minimum driven by incredible laziness like I asked wrapping up the Black Guy, who cares? Let's go more importantly or more, relevantly, keeping really black, and and and not rich, so if you got a black mayor hanging from a tree, they're going to do a bigger investigation. They're going to do it autopsy, etc, you gotta a millionaire hanging from a tree. Everybody's going nuts you of A. A millionaire was bad hanger trait. They would not do the autopsy for twelve days. There's a single person America. Believe that, of course, not no, but if you're not powerful well, hey, that's a shame so just to give you an example. Jank I know I'm definitely comparing apples and oranges here, but it's related so Beverly Hills California just passed regulation, indicating that no more than ten people can publicly assemble. And of course, this is an immediate reaction. Response to the black lives matter protests happening around the country right so I'm just bringing that up because when it comes to protecting the privilege of the wealthy when it comes to keeping them in their comfortable little. Moat surrounded bubbles. Elected officials will do what it takes, but when it comes to the powerless, they don't care at all. Including in cases like this, where a man's body is found hanging and for twelve days they refuse to do an autopsy. I also want to know one other thing about the incident. involving. I'm sorry. Fuller Marsh Sorry Filler. filler. Yes, I I, wanted to make sure I got it right so in the incident involving fuller, the investigators argued there was no footage or surveillance of what happened, but there's a reporter named Billy Jensen who actually went to the scene, and was like not buying it and so I wanna go to Jensen's tweet. The city said there were no outdoor cameras I counted for the tree where Robert Fuller was found in Palmdale and then and then ask the sheriff Did you ask for the footage from Ocho digital from Wisconsin Palms apartments? And then you can see in the images there that there are cameras facing the area where a fuller was found so I just? It just seems like there's absolutely no There's apathy. There's nothing but apathy when it comes to these cases, and they just want to call it something and get it over with, but they need to investigate this. Yes, so look victory role in Palmdale relatively near one another. They're different jurisdictions in so I don't know about Victorville in, but I have some personal experience in Palmdale and so in the sheriff's Department Ah. Ah Did show up to something I was attending. It was a candidates forum at a Muslim American community center antibody show far-right. mega-guys showed up to disrupt it event Kaz, presumably, it was at a Muslim American beauty center, and they knew me and called me by name I don't know if they showed up specifically to also heckling me so but it didn't matter because they weren't just heckling. They let anyone speaking before. Now as it turns out, it's the Muslim community center so only Democratic candidates showed up to the four, so the share had to be called in. They come in and the people who showed up all the officers. Were took an incredibly lightly the lead officer there was smiling, grinning the entire time as by the way those guys trailing. Horribly bigoted things take your head job off. You don't belong in this country to the Muslim. Attendees one guy tried to grab a woman so job and you know you guys are terrorists and you don't. You're not Americans, etc, and the whole time the Guy Smiling and refuse to take him out. He said No. Let if you don't like them talking just end event, so they ended a congressional candidate form. Because right-wingers wanted yum bigoted things at Muslims. We can't. We can't tell who's right. WHO's wrong? Wait? They have radio speech they get. Bigger questions at the end of the forum. NOPE didn't care and eventually we had to leave. And so that's my interaction. My only interaction with a a sheriff Sheriff's office in Palmdale, and they did not seem particularly empathetic to minorities in that situation, but the way one of the candidates was African, American one of the right wingers yell at him to get off the plantation con. Still smiling didn't do anything about it, and instead of removing the the the right wing guys looking to destroy the event. Facilitated destroying by telling us, we could leave if we want so I look. That doesn't mean that indicative of the whole Sheriff's department. That's just one anecdote, but having said that my surprise at that office looks at a guy hanging apart those. Cameras whatever let's wrap this thing up We know do a full of later. Maybe if there's tremendous public pressure so now, city officials are doing a good job rallying around the community, but they found the guy, Wednesday morning. And now they, the city officials and everybody else didn't spring into action until hundreds of people protested in Palmdale on Saturday and by the way if you're wondering hey, maybe it's a copycat thing, and sometimes folks see in the news, and then they do likewise, and that does happen from time to time. No Amazingly Malcolm Harsh is death was not even reported in the local news for twelve days, so there's almost no chance Robert. Fuller could have even known about it. I, mean look interesting new story that there was a black bang. There I mean what the Hell's going on victor. Bill Being so. Much going on in Victorville the bill. Victorville. There's nothing happening Victorville like the decision to avoid covering that story was a conscious decision I dont making a pretty strong accusation. I stand by that accusation. What could possibly be happening in? Victorville, that's so important. Finding a black man hanging from a tree is this doesn't make. It doesn't make the rundown not enough. Anyway. Headlines Not only didn't make the front page. News about it none. Until, then they you know they finally find robber fully fuller hanging. They like Oh. Yeah, it was their guy also hanging bigger bill. Is both damning of the media in there an an overall area as well as police, so guys, the modern morals of their stories, for God's sake put pressure on your local officials both the police and the government without pressure. They're not gonNA. Do anything but with pressure. Hey, I might lose my job all of a sudden. They find a way to care about you. Right. We'll come back from the break. We have an important Supreme Court ruling that has conservatives upset and later in the show, probably in the post game to keep it real with you We'll talk about Ron. Perlman dunking on Ted Cruz, which is the story that no one knew they needed, but definitely need. We'll be right back. Fun? Which Hugo did you know that an acre trees produces fifty two thousand pounds of oxygen every year. That's pretty bad as During one year, a mature tree will absorb more than forty eight pounds of carbon dioxide from that Mr. Absorbent and release oxygen exchange. You're wondering. Why are you telling me fun? Facts about trees? Guess why because you could plant ten of them right now you aspiration dot com slash, ty, t. not only. Are they fossil fuel three? They're not gonNA. Put your money in any of that dirty stuff. They will plant ten trees when you sign up for an account, not only that you'll continue to plant trees as you purchase, and they'll show you how you do that, so you save money through aspiration, you save the planet you're wondering. Where's the downside? Here's a trick. There is no downside aspiration dot com slash, T T, keep your money where it is clean and help save the planet. Do a right now. My Bag Church and Anna when you guys fun announcement. Some of you might remember a show that we did called Marrone the Rolette. It's back so tonight ten o'clock. On twitch. We've got a new channel on their twitch dot. TV Slash T Y. T John Iro bread. Early Jaren Jackson antiquarian all tonight, a tack lock eastern rotate on different episodes and other people are going to rotate in friends of the shows well More non political commentary us. Oh, one of our lighter shows like school, and between mediocre between Uber's also on twitch dot TV size to check that out. Aren't Anna's Margarita salt rice and just wanted to say. Thank you to team my team for introducing aspiration of an account with them for a couple of months, and it's been wonderful. I just got a message from them. Telling me that I planted more than thirty trees is just a small number, but it makes me feel like my evaluation card is doing some good beets every little bit. Bit Helps Absolutely. That's awesome. As I dot com slash. Ty, T. when you sign up. That's is right there. The more use it. The more trees a plant I see on your own forced aspiration dot com slash two great Mega D says Jay. It is the same referred to all the shootings police shootings. They're still no reason. Running away with a Taser doesn't change the context that much and as I explained. I don't think that shooting was anywhere near justified. Some not sure if she wrote comment before after I said that Someone. Who Likes Bernie? Sanders wrote in that was a total muscle memory part of the COP, a guy tournament aiming fire ocean. Their instinct is to shoot because that's what we've trained them to do. I think that is true. That's why I'm saying. Don't train them to do. So nowhere. TRIGONOMETRY says I was fine with how the cops handle everything up until they shot in, the back was not necessary at all. In Cousin Eddy makes a great point when our cops Hannah tasers non lethal weapon. If isn't a suspect San, own my gosh. My life is under immediate threat I have no choice but to kill the. That's literally because in. The police argued that tasers when they use them are not lethal weapons, so if they turn around now and say my life was in danger while device everything they've ever said previously to that lots of wonderful comments on Youtube Super, Jeff thank you so much for writing in a Matthew Petrovic with Kinda. Interesting comment here he says a white male agree with black lives matter, but at the same time I feel like an enemy. Because of my skin tone. How do I? How do you show support without feeling like an enemy matthew? On the one hand I. I hear that you are feeling uncomfortable for whatever reason and I can't deny your reality scene, and and and how you perceive it, but no one is trying to make you feel like anatomy, and so I love you support black lives matter police. Keep doing that if anyone is doing that I, don't think they're represented movement remotely so. Don't don't get discouraged by any loud voices. Overall, the movement loves allies, so please keep going. There's a great instances here of people with personal experiences on twitter I'm just GONNA. Read One really long, but the inventor brain Roden for suicide have to include psychological investigation as well as a medical examination. My father killed himself. Police are required both investigations. Suicides are nearly a private event This clearly deserved a right-winger killing so i. don't know what it is, but I do know. They were awfully quick to make generalizations about these two hangings without. Nearly enough for information is a great point about psychological investigation and I don't have any evidence that Victor. Bill or Palmdale, did so we'll. We'll stay on top of those stories. All right. The supreme. Court has just ruled that existing federal laws which forbid employers from engaging job. Discrimination based on sexual orientation or Trans Sexual, orientation, or gender also applied to individuals in the lgbt community, so there were. Lower court rulings went back and forth back and forth indicating that Oh. Maybe these workplace protections don't cover members of the LGBT Q. Community, but this case eventually went to the Supreme Court and I'm happy to report that the report voted in the right way in this case, so by a vote of six to three, the court said the title seven of the Civil Rights Act of nineteen, sixty four, which makes it illegal for employers to discriminate because of a person sex among other factors, also covers sexual orientation and transgender status. It upheld rulings from lower courts that said sexual orientation. Discrimination was a form of sex discrimination, and what was surprising about this decision. Especially, the majority's decision is that it was written by conservative Judge Neil Gorsuch, who was of course, appointed by Donald Trump. Here's what he wrote in the majority opinion, an employer who fired and individual for being homosexual or transgender fires that person for traits or actions, it would not have questioned in members of a different sex sex. Sex plays a necessary undistinguishable role in the decision. Exactly what title seven forbids those who adopted the Civil Rights Act might have anticipated might not have anticipated. Their work would lead to this particular result, but the limits of the drafters imagination, supplying no reason to ignore the laws demands now of course since Neal Gorsuch ruled this way, voted this way and also wrote the majority opinion. conservatives had their meltdown. I'M NOT GONNA go through all of them, but I do WANNA. Read my favorite meltdown. which was by Ben Shapiro on twitter, he said this gorsuch decision is not originalist in any way. He acknowledges as much no, he doesn't. It is simply a bad outcome driven legal decision, and it throws religious liberty, free speech and employment law into complete turmoil, and then in that threat he also says that gorsuch himself acknowledges that title seven obviously wasn't meant to cover sexual orientation or Gender Identity Democrats that, too, which is why they attempted to pass separate legislation concerning these issues. This has nothing to do with textual. ISM obviously. Arguing. Is that Neil? Gorsuch is interpretation of the law. Was Not based on the actual text of the law or the literal meaning of the law, gorsuch actually is very clear in stating no I'm interpreting it literally, and in this case, even if the people who drafted this legislation didn't expect it in the future to cover The transgender community a for instance. The law is the law and it applies evenly to people regardless of what their identities. Okay, so let me give important legal context here, so conservatives have two different principals in interpreting a law like this, and in this case I think that they are in constant conflict. One is Strict. Planning reading of the tax, the other is that original intent of the people who wrote the law now considers us both those principles and reliable. Those people's as a regular course, but in this case. They opposition one of the plane radio, the tax discrimination based on sex especially in the Trans case because in that case If somebody says hey, I'm a woman in you. Don't let them use facilities in all other discrimination that flows from that. You're discriminating on them. Based on their sex, so gorsuch is saying. There's no argument that a plane reading. This text indicates they discriminated against them in violation of this law. He says it is not. It was not the original intact. But the plain reading of the text is more import, so those things are in conflict. It is true that the people who wrote this law did not consider the LGBTQ community or I did not intend for it to apply the Lgbtq community, but gorsuch as a conservative is saying the plane readings the plane, reading the Texas clear, and so the Texas clear that trumps everything else, and so you could argue that it is a principled conservative decision that he may but the Ben. Shapiro's of the world are not interested in what. Principled conservative legal position is they're interested in what the conservative political positions, so it's great. It's very ironic that he says he's just got the result they wanted. No gorsuch is a political conservative. He didn't by all evidence that we have. He did not want to reach that political decision, but he reads it apparently, because that is what he thought was the conservative legal. Opinion me. I'm a little bit more conservative legally. A, politically a very progressive I love what they did a literally a legally I'm very surprised. They went in that direction. Because usually judges and justices find a way to get to their political beliefs, instead of their legal beliefs and here gorsuch Roberts the chief justice, who also joined decision had an easy out. They could just went original intact original intent, but they didn't. So that was really interesting. You should give them credit for actually sticking to conservative principles traditionally, but of course no conservative is doing that right now. They're all tearing their hair out. although I will give one guy. Who finally found out what all the Supreme Court picks her all about. It was some conservative I don't remember. His name is a name I ever seen before, and he said it's almost like you're just picking judges based on a what they're gonNA, Let. Like he says something about Libertarian political economic principles in other words GonNa let companies do whatever they want me, say Oh! That's right that is definitely how Republican Oh. Yeah! Yeah, we'll be Boertien. We hate gay people. Sure we'll get to it every cam, but mainly gorsuch is the guy who said that accompany can kill someone in essence I'm over simplifying here, and there are still not live so when it comes to companies is total radical, but in terms of of political things that conservatives one. Apparently, no, he really is. Judicially Conservative and did abide by those principles. I also want to note that the supreme. Court ruling has to do with hiring and employment practices. It does not deal with something that the trump administration finalized late last week, and that has to do with reversing protections for lgbtq members in the affordable care act, so trump has decided to reverse that rule that was part of the ACA and the rule again focuses on nondiscrimination protections laid out in section, fifteen, fifty, seven of the affordable care act that federal law is that it's illegal to discriminate on the basis of race color national. Sex Age or disability in certain health programs and activities in two thousand Sixteen Obama era rule explained that protections regarding sex encompass those based on gender identity, which is defined as male female, neither or a combination of male and female. So of course this is the type of stuff that upsets conservatives. The trump administration plan promised to reverse those protections for members of the lgbtq community nuts exactly what he did. It was finalized late last Friday and is expected to go into effect in mid August okay. I WANNA say one more thing about this at Look I. I WANNA be super clear. There's a lot of people lie about this. Including the mainstream media who tries to make everything even by saying that they don't care. The gorsuch applied conservative legal principles and Robert said to. basically almost every conservative commentator in the country right now saying I, don't give a damn about the plane tax to the constitution or any laws. I never cared about conservative legal principles. No I'm here to get hit. Hate Gay people and People, that's what I'm here for, and so in fact that gorsuch and Roberts don't allow us to do that drives us absolutely nuts. This reminds me of the confederacy. Arguments well off. Camera man it was bound. Something else will really. What was it about? And in this case they're like another sin about discriminate against game and Trans people, but that's literally what you want to I know I don't my religious liberty religious liberty to what? People, that's what I thought. Okay, so just own up to it and the reason I say that is there still some members of you can teach you community? They would who say oh. No, no I love Republicans, and they don't want to take away my rights and is flat out on, and for someone who theoretically reads the news is a flat out by the Republican. Party including the trump administration in their actions in healthcare, and in this case, clearly WanNa take away rights from Lgbtq community is in arguable. If you say otherwise, you're lying, you're telling people. Need, my stinking in right. You're right to discriminating against me. You're disgusting. We? Come back from the break. We'll talk about how Americans feel about their personal economic situation and Larry cudlow believes the people on unemployment are earning too much through the unemployment program. We'll be back with that and more when we return. Back on the young Turks. So I. Want to tell you about another sponsor VPN they protect your computer. I! It's actually crazy not to use VPN. Norby bans rank very very highly. They're giving you seventy percent off of three year plan and an extra month pre. If he used Nord VPN Dot. COM SLASH T Y T. so check that out. Random shine out here to Julia Sandia. She is A. Young her she's been with us for five years now. She works in Park Marketing and PR my nickname for hers. Quiet Thunder so I, I love all the Julie does and she works so hard and we. We her all right my gay marriage rights in the members section today, certainly a day to celebrate, though it's also important to keep in mind. The rights given by a nine person. Corp also be taken away by the same court. Court, and seeing this ruling Ole dress the workplace Democrats explicitly passed legislation protecting lgbtq people against any discrimination when they retake the Senate and the presidency. This here it's a great point. That's why I read it. This is just about workplace. They really need to get it so that it implies a combination, and it's just dependent on a court ruling, but it's actually the law. The land just a fun one here nipple pierced Jenkins skinny jeans rice. Hoping for a Ben, Shapiro and impersonation. The so we didn't get that. In this case and other time somebody on a youtube. Super Chat shouts out Anna for her spotify Music List Eos. Thank you for your donation. Rather. Here's a shoutout. You really appreciated especially during the hard times, and he says thanks T for your work on progressive ideals. The person who gave you the shoutout on your spotify was oh on one one one one up, but thank you guys aren't Anna you're? All right, thank you Okay I'm sorry. Guys can hear drilling There's a renovation happening upstairs. That didn't start until literally when we start the show, but all move on. The vast majority of Americans say that their financial situation did not improve under the trump administration, which is unsurprising to anyone who has a pulse This is something that we've been talking about for a long time, but now there's actual polling done by bank rate to prove it was covered in Bloomberg and it says that the trump bump has not benefited most Americans with fewer than one in six, saying their personal finances have improved since Donald. Trump became president almost twice as many respondents. Respondents said they're actually worse off. Since trump moved into the White House in January of twenty seventeen, while about half of the US adults polled forty five percent, said their financial situation has stayed about the same three out of five of those surveyed, said that they failed to see any improvement in their personal wealth during trump's presidency. Even before this is important, even before the corona virus slammed the United States cratered the economy and ate into stark stock market gains of the past three years so. The economy did improve for a very specific group of people based on this survey Usually it's people who are white males, earning eighty thousand dollars or more per year. They were more likely than any other demographic to say that their finances actually improved under the trump administration but his. You know they're still tens of millions of Americans who are unemployed because of corona virus, forty percent of those. Those jobs are unlikely to ever return, but I do want to just quickly go to this video, because Larry cudlow was saying no, no everything's great, and in fact, the real problem is the more robust unemployment benefits that are given to Americans during this time of economic crisis. Take a look should American families that are receiving these extra six hundred dollar checks right now. Expect that money to stop August. Well unemployment benefits will not stop August. What may well stop and his roof reform is necessary. I mean almost all businesses. Frankly on both sides of the aisle, mostly both sides of the aisle understand that the six hundred dollar plus up. That's above the state unemployment benefits that they will continue to receive is in effect a disincentive. We're paying people not to work. It's better than their. Their salaries would get and that might have worked for the first couple of months. It landed late July I think that returning to employment we are in the ministration. The president is looking a reform measure that was still provide some kind of bonus for returning to work, but it will not be as large, and it will create an incentive to work. So he's basically saying is the. Let's say in California the state unemployment. If you get the maximum amount is three hundred dollars a week. He's arguing about three hundred dollars. He's arguing. Do not add the additional federal benefit of six hundred dollars a week. Because that's too much, it discourages people from going to work. I just it isn't the problem that employers are unwilling to pay people living wage like no, it's not a problem to him just to get people back out there to work doesn't matter that we're still in the middle. This pandemic and people are still dying. I know the presence in covering it as much because there's so much going on, but this pandemic is still serious, and it's still spiking in various states. So everything in life is framing and marketing I'm just keeping it real with you so on personal start with a six hundred dollar. their Republican framing on it is. People are choosing not to go back to work this this all these jobs available, but would you golly? You can't fill them because these bombs, you know, they immediately turn lazy when Williams six hundred dollars a week and we'll take you. Really I literally have not even heard one anecdote of that. Let alone any data to back that up. There is peaked tens of billions people got fired didn't quit like voluntarily. May You know what I hear? Governs choices dollars. They all got fired. Larry got fired. Okay, and it would love to get their job back so I mean it's unbelie on the other hand when they give remember during two thousand eight, when they ever way Huzzah money and we were argue that they should I give bonuses, the bankers that bankrupted their own companies. And the of the world's album. Bankers worked so hard. They deserve that money because they work so hard, rich people work hard. Core people in middle class. We Blur bums. That's a framing any drills into people's heads and every time we have to D- bunket, but we did bunket. Most measuring doesn't even bother debunking there. When you turn to the other part of it, it's even crazier. The trump bump look. They're framing. Title on it. Twice as many people say, I've making less not or trump up trouble dump, but it's not call trump down, and instead we're having an argument. About how much DID DONALD TRUMP? Help your wages. The question should be. How much did he devastate your family's wages 'cause twice. As many people are making less money than more money in the people. Making more money by going to be shocked by find up are largely white. More importantly make more than eighty thousand dollars a year, so the people who did better were the wealthiest people to begin with so there's your trump dump, but almost no one else talks about that way. Right exactly and while people are understandably focusing on what's happening with unrest in this country, envy, police, brutality and the racism. The trump administration is behind the scenes deregulating The way our 401K's or retirement accounts. Our pensions are being invested. He is opened up to a private equity firm which will be able to make decisions about these accounts that would lead to giant fees. David's is the one who wrote about this. Let me see if I can just quickly go through. One or two of these graphics, so sorta writes in his new cycles were consumed by trump deliberately inflaming social unrest in threatening domestic military invasion, the president's political appointees were approving a regulatory change that would transfer hundreds of billions of dollars of Americans retirement savings to private equity firms. The guidance to Switzerland based investment firm. Partners Group effectively changed the enforcement of. Law protecting workers savings accounts, so this opens up savings accounts to these firms which charge notoriously giant fees and don't invest the money in ways that are actually beneficial to the person who has the 401K. It's beneficial to the private equity firms that make commissions off of this charge these highs fees. It's just devastating and people who don't know better are going to be crate upon because of this. Team for you. Guys really got to check it out. It's really important to it. Dot Com slash join to become a member. We'll see that. As we're all shut in now and trying to much stuff as possible pro tip, you actually can get more from Netflix's and other services, you switch to watching them from a different country but Jank. How would I do that? Hello nor! Dot Com slash? Ty, T.. If you do that, you can switch viewing from Albanian. That's amazing plus you get a free month plus get seventy percent off a three year plan. Let's do it now, nor VPN dot com slash ty T..

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LCB Ep. 304 - Best Rebecca Bracket, Mandalorian Season 2 Episode 1 Reaction, REBA REBA REBA, and Rest In Peace Sean Connery

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LCB Ep. 304 - Best Rebecca Bracket, Mandalorian Season 2 Episode 1 Reaction, REBA REBA REBA, and Rest In Peace Sean Connery

"I'm not I'm. Dominant. Around. Fifty and beyond. Me Can get me out of this massive. Finish off your. Sh. Might Pay. You can't handle the truth. Maybe not. Maybe Fuck Yourself. Shoot your kid. One poll DOT Day of. What we've got here is Saying yes just. Well, we're going we don't need roads. Your. All. Lights Camera. Slip. Three or four it's not even it's not words. Just. All those numbers combined together as I sent them first episode of November Jeff Low Ken Jetro bonds got some new stuff for you today we got. Talk. Mandal Laurean. Laurean. I did. Yes To give my thoughts, can I start with something I? I gotta get better tell people what the show is. GonNa have. Okay and now we're GONNA we're. GonNa have an interview with Ron Howard. Jack. Called him out for Tom Hanks, his hair, and that did we? Yeah did RE? Were really the movie Rebecca from Net flicks and then for the first time new thing we're draft we rank we do all that shit but time for brackets no one no one's doing this. No. One's ever done this Victorville bracket for best Rebecca he sent the br he sent the idea. I said sure and then he had all eight names ready to go with an already set ten seconds. was incredible we're, GONNA bracket of Best Rebecca. This is going to be our new thing. This one I feel confident will stick with because I did get a good laugh. I just I got to say some serious start the show. I'm not I'm not saying we're the most listened to podcasts I, but a decent amount of people listen to us and I think we have pretty loyal followers I feel like we we have personalities and that we have brands to sell in that. You know in some sense, we all are influencers and that we have a sphere of influence on social media. That being said, we definitely should have been sent playstation fives. Yeah. For sure. We're famous enough to be giving getting what you see. The one picture someone put out of the Palette with all the PS fives on it like just no toss a couple of this way. No. It makes me mad 'cause they're doing the Nike strategy where they're sending all the influencers. All the playstation fives like people who have ten thousand followers on twitter getting playstation fives and there's you me seven of them unreleased day. No one's going to be able to get a playstation five and I apologize in advance if a lot of people were able to get their playstation fides just doesn't seem like it seems like the Gilded Class The elites, the the high tier influencers are just getting their playstation vita Ninja got a playstation five probably probably got a playstation five xbox series X. Abed I I did he just goes on instagram and people were just all these these influencers in in maybe not even influencers lower tier celebrities just posting their playstation five just maybe say what about the small guys? What about the smaller lesser influencers like ourselves you know we should do is that we should get one of our celebrity friends to ask Sony for. Gas Jesse Eisenberg too big Sony for ps five like, yeah. I'm totally going to play it all the time totally going to play. That's my impression of him, and then they sent him a PS five, he it to us. Let me do that. Ross, washrooms, other celebrities that were friends with. Dad Dad I think it's a brilliant way to destroy our social capital with put exemplary. Who cares when the PS five then cashed in we cashed in all the capital why do you think we're saving it anyway I don't really think we deserve ps FIS but I, do think that would be sick will be sick. It just makes me it makes me mad because I don't like I. Know what they're doing, I know what they're doing to mentally like Nike does this to me with the sneakers up like I know what's happening like I they're they're they're making me want it during that phase where they're making me want it and I I will not have it when it comes out and that's just GonNa make me want it more in the pisses me off that that marketing strategy. Specifically works on people like me and makes me so angry that I am so gullible that that that's GonNa. Make me want the playstation five more. I do want it and I haven't ordered it and I hate that. I just ahead on you'll may maybe we'll see like. Nintendo switch was hard to get but Nintendo switches wonders, things. We're eventually I. I had like a I wouldn't like timing. It's all about timing. Yeah. But it was like His thing that sent me a notification for Amazon restocked and I just bought off their anti climactic. You know I feel like the playstation five is going to be harder to get in twenty twenty. Just keep it as my baseless I. Don't know how many there manufacturing. I feel like everybody's a home. Place Five. It'll never be as hard as when when like the three, the three, three, sixty, billion, the xbox like ps two game cube came out that air of like where you really couldn't find it. That was. Like the thrill the rush of finding one or getting one. Time Square Toys R. US during the holiday season 'cause I was spoiled kid does like. Guy Bet my like I was. Told my parents like that. They have it here. We should get it now just in case you guys didn't get it for Christmas. They haven't gone up and asking the people there if they had it is that the holiday season rush is you don't get that anymore of the new systems. The playstation two box is maybe one of the best packaging designs. History. Blue. Says playstation two on PS two whatever said but you knew what it was. You knew that was the playstation two color. I. I enjoyed that I love the playstation two. Arguably the greatest system of all time I'm saying, arguably a lot of people will say, say in sixty four, I think in terms of what got released in how much was released in what change on the playstation two I have to say playstation two's Greatest Malta I. Think you could say and sixty four is the most influential system of all time but I'd say police Houston to for me anyway was better system I wouldn't even say. I would make the argument that the in sixty four was influential in the sense that it changed. People's conceptions of multi player was in guide got kids playing Land Party style video games, which served as a bridge to PC gaming I. Mean. Maybe it is influential both both are great systems obviously, not not of the same generation but I just some about that playstation two man, the Dhillon Javadi of. The Games that were released on it the the the fact that like. Metal gear solid three snake eater. I've watched clips from that. It still looks really good. It is the playstation two had those like weird like. Graphics that like they look like shit now but sometimes they still work. It's like stylized in a very specific way. That's playstation two graphics baby. I Miss Them Misplayed. PS Two I. Actually I remember one Christmas we asked to for me my brothers risk for ghost recon game I. Think it was like I forget what year was ghost recon two but we asked for it. We got it for Christmas and it was for Xbox. and. My Mom's like Oh. Let me go immersed young to the point where I grew Santa was the thing and she was like, okay let me go see doug and bring it to the North Pole Shit says she'll more on. She left she left and then came home with Ghost RECON PS two and gag return it. He gave me the right one this time. I'm years ago. Yeah. Obviously. Hope you had a nice trip mom to really really goofed on that one. We bought it Oakland Idiots. been the dead giveaway right there for all three of us that Santa was not real. I mean I'll tell you what the longer the longer your kids believe in Santa. The better. What a what a what a fun thing to? What wouldn't absurd but fun thing to believing You were that phase where it's like you knew he wasn't real but you kind of warlike I'm not ready to really commit to to internalizing that yet. I feel like maybe maybe I don't know how old you guys were I. Don't want to say my age 'cause might be embarrassed seventy and. Old Get. Thirty years old but you kind of just like he's not real but I'm not I'm not going to let that sink in I'm going to try to erase it out of my mind. You found out when you woke up on Christmas, your daughter's for Christmas, there were no presents under the tree you're like what the folk fought we still have we still haven't done like three and a presence with their. Wait a second. We already gifts? I don't know maybe just you know she's too much of a baby the first year in the second year she just didn't still early know what's going on she definitely knows what's going on now issue. So we'll probably do some this year but. We didn't do how we either. Doesn't even know what Halloween is to harvest holiday who cares. Not. fucking fill out our holiday bracket coming soon. anything else. I don't really WanNa talk about football browns were complete asked today blue. Blue Game. And I felt go however I'm not sure I'm allowed to use that right now because. Your team ours wars was significantly significantly. Asks. How hand hand in a game early on that the chargers did was stunning. Disabled thing is like I should be so numb to this at this point because the charges do this literally every game, the last four games they blew seventeen point lead seventeen point lead sixteen point lead and a twenty one point lead. So it's not a crazy thing. It just should be so so numb to this bum still not anthony. Lynn needs to be fired gus badly needs to. Be. Fired medical staff needs to be fired basically everyone can go and they need to bring New People it's so fucking frustrating that's franchise can never seem to get it right I'm not going to go for that because there's only like three charges in the fans in the world including me. So it's not even worth ranting about, but it is it is extremely fucking frustrating as a fan watch. I will say like in fantasy, right we love talking I'm not GonNa, talk about my fantasy team specifically the middle of the pack eighth out of fourteen. But. I didn't exert enough effort this week to knowingly switch out a player that is out in another player who is on by 'cause the rest of my benches either injured, and I've been spending so much time trying to figure it out and playing this game of tetris would by lineup that I just was like I'm not worrying about this week fuck it. It's one of the first times in fantasy that I just straight up not. Put it like you normally like for the integrity of the game, I, like to make sure people who are starting are actually going to be in my lineup. But I just I just did not do it this week I can't I can't deal says. Gambling. has ruined fantasy for me. I just don't care. I do believe that I care but I just think I think actually betty on gains is just more fun. It's funny how the commercial really between the two thousand twelve. I know we talked about like the Pika Fancy football lot. But like one of my favorite things was how all the commercials revolving football were fantasy football centric for awhile or be like toasty does and be like people watching their fantasy football team and then a guy forget to put a player because he was like looking running to the scores store to get scoops. Well, the peak for his NFL had commercials like the NFL had them and they'd had they'd have players doing fake things. That have players doing like crazy like it'd be keen mcardle could catch eight balls at once and be like draft me, and that was like their whole. Whole shtick. and. There's a really bad. There's a couple of Antonio Gates might have had one. Now I think you're right. I think fantasy for a lot of people just the people got a taste of the real stuff man they they moved on from the jewel pods and now they're. Bike no camera reds I can win x amount of dollars right now as opposed to waiting and putting an effort to two hundred bucks at the end of the season or like sure people more than that. But like most people are winning like three hundred and then like the second place gets a certain amount when they split the pot like. Now. Anyway, if you're in Pennsylvania Down with the Barstool sports vote gap. Required to say that unrelated though anything else I. got nothing else now there's good preamble to the. Simple this episode brought to you in part by Roman. That's right. Roman. Swipes most guys who tried for ways to last longer. But. Thinking think he thinking about baseball doesn't work right now? Doesn't always work who the fuck is thinking about. Even the dodgers are thinking about base mooring now now the. Dodgers are they're all drinking from the Stanley Cup right now? They're not even doing anything baseball they got the hockey trophy and. Accidentally gave them the Stanley Cup. This year is insane that would rule. They should actually give the Stanley Cup to champions from all of the. Sports. Sports Trophy the Sports Cup in the last team to win delivers to the next team. The North American Sports Cup and you give it to the the reigning winner with we fucked the most in that scenario who has the longest break between championships and it was the shortest will be NBA to sell those. Those are the two sports that in pretty Normally the NHL ends right bougie financial ends in June right? Yeah. They typically typically ends little before. Yeah so that would be and then obviously the longest one would probably be your being baseball. Yet yet. All Ellen there you're right. It's probably said probably Super Bowl to and actually it's Kinda even the shortest the hockey would stink. You'd have the trophy for a week yet two weeks he had no fun with this typical hockey players getting fucked out a national recognition but see that I feel like because they get the Stanley Cup. Like. They're okay. They're like, whatever take the Sports Cup. So when I'm when I'm trying not to blow I, think about the sports. And the timing of it and who would have at the long. Folks Enrollment Online Men's health company are changing the game with Roman. Swipes Secret longer-lasting sex ruins cook proven way to last longer in bed effective easy to use fast acting in our choir prescription from a can shift swipes deal discreet mark packaging, and each packet has fallen off the hide inderal forever you need it there Subas US takes. On that dry good to go go to get Roman G. T., R. O. N. dot com slash lights you can get your first month sweitzer five bucks we should monthly plan get Roman dot com slash lights. Would if you know how people take terminology from something else and bring it into work like the, they'll take military terminology like we know what to talk about like You know the just like bring terms in from something else in apply to different field it's Kinda cool like what if you did that but what if you took like porn terminology and adapted it to your own love life where where you're like, Hey, babe, let's do a scene until it pop. Get dumped. l'orient-le trill. You can see what can Jacqueline I've thought about Mandala and we'll talk about here in a second but go to our page. Let's embarked on Youtube. We had a forty five minute breakdown with Robbie Fox fucking awesome. I episode Tro what did you think about it though? I'M GONNA, go out and say I I, I really liked it. It's It's weird because it's a it's now become like a piece of star wars that is very consistent in there's there's no worry now if the mandatory and is going to be good or not at least for the media future because I think Ed enough to work on I, don't know how long the show will go but like right now you know if that's the that's the booth. flag-bearer of the Star Wars Franchise, and it's probably. The best. Live Action Star Wars stuff that's been done since return of the Jedi. Like pound for pound. Has To be right. Yeah. I think I think. I liked force awakens I like left jet I but I think even liking those i. Demanded Orange is better. Give it. Is My problem now is going back to the force awakens in the last Jedi is just offer not because it ended in such a shitty way and we may demand delorean will in all completely go back same way of game of thrones. Now, I just disregard game of thrones in its entirety maybe unfairly because the finale Associati Mandal Orient at least gets benefited assuming they're gonNA wrap it up pretty competently but I I look I think that. I'm really excited for the season obviously like you know spoiler there's a, there's a big. Big Audience Nod at the end pretty obviously sets up a fan favourite character who's WHO's back folks is back the guy you know in love and I mean. You GotTa love that if you're star wars fans like maybe there's like a few star wars fans out. There s corny like you know. Thirty whatever years in. Weibring him back now but at the same time, it's isn't that what star wars all about like isn't it just isn't just these premises that are corneas how you Look there. There's this weird reply. So every time I tweet about one or two replies numbers. A few are weird like Star Wars. Haters. Who Don't really care what is even shown they're just gonNA hate it but they're like, what's the plot? WHAT'S THE PLOT? What's the players will fucking obsessed with plot? It's one easy words would just love throwing around. When like Like scenario, where the crystal recorded the mission impossible said the great thing he said characters and story are the main course plot the condiment right like in the end. The characters in the story. Are Matter and that's what they're. That's the main focus with the man, the Laurine, and if you don't love the type of storytelling, they have it's a throwback to the old like Flash Gordon type thing where it's these little adventures. This was a super spaghetti western little adventure. That's not your thing at is perfectly okay. I that. But it's like after a cease like if you're still thinking, this is going to turn some fucking game of thrones epic like what are you doing. Like the like at this point, you should know what you're getting with the show. Yeah. It may not be for you but like people are acting as like there's that there there's like an error in the ways of Jon Favreau Day floating like they're not. It's like, do they know what they're doing? They're making a mistake like this is on purpose the way they're doing this on purpose and if you don't like it again, that's fine but it's just not realizing the type of thing they're making it very intentional. Think people wait for like the political level of intrigue for almost any show that they consider to be prestige like I don't think mandatory when I watched them like this is fucking prestige television. I think this is an extremely enjoyable piece of star wars content and I think only just appeals to people who are fans because they obviously, we talked about this and breakdown, but they sprinkle in a lot of fans stuff. That's like invis-. It's like fucking infrared basically for general fans. But for Star Wars fans, it's like we see it we pick up on it and we look at it and we're like this is cool but it's also I think very enjoyable to like the regular public. It's very. Easy to digest easy to watch. Almost anyone can like it and but like you said, if people aren't interested in this serial type of show than not gonna like it, and if they're expecting something like political level drama intrigue, something like game of thrones for factions and all that Shit like you're just not going to get that and don't you shouldn't have expected to going in because it was never pushed that way not once yeah that that's the thing that that's of bizarre like and I get like the. Like like defending because I just feel like selling a fucking star wars show but like I like. I there's a weird thing of. There are some people who talk about early I. Don't think you understand what this is like. I hate song condescending like it's totally cool if you don't like it like it's just not the same thing as like a game of thrones in it, but it's not meant to be that. Like. I don't know there is there is the moving the story forward. They very much move the story forward in this last episode that was another thing like, what are you? Talk they're they're getting to a point. It's it's very simple like they're finding more about baby Yoda in the man delorean. But like the the main thing they're focusing on here is the the adventures, these little adventures along the way and People who like it like us. We don't like we've talked about I don't want it to become this big fucking prestige epic thing that will completely ruin. That's not what I want like. That's why stars working. So well in this format is that we just had that with the movies and it was it was fumbled barth right after they fumbled so. I wouldn't even say like the way this is shaping up and if I were to come up with my like top twenty TV shows of all time I don't even know if the Mandal Orients GonNa crack that I don't think that should for me I know what they're shooting for though. Yeah. No. I I love it. I'm like I'm obsessed with it, but I wouldn't like ranking is for me like in my is the best that I've watched. Yeah. No, it's entertaining because it's like it's like this is this is kind of like the comedown from from this whole light post, Disney acquisition star wars, not like the come down the Disney's obviously still doing it, but it's like. This hyping up a star wars as an event in television in it of itself is kind of that. Obviously, it's less of an event than a movie that happens every two years, which has like you know leaks in development in press in premiered talk about it and just cycles and cycles and cycles like television is obviously more time to breathe, but it's on a smaller scale. So like I kind of feel like by by shifting that, it's just for me. It's like they're just making an enjoyable star wars thing I don't think it's I. Don't think it's amazing like I. I. Just I love watching it's fun to watch but the fact that someone out there like after. Watching the jet. I was a kid in watching every live action star wars. Thing that's come after that have had major gripes about it. You get to this show and like at least somebody can like kind of get out like what I would one out of star. Wars Somebody in charge of production here that that's making something that I find enjoyable out of this gigantic universe. It's like you just. Go. See something like the old days when he huddled around like the boob tube the fuck in two by two inch black and white screen to watch the lone. Ranger Flash Gordon link that's. That's the intention here which I get is not a thing for everyone I totally can connect on that level. I don't make it sound like if you don't get it you know. Stupid. If you don't like it, it's the it's the wonder it's like I don't know like what they're expecting especially. Now that's points like especially now nine episodes in like. What are you? What are you looking for here? Well, not comprehending but most of the fun for like a lot of people is the discussion they get to have online like that's true. That's like Minez the component of. Our the way we digest entertainment now is that the cycle is you get hyped up by the Internet. Then you go, you go intake the entertainment, and then you discuss it entertainment on the Internet afterwards, and that becomes its own form of enter. You know that becomes zone secondary payment like to keep you busy and so like I get like you gotta gotTa sit on some. Side offense and I think a lot of people. It's yeah. You don't enjoy the show, but some people might just be like I don't enjoy his show and that's why I love that. It's a good change of pace that that's not the type of show you know like the watchman's in the succession that we had. That was like I love that discussion and Mike how deep in. What was your show kind of like broke the concept of prestigious TV for me was it was girls. Like. I girls, I thought girls a fine show but the amount of discussion in recaps got out of it and like just conversations about like you know how subversive than in in depth and his genius like I did think it did a good job of like nailing like. She early, twenties shitheads living in the city, but I I didn't read into it further nat was an enjoyable show but it was kind of like that's when I kinda saw through the whole Lake Hbo Designed Production to get people talking about the show and then get people. It arguing about on the Internet I don't know why it was like girls specifically but that's where it Kinda was like a good show. But the conversation around this show that happens after it in about it is like way oversized for the actual impact has. Built by girls. Yeah I'm radicalized me. It's fine. Not The first person to say that I'm sure. No but it's it's a fine show but you watch episode of girls and it's like Wow like. Lena, Dunham wake, we know what can you say? You really. You really felt the pathos of of the girls in this episode. To the. She she she got her but eight by a windowsill and it just action of like. Being a shithead. That's what the show's about. That's why I like the lady bird just shitheads like shitheads in in represented media and I think that's fine. Girl girls I still haven't washed That's the two things I know about girls one is that Lena Dunham came to HBO with no script and they just gave her a show because of her family connections and the second is that her she there's a scene where someone got their asset because everyone on twitter talked about it. There's only two things I know about the show. It was it was a fine show people. People will make fun of girls but did you know what? It had its place? It was good and you know what a gave us. Give, driver's. Give us Adam driver. That is huge. took. A chance on. The big boy took tomer. Turkey. Murph. Dr. Adam drivers sings Michael McDonald songs. Not Loving him more. Love that I love spoken not spoken word. Weird. But a cover album by Adam driver make it happen. All right first news topic we're going to break down the electoral map in the polls. Now imagine if Magin if we just he'll turned. became a fucking. Staunch political pod for you think Hudson. CNN show and that we. Dude Dude Dude by the way is pod Save America, Intro Jingle is that ironic 'cause it's a weird song. I can't say I've heard it to be honest I never listened to pod save. America. Is extremely not my shit. I'll be very frank. No I like to check out a lot of the shows that are the top of the charts I don't say listen to everyone or maybe even more than three but like pretty much every show that's been. Top of the I tunes child all tune into just to see what's up. I that's that's understandable. They're mostly about murder. Majority out say sort of cereal thing. How about Halloween kills a year away. From the next Halloween, a new teaser. He's back again, boys. the next entry in the revived Halloween franchise following Laurie stored in her family as they once again. Forced to confront the PSYCHOTIC and murderous serial killer Michael buyers who at the end of the last film was burned alive in the most intricate. Complex will be trapped house set only to burn him alive and kill him. Well, he escaped once his that's his federalized. Actual Synopsis they said this. They don't I wished I hope they don't explain it. It's just better if they don't explain it. I think they should have their much. They don't have to I just don't my my stamina franchise. Is Is. It's low. It's low I. The last one I had no idea have an issue with, but I just don't fucking kill him this time stop pretending that's what made me so mad about the last one is we knew there was GonNa be another movie and you still killed him stop doing it find a way to end this without fucking killing him. But he think counterpoint counterpoint Halloween was the first movie to recognize podcasters as an endangered species. So let's not shit on them so much hopefully, they can bring podcasters back into the loop because we need to be shown, we need to be represented. We'd not enough people know about us. So you know I'm glad to see US onscreen. Attorney French guys auditory people from the old movies most notably for those who watch Bravo Kyle Richards from your housewives hills but many people returning. Teaser was fine Michael Myers is back. He's not dead he's talking to kill. The Guy who apparel deal this time. Can Be Wearing Dickie's During Car Hart. Being. Because her logo, he's going to be sponsored Michael Myers is he he's got that bag. Heritz too big orange beanie on top neon orange. It. Looks. It looks fine it. We will. We didn't give us any indication on what this movie be like. We just Kinda got what feel like it was screaming and killing and slash she in in I'm just saying yeah. Well, just find don't like it. It's such a fuck you to end because we now as we absolutely no, there's one called Halloween ends. Don't kill him. Please like give me another way to twist the ending and you know a male be happy. would. You just fuck you. What do you think? Michael Myers dozen the time in between like supposedly being killed in reemerging could kill again is a Gamer obviously. Share and plays among us. He's waiting in line for the G force three eighty is just in line. He's a sitting in front of the store the entire for for three days in front of out front of micro synergise just posted up just waiting for the game card so he can play a far cry six on and. Four K. when it comes out in a car heart sleeping bag. Yep and Michael Myers he lives in the Gamecube basement. That was the basement got blown up. Next trailer looks like an Absolu- steamy pile of Shit. Do you remember what the first episodes after the when I was coping with the pandemic? No wonder how long it's GonNa take for him to get pandemic years your answer. Here's why when does it leases? Wait. Probably, next year probably probably February. Wait. What's Worse a fucking release date on this thing. They hold on. Hold it. I'm not I'm not cutting this Michael Bay's holding it in a flash drive. Coming soon. Okay. They hit us the coming soon. Anyway during a pandemic lockdown caused by Kovic Twenty, three, young man must overcome martial law murderous vigilantes and a powerful, well connected family to reunite with his love. Craig, Robinson it peer strawberries in it in our storms in issued me in one of those bizarre fucking. Felt a bit Bradley Whitford Alexandra Daddario Demi Moore yet Bradley Whitford Sofia Carson and. is expected to get people to agree to do this. Fuck do they get these people on board for this sir? It's covert twenty-three you WANNA. Do it and like multiple I wouldn't say Ayla actors by any means but they're all I. Guess. Cool. This is Your first off like k j Appa God bless them like I wouldn't. Say God bless them I. would just I don't know what what is is character in this movie looks like a like a protagonist from a playstation two game where you're like a bike delivery man delivering packages across the city. It's like a crazy taxi spin off I mean I, could we just burying the lead? The fucking product placement for the L. Wing was the most obnoxious ever fucking seen that's a real phone by the way. The algae wing is the phone that flips up and it's the screen is kind of on top that's horizontal with the rest of the phone vertical still. What the. Fuck? I feel like if the world's that bad the cell towers going down I, don't know how I don't know why. But I feel I can see like consumers or civilians won't have that level of Internet access enough to face time with each other. And not the. Deal WIFI connection to do that at least no like I I just. Waiting I was waiting for this trailer for this movie to be about something else and I was like is this is this movie just about this dude trying to trying to Get A hug. He's just trying to like is this just him trying to reunite? In person with another person and he gets embroiled in all this other stuff. This is this it anyway, it looks like Shit. I feel bad for him but at the same time I, just don't like him I feel like they're trying to make him turn into what's his name? WHO's that guy that was in? American. Assassin I just lost his name as runner as well. Trying to make him, they're turning into Dylan. O'Brien like two point zero like almost like with universal soldiers or whatever that no. Soldier the what do you call Kurt Russell movie it's very sad to see and I don't like it I don't like him replaces. Vache to he does remind me like what they did with Tyler Posey and Dylan O'Brien. Yeah. It's pretty much from Teen Wolf, which was a very similar series to Riverdale in terms of it being good at first. Extremely. Bad. But IT ELMO. It's just like I mean obviously it was. We gotta get a Cova movie out but when really don't have time to think about what we're GONNA do with it. So we'll just make disaster porn things that you're just going to be awful in people are GonNa WanNa see it because they're you know they're afraid in it's Kinda like the same way you. WanNa. Glare at a car crashes you drive by it or whatever is just fear Porn which you know these are very fearful times, but this doesn't necessarily like. Add anything to anything other than. Just. Banking off of people's. Interest. From Mike Bay. was that really produced Michael Bay right is not like puts his name anything for a check dude. It's just been. It has all the Mike Bayfield's to. It. Shit Age it looks the look of the movie is terrible. It looked so fake what's got it's got that Netflix blue-green Hugh Right. Yeah Yeah. I don't know. If the look of a movie that didn't get a good budget, I remember there was a movie with David Teesta I. Think it was called Brooklyn. I WANNA say they lose sales you win. Look like. The same sort of look to it was just a bizarre. That movie was bizarre enough. You guys have seen that Bushwick is David teased in like Texas invades New York City for some deranged reason and becomes like a war zone. It was This movie looks like it's like Michael Bay gets the movies for platinum dunes and he puts them into a fucking platinum dunes converter, and then it just looks like everything else that company puts out. This looks terrible. Way. What is the name? What's the name implies Songbird I don't know. I can beats me. Was the bird movie that came out earlier this year box no no. No goldfinch Goldfinch. God that was a weird Downey. I feel like you could give any movie, a bird name in it kind of increases, the perception level of quality movie equality of the movie a little. Sounds like songbird without knowing the context sounds like a very high, very high brow like Oscar movie the Goldfish, like like all giving a movie, a bird name. A a type of bird like hummingbirds sounds like an action movie. Yeah like. Like. You could. You could hear someone say like any Oscar goes to Meryl Streep Songbird I guess not purge the last anarchy. Yeah. It's. It's definitely Tim Burton's parrots. David fincher literally penguins of Madagascar. Goes to Canton today and you're the birds we can name swallow. That's the. Penguins. Downplaying widget-o-matic Ashkar. These bashes. He did narration towards the end of his career was thing. Blah. Star. Those fucker fuck and penguins. We'll. Get. To that said news the tribute by. That brought to you by three G. THREE PRONOUNCE THREE Three C. H. HI industry leader throughout cannon cannabis products all products are formulated by biochemist all me in the US all USA Hamp fedor legal version of THC functional turn to marijuana for those who want the same grade fields with the negative side effects though the will have been amazing. If you functional clear-headed instead of lazy and paranoid, they invented the industry. So they are the absolute fucking top of the game one, hundred seven derive federally legal and available online at three three C. H. I dot com that's number three. Communists electric dealers around the country must be twenty one to purchase three dot com to shop. For Delta Eight vapes, Gumy's teachers and oils that can be used to make homemade edibles. Use Code Lights alleged receive five percents off your order. Big Time suggests on three Scana site of great products. Huge recommend much recommend must buy. The stand-in with Drew Barrymore. Barry more show I. I've loved Drew Barrymore I think Drew Barrymore's great. I've always liked Drew Barrymore I've questioned some of the things drew Carey Moore's been in, but I I liked drew barrymore is a constant presence in my life and she's been in been kissed. Great great growing on teen movie like she'd been in some good men I. Can I can I- pivot? City Finisher Drew Barrymore point but we're not GonNa talk about this movie. Okay. This movie looks like but. And and TJ midler. Senate. Yeah that's right. I saw that I was like she make it a comeback. I thought he was I. Thought I. Thought we I don't know. He's back on shocked up for good. I read. Drink this beer bitch shock top. Drinking. Like that you're not pussy right you like IPA's shops. Shocked House whatever you want. I'M GONNA I'm GonNa tell you. We'll. See. Today. Watching today, but I'm GonNa read you to TV shows. Why don't you tell me what they're about what channel they're not okay. Call me, cat. GonNa. Bob Hart Aber show because that comes back tonight. Oh Wow congrats. All Aba show heads all three of them. Call me cat to Sitcom come into a major network. We. Saw I saw air for the first time today commercial at Stars My bialik call me cat falls thirty nine year old woman cat who struggles every day against assigning her mother to prove that you can not have everything you want. You'd still be happy through spends money her parents set aside for wedding to open a cafe in Louisville Kentucky. Come on Fox this is GonNa Piss me off because I know a lot about Louisville Kentucky? And in it always pisses me off his show tries to go to like a very specific location like this in. Film on. The back. Lot In la. We'll with the thing is is. Look. Okay I didn't look at the description of this at all. But I am a hundred percent sure Leslie. Jordan's in this. Big Know the on I just I just closed it. I guess because you because because you're getting visions of. You to say your, you didn't look at it. No but I'm just like they're they're gonNA do sudden things and they needed quirky southern character. So gotTA GET Jordan a call Jordan's in it. I mean, I'm not even like celebrating because that's just not shock lake. Like you know two broke girls. WASN'T A. Louisville like they're going to have like he's going to be like a Kentucky Colonel Type Character. Quirky comedic stuff. It's. Not even like if I was casting and done the same thing. But this reduced avenues. Is the one where he's like. How about the bust One. But I like the ones like what y'all doing. Treasure, is there what do you think there's GonNa be an episode of Churchill downs. What about? What about be positive? Blood something blood or is it used to be positive blood or it's blood IRBY's it's one of the other stars Thomas Middle Ditch the series about a therapist of newly we know I noticed when I noticed when I noticed one and. A needs a liver transplant or kitty transplant and the girl in remember the commercial because she was just like we're kidney buddies we're kidney buddies, and as this looks like the worst fucking thing. As a match we want to take a stab at who created it. Chuck Laurie Yup. I only say that because that's the only notable TV creator. Thanks every show for these types of type of sitcoms, Thomas Middle Ditch somebody who's been on the podcast before. Currently, in the getting Matt check stage of his career so I cannot. Blame him for doing Chuck Laurie Production Chuck lorries had a great track record. And Vinnie Luck Thomas Middle digital be collecting those syndication checks from tbs twenty, twenty, twenty, forty, two he's also got a new show coming out those chuck called the United States of Al.. How many shows have been called the United States of like name. Just terror terror the only one. United States of Al I'm just fired up that Bob Hearts Abbas Scholla's back. Aren't they doing that? We talk about what they do in a tim a Tim Allen Home Improvement reboot they bring the game back together for more home improvement. Or did I dreamed about that a while ago but I knows came to fruition maybe that's the only one I'm excited for. 'cause I just I. I can't wait I would I would love to know what Tim Allen thanks of the current state of being a man. I'm sure he's going to have some well, reason takes for all of us to hear. Saying. Let's go. Love his live show. His last show is like. About it was the Vlogger though. He wasn't log on this show. Yeah. Spaces wilderness. flogger now. I. Don't think it was no spaces. It was the one that was unlike. CBS. It no man left behind or Mandouh. Fuck last man standing last man standing as they wanted that. Hang. Let's fucking go Bob. ABESSOLA is. Back. Bobby showing all. If you will you're fired up about Abbas. Bob Takes on a career streaming among us. On the show me what's the premise of that show? He's a patient and she's a nurse and he falls in love with her. Yeah, you're close enough. Holy for the Jordan, catch cafe. On. My word there are so many cats here. We'll get the video I just sent you. Are you team Bob or you team Abbas is the real question we start selling those shirts. Teamed. Jacob Team Edward Team Jake I'm T- BABASHOLA. Fuck the best is the best. Are You DR YOU BOB team. which is tweeting every Sunday night now. Team Heart. On T. Mardi the mystery you're either wildcard team. I'm Tom the implication artsy implication that that he loves her that. It's crazy that you're by the way who do you think Bob Abbas Shola? Chuck Laurie. GonNa Guess Chuck Laurie after everything. Need the writer of the teenage mutant Ninja Turtles theme song still my favorite piece of Trivia, bowl time the crazy the guy responsible for that song. So so the same guy dropped a piano at a Charlie Sheen stand. himself. Yup You got gotTa do it. He was like, well, would it be seen as to vindictive if I dropped the Piano Charlie Sheen, not if I do it on myself to. Do it waiting. What a bad idea that was to bring your Ashton Kutcher. Onboard for that. Just ended it right there. Poor Angus they on. The show is a phenomenon. It's still it's still. He. Angus. Jones. Angus Angus was real interesting life and career worth A. Very, quick rabbit hole at one. All right anything else. Oh Yeah. That's a transition. WHAT'S THE SEAN CONNERY Big Rest in peace. What a fucking legend that with that, that's one of those ones that Kinda takes you back takes your taken aback a bit. You're like Blau. Kind of figure you you did never one of those ones you just never expect to. To pass, it's fucking Sean. Connery Yeah, it's like Not like a celebrity actor actress they get old and then they don't really like don't really like work for awhile you know and you're you're kind of like. You don't really forget about them but like you kinda forget about them as a person and they're more of a, you know a figure in all these old movies that you like you know they still are existing. I'm glad Sean Connery I, hope hope the last seventeen years since filming the Lord of the League extraordinary gentlemen were good to him. 'cause entrapment was one of my favorite movies when I was a teenager I don't know why just always like the the. Quality Kuala IMPOR- Towers and Catherine Zeta Jones in that movie, and then obviously in the rock like he was, he was round. You know huge huge. Known for the James. Bond Man. Everybody. Loves. That right. I'm not James Bond Eulogies There's not a eulogy I'm just I'm just spring I've said it. He's he is a fascinating career that is one of those ones that just I don't know if can exist anymore where he is so entrenched in one character but has so many other incredible things. I'm sure there's examples but like his crews so long and he continued to play in great movies and great roles, the older and older he got and I I don't know if we'll have that. Someone like him again, it's highly unlikely. He argued bodybuilder. Movies born even bond. Yeah. No I would definitely say that I think bodybuilders as early career you know transitioned into film and all that and I think a lot of people obviously remember him for bond. A lot of people think remember him as Indiana Jones or Jones's father rather for me I. Always think my favorite role I've seen him in is in the untouchables because that is just one of the best supporting acting performances I can remember that one of the Great. Mentor. Characters among all cinema. I also really liked him in sort of. A similar role in highlander we played Rodriguez, the Spanish Egyptian man that for some reason had a Scottish accent, which is another thing I will always love about him. Is that no matter what role he played he just had a Scottish accent doesn't matter if he's playing a fucking Russian does not matter. He was like I don't give a fuck I'm using my normal accent I'm not changing for a single person and he was very uncompromising such a fucking bad ass and and he will be sorely missed by all of us. Like I know him like he obviously had huge run in in like when I was a kid when I was five right thing about like the big movies that came out like when I was just figuring out what movies were and you'd see them at blockbuster your uncle washroom wash. Washington like Indiana Jones Hunt for Red October and then who could forget like the the the cameo at the end of robinhood Princip Steve's which Richard the liner. Great. Yeah. Just like him popping up like trying to think what the modern equivalent was. And then obviously, the Rock Tilleke he had this final act of his career that was I guess what I was trying to say but like when I started it was like in this final act in the nineties that still is pretty bad ass to like for him as a sixty, sixty, five, seventy year old man Still still doing stuff and being a movie like the Rock can be in a movie like entrapment and You know if you're growing up during that time like you watchos and your dad says, that was James Bond and that's Kinda how you got into James Bond to like your chances are like your dad probably is probably your dad's favor bond. Data Sean, connery's James Bond So. Y- just just obviously like a a then the jeopardy things which you know. I don't know he probably hated it. It hate it I despise that. Yeah. It's not. It's not because he thought it was like he probably hated it but it wasn't because it's like they're making fun of me. It'd probably because it was just stupid to him Yeah. It was just a the reason I mention that jeopardy things because he was kind of like a character like a legend onto his own self and not just from being. James. Bond. But just for kind of being the Jay Sean Connery, the Scottish Guy Says Shit So. Yeah. You're right they. They'd definitely you definitely don't see Hollywood career like this anymore. W will anytime soon either. Rest in peace to sean connery absolute fucking absolute legend. Absolute All right. So Dan Penguins. gwyn sure don't seem to. Be Penguin Matt cashcall. To make sure and. To warm climate Mani, Pedi. Wait. What was the Tom Sawyer Right in League extraordinary gentlemen? The. Somebody who's ninety passes away you can do voice on the podcast but. You wouldn't want to do an impression of like. A younger person known? Yeah. It's just a weird weird podcasting rule. You gotTA look out for. And that's I think one of the more. Like a lot of people do the impression of Scott of Sean, Connor everyone has a impression of Sean Kearney and not almost none of them are good. But everyone has tried it at least once and you know Sean Connery. Yeah. It is. Not, just not a good sean connery, but I know what you're going for their. Vague. Scottish accent and you're doing the sure thing at the end of your words. So I know you're trying to do sean connery. That's a a legacy dude not everyone has that. We talked to Ron Howard like it. Love it gotTA. have it. These are the chargers here. Sean Connery. I met Sean Connery at my job really cold stone. RUSHBO BERRY SCRATCH I don't quite understand the canucks. Jurassic champion. Vanilla was from gummy bears. Nikkei two anymore we do any more anymore you've got. We got we. We can't be on this podcast nine thirty doing SEAN CONNERY VOICES Ron Howard interviewed him here's interview. Very excited to be joined by Ron. Howard, how are you doing today sir? How's it going I'm doing I'm doing fine. I'm I'm Doug in being careful I'm I just just got tested waiting for the results. Not, because I feel bad but because we're heading into the holidays and I hope we can open up our family bobble a little bit more but but being very, very, very careful. Well, great theory. Hopefully, the holidays very enjoyable for you and do have at the beginning of the holiday season November eighth new thing debut in that Tatchio rebuilding. Paradise. Community of Paradise California town in Sierra Nevada foothills attempts to rebuild effort devastating wildfires in two thousand eighteen think many people remember those my family lived Kinda not in that area but in California around that time I was home around that time. What can you let us know about? Rebuilding, Faradise Well IT'S A it's a case study. Really I mean there isn't a very harrowing seeing which all comes from cellphone footage and some local news coverage bodycam coverage, and so forth of just you know they drops the audience really into the experience of the fire and it's it's it's really as as intense as as any scene that I've ever directed whether it documentaries are or scripted. But after that it, it really allows audiences to connect with characters of different ages different brackets, different sensibilities as they navigate the the the sort of long tail of struggle after the fire, and so it really is the story of you know once once you're once you through that crisis, however you know. Lethal. Or damaging. It's been. What next and that's the thing that you don't really get. From news stories and that's what I was most curious about because Paradise hotel is a town that I knew my mother-in-law had lived several years there in the last few years of her life as greytown fantastic not a tourist town not an industry town. It's just there because people want to be there and because it's a beautiful place to be and and you know the the absolute epitome of sort of self reliance and all and all those kinds of those pioneer qualities, and yet the the rug is completely ripped out from under him and I wanted to know what it was going to be light for these folks to to cope with that fires are one of those things I feel like wildfires that you'd it's it's hard to Kinda I guess comprehend the experience of it impending like not impending doom with the chance that could happen because like my family we live northeast in Texas in Texas fire. But when when you see California fires and you're living there and you know that at the drop of a hat, it could just change course change direction and it's a fairly horrifying thing that you just Appreciates not the right word, but you fully understand it until you you live by it. No, I don't think you can but I think that that's probably you know same thing can be said for. or You know a a horrendous flawed or Quakes and other disasters. I think it was a sort of a perfect storm You know that it was much drier than it auto abandoned at that time. The fires are not you know it's supposed to be wetter. But. There was all fuel on the ground from from from all the all the pine needles having fallen off, and you know it just it just hit like an absolute firestorm and once it was underway you know the Fire Department stopped trying to fight fire in about forty minutes and it just became a full on rescue mission. You've done a lot of documentaries before also don obviously a lot of Mo- major motion pictures. What are the differences for you as a director in piecing together documentary versus a movie because out imagine it's maybe a little bit harder because there's obviously real-life implications to documentary as opposed to maybe a fictional story. Well. Yeah The similarities that I've found, and this is one of the reasons I become really really committed to doing both and moving back and forth is that a lot of about research and discovery and lot of it is about recognizing in the material where those moments are that people audiences can connect with and really remember because their emotional or they're funny they're revealing they offer some insight. So so I I I find that central in in both in both mediums There's something kind of liberating about a documentary because you don't control it. I mean you're going to work with it eventually and you're going to our share for audiences you know what you have to offer but. With Nat Najia financed this. But all I knew is that I wanted us to embed for year and follow the storyline. We didn't know you know who what storylines or what the outcomes would be and so you just kind of trust that with a movie or television show that scripted and you feel a lot more pressure to make sure you deliver. The entertainment value the thematics performances in the way that you know audiences are going to expect whereas audience watching a documentary are much more just leaning in and curious, and it's it's a different kind of viewing experience and I think audiences have really figured out how entertaining documentaries can actually be in just the last five years or so and they seem to be. Just booming in terms of their interest for audiences exploding big time Do you think movies or documentaries about events like this are more influential and swing public opinion like for example, Erin Brockovich part part of this movie are part of this documentary also had her own movie which swayed a lot of public opinion. So I don't know which one do you think gives more sway? I think they both add up and I think that's why storytelling is is is is always been so. Elemental and away in the human experience because it's it's the way we come to terms with what might be how we're how we're gonNA react to things you know and I think going back to you know how are we going to hunt Bison Willy Mammoths Without getting killed to you know how do we cope with a disaster like this or? You know in a character script I look I just I have hillbilly elegy coming out. It's a memoir based on a true story, but it scripted it stars Amy Adams and Glenn Close. I was working on it literally at the same time that I was working on rebuilding paradise and it it's. It's goals are similar to try to transport an audience and and make them invite them to to really empathize with with with with characters that they they they. You know that they may not a hundred percent relate to but you you create that relate ability and it just opens people's minds to You know the kind life decisions that they might make the kinds of relationships that they might want to have, and I think those values are really at the center of these two movies because they're really all about individuals trying to cope with a really difficult challenge. Now, a movie that you one of my favorite movies of all time that you made is an example of the the movie side of things. The that side of the Sort Time Frost Nixon I thank you absolutely one of my favorites and you a choice in there. I've always been fascinated by Franklin Gel played Nixon for a long time on the stage. So I imagine made sense but there's obviously no secret. He doesn't look that much like Nick's L.. He. Doesn't does a great sounds like Nixon. He's passing what was that process and like not just me but just in general because that's always blow me away because it worked so well and I and you have to figure that that doesn't. It's not can't always be the case when it doesn't look exactly like somebody s is Richard Nixon like what was the push pull on that and other scenarios where you want to cast someone? Michael Sheen who looked like frost, right? Right. Well, it was a function really of just frank having some intuitive. Connection, to this character and particularly as the character was written in Peter Morgan's play. Peter, Morgan then wrote the screenplay Peter, Morgan also wrote the movie rush- which which I did. A thank you also the Queen and now does the crown and nobody is better at taking real characters and finding a little like what we're talking about a minute ago. Those relationship moments those the ways in which those characters are tested and challenge the way they choose to solve problems and magnifying that in a way that is true to those characters but also thought provoking and that's what rates storytelling. can really do so frank just had he had such a connection with that character and we we thought about casting some other people because frank wasn't a huge movie star but but you know a it at the end of the day none of us wanted to to let go of that that that intimate handle that he just had on on that character and it was A. It was really fascinating to work with, but that's an example unlike a documentary. But where where there's a great scene in the middle of it where. The the president. Calls David Frost. Ill, the night and kind of bears his soul and challenges him and they go back and forth well that never happened. Now, so how did Peter Morgan come to that scene, but it was the biggest seen it always got applause in the in the in the play. Everybody remembers it in the movie. And he basically was because he collected a lot of truths about both Nixon and David Frost and built a scene that would be memorable. That was very true to their spirits and yet was fiction for that moment you know and so you know you don't do that documentary. I if you can't get somebody to say it or you can't find the footage, the demonstrates it unless you're doing a documentary the. End Polemic and and you're voicing it the way like a Michael Moore does Alex Gibney sometimes says we're he's he's almost like a columnist telling you what it all adds to and what it means the But in in in our in our in our rebuilding paradise movie if we couldn't capture it and convey it through the characters and through the images that we add shot or found then. We'd have to let those ideas go. So it's a different kind of discipline cheeseburgers. That's just one of. Goods. There is an the trilogy I WanNa Talk to you about and I have a bone to pick with you about this is the Dan Brown trilogy. Okay. Like all three movies I like all three movies a lot. But there is one one creative choice that has always irked me why did you make Tom Hanks grows hair out because how long hair does not suit that man? This is one of the. This is why filmmaking is. A special kind high wire act at all times. 'cause I'M GONNA I'M GONNA. Tell you the story of the hair. So we had a really creative hairdresser on that show. He's a great. Guy Kademi award nominated guy and he said I, think it'd be great if Tom's hair was long. Said, wow, it's hairs long when these here's never been on I know but he's never played a character like Robert Langdon and let's just try it and so we did we tried it. He he tom grew it long and we cut it a particular way straightened it did all kinds of things. Tom Was. So happy the studio was so happy everybody said, this is great. We were so hundred hundred percent sure. This was a great move. Until the first test screening. By now, you've got your ninety two million dollars making the movie. Tom's doing something else. We're stuck with the long hair. So for that movie had belong here and that's just the way it goes, but it's but you know it's it's audiences will tell you and every movie gets made with you know all the best intentions and then it comes out at a particular time and. Maybe. Even in another era, somebody might have thought that was a great haircut for him. Who knows who knows but we got it wrong and it was too late to do anything. Oh Wrong for that moment and people like you Jack. Up There's there's another choice and this I think I personally is great in my opinion for the movie rush and the movie the heart of the humiliate Chris Hemsworth lose weight obviously because it for both roles we did marvel ever hits you open line about that and be like, Hey, stop leaking thor go down like Kind of he this guy permanently at two twenty and very muscular. While, there was no pressure on that with rush because he had enough of a window and they didn't know yet that they were GonNa do or twos in came out and it was great. It was a hit and all of that. He completely, Chris one that with a self made audition that he sent in I mean I had seen for then I called Kenneth Branagh and talked to him about it and Kenneth Branagh who directed the first one was raving about him. And and I thought he did a great job in rush for harder to see. There was all kinds of pressure because they knew. They were GONNA shoot. You know another one and he was going to drop or that he had to go do a guardians. That was it was he done one and it was in this little window and. So you can imagine everybody else in the production is doing everything they can to get skinny as they can possibly get I mean it was really a. Tremendous show of discipline and in Chris was given everything to that and yet knowing that he was gonNA turn around. By, the way with a nutritionist with a trainer with medical supervision. I think everybody's learned those crazy drops are not something you just do on your own and you know end very meticulously sort of bill back and I think they even put into the shooting schedule like shooting him in certain ways on the next movie. So give him time to build up again but he's a he's a very disciplined guy and he got to where he needed to get to looks incredible and anything. That's true. That is true. We can't let you go before we. Noticed we we are very pleased because Dan delorean. Out Today. Very very, Star Wars family. Solo any any rumblings those Disney plus solo they talked about it a little bit. Any rumblings with you on that? No. No rumblings on it I think there's A. I think. I don't I don't. Really. This is I'm not giving in a way is not a spoiler. Shaper but but you know, I, think there's interest in those characters I think there's interest in gangster world and. And somewhere down the line but I can assure you that there's nothing being developed right now it's either four movie or for Disney plus but one great thing is that there's been a lot of affection shown for solo kind of in in its afterlife and and so of course that keeps boating well for them to eventually turn around but I tell you. Here's the thing about Lucasfilm Kathy Kennedy and everybody around those projects which might daughter Bryce who's been who? The Mandala ran has has discovered embraced is Jon favreau exemplifies this they all do. There is such a commitment to excellence and there's there is this is there's just no version of anything that happens in the galaxy that is that is. Like Manufacturing Everything, is everybody all in to do service some things work better than others for certain people, etc. But I guarantee you the entire spirit around those things is so there's so much commitment and it's very similar. To what I experience when I do a movie like Apollo Thirteen or rush or frost Nixon or had it again with hillbilly allergy which is coming up, which is based on a true story where people really want to put their best foot forward because they believe in the ideas that are being presented and they want to, they want to respect the people who actually lives the lives of those stories and all of that commitment is palpable. You can really feel it but I swear you the same kind of commitment. To anybody working on whether it's a Disney plus project for the or for theaters and it I it was really exciting to pick up on that energy when I was involved I, imagine yes no one of the first videos actually did this company I pretended to be Alden Ehrenreich. This is the year solo came out and I went to Times Square holding a sign saying meet sound Solo and people all around Times Square were coming up and be like Oh my God you're Hansel and they're taking pictures and stuff and I have possibly zero likeness to him. Is here here here was a different color to be fatter. Brown. But other than that. It was nothing. Well, it was great because Harrison Ford Light Solo and very much and was very supportive when he saw it and was so gracious and complementary to Alden. and. He said some things publicly but privately, it was really great to see Harrison like put his hand on all them shoulder great job kid kind of thing that's GonNa. So event and mental lot, and then you know so hard and that was it was A. A A. Very high risk Yes. Serve situation for him and and he was a cool customer really really was a pleasure to work with at was that entire. CAST. Is just a great bunch while we hope maybe you get some mandatory delorean secrets from Brian I don't last thing before you go i. Am I. Am as she's the worst I've never read Jurassic script. I've never let Amanda Lawrence gets to. Disclaim. One of those one of those Indian contracts, one of India's she means. Credible. But I'm massive mass arrested development fans. I have to ask you what is your favorite but one favorite joke from that show it's that's a very hard God. One favorite joke. Oh My God. Well. Got I. So I so I, just love job. Every time he's performing. So one joke. But I I kind of think that you know they get stuck in the wall is. One of my faves and always have been stiller and I I just. But every time you get will fired up and I you know and performing to me. I can I could watch it all day. Long I think the the best joke ever executed on Network TV is when they're talking about the c word and Lucille's there and this is get rid of the C words. I'll leave when I'm good ready that is a joke. How how is ever on Network TV? Thank you so much is a blast. Of You and What rebuilding Paradise Nat Go November Eighth Two thousand twenty just in a week or so. The end of the month right. Prevent you so much. Appreciate it. Take care. Bye Bye. Thank you it around Howard, that was cool. Ron Howard's one of those interviews that we do or you're like. Talking to Ron Howard. Like fuck. Howard. It's incredible and he gave us the WHO's very straight up with his answers, which is I fucking love that though I mean that -freshing. The DAVINCI code thing was a good laugh i. i. did not realize that that was very funny to me. Hit him not hedging all just being like, yeah, it's. Like that hair is bad. It wasn't good. It's like all right. As amazing great interview come back run. Yes seriously. Man. Christopher Lee role in the first one though the Hor- master guy. Master head of the order that was did I do I do I do a great job as the the Orgy Logistics Guy? For the SPREADSHEET and protects or start time the Ross full roster. My God you, goop calendar. Rebecca Rebecca. Rebecca for. Rebecca I don't even know what? Stevens this is like a black hole in the movie it is. Cinematic nothing yeah? It's It's It's it's tough Rebecca. Two thousand. Twenty. This is obviously not the first Rebecca Alfred Hitchcock Rebecca in nineteen, what thirty, forty or? Nineteen forty So, this is this is an existing story. A young newlywed arrives at her husband's imposing family stay on a wide swept or windswept English coast if I just battling the shadow of his first wife, Rebecca who legacies legacy lives on in the house long after death Lily James is in the movie, Armie Hammer and dowd is in the movie for a little while. On Net flicks. About. Two weeks ago. And it is is certainly. It's it's the most boring fucking movie. We've reviewed on this podcast. What a fucking. Dole Bland bore holy fucking Shit Holy Shit Armie. Hammer turned ten. What is the most boring performance I have ever seen in my life and I don't mean bad. Bad performance, but it is so. Omega. White even manning level. Charisma. Race yes. Oh Yeah. Oh Yeah. Hold that was like. Greek yogurt. Eighties like it make him yet where yellow suit just to convey some sense of personality to start We gotta work a lot with the wardrobe in this did. It's it's like it's the best part of the movie. It's like eating a bowl of cheerios, but you don't have milk use water. That boring like dipping like dipping saltines into a into a cup of water is just so. Go. To Paula in just getting a big bowl of pinto beans. Pinto. Beans of too much younger. Brown. Rice yeah yet somehow less flavor. And you can see like I mean obviously and I haven't seen the hitchcock one but. Did the general like kings of. Me Gallo the pieces to make it intriguing. But then it's just something where like a lot depends on the performances in a lot depends on how it's. On the screen and it's almost like with this one, they tried to make it Kinda, sexy but there's nothing sexy about what's going on at all and so it just becomes this this weird like almost like a fully lingering Cami Cam. Shot on Lily James the whole time just watching her and then armie hammer like acting for Lauren or You know can conflicted it's just not working. There's no there's nothing interesting that happens here. Eight cry I'll try and like break it down because it's hard because this movie is against so boring, but it's movie do that. It's not terrible. Anything interesting about it. Yeah I I. Like Lily James A lot. Like I'm a big fan of James but. Go ahead go ahead. Okay yes. So again I think I told you this but I started this movie the day came out and was poured me. So intensely DFT and for the sake of the pot finished at this morning. I. Really and truly honestly wish didn't and. Like. You guys like I everything I don't think you saw either Jeff I didn't see Hitchcock nineteen forty original. We'll tell you right now it has to be better than this, and in fact, the first thing I wanted to do after watching this was to watch the original get the taste on my mouth and I found on Youtube by the way the entire movie, which is Great into me. This movie was almost like an excuse for the directors as Ben Wheatley I believe to play like dress up with armie hammer and James in like that's the only reason he wanted to make this movie and I think Lewis James, is fine. Kristin Scott Thomas who played like the housekeeper was fine. But armie hammer like you're saying is just offers nothing to this movie whatsoever and there's this there's no substance there's no pace but no one thing I'll give it though is it looks incredible like it's very immersive virtual pwerful and like it gets, you would say into that like Aristotle Aristocratic like turn of the century setting but beyond that it's So fucking surface level. It's insane. It's like taking a bite out of a chocolate flavor or a chocolate coated like egg like so unsatisfying and there's just no reason at all for this movie to be made whatsoever and I I don't think it appealed to hitchcock fans I. Don't think it appeal to like us everyone wants to General Audience Fan. So there's just no point, and so I'll say like. I think you have to give props the costume and art lighting departments and all that all the technical departments because I think the movie looked stunning but there's just the writing and directing and the acting. This is just it takes this movie at such an unbelievable rate and it is such a bore I I really wish we didn't review this because it was such a waste of fucking time. It's like. What's the most? That was bland thing panerabread. Like. I always thinking poll beget it's it's like Can I get the chicken noodle soup broth only? Too much. We know salt with apple slices. GimMe boiled chicken. It's like getting a big Mac. No burgers just the buns and aside of apple slices. It. Feel like a lot of. I don't know like an acting job could have. Like salvage the movie Hammer was just so boring in this. He just he was quite tear actually I I'll go out on a limb and say he was he was he was bad. He was bad in this. Say that he just didn't offer. Acted he acted like the part nothing more like except you get to the kind of like what you consider to be the twist at the end where? Is. Character. Attempts to show some level of depth but like up until that point like the first time ever really see the character. Of course he's like a Classic Sleep Walker, which is like. You know. Of course that lay danvers is just chill and in the background watching him sleep walk the might do man that's a pro move procreate removed but then you get you get to the point where you get to the the ball or the Gal or whatever it was, and she's wearing the cost too many shows like a little bit of emotion. But by that point, you're just like I this I hate this character I just hate what he's done with it. This is nothing is a husk. Little No, salt? Bread Basically Lily James is all right, but the whole movie felt like even though there's really only one seen the movie felt like a collection of going through some things in dropping a ceramic if la there there there should have been seventeen seems where she was going to each room in the mansion trying to go through like pictures in old belongings of the person every character introduced felt. Like just a clone of your walking onscreen Jack Val. Oh. I mean just everyone like there. There was no flavor added the entire movie it was just it was just piling on more boring storylines in people with the flavor was the costuming in the design said that straight good admitted the good. Looks, it looks great. I mean everybody looks great. Everybody is really pretty person except for except for the scullery maid or whatever. She is the the attendant maid, which they very intentionally made her the mostly British. Looking person they could find. I'd still very said that out loud I was like that is the most UK last I've ever seen maybe ever who danvers so no, no, no, it was like her second in command like the handmaiden. Away Really James. she had a name that was clery Clarisse wasn't clarissa with uterus career no, it was. It was. CLARISSE. Beatrice sure. Now that was lady. Kristin Scott Thomas and dowd. Lots going to make you earn for and bowed character to fucking die. Holy Shit which. But that was supposed to be. She wasn't like menacing. Enough I don't know that area look cool though I like that when they were in were they Monaco was sick it looked cool and. Fine I'M GONNA. I'M GONNA give it I'M GONNA give it thirty five. Don't think it's single digits or anything like that. It's just it's a chore to Watch About The fucking ten minute montage forgetting notes from Bell hops. Oh My. Get it. At. Like more. I think they're trying to give more explanation more depth to the relationship between Armie Hammer, Lily James. But at the same time like part of the the point is that the relationship is going fast and they're making it slow, which is knowing shit. How many notes from the Bellhop so regaining get their Jesus. maxine. Do. Winter. Bro. Sh- too stupid man. It's just not. It's not good. I almost pivoted last-second and said, what's going back to the Hulu Hor which we're into the WHO lower movies but I was like. Rebecca brackets just better. Now I, I enjoy this because it's not bad. It's it's not it's just. Like you're it's a, it's a blank canvas that has invisible ink on it but like the invisible ink painting is the worst. Smiley. Face you've ever seen. So. There's nothing interesting. Substitute again that's my issue. Is just him? Poor it's well-made. Well, put together. The stories finds a good story say based off of something exists but. Homemade it's woman from how it looks, but it's not well made makes you feel though I would say it's the having edited particularly well. Just looks good. It did it looks cool. They a we love that time in history cinematic represented on screen. We see a lot still looks good cars will cool but. Just. Baby and it's. Like I looked at a read a bit about the hitchcock movie that one, hundred, thirty minutes but this one felt like it was like. The they're like, will his one hundred thirty minutes or should be around that to? The just stretched out. There was not enough that does actually that's a good point I do think it was they didn't have that much footage when there is wrapping up. The shoot a little more. Let's get a little bit more on. We gotta get closer to the actual time. We're supposed to be at Gazit did feel very stretched. No Pace, there's no effort to pace it whatsoever. Where we stand with Armie Hammer. He's been in mostly stinkers like for the most part of wide majority I mean he's had a couple of rules that are fantastic I mean ozzy social network. He was a great winkle social networking by your name two very good roles of his name. He's coming up with everything going to be in the DEFA. maniacal. That's right. We do the same exact character. It's Max into winter again. Yeah I interpreted terribly sorry can't find my wife. He's the guy by the way in this movie. Like. What she's like I love you. Oh, do you. Do you I wonder how British people feel about his accent I wonder what the grade is because I thought it was pretty good. Not Not Terrible. Where do you think he's from? armie Hammer's armie Hammer California when you okay. But city wise you can get the city. La, it makes complete sense. Out Say Sacramento now. What sure was close to the LA. Santa Monica recommend. Okay. He's born in Santa Monica never benefit I just wanted to get something different than. Guy Born in Santa Monica. Given. Born in like a gigantic villa paid for by the Armand Hammer. Late. I don't know. Is. He. Really is I mean now? You're saying that as a joke, I think but the extra to the Armand Hammer. fucking. Arm and hammer will arm and hammer is great grandma. Amer. Yeah okay. He he did he oil guy. Thank. is not involved with Armin Hammer, his name being Armand Hammer that's an offset for me. Upset at the center sucks. Seems like the the guy, the guy. Create. Armand. Hammer should have been Armand Hammer. Just insane. The. Retroactively be the guy who owns arm and Hammer. It's way cooler to be the acting like. What's the word like? Acting Trust Kid Greg Greg Kid whatever of the Baking Soda. Oil. Money. Riley like. At least there's some level of humor in having baking. Soda Money Right Yeah, I'm a baking Soda Baron. Why didn't the Oil Baron the Armand Hammer by arm and hammer he's an oil baron. You think you can afford to buy a baking soda. We need to bring the title back. No there it's already exists in its own sense. You nobility wouldn't would've. Bazo says in Lake like he's he's the Internet Baron. Is a Web Baron web baron. I don't know unless unless the title is like has more nefarious meetings I apologize for if it does. who else said, what's What's? what's his name? Musk space baron? Now, Dude, he's. He's a battery. He's battery barren. Battery Okay Battery Baron that makes more sense. But then if if we're naming bezos the web, Barron, what's what's gates? Is He the computer? Baron. He's he's he's a PC I don't know dude I'm just coming up with is on the fly is what's the? Him Apple Zuckerberg's. We can only be one baron social social baron baron. Okay. Right. My Space Tom also he was he was a and he got his clan God disavowed by the Shogun. The replies to our parts Abba Show tweeter are. What you'd expect my my space tom is the best of the bunch because he just press that fuck off objector seat but. Took like is like ten million dollars. On something recently so every celebrity should do it. They should they should put them on shark tank. He's actually smartest of all the web entrepreneurs because he got out and he doesn't have to go against Congress every every quarter to defend like. Are. They are they not like shadow. At a party once in a girl was like offered to be flown out to Hawaii by my space tom like use snapchat messaging here I go. Oh, fire you out one hang out was like damn. The Best of flying. Based on the fly out Bayern. That's a good title though. No. Dude. He does a fly out but she gets air and he's staying at a Ramada. Look look into in in. It's not even on Conan it's unlike the fifth biggest island on Hawaii. Took a boat here staying at like one of those really nice holiday ends with the indoor pools that there in the courtyard. Anything. Else in this fucking movie. Now I say. You know how most of the time thirty, five for trail Eight for me. Wow would. You give it. Twenty eight was low thirty, five I. Guess I'm not that far off thirty seven for me. You know how? Like I say like I give a movie bad rating but Mike is worth a watch. If you're interested I, I wouldn't watch this at all. I don't think you should watch it. I guess is will as bad I mean it's it's it's it's bad. A little wide say is bad. It's bad. succession seen we're Chaban it can't be that bad right. I think games just like it's quite bad. The I don't love saying I I love to save the word terrible like the Cova Michael Bay movie looks terrible. Like. Artemis fowl was terrible. Brahms. The boy to was terrible. I guess just bad. Yeah is is boring it's like I wasn't. The kind of. It was kind of entertainment parts but the thing is like the reason I was kind of entertaining because I had nothing else to do just like laying in bed at ten o'clock and you know. What else? What else I watch mandatory and what do you want from me audience? Gave it a do you know what I did? Watch Netflix's I watched the holiday. So Mad. Horned up movie that is holy, Shit. Off horny content released in the last few days. Incredible. Incredible Hunt Ten in that movie isn't the premise that they're going no nut for an entire year again. Not Exactly. That they hate the hate, the the pain of having a date for a holiday. Oh no nothing worse than bad Pharma date. The mother's Day is included who the fuck as Mother's Day Day. What was the one line where she's like Oh, you're not good enough talking, but you'll come in my mouth. That's one of the thirty lines. That was. Fine. I was I was caught off guard by that one I was like Oh. This is GonNa be that type of movie I didn't really as the course. It does stay the course, but you know who's in it. Emma Roberts now. Okay she. Okay. Yeah, she's in C. Grammar. Here's one. Money plane. Nice thing like you just sean connery money plane. Post that I. Playing stolen valor from red letter media him to stay money plane. King Bach. Fuck. Who Bind, Starr King Bach who? Who you know that is short. No kill that is. I only know I only know Jerry perp drank. Drank Curtis little poor and then Berlin the lady who married Thomas on Britney Furlan for a long. Walk She's Pretty Furlong took her her real down by the way. It knows so many saved it and posted it somewhere. Somewhere, else at blue elsewhere, you'd probably find it on twitter if you a keyword search it. Did. You know on my space back in the day you know you're the top, the top eight drill. I never. I never was on my space but I knew I knew the topic was thing yes. When fantastic full rides the silver surfer came out. If you liked if you friend requested that page, you got an extra four people. For for the fantastic four. You Got Twelve. Does that like a while LTO? The again, what is it was there it was there. Oh, by the way. mcrib coming back nationwide. I. Really think they're really took people by the way they're like first time in eight years now really is the first time nationwide. New. Year's. Gusting Sandwich and I've had I've had multiple MIC ribs. Before because I I, I keep coming back to the MOMA. Maybe I'll be having one again. I'LL BE TR- I. Know I don't, but I always give one a try when they're around Try the spicy mcnuggets don't make the I just don't do any fast food anymore I'm going to give. McDonalds around our office they're all gross. Very dirty may get the MIC mcrib meat and Matteo off the Bun and putting onto gluten free on. G. G F mcrib. Marilyn Manson read somebody tweeted as move the ribs somebody tweeted us a video are a picture of assurances that I'd rather be watching Bob Hearts the show I love this I love bring that to our merch team. It's like, Hey, we have our cyber Monday Christmas sweater can you have it say I'd rather be watching Bob Hearts. In a perfect world, we could absolutely sell that and we would make millions if not, it's hard to sell those shirts and it has to be the perfect thing we twice and it worked because balloon, Jerry and large canine were grape. We haven't had one that really has worked. We there has to be supreme confidence in it. I would love if people would get behind in I'd rather be watching Bob. Hearts ambusher. Sure. I Would Love I. Love did that and then we get immediately sued. CBS or whatever Chuck Laurie he comes after and takes us down. Public lawsuit of all time big Sitcom writing it comes after us. How funny would it be if you turn on TV watching NFL Fox in Marilyn Manson popped up mick rib add. That'd be great product placement for that'd be awesome. Him In. An operating room and they were moving mic ribs from them. Pretty funny. Back in the channel. That would have been methane. I have to upload that fucking jared jared deleted scene from scary movie three he sang a half male. Mic River moves could Suck Dick ONA SUCK ON. You know bumper. Yeah. He puts it out. This you make one of those commercials those fake commercials remember they did that with the skewed skittles wants and everyone thought it was real. Guy. Like. Comes come skittles on his wife. You've ever seen that show. Yes I have and. People thought that was very real. It's like, nope nope not a real skills commercial. All right the bracket volume one. First time for stem brackets ever been the. Best. Rebecca eight Rebecca. So we haven't. We had a late change by the way. In the peer Rebecca's region we have rebecca black's. Rebecca remain or some people know Rebecca made stamos. Rebecca Lobo. NBA WMBA NC, double a. and Olympic gold medalist. Champion. Mission impossible actress Rebecca. Ferguson. and. Then in the rebecca variations region, we have becky lynch from the WWE. We. Have Grammy winner back. We have. Entertainment ICON, REBA mcentire. And then we naturally had a ca-car. The bird noise. I do I I think we are going to sub what can Jack suggested the BC Bacon Egg and cheese of BECK BC. Fair enough. This is a very common acronym and I do think it has a chance of winning in which card is not. Voice, the Pathak Bacon cheese how honest I'll be. REBA won the vote with eighty percent of the vote over. Now. I don't know because. So he and here's the other thing. We have the audience vote, which is useless because all that does is create the opportunity for a tie and we don't have anyone to break tie So I'm throwing out the audience vote today. I don't know what to do with it. It just going to cause chaos. Breaker I'll tell you what they voted round one rebecca black for Becker made what we think will start with you I think rebecca black takes it from the audience. Because I think I think our audience generally, they're probably average twenty, five, twenty, six years old. In a I think Rebecca remains wasn't a household name. Like they didn't grow up with her sports illustrated picture on their Wall Lake Lake, my friend. Now. Is this morning. On together more an indictment on on O'CONNELL and stamos. Than is Romain. On who? Like you. Ozo- conal. Jerry O'CONNELL was Jerry O'CONNELL do. Serious. Yeah. I don't know I'm sorry. I've not like Jerry O'CONNELL factor. For. Like. Fifteen years. Diamond on them just looking at like Rebecca remains body of work. But when you talk about Beckerman, you typically have to have the writer of like you know she she pulls up John Stamos Yes. You mean I don't know like you know she has her own career in John, stamos was in the beach boys. Each poison the uproar becker made culturally above. All John stamos. You think. So see I John stamos above Rebecca Romaine, but but both above Jerry O'CONNELL. Jerry. Jerry O'CONNELL. he you're still doing stuff which is incredible. Yeah. Okay. You're probably right. You're. You're probably right. I've been there pretty close greater. Aldo. Had An all time roast of Jesse John stamos. He said you're married to my favorite supermodel Rebecca Romaine O'CONNELL. Great, that's a great fucking burn never can. Reference Road Dorado will Yeah I do though have to go with Rebecca black because I think rebecca black stood the test of time like Rebecca remain always like iconic right? Always you'd in that Positive Light Rebecca block in. Years of being crapped on for her song and she broke through and is I mean she she's viewed a very positive way and I, I I I give her a lot of great. She got absolutely Internet bullied. not a series. It's not a serious thing though that does suck and that's just. Not Great. But I I give Rebecca Shitload of credit if you look at if you look at the major If you look at the major viral videos of all time. So the the first defacto viral video was the Dan Solutions Dance. No it was the dancing baby from like ninety seven. It was on the Internet and then made its way onto ally mcbeal. mcbeal. And then the one the second real big one bub rub whistle tips about two thousand three. and. Then you get into kind of like the area like what you are saying. what what was yours again. Volition dance. Yeah. You get the evolution of dance mid June. But, but then you start getting into these two thousand, ten era. Viral. Videos in the another one was the star wars kid in. Rebecca. Black's closer to the star wars kid in terms of tone because previously viral videos people have found funny like you know the Mobile Leprechaun or the hydrocare hide your wife Guy But but this was when people I think saw these people in the this was like pure making fun of them not like laughing with them but laughing at them and I think that's what Rebecca Black's was but I think Rebecca Black's. Just, in terms of like that Friday song being so lampooned. Automatically I think we realized. It's kind of a banger. That's why she gets my vote the sound like the songs kind of like it's like it's so stupid that it's like ironically good and it's still kind of fun to listen to because it brings you back to a feeling point in time when I heard it and made fun of it but Friday just Friday such a universal feeling the song captures the dumb feeling of going sick with your your Chad's Friday. On Friday you're making fun of her again. I have such a respect level for music or entertainment that starts out as such a piece of shit and viewed as the worst thing ever and then. Like breaks through and is like you said, it's considered to be. Like. Awesome. Yeah ironically. In a way but like I don't know if there's A. Shock to anyone who listened to this podcast that the three of us would maybe have that feeling make some things that we like but I always appreciate that. I'm bombed Rebecca Black as well. Yeah. I mean I'm I'm voting for a two, but it's mostly because I don't really know Rebecca remains nameless at all. He was not part of my life whatsoever. Like she's very much not stay most anymore is Rebecca. The tone of the. I feel like we have to give Jerry O'CONNELL some do here. Okay. Rebecca remain O'CONNELL that sound that doesn pro. Roommate. She's. So it's. It's I'll say this rebecca black way more culturally impactful. My Life Than Rebecca Romaine ever was a period and I agree you guys in that the song was very much university made fun of and she definitely did endure Awada bullying. This is essentially like her she wanted to do singing in like your parents are rich and they're just like, yeah, you can do that as you can definitely just do this and she got like a random producers kind of. Throw it together and that's why turned out the way it did but she's living her life now and I think like is is very, she's like moved on and I think that's very cool. That's not something I could come back from I don't think would be reclusive or shut off from the world probably forever after enduring that level of like vicious Internet bullying. So props to her rebecca remain never had to go through anything like that. So sorry, you're off your voted off she. To Rebecca credit though her mystique is. Pretty. ICONIC. Now's the conic as a dark phoenix mystique in the light shade of you Lou. The just just use after-effects. They see blue they made her wear green. wrecked. Black one is what we were saying. By, landslide victory. Yet Rebecca Black. She wanted to vote to sixty five percent. Maybe, I was value accidental too much. I was trying to defend each side, but she she announces now I'm thinking about how much love Jerry O'CONNELL, I didn't know. I'm stunned you didn't do. Them surprised too I just I love a love. Jerry. O'CONNELL's face. He's just got one of those faces that like you see and it makes you smile. To Time podcast Jerry O'CONNELL right? I we've talked to him I don't know I. Don't know if it's aired. Because there seeing Joe's apartment. We definitely interviewed him twice because I remember the second time we talked about how he wrote the Mike I I kid I kid was the one with him in the. Homes. And Katie Holmes. Day My. The president's daughter. Yeah. Kangaroo Jack Forget that well, no, no one. Forgot that at all actually I don't. Yeah. But Yeah we talked about how he wrote that and he was telling us about the script or at your screening process which was very cool. It's a cool dude right Okay. So Rebecca black moves on next next matchup is Rebecca Lobo Against Rebecca Ferguson. Two wildly different people. One is WNBA. Star. One of the greatest women bass players of all time the other is. Becoming more of a household name but definitely not. A huge name at this point. Two big becoming a big name, but she's not like. I wouldn't say household name just yet. No No. Also. Shocking from Sweden. No Big Time? Swedish. Dove Shirt for swimmers. So. Remember she spoke Swedish in the SEC and whatever the first mission. Impossible. So you just when you hear like Rebecca Ferguson, I don't know I did very Irish sounding these from Sweden. Yeah. The staff that always blows my mind. About Rebecca Lobo. So Super Accomplish WNBA player, but she she was on the ground floor making Yukon Yukon Yukon's swimming basketball is if you think about the Yukon program, you'll be like Oh. You know they probably just always been historically dominant, but the first championship really wasn't until nineteen ninety-five now as a team Rebecca Lobo was on and won that championship on that team. So I gotta give it to Rebecca Lobo for not only accomplishments in the WNBA starting. Franchise starting a Oh what's a good word legacy winning culture a winning legs did not win a WNBA Title I was wrong on that but she did win Olympic gold medal and she won the NC Double A. Women's final four. Angela Hall of Famer Not Rebecca Ferguson I mean she's in one of the greatest movie franchises but I, I don't know how do we? Post Dune. Maybe. Post. Dude. Maybe but not not yet I just don't think we're not living in a post during World Rebecca Ferguson is Steph Curry Davidson in two thousand and Two Thousand and seven. I think it was seven the year before they lost Maryland like he was really good like up and coming not quite there yet not quite ready. That's that's Rebecca Ferguson. You I'm going Rebecca Lobo. Start, the Yukon Dynasty, you get the credit. Albeit dissenting vote only because I didn't know who Rebecca Lobo was until you put her on this graph and that's mostly because I don't follow. I. Don't follow Wnba at I barely follow like football only has my attention almost ever but I didn't know anything about college women's basketball I. Don't know anything about WNBA. So she wasn't gould her after he put. Her on this and I already previously, no Rebecca Ferguson from to the best mission impossible movies ever made show sang in greatest Schulman and she probably one of the better songs than that movie and she's been a couple of things that weren't so great. The kid the the was the kid at the sword or whatever Andy Circus movie and sleep was decent. Dr. Zuhdi dachshunds pretty good but he's able hate. that. I. Hate. A lot people. Are Dissenting vote and say Rebecca Ferguson Okay two to one to close to close when audience they voted. Rebecca Ferguson this is why we've through the audience vote out. Yeah that sorry. Sorry. Rebecca Lobo. We'll have somebody else on we do these include the audience for fucking breaking ties Okay. So that's the first round of the pure Rebecca's bracket. Now, the rebecca variations region. Becky Lynch wwe star. And back. grammy winner. One that best album a couple years ago being out beyond say. Change. I forget which one is one. The thing about back is beck head had odelay, which was fantastic I. loved it but I never I never moved on with my listening to back and I know I know some people are listening to podcasts like you should like back genius and I like I get it just not like. Never Been I actually midnight vultures. Okay. He won for morning phase twenty fifteen. Yeah Becky Lynch however is a WW champion and She's she hasn't been really involved in any like we're. Shit. I didn't know she was Irish. Yeah whereas I like back, you know back I don't know. Belk. Belk was involved with the group that we talked about a lot and. You know hopefully. So you want I just did. I don't know. So where are you who you're voting for you becky Lynch, Vote Rebecca the WWe superstar, the fee nom or whatever nickname is. I want to vote for back. Because I do think he's he's very musically talented obviously when the jailing grammys or whatever but any also is integrated episode of Futurama. Bender's can't use his arms anymore but of vote for Becky Lynch mostly because the other day brandon marker or co worker got ed wrestling card that had a piece of her like her her wrestling pants cut out in stitched into the card which was amazing. It's amazing that www smell also like becky hers anywhere. Becky Lynch Actual Rebecca back. Not Rebecca, what's his real name Becky or something looks at Beck? David. Campbell's what he was born as. No I'm definitely going becky. Lynch. If. I were to take a stab at Belk is five foot, two hundred and eleven pounds. I feel like beccause he's definitely jockey proportions. Beck. would be six foot seven, ninety, seven pounds. You think he looks for Stephen or something. Back is six foot seven. No. He's probably like five seven. Seven. Yeah. Everybody in Hollywood's five, seven, they all they're all five seven. So they all they'll same size and camera. And know I like I like bill you look becks fine. I like Becky Lynch, actual, Rebecca. That's my voting criteria. Do you like? Do you like the song? Loser. Loser, Uber. Ninety five like shit anything for my childhood like that. Developmental. Music. Great Great Futurama episode where the future that songs will. Yeah Beck actually won the audience vote but the three of us noted for Becky Lynch. So thank you. Lynch moves on. This next one is a powerhouse matchup for best Rebecca. Rebecca variations region I don't know how to Idaho vote on this. These are two number one seeds. REBA mcentire. And B. C. Asian of back right in the middle of the word. Rebecca Cheese. I don't Ken Jack You're throwing your vote to. To. Bacon egg and cheese at imagine. I am but it was closer than I thought it would be because I really do enjoy a rebate used to watch the show all the time with my mom I like a big time favorite of ours and we watch it I have no connection to reba otherwise not a huge fan of her music but I liked her as an actress which soon, many people like our Moore's and actress than A. Singer I'm definitely not the only one who thinks that some voting for bacon egg and cheese though because beginning and she's a saved me for many a hangover even though I'm not sure if it actually makes it worse and it's just it's it's been a staple of my life, my entire life so I have to pick it absolutely has it. I mean we'll more more you'll miss out. REBA mcentire I. Well I just think like you know depending on when you grew up you lake have a different perception Reba mcentire like when I grew up you know I'm thinking about like her her work in the nineties lake For my broken heart and all that like. Like Kim Jags age you probably just knows Reba mcentire as the TV show Reba. Like. I'd never heard of music before the show. Yeah. Even REBA REBA had country country music. Hits in the early nineties and that's the rebinding. Yeah is. The person who her husband divorced her and then married some that also looked just like reba. Is this the same person I'm thinking about. I don't have an in depth knowledge of Reba mcentire's lovell also believe it or not REBA mcentire also Swedish. The Fuck Outta here. No Man. She's Almost. Very famously. Bait and switch. So. Yeah. We know her husband got remarried to someone that looks just like Reba. It's Oh my gosh. What about this? This is the funniest thing. So I'M GONNA. Send you guys a picture. And the person I'm sending you. This person I just said that's not REBA. REBA REBA mcentire like one of the things that you know she went through like her her her band died in an airplane accident in the early nineties. The this big album came out after that was dedicated to them. Was Not cool that people died. No. No nothing? Zero in on that. Dude, did you see the picture the picture of new REBA? No way that picture that. That's not really no, it's not no. That's the guys new girlfriend. No. No. You got to. I picture you sit the first one. DASELL deficit agree but you can't kissing. Oh that wasn't. US That's not. REBA. The. NEW GIRLFRIEND DOES THE FIRST ONES NOT REBA Reba the second one's REBA. No Killing. No No. I'm telling you. You know the picture I sent you use. You see before that was like the picture approximates what is like to have a stroke I feel like this is what I'm looking at right now. Absolutely not. I'm telling you. Fog I need to find her name I don't remember her name. Nothing No. No. The first picture you sent is Reba. It's on. The picture we're talking about the On twitter. Jack is trying to say. The ARIBA in the circle is not reboots. Fate Reba it's for you. Know it's like you know how you know I ever Levin dieting our place by clone that's fake Reba. Dude. I can't even fucking breathe that is that no three Thousand, you it's fake Reba. No that is absolutely REBA. There's no fucking way. Link the story Pictures Lincoln the fucking. Link. The story. I was saying you guys a story. You guys you guys just read. Somebody harvest is might be a hard thing we've ever since. Riva pill. You guys need to be red pills. No. Works red-tailed already. People are going to be stunned with what we can tweeting out tonight three Bob Hart Abbas Shola things than a tweets this which one is the real reebus. Where the fuck I need to find the right one. You got to find the story because now I don't believe there's no way. I defined it. New. was looking was her ex-husband novel. Novel blackstock. Hang. Oh my God. ELISA ELISA. Gail Ridder. No Shit I'll find out of the New Orleans area we we'll move on okay. Keep, people updated. On my God dude, those are all readers. This is. This is Reba that you said a picture of to revisit the same picture. No knows new REBA. Just, gave you a stroke wide saying that wasn't. The Tony. Is Not Reba. Talk. Maybe he was a different person. Oh my God. Okay. Okay. All right I I actually I would still out of my fucking chair. Okay Okay Okay Okay Okay Let's move on. REBA REBA mcentire with vote. REBA wince second round matchup. Best, Rebecca we got Rebecca Lobo over for becca black. I I gotTa Talk My hat and Rebecca black sign and things here. Oh Yeah you're going rebecca black why she's just. Again, there's there's so much to respect with Rebecca black. I know. I know which way Kim Jackson go here. So I'm going to be out loaded so. Yeah I mean, I have to vote for Rebecca black again I don't really know who local and that's not a that's. On me obviously but I just I got with what I know and that's a record. Black are rebecca black makes the finals have we figured out new rebate? It's the. Out You. Absolutely. Picture. Of. Saving Rebus Okay, wait here. No found a new one on. Here's fake Reba. I I think you could do I. Just know that one who's actually REBA. I don't have anything I can't even speak I'm. Telling you there is there was a fake reebok controversy out there. It's the hardest I've I have maybe ever laugh doing this podcast. Fake? REBA mcentire. Didn't. REBA mcentire's acts, Norville staff is dating her close friend. No that's not a well that might actually be the case but. There was someone. WHO faulk immediate wasn't at least different read celebrity but I'll be damned if that lady didn't look just similarly to Reba. REBA. REBA. REBA mcentire against who who is Reba even playing. WHO CARES GONNA WIN Becky now. Becky Lynn. REBA. I'm going Rebe I think Marina is cruising first champion right now. I'll go reba but only the real reba. No Freak Renault fakery. Okay. So our finals best Rebecca. Keenan Thompson REBA. No no no. Best. Rebecca, we have it down to rebecca black who won the peer Rebecca's region and then Reba from the Rebecca Variations Regan region. Who voted for Ken storrow you We're the options again are still need even in Reba Rebecca, black REBA for the final for best reba. It's tough goes REBA has the history. But Rebecca black like my my in my nostalgia I still don't know what's real and what's not with. So I have to go with Rebecca black by default. So I figure this out anyway you're. Rich actually change your to walk to the multiple Ribas you just can't just. Were got REBA. Keep in mind Rebecca Black Rebecca Reba is short for nothing just reba. Drew, it does go against her. Does that what are is that fair though she's in the she's in the Rebecca bracket now. It's not fair. It's not fair came within ten seconds these in the bracket gender way into the turns away who you voted for Kim Jack. Rebecca Black. Yeah because you're okay and then through. Mankin Jefferson this picture of her, the corn dog like look at her she's she's America's sweetheart three McIntyre. The. IRA going with with REBA. Food here. Another one she's in. Reba there's you are sending us pictures of Tufo. The same fucking rebe. You're just sitting side by side photos of Reba. They're comparing the head. It's just. Plastic Surgery. But yes, that's. Signed by side of REBA. Doesn't exist Reza reba conspiracy theories were. Killed and. replaced. By Lizard. Not Is. Seven. Toni Ribas was replaced. Remote was replaced but android. I'm going to find. placed. Screaming at their fucking car right now because they know who actually talking about even though it still maybe reba. was. replaced. Really, see on the rebus show, not not the REBA. They chain Rivas at some point. Her out. Who can do a? Joe Rogan in say like what's you maybe You may be right thing you may be right. It is quite possible that they swapped the Ribas. People know that. Jamie the two pictures of REBA. Jamie that's Bonnie. Raitt. REBA mcentire the first winner of the bracket. She wins the best rebecca bracket. I mean. Issues. Very stupid conned said, we did have fun doing it which is I'm glad. Pace the fakery but. We needed a change of pace. We'll. We won't do a bracket every episode, but we will do more brackets. But I think I think the requirement is? Trivial you have to make the eight every time. Okay and you can't and you you have to does not. I. Mean I have to look at the the the amount of time between me saying, yeah. Let's do it and you sending the eight seeds. You said at nine fifty, one pm what about what about a rebecca bracket and I said Ella Mayo like eight Rebecca's we debate best Rebecca and nine, fifty two, and then at nine, fifty four, you gave all of the seeds and the region names. As, I've rivas with five of. What Except for. Australia. This was people know about to is at least three. There's no Antar Reba. There's a penguin with the orange hair wig but there. Tim I know to do the impression on the on the multiple is he's got the best one. McIntyre. That's where we ended. There's Told me there's multiple rebus. The reverse. Recovery Urva rations when what's that word? Reverberations. Movie. The into the into the reverse. Dude. ROBOT A rap. Ariba. Hip Hop reba with sucks so bad hip hop. Roles TIKTOK. Reba what's your song? What do I like the number one riva saga end with. Do Cover rhinestone cowboy. Friends. Theme Song. See. Is What about WHAT ABOUT FANCY Trying to think of what we're. Yeah it's it's just I'm trying to think of a Banger 'cause you know you don't WanNa like ended with the fear of being alone. REBA. Covering. Thanks fight one we'll find one. What are we doing? Next time can do the Hulu horror ones could holiday. chills too early to do holiday. Yeah. We could save those we do number for that. We'll do we'll do we'll do the WHO will pick one of the Hulu horror movies. and Go from there. Little. Big Town. Performs, Reba. Okay Anything else. Now. I'm going to find I need to find out the fake reba story. I'm GONNA find it. I wanted to the bottom of the fakery. There's no bottom. No. There is a real story this interesting. Said, she looks different in warm one. Page Seventeen Google that you'll find it. It'll be there You will be sent a link whether it is any veracity to it is another question. What there is doing paid seventeen of newborn, two, thousand and five or now that's when you got the good stuff in two, thousand five and then now it's the. Procedurally generated youtube video of Bacon Shark. From McIntyre Sir. I'm done Josh. For Gun control. Object slow. We'll talk accent, they have the we get the box office folks. Too. Surely. So taking. Have Choice. But. Only Way. To have this talk with. Happiness depends on you. To. Holding. Only. Mazel?

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