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"victorian american cookbook" Discussed on Stuff Mom Never Told You

"But it turned out that he had just eaten way too much men's pie. And so for that reason there were all these warnings about the bizarre side effects of eating mince pie. Because apparently couldn't eat just one piece all these stories about people eating like. Entire mince pies. And it led to things like, of course, indigestion but also nightmares, hallucinations, and even just just death. Reading that Chicago reader article and reading all of the ingredients that the guy used I mean, the amount of animal fat like weird weird animal fat that he put into it. I'm sure it did like instantly clog your arteries, but I can also imagine how savory that probably is as well. Again, vegetarians vegans, I'm sorry. But the topic of our thanksgiving podcast, the mother of thanksgiving herself. Sarah Josefa hail makes an appearance in the mince pie craze. Yeah, she wrote in eighteen forty one in the Victorian American cookbook, the good housekeeper the dangers of eating too much of this pie. We'll pie in general, right? Not just mince pie. She talked about. How people have delicate constitutions should not eat pie because it would injure them in that the nature of pastries. Just indigestible. And so she said, it would really be a great improvement in the matter of health. People would eat their delicious summer fruits with good light bread. Instead of working the flour with water and butter to a compound that almost defies the digestive powers and baking therein, the fruits till they lose nearly all the fine original flavor..

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