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This part of the bond market has fallen into bear territory, based on 1 measure

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01:29 min | 2 years ago

This part of the bond market has fallen into bear territory, based on 1 measure

"Number of the day on this Thursday. Is 1.75. Technically 1.753 that is in percent. It's the high point of the yield on the 10 year Treasury note today. And yes, we usually do give you that at a different point in the program. But we lead with it today because of what feds here. Jay Powell said yesterday that he and his colleagues aren't all that worried about inflation actually might get a little bit of it. Some spikes here and there. But it's not going to become a thing and the bond market today said Yeah, j no man. I think with the bond market is saying is, we don't quite agree that these air going to be completely transitory moves and we do see inflation components along with the growth Victoria Fernandez there, she said. Cross mark Global Investments and if the bond market is right, and the Fed is wrong, and inflation does become a thing. And Mr Palin company have to raise rates perhaps significantly. And mortgages get more expensive car loans get more expensive. All that stuff you need to borrow money to pay for. And then the idea of the Fed, maybe not being entirely control in control. Well, that's just not good. If you've lost confidence that the Federal Reserve actually has a handle on things, then you're very uncertain as to what the market is going to do and uncertainty as we know. Well. There be dragons right?

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