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"victor panov" Discussed on Outcomes Rocket

"And then the more exciting stuff that we haven't still touched in realities like linking genome. Dating microbiome data and understanding in a window size develops their understanding how can provide people with personal expectation around the genome microbiome. While you're definitely a mastermind at this Victor. And and I love how you think big in your tackling populations. Not just the individual and in so super exciting to see you guys moving at the pace year moving and and I'll definitely be keeping up with you guys in by the way, folks, if you're curious about victor's company at mom will provide a link to to the company on the show notes, which you know, you go and find an outcomes rocket that health. Just I tand Etta mom on the search bar and you'll find it there, so Victor this. This is a fascinating stuff getting close to the end here. We're gonna we're gonna do a lightning round. I've got five questions for you. It's the ABC's of Victor paneth. So here are the questions ready. Yup. Going. All right. What's the best way to improve healthcare outcomes? Eating the best ways to get to people being sick. You know, just prevention that's the game. What's the biggest mistake or pitfall to avoid in healthcare? I think it is presuming as provide I guess, it was kilkare system presuming that, you know, what's best for the consumer and not listening to to them to the to the patient. I think the biggest fall is to shutdown solutions versus listened to the consumer than create solutions for them. How do you stay relevant despite constant change? You keep changing. There's no other way. That's the world around us. The keeps changing all the time. And you don't change with. It's gonna stay all of them's. So it's it's a it's a practice today. Practice. Hey, man, my friend. What's one area of focus that drives everything in your organization? A week. I have a vision that we can help people lists two hundred and twenty without ever getting sick or Kevin a mental disease. And I think that's what the area focuses which shows food is kind of the way to Bill. You know, that's gonna keeps me motivated. I I personally do to reach that goal. And I think everybody on the planet Kim lot Victor. I wanna be there with you one twenty. That's a mental age each you. Don't get sick, ma'am. I love it. While folks live to one twenty dive into this interview. Listen to it again Vickers. Definitely got some inspiring thoughts on on really food nutrition wellness, would you say your your book recommendation is to the guests? Gone through so many books, but I there's one book that I keep getting to people. It's the Dow ditching loudness infamous treatise on, cultivate, life and the universe. I I find that to be fascinating because those synthesized wisdom in verses that are just not mind blowing. So I haven't raised in a while. But I when I have to give the Bill to somebody. I don't know I feel you know, they need a little bit of extra push as the book. I gave. Love it how they Jing again, folks. Go to outcomes rock if that health and type in the search bar ETA mom or just I've been Victor Panov. That's Victor P E N E V, you're gonna find this entire interview transcript as well as linked to the books resources in an area. Areas of discussion today before we conclude I love if you could just share a closing thought Victor in the best place for the listeners could get in touch with you on so snug with the best place, the you can Email

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