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"victor nelli" Discussed on Fake Doctors Real Friends with Zach and Donald

Fake Doctors Real Friends with Zach and Donald

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"victor nelli" Discussed on Fake Doctors Real Friends with Zach and Donald

"Who is bonnie cycowicz bill. She wrote this episode. Bonnie psych quits is a young comedy writer. married a mike cyclists who i wrote with on friends and she wrote on For gary goldberg for a good period of time. So i'd known her for a while. So how does that work business. That occasionally a writer outside the normal writer's room already script. What's not about back in the old days with shows especially when there'd be twenty two to twenty six episodes you'd sometimes assign a couple of freelance scripts out there ways for writers. That kind of you're still of trying to find their way onto a staff to make some money and Finding in into the guild to health insurance and all that stuff in the old days is not not a thing anymore nowadays. It's it's almost the same price to have a staff writer you know they. They changed the system a little bit. Ed so like when you see a staff writer show. They don't get paid for the scripts even if they write one staff writers. And so i think the the guild was trying to create a situation that it was almost the same price to have a staff writer for six or eight weeks so they get the experience of being on a staff as it was to give someone a freelance script. I never knew that. And i believe this. Is victor nelli first episode. Do you know if that's true or not used to check it out. But he became a regular on this. We ended final for me. He's a good dude and he's very good director and he was his first episode. I think is first episode. Was the one where we're at the funeral and jordan. The famous wallace funeral jordan office. Yeah george wallace imagining someone's funeral and you imagine yourself being dead fooling everybody so that you could george wallace like the party all the time. It's you imagine your funeral was. That was a victim. Victor nelli episode. I think houses. I e for those of you. This is four twenty two and our flashing back to the moment were Carlin i kissed in rewatching the kiss. It do see that lips are parted. Lips are deputy it. it's it doesn't look innocent and all. Its bro bro. It does not look innocent at all to get a drink. The pruder tape. You're like okay. Let me look now up doors. You say as an accident and she's giggling and you're supposed to be hammered. Seemed to enjoy it too much as actual actor actress though i mean the real people the real. Ged in the real. Judy enjoyed listen. I gotta say i. We talked about this last week. And i was very upset watching it because i was like i would never. This is victor. i direct so bill bill. You weren't here last week but Donald were very upset watching this kiss because it just felt wrong. Even this many years later but But no as you re watch. It wasn't just a purse lip. Kiss there without there were there. Were open lips. There was no tongue. Lips work webs. Were open but sandwich layers of lip sandwich in soap opera. It's it's it's it's it's a metaphor pride. Feel this where this episode comes in time and when where your podcast is right now. It's just so because it's it's like the halfway point during mean for show and on the one hand we knew we were doing. And there's a lot of funny stuff on the other hand you know. I felt like this is right where the show was teetering a little bit. We could have easily gotten tired. You know what i mean because we had done. I think we had done almost eighty something episodes of the show by now and what hundred exactly but instead. I felt like everybody kind of reinvigorated themselves. That fifth season and wet Absolutely baton. that's crazy so it's a lot of prejudice is a very good one. I i remember te pressure. Don't you guys the pressure on your podcast. Right now in terms of i if you go along go along go along is this is. What's so interesting when used to do shows for nine years. You reach a point that you know how to do it. You're doing it well and people enjoy it but it's very easy to get overly comfortable and complacent right and so then you have to go do either mix it up or do we reinvigorate. Yeah what we're trying to do that in a sense because we also love the four of us love doing it so much and we see. Obviously there's a there's a end to it and we go. That's why we've been folding in some some interviews here because we we all kinda wanna find a way to keep doing. We jokingly say we're gonna watch podcast of another show but we're a realistic podcast of the original pug this and then evaluate each episode strong and we. I don't know i. I think we have fun when we really i mean. I know it's sort of everyone's doing it. But we really do like enjoy interviewing people that are super interesting and And maybe maybe we'll do our own version of that. I don't know to be determined. We also think about it for for four more seasons. I also take into watching. You guys do rewatch podcast of show that neither of you is on. Were on in case you have different opinions and stuff like that. Is i still three. Watch the office. Because there's already been a relaunch fogcast but donald doesn't want to do that. And i wanna do a different world man or something like that such a dry eye and beat up to going to drama. Well i mean i could joke about dramas all day doing now. I think. I think it's the obvious thing is it has to be a show with an overlapping fan base. Scrubs like community or something where it's where it's the the people that listen to this and loved scrubs feel the same way about another show. We then they all stay tuned. That seems logical. We should do short lived show so each season is like we should do like parker lewis. Can't lose lead. we're really good comedies. We grew up with. Like you know eddie murphy. Movies of the eighties. Oh my gosh. I could talk about eddie murphy all day long you that money. Let's keep going. So krista in that how i wrote down i wrote down the words. Lucky man bill are between your bosoms. Ma'am maybe he looks fantastic. I if i could. I think my wife has an amazing body. But i don't know if i would show it off to every you'd be proud of that. Well there was one time. You're all your wife is on life smoke so did your wife is very sexy and And i think you'd be proud to see that one time. I do remember but i was shit faced drunk and one time christa christa. Props she soci- about she's so game for anything man her willingness to poke fun at herself in this thing. It really made me laugh and small but the crazy thing is. She doesn't look old at all. I know she looks hot as balls. That dude that dude's gay. That's why is he. I assume he's supposed to be like the son of the next door neighbor but it looks like he lives there alone for some reason. The college kid. Tom hanks in big. Why does this child live across the hall fund.

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