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'Democracy Dollars'| 5/3/19

Pat Gray Unleashed

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'Democracy Dollars'| 5/3/19

"Pat, gray is here on the blaze radio network. Good morning. Friday. We couldn't be more excited about it. Yes. Triple eight nine hundred thirty three ninety three and at patent leashed on Twitter there. There's so much today. We're not going to be able to get to it all. But because I mean, we've got at least ten minutes or the vendor tainted jam packed into these two hours. So hang on. And you want your ears clean? So that you can hear everything clearly. And maybe it's been awhile since bad your ears professional clean, maybe never had your ears professionally cleaned. You don't need to any more because there's wax Rx. If you have itchy ears or they're painful, they feel plugged up. All the time you sound like you're talking in a tunnel when you speak. You're always asking people what I'm sorry. What? If if this sounds familiar, get wax Rx physician developed technology safely ineffectively removes that build up, and then it soothes your ears with a condition formula. And now you can use wax Rx without a prescription. No more expensive trips to the doctor, try the wax Rx system. Risk-free today. Just go to use wax Rx dot com. Use the offer code radio checkout. You'll get free free shipping. Use wax Rx dot com. Offer code radio for free shipping. Way. I love some of this. We've got an update on we talked about Tariq hill and what's going on with that football player. Kansas City Chiefs football player super fast. I mean, he has like four to forty speed. Yeah. He's he has a gift for sure he runs forty yards in four point two seconds. Nobody does that. I mean, it's like that's like if you're not familiar football. That's that's like world record speed. It's like Jeffy speed. She's felt athlete. And he if Jeffy was shot out of a cannon. Oh, that's left a slender enough to be shot out of a cannon. So it's Jeffy speed when he's at the buffet Jared into his mother, it is okay. Now, you nailed it. So anyway, the guy's really fast. He also happened to apparently break his son's arm. So he's out of football right now. And there's an interesting update on that. Also. Al- heck is broken LUSA get on Facebook as they start banning people and eliminating voices. Now, we've spoken many times about Alex Jones and how. Insane. He is. And I don't buy into give you for instance. Alex Jones has said that Joe Biden had part of his brain removed ten years ago. I mean, okay show me the evidence of that. I and maybe we'll entertain that. So anyway, he was now saying that you know, when we played this to the other day when he was slurring his words sounded like he may have been drunk, according to Alex Jones that was his second stroke. I don't know. But you should be able to say that if you want right, sure. Well, he's apparently completely banned now on Facebook. They've taken him off. They've also taken off Milo Yannopoulos for being dangerous and Louis Farrakhan, they actually called Louis Farrakhan, right wing. Yes. They did. What are what are you talking about Louis Farrakhan is right wing? Yeah. Now, I thought that they threw Farrakhan in there. Just as a all, right. We'll give you one left-wing person to. And then we'll show you that. Hey, we're nonbiased. We don't care. What look we did. But now they're calling him wing. So all of these people that you band are right wing. Okay. Well, that's a problem to Facebook. And again, Facebook and do what they want. It's their it's their platform. However, if they're going to do this and be bias and only. Eliminate voices on the right, which I don't consider Alex Jones to be on the right either. And by the way, neither does he just admitted yesterday that he's not he's not conservative. Thank you. Thank you for that. Admission. But anyway, if you're going to only ban voices that are conservative then. Then you gotta lose your immunity from the government, then I'm sorry. You can't have that that deal that arrangement that you've made with the government that if you're non-bias will protect you from the things that are set on your platform, and you won't be held accountable for them. Well, they're not non-bias. So how can they be immune from prosecution or lawsuits? I mean, I think they lost that ability as far as I'm concerned. But Farrakhan, info wars, Alex Jones, Milo Yannopoulos, Laura Luma have all been banned for being dangerous. There was a a number of others as well that I've I've never heard of. But people associated many of them associated with Alex Jones. And so. It's yeah. I don't like it. It's it's not right. It's just not right. And again, we're not you know this. We're not we're not Alex Jones fans. But that doesn't mean you should ban his voice, let people decide if all the things the ban on all my gosh. He said something about the health of Joe Biden. Yeah. That seems to be the less straw. It's almost like they were just waiting for something anything either that or they just Biden sycophants. I'd well he thinks it's because he's going to win the election for Donald Trump. That's what he said. It is they're afraid of they're afraid of him. Keith. Okay. And so gotta get rid of him. Otherwise, you get the Alex Jones endorsement, you are set your set your all set he proved that last time because he he was four Donald Trump in one. I mean case closed as closed. He certainly had a better track record with candidates than we did. I will say that. Fair point. So this banning thing is is getting out of control and apple has done it. Facebook is doing it. They're also, I guess they've also taken him off Instagram. Is there any political rhetoric on Instagram? I thought that was a bunch of pictures. Isn't it? I mean, isn't it? Instagram, you show photos of your food and recipes, and I've I've got this new outfit. What do you think? Isn't that? True. Yeah. That's basically Instagram Martin of out of politics on Instagram, you go over there lot you find us. Funny stuff any politics going on over there. I didn't think so but they took him off Instagram to. Okay, but Facebook, of course, owns Instagram so clean sweep. Yeah. Just wiped them off of everything. Maybe maybe that's where he flexes his muscles and stuff that could take him off that too. All right. We. Okay. I'm okay with that. Okay. If that's what's happening. He's tearing up shirt and flexing is is Harry muscles. I'm fine. Yeah. Go ahead and take off. We. Agree on their Facebook, Instagram. We are together we stand with Facebook taking heloc Jones off Instagram triple eight nine hundred thirty three ninety three and Pat unleashed on Twitter. Also, an interesting CNN, Paul. About who would beat Donald Trump in the democrat party. And it's virtually everyone, according to CNN, I don't know what they're doing. I don't know if these are push polls. I don't know if they're legitimate. If they're only polling Democrats. I I don't know what's going on. There is no way. Beto Aurora beats Donald Trump ten points. There is no way. I just I don't buy that for a second. But that's according to the new poll from CNN if he were to win the democrat nomination he would beat Trump by ten percentage points. Former vice president Joe Biden and independent Bernie Sanders. Also, supposedly Trump by about eight and nine percentage points each. Of the six democrat candidates. The survey polled five of them be Trump. The only one who didn't Elizabeth Warren Pocahontas. No, I just I'm sorry. That's I do you buy that at all. Interestingly they also have listed the democrat candidate intake of cash, so far and Bernie Sanders leads by quite a bit Bernie's up to eighteen point two million. Comma, Harris is at twelve million raised so far Belle Aurora who is supposed to be the superstar fundraiser at nine point four million. Most of that was raised in the first day. Remember that he he raised six million? So we raise two thirds of it in one day, and then everything kind of slowed down for him. But he's got nine point four million Pete Buddha. Judge has seven million dollars. The south bend mayor seven million dollars in his presidential campaign fund. Elizabeth Warren six million Amy klobuchar five point two Cory Booker, Scott five and so on down the line even Marianne Williamson. She and author Oprah's favorite like, okay. That's right. She's raised one and a half million. Okay. Wayne mess him. I'm sorry. Wayne mess him. Here's here's a guy. I didn't even know was in the race. Wayne mess him. Can you look him up and for those who don't know? I just want to pretend for a second that I'm unfamiliar. So see what Google says about Wayne mess him? I'll tell you if it's right. Confirm or. Yeah. I will spell his name. I'm gonna act like, I don't know. Okay. M S S A M mess him. He's raised. A whopping. So far you ready for this eighty four thousand dollars? Wow. It's more money than I have right now in my pocket when you're running for president doesn't go very long is the mayor of Miramar, Florida, right? That's right. And the mayor of mill Miramar, Florida. Yeah. Wayne mess him. Yeah. Of course. Sure. Right. Of course, you're gonna take this angle is into this Florida mayor Wayne mess him first of all you can't say Florida mayor nice try to shorthand that US mayor of Florida, Florida mayor Wayne mess him says he doesn't need Washington experience. President no. He doesn't need any experience or money. He doesn't want any money either. Uh-huh. Does he's not getting much, John Delaney. Who was a congressman? He's got three hundred forty five thousand. I I mean, I love this list. I don't know how if you're Wayne mess him. Or if you're Marianne Williamson. Or even if you're John Hickenlooper. How do you how do you look at the the field and say, yeah, I'm the guy I can win this. I got it. I this is mine for the taking and I'm gonna lead this country. Buddies ever heard of you, you know, they put together these exploratory committees. Didn't the exploratory committee until you come back and say Wayne, dude, don't have you know, how long snowball lasts in hell. Yeah. You got less of a chance than that. Everybody. Leave the room. I talked to the mayor of Florida. About this polling. We just got word as mayor Wayne mess him. Well, Florida Floridians are coming through for a man there. He's got he's up to eighty four thousand dollars in his campaign fund. Yeah. He's only registered in one poll, and it was in New Hampshire. He's up to one percent Hampshire. So. Wow. For him. He's been Beto territory. And no that's not a compliment. No Beddoes fading fast. There's mazing. There's a great article here. Trying to find this one paragraph that just sums up. Some sums up what we're Beto is. But basically just talks about how he's blown it, man. Yeah. Yes. Unfortunately, his campaign started backwards. He was white hot at the very beginning. And now he's cooled off a lot this paragraph. You want to have happen read this paragraph for here is the Daily Beast article. According to my unscientific poll asking every woman, I see Beto reminds them of the worst boyfriend they ever had. This is this is problem, even for Democrats self involved convinced of his own charm chronically late if he shows up at all worth a meal or two, but definitely not marriage material. It's a perfect description when he should be home with the kids or taking out the trash, he's jamming with his garage band or skateboarding. What a burger. He's in and out of a funk which requires long meaningful runs to clear his head. Every thought he has transcendent worthy of being narrated videotaped and blog he is always out finding himself at H Forty-six the man asking to run the country is currently lost nailed it. And that's so good. That's why even Democrats aren't enamored with him anymore. They're pretty well. Done with Beto Aurora. Yeah. I think so. All right. Let's talk about pain for a second. It's something I can definitely relate to 'em in near constant pain. And if you are too, it's probably due to inflammation. You might have an injury that causes it. But a lot of times those injuries just get inflamed. And that's where relief factor comes in. And what I love about relief factor is it's natural. It's one hundred percent drug-free. So you're not going to be hooked up. You're not going to be hooked an addict, it's any kind of narcotic and then have to try to win yourself off with that and go through all that entails. I mean, we've seen so many of relief factors clients here at the blaze we've been watching it helped so many employee's and it works for so many people. Here's what you need to do. Just try the three week quickstart. Programme it's nineteen ninety five. You take it for three weeks. If it helps ease your pain gotten Keith completely out of the league pain that he has every day every day. I take that. And then as he's mentioned. Several times when surgeries come up or whatever you gotta stop taking anti inflammatories. The pain comes right back. Absolutely. And I know it's attributed happened. Multiple times, I know relief factor works for me. So give it a try. And and isn't it worth nineteen ninety-five to see if you can be relieved of that pain that continual pain, I think so get your life back with relieffactor in their three week quick start for only nineteen ninety-five. If you want a drug-free natural way to ease your pain, get your life back. Relieffactor dot com. Relieffactor dot com. This is Pat gray unleashed. Then there's Kirsten gillibrand. In fact, we've got this story on her. So just kind of looking over the list, she's not even on the list of. No. She is say Wayne NASA. Gotta be. Yeah. No, she's at three million. Oh, okay. But is that enough? It must not be enough to get her on the debate stage because she is desperate to get sixty five thousand donors. Here's her latest brilliant plan. Here we go unveiled a plan to give to give every voter up to six hundred dollars in what she calls democracy dollars person. We're not a democracy, but these democracy dollars allow them to donate to federal candidates for office. So she's got a clean election plan that would reduce the influence of big money in politics, which is she's not trying to reduce the big money in politics note, starting to get on the debate stage and one of the rules is if you have sixty five thousand individual donors, you're in. Yeah. And so if beer pong doesn't work to help you raise money, which you already dried, then maybe democracy dollars. Will. Crazy. She said if you want to accomplish anything that the American people want it to accomplish what to accomplish. Whether it's healthcare is a right better public schools better economy. You have to take on the greed and corruption that determine everything in Washington under Jila brands plan every eligible voter could register for vouchers to donate up to one hundred dollars in a primary election at one hundred in general, either all at once or in ten dollar increments. Strange some. Yeah. Each participant would get a separate two hundred dollar pool for house Senate and presidential contests. This is crazy staff this man, but to be eligible to receive her democracy dollars a candidate would have to voluntarily agree to forgo any contributions larger than two hundred per donor. It's a big drop from the current maximum of twenty eight hundred for primary and twenty eight for the general elections is stupid. This is a that's a. I hail Mary out dump you have to register for it. I got news for you. Anybody that has propensity devote for Kirstin Jilib rainy taking the time to go into register for democracy dollars. I'm sorry. We have a first amendment where free speech is guaranteed and part of that speech is to be able to contribute to whatever. Candidate you want to. I hate this democrat thing these. These democratic socialists who want to limit eliminate your ability to give to somebody that you really like or for a corporation to donate money to somebody there, really like because I guess corporations are just monolithic machines. There's no people that make up a corporation. They dropped in from outer space. Nobody handed them. They just came in here from another world, and there's a WalMart. This must be what the UFO's are dropping off their drop it off corporations all over the planet. So I think we finally we finally put our finger on navy wants to investigate the US navy there. The government the government in bed when big business foes. I mean, it all makes sense now telling you, we're onto something here. We are on to something. Triple eight nine hundred thirty three ninety three. And it Pat unleashed on Twitter. His lungs were talking about these incredible candidates for president we had somebody swoop in yesterday to try to save the day. I know you're excited about him is probably as excited about him. As I am. And that's saying something about the the guy who plays with the Seahawks. Yes. So we got NFL Michael Bennett. Michael bennett. Yeah. That's great. That's interesting. Because I always thought that it was politicians would run for office. But yeah, yeah. We have Bennett running. Now a lot of people. A lot of people tweeted yesterday the emailed us. There were calls coming into the building. You guys are lying about Michael Bennett. Right. He's not really running. Are you really are you sure? Some of them did think it was NFL Michael switchboard was literally warm to touch, and we we we had to assure them. No, no. This is this is the Michael Bennett from you know, the Michael Bennett of the senators. Mike Bennett guy goes player. You're right. Right. So as proof I thought. Okay. Well, maybe we better just prove it to people who were just it was too. Good to be true. Tree falls in a forest near. Here. He was on CBS big announcement time this morning yesterday. Senator Michael Bennet of Colorado has served in the US Senate since two thousand and nine also been one of the Democrats considering a run for his may twenty twenty Senator Bennett joins us now only on CBS this morning to announce his plans for the future. Good morning. So what are your plan is no way? This is an exclusive to CBS. How do they do that land the Michael presidential nouncement, man? What a get. That is incredible. While that's a feather in the cap CBS, news producer. Give them a. All right. Here's his here's announcement coming. So what are your plans plan is to run for president? I appreciate your leading. This cutting faces to enormous challenge. One is learning lack of economic mobile opportunities for most Americans and the other is the Neutra store integrity to our government. I think we need to do both. And I've spent the last couple of years writing a book about tremendous challenge over the last ten became convinced in that process. We continue to go down the path we're going, and this isn't just about President Trump. It's politics forty got. There certainly has made matters worse. But if we keep going down this road, and we're going to be the first generation of Americans less than our children in the next generation. I I just need to do everything I can do to make sure that we don't do that. It just becomes diarrhea of the mouth after a while. Shut up. So there it is. You know, we just had to prove it to you. Because I know people thought no way do we have that good a choice? It just doesn't happen anymore. Not since our founders like Michael Bennett run. I mean, thankfully that. There's hope now we'll be tween him in Wayne mess him. One should be the others. Vice president shouldn't be messing Bennett or bit mess. Him twenty twenty. I'm going to have to go Bennett mess him as a venomous and better ring to it does. Bennett mess him. Wait. What did you say? You said Ben. We're going Bennett messing twenty. Yes. I mean that should have been self evident. Keith I'm surprised you even had to. But again again, kudos, you know. CBS you're done that. Right. Wow. But I will say one thing that bugs me about Bennett is at only has the one at the end. And I think you and I disagree on this policy. We do I think that's that's judicious use of a consonant. He there's no need for this second. I'm just used to the to tease guess we're used to it. But that's a lot right? That's why we're twenty two trillion in debt right now because we keep wasting so hold on. ES S A M O AM. So he's not. Nothing feels like Massimo. Okay. So Bennett mess them twenty twenty. Let's start printing the bumper stickers right now. The other thing is something that became really clear yesterday. Because the releasing details now the FBI did. In fact, spy on the Donald Trump campaign as he has said all along journey about this in the paper. Kevin. Them. Interesting article. There was conversation at a London bar September twenty sixteen took his strange turn. When the woman sitting across from George Papadopoulos, Trump campaign adviser asked a direct question. The is the Trump campaign working with Russia. The woman had set up the meeting to discuss foreign policy issues, but she was actually a US government investigator posing as a research assistant. The FBI sent this woman to London as part of the counter intelligence inquiry opened that summer to better understand the Trump's campaign links to Russia while are they doing this for everybody. Or did they do that with Hillary Clinton? I've seen. No mention of that. The American government's -ffiliated with the woman who said her name was Azra Turk is has been previously unreported in the the operation. That's become a political flashpoint. Last year. President Trump called spy gate pretty good name for it. The decision to use her in the operation aimed at a presidential campaign. Campaign officials shows the lever level of alarm inside the F B I during a frantic period. When the bureau was trying to determine the scope of Russia's attempts to disrupt the twenty sixteen election. But could also give 'em, oh, of course, to the president and supporters for their spying claims will. Yeah, it's not proof positive. That the Trump campaign was spied upon and the one thing they don't mention because anyone to consider this did Barack Obama order it. I mean, Trump has always said Obama's fine on him. Then we find out. Yeah. To the extent where they sent an F B I agent all the way to London to try to get information from them. I've never heard of this before maybe it's happened. I've never heard of it before. This is crazy stuff spokesman for the FBI declined to comment as did a lawyer for the FBI last year. Bill Bill pre step, then the bureau's top counter intelligent agents agent who is a deeply involved in the Russia. Inquiry told congress during a closed-door hearing there was no FBI conspiracy against President Trump or his campaign. This is deep state stuff that Mike Lee was talking about. Yes, it is actually existed and agencies with an agent of the government. Now, we've got proof. All right. Triple eight nine hundred thirty three Ninety-three if you're having a hard time with portions when you sit down to a meal, reduce own could could be just what you need to put you over the edge. There is a stop light in her body called Oei. It sends that signal to your brain that your full now. And sometimes it's just not strong enough will rid us own is made of only in fact, that's all that's in it. And so it helps send a stronger signal to your brain your full stop eating in my case. It ends the sentence with fatty. So it's really effective. And then it tells you to go look at a mirror and see what I'm talking about. Yeah. It's mazing amazing stuff. Plus, it's not a stimulant. You're not gonna get all jittery from using it. There's no caffeine in it rid us dot com. Go there right now. Get a special offer. The dot com. Rid us own dot com. Great. Hundred thirty three ninety three and on Twitter at Pat unleashed where Abner normal tweets. Yeah. That's people. Just call him for short abnormal or or a when mentioning democrat politicians just substitute Democrats with lying sex crap. And everyone will know who you're talking about. I'm going to try that. So we have how many how many candidates in the lying sack of crap field. So far twenty one Twenty-one Lang sex of crap go in for president on the. Left. Henry Keith's favorite traffic camera to its pets? Clearly, Mr. Twitter on the socials. But no one is ever accused him of being Mr. Instagram. That's true. That's true. But you are Mr. Twitter, absolute, autumn's electric razor. Wait. If Bernie Sanders has more campaign contributions of the rest of the candidates shouldn't he distribute them equally on all the candidates. Yes. Job. Comes electric razor. That's garbage guitar Rhody. Oh, admitted Pat you're just jealous because CBS scored the big Michael Bennett interview. And you could only get Mike Lee on your orange couch. Economy. Well, so transparent look at the gays looks like you can just it's sad. It's sad. When it knows we're talking about it. Nobody's on it. But I wanna hold that shot. Rob. This is the the the fireplace burn that has about east side Ilia fireplace charring right here. Which just it gives the couch a certain a good, unison claw. If you will. Yeah. It's nice. Can we go back to that shot two? Okay. Just to give you an idea of how much stuff look at the look at the countertop. That's all this stuff. Plus more on my computer. That's why we're so jam packed filled to the gills from Joe groping Joe's cafe watch out for the Bennett Messim. Autumn. Joe message mental remember Joe mental. Would it be finished like? What was it finishing third place or something in New Hampshire? Right. Who was Joe come on, man? I'll Gore's running mate. Joe lieberman. Thank you. And he called a Joe minimum. Jevons bundle adventure. This Bennett guy makes John Kerry looked like a firebrand you've got that. Right. Well, there's a there's a Chazan between me and Michael Bennett. Terrible. Comparison is there's a Chaz of their personally raped cut off ears. Cut off head heads taped wired telephones human. Power out. Uh-huh. Bodies randomly shot videos. Razed villages fashion reminiscent of Jinja's con shot cattle and dogs for fun poisoned food stocks. That's maybe the worst of it all when they poisoned the foon. Yes, stocks and everybody's like what happened to our phone. Yeah. We poise into here and. Indicative, we are. That's how vengeful we are the United States of America. We're not allowing you access to your food anymore, generally rather the country. But, you know, look at the way it was dressed. Yeah. It was completely new it deserved to be ravaged higher countries. So that was the two thousand four lying sack of crap nominee that we just heard from there that that was on fire like this firebrand, Michael Bennett point by the two thousand four was also the last time a Republican won the presidency and the popular vote. That's why that's why Democrats are so pissed off right now 'cause with George W in two thousand and with Trump in twenty sixteen and that really hurt him just did not expect that and. But that's the way the cookie crumbles. They let's see what was the eighteen seventy six is that the last time I happened before. I don't know. I'm not sure might have been. I don't know. Let's see can't be that hard to find something to a new fangled deal. See that's what the Democrats are still smarting from the Samuel Tilden eighteen seventy six election when they had four point three million votes to Rutherford b Hayes is mere four point three six million votes. And she's so they're still smarting from that. So hold on all three hasn't been others. So anytime there's four is it been five. Is it always the Republicans that come out of hat? Not sure. But apparently trivia in that case as well. Look that up triple eight nine hundred thirty three Ninety-three also congress little upset with William bar attorney general bar not showing up at the hearing yesterday. I think he'd had enough of the grilling and the insanity and the insults and the insinuation and all of that stuff. So he said, yeah, I'm not I'm not going through this again. Good. Luck with your little hearing there. But it was fascinating the other day when Dianne Feinstein was grilling William bar, you gotta take a look at that exchange. This is fun. But you still have a situation where president essentially tried to change. The lawyers account in order to prevent further criticism himself. Well, that's not a crime. Oh, okay. That's so great how she's just dumbfounded. Let's see that one more time. That's just plain fun. That's good old fashioned fun. The look on her face still have a situation where president essentially tries to change. Centrally. The the lawyers account in order to prevent further criticism of himself. Well, that's not a crime. Know what to do with that? Senator. Well, that's not a crime will. Yeah. But we didn't like it. Yeah. So since I don't like. Impeach him right now. In fact, we don't like this president. So anyway. With that in your pipe. Smoke it. There's no smoking in this building. So is not never mind. Man, they need something. They want anything. Just give us something AG bar will because they really do have nothing. This is a it's a non issue now. I wish we could move on. But of course, we're not going to and Jerry Nadler yesterday House Judiciary committee, chairman threaten to hold AG bar in contempt of congress because he didn't show up. So that'll be fun too. And I'm sure they will because they're that spiteful. How tear you defy us. We are the elites don't you understand who it is. You're dealing with. And then the stupidity of Representative Steve Cohen yesterday from from Tennessee. Because William bar wasn't there. He brought with him a bucket of Kentucky Fried Chicken while lawmakers in the press waited to see show up on the hill. He then left the bucket along with the ceramic chicken on the table where bar would have been. There. It is right there. There's your little photo of what a clever little trick. That was. Now. See can we get that first shot? You had of Steve Cohen. I'd like to look at C, technically, he has more hair than me. But it's just not placed got a mullet going on. So you're bald with a mullet. I'm not sure that I'm not sure that works. Also, the the shine from his bald head is enough to burn your retina getting there. That's true. Wow. Getting there with shine triple eight nine hundred thirty three Ninety-three we've been telling you about home tied luck for a while. And I know what happens in these things you hear it at the time. And you think oh my gosh. Yeah. I don't want that to happen to me. I gotta get on that. And then you put it off, and it doesn't get done. And in the meantime, thieves are doing their darndest to find your title online and steal it from you as happened in this particular case, I thought I had an okay render in one of my homes. Boy was I wrong. The. Police called title fraud tenant forged his name his name on my home's title. You wouldn't think you'd be able to do that? But it is pretty easy for these guys who know what they're doing. Then he borrow two hundred thousand dollars using my property as collateral. He took off, and I didn't find out anything about this until I got a foreclosure, notice, you just don't want this to have to to happen to you. And then have to deal with it. And it's really tough to reverse so go to home, title LOC dot com while you're thinking about it. Register your home they'll throw in a free title skin report, one hundred dollar value. You get that up front for free. So get some peace of mind that this can't happen to you. Go to home tied LOC dot com. That's home tied a lot dot com. Right. Yesterday, of course was helium Thursday. And we've got some great people who just just to celebrate helium Thursday. Yeah, we weren't even doing on the show on my appearance with Glenn that he was doing that. Yeah. So anyway, Dan does at the dream shape. Dan took this and ran with it and yesterday. He put Al Sharpton on some helium and fun, ensued. Three months. We must. We will that be. Zest? Thank. Rush limbaugh. So I'm by hosts of God. Yes mockery. Yes. Did they Antoni Antoni mean? Emails say. Lucienne and gallium thing. Leo. Can be one him do. They want him back. Doings and Ralph. Good evening. That is. Priceless. Gooding? Nice little end with the visual. Pat unleashed shortly. That's that's a really good. Great job for that. Dan. Triple eight nine hundred thirty three ninety three Pat unleashed on Twitter. You know is conspicuously missing on this list of. Of campaign cash on hand from these Democrats. It goes all the way from Bernie Sanders down to Wayne mess him is only collected forty eighty four thousand starter. I mean, it's a slow come on. You know, who's not listed at all is Eric swallow has he not raised eight above eighty four thousand dollars. Okay. Hold on. I'm gonna look this up as important as Eric is with that. Incredible reminder that gave us, you know. I mean, he he more than things Keith. He knows how how important is. He's the one who pointed out to us that the word woman. That's true doesn't appear in the US constitution. But you know, what we should thank him for that. Because at least it has people talking about the constitution. So I say we capitalize this and taken for to to educate Americans about what is in the. Constitution. And maybe more broadly. What's not in it? You know when we talked about this a little bit yesterday. But I I didn't mention the fact that the word beaver is conspicuously missing from the US constitution hall. We gotta fix. In fact, the word beaver is not in any of our founding documents. We should have paid all tell you this. We should've paid better attention to Praca when he reminded us knows that we are going to have to make sacrifices have to change our conversation. We're gonna have to change our traditions. Our history, we're gonna have to move into a different place. Obviously was Michelle reminding us about that. Here's what Barack mentioned. About this incredible problems. But I think it is an imperfect document, and I think it is a document that reflects some deep flaws in American culture. Okay. So we got deep flaws. We should've paid better tension to the deep flaws right because how can it not be deeply flawed? When beavers are completely left out. But okay in all seriousness. Oh, you weren't being wait. No. I am. But even more serious than that thought. We should we should expand on this and talk about other things that are not in the constitution. For instance, the phrase separation of church and state not in the constitution. It's a phrase, that's recited. So frequently it's becoming greened in our collective sensibility. That speaking of God in a government building or saying prayer at school is unconstitutional. They're not. The supreme court can make all the faulty decisions they want it doesn't change. The fact that the establishment clause is really clear and concise congress will make no law respecting an establishment of religion or prohibiting the free exercise thereof period. The end. Anything short of that is constitutional. Well, you can't you can't show favoritism or or over one religion over another. Well, yeah, there's nothing about that. In the constitution. Well, what what if people are offended by a display on government property tough. The look at it. It's just that simple. You you know, what else is not in the constitution abortion? There is zero right to abortion in the constitution. In fact, quite the opposite. Just read the preamble we the people of the United States in order to form a more perfect union establish Justice insure domestic tranquility provide for the common defense, promote the general welfare and secure secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity. Establishes constitution for the United States of America. So who is our posterity our children both born and unborn. And they have been guaranteed the right to life and liberty by the constitution and the declaration of independence. Another thing not in the constitution healthcare. As much as Democrats scream about healthcare is a right? No, it isn't there's no right to free healthcare. There's no right to a free college education. There's no right to a guaranteed income. Is that why what an oversight? Nope. Are brilliant founders made the constitution a charter of negative liberties spells out what the government can't do to its citizens. And by limiting the power of the government. They maximize the freedom. We have. The freedom that people can enjoy it allows us to just take our hard-earned work on our talent as far as we possibly can it enables the people while keeping the government at bay. So they can't get in your way. And they knew that the government would do everything they could to get in your way. So if you had a charter of positive liberties, you can't possibly name them. All right. You can't you can't foresee every little thing that the government is going to try to do which is why it is charter of negative liberties, you can't do these things to the people. Just really simple, and and basic, so yeah, Eric swallow. Let's talk about the things that are not in the US constitution. Let's have that conversation in America. Because there is a unlike race there's a conversation that we have rarely if ever had certainly not since the constitution was written and ratified. Triple eight nine hundred thirty three Ninety-three amazing information and update on former Kansas City chief tyreek hill, his abusive, his son, pretty amazing share that with you. Plus a lot more here. A pack rail unleashed. It's Pat gray unleashed on the play. And if you'd like to reach us Tripoli nine hundred thirty three Ninety-three, you can tweet us Pat unleashed Tyler Morgan tweets, bald with a mullet is a scarlet for future reference. I like Skillet. Yeah. I didn't know that you got a bald mullet skull. Representative Steve Cohen gonna see areas with the scarlet a handsome man right there. Oh, yeah. Bringing fried chicken bucket of KFC into the house chamber, his implication. There is that William bars chicken. I know you are. But what am I? Same to you. But twice as much more of it there. It is. That's so ridiculous for you. Pat, fat hat head. Kristen tweets. I haven't seen Democrats this unhinged since yesterday. Bottled LA pats, orange couch should announce its candidacy for the twenty twenty election. That's a great idea. That is a great idea. I like it a lot. Raise money for him. Set up. Go from gofundme page for the orange Kaushal. We probably do better than was Wayne mess him. And he's eighty four thousand dollars. Interesting letter that was just sent to the NFL on behalf of Kansas City chief tyreek hill now if you missed this. He. Was accused of of abusing his son and his he and his girlfriend were in Dubai for some reason they were walking through the airport terminal and just started this discussion that somebody recorded. I assume the girlfriend do we do we still have that access to that conversation? Okay. They're gonna look for that here. So as a result of that conversation that was played the Kansas City. Chiefs have kind of suspended him right now. I don't think they've made a permanent decision on yet. He's not with the team. They're trying to figure out get some more facts on this that which is smart. Yeah. And I guess the local DA said, look, we're not gonna we're not going to charge anybody because it's hard to figure out who did this. And we were thinking, are you kidding me? Right. Pretty clear he's talking about. Anyway this. Here's the audio. Why did say? Take a lot of things. The lying about what happened. Okay. And then there was a kind of a nasty little segment where she says, he's he's a he's frightened of you or scared to death of you or something. Say that he respects you. But it's not it's not respect its terrify. He is terrified. Terrified of it's pretty. Yeah. That's that's not good. Not good. And she seems very convincing. She does she's saying, she's she's very believable. I was leaving it. Then it seems like he's developed a pattern, and maybe she's even part of the pattern based on what he said there. Well, now, this is an interesting. Little twist four page letter and a copy was obtained by the Associated Press and so- hill tyreek hill. Now, categorically denies he's ever punched his son in the chest or anywhere on his body or otherwise touched him in the chest in a mean-spirited manner. The NFL has declined to comment the chiefs of declined to comment, but listen to this. New exchange, and I guess this would be tween. The couple a forensic examiner has has looked through all kinds of text messages from Tariq in the girlfriend. And in one of those exchanges. Tariq hill tells us girlfriend after their trip to do by crystal. You know, I didn't cause any bruising or harm to our sun. But for some reason, I still may be charged. Girlfriend replies. I know you didn't. I did. I hurt our son. I'm the one that did it. I was hurt and mad. So I blame you for everything. Happening. Now, I'll tell you exactly what we have in my opinion, in my opinion, not to besmirch anybody's character. 'cause I don't know. I wasn't there. We know the kid has broken arm. Very sad. We don't know who did it. And she claims right here. He didn't. And she knows it. But she did it did it, you don't suppose there's a chance do you that he said? Crystal. This is costing my NFL career, and tens of millions of dollars from what you would benefit as well. My career goes down the tube. So does my livelihood. Might want to say that you did it. If you wanna live a really comfortable lifestyle for the rest of your life. You might want to send this text. Is that possible? There was a little conversation along those lines. Yeah. I mean, you can just imagine the scenario you can just imagine how that went down. And I think we'll do that. Now. Sigma tweed like to call. Do. Personally rate. No different. Hey, crystal. I you know, I didn't cause any bruising or harm to our sun. But for some reason, I still may be charged and Mike lose millions of dollars in contract money. I know you didn't. I did. I hurt our son. I go one that did it. Yes. I was hurt and mad. So did you blame me for everything? I blamed you for everything. I knew it. Why don't you? Now, tell everybody that is the case, I think I will. Of course, we don't have any. We don't have any inside knowledge went down. There's more here. Tyreek when I get out of prison. We still love me. Of course, I will Honey, I know it was just a one time incident that you would never hurt our son. I will as a rule to be a better person. If she's not married. What's a guarantee she's going to be making those millions with him when she gets out of jail. Thank you for joining us felicitous owed of douchebag. I mean, so obvious to me to me, maybe not a jury because it's twenty nineteen and I have no idea, but this is. And you'd love to believe it because I I don't know. I hate I hate it. When these guys throw their lives away like that. When you've got so much promise they have the world by the tail you can do anything. Now, you're gonna make millions of dollars could be set up for life. You could really help people. You know, you can get involved in your community. You can get involved in charities. You could set up another business. So that you're you're going to do. Well after football is over. The whole world is opened up to you. And then, you know, all you have to do is conduct yourself with basic human decency. And you're gonna be fine. And they can't seem to do it. Don't assault little kids kind of like a good rule of thumb. Yeah. And then the realization sinks in all my gosh. Chiefs just dumped him, and he may never work in the NFL again ever. And so both are like, yeah. Okay. Louis better get that text going. That will turn it over to the prosecutors. Yeah, will reluctantly give up our cell phones. But man, I want to say this is under protest. Okay. When you open it up. I maybe speak conveniently open to that text where she. I'm sure everything you need right there officer, let me just unlock the phone for you here. And okay, there you go. I'll look dad coincidence. I think everything you need right there on the screen for user. Triple eight nine hundred thirty three ninety three to be interesting to see how that turns out a Maryland woman's discovery in an old piano more than twenty five years ago really paid off this week the m one oh one dash four Babe Ruth rookie card. She found in a stuck pedal in the piano, the piano, she bought for twenty five bucks. Twenty five dollars. So then stuck in the pedal. They find this Babe Ruth rookie card, and they sold it at an auction this week for a hundred and thirty thousand fifty three dollars. She found the card in nineteen Ninety-two. Inter aunts, piano and kept it secret until deciding to sell it this year. Really smart. Well, her aunt kept the piano in her home, though, Kelly noted she never remembers it working. It was kept in the family after the death of the ant, and then put in a family estate sale in nineteen Ninety-two she paid twenty five bucks for it since she wanted to play it. She had a friend come over to fix the pedal and tune it. Then they found the problem. One hundred twelve baseball cards were jammed inside the pedal. How? She told she said her father or ankle, you know, likely stash the cards to keep them from being thrown out by Nora who was a neat freak. That's awesome. So then she says she decided to auction. It all off to help care for her brothers medical condition. Really and buy new vehicle as truck is breaking down. That's really nice to great story. That is cool. It's like a dream. Everybody has finding something at a garage sale or an estate sale or whatever and something valuable is jammed into it, and nobody knew about. Yeah. And it'd be nice sounds like nice. She's very lucky because if the aunt was, you know, state sale anyone could've walked off in that Pano for cheap. No. Yeah. But she got in there before everything went public that could have been discovered by someone completely related to the family. And then she'd be a hundred and thirty thousand dollars poorer. But that's cool. That's really cool. Yeah. I always want to go and buy like a stupid picture of like a potted plant you peel off the back, and there's an original constitution in there. Oh, that's a dream in going up in my in my home in back on the mean streets of Helena. Yeah. My parents had this old painting that they don't know where they couldn't remember where they got it or how much it cost but somebody came over one time and was supposedly an art aficionado. They said, oh my gosh. You've got a so and so. And we're like, well, I don't know. Do we? Yes, that's an original so-and-so. You gotta play Koi. Yep. Yep. Here in the family room. You should go have that appraised. I think it might be worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. Oh, no. Well, they never really got around to it kind of weird. But when my mom died in my dad's been gone for you know, since nineteen Ninety-seven, so we finally took it into somebody. And it really was worth thirty eight dollars. So. So when without the frame without the frame, the framing probably bring another stranger come into your life. The years ago. So for how many years we thinking we're thinking man one day, we're onto something that potted plant painting to fall back on. Oh that hurts man should have. You know, what you should have it to this guy here? Go sell this at auction. Avi. It'd be great. You're going to be set for lunch. Maybe where you go shipping would would've cause more than the. Maybe you can go to chick fillet with this. I don't know. Oh nice. All right. Triple eight nine hundred thirty three Ninety-three. Let me tell you about real estate agents. I trust dot com because selling or buying a home is really tough. It's a process that you don't wanna have to navigate and you don't like giving a percentage of the money to the agent. But. It's really important to have a great agent. It really is. Because if your home sits on the market for a long time, you're just gonna lose value. People are going to wonder what's wrong with it. I mean, that's a I thought we had in fact when we came to. When we came to live in Dallas Fort Worth. And we looked at the first house. We looked at. Was had been built in the nobody lived there. And it had been I think three years, we're like, wow. We love the house. But we thought something must be wrong with this. So we looked at fifty more homes and didn't like any of them as much as the first one came back in. Finally, that's the one we bought and really, you know, it's great. I don't know why it's at there. But the perception drives down the price. Right. And that's why we got the house at a really for a really good deal in realtors have to know that kind of stuff they gotta know the market. They have to know the comparables in the neighborhood. It's all important. The can't do this part time dabble in it. It's got to be a real commitment that they have plus all of these agents real estate agents. I trust dot com are fans of of the show. And so they have a lot in common with you. Don't hire a friend or a relative that just doesn't work out go to real estate agents. I trust dot com. We'll introduce you to the best agent in your area real. State agents. I trust dot com. Dispatch rate. People are. Up in arms over captain marvel. Well, do you know that a white woman is playing captain marvel? Oh, you can't have that. That's just so so very wrong instead to destroy all copies of that movie. Why are there white people? Eight it. Yeah. That's eight zero white people. Why I'm with you? We wouldn't have a white problem. If it weren't for all these white people. And here's another one. Yes. She's a woman, but she's white Breen Larsen plays, captain marvel. Well, there's a demand now. By several groups they want her to step down from the role. And prove that she's an ally to social Justice right by ensuring that a gay woman of color plays the rule. So a a black lesbian must be kept in marvel. I don't know. Why was the original was the original captain marvel black lesbian being told? No was the original captain marvel black. Yes, or no. I think they made some sort of. She made an appearance it looks like and longtime ago in one thing and then apparently slipped off into obscurity after several name changes and the character change quite a bit. But before it, you know for she had her own. Line if you will her own story, and then once that came around when they actually made her into a character. It looks like home. I gosh ally was a white woman. Oh, no. No boy. Okay. So I I'm not sure how the how that makes sense that you must I guess all characters. Now, do they all have to be gay women? Maybe that's the deal. Maybe every new movie character has to be gay transvestite transgendered person or a person of color. No more white people in movies, please. We're just done with white. We actually had one director say. He can't imagine ever giving a role casting a white, man. White doesn't even need to apply and stuff. So great. She's. We're in an upside down world as I think, you know, founding fathers are also under attack right now students at Hofstra. University are demanding that the Thomas Jefferson statue on on campus be removed. Yeah. The statue has been the center of controversy on the campus. It's been defaced with the word decolonize and black lives matter signs and stickers on it. Foof? So there's a big protest now every year, and in fact, multiple times a year about getting rid of it. They stand around the around the statue and demand that it be torn down. Go study. It is about what the statue represents a legacy of racism and bigotry on college campuses. That's what Thomas Jefferson represents you. She's the organizers of this our students from Hofstra and some staff members from Planned Parenthood of Nassau County. Oh, so, you know, their quality individuals. Look, I who am I to judge. I'm just saying these people are going to burn in the fires of hell. That's all. I mean, I, you know, judge anyone so no I'm just saying I'm just saying. I am so tired of the Thomas Jefferson hatred, the George Washington hatred, which they're also is we've got this story about a northern California Public school. They may remove a mural of George Washington from the halls of get this, George Washington heights. Yes. Because of confer concerns, it's offensive and demeaning to native Americans in African Americans. I mean open up a book. A working group determined the mural made up of several panels traumatizes students and community members. If it traumatizes these little darlings, they need to just stay home K homeschool where nothing bad can ever happen. And they can see only what's on the walls of your home. Don't let them stray outside ever for any reason. So tired of this advocates for keeping the mural say that removing it ignores the intent of the artist and represents an attempt to erase history. Yeah. Well, I mean, somebody said once those that we're going to have to make sacrifices have to change our conversation for station. We're gonna have to change our tradition history based the move into a different place. So I guess what we ask ourselves is is removing a statue of Thomas Jefferson and erasing mural of George Washington. Isn't that fulfilling everything she just said there and more it absolutely is? This is what this is about. In nineteen thirty six this artist of Victor Amitav painted, the thirteen panels that make up the life of Washington. Keep in mind again. This is George Washington high school. Detail dinner. He was a prominent Russia baron painter who created the murals as part of a works project administration project undertaken by the new deal. Wait a minute. Something good came about to say, I was on the side of leaving the mural found out. It was a make work project as amazing. She's the group has four public meetings between December twenty eighteen in February twenty nineteen so and just a few months they've already had four public meetings. Oh, right and got input and the group's recommendation archive the mural to to protect the experience of students. So they've experienced student. Yeah. They wanna paint over it. Maybe I don't know maybe educate these little darlings little dears these little dumplings on who these guys really were. And what they were all about. And where they would be without him. Maybe I don't know. Good. Golly. It's sometimes it just feels like we need we need to turn the country off which is need to shut it off. Somebody find the on off. Switch and just flip it down it down. Yep. The last one out is turn off the country when you're done. All right. But before we do that though. Can we please make sure that captain marvel is a person of? Thank you for that. Yes. Yes. We may not turn off the country until we get a black lesbian to play captain marvel because that's really important to all of us to all of us triple eight nine hundred thirty three ninety three. So if you are the person who believes that abortion in sanctuary cities will then Verizon and AT and T they're fine for you. Because those companies that are doing what you want with your money. They're giving it to Planned Parenthood and donating to pro illegal causes big model is giving millions of dollars to these causes in every month you helped finance it. So anyway, that's why patriot Mobile's created because they knew you could get they could offer you the same great nationwide coverage for less money, and without the unintended consequences. Of the big mobile companies day take a portion of your proceeds up to five percent of the Bill that you send them every month. And they donate to really great causes pro-life causes. They donate to pro freedom causes if you're frayed to switch don't be. It's really easy. It again plans start as low as twenty five dollars a month. And you're supporting causes you actually believe in call one eight hundred eight patriot or visit online patriot mobile dot com slash blaze for free activation today. One eight hundred eight patriot or at patriot mobile dot com slash blaze. Pat, gray on me. Nine hundred thirty three ninety three and that unleashed on Twitter this movement to remove statues to paint over murals of founding fathers. I it's just so agonizing. So important that we educate these kids this generation on who these people were and what they did. And help them understand. Okay. How could they have been slave owners in still be really quality individuals? Help them understand that this was a system. That was a flick did on this continent by the British. And once we won our independence. It had already been so ingrained that you had the economy of the south that absolutely depended on it. So in order to not lose the south keep a union together and start this country. I think most of us can agree the greatest country there's ever been. It was worth saving worth keeping together worth founding. And so they couldn't immediately get rid of slavery. But they got rid of it faster than any other country on earth. How long did Britain have the slave trade four hundred years? We had it for what seventy. Yeah. And wasn't that one of the things that Thomas Jefferson was trying to list as a grievance against the king? Yes. One of them anything and because of the southeast to take it out. Yeah. And always reminds your friends wasn't it overage, Jerry who circus's said, you know, what if they're the south wanted one of the slaves to count for representation. That would help in congress under one, and and Elvis Jerry was like ho I thought you said they were property they're not human being's. Right. So why don't we just count the chairs down there? Yeah. And you can use that to a portion congress. So you've got a lot of facts to show that these founding fathers were not racist. In fact, Thomas Jefferson could even sell his slaves because of LOL. Yeah. Or you couldn't he couldn't get rid of them. He couldn't just send them make them free. It was illegal to to free your slate of free them. That's what I meant to say. Yes. And it just you have the facts on your side. If people will take two seconds to engage in listen. There was a really short window where when you died you. It was okay by Virginia law to for your slaves, which George Washington did upon his death. Then they repealed that law, and especially if you had debt at the at the end of your life. There was no way you could free your sleeves and that was the case for Thomas Jefferson. So we always hear this weather flawed too complicated. Yeah, everybody's flood and complicated. But the things they did. I mean, these were fifty six of the best men ever gathered together on this planet at the same time. And to see them dragged through the mud by all these idiotic college students in high school students. Just we we shouldn't we shouldn't be putting up with this. We should be educating them. Let's help them understand. Why why our history is so important stop trying to change it. They are a product of one hundred years of progressive education. Yeah country. They sure are. And it really shows. And that's why so many of them are these pro-abortion activists that we just on San Antonio yesterday. He's Planned Parenthood supporters infiltrated this. I guess they call it a fetus graveyard. Some pro-life people put up little crosses for all the babies to represent the babies that had been aborted. And so these Planned Parenthood supporters showed up, and here's here's what they did. What? On what extent? In your proudly. I'm super proud of it. Stream. Okay. It looks like we have an officer a couple of officers on site. Fringing on your. I can't hear y'all. Plan. The idea. Wow. Okay. That's just evil just evil. Why would you be that happy about ending the life of your of your baby? Why? Such a weird again. This is a death cult. They are part of a death cult an evil death cult. I can see if you thought fully had an abortion because you know, who knows of the things that are going on to your life. But this person these girls are excited about it. Happy about it. Proud of it. And she's chanting. I'm so slutty, I got pregnant, and I had an abortion. Okay. All right. And then she says Jesus still loves me. Well, yeah, that's true. He's not happy with right now. That's for sure. He's not happy with your abortion. But does he love yet? Sure. I love my kids too. When they when they do stupid things, but I'm not happy about the stupid things. They're going to do that they're doing and I'm going to chastise them for it. And there's no shame at all. None. I mean, they are proud. They are gloating. That is just heinous it's despicable. And it's it's evil. It really is. This abortion thing is come soul far so fast. Wow. I mean, what happened to safe legal and rare. Nobody likes abortion. We're always told that by the left. Hey, look, nobody loves abortion. Nobody likes abortion. It's just a necessary thing we have to do sometimes because the woman has to have the right to choose. That's out the window. Yeah. Yeah. People do love abortion. They just showed you. They love abortion. I think what we're seeing happening now is. That those were pro-abortion we're winning all these years for the last fifty years had hardly any resist argument to themselves. We wouldn't talk about it. We didn't want front. We're not gonna change anyone's mind wife and have a conversation about it. It's made them rabbit. And now that people are pushing back, and there's been legislation that have defended life, and there's movie, and there's a cultural push in polls have changed. And now more people in America are pro-life them pro-abortion. Now, they are feeling their back into a corner. And they are they're showing their teeth, and they are so over the top now. But that I think is what this is a product of speaking of which speaking of movies if. Unplanned is still showing somewhere in in your area. Go see at this weekend. It is so good such a worthy movie to be seen. And and it will help people understand if you have anybody on the fence about this. I doubt any abortion activists like those buffoons would be moved by unplanned, the first of all they wouldn't consider going. But if you've got somebody who's, you know, serious and thoughtful, take them to see unplanned the movies made seventeen million dollars it's done. Okay. It's done pretty well only cost six million to make. But that should be one hundred million dollar movie. Triple eight nine hundred thirty three ninety three. And at Pat unleashed on Twitter. Let's go to Justin and California. Hey, justin. Bingo. You got nice job. All right. Tell us tell us. What what you're Bengal was where did it starting end? It's good morning Americans. It's fried right. The country off. You've mentioned douche on several occasions sitter square. Jeffy think about it. Okay. This week's right. And I'm not judging until I'm not judging anybody sold. Yeah. Okay. But Justin, let's let's take two on this as a little subtle with your bingo declaration opening of the call. Can we have a little excitement this time? Yeah. I'm totally excited. So you need to yell bingo. A little louder. Bingos? That's good. That's fine. So what do you what from a shop dot the blaze dot com. Justin. You can never have too, many mugs. That's for sure. All right. Excellent. Hang on a second. We'll get the pertinent information from there. Books if you don't win, bingo, like the half the price over excited, just in California half the price of Joe Biden mug, less than half the price. All right. Twenty five bucks right for the job. I'd okay. Let's get to hoodoo Rick in Tennessee, you're on the blaze high. Oh dropped off. Rick dropped off. We lost him. Man. We lost him stinks. We were just getting to know rate. He was going to help us around the campaign to go as the twenty twenty nominee Kratz was he volunteered to maybe the campaign manager, and I can tell you, you know, next week. You know, if you wanna call in and try then I'm sure there's still no now, we're being I guess he is there. Tell you. We've already Marlin the excitement. Larry rick. Hi, yeah. Good morning guys Friday. Yes. The week. Yeah. Things. I wanted to bring up one is, you know, being from Tennessee. I am really disgusted about a Representative. Steve Cohen, representing us his chicken jokes there the airing. And the other thing was I definitely support the orange couch running for president for funding. I think you should check the couch cushions. Oh, let me check. It's a good idea. Never know you never know. Thanks for. We've got a coffee state, and we've got plenty of dirt and grime and clip crap and corruption underneath it. Whatever. Jiffy eight here last week. Nobody's vacuumed under that since that thing was built in like nineteen twelve. I can't believe you touched it. Who knows what kind of nasty living organisms are on getting my shots today. Nicely. All right. Let me tell you about home tied lock. This is something I didn't even know about a year ago. I had no idea people can steal your house. What? So what are they back up a trailer and lifted up off the foundation and drive away from you wouldn't notice it having notice and that would be a difficult process. Yeah. It isn't. They don't have to do any of that. They just go online. Find your titled transfer it to a quick, title, deed, and your state the forged your signature. You'll be amazed. How easy all that? Is. And how good your signature looks when they forged it. When home title showed me the process, and they found my title online. I gave him almost no information. They found it anyway. And there was I was looking right at my signature, and I thought yeah, that's my signature. How'd you get that? Now, forged it. So if you don't want this to happen to you, go to home tied LOC dot com for pennies a day. They'll put a barrier around your home's title in mortgage. In. If you go there now, you can find out if your titles already been tampered with at home, Tytler dot com. They'll give you a free title skin report, just for signing up home, title dot com. Gray is on leased. Oh, guess what? Remember, the statement from AOL see that the Veterans Administration isn't broken. So we're not gonna fix it. There are some veterans who actually disagree with that. Really? Wait disagreed with. No, what do the no? Agree with AO. See, they don't know. Veterans of all political stripes overwhelmingly support reform that would allow military health benefits to be used outside the VA healthcare system. According to a new poll reform efforts have come under scrutiny in recent weeks due to comments made by AO, see. If it ain't broke don't fix it. She said the idea that this thing isn't broken this thing that provides the highest quality care to our veterans somehow needs to be fixed optimize tinkered with until you don't even recognize it anymore is a myth. We need to not be recognizable. That's problem. And she doubled down on it this last weekend. And again called it a myth an overwhelming majority of veterans kind of disagree with her. But what do you mean by overwhelming when you talk about fifty five sixty percent of veterans? Ninety percent. Well, you don't see that in any poll. Ninety percent of people don't agree on anything. Seriously. You could say the sky is blue ninety percent of people wouldn't agree. I don't know you'd get that. But ninety percent of veterans support having the choice to use their VA healthcare benefits outside of the existing system. Why? Because for so many of them this system sucks. It's inevitable. It's run by the government. It literally kills our veterans. When veterans were notified in the poll that choosing to go outside the VA system for care could lead to additional out of pocket costs. They still support it at seventy nine percent. Maybe ale see should've talked to some of these guys before she spouted off if you know, everything why are you gonna waste your time. Right. That's true. That's true. Both veterans who identify as Republicans. Who voted for who said ninety ninety three percents that they disagree with AOL and Democrats eighty eight percent. They all supported increase choice. Ninety two percent of senior citizens also support the option, so. I'm surprised that she was wrong about something. I don't think we've ever found anything. She's been right about though, come to think of it. Is there one thing on which we agree. Yeah. You know me. I don't think so. Speaking of disagreeing with these politicians seventy five percent of Americans. Also, disagree with Bernie Sanders plan to let every US prisoner vote. Now that should be higher natural be ninety eight percent. One hundred percent. But roughly seventy five percent of people don't agree with Sanders that all prisoners should have voting rights. Well, overall, thirty five percents at current inmates should be allowed to vote. But most of those people said this should only apply to non violent offenders twenty four percent of people believe those convicted of violent offenses should be permanently disenfranchised even after released from prison. You know, like, I mean, that's a tough one. Once you paid your debt to society, you know, maybe you get your voting rights back. We'll talk about that. But I certainly don't wanna talk about people voting while they're in prison that is just dumb. It's asinine. I don't see how anyone could get on board with that. He's he's adamant I I know he stuck to it. Despite the fact that the polls against him. Maybe that's where he's seen a path. That's my path to be the president the having current prisoners able to vote for me. Well that path is put him twenty four points behind Joe Biden. So by not be a very good path. Then we've got this Alabama democrat, did you? He can't read about paper. Crazy. Baber? This is the kill them now or you kill them later die. Yeah. So we've got they were debating abortion in the Alabama house, and this guy chimed in and it's pretty interesting. Here's what he had to say. It all choice to be a woman's joins the male Taylor woman would do about it. Okay middle. Yeah. Yeah. I don't know what directly herself. Some kids run wanted. Kill him. Now. One. Breezing? I think we should be making. Shouldn't be making the decision. Okay. All right. So you can kill them now or you can kill them later in the electric chair, which well talk about judging someone's life before they've even had a chance to live it, sir. Oof. Right seriously, when you send people to the electric chair normally, it's it's not for jaywalking. Normally they've done something really serious to deserve that penalty. So that's kind of the difference. The unborn child has done nothing to deserve the death penalty. Maybe that's ninety there. So adamant these pro-abortionists, maybe that's why they are. So over the top, and there's Ella snus for for killing these kids before they come on the world. They know something we don't they know that everybody gets aborted is going to be a serial killer. If they get to see the light of day. So weird assumption. That's what they're saying. Apparently. This is a Alabama Representative John Rogers, by the way, he also responded to Donald Trump junior calling him out for his remarks, and here's what he had to say about Donald Trump. Donald Trump junior. Your comments. Sponsor eight doesn't. Thank rhino. All right. Be right on. Prue ride the biggest by Woodson being on the right? That's a fair bit good. I am. I am ready. When owner he. State right. To see him as a city he made him. So that's that. Motherwell heal right to have a Bush. It may have been it could avoid you. But they keep him. Retarded? Oh, crazy. Wow. Whatever district. He's from an Alabama. You must be really proud. You. Gotta be proud of this guy. Right. And there are good choice. Good choice in placing the X next. On the ballot. Nice. You try to get along with people in the left people disagree with you. I don't see me having a enjoyable thirty seconds with that guy know what a Chirc and then to use the word retarded you can't use that word anymore. But he did. And I guess he can get away with he can because he's he's a minority in. So that's fine. He's on the left and suggesting that Donald Trump junior should have been aborted. That's also find don't worry about it. Wow. Again. Congratulations to the district that he represents Alabama. Nice good decision. Good decision on that. Triple eight nine hundred thirty three ninety three. Also, we got this incredible story of a woman in the United Arab Emirates. She had been in a coma for twenty seven years after a horrifying car crash where she obviously almost died trying to shield her for year old son. Her four year old son is now thirty two years old. And she just woke up from her coma. Wow. Now, this is something that. Medical experts will tell you that never happened that doesn't happen if they're out for this long. They're they're never coming back. And she did in fact, wake up pretty amazing. She woke up last year after more, and we're just hearing about it now after more than a quarter century of unconsciousness to mazing that they kept her alive that long. Yeah. Because usually run into the Terry chevaux situation where somebody says, okay, just you know, starve to death. It'll be more humane thing to do and she's from the UAE. And so this didn't happen until and I don't know if there's a connection here. But then having till she was in Germany getting care when she finally came out of coma. Yeah. But I think the most fascinating thing is there's some was four years old when she protected him and she just came to. And he is thirty two years old. That's what she was. When she went into a coma. It's just gonna wake up and sees her son. The story was yeah. It's an amazing story. She can communicate with them. She does have a functioning brain. She's got cognitive function after twenty seven years in a coma. Skills to show you that these doctors scientists they don't know everything there they can be wrong, which is why people fought so hard for Terry chevaux and others triple eight nine hundred thirty three Ninety-three use it Monday. And in the meantime, have great weekend. We'll see you then.

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