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"vics dynamics" Discussed on Bloomberg Radio New York

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"vics dynamics" Discussed on Bloomberg Radio New York

"This out. Great conversation folks on Eurasia Group's top wrists of 2021, including Daniel Jurgen. On oil was just mesmerizing. My book of the Year is the new map by Daniel Jurgen. And I'm thrilled that he participated in to hear from Joe Kennedy. Of course, this is a young young Joe Kennedy up against senator Market. That was really good morning, Boston one of 61 after him. Joe Kennedy was on fire as Paul Sweeney. I can't believe I'm saying this about a Kennedy About a rumor. Ah, former congressman exactly right, So it's itching to see what's going on in New England. Always a fascinating kind of pay attention. Now, I told him fix the Red Sox and, you know, you know a lot of work to do. There was a little work project. Maybe you'll do that right now, with their news in New York City is Michael Barr. Tom Paul. Thank you very much. A phone call this weekend between President Trump and George's secretary of state demanding a vote recount is sparking new controversy of the president's response to the election results. George's Republican secretary of state, says state election officials have debunked every theory of election fraud in Georgia. But President Trump continues to believe the rumors speaking to ABC is Good Morning America today. Brad Rapids, Berger says he found it inappropriate. The president was requesting to speak with them during an ongoing election lawsuit with his campaign. I just preferred not to talk to someone over in litigation. We let the lawyers family, but we took the call, and we had a conversation. In a recording of a call obtained by Bloomberg President. Trump is pushing Rapids Burger to find almost 12,000 additional votes to overtake President elect Biden. Today, The president will head to Georgia to help the GOP Senate candidates in tomorrow's runoff election. You can hear live coverage of the election on Bloomberg Radio and TV starting at 7 P.m. Wall Street time. Federal officials. They tens of millions of doses of the cove in 19 vaccine have been distributed, but there have been snags and getting those doses in the arms of people in the first priority groups. Long lines have been popping up all over. Florida and state officials have said they don't have enough doses to inoculate all health care workers or nursing home residents. Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Cesar says though the vaccine rollout is going as smoothly as it can what we said our goal was was actually to have 20 million first doses available in the month of December. Those are available, but there's a lag between doses being available than being ordered by the providers in the states. Iranian state television has acknowledged that Iran seized the South Korean flag oil tanker in the Strait of REMOVES the semiofficial Fars news agency said that Iran's Revolutionary Guards, naval forces seized the ship. Live from the Bloomberg Interactive Brokers. Studios. This is global news. 24 hours a day on air and on Bloomberg. Quick. Take power by more than 2700 journalists. An analyst on more than 120 countries. I'm Michel Bar. This is Bloomberg. Tom Paul Michael Barr. Thanks so much fishers of 13 down features of one of four not his elevated his earlier. I'm watching the vics ups was really smart this morning on Vics Dynamics. The vics are to be like in the 19 level, Paul. It's not. It's in our angst filled level. Yeah, we haven't seen that time We've seen the kind of hovering here between 22 23 24. Around that level, not just to me goes.

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