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"vicky jewelry" Discussed on 20/20

"Evolved into the real thing with anna so around the same time that she meets. J howard marshall she meets somebody else. One day she walks into a gay club and all eyes are on anna but her eyes are on this woman named sandy who works in a store that sells garden supplies. Anna shows up at her house in a big white limousine with flowers and gifts and their relationship got very very serious and said she loved sandy. They had wedding rings. They were going to carry on a continual relationship. She even mentioned that you know that would that was going to be her life. They live together for a while and it seemed like they had a very loving relationship and she had a boyfriend girlfriend. It was non out normal for anna to have several boyfriends or girlfriends at the same time she didn't hide it and it didn't bother her she seems to be woman of considerable. Appetites likes a lot of input. She eats and drinks freely. She seems to take on a fair amount of lovers. Thanks to her time with jay. Hard marshall the second new appetite for extremely expensive jewelry gives vicky jewelry a house. A red mercedes convertible and breast augmentation surgery and he buys her a rich and arabian horses to go with. The rich vicky loves animals and she especially loves her horses so he takes vicky till his favorite restaurant red lobster and there he proposes again. I mean he's a billionaire and his favorite restaurant is red lobster and he actually asked her to marry him at the table. Anna said no. I know i'm not going to get married until i'm able to support myself and make it on my own. I'm going to make it on my own. So at the time even while she's engaged this kind of elaborate courtship with j. Howard marshall the second she has a boyfriend picks a few pictures of her and sends them so photographer. Manager scout for playboy in the texas area. Came in was quite taken. She'll amazon between very tall five foot. Eleven or five inch heels spandex dressed this awful blue eye-shadow but underneath all of it you saw the face walked a little trumpy to walk like a duck but anna nicole. Smith was the sweetest girl you with. Everyone in the you would want is assistant since the film off to berry next day playboy called and they said this girl's going to play around nineteen ninety-two my uncle company humanitarian nikki may playboy and i said what he says she may play boringness it he she did not coming out. I was proud of her. But i was like. She's here now and she's never been. I'm a little person now. I i think when i was feeling. She appears on the cover of playboy in march of one thousand nine hundred ninety two. It is a life changing event. Because paul marciano who runs guess jeans sees refunds marciano calls playboy and a meeting. The setup came to see me. And i didn't think he likes me at first so they put Ma- made my hair and they made up for the dress. Me and stuff and i remember walking on the trailer forget. He walked up in the trailer. His mouth is dropped. Tell you i think he likes to know marciano. Thanks vicky needs a new name so together they come up with anna nicole nicole. Smith's i sort of burst on the seed. She did look like any model. Anyone had seen for a long time. She was curvy. She was voluptuous at a time. When models very very thin so much of the beauty that came before that was was really about this emphasis on the narrowness of the body that you just couldn't even achieve like i'm like am i even a person so when you saw her was like rear really doing something different. You know you sort of think about blondes as being this kind of metaphor for female power and female empowerment and control that we actually have over men. It seems so exciting those pictures alone. I think mesmerized the world that first day shooting forgets makes anna nicole smith a worldwide stone. And she's about to get everything she could have possibly of dreamed of and a lot of things that she never dreamed of. That are kind of nightmare. Guests campaign is major. It shows up everywhere it plays anna's glamour and makes her hugely famous meanwhile playboy continuing to eventually her playmate. I worked with her over a year's period of time and you could see the difference because came in. She was just throw from a fried chicken place now. She was big star. She wasn't going to trust anybody who's going to perform for you. Probably back in the strip club. She really had the ability to make you believe that you were very special..

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