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MPS is Broke, but They Want to Dig a Deeper Hole

Vicki McKenna

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MPS is Broke, but They Want to Dig a Deeper Hole

"And. Broadcasting till planet, Madison Brew City and the World on iheartradio. The. Casual to be a part of the program called Chunky me Wisconsin. dells toll free line at Eight, seven, seven to three five thirteen. Victim at WNBA DOT com now you're so. Good afternoon. Bernie. I'm glad it's Friday. Anakin ally. Stop is blowing up all over the place in Minneapolis, literally. So. Here's what's coming up on the program on the Vicki. Mckenna show good afternoon. We have got. Let's see. A call for subpoenas. In the United States Senate. Subpoenas. Subpoenas of people in the Obama Administration that were instrumental in unmasking General Flynn and instrumental in teeing up the crossfire hurricane. Investigation we'll get with Senator Ron Johnson about that coming up. Dane County has decided that apparently it wants to put itself at risk. Of losing a civil rights lawsuit. That's coming up. Shortly on the program as well the Dane County Health Department has decided that it wants to threaten one thousand dollar fines. For Churches. That permit in more than fifty people. Singling out churches for special attention and special harassment Dane. County is also indicated. It plans to put quote observers AKA spies. At Churches to count the number of people going in. Now just in case you're thinking well. That kind of sounds like. Some other places on Dane County. It's five percent. Capacity is the rule for phase one reopening and Dane, county twenty five percent capacity, so movie theater can have twenty-five percent capacity. A! Restaurant can have twenty-five percent capacity, Barkin and twenty five percent capacity, but a church can't. Have twenty-five percent capacity. Church must no more than fifty people. And so there is right now a march. Of Faithful Catholics. And priests. At the Capitol as we speak. Saying the rosary. Trying to get attention to this, it's not just affecting the Catholic Church. The Catholics however are protesting right now so more on that coming up on the program. The Milwaukee Public School System. Is broke. Is broke. And yet the Milwaukee School Board is considering. Expanding. Pension contributions for Milwaukee. Public School employees to pre-act Ten levels. I'm not even sure if that's legal. But as they are broke. And asking for more money in referenda in the next couple of election cycles. They're looking to pad. Taxpayer contributions to public employee pensions at the Milwaukee public schools are Olszewski is going to join me on that. Of course we're going to get into. The mayhem that has descended upon. The Midwest. Ohio. Saint Louis. Minneapolis. And, it does look like there are calls to bring the chaos to Milwaukee and Madison. So. We'll talk about the precinct police precinct that was set on fire. The other businesses that were set on fire. In pursuit of quote Justice for George Floyd. All that is ahead on the program. We're GONNA come back with senator, Ron Johnson who is seeking subpoenas. To expose. The actors behind the scenes of the attempted. Bloodless coup. Of the trump administration, we'll be right back. This is the Vicki McKenna show. On the phone with me, right now is senator. Ron Johnson Senator Johnson. It's a Friday and. Couldn't have come at a better time. Nice to have you on the show. Are you in a half full mood or a half empty mood today? I'm feeling good. You sound pretty good spirits to I'm a little fired up I'm a little fired up so I don't mind to be fired up on a Friday. That's okay. A whole bunch of crazy stuff is going on here here in Wisconsin, but there's also a lot of crazy stuff going on where you work, so let's go there, shall we? I have been paying attention to your attempt. To, get subpoenas issued on the people who were the principles behind the the bloodless coup attempted on the trump administration so crossfire hurricane the unmasking of General Flynn. Is the goal of this to see how deep that rabbit hole goes or is the goal to see how far up the ladder a goes. I would say both mean the goal reveal complete truth. What happened? said. This repeatedly America's is renowned for a peaceful transition, a cooperative transition between one presidential ministration to the next, and what we are witnessing were putting the the piece of the puzzle together he, showing a complete corruption of that process designed to advertise this administration, so it started before the election. on through the transition, and then with the individuals were seated trump administration, it continued on into President Trump's administration classic example within two weeks, president trump had to conversations with two world leaders. Australian Prime Minister and the President of Mexico leaked to me. The stuff is on, Preston. We are committee. Did it a report one hundred twenty five leaks in the first honey twenty six days now we're we're talking about significantly sixty two of these according to Obama Administration's definition of a leaked it affected national security Matt Compares to eight under the Obama Administration nine hundred the Bush administration, so there's a there's explosively, and of course we know these were all leaks designed to. Sabotage Administration and Start this narrative. Of. Russian interfering to the benefit of the trump campaign, and then that solely morphed into trump campaign colluded with Russia. We all know it's a hoax. We all the FBI news, a hoax, but by at least by at least the end of January net. They continued on Komi set up the process of appointing Robert Muller for his. Eighteen to twenty two months, special counsel investigation, forty million dollars, and literally across Kyushu crisis on a low simmered for the first few years. The trump administration. This is outrageous and the American people need to know the complete truth of what happened. I'm not saying it's going to be easy, but we are. We are seeing a real logjam information a. Lot, more pieces of that puzzle, and and we're starting to see Jackie kind of what happens. WHO's dragging their feet on the information? WHO's making it hard to get the information specifically? WHO's making it our? Initial criminal probe, and then it was a special counsel. Then there's the impeachment and Vicki I I've been saying this price from time. These these investigations into Political issues. That might rise through crime. We do them completely backwards. I I never call for Special Counsel A. Special counsel was appointed way too soon. I never really criticize Robert Robert Mueller has been to say he has a conflict of interest, and he should not be the special counsel, but will we should have started with is congressional investigations. We should have had access to all this information not hampered. A criminal investigation that aren't necessarily you might have hampered. We need first transparency. If we find general criminal activity in investigations, you referred to the justice. Department they have a conflict of interest. Then you set up a special counsel because we did this backwards here. We are three years later and now Congress. In the American people are starting to finally get the information hopefully complete truth all right so. In terms of the subpoenas, you would like to issue who one I. Well first of all I hope. We don't have to issue subpoenas. What I'm going for a vote on a resolution to give me the power to subpoena people that don't cooperate. I sat down with the Chairman Graham last week I mean. He realized that this is a this is a large investigation. Just want one committee. itself can do too so I've I've talked to Jim Jordan talked to Nina's continued to work with Chuck Grassley. We're GONNA. Try and cooperate with all of our staff. It bringing all that now with have time to relearn somebody else's nose. So bad is what we're really doing. Is We're? We're cumulated. All information will build off the interviews that the house already did back in two thousand seventeen. Now we have new information. We'll have new questions so I can't tell you the exact order, but you kinda work your way up the chain I know Lindsay is GonNa Start only hearings right away. Might Technique is going to be doing interviews subpoena records, but in a very targeted fashion. This is not some broad net. DATA DUMPING WE'RE GONNA have to sift to. We know who they are. Right so we know the names we know the people who want to know how much Obama new. We have a sense that he knew quite a bit, and that he was in fact briefed on all of this stuff, certainly, at least when it came to the unmasking of Flynn we would like to see Komi brought before in with a subpoena before the committee, although now that he has left government. I wonder if there's any if there's a risk that he would not comply with that Rosenstein is a lot is a guy that a lot of people want some questions answered by Brennan Clapper. Sally Yates and the list goes. You Know Peter Struck. All of the list goes on and on and on, because because what we know is that the most important intelligence and law enforcement agencies in the United, states government were allied together to take out a president. However, that was going to happen whether it was going to try to get at his at his national security adviser or get it a campaign adviser. Get it some low level guy like George Popadopoulos or or abused the FEIS process. They were going to take this guy down one way or another. It's an APP actually think about it. It's an absolute miracle that trump has managed to survive this. So Vicki. What we've obtained now the National Archives. Began releasing thousands of pages to us. We're getting documents from a department of State. Obviously Richard Grenell and now John Radcliffe will be releasing a I believe the Flynn transcripts to our committee. Today will make those public immediately. We are starting to get information as as Lindsay calls in witnesses in front of his committee. Those witnesses better realize we got a lot more information. We've got a lot of documentation and we're GONNA. Be Listening very carefully to their to the answers to the questions, and if we're not quite hearing the right answers, we'll be calling those people in separately as well so they need to understand they better. Be honest because we have a whole lot more information to. In, two thousand twenty in the healthcare in two thousand seventeen. The Durham, investigation, this is one of the things that is one of those investigations that makes it difficult to access information unless. The attorney general is willing to release. Information bought given that there's absolutely no way Democrats would allow the Durham investigation to continue in the event. That president trump does not win a second term. We are all assuming that this is going to wrap up. We're going to be able to see some results of this investigation fairly soon. One. I'm not going to. Be deterred because you have a criminal investigation is I don't know what John Durham made? Dig Up. I don't know who you might prosecute if he doesn't prosecute people. I didn't know what wrongdoing maybe doesn't rise through criminal level, but still should be revealed. I talked to Terni gentle buyer about this, but that's again. The purpose of those investigations are to prosecute and put people in jail. The purpose of congressional investigations is exposure, so the public understands what happened and also to inform legislation and Mike meter sticks us on presidential transit transitions. If we need to strengthen laws, regarding how a current administration has to act what they can and. And cannot do during the election, and certainly during transition we need to strengthen goes laws, but again completely different purposes. The American people have a right to know this stuff. The American people should have known a couple of years ago, but it gets better late than never, but the clock is ticking, because we don't know the results of twenty twenty we we, this is going to be intensive. Effort A, but but but also let me say because we're GONNA come under a great deal criticism. Why don't you healing Cove Nineteen Most committees that? Really is dealing with our oversight with that national stockpile the bone building. Supply chains the modeling how we get wrapped up into this process, so the vast majority of our committee stack was doing constituent services that, but we have investigation got first class investigators, and all these committees, and they'll be focused on this because the American people need to understand this because Vicky. This is the greatest internal salt on our democracy, possibly in the history of this nation I don't think that's hyperbole. I'm not prone to hyperbole. This is serious business, and the fact that that the mainstream media is turning a blind eye to how either they were duped or complicit in now I mentioned that least report eighteen hours were. Got Those leaks. Are, they going to start investigating revealing, who gave them completely false information i. think they should I understand why you would? You would protect the source. Gave you true information why in the world the press protect sources? That lydon all because they knew I'll tell you why because those news outlets knew. that. This was not this was nothing but a but a house of cards and wanted to participate in the in the propaganda in the narrative to take down this president because they were complicit. That is my argument and I don't and I I'm with you on that, but but they don't WanNa. Turn over people who lied to them because I don't think they much cared that. Their sources were lying to them I. Want to go back to something you said and then and then wrap up a little bit on Cova nineteen if we can, you said that if we have to change the law to make to tighten up presidential transitions. I. Don't think the law mattered at all to the last administration. Because look at the different ways. The law was violated. Asking Americans who were involved in conversations with people in foreign countries. That's against the law when you have lie a people like like Brennan lying to Congress that's against the law when you have Rod Rosenstein and James Komi seemingly setting up commes firing to tee up in a legal investigation in using illegal wire taps into the president of the United States. That's against the law and that guy was the acting deputy attorney, the deputy attorney general acting in command of the DOJ I. Don't think any of the any of the progressives give a rat's blank about the law. Well they will. It was transitioning to a Democrat administration. In yes, I can certainly look at these things and and say that somebody broke some laws. That's what John Durham SAS will be. That's what attorney general bars would be, but one thing meeting. We need to strengthen the penalties on somebody's. Again, I can't tell you. The results of this other than we need to determine what happens here and I'm very conscious, and I intend to do this. On covert last thing, I wanted to get to all right I'm looking here the CDC. This is going to be tucked away in the pile of vital information. That never gets any attention. The CDC has decided to release to their credit what they believed to be the I f. are the infection fatality rate of cove nineteen in the United, states and three months ago, models were telling us it was going to be two or three percent and today. The CDC says it's point two six percent one fifth of one percent senator. Given the mayhem that has been that has been delivered upon the United States to our culture to our economy when the CDC comes out and says point, two percent point two point two six percent. How come we're not seeing a whole bunch of people saying this is great news. We got it abundance of caution, but we got a little wrong. Let's reopen America. Because, it's going to be very difficult for some of these luck. Officials admit that they. Did something that they didn't need to do and. Rendered, our economy, a basket case in Marin, respects the human twelve. The economic devastation will be hard to fess up to. Vicki. Let's put that in perspective over the last night years. The average infections tolerate of the WHO's been, but then point one three. So. We're talking about double. The average a bad food. You're like we had the twenty seven, two thousand eighteen. Flu Season was about point one eight. So almost as high heels somewhere in between. The the average we, all sixty thousand people in two, thousand, seventeen, two, thousand, eighteen flew. now we we have. We have shut down our economy. I keep talking about Sweden. I've been tracking this very careful. I know a lot of people criticize Sweden. I think we're all and down. Say probably did it about right. E- quarantine the sick. Protective, honorable, let's face it governor. CUOMO did not tech vulnerable. In nursing homes there things are just common sense. You should've done because you knew. The vulnerable were were people over sixty five, certainly over seventy five rate So you do that, and then you let the rest of us go about our lives as the Germaphobe. We've all become. I mean we're not stupid. Nope, we all recognize this. This is a nasty disease We don't WanNA. Get it. so we were social distancing we're we're practicing personal hygiene, but one thing that has been lost in this as well as early on, we kept talking about the exponential growth and we couldn't. We couldn't allow. Cities are overwhelming healthcare system, so we have to Flam mccur. The people kept saying that's not gonNA affect the number. The total number of infections people get infected. Just you long gate the time period when they'll get affected. That's important point to make so if you've. Seen. The same number of people will eventually become accepted. Why have we done all this economic destruction? Because we certainly succeeded in flying the curb, and that overwhelmed our healthcare system. That was the goal, but they've been too many too many governors to me elected officials that are trying to change the goal post to say we can't open up cal. No new infections Ortel we can test. Everybody wants a week We need to understand the human toll of his economic devastation and we do need open up. A Safeway is possible. We need to open up got. We have to learn to live with Kobe nineteen? It's going to be around and there's there's maybe not a silver bullet there in in a vaccine anytime soon. Yeah, but from three percent a one fifth of one percent somebody Oughta have to take responsibility for getting it so wrong good to have you on the program. Thank you very much, senator. Senator Ron Johnson on the phone. I'M GONNA! Take a quick break here. We're GONNA. Come back and talk with Ola sound ski she has. She's noticed something that hasn't gotten a lot of attention. And that is as the Milwaukee school system is dead broke they're looking to find ways to increase tax payer contributions to pension payouts. That's next. Programs McKnight show! browned on the show today. Yes, still ahead. For those of you joining me after the three o'clock hour. In. Madison We'll talk about the assault on the churches by Dane County. We'll talk about what's going on in Minneapolis and how that has apparently just organically spread across the Midwest, but I. Ski macgyver Institute is on the program with me to talk about the Milwaukee School. System Milwaukee School, system. Is broke the Milwaukee. School system is operating in a deficit I'm looking at the numbers that you have posted in your latest piece, so. This current fiscal year sees the district's total balance sheet, a five hundred fifteen million dollar half a billion dollar loss. When you project it out to twenty twenty four, you can add another three hundred four million dollars, and then if you take a look at the unfunded pension liabilities, you're talking about a billion dollars, so that's a lot of money to be in the whole and yet. Apparently, it's just a whole. The Milwaukee Public School system would like to continue to dig. That is absolutely true. Vicki Yup, what we're seeing here yet again as the NPS sport just refusing to face any sort of fiscal realities. So. What's going on here? I mean they're piling more dollars on two on the pensions. They want to make easier to retire younger. And they want greater contributions to the pensions. Act Ten says that we're going to go back to the old Wisconsin State Law that never changed by the way this is just saying we're going to follow the law. You employees have to make a fifty percent contribution for your pension. That's not the fifty percent of the album fifty percent of the investment we, the government will make the other fifty percent, and that seems rational because it was taking away the employees contribution that got pension so far out of whack so. Is this like some kind of screed kind of fiscal screed against at ten? You know I don't know specifically how it interacts with Han, just knowing how how expansive that law was. What I do know was that when Acton was put into place one of the things that really saved a lot of districts including of Yes for a time was it gave districts the ability to? Change up their contracts and their plans for retirement pension, all of these sorts of benefits in ways that they didn't have the freedom to do book for because everything was put at the collective bargaining table, and so, what was forwarded by one of the Committees for the full board to vote on last night was the plan That was let NPS empl employees who are hired before June thirtieth of two thousand thirteen. It would let them retire h fifty five. Five if they have worked at the district for fifteen years, and they have saved at least seventy percent of their sick leave balance so ultimately what? The board actually approved very late last night, they we just published a story on this I believe in the last fifteen minutes actually The district went a slightly cheaper route, not by much because this will feel at about eight million dollars overall bringing the unfunded pension liability to close to a billion dollars. the one thing, but the board changed from the original recommendations that I had my story yesterday was that they are requiring employees serve at the district for at least twenty years in order to get this kind of benefit. So twenty years full pension. and. You can retire I. Mean You have to be fifty five, or can you work years and be and be forty five? It's it. You need to have all three of those things, so it'll be eight at age fifty five. If you have worked there for at least twenty years and banked at least seventy percent of your sick leave ten months old, I wanNA. What's the return on investment for the Milwaukee Pensions Right now? Not to cover billion dollars. So so that is important to the educational outcome Y. Well you know what we are told apparently is, but this is a promise that needs to fulfilled not only to the NPS, teachers the NPS employees as a whole You know they're still pushing this idea that if we focused on retention focus on upping those benefits for every employee that somehow magically that will improve our academic capabilities for students, as as you know as we were just talking about NPS has long struggled with their chief met right now. They're sitting sixteen percent proficiency for math. In the last year, about eighteen and a half proficiency percents proficiency for English Language Arts with extraordinary discrepancies between racial ethnic groups. So yet again, what we're seeing is NPS is choosing to. Prioritize really it's it's unions and those bargaining groups over the types of academic. Focus that we really in right right right? That's exactly the problem. So for sixteen percent proficiency math, eighteen percent proficiency in English for about ten percent proficiency for black kids in English about eight eight and a half percent proficiency for black kids in math. The city of Milwaukee taxpayers ought to be footing the bill to the tune of a greater than one billion dollar deficit for a school system. That wasn't even an operation for the last three months of the school year. Yeah. You know news really. No savings from that from from kids, not being in the schools. Sure sure, of course not, and you know one of the things we've been talking about. And this was a heated topic of discussion. Last night was how much money the district is going to have to spend in terms of preparation. Four going back to the fall weather, we're GONNA need to still be social distancing very very contentious issue. They're thinking. They're going to have to spend. You know somewhere in the millions of dollars on things like peaky e. No honestly so they need to spend more money. Because they they didn't have school for three months, so they need to spend more money. They can't save any money for not having school for three months. That is my understanding. I think you know this is something. They were debating back and forth for for a very long time. about what exactly that's GonNa look like. The district has put out or approved a final plan for the fall yet but we do know you know right now. They are face a hang a their position. Their balanced so to speak what their their checkbook looks like. They're five hundred fifteen million dollars in the red Yeah, that's not including the pension liability. That's not even talking about their operating funds, which three years from now is looking at a north of three hundred million dollar deficit as well so this is really significant and and This money is this issue is not going to go away. This is why board in two thousand thirteen use. Some of those tools that act ten gave it to try and address. Some of these issues You know so I think this is something that's not going to go away. There's a lot of concern about this and wow, they were you know paying lip-service I suppose to all of the financial issues. They went ahead and continued rates expanding, and ultimately unanimously passed the budget that spends more than it says last year that establishes a fifteen dollars an hour, minimum wage, starting in January and a whole host of other things, including the first of that almost ninety million dollar referenda. Voters approved, and now as it turns out more than twenty five million dollars of that is going to salary increases that were approved last year before the referendum was even Kurt. So ninety million dollars I mean honestly Milwaukee. You deserve this because you voted in a ninety million dollar referendum for the for the most irresponsible governance of an education system in probably in the country, it least though in Wisconsin for as long as anybody can reasonably remember, and they sliced off twenty five million. Million dollars of that for salary increases, and it's not enough. It's not enough Ola because we're talking about when you add five hundred and fifteen million with three hundred million dollars. That's three quarters of a billion dollars. That's just going to stop for right now, plus on top of that almost two billion dollars unfunded pension liabilities I mean there isn't a referendum that is going to cover this and yet, but hey, you guys in Milwaukee you, you think eighteen percent proficiency is acceptable. What can we do about that? They're not much. We can do about that Ola. There's not much you know I'm kind of it's. It's meetings like these, and especially after you spend a couple of days, I have going through these audit reports and seeing how bad their fiscal picture has gotten especially over the last few years it's astonishing really, and let's not forget as well that they increased their their dollar commitment to the black lives matter political program that has been funded for the past couple of years to believe the amount was a little. Little Bit north of six hundred thousand dollars, so there's all kinds of very important things that the Milwaukee School. District is prioritizing. That have absolutely nothing to do with improving these pathetic performance scores on standardized testing in the in the school district. Well, thanks for coming on the program I appreciate. All you can do is tell people, and if they want to go to the polls and approve more dollars, and they're comfortable with the idea that their kids are functionally illiterate. Not Much anybody can do about that. Thanks for coming on the show Ola. Thank you for having me to have you? All I can conclude is that the citizens of Milwaukee don't give a blink. You don't care that your kids are stupid. You don't care that your kids are basically breathing in and out, and you have paid an enormous amount of money for the teachers and the school staff and the indoctrination to do not to do very little more than make sure your kids are in fact, breathing in and out. Because, they're not mastering English. Not Mastering Math, not mastering science. So. Yeah. And you're rewarding it. You are rewarding this. You love failure. You follow and failure. It's absolutely amazing to me. Why do people stay in cities I? Don't know because it seems like once. You've been there for a while. You get afflicted with the idiocy virus. Yes, everything is worse and we're paying more for it so. More of that. It's true in Milwaukee, it's true in Madison it's true in just about every city that has a significant number of people in it I'll take a quick break and be right back. On the back. Here yeah. His was talking about millions of dollars at the Milwaukee. School system wants to spend peas. That's all the school systems by the way they're going to suggest that. Millions of dollars are needed to protect children. Children. Children have an almost zero. Risk of death from covid nineteen. Because there have been one or two cases in the United States in the total United States. It isn't exactly zero, but it is statistically zero. That's children age zero to nineteen. Infection fatality, rate. Zero. So. What do you need to spend? Millions millions of dollars to protect kids. If teachers. And if teachers are under the age of sixty nine. They have? vanishingly small infection fatality rate as well want to protect themselves. They can spend five bucks on a math like the rest of the world has done if they somehow think that masks are important. Where the we're. The millions of dollars come from here. You think you're going to somehow make the children that pick their burgers and suck on their thumbs in class. Clean. Oh, please. This is the Vicki mechanic.

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