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"vici valent" Discussed on MyTalk 107.1

"Curated, retail and user generated content that can be shared which means selfie booths. Museum of ice cream type of stuff where the kids go in. And then you pose in front of things, and you share it with your friends be cool. It's gonna open later this year. Okay. I'm sorry. Do you know what that is that you just described to me torture? That's a mall. Yeah. And I bet this is going to be at or near a mall. Well, it's not even a ball. Without stuff that you can buy the only thing. I can. I mean, like, what do you eat at a model thing? Like you. Don't eat like corn dogs or like cotton candy. The sounds silly nonsense. Silly. They can't do that. Succeed. Lucks here. Yeah. Good luck. Don McLean says American pie the song. Is not about buddy. Holly. Even though the day the music died where buddy Holly, the big Bopper and vici Valent passed away. He said it's actually about America during a tumultuous period of the late sixties and early seventies. Now, I don't know why Don McLean needed to point that out because Dr. Right. Bye. Bye. This American pie. Why would why would you drive a Chevy to the Levy if the Levy was dry? I mean, isn't that a great metaphor for America in rate has a long song too? By the way. Old boys just drink, whiskey and rye singing this'll be the day. It's really depressing song. I think about it. It's long right?.

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