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"vice president dr voucher" Discussed on The Erick Erickson Show

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"vice president dr voucher" Discussed on The Erick Erickson Show

"Part of being a grownup. means. Data comes in you. Assess the new data based on the old data and potentially change your mind, and a lot of people are hanging onto the statements of February and March, and they don't want to look at the new statements. Here's what we now know and I want to go back to the zeke Emanuel statement. This is from February. Twenty fourth were Ezekiel Emanuel was telling people not to wear masks. Here's what he said on why you don't need to wear masks. If you have the virus that's when wearing the mask. Is GonNa be beneficial. If you have the virus. That's when wearing. The mask is going to be beneficial. Now, why is that? Because, if you call in a mask, it's just like covering your your mouth with your hand. Except the germs are getting on your hand, they're getting in the mask and when you xl the. If you've ever wore a mask, he most of you now by now. Put on one of these masks. What happens if you were glasses? They fog up now. Why because most of the water vapor is going up and down? It's not going out to can't go out because there's a barrier there, so it goes up and down. The viral particles are. Also follow the laws of gravity. What goes up must come down. So when the virus particles go up or go down while you're wearing a mask as opposed to out front, they're more likely than to fall dramatically as opposed to spreading six to twelve feet. So the virus still gets out of the mask. It just doesn't go as far which minimizes how far it can travel and who can impact. It's also not going on your hand or into your elbow when you cough, because it's going directly into the mask which you didn't wash, dispose of you. Wash your hands now. Here's what we know that we did not know in February and March. What we? We know now is that most of the people who have the virus don't know? They have the virus there, Ace, symptomatic or their pre-symptomatic. We, we know two things now. Let's distinguish between being a symptomatic and pre-symptomatic, a symptomatic people or people who have the virus test positive for the virus, and never have symptoms of the virus, or they have mild symptoms. They think they have allergies or something else. Those people can infect other people, but they're not infecting them at a high rate. As symptomatic people are still contagious just not as contagious as we I thought. They never know they have the symptoms though they never know, they have the virus, so if everyone is forced to wear a mask, the people who are asymptomatic who are contagious who don't know they have the virus they too, will be helping contain the virus, but then there's the other class of people the other class people are far more dangerous. Those pre-symptomatic people pre-symptomatic people have no symptoms of the virus, either the differs tweet as dramatic improvement people is that pre-symptomatic people are highly highly highly contagious. In fact when you get the flu and you have the symptoms of the flu and you know you have the flu. That's when you're most contagious to the people around you. We now know from covid nineteen that before your symptoms present when you have the virus, but you have no symptoms of the virus that is when you are most contagious cove nineteen that is why covid nineteen spreads faster than the flu, and kills more people than the flu. Because when you have no symptoms at all, and you have it. You're highly infectious. If you're pre-symptomatic now, the difference today symptomatic brisk dramatic is pre-symptomatic. People are going to get the symptoms. They just haven't gotten them yet. As people are mildly contagious, never get the symptoms. pre-symptomatic people are people who are going to get all the symptoms and are highly contagious before they get the symptoms. In. Either case, there's a common thread here. You don't know you've got the virus, so if everybody wears a mask, then people are able to. are able to contain the virus. Why because when they breathe out or they call, they sneeze a lot of particulars trapped in the in the mask, or it goes up or goes down. It doesn't go forward. Out in out into where it gets trapped by the air. On there. I hope that makes sense to you. Because the data has changed, what has not changed? Though is the arrogance of some politicians and the media in dealing with this, there is nodding recognition from the media that they screwed up and got it wrong. What we're hearing from the media now is an attack on the president for having told people not to wear masks when the media itself had people on television on MSNBC, on Fox on CNN on ABC CBS and NBC all of them. Saying don't wear masks. All of the experts were on TV saying. Don't wear masks. Sanjay Gupta was on CNN say we're mask. Ezekiel Emanuel was on MSNBC. And CNN say don't wear masks. The surgeon general was out saying. Don't wear a mask Dr Phil. Choose out saying don't wear masks. The the vice president was out saying don't wear a mask now. The Vice President Dr Voucher were very nuanced. What they said at the time it was the people in hospitals who needed the mask. It was not the general public because there wasn't community spread at the time. Well now the situation has changed. We now know that most of. Of the people who are contagious don't have symptoms and don't know they're six so the best way to help them prevent spreading the virus when they don't even know they have. It is to put a mask on. We also now know that we've got a supply of masks out there that people can can get access to that. They didn't have a few months ago. We also now know that the virus is spreading the community. The data has changed so the advice has changed. The overwhelming problem here is really. Of Trust of the experts, people don't trust the experts anymore on. Why nobody trust the experts, nobody can trust the media because the media is so busy playing tit for tat with President, the media doesn't actually want to get you. The facts out there in the facts have changed. The data has changed every single day. We get new studies coming out saying new things about the virus we did not know. And our job as human beings is to take new data. And based on new data. Decide, should we change our minds? There will be some people who never changed their minds on masks, but the data overwhelmingly shows that other countries that have mandated masks. They're doing better than we are in Taiwan. Kids are starting to go back to school and baseball. Season has started. They've had one person die in the last week of covid nineteen. Taiwan has done remarkably well. You know what Taiwan did in made everybody where masks and everybody washed their hands in everybody. Keep distant from each other. In this country. We haven't been able to do that. There is an overwhelming distrust. There's distrust the politicians. There's distrust of the media. There's distrust of the experts. There's distrust of of individuals. There are real problems that we're going to have to deal with in this one thing we can do though is recognized that the data has changed, and so the advice has changed. There's not some grand conspiracy. Here is just we know more now on July thirteenth. Then we did on February twenty four, when the vice president and others were saying. Don't wear mask. They've changed their mind. And maybe we should be willing to change our minds as well. There's no reason being dogmatic in the face of a virus. Hello there. Yes I actually am back and you can call me. The full number is eight, seven, seven, nine, seven, Eric Eight, seven, seven, nine, seven, three, seven, four to.

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