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"veterinary emergency group" Discussed on 10 10 WINS

"To take care of others. You have to take care of yourself to that's cover VA dot org or eight five five to four to eight to eight to brought to you by the Commonwealth of Virginia. Now, the the real estate report on Ted didn't wins. Here's Michael still looks like landlords are considering a variety of options in a quest to run vacant retail locations, especially Manhattan, China fund, a Goto Chinese food restaurant on the upper east side shuttered after more than two decades on second avenue sixty fourth street after nearly two years of being vacant location is now serving as the Manhattan regional office of veterinary emergency group the group was founded by the Westchester community. Veterinarians over twenty five years ago to provide high-quality emergency care after hours and on weekends currently with locations in White Plains and seven locations, and COMEX island and Boynton Beach, Florida, according to the company's website, the mission is to take care of the emergency on an evening weekend holiday, providing emergency care when you primary is out of the office industry leaders expect this trend to grow, especially in residential neighborhoods. All over the city. This is Michael solar for the micro solar ruthless. They report on ten ten wins nine hundred. Seven. It's time to make the switch. I am. Hi, it's Craig Allen. And I'm getting set up with optimum brand new all tees one. And I couldn't be happier. I depend on technology for work, and I need the incredibly fast internet speed. But what I'm also looking forward to from all tees one is the state of the art all in one connected entertainment experience from optimum two hundred twenty channels, and I could search just by asking with a voice activated remote control all tees. One combines the latest technology to bring together live TV lightning fast internet, streaming apps like YouTube, plus built in wifi for connectivity in every room of your home. No, modem, no, router, and most importantly, no more clutter. If you're stuck in a contract optimum will help by you out for up to five hundred dollars. Call eight seven seven six optimum or visit optimum dot com to get all tees one today. It's a forty percent better. Whole home wifi experience offer for new residential customers taxes fees and restrictions apply. Not available in all areas. See optimum dot com. For details..

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