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"veterans plaza veterans" Discussed on Mornings With Gail - 1310 KFKA

"Golly thank you so much for having me on, so tell me something good. Wow. I know. Well, I'm pretty sure lawyer. Your listeners heard that we had our service like stolen on on flag day. You know who would ever think Fort Collins, Colorado. This would happen but I don't think anything malicious. I mean we had fourteen American flags out there, too. So I think somebody just saw the service bikes it. HOW COOL I want! Those and they took him. The downside is you know we're nonprofit? And every time something like this happens, it sets us back a bit. Now want to turn the money, but now we have to look at installing permanent flagpoles for a service flag so trump rinus well anywhere between twenty five and thirty thousand dollars. There, so it's not expensive. Really don't need this time. We have many projects that we're trying to take care of at the plaza and. Fundraising this year is just incredibly slow with the crow. Virus going on sure. Now for those that sadly have not been to Veterans Plaza because it's. Just, it's so wonderful. It's just inspirational and uplifting as it honors You know our servicemembers. Where were these flags positioned? That's the first question the second question. Do you have security at veterans? Plaza in terms of I don't know security cameras. Out. The flags are located of well I. Guess I better start with this. That's been sponsor is located Spring Canyon. Community Park and that's a people WANNA get there. The go west on tooth road till it dead ends that inside colder sack, and then on your right Spring Canyon Community Park which is ninety acres, a beautiful park, and as you enter the park on your life, you'll see the veterans. Plaza in what we love we will do is I will affect our American flags along the sidewalk the plaza, so they're visible from the parking. Lot is in the service flags. We're at the entrance. And Golly I'd do. You just wouldn't expect people to walk up. Be That bold. Walk on, but something like that I. Guess The the upside to it is whether it's six branches of service. ow With space for it's coming on board. I will only have five flags up, so that's one less after place. So If people in Basel. We'll have the flags up over the fourth of July weekend in occasionally. We have cameras out there because we had some. young adults vandalizing our our monitor's avert the plaza, so we had a camera on that for a while, and we took it down because they. They just quit doing what they were doing and shenanigans were going on. Yeah. Sometimes it goes from skateboarders tearing up concrete, but that's pretty much stopped. The vandalism on the miners stop, but now we have flagstone so over this. Week and we will have security out there, and that's a real shame, because that's all manpower that could be doing other things. diggs-brown. Founder of Veterans Plaza Veterans. Plaza by the way opened in two thousand eleven to honor current and past members of the military. With ties to Northern Colorado, Veterans Plaza, North Colorado located at Spring, Canyon. Community Park but you know once again as we look for the upside the silver lining in any situation. The community really rallied to the cause, didn't they? All. They did we we received. Donations have three thousand dollars worth of donations we had. The flag was donated to us from Saint Louis Upholstery. We had an insurance agent here in Fort Collins John Souza did a she didn't Claes competition. Help US raise money so. We've covered the cost of the flags, but like I said now it's a matter of building permanent flag in placements in. That's just an expensive. We really didn't want to want to have at this point time. But now it's not a priority, but it's going to happen now. Yeah, those digital monitors that display the names are indeed a priority, right? Yes. They are, and they're. They're both worn out and he'd be replaced those things. About seventy five hundred dollars a piece which. Whom you look at when we first started the house in two thousand eleven, they were twenty four thousand dollars fee, so the costs are coming down. Thank goodness. It's always something. The the plaza itself was was built off of donations about a million dollars. Worth of donations build this thing and. And we keep improving. Keep adding to it. We have a board of Directors were nonprofit. Nobody takes a salary. Every penny goes back into the plaza to prove it and make the experience better for the visitor. In for the the people who want more information on it, they can go to our website, which is Veterans Plaza Noko Dot Org or on facebook to. Plaza Northern Colorado. Well, it's good to hear that this story because I was flabbergasted when I read the, it's like you said the audacity, the cheesiness particularly I mean to steal those military flags to begin with, but to steal them on flag, day just absolutely reprehensible but so good to hear that the community is once again rallying to the support of just such. Such, a wonderful wonderful tribute to current and past members of the military with ties to northern Colorado. diggs-brown is founder of Veterans Plaza of Northern Colorado looking forward to the fourth of July there. You Know I. Remember the dedication in two thousand eleven because I had the pleasure and distinct honor of being there, and it's only grown and suddenly gotten better right. Parts. It's a thankless experiencing. We're both and we're and service in the nation, the veterans who provide that service, but we also have an educational component where we have speakers who can go to schools or corporations, rather nonprofits and speak on selfless service to the nation in the community and so we've got many different aspects of of what we provide to the community and it. It takes a community to sport this kind of upper also, it's just something that. My committee cannot just sit here and keep running swing by ourselves. We have all here's out that hell. And who donate, and it's all part of the experience it. It makes it so much better for everyone who comes out in the plaza. Is Beautiful. If I do, say so myself. And just have people come out? We have for instance a group of Vietnam. Veterans who come out on Wednesday have their lunch together out there before they all go off to their group therapy session, and we have other groups that come out and just enjoy the plaza and taking. The the appreciation of of everything that our action have done for this nation in this community. Numbering honoring with civility and respect. That's what it's all. Things were hung author and Servicemember himself with the ear Green Beret. Right with Colorado National Guard. Well Yeah I did thirty four years so I was active duty reserve in the guard when I moved to Colorado. And Thirty four years I do it all again. If I went so beat up. And they. Man. Come on now state of mind. diggs-brown, Brown founder of Veterans Plaza of Northern, Colorado and Spring Canyon Community Park so glad to hear that this story has a good positive ending and again if we want to get engaged and involved with Veterans Plaza that website. Veterans Plaza. No Co.. Dot Org. And also on face the facebook Veterans Plaza Northern Colorado and that we've put out a lot information on facebook, so people are interested in like. See what we're doing. I would suggest going there and if you'd like beyond our monthly newsletter, just send us an email and we will get you onto distribution list. Expound once again. Good to catch up with you, my friend. Thank you much hemion and thanks for all you do support our veteran community..

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