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"veronica bars investigations" Discussed on Parenting Roundabout

"And that's that's how the whole like new york lonely boy song. yeah You mostly heard in there and Yeah so they were. They were fun. Yeah i really i mean. I don't know if it's their planning to come back for another season or get. This was just a little one off. Fun gig. i don't really know where it goes from here. Because they can't really get successful right but they can sniff around the edges of it. I guess for another eight episodes probably amusingly so just kind of their relationship with each other now that they've well and they they did the whole thing of like maybe the fifth member isn't really dead yet kind of She didn't actually die from swimming to ninety somebody fun little bits so good job girls. Five ever yes. I was very fun just a very fun as we said last week. Something that does not wear you down but justice just sort of a joke machine. That is super fun to watch so if you have not enjoyed it on peacock go check it out. Go get a month three one week. Trial and watch them all in one sitting. Yeah it's easy to do. Just let them keep coming. Yes very fun. So we also tiptoed back toward neptune By listening to some episodes of the veronica bars investigations podcast. They had guess A series of listeners pitches for kind of what might have been if there had been a season for back in two thousand seven immediately thongs three and then there were two books about veronica and all the cast in krill in they are called thousand dollar tan line and mr kiss intel and they each got an episode of the podcast and they they are set kind of just after the movie so in the time line of the first three tv seasons than comes movie than comes these books than season. Four with Too yeah so it will show. That wouldn't die. Yes it was kind of fun. I thought we'll all of these were fun. I mean the the listeners pitches for what could have happened where some of them were just hilarious. Some of them were fairly predictable. ah but there there was some fun. Little twists and ideas and suggestions in those.

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