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Ash-covered St. Vincent braces for more volcanic eruptions

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Ash-covered St. Vincent braces for more volcanic eruptions

"The last few people remaining in the area closest to an erupting volcano in the eastern carribean island of Saint Vincent have face to get clear the final evacuees made their way to safety at day off to the last two free apple K. no rocketed with an explosion that shook the ground speed ask I would and blanketed the island in a layer of fine volcanic rock the eruption is its first large ones since nineteen seventy nine US covered everything creeping into homes because the noise is on a strong sulfur smelling it in the air evacuee to one a Bucks says she's hoping the eruption will end soon I am a bed I'm just hoping for the best set up everything comes over so I can go back home local resident veranda Hicks says she's been through this before did I was nine years old now I'm fifty years old scientists warn that the explosions could continue for days or even weeks said that the worst could be yet to come I'm Karen Thomas

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