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"vera scylla" Discussed on WCBM 680 AM

"PG f c u dot com. Federally insured by NCUA. I'm Mark Williams on talkradio six eighty WCBS likely for tonight with a low sixty tomorrow showers possible early on mostly cloudy, seventy eight by Sunday finish homes against possible. Seventy five Monday, Partly cloudy and windy to start the week highs mid sixties lows, mid forties. I'm. Fragrance from the Weather Channel. Talkradio six eighty WC VM. Now. Keeping you connected with the latest news. This is talk radio six PM and wcbMcom. Good afternoon. I'm Michael Philip Elliott, six eighty WCBS Marilyn new center at the news at five. Thirty one starts broadly higher Wall Street giving the s&p five hundred index. It's third weekly gain in a row and putting it within reach of the record. High had hit last September banks led the gains Disney sort eleven and a half percent. The Dow Jones industrial average rose two hundred sixty points. Twenty six four twelve the S and P five hundred up nineteen to twenty nine seven. The NASDAQ added thirty six to seventy nine eighty four President Trump says that he strongly looking at the idea of transporting migrants to so called sanctuary cities that don't cooperate with federal immigration. Authorities. Trump told reporters today that if leaders of those districts municipalities really want open their arms to immigrants we can give them an unlimited supply. The Baltimore City health department says a free clinic on green spring avenue in the city will offer the measles mumps rubella and VERA Scylla back scene tomorrow. From ten AM until five pm the clinic has targeted towards adults between the ages of thirty and sixty two and hunt valley town center in northern Baltimore County. We'll see some changes in the near future. The first phase of a new one hundred fifty million dollar expansion project will include more retail stores and entertainment options luxury apartments office space and even a hotel sixty five degrees in Baltimore reporting, a five thirty two I'm Michael Philip hallie, six eighty WCBS news in this day and age we all love to have control over our lives control over our online image or fitness, even our playlist, but what about controlling your wealth and your most.

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