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"vera rivera" Discussed on WFAN Sports Radio_FM

"Lots that fringe and see how it flutters when I drive them high step instructors. Do you know what this thing along is? You're supposed We're gonna have. Well, you're going to have to send me the lyrics so I could memorize them. You memorized not know. And first, the last time we we we spoke Or do you only sing it when? When you sing it in jest that not in enjoyment store. Ozzie, You're getting a little ahead of yourself. I think I know I think you are. And I think we we understand. We certainly understand that emotion floats on a sea of reason. And we understand that after one game We understand that it's a best of seven. I think you have to realize that too. And, of course, the Icelanders were very much in this game one Doing what they do best. And that is get the early lead, which they had It wonder nothing, of course, and then you know, holding onto it, and they were getting themselves to the Net and Again, You know, Philadelphia little bit have to get their best players going because that hasn't been the case even when they won their last Siri's against Montreal. They only got one goal in, you know, in the last couple of games, I believe from their top five goals scores so they are not their best players are not producing. And I guess you would tell me that you're You're Icelanders had a lot to do with keeping everybody scoreless tonight for Philadelphia in Game one, but I see we all remember and I know you do, too. What happened in 1987 when these two teams met in the Eastern Conference second round We shouldn't live in the past. These I have a question for you. And by the way, the Islanders can come from behind, as they showed as when they were training. The Washington Swamp. The Islanders come at you in waves, and the Islanders are already in the filthy flyers head and the fancy Alain Vigneault with the pulling the goalie with eight minutes left. So be that as it may I have a question for you as a blue skirt fan. Aren't you rooting for the Icelanders? Of course. Who is of these fliers with anything? I know. Of course. Who isn't Listen, you know, you see, you're trying to paint a picture. You're trying to go below the valves and get under the skin by By painting a picture. That is an accurate because you know that we are very, very supportive and very, very objective. And you did say something that was accurate, which is rare, and I think we need to point it out. Yes, And I think Wei need to point that out because The Icelanders when allowing the very first goal in any of these postseason games, they have come back and have recorded a 31 edge when it comes to winning, even when they have allowed the first goal, so You are right about that. And I think that is breaking news. Not fake news, but breaking out. Not from you. Yes. Well, when you have four lines deep That's gonna happen. You, Khun get behind and just wear down the other team. But, Steve, I want to hear it. How about a prediction from you, a staunch blue skirt fan? Give me a prediction. Who's going to win this series? You are expert. But if I'm right if I'm right with my prediction, I don't think I'm going to hear from you again. For quite some time, and I'm not so sure that's a bad thing. Well, Your prediction for the Washington theories was that it was going to end in an Icelander loss is how about a flyer prediction? Come on. This is what they want. Well, I'm going to go with history. I'm going to go as I alluded to the last time these two teams played. It was a wonderful, exciting, thrilling seven game series back tonight in 1987 on, Of course, 1987 who forgets that I know you don't Because that's what first decided to write in longhand. The calls that you were going to be making one of the only calls that we've ever had on W. FAA and actually writes out His calls all the great ones right out what they're going to say. But I've been writing since the Bobby Nystrom offsides cup against the filthy flyers about history. Well, well, as you said, Why talk about the past and I'm doing the same thing you are. You want to go back to the nice from I'm going back to 87 1. What happened? Then? I think Philadelphia have won that seven game series winning that seventh game and I think The history that we both provided. Give me a prediction Deep. Everyone wants to hear it. Especially those on the farm out there far away. I could give you a little bit of a clue. As to as to where I was on my Oi vacation. I will give you the name of a road. Okay? And you tell me where I was okay? South Country road. Come on, Steve. Where was I? South Country road I saw I saw Listen to me. I saw horses s o. I saw dogs. I saw rabbits and I saw Bambi. I saw a deer also Oh, I was I've one of the one of the roads was South Country road. Where was I? You were on the far you hear the barn? Yeah. Only the Icelanders could be doing this while rocking the barn instead of Judas Embarrassed right on the nose. It would be so much more exciting, but the Icelanders are still doing it for their fans that they know are back on. Old country road rooting for them. It's like it's like living a dream. Isn't it on and here now I think you're Vera's Rivera's only wishes that he would have the kind of success in Toronto thatyou're Icelanders Air, Having Judas various the karma. He dug his own grave and it's right in his backyard. He's sitting at home or in the back row in his study footie pajamas. They may believe pajamas and he's weeping himself to sleep with every victory. So why don't you give me before? I let you go wonder to give me your prediction? Because server you okay, let's see. We have Florida We have Florida winning way had Washington winning give it so I think the Icelanders are probably going to beat Philadelphia. How about that? No. You just said that the fliers were goingto win seven because you sided 87. So that was your present. Don't you know I want to be? I told you as you apparently, you don't listen very Very much because I want to be supportive. I want you I want you to feel good after gave one with possible six more games to go, so I'm good. I'm going to take the your Icelanders now isn't that somewhat of Isn't that's of what of a surprise..

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